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Trump boasts of pushing low-income housing out of suburbs, as GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert tests positive for coronavirus. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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What some germs buyer some, the virus on the mask embedded. Am I don't know, but I got it will say that's from here I don't get it from the letter. We actually. We learn on the matter you where the mouth say: don't give it to other people bite. Congratulations and walking around Louie now wearing masks doing. The very thing that doctors tell you will give the granting of virus spread at their and spread corona virus and then getting it and then blaming it on the mask, Sir, public service Republic in Congo, Eric Illegal March, at which we hope is ok, wondering if masks caused him to contain,
come on one side, no Louis I like willingly- and I hope, Louise Ok Willie, but by even even after he's got the krona virus that, even after he's walking around Catholic without a mask but just get krona virus after his staff is complaining to politico that he's operating in a dangerous way and forcing them to be in the office in marking and ridiculing anybody who wears a mask He goes on and can't just say you know what I need to wear SK in now, raise cycle right out of Plan Denmark, where he's now trying to blame the wearing of a mass for what, and this is what Jake Sherman putting Playbook p m from the Office of Louis Downward Jake? Thank you for letting our office now Lui tested positive for
kind of virus. When you write your story, can you include the fact that Lui requires full staff to be in the office of polluting three interns? So that quote, we could be it ample to America and how to open safely close worry when probing the office, you might want to ask how often people war paraded, for wearing masks yellow. This is this is a simple stuff: Willie and staggering to me that the Republican Party elements republican Party have decided with chronic virus steps now over a hundred fifty thousand in Florida in California, in Texas reaching time eyes for debts, neither that some people say continue to act like complete and utter fools, and you can go on Facebook with people that you can now and angry because plan there make conspiracy theory every bit as as stupid, but far more dangerous. Pizza gate
was not allowed on television. This pass weaken the idiot is is mind boggling and the it is idiocy kills. Then we risk point Joe with known this for a while, where conspiracy theory, Isn't this information and bad stuff that leads to live in dark corners of the internet now has been elevated? The present United States retreats them now and suggests witch doctors, solutions and you have we go more. Who again, we hope is ok, but my it seems that we are here is not just a leader in his office is a leader in this district in estate. People know him nationally, they're gonna look to him. What does he do and if he says, don't, wear masks and then after shows no humility and suggest he may be got it from wearing the mask? It's really not. Much of a messenger. Why we are where we are when you have enough people in that way in Jackson, Le Maire, you are on the trip with President Trump yesterday to Texas Lui Gomer was supposed to go on to air force, one in travel with President Trump. He was pulled back with
diagnosis. What did the President think what the White House think about Lui Gomer coming out in saying? Not only yes, I have it, but I think got it from wearing a mask and then hearing from staffers who say they were be rated for wearing surround the office. The congressmen was only learned that he had a positive testing ass he was going on this trip with the president of your travel with president. If you're gonna be in close quarters with president, he would have been on air force while with us yesterday, you need to be tough, so I come here to the White House in the morning to be tested and that's when they caught the positive diagnosis, because our is known not done that sea had not been getting tested. In fact, he had been wearing a message discussed and even yesterday, when he informed his some of his staff that he had the courage of ours. He did so in person. Not wearing a mask was exactly, of course, what you're not
supposed to do the way our staff I mean they were. Certainly they were surprised. They were. There are glad that it was caught, of course, but I should we should note a few things. The president did call the caution from Airforce why I say to check on em Yesterday, this event, the president was matchless. He had a fundraiser in o death taxes, and then we went to middle in nearby Midland taxes for aid for the oil rigs, deliver energy speech in which he part painted a democratic party and in very dark apocalyptic tones We ve been here from a more regularly of late. The president did not wear a mask his seers, always some of his senior staff did the event the fund raising. Where people were crowded into a hotel ballroom to talk to him what we test on the way in line they weren't where asked at the energy rig itself only some in the car. That was gathered in a text that was put to one side but largely enclosed and largely packed in only a few people in that crowd. Also
masks the charms of tone setting the president still shall we say, is inconsistent at best in terms They are just sing at wearing a mask I saw over the bad over this week and they saw somebody is snap, a picture of a Kansas event campaign event that a lot of people could in round and the reporter so there's more summer, turn out of the bubble in a while the sea. This- and this is very surprising to me- actually, the reporter was not that one of the bubble, the people in the Bible are those think they can keep congregated in rooms tightly without the risk of infecting themselves, infecting their loved ones. In fact, those that have underlined conditions. It is like it I must say that, like in nothing I've ever seen in my life people so adamantly and obstinately ignoring medical vice on a pandemic, that's kill a hundred and fifty thousand people and remember at one time
people saying it's got be thirty or forty thousand people are going to die in April, was reduced to sixty seventy thousand Donald Trump saying maybe sixty may be set if that were up to one hundred and fifty failed. I office, and you still have these from the White House. Just compare, idiocy of the press running around doing fun, razors without a mask in a crowd of people. You have retweeting, a woman. That's talking bout demons and and and other are things mocking masks talking about Hydroxyl, chloric coin? Would Scott got live in just about every other medical professionals, as it does not work on this disease? It doesn't work, whose making money right but follow the money you have tat, we might derive from the very beginning fall the money for somebody to continued, bring up, hydroxyl or acquaint? You have to ask
some money can actually does. It makes no sense to continue to push drug, as the present continues to do that doesn't work that every medical professionals says. Does it work let the top scientists in America's doesn't work continues, but again one thing in masks: Caddy K, I bet you get Lui Gama, claiming that his mask caused Corona Vires is like saying, but aspirin. The ad cause my head ache. It's just complete absolute lunacy, and yet you get the present I did states running around retweeting people there saying mask so merry. At present United States holding fun, razors impact crowds- not wear being a mask and you have Publicans on the hill, still just acting ass about it. You think that you keep thinking they're going to change. You gotta chief of staff, marking reporters
you do like turning your my ask every you just sit here going the way this Are they really going to continue this strategy the fault too, to ensure that Donald Trump loses by over four hundred electoral votes in the Senate, completely wiped out biggest being done, mass national pandemic has proven to be a bad political strategy for the Party of Donald Trump. What what that means you say about all of this. Yeah. I had a chance to spend half an hour speaking and in fact she yesterday, and he was absolutely categorical. We should be wearing amongst the president- should be wearing a mosque. Everybody should be wearing marks when they're out in public, and I asked him about the present retreating that doctor who said that needs remiremont. Can he said? Look it's it's not helpful. He he did
lot of media yesterday, specifically with the aim, it seems to me of countering the president's message about what kind of a position are we in where the top doktor is having to go out and spent virtually the whole day talking to the press in order to get the message out. That is something different from what the president is retreating about. He was really frustrated. He says that his job is very stressful cause partly of all politics that is having to deal with, but here's that his amuse, if you light from the interview, I did we don't avowed yesterday that congressmen, government and the President might like to hear the increasing evidence is that the mosque protects the wearer, not just the people around them and whose wherein the mosque. So if I were a mosque, there is now growing evidence that I am also protected. They don't know the degree of protection that I'm getting, but it could diminished severity of the illness if I get it or it could actually stopped me getting the virus. So
there's no reason anyone wouldn't want to wear mosque and the Falchi, who is Yuna five months into this in living on fumes, as he said to me, having to deal with the politics of this is making it harder for him to also do the medical side of this and beat this pandemic. You're. The truly confusing and infuriating part about this is there is Parallel Universe, where four months Donald Trump came out and say we gotta wear mask and hears. Why? Then we go back to school then your business opens again. Then we get to play football. This fall as an excessive and Annette Orange around and all the big football coaches of sad and put out PS, Ays he's doing it for some vain reason. Some macho reason. I guess reasons freedom while the free comes when our society opens up again and every public health official, including his own surgeon general, has come out and said we're not trying take away your freedom by asking you to wear, masks, we're trying to return your freedom and that's an easy case.
Megan. I still don't know why, for the life of me, the present didn't make it from the beginning I've been in his best interest, as we said from the very beginning, right. Take care of the healthcare crisis. Healthcare crisis takes care economic crisis. The ECB, crisis will take care of your political crisis and yes worrying. Easy thing that you can do if you're around a group of people where a mask, if you go inside where mass confusion or restaurant now, you can't wear the mask the entire time. Yet, oh, but either way you can wear when you are surrounded by people who want your family, your close friends who have been waiting to hear these us. This is not hard and Donald Trump knows it's not hard. These Republicans oh, it's not hard, and I dont know what they're trying to prove that we did did did Our founders, n n n did Madame
women who fought for this country to keep it free for two hundred and forty years. Did they do that guarantee the right of people would be stupid and in fact themselves, and in fact out at second, I don't understand how they look at the constitution, how they look at our founding document to say you know if I were a mask that is going to undermine everything better in our founding now. It's just ridiculous. You wear a mask to protect yours if you are around other people. If you are in large groups, if you are at fun razors, if you are inside, if you like, where a mask and make it for but for some reason, I can't really figure this out, and I've said from the beginning of this administration. I can't figure out why this president continues to do things that damages him, electorate, I can understand why he continues to
ride a shriek his base. Why he continues to do things. That are so unpopular, whether you're talking about now on. Is now on the corona. Iris on on on so many different things. Why? Why does it is isn't that right talk about he's. Why don't we use twitter yesterday about the suburban can bring the guy you, ve never been to the suburbs. Obviously, guy has no idea what the quote suburban american dream looks like because Maybe he saw the wonder years made He thinks he's talking the grown up cabin, but is, is making now these boy lily ways overtures to wide Americans again. Fifty here's to light speaking to world long gone and persuading them out and again
another eighty twenty issue, another issue: where he's damaging is our political standing and just looking coup. So we're going to have more on the mask issue later this morning, but keeping in mind masks the simple use ask is our last line of defence, because here botched every other line of two and in terms of mitigation through testing and everything else. So just simple as it comes and you can't do it left outbreak the host of MSNBC politics, nation and president of the nest action network, Reverend Del Shopton and Rev Joe mentioned trumps tweet on the suburbs. This was quite something yesterday the New York Times headlines sums up. The latest fearmongering tweet by the president in the run up to November quote from plays racist fears of terrorized suburbs to court white voters in Syria
of tweets yesterday afternoon. The president road in part, quote I'm happy to inform all of the people living in their suburban lifestyle dream that you will no longer be Bob. Or financially hurt by having low come housing built in your neighborhood, your housing price we'll go. Why base on the market and crime, go down. I have resented the Obama Biden. A F f h, rule enjoy. He also spoke yesterday in Texas. Do you know the suburbs? We will fight all their lives to get into this verbs and have a beautiful on there be no more love go mousing forced in just the suburbs I abandon, took away and just rescinded It's been going on for years. I've seen conflict for years, been hell for Serbia
whatever among the notable reactions, was this from similar Chris Murphy, Connecticut, new tweet in part our presidency. Proud, Vogel, segregation. Yes, this is, you know Rev. This is just Clumsy it so have fisted I believe he has become a parody of himself but a parody of himself. I mean we're, we're there are so many layers down of this man because a parity, it's hard to its. It's just baffling but this is George Wallis. Nineteen sixty eight. This is Wallace nineteen, seventy two- and You know I almost feel like when I say that I need to apologize. George Wallace Cosette not think Wallace was ever this clumsy and and and and dumb and in his just wait and outreach.
On on segregation, this is just just sure. So irrigation and, and the present very proud of it. We gone for our dog, listening to dog, barking, now and hope, unmarried box at the dog eat dog above back and think when you look at the facts there? He is told me or not, He told you he's out of time in terms of being consistent with the time and which is in the white? Suburban, is not there and that there are not in the spirit of what he's talking about, but we mayor of of vacation. Mr President, where the white Suburban is not the way suburban anymore, but here peel shows consistency back to the nineteen seventies. When he and his father was by the federal government for housing discrimination. He
as made a business and political career out of going to ruin your neighborhood, and I will keep their of your will, protect you from the blacks and then What he's going to here in a Brayton way would know cover they will ruin your neighborhood. It's you know all of that kind whether their rob was their thieves, the arabian daughters gas. What he's messaging here and what is even more friends, have begun those of us in surprise, community. That is known, I am not surprised by, but what is so blatantly despicable Joe is. He does it on that period of time. We're morning, John Louis, who will be funeral lies today, not only Did he not do anything to say in any serious manner how great joy Hu, as was he's gonna use this period that we have three as it is under way to John Louis's funeral to relate.
We played a race cod and appealed to what he holds out a white fears this deal there. This is: as long as you can go Course, Willie we have compared him? Many people have compared him to George, Listen all the despicable things: George Wallis said at a big bid in the sixty eight seventy two campaign to you. You have tromp stumbling around here, trying trying to dog whistle but it ends up again being a blow. During the horn and Israel, now said, he just seems out of touch include he's like fifty years too late white flight happened. Backfire, years ago, when he and his father were being sued by the federal government for discriminating against black people. Yet
suburbs of leave it to Beaver that it still exists in the president's mine? It doesn't exist today and lets Amber that it was less than two years ago that it was the suburbs that came out and voted against Donald Trump. The suburbs, don't like the rhetoric they hear from down front quickly on this issue, so is unclear how he thinks is exe. And the map for him or wins him. Another state, or at least holds a state that he knows he's going to need so Jonathan Le Maire. We ve heard yesterday from the present about these suburban lifestyle dream he's gonna, keep it intact. He addressed last week, be quote suburban housewives of Amerika. What is the tactical move here? Is this strategic who's trying to hold on to vote? As you think, this appeals to let you I say rather nailed that I think that this point it is, these- are decades old out of date, references from the president and court of human rights two, it is yet again another play a China
of shore up his his base of white supporters that he he feels like they know campaign knows even bleeding in the suburbs quite some time. They recognise that was trouble for the revolver gins and twenty eighty, and it's only got worse, as the suburbs have roundly rejected how the president has handled the growth of our spending, but also, of course, in his response to those protests. The protests about racial justice that swept the country after the killing of George Why did I feel that he has been out of step the overheated rhetoric they don't care for. So this is the attempt again to try to short that support. We saw him it's of a piece with this straw lot older push what we saw in Portland and yes, there is now to agree at the start, drawing down so federal officers from ever same time. There's gonna be surges of officers in the places like Cleveland and Milwaukee cities as well, and that is not to win public support for the precedent that is,
to try to reassure nervous, suburban, it's maybe nervous senior citizens who don't like with their seas. Depictions of violence in chaos in these big cities were red. Let's remember, though, those depictions those scenes are still pretty rare but the president has leaned into that imagery that he has in that same speech the in where I was yesterday figure. We talk about Poland at length, talked about how Joe Biden is again under the control of the radical left. Many elements of the Democratic Party that to abolish american history that want to ruin american cities and suburbs, and This is new pitch right now is to try to reassure suburban voters critically white, suburban voters that their homes, their home towns, will change, but his racial dog whistling. To be sure, most Democrat, saying and of course, put seemingly at this point little strategy as the working here there's been no signs of any sort of recovery in the polls for him in the suburbs in states that he simply has to win this November is right now he's facing significant deficits,
the board and wherever now that's the thing that is again so flow mixing is it. This has worked for him and pastilles his his lying about caravans of leprosy. Carrying news people newspaper what a funny word term, saying that people were the leopard we're coming from from Mexico. And they were going to the border in the present, sending troops who the border to try to reassure white people that he was going to keep the country as wide as possible? It didn't work, Lord just landslide by vote in they story of this republic in MID Term election report dickens were rounded, and then you look back at the polls and George Floyd died that killing you What happened after June, the first when he's stormed peaceful protestors in Latvia
where's. So we get a hold up a Bible. All the numbers dropped, precipitously This appeal to racism is a peel the racism has her M repeatedly in the suburbs. I'm not talking about more buddy. Here, I'm not talking about watch baby I'm talking about hard. All politics, I'm talking about what is and what is is a group of suburban voters who were offended and off when I present makes a vert appeals to racism, goes down in the polls. This pressed Even though we surrounded by people who understand this is a losing proposition, the man, just can't help himself. He thinks it's. Ninety. Seventy three, absolutely does show that he just is out of it in
in many ways. Is the politics there the evidence. There's you cited from the mid term elections in twenty eighty, the politics of it doesn't even work, I can't tell you Joe the amount of people why who have stopped me to say I live in coastal. We call the gold calls. A new Jersey denies homes sections and I may have a different problem- Jake's didn't you ever now, but I can't fathom how you to fly a man's neon a man's neck for eight minutes in forty six seconds, I think it is an insult to intelligence of the people. He frenzy appealing to that they would be on the other side of the questions that are being raised now the is, we re is now of criminal justice and police reform and things of that nature in that criminal justice space he's appealing. Did them talking about something
That is not what these illustration about not one whit mobilizing about we're. Talking to. Voting rights, as well as the no justice. Reform acts in Washington and he's still acting like a brief word about somebody moving into the neighbourhood on these, television anymore, Mr President, and we ve got to stop pretending- this man is even in two words. What is going on in two they twenty cause he's not he's still watching. F. True, at night and waiting on our leader finish with the apple path. It so incredibly passwords and politically self destruct You just have to ask the question: what is this really for till I had a morning, Joe, a big city mare and a top doktor team up for not bad entitled, man mandates won't work unless they are enforced. Talk to Miami Mayor, France,
Suarez and Doktor Van Gupta about the tavern enforcement they would like to see watch you morning. Job we'll be right. Back This moment sales forces working with businesses. Over the world to adapt to all the changes that are happening there, helping people like, and me, and me managed, through this crisis, return to work safely agro. My business again visit work, dot com to get help for your business if we all work together, we can't do this hey everyone. It's true, mainly MSNBC correspondent in hosted the podcast into America, is the last week of July and in many ways the two biggest crises of the summer. The pandemic, coupled with clashes between police and protestors, feel as though they taking a step back in recent days like we're, headed in the wrong direction. So this
we went into America we're looking for path towards progress. Elizabeth Alexander is a potent scholar and we talk about the role of the arts and culture in helping us heal. Has grown up cases continued spike in parts of the South and West Disability rights Advocate and repairing is calling for the country to take the virus usually, but he says sixty one million disabled Americans may see some positive changes as a result of this health crisis and on Thursday as the late. So right, I can't John Louis's leads rest Latasha Brown. The black borders Matter fund joins me, too, look at how we might lose legacy with a new voting rights ACT. I join us for these conversations. New episodes drop every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday search for America, where were you? Listen right now described no really. Let's talk about the top story, not only this day but of probably the month, maybe even the year of twenty twenty. You know columnists, great authors. They sort of hide the ball. Don't don't don't always come out telling you what the most important issue,
is, but you know the way I'm building this today as it now before our pay issue facing was regularly manner and this year of twenty twenty, and I speak of course, Fightin Joe Kelly, who game ban for not having used to Mastro for not hitting a Houston Astro first making are used and ass, throw out and then walking off the field. As we're talking to each other and eight gay ban here. You have been used. Castro's huge, Their asses off for years be Your New York Yankees win EL to re was wearing a buzzer. Grabbing his shirt, saying I peace on, don't tear my shirt off Manfred in Major League baseball.
Knows that they know how much they cheated, and so none these guys are the sorrows. Get a single game suspension, but Joe Kelly against eight, for not hitting a ball player and then just can term as use one little book or to say the least. Isn't it is that, with two nights ago there used and Joe Kelly the Dodgers pitcher through one behind, Alex brakemen that we saw that a second ago these its he said slipped out of his hand. That was a heck of a slip. It went up and way behind them and then hear what you're saying here is Korea. He threw one up and into him didn't hit em was dead and then struck him out, and then they had words for each other. That back story here you remember, is the Houston asteroids caught cheating in two thousand seventeen, which is the year they won the World Series and who did they beat in the world series? The LOS Angeles Dodge the less Angeles dodges have no warm feeling start the astor as they feel like the ass rose stolen.
Serious from them, but to your point: yes, the players who carried out the Reading for the asked rose or on the field, their plane right now in that gain their plan again last night and Joe Kelly for throwing He says he wasn't throwing at. He was behind, but not hating gets an eight games suspension that some doesn't add up to most baseball fence, Joe Kelly does great control, you saw the Instagram shot that his wife did in the season of him. Try it ensuring that any throw away the so while by through it, the matter of acts and broke the kitchen window, so joke HU, I love, has never had the best of control but there need for major baseball the band this guy for a games again when you hit a player is just like. If you want to be hit, somebody he would have hit somebody just it's it's. It really is outrageous and again I'll today, I I love, I loved l too vague
Work. I think I love all the answers, but for EL to Bay is so obviously be wearing those buzzer's and say a peace on and don't tear off my shirt after a little. Meeting the New York Yankees a couple years ago, when major League baseball knows what happened and they did nothing to him. Nothing. It's outrageous! Willie. It is, then, I think they got lucky this year in some respect that Lucy there's no good news coming out of a pandemic, but there that there are not fans in these visiting stadiums because it would have been ruthless. The fans would have been merciless, they know they are exposed as cheaters and maybe they can get spend a bit that will stay with them and be a stain on the Eastern Astro as for the rest of their careers. Ok, ok,
while it is organised, persist clean the mayor of my Annie S, egg eyes. Willie guys here join me on my Sunday sit down, podcast a big interview every week with the likes of bill, Murray, Jerry Seinfeld, Bradley Cooper, Kevin Heart, Emily, blunt Natalie Portman and yes, J low. All this name droppings make me tired check out the They sit down, podcast for free, the corona virus, hot spots of California, Florida and Texas. All report at their highest single day fatalities. Yesterday, California recorded more than hundred and eighty five deaths and nearly nine thousand new cases in Florida, at least two hundred and sixteen people I'd surpassing its previous I from day earlier according to the can for healthcare administration. Fifty one hospitals in the state are out of space in their intensive care units. Miami date candy public schools that country's fourth largest school does
great announced that students will begin the academic year remotely next month. Willie. More on that now joining us Doktor Vince Group that he's apologist in an NBC News, medical contributor? Also with this republican mayor, Frances Suarez of Miami he serves, as vice president of the? U S, conference of mayors together they co, authored and operate The Washington Post entitled mask men, It won't work unless they are in where's gentlemen, good morning to you both doktor group. I want to start with you, because we ve been talking to you about this for four or five months now, every week checking and you I'm out of the. I see you and give us an update. You ve been treating covert nineteen patients, I'm curious what you think when you come out of work you're still in your scrubbs, you pick up your phone and you see the, present retreating, a theory that mass don't work. You see a prominent United States congressmen who is contracted corona virus suggesting he may have actually contracted corona.
As from his mask, what do you think when you hear those things. The morning, while the first thing, I think, is how is the doctor that the present retreated on the mask is on the alien dna Key ingredient in pharmaceuticals: how does that preserve a licence? And then I think what the president thinking giving that type of information, a platform, whole reason why the mayor and I have to write a piece like this. I bet the mayor we would agree with. In saying we don't want to have to wait a place like this. We don't want to talk about enforcement, but you know what down the Hall Willie. I am Carrefour individuals at our unventilated, some probing nineteen right now in a place in the company at them and Washington a place where there was one third uptake of the main driver of when the worst outbreaks per capita on the West Coast. So this is real stats respecting twenty four states.
The catastrophe that that major source is to deal with in Miami because he has no state level leadership. This is all real the common denominator is. Poor leadership and research swell leadership. Anything about the governor, jerky congressmen was doing represent a go. Man this, is incredible dereliction of duty. Mayor swore, as you do, have a mass mandate in the city of my Emmi. How strictly are you enforcing that? In other words, if I'm walking down the street- and I don't have a mask honour by the mass down- what happens to me and my any. What have you MA am easier and get a hundred dollar fine We have issued hundreds of of tickets already, if you, caught a second time you get another hundred our fine in a third time. You actually get a notice to appear, which is basically an arrest so we have a thirty nine police officers that are dedicated specifically in solely to Asia mass violations. We ve also been closing a business
Close over thirty businesses that are not far we are the corona virus guidelines that we set up Businesses, social distancing, have twenty people maybe violated the curfew, etc. So we're taking this very serious and we think- these mass who, in conjunction with close this is the best remedy measure that we can take right now, too the numbers that we're seeing some progress on the percent positive number. Which is declining about three percent per day to. Yesterday's was fifteen percent so its enemies? ten percent is still extremely high. We you know, for a very long period I'm not a two week average of over twenty percent, so we are seeing some in common sense. We implemented a mask and public role, but I just understand. I agree with the doktor group. I cannot understand why any elected official and would not be very clear that wearing a mask in public is our best weapon right now to combat.
Corbett, nineteen and our canoe doktor group TAT. I seems to me that the numbers in Florida breaking wrecked now. I don't know how many months are into this pandemic with one hundred and fifty thousand people dead. It seems to me that this is now practice. This is absent. The unacceptable and correct me if I'm wrong, this absolutely did not have to happen meekly wrote at what point do we? The people have to tolerate failed leadership. What why do we have to sit there and tolerate the inaction of governor dissenters and helping this war- is keeping people my safe. It's it's incredible to me that he still at the state level messaging on schools reopening so credit. Then to the mayor to say in Miami we're not gonna. Do that we're gonna put a pause on it. What about pressing the president for pointed care testing,
he needs the president, and this is on the precedent here. We need to defence production to be mass produce, in point of care, tests have been story occasionally on air these tasks, where you can actually get a result in thirty minutes. That's how you open schools, we safely that's it. That's how you open up workplaces, that's how you open up universities meekin! So yes, this is not a failure at state level. Leadership in Florida, we're governor dissenters. Frankly, He recalled because he's doing the right thing, but this is obvious: also just dereliction of duty, the president, not using the resources that he has at its disposal and the right way and Caddy K, of course, making matters worse. For the mayor and for mares all over stay slight Florida. You view, of course, Rhonda Satis who's taking victory lapse. Months ago for his recklessness now we see that, for that is the hardest of hot spots and he's still seems clueless and what he's doing then, you ve got the present united.
Its retweeting videos that talk about demon, DNA and also mark the wearing of masks and the present going into crowded fun razors last night, not wearing a mask. Yeah I'm an idiot. You just do the medical officials, it's just so hard for them. They are trying to get one message out and then all of these conflicting messages coming from the political leadership, really hard mail. You and I spoke about ten days ago, and you thought the situation and in Miami then was getting so bad that you might have to reinstituted lockdown. Do you think now by perhaps having these? ass mandates, which you are enforcing in the city DC, has a mouse in a thousand dollar fine, but I'm still seeing a lot of you without masts. Do you think if you ve been enforced, this most and you can avoid the lockdown. That's we were hoping for. Obviously you know where monitoring very closely are healthier capacity. I've got to go. To said you know what
superintendent agreed not to open schools too in class learning, but the start date, two August. Thirty first in class, are learning what happened most lacking until the earliest of October faith, so will have another month to be continue, this recovery process. You know if schools would have opened, we would have had four hundred thousand children and teachers that would have flooded into are sort of economy. If you will- and I could have had a devastating effect- and we saw what happened with the Miami Marlins with small outbreak, we closer summer camp because we have children and councillors that work sick, so you always if one job get sick and a school women can have a dream the qualifications not just for the school, but for this was system? So I commend the superintendent for not opening schools. You know what at the end of August because I just don't think we're ready now
ready, could be ready, but not ready at all mayor, French's, Suarez and Doktor been good to thank you both and you know, and Donald Trump talks about. We gotta open the schools. Those Democrats don't want to open the schools now, every muscle was open and had you right. Those schools would be opening and our children are gonna, be stuck learning online or having to make a decision to be away from their friends who are going to school and learning online where they learn at least forty percent less. This could have been completely avoided let us look at the legal aspect of this state attorney for palm Beach. County Dave. Ehrenberg joins us now Dave how actually are mask mandates, enforced and water. The specific legal can the sums involved mete out at the state and the level of violation of an emergency order is a SEC,
agree misdemeanor partial about sixty days in county jail. All states have some version of this, so the question is not whether local governments and state governments have the power to implement a criminal penalties is whether they have the political courage to do so. That's why I'm POD Maris WAR is enough doctors are bad because at the state level governing Santa's will not do so unless the president tells him so so, instead, its now to local government sixty seven counties in Florida and many more cities, and it's up to them now to make these decisions it's like the virus is supposed to stop at each counties. Border and find the mornings are not good enough. You don't have the kind of compliance you need unless you can threaten the worst violators with a pair of handcuffs and meet that. For me, I want to dispose that is now personal, because three weeks ago I tested positive for cold it, and fortunately my case was relatively mild. I got through it
But it's give me a great appreciation of the dangerousness of this virus that some days more are really uneven and it made me more determined than ever to or people were amass, because when you were a mask, it's about protecting others from you and the only way, we're going to get through. This is if we come to the realisation that we must love thy neighbour as thyself. Day. While that's all I'm glad the case was mild and I'm glad you for cover well we're happy to see you back here and look unhealthy and feeling healthy. You know we ve heard this argument. I know you ve heard it before across the country. That is a violation of my freedom. You can't force me to wear a mask. We heard as we were just talking about congressmen, Gomer saying yesterday. Maybe the mass gave me corona virus. We should point out. That's not true. There's no study, that's ever shown that. So what are you to that argument. This is America, I'm free to do as I police will. We thank you for your kind wishes
saw all comments as a prosecutor. It can't prosecute people for making stupid statements, but you can prosecute them or chronically violating emergency orders and, as far as the first amendment absolute shop accounted commission meetings demanding that they be allowed to sneeze on other people and not where mass they ve never read the first amendment, because your liberty to swim your fists and we're another person's knows begins, and I find it telling that may be same advocates never appear before Commission during Hurricane season when the same County Commission was implementing mandatory curfews and mandatory population orders. We think that would implicate their first amendment right, but this about politics is about supporting their leader present from there on the wrong side of this. They are politicize a pandemic and are putting everyone's lives in danger, or instead it they for Palm Beach County Dave Ehrenberg. Thank you very much and one other note Florida all state run, covered nine
in testing sites in the state, are closing to two and approaching tropical storm Florida health officials say these sites were closed tonight and are not exe to reopen, I tell at least Tuesday. As this one passes decide to reopen a rolling basis. Terrific coming up the sex ranking democratic Senate. Dick turban joins us to lay out his priorities for the next covered relief path, each morning, Joe is coming right back pay its crusades this week on my part cast wise, is happening I'll, be talking with historian David Blate, about his incredible biography of Frederick Douglass, if you're only weapon is your voice in your pen. You have learned to exploit crises. You gotta learn to you. Who's the moment when you have like we're living in now. That is exactly he did was. Secession is exactly what
over the outbreak of war. But it was the result of years of pent up agony, pent, up despair at this week, unwise, as have sir for wise is happening where realistic right now and subscribe,
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