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Dr. Anthony Fauci, in a new interview, is sounding the alarm on the coronavirus in the United States and the measures needed to control the outbreak. Joe Scarborough shares his thoughts.

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beyond the worst spikes that we seen, that is good news. We gotta get that under control. While we risk and even greater outbreak in the United States. When you look at the facts we never got things down to base line where some the countries in Europe Kay and other countries did they cause to the tune of about ninety seven percent locked down in the end It states, even in the most a strict locked down only about eighty percent of the country, lockdown that allow them perpetuation of the outbreak that we need they get on the very good control. Keeping losing this battle had recently ITALY, yes, we have. We cannot give up because it here's that we're losing the battle we ve got. Continue to try to educate people, but not in a way we looked down on them, but to try to tackle
to understand the importance of evidence the crisis. Is being handled. Look we're talking this morning, something to think about China was way early and they get under control just now and Europe wearily and getting under control. We followed them with. This, what China virus and we are like it's getting under control, some areas hard hit, doing very well we're doing very well, and we thought that maybe gonna they flare up and were putting out the fires but other ices were long before US there now it's ugly it's got a life and were putting Tat life cassettes, a bad life that we're talking about doctoral, factual
losing the battle verses. President Trump, the crisis, being handled good morning and welcome too. Morning Joe, it is Friday to July. Third, you know he actually actually back to talking about. It's very well. The crisis is hand lids again its consistent with everything that he said. January when he said it's one per coming from China suitable Does anyone have rarely wary rather team people going? go down to zero? We ve done a very good job at this in March, he talked about how it is going to go away magically in April. Go away magically in that we were doing very well aware that he kept talking about what a great job is doing here. Make gonna get to the news. Another record setting the type of record we don't want is said deaths over our heads Thirty thousand Americans are dead now, of senior citizens are dead now, because Donald Trump said that it was
go away magically not to worry about it and it's not just start foul tree. I understand. There's some really stupid people out there on Capitol Hill, some really dumb people that attack doctor she really stupid people who actually have on a virus and go to jams and hang out. With other senators and then actually had the audacity to attack doktor fell so. Tell us something good. Give us some good nose. Is that would you want to hear you wanna be lie too. If you have cancer, do you want the doktor to patch on your back and have a great fourth of July, we can't you have a great some of my god. Don't even come back for two years when the doktor finds that you have. Is that what you want is that what
Erica once in a present to tell you that this is going to magically go away when the fact is we're still in the first wave reductive algae said ends up you look numbers. This item country puts a numbers together. Yes, we are still in the first wave and were setting records every day for them then factions that we're having doctors fear that day. Rates are going to go up following all of these large infections and doktor. Faulty again is doing what he's been doing from the beginning. Is telling you the truth and you haven't I hear it, so you put up these bread still but conspiracy, theories on Facebook. Where you say he could ball of George Soros types or just making this up. Millions of dollars and you for people in a fair way and there
let me go yours, it's really. A conspiracy theory is, is really just something. So foul g can make money frowned People who actually vote and for me they believe the lies- they believe the stupidity. They believe that conspiracy theories when pass what doktor found she's been doing from the very beginning, it's very simple and I know if you voted for Donald Trump and you still support Donald Trump. It is actually a character trade to you,. Don't say very often from your he around from your idle its character, trade that you you you have grown accustomed to seeing from public figures. But what Anthony found she is doing is simply tell you that,
and he's been telling you the truth and very beginning. You didn't believe him when it was in New York City. You thought this was a conspiracy theory. You thought this is no arms strong walking on the moon in a Burbank. Movie studio, we really wasn't on the moon was he was just sound, say agent, Burbank, that's what you thought when it was in New York City will now. From the end of the world to your town is Elton John sang in captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy. Suddenly, taxes is now telling people they have to wear masks. Oh, is that really a threat to your endeavours? will freedoms to make sure you'd die. They make sure your child. Don't die is you d find freedom!
make sure your neighbors don't die domains. European you go to First Baptist Church when don't die? That's your definition of freedom. What a worse! What way to walk at freedom. As we move towards independence Day now understand this. It's not too late. Are you. I am a Baptist God. Jesus believes and grace, because I am a centre saved by grace. I believe in them But had conversions out was glad to hear that John weighing on his death bed, converted dollars is amazing. Praise Lord. Jesus says he'll take death, conversions he'll, take them
listen that comes out in the field at the very end, inserts working in the field and pay them as much as a person is working in the field. All so, please. As Marjorie plagues, just as I am in the background. Please, please you're conversion. The science I'm not asking you Ray Science over Jesus happened. Just sit here. Just Don T, a doctor this basic matters. This is dark Hollywood stuff. This is the hard, ok, just basic medicines, doktor fallacies, telling you the truth. Why? Because Great conspiracy. Very he just wants you to live. He just wants child to be able to go back to school and do it safely.
He just wants you to be able to go back to the restaurant that you love with your family go on the Sunday school in charge and have a good time with their family. He wants to make sure you don't your job, very the small businesses iranian that get destroyed. This is all basic simple: suffer I understand that there has been a guy in the White House has been trying to convince you Why so various is a culture war This is more of a college or than cancers that culture war. This is more cultural or that a heart disease, is it culture, war that has basic science. Theirs is basic medicine, follow the doctors, advice and, let's all live to tell about this guy, then, where this on this Friday, wow right out of the box pole surprise running com
this as a watch imposed and MSNBC political analysts Eugene then send republican strategist and MSNBC political analysts, Susan Del pursue and Daddy Deutsch. Joins us as well: let's back that up with the news, the: U S recorded at times. Number of new cases in a single day for the third day in a row yesterday, with more than fifty six thousand cases According to NBC News Data, Florida, Georgia in South Carolina all broke their states, individual records for the most cases in a single day, taxes caliph Kenya and Alabama all recorded their second highest number of new cases. Florida has now passed the ten thousand mark as the Washington Post notes. It's the twenty fifth consecutive day that Florida has set a record hi in its seven day, rolling average as Texas scrambles to get its
virus surge under the control Governor Gregg Abbot, issued in executor border requiring people as Joe mentioned to wear, face coverings, masks in public the movement some major reversal for abbot who in April blocks local officials from penalizing people who don't wear masks the order which subject today at noon requires anyone over the age of ten to wear, face coverings in side, businesses and other buildings. War space is open to the public and also requires masks outside in public spaces when it's not feasible to stay six feet apart from others. Some exceptions include when people are eating drinking, exercising voting or worshipping. First I'm violators will be allies to find and they'll take it from there I mean
I'll laced late last night, the president tweeted quote there is a rise in corona virus cases, because our testing is so massive, and so That's a lie far bigger than better than anyone. Sometimes arise, that's a lie. This is news- that's a lie, but even Baron NEWS is that death and the death rate is now and doctors who say, let's see what happens weight, because there is of course, a fourteen day lap, sometimes a twenty one day lap. So, let's hope the death rate stays down, but we don't know that all these new and they also younger people who get better much easier and faster. Ok, that's the president, tweeting defying reality, but on cap he'll. Yesterday, Admiral Brett Gerard Thee health and Human services official overseeing the nations testing efforts, told law makers this there are
no question that the more testing you get, the more you will uncover, but we do believe this is a real increase in cases because the percent positivity are going up. So this is real increases in cases Jeanne, obviously, roll said what even IRAN dissent. As has been saying, these numbers aren't going up because of testing. These numbers are going up because we're having an explosion and There is one thing that the present said: it's not a complete, in total, why can't right now, early on a lot of people are thinking. A lot of these infections are being driven by younger people that are getting out they're gone out and and and perhaps younger people are that infection. Let us hope that day as resilient is a number suggest, but there still are older people still there's an hospitals that are getting jam, so
for the present to say what did he say, it's being handled, doing very well, a complete told a lie and a continuation of the magical thinking that lead in part to this pandemic being so much worse than it. As in Europe or on any other continents. I know it's fits astounding interest only if you, if you look You know we ve talked earlier about how we gonna flattened the girls like Knocker. Well, you know every in in Europe all the countries that have a terrible problem stated as a proper shut down and they have reduced rates of interactions and buy them and that breach of death not to zero.
Pretty close to the army may be taken it all the way down and now bacon start gingerly reopen. We never did that in large part, because we had a president who denied besides who actively worked against the science too young for him in in what they were saying. The country should do Employed magical thinking thought it stays on re election before he thought of the health and well being of the kind and as a result we have we have So now remained at this. This awful plateau and now the rate of inflation
rising to alarming levels, the rate of positivity and the tests in the states where we're having these outbreaks in swore at it and access in Arizona throughout the John DOE? Really in California? The positive rate is the astronomical it is it is, it is awful and yes, the death rates have stayed, If you, if you look at the seventh day, moving averages, actually they started take up a little. That's really worrisome, it's just a little what this boy and without based they love. It is true that younger people have ended
not to die from covered night. They do take the infection home to older people who were fully might live. Who are more likely to have fatal outcome and there are young people were healthy, who had no pre existing conditions, who do suffer greatly and die from covered nineteen we don't under and exactly why the user, who that's going to be, does the United States of America in tomorrow's independence day? We leave American exceptionalism out with this is why we are not in this in handling this pandemic, but the first and the best we are very close to being the worst- and it is just as it is astounding depressing. Honourable. It is astounding by actually wrote about american exceptionalism as it as it pretty
So the krona virus is, as I said then, and still true? Now America has the top doctors, many the top doctors, top scientists top universe. These top research slabs all here. Obviously the tank world revolves around Silicon Valley over half of the no, Prize winners for science and have been awarded since nineteen fifty have come from the United States. There is no reason we should be doing is poorly, is we're doing, but so much of it is driven maker by this White House and an outright defiance yep I am where, where people are bachelor basking in ignorance or basking in actions that will actually hurt people that they represent, I, I think, of this Mount Rushmore event and the governor saying we're not going do social distancing, that's like so why? Don't you just say we're all gonna be smoking. Twelve pacts,
cigarettes and the kids will give them for teens packs of cigarettes. It is so reckless and irresponsible and goes against what any doctor would say and yet what they're doing bragging about that and just like her. Cain ragging outside of that a without did Tulsa. Was it being a mask dragged about a brag about it. Now he has cove it. Of course, there's no way to whether it it's attach specifically to that event, but that's a sort of barrier that's a sort of baby that he was warned against that everybody in that auditorium was warned against so It is like smoking's Euro VI packs of cigarettes. Every day, your entire life and then being surprised if you actually get lung cancer and and former Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer. Meta wrote an article yesterday thing he's looking will on
this madness at the two things that the trunk ray election campaign is considering possible strategy at two strategies: five or points out that in recent weeks, the trunk campaign quietly began running adds that speak volumes about its plan to win one hitting Joe Biden for his role in passing the nineteen for crime bill, and they said ash language add falsehood claiming the former vice president is in cognitive decline. Five Theorize arises. The intent is to quote diminish overall black in Lahti. Turn out to make it easier. When the election with only white voters in a closed ace reducing turn out among these groups by appoint or two could be decisive, the term and trying to increase trumps vote, total just shrink binds the second.
Gee five foresees is going after Biden. Faculties quote a smear campaign to paint Biden as COD totally unfit aims to push those Voters toward a third party candidate or more likely to give up and set out the election, and we saw that second strategy playing out last night earlier this week, Fox news rapporteur asks Joe Biden about whether he's been tested for cognitive decline. Some have speculated line, no better, you that you are subject to some degree of cognitive decline, I'm so The five I dont have word recollection that I used to have. I forget my train of thought from time to time. At twelve years on me, sir, are have you been tested for some degree of cognitive decline. I've been testing procedures All you do is watch me and I can hardly wait to compare my car the capability to that cotton.
Billy of the man, I'm running a Henry. Last night to a bright barred. Article about Biden, comments, Tromp tweeted quote: he cannot pass the test. I aced Screeching seems a little tiny that tells a show a picture of a lion and say what is. This is really what he's bragging arrival years lighter here's. What's in the cognitive tests at the president, claims he aced as things into brought about or, as the New York Times Leaned back in twenty eighteen to assess attention and concentration subjects are read a list of five digits and are asked to repeat them in that order. They were provided other exercises, include drawing a clock with the hands. Pointing eleven ten and I defining a lion rhino or a camel. A perfect score is thirty. Askin
from twenty six to thirty is considered normal. Two years later, he is bragging about being well to identify a lion or arena or a camel. Second, once again, this is why saying Agnes suffering from mental decline is not The strategy for the president. I know words. I had the best words in eighteen. Seventy President Ulysses S grant that Beautiful Orion space gaps that combat infantry been badge our nation, a lot of work has been done, a lot of red aversion. If you look at some of defensive measures, I miss you, devotion what was then you will gain momentum
Parents alone, if you look at the heroin epidemic at the federal government, this ducking and aggressive investigation into the legitimate as bad it is. Is it meant something by and anomalies really in homage to see some sceptics, cystic six coming out, Americans of all walks of life woven rose up assistant secretary here you are surgeon, General Adams, large lung and liver transplant advising markers. But China is the air supplied, churn change. This rush, you're thing with strong pie, hopefully now go and take a look at the oranges, the origins of the investigation of the beginnings and every single car out there even really expensive ones, and we used to have radio Free Europe. Radio for Europe, the Nazis, the invasion of Normandy and deliberately gratian of
Europe a brilliant stars? Shone in the east, wise men travelled far really big beneficience all state to be able anxious for criminal pursue their the members of our armed forces, you understand, and the internet, if you think about reach transgender and traditions of this convention. Expectations in the house for the mid term and maternal year way Paul global state taxes, despite these obsolete current central command, crisis response and crisis response. President Franklin, Delano Roosevelt as Hurricane Armor approaches voting list. Sweet. That's what the United Nations is all about,
will not be tolerated any longer rigorous where everybody we just have to say again. Oh yes, said another, not that right. To replace this draws ever voice too. Upon the american people, and there was no buys now see real parties. Solutions made a pivotal really, and I mean this was pivotal: real authorize, the nine elected eleven victims in April of twenty thousand fourteen me man, their brand, the ramparts, these historical cop limit shades, our embassies in Kenya in Tanzania, it's great to be back in Missouri, Ghana, Guinea, Namibia,
I thank them. Minneapolis police violence by Venezuela, Venezuelans working to approve this country, a new government and God bless United. Thank you very much active k, hard to watch Donna. Deutsche wicked fill the hall. Shell with these, doesn't seem like the best strategy to be going after Joe Biden about you know. I know there was a cognitive tested, showed a rhino, a camel and Align Joe. You know, Donald watches the Shoah times I've a new one for him to just look at this as a cat. In case you no reason to if you watch your home at sea, eighty cat dial, you know it's interesting trump- can pull a lot of tricks, so to speak in a lot of you go I four months to the election and yet look what happened. The last time we are fifty
months into a sixty month. Experimental Donald Trump Entry include the first year of campaigning. Our say that again we ve got four months to the but we are now entering the fifty seventh month item. Sixty a month Donald Trump key is baked at this point. Joe Biden is bake it this point. When you look Two thousand sixteen election you add down. Tromp was an unknown hill. A no now we ve got to nose and none of this stuff is going to work. It is just it it's a pathetic became people are not stupid. Just like they're not stupid about their hell, they're, just not stupid and Joe. I wanna go back to something you cheat up, week that I've been thinking about all week. I would not be shocked if at some point he drops the Mai Miss thing is away from him. It's not turning around and this a guy that I not see standing up and who owning the biggest landslide defeat
in U S history, so I know you did throw get out there and a lot of people saying it's now, that's not possible! The more I. About the warm jumping on you bandwagon. I dont see this guy going a distance well, I don't know, there's a my bandwagon. I've been talking to people that are actually closer moves, speculated for some time that, rather than lose a huge election, huge landslide laws that would he would walk away so do it I'll be J dead, because some people live but I'll be J in politics they talk about his landslide victory. Nineteen sixty four. They don't really talk about him, leaving a nineteen sixty, eight and and he does not want to get beaten by three hundred and fair, with by getting three hundred fifty close to four hundred Elect votes, and you look at the polls. I dont know if people close to him are lying doing, but he's behind in larger taxes. Is this tide, even
that even some GEO people's fears are talking about the problems he struggling in Kansas, struggling and can as this is shaping up to be a historic landslide. So I don't understand Why would hang on especially because the corona virus just keeps getting worse and here's the worst our fragment the worst part for his campaign. He said the virus they're going to come back in the form that it was going to be gone. No, that's when the second waves, That's when doctors and epidemiology just and scientists say it's actually going to be at its worse. If you look at the nineteen eighteen pandemic, it was added war, so so he's never going to be able to wish this pandemic away and as it rate rises as infection rate rises, his pole numbers go down and he has to know that so
Citadel. Persia, then, never had a good column on Black Donald Trump might try to do to go after Joe Biden not being the attacks work. It was I Calorie Clinton trying to attack Donald Trump for not being honest and trustworthy. They both had low numbers in that area for different reasons, but he like ACT Joe Biden, Cognitive reclined, because there, Thirdly, more minutes of clips, just like the ones meek and played any can't. You do their line of attack, which is China because of what he said on January. Twenty fourth about how China was doing so wonderfully, and how much you like, president, she and, of course, John Bolton's book as well. Talking about how we asked China to election firing
only thing. Donald Trump knows how to do is attack, and here we talk a lot about how he projects, on the show. Let's not forget, he attacked Hillary Clinton on a health issue which didn't work when you look at what just showed us as far as Donald Trump. There was a combination of Miss speaking, but there was something very damning about the slurring as much slurry, as he did with his words, combined with his holding the water. If you think about it, are going down the ramp. She obviously has some issues and we haven't seen any report. I mean we know the nevertheless health report he had checkup wasn't necessarily truthful, but we still haven't seen from him. So I wonder where that is by Donald Trump needs a third strategy because, as you said, going towards trying to keep vote turn out. Down of of minorities isn't going to work. Why? Because the Democrats have seen that night too. Sixteen playbook they're gonna make up for that. Obviously, the health
Issue is not going to work against. Biting trumpets has to do something here Just simply not able to do is to stay reserved and try and come up with a strategy to show what he is capable of on the economy. Because that's the only inkling of a place that he can go to that he still some strong. I know the problem, though, also is in trying to suppress mine They turn out black turn out for black voters is Look at what he you look. What is Jane what he said just over the past week or so he learned that by watching warning Joe, the black lives matter was was going to repay the Fifth Avenue white what he said. It was a hateful thing to do. I forget the exact words by the end of it. Then he talked about ending legislation that would disagree housing, aiming for
legislation that will be segregate housing, taking us back to nineteen sixty three nineteen sixty four course see: tweeting videos at eight seconds hand there talking about white power that doesn't work either. He is boxed in and one other thing Jane. I just saw gallop announced that that. More Americans support immigration. Today then so what'd immigration They started asking that question half a century ago and what we five others for the show. Jean Donald Trump has actually caused the opposite reaction He wanted to cause. He is made people more accepting impulsive immigration, more accepting of black lives,
after more accepting of diversity in this country are huge actually increased support for immigration. Country, and for the first time we see that more people support more immigration, then want less duration, and then that has not been the case before Donald props up is exactly the opposite of that and the idea that it wants to depress black turn out and and then he takes the the sword anti bellum, literally position that is taking on this reckoning with rays and an systemic racism that we're having now claims it doesn't exist. He he die. You know claims that bad writing black lifespan.
Onto them loose defiantly this luxury avenue at the end and taking the side of confederate generals. Over over the over the nation that they traitorously Fatah, gets in an attempt to try to perpetual slavery, I'm in it's just that is not going to depress worker that that is going to drive black now. I can allow up and a whole lot of money on that so these two sort of elements of the strategy as do not work together and that, as a member state's grasping at straws relay gunning there looking for some way. He could. He could potentially pull this out and so farther and find it so what it
still I had on morning jail for President Tramp the month of June. Sorry, it off with a highly criticized Photoshop outside of a church and ended with quest about russian bounties, on: U S, troops and based. Is carefully joins us with her reporting on president trumps very very, a bad month. Morning, Joe we'll be right back. If you run a business, you have questions right now. So what exactly does the new normal me? How can I help my employees feel safe when they come back to the office? I have a small business. How can I get somebody to help me right now? That's why sales force created worked. I come to give business the plan to reopen safely and be For the next normal, let's
and business in the business of carrying together. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Join a conversation at work. Tat come to learn more untrue, mainly post of into America. A pod cares from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice, interracial injustice and then, when you add health, is a health injustice into what is at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America, a pod cast about who we are ass, Americans and who we want to become episodes. Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, subscribe now trunk was declared his health crisis over in unemployment, so unfortunate he's deadly wrong on both fronts revived more than one hundred and twenty eight thousand dead. The number keeps climbing fast Direct consequence consequences down chums bungle leadership and total mismanagement of this crisis,
from star. Let's bring. Let's bring NBC News, corresponding Charolais from the White House, Joe Biden message is pretty clear and sticking to it. I'm just wondering where the White House is this morning Carol in terms of how much there my The poor messages defeat reality, whether it's the coroner virus or the economy, ores. And like russian bounty, do they do they understand. They're running appeal, very steep up ill or in tune with these messages. I think it's, the former there's a lot of people around the present who understand they're running up hill on a and it's not if you just take corona virus in and of itself, there is a growing it used to be the president was on one side and medical experts,
on the other, and there was debate within the administration and in that sense, and now, if that's really brought- and you have a number of people around the president who are increasingly concerned- that this is going to get worse and that their biggest life quality? Is the president unable to get on a map? and that he keeps undermining efforts vice things like the virus might just disappear, which they all dread when he says and in saying that this is all because of testing and so You know they had a really bad Joan and if it was self inflicted by the president, there's a recognition of that here at the White House and there's a hope that they can turn the page and July, particularly after July, for they think you'll see them, focus on things like the low death rate for corona virus. For instance, the taskforce revise taskforce meetings are coming back and they'll be more briefings.
Can they can do that? All they want. Is the president going to get on board, because every time the president's team comes up with a plan on how to message on that's how to convey to the american people the seriousness of this he comes at any under my fat- will only a great example of a girl, of course, was this weekend when he tweets a wide power video and they can get in touch with him for hours and by that point, other people in the administration or retweeting it. There is a mass is he's has been very difficult to manage these It has been very difficult to handle You get a sense from talking to your sword inside the White House. It things are getting worse well further on, The white powered internet Joe. We are reported earlier this week that there was a real scrambles and they couldn't Shame on the golf course to take the tweet down. They couldn't get into a twitter account to remove that, and so it took as you.
Several hours? I think what the recognition is? Look Donald, Trump having a bad, we having about stretch, isn't tale. This time it's not new. That's been going on since he came in the office since the campaign really the fact that this is happening for months before the election is what's really worrying, people that makes every week every month very significant. He can't reserve you. He can't afford to have these sorts of stretches, because so close to the election and there's a justice restoration that they keep having its round. All data keep having the same conversations, the same approach, and then you have a principle who won't get on board with what they want to do. Alright Disease Charolais. Thank you so much for the lighthouse, daddy. It's it's just self inflicted wounds in their their obvious words again. I I can't repeat this enough, because It just shows how illogical every move he's making is how self defeating every move he's making one
talk about on the corona virus. I e sides with the twenty percent of Americans that one. Wearing masks: a cultural war, while eighty percent of Americans the masks to be worn because they want to stay healthy. They want business is to open up. Goldman Sachs was talking about if everybody war mask just They hundreds of billions of dollars. It can save this economy its. This is. This is about business. This is about all this is about and ease Alongside that, we that we talked you know the EU was pushing them. Open schools a month or two ago, when eighty percent of parents said they would not send their children back to school. You could talk about there. The raise race issues where eighty percent of Americans believed The march is we're justify Donald Trump Zone, the other side of it get just tat. You put it put it We think, as far as what's the right thing to do
What's the moral thing to do and just look at the politics of it. Every single day he's hurting his o cause every single day he's dead, merging the reelection prospects of republican senators in swing states every single day he's moving. Country, more clothes, he's moving Donald drop is moving this country closer to Washington to be controlled by Democrats next year. You know that character. That we know is Donald Trump. Who is interesting. The two thousand sixteen election, nothing stuck with him about his character, readjusted the difference now is he's character, is effective. Ass, his character is causing gets by not doing what's right, he's character is causing the economy to be where it is because of these non reaction. His character is in
aiming race relations, so it was an abstract thing of the past. Now everything here Everyone move does not sit isolate it affects you me Families are grandparents, our grandchildren, and I keep coming back to I see this in an ending we have not anticipated. We have not thought about. I don't see him going since it is a suicide mission, he's running and stay tuned for these next two months, because I think history can be readily ways we haven't seen it before and that's what I think that's why this pandemic has been different than if everything else it here we can lie about his personal life and he did you lie about pay off. Stars that war crimes and he did love bout that he could lie about, Robert Mahler. He could lie about what he did or didn't do with Russia. He could lie about Russia. You gonna lie about almost every day:
you get a lie about Ukraine. Americans Reich, ok. We're he's, not a good guy sub markets. Doing well my retirements doing well. My small business is doing well I'll. Let everybody yell about that on cable news, I'm worried about my business My small business is doing better than has been. So that's why the Americans that supported him. Could move that to the side. This pandemic, though, impacts everybody. This pandemic impacts people in blue state red state reply. Dickens Democrats, independence, we set at it all along. He can't lie about it and, as I said, for how many months I dont know how many months now the winning lies about the pandemic. A senior citizens in Arizona mom in Florida. Single bad in Wisconsin. We're gonna go to their doctor and going to say what it. What do I do here? I've got
I hear the President saying that this is a media generated hoax white. What do I do here and the doktor tell them to be careful. I wonder how many doctors are pleased that a governor of a state is bragging about the fact that not going to be social distancing bragging about the fact there aren't going to be masks, worn bragging about the vague they're going to do everything that the medical community is beg them not to do you see that is Ross for love to say and ninety two, that's where the rubber meets the road That's where the lies our call out and shouted from the mountain politically that's where Donald Trump Card on. That one is lies because whose lies having a serious impact on the health of Americans, and forces the truth to come out, and the truth in this case hurts everybody equally coming.
Nearly a year after convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, death and a New York jail cell, one of his closest associates is now in custody. We're gonna talk about charges she faces next on morning, job Jeffrey I've confidant Killin Maxwell is behind bars right now, after federal authorities arrested her on Thursday on charges, related to child sex trafficking. Maxwell accused recruiting young girls for sexual abuse and trap King by Epstein, was taken into custody in breadth, New Hampshire where she'd been living on an estate purchased late last year. Allow call magistrate ordered her transported to New York worship charged with four counts related to in sporting minors, for sexual activity, between one thousand nine hundred and ninety four and one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven as well as two counts of purge
for lying in a deposition in twenty sixteen mantle. A critical role in helping Epstein to identify. Friend and groom minor victims for abuse. In some cases, Maxwell participated in the famous herself The indictment lists three unnamed victims, who were minors when allegedly recruited by Maxwell in the nineteen nineties prosecutor are asking that Maxwell beheld without bail, arguing he poses an extreme flight risk. Swell has previously denied any wrong doing, but did not enter a plea Thursday. Her attorney declined to comment, contacted by NBC News joining us now state attorney for Palm Beach county. The irony, is you so much for being with us. Obviously, you well aware of this case a lot of
these activities occurred in palm beach before you were the stay to turning. But what what can you tell us about Miss? well what you know this case and what we can expect July We were wondering what took so long, because she was We have chief enabler she also as a participant without her. This hope. Little pyramid scheme of sexual abuse could not have happened because if Jeffrey Epstein himself sought to recruit and groom he's. Fourteen year old girls, I would have told this creepy old gotta get lost, but instead they had this choice. Sophisticated british woman with a great accented make these girls feel at home make him feel comfortable and that was a key this criminal enterprise, which is why she needed to be prosecuted out, there's questions of why it took so long. But to defend prosecutors. She made herself hard define she bought this one hundred fifty six acre property,
New Hampshire place where she had no ties that anyone or anything and she hit out. She even non tried to put some misdirection out there by leaking a photo of her that was clearly staged at an inn. Alberta in law Angeles like she's, ever been to it in and out burger. Before so she didn't want to be found. She paid cash for her property. She bought it through in a knot Miss limited liability company and so on they tracked down, and hopefully justice will be done so In terms of justice being done Dave, what is the possibility that she could be helpful in bringing lie to the other men involved, in abusing young girl. I was not young women, girls and the pair were four men that Jeffrey Epstein, often socialized with and
many believe, provided these girls for through Killin Maxwell. She has every incentive Mika cut a deal because she's facing up to thirty five years in federal prison plus she doesn't want to spend a day and that awful pre trial detention facility. That, ironically, is this in place or Jeffrey I've seen hung himself but heard leverage in this case a cut a deal a lot of died along with Jeffrey Epstein, because when you are a criminal defendant, you want to find a bigger fish to flip on and if you can't find one that means the biggest It is you now she will try to give the FED some evidence, but the You're gonna want concrete facts, not just her testimony, because she has accused of serious crime should, as have a lot of credibility in court proceedings, the two council perjury, so further undermine our credibility, so she will try
I too offers up, but I gotta believe the feds can be very critical of her any deal. She tries to accomplish with them, One thing here: a lot of secrets, a lot of very powerful man died with Jeffrey Epstein, and you talk big that big fish. There were big fish flopping around Miss Maxwell and Geoffrey Epstein for years. Is it possible if she can be protected in prison if the guards will actually wide sure imprisoned. There's that is, is it possible that these very powerful men, some of the most powerful men in America and the world that we ve been reading about for some time, could actually be brought to justice themselves if she turns evidence on them. Yes,
I hope that everyone involved in this is held accountable, all the enablers, all the accomplices, everyone she will have. Every incentive to provide evidence, but it can just be heard testimony because her testimony is not good enough. She doesn't have the credibility she needs to provide business records and other facts, because unless she does, the feds are not going to build a case around someone like this. So is it possible yes, but The funds are going in there with a sceptical I, and so what you see happens for her sake, she better hope. She's got that treasure trove of data, because that's one thing now: keeper a federal prison for the rest of her life, interesting state attorney for Palm Beach county Dave Ehrenberg. We will be following this story. Thank you very, very much and still I had to circumstances under which president loses the election but uses the justice depart? to stay in power long run.
That's scenario, and why some think it could very well happen. Morning Joe, is coming by John by the way, but we'll see everyone is Willie Geist thanks for listening now, I want invite you to talk to us here at MSNBC, we'd like to know more about you and the topics you'd be interested in hearing about as we look to launch new podcast text, podcast two hundred and sixty six eight hundred and sixty six and will text you a link to a short survey again text. The word podcast to sixty six thousand eight hundred and sixty six standard text. Messaging rates apply your input matters and we're looking forward to hearing from you.
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