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President Trump on Friday celebrated Independence Day by defiantly holding a rally at Mount Rushmore amid the pandemic and denounced protestors who have toppled U.S. monuments. The panel discusses.

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That's right at least that we will see you in just a moment. Thank you very much good morning. Welcome to morning Joe, it is Monday July six, I'm Willie guys with a sweet that White House support for the Associated Press, Jonathan LA mere former aid, the George W Bush White House and State Department, at least Jordan, former chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steel and and MSNBC Nbc Anchor Eliseo Menendez Joe and media have the morning off good morning every one hope yet a great weekend. Let's get you caught up with where things stand after this holiday week. We have now in America, surpassed one hundred thirty thousand, Ass nationwide from corona virus, nearly two point. Nine million people have been infected over the weekend, both Florida and Texas reported there. Big daily rise in new confirmed cases on Saturday Florida added, nearly eleven thousand five hundred cases in Texas reported a record. Eighty three hundred on Sunday, California, reported more than fifty
four hundred new cases, while Arizona added more than thirty five hundred major surgeons now growing over the surge in hospital associations, at least two counties and South Texas reportedly say their hospitals are at full capacity. And as Florida reports record case numbers governor Run, the Santer says he will not clothes businesses again will have much more on the public health in the medicine of this in just a moment. As for President Trump in his response over the weekend, he addressed a crowd at Mount Rushmore Fireworks celebration in South Dakota on Friday that raised a number of health concerns amid the growing number of corona virus cases, but seventy five hundred people were expected to attend and photos, show a pact crowding close corps yours but very few wearing masks according to local reporting, their health professionals in South Africa are now concern the lack of mitigation efforts at the event could cause the correct virus to spread,
community surrounding Mount Rushmore and communities where those attending live following the event. As for the presidency, Fourth of July message to the country three and a half years. After vowing to end what he called America, carnage at his inaugural address the President painted another dark picture of this country into speeches one Friday at Mount Rushmore, the other at the White House on Saturday. The present denounce what he called the left wing cultural revolution. He also push back against the movement for racial justice. Using his opponents of wanting to erase America's history? As he said in doctrine, children and quote overthrow American revolution. Radical ideology attacking our country advances under the banner of social justice, but in truth it would polish, both justice and society? It would
and justice into an instrument division and vengeance, and it in turn, are free and inclusive society into a place of repression, domination and exclusion. They want to silence us, but we will not be signed, Those issues to raise our heritage, one Americans to forget our pride and our great dignity, so that we can no longer understand ourselves or America's destiny in top the heroes of seventeen every six days. Dissolve the bonds of love and loyalty that we feel for our country and that we feel for each other. Their goal is not a better America, they go is to end America.
We will never allow an angry mob to tear down our statues. Arrays our history, indoctrinated Children nor trample on our freedoms, We will safeguard our values. Traditions customs and beliefs. We will age children to cherish a door, their country so that they can build its future Together, we will fight for the amount can dream and we will defend to protect and preserve American way of life, which began in forty ninety, two: when Columbus, discovered America that was president trumpet south one of the White House. In that last speech, you just heard there on Saturday job
Le Maire. You cover this present a very closely every single day. This appears to be his re election message that America is me over run by angry mobs. There were brief references to the corona arrests and the public health crisis at the center american life right now because of its health impacts and also its economic impacts, but its clear where the president is headed here for RE election that's right, Willie with bleak and at times almost apocalyptic language. The president definitely revisited his american carnage. In our euro here of oil. As you say, only passing mentions the crisis. It is consumed this nation now for four months, Instead, he rightly very hard into these into the cultural wars into that base. Play stoking racial resentment. Grievance, and I think it can overstayed in what a departure. These two speeches not rush war. One day at the White House, the next hour from with you,
message. We hear for our present on the fourth of July, the most patriotic of holidays. There is no attempt here to unify the country. There is no. Bold statements of american of American Greatness american. You that you try to bring the nation together punctually now, at a time of crisis where so many have died in and suffered. Instead, it was a device message. This was him as if he were delivering speech it a campaign rally not from a lot of the White House. This was not a message to all Americans there's more to his base and shows in stark black and white or may rest case red versus blue language he views the next four months of his term that will determine whether or not he gets out of four years and office. So, Michael Steel, let's talk about the political strata. Of this cause. You come from the republican world than you, ve helped oversee lotta campaigns as chair of the hour and see what exactly is he going for here? What is this?
prodigy behind this because again he's ploughing everything into a base that he's pretty well got locked up. If you look at his numbers and has had locked up for about five years now- It doesn't appear from the outside anyway, that there is any olive branch that there's any extension of those who may be concerned during voting for him, it's just so. Define the people who we already has. Lets us against them at this and the reality reality did. The top campaign is facing is the US which is the basic point that you refer to, allow the Republicans will Capitol Hill. Sort of curried the president's favour in in a number of areas that is Actually, weakening some dinner Words are showing both internal and external Pauling is showing that that hard. Ninety five ninety six percent of the republic basis behind the president is now down around eighty four eighty five percent there's been slippage. There has been some so weak
bring of the reception of that message, because guess what that basis so now impacted by covered, maintain, as we see across the country and those red states and and It also is feeling the impact is basis, filling the impact of the economy, which is not recovering it. Pace even though that the greater numbers last week, you know, are good see the reality of it is. Businesses are opening, but the people are going on his shopping they're, not gathering to spend money The way they were a year ago earlier. On top of that are Willie the social unrest right now. The civic unrest, which is a good thing. This is it a good, healthy conversation. The country is just beginning to have, and you would think that would be something the president was step into, but that's not what his base wants to tear. That's, not what they want to talk about
I'm so he's doubling down on those things that have motivated their anger, their frustration and that that he talks about in his mouth Rushmore speech, alot of discretion- hasn't. What do you mean by us on us all of us at the giant his point now? It's those people who feels are losing the group that he's given out some of these issues, some of these are vessel issues and he wants to get that back alive. Jordan. I had read and reread one passage from his speech on Saturday. Again. This is a present United States, speaking from the south lawn where he compared the defeated because the radical left to the defeat of the Nazis to the defeat fascists over history by Americans, to the defeat of communism and to chasing terror like Osama Bin Laden to the end of the year, he said we did that as a country together, we too can defeat this. Article left
standing comparison from the press. The United States I mean I, I just don't even really know where to go with that. Jesus Christ. I mean it, that's what Donald Trump really thinks. The great crisis that this nation faces is right now, we really are in a terrible, terrible state of affairs. Found it so incredible that you or the July weekend a huge ES at Mount Rushmore, he does. I did history mash up and a grievance police, but he doesn't talk any of our current armed forces serving broad in war zones, and you look at all the rest said scandal with Donald Trump, not protecting our troops in Afghanistan. She found and instead cosy up to put an even more and you can see
this commander, in chief priorities, really are just to add to what Michael said about how Donald Trump is going bore the grievances he's going for the Culture WAR that didn't know so well in twenty eighteen. Remember that van narrative and women when that was what was supposed to really draw is voters at the last minute em. He saw narrative, pretty roundly defeated as the boy wave went into office former tromp home security and counter terrorism, Adviser Tom Boss, who was watching what was going on all weekend with Corona virus and warned on Twitter, quote we are in trouble between data on the rising number of new cases in some states and emphasise quote: masks are important, but not enough and former Fdi Commissioner, Scott got leave has been on the show many times. Warn that the current spike in. Run a virus. Cases in several cities could be just the start.
Of a second wave we're right back where we were at the peak of the epidemic Jerry. York outbreak. The difference now is that we really have one epicenter of spread when New York was going through its hardship. Now we really have four major happy centres have spread LOS Angeles cities in says: cities in Florida in Arizona the case fatality way. Is going down, although were not able to measure it right now, because we're able to save more people were hospitalized and get critically l because of advances in care. The number That's has gone down because the number of infections went down for a period of time, but the total number of deaths is gonna start going up again, as the number hospitalization, starts to spike again, so we're going to see debts creep up and I wouldn't be surprised. The next two weeks to see deaths go over a thousand, let's bring in the directive, Harvard Global Health Institute doktor. She shy as a practising physician, also professor medicine at Harvard Medical School
great to see you as always. Do you share the concerns we just heard from doktor got leave and we ve heard from many many public health officials about these spite that we're seeing across the southwest in Southern California down in this belt, as well. Texas, number spiking to run four levels day by day. Where are we in this right now and how concerned are you about where we are good morning. Www. Thanks for having me- and I am very concerned- and I very much share scots- take on this- here's the bottom up, we're heading in the wrong direction. As a country we have cases, we have not just in those four hotspots. But when I look across, the country. I see lots of other states going in the wrong direction from Utah Nevada to smaller states like Idaho, we're just seeing about two two slash three, maybe three quarters of the country heading in the wrong direction. The problem is that It's always lack right. The people going to get sick
we are now seeing how positions increase annexed I've completely with doktor Godly, that in the next week, Mozart seemed ass increase in and what striking to me is that we always a sort of assumed So these we hear from from our political leaders is the rosy a scenario where we really should be, waiting for the worst and thinking much more critically about we are and how we save this off in our doctors just anecdotally and seeing all the coverage this weekend watching the way people celebrated forth the July. Look, they ve been cooped up for four months. At this point, I want to get out and have a fourth of July, but There was a lot of social distancing. Alot of fireworks shows were cancelled, some warrant. What concerns did you watching this fourth of July weekend, where we are all outside trying to do our best to social distance, but it was a difficult thing to do on that holiday July. Fourth is obviously a really important fine holiday for for all Americans. I'm things that made me feel better
first is at least places I did see a good amount of mass wearing a second. I think the evidence is pretty clear. That being the horses much safer than being indoors, answer that we feel better and I'm sympathetic to the fact that we ve all been fairly cooped up in an hour. Which we live in a country where our political leaders had priority his bring virus levels down, so we could celebrate the fourth of July, more openly and much more. The way we ve always done it but we obviously was a much more if you know of a restricted we can because of that. So the present one, about testing over the weekend. Writing in part, this cases cases cases if we didn't test so much and so successfully We would have very few cases, yes he's making that argument again. The president also downplayed severity of the virus and we ve met. A lot of progress. Our strategy is moving along well, it goes out
in one area, careers rears back, it's ugly face in another area. But we ve learned a lot. We ve learned how to put out the fire, Now we have tested almost forty million people by so doing. We shall cases ninety nine percent of which are totally unless you, commissioner of the FDA, was asked about that claim of ninety nine percent of the virus cases being harmless yesterday,. I'm not going to get into whose right and whose wrong? What I'm gonna say Dan, is what I said before, which is that it's a series problem that we have. We ve seen this surgeon cases we might do something to stem the tide. So Say whether ninety nine percent of corona virus cases are quote completely harmless is true or false. What the president said at the White House last night,
tat. What I say is that we a date in the White House taskforce, those data, was that this is a serious problem. People in Need could seriously just after Mr Duff, Stephen Han. He knows that ninety nine percent of the cases doctors are not completely Why so? Let me give you a crack that I suspect you won't be so shy about answering it. Yes, look, I'm very sympathetic to the situation that your highness and which is eaten. He can't stand to his own president- and I understand that that's a difficult situation for anybody, but as a public health issue I wish you would just come out and say what we know which is that a large proportion of people, thirty five to ten percent in mind, getting hospitalized, it's not trivial! For them, and many people were not hospital cylinder. Paddy pretty substantial symptoms, many of which can linger for months. This is not a benign disease and it isn't helpful to anybody for the president to characterize.
As such, and we all know that- and I just wish the president would just level with the american people and be very clear about how series of diseases, Alison and, as the president over the weekend, effectively said, we just need to live with this. These the reality is that it's gonna be here and we have to live with that. That's a departure from we was two days ago, in words ban for about four months, saying it's just going to disappear now, making claims that look now ninety nine percent of these cases are harmless. We can live with the one percent and move on, despite the fact that that's completely factually incorrect as doctors, I just explained- which brought them to Why do we have all been living with this? That we have to say this is at least a step in the right direction. Admitting that this viruses not just magically go to go away. Doktor John, I was struck by the fact that Governor Film the of New Jersey. My governor was talking yesterday about a concern on his part that, as there is now interstate travel, there will be the
mobility that there will be additional spread of the virus. Even Areas that seem to have gotten the virus under control, and I want from your vantage point as you look at this holiday weekend as you look to the summer to your point, people do want to get out there, how concerned under you about seeing a re emergence of the virus in places It has already been. Yes. This is this is the problem with the fifty states solution to a pandemic? Cried the idea that ever station fight this pandemic on its own, with no federal coordination or help is at the states? I do a good job will continue to exist. Cases from states that are not doing a good job, and unless we start building walls around states and start doing border checks, states which, we have never done, and I hope you never do. As a country. I can be very, very hard, so Vienna, Governor Murphy, garment, although Governor Baker Vest uses, they all have cases to make, but they had done a really good job are taking
Outbreaks and bring them under control, now these days, you can start importing cases from taxes in Florida that are taken less seriously. This is a pretty frustratingly to try to find a fighter I wish we had a national strategy to us on. The mayor has a question: forty doctors, our job, doctor in those states where we are seeing the real surge right now? The Florida, Texas, Arizona and another's leaving discussing Keaton little bit about what you're, seeing in terms of the ability to treat these patients hospital capacity, but really I see years, that's what we saw that was so vital back in March shave. In places like New York City, where there's a huge influx of cases and real concern that they can I be able to get the help they needed right now? Are we seeing those hospitals? Are they on the verge of being overwhelmed? Yes, a couple of things you first a good. News is that I do think we're getting better training this disease. We have two therapies at seeing the work that we did
about two months ago. So that's real progress he's getting better at managing the disease, we didn't know about six months ago, as doctors and nurses. So I think all of that is good news, Your question around. I see you capacity hospital capacity and we are seeing in many many cities the hospital really starting to come to the edge of what they can do? We can keep adding passing on some level. We can set a field hospital, Sweden, ship people after other cities, but the question is who is how for how long were still early in the pandemic, the wing New York ultimately dealt with Was they shot? The city and sat down and that's what eventually, rather disease under control, and I think that we all want to avoid in the new outbreak sounds so yeah I think the hospitals have capacity a little bit still they're gonna get brushing up against her Capacity, maybe that aren't, but it's not can be a sustainable approach. Charlotte's end with you on some potentially hopeful and that is the vaccine,
in the development of which we have seen some progress and green shoots of good news over the last couple of days and weeks. Where do you we are in that process with so many different companies racing to find that vaccine. We ve heard optimism from the president. We ve heard optimism from Doktor Fouche Suggesting could be the end of the year, the beginning of twenty twenty one Is that really the moment, though, at the end of the day that all these other stuff masking and social distancing and all the things we know we need to do or just sort of biting our time to get us to that day, when the vaccine comes. So I am really optimistic about where we are on the vaccine. Frankly, my goodness, the scientific community has responded pretty brilliantly I suspect that by early twenty twenty one, we're not gonna have one vaccine, I think we're gonna. Have multiple vaccines and that will make a huge difference. Do I think, the way at a point where everybody gets vaccinated and the disease goes away. My knock might be that we turn away. Serious disease into a very mild one? That's why I'll take that
and but I do think it's going to be sometime in early to middle of twenty twenty one. That's all of this really does change, and until then our job should be to preserve life, to preserve economy. Economy and to make sure as few people get sick as possible, and that's why I left for us to focus on. Doktor ass. She shall always great to have you with us thanks so much. We appreciate it still had on morning Joe Joe Biden message to the country. This fourth weekend in content. Ass very much so to the president's tone, plus the governor of Mississippi blaming recent pro ass there for the states new corona virus cases, but what our health official saying about that you're watching morning, Joe we'll be right back At this moment. Sales forces working with businesses over the world to adapt to all the changes that are happening there, helping people like and me and me managed, through this crisis
return to work safely agro. My business again visit work, don't come to get help for your business, if we all work together. We can't do this until mainly post of into America. A podcast from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice, interracial injustice. Any when you add health is a health and justice into what is at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America, a podcast about who we are ass, Americans and who we want to become new episodes every Monday Thursday subscribe now, for Vice President Joe Biden offered a message of hope and unity. Over the fourth of July weekend, in a video posted to Twitter Biden focused on racial
quality saying. Despite America's deep divisions, the United States still can live up to its founding principles of equality.
Americans to snuff causes and pushing for between two parts of our character. The idea that all men and women all people are created equal in the races toys made achieves give them marginalized, demonize the isolated, your press of full share of the american dream, ravages to rip the roots of systemic graces and out of this country. We have a chance to live up to the words founded this nation. This independence as such is celebrating celebrate that promise commit to work the work we must do to fulfil them locked in a battle for the sole destination believe through a battle. We kid we will win if we act together, Elisa if you look at that
turn video from Joe Biden compared to president trumps, two speeches over the weekend- it distills perfectly The way the two of them are looking at this movement in the street to the country since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, you had the president focusing on what he called bad. For people who are tyrannising the country pulling down statues and looting stores, and you have Joe Biden. Looking at the larger message of the vast majority of those protesters of those demonstrators asking for an end to systemic racism and looking for racial equality in this country or those two speeches boil it right down here: contrast, both in substance and in style? You know we often talk when we have this conversation about the culture wars or America's history, as though this something that is only an hour passed when to your point, we're very much seeing this player in real time their black meccans taken to the streets to feel that they are fighting for their rights and that message is echoing across the country? We also this on
when conversation about who is truly free and America mean you and I have been followed the story about this federal judge was ruled that migrant children need to be let out of detention facilities, family detention facilities, because there is a concern over outbreaks of covert, maintains this conversation about. Who is free in America is very much ongoing. You see Joe Biden in that add stepping into that conversation conversation talking about racial equality, grab, With a lot of this at a policy level, but you all Will we see a stylistic difference? You see a recognition of a country that is in need of healing in need of unification and not speak stirrup to what many perceived to be the former vice president's greatest stylistic strength. This is a person experience tremendous grief, tremendous loss in his own life, who has many perceived to be a deep well of empathy, and that is the strength that his campaign is hoping to rule
and to create a very, very sharp contrast with this president. In the lead up to November Jonathan, The fourth of July is always a good moment to pause and any campaign here and see where the race is, and I think he saw two speeches, indicated where it was. You saw the present United States talking about angry mobs, trying to wipe out american history overturn the American Revolution, comparing what he called the radical left, Nazis, fascists and communist. By America in generations passed. So where really does the trunk campaign believe they are right now? Where does the President believe he is in this race against Joe Biden right now? It's such a study, in contrast to further that point also, I think part of the argument and Joe Biden has made throughout this campaign- is really doing so now. Just sort of acting in looking like Americans are accustomed to from. President, while Donald Trump so only be interested
exciting in governing a small portion of the electorate his base and that the campaign is right. Now, as we ve been discussing on the show provisional ass couple weeks, everything there doing is a bit play with the latest Spain s idea of Herod asian statues in confederate the soldiers and yes, it is part of this not rush for speech the president proposed and national garden of american heroes and they they re gamut of of american life, different areas and demographics and what they mean in politics and science and and so on, but he's leaning into the idea of protecting these heritage, whether the generals on bases or or statues throughout the country which seems to be market. We have a staff from the energy that we are seeing in the streets. I have for more than month now, after the death of George of Joy, why were the president as a republican strategy. Pretty recently just seems as one sympathetic the president said, the doktor,
seems so completely out of step with well, I know this country both with racial justice, but also how how fear Americans are, with this pen like we're seeing some adjustments. For instance, we all know about his rally entails Oklahoma. Couple weeks ago there was indoors drivers a crowd of what from what he wanted. The president's announces next rally will be the Saturday New Hampshire, Toby outdoors at an airport hangar. There's more talk of man, still no sense of social assistance aimed at giving attendees were recommended to wear a mask. Being outdoors perhaps will help according to scientists. The virus, of course, spreads are not quite as easily but their president, his team, the final point: they know right now, they're losing they know they're down seemingly every week brings a wave of paragraphs. Eight polls show them the showed him down. They feel like they ve got time to make this up, particularly if the economy covers, recoveries endangered by the virus, surging back- Through right now, you're leaning on nothing, they can do just try to play to the base
turn them out, excite them and get death. Thirty eight forty percent of voters to turn out at a huge rate while hoping the rest of the country, those that likes Joe Biden turns far less of want. That's a risky game would play. I've got right now. We are to your point, where the president's focuses its new reporting in the Washington Post this morning from Robert Casta and Philip rocker that they called trumps pushed to amplify Racism in his re election pushes unnerving Republicans, who have long enabled him, according to their reporting, quote on capital hell some Republicans fret most privately to avoid his that trumps fixation on racial and other cultural issues leaves their party running against the currents of change. Costed and Rucker continue cuz all that, ignore the outcry and remains convinced that, following his own instincts, Unreason channeling, the grievances of his core case of white voters, will carry him to victory against Joe Biden according
White House official and outside Trump adviser who spoke on the condition of anonymity to comment candidly adviser added. This is the twenty sixteen campaign all over again when we had them, muslim ban in the wall just add confederate statues. President trumps allies tell opposed his words and actions are not racist but rather attentive to his core. Voters is the way they put it away. How spokeswoman rejected the suggestion that the It has amplified racism so, Michael Steel, again, we see a lot of anonymous. Fretting Republicans, talking of the Washington in the New York Times about the direction. This is headed about where the president is taking this campaign. We can speak to that. It's a broken record, we ve heard again and again about deeply concerned. They are off the record, but again President Trump Borrowing down he's drilling into this core base play that in no way expands the electorate. Is there a strategy there that a lot of people are missing? Is there something he's do
right now that appeals to bourbon women that he is hemorrhaging in recent Paulie I'm still sort of marrying marinating on the idea that it is not races, eastern seaboard, talking to his base, ok, listless! Let that set out there some of the city of the state of our people. Looking at this inside both the campaign, the party and then, of course with in his bed, is. It saw now saw do merrily, and we said so far this morning, whether from covered Turning to the discussion on raising the tensions they're, the ones in that I dont think people need to discount, or was the sort of walk past very quickly. Is that year is safe tromp is only talk you to thirty eight percent of the country that hard core tromp
but you also gonna be my for there whole lot of folks in those suburbs of America their whole, folks. In those rule, port royal portions of our country, who, while they may not raise their hand and got me too, I agree or other forms of eggs outward expression in support of it They quietly silently, do follow this and they are listening and air for some of them, and I've had a chance to talk to a few of them. The last few months, this man its does resonate. There is thanks to this idea of a cultural, it may not be a full scale war. Hell Shore lot of tension. That talk gives to tap into as those as those wine Americans look at the shrinking of their idea of America. That's why this play around confederate there
the federal that's why this play around. You know great my immense, like that, like my Rushmore, is standing with these backdrops that remain of the symbols that that they like about this country, and that speaks then, in a somewhat personal way, that's the play the president's making use. I think we need to be very careful in that these. This message to quickly about how this is real impacting folks what you saw take real, Quick Willie, in contrast, messaging speed We in the president and trot binding. The trouble is that Biden is time to move America toward each other and tribe is looking at ways to say: hey that other is your neighbour and that person Gonna you- maybe you always country suspicions about November, whether we want to move forward together. What do we do It's gonna be the test of the country going
into November, whether we want to move we're together, really want to stand around those old images of America, those old ideas, the confederacy, etc? That made, you feel good at least the obvious differences two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and twenty is it. Donald Trump is in a cut incumbent in twenty sixteen, he was insurgent candidate who know believe, could win and ended, pull it off with his inside straight on election day, but he's talking about a country right now, as if he hasn't governed it for three and a half years. He is president of the United States when, in nineteen sixty eight Richard Mick campaign. This way he was the challenger he wasn't sitting as the incumbent. This is Donald Trump country. That he's railing against when he makes those speeches over the weekend what wonder to Willie about the symbolism of monuments, to the door hysteria of american history,
many Americans really want to stay in their current day situation on preserving and protecting the confederacy you and twenty, sixteen Donald Trump campaign the immigration he campaign racially charge. Against mexican citizens crossing the border to a man Building a wall- and this year. He still talks about the wall and he's still inserted. MT rush, morn is still building. Eighty claims by the confederacy is dead, relic and even Mississippi. My home state voted to finally get rid of our flag about two weeks ago and if in Mississippi you don't have people still supporting the loss caused. The loss caused might really finally be lost.
Coming up by morning Joe, we ve talked about the public health side of Corona viruses morning now, when I look at the U S economy and where it stands, Steve Ratner joins us with his charts plus new report. Joe Biden Search for running make the woman seems to be emerging as a serious contender now morning. Just come right back. Welcome back to morning, Joe on a Monday morning joining us now, former Treasury official in mourning GEO Economic analysed, Steve Rattlers, good morning to see it. Last time we got together. We are talking about the four point. Eight may In jobs added in June It was on Thursday. We got that new number. You ve got some charge that big a little deeper into that number. What you find it. That's right. Willie. We did at four point: eight million jobs, the unemployment rate came down eleven point, one percent, all good news, but there's a bit more
the story than simply those headline numbers. For starters, what labour department measures is is simply the number of people who are actually out of work completely looking for work and so forth, their other is to look at this and you start by adding to the eleven point. One percent one point: two percent- that the Labour Department says is of Miss classification air due to the crisis. You then add to that five points percent of Americans for working part time, but want full time Finally you at about four point: three percent of Americans who want a job, actually in the labour force. Looking for one and all that, as you can see, adds up to twenty two point, three percent, obviously almost exactly double what the Labour Department says her out This is good news. As you look to the left, you can see that number has been coming down since April, but as Look all the way to the left. You can sit still dramatically higher than earlier in the year. Another way to put this isn't
so thirty, seven million Americans who are either out of a job completely wanna work full time and can Now another thing to understand about the report last week was that it was taken. Second in the middle of June. So this is our Andrew Chart showing the rise and via and viruses than the fall off than the new rights that we're see these last few weeks and I've shown in gray here when this actual unemployment survey was taken. It was taken in about the second week of June, when cases we're a at their lowest at twenty five thousand, now they're up to forty five thousand and what we expect to see some economic impact. From that the other report that came out last Thursday now that the number of Americans file for new unemployment. Insurance was still stuck at around one point: four million, where when the last several weeks. That is a really high number, it's more than twice what it ever was before this endemic, and we also
and at last week at nineteen point, three million Americans are still receiving on employment insurance that actual numbers slightly up from the previous week. So some of the early indicators are little scary. Now the question courses will this increasing cases translate into people's economic behaviour into what you're spending so, as this short shows that actually already kind of has you can the over on the right that summer spending after recovering very nicely from the middle of March an early April? That's almost ten percent below was before almost back to normal and in the last couple of weeks. It's now down the third now down thirteen percent from where it was before the pandemic. This is chase credit card data that they make available you can see, have also shown on the left where this they was shaken and you can see what kind of basically almost two, where economic activity by this one measure was when the survey was taken so as we heads next month and beyond?
There are some worrisome signs about how Americans are responding to the increase in viruses by pulling back on their equal economic exe, especially in places like taxes which are among the hardest hit. Billy Steve Elysium an end as here I woke up just for these chart. So thank you so much. I wonder as you look at them ass, you look at both the unemployment numbers. As you look at the spending numbers. How that shapes, you're thing on what level of stimulus is necessary to keep Americans afloat. That's a Malaysia? Yes, clearly These numbers, while encouraging and rise you look ahead to try to do some of what may be coming. We do now to do more. They extended on employment, better the extra six hundred dollars a week that were giving to people on unemployment runs out. And of July, the famous PPP model smaller businesses, which provided about eight weeks apparel is going to start from.
You are going to see at these levels of unemployment a lot of hardship. So there is a bit just the beginnings of a negotiation in Congress. Over this, we probably at least another trillion dollars, we need to do something. Extend unemployment benefits in one form or another. We need to do something for state local governments. So they can help people and their communities ass. Absolutely we need another stimulus spell, All right, Steve Ratner, with his choice, pitch charts and for just lovely upholstered chairs behind him, Steve thanks for much great diseases, always still had an independence day wish for the disunited states America might barnacle joins us with his
call them ahead on morning, Joe everyone is Willie Geist thanks for listening now, I want invite you to talk to us here at MSNBC, we'd like to know more about you and the topics you'd be interested in hearing about as we look to launch new podcast text podcast to sixty six thousand eight hundred and sixty six and will text you a link to a short survey again text. The word podcast to sixty six thousand eight hundred and sixty six standard text. Messaging rates apply your input matters and we're looking forward to hearing from you.
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