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Morning Joe 8/10/20


During an unexpected Friday news conference at his golf club in New Jersey, the president flouted state guidelines on social distancing and claimed political exemption. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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point they will be. We have tremendous growth, will have tremendous growth this next year, it'll be toward the end of the year. The growth is going. Incredible and a time. We will take a look at it earlier this year, President Trump hinted at cutting entitlements, and over the weekend he effectively did could more and welcome to morning Joe, it is Monday August. Tenth alone, Joe and me we have and busy capital held corresponded and host of Casey DC on MSNBC Casey Hunt Amazon, busy political idolized and former chairman of the Republican National Committee Michael's deal is with us. Why does report for the Associated Press, Jonathan Le Maire and former Treasury official and mourning Joe Economic analysed, Steve, Ratan with us and Joe yeah yeah guy a lot happening over the weekend and we ve got major covert nineteen news, as well
yeah. What happening over the weekend, of course, a lot of chaos, of course, coming from the White House, Jonathan Lemire, economists. We have people hell, we have business owners, we have see, owes we even have Well, we we have White House officials centres, order, scratching Thereas. Asking what exactly happened on Friday, the president to try to look He was in control by pushing unconstitutional presidential direct then switch again to go in all of these different direction, and if that wasn't enough Friday night, we had yet another Trump Friday night. Ass occur, where the new head of the post office just again not trying to hide it at all apparent doing whatever he can do so. Chaos inside the post office Is he and Donald Trump both appear to be working,
We gather to south. It's a doubt on whether the post office is going to be able to carry out its functions as we move towards the most important Likes in our lifetime, certainly the most important. Action as it has to do with the postal services participation. Why try to tell us all the things that we're goin on Friday and the sweet and Joseph Last weekend I was travelling with the president as part of the press pool reporters. At the weekend, it is golf club in bed, mincer, New Jersey and on Friday we work, did you see him? He had? No problem events scheduled in fact reporters. We got a lid. What is known as saying that the present would not be peering republic. The daisies is over in that sense, while that lives lifted, some into his golf course in bed and certain others quickly. Take a second. The paint was the prettiest, we are seeing the president
the financial ceiling and podium monitors behind him, deliberateness news conference with an audience the audience being members of his country. We witnessed come downstairs for me upstairs diningroom many them drinks in hand, most of them not wearing masks, as they took up space in the back of the room, not socially distanced as you can. Hey there and seemingly in violation of saving jerseys guidelines covert. Nineteen. There are political event which this was deemed you can have about a hundred people are still in a room like that. There was more if you count the crab, the press as secret service, and certainly they weren't six feet apart and, as the president spoke to the crowd headed to foo other reporters Claude hands would have the makings of a small political rally in what was obviously a very official. Why house event and enjoy tick, the real quick he on Friday night, he said be threatened. Executive actions were coming and then on Saturday he summoned his back to the golf club
actually sign them and then to take away, seems to be to annex one week doubts about whether they are constitutional. Whether or not the president has the authority to take the powers of the purse from She taxi and spending. Why, of course, is as they expect legal challenges. Democrats were very critic: yesterday on the Sunday morning, tacos expect we will see a lot on legal front in the days ahead, but also the question of whether or not there is much here as president sets. First, they what it benefits were: six hundred dollars a week now its four hundred and Ass, one states to pick up a hundred dollars. That's that's actually reducing the federal constitution from six hundred to three hundred on the last night and he left the Georgia. The president said: maybe the federal government will Father will fund the full four hundred. The victims more. It's about worrying how to stop that. It there's no real teeth behind it, and certainly Joe right. The other story was the postmaster general. The present on the tarmac yesterday come in more detail
you're coming back to Washington, said he's always been defending it, that the post offices, money needs reforms he's, but we know Joe. This has been part of a all out assault on the integrity of mail and balloting ahead of the election. This would seem. Critics worry to add, ways and chaos world make air. There are one or two two choices. If you support the present either say the present is intentionally sabotaging the United States Post Office in the run up to the most important election of our lifetime when the post office is going to be playing its most important role and the press The head is decided to put a man in place with no postal background for the first time in decades. In that case, this and say it is a year. Donald Trump is intentionally trying to sabotage the elections or two
he is performing, which is the equivalent of at this point, injecting somebody's body that has coated with bleach and in fact, in trying to secure the lights in there, and it's just is complete absolute ignorance of situation, regardless of whether its incompetence or intentional, undermining of our democracy, There are really a lot of good way. Still look at their sitting. It does appear to be one of the great challenges get me facing this country in the next two to three months. Having a president and a postmaster general who, with the worst time possible our passing measures, putting measures into a fact that will undermine democracy, we're gonna get to the economic and political fetch act of the president's moves in just a moment, but you're right. The fact is it, but first, where things stand with the virus that you
Wes, surpassing five. Million covert nineteen cases, the alarming tally, which really puts us now, What in the world has doubled since late do right now the country holds about a quarter of the world's cases while topping the list for most reported corona virus deaths globally, we taught the lists for people who have died of on a virus so far Far states account for more than forty percent of infection nationwide. Hotspots continue to grapple with rising cases like Florida, which just yesterday reported nearly sixty two hundred cases and set a new weekly record for covert nineteen hospitalizations over the weekend. California confirmed more than ten thousand deaths since the start of prices and more than half a million covered in cases in all taxes also confirmed more than five. Hundred thousand cases as well.
Greg abbot extended his disaster declaration due to the pandemic. Meanwhile around Andrew Cuomo announced that New York report its lowest positive test rate since the start of the outbreak. They have done it right there as would engine president Trump signed a serious, its executive actions over the weekend, expanding corona virus Mc relief, appending negotiations with com after lawmakers failed to reach a deal with the White House. Among the directives announced from his new Jersey, golf club include ring payroll taxes for the end of the year, for Americans earning less than one hundred thousand dollars. They also defer student long payments through twenty twenty discourage evictions and extend and hands to unemployment benefits the payments will at a reduced rates of four hundred dollars a week, instead of the previous six three dollars that Democrats have been pushing to reinstate the federal government will
They cover seventy five percent of that cost, with the other twenty five percent falling back. The states here trumps justification for that decision. Why did you side on four hundred dollars. When previously families were receiving six hundred, that will be a hardship for many. What do you say to that will not set a hardship? This is the money that the needs. This is the money they want, and this gives them a greater incentive to go back to work now, the guy who claims to be billion billionaire many times over falling unemployment. Families, families faced with unemployment. What they don't oh no, no data, they don't need that money. Now this is exactly what they need is exactly what they want. It is, of course, most likely unconstitutional, because you have the present again
once again infringing on article one, one, article one powers, this war is spending and taxing and see Ratner system, bizarre list that he put out there that he's had this obsession for some time about payroll taxes and cutting payroll taxes. When economists Republicans Democrats, just about everybody on the hill have have said. This does not make sense. This does not work, especially when you have so many people who are out of work and aren't paying payroll taxes right but take us through this bizarre laundry list of of proposals by the present, most of which I am sure, be declared unconstitutional in time. It is a bizarre laundry list. I think the president is. It was a bad place politically he'd been outmaneuver by the Democrats who pass their three point: four trillion dollars,
bill back in May, and the Republicans and so few weeks, haven't even really been able to agree on a counter offer, and so I think, He felt they need to do something to show the american people. He was doing something but, as you say, bizarre list. Its a lot of odds and ends. I think, frankly, we can. Literally the executive order, but it isn't all that much more than as if he had declare national ice cream Day or some other mine minor matter, you're talking to put it in perspective about by my count, four hundred billion dollars that may get to Americans and, as I said where The bid ask on the hill was between a trillion and three point: four trillion. If you want to focus on payroll taxes for a second, you can see what It happened there. First of all, it's not an actual payroll tax reduction. He doesn't have the authority to do that. Its apparel tax deferral- till the end of the year, and if Congress doesn't act at some point, people would actually have to pay that money to the government and because of all this
confusion, it's not clear that employers would cooperate in reducing them for now anyway, since they might have the liability. Thirdly, here taking the money, forty four billion dollars from FEMA from disaster, leave at a time when everyone is expecting a busy hurricane season, we ve already had a bad storm. And so on. All it's it's not much of anything on the last point to make about it is it's not it's not economically progressive in a sense, yes, it is. Capital, one hundred and four thousand dollars, but if you make nineties thousand dollars. You can get nine times the benefit that someone who made ten thousand dollars is getting and if you can Press that to what the Democrats want to do, what we did in the spring or chess of twelve hundred dollars to all americans- below a certain income, with a gradual, phased out for the wealthier Americans, and so just to take that one provision it doesn't, it doesn't make a out of a whole lot of sense unemployment,
during that time. But that briefly, we talked about the four hundred and two which is really three hundred the states. Don't have the money. That's the whole point of this act. Size, there is nothing in what the President said, four states for schools for hospitals for testing and requirements. The governor of New York has already said in New York: doesn't have the four billion dollars to come up with their share of it? Other states that legislators are out of session very To implement this in a short period of time, and so there's so much less here than meets the eye, I think make also mention the eviction or isn't really and eviction order, instead instructions departments to study ways to help workers who are behind or can't pay them, red, and so there's really very, very little here in the end- and I think politically, my approach would be to point that out to the american people and we can also talk about litigation of people want, but the recent I do not share the litigate. Quite frankly, no I mean it was a huge gigantic,
Nothing burger when you look through all the policies at the end and in fact, some some of the policies that he put forward. Rapture gonna hurt people hurt small business centres, the most Mika. Again I go back to the payroll tax cuts economists. Republicans Democrats, everybody has been opposing. This has been sort of one of those obsessions like Hydroxyl Chloric when, with as the United States and he's been told by Republicans and conservatives on the hill time and time again, that's not the answer. We don't want that. Don't do that! The present goes ahead. He moves forward with it and what does he do? He just puts it. One place so what's gonna happen, he wants it to defer through is election and then what happens? after the election they'll have to pay it all back rights It is not giving them a kite apparel tax cuts anyway, he's referring until after the election, and then the tax man cometh
asks for all that money back from small the soldiers from working Americans from people who are going to be able to pay a big want of money at the end, its it is sheer. Insanity by oppress, lose obviously very desperate for a lot of reasons and the very people who can make a difference and say something not really stepping up. There seem to be only a few republican lawmakers press concern over President trunks new executive Senator Ben SAS Nebraska being one of the strongest he issues a statement which impart reads quote: the pan and phone theory of executive lawmaking is unconstitutional. Slop. President Obama did not have the power to unilaterally rewrite immigration law with darker president tromp does not have the power to unilaterally rewrite the payroll tax law
to say under the constitution that power belongs to the american people acting through their members of Congress. It's really than three more. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board is criticising President trumps new executive orders writing about this. The good news is president Trump on Saturday escaped the trillion dollar terms, surrender demanded by how Speaker Nancy Policy the bad says. He followed the Brok Obama method with executive orders, one of which stretches the law in a way that a future progressive president surely site as a precedent- and just this is This seems like an area where Republicans could just talk about the larger words me. I remember quite a few things: TAT crews wink crazy, when Brok Obama, signing executive orders. I know a lot lot of people
We were concerned about it and criticized Barack Obama's executive orders, but silence nothing but silos uncap on capital hillah, then we saw been SAS. And the Wall Street Journal both who had criticised Barack Obama when he did it and our current criticising Donald company? Does it Michael Steel, let's let's step back for one second and take to take a look at this and realise what Republicans are doing here that are setting a precedent and it's it's out there so short sighted, because our thinking that Donald Trump is going to be, president forever and there's so short sighted? Don't realize you're going to have a generation. In the minority did think about all the sake say made while tromp was president and all the precedents that they set.
For the line of democratic presidents who were gone. To be elected after this fall, because you look at the demographic changes, you look at that Publican Party in disarray I think there can be democratically elected at the White House for quite some time and what have they done. They have so undermined their position as lead its leaders for time and time again, Donald Trump Unconstitutional power grabs, the Wall Street Journal said and that editorial they're giving future present come aware, is all excuses than she needs to do something abortion to do something gun was to do something on whatever you think there are the most afraid she can just do a presidential directive and say Donald Trump did it. Grew said nothing about it, I'm good at this,
This is the constitutional slop that bends has referred to in the one thing about constitutional slop it it doesn't go down these eighty, it then go to easily at all, and Republicans are going. This moment they there is in some respects already have become. The question big becomes ultimately job, so what s dollars does, trumps bottom line? I'm gonna do What are you gonna do about it and if so, whether you talking about some type of legislative remedy or your remedy, or some type legal remedy. Ok, you got do that in the meantime already set the pattern in motion. I've already established what I'm going to do, I'm going to go forward. Let me know when you catch up and see this idea that began going back about twenty years now of of exactly story that is unchecked. We ve, given the executive branch, an enormous amount of power. The council see that an enormous amount of ground
to this executive authority by allowing these things that happened in the question answered for Republicans, particularly after this administration than what we ve seen the president do What do you say when the democratic present moves are? Like? You said abortion be environment, health care, some other issues, because if we get well, I don't like what Congress is putting forth, not gonna sign oftener bills, I'm just gonna go hidden, create an executive order, that's going to raise access on on our millionaires and billionaires, I'm gonna go editing, put an executive order. That is and to restrict it companies in what they are doing in the environment, so these are the these are the stones that are being laid now on a path that Republicans while they were crying. I thing rightly about what Obama Day with Doc, to executive orders are now silent. They been better pay attention.
What been Sassy sank as this is the problem from which Mcconnell? How do you get out of this? Can constitutional slot? How do you now reposition the Senate going in November election, because on the back and that this is not a whole, a good for you, ok, so Casey Hunt in defence of Republicans who are not. Picking out vocally. What do they have to lose? What's the risk? What is that we can stand as to why they wouldn't speak out at this point, while meagre it's it's the point that I was making about a generation in the minority and instead of taking that long view of this they're, taking a pretty sure you and saying we ve got this election coming up in three months, there increasingly afraid they're gonna lose them priority in the Senate and this generated a set of headlines the least made it look like they were Something- and you know behind the scenes republicans are telling me ok, democratic. We dare you to sue,
over unemployment benefits, because they don't think that that would look very good and and policy issue. Both declined to say that they would do that when they were questioned about it on the shows yesterday morning, but reality here is that this isn't one of those situations where dont President Trump. Just go out there and write his own reality based on headlines in Cairo, as these are people in every state across the country, in red states in blue states and swing districts in safe districts whose quality Life has suddenly plummeted in the last couple of weeks. They are turning on the tv they are following every turn of these negotiations, because it is, it is the question between whether they can put we're on the table or not or make their car payment or not or pay rent or not, and you can't blow through that from an immediate narrative and Republicans on the hill are very well aware that yesterday there are all these issues, Dave, don't wanna, go out an attack, the president
the same reason they haven't, want to go out and attack the president any other time or on any other issue, but they know that still need to get some sort of deal, and that is the best that Nancy Policy is making here. She knows just how hard this is for so many people she also point two, something that they didn't, nay, she can say we weren't affects us for you in may the Republicans awaited around all this time, and now Here we are, and so I see this breaks should continually least through this week at the press- and seemed to say, ok Democrats want to come back to the table, but for my reporting exercise as they say, the tumor or policy has not talk to the president about this. I think we have trucks humor coming up. I and I I think we should have about the Big Riga thing most likely. And a meagre you you look. The situation that the Republicans around I know Donald Trump thinks that voters are stupid.
He acts that way. He lies to them every day in a way that would suggest that he believes his supporters are stupid, but Republicans and Democrats on the ground understand their lot closer their voters, they understand that so many people need help. They need relief and the present scam, press conference on Friday and and and this spate of of executive orders unconstitutional, as they are not only on constitutional they're. Just an effective and voters are going to find that out quickly and when they find it out. He was going to be hurt. Republic senators who are already fighting for their lives and, of course, a president who continues to live, badly in swing states. Well- and let me add that Dinah I guess we get into the new swings tape. Hauling. The other aspect of this is that republic, it's stupid are they. I mean it.
It's one thing to assume: voters are stupid, that's bad enough, but they can't be stupid. They must see what's happening here. They know the law. Many of them are not stupid. They see what's happening with the post office I assume Republicans love their country. They are there to serve its to me it's it's so vexing as to what exactly is going on, even if it's at the risk of their of their political jobs Pulling shows Vice President Biden is pulling ahead of President Trump and states Trump. Why and twenty sixteen in the news yes, news, you got Paul. I've Pennsylvania Biden leads President Trump, forty nine to forty three and in Wisconsin another six point Margin Biden setting forty eight percent compared to trunks, forty two and a new state. Why pull from Michigan found Trump trailing Biden by eleven point? Forty and to fifty one and Joe again I is the issue of what is happening with the post office. When President trunk looks at
numbers. It's a worthy question. Is it not that there is a touch involved here? What the present again, since desperate, and we ve now that you do anything to get real I couldn't so the question: is it for people as there looking at the press United States deciding to radically restructure the United States Post Office just months before the most important. Of our lifetime and the election. That of the United States Post Office will play the most import Ro they'll be day loose with, possibly hundred million napoleon ballots in drawing and down that. Just now, in the right, in the middle of a pandemic, it knows exactly what he's doing. I'm curious if there's a public and centre on capital patriotic enough to take up this caused and say that this just is not going to be allowed. We
I'll say, but when you look at those poles, Jonathan Mayor and they line up fairly consistently with you ve been hearing what we ve been saying that is Michigan apparently out of reach right now for the present Wisconsin and Pennsylvania both still solid solidly in the binding camp. You you look throughout the state Pennsylvania with the suburbs of Philly Philadelphia, proper, Scranton will spare again of big media orkut that usually breaks in the big for Republicans. That's now, of course, that binds doing well there, of course, because it's home town the is facing real difficulties. We get half way through August. That's right! the prisoners received some new briefings, for I see your campaign staff, but where things stand which I get to in a moment, the first is a little more politics in this weekend, of course, is the White House with?
executive orders and, as you notes of dubious, perhaps constitutionality trying to frame the present stepping into the breach. Here is the idea that a deal couldn't be broken on Capitol Hill. President. Is a man of action trying to get this done, though, of course we have as we for through this, there seems to be less than expected. One other thing to flag aerial, tax, help, fund social Security and Democrats. Pouncing now that real third rail suggesting this is the present try to cut into that president. That yesterday, as you depart New Jersey, saying that the fund industry would be touched, come from age, an unspecified general fund So that's what they were indeed more specific sought in the days ahead. If, indeed move forward the peril taxed, referral back to the swing states, and his team, their new internal polling, and he was briefed on that over the weekend in New Jersey suggests. Indeed, you said Joe that Michigan it is basically out of reach that the Trump campaign has has stopped advertising there. They are not playing there, they have all, but
seated, Michigan, another state that you I have talked about that in the early part of this campaign. They thought they had a chance to flip of state, they lost and twenty sixteen but feel like they can turn things around this time, Minnesota Minnesota, now they're concluding, that's out of reach, that's not going to happen. They're, not gonna play there. They are seeing some encouraging signs that filling the gap has out in some of these battleground states? They think new Hampshire could be one Wisconsin. Their states would have college students on campus this fall and who will be able to register to vote there in voting, for instance, a mouse and was causing not gonna happen. They receive was constantly students lucky. You won't be on campus Pennsylvania's mother really try to make a push here. Joe Biden has consistently had, as you said, the White House team can painting thinks that within reach. They feel like David
with a little bit of his margin this week, of course, they are start treating their fire on over the vice premier, Joe Biden. Vice President pig is going to be which we expect to come in the days ahead. That will be a focus here for a few days and for the what's this White House, a relief. This whole campaign has been the alleged worry everyday. This campaign is good about dollar up for at least a few days they feel with three on Biden and his pick. The story will be about job. I wasn't my grandmother is gonna be difficult. Still, I don't see I'm making a play for emission in New Hampshire Wisconsin. Compared to the other end. But again you look at a breakdown in Pennsylvania. I just don't see how they make up enough votes to make Pennsylvania Pennsylvania their column by the end? So this electoral map continues to shrink by the day for the trunk campaign, which I think explains the other side of the story
will continue to cover the post office issues. Still I had a morning Joe as Jonathan just mentioned former vice, then Joe Biden is said to be closing in on this. For running mate state hi and could potentially make history. Says Casey mention Senate Menorah, later Chuck show more will be our guest on the heels of the press. Hence new executive orders, Europe, king morning chow I'll, be right back untrue, mainly post of into America. A pod cares from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice, interracial injustice and then, when you add health, is a health injustice into what's at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America, a pod cast about who we are ass, Americans and who we want to become new episodes every Monday, Wednesday
they subscribe. Now the government federal government rose to the challenge, and this is a great success story. Has the states are reopening? Now? Is me be a transition month. I think you'll, see by June. A law of the country should be back to normal, and the hope is that by but July just really rock and again. I think that provides significant economic assistance. Even the numbers are coming in very strong good jobs number on Friday, declining employment? We created nine million jobs in three months. That's a record, but there still a lot to heart about their there's a lot of heartbreak out there and the point that present trunk may yesterday is on several occasions, we tried to get, for example, a cop I deal on the unemployment assistance which read the federal on climate assistance. That's a key point Jericho.
Back in April and Larry Glow yesterday and Steve Ratner? What are they talking about? You have charts. While they are talking about, is their spin on the economy, and this is the end in the area of politics now and at underlies. Obviously, these executive orders and memos republicans want us to think economy is recovering rapidly and the facts are not quite the same. Let's go back to fight aids, jobs number and take a look at how that fits into the historic mission, historical perspective and so on. You can see on this chart is obviously the dramatic drop in jobs in March and specially obviously April. You see cover. May you see a reason with strong June and then and then the three month job record. The cholera Cutler is touting includes one point, eight million from last month, but you see the enormous deceleration from four point, eight million in June one point two million in July. I think all of
so far the stuff. I think it's indirect direct consequences of states opening and then having to close again as the virus spread and I'll show you other things slot on economic activity, the bottom line as we ve lost twenty two point: two million jobs. Since this started. We ve we regain nine point three million and that there are we're going. It is months so even longer before they economy fully recovers. So if we can turn taken at the unemployment rate, which was also reported on Friday, and there wasn't decline there again to about ten point, two ten point: two percent to ten point, two percent and so You can see unemployment coming down steadily through the recovery. You can see the jump up in the spring. You can see where it's come down to you, but if you look at what economists are currently forecasting, they're, looking for just under ten percent right around election day there only to more jobs reports before election day and now what we bring us back to where we were in November. Two thousand and ten, so the present
be claiming unemployment is getting is coming down, things are getting better. The reality of world will be at that point in time is going to be a place. No present. It wants to be when he's fighting for reelection and this. These numbers confirmed other data that we're seeing about. General slowdown in the return to normal, see here again, as these states have to close and reopen and so forth as they fight the virus so this last chart is one from the chase bank which tracks consumer spending on their credit card. And again you can see some kind of pattern sharp draw. Both during the spring as we wanted to shut down lockdown mode. You can see that steady recovery, but when you get to the it'll of June that recovery stalls and we are sitting at roughly ten percent less consumer spending every month, we had a year ago and not we're getting better at the moment,
Finally, I would say there are indications out there that the Ottawa being predicting jobless numbers which are so hard to pick right now, but when you put all together, along with other data about lay offs and people napping return to work. People being laid off a second time, it does scare me and worry me about an August possible August, pretty bad jobs, number and other economic data that we're not going I can so all of this simply confirms that we needed another package. You had unemployment insurance expiring. You have the croquet apparel Protection programme, Spire has expired now, and this is I Congress needed to act, and this is why the is trying to look like he's acting, even though there is little. A very little. That's gonna help this problem in this package we certainly need another package pass whatever that looks like whatever compromise. Democrats and Republicans can come up with Europe Save a lot of economists are worried that August September October, nail
belong and Michael still just looking at the numbers as they are and if we end up above ten percent at the time of Fur Donald Trumps, reelection attempt, November you're gonna have to messages that Larry COD low bragging about. The economy is doing. We picked up x, number of jobs in the past five months. It's a record Then you can have democratic talking about unemployment over ten percent president and hardship across Amerika. It didn't have to be this way. How do you sword through that? How do you think that breaks down for voters the six or seven states that matter the most Joe, it's gonna be critical. There is. There is no doubt about how this narrative is received by voters as turn into September. As you know, the one like that's a more compelling merited that you would like dab when you ran a national party which
those two narratives. Would you rather have going into the fall, all things being equal? You want a narrative which you can talk about positivity in the economy, where you could talk about job growth in creation. We can talk about a stable, financial sector where businesses, resting in small businesses in particular, taking advantage of those opportunities because they are the engine that creates jobs. Is this is the reality is not creating jobs. People are going back to jobs We had there being rehired these excellent ministries, is walking is that these are new jobs at this is somehow you know freshly minted employment. These folks, who are just getting back, they were in their new layer. On top of that, there is still uncertainty about what the fall looks like in a world covert. Nineteen, we don't know, these rosy scenarios are not taking into consideration what the doctor the site
does the researchers are telling us lies ahead, so voters a sort of putting all of this in the perspective. So despite the rosy packages that are being roll down by the administration as a state. Just laid out the numbers for candidates. It's on the ground to go into town hall, meetings of virtual or otherwise are gonna tell a very different tale. That's why? What which see happening coming out of the Senate is so important to hold that majority, because you just can't go out sell this idea that will we cut the peril tax? What know you didn't you deferred so as an employer. I gotta pay that on the back in so this mix messaging is a problem for the administration Why don't you're right is going through my head? Listen you trying to figure out what message I'd rather delivered to a town hall, on a whole meeting before an election, and- and
can say: hey things are getting better, but if you sound like Larry COD low and talk about how the economy is in its record, breaking you're going to make a lot of you go inside that town Hall meeting very upset they're going to look at you and say I will be your a creature of Washington. What do you know about that? that my family and I have been through over the past six months, there is a real danger in taking that positive tat. At the same time, of course, Democrats are going to want to be focusing on how at I think, strong messages, Mika that that. This: is the worst economy collapse in cigarette depression and it didn't have to be this way. It didn't have to be. This battle if the present had moved in late January, like Joe Biden had told him to move in late January, if he had used
South Authorization ACT and started did defence production at an end started. An aggressive testing regiment started an aggressive regimen as it pertain to all of the the things that we need to do. If we in fact had a president who acted like a wartime present could make no mistake our children are going to look back on this time like it was a war because their lives have changed and- and ethical ways in ways that my gosh, I know generations lives, have been impact and where they just inside and basic, doc and cover for six months and deaths the debts I would love to a hundred and sixty thousand just what we're we're approaching. Three Vietnam's now free Vietnam's more people have died from this
Quote WAR, which the present said earlier on his like a war, more people have died in this war then than american soldiers, died in a World war wine, so So this is serious. Is is extraordinarily serious and end. Its and Americans feel it and, as we towards this election is going very difficult for Republicans. They come up with a message, especially with this present acting the way here, but they come up with message that is going to sell inside that role, that's gonna sell on tv it's going to sell on radio then get a couple of months figure it out. But you know as We ve been saying for some time. Early voting begins in a few weeks. I stave rather thank you very much.
It's coming up. Intelligence officials gathered together last year to write a classified report on Russia's interests in the twenty twenty election. Now a new thus deviation from the New York Times magazine is on covering what those officials found that is next on morning, Joe when President Trump spoke to Vladimir Putin July. Twenty third: did he talent to not this off other pro. The presents told that the russians- and we have told the Russians our counterparts, many many times not to get involved- are likely. Did President Putin what what what I don't get involved and, unlike perhaps somewhat predecessors or others who leaked documents, I don't I don't get into the the conversations at present has with foreign heads. State, whether it sought
or France or the UK for that matter. Those are private conversations with the guys, to your be sure, to check out this week's episode of the Sunday sit down podcast with Oscar winning actress Viola Davis, to talk about her extraordinary career in her journey from poverty to Hollywood's a list get it now for free wherever you download podcast Wait wait, wait. What are you doing there, what are you gonna tell him? You talked about with a wall. Do you talk to him about about Goonies too? Like do you What what? What? What do you talk to him about? If you don't talk to him about discussions with foreign, we journeys to a movie tat way, that national security adviser, the United States, national Security adviser Robert O Brien Being,
yesterday and whether President trunk confronted russian President Vladimir Putin about Langen. U S, elections tell them my second, we have enough. We have been update really quickly. I'm sorry Alex. Can you give us some insight there? What what was it again. Journeys to never say die. He said is going to be strict in so maker. So your father bread scowcroft? We really talk about principle across one of the great yes, we do foreign policy leaders have our time. We can't you is your father, such great like foreign and I'm sure he would agree with virgin cause that he was the greatest national security adviser to ever sit inside of the of office other of coal. Send the one who worked for Jimmy Carter by don't you think you know maybe give that, but those those guys national service providers, work concept,
talking to their president, constantly finding out about those conversations. Then figuring out how to crafted into policy how to crack since there are new initiatives. That is the problem again just now. Strawberry breakdown of all in agency workings with this Frustration, and you have a president that nobody talks too and a president who talks to nobody and that's what makes this situation and situation had from the beginning with Russia's O day asked where the President, a United State AIDS is, is talking on the side too, to foreign minister. Of Russia, saying a guess what I just fired: the FBI racked you're. So this whole Russia thing I think I got a lot of pressure off of me. Our cards we talking of Vladimir Putin, along with other people knowing exactly who sang I- and this is what Robert Draper actually has as Doug into
in this incredible New York Times, peace and big picture rate. An apple bombs, book red, Madeleine Albright, silk on why break down this so important, but that these pieces- as you mentioned Joe from the current national security, buys follows a new intelligence report that chose Russia is working to quote denigrate. Joe Biden both president trans chances for a second term, that's according to the top official, the National to intelligence and security centre on Friday released report about foreign and clearance in the upcoming election. The report also that China has been quote expanding its in when's efforts ahead of November and would prefer that trunk does not win that officials, censure is leaders have not yet decided. Today, directly into the presidential contest officials briefed on the internet told the New York Times that they believe Russia to be the far great for me
immediate threat joining us now, former chief staff at the CIA and Department of Defense now and NBC News National Security, current analyse, Jeremy Bash and the effort and write a writ large for the New York Times magazine, Robert Draper, he's the author of the new book entitled to start war, how the Bush administration took America into Iraq and for the purposes of this conversation, He has a cover story for the latest issue of the New York Times magazine entitled unwanted. True, inside trumps battles with? U S, intelligence agencies to run draper, so great to have you here, of course, One of the parts of your story than sticks out the most is the fact that There was a conclusion are important, a conclusion that let me get the exact wording right here that that Russia clearly favoured the current president, but ass,
Dan Totes left, it was changed and the language was watered down Donald Trump and exerting tremendous influence over the internet agencies and believing believing that they are supposed to do his bidding and not the bidding of the United States of America As you mentioned Joe, this was a national intelligence estimate that came to the conclusion that Russia likely favoured decline. President in the November elections, which should not seen the startling after all, put himself absurd that he favoured the prisoner than twenty sixteen. But no that any time the subject will be brought up to President tribes, that he would become unglued, essentially because of it the question the legitimacy of its presidency.
People always love what an egg shells and so wings particular national intelligence estimate. While I was coming down the pipe for fear of can incurring the president's rats, it was watered down, as you undertakes, to basically saying that Russia probably judges that, under a different administration that U S, relations might suffer. It seems like a very small distinction, but it's actually critical because it allowed when elaborate public law makers. We on a young, a national security official, testify, on the hills about Russia favouring trudges another's there's nothing. You mean thousands of test whatsoever, you're right about the damage that many believe Donald Trump is causing it legends communities and some believing that it's gonna be hard for the entire. Gents communities recover. Even if he's defeated, this fall, explain that What are you in? I think that we have seen we have
after agency. I present promptly exert his own insult and ban until his went off department, justice, Homeland Security, health and human services. There is a particular point in Saint Joe when the the entity that exists to brain the present? I'm, since the truth, even the uncomfortable truth is bent to US and TAT goes that when you are talking about underwriters arguments about the happy talk relate to the authority relating to the coroner virus. It is fashionable alternative narrative and agencies like the CIA, or they are not a fashion alternative mirrors, but to give you that the hard church, the president has avoided, doesn't answer. This is really creating an erosion and not just a demoralising situation. The intelligence community, but turnover of officials and a loss of credibility with our foreign counterparts. I can underline this enough again: Roberts Book, extraordinary, an apple bonds book where she talks about
these alternative realities it that Robert just talked about this is directly from the autocratic buck, whether you're, looking at Orban and hungry other you're. Looking at Poland, whether looking and what's happening, across the world and Turkey in the Philippines. The first thing there was you devalue the truth. You you you Why so often they are able to create an all the reality? And then feed that alternative reality to your now supporters and fairly soon they, and that alternative it with you and so anything that tries to break through that cold like following suddenly becomes fake news, suddenly becomes propaganda, suddenly becomes apply from George Soros, suddenly becomes something that academia is doing to try to undermine the great Donald Trump that is, that is what Donald Trump that is, how he is conditioned is people we ve seen it in audit.
Attic regimes. Like again, Warren in in Hungary in Turkey all across the world of course, led more prudent and Russia. Let's let s look Donald Trump responding this weekend do question about his in A community patent intelligence today said that Russia is already I've learned in this year's elections in July, and that China, Considering that way to hurt you How is what do you could be a man? I could be very much. I think that Last person. Russia wants to see and offices Donald Trump, because nobody has been tough for Russia than I have ever well, I don't care what everybody says That's not John Mayer, as you know very well, because you were there, as would adsense and would say at the creation You were there in Helsinki when
you ask Vladimir Putin and Wooden Vladimir Putin said you know what I'm for Donald Trump. I wanted Donald Trump doing so again, more alternative facts, Donald Trump lying through his teeth. He was there and that perhaps he doesn't remember think a president's, borders want to say that he's got a bad memory, any sort of lost five or six or seven steps. Ok, they can go with attics So they can just go with he's a bald sly or because he was there with you and Helsinki, Jonathan or mere two years ago, when he said when he heard what a mere Putin saying that, yes, I wanted Donald Trump too, that's right in Helsinki, Joe. The president, of course, sided with Russia over his own. U S intelligence conclusions about the twenty sixteen Electioneer interference indeed, even though Putin of course denied
I'd be involved with the appearance he flat out admitted that he had been effect favouring Donald Trump to win, that election and the President. I want to go to Jerry Vashe on this. The president, over the weekend, that was their investments, are one answer that question from from Jeff Basin of writers you. He grew very tight The is the second part of the answer as he was saying that look here if they take it is trying to bring me down the idea to tell the tale the inclusion of suggests that IRAN would prefer the president to lose. But Germany walks through the differences here That seems to me that this report suggests while China and IRAN, may have preferences that the President lose their not actively trying to undermine like Russia is trying to do with Joe Biden. What was your technique walkest through it? That's right! Jonathan! In China and IRAN, the fact that they oppose american foreign policy decisions, that's par for the course there are adversaries, but what's disturbing, what's abnormal was dangerous, is that Russia is
they trying to support Donald Trump. Any luck, I denigrating Joe Biden and Jonathan, the key difference twenty sixteen and twenty twenty and twenty. Sixteen, when the Russia's support he was a candidate. He had no authority to reward. Russian federation, now he's commander in chief. He can invite them into thirty seven he can slower all sanctions he can slower. Eight the Ukraine to fight the Russians. Could she didn't garden impeached? He can refuse to push back on them when they pay bounties. To the Taliban, to kill american troops, and he can undermine NATO. He can do all those five things as commander and That is a quid pro quo it's a reward for the support that Russian is the Russia. Nation is giving him during this election cycle, robber, Draper, its Casey Hunt and I'm thinking back to when we first went through, to this end twenty sixteen. We learned after the fact that the above ministration and members of Congress. The people in the gang of eight were watching what will happen
and trying to figure out what to say in public about it now obviously saw This memo go out late last week, which is more than anything we ever signed. Twenty. Sixteen. When I'm wondering why reporting you have about whether there are disagreements and pressures going on behind the scenes between Republicans and Democrats to say in public this time around I guess. Let's, let's divide between the Senate and the house, I mean that's on the Senate side Casey what is largely last step with which the Democrats worsens exception, the sender, RON, Johnson band basically spreading disinformation regarding the vitamins, presumably in an effort to hurt them by this campaign. On the house, I did some credibly contentious, though, in the end, in its hard to see precisely where housework onwards, have fun
waste there that their responsibility to be to provide oversight. If anything, they have really din and indeed my story. The details of the touch, a devil news. Immediately went after concession, not classified hearing and due to the White House and described the contents of that is which, by the way is just simply the kind of thing would never happened under previous administrations? The notion that any lawmaker, Democrat or Republican would report the findings secret breathing directly to the administration? Does the showing once again at the end of a true aunt and unfair erosion of oversight. Now it s an instruction. Jeremy bash
Thank you very much and Robert Draper thank you as well will be reading your cover story in the new issue of the New York Times magazine pay its procedures this week, my podcast. Why is this happening I'll be talking with republican strategist, Steward Stevens about his new book about the Republican Party and its original sin? When I asked myself from a root, sport is: do people abandoned deeply, hopefully soon a few years? I just don't think they do so. I think the only conclusion you come to sort of logically is they weren't deeply held. They were marketing slogans because I dont know how a party could accept who Donald Trump is. I don't think a party would allow itself to become that if those areas meant anything to that's this week, unwise is happening search. Your wise is happening reverie listing right now and subscribe.
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