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The Morning Joe panel weighs in on the news that 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has picked Senator Kamala Harris as his vice presidential running mate.

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sent off? How do you was the? meanest. Most horrible, most disrespectful of anybody in the USA so a hundred animals degaulle any politician mean a horrible. Do I love you? It's a layer. As the last mile, just that's hilarious, both better, but also if she was, how do you go from being a good to be mean horrible and disrespectful. Well, I guess you get picked by Joe Biden. Is your vice presidential select any also contributed? to her look at you all day. What a day like her allow love our way the family- and this was I'd back. I don't know back in two thousand nine, ten whatever when he was giving Ajax to Hilary Clay
Nor are we on old. Tromp is giving bodied Anthony Wiener Donald Trump is contributing, nay, Charlie, rang, go go the long Lester, but he actually gave in two thousand and thirteen Architects to you have argued that they were all very like the trumps. Really there big fans and they don't just say it with their words. They say it checks deriving money where their mouth is largely non resident around such you'd be a fine choices. Changing his mind, this Morning and welcome the morning. It is Wednesday, honest wealth, along with Joel, We have White House Rapporteur for the Associated Press, Jonathan, a mayor, NBC News, Capitol Hill correspondent in a host of Casey Deasey, Casey, Hunt Hosting Amazon BC, politics, nation and president of the National Action network, Reverend Del Shopton and
They see news and MSNBC contributor, Charlotte Thomas s thy. So after weeks of speculation, Joe Biden has announced Senator Camilla Harris as his running mate for the twenty twenty presidential election. In texts and emails to campaign supporter shortly after four p M yesterday Biden broke the news riding in part I d that common law Harrah's as the best person to help me take this fight to Donald Trump, and my and then to leave this nation starting in January of twenty twenty one, and shortly after that, he posted the announcement on Twitter calling Harrison out fearless fighter for the little guy and one of the country's finest public, sir. Its announcement comes more than a year after he and heroism former presidential rival clashed overboard.
Record on race during the first democratic debate through, as was tough swoop. Rural would say, TAT was rough if a lighted candle, ah heroism, would become the nations first, May? First, black and first asian american Vice President she's, the daughter of immigrants, her father from Jamaica, her mother from India. She attended the faint Historically, Black Howard University Harris was a prosecutor Francisco district attorney and later California attorney General campaign, says the news of his Vp Apec ignited the biggest online. Fund raising our of his campaign. Ironically Donald Trump was also a financial whereas we mentioned of calm allow her is ago actual. Yes, he contributed twice. Why are you not once but twice to? Nor can
in four hours. I seek and journey began role. I still believe that they are invested in her would be good picking up a week's gotta dig giving five thousand dollars, in twenty eleven and a thousand dollars in twenty thirteen vodka tromp also invested in Congo. Harris was one of her financial bathroom. We or at the no you're value San Francisco event that Browed went wild than she really connected with the women in the audience extremely, not just likeable as they talk about. As they know, people covered him pains and talk about temperament but she cares about women's issues. She cares about equality deep within her soul. From our own experience. We ve had a great time, knowing her so far, and it's kind of exciting. This pick and Joe you always the saying in politics that really applies to the choice of Kamala Harris Provisos What is right now
But my saying, as you know, I have a couple so one of them is yet forgetful you're just a couple. What happened, though, always? Is they never stop you when you go ninety miles an hour that does not play here as much as as what I always tell politicians when, over the past twenty five years, when they come up with a great idea and its end, its is never sneak up on the press. Do not try to prize that press. Let them know what's coming: don't you get no extra points in the long run for a big, exciting announcement, it usually blows up in your face if you're going to select a day, quell Geraldine Ferrara. Are Sarah Palin, your vice presidential pick what you do a month before you to to somebody, hey, think it about picking Dan Quail and think that Pickin Sarah Palin things up in Germany. For our always my vice presidential. What do you think
and the media and the activists love drama. They love to be surprised. They loved. Who, who did you pick who'd achieve now? Drought, surprise, dont, sneak up the press. It never ends. Well, I've been saying this set of consolidation. I set out what what's so interesting about the car. What choice as it Joe guideline is getting the positive effect of a landmark choice, and, and a lot of people are saying before World Copmanhurst Harris. That would be a boring pick. The cause. God knows it that, yeah now she's a front runner, there's no excitement it wrong.
It's a landmark pick regardless, and the best thing is. It was also the selection that made the most political sense. That was the most expected. An almost likely generate an awful lot of support among contributors to Joe Biden campaign and also among the black voters that saved Joe Biden campaign South Carolina and across a deep south earlier this year and also the same black voters that didn't show up as much as expected during the twenty sixteen campaign, which was really the difference between Hillary Clinton being present United States and tramping United States aspiring irreverent sharpen river. Now what you take on a s election,
does it mean in twenty twenty, especially at this time, and we have to also ask does move Donald Trump closer to leaving White House or does her selection somehow give him a second life among those quote that media and say that angry white voters and was I said in Michigan and Pennsylvania and Florida they, the press, says that not me, I think, choice of of of US camera Harris is the wisest choice for Joe Biden for right now, where we are in politics in twenty twenty, because she brings a perfect balance. We dealing with a nation that is going to have to deal in this pandemic time, we're how regular people survive. She has a background of having grown up with a single mother and her sister she knew. The struggles she
knows what it is to live in a community that has problems with police, but also proud that gun violence and she was prosecuted dealt with there so she brings real life into this. She also for those that concern ourselves. Restive, she was the one that brought the real issue to Joe Biden during the debates. So we would fail. You will bring to him the kind of Advice that might be watered down, as vice president, if their success and when we get beyond the pandemic, and we try to build this country out of a huge deficit. You need somebody in the room that understands what it is to know how to make ends meet and no out is not to be able pay the bills she would be in the room should be in this situation room when we deal with a global kind of politics. So I think it is a good political choice. She will galvanise vote that wasn't there.
Let us make sure that our universities, the case and others that have been marginalized. We can talk about the marginalized, like they're, just a lot to learn. Rules there? A lot of us that have never been excited, get excited about somebody it has had on spirits, black and white. Latina nation that it had to struggle in this country not being on the ticket she'll bring that out. Historically, I think it is great. I started as a teenager working for Shirley Chisholm campaign for President seventy two I became a teeny first yeah. I could vote Shirley Chisholm Dream
call being president and breaking that ceiling in eighty four, when Jesse Jackson ran, he talked about a woman should be on the ticket. We got Geraldine Ferraro that year he upset that climate and now to be able to see a black woman on the chicken is his star, and it comes in the trajectory of people that came before her and she will live up to those dreams, and I think she will make America better. I think Donald Trump, if he thinks this is good for him, that angry White Americans voted that he thinks is there Is there an angry at him for putting us in the pandemic? He's right about the ranger he's wrong about this about. So what are you about? Let's talk about camel, hair, a zone. You brought you brought up the debate, so let's talk about the fact that a lot of people thought she demagogues the race issue with Joe Biden
sound. It seemed like she was calling for a return to bussing. She flip flopped on medical care for all. She corrected herself during the campaign, but after a great lots of her campaign faltered and never really took off you octagon layer. As you know, our is she seven who learned from those experiences and those failures she learnt at then she is she's very the clear that she can make mistakes and corrected in not arrogant enough to be self righteous, I also think she's programme That debate. I was at the debate that night about she was the girl. There was a victim of buzzy, but at the same time she had to deal with a policy what work, and that is what you want. Someone had led someone that can go for what they believe in but correct themselves that they miss step, and we do not need someone like. We have non white House that they can
It made a mistake, even when someone shows a better way on that point and she's proven the maturity and security to be able to do tat, but about a buyer. By the way. I just liked- and let me just say this and say this with Europe off the top, and if, if you, if you have any corrections, you can tell me but we're at the beginning of a process, now we're black on it's going to be running for vice press, the United States- and I just said: did you learn from mistakes it? She is she made during the campaign there may be a temptation by some out there to tweet or to ride or to say something about. Don't talk down to a warm, but you know what we're not. To engage in job Bush would say in the soft bigotry of low expectations were going to treat Camilla Harris a black woman, just like we ve just like we're going to treat my pants away just like we're going to create any by and when she screws up we're owing to call out not because she's, a black woman, but because she's running for press, the United States, and can you
linked to that reverend? First vital I've got to say yesterday was a landmark day. You had a black national candidate, then here one person talk about how she was quote, articulate which poor, Barack Obama Did you hear about a thousand times during the two thousand a camp always so articulate and I'm sitting that looking at these people going? What are you talking about? I did not hear, articulate just so we ve moved past Us Lamarck, but can you can you just talk about as we move through this campaign process, the best thing for calm Le Harris, the best thing for black. And is that she is traded like every body else and the Woke latte liberals don't try to put a bible around her, because that's gonna do nobody any good certainly not the democratic ticket. The most biased way that you can operate is to patronize us and act like we really not qualified to be vice president.
Don't treat us like a real vice presidential candidate, Kamala who, I know well wants to be treated like anybody else that ran for vice president, because tough enough in she shown that during the campaign for as you would anyone else as you would your bride, don't forget. Joe Biden was once said that he could understand when he was in a oil progress against Barack Obama. While I can understand the excited about it, not to kill it. Couldn't black candidate, like those of us in a red before bomber, would not clean inarticulate, and he he was challenged. Me grow. It's right, trade. Her the same way, we beat upon Joe Biden, Obama selected him any they wouldn't want back. She wants to be treated that way. Don't patronize us, like we and allow so
while ours can handle any attack coming away. I'm sure she's ready what right now probably of working out cause she's tougher than you would give credit for. We are not looking for a brick we're looking for equality come on what it would have been, got come on we're exactly exactly Casey out. Why don't you go or viewers inciting the combat meek and I've been fortunate enough to know her? I noticed, personally very surprised personally. First, I'm a matter several years ago. She Sir Very warm, very engaging. Has winning smile, a great laugh, a wonderful conversationalist. She she puts people around her at ease in person,
but she'll eyes I think early on, especially I noticed, like Bob Doll- was always that way behind the scenes, but sometimes from Bob to guide on on tv, he could be little more staff. A little more stress. And- and I noted with calm- was sometimes that women personality did not projected self onto the tv screen in certain circumstances. I think throughout that I think the twenty sixteen I'm paying change that a good bit. I think she learned a lot during that campaign. Just like Reagan, learn theories to campaigns at a loss. I'm wondering, though, that your interactions with her on the hill you're in AIDS on who Camilla Harris is a presidential campaign. Is it possible. There is no way around that, and I think that fact that she went through that presuppose a big party. Why Joe Biden shows her. I think you are
a series of of grit points- and these are not about gender. This is, Riddick all talent, She I agree with you, she is warm. She is. She comes across in a room- and there are men, women, Democrats Republicans- who now have this kind of talent you want, you get to know her she's. She pulls attention. Just naturally, by the force of her personality and when she came to Washington and I've covered her since basically the day she arrived because she arrived at the same time as Donald Trump and twenty sixteen twenty seventeen and It was very clear from that very day that she was gonna run for president and her team was very full and I think she- and you saw this- I think the learning curve playing out in real time when she ran for president and saw a smaller version of that as she figured out the Senate and how to build a national profile doesn't happen.
Overnight and when you come from California, where it's pretty far away from the EAST coast here and the decision makers here. So she set up. You know, come private dinner. Where's with reporters where we had a chance to get to know her off the record. She had meetings with strategies. She played all that groundwork very carefully, and I remember when she's started in the hallways of the Senate. She would necessarily come up and talk to us in our work. We are always cheer down the hallways if you're somebody With her kind of profile, you are likely to get chased by reporters and she was pretty. Where initially, but with time She got more comfortable with it and you can see her staff kind of helping her navigate vat, till she was comfortable with it, and I think he saw a similar trajectory play out on the Judiciary Committee, where she evolved into a very sharp high profile, questioner of presidential, nominees and that's a big part of how she built her profile and my
question when she launched your presidential campaign was always did she runway too, to learn that if that choice link in the same that she had attacked the other challenges that I watched her go through, and I think we saw the answer because she did make some state Ultimately, her campaign didn't work out, but the presidential campaign is an incredible crucible and I have no doubt based on my observations from before that she has learned from that and The bible team must be pretty confident that she certainly can stand up to the clique lights in on the debate stage. With my pants, for example, and it's it's invaluable, there's literally no other way to learn how to do it, except to run for president, is the hardest thing. Politics and while she did not succeed at least she's done at once well- and again you? U dont snake upon the ground. Shanna you dont, sneak up on the press. She's been vetted,
this morning. If you look at what the trunk campaign has been saying about, or over past twelve hours, or so they really know how to attack or other than saying she was took me into Joe Biden trying to democratic debate. I don't know, that's gonna, I don't know, that's gonna be grinning argument There? There are, of course, some on the left that are suggesting that cheese too much of a tool of the democratic establishment, their people on the far right who are attacking her as well one group actually, for some bizarre reasoned attacking our for being a cloak cop, as if that loud help among swing. Voters issue how well, you look at this selection politically. How do you look at it? Personally? I think it for
personal level from a very like taking a step back is something amazing about that In some ways her selection is a result of black women in black people. Exerting the nuclear power that they have in this country. Now I looked back at the Washington Post opinion peace from seven black women. Basically we're like Joe Biden, has to choose black woman, and that was, I think, written back in May, but it in I'm ways- and maybe I shouldn't say this, but in some ways Joe Biden got boxed in he got Buxton by history. He got Buxton by historical Twenty got box in by black people saying hit by the way we're here. We ve got some power and we have a couple of demands and the fact that there are many many people in this country at certain levels of politics who feel comfort
we'll saying that including Jim Clayburn, who basically was like you, re, probably needs judges, a black woman is is an example of how far we have come in this country, but also an example of how much there are black people who are like need to go further and you need some one in the room who understand some of these struggles to be able to go further and say I think that the idea of common Horrocks being chosen as the vice presidential candidate is clearly historic. If I look at it from a personal standpoint, you know it's nice to be able to witness history, but also shows that there is a bigger power base here than maybe people perceive, and that's pretty amazing to speaking to your point about President Trump and drums campaign and how they are trying to define her. That's out of politics in we know anything. We talk multiple times and this show about how they ve got a hard time defining then in some about is because I've covert, nineteen and people aren't really campaigning and about other stuff by
they are going to. This gives them an opportunity. Much like it gives Joe Biden an opportunity to have this weekend of probably good press gives them an opportunity to figure out a new way to get at his campaign. Sorgen, to see how that please out, but remember as with everything president trembling lifted out at last night, that the campaign put out, he is trying to define them for his base. He is trying to make sure it his days shows up and votes in votes, at least same levels and twenty sixteen. So if he can scare them into thinking that commonly Harris is a tool of the radical worth Joe Biden is actually going to be president. Maybe begin real people up enough to to show up in votes for him, because that argument for people who had already decided to vote for Joe Biden, whether he picked calmly Harris Elizabeth Warren, you know vowed trimmings, whoever that that's not gonna work. It isn't about fighting Comma Harris for Democrats
and people who are going to vote for Joe Biden. It's about his his base will have to see how that works out. For them by, but it it's it's kind of nice to think a black woman will be or could be, at the table, making some huge decisions to be made in this country. If they were to win. And this is a reverend how I wanna go back to you and then we're gonna to go to Jonathan Mere bit. China brings up a fantastic point. You and I were discussing off line early on after after South Carolina and the Deep South and after black voters got Joe Biden, the democratic nomination. We were talking about vice presidential pick,
and you were telling me and a lot of other leaders were saying that Joe Biden promised to pick a woman. It didn't need to be a black woman. Because early on people were demanding, it was a black omelette. Didn't need to be a black woman, be Gretchen Whittemore, it could be Wisconsin's Senator Tammy, but your attitude and the attitude of of so many other leaders was Joe Biden needs when Donald Trump needs to lose. Whoever gets us there is fine. What's remarkable? Is S Shawnee Head History Box, Joe Biden, men, history, box, the Democratic Party and after George Floyd it seemed inevitable after all, the protests in the street after this,
reawakening not just among black activists but among the White Americans. If you look at every Paul, it was George Floyd's, tragic death. It was it was protests. Against systemic racism that moved Joe Biden. Biden came to the point where they needed not only pick a woman but to pick a black woman in this. This time. Talk about that does absolutely right. I remember how conversations I said publicly in in April, and I met with Joe Biden said it. I think it would be certainly my preference you'll see you choose a black woman, but we cannot also look like we putting a gun to yet we want you to choose. Who is quarrel? Why did we think bright women? A qualified, not tat online pharmacies?
in May and said that, yes, I would like to see a black woman, but I want you to choose somebody that would can win clever and came out right after that said that who, I think, is singularly responsible for turn abiding campaign around then, I think stated black woman started coming out saying we want to break one, but when Joe, Freud happen. It would not just a matter of some preferences of those of us in the public space matter of the nation started dealing and reckoning with race, and it made sense if we at this moment of reckoning, would be racial inequalities, racial disparities that we need to be able to put someone there tat can addressed, I get mad as tokenism, but to make us understand how we govern. Through this period, we are in a middle of a real racial divide
Country, met much of it brought to light by this present occupant in the White House, and we need some one in the room. Tat understands that has done Would that at a level of governance? Could she has done, and that will help us deal with this in a time of economic instability, so it just makes sense so those was there were advocating early now it started making sense after George line we will need need still, the George Floyd Movement, the box in August, twenty eight unwashed, but we need somebody gets in the room that govern and a lot of people that work on unless wove excellent qualify, but she brings particular skills for the time in which we in Europe
be good, but you must fit the times in which we are talking about. In these times you need someone had understands race in America and that understands how you deal with both sides of the gun, violence that we play with, and the police problem that we play with. We need a balance and I that she's, a balance can judge on a fellow mayor. Cobbler Harris is yet a aiding other part of Joe Biden campaign that Donald Trump is going to have a hard time attack. Can we talk about it all the time he can't go out for Joe? I'd China effectively because of all the times he's kowtowing to president. She did tweets talking about what an incredible job present she did
where the Koran a virus and now transparent he was and how he thinks America Ex President. She it's it's hard for him to attack Joe Biden on Middle acuity because, obviously for every clip that Joe Biden has having a hard time getting through a certain speech, you get Donald Trump, of course, now comedy. Four will have five minutes, where the clips of of worse situations with Donald Trump are confusing world for one with world war. Two when it goes on and on so now The vice presidential selection, the Donald Trump can't call radical. He can't call left wing and extreme because he contributed when he can it just won't, be a active. You just show that checks that he and his family, if the cobbler Harris just that
hopefully, years before he was running for President the United States. As a republican talk about vat and also how you think what you hear the Trump campaign is going to do I do a tack calmly, Harris Untrue, mainly post of into America. A pod cast from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice. Interracial injustice end in when you add health is a health injustice into what is at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America, a pod cast about who we are ass. American. And who we want to become new episodes. Every Monday, Wednesday Thursday, subscribe now pay everyone. It's true, mainly MSNBC correspondent in hosting package into America. It's hard to believe but Eve
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I was in the White House Brief room yesterday for the President when he appeared just an hour or two after selection Harris was made public and I was struck by at least initially. How a hustler of tepid ineffective than their first, is the tech lines were the nickname for calmly, for common Harris appears to be funny, appeared in both a tweet from President Anna campaign add that seems to be at least for now, Donald Trump nickname for our also of note that he seems to have switched out we be Joe for slow Joe case those you keeping track at home, much like with Biden. He can't make the case the She Harris is part of the truly radical left part of the Democratic Party, but rather is under their control. He's tried, though yesterday, in the brief time, not only did he claimed that she was the nastiest. Senator Israel loaded word when describing a woman critically black woman, but also that she was the most liberal senator
probably cause centre. Elizabeth, worn and Senator Bernie Sanders to look into the camera office style infusion and then he also suggested that she would be perhaps the power behind the throne. I think It is something that we could be to hit on here. This is important choice. Vice president shows is often seem not to matter, but in this case which open who would be the odds President inaugurated. There is an increase in the pine camp, was well aware of this that they needed to pick some one who could be indeed one heartbeat away, who could step in a moment's notice, who also, if Indeed, we describe myself the tradition candidate only for one term would be well position to rot herself in twenty twenty four in instead of Harris is one who has that we had she is which forged by the campaign she has been tested by by that, and also providing. Of course, you know she does. Hopefully they think electrify black for
no he's not little becomes a speaking about race of late. She gives him some insurance there too, and that we should not overlook the fact of his what the historic nature of this peck, and I think there are a lot of young women at their color, who appropriate inspired So make I'm curious about your ear rings Kinda Joe Biden, your family, obviously is now in Europe, there is now in your family, you all ever known. Next then re again, George W Bush, your father had extraordinary respect for all of those men, their foreign policy also, of course, Joe Biden who have been around since obviously the mid nineteen seventy. So you ve got to know Joe Biden very well through the years
What what are you so lightly regime infections? For Joe Biden? In fact, Joe Biden won. The first presents gay prize at Sea S, eye ass the year my father passed but I'll sages from being with him over the years, knowing him what I've seen, what I've heard and his wife, the pic is now just for now, not just to cater to different enough segments of the Population and voter blocks he's look to add and as members of his team throughout his life, equal members Doktor Joe Biden kept working when he was in the White House for vice president. She stayed working a community college. Professor utter the radar. It was difficult, but she did it and he respected that, I remember my brother was here came the ambassador to Sweden and before they laughed, he met with my brother mark and Natalia, and you and I were there any look-
Battalion said these are equal partnerships and I'm fighting for the spouses of ambassadors. Get paid as well, because you all work. He sees the value of work, whether it's a man or woman and he's dedicated a lot of his efforts over the past decades towards that I think Marla on many levels fits the bell, because has challenged him She also has has the chops and Joe Buttons man, If I can use the right term to have a woman by aside equally able to do the job, and I think what you like at about Joe Biden underscores that Joe Biden is comfortable with women who remain ambitious and to just follow an unwise Joe I will talk about earlier and her warmth. I think we also should lose sight of the fact that she is ambitious. She hasn't shied away from being publicly ambition,
and as other women watch and as other women judge this precedent in the White House and pulling shows they judge him extremely harshly. This is some wants is a pic where I think there are women out there who are saying hey. I feel ambitious want to get out there. Why is why is this a bad thing and Kamel Harris I think, has demonstrated over and over and over again She can bring all of those qualities that Joe outlined to the table without being afraid, also stand up and say: yeah I want strong, I deserve this job and that something you're gonna knew for women in american politics, and I think that what you just said, Joe Biden helps explain why? Why he's cool with that yeah grape? in case you and still I had on morning Joe will go live two Delaware, where Biden will appear with is running made for the first time today, plus the president, how ya claims org
to the end of the corona viral. You just keep lying just out and out lying and lying it was dying when it comes to this ten damaging rational he's been delusional from the stars when he said it was one person coming in from China, and it was going to be gone that was in January and February said it was fifteen people that we can assume that be gone. In March, he said it was gonna magically disappear in April. When things get ward, he said it was not going to come back and the fall. Well, it's never left maker and the deluded just staggering to emotional thinking continues, and you are right. People die and people continued, and I were over a hundred and sixty thousand deaths right now in America, and he just while face the reality and do what any other president any of its predecessors. What on Trans lying means, people dying, there's a record number of deaths in two states and warnings
about a resurgence in the fall major warnings. You're watching job we'll be right. That Willie guys here your be sure to check out this week's episode of the Sunday sit down podcast with Oscar winning Actress Biota Davis, to talk about her extraordinary career and her journey from poverty to Hollywood Z list it now for free, wherever you download, podcast more commonly Harris ran for president by rushing to the radical left embracing burns plan for socialized medicine, calling or trillions of new taxes attacking Joe Biden for racist policies. Voters rejected Harrison. They smartly spotted funny, but not Joe Biden he's not that Smart Biden calls himself a transition candidate. He is handing over the reins accommodate while they jointly embraced the radical left. Slow, Joe and phony combine with perfect together wrong for America by us. That's funny.
Good luck with I've got that was there was a look at trumps. Can't lying opens the way slow Joe. No, Slow, Joe now been written World WAR one and world war. Two, He knows what year the pandemic of nineteen eighteen, Sludge Joe knows that the pandemic of nineteen eighteen, ninety, ninety, you didn't and world war to GMO Dine thinks it yet strange. Whereas we passed the anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I wonder what WAR Donald Trump thought that ended Do I anyhow it doesnt work again. It doesn't work when you have somebody who is challenged behind a microphone is Donald Trump, that tat that tack doesn't work and when you have done from giving money, they carmelites arrests and vodka tromp, giving money
Kamala Harris saying that she's a left wing radical it. It doesn't work. Remember they tried that against Obama Obama in two thousand I said he was the second most liberal member of Congress, and was it not just just saying that tact now work it might have worked and Bernie I've worked on Elizabeth Warren because their political or soundness fit more n, a cobbler Harris's as can't attacker for being a tough prosecutor and then attacker for being a left wing freak. At the same time, the messages kind of me x and they counterbalance each other, but I've you see that headline we just put up. I mean she's, so happy and
sure. I am she's, probably just so grateful for all the supporters that she has from the human trump them gas Donald Trump himself and defined life is nice, does not just so happy about it. Look at it and I saw a girl that trade in that troubled history as a name, I e they just keep. Writing me. Chirac's is very nice I'm sorry, I'm not going to spend their money, I'm not going to use money, but it's nice. I can give it to a charity, which is exactly what cargo did, but it is, it is nice to be loved and they are loved. Obviously, by the trial. Let's bring anything is correspond. MIKE member from Wilmington, Delaware and MIKE, I guess there's going to be an event. I'm curious how this is actually physically gonna gonna play up. Of course, the order of the day for the last several months Mika has been social distancing. It's interesting in fact right. The last major public rally, that's Joe Biden, did before the pain
essentially such shut his campaign down in March, was a large rally in Michigan on the eve of the primary with common Harris and today will see the most significant moment of the campaign since that time, when he appears, together with his running late for the first time and began Joe, it's so interesting. I think, as we discuss this choice We ve been obsessing over this vice presidential selection process for the last several months, as has the political class, as have law makers at has that noise factory, that is twitter But the message we're going to hear today is going to be the same, consistent message that the Biden campaign has been running on from day one, and that has been about the battle for the soul of America, one of the under appreciated aspects of the Biden campaign. What they believe is one of their real formulas. First success has been their ability to look beyond the noise of twitter to look beyond the pundits everyone's speculation and keep their focus on what sells the what they call the Biden coalition. That's the vote.
Not just in Philadelphia but also in bucks, County Delaware County, not just in Houston, but in this hour, but suburbs of Dallas Maricopa County. As well as in Milwaukee, and that's the message that we're going to continue to see now. As far as the ultimate selection. Here I covered a number of both calmly Harris and Joe Biden. Events in a twenty eighteen midterms, even before both of these Democrats entered the presidential race, I have heard endlessly commerce would be a great vice president for Joe Biden. This in some ways will look back as feeling like the obvious choice that doesn't mean it was for Joe Biden to the extent that this was a political vision. Of course, they believe that compromise is somebody who can help both rally their poor base african american voters, but also play in those swing counties. But there was a vetting committee of foreign debt.
He also helped go through all these backgrounds, all the potential pros and cons. The final choice, of course, came down to the Joe Biden Vetting Committee, his head, his heart and his god, and in the end I don't. I do think it was a difficult decision for him. He'd really came to appreciate and see the strength of a number of other candidates, but what was written on that note card that we saw famously a few weeks ago, not holding grudges that was true and in the end, Harris was the natural choice for him. There was an amazing band, so many incredible potential women who could have been chosen to be is running lights embassies MIKE memo. I thank you very very much and coming up to women, whose elections also made history New York attorney general, but it should James Centre. Cargo mayor Lord Life, will be our guests morning to live out their round back. I'm really talked irreverent now about what happened in Seattle yesterday with the Retirement of Seattle, first blackout, police.
What's happening in New York City and how people are angry at these calls to defend the police, and it's not just white politicians. It is black, liberal politicians and they are not happy. We'll talk. Reverend Alabama next Seattle, These chief Carmen best has announced she will step down in the wake of protests against police brutality. According to this year, time she made the decision amid criticism over the police departments response and works by the City Council too. Bring the police force and caught her wages in She said she would officially be stepping down on September. Second news of best Zack nation came just hours after the Seattle City Council voted to trim around three million dollars from the budget which would eliminate up to a hundred officers or How come
stories on both coasts. Yesterday, one of the New York Times about what in New York City with so cutting the puts budget. Another one from the Seattle Times about the first black police chief in that city quitting after a city council with no black members on it by the way decided the cut one hundred police officers from They are an end. I took a couple, quotes out of New York Times story in New York, black programme Some politician City Council woman, Vanessa Gibson said my constituents want the sea cops in their community. They want to feel safe owing to the store. There is another part of the story: the where black politician
in New York were concerned, because the cuts to these budget who's gonna take police officers, safety officers, out of schools and high crime areas. Laurie said the funding the police is like colonization by white progressives. My favorite Mary Brok from Newark says that the idea of the fund the police and cutting police officers bourgeois liberals game by White woke. Goals, as you would say, latte liberals so can you Talk about this that I was really easy for these Lahti Liberals, as you call them to run around trying to make their savings, but what a lot of black politicians are saying, and these cities, where you have a lot of white politicians, talking about making a point on lives matter by cutting police officers. Letter by politicians
hey. We can do two things at once. We know the police officers will even take more police officers to keep our schools safe and our growth restore safe and our street safe? You just need to aggressively reform. Policing at the same time talk about this split right now, Rev, look at the fact that we have seen those that have taken a movement for police accountability and police reform, and have tried to hijack it in something else too fast. The matter is that we are dealing with a gun, control gun. Let's get our community as well as a question of policing, so you do remove police. You put
the resources into things that will lead to better policing like dealing with mental illness like dealing with other issues that are the under currents in our community. That causes the problem, but that those that have no identity with the community's dead don't live in any of the danger of the gun violence there are now trying to us in harm's way too, to fit some purists, latte liberalism that they advocate only did a eulogy this year for George Flight. I did for one year old kid kill by bullet in Brooklyn.
Saying two months. I had to do it and that is the problem that we are having in our community, those that are advocating removing safety from us. Rather than saying, we want to be safe from bad cost and bad citizens, and I think that it is clear that many of the progressive black politician, that you are citing and this standing of say wait a minute. We don't want to take orders from you either we want a balanced policing in our community. We are not looking for better slave masters, we're looking for freedom. These people are talking about. Us they a new masters, we don't want to fund. Is we don't want this in the neighborhood maples? They have nothing to do with no identity with, and then they go out the Hampton somewhere in a lot of their progressive, so called progressive literature to each other. While we
in the middle of these cities, deal gun violence. We need police to be accountable, we needed to be transparent, we do not need it lasting us, but we also did not need our communities to be where there is what we are seeing in many cases, guns put in our community area is, and in order that amount of gun, violence and homeless says we need balance. We do not need a new dictatorship from self appointed people. They call themselves aggressive at the expense of our lives. You said again had no connection to the neighborhoods, where they are tearing cops away from attacking people going to the store protect. Children walking the school protect. Children when they are in the school is apps boot madness and again that's what you're starting to hear. Black politicians who are looking at these budgets and telling and again
quoting them telling these white boudoir liberals. You know what no need no need to look down on us and be paternalistic for the colonization just uses, keep us safe and let's reform policing, simple meagre, and still I had much more on Joe Biden. Selection of Camelot Harris S is running, made a clearing the Stork staffing decision that persists The announcement plus a third pulled this week that shows Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by six
once in the swing state of Wisconsin, we will dig engine the latest numbers in just a moment: pay its critias is weakened podcast. Why is this happening all be talking with republican strategist, Steward Stevens about his new book about the Republican Party and its original sin? When I asked myself from a route, this book is, do people abandoned deeply held beliefs in a few years? I just don't think they do so. I think the only conclusion you come to serve logically is they weren't deeply held. They were marketing slogans because I dont know how a party could accept who Donald Trump is. I don't think a party would allow itself to become that if those areas meant anything to that's this week, unwise is happening. Search for wise is happening, reverie listing right now and subscribe
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