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Morning Joe 8/13/20


On Wednesday, presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris appeared for the first time as running mates in Delaware, as the GOP scrambled for bad things to say about the two.

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when nine nine five percent of all say: tilities are adults of all nowadays are adults as we reach toward the competition. The completion we're competing with us, but I'm not a bleeding compared with anyone get brain starts to wither away A lot of good experience at that just by taking a look at what is happening in politics, hey what Wiki really needs to get out of the basement. I mean Falcon I guess they rushed him down in the bunker more than he expected. Cosette was second one of these things, weren't either action or confessional confession berries. It's you ever those about the kids lived in the attic. I mean we. I guess we have a president who lives in a basement. That was a cry for help. Maybe use blink and his eye. But my gosh, the mine, just pull,
yeah, it's not doing well. I think here very bad day yesterday, we'll talk now through the mask you don't get rid of us, may always tell you. Try in a wider issues, press conferences in real time right, but I do you on all the tv. Somehow yes, and you can act to sound out- That too eleven am. I There are flee, like put on my head found. Smile listen to the imperial great happiness hand you have to look at when telling Jesus did it at that or or I met you turn off Father felonies, yet I yesterday we vote. Loaded you on the island and you had turn off of televisions, but all the time Kay man and beer you it's got the way but the same where the tax keep flooding in your old man.
And so you know that he really went, went off, and so he went back and we looked at the highlights of it and he will greatly order yesterday deeply disturbed, and I know, of course it's all relative, but you can always tell when something happens that really upsets in what way think it was yesterday. Oh here, is this policy. Sweden, calmly Harris's speech, the roll out of common law, all the great press and all the sort of work that the binding campaign did to really make a case as to why Joe Biden and Combat Harris could at least that this country back on track. It would take a while to pick up the pieces. Of this disaster that he has put in front of us over the last few years, and then they hollandia liquor on a virus and jointly made it very clear that he botched it and my words not hers, but he's
lot is way through it and that has caused more deaths. Now we can argue that we can talk to scientists about that. There's a school of thought that believe, if you uniform rules on masks. If you were not afraid we need and actually nationalized testing work so that you could get a handle on this thing and tat trays and do everything that it has been in the news upset. Yes, rather countries would then not be doing well as us right. Instead, it's the reverse in just one more thing: Jellia go back to just how much he was losing Yesterday, in a somewhat, he realizes he's not going to win the election finger at least fairly, but here's the point, the reason he doesn't want the testing. It's almost it's it's it's purposeful malpractice. He doesn't want the numbers, and so she's allowing people to die because he's too afraid
so the real numbers in this control endlessly, whom one we're gonna get to the point. Where republicans understand this, but to whom we have to do because you know I we we work for about twenty hours to get ready for the show Jonathan mirrors on the vizier Jonathan, really quickly let bring in here. So the president, was by the way you, I guess you to take very backs picture down when a team is is badly the Red Sox. You, don't you don't want to children did to see he's got it right, cares and does it still have our said no so here is a thing Jonathan presented again, it's all sorts of relative with the present was real. Is pulled up yesterday in this kind of going a little crazy and the part than suck out may there so my foot,
He basically said the Democrats were going to ride elections that were less fair, then arise. And Russia and who else the Martians, who else did he put in there? IRAN, Russia, China, whatever China Year and where in the world that come from wide, because what wait? What he's doing it was journals army editorializing about. This is he's basic putting a sign on his head. That says, I know I'm going to wounds and today. He seemed more spool and more freaked out and by making more excuses for a loss in an election. That's why the couple months away still watch out. First of all, you know when a loved one passes away. But their picture up to remember the good times. That's the Jason very together, which is now a corner.
There's nothing good about this year's red, Sox, Nazis and whatsoever. As far as the nothing literally as far as the but it goes. You write oblige remember when, when he really wrapped up this talk a few weeks ago, I think that the mail and building would lead to widespread voter fraud and therefore the results of the elections would be illegitimate. He got a lot of push back from Republicans privately saying to him. You need to stop. Do us, because what you are we is telegraphing that you're losing setting aside even all the big picture things but undermining confidence in the ballot you're, threatening the democracy that number a phase of critics to put Democrats have charged or how day, where's. That talk was Republicans recently thing. Also, hey you tipping your You know you're losing knock it off. He hasn't done that
as we can see yesterday, certainly he leaned into it harder than ever before listing states that he thought the voting would be be illegal. Wherein the inappropriate inaccurate choose you weren't there compare, these other countries, and you write a lot of this does stem according to our reporting it in its in some ways. Surprise, it seems like the trunk campaign, though Cobbler Harris was the favourite, be Joe Biden, Vp Peck frankly, beginning the process. They seem a little flat footed here in terms of their response today have time to turn it around sharper, their message. Sure, of course they do, but you haven't yet there are still trying to pigeonhole her on one hand as this real leftist. On the other hand, sort of your this cop, who was too tough on Joe Biden, their seemingly trying to have it both ways and Harris's record simply does not lend itself
much like Joe Biden, requisite lend itself to suggesting that she is a member of the extreme part part of the Democratic Party, which is what they want to say so the messaging. Have you been scatter shot and as a final point as much as the president has said in the last few days, that Harris was quote number one traffic that we wanted the pic all reporting that has recently a Sunday night when he was fly back Washington from New Jersey on AIR Force, one. He was telling confidence on the plane. He really wanted Sue Rice and Karen Bass. That's we wanted. He didn't want commoner, Alicia Menendez it's as its fascinating that Harris Harris fills this spite, and she's, somehow she, U synthesizers, so many at the same time, because it was the most predictable peck right. And it was the safest pick. It was the pic there now Thinking man. He in a wide, don't surprise, surprise, stout, surprise her at this
in time when you see that's that that very predictable pick headlines like oh wow, ok, well, that was a revolutionary even if she is a member of the political establishment and has the same thing we're like they're, trying to hate her. As a left winger at the same time, work wing websites are like selling t, shirts and say Kamel as a car it is now a Europe and then they were There is a large sum sent yesterday. You know, of course, think the woman had always cleaned up the buffoons mass, and so they can't figure out exactly how do attack her, which of course perfect it just fits right in with Joe Biden. They haven't been able to lay a glove on Joe. I neither despite the fact that spend what Andrews millions of dollars trying to do so. Travel the earth
well there's the work shopping it Joe and trying to figure it out. It's hard to tell who motion is whether or not they had not lay then I'd or whether or not they cannot commit to the message, discipline of actually sticking with it. In contrast, though, you watch them today in abiding and Harris side by side, and why would a study You know in diversity, within a ticket right the fact of two people from two different post to different generations to different genders. Different races and app necessities already presenting sort of this more complicated vision as a ticket. Then either one of them could alone and Eddie. You talk about diversity, look geographic Firstly, and now it's not easy coastal late and West Coast too late, it Scranton and San Francisco, and that something about that,
Craddock party doesn't always do well mean if republic inside Joe Biden off Ass, an EAST coast delayed. It doesn't work, a guy that now gets on Amtrak everyday and during his career and would you know. The train home do is kids. Guy connects more closely with Scranton Pencil than anywhere else. He's now he's from white work, Class America, and so you do have. It seems to me that have they have got a pretty good good mix of diversity on a lot of different fronts. Oh, absolutely in a new combine that, with the facts, show that common, ah Harris is also a daughter of immigrants. She represents in some ways the America that we have been pining for in some ways, given what we have experienced over the last three and a half years. At least some of us have
binding for so I think, what's really fascinating is that with this ticket we have a stark choice. Come no better! We knew that we all No, that November is an election of our lifetime, but now it's kind of visually the case with the binding Harris Ticket and the Trump tents ticket that chick quite I mean it couldn't be put together even more clearly of the choice that we have, and so it's interesting to see what will happen following from this much as expected. The trunk campaigner along with all the other things you ve just listed. They also started to question whether or not it wasn't birth, tourism full blown, but they started. Questioning Cobbler Harris American this by because the child Jamaican, integrate and indian immigrant. So so we that dramatic. I mean my my guide. Make Jamaican to I mean emigrant Colin Powell trying to its iron. It's all been done before. I think
Paul are just an honest the President's done a good job, but Jason. Citizen people to the stupidity, some ways? It's been very destructive to our country, but in others, as they look at this time, In emerging site, do they want that still Joe Common Harris appeared together as running maids for the first time yesterday, while republican than the Trump campaign were scrambling for bad things, too. Say about them. They held there, two inside of Delaware, Jim and there were faced, masks and with socially distance a most that really made for tv with. Quarters and cameras no audience Biden introduced Campbell Harris his running mate and explained his selection, while Harris shared how she quote came to know, go both candidates, discuss the need to rebuild the country and to unify
hence Donald Trump, and I think Donald Trump just heard the care that they had against him, especially his handling of the pandemic. And let me tell you somebody who has presented my fair share of arguments in court. The case against Donald Trump and my parents is open and shut when other countries are following the science trump pushed miracle cures. He saw on Fox NEWS while other countries or flattened the curve he said the vice, would just hoof go away. Quilp like a miracle someone other countries open backup business. What did we do? We had to shut down again this view
Greece, has impacted almost every country, but there's a reason. It has hit America worse than any other advanced nation. It's because of trumps failure to take it seriously from the start. His refusal to get testing up and running his flip flopping on social, distancing and wearing masks his delusional belief that he knows better than the experts. All of that is reason and the reason, that an american dies of twelve nineteen every eighty seconds. It's why countless businesses have had to shut their doors for good? It's why there is complete chaos over when and how to reopen our schools, mothers and fathers
confused and uncertain and angry about childcare and the safety of their kids at school. Whether they be in danger if they go or fall behind, if they dont trump. Is also the reason millions of Americans are now unemployed he inherited the longest economic expansion in history, from Barack Obama and Joe Biden and then like everything else he inherited. He ran straight into the ground because of trumps failures of leadership. Our economy has taken. One of the biggest hits of all the major industrialized nations, with an unemployment rate that has tripled as of today. This is what happens when we elect a guy who just isn't up for the job
ok, Joe lot of things. First of all, I know you want to respond to come laws remarks so do that, but first, this is. Why he's pretty now draw case against him is massive right and I read We want to focusing on what is doing at some point in the show to the Post office What is trying to do when the selection a different way more to drag it out, but whatever he's trying to do which of course goes back to his own self interests, whether its money, Hydroxyl Chloric, Queen Russia, giving money to rush through of exit. Whatever he's going to try to do for his own self interests, it will continue destroy to chip away at our democracy. These aren't, stream words anymore. If we care about our democracy what can you would say no to at least one thing he's doing we're not talking about right and left talking about right and wrong we're talking about patriotism, we're talking about loving this country, we're talking about,
directing our laws and the constitution he is not, and what he is doing to the post office needs to be looked at every single day, twenty four seven, because he wants to me short, this election doesn't happen because he's clear he won't when it I say that knowing his personality very, very well. Some may criticise us for knowing him very well, but it helps at this moment warn people as much as possible. We will do what it takes to try and when the wrong way, because he said is very clearly that this team is gonna kick his, but in November, you warned. We want people in two thousand sixteen during election four years ago campaign and authorised in August. We, you were talking about Donald Trump, asking foreign policy
sport three times and thirty minutes about? Why can't we use nuclear weapons against IRAN and North Korea and other countries? and, of course, all the warnings about Putin. But this time some of the calls certain are coming from inside the house. You have Republicans who are now starting to speak out. There I'll bet you in the Wall Street Journal editorial page, who has been far too forgiving of him over the past four years, for whatever reason, it's been disappointing as a lifelong, greater Wall Street Journal editorial page, but even sometimes it's too much for them and when he keeps talking about how the elections going to be rigged and melon ballotings, going to be a regular in the Wall Street Journal last week that, if you doubt You can win the election, then quit and let somebody Ryan who thinks they can we yesterday, obviously I pray
became on school more than usual, but think for a couple of reasons. One, really stand by common Harris's line, I think when she said that New inherited the the largest economic expansion, the longest economic, branch of the history of American. Like everything else, it you ve inherited. You ran the ground of course, a reference to Donald Trump inheriting four hundred million dollars in today's dollars from his father and going bankrupt. Having is companies go bankrupt, destroying all of us buddies- and also I end- I think in czech German, the or if we can start calling you Jake State form, one of the great corners of Archive Jake. Come on how to says that one person an American dies. Every eighty seconds that system
now those facts that break through against Donald Trump, who started by saying that this was a media. Hoax has been saying, it was going to go away, has been repeating timing, I'm again that it was much ado about nothing. He said early on that its flew, I still here from some of his supporters at it's nothing more than a bad version of the flu, but com was says, Camellias says one out of one person dies every eighty sockets. Well, that's just that's something that breaks through the noise and am I a if you're Donald Trump. You have to fear that all of his quotes and all of the hard facts from this corona virus,
just get me something that he can't get away from it. It is no longer an abstraction when she says that now. I think also this hammered home, that the fact that the administration is still a trying to these fires away, I've had people on the administration said to me, even as recently as a couple weeks ago, that mass could be harmful behind the scenes privately, they savers that, during our immune from this and there's data we just don't know about that indicate its far less deadly than we think We ve got it all wrong and were hiding it. I believe this is real. Does it keep very senior people in the administration? I just also want to get back to the post office cosmic. You said is so important and here's the strange situation. It's got here. The president's administration agree with Democrats that the post is needed more money. This is not something he's negotiators believe, isn't it
cheaters agreeing to ten billion dollars to bolster the post office in negotiations with needs. Policy will have on later this hour and can ask her about so even within the White House, theirs for recognition that the present is wrong, and I just find that jarring when I heard that yesterday, but the presidency but had no more money for the post office. I was taken aback because again more metal Stephen managing believe there should be more money for the United States Post Office in hard stand back now. And I'm in the Ets, it wouldn't give em all need money to the post office during a pandemic. When the post office since the way that people can get their medicines and also vote a president who does respect? democratic norms in democratic values and a president who believes loud going to lose the election and he's
sound frowning in charge there a guy with a lot of conflicts of interest if I annually- and he thinks it he's going to be able to cause enough chaos. Confusion that he'll be able to call into question. As a result of the auction so yesterday We showed you some of Cobbler Harris's comments, here's job from yesterday. Speaking at the joint of that you all news coming, you could a second watches to it. The programme has already started his attacks, calling common quote nasty. Why need about how she is called mean to his it's? No sir eyes, because whining is what Donald Trump does best better any president. American history is anyone surprised I'll drop as a problem
with a strong women are strong women across the board. So this is just to have a great Joe Biden That is not afraid of having strong woman. By aside, in fact, he's married to a very on woman, and I shall say it again, tell the story a lot. I love the way that Doctor Jill Binding, worked as a community college professor throughout the time that Joe Biden was serving as vice president, it so out of step with you way how things go in Washington in even My mom went through it where she had taken no struggle to have her career, but then stand by my dad side at the White House. Jill button had her own life, her own sense of four own sense of value, and they have a strong relations and he's not afraid of it at all, and we choosing people to put around him, I I feel Joe Biden, especially with the choice of come.
A Harris. Malaysia is not afraid to put people. Round him, who will challenge him. Unlike President Donald Trump, who wants a bunch of stooges, it will take the oath, the stupid or the better, because the more manipulative aid can be, but he wants people who will apps we say yes to everything he never wants to hear. No Joe Biden isn't afraid to be challenged to think things through to see the other side of a point of view, whether it be on a foreign policy issue that is complicated or a domestic issue. He wants to make the best decisions for America and order to do that, you have to have the ability, be man enough to be challenged? picking Comma Harris he's big someone who is clearly got the chops rare that she has built on our own. That is very impressive, but also, challenged him along the way right and when you talk about the strength
man, nothing stronger at being able to pick someone who is child, due to be in the room with you to be running made as I'd be the last person in the room to ask the hard questions. That was one of the returns to normalcy. It felt like we were watching yesterday. Also, I was struck by this return to see this call for Morocco Eddie. There was a piece from Harris's remarks that didn't get as much attention as I thought it deserved, which was her saying. We need more than a victory on November. Third, we need a mandate that proves that the past few years do not represent who we are or who we aspire to be right and that you also had them through the lens of the pandemic through the lens of the economic fall out and Americans across the country havoc periods, marrying two of them just marrying her three. I am agenda this sense that model and adds across Amerika up late at night
trying to figure out how they are going to make their way out of this combined with it inside the of the dignity of work of the fact that people want to get to work, that's ideas together. Incredibly power, and really meeting people where They are in this moment of uncertainty, as they look for leadership to guide us out of this crisis. Just just listening to you talking a watching Joe Biden together where's combine Harris. I was reminded back in two thousand. Eight Republicans kept trying to paint brought Obama as the second most slow, member of the United States Senate. He was left winger. He was a radical but temperamental. It g never sold because temperamental he was a moderate and people were comfortable with it with him. You look at calm, Harris the same thing, they're trying to paint or as a little crazy.
Left winger, trying, on the other hand how to say: she's, not left wing enough, but again those attacks against her that she some this crazy, left wing stooge of the Democratic Party of Progressive. Just not it don't. I don't think it's going to sell with american people, because temporarily, it's just not how presents yourself. That's like when Democrats always tried to call Ronald Reagan all right when fascists and had just sit around way. How smiling and nodding his head, it never sold. People never believe that Reagan was is crazy. Man that was going to start World WAR three. They were comfortable wedding waiting. In swing states Jonathan earlier it looks like Americans and one one Paul after another seem comfortable with Joe Biden Arizona resigned up for this is
Some Emerson College, Poles. It came out yesterday, Trop. We actually found we're tromp was aired and swing state, one of the few that we ve seen over the past month, North Carolina and worsen Head Donald Trump up by two points and Pennsylvania, Joe by by nine points, and then there's that Arizona Senate race Emerson also did that had Mark Kelly up by about a dozen points, I think it is there we go more Kelly. Fighting Levin points over Martha Mixed we in the Senate RE, so so Jonathan we check in to see what the White House political strategy is as these wings states again can t to break and Joe Biden fraction no question will first of all on areas on assent. Re submitted Trump campaign official privately suggests that your she's in it
ordinary trouble that they don't they. They notice you down and doubt big their worried, thereabout, also, the pact it could have on his standing in Arizona which just now, as we go over this there's he'll hear such little margin for error in terms electoral map, the Trump campaign, largely things that that Michigan is gone and if that's the case that leaves five battleground Satan, personally, I was taught to North Carolina Fort Arizona. Michigan gone further. Trumpet only lose one more he's. Gonna win win the other four where he has no path to victory, there is a provocative tragic outside here. The day saw before to clear the Harris announcement,
saw some trends in internal Poland. Extra campaign suggested they ve close the gap at least a little bit in some of these eight hours. On four points: that's it that's a manageable deficit, they feel, and the question it was close to me was it's not that the folks here shouldn't be the Joe Biden is winning. Questions to focus should be on wizened Joe Biden by more considering just what a dismal by any measure six months this precedent has had- and I think some of that, of course is the inherent nature of the electorate. Things are universal. Polarize in the country is so grip of partisanship. But they feel like from campaign. They know their down, but they feel like they are still within striking distance. You asked terms immediate strategy, while they hope to have a robust kind of programming schedule next week with democratic have their convention. There, virtual dimension of there are going to need a walkie. The other can't get any the parties were, lays love that we give the convention. This will be the case here. There are there and a a blitzer travel bullets. Tobacco, rather presence will be going to Miss Minnesota was
before mentioned Arizona, and then it can only this peace prize. This sort of a troll move next Thursday, when Joe Biden gives his accepted speech when he formerly becomes a democratic nominee for President Job Donald Trump plants that an event in Scranton Pennsylvania binds Hunt nor away with any law I pray. You are now a square people together with any luck for the by campaigns. Donald Trump will also start doing his corona virus, things every afternoon. I that's it. That's the problem is, and nobody can tell the President Ass, the moon. He goes out get worse than the worse. He makes it for him. Some people get sick. I mean how can you not get stuck at a super spread around that now? Miss so is interesting. I will say along Jonathan Jonathan Amir has been reporting. I do agree that that the fact that in altered states is only four five six point. Despite the fact that Donald
has had the worst six months. I think the worst performers, seventy six months of any press in my lifetime I agree with the trunk camp and he should be down by a lot more, but it's four five six points in a lot of these states. I suspect Arizona is going to stay tight. I been surprised that Florida has been tighter in the overall poles. It seems it presents doing president's worse in Florida than than expected. I would also expect, though, Florida too tight at the end, but Michigan and I gotta say Pennsylvania, and I can saying this, but- and I certainly been proven wrong before about three or four times a day, but I have trouble with math and Pennsylvania for the Trump campaign. Again, you look at the city, a fellow if you look at the Philadelphia suburbs, the president can go to scrap
Pennsylvania all he wants you still going to underperform dramatically from from white. How Republicans usually Form there could Joe Biden's going to do well in Scranton Pennsylvania, he's gonna do better in the Pittsburgh suburbs than Hillary Clinton. Did I don't see where they can? Pennsylvania, clothes and, of course, if we lose Michigan and Pennsylvania its game over a few loose Florida. Its of course came over, but but flaw oh right now again in a lot of poles, you're, saying sort of The Biden stubbornly maintaining a five six seven point lead and they only exe nation. Can we allow, Senior, who have known a lot of people who have died in an our state, while Donald Trump has been downplaying the corona via plough. Here we go. He continues to downplay at still. I had a morning Joe
the? U S suffers its worst day in months when it comes to daily deaths from the corona virus. The president, insists on reopening schools. You know he wants to actually stop testing. We don't have protesting around the country, testing, is not where it should be, because he doesn't work do the numbers, so this runs rampant across our country with no road map thanks new Trump ass insight into how calmly Harris would advise Joe Biden on the pandemic. Careful acted here watching morning, Joe we'll be right back hey everyone. It's true, mainly MSNBC, correspondent and hosted the pack has into America it's hard to believe but Eve. Covid nineteen continues to spread. The school year is right around the corner and seventeen of the twenty largest school districts are choosing to go fully remote as their back school plan that affects more than four million students. The San Diego
Five school district is one of them. So that's where we're spending this week on into America, with its report series were calling corona virus in the classroom. A working man opens up about her frustration that are some can't reach. Into the elementary school in person, a teacher in a low income school shares. What remote learning have exposed about the digital divide and Doktor Linda Darling, Hammond, president of California, de Boer of education talks about the tough decisions that were made this spring and why he believes this week Maxine ego are ready for one, my learning this fall. I hope you'll join us for these conversations. Episode episodes drop every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
four into America. Where were you listening right now and subscribe unfair, mainly post of into America? A podcast from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice, generational injustice? Anything when you add health is a health and justice into was at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America, a pod cast about who we are ass, Americans and who we want to become new episodes every Monday, Wednesday Thursday subscribe. Now let's do a couple rapid fire question and I just get me what kind of pops up in your mind, I guess diet
I like vegetables, now I like to know with a knife and fork Whenever- and I say that, because these days campaigning, I love in eating in raising the box is in need of something that can be and with one hand, that the US or Sars plenty, coffee or two tea and coffee beer, wine or bourbon lime. Your favorite tree, if you want to indulge during that does not mean that was morning, chair chief Medical, corresponding doctor. Campbells Interview with Centre Camilla Harris last year on part of the series on the democratic presidential candidates. Out, of course, was before the court. Virus. Swept the nation challenging the very nature of health care in America, we'll get to Doktor Dave in just a moment, but first,
dead on the pandemic, the! U S has reported a record number of highest number of deaths, single damages wow since MID. At nearly fifteen hundred this com. As present tromp continues to press the nations to Rio school, the nation, to reopen schools. Yesterday, Georgia reported more than one hundred new debts for them second straight day in Florida, this surge past five hundred fifty thousand in the state confirmed over two hundred new deaths. Doktor Dave. Well, let's start there, the couldn't complains that if you have more testing, you have more cases and that's how it would compare with other countries and that wouldn't be fair, but it's the tests FED are much more important than other state and we're number one in the worst way ever. Is this gonna get worse before it gets better that don't just Florida.
It is absolutely will get worse and I'm not be expert in making predictions about how this will go, but look back to memorial, day and then July, fourth, and that if anybody looks around as are driving around their home town and see the large groups of typically younger people gathered together without face masks. They should be able to that's a future like we can today, and that is that there will be. Continuing number of new cases test. Otherwise, will then lead to the lagging indicator of deaths from krona virus over nineteen we're saying that, sir, in Florida. We're seeing that across the country and those numbers Number of dust bowl drop down in what plummet down as
You may see some more variability in and testing uppers, because testing numbers are, to certain extent dependent on the number of people tested the the timing of the testing coming back, but deaths, that's a very hard objective measure, and it is frightening here to see- and it is predictable that we are where we are now maker. I mean you look at two hundred deaths in Florida. It's such a tragedy. That's two hundred families in shock to hunt communities and friend, networks who are in mourning, who are horrified as to what is going on and potentially more people who have the virus. In this tragedy continues and Doktor David. I just maybe I'm not understanding something about the president's logic. But I just if we more testing, but perhaps if the depends production act was mobilize to national law,
lasting and have mass testing across the country. Of course, we would get a lot of numbers, because this virus spreads very quickly but wouldn't it allow us to trace where it is and then to mitigate, wouldn't it bring the number of deaths down. Yes, if we knew more rapidly and more thoroughly becomes infected with the corona virus. We could then do rapid intact tracing we could find out who those infected people had been in contact with, and develop self isolation and quarantine measures. We could absolute drive the numbers down. That's been stay over and over again Doktor factually Doktor Burke, you name it. Everybody understands that and if the end unfortunate, as we see the numbers of testing down Texas in particular, but certainly all across the country
We can predict that we will know less. We will be more blind moving forward, that will more disease to spread, and then weeks and months later we will The more deaths make there is an inevitable situation. Unfortunately, and we are witnessing it right now in august- have to do with things that happened in the latter part of the spring and Summer doc. Campbell thank you very much. We loved your interview with Canada Harris said folks can find out on line coming up how
tromp unmade, you, its foreign policy, like the affordable CARE Act, Richard Hoss rights that the present wants to repeal an imperfect but valuable system. Without a plan to replace it, Richard joins us next to explain. Willie guys two year be sure to check out this week's episode of the Sunday sit down podcast with Oscar winning actors, Biota Davis, to talk about her extraordinary career and her journey from poverty to Hollywood. Z list it now for free, wherever you download, Podcast you never lied shot at the White House. Now inside that White House is a guy can't get office. You just can't quit us. I've asked Inter Donald. For the sake of America for I give America for them
Think of your mental health. Please stop watch a morning Charlie, watching again, this morning, tweeting about us insulting meagre chair, metal hell, I'm psycho gives insulting my mental health in Europe also I get to say- and I want to thank you for the style. Every time you insult or rings which again we don't do this are the ratings we don't. I don't really care I just I really don't I get up. It's love. What way tat we love what we do when you throw me the picture. I do my best ahead. And I don't care what my ratings are Thank you, though, because the the morning Joe change so worked so hard in this pandemic. It's been so hard for. Aren't our team, to continue putting to get the thing about this three, our show! Every morning in their working through the night scattered all over I stayed area and they're just doing a hell of a job because of that, because of their
hard work. We yet our ratings Donald have been better than ever this year, and we just want to thank you really want a thing. You for drawing attention to the writings. Of course, we know you're lying about him, but that's: ok! That's what you do, but I will ask, again for Macau me terms of assets, avi, please stop watching our show. Ok, just yet stop, because we gave you a lot of good at back in March. It didn't follow any Vietnam manner but zero Listen to your doctors, you'd, listen to your scientists. She didn't live this out for people in, and Of course, a six month, yes, you're losing the poles, but it's you just you should have listened but colonel. Please turn the fox in France and
We need much more. He goes joking. I only the maquas it'll be better for you. Ok, we better for your staff. Your staff either try your staff maybe they don't like you watching our show, like. Why are you drawing more attention to them down? Why too, Mr President, stop talking about their men? I agree that we should stop talking about them obsession really unhealthy for a long time, and I would ask you to seek help, but I know you're not going to do that, so we we beg of you inside the White House right now that more looking at your boy is I see what you wanna come on man up watching. Oh ok, so before you girls, I can I just say he called me Getty. What's your thing with women, You really have a lot of problems with women like
scared them or something. I think this com, A thing. Has you completely strong outrage, but I've noticed it all over the place? You're you're? U get really like stressed out by women, you have to say things that are sort of agreeing about women are like back from the nineteen. Fifty is you? U colonists wives when you're talkin about voters similar mounting like every time, Caitlin Collins from CNN or Paul, read from CBS everytime, I ask a question: You scurry off that IRAN stage you eleven years, like a little Betty, you run off the stage like Paul rate, I can't take it run off with it. Go by this is over or Caitlin colony at. It has a very innocent question, honest question about how bad you have bought this pandemic and use scurry off the stage like little baby, and I just wonder what did seem means by the way that I see you disastrous. This is,
a disaster. A hundred and sixty seven thousand people are dead. Donald Trump stop tweeting, Bout Morning, Joe and mourning meek, and do you not just try wants to think about getting some attesting to the american people. Try wants to listen to your scientists. Try wants to be a man that actually wants leaders, country and not him whose scared of women and likes to call them name scurries off the stage. If they ask a question pathetic, you really should stop watching please and get over your problem, when that so listen hears Adele, ok is lasting with say we were a cable news shout from morning had we're cable news, in its meeting like really weird I can be, and in the end, in the chain of thing, sober considered. Dare amnesia, maybe a neighbor permission. I don't
wasn't good inside. So what you say, we're like a meme is really small. I win a hundred and sixty six thousand Americans are dead. You shouldn't be were about us when North Korea's racing toilets spamming, rapidly expanding their nuclear programme. There missile delivery program. You shouldn't be worried about us when our closest allies now they can no longer depend on us when Germany sees you, retreating, animal basically sacrificing all of the things all of the things that Ronald Reagan fought its entire life for ring
table. News hosts doesn't make a lot of sense. Let's bring pay its critias this week in my pocket. Why is this happening I'll be talking with republican strategist, Steward Stevens about his new book about the Republican Party and its original sin? When I ask Myself- and I wrote this book is: do people abandoned deeply held police in a few years? I just don't think they do so. I think the only conclusion you come to sort of logically is they weren't deeply held. They were marketing slogans because I dont know how a party could accept who Donald Trump is. I don't think a party would allow itself to become that if those areas meant anything to that's this week, and why is this happening search for wisest happening, reverie listing right now and subscribe
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