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Former President Obama spoke frankly Wednesday evening during the DNC about President Trump not rising to meet the presidency and calling him a threat to democracy. Historian Jon Meacham discusses Obama's remarks.

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During the hands movement thing appears to be getting a lot of powers and the way you think about that. I want to say to people who are following this movement now will ever know much about the movement other that I understand they liked me very much minimum. We should expect a president to feel a sense of responsibility. I have heard that it is gaining in popular regardless of eagle ambition or political beliefs. They do supposedly, like me coming on your cynicism, I've heard these people, of our countries. Are worst impulses unleash
the theory, this belief that you are secretly saving the world. From this I tat I called had a filed and cannibals. Does that sound like something you are behind? I haven't. I haven't heard that, but is that supposed to be a bad thing or the circus, I'm at all the meanness and the wise conspiracy theories. If I can help save the world from problem, some willing to do it, Donald Trump hasn't grown into the job, because a cat and the consequences of that failure are some fear former President Obama and President Trump, both speaking yesterday, good morning, and welcome to morning Joe it is Thursday August twentieth shows off this morning, but, along with William me, we have White House or for the Associated press Jonathan LE
and busy news and MSNBC contributor Shanna Thomas his Ryan John Matron, whose biography of John Louis entitled his truth is. Marching on publishes next week and host of MSNBC politics, nation and president of the national, action network, Reverend Dal sharpness with, as we are covering a lot this morning, including Jabez. Hence, in the postal Service story, with how Speaker Nancy Policy saying Postman two General Louis to joy: well, not restore cuts made to the postal service. Speaker, Pelosi says too I told her and found conversation that while he is agreed refrain from additional you as p s changes until after the election. He is no intention of return the sorting machines removed from facility he's or collection, mailboxes, taken from streets and developments.
The corona virus, as Florida yesterday became the fifth state to reach ten. And deaths joining Piracy, New York, California and Texas Georgia now leads the country and the rate of new cases. According to the White House, corona virus taskforce, which urged the state too, stronger measures to curb its outbreak, Meanwhile, the infection right in New York City, the former global epicenter of the outbreak, has reached a record low. That's a court. Two mayor build the plaza who set the rate of positive tests. Coming back, could be quotas Zero point two to four percent, to a sign that the city is conducting a high number of tests, and this far managing to handle the outbreak, have much more on all of this really will do you know that stories in just a moment, but let's begin with Senator Kamel Harris making history last night becoming
first women of color to formally accept the democratic nomination for vice of the United States in her speech delivered lie from binds hometown of Wilmington Delaware. Senator Harris shared parts of her own a single story took aim at President Trump and call on Americans to fight for the country's future. Their instilled in my sister Mayan me, the values that we chart course of our lives, She raised us to be proud, strong black women and she raised just to know and be proud of our indian heritage. She taught us to put families first, the family you're born into and the family you choose. I have fought for Chile, and survivors of sexual assault, I fought against
Trans National criminal organizations. I took on the biggest banks and help take down one of the biggest for profit colleges. I know a predator when I see one dal trumps. Failure of leadership has cost lives and livelihoods. If your apparent struggling with your child's remote learning or you're a teacher struggling on the other side of that screen? You know what we're doing right now is not working so we're at an inflection point. The constant chaos leaves us adrift: the incompetence, us feel afraid the callousness makes us feel he'll alone it's a lot and here's the thing we can do better.
And deserve so much more right. Now we have a president, funds are tragedies into political weapons. Joe will be present who turns our challenges into purpose, oh and I believe that we can build that beloved community One that is strong and decent, just and kind one anyway We can all see ourselves jar, Thomas alleged, dig into Kamel Harris's effectiveness prosecuting the case against Donald Trump. Was she began to do for the first time as the nominee last night, but just a went to pause and look at that image to see a what of color, an african american woman, the woman of Indian dissented daughter of immigrants standing there The nominee in the United States
to America, a major political party to become vice president. What did that I mean to you: what does that image mean for the country? represents so much she can represent so much for so many different types of people. I think that that represent representation. I think I talked about this on the show before, but this idea, that there is a possibility that someone with darker skin experiences that no vice. President, before no vice presidential candidate before has had, can be in the room with the press the United States and start making decisions with some of that life behind her is, is a pretty heavy thing, and it is one of the examples of what can make America actually great, but I so I was struck by how much of her bio that she needed to talk about looked back at the end three Embassy Wall Street Journal paw- and there are thirteen,
percent of the registered voters in that coal who either didn't know who common Harris was or hadn't for some kind of opinion and the positive or negative thirteen percent actually in this election is, is a big deal, and so I think she an admirable job of reintroducing herself to people. I think she did an admirable job of shit. How she's not only an indian descent and she's, not only black, but she comes from a blinded family, struck all these different tones that can bring people in now. It's seems to be seen and historically vice presidential pigs aren't exactly what people vote on, but because of that level of representation, and because this was a historic, last night there is a possible that she introduced herself to a lot of people and made them feel maybe they're in the room for four four, when decisions get made, if they way organic we're, gonna what more on this and what come Harris brings to the table, her leadership or ability to fight. But let's go
I too, the unprecedented performance by Barack Obama last night. Assailed, President tromp in his democratic convention speech, calling him a threat to democracy and issuing a stark warning to Americans of the dire need. Vote him out of office. In November, the foe we're president made his poignant from the Museum of the IMF, I can revolution in Philadelphia where he was flanked by the text of the year S constitution. Sat in the oval office with both of the men who are running for president? I never expected that my successor would embrace my vision or continue my policies. I did help for the sake of our country, the Donald Trump might show some interest in taking the job seriously. Then it might come to feel the weight of the office.
And discover some reverence for democracy had been placed in his care. But he never did. For close to four years now. He has shown no interest in putting in the work. No interest in finding common ground no interest in using mood awesome power of his office to help anyone but himself and his friends no interest in Treating the presidency is anything, but one more reality show that we can use to get the attention he creates. Donald Trump hasn't grown into the job because he can't and the consequences of that failure are some fear. This present And those in power those who benefit from keeping things the way they are. They are coming on your cynicism. They know
They can't when you over whether policies so their hoping to make it as hard as possible for you to vote and to convince you that your boat does not matter. That is how they went. What I know about Joe. What I know about common is that they actually care about. Every I believe that, in a democracy, the right to vote is sacred. They believe that no one, including the president, is above the law and that no public official, including the president, should use their office to enrich themselves or their supporters that our ability to together to solve big problems like a pandemic depend on a fidelity to facts. Science and logic, and not just making stuff up charm, also asking you to believe in your own ability
raise your own responsibility as citizens to make sure that the basic tenets of our democracy endure because that's what's at stake right now. Our democracy John Matron in my estimate, extremely powerful, telling Americans? This is a dire time, especially given what the questions at her happening right now with the postal service. What was your take away from Obama's speech and is there any precedent for something like this no, what's remarkable about President Obama and I thought bonds. They had kind of forgotten it. Was how he can combine two of them great human realities, He can argue from reason with a kind of restrained passion right and usually people are really passionate and emotional or highly cerebral. This was
fascinating come combination of those two tributaries and it formed a very impressive rhetorical river and its rhetorical and classical sets rhetoric doesn't isn't supposed to mean just while blah blah rhetoric is rooted in action. Words supposed to lead to action and he's. We believe in the power of language is always believe in the power of story Wanna things he'll tell people who might one four offers is. What's your story, replace an exit play store. You have to tell a different narrative and the narrative he gave us in a very restrained somber speech totally commensurate with the moment, because it's kind of a restrained and somber moment was a reminder that we, in fact more than the sum of our parts and everybody is talking about now, blistering or whatever the analogy
out, toughie was on tromp. Really, was this a trump rose to national power by deploying baseless, miss Disproven racist attacks against this man. I thought anything. Obama took a intelligence, and high rogue, wise, high road here and just says what a lot of us think and act with great political oratory is about is: can you articulate what we're thinking sooner hair? did the same thing to by the way, by talking about the folks on sides of the remote learning screen. That was a brilliant device from the really from the fireside chats vernacular, they are always tried to find some way to be living room to be around the radio with people, imagine to flee, and what's that Harris did not image about teachers and students and family struggling where she put everyone. She got in your base kitchen right
when their struggling to get online to get to class and the teachers being frustrated by it. So in the camp net effect, sooner heresy, speech and president a speech, I think, is just to say no, this isn't working you this isn't working and we you know a lot of a lot of folks hoped. I know I did present biologists He did that maybe more it this carnival barker actually be transformed by the office. He was not instead, transformed by the office Donald Trump, has attempted transform the office and the country into? Can we shouldn't want to be, and here a change in said, six days to fix it, and I think that was the message. I think it very fact it seems reverend. Out the Russia hoax. That's not a hoax and the ten
of thousands set to die due to die in the future. A hundred seventy already thousand for some It hasn't shaken them from the numbness of what has happened to our country, but to hear President Obama say that he is threat to our democracy. Do you think that will make a difference, will make difference first to look President Obama brilliantly went. To the museum where the constitution and the founding documents started in Philadelphia? Fresnel vomit doesn't live in Philadelphia, so this was something that each or to use as the setting to bring us back to where the country started and what the country. I'm too represent tiny, as he has a black man who his people out
who were in and considered less than human weren't included in it. But he brought us back This is what we supposed to be and- and I think that that shakes a lot of people at their root but what I think he did most effectively and given the political season does connected today, is, he said, let me be clear, President's is not only not living up to the spirit of what the country represent where they lived up to it and that he can't do it he's incapable of it, and I think it is the height of an attack. For people to hear someone say, wait a minute. Quit waiting but he's gotta bring us out of the pandemic, quit waiting on this guy to say the economy that is a result of a pandemic he's incapable and the optimum and saw there's one that knows. President Obama relatively well and trot well, the ultimate in
to a wide racist, his wore black men say. I but he is not capable of rising to the well that I did in birch. Did I couldn't do that got under Donald Trump, skin, modern and everyone could imagine, but I hope we got into everyone looking into their heads this guy can't, toward his incapable and that's a lot more serious than just saying this. Guy has made bad mistakes of judgment. He say he can't do it he's incapable. Don't keep amend uneasy. Jonathan Le Maire that last night was extraordinary, not just because of the way that wrapped up Iraq Obama went after the incumbent president, but because of the way resident responded sitting in the White House in the building behind you, tweeting in all caps live tweeting, as his Sesar spoken criticized him and appointed way, a couple of notes, Och Obama we ve learned. I was, of course supposed to
at the end of the night last night, but when Kamel Harris became the choice said. Another should be her night, so here himself up as sort of opening act and the passing of the torch to Comma Harris. What can you tell us tat? new Obama advisers about the way this speech was developed. The way it came to pass and how he decided now was the time not to make implicit criticism, but direct criticism man sitting in the White House President Barack Obama, Willie almost never uses Donald Trump name, including way The eulogy lose his funeral a few weeks ago that last night you pointedly did he took the time he stated doll, trams name and made it clear to pick up on the thread of the. When we say a moment ago, the Donald Trump wasn't that people should wait for him to grow into job he's not capable of it, and to echo the ECHO Buddhism wife. Michelle Obama said a few days before the President trumpet they argue is simply not up to the position. He can't
do it and the message that the hope that the president wanted to convey last night, according taught me some of his former visor during the evening, was too we saw him last night anger. It was a righteous anger about the condition that Donald Trump has left, not just President Obama's legacy, but the Tree itself and more than that, and we saw and get emotional attire seem to be fighting back tears when he was recounting the struggles that previous Americans. Those generations had fears that those struggles could be that there. Was conveyed in vain if progress was unwound by President Trump more than a righteous anger, the advisor say the President wanted to convey another message that he was scared, that there is so much at stake for him: the fabric of democracy in the country itself. In this election and that's what he wanted to say last night and did so so very power?
we and ass. You say Willie. It certainly triggered the current president, who had largely held his tongue. The previous two nights during the convention have much to say about four. Firstly, Michelle Obama. I don't believe said anything at all about Doktor Joe Biden last night, even before rival, Bahman and Senator Harris took the poems they he too what were the party and that afterwards, a series of all cap tweets alleging without evidence the proclamations Administration spied on him room alleging without evidence simply falsely that Centre Harris CALL Joe Biden this is simply not true and I'm dealing in these untruths, exclusively in the White House, residence watching along the Obama people believe he made the former presidents point for him Indeed. This is just the latest evidence that that's his behaviour is unhinged behaviour. They say that President Trop simply isn't up to the job
yeah and then there's this with the backdrop of actually a letter, I saw journalist waited I tweeted on Twitter, Yesterday, a vice president from writing or to Vladimir Putin, inviting him to his beauty pageant and he wrote it the latter must be for women in the world exclamation point hoping that he would come and have a good time and, of course, with the backdrop, of the Senate Intel Committee report this week on Russia now there's a problem Russian opposition figure, Alexey Novotny, has hospitalized and is in a coma from a toxic poisoning. According who spoke before me, involving a leading critic. Russian president, Vladimir Putin reportedly fell ill during a fly causing the plane to make an emergency landing. Volunteers, spokeswoman says he likely consumed they toxin from his tea.
Just state news agency says that Novalis in grave condition, citing the cheap doktor at the hospital that he was admitted to the forty four years The opposition leader has been under the Kremlin's scrutiny for exposing graft and corruption at the highest levels of the russian government and he was imprisoned, lie children hospitalized after another suspected poisoning, doctors explained as an allergic reaction, the they have campaign to challenge Putin and the twenty eight presidential election, but russian officials barred him from running, and still I had on morning, Joe Postmaster General Louis to joy will testify before the Senate Homeland Security Committee to Morrow, amid claims that the agency is trying to sabotage the mail and vote to help. President Trump we'll talk to the top Democrat on that committee, Senator Gary Peters, you're, watching
jobs will be right back onto mainly post of into America. A podcast from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice, generational injustice and then, when you add health, is a health injustice into what is at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America, a pod cast about who we are ass, Americans and who we want to book new episodes every Monday, Wednesday Thursday subscribed now the only way gonna lose. This election is if the election is ready to remember the only way we're gonna lose this election, so we have to be very careful. Look we have. This is more than this election. That's a big say, the only way they gonna win. Is that way, and we can't let that happen president, has always sad he'll see what happens and make it
nation aftermath? It's the same thing he said at last November. He wants a free election, a fair election. Anyone confidence in the results of the election, particularly when you have states like Nevada doing, mass male out voting. I too voting rules and when they tried this in the primary was a massive failure. Ballots were piled up in trash cans, ballots were pinned to apartment dart boards and with that being the system at the President wants to take a hard look at this and make sure that these are fair election results and not subject to fraud. Does the White House Press secretary, cayley makin anyone else by reporters yesterday about those comments you heard President Tromp. Well, I Alright exclusive new images obtain my NBC News, appear to show high volume, male soaring machines out of service and dismantled, despite previous assurances this week from the? U S, postal service that miss, things were being reallocated one
machine which can process thirty five thousand pieces of male per hour in which postal employee say was in good working condition, was removed. Recently from a Waterloo, Iowa Post Office now sits in a garage in Portland, Oregon Postal Employee says these Sorting machines were in working condition before they were decommissioned in the past two weeks. Is images have not yet been verified, by NBC News. Grand Rapids Michigan dissembled machine was found. Yesterday's sitting in a post office parking lot reach for response. The postal service had no com the on Tuesdays announcement from Postmaster General Louis DE joy. He of course System it until after the election has cost cutting measures and policy changes which have been blamed for every delays and service slow doubts in Tuesdays announcement de Joy said. Male process equipment in blue collection boxes will remain where they are, but he did not specify if has already been removed will be restored Chinese now,
had Senator Gary Peters of Michigan he's the ranking member on the Senate Homeland Security Committee, which will question Louis to joy tomorrow. Senator Peters to have you with us this morning. What more can you tell us specifically about Grand Rapids the case we have heard from the postal service, at the postal service now and previously is that from time to time take these things at a commission when male sorting slows down We don't always need all of them. But what can you say about Grand Rapids right now. Well they're. The images that you showed are are real. That's what happened. You have a machine, that's out in the parking lot, so is being disassembled and we understand I'm going to folks in the Grand Rapids Post office at the bureau. Roughly six out of thirty five machines have been that disassembled and taken out and we're seeing this around the country. I was at a major metro, plaques in Pontiac, but a week or so ago, and they were taking machines. I think that this is just a part of
regular kind of resorting of machines? These are the machines, corset, sort the mail and get it out quickly, but they are kind of reallocating at a different places, but this has been happening such a widespread web fashion. It doesn't seem to make sense, that's why we have to ask our postmaster general level, is going on here. I had a conversation with them yesterday. He said this is just part of the routine business, but when you see this much activity occurring and I'm hearing from postal workers and a male handlers in these facilities that are saying that, when they are operating machines, are there being told to shut him off after about forty thousand pieces of mail, are sorted even though they usually do eighty two hundred thousand and then make starts piling up as a result of that there are a lot of questions here. We have to ask these questions. Record Mr De will be, will be sworn end and he's gonna be under oath tomorrow. We're gonna be asking a lot, a tough questions which need to be asked and with the american people
serve to have the answers to this, because what we have been hearing from the pole, all service workers who are your letter carriers are posted workers. They are dedicated individuals. They want to move the male out as efficiently and quickly as possible they're saying that now management is saying to them, even though male maybe piling up just go home for the night. You can work on it again tomorrow, but that it continues to do I love, obviously, and when you These high speed, sorting machines out of the process. It just makes even more complicated. So senator lobbyists and get more answers tomorrow, but you ve been looking into this clearly, as you point out the post services, sometimes male volume is slower in certain places as a matter of routine. We take those delivery, I away. Sometimes we don't need all of them. We take sorting machines out of circulation if they're, too old, that's their defence. Other side of it is the theory that Donald Trump has a owner to his campaign, somebody who was a bit
money to the are in sea, put him in at the postal service running at its postmaster general and that they are worth hand in glove to slow down the mail so that mail in ballots cannot be delivered, which the present he believes, will hurt him in the fall where you come down on their says. You ve looked into this in what, in your estimation, is going on here. We are, Its clear there's been a big change. So when you have the argument that, while this is routine, this is the kind of thing that we do to adjust to male volumes. What brought my it into this issue was really of huge outpouring of folks contacting my office and saying going out with a postal service units not unusual to have folks contacting my office and talking about it is related to the postal service, but around MID July we had a flood of folks contacting the office. I opened up a website where people go and tell me specifically what's happening. After roughly a week, we had close to a thousand people who responded saying something is really different than we have
who normally ask her or put in request for prescription drugs from the eight normally Three days now it's taking thirteen days, so there was a significant change in just the last few weeks. This is anything routine. This is different. Why we have to investigate it? Certainly the person: General says he's gonna hold some of these procedures, but why did they put him in place to begin with, and what sort of down open into making these decisions to make these changes and think that it was have a major impact on the reliable delivery of mail and was directly to make these changes? I hope that's asked. Senator How do we know that How do we know whether or not too much damage has been done? Whether this is fixable in time for the election, that this is an attack in order to try and scrambled together between now and the election, if, if the head,
the postal service has systematically been breaking down the system, Is there any way to quantify what exactly has happened over the past few months to slow down service and how it can be fixed well, there is now part of what we're investigation. I have opened up an official investigation or through the committee we are digging into those kinds of facts. Most of the types of I that will be asked to Morrow the postmaster general as well, but we have make sure resources are there. Now, though, the men women who work that letter carriers are the postal workers who work and can surge they can get it done. We know they can move large amounts of mail in a short period of time. They do it every year during the holiday season, for example, but you have to make they? Have resources have to make sure they can have overtime and have additional workers in place. We have to make sure all of those procedure are ready to go I will say right now. The fact that this is getting such shows such a oversight from the american public that is asking these tough moorhens. Just gonna keep the focus out. We ve got it
the light shining. You know when you keep the light shining you're more likely to get compliance, but we can't take our. I also this one by any means for sure fish. For short, I am sure many appreciate that new are starting. Invest, nations, but investigations take time, there's procedure is hearings, take per se is time to fix this. If there's a problem, we after so deftly with this is this is a total focus of for what we are doing right now is to make sure that there hasn't been irreparable damage. I'm talking to folks within the working in these post offices are the folks who were union folks that are there who are eyes and ears as to what's happening, and I tell you that do their job professional every day. They want to make sure that they deliver, but we have to keep I and this administration the actions we have seen these last few weeks. There's no well there's a bright red light. Flash a red light flashing that we need to be it is absolutely you're, absolutely right. We not! We need look at this everyday centre,
very pears, and thank you very much. Well, I beg eyes Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down podcast I get together with Amy Humour to talk about her life in quarantine as a new mother, her new series expecting Amy and her breakthrough in train wreck get our conversation now for free wherever you download your pod casts big story. Yesterday today, elevated elevated, even further by President Trump Facebook has now been hundreds of pages ads and groups associated with the pro Trump conspiracy, group. She went on and covers nine hundred facebook pages. Ten thousand Instagram pages fifteen hundred ads and two thousand Facebook groups pushing the conspiracies as part of the social media sites, policy expansion? The new policies dates ages, groups and Instagram accounts associated with these movements and organizations be removed when they discuss potential violence. Human
and promotes the conspiracy theory. The wild idea that President Trump is saving the world from a satanic cult. Who has been linked to various violent attacks like a train, hijacking, kidnappings and police chase, and a murder and FBI Bolton last year. Warn that conspiracy, theory, driven extremists have become a domestic terror threat to say equally mentioning she went on today during his press briefing NBC, Shannon Petty Piece ass present tromp about the recent uptake you announce, popularity during the hands you move thing appears to be gaining a lot of ours. What you think about that you have to say to people who are following this movement will ever know much about the movement other that I understand. They liked me very much which are appreciated, but I know much about the movement I have heard
it is gaining in popularity and from what I've hears. These are people that, when they watch the streets of Portland, when they watch what and in New York City and just the last six or seven months, but this was starting even for is ago, when I came here. Almost four years You believe that these are people don't like seeing it's going on in places like Portland in places like Chicago York and other cities and states and their I've. These are people that love our country and they just don't like seeing it, so I dont know really anything about it other than they who supposedly like me and They also would like to see problems in these areas like especially the areas that we're talking about go away. There's no reason the Democrats can't run a city and if they can't we
we'll in all of the federal, whether its troops or alone forest, whatever they like will send. A man will straighten out their problem in twenty four hours or less theory. This belief that you are secretly saving the world from the sight tat, I called had a file cannibals. Does that sound like something you are behind? I haven't. I haven't heard that, but is that supposed to be a bad thing? if I can help save the world from problems willing do it, I'm willing to put myself out there, my god Yah Thomas, let's be clear about what you and on isn't again. I want to amplify what they say very much here, but The bottom line is Donald Trump is the hero of a story that they can but concocted that that they have invented going to save the world from a cabal of high profile. Democrats and progress
is who Q alleges our pedophiles and satanic worshippers, something something but point is Donald Trump if he hears that they like him, There is no group that, is not willing to embrace? what was I understand they, like me, very much, which I approve. So no matter what they say, what they believe, what garbage they spew out into the culture he's. Owing to embrace them because they like him, it's a lesson that foreign leaders have learned a lesson that Republicans on hell? No, if they use flattery, though, probably get what they want from President Trump but present drop. You know we cease to be shocked anymore, but stunning moment. Twenty embraces that group yesterday inside the White House yeah, I think first, I would like to give some credit to Shannon for being able to professionally get through that series of questions, but second, what we're too king about that sound, but you just showed also is amplify.
In some ways one of the themes of the Democratic national convention. This that it is about him and Sisera about care for the United States of America, and he is going to use the office to Try to help people to try to help America to try to educate America? He has this opportunity to explain, Q and on is basically nonsense and deny that this is not something that he supports and because, as the Democrats like to say, he makes everything about him. And his ability to win an election and not about the country and, what's best for their country, didn't he He says things like that that are easy to sort of turning to campaign and that are easy for the Democrats to harp on over these last three nights. He he effectively makes the case for for the Democrats and if,
if the poles are to be believed and a lot of, people on the democratic side are voting to get rid of. President Trump then this just please into that even more Jonathan, the mere I hesitate to ask, but did Donald Trump actual not know exactly what q and on is orders precisely what it is and is happy to have their support because they flatter him by putting him the centre of a heroic story? One they ve invented, of course, was there any thing in the White House after that did anyone say, Mr President, for you. This is a bridge too far from it
Talk to Will. I know those cartoons really haven't happened, we'll take a step back earlier. In the day at last, Precipitate Kelly Macaroni was asked about these, the Cuban on, and also some of the the candidates out there who have won republic in primary seats in the house who embrace some of their tenants, then who have in their past at least two of them have shared some really anti muslim rhetoric and she was pressed on than she claim that the president was familiar those sentiments. You are the president himself say there yesterday that he didn't know much about you and not by the US is clear that the take away is whether he knows are not that the intricacies of the conspiracy theory. He never criticizes groups that light and that is included too far more serious matters into including, like Charlottesville, maybe aftermath, where he's been slow to condemn white nationalists slow to disavow David, Duke slow too, to suggest that only one side was
A blame in that violate clash. Three years ago this week in Charlottesville Virginia take away, has always been that if they like him, they must doing something right, John Medium, our brain, into this and not on the particulars of cannibal pedophiles, but rather have we ever seen any sort of historical precedent for a president to embrace a conspiracy theory like that, that the utter fringes of society in their beliefs is or any other president prior to this one who, like this before answer that I want to see no Willie's keeping notes for when he writes the official history of mourning Joe, and I want this to go going. I know that this was the first time we actually used the phrase. Cannibal pedophiles I'm happy, oh Marilla. I think ok good
I wonder if we could do coffee, mugs and maybe needlepoint pillars now I just made light of it, which I shouldn't have done, because this is import these people move beyond their did you caves, and they are an active threat to many people and a good bit of of what we care about, and so I apologise for that, but it there de as your question directly Jonathan. No, there there's a kind of wooden matter if I may, if, if there were a precedent, because where we are now, is we have a president who has managed to embody every dark american force, whether its in ism, whether it native ISM, whether its racism, isolationism,
extremism these things are part of the american character right one, action. One party: is it going to take that away because we live in a fallen, frail infallible world right, I mean, each part of the country, thirty percent, forty percent, a country is always I believe something that you can't imagine that they could believe. The difference is that, at this point, those dark forces, have an active and engaged ally at the pinnacle of power. The present Obama was talking about last night is what that is the case of Joe Biden common areas or are going to have to make here is that we don't have to incur Ridge. These forces, in fact, what we should who is discouraged that, and I would say that this is where the precedent comes at weeds.
Speak warmly and openly about President's who actually tell their base the darker parts of their base wind to stop, not how they should keep going so oh, whether its Lyndon Johnson, segregationist, whether its Richard Nixon and unrepentant cold warriors and going to China, whether its Ronald Reagan, negotiating with Gorbachev it Georgia, Walker, Bush resigning from the in our aid, because the in our called federal agents, Jack booted thugs in the nineteen nineties- those exam George W Bush going to the mosque in bright after
September. Eleventh and saying this is not a war against all of his love. The fact that those examples come to the top of mind is telling because their examples where a president said this wrong, not well They like me, so I'm gonna put up with it, in seventy six days, I think Orange I too am John Mitchell. I I know that you feel bad for joking same time. It's nervous energy. At this point, when we watch all of this unfold, before eyes, and see the president's speaking that way about yet another crazy, quack conspiracy, theory free and we know the pain of it can where is and and and promulgating them and how they tear people a pardon.
People down- what's happened to even Joe One, a smaller level has been horrendous and it's all been executed by this President seemingly can't think of any other reason to hurt people Brok Obama last night, reverend out in an again talked about our dreams, proceed being at stake. We ve been talking on this show with some of the greatest mines as it pertains to politics in America in history and unit AMOS. They agree that we are in an enema. Can see state an emergency situation as it pertains to our democracy, especially if the problems with the postal service persist and if indeed, they are being handed down by the president and he's trying two so down into our election and that, along with the Senate, Intel Committees Bipartisan report on Russia and what happened there,
the latest information out of Russia, of critic possibly being poisoned. This is all too scary for those who care about country, and I was wondering if we could close this block by you talking not just about? What's it take for our democracy, but for black Americans it is particularly dangerous. Fear me for black. And when we are seeing the actual right to vote and exercise that boat. Being really threatened by the highest office in the land, when you see a president standing in the White House talking about a group that everyone considers some call a fringe. The wall phenomenon at best, and he said, but they love America and
against, was gone on important and in Chicago giving legitimacy and may streaming there. Maybe and we are the ones that are at the bottom of the Socio economic pole in forms of how you judge the matrix in this country. It is re scary, we're talking about blacks, that our been disproportionately unemployed disproportionately, given the worst in terms of the educational experience, everything across the board criminal, this in the age of George Floyd, and we have a president that all you have to do is say I like you and he gives you the legitimacy of the perimeter of the White House and all you have to do is play the SAM base instincts in the worst Americans in here like there's, some fine people over their cause, they're all right with me. This is a dangerous place to be,
much as we fought segregation is in bigots in the past. We never doubted their capacity to lease administer this affair as a state. We have someone that I do not believe and I think, followed Obama said last night. Even has the capacity to understand the danger, it is put all Americans in it. Clearly, black Americans can even worse. I don't even think he cares. Well, John Mission, then, since you're, we ve got remarks that are playing tonight. The author of the soul of America, and also the biography of Jean Louis, is truth is marching on with giving it all away what what message are you hoping to send that the Sole America is an arena of contention between better angels and our worst instincts and it's a perennial struggle
our best, the soul, the centre of life, it's from Socrates, through the Bible, it's been understood as breath and life. It's actually that the core of who we are ever then, every day, every or of every day. Is that struggle and add our best? America And have been animated by the proposition that we are all created equally and more and more, Or as important, we need be treated equally and not just folks who look like me, and if you look at his This is not about partisanship. This is american history. He look at our history. We ve always been at our best when we have reached out embraced when we ve tried to join common enterprise as opposed building walls, and I think that you need to pay where his taste retaliation. President with empathy grace
but mind openness to reason and Joe Biden will do that coming outbreaks doktor governor in New Jersey, after they term campaign, sue his state for expanding, vote by male mornings. Back in a moment. We won its mainly Emerson BC. Responded and hosted the pie cast into America, presidential election is less than three months away. So this week into America, we're looking at some of the biggest factors that play as Americans get ready to vote. Black women are one of the most important voting blocks for the Democratic Party, but they face decades of exclusion at the polls. This week marks one hundred years since the ratification of the ninety head limit, so we're looking at the role of black women in a separate movement.
Then and now plus would dive into some of them were subversive forces influencing voters like you were not approach from conspiracy theory that is gaining influence in this pandemic and as the Democratic National convention rose out virtually we'll talk about whether Dnc signals about the party strategy for November. I will join us for these conversations. New episodes drop every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday search for into America. Where were you listening right now and subscribe.
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