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On Thursday evening, Joe Biden accepted his party's nomination for president Thursday on the final night of the all-virtual Democratic National Convention. The Morning Joe panel discusses Biden's speech.

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They're trying to steal the election, we're gonna, be they take millions and millions of ballast and send them all over the place. Many partner country bone meal for grab. It will just put him in a big pile there. Every. Grab it it's a disk, many days because of the Koran about like ours are going to have more people vote among male then look at New York. What happened in New Jersey look at what happened in Virginia order. More Colorado. I won't go through the details. You know the story. No control whatsoever, there's nothing we can do or should the federal government to dictate how they vote away there trying to steal the election credible. The only way they gonna win is by a rigged and I don't think the american people need to worry about the election
looks like someone's gotTa Senate majority, to worry about. Well, no, actually, I you know it's very easy to look at those clips juxtapose. Say: oh my gosh, We have an issue between Donald Trump and sure carnal between the president and that's it. Majority later. Actually it's Donald Trump against support, a world. Unless Europe stooge working at the White House, we ve heard, time and time again, maker We senators especially saying: voting by mail is safe, the elections Can it be rigged weaving The Wall Street Journal editorial page a few weeks ago, saying Donald Trump talking like a loser, he's talking, are you really going to lose the elections not going to be rigged, and if he wants to keep talking like a loser, he should just quit.
Somebody run for the presidency who thinks it can well interesting good morning and welcome the morning Joe, it's Friday, high waylay August, twenty first, along with GEL Willie, and me we have Washington anger for BBC of news. America, caddy, K, MSNBC national affairs analyse and co host of show times the circus and examined The editor of the RE count John Harmon, so so so Willie. What? What? What did you think about the last night? Well. Is an extraordinary moment for Joe Biden, and I just go back again. It was six months ago that he was left for dead political I mean it was over. He fourth place and I were fifth place in New Hampshire. Everyone knows the story, and now six month there he is standing on his third attempt to become present a United States accepting parties nomination, I think from a content. Point of view is an optimistic speech that will get into, but also from a delivery. Point of view. It sort of flu in the face of all the criticism that
The drop in the trunk campaign has made of Joe Biden that he's not ready that he's fumbling stumbling. He would not any of those things last night it and found in his speech by NASA Americans to help him quote in this chapter of Amerika. Darkness speaking out against fear, anger and division. He vowed to be a quote AL of the light. As President Biden said, his first priority would be get the virus under control by implementing a national strategy that has been missing in this administration. Just judge this present on the facts. Five million Americans infected by covered ninety more than one hundred and seventy thousand Americans of die by far are the worst performers of any nation on earth more than fifteen million people of file for unemployment this year. More than ten million people, their health insurance issue
nearly one in six small businesses have closed this year, and this president, If he's re elected, you know, what will happen case. Is. Endeavour will remain far too high more pop business and we'll close the doors and this time for good working for struggling to get by and yet the wealthy one percent tens of billions of dollars in new tax breaks, Assault on the affordable care act will continue until is destroyed. Tragedy where we are today. Is it didn't have to be this bad? Just look around? It's not so bad in Canada or Japan or almost anywhere else in the world and the present to keep telling us. The virus is going to disappear. Waiting for a miracle. Well, I have news for him, no miracle
com. In our current presidents fail in motion basic duty to the nation has failed to protect us. He's failed to protect America, and my fellow Americans that is unforgivable. Well Joe. He's got the material for sure. He's got the material, not one fact he he put out last night was exaggerated or overemphasized for effect. This corona virus pandemic has been botched from the beginning, something he warned about, and Joe Biden, life and service may make him and and the child studies. Overcome may make him the perfect vessel to answer it. What we have seen over the past few years. What did you think of Biden Speech last what we saw the ports were. Obviously he was talking about Donald Trump,
record in what he considered to be a failed record. I thought more interest singly thou, especially at a time when publicans are leaving their party and when you have former Republicans and suburbs and across the country trying to figure out what they're going to do this fall, I thought interesting that Joe Biden Speech and even heard this from conservative pro trump. I guess that, actually it's an axiom. You actually order from pro tromp commentators last night that he didn't did well and I think It had that appeal even this summer applicants, because it was a speech that actually flip the screw script on Republicans whose leader is really is twisted, the soul of the Republican Party now be beyond recognition and he had demo. Rats actually in the democratic, not many stepping into the void that was created by the moral and political corruption of Donald Trump, which we saw again, of course,
today, with the arrest of Steve Ban and, and Instead, he delivered his speeches. Themes I think could have. Fitful better and that accepting speech from Ronald Reagan. Then, Mr Tromp, the focus was a flurry of policy per exceptions from the nineteen. Eighty four San Francisco democratic convention, but there is on values. Family fade military service of his son patriotism and yes, perseverance through tragedy and one of the most Reagan ask themes that dream of better day ahead and the belief that America's best days are yet to come. Now vat is a speech it'll stand in the starkist of contrast. Donald Trump and, and and the report working party that in that he believes, is rich white,
resentful angry and Willie filled with concern. See fairest. It is again. Optimism was Reagan, ask him yet thing you see Donald Trump tweet every conspiracy theory you see him embrace every democratic norm. He tries to undermine the latest of which, of course, being a fair election in its it's there tat. This is what you would hear Ronald Reagan talk about in his accept speeches for Republicans yeah, there's question about it, and I mention his delivery, flew in the face of the critic, I'm just in the way he performed, but also when you look at the substance of it, the the credit is that here the vessel and a tool of the radical left I challenge anyone who watch the entire evening, or even just that speech to say
that he is that I mean, if you look at it, was about his military families. It was about his son, it was about his faith, it was about how much church has to him! It was all these things that just don't line up with the criticism. That's who he is that's true and that's why it's been hard for Donald Trump to landings on him John Harmon, as you watch any even covering this yesterday down there for the circus. What is your feeling about his performance last night and really entire week? How is his campaign feeling about the way he kept it off? Last night? You know if there's a yes spinal tap right, really does this to go up to eleven in on a scale of one to ten. I think that to their the binding camps, view about this when it's hard to hard to remember. It seems like a long time ago, but you know they headed into this convention. It was that this was not. There was a precedent for that they were doing something. No one had ever done before a convention was a wholly virtual, pure television production
They not only remade this convention in a new way, but they did it it it was. There was supposed to be our normal convention a few months ago because over they they re fashion. The convention to be partly virtual, virtual and partly live and in person, and that judge, twelve days ago. They had to shut down in a walkie component of this. In turn, this no one, all virtual presently, the twelve days ago, they did nowhere. Joe Biden was gonna, give his speech the speech you gave last night that met a bet you for it. They had been expecting that speech to happen. Thursday night last night in Milwaukee. So you know everyone on the show knows that convention is normally two years in the making. The idea that twelve days out, you would be scrambling, try find. A new venue for the most important speech of the week is cut. Scottish Sosa High Wire act here, and I think that you know no good people, back on this, you look back that first hour of first night, and it was not it was not. I was fed stick, and I think a lot of other was either kings to be worked out but essential
from the second. Our the first night through last night, just in terms of production, firms of messaging and terms the political work that they were trying to get done. I think that they believe it was pitched perfect. The number have been very strong lots of people tuning in and it sort of Americans, Are they live right now in covert right, which is not? large rooms, with lots of people watching blue the fall in their head, sweating, waiting signs worry funny. Hats we're Americans live right now, unfortunately, is at home in front of the small screen edit Experience and everything through this medium right here more intimate where there was a thing about the by this speech last night. Rina way, I think you know obviously but Joe Biden rather given this speech to fifteen thousand adoring fans for sure, but they turn that speed. You know a conversation and I think to Jos point. You rig it ask optimism, for sure is a big contrast. Donald Trump
There is also a big contrast, Donald Trump. You saw that the way in which the binding personal story got last night into the discussion of what America's true, but I think third thing is the most important of which is that this was a we're fine speech. The biggest theme of this speech was bringing the country gather and that as much as thing, there's an implicit acts, explicit contrast. What has call Trump done. That is made him the most unique unusual president in american history. He has sought to divide country from the moment started running through every day. This presidency has been about dividing divided dividing and Joe Biden was kind of reminding us, and that is that they set out to do us that this is not the way that President's government does not the gotta present I will be. I will I may be flawed. I may be imperfect, but I will that brings us together. That is where they feel like. They landed the biggest most important thematic punched last night and and, as you say, a flawless performance by Joe Biden. You know
I've seen given literally hundreds of speeches might be the best speech. I've ever seen. Him give the I think that's what again from friends those alike- I think most people concluded- that was the best speech they ve ever seen Joe Biden Give, which of course undermines everything that Donald Trump and Donald Trump campaign has been trying to say about his middle this, especially if you saw here talking about Syria Muskie Ghana speed- owes shy. Just one of those tat area- Afghanistan, and it was a truly bizarre, perform yesterday, Esther Day, spinning out a little bit live lives in a very big, very big glass house, I say, though it would also is a fascinating Ellison. Be John talk about it. Is that We'll has from the very beginning, worked very hard, and this has been a strategy. This isn't even political opinions.
I been a strategy to divide Americans add he is made even the simple things: New Euro declare our email- quotes hip hop songs. I quote. Nineteen seventies pop song, in the words of Melissa Manchester, even that simple things, but calm rough, haven't, we have enough I here Joe Biden say something that every president, Donald Trump insane and acceptance speech. Hearing him say it sounding radical. Tells you how far we ve gone away from norms over the past four years a binding said I I want to be president of the United States, but everybody's the United States, not just p. Who voted for me? I will for those, I will work, just as hard for those We voted against me too, voted for me course.
Nobody can say that, but you know megawatts of. Setting is that's a sort of thing. Donald Trump would never say has never said he is divided the world starkly not when Republicans and Democrats, not conservatives and liberals, but between people who praise him right that people who don't praise and people who vote for him and people who don't for people who support em and people who do so with him, and so that's really why Joe Biden speech actually sounded. Ground breaking when, in fact it's what forty four presidents before Donald I would say on their way to the White House wheelchair by speech last night even drew praise from his critics across the aisle I'll concern commentator. Eric Ericsson, tweeted Impart Biden exceeded expectations. That was a fine speech
Non review, editor, Rich LAO wrote, forceful, energetic delivery strongest when portraying programme as all about jobs. Speechless focus in the second half, but overall probably helped himself in town hall. Political editor, Guy Benson simply said by, Rushed expectations here is more from Biden Speech the current President called american darkness, much too long too much anger too much fear too much division. Here and now I give you my word, if you and rush me with the presidency. I will draw on the best of us, not the worst, I'll be an ally of the light, not the darkness, while the democratic candidate an american president, our car, for those who didn't support me as hard for
M, as I did for those who did vote for me. That's the job of a present to represent all of us, not just our base or our party. This is not a partisan moment. This must be it american moment or not this president given for more years, we what he's been for the last four years press, takes. No responsibility. Refuses to me blames others cosy, dictators and fans the flames of hate and division. He'll, wake up every day. Believing a job is all about him. Never you, american. You want for you, your family, your children, I see a different America so Joe. My Joe, I just When you watch that speech, I just wonder about the reaction
it's going to get. I was talking with a friend yesterday who reminded me that there are There large portions of the country that have fox is on all day and not to get into a big Fox verses, MSNBC fight. But if you watch Fox news, you don't see half of the unbelievable things this president has done, and they are characterized very differently. In some of the programming You have no idea. What's going on with this administration, you think the corona virus is gonna, go away and you think was a russian hoax, so how They cover this speech I mean, is there? Is there are possible What is that this page can be in as negative and the liberal left. Is it s as Trump puts into, or think that the division in the media has played her here RO in the debate. The division in this country well
Me tell you: I can interpret as your conservative partner that Fox NEWS. Actually they praise at last night and they ve been praising. It this morning and I think is really important. That cat I think, is really important for us all to remember that as shocking as it may be only a small percentage for watch, gives me as their people that watch Fox news all day and yes, there are people who I Jim as NBC all day, but this speech and this in this point in the election, it start Turning to Americans who may not be the internet all day and then watching cable news all day and then tweeting all day.
And those are the people that Joe Biden is trying to reach and Pennsylvania and Florida and Michigan, and six seven swing. States can be hard to slice that speech in any way that it would come up with This is a senile guy. Who is the puppet of the crazy left right? There was just none of that in that speech, even for the most skilful edited put together, we came across as a decent guy, who is eminently reasonable and will be a voice of comfort and you, wanna play that speech. That's what you're going to end up with, because that's what the speech was all about. I think, in that respect you that it was a very good refutation of what the white houses wanted to say about Joe Biden, but more than that, I think what this week has done so successfully.
Biden did, though well last night he's married, I'm a decent guy who has empathy with oh and by the way I also having periods dealing with it. The problems that you're going through right now so I felt by was somebody who was not. You know wanting to be democratic. Lily. Perhaps not was even tuned in. One of the things I would have picked up on on that speed is that there is a plan for dealing with the vote. There is a plan for dealing with this pandemic, starting with national pestering me that would have signed it. Incredibly reassuring. At a time when I of scared and confused and the country feels like it, then chaos and I think that's what bind it though well I can govern and I'm decent unreasonable, put those two together in a pretty strong package. For the Democrats. You tell especially the year where, even when you talk to Republicans that voted for Donald Trump in
thousand sixteen. They talk about the sheer exhaustion, I and wanting to turn to normal, say now. I M not really gonna flock. Did Joe Biden because the tramp campaign once people to think that job It is the tool of the far left, despite the fact. The far left yesterday quoted in the New York Times, saying members of far left did. They were holding their nose running very Joe Biden, one color for one colorful, Why was I am vomit? in my mouth, but I am holding it and to vote for Joe Biden. The left doesn't like Joe by the far left on the damage, say, doesn't like Joe Biden I dont even know that vat fight that that that line of defence will will work Willie John higher, but I couldn't help but notice. Ireland is sitting in the hotel VAT, Joe Biden
announced his first run for the Senate in eighteen, seventy two Biden has just an extraordinary life story of highs and lows of successes and failures, since time and my seventy two personal heartbreak, so much so that it's hard for me thus imagine how he has kept going, but is kept going through. Faith in God these, going just because he thinks that those in his family have died with one to do just that. It is an extraordinary story, part of which we saw last night. I was almost fifty years ago. That's a long political career, that's a long life and he's been through a lot, and I think if you weren't familiar with
Joe Biden story and you just sit and watch this week. You got that full idea of who he is where it comes from. Where he's been and what he's been through, culminating in that speech last night John Home, and I think there was a criticism of Joe by I night in there was, it said some people would say, or conservatives were saying at least that okay, he read a good speech offer teleprompter. He did it well. But now come the debates next month and the first one will be in Cleveland and September twenty night, then we'll see how he holds up standing across from Donald Trump when it obviously going to be ugly when there is no prompter, when he doesn't know what questions are coming and went down from goes on how how will he respond in those moments? So what kind of preparation is the campaign doing for that, because, It is the next big moment in this campaign. Yeah, you know. Luckily I mean you got a bigger, say two things here, one as you know, you can't you can do this speech
as well is really not the teleprompter. That's what a convention speeches Donald Trump agreed in his up tell us for next week to so much just be fair about this right. That's what that's the job that he had to do last night, but of course it also true that these debates are gonna. Be incredibly, sequential they always are, but but but more so. I think in this case- and you know Joe of big has cited Reagan a couple times this morning. I think there you. We also think about what analogies might perhaps be suitable this, this debate, the first one, the one you're citing, may be kind of knowledge to the Carter Reagan debated nineteen eighty there was one in nineteen eighty, and that was debated, mattered more than I think, maybe any other single debated, modern political history yet, text mixing define one that's on par with it, because the question then that race was debris, Radio had that race, in his sites, but there was still questions about whether Reagan was
a man was a lunatic was of a far right to part of the right, a cowboy whatever he had to put those final question is rest in that debate, and I think, as you head towards this one, if we stay on Crack were on politically right now, we're Biden has a wide national Wade. Substantial in most of, if not all, of the main battleground states you imagine you know it's gonna be a lot of brutal combat between now and then but you're gonna. Get to that debate and five is told that position the dynamic will be the same, beat up the country? has kind of decided the movement enough of the country's cited it wants to fire Donald Trump. Its evaluating Joe Biden as Tristram tries to tee to discredit him to disqualify him the country that these, though, still decide will be looking at this debate and saying: hey is Joe Biden and acceptable so the stakes for binding. That debate will be off the charts. The campaign has taken the debate strangely seriously, they were doing the Bay prep for
doing debate properly or that any campaign they not obviously going to debate camp yet, but they ve started doing the basic groundwork. The covert period earlier than campaign I've ever seen before, because they understand what a big deal this debate is going to be Can't you kid overstate our important it's gonna be, and I think it out there won't be a vast audience for those debates and and that is where the pressure will fall most severely. Barton will say there's another analogy that lines up very well or another parallel between. The Reagan debate and the Carter debate and what's coming up Lee being up to that debate. The Carter campaign and the Carter team had turned Ronald Reagan into as you said, this stark raving right wing lunatic. That would start World WAR three expecting since four Reagan were so loud at all had to do is go well there. You go again NICE Guy people like wait. He doesn't look
crazy. Like you, we wants to note the world. Enzo Reagan's, so outpace, expectations, the low expectations put on him by his opponent that it was it has scored a huge when for Reagan that night- Now you have the same, not me again, but this time it's the Republicans or making the mistake. The republican campaign making the mistake consulate talking about how crazy Joe Biden is, how sleeping Joe Biden is, how out of it Joe Biden, is that's on their campaigns. They are cutting up tapes they're fine. Again the stupidity of Donald Trump By doing this I mean just talk a comedy central about that, but me their setting expectations so low for Joe Biden in the debates that have
shows up there like he shows up last night, then the Trump campaign is done, an extraordinary favor for him by lowering expectations. So much that we need steps over those expectations. He wins the expected since debate. Anyone The debate. Same thing happened with Reagan. Can nineteen eighty I dont disagree with that. I just also on looking ahead to the full on assault that day that there publicans that the term campaign will porter. Violence, family on calmly Harrison that will be other dynamic at play as well. So I had a morning Joe to twenty sixteen democratic Pro, central nominee. Hillary Clinton will be yes clause for White House Chief strategy, Steve Ban and is now these seventh besides to face criminal, charges, since the president took office, will discuss the fraud
negations against him, but first as an interim tackles Israel policy and as Hake. For sharks, yes, same centre will, of course, and it was all my you're always did that you're watching morning, Chow will be right back I'm sure, mainly post of into America, a podcast from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice and irrational and justice, and in when you add health, is a health and justice into what is at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America, a podcast about who we are ass, Americans and who we want to become new episode.
Every Monday Wednesday Thursday Subscribe now, Afghanistan will be down very shortly to four thousand troops and metal come back shortly to Syria took em all out other than were we kept the oil. If that's ok with you, we kept the euro. We have some back and keeping the We should have kept the oil in Iraq. Member used to say keep them. Well, don't go in I'd, say, don't go into Iraq when I was a civilian. Nobody cares like you, so nobody cares. I wanna get that mosquito. Eddie they'll say it's cruelty to animals. Surely they have? I would say the other night, the shock, they were saying, oh shocks, we have to protect them. I say: wait a minute wait. They are. Want to remove all the seals in order this the shock? Is it? Don't you ever the other way around? That's true now not a big fan of shocks either
I don't know how many votes, if I get a loser, people calling me up so we want to do, is to have a fund save the shark. It's gonna save the shark. I see no. Thank you. I have other things I can contribute to. I recognise Israel to capital open the american embassy in Jerusalem recognise Israel itself in over the Golan Heights. I guess I just have to correct a couple things. First of all, what Donald Trump Donald from all just you can talk the lunacy of it all just a bizarre ramming. What errand frivolous I invite, I then we rely and data lie that he opposed the war in Iraq. When that's just a lie, you know he, of course, trade have it both ways. He talks back and forth, but in his two thousand book he talked about- maybe leading to go when and and attack Iraq because of their nuke
your programme, wrote that in his book, which he can't escape from the day after the invasion. He talked about how Iraq was tremendous military success. Later in the year in December, two thousand three said: were there we need to stay there. We need to win the war, so so yeah maybe he's there was ill in between The bizarre ratings about mosquitos and sharks- very actually, a fact check that he keeps lying about being a the war in Iraq and Willie. I heard a crowd there wonder We know someone who might have been there who could tell where they squish together, where they social distancing, where there are wearing masks and how big was the crowd. Yes, we who have someone. First, I just love the idea that someone called com
the present the United States got through the White House, switchboard got to him and the oval office and said: hey we're with the sharp group donate to the shark and no thank you and slashed slimmed down the phone by the way. This point out the president. Basically, there confer coming what Stormy Daniels told us in an interview that he does not like sharks, that they are in a bungalow in Beverly Hills, one time he was watching shark weak and went on and on about how much he hated sharks are confirmation. There right angle story, let it yes! Yet, let's marine Jonathan, the mere he's the house, why our support for the Associated Press Jonathan, you were on that trip, you can get into the details of sharks and mosquitoes if you like, but first what was the event. Like and the President, while Joe Biden was looking to the future and painting a more optimistic picture, went back to the theme of effectively american carnage suggesting that If Joe Biden is elected, we will see more of what we see in the streets of places like Portland Oregon. We should point out the Donald Trump is pressing.
This is Donald Trump America right now, It is really I'm gonna start with the sharks. Obviously, the present. Just like for sharks is well known, and yes, in that same thirty seconds, he can Yes, mosquitoes. He came out against sharks, but later he reader his desire for much more water pressure. In the shower to say in anti shark antimissile, you don't rose water pressure platform, that's pretty poets. Already combination, that's pretty good! But yes, yesterday, the president's visit to just outside strengthened survey and Joe Biden Birthplace, his effort to the effort of real in your face, how to program a troll if you will to try to rule by non the day by this big speech and he delivered at. In front of a couple hundred people who were meek, I would say we have about wearing masks, not totally socially distance, maybe three or four
rather than six this. What we're seeing out there they can't make the campaign is abandoned. The efforts to have large rallies instead there having smaller amounts of better airport hangers. This one was outdoors where he can still get in front of a couple hundred people Some of the trappings of arrives, the campaign of not official. Why House event deliver. What would be his rarely speech? You spoke for for over an hour and yes that, though he showed we showed them the lighter moments there. Perhaps in terms of his stance certain creature, the members of the animal kingdom. This was speech where a lot of dark notes. He really real contrast from the light that focus that that job, May the centre of his speech, later, including talking about the state bloodshed and anarchy in a couple, American Citys lets us into a few that few moments when the president right up Joe Biden is a puppet of the radical left movement that seeks to destroy
the american way of life and they're gonna the money and a green new deal, the green new deal, you know it you get out of that. Nothing, nothing except debt and death If you want a vision of your life and thereby presidency- think of smouldering ruins in Minneapolis the Violet our key Portland. The bloodstained sidewalks. If Chicago and imagine The mayhem coming to your town. And every single town in America. You're, not gonna, have law in secure you ballot absentee by That's a good, but this stuff, where they, millions and millions of ballast and send them all over the place where grab it will just put him in a big pile so. This is just the way there trying to steal the election and everybody knows it because the only way they gonna win is by a rigged elections. I really believe that They want to cancel you totally and so you take your job turn
family again shoe for in your my while they, after an your children with twisted twisted world views at nobody ever thought possible, it's these too stupid themes that we ve heard more and more from the president in recent days, trying to paint Joe Biden as a puppet of the radical left. Suggest that the violence, seen in summer, because cities which again mind you currently as president of those american cities would be more widespread, were Joe Biden to take off and most importantly, that that perhaps that sound bite we play just there again, suggest that the only way that he could lose this lecture me with rig different were stolen. He said something I'm alert and was constant on Monday, and that is the theme we ve heard of top rail against mail. In voting, we ve heard him talk about assert with no evidence that every widespread fraud
Is he sowing the groundwork he is trying to plant the seeds for chaos? This November And you know it so interesting good. He is, Actually what he did. John Dickerson dug up an interview we had with the rights previous four years ago. At this time and Donald, was talking about the same thing for years ago about a rigged elections. Any wasn't going to acknowledge. Hillary Clinton is the victor until he had time. For the election to do that? This is job. This is just the way it plays a game, is fascinating, used the words debt and death. Ok, I dont than I think I might stay away from those two words if I were Donald Trump that because this this time. American carnage, you look, cities are opting in violence. Is a present tried to store operational animal? Says he's been doing. For years and that these these city blowing up this is trumps. He owns it, he broke it
he. Yet this is the american carnage. I guess we know now what american Carnage speech was about because, when he delivered it, crime was at a fifty year low Legal crossings across the southern border zone dear love, there's nothing no lies at Facebook can spread around no conspiracy theories. It can be spread around this look at trumps own governed websites, and I will show you that when you liver the american Carnage speech. All of that that a fifty year low. Now, here we are three and a half almost four years later caddy and he talks about debt and death America's debt, at a record highs deaf its exploded to record eyes and death. What We are now one hundred and seventy five thousand dead from a pandemic
We'll Trump said was one person coming in from China and would go away, but you give corporations in the top one sent to point trillion dollar tax. And you're gonna win that would be a debt and that's where they are under Donald Trump up before. Yes, I just don't think the present reads very good at reading. Tells is. Somebody is either not getting TIM about his full members or he is not listening, because actually we ve seen the little tightening of the poles over the last. For three weeks that seems to be, as we ve seen, the slight tapering in the covert cases, and it looked until yesterday. Numbers we may be doing a tiny bit better when things are doing better in the country when the virus is doing better in the country. It seems that Donald Trump own fortunes perform a little bit better when there is huge division in the country when he is stoking his base and talk,
about american carnage and talking about death and debt and stoking these notions of death, indebted sounding so dog his approval rating for a worse. I dont know why he is not able to see the Two things going together at the bar respect wanna be moving a little bit better and I will stop of better just it's an equal he seems incapable of doing it, so he revert to the base in Europe, but the carnage talk and that's once again when because worsen the pulse big eyes, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down podcast I get together with Amy Humour to talk about her life in quarantine. As a new mother, her new series expecting Amy and her breakthrough in train wreck get our conversation now for free wherever you download your pack casts doubt me has been incapable of doing it from the beginning. Even the inaugural address was surprising that guy gets elected in talking about how horrific everything is again,
crime was that a fifty year low when he took over now look at cities across Amerika Elite border crossings worlds. A fifty year low, look at once, over the past three and a half years, the southern borders, it's been absolute chaos curious. So, as you talk about a positive Lessons John I'm verses a negative message: What are you looking at as Republicans get ready for their convention? and are they going to be able to pull off with the Democrats were able to pull off by Actually, after the first couple of hours making it look seamless. While they have one big advantage, Joe in that they got to watch Democrats, do it so because part of the degree of difficulty for Democrats they had to do this without precedent, and now I am sure that republican media, the Republican
operatives and the people at the hour and the convention planners. The television producers are involved studying this give this democratic convention, and they are I'm sure at the earth scrambling Convention. It was more disarray, then the democratic convention again, not in a well what happened there right Trump took it from Charlotte took an Jacksonville had to cancel Jacksonville now it sort of in Charlotte, but also the comforts couple days of an hour and Charlotte. But then it shifts focused in the same. The present, of course, going to finish the whole thing on the White House. Lawn were told, so you know. I think that there is the question but how the production will go and so greater disarray, but at least they have a model to look at. I will see how turns out. I think you know adequately. The interesting thing is to go back and look at the twenty sixteen convention. In an interview. If you look at the convention, they did in Cleveland time, when this
for american carnage, the inaugural speech, but if you gave me go back to trumps, that convention speech, was memorable and I'm over us talking about it at the time it was easily the dark Convention speech that any more party nominee had ever given get it made our in our political lifetime turn our our lifetime show even on dark. This speech was sodium and that was below and when will you would have thought when you would have thought that the debt that trunk could it would have been a more optimistic figure when he was just then seizing control the Republican Party. So imagine now how dark the speeches gonna being given what their main political objective is. Now just to destroy Joe Biden. I am expecting- and I think the Biden campaigners expire during an week of unrelenting ceaseless now negativity and that will probably cross a lot of boundaries. There's disk Should now you know, will they not just go? We saw turbine last night by the convention.
Not just go after her Joe Biden, but also potentially go after Bo Biden, as there are some way in which they could try to down the memory of both by the Biden Campaigners EAST for being no limits whatsoever, no boundaries that that thou drop next week his allies will say or do anything to begin the process. Tearing down what Joe Biden built up over the course of this week, Jonathan. You got reporting on what's in store next week, I've heard it's going to be pretty ugly. Think it is right that they wish to prepare ourselves, for some, pretty dark, seems Spinnet the focus of the president in recent weeks, and I they a preview that will be the case next week as well. Plans are still coming together in terms the mechanics of of next week. It will indeed be DC base. There is just one day now,
Charlotte it's gonna be about its delegates are meeting there. There is expectation of the president will swing by make a trip to North Carolina, but that will be during the day that will be part of the deprived time of vents, ere. The focus will be here in the nations capital. The first lady is expected to speak from the newly refer. Rose garden. Not far from here standing. The vice president will speak likely at Fort Mc Henry, not too far from here and then the president himself from the south on the president has insisted that these speeches belies. He has been very we did and critical of Michelle Obama. Who takes her speech in advance. He wants all the major set pieces to be done, live ideally in front of some people. There is some expectation and hope per the White House to have some people gathered to hear the president's speech. Thursday, whether there on the south lawn or perhaps the national mall. We know that they have a permit for a major firework show near the wash monument on Thursday. We should expect that after President Trump wraps up his speaking
there is. There is a sense, though, that they don't have, as a final point, some of the heavyweights movie lungs. The Democrats tat there are no ex presidents who are to be speaking next week Democrats when all I get this deal could think deflating was about was their Michelle Obama. There will not be your appearance. My George W Bush or out, but I would like in snuck I they do the sailor with the guys Actually they they don't have former presidents, but they do have people arrested for wielding guns Esther so at black there's that you now make when John was talking about two thousand sixteen convention, couldn't help, but flash back to but
Thank you. Jonathan or mere Jonathan looked a little disoriented because, above the Red Sox, actually in a baseball game language, we have all the volley for this idea. I friend he's too into the areas under fourteen, so we'd get back, don't verse, but I think about the lock. Her up chance I know the people arrested and convicted that were leading the lock her chair, I am really enroll more come all. This is I have avoided saying it to this point, but you look at all. The people around the president had been convict arrested and convicted it, it's a criminal enterprise and it has been a criminal enterprise and the one thing that really? Nobody talked about two degree. I thought they would ask for this interim report was that the were how can lead Intel Committee sent
criminal referrals to two other people close This brought it we're gonna, look carefully, Baldos S so coming our president from tries to distance himself from the border, while funding scheme that now this former chief strategy, Steve Bannon, indicted on fraud charges can't really do that. We will tell you why discuss it next morning, Jus how journey doing good, how good as earlier there is a great hurry homes he was heavyweight heavyweight, jammed bright, the Larry Large serve? I know another will live only homes,
the latest from the Lincoln Project, as the number of Trump associates who have been charged with crimes I'm screw yesterday, Steve Banner who won served as chief strategies for President Tromp was arrested yesterday and with fraud for his alleged involvement in raising private funds to build a wall on the next in point of every gassed the led the trouble away. Actually, there were a lot of people say: A lot of you will know. Mexico was rather pay for it man and who was taken into custody on a yacht docked in Westbrook Connecticut, worked with three. Nurse in an online fundraising campaign called we build the wall for a better way by the way Willie when they come for us it's very safe to say that is not how they will find us not, and I are on a one hundred footnote chinese dahlias ups
now now, probably nigh, probably not ill, be it a dark, corner and an off track betting site somewhere north of Yonkers. Fund raising that arise when we usually are find online, and you can read about. You will also find video Don Junior doing events with these guys and thanking them for all. There work and saying this is good old fashioned capitalism. The four logically raised twenty five million dollars from donors by far sleigh, promising that one hundred out of their money, would be set aside to build new actions of the border wall. According to the twenty four indictment, ban and and three others are accused of misappropriating millions of dollars for personal use and charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering
then was arraigned in Manhattan federal Court, where he pleaded not guilty before being really, Son five million dollar bond and was ordered to surrender his passport and confine his travel to Connecticut no work in Washington DC. Here's how President Trump reacted. I feel very badly. I haven't been dealing with him for a long period of time as most of the people in this room. Now he was involved in our campaign. He worked for governments actually work work for a lot of companies, but he was involved likewise in our campaign and for a small part of the administration, a very early I haven't been dealing with him at all. I know nothing about project other than I didn't like when I read about it, I didn't like it. I said this for government. This isn't for private people and its to me like she'll voting, and I think I let my opinion be very strongly stated at the time I didn't like it. It will show boating and maybe look
for funds, but have to see what happens. I think it's a very sad thing for Mr Batten, think it's surprising, I wish them well, but well, gentlemen, I mean it. You gotta go, all this. At this point I mean it: Dick looks like a criminal enterprise law campaign manager, convicted crimes is deputy campaign manager. Convicted of federal crimes is for policy adviser convicted of federal crimes. Is national security. Adviser convicted of federal crime his long time lawyer in fixer convicted of federal crimes, his will time. Political adviser, convicted of federal crimes has his what he called a ban on. The ban was wasn't campaign manager I mean there is
chief strategies, kid now was arrested and then went into the White House and was well in the White House, in fact it was ban and then- or you know, First months worked in the White House and we're there alone late at night. I we know this because is AIDS so concerned that by the fact that and then tromp or just sort of seeing around at the White House by themselves for months in early part of the administration. Look at the job as a stunning. It's a stunning record We are credible criminal enterprise. They they let you know, people we have to have talked about trumps Looking like like a mob family for a long time? It's looking more and more like not just the mafia but a family for really stupid. Mobsters because, like you know, you look at the where they set this thing up this ban and enterprise they would like to to get cod.
Hold people or donors that they are going to put a hundred percent of the money into the cause. It's a building the wall, there's no No charity whatever make that claim a real, a real charitable operation, I'd say you know that you're, to be efficient with the use of funds in Europe? To put the money you know, maybe we never say a hundred percent of your dollars will go towards this cause. I know there's no new charity on earth, it meets that state or which, of course, is open them up to the liability. The point you guys made God dammit on the yacht. I think you know, there's just so much more to go to look at here yacht owned by a chinese billion are not just the chinese billion orbits one of the most wanted initiatives in China in a stable, who is the populist economic, more candle who has, but not China HAWK Dead, all shocks in the administration, who apparently close enough to some chinese mobile millionaire our billion air, fugitive he's not just
the argument about the best he's not better use, your round is not. Why wasn't these flows around long island sound here he's been fearful like a pleasure trip bad. It's been this With it on this yacht four months during that during the pandemic, basically the living alone. Sound on this, while this boat for we upon a week's upon weeks, which is why look so tat? Why look like oh geez without a haircut today away yesterday when he came out of jail. So I want to know how the dusty ban is in bed with the chinese billionaire fugitive when you're the ultimate, China HAWK and stealing money from all of these global market develops. Who gave money. To this thing, a thinking it was gonna go to though the border wall, the cynicism on this why the cynicism is stratospheric income, it, will hilarious so a jail. I think
what Johns getting added this larger point here. Not this. Does this specific fraud of conspiracy and male fraud that we get into in just a moment, but the larger fraud perpetrated on trumped supporters, which is that he chant Every rally in two thousand fifteen and sixteen we're gonna build the wall where they get Mexico to pay, for he becomes president partly be on that promise. He cannot get it done, doesn't get while their small portions built, and so now other group comes in and says because the president can't get this done, we're going to stop a private enterprises Donald Trump Junior Tall, the private enterprise at its best and take your money. Give us millions of dollars which they did and we will get this wall built. They of course, did do that instead, there sitting on yachts, cosmetic surgery is in this complaint, there's a lot to dig through, but for the people who claim to be supporters and end of the forgotten man and populists. As John said, this is the antithesis
there's an. They are perpetrated a massive fraud on people who thought they were into a cause that that would help the country and you ve, had for four years conservatives talking about in the scam that Donald Trump is perpetrating on on this party and also what with what people like the ban and are doing make me look at it and say you look at what Wayne LAW. Pierre turned but in our into a basically ash machine for himself and his family and other a group of board members around him, so millions of Americans that were giving to the inner re thinking that they were protecting second amendment rights. They were actually just paying, for weighing Lapierre and his buddies. Extraordinary lifestyle extravagant,
lifestyle in Washington DC is thing with Jerry Fall. Well, Junior, you look and see it as a money making enterprise again evangelicals duped and to listen to this guy in following this guy and now, of course, Steve Ban and again it is just the height of cynicism. We're going to build the wall that Mexico is going to pay for. You just need give us your money while its is more able it. It points to the called like nature, this man who gives money to a campaign president or foundation. That's supporting a president's policy of building a wall that the President promised Mexico is going to pay for and campaigned on that who gives large amounts of money that someone so taken end. They just don't even care they're. Just this is pretty sick.
We are just pass the top of the hour we're gonna get to the mass of night last night democratic, slow convention, Joe Biden Speech, what is which has been widely per based on both sides of the I'll pay its crusades this week on my podcast. Why is this happening I'll, be talking with rhyme thumb about the chinese government's ongoing ethnic cleansing of its weaker minority? You can make people submit that its very difficult to make them think differently. There is bound to be a large percentage of this million or so people who they determine to beat irredeemable and I'm worried about what happens. You know the german concentration camps,
It was something like for five years before the majority of the population in them was jewish and it was eight or nine years before they were connected to a programme of mass killing. So the reason I bring that up is that goals can change, especially when you're looking at such a massive system. That has no appeal system, no regulation, no oversight, and we ve already seen that the rest of the world's reaction to this has been rather slow, as this week on wise is happening, search for wisest happening, reverie listing right now and subscribe
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