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The Morning Joe panel recaps the kickoff of the Republican National Convention.

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Blood alone moves the wheels of history to steal your liberty. Your freedom I say to you. I do I understand that airs up Riverledge to fight. They want to control. What do you see and think and by leave so that they can control you live? We don't let them upon you dont. Let destroy shore, your family's, your lives in your future salesman, Northeastern Pennsylvania. I ask you, arise and be worthy
historical, our that beacon signed bright once again for the world to see you have the ability to use your life and don't turn in your destiny. We must never she'd come up a mother leaders, insiders, Frida Liberty and the american dream ass. Yet, ladies and gentlemen, your twenty twenty National convention? wow good morning it Sir I just you know Willie. I just don't know where'd. He go with white, we all saw yesterday what we saw last night. I
that is sinking back people please offended. Nineteen, I do by parachute spades yeah, I mean Let me tell you something that That was that was Churchill in the house so calm and nineteen forty compared thing we saw last night at a bizarre color of all time the facts and alternative realities, told cranks and misfits that would never be allowed inside any convention. Before for there are seven couples. You know the couple it by carrying guns outside their house and were pointing it at black lives matter. Protests are saying that Joe Biden wants to abolish, suburbs. You go down the whole lesson, of course, Donald Trump? It
even add Donald Trump. Yesterday evening his people begging him. Day on message tried and paying Joe Biden as winger. Instead, he repeated is why Barack Obama spot on his campaign in twenty, sixteen something that has been disproven time. And time again and his own aids were so discouraged. Steady did it because you can't stay on script, but you know you had dawn Junior saying The choice is between. This is very funny actually charge work and school Rioting, looting and and Elizabeth S Stand Junior and Donald Trump. Is Paragon of of church
work and school any just the go down the western either. Mickey highly whatever she wants. I hope it's worth it Mickey Hayley going out in saying that tromp did with North Korea? Why might Morocco, and Joe Biden never get. Why let them accumulate more nuclear weapons in advance their nuclear programme. There missile programme forward under the yellow, under the protection an american president who continued visit him when all of his experts told him not to visit, John I get. It was just a gay people. People were willing to go and shame themselves last night and create alternative reality of facts and this does it work, and it doesn't work because again so,
The night was focused on what a guy. A job Donald Trump did on the corona virus. It's as if these people never read a pole and are actually talk to Americans to understand the overwhelming a mirror. The overwhelming number of American Sink Donald Trump has in fact, come. We failed his handling of the cry virus because he has yet without quest If you start last night with the guiding principle of today's Republican Party, it is to please the boss, Donald J Trump. We know that because they scrap having a platform at this republic in national, invention and just said. We support whatever downloads says literally that's what they did. There's no platform this time so start there, please the boss. So that's what all those speed We're about that explains Nicky Hayley speech. That explains the mcclosky is the couple you referred to
in Saint Louis sitting, on a couch in their parlor. Talking about the bottle king of the suburbs, that's a line. Rip directly from President Trot break says that Joe Biden wants to quote: abolish the suburbs by God forbid, allowing black able to move in, so they may back yes, it was a wild performance by the two of them, but the theme Actually, if for people who watch this network and are waking up with us and watch last night, you might have It was wild and you couldn't believe what you are hearing, but if you watch Fox news or fear on Facebook every day it all saddened familiar in it all resonated with you from Don Junior speech. So the talk preserving monuments, cities on fire, Joe Biden create socialists utopia. It's a why a wild world, but it's one that they live in each and every day, so I am sure, with a lot of members of the base which is who they were speaking to it rang true, but your point is the most them and one which is there, also and in order to please the boss, creating this
from the universe where the present the United States is overseen a hundred and seventy seven thousand deaths and tens of millions of jobs lost because of his handling of the corona virus crisis is the hero of this story that he came in and rescued America from something that China inflicted upon this country its stunning stunning narrative that has no basis in reality, the stunning narrative, it says, speaks ill of the people that work, pushing that lie and it's not a medium sized lights. The big lie of our time. And its pigs ill, course of president ended speak sale of people who actually believe it. Certainly speaks ill of the people who promoted on cable news or promote it on Facebook that's a lie.
Everybody knows it's alive: they. They know that Donald Trump mishandled this crisis and in just about every way imaginable, and you just look at cumbersome and young children five thousand plus people dead, perhaps many more actually and hundred seventy eight thousand people dead from a virus. Donald Trump said was one person coming in from China is going to go away and then said it was fifteen people, but it was gone. To go away and then said this was going to go away in April and has been wrong. Every step of the way. Whether he's talking that Hydroxyl Chloric Winter weather is talking about putting this in, hence in your body or whether you suddenly putting uv lights in your body or whether you know he's His is intimidating his own FDA now to try to push other treatments that just
Haven't had the scientific review that every doctor says they should have, but there is no doubt that there is an alternative pull, go reality, that's being created and people are wilfully going along with his personality cult and it is a personality. Cult said nothing to do: you can walk up, do we? Therefore, if you want to and say why aren't you conservative anymore, you can get a thirty minute talk about how I am actually conservative. I still believe in balanced budgets. I still believe in small government ice believe in free trade. I still believe in NATO. I still believe in pushing back against soviet aggression. I still believe in freedom. I still believe that when a russian autocrat tries to poison and kill a political opponent. You speak out. I still believe that when Russian autocrat bodies on the heads of the Young Americans ff.
Sitting in a war in Afghanistan? You speak out against it all. I could do this all morning. You don't want to say that to me and airport, because you're going to be one sitting there, looking stupid, asking your Why you ve entered this personality cult? Why you used to be a conservative, and why now you ve turned this three over a former reactor, these star there so long ago is contributing to Hillary Clinton, giving her a checks, giving carmelites Harris to checks as late as two thousand thirteen and two thousand fourteen, it would give money to Charlie Wrangle. Who would give money to Anthony Wiener? Who would give money you? I could just keep going all day. And this is her your line for this is this- is who here I'll, bring far politically Mickey Hayley. This is, This is a u attached. Yourselves yourself to. After all, you know about it.
Lindsey. Graham after all, you ve said about him. It's really It's really a sight of a whole. Let's bring in cheap political correspondent for politico tomb. Alberta is a sweet. Who pays for political magazine title the grand old meltdown? What happens when a party up on ideas. We're going to get there. Isn't it boarding and to discuss it. We ve compiled a mini summit of conservatives, real conservatives by the way, people that actually believe the same thing today that they believe before Donald Trump. Started running for president conservative analyse and journalists, former aid, George W Bush, a Republican by the way, a lease Jordan, chairman of the Republican National Committee the newest member, the Lincoln Project, a Republican. And the party. When it had historic gains, Michael
Steel, also managing editor of the Washington Examiner magazine, J, Caruso, unreliable and communication strategies, Rick Tyler, he's author of the new book, still write an image. Loving, hybrid driving compost American makes the case for servitors Rick, I always knew you were a hippie well, why don't you take us through the first night? I let's go through the rope, weaken national convention, as we said, kicked off yesterday by officially renominated nominating Donald Trump for peace the United States, the convention speakers painted a bleak picture of a Joe Biden Presidency, while portraying Donald Trump as the man standing between order and anarchy of one state. Calling him body guard of west. Civilization Republic
also misrepresented the president's record, as we said, describing him as a leader who acted quickly against the corona virus and also as a fighter for social justice this, while the poor, continue to rail against male invalidate. They'll, be sending of they'll, be dumping on the neighborhoods they'll. Be people are gonna, be picking a mob they'll be bribing they'll, be paying off people to grab some. This is to be one of the greatest gift and its common sense. This has nothing to do with politics whose mailing them most, Lee Democratic Democrat, stage and democratic governors, posing a male, I'm too republican neighborhoods. But here's a thing so don't have any enthusiasm. So you'd say you get about gettin up, devote ok I want to watch television set about, but he is a ballot just got you any hope of Isabella. What the hell am I gonna do just like and then somebody knocking on our door and their harvesting here.
You got me about yeah. I have my ballot you to decide whether we want outside it that's a whole year. It is get out of here. That's them honest way of doing it and that's unfair. That's not how it works. Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee adopted a resolution yesterday, declaring it will not. Adopt policy platform for the election, as I mentioned, citing constraints and the size of this year's our and see the resolutions had stated. The parties quote strong support for President we'll trump and his administration and its opposition to policy positions of the quote: Obama Biden, administration. The document declare the Republican Party has, and will continue to enthusiastically support the President's America first agenda without saying exactly what that, the resolution also accuses the media of quote outrageously, representing the implications of the currency, not adopting a new platform and twenty twenty and
on the media to engage and accurate and unbiased reporting, etc, etc, etc. So job here it is what I meant at the top no platform. This time has always been a platform. Of course they say it's because the convention is so desperate. It's hard to bring everyone together, but you really could put a central ideas, principles down on a piece of paper and they ve chosen not to well I'm just not too, because they ever again, it's a personality called than white. What a better way to show the world why the republican parties become. Then that's it. We're not adopting a platform we're just going to support whatever Donald Trump supports. In the reason they can't put down a platform is because all the things that used to be in a republican platform have to be taken out or sugar, but has to be taken out because again, Donald veers, wildly left and right and centre, and we will you get. Are you really going to say you support fiscal rules? possibility, went when Donald Trump has driven up,
guess deficits the biggest federal dat and had the biggest budgets the history of mankind. You can't do that Ray the whole reason I want to grace for balanced budgets and small government and fiscal rules wants ability. You can't put that in I'd form because even before the pandemic, Donald Trump, record on death, sets in the federal dead and the size of federal budget was worth than any president. In U S history and just look. You can look in prompt administrations. Our numbers go online, far worse than Barack Obama's the worst ever so we are going to talk about that. Are you going to talk the thing they like free trade, can't talk, well that because, of course, I'll drop in disguise: by gesture likes to make a gesture that actually farmers across Amerika hurts
labs for men and women in Maine her. So you can't do that. So you just say we're just going to support what fearless leader tells us to support and This is, it is deeply on American, that's not a region by the way, the liberal media saying this You have Craig, surely said yesterday I recall a day when the platform and every failing to Ronald Reagan without form in the US of the GEO is the leader principle completely added technical. Who american conservatism TIM Alberta, you ve written an extraordinary piece on the Republican Party, in what happened Republican Party and how it began even before Donald Trump became elected,
but it certainly has accelerated greatly over the past several years. Oh, you ve, studied conservatives, your entire career what what? What are you observing right now this week, whereas the party gotten in this week, where they won't even adopt a party platform. Joy could you saw some obviously now be arguing. Items invention is kept, are re speech I Charlie Kerr it's a little but real in the sense that probably heard is eaten typically being a bee, keeping, I see her right, get any in front already exist in riding member with you overstated, mildly, might colony me
maybe bodyguard western civilization needs. Yeah we go down. The line from these are already activists goes well with her. Why shouldn't routine, which was a little bit of editing by you, guys, gazed who sought? tribes as a sort of man in front of me, the country and basically describing reason, MRS Green, the classics, forces of good and evil and you go down the line and what is not You re anything What is already would do to improve your life by land policy, making You hear anything about what is already would do specifically to sports laws or introduce new laws or amend existing laws day change?
policies structure in America to help more Americans. Polish, how they help Americans get better. How would they help Americans who are coming to America, navigate abruptly immigration system. Our day to day he's infrastructure me some of it staff to be addressed even in a roundabout way, but even here there anymore would you typically here is where we want to go with them. I salute too the president's between the rich and the movie dear used over again that is the only way standing between freedom and security and ass, and as cartoon issues that may sound to us sitting here I mean this is very much a sort of my forest of modern and already you're not going to turn on the television last night. An here
extended, offering of ideas that relate to any sort of a coherent ideology, because there really is no coherent ideology. Joe. You made the point earlier than when you at an airport. You can define what it means to be a conservative, but if you want a star, and it republican member of Congress What does it mean to be ever again, you wouldn't a very satisfactory answer, because today essentially what it to be recovered in is it you? Aren't you from an you are going to support, is waning. Traditional values, but beyond that right. There's a lot to offer in the way of ideas. You know and Willie Timber had an incredible quote from Frank lines, and Frank, of course, has banned the wordsmith of the Republican Party. Now for twenty five years and has been the one who's been able to define what being Europe
public means and why The policy that they are pursuing at that particular time is best for their country. The term asked Frank Lance. What does it to be a republican and frank I sat there for some time and get very frustrated finally said, I can't tell you I D. Have the answer for the first time in my life for there is a good reason because doesn't stand for anything. But what Donald Trump? That particular moment? says it stands for it is Personality called and history will show it to be that, but even a glance trying desperately to define what, values this party stands for. Couldn't do it
and as you have said many times- and they show it's not even about defending Trump, because that's our thing to do it's about being anti anti trumpets about owning the lives and going after the media's TIM writes about in his piece, which will dig the course of the morning at least as we watch last night and viewers are going sick of me in jail and make a saying this over and over again, but it was like watching Donald Trump into that sixteen in that this camp, and is being run like he's, an insurgent challenger and he's describing country over which he has no control over matters in which he has no say she's the city, President of the United States and has been for three and a half years, so this hell escape that all these speakers are striving that he's going to come in and save them from is the country over which he presides in twenty six seen at least there was the mild threat of a contested convention an uprising on the floor. They kept Donald Trump, perhaps
little bit worn check doubtfully night, but I can ask you: I just can't figure out what is the calculus Nicky Nicky, Haley's, the TIM Sky, it's? U. Dont, really give here. They're kind of Kimberly Gill Fall Barn, blessing speech why they do give us some one: a defensive trumpet and a speech speeches that are really designed to benefit their political futures but Does he let the call to throb actually work I is that the calculation that these politicians are making right now. Well, I think for many of them. They feel as though there is no choice that, if you especially in the convention, and make no mistake, this is not. Convention, too
to project a great coherent vision for the country. This is not our intention to maybe arguments for Donald Trump, yeah Lastly, for governing America This is pure and simple. The trunk show I'm illicit now, there's a reason that it again used to speaking lineup last night. You you written to some other twirl lines. I mean there's one viewer we were sitting in the auditorium operator feedback on these things in it and it's the president himself, sir. I think Isley. If you're going to speak at this dimension, you had better be equipped with
the fairies trump. You had better be sure to to make the argument that this guy is not nearly as bad as as everybody else is going to make him out to be really he's misunderstood, and I know him in a way that you don't know me last night and so You know somebody want anybody here in particular, You don't want me president. One day you recognise the potential trying We re already and expand its appeal and reach out a new and non traditional up. The gutter. That element of political strategy can only work. Your first and foremost Juno secured a base, and this It is no longer a conservative base. It is a trump even based in the EU.
Controls the American right away, no obligation on another. Even read it never got any. These spots want to have a future and already there for not embrace the president integration is based in a way that allows- and let me say, first of all, those people here to arrest what they ask him Bertha. Thank you so much for being why this with us an extraordinary piece, the grand old melt down. We really do appreciate it and go still. I wanted to go to you next, but I really can't do it right now, because Rick Tyler has a background that I think, if I go to him he's Karen he d have a ten of ten, and I want to make sure that whether holds out for him, So it is ten of ten rating firms. The garden of Eden. I tell you the garden of Eden. Now did the man behind it?
but anyway I knew when and not only today, you win for for the entire campaign, so that self reality near the gag. So so we its ensuing that at least was talking about the two thousand sixteen election being contested and yes, was contested by guy, you worked for again, so people who are in the trunk called Look at you and wonder why you're outside of the trunk cult, borders and calls you a left wing, liberal commie or whatever they call you You ran Tad cruises campaign communications four years ago. The same and crews who like Lindsey Gram like Mickey Halal aid like all of em too. Donald Trump said he didn't. Have the character to be present said he was a liar. Seti was a cheat said, Bay
sickly than he was a scumbag that was unworthy of the presidency. They all said it and we can get it. Quotes. But it's really by this point. You, if you don't know those odds folks than our joy enjoy the call. But making Hayley I mean tells the world it needs to hear Mickey Hayley says I'm just wondering rig Tyler what you think about that when you consider the insults against Germany Are- just ally during the cold war. Acts on NATO and is rights in claiming Nato is not paying its dues, what he says about Putin what he says he said last night with applause a prisoner next to it, Irwin. The man who imprisoned this person. He braces audit crowds, he attacks democratically elected allies. He gives cover
to Jong alone too. Spanned its nuclear programme President away most likely Mickey Hayley, stands up and says. He tells the world what it means. How desperate are these people here? one it's true, mainly MSNBC, correspondent and hosting package into America. Tens of millions of Americans are preparing to vote by mail. This election at the same time new postmaster general, is cutting staffing and services to shape cause this week on into America in Tbilisi, president their jobs and tell me why his organization is soon the? U S p s, and why this fight over the future of the postal service is really a fight for civil rights and found the Dnc. It's the Republicans turned the party hold their virtual convention this week and I'm talking to a representative of a bone black. We don't hear much about like Republicans, plus as the country is watching the shooting of yet another black man by police. Many black men,
cancer. Asking is now the time to buy a gun. I look back at the unequal history of gun rights in this country and talk to one woman who is considering gun ownership as a means of safety and survival. I hope you'll join us for these conversations. New episode struck every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday search for into America. Where were you listening right now in subscribe, untrue, mainly post of into America? A pod cast from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice and irrational, and just as any when you add health, is the house injustice into what's at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but voice to delegate and into what comes next into America, a pod cast about who we are ass, Americans and who we want to become new episodes. Every Monday, Wednesday Thursday, subscribe now
I think my favorite speeches are those even by politicians who think they're gonna be present, but will never be positive, whose Mickey Haley's jump in your car really has no engine and she's not going anywhere. Look I've conventions, to me is so unremarkable because it is so predictable. It was actually very boring. Most of it was boring. It was punctuated by bursts of insanity Emily gargoyle. I mean that was six. Of sheer hell I'll, never get that back. In Jim was rise early. What he's talking about this this party, as there is no governing philosophy? there is no conservatism, there's, not even republicanism present at prevention. If you watch the impact
our reason a tune into more, and I you know what you need. No, this is a choice. Election and they're gonna make the choice between Donald brought by the waited in the snow, the picture of under a five minute patient. All things explain that are happening: joblessness, people losing their farm form, welfare deficit spending. Socialism tat, born relation in in the gutter authors, rights on the street things are happening now, wonder the repression there they're, not even under undergo Biden. He is useless are these. Things are happening now and brought in his speech. Rare begins in theory, but in practice lies. He said the greatest Galbraith, remote
Well, that's why the empty the brain, the lake, so there is no war in it. It's filled up about wore away and he calls that a greater part. But if you look at the corona viruses was people avoid duchess election by the pact as effective them economically, there's there's no comparison, the United States as Duncan heard, the rush world. If you look at all the asian countries of India, can that's about four point: six billion people, those those are because the people of four point: six trillion people, people, that's, Cambodia, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, you at all Health is purported trillion. People and young people here hundred they ve got a hundred. Forty thousand. The United States is point brief. Three million people are getting. These numbers started with brief three million people, and we have
a hundred. Eighty thousand death is clearly a mismanagement of what has happened and that's what the present we ve got done. Despite the sulphur reality with lots of people. Had he done it. Was be as beautiful as the garden as it is early. There is still a formal four billion people, the United States, as the United States has three hundred and thirty million people, and the comparison is, is just its stressing and a lot of people are dead. The debt need to be dad. Then there's there's no way. Donald Trump can run away from that fact Michael still. You ve run these things before you run the Republican Party before tell us your take from last night and
TIM Alberta. You can give us some insights on how we got here. How are party got here, and now there are still some people that are friends of oars. Family members of ours who acts bought into what they heard last night if you'd like to provide those insights I'd love to hear them Let us start with the hard stop right. Look I think last. In both turmeric touch on this. It was was pretty much more of the same? It was that it was a roll out, despite despite even the corona virus, situation and the way these things have to be stays. It really kind of fell into the same pocket terms of the narrative itself, and it really is driven not by the policy, is not driven by the the platform is driven by the president and and for food. Narrative to really take hold in this
environment. There is really only one thing you can say, and that is what you heard that the World is better with Donald Trump than it has ever been before, or will ever be? That's why we don't need the gave you a platform, because what we do on its good and so the didn't still remains. Do you want? continue as a national party, too To a small room, a people or do to figure out at some point that you couldn't. More than that to win When a how you cut this day, we look where the public is starting to settle this, this election, Joan and our dear, This is starting to sell, settle a lot quicker than sixteen or any other presidential election. Why? Because it Mary people are making up in their mind that this is a referendum on the president. It is not a big policy debate so
tying to now reshape the stage or the or the conversation tis to say the President is, is all about this policy and all about you know standing in the in the breach that is buying or defining credibility with the american people for real. Applicants like yourself and myself in a lease and Rick and others that This reminds me of a lot. Would enable Bonn talked about her piece about the complicit, the collaborators the ones who make their calculation. You know I'm all ears, because I've got a political future novel had without Donald Trump I'm all ears, because I actually agree with Stephen Miller that we should put kids in cages. Then you have. Those of us who say, wait a minute, I'm staying
in principle, I believe in the foundational ideals of our party, what Lincoln and others created the party for we created quite a feat: free slaves in the terrible walls right. We created the plan because we believe in a free free enterprise system and a market place not only of for the economy but for ideas, and so We now are the ones who pay. Gotta go what what's wrong with you? That's not the correct question, business? What's wrong with them? What's wrong with you, is, is one man, one man we get Every day, america- and we spend most of our day talking about one man- think about that. And what do you have to do to stop that kind of crazy? But that's what this action is about yeah you're, right A party that was founded on freeing slaves and a party that
course, Ronald Reagan, famously made about tearing down walls and now it is It is about putting children in cages and by the way We now know that the White House, full sat around a room and all raise their hands in support of lower policy and support. The policy of K missing children. As a way to send a message to their parents. If that works with evangelicals you're reading a different bible than I've been reading. My entire life and it actually I've been reading your entire life, so Caruso, We bring you and you have quite a peace and You talk about two candidates so that the Republican Party is now supporting an end. You also we're talking about,
answer, then the GEO p grows and there's little time to stop at this is this is so noteworthy, especially coming from you because their time, You and I have disagreed, actively about things it Donald Trump in the Republican Party have done over the past several years. I have been very critical. At certain moments and you thought I ve been overreaching, but in this case here you are doing that mention talking about this cancer growing within the party tell us about it: hey it's Chris hates this week on my podcast. Why is this happening I'll, be talking with rain thumb about the chinese government's ongoing ethnic cleansing of its weaker minority? You can make people submit
very difficult to make them think differently. If there's bound to be a large percentage of this million or so people who they determined to be redeemable, and I'm worried about what happens, you know the german concentration camps. It was something like four or five years before the majority of the pop none of them was jewish and it was eight or nine years before they were connected to a programme of mass killing. So the reason I bring that up is that goals can change, especially when you're looking at such a massive system that has no appeal system, no regulation, oh oversight and we ve already seen that the rest of the world's reaction to this has been rather slow, as this week on wise is happening. Search for wise is happening, reverie listing right now and subscribe, Well, I was, I was writing about the nomination of more lower in Florida and Marjorie Taylor, green leak, working for a shirt with Georgia,
is, is going up against lower strangle. She is likely going to lose and lose big add by, but green is like a long awaited and green is a key went on conspiracy theories, as somebody who embraces that Firstly, the famous I think she's been kicked off every social media platform on the planet. Including things like Google, she came in, might use Hooper eats that's how bad it if that was why? Why is she been? Why is she been kicked off? What does she done to get his self kicked off of these platforms, see This is another one who is embrace all kinds of wacky conspiracy theories, including here that these be parkland. Bidding implored was a close flag. That's. Why Probably got a maximum donation, Alex Germans were campaigning and will you, when you look at that and you compare it to the huge, The angel, you know, there's a mean: there's been wacky candidates elaborate about this last. The hundred years always gonna be there, but they never,
embraced by the party, and certainly not president of the United States, but the president were, and programmes lady both number angry and similar? doesn't care about their conspiracy theories and I think it's dangerous because You look at last. I M of the shine a little bit a bright light on the on the spot, the speaker from my side. You have to start awaiting. His speech was very good. He talked about. Cool choice, he talked about where it came from, we're till he was completely overshadowed by the couple from pursuing who were talking about and the guy I described it as if they were saying if binding became president, they would be like men heightened from escaped from New York. That's what they're trying to see the country would be. I get Kimberly Coils bizarre shouting, rather I can hear pretty much over here in Arlington and then done from Junior, who is going
on about how he said everyone is welcome in the Republican Party. Well, this is a guy. Who months ago, was telling everyone that Mitt Romney should be expelled from the Republican Party because he dared to to vote to remove, other from office, and so what you have is a a party now that is miss very narrow kind of party that is all about meaning in the sense that you have to adopt whatever viewpoint tromp has any feed dough Then you are probably trader you're outside of that year, outside of beet need be coalition. That cortical wants to win, and what's going to happen is, is it you're not going to get the kind of candidates that you want to be run. If you're going to contain, to embrace people like magic, yellow green and wore a moment. I m all right J Caruso. Thank you so much for being with us and Rick Tyler. Thank you as well, and Rick's new book is titled still write. An emigrant
having a hybrid driving posting American makes a case forum I can conservatism? It still sounds a little, indeed it may composting. I dont know, even though that is tabling without some brings out. I don't think I like it doesn't have anything to do with stake. Does it not beta potatoes, because it's not so, you know, brought up a great boy and I think something that we should underline, get up The parties have always had wackos and right wing left wing, crackpots, I know a lot of people that I was a right wing crackpot when I was in Congress, but you always had those those people in the party free mists, but they ve never been embraced.
By the party they ve never been embraced by party leadership. They ve never been openly and aggressively embrace. The present United Sates and complex. It is here who believe in q and on Conspiracy theories at Facebook, happily and aggressively about. I dont know what is away when it cannibalism in and crazy, crazy staff and and Donald Trump accepts it. And embraces it, as does the entire republican Party, as does Kevin Mccarthy, than that in the briefing room at the White House. So you have these groups that live in the shadows and in a different time, at a different place and now of aided by president from even his chief of staff was asked on Sunday about Q and on and said. Well, we don't know much about on its small group. It's not worth our time rather
coming out in doing what to most people would be a pretty easy thing to do. Saying a group that has fantasy stories it Donald Trump is the centre about pedophiles and cannibals he's. Not someone whose support we want, but there you go the present elevating that stuff and now you have candidates, will in Congress, one of them at least who support some of that idea, just one the most jawdropping moments. Last night, I thought was an taped peace. Actually, so they This an errand it when the president I'd states looked at pastor, Andrew runs and who was held in turkish prison for two years and was freed eventually through Donald Trump help. He looked a pastor, Bruns it and said you know, Irwin was very good. Let's watch but wait a year. You never were you schedule for a long time. We have to get you back and I have to say that to me prisoner to one was very good, and I know that you schedule for a long time and you are very innocent person
and he ultimately after we had a few conversation, she agreed so We appreciate that so Joe. He says His face to pasture Brunson face the man who was held by thirty one for two years in turkish prisons One was very good, and I point out again that was obviously a tape set. Peas in there were some really moving stories in there, but they watch that and left it in an ad lib there from the president, states again going out of his way to look in the I passed her I didn't say actually or to one was pretty good to me- is what he is implying there. He did a good job, getting you out and passer by indeed did all he could do it is would say I love the turkish people was his reply to the president Well, you view, as we said here, from the really have to follow the money. You have to figure out why? Why does Donald Trump? Have this tick?
where he's always been complimentary of earth a winner, or in most instances we ve seen of light his parliamentary of irwine. Why is it that he's same way with Putin. Why is it he's same way. We in the Philippines. Autocratic later. Why is it again that that He embraces these autocrat. These Eddie democratic leaders orbit in Hungary, The law and Justice Party in Poland here braces leaders and yet it's democratic allies in Germany and in France since NATO that constantly derives. And again I go back to what Nicky Hayley said. He tat the world what it needs stay here mean if she does, to be president and twenty twenty four, that's
to be a very interesting thirty. Second commercial those those words ringing with a hell. The hell escape that our Foreign policy has been over the for years we wanted. So I read, I'm so excited to tell you about. My new MSNBC show the redoubt every week night, I'm talking with the biggest news makers about the most pressing issues of our time, like Joe Biden, words for matter and so, present United States? The first thing I want to do stand up and talk sense and be honest with the american people level with them at last. Mayor casual lance bottom, we need as many voices as we can have as possible sounding the alarm, encouraging people to wear masks and to take all precautions. While the science and the data senator COM, a Harris, we send folks into a war wearing camouflaged. So what is going on here when you send camouflage uniformed officers,
into a sitting and many more, you can listen to the reader as a pod cast by searching for the redoubt. That's our idea! Oh you t one word were ever your listing right now and subscribing for free thanks for listening
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