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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell now says he would support an extension of the now-lapsed $600 federal unemployment insurance relief every week if Trump backs it.

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Good morning. Welcome to morning Joe, like picture of the White House on Wednesday August Fifth, unwilling guys we're following a number stories this morning, including the mass of warehouse explosion in Beirut. They killed dozens of people left more than one, thousand injured. We'll have the very latest from NBC News. She foreign correspond Richard angle on what exactly happen, there, then back it On the corona virus Senate Majority leader Mitch, Mcconnell emits a lack of republicans poor for new relief measures. Now saying he will have to rely and Democrats to help come up with a deal in showing some signs that he may concede. There new overnight, the trunk campaign has officially filed suit against the state of Nevada over its plan to hold it. Twenty election almost entirely by mail in ballot. And, of course, president trumps.
To say the word Yosemite when gazed upon Yosemite Cs Ammonites towering sequoias, their love of car, They grow stronger and they know that American has truly a dude to preserve this wondrous inheritance for emphasis air with us who got Whitehouse Rapporteur for the Associated Press, Jonathan Le Maire and meeting who's in MSNBC contributor, shot at Thomas Senor right. Political and Co. Author of the play ball, Jake Sherman. He isn't MSNBC political contributor as well, and co host of this Guess I'm Showtime contributor to Vanity Fair Mark, Mckinnon Joe and me I have the morning off so Jonathan. Let me does Alex Tribeca. Give you credit to the judges, give you credit for Yo Semite when we know what you meant, but the pronunciation was just aloft: YO, Willie,
I am amazed. Asian depend on a t shirt. Yet how is the Biden camp I was buying? I've already not manufactured these started to distribute these shirts with Semite. Is he tried It does highlight that we know what the presidency has campaign have tried to point out that they that Joe Biden, maybe his loss- Honest fastball that he that point out him Brad gaff here a blonde, Their amiss statement their limits, Austria go to show that sort of a risky strategy for this particular President museum. Times. Relationship with appreciation is, shall we say a shaky Europe very generous there, that was at the bills. Ninety four, the great American Outdoors act a great by partisan piece of legislation. Amazing, though you can make the seventy four years old, not seen the word Yosemite written somewhere, but we digress and we move onto more important matters yesterday saw potential step forward in
congressional negotiations for another a virus relief package. After weeks of Resistance Senate Majority leader Mitch, Mcconnell said he will support an extension of the now lapse. Six hundred dollar federal unemployment insurance relief every week that is at present trump backs. It. The american people and the need help and However, those Lang settled between the project, and his team decided in the law and the democratic norms I ve got minority and the Senate and majority in the house is something I am prepared. To support, even if I have to problems with certain parts of it so Jake Your menu cover Mitchell Conall. You know him very well that close is you'll, get to see much Mcconnell can see their working effectively said. Ok, I know this
I've been sitting on my desk for three months. I've got some problems, whether the democratic bill from the house, but I may be willing to budge on that six hundred dollar weekly payment, the original counter offer from Republicans. As you know, I've been two hundred dollars a week. So if you can see on that point, six hundred dollars a week and unemployment benefits the people who need it so desperately right now. Does that mean we're gonna get a deal here? Well, I think well we're gonna get a deal at some point in the next week. I looks not promising, but it looks possible. Here's the catch Mitchell Connell's, not a part of these negotiations, frightened out over the first time in a long time, wicked kind to say that Ms Mcdonald View here is a little bit tangential to the overall, creations now mark meadows and Stephen manage and who have been in Negotiations have offered four hundred dollars a week until December fifteenth, which also by the way, is a very big concession for that
your people we actually and clean up this morning give a blow by blow for with chock full of quote from inside it at negotiating room during a tune at our meeting yesterday and the capital illustrating that there are a lot of issues that remain open to get Karuna virus were leads to the american people just to give a sense Willie about how far we kind of are from a corrupt virus package. They are bringing in the postmaster general today The talk to the negotiating team about the needs of the Eu S postal service, because there is such a divide and how much the post office might be able to complete its operations. So again, these negotiations are very fraught your complicated and there dragging on were almost two weeks, and I think we have another week at least before this bill was passed in. Both sides want to get a deal before Friday, though Jonathan does Jake, says Mitchell. Connell's involved, particularly here, specifically not theirs,
press of United States is taken a hands off approach to this entire negotiation. Sending his chief of staff mark meadows and treasury secretary Steve Maneuver into do the negotiating here. Badly. Does the White House needed deal? Does the president recognise that more than thirty million people just lost that six hundred dollar we check that's allow. To survive for the last several months as their urgency from the White House on this there, is really the president in the last twenty four hours, so has insisted that he is playing a role in these negotiations, but we know that is largely not the case that he has indeed deferred it to his chief of staff. As your secretary and Jake Start, and certainly the next job how these negotiations have gone back. But, yes, there is a keen awareness that is the present whose facing voters and in under three month, and that Americans are hurting right now and in beyond, just We need to have a helping hand to those who have suffered so much during this pandemic. Of course, there's an item reelection chances here and in if unemployment number
you to go off with the economic slowdown. Economic recovery slows down. That only hurts his chances did they are trying to push here that they understand that their bad spot discussions have not gone well, but each day that it rags on is a bad day. This president, who again is trying you so desperately. Pointed idea of recovery and economic recovery as to how he has handled are barracks that are said. Miss handled the court of ours pandemic. To this point President Trump is that I will say executive orders of Congress it came at this done remains to be seen if he has the power to do. Some of the questions were talking about. Meanwhile the health side of this, the United States average more than one thousand DAS, from corona virus for the ninth Street Day yesterday, the number from the I was here in the: U S now approaching one hundred sixty thousand deaths. Meanwhile, the president continues to cherry data to downplay the death toll here in the. U S here suppressed
Yesterday, question by embassies, Shannon petty peace. You fucked it up by the mortality rate, the DAS as a proportion of cases, which I understand, that a significant when you look at how damaging the viruses or haven't a country does people. I know what you're talking about the scope of this virus, what percentage of the population that died? Three countries that have more deaths than the? U S! So how do you explain that lie? The percentage of the population is die so much higher in the? U S pleasant. Actually, the numbers are lower than others I'll get back to you, but we proportionately are lower than almost all countries where at the bottom of the list, relative to cases also worth the bottom of the list, which is a good thing being at the bottom of the list, but I can get actually about four or five different lists on that, and we are generally speaking at the very bottom of the list. You have to wait for it
I think it back to you will show you the actual numbers in just a moment, but first here's, the exchange present had a couple of days ago with Jonathan line of action on this issue. Because we are so much better retesting than any other country in the world. We show more cases I figure I look at his death and death is We are now needs a thousand a day. If you look at once again, let's daily, dare take a look at some of these church. I'd love to within a look. Let's look at. If you look at start to go on right here. The United States is lowest in the worst categories will, then the world low their lower than Europe, what case. Death all you're. Doing death is a proportionate cases. I'm talking about deficit, proportionate population, that's. Why did you
really bad much worse and South Korea, Germany, it can't you can't do that you why to go by you have to go. Why we're here is the United States. You have to go the cases, the cases one or as a proportionate life. Somebody wanted as is when you have somebody that has it where there's a case allocated people than the little frogs cases, it surely a relevant statistics to save the? U S: has ex population and ex percentage of death of that population, by the cases, look at South Korea, for example, fifty one million population, three hundred deaths it's crazy, I do it's either making their statistics, because you have a very good relations with the country, but you don't know that, and spikes lucky Germany, long years, here's what, idea, United States where meaning, what first lost out of the way
Its have cases six Americans died. I understand, sat on cases stiffer nobody, not reporting. Currently Jonathan. I think I am. Look at those other charge. Mrs Bauer testing. I believe this is the testing air. Yet we do more intimate. Well, don't get credit for that because we do more tests. We have more cases. In other words, we test where we have a particular the top one. That's a good thing that a bad thing tat journey. If, if, if hospital rights we're going down and debts, we're going down, it's terrific, you deserve to be praised for they all going and other very closely to sixty thousand mercosur in hospital. You watch that thousands of papers they usually talk about new cases, new cases, new cases, I'm talking about death, would you look? It's not? Death is weighed down from where it was its two thousand a day or two thousand. It went down to five hundred now it's going up in scares me
where it was, is much higher than where it is right now down, but now it's going down again down in Arizona it's going down in Texas. Take a look at this. These are the test is going down in Florida, going it hold out and is going down. That's a report. As of yesterday, all right, let's go through this when the president says we're at the bottom of the list, is referring to the number of deaths in proportion to the number of cases in the United States than that list. The EU, still has the fourteenth highest number of deaths out of the twenty countries currently most affected by it. With nineteen around the world, but the CDC, as you know, defines the mortality rate as the number of deaths compared to the population here We find. U. S. Has the fourth highest death rate per one hundred thousand people out of those top twenty countries, in the United Kingdom, Peru and Chile have a worse number to frame it. Another way, the? U S, is just four percent of the world's population, but represents two
two per cent of the world's cover nineteen deaths so short a time, as that was a painful clip, watch? Obviously, the president was reeling there, but this you see, I just want to underline again we're very clear because there's so much misinformation that's flying around right now the CDC defines the deaths as a percentage of the population. When it talks about the death rate, not as the number of reported cases I think that more one I do want to give some credit to actually is and drive them swan for being able to grasp the information that the president was handing him in paper form and actually create the argument that he did in that clip and I'm sure HBO is very happy. You displayed basically almost the whole episode, but I think you coming back to from an analytical perspective, is that really want to see the president arguing about which death rate
the better death rate as fast we have the number of cases in the number of deaths. We're having a new pointed out that the average for the ninth day in a row is over a thousand Americans dying from coded related problems, so living isn't the president, doesn't. Actually I mean president in general, when doing interview like this doesn't actually need to engage in this tit for tat. It is real. Really easy to change the perspective of that conversation and cut out it from idea of that. In the end, this president has said that before that there too many deaths in this country and we need to fix the problem and the way we go about fixing the problem and opening up the government, because the fact that he's, even in eating, in that actual, what makes him look lesser in some ways- and that is the way it necessarily to run away house. It is on the way to run a campaign that
there's nothing from that interview that they can turn into a campaign. But overall it doesn't necessarily showed that the president has compassion for people and the more people who get sick and the more people who die in the more people who know someone who dies. You look at something like and you start to think the president may not understand what I'm going through and one of the biggest He can do right now, and I dont know if he has this ability, but one of the biggest we can do right now is actually show compassion for people and then turn to numerous and tell them hey, you need to get something done to at least make people's lives a little bit better in this terrible situation. The fact is doing the opposite of that committee. Chinese saying this is actually as bad as the media is making it out to be a market, and we don't play those clips for entertainment. We play them because that's the man in charge of this country's recovery
the man had sitting in the oval office of how we get our way out of this and as a man whose run a bunch of campaigns that you'd understand why the Biden campaign already is now out with an ad where the clip, when The president says it is what it is. He says we have this under control talking Akerana virus. He says it is what it is, making a pretty easy for the button, and painted an interview? Well they made landed. A campaign for for the guidance for the burden campaigning force is just you. We just got through a massive distortion feeling in watching the president the grass, the reality of the situation and the reality of the situation is that his electoral prospects are not Improve until he embraces races, reality first and secondly, addresses the reality and do better It is quite clear that all he wants to do is deny the fact and back. Banana gives. You saw, he said either. You talk about five different less than he had the related to one suppose it back to you
versions of one fat, so It's really astonishing that the other part is running this country in trying to get a whole This crisis is unable to understand what the crisis is an Ennis. It's a lobbies. The bottom line is that you can't get a hold of a crisis get do other crisis until you're able to confront the crisis and admit what is and that's the biggest problem has. The president is unable to confront exactly what he faces admitting, that would admit the failures of the last six months, so I won't hold my breath for him to do that. Jonathan, the Marian, the peace just this morning out the associate press. Your writing about this chasm. Between President Trump and the doctors, his doctors are people on the White House Task force the experts. I've been trying to pull him in one direction and in the other, when you say the chasm has grown. We know that he and doktor fouche. You have never been terribly close, closest doktor found. She has gone and done a number of interviews. Recently, contradicting precise
what the president had said earlier in the day, what about say, doctor works and the other members of that taskforce, though This is becoming a far more widespread phenomenon. Will it remember in the early days the court of ours taskforce briefings the president would be up there Companies by these public health experts, the medical, Fischler and his administration liver. Such an american public as to how best to handle the virus update the status of what's going on with a pandemic and certainly briefings didn't know, go very well the prisoner at times in deliver one message very contrary to what the experts were doing. There was an attempt to have some sort of unified front. That has not been the case for quite some time for slides president is revived briefings it's just him. There really are any exports. Alongside with him. No one else is speaking to the public. The West wing has really clamp down on the media appearances there's been tension there for months, President jealous of Doktor Fatuous approve
Ratings are some in the west. We think that the doctor found she was more willing to criticise the president on in media appearances rather than in the West Wing, where he would temper his disagreements, but not just doktor tragic Doktor Burke's another one who, for weeks, months had really close aligned herself with the president to the point where in day some Democrats, other health experts will very critical of her suggesting that she was white. She knew she was so soft peddling this information that changes today's which she was said to be the interviews recently, things would, while the endemic whispered control spread like wildfire, the president was furious were now reporting as to why she said also that she was works, was called letter that speaker, hello, We have also seen it with a director of the CDC with the surgeon general willingness of these experts to break with the president on the of masks on the efficiency of of the entire malarial drug, hydro logic or green. The present is obsessed with
that they are willing to say that that's not helpful. It's not useful here, that's not what American should be doing so we're seeing here, as the pandemic rage still in the South West and is really growing and become a real worry area MID West States like Ohio, Wisconsin, monsieur and others were saying again in administration talk with two voices. The president try The spin it to develop did present an optimistic picture of how the country's hammerless we just saw him stumble through the interview with Jonathan Swan, while trying to insist the numbers were training in a direction whilst health experts are flying to stay with the science the data and they seem to be a little more willing suddenly, of course, but be a little more willing to break with him and not endorse some, his flagrant misstatements. It's an credibly difficult line too long for those doctors to keep their scientific integrity and keep their jobs and keep the peace.
Happy. Most of them have been doing it for months now when you come back to corona virus, but we want to turn now to the massive warehouse explosion that Lebanon's capital city of Beirut. Yesterday, maybe you saw the video killing dozens of people in India. Thousands, the latest death toll is at least one hundred people and four thousand injured? That's according to the lebanese Red Cross, the aftermath of the explosion left shattered glass damage buildings. Plumes of smoke, hours later, the. U S, embassy warned of toxic gases advising people to stay indoors and what to wear, masks, Lebanon, Prime Minister said blast was linked to a warehouse at the Beirut poured which store more than twenty seven hundred tonnes of confiscated ammonium nitrate for six years without preventative measures the source of the ignition still unclear the chemical compounds. It often used in fertilizers and explosives. Lebanon's president, yesterday for a two week, state of emergency in Beirut genius
from London, NBC News, chief foreign correspondent, Richard which I know you spend a lot of time over your career in Beirut. What exactly happened yesterday so this? that the main commercial port, which is really in the center of the route, the whole city, radio, around from from the port and from the beaches and in the early evening there first there was a fire, the cause of that fight. It is unclear. Buddy draw a lot of attention. It sent plumes of spoke up into the sky, but the fire was sparking and some people thought that it was an electrical fire there have been frequent power cuts in Beirut over the last several weeks, a country is going through a serious economic crisis. The currency is collapse. The infrastructure is under strain this fire, which raw drew a lot of cameras. Was burning in the center of the city and then its
to which grow it started, to make more noise, make more heat, and then it set off. Secondary explosion, the likes of which few people in the world ever seen was a massive blast and its A shockwave, barreling through the city. People could feel it for me, else around people who, in the mountains surrounding Beirut, because the city goes down to this. But it is ring by mountains, were knocked off their feet. People could feel it and see in Cyprus, which is a hundred and fifty miles away and it was to the windows in the capital, were blown out. The hospitals work we overrun. They started to issue emergency calls for donations blood all of the ambulances in Lebanon were recalled to the capital city, Beirut and
how they were we're trying to deal. They found themselves dealing with another aftermath of the EU. Embassy started warning about all of this chemical rest do in the air that people were afraid of agree then, but they have choice because they had no windows, so people were trying to put plastic tarpaulin into their windows, boarded up as best they can and then fell came people were living in their homes amid the debris amid this chemical smell in the darkness, because the power went once again, now they are trying to to figure out what happened. The the government missing an investigation as to why more than two thirds in seven hundred tonnes of ammonium nitrate was left at this storage facility in apparently unsafe conditions for six years. So here we ve been watching the video that you describe, or even talking Richard. It is just breathtaking you mentioned
the cause of this, which there still investigating president Trump yesterday. Those spoke about that explosion in Beirut and say Unnamed General said it looked like an attack. Here's what he said You call this and its confident. This was an attack and not an accident seem like it, based on the explosion met with some of them a generals and just seem to feel that it was. This was not a some kind of aid manufacturing explosion type of event was a seems to be to them. They would know better than I would, but they seem to think it was a attack. It was a bomb of some kind, Richard. According to the people you ve talked to in Beirut, your sources in Lebanon. Is there any evidence yet that this was an attack? No this stage. There is no indication that this was a deliberate attack when you
ammonium nitrate together in a very large quantities it. It is effectively a bomb something that is often used to make fertilizer bond go home. City bomb was eight of two thousand pounds of ammonium nitrate here we're talking about over twenty seven hundred, hundreds of ammonium nitrate. So, yes, in a way a bomb did go off, but The reason why it remains unclear. The lebanese officials suggests that this was some accident. But there is a deal of mystery. Why was this material being kept at the port? Who put it there? The lebanese official suggest that some corruption may have been involved, because this was confiscated material. That was then stored in unsafe conditions are also don't forget. There is the the militia group Hezbollah, which has a tremendous influence in in Lebanon, has grey. Influence over the ports over the airport, but no
is suggesting that that Hezbollah would delay brutally set off a device to kill, and so many people and to which caused so much devastation in a city where it lives and operates and up as a great deal of authority. So now he is the only person making this this suggestion at least publicly that this was some sort of deliberate bomb attack, at least a hug people dead. Unfortunately, lebanese officials have said that number is likely to go up with more than four thousand people reported injured so far, just devastating and meaning Richard angle, thanks so much for your reporting on this still ahead on morning, job seven states lead the governor of Maryland step up what to do the government so far has failed to do sue and national testing strategy, a closer look at the and why are next scarce says this is the key to safely reopening schools and businesses, but first here, we'll Karen's. With a look at the aftermath of yesterday's tropical storms that blast
its way up the EAST Coast bill. This one was ugly. We got some treat our trees out in the yard behind me to prove it. Trees everywhere willing. We saw what a strong tropical storms can do. Go into areas of the minorities that a lot different data travel, the storm going through the south, so, let's start with six fatalities from this store different causes to those fatalities for from tornado there drug in the middle of the night in areas of North Carolina, this right after landfill, this looks, NATO's a strong tornado, ten The homes were destroyed. We also on all TAT Island, that's where we actually saw the land for had significant storm surge there there's the numerous areas, the roads that are still closed, that we have to see recovery from it. We all the houses are abundant So the houses didn't get water enough, but you can see what a forward so absurd in the aftermath, looks like and then even yesterday, despite we're not a lot of flash letting, but we did some significant flag flying around Philadelphia. Opera Darby was one of the hardest hit areas in their war business.
In homes they didn't water in them, and even right now, still over three million people without power. So in the midst of covert people trying to work from home Wi Fi, no air conditioning, not the easiest to storms, Lily gone now. So that's good as we go through. The data is not only brutally hard problem. People are don't have air conditioning and there are no power in their homes. It'll be about made. The upper eighties in many cases, are everyone around New York and by the way out of this Million power outage is one million of those are a new Jersey alone. New Jersey was by far the hardest hit stage for power. Outage is with New York, Steepy and second rate, now, eight hundred thousand people without power, and then tomorrow kind of similar forecast, actually not that hot, a good type, whether for power crews, to get everything back up for still watching a hot weather patterns in the Rockies two areas of West Texas withheld bigs. Right of large wildfires over the last couple days right now, we're tracking fifty of them
areas mostly in the western half of the United States on Fridays and shower and storms and emitted lamp region? I am happy to say: there's thing brewing in the tropics, that's going to becoming our way anytime soon we were pretty quiet, we can come. Another will be hot in the middle of the country, but very typical, whether for what you expect in August so we are dealing with is a yes or no, and play for all of us trying to pronounce the name they will be back in five years. Often we recycle all these hurricanes unless they get retired. That's only here that really be bad. What so New York city? We cleared it out: any power on for a lot of people in the region. You watching morning Joe, would be right back
untrue, mainly post of into America, a podcast from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice and irrational and justice, and in when you add health, is a health and justice into what is at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America, a podcast about who we are ass, Americans and who we want to become new episodes every Andy Wednesday, Thursday, subscribe now without a national testing strategy for the corona virus pandemic. Seven states, under the leadership of Maryland, Governor Larry Hogan have banditry there in a deal with the Rockefeller founded to pursue three.
Half a million rapid task to dress outbreaks in their states, governors from Virginia Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina and Ohio. In addition to Marilyn, have signed onto the deal which governor hold in the chair of the she'll governs Association describe as the first interstate testing compact of its kind, the governors. Republicans and for Democrats say other states may join them talks already. Have begun with one of the companies approved by the FDA to sell point of care, antigen tests that can detect the virus. In less than thirty minutes, Germany is now the medical director for the provider, global executive, medicine, Doktor, Jennifer Pain, yet doktor painter, physician in the White House medical unit assigned to President Obama. For vice president, Joe Biden and, most recently vice president, my pants down paying a good morning, it's good to see you. So, let's start right there with testing. What does that tell you about our national strategy and testing? Now all these
I'm saying that states are having to ban together to come up with their own solutions to get their people tested quickly morning. Well, you know the president as it is, but it is I like if they did not be what it as the, and this means that in your fate leader vacuum, we need to see a strong leader tap at direct or reinforced this or tat I d be affecting that's. Why it's really Alex in those workers. You know I like this aid. This pandemic is like a marathon and what kind of getting
wall, but we still need to keep going. We get that finnish lie in so again the governors of these States Maryland Louisiana fish and higher Virginia leave for airline might pointing in as well. You knew is exactly what we need to see. We reopen each day more rapid in asking that your passport result that allows us to identify those niches. Those clusters of infection really respond much weaker and we're doing right now with EAST yard, ass being back and take up a few weeks. The yield results in again, allow was to relieve safely reopen our schools and businesses. Ten reopening the schools doktor payment, that is top of mind for so many parents, so many families, not just because of the implications for education and kids, that people who need work who childcare if their child has to take school at home,
Where do you look at school right now? What has to happen again? We underline that it's not a national question, it's a case by case a state by state and a district by district question. By what are some of the factors. New belief and go into decisions being made now by school board, directors and principles and teachers by the point question accept certain educator. We have this discussion ever frequently, and so I think, most importantly, we have you follow examples that we have examples of other countries that have attempted to do that. Some are being a little bit more successful than others, but ample is real. You know when they were out of our position when they reopen open- and we are right now and aces day to day basis, but they re opened a little too but surely, and they had a spike in cases right now. Germany, whose does reopen I'd, be curious to see how they do, how they fair they're, making social distancing for the children and hygiene guidelines. Very strict sue again it'll be interesting to see how the house it passport
They can be with these guy by some schools here in the. U S reopened right and you know varying resolve. Some of them have been able to continue with them like in the case of bit. Indiana school had to close up right away because they had causative Bristol, and so I do agree. If Doktor FAO, You know he mentioned regarding the reopening of college campuses specifically, but what's general that we're gonna have really monitor the peace count. Peace, numbers, the envy AIDS and that's going to be very important that not every state is bidding. Let it be split. This participated he, but we have to petulant about aces and pulled back in those areas with a pic is Bill Signal, Sean Autonomous is here with a question. Forty China, combining Doctor kind of curious? Because we were talking about these states forming this? This compact, instead of kind of the national government, actually doing some kind of larger testing strategy. How doctor
informally talking to each other? How are you learning from each other? I know that our private facebook pages- I talk to one doktor, Frank San Francisco- who talks about that. But how do you all share information to try to get kind of the best of this virus warnings and that's a question we tackle of frequently because of the lack of transparency that been, as we say in medicine, Pappa demonic has been classical or anaemic respond, but unfortunately it is difficult to find you new data that is made ubiquitous easily available provider, and so it is challenging and so It behoves us as medical providers bugle above and beyond Dmitri, that we're coordinating the institution like that, you know academic institutions, different hospital systems, in their own databases, so that we can share amongst each other till some sort of federal database is readily available for all of us that may
All of this information readily available entrance there raising six months into the state scrambling to get testing done still doktor Jennifer paying. You were really appreciate your insight this morning, thanks for being with us full of other headlines related to corona virus writers has learned that the shortage of Clorox wipes likely will last into when twenty one, that's according to the company c of the world, are just supplier of cleaning materials has struggled to keep up with the six folding he's in demand from this year's pandemic, despite ramping up its production. In addition, material used to create the wife's, also in short supply It is used in other products and high demand, including masks and medical gowns, that, along with the usual demand of the flu season as delay, the out disinfecting wipes, significantly and and in shaping raphia Dal said he will not play in this year's. U S open because of the on a virus pandemic. The news comes days after the current number one wing, tennis player, Ashley Barney.
Announced. Is she would miss the open the doors it concerns over the pandemic and called sitting? a decision I never wanted to take, but he added We would rather not travel. The doll had hoped to win. Is twentieth Maria slam at this year's open, which would have equal your fetters record for grants, land title But he will sit this one out still had on morning, Joe, why Biden Svp Peg could, since the twenty twenty race, that's the headline to Mark Mckinnis latest these plus. A slew of new Poland on the twenty twenty election morning, Jos, coming right back Willie Guy here, be sure to check out this week's episode of the Sunday sit down podcast with Oscar winning Actress Biota Davis, to talk about her extraordinary career and her journey from poverty to Hollywood. Z list it now for free, wherever
Download podcast, while the next morning, Joe Mark Mckinnon, let's talk about the vice presidential choice, it Joe by Weighing right now we expect to come in next week, or so at least they had obviously, if the Democratic national convention. How are you looking at this? As someone who has worked on campaigns, you said your new piece that his choice could cinch the race. What do you mean by that Willie. Historically, with a few exceptions. Bp pics are not that consequential. In this case, it is consequential for one primary reason that, as a Joe Biden, the elected president will be the older sitting. Vice president history, so right off the bat people can look at the bp, not just as a number two, but the potential number one. So whatever happens paper, Joe Biden, its highly like, the binding, although we want say it, will now run for a second term and therefore or the vice president, be in the cap or sea for the democratic nomination. When an ex president so
that's why this is important. That's why people are looking at it so closely, and that's why this my suggested it Joe Biden course he doesn't need my help, but he's got a great team and it's a varied bundle. Process because he's been through this before, which It is really helpful, but the key here is to read about in the rock and he's not an opposition, like John came worry needs to throw deep ass to throw d just solid number. Two that'll be also that somebody can see as takings arraigned somewhere downward. So marked conventional wisdom. At this point, in fact, there's some reporting for Maxie us this morning that suggestion button is down to come Harris and Susan Rice, but in your pc right, don't forget Elizabeth WAR, and do you think she still in this conversation I don't well, I I think she really did herself well during the campaign. I think she's been a big ally and important ally during the recent,
and on the policy side. I just take it, a day that it is the job is gonna pick a woman, color Do you get a lot of low back if he didn't any, doesn't need a lot of blowback right now? That's what he can afford. That's what I mean by rock the boat, so I think I think Susan Rice or calmly errors with both the great pigs I said for time that I think Kamala Harris is strongest strongest strong just because she checked so many bothers you sort of way. Can I think, about meeting the worse dragon, checking the racing form in others. Just so many things that she does. Whether you need is a debate, particularly especially having been in the national spotlight before, because also this, Willie. Is he to get more attention than mistakes do for a lot of reasons, but instead Because we're in the corona virus has been such a news vacuum for ten had much to cover in the band. With Tromp hasn't had much to attack so gear because you know that the Arab League
forces from campaign. Gonna come pretty strong up to be real, quick. They'll, be debates camel, hair ass would be on the state. With my pants We ve seen her on debates just as well be able to handle herself very well Jonathan Le Maire. How is the White House looking at this pact? Does it matter to them one way or the other they hoping for some one that they might have a better chance to attack the argue against Joe Biden that we ve heard most present we from them is that he's a tool of the left that he's just a vessel for the radical left, as they put it this country. Are they hoping he pick? Some one in particular will suffer that argument was with Warren would be helpful for the prince for to make that case, but, according to our reporting you're. Certainly she was like a tender there, but, but I am certainly you know it during the early stage. The pandemic, but after George
killing, it was certainly a shift in the pine camp to meeting wine to pick a woman of color for that for that slots. For them, keep her our party lines up with axioms the silly I wouldn't go so quite so far a sage just too, but certainly we're Harrison's, whose rights are the tools the tenders and shot I want to ask you want something you, as Mark suggested. The first rule of Vp Pic is: do no harm and two Willis point the President and his team. There eyeing Killer Susan Rice, who they feel like they can paint if, Joe by more to pick the present Obama's former national to revise this would be a full fledged continuation of the Obama administration of Burma third term. We know the Joe Biden very important Joe Biden, that heat that he gets the sign off both Brok and Michel Obama, too pick. What are you see as the downsides for Susan Rice pick downsides? Upsides, certainly she's, not commercial politician, she's, never really gotta campaign before there will be new scrutiny, and I think if you weren't picked
We'd all hear the word Benghazi again. What is true what you think the pros and cons and Susan respectively? Yeah, I mean I think you ve started to leave them out. Yes, the word been gauzy. Now I dont The word been gaddi turns off. A lot of Democrats have already decided to vote for Joe Biden and people who media excited about the first black female vice presidential candidate and possibly the first by female vice president, but what I think those and what I think the binding campaign knows is they gotta come up with their Benghazi sound bite when it comes to Susan Rice, she has to come up with a way to in one or two sentences get past that because that we're gonna see thousands on camping commercials that I Susan Race, to that that incident, which which was incredibly sat incident by I dont- think that. The diminishes the kind of excitement that might be written by Susan Rice and other
Few, though, is this question of because she has never run for electoral office before elected office? Before does you know? She entered the question of. Do you want to be president of the United States because I think a question like that is some: that would be natural in this situation because of what You know, Mark Mckinnon, has said about Joe Biden being the oldest possible president to ever sit in that office to start is turned. You have to wonder if she's never like sought that office, if she's never contained in that particular way, you know. Does Does she want to do that job now? I think she's perfectly qualified to do that job, which has to figure out how to answer these quest. And so on, are both of my answer sort of come to this idea. How did you run for office how'd? You, be someone who excites people? The digital me
because there's only so many campaign stunt speeches that are gonna happen for Joe Biden or Susan Rice. If she has chosen Does she know enough to how to actually energize excite people me. That person you are talking to feel like you're, the only person in the room, which is what a good politician can do, and we don't quite know that about Susan Rice Jake Sherman will make his choice, Joe Biden Well, the next week or so, and that will be on to the voting much which, as we know, will be by mail. You and political and mourning consult doing this pole. Every week and you ask people how they feel about voting by mail, and it looks like there's. A big split along party lines yeah I just want to add one more thing- he's unreasonable, I'm gonna get. I wanna get this open season rice, Joe Biden, have the same strikes. That's what I don't really understand. Your foreign policy is bought with binding common garden. I understand first african American VP candidate, but there are other african Americans in the next and I don't.
I don't quite understand that, but anyway, this is an important issue. I want to talk about this male about it than sixty percent of Republicans, say: there's no vote in person and sixty five percent of Democrats hitherto go by mail, which is just stay a nest. A massive massive chasm here and in this place, a real policy decisions that are being made now before publicans and Democrats are haggling over billions and billions of dollars for the United States, postal service email and that that would help Ellen building. That would help to shore up the postal service ahead of the election, and again I mean just think about where we are: people are barely going out in public safely. How are we going to have people go to the ballot box and in the beginning of the week I just don't understand- is- can really need to wrestle this issue out in the next couple weeks, because this is critical. More democracy and critical for our election, which is began frankly, not just in the next couple about ninety days from today is like
in days of very important to think about. These decisions are being made now being made tomorrow and Friday on capital, though so marking, and when you look at mail in voting, Jos made the point four time on this show that mail in voting historically has helped to Republicans. And then you have the Republican presently United States saying that our gallant, that it could lead and will lead to a ring, the election so with the weighty, are going to vote whether he likes it or not, by mail this time around. How does that change these sort of com activity of this election will the irony complexity? We saw a sharp relieve yesterday Willie, when the pressing after talking men, are problematic. Mail in voting is talked about. How important wasn't works Certainly Zadig zero. Mr President, Finally, we lose lichens, we lose flora and the way we use Lord, at least a male imbalance, of something very mixed messages about mail and boating coming from the past? because he sees that it serves
the country is too, is it bad and so very mixed message, because the internet The country is to benefit and he's realizing that can awaken again. The interesting to see what other states cherry picks for male in voting market can inject Sherman. Thank you. Both this morning to see still had, as Mark said, prayers and trust. Mail in voting is ok in Florida, but he's suing Nevada over that same issue will sort through that just ahead plus Senate Majority Leader Mitch, Mccall now opening the door to extending emergency unemployment benefits and Missis Casey HOT joins us with her new reporting on how close we may be to a deal wanting come right back. Hey, it's crusades this week on my podcast wise is happening. I will talk to Vauxhall David Roberts about the epistemic divorce between America's to mean factions. First, you
rain people not to trust their own eyes and ears, to just trust you as a source of information, and then you proceed to the atrocities right like once. You have people who will be anything you say and support you in literally anything you do then you're off to the races, but you ve got to sort of condition them, and that's, I feel, like honestly, is what we see happening in front of our very eyes right now in the? U s: that's this week on wise is happening, surfer wisest happening releasing right now and subscribe,
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