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Morning Joe 8/6/20


The Morning Joe panel looks at the president's recent interviews and media appearances and his response to questions from Axios' Jonathan Swan on the coronavirus.

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Terrorism is increasingly sounds like one of those bad lip reading videos you see on the internet, they delivered a swift and swept ban. You know that sweeping it was swift and it was sweet thing. We thought he has trouble getting through the words France, Japan, Sweden, Finland fatal, and this is a square tyranny and Apples Minneapolis police, just like we did many Annapolis plasma laws, plasma the plasma laws, but we need plus the poor. Many can't read of property, the same spirit that drove America's rounders visa doesn't even know what ear and joy, G20 offices and buildings. By do thirty April of twenty thousand fourteen has difficulty keeping his train of thought blazing fast, Broadway. And then the view I am announcing that my administration is and we ve he's obstacle course that makes it look like he s got up to this job. I just
these prompt supporters attacking the actual tropic that Well, it's updated Willie IBM every time be Tags com. You just find some more clips of Donald Trump just wandering around- I mean another, the Jonathan Swann, interviewed by the way I was off yesterday and miss the job at this one interview that the part where he was trends in the grand papers in his face and the charts and graphs- and I just say that no it's over Jonathan Swan for a second, I you know when, while this comes at, you he's got some non chocks in one hand, and he's got a club with spikes and the other John Jonathan Swift It is a little more subtle. He just sick was so it like a brownie, and you don't realize juvy until you wake up the next morning at the heart of an elevator shaft that he's very sad and very polite, but you wake up the next morning.
And the elevator share it was. It was a little more But if you look at the president's face and he looked completely lost Now, where he was a real was disoriented is, I think I've ever seen the man on on the camera and that's saying off a lot. Will it's amazing? What he's presented with facts was it with Jonathan Swan did for him, which one he handed in those grassy, so don't know you're looking at this the wrong way. There's no! Second, there. He doesn't know where to go once things confronted with the facts, but if I had a net for every night. I ended up the bottom of an elevator shaft apprehend with God and Swan Joe I'd, be a wealthy man. You and I both know why, waiting to give that's. Just came off the top. My had, of course, been second above as if a war, but we know that we get them here. I just I just want to show a clip others again again following the comedy central mash here, Ears John. Swan again with the present figure. I look at his death and death is
Europe needs a thousand a day. If you look at this yet again, let's daily, dare take a look at some of these church. I'd love to would look, let's look at. If you look at start to go up right here. United age is lost in numerous categories will more then, the World from lower than Europe. What case death. All you're doing death is a proportionate cases. Talking about death is a proportionate population. That's what the? U S is really bad while much worse, the South, Korea, Germany, it can't. You can't do that. You am I going to really look at South Korea, for example, fifty one million population three hundred deaths- it's like you crazy guy it's either.
Their statistics anyway, because you have a very good relationship with that country, but you don't know that, and they have said Lucky Germany, long years, I'm going right, Ear United States well asked, meaning we ve lost out of the way with firstly as a and its catch and we have cases Six thousand Americans died. I understand I'm asylum cases, it's not what you not reporting it correctly. Jonathan, I think I have to be tackled. There's other George, this is our testing. I believe this is the testing. Yet they textiles, Americans are in hospital. You watch enjoying your papers, they usually talk about new cases, new cases, new cases of death you look? It's cannot death is way down from where it was its two thousand a day. It was true that are causing it went down to five hundred. Now it's going to excuse me where it was: is much higher than word is right now went down the right, but now it's God
again it down in Arizona it's going down international slowing down in Texas to look at this, so. The test is going down in Florida, I'm I'm really serious about this. If, if you weren't pay the United States. We wouldn't play that clip on the air because he looked so disoriented, that people would say that we were being cruel, taking advantage of somebody on the air, but he can clear lose disoriented, didn't know what he was talking about scrambled acts just it. It was a major. Let me bring you major John Mean some left. Let me bring you in here. He is present the United States and I'd like to ask you why presidential precedents we have four of before That is already in vat, bad I'm afraid Maybe we need to go into the realm of flight. Tv shows
did that remind you? More of Mister Haynes from green acres are Festus from guns I believe and where's. Arnold knew not. Why are you play the cards that our hand to deal. I understand. I appreciate that the nickel, not references, I think even Willie is too to understand what you just said, so that that's that's pretty phenomenon. I say we have an interview. You study the history of presidencies, John, that explains self accurately. There's a certain there's, a certain there's, a certain clarity about your career choices. I like it, I like it. No, and it's sort of again weaken beaks somewhat light hearted about it, but it's it's at heart. The best this accompanying and at work. Terrified and what I had it in and in both of you know this.
When you do what we do for a living- you get a lot of male, particularly in the old, You get Manila folders from people who had found the key to everything, and it went from the book and assess through the council on foreign relations and would end up with George Herbert locker fish in Dallas during the Canada assassination, you know it was the sort of conspiracy theories, but really third, as if it were factual right so that watching it. Right now I was making. This is like getting a powerpoint deck from area. Fifty was it area fifty four, and what did you want? I say there you go out with car. Fifty two sorry but I think that to me- and I and I hope that the power, of satire with
that's what Trevor Knowers doing. Otherwise, our friend Christopher Buckley says it's hard to satisfy someone who self satirizes all the time in the case of President Trump. I hope that that gets into the consciousness, because the attack on Vice President Biden about his coherence and all that is gonna get worse a lot worse because about all they ve got is banned. Interesting to observe. Keep an this she'll media stuff about what from trumpet stand has to argue and none of the arguments. This is fascinating for this point of presidential campaign. None of the arguing on substance? Have any salience? Can you think of one there's perspective right there perspective what is wrong? Events like oh he's, gonna I was into a socialist future. Nobody believes that Joe, you not talked about either a much better chance
adds that Joe Biden will end up somewhat censuring the Democratic Party than anybody come along and centre the republican Party? and so and I think that's an exit angel threat to a republican part that has sold its all the Czech bounced and they got to figure out What are they gonna do to attempt to be approaching Majority Party in this demographically, changing country and why I bet this But my bed is: sometime in the middle of November of this year. They because he's going to take it. The count the ballots split? Some talk about election night right. Let's talk about election weak as people have in arguing that several falsehood, Irritation that we're all going to know everything in the David Break, these going back and tell us right at the right time, because at that
into trumps hands was. Chaos helps him, but I suspect that if there is a even a blue, a blue wave is a wave. Let there's gonna be a point. The or the end of the year where a lotta republicans are gonna, be saying Donald, who now I don't know what you're talking about an issue that we are and if they do is gonna, be because of that kind of clip and that is exactly what's going to happen. I can tell you a lot of the Saint people that are blindly defending Donald Trump right now, we're viciously attacking me when I was criticising George W Bush is foreign policy in the second term and also criticising is spending and huge there. Sets it asking why we as socialists, why I was left winger. Why when I had become a left wing radical, I, when I actually attacking him because he abandoned all conservative concept. As far as I was concerned,
and, of course, the second George W Bush that out of office vase, in saying the same thing and then went overboard and now the attacks. Oh, my god, you would think George W Bush was essentially the same thing will happen with Donald Trump. It's just it's the game that they ve been playing. I remember too, and well me getting viciously attacked by people for criticising Mitt Romney campaign campaigning Midst, a friend of mine, The family is a friend of mine, but he was running what I thought was amount inspired camp and was attack, and even the same people who are defending we'll trump now we're viciously attacking me and defending Mitt Romney. If you can believe it's, it's bizarre, very, it's happened in the past. It's gonna happen this year to Donald Trump loses it'll, be Donald who December and everybody will be writing their books about how I want a war? How I save the world from the chaos this man, you look at the clear up those clips of joy,
and swan, and you just see this is it I'm paying. That is completely blocked in every detail sing about forty. You don't want a! U dont want for debates if you're running Donald Trump campaign, You may say he wants for debates, you dont want for debates, look at the job, what interview he was come we lost? He had a blank dad look in his eye. He he was completely out of his element here. Allowed to live like autocrat in his all the world for the past four years where he makes up alternate reality sets out an alternate alternative set of facts and he doesn't have around him. That's challenging him that not somebody that you want out on the stage one debate night, let alone for debate not so so suggestion that they do is foolish it with every every time it goes out there
he's going to look just as bad as he says Jonathan Swan Dummy Joe Biden, wasn't grow, in some of the early debates, but he did a lot of debates. Yes, it's been out there more than Donald Trump Pass and John you do you bring a great point about their arguments? What what are they? I think- are they really going to argue that Joe Biden is out of it, because every time they do, there's a clipboard, Donald Trump looks bad or worse? Are they going away we talk about China, because every time they do there's a clip or tweet about Donald Trump causing up to Then she congratulating him for being a strong men. Congratulating him forget solid in power more than any leader in China since Chairman MAO congratulating him for such a great leader on the Koran, a virus or the wound. Viruses president called it after he forgot that he fainted presidency on behalf of Amerika and for doing such an incredible job on the corona virus.
He really has no and a girl and endless bringing Jonathan merrier Jonathan White House AIDS have to be absolutely dazed by the presents horrid performance in front of Jonathan Swanton, confused bumbling rambling performance, where they just again his fate? He eyes Yeddo, it's like he wasn't there do they really want a fourth debate, This is not a second high profile interview in recent weeks. The present is really struggled with one with Chris loss on Fox a few weeks ago. Being the other the AIDS is suggested. They don't think this when quite as the traction it was on HBO one aid. Yesterday, snifters quote liberal porn to me thinking it was unfair, but of course we can. We all watch the cliffs. Sorry wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait what was liver one! He get all the facts wrong. I'm a conservative, I'm a lifelong conservative conservative before Donald Trump lied about me,
Conservative, I'm concerned after he will leave being served event to more concern. Than all of these people that have followed this. This autocrat and training they sang at several points that he got all the facts wrong. Have they really put themselves in a corner now where, if you go along with facts, if you go along with statistics that show a liberal, that's that's their argument. It certainly has not proven to gain a trap.
In recent days. Joe of one thing that we also did was dismissed will limit of recent. Why has talking point about the court of our sight and mortality rate there hey their hats on that that it was lower. That, of course, has changed in recent weeks there back to the drawing board on that, but you raise a question about whether box into a corner, and the answer is yes. This is a campaign now we're under three months until election day is united and talking about a lot we're now under one month to early voting, begins and number of out of our states, including North Carolina, and which present a really doesn't have a path to win without capturing the target state. Yet running out of time and set pieces to turn. The narrative of the campaigner round. We know the convention has been completely appended to. The present will certainly give a speech at some point. That's not gonna be the forty celebration. He had hoped he's alive. To hold any rallies. He is trying to substitute smaller events, both official and political, to take that space on track.
With him today to Ohio, where he is doing couple things, but this point even ass, a pause on that he's, gotta get Ohio state that a few months ago, they thought they had back now he's a stance in time it resource is there, so they are putting a lot of eggs in the basket of the debate. The campaign, as you mentioned yesterday, called for a fourth debate, one that's earlier right now first debate scheduled for the end of September, and they want one at the beginning of this endeavour, coinciding with the beginning of early voting. Despite the buying campaigners had noted that they said that we have agreed to the free with the federal to make Russia we will. We will stick with that, but it goes to show you the wires and the present the run out of moves they feel like they can do the debates they do plan to shore up highlight when Joe Biden stumbles, we're gonna fact wrong or something like that, but it also just opens up the litany of cliffs that the president has done so in the past. Of course, the risk other debates age that he not Joe Biden, maybe the one
offering the rural verbal implosion. Let's talk about some of those backs. The president's bumping up against the United States average more than a thousand daily deaths from corona virus for tenth consecutive yesterday, in addition to more than fifty a thousand new cases. This comes as an analysis on the Associated Press, vines testing it states declined by three point: six percent of past two weeks. Accordingly, the eighty officials largely a tribute, the drop to Americans becoming too urged Dover having await hours to get a test, days or even weeks to get their result back, rendering that result meaningless. Twenty two states saw decline the report says places like Alabama, Mississippi Missouri in Iowa, where quote the percentage of positive tests is high and content. To climb an indicator that the virus, still spreading uncontrolled. Their testing largely is seen by health as visuals, as you know, is the key to reopen schools and businesses. Meanwhile, President Trump cards
used to claim the virus will just disappear. Countries in very good shape and wish to rock and roll just things going away. It will go away like things go away, go when things go, absolutely no, I might it will go. I please frailty sooner rather than later. Let's brain power, in journalism, Professor Morgan State University politics enter the greens in Emma S, NBC political contributor, Jason, Johnson and national political correspondent for time, Molly All is whether she wrote the cover story for the new issue on ways. The cope at night seen pandemic is transforming the twenty twenty election good morning to you, both Jason, he still now six months internet, the president is wishing this away saying it's just gonna go away the way things go away. Saw his ineptitude in that interview when confronted with the facts that vote the Americans are seeing in their own lives around them about. What's really,
happening. That, in fact, is not going to just go away what we have before the only difference between the president would jobs and so on If this happens, that result from from Cairo was a couple weeks ago burst into tears, and I think he clearly no, he had already talking about it and what he wants to do. We got what number may say in some states of universal bit, less happy sons, agencies be under fire. We know one thing: go back to how its duties here. This week, it's fine, we'll see fights knowledge was a worthy sites and high schools in Georgia. I don't see any reason why themselves dishonour and believe the presidency takes its as well. So we now know anyone that's going to be the case as we have dozens and dozens of children or why we sent home from school. We cannot allow the president has no land reform.
Strategically fry handle this repulsive next month. There d be building with that referees and fear, nobody so far, and the man in the interview, diet and swung the reason. This is a deadly areas as these, the guy, with the keys to the car use the guy, who could decide that we'd have a national testing programme, is the guy model mask wearing for all these months. This chosen not to cause, he thinks gonna go away, Molly Let's talk about a cover story for Time Magazine ways, endemic is going to impact the twenty twenty should an already is impacting the twenty twenty election you come at this, because there are so many different ways you could look at, including in the way we vote with male in voting which President has said, is fraudulent and said what into a rigged elections, exactly right. There are so many ways that Davis election has been transformed by the pandemic. So we it is about the lands and and and look at all of that and look at the wasted. It is
completely change the context of this election and others the logistics peaceably. We're talking a little earlier about the convention's. That's one selection that will be unlike any other in our in our memories, because of the corona virus, and campaigns about to get creative and figure out how to adapt world where it is very difficult and an essentially risky to campaign in person ass were seem to take different approaches, and you have in different ways voting. As you mentioned, we have not seen the scale of change in the way Americans vote in any reason election, and it is a massive transformation. Of course moving in this direction anyway, with early voting and they'll voting already becoming traveling in a lot of states. This is going to be an overnight change for a lot of people Who is this a lot of stress to the system to an election system that was already fragile? That was already subject to things like interference and another wrists. Now this addition
strain is being put on. It is changing so cool We then a lot of states still can't say for sure exactly with procedures will be for people to be able to say please submit their balance and then the big picture is the way that it has changed the way people feel about this election right. The way that the whole com tax for voters has changed. Of how they look at the candidates. In terms of how do you value stated? country right. You know it you just like that for that both from saying that the countries in a grey place, Americans don't believe that these days, that the sheriff people who think that on the right track with absolute what is a very short period of time, and so the things that people value the things that people are looking for from their leaders dies. Changes we grapple with this and Emma people look around and actually I want a leader who listens to export. I want a leader whose compassionate, and so all of these attempts that trumpet Can we have made to change the subject refocus on? issues they prefer to talk about. I have really
a lot because the pandemic has so become the centre of our national consciousness. Of our national conversation inciting when one day? Hopefully we look back on this road there's no damn it. I know the Action is gonna, be an inexplicable inextricable part of that it is. It is out of the way, we are dealing with this pandemic as a nation is coming together. And using our democracy to figure out how we get out one John Mitchell It's it's fast. You started to talk about this earlier down prompts really he's running for reelection buddies rang for reelection without it out a thing. You look through the years like nineteen. Sixty John Kennedy Talk, getting America moving again and talked about a missile gap to trying to draw Contrast with Ike's Vice President Richard next. Twenty years later, Ronald Reagan was
running against what he called the malaysian Jimmy Carter's for years, talking about making Amerika great again twenty years after that George you Bush. I think it reacts two new gang rage and some of us it came along throughout the night tonight talked about compassionate conservatism, trying to expand cancer, it reach into the suburbs more effectively. And here we are twenty years later and and Donald Trump is families. He he doesn't even widely taught you he's well. What do you want to do over the next four years? reelected. He can answer- that question has been given the opportunity to answer that question repeatedly has no answers, and we heard yesterday in the press conference corona virus strategy and we think it
the seven hundred and fifty five thousand people dead, and it's not getting better. Getting worse. In many parts of America over a hundred fifty five, some people dead and his response his reaction, his game plan, well, it'll go away like things oh away. This is this is beyond it is. This is unprecedented this is like no presidential The election campaign with ever seen because it is utterly theme, was utterly to avoid plans dead. End this direction, which is as it could be. Vice President Biden has a great example in Ronald Reagan, as you say, forty years go now a biblical forty years ago, Ronald Reagan broken
from Jimmy Carter in the last week of the campaign, rumour the debating legal and wise October twenty eight, it was on Tuesday. The election was on November forth and Reagan Because he didn't show up and drool their aims age of sixteen nine. Remember that, with way to all now You would be a junior pledge in the White House in the current demography of the presidential candidates at sixty, not eddies, framed that question that endures today. Are you better and you were four years ago- is it for you to go to the stores and buy things than it was four years ago. Biden can say: can you go to the source and Andy, in the same way? You could four years ago and Reagan's ran through as a series of things more respected, secure, and he said your answers. Yes, then, going to be nodded that had over it. Jimmy Carter said that you're at vote is very clear. If
answer is no! You are better off than you are four years ago. I can suggest a different course and the number began to move in that sweet and in there two kinds of election really in presidential politics. This is just my opinion and then division of them there are new on selections where they Nixon in nineteen sixty would be one where real time did Arthur slicing or had to write a book in September of nineteen sixty Kennedys adviser, Kennedy, speechwriter, saying Kennedy, verse Nixon. Does it make any difference the fact that Kennedy campaign had to frame that question in the fall. Nineteen sixty tells you that in in that area they works as distinct does. Of course, history has made them, it does verses Biden. Does it
guinea difference, Hell, yeah and it's a pretty straightforward argument. It seems to me the thing quickly- and this goes Molly's point I look forward to peace- is, I really do think and been through a column medicine in the times this week we do have to on the way to a Our internal ambient clocks to see The election may not be fully decided by eleven o clock in the east on election night because of the nature of the ballots. Cause of the volume one imagines is going to come out and just worry that again, the king of Trumpets stand is to try to suggest because things in tv blocks right the apprentice? you get an answer at a certain point. He likes
having an answer at a certain point and if its not there, he believes that that Knox Orton folks sort of off their access the little bed and it began to end. It began to begin to think that things are astray and therefore he is going Japan and and and put things back into order, we to figure out a way to cotton. Deva conversation to make people ready for this immense task counting these millions tens intends in tens of billions of ballots. It may take a couple of days and I think we have to prepare for that. That's important info election. Official John come on. This showed make that exact point, which is to say those hours, those days that may go on after election night, when you don't know who one are not filled, chaos their filled with people certifying boats to make sure we get them
right and it will be longer than usual likely, given all the mail and voting we're just getting started here still add on morning: go health experts that only pushing for more testing but the need for rapid testing. We will talk to a top infectious disease doktor about how we go about doing that, bipartisan pushed back against the president's plan to hold his conversion, in a speech on the south lawn of the White House. He floated that idea. Yesterday, you watching morning Joe be right back onto mainly post of into America. A podcast from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice. Interracial injustice end in when you add health is the house injustice into what is at stake? People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America, a pod cast about who we are ass, Americans and who we want to become.
New episodes? Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday subscribe now, if you look at children and children are almost, I would almost say definitely button almost immune from this disease, so few here they ve got stronger. I believe tat our I feel about it, but tat, much stronger immune systems than we do somehow for this, and they do it today, but they don't have a problem just don't have a problem, is it true or virtually immune from going. I even have contracted spires, and I'm talking about from very sick. If you look at yogurt, I mean able to throw it offer easily, and it's an amazing thing. Some flows? They do they get very sick and they have problems with flues and they have problems with other things. But for whatever reason the China virus children, handle it very well
they may be, they may get it, but they get it and it doesnt have much of an impact on them. And if you look at the numbers, the numbers of of in terms of mortality fatality, the numbers for children, you're, a certain age, meaning young there immune systems are very, very strong, the very powerful and they face to be able to handle a very well we'll know what tat Anthony Vouchers and others have said that children are not immune to corona virus and can spread the virus to others. Just last week, a study found infected children have at least as much of the corona virus in their noses and throats has infected adults and the younger than eighty five quote may hold up to one hundred times as much of the virus in the upper respiratory tract as adults. The authors found Facebook took note of the president's false claims children and immunity to cope in nineteen yesterday, removing a video posted from trumps personal page that feature those comments. A facebook policy spokesperson said the video call
could false claims that a group of people's immune from covert nineteen, which is a violation of our policies around harmful covered misinformation. Whither, also remove the video from its platform for violating its rules on misinformation about corona virus. This is the first time Facebook has taken Action against president Trump for posted, false claims about covert. Nineteen in mailed statement, the Trump campaign accused Facebook of quote flagrant by writing in part, social media companies are quote, not matters of true so now its biased Joe to point out the fact that children are not immune. What a reckless thing to say, as parents decide whether or not they want their kids back in school. Moreover- and this is what autocrat stew do in turkey- it's what they do in russia- it's what they do and angry it's what they do. Poland, in before Euro your eyes, it is what they do they there, he vague The eight alternative facts it again that an apple bombs, book twilight of democracy
What about this, and there is very clear pattern that they do. They attack oppress. They attack courts. Tat. They attack science, they attainment, they attack facts and, and by continually attacking those facts, they can create our own realities and Donald Trump case this is head Outstanding results where scientists, deeming allergist, William warning em about there's even Joe Biden Warning is about this and in January, by In writing in bad for you, say today in June and where are you saying talk to your doctors and scientists like them lead, we're not prepared for the pandemic. Donald Trump, the same time saying it's one person coming from China. It's gonna go away a month later saying its fifteen people inside It's gonna go away talking about injecting disinfectants,
it pudding uv lights into Americans. Talking about hydroxide chloric, when every study is showing that it doesn't work and only quack doctor Oh would do. It suggests that it was that his own administration sang and and saying actually go away in April, and here is still lying still creating alternative facts and claiming that your bias We are this. We heard this about Jonathan Swans interview when you said that there is no system for no with its facts there there's still even in Donald Trump America there. Is a reality. He may not like, but but It is a reality that we are live at an end and the fact that is now making things around. Children and via its again, it's exe.
Ordinarily, dangerous, Willie and and theirs biased about people telling the truth about medicine, those outside reality. It's a really. Question about kids, so, let's bring in an expert on this journey is now clinical director the division of infectious diseases, Brigham and women's hospital doktor Paul sacks doktor sacks good to see again. So let me just put the question straight to you: our children, immune from covert nineteen. The really not immune to open nineteen. They can get this virus watch in ITALY. They don't usually get his sick as adults, especially older adults, but one thing we ve learned especially from this recent outbreak, is that children can acquire the virus, and also- and transmitted to others, and so what are the implications, for a return to school. Then, because I think when this started, we were told allowed people believe this is so That was most dangerous to old people, that this was a fifty or sixty five. In older, if he had a preexisting condition that so we really needed to be worried about. But if you look at schools, reopening and showed
the ability to contract corona virus? What place? Does that put it and how do you think of it as an infectious disease expert right opening schools very important, but it should be done safely and I think it's best on in regions that have a low incidence right now and most of the United States. We can actually say that with any confidence, everything is that the schools have to be prepared with right. Safety measures that includes distancing mass and really optimally the use of testing I think this is especially the case at the university college level. We are obviously furthermore, young adults and gets infection and and can spread it very readily additional students, as you say, pension spreading, it taught us a little bit about the impact of may have on teachers who are more vulnerable. Population Rita who might be older, who might have underlined health conditions and ratification is their brave for those teachers and also potentially, that brain and home to their families, who that's that's it
enormous concern about the teachers are, the teachers are understandably very frightened about the implications of opening schools, but because of their own health and their own health to their families, and these are all Very justifiable worry. In some worries that actually have been handled very well in other countries where they have some national Paul. These events or safety and about sitting in one only needs to look at the countries that have done this successfully designs and models, and I'm talking in particular in Asia, where they ve done a very nice job. Reopening squalls, even after a covert nineteen has its hippos conduct. Willie guys here be sure to check out this week's episode of the Sunday sit down podcast with Oscar winning actress vile, the Davis to talk about her extraordinary career and her journey from poverty to Hollywood Z list it now for free wherever you download, podcast volleyball ball. This abandoned ongoing problem, obviously in Europe ever saw you're talking about how this fact,
Denmark has impacted the election. You ve had Donald try since last spring pushing to have seen was reopened. Not this not for this this year, but for the end of it last year in in April, and may I now, of course, that battle continue said. Just like The battle against wearing mask seems to mock people wear masks. His instinct is open up the sky rules regardless and a lot of parents. I guess what our kids to be able to go to school there, just theirs growing concern, especially in states like floor taxes, Arizona that that might not be safe, yeah, you know, I'm a parent to I've got three little kids at home. I would love to get them out of the house and back to school if it was safe. To do so, and I have written a lot about an issue as well and what was I to me writing about preparations for the election and writing about this issue of schools was in
of cases. We spend so much time arguing about the problem that we squandered a lot of the time it could have taken to actually solve it and so much about. You know the messages that that trunk was sending and how people respond to them. My question for the doktor it is when it grew up like health perspective. How important is it to have people who are credible? you can communicate with the public in two and a half the jack particularly when you need to know a collective response, situations like this to happen, clear message coming from the top, I think its absolute, critical and one of the things we ve this year has been strong voice from the centre for Disease Control, the CDC the CDC did issue some school opening guidelines and then they were sort
softened, and I think this message of just open the schools or that a real plan to go it safely is potentially very dangerous, and I say this as a person who is married to a pediatrician, and so she gets this question all the time we really do want to open the schools. We infectious disease doctors, we pediatricians, but we only want to do it if it can be done safely. Stocker sacks. I know you said your Obsession is with testing the testing it's actually a lot of people not for six months and forcing not the federal government's priority at this point. But what why So how do we get a better testing system in place because, as has been pointed out, you can test everybody in the country can do three have thirty million test, but if they take a weaker ten days to come back those tests, I don't mean anything. So how do we do it better? How do we do it quicker than the key thing for testing is for to use the very expensive and the gold and bottleneck pcr tests for people who have symptoms and are sick and then too who's the cheaper advantages,
and faster tests or people who, a symptomatic, potentially even roll out home testing, so that people can test themselves relatively quickly. Probably accurately, and that would really be has not just or Kovac nineteen disease, but covert. Nineteen could pay justness, and if we shift that bar to be passed for covert nineteen contagious this, we really can have a huge impact on this. Iris, that's going to take a national effort, fortunately several academics and country. And companies are working on this problem and, as I meant That is my obsession. I think that this will have a huge impact on our ability to get back to something some semblance of normal life. It's a frustrating, I'm rotation doktor. Sacks ensure lot of our viewers feel frustrated too, because we ve been hearing people like you say this since February and March that we got tat. We ve got it s. Why? sitting here on August. Six, still, why we don't have a testing programme in this country. Well, that's a very important question. I think one of the
problems is that we don't have a national policy, and this has been left open to the other states companies that really battle it out among themselves to make tests available. I note here said. She we ve now argue with other states to purchase they became number of rampant test, but why is this on the state level, this really should be a national priority, and it should be something that is import is as important as as the military budget or added as as Nothing else. This is a really a crisis. The fact that tests numbers are going down in some states that are still having a lot of coal, Nineteen is really a tragedy in shows that people are discouraged about the difficulty of getting the test, it still quite difficult in many settings, and that really can't happen. The difficulty building the task is wearing more, nor how long is taking to get the results back if it takes ten, eleven twelve days that does-
nobody any good clinical director of the village division of infectious diseases, it Brigham and women's hospital doktor Paul. Thank you. So much more Thank you as well. Great everyone will be reading your cover story in the new issue of time, I'm John major! I just have one go do about. Nepal Willie said how surreal this, since we we seen since two thousand one rightly, let me say rightly, that There is a terrorist attack, not only in the United States of America but across the world. We respond quickly? All you have to do is look at those Paul. The shoe bomber and how completely, has changed no way we screamed when we get through t essay checkpoints at airports. You look at other terrorist attacks or attempted terrorist attacks. Completely changes the way that we as
tree of lived- and I say good, I I know what people think we shouldn't overreact Glad we react to attempted terrorist attacks as aggressively as we do so. And yet here we are, and we have a hundred five thousand deaths in America. How many nine slash eleven. Is that I'm not great with math, but my gosh. That's what what three thousand nine hundred and eleven We are united on thirty May, probably thirty, nine, eleven and Annie. Here. We had, as Willie said in March. People saying all the time saying all this time, doctors, epidemiologists scientists thing all the time tat we had to strengthen testing regiment, it was the only way to get restaurants back, open, small businesses back up and keep them open. We needed to test, we needed a trace
We need the isolate we needed, a trait of said this over and over again, and yet Donald Trump still has refused. To move forward with testing. In fact he branded a rally about telling people, the slow testing down again. How so real is it that way? we are challenged in the field of terrorism. The entire government stops, focuses on that problem and moves to protect arrogance, and here we are in August here. We or in August still concerned about the fact that, We don't have basic testing downright when it's something better Americans have been worried about for the past six months, you, and I don't care not great posters for the mathematical education in the American South. Not I think it's known anointed, not fifty nine, eleven right
and so my children find my enumerate charming, so that's good get. It enables them to take more money in those. Aol is only five, but I think it's fifty eight nine eleven. Imagine that right so tat. I think there's a very weak disaster, forward, if not simple, answered what you're asking really is leadership as they and pick on twitter. Just don't go! Don't start that another couple coffee and and and relax on this, but to very different american President's would have splendid in the way that I saw you- and I think is the right way to this- and that would be George The bush, who buy it On admission tended to act on instinct and that's the way here did in the wake of the attacks. Nineteen years ago, an Barack Obama who was clearly more of a cerebral figure who would be driven by data and fat. I didn't think we ve talked with us before. I did
I'd like to see a different, a shift as strong a shift significant shift between, american President's as a country that go from George W Bush one day to Barack Obama. The next until a force, those Brok Obama to Donald Trump, and yet both Bush and Obama would have. Four out of different life experiences out of different world views would have responded, full and strongly and better, I believe, than than the incumbent and I think it really is about the commission a city of the person at the top people like me get, occasionally for focusing too much on the presidency. This is a moment that today is an incredibly important moment, too member. Why that offers matter so much. This is
diversionary isn't? It is August ex right. This is the anniversary of the dropping of the first atomic bomb on Japan. Franklin, Roosevelt, who developed it and Harry Truman allowed it to go forward. That's a present troll decision argue with the most important present your decision in history, because it in the nuclear age. It made the presidency all the more vital and we entrust that power, not just a military life and death, but of ambient life and death? to someone who is not capable of executing the job- and I see, I know that seems partisan, but just because something factual and made partisan overtones doesn't mean it's not factual and that structural since facing the country is who do you want to trust with the health of their nation and how your family, Donald Trump,
who does not understand the difference in the portion of of deaths? Someone like Biden, who has been his life in the public sector, trying to and your factual consensus to address certain problems for a given period of time, which is what power takes its AIDS crusades this week on my podcast wise is happening. I will talk to Vauxhall David Roberts about the epistemic divorce between America's to mean factions. First, you train people not to trust their own eyes and ears, to just trust you as a source of information, and then you proceed to the atrocities right like once. You have people who will be anything. You say and support you in literally anything you do then you're off to the races, but you ve got to sort of condition them, and that's, I feel, like honestly, is what we see happening in front of our very eyes right now in the? U s: that's this week on wise is happening. Surfer wisest happening, releasing right now and subscribe
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