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Nearly 300,000 Americans could die from the coronavirus by early December, according to new projections from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington. Yet the number could be lower if more Americans wore masks.

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I see a certain rights towering sequoias. You're foreign competitors, move their factories to prevent a level playing field and do liability, shifting production design land division Thailand in Vietnam,. I saw that tourism syn, farmers Simpson months ago, thigh, land and the capital of Courses Winkler, they're, so nothing, but wings and chicken ties isn't that the outgoing Tuscaloosa from your college days to tie it to good name. It is it's right league. Dreamland, that's right and then you get yeah Gillette's, and then you get your thoughts. Thailand- and I gotta tell you by the time you it's not a pug crawl is a chicken crawl.
Such a long time, you're done in time you done through their failure. You crawl in the class. Now I told you I You know, as you know, I would the verse of Alabama universal Floor to law school to be an alarm, above them great southern state schools. There is actually a guy on Twitter, yesterday with the Dartmouth degree. That was trying to do. Explain to everybody that that Elise crazy leads, did not understand that that Thailand was actually pronounced, thigh less, on which we agree. We just words moments. This call to this cult of farm. It were, he's with that moment where in Alex, always need this in the rotation where where my pants
sees Donald Trump put the water on the force of my pins puts a water on the floor, so I'd say: Willie, I think we're gonna role, the clip thousand dramatic pause for the corporate there. I guess we're had imposed production, but yeah I mean if you to go down and die on that hill See agent me Miss Pronunciative, Thailand, there's nothing! You won't go down with drugs. Yeah. Exactly so now you you had the painter pause. Now you have course and paused we're going to have that water fairly, soon pillar of we want a Nobel Prize for literature, for it Willie, and I were working on our our projects. Azerbaijan next week for some materials, the working a project in case you were wondering this early earliest Friday morning before we get to know them. Yes, we're going try to get our third Nobel Prize for Science and much already know, don't give it away
too much rhetoric and to put a right, my green jack, it well what you did. I win any some astern, eighty, seven, everyone's Jack, Emily rifts Scarborough NATO, said our apologies celerity mice good morning and work into mourning, gel sheets Zeppelin with Willie me. We imports prize winning com is an for the wise imposing a message be supplied in old man was also levels and winner in eighty. Do you Jeanne robins? If provision will end in big jackets in public affairs, eggs is MSNBC contributing towards the friends let's so co, founder of and c, o Access and Jim Vander Whitehouse Report for the Associated Press, Jonathan, a mere and he's story. I'm John Major he's the author, the forthcoming biography of Jean Louis titled. His truth is, urging on which publishes later
much where we start with the news are yet, let's get right into it would begin with new corona virus numbers. United states now exceeding one hundred sixty thousand deaths. Since the pandemic began, America's reported nearly point: nine million covert nineteen cases were keeping a close eye again on hotspots. Like Florida we're. Yesterday alone, there were eight thousand new cases reported and in Texas, which has report at least three hundred new death for the third consecutive days. California continues to grapple with a technical glitch in its nineteen tracking system officials say that corruption- is impacting response efforts statewide. Meanwhile, a new path from the University of Washington's Institute for health metrics, an evaluation, the key covert nineteen model suggests the number of ass in America is expected to come I'm too, nearly three hundred thousand Lord
the wider thousands views as the model out of people have looked at. Researchers claim, though, that if starting today, ninety five percent of Americans war masks when leaving their homes that number of projected death, would drop by more than sixty six thousand. The report also predicts states might imposed. Lockdown measures once the death rate reaches eight per million. Model? Also assumes fifty percent of school districts in you today will opt for online instruction only for this upcoming school here Joe when that night Recross yesterday it was staggering you're talking about almost three hundred thousand deaths were just over a hundred and sixty thousand right now, with that model plays out and, let's hope to God, it doesn't you're. Looking at half again what we ve seen already don't worry, I'm you know four people that have been covering closely been covering this modeling very closely. Of course, it's council. Thirdly, back and forth for this university Washington. Instead
food has been one. Did the White ass his use time and again, it's so have actually been conservative more often, when the president, I think the President Klaus, Damn saying that it might be sixty thousand seventy thousand, not so many months ago, but Willie, then this The problem with a pandemic back when fools. Anne and political, cranks and call members were saying I would just like the flu we're having the same number of people get. This would have a flu health experts doctors, scientists epidemiologists, they all talked about how quickly how exponentially pandemics, like the spread, and so of course that's exactly what happened. To be honest, we I you know: I was hoping that we will, stay under fifty thousand deaths in March. I didn't know that back. The bed. Certain was a great hope, but you know again, if you just followed month by month by month by month, this Fred so quickly
Otis, we're we're we're, not we're not having the University of Washington Institute telling people. I listen if you stay in your home for the next six months, if you shut down your small business for the next six months. If you lock your children away and don't allow them to go to schools for the next six months. You friend now. What did they talk about? They talk about wearing a mask again its fairly simple You don't remember either in the fire ending documents or in the Federalist papers or in The staging of Hamilton, either on Broadway, are on they now streaming Disney Plus.
Ban, you should really wicked peacock peak us all day. I did say that Gaza Maisie, but about very low. You talk about the right to kill this. They kill yourself and others by not wearing a mask this whole idea. I know it comes out of the hole trump called save for people who, the extreme members of the Trump called about not wearing masks but this study says if we want to cut deaths in America by how many fifty thousand or so set three thousand deaths by December, we could have far less, just where a mask is so, but the man thing to see what these matters for for those who still want to believe Donald Trump, that this is going to do naturally go way, is not look at the experts she'll growth of the deaths month by month by month by month
and what you see is a quickening pace. Instead of my Donald Trump saying that it slowing down the school going, it's not it's getting worse. More people are suffering more people dying now this time there is always the time to change your behavior for all of us to change our behaviour and take those precautions can save your life and the of your loved ones and even that number Joe, that huge number two hundred ninety five thousand in this estimate. Again, let's hope, that's on the high end of things assume drastic change in our lives, which is to say half of the country's kids, don't go back into school full time. This matter in part about this and will get into it with our panel. Is it didn't have to be this way and that fifty thousand number that you predicted and thought about way back when in March was a reasonable number. It was a terrible number, but it was a reasonable number, and now here we are talking about three hundred thousand deaths, potentially higher governor MIKE the wine tested negative for corona virus, just hours,
for another test register positive result, raising concerns over the accuracy of covert tests governor to wine first tested positive yesterday morning, using a rapid and joint tasks with allows for results in minutes, but were shown to be less accurate. That test was part. The protocol for those greeting and trot on the tarmac at an airport in Cleveland The wine then returned to Columbus and took a second test from Ohio State. Diversity, medical center, this time using a more staff, procedure known as pc, are and resolve came back negative in the evening. That second task, which looks at these specific genetic material for the virus, is known to be more. Sensitive and accurate, but is more time intensive and it requires sales to be processed in a lab. The lines ample, was run twice and came, negative both times Jonathan than where you are on that trip here president right now travelling this was administered because Governor DE wine was going to greet President Trump
the tarmac there in Ohio, the ripple effects of that news through air force. One. Morning. Willie today in New Jersey, don't be too not even the President's bed Minster Golf Club, where he is spending a three day week, but you're right yesterday, we landed here last late last night from a perhaps now the first My career obituary will note that I was in the room when the president said FI land, but yeah, but more than that it gets the governor and that additionally, emission test that shut out the entire the present spent the day in Ohio, which in itself, of course, there's no way. To state that we want handily entwine sixteen, but this time did the polling shows about even with job I showed you diminish nanny in this race that he has to spend time resource energy it states higher yesterday, he in Texas last week having to play defects
was, as we were, about to take off from Washington honor. One, but we got news that the governor had tested positively. No one will be able to be there, which one acts when we landed. Of course he wasn't. There was greeted include other other officials. Other representatives I'd he addressed to briefly say that he thought the governor with your hopefully would be ok, but to show you the entire, the senator out of speech, the President TAT in his economic policies, eternal to a toward a whirlpool factory in Ohio, devout american manufacturing and its rebirth under it watch other forced marriage manufacturing sector Israel stalled. Your work to, but here he can never out one the virus, everything he was trying to yesterday. That included a fundraiser as well was shut by this and then of course, last night after related here in New Jersey, we got what did the second test prove negative, but it raises questions about the see this as a though such a Texas. Last week, congressmen go mare was
to be on their flesh one. He wasn't because he tested positive. It seems like such tests. It indicates that as well, but this calls into question Everyone comes into contact with the present that includes staff officials on the road that includes reporters at the White House for the workforce. What I took that same tests yesterday, Governor Divine, did in Ohio we're all scream. This: has there been a number of high profile cases covered? Why the big but also what Staffordshire borders where there's been a false negative. It first, who are false, positives, calls into question just how accurate and see all these tests are for including those travelling with commander in chief, yeah, you know the riddle. There have been questions for some time about these the tests and how accurate they are idea. I do know that Willie that that might Barnacle is our thinking I had even after the pandemics over he may get. One of these cuts in any time is invited to do something. He made
Do they take the talent and positive? You can go to your bridge game and then and then take the real test a little bit later on and get out of some like the one get out of being with the present. Not that he'd want to do that, but those tests or again for especially Instead we have, those tacit have proven to be unreliable around the President, United States. You know You wonder, if there's not a better way to do it in the fact that that the testing Jean Robinson that's being used around the present, the United States is so inaccurate. Tells you how first, how dangerous that is for the countries that are leadership. I can't even get even be tested safely but also how poorly are testing regiment is even months into this right is definitely to preach the purpose of giving everybody a text, who's gonna,
The president, if you can rely on the tasks, so you ve, no idea only do you know all you have some idea of fully there not be allowed. Percent, inaccurate or whatever, but by clearly in this high profile case, understand in other cases the test this, this rapid testing, wrong and that certainly does call into question its worth and also interested. It does raise questions of so many different tasks: different kinds of nets, the different manufacturers, different methods with different degrees of reliability, hips. If it is a patchwork that I guess you could better wherever that crazy quilt just testing again. There was one of the report since, in the response to this pandemic we never protesting right. Remember made it
will you be able and reliable and up? And so we still don't I'm gonna handle it. We have where the words at the end where it's going to act yeah. You know it's just a lack of planning and its lack of planning. That's haunted, This is a rations approach in the pandemic from very beginning and coarse and stopped at the very top we're done you you're writing about going back to schools without a plan, Donald Trump back in the spring. In the spring when this pandemic, its first erupting saying people leading to go back to school, back to school leavers. Even talk, and I always in the fall, the pandemic was going to be gone Believe me, trust me. He said I was saying: what's open up businesses by Easter, every step of the way. This present has been wrong. He's been overly optimistic he's Pollyanna and and
the impact of that has been deadly for Americans. It's a reason why these numbers are increasing exponentially. We ve had no plan, was reopening schools are whether it was a testing regiment and Jean I saw a picture that a student Georgia's school about an hour outside that, whether those children were packed pact. Inside a classroom, I've, Armenians, the hallway must not wearing masks and, of course, the big answer. What was a big answer? They suspended loose dude and who took the picture which, tells all you really need to know about health. School, district and and others around that state are handling this pandemic. Absolutely insane absolutely insane look we all understand,
why it is imperative that a solution we can safely do so we gotta schools often. So if you decide go ahead and the schools which I think most countries not ready for you, but if you decide to go ahead and do at the very least you can do with require every student aware mask all. But how do you do that? The same way you and worse, the dress codes at every school in America already right souls ready, dictate watching can and can't where no matter, how do you know where you're sure to theirs rest assured. Are your answer baggy or you can wear that you get where that you had it properly dress, to build a school m. Reasonable district in the country can mandate right now today that proper grass, includes wearing a mass period.
And then you would have a lot less professional embarrass. You would have a life you're hot spots. Bob balloon in mushroom and spread the way we are likely to have in the absence of these mandates, that's it that's a very simple thing that could easily be done nothing. Being done and how right close again It will show you that picture, but how reckless of a school students to be crowned inside of a whole way without any masks. We have a lot more to talk about when we come back. We'll get me talking about Joe Viands interesting, take on Hispanics on blacks and cocaine, how's that for it, These more job will be right. Back
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tax news to sixty four thousand untrue, mainly post of into America, a podcast from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice and irrational and justice, and in when you add health as a house injustice into what is at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America, a podcast about who we are ass, Americans and who we want to become new episodes every Monday Wednesday Thursday subscribe. Now, please clarify specifically, have you taken a? That is not. Why haven't taking your test? What I would I? test. Man, That's like saying you before you this programme, you take a test when you're taking cocaine, not what you think. I. Are you a Jody? You say too from who brags
his test and makes you an issue for voters were. If you can't figure out the different treatment elephant alive, I don't know they always talking back vice president I've been trying to make some point but can see vs journalist, Errol Barnett they're, asking if he should have taken a cocaine tests and before that interview, why refuse buoyancy trying to make its? Let's see? No man, I want you to help you. I you can just say yes there I don't need take it ass, the old, so Joe Biden. That was a couple of days ago now today clarifying remarks he made after suggesting the letter Community is more diverse than the black community. President Trump wrote about comments on twitter posting, Joe Biden just lost the entire african american community. What a dumb thing disadvantage, but as an immense dear Mister Charlottesville said that he is
he's lost the entire. Did you really say that Willie he wrote it because I was work. I was working on our science projects yesterday, he really say the man who had David praising him for his moral equivalency with Nazis and protestors. Did he really say Betty laws, the entire african american community? Yes, while you were putting the men, tell us in the two leader cope bottle, he did in fact right those you tweet it does. We was up here. I get some video camera wrote. That means it is also the guy who, a few days ago, said to Jonathan Swan of the life and legacy of civil rights icon Jean Louis he didn't. To my inauguration. That was his assessment that I've done more for black people than any present. Besides, perhaps he said Abraham Lincoln. Meanwhile, the press Thou included only part of the former vice presidents exchange by first made the distinction about diversity. During a virtual conference of black and hispanic journalist, the interview, then
Yours LULU, Garcia Navarro, was tape Wednesday in aired yesterday, watch are you going to re, engage with Cuba, though I mean I'm them specifically wondering about. You know the floor as communities that are in bank in a suitably in didn't and the Cuba issue and see no status given to Venezuelans, while Cubans are being deported. They are not very yes, Yes, oh by the way, You all know, but most people don't know, unlike the Africans, can communicate with notable exceptions election community is incredibly diverse, committed. But the incredibly different attitudes about different things, You go far. Do you find a very different attitude about immigration in certain places? Then you do not know when you're in Arizona So is a very different, a very diverse community, unlike the african american community. Vice President Biden said then, while addressing a group of Latino Elect
and appointed officials yesterday, the former vice president, continued That argument. We can build a new administration. The full diversity of our nation for the virtue latino communities now, when I made for diversity alike, where community many other communities from everywhere from Europe from the Tipp of South America. All the way to our border in Mexico and in in the caribbean and different backgrounds. There are no differences destinies, but all Atinas. When you get a chance to do that, if we were not so what backlash had last night
Vice President Biden's to clarify his remarks. He tweeted this. In no way did I mean to suggest the african american community is a monolith not by identity, not an issues not at all throughout my career, witness the diversity of thought, background and sentiment within the african american community diversity that makes our workplaces, communities and country a better place. My commitment to you is this: I will always listen. I will never stop fighting for the african american community and I will never stop fighting for a more equitable future. But Joe this point was clear and we made twice that if the Latino Committee has more diversity within itself than does the african American Community guess why just looking politically, it dies, it dies or more concerned by the cocaine garment than actual. Joe Biden, analyzing, the political grounds of groups Victoria, my complete, Democrats over the past, ok
Ben and we ve set it on the show they seem to think of the latino community as this monolith voters. But yes, cuban voters in Miami have a radically different political viewpoint. On the whole say Were they Rico? Voter in central fora or mexican voters in parts of taxes the it is. The democratic in the past have looked at the latino community as a monolith. And I think that's that's been a great mistake. You look at the the black community like event, our politically at least usually every for years. Eighty five, eighty six, eighty seven percent of black voters will vote for the democratic candidate in hispanic community- I can George Bush get forty two forty three forty four percent of the hispanic trumpet. Get down in the low twenty, so
Joe Biden made that ass. He made that argument and artfully. He didn't do include the african american community in the discussion, but bigger point, as he does seem to recognise that the latino community is not one monolithic, community that is a very, very varied innocent. It's an adverse community politically. I act complete We understand that vice President Joe Biden was trying to say, but, as you said Joe, he said it incredibly in ITALY and the point here is real about Latinos having additional dimension of diversity than say other groups in the United States and the two Dimensions, Joe are country of origin marking. From all over Latin America, Cuba from Mexico, from Peru and all in terms of generation bathing one we're talking about electric, the real line, division and the one that really matters at the polls is the country,
Origin and the story that brought you here, because what we see in Florida is it. We saw a lot of people who are fleeing the communist regime and when they get to the United States, they having berries wrong than against the Castro regime and against Cuba, and that's what is ultimately driven to the Republican Party and what is for that very strong base. That Trump has shrunk knows it. Twenty percent of voters of eligible there is in Florida, are in those years going after that, both extremely aggressively and on the flip side, Joe I didn't know. If he's soft with some segments of the population He knows any Anders beat him handily during the primary. He knows that Latinos also have a segment of constraint of his of pro likeness the deception from you, but he knows that his name recognition isn't as high as it should those Latinos don't turn out as they should be so there
a lot for Joe Biden to be worried about enemies in article comments are just now helping at a time when you know everything you can to boost that. Let me now turn out and again, let me most of them over to his sire yeah in June Robinson, I'm curious, take is on on Joe Biden's comments and, yes, I think I may have been an artful baby, but it's the first time that the Democrats that I've heard that National democratic later actually say what he's been saying, because again my criticism of the Democratic Party over the past decade or so is that they have naturally assume it just because there is a growing is bandit hispanic population that had somehow going too. Led to beneficial political outcomes. It's not that way and let me say it, but his and at community level, a team. No community is for more do worse than
their demographic groups, whether you're, talking a politically with you're talking about black Americans, who vote of willingly for Democrats or White Evangeline calls event over Welling Lee for, we can candidates and conservative candidates. Whether you talk about working class white men who have voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump in the past, or bourbon college. Educated white women, who were going to be voting disproportionately for by coming mostly becoming up this fall. So what's your once you're taken Augustine first you like you know I wrote a book about how incredibly diverse the Africa american community is now a socially culturally, economic, a much more diverse than it was fifty or sixty years ago civil rights movement, however, there is one aspect in which the Africans
American community really is a murderous at all and that its political behaviour, that is, that its voting behaviour and since nineteen sixty four when bury Goldwater, who opposes all right what's running for President profound republican ticket than nineteen sixty sixty four SK. I voted resolutely between eighty five percent and ninety five percent for the democratic, an injustice like clockwork. It just happens and then this is a perfectly rational reasons. The african Americans are pretty. The republican party is hostile to african Americans christian and dumb and aspirations, and- and good reason that our new in that, certainly in most most of those elections, but that's just the waiter soap.
That's why the bottom was making those of most, as you said that a Maoist point about the about the Martina community, I think there. There may indeed be a tendency among some Democrats too, to see button as a political umbrella term, in a way that here I would suggest that a bird anyone with experience in Florida elections will be It goes and Willie we mention that Donald Trump to tempt to pay by as racists that he was doing that off allay these comments, but we ve been talking about this for a while energy in the Trump Arabic out, how hostile tromp has in on issues that are passion really important to me, they segments about to burst, Martino, Commute
immigration, for example, not all nothing. I see in same way by but twas Biota Davis to talk about her extraordinary career and her journey from poverty. Rich and third generation. We do feel passionately about that issue, watch what happens on the border, with the separation of families and children, and in a way that doctor person and bent over it. You talk about the diversity in Florida. The lieutenant community. I I Two thousand and sixteen when I started thinking Donald Trump at the gate, ass of winning. Florida was when I talk to cuban american friends, and I am a lotta cuban american friends and my maid County, who said here a lot lot lot of lot of cuban Americans going be voting for Donald Trump and 16th
and then an eighteen, near they like shit, I made calls down the Miami date and are then alive cuban Americans. We will be voting for on the status and Rick Sky for governor and senator respectively- and I was well really okay well and sure enough. Look at the results there than certainly at an impact it since in twenty twenty I'm hearing regarding Donald Trump, not so much so, at least at least for my friends in my though I have Donald Trump attempt to say Joe Biden doesn't have to mental by as a racist that he was doing that off the ladys comments, but we ve been talking this for a while on this show that tunnels, Unfortunate for his campaign canting buying on on so many issues, because always opens Donald Trump himself? two more severe counterattack like ok, let's just take the
two of racism. Willie guys here, be sure to check out this week's episode of the Sunday sit down podcast with Oscar winning Actress Biota Davis, to talk about her extraordinary career and her journey from poverty to Hollywood Z list. Yet it now for free wherever you download podcast, He's a Mexican with a little war between here and Mexico. The answer is, He is giving us very Andrea rulings. Donald J Tromp is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslim, entering the United States, but Trump comes along and says birth certificate. He gave a birth certificate, whether or not that was a real certificate, because a lot of people quite did I certainly quite look at my african American over here. Look at it you, the greatest, I don't know anything about David, Duke I don't know anything about what you're even talking about with white
primacy or white supremacist. You wouldn't want me to condemn a group that I know nothing about. You also had people that were very fine people on both sides. The president using an exploitative to describe Africa in Haiti, president accused of reaching a new low, telling a group of progressive, democratic congresswoman to quote go back and health fix the totally programming hymen festive places from which they came. Of course, we have, and we're gonna get. All of this. We also have Donald Trump to say Joe Biden, doesn't? Have the mental abilities to President I say is not competent to be president: be president. You have to be sharp, tough and so on. Other things that he is come out of his basement.
Defeat the corona via Irish Sea Corina Virus, Sergio vans, surgical gowns. We have no contingit contingency plan with Minister Convalescent and suffer fifth suffer hide one million hundred. Seventy thousand million tests seized Defence Protection ACT and the defence Production act. I drugs chloric when I drew drugs ecologically remedies, thank them for their unwavering and unwavering diversion, mints pride and selfish selflessness. The bravery of drivers strands for using it in just six patients expansions very, very, very powerfully so sick patients. I am confident that my count and continue taking action to disband suspend the internet. The engine made it so big show you some of the latest data to the highest level of activists have been if you, if you take a look at pure, no record since nineteen seventeen, which was the spanish nineteen seventeen the pandemic, like nobody's seen since nineteen seventy courts, of course, Donald Trump
course saying that Joe Biden was too close to China. Joe by these policies, put China furs and alas Joe Biden, Satanic Greer, has been a gift to the church, These Communist Party unto the calamity of of errors that they ve made. They may so many errors. Do you trust that we're gonna know everything we need to know from China? I do I do have a great relationship with president. You just signed. Probably deal ever made. I just spoke to President she night, and you were working only the problem the virus, it, Sir it's a very tough situation, but I think he's gonna handle that I think is handled it really. Well, you count on the reports coming out of China spread has gone down quite a bit the infection seems to have gone down over the last few days has opposed
getting larger. It's actually gotten smaller. China seems to be making tremendous progress, numbers away down and, of course, on January, twenty. Fourth tweeted, that the american people were great the present she for being so transparent and doing so. Good job on the corona virus, here's another one. On Monday, trumps new campaign manager urge voters to judge the presidential candidates by the company. They keep.
I think you need a judge, Joe Biden by the people's surrounding himself, with at every step of this campaign had every every month mile marker this campaign, he has carried out to the radical left of this party, we're about to see the same when you choose this next. My spirit is vice presidential, not many, he is a is empty vessel of the radical left. This out, we won the nomination in the first place and its extremely concerning that he is a pawn of the radical fringe of his party of the aid ceiling of the party. Someone who was a member of a Trump administrations, inner circle takes a stunning for fleet guilty at Washington, courtroom. Former national.
Security adviser, Michael Flynn today admitting he loved the FBI about his phone conversations with the russian ambassador, George Papa, doubtless admitted to lying to the FBI in its investigation of russian Interference in the twenty sixteen election Special Council, Robert Mahler has obtained another guilty plea this one from former Trump Deputy Campaign Chairman Rick Gates, the conservative Drudge report, described as tromp hell, our his twenty sixteen campaign chief parliament afford, did bite a jury on eight counts. At almost the exact same time that transformer lawyer, Michael Cohen, ended a guilty plea to aid counts is what does it say about charm that we have to take a break from talking about as impeachment and rubies criminal investigation as do might have tabled another one of his associates intends being convicted of felonies Infidel Court republican Opera, their republican dirty trickster thanks
longer, serving political counselor, Roger Stone found guilty today on all seven cows brought against him The people he surrounding himself with an aid- I agree Bill American shied and this from yesterday Donald Trump attacking Joe Biden. Lose faith in God is following radical left agenda. Take away your guns, you said kinda amendment no religion know anything hurt the Bible, her God, he's again Scotty's against guns, using it energy are kind of energy the Bible heart, as soon as even said, these monies on God, but anyway here's a reminder, motorway of Donald Trump own musings on face. Have you ever asked God
forgiveness not sure I have. I just go on trying to a better go from there. I don't think so. I think if I, do something wrong. I think I just try and make it right. I don't God into that picture, I don't want to talk about. The Bible is very personally. I don't want to get internet reasons. It means a lot to you that you think of out of sight of the Bible. It means a lot to me, but I don't want to get into specific here. This is a major theme right here, but to Corinthians right to Corinthians three, seventeen, that's all ballgame when you hold up a bible and nobody Does the Bible more than I do when you, hold up a bible. You know then put it go around lying in doing a lot of things that are wrong. Yeah I'm course
in what way is example of presidential faith. He ordered the clearing of peaceful protesters, Washington Dc Lafayette Park on June first. In order to take this photo up, holding a bible in front of Saint John called charge upside down and, as a senator lakefront said, I ve grown up in the church and I've never seen anybody while the Bible that way there's so much to talk about here, John Medium, I guess we'll begin with you on the faith aspect. That is a man who, again by by all outward appearances and I'm not judging, phase unjust. Judging the outward appearances in the things that he says, the things that he does and, of course, is is is claimed that he's never ass God for forgiveness. Anybody that knows anything spend a Sunday school for more than ten minutes knows this, Pretending faith is that you a Christian when you ask Jesus for
forgiveness, but you also all the things you said, including today saying that he hated the by hated the Bible and hated religion As a catholic Joshua, editor of Amerika Gesine said that is very typical and I can follow system, and this is what Madame alone that's what it's worth the charge that a Catholic hates Bible or is ignorant of scripture. Is classic form of anti catholic bigotry. Which is still very much in vogue, and there is no doubt that Donald Trump limited anti catholic bigotry, one is attacking Joe by Austria for quote hating the Bible The president, the incumbent president, I'd states has no idea what you're talking about and now
that's a news flash by look at the trip ditch of thoughts there Joe Biden is against God against the Bible for things against Guns and against energy source of dismissal. Parts that sentence for a second God, the Bible second ergic work a place in the country where those four factor- religion, scripture guns and energy might be important. Might it be read states that are being ravaged by the corona virus that the present United States as singularly failed to dress with a comprehensive national plan, which is what a few reasons we have a federal government which is to come
ordinary responses in the face of emergency, so I don't even take it seriously as it as a critique of a vice President Biden. Issues hesitate even to the forest is spent much time talking about the substance of that charge, because it's not a charge he's just his mouth is moving. That's the the thing you know. I don't know this connected. Do his brain, site is east, just trying to hold on to power and that the fundamental thing he is asked power through, you showed a second go through race, appeals, held onto it by appealing to the worst impulses and the american Character Native ISM racism, extremism, isolationism, all the things that have held us back in the past, not that things they have pushed us forward and that's the fundamental question of the election and we can talk
Joe Biden says on zoom and way. Whatever past attack comes to the president's mind, but presidential elections. Don't always give us, as start choice as this one does, and I don't think that's a partisan point I think that any rational person looking this race clinically sees that have a pretty. We have a pretty clear decision here. Do we want to restore a conversation that define the country for seventy eighty years, which was it argumentative, one corrosive one, always a ferocious one between the world view represented in many ways by Franklin, Roosevelt and that the other five yard line. I'd say you have the world view represented by Ronald Reagan and every president from the new deal for President Obama Gov on this field and there
sometimes they d over here, sometimes it be over there. Sometimes they get it wrong. Sometimes they get it right, but that was a coherent field, was the american consensus. The american consensus is what we're going to argue about what so disruptive and fundamentally corrosive about president tromp. Is he in there? as things for us to argue about the actively, goes out and find them on the road. Just question America, as we ve been talking about for several months, has gotten a whole lot wrong about our of identity, dingy in our sense of inclusion and who, as equal access to justice and fairness and equality One thing we have largely gotten right is religious liberty, the George Washington said in seventeen. Ninety the point American experiment is that we should give it bigotry, no sanction to persecution, no assistance, and he quoted
Michael saying. Every man should be able to sit under his vine and fig tree at nine should make I'm afraid, that's one the best things about us. You start saying or against God, and you, are once again careening off a basic path that we should stay on, which is too get back on, which is to try to be not only a great true, but a good now and and hey you're right. It is it's not between those thirty five yard lines represented by empty are on the left and right leg. The right he's he's doing I'll bring up an apple bomb, spoke again and tell everybody They won't understand. What's going on in America, they should read ants book but she discusses Hungary where Hungary's Unexampled Orban, who has, as gained absolute, I was absolute power there taken press driven,
any voices of dissent out of the country for the most part, He does so by creating spirits. He theories about George Soros and invaded muslim hordes. Of course, there are no invading muslim hordes in Hungary. It is, it is a complete fabrication. It is a set of alternative facts, and that's what that is the choice that we have. In this fall Donald Trump Diane, day out, creates out The facts and those turn. The facts are meant to divide us in Jim Vandyke. We talked raise. We showed race, Joe Biden said some things and he had to apologize for on the issue of race. Unforced for the Trump campaign they can't really use raise as an attack. Joe Biden, fumbles and then apologizes very seem to be any opening. We showed the clubs
Here's a man who attacked and in Anna Judge and called him a Mexican said. He couldn't trust him because he was from Mexico when actually he was from Indiana his parents emigrated from Mexico or that call where he claimed did not know anything about David, Duke Alai, cleaned he didn't want to attack white supremacist, because he'd know enough about them: wouldn't even say anything negative about the clan we ve talked, Charlottesville. We can continue can talk about John Louis. It's just again does. This seemed to be the biggest problem for the trunk campaign. That way ever directly. He goes and on an attack. By has material, that's gonna, our out gun politically out gun their efforts, ten to one twenty two one right,
Are you gonna find? Is there a single african american voter who's gonna change their mind because of what you said today. I doubt if the end the two days, if you look at the trunk campaign, if you look at the topic said he had sign if you look at whether sending money where he visits
all even trying to crank up the white, though he's hoping that their White America is still vague enough that you can. You can eke out a narrow, decreed America like he was able to do it twenty sixteen. They spend a lot of money trying to trick rural communities, hoping that those people who did vote from last time that will both from this time that are not going to talk to upholstery, does very little to reach out really to african american hispanic community logic, as he hasn't had much success in attracting their votes in the past and listen. I worked last time in twenty six teach. The truth is for Republicans watching the show this was always gonna happen they take. The country has been changing. If you look at demographics, hippy, look at birth patterns, its becoming a less white nations, becoming a much more diverse nation, and if you go all in and hoping that, there's enough wasteful to sustain a majority at some point, you're gonna have happened. What happened in Virginia, which now happening in Georgia, was now happening in Texas. What you ve seen happen in Florida, it's just a different nation, and there are some Republicans I wouldn't want to grapple with that. They want to think differently about immigration. Other topics, but then in came Donald Trump into mediums point. He really did take politics outside of the thirty two, thirty or forty to forty yard lines in really move the Republican Party into a different place and by the way I think it's a place at the Republican Party, probably stays in
Donald Trump there's, not a mass of market inside the Republican Party to go back to the ways appalled I Inner Mitt, Romney or more conventional conservative politics, admissible by its as you are, but that is the reality, and so you can have more and more of this looks and of non sensible arguments about whether national ones and I gotta once they defeat God with judges. Weird It is not a productive, but your life until then, it is weird Emmy. You look at the clubs, it's just bizarre and strange that he's going to fight God and fight the bar bible, while all those bizarre think hegemony Ask really quickly, we always constant once year here from their wits Let us take on how the presidential race is going
now will be good for four Donald Trump again, unless he's a mass, it hidden vote ever somehow missing. If you look at the pulling in Wisconsin in Michigan and Pennsylvania in even in Georgia in Florida in Texas, these people, terrible like there's no other way to spend it. There's nobody. Even the people around trumpet you're talking to that not retribution electoral arguing that it all suffered terrible for him until something would have to happen, but have to be a change of trajectory the virus. What do we have to find a vaccine? The economy would have to start the boom we did. Joe Biden would start to have to do something that that became very offensive to voters and by the way, that's what Donald Trump trying to do. He wants it to be a contrast like he should between him and by anyone. Spiten DC is beholden to the left, it to be a lot more liberal, any man by his more liberally. It seemed that he was when he was vice president when he needs to be as offensive to voters as here
Clinton often was after some voters, including democratic set out the election in Wisconsin and allowed Trump until winner say that people do think he would win, and so we got it's not looking good for their very few states. Look at right outside if I'm down Trump. I feel pretty good. I've been much more worried that places like South Carolina, Georgia or taxes places that we should be talking about that we're talking about Startle America's instead at the top. You were on that trip with the President yesterday to Ohio sensibly a trip about economic recovery, something here the postal clean into a little bit to say the economy was gonna come back, although that may be disputed by the July. Jobs number we're gonna get about ninety minutes from now, but again overshadowed by comments he made on the tarmac where he said. Joe Biden wants to hurt God that he's against God that he's against He went on to say our kind of energy. Is you're, a feeling inside the White House that the president's efforts to attach Joe Biden too radical left is,
working somehow they looking at the same polls that we are today believe that idea. Tat Joe Biden is a radical leftist who wants to get rid of your guns in your God is an effective strategy. We'll talk to somebody will and in terms of it last night as theirs. The day was wanting down to private was set up as a fundraiser outside Cleveland, and there was some frustration about how the day went because they felt like, amid all this aid he delivered at an economic speech. They thought had some good points defended his record. You baby this case. This took from the one argument he is making for a second term he's really struggled with that, but he did say on the lines of I built up the economy. The first time prepared make the site you can do it again. They felt that what sort of effective shoot your quest, about tying Joe Biden to the radical left. I think that's been a mixed bag
far, but they had such little success with the China argument with the hunter bided argument, they feel like there's something promising here: it they'd they say in their numbers. They have seen some movement on this, so it certainly something they're gonna try to stick to it. Perhaps lacking better options, because the other arguments against your button really have worked. Esther. What? How was the president's comments there about Joe Biden for God, serve overshadowed alot of ESA. Let's take a moment to remember the job was credited his faith he's credit faith for helping him overcome immense portion Tragic your violence, as we often say, is perhaps the most eloquent speaker american politics on grief, and he says this faith is a big part of that he did even limited defence last night about his favorite, how crucial it is now important, his name, so instead, we are present making these somewhat nonsensical attacks the trip to drown out what could be some effective messaging and, of course, as always all of it
in the shadow of the pandemic- and that is the point just made- is much too campaign, has to make this choice election between Biden and Trump really it has been so far seems to be simply a referendum on how the presidency and of the pandemic and the boy suggests the american people do not think he's got a very good job that he'd like to talk about anything else than his handling of the pandemic. Datum, a mere will, let you go and enjoy the vast bounty that New Jersey offers. I can say that, as a native I reynard your those at the top of the ship and will see later hey it's crusades this week. On my, I cast wise is happening. I will talk to Vauxhall David Roberts about the epistemic divorce between America's to mean factions. First, you train people, not the trust, their own eyes and ears to just trust you as a source of information, and then you proceed to the atrocities right like
you have people who will believe anything you say and support you in literally anything you do then you're off to the races, but you ve got to sort of condition them, and that's, I feel, like honestly, is what we see happening in front of our very eyes right now in the? U S, that's this week on why as is happening search for wise, is happening. We're using right now and subscribe
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