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The president on Thursday compared his pandemic leadership to former British PM Winston Churchill and FDR claiming that he had worked to calm Americans during a difficult time. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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Wonder his latest many serious bungle bunker hosted by comedian. Whitney Cummings tells the unbelievable true story of how billionaire Playboy turned politician: Silvio Berlusconi, hypnotized all of ITALY for almost two decades in the ninety. Ninety Silvio had had enough of the government's rules and regulations, so he decided to run for Prime minister. You can't beat the law change the law, and thus his legacy would become an explosive tale of what happens when private business interests and political interests compete head to head for his entire political career. Silvio spewed lies and propaganda to what was True and what was opinion was a matter of opinion and while everyone was distracted, he used his mafia ties to blackmail, government officials and rewrote the laws to protect and enrich himself until two words brought his entire empire crashing down. Bungle Woonga subscribed to bungle bunker on Apple podcast or you can listen early, an ad free by joining wondering plus in the wondering, app
this president, to put the health of Amerika first from day one. I wanted to always play it down. I still like playing down s because I don't want to create a panic. We also wanted to reassure the american people all along the way and is the way we can do something like this in action in shadow for almost a cleaning. There's that old, saying from World war to Great Britain that keep carry on leaving you ve, never heard of peace all that are in the dark shadows, people that I mean. That sounds like conspiracy theory presented, made it clear. He wanted us to do the full resources, other federal government experts, be our stockpiles, not not supposed to be state stockpiles day then use. I couldn't be more proud of the strong, steady leadership that President Donald Trump brought.
This corona virus pandemic from day one now it's starting out, it's not just on paper, but it is today and some a startling fact gave out a shot. Just old older, examined label to putting the young people. Did you really did you ever see? Absence of malice, oh yeah course sexy. The final say you ask me, Mister Brimley, he turns to his assistant dossier, and I think the guy's name does tell me what you're gonna do after job because I'm going back Yes, you are I'm your boys. Well, that's what I, when I look at my Pat sin. I see him lying is teeth. A man who I mean from I have now he's a man of great faith and he certainly his. Let us all know that, throughout this entire public life that he's a man of great day, so why? Whose did out that by
I just wonder, though, when he's lying through his teeth for this president, I really do I go. What's my pants going to do after where does he go to get his rep? Haitian back, because Donald spend lying through his teeth the corona virus for well over a year and and my favorite, my favor, part of what pen saddened and what from saying is whether the drawing these Churchill comparisons saying We were just like Churchill keeping com and carrying on I've, said on this programme since March, That he should be like Churchill and I read. Splendid vile. Where Eric on several times here ensured hell would weep openly and public
when he would go visit these these sites stirring the London bullets he would he would tell people how bad things were, but at this sometimes said we're going to keep fighting and end all is ensured shell. The british people face any was forged with fortitude and buoyancy as long as they are convinced that those charge of their affairs are not to see them or not. Dwelling in a fool's paradise in lasting Churchill. But here's Churchill quote that I thought of when all of that, I would say to say it, but this is of course and show all the b be said they were spewing yesterday I thought of Winston Churchill speech to members of of of parliament off off off the floor, and this Willie
is what Winston Churchill dead to get support, stand up to Nazi Germany when so many people wanted to he's Hitler and given give in What Winston Churchill said this long island Story of ours is to end at last. Let it, and only when- each one of us lies choking in his own blood upon the ground, nothing. Pollyanna sure about that Churchill. Let the british people all along what was in front of them. When France collapses said the battle of France,
is over. The battle for Britain has Begone and Willie my guide again in real time in March and April, and may we kept telling this guy just Americans, the truth they can handle it does. Hide, the truth don't be response spoke for the wise he could not stop lying Willie and now we know from Woodward's book. That was a strategy that he wanted to downplay this because he believed it helped. He didn't want to create a panicky said, but, as you have just laid out, I can feel John Mediums Job up to the floor when you heard those, as you said, repeated comparisons yesterday to Winston Churchill, into keeping com and carrying on to Great Britain and the blitz Churchill famously levelled with the british people course he was inspiring. Of course he was a leader but he's levelled with the british people about how bad this was, how bad it could be. If the country didn't ral
and you're right. We said in February and March and April president Trump would get credit act. Really for coming out in saying what was true, which is hidden inventors iris? He didn't bring it to the United States, but it's here and now we ve got. Make some sacrifices and deal with it. The sooner we deal with it, the shorter the run will be. If we ignore at the way we have ignored it. We, be sitting here now in the fall going back to school, we're not going back to school six months later, because we didn't deal with it. So Comparisons are our gross and I honestly don't know how might pence does it? I don't know Take a share. Your merit tv appearance, like that. How do you like yourself in the mere? How do you like your family in the mere? When you know one day after on tape, the president has confessed that he didn't take it seriously, you're coming out and pray. His leadership IONA Sound ages, Nelson slowly and I dont know how you do that, I want to know how they are very difficult to watch its also very difficult to read the writings of some people that I have respected
for most of my life, you actually are appalling, icing for Donald Trump cards one of the most egregious acts. Any american president has ever committed no war. Three journal editorial page which, by the way it was the worst example of Anti Annie trumpets and trying to trying to actually bring answer closely quotes from February and Cuomo Quote says: if v, has anything to do with the present the United States lying to the american people for months now and M M, lying them about everything from this infections. The way
the infection, the infection going away magically no need to worry about it, no need to wear masks. Look in his rally last night, what that is the consequence of six months of lying. It was another super spreader event with people package in closing, leaving gathered by the president and so and so You know the hostility towards doctors. Stability towards medical advice. Again We have been saying maker for years this guy we're a c o behind it. We're the preacher of a church. If high school football coach if he were a middle school janitor, he wouldn't be fired, been fired long ago, but if he were in doktor, lying wilfully, two three hundred and twenty million people in the middle of the worst pandemic and a century in this country
and doing it in such a way that would prolong the agony, increase. The number of people killed. Creasy the levels of unemployment here will be, have his medical licence stripped and the heat. Be sold in the bankruptcy by bit bit wait here the United States, so we we define deviancy down that way. There is. There is no kidding around this and for the jackasses who are out there trying to forget this guy for kill it coming. Ok three general editorial page, so not responsible for the deaths of a hundred. Ninety thousand Americans. Now I mean There are studies out that suggested maybe is responsible for the deaths of one hundred thousand men. What would you say is responsible for Wall Street Journal editorial page. Four hundred twenty thousand bay he just killed. Two hundred and twenty thousand people with his eyes baby killer hundreds or only
eighty that you thinking only killed. Eighty thousand senior citizens, thousand Americans with theirs lies Wall Street Journal editorial page now set do much about sixty that. How we do think, maybe he killed forty thousand people Wall Street Journal editorial page with us like what you think histories getting cycles. I sure, as Hell, are not going to. You said in Europe at this morning. What, if. Maybe maybe he only killed four thousand hundred and many new thing, that's probably pretty safe to say that him lying about this pandemic. Him lying about this virus him under playing the risk so much so that people would run into stores it Walmart and tear down displays it had masks on it that people would one around saying this was a hoax mot EU wide com the democratic coax month after
told one word: Whaley bad stuff and edge way thick walls region Editorial page, maybe four thousand out of a hundred. Ninety thousand people were killed because Donald Trump Slice, you think only four thousand. Maybe oh, I don't know. As many Americans who died on nine eleven Sir fair to say you know what I think. Actually history is going to find out. Who is a hell of a lot more than four thousand Americans who were killed because Donald Trump Site- and I just you- know I've been reading New Wall Street Journal editorial page, my entire adult life fact he gave me the keys. Now it's basically when I was running for Congress in nineteen eighty four ray your page and I go out and campaign. I did Listen to what the inner Assisi spent sent me, because I
but you always wrote it better and more concise and gave me a better argument for what conservatism was nineteen. Ninety four, but it sure, as hell is not now be careful when I say this is long time, listener. First time collar. I'd be really careful because history and a couple of months gonna be harsh Remember when I started criticising George W Bush. The conservatives and wife. Why we're twitter. Why are you here How could you be crude? Is so George W men united it? You know what happened he left office and you know what happened when he left office All these conservatives started criticising chores First, I gotta say: Wall Street Journal added to worry about you,
day criticise George W Bush, along with me early for his massive spending good on you. You know have gene and more I'm not sure where it work, and he can't just We criticise Donald Trump too, but come on man policy, went to China town in February, Nancy plus he's not press the United States Nancy Pelosi stained now on New year's Eve, twenty twenty? What was coming from China Nancy policies, employees that know and start preparing on January. First, twenty twenty about the pandemic. Furthermore, the administration Nancy Pelosi share was warned. On January, twenty Eightth that this was the biggest crisis. The startled drop in his presidency. No, no! She wasn't But you know who was Donald Trump
not really sure? What's in it, for you continuing dope knowledge eyes for this guy, but whether we're talking, am denigrating the war dad Whether word emu. We did it by the way you may maybe people out. Personnel they call like? Maybe maybe those people really think that those courts would just maybe you know, they're not paid out you know he delta Did the war dead Wall Street Journal editorial paid? You know we did. You know he did you know he called men and women who dedicated their entire lies and sped minds any years away from their children in defence of this contrary, you know he called them suckers in things
I cannot repeat on this- show but you'll defending UKIP to fattening worker Rubio by the way Margo, Ruby on vacation wasted crews. I prefer, from them Do they agree with Donald Trump where's, corn, gardener, discordant gardener agree with Donald Trump, men and women who dedicated their entire lives. This country, who won the United States military, are suckers and another word that can't be repeated on the show. Proudly Donald Trump for lying to the people of Colorado, for lying to the people of Florida, for lying to the people of taxes for five lying to the people, the United States of America Martha make Sally. Are you proud Donald Trump lie to the people of Arizona for the passive. Everyone, you think, that's cool. You think that Churchill am: where are they ever not than from baby? I missed it:
maybe if I mister, I apologise but Mika what do they say- January is going to look like it is going to be a of law, wetter and they're gonna be spending the rest of their lives explaining why they remained silent in a time of moral crisis yeah when found out that were present why did you the american people for six months in the gloom, it is a crisis. Since nine eleven. I dont get it the same ass, a simple country lawyer master, don't applies to members. Major? You mentioned the Wall Street Journal. I have two actors: our colleagues in television news at different networks. I know son
Your hosts of opinion shows, but I don't get what you're doing right now, because what I see is the lowest level of disinformation I mean when you're trying to blame this on the president, not wanting people to panic and you're, pushing that or you're trying to this corona VI misinformation on the part of the president underlined Graham when you're doing that you're. Failing your responsibility to your viewers. You're failing your viewers, don't you have a risk Its ability to ask some questions, just even one or two questions that might perhaps look into why he would do this. Don't you have? responsibility to the people who watch you two makes that their lives are captors healthy as possible. Don't you isn't that I mean you're failing them and I think just like that. The politicians at some point in the case of the Koran virus. The truth will
out and I dont know if there's still gotta be watching you, they want fretful posts. They want credible news, castors They want people who are going to do what needs to be done to get to the truth. It's just. Happening in some cases, a law with Joe willing and me, we have columnist and associate ETA for the Washington Post David Ignatius Co Founder, and ceo of Access, Jim Vander High and the sinews corresponded carefully at the White House. So, president from Yesterday continued to defend themselves against the revelation that he is intentionally misled the american people on this, verity of the corona virus. It shone in audio excerpts from Bob Woodward. The interviews with the President Trump admits that he knew how deadly virus was yet decided to in his words, play it down and
black here is the president trying to explain himself yesterday, first at the White House and then at a campaign They were many we're not wearing masks in again last night. Why did you lie to the american people? Why should we trust what you question and the phraseology didn't lie what said? Is we have to become? We can't be panicked, dancing, calmness. You don't want me. Jumping up and down scream me, there's gonna, be great. Death is good and right. Causing some very, very serious problems, so the country, if Bob, what word thought it was bad, then he should have a media We gonna publicly not wait for much. You know. You said that statement for four months. Maybe five months he's out for a long time. It was a series of taped interviews, mostly by telephone ones, not long once quick once and it was. I did
out of curiosity, because I do have respect and I want to see, I wonder, whether or not somebody like it. I can write good. I dont think he can. But let's see what happens, this lack job that wrote the book he set off a little, but they want me to come out and scream people are dying with that. We did at just the right but remember the President says his goal is to prevent public panic. We want to surrender our country to the violet, doing mob rioters, anarchists, our citys and flag burners plug your estate with jeez rupture hot spots around the world. The left wants to get rid of me, so they can come after you confiscate your gun, shut down or production delay the vaccine
they want to destroy you suburbs and indoctrinate year children. You will have crime, like you, ve, never seen before City tat suburb will be safe, now build calm down their Willie, way to tear down the panic. By the way you can I say, run one clubs for about three years, because that's all he does when away he's campaigning all he does. I mean you, remember two thousand ten campaign talking about the invasion of the caravans coming to the United States and carry diseases and then other people jumped here. Leprosy is coming and small pox and whatever else it's crazy and add. Also you love his his stop people I kill again defence? Why didn't Bob Woodward right tell people that I was lie in helping them my why
He stopped me before. I was responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans. I don't know, I'm not sure how that's going to work in focus groups. There is so it's there. Let's also go back to his crime, Bob Woodward, a whack job. We call them yesterday the rapidly fading Bob Woodward again, President Trump picked up the phone eighteen times, talked about Google for nine hours, so he called whack job as equals and Bob Woodward eighteen times and willingly gave up all of this on tape on the record. He knew that so carefully. Let's talk about this response from the White House. Yesterday they went to Churchill. Press tromp was being like Churchill, urging people to keep calm and carry on the day before that we heard a meagre pointed out, some defender, saying it was Lindsey Grams fault. He set up the prey he arranged for this, and then we this over orwellian response from the press? So Terry, who said the thing you just heard the trunk say on tape on tape in here
on voice is not the thing you think you heard, in other words, he'd never tried to downplay it. He said on tape that he'd like to downplay it. They'd appears the outside anyway, like their spinning on this? Are they landing on Churchill? Are there be something new today I made a willy and it's anyone's guess where they go from here, but the overarching theme of the responses defense, the presidents on defense of his allies- are and are not happy with the way that this is the way that they're pushing back on this, because it is fancy than what you ve seen all the cliff suitors played are the two strands of it, and one is you know the Trump playbook play number one, to try to discredit the source they're doing that aggressively with Bob What were you resource round the prize then right here
parliament's resolution sets a really bad idea, because I M Bob Woodward is credible and be you can't tell people they're not hearing what their hearing, but this is it's a repetitive sort of go to play that what we ve seen from president. Before you know, he called Bob Woodward, oh actually called James Comey Nut job. This is all very familiar, and so so we're seeing them try to discredit Bob Woodward and then come out with this call and that that did the president was just urging com which, as you just showed, is really underlined by the fact that the present, not only in that rally, he's tweeting constantly saying things like their american children are going to be indoctrinated, with anti poison, the anti american sentiment of Joe Biden is, is re elected and so there real struggle here to find or footing- and there are increasingly in our people- are on the present, who really just want him to stop with this, to try to push back and in a less aggressive way. We,
for the present and say, there's a quote. I didn't why? That's not something that they like having out there from from them as a cliff. The and it's not something. We really hear from the president that distinctly indirectly so whether he can move fall on this and try to pivot elsewhere, It remains to be seen, but there are very concerned because people are voting or very close to the election and any other week like this. However, as we get closer is, is worse for Heaven, everything I had that they're doing is trying to pre empt anything else coming out saying that this is what the left and the The left wing, media and our allies are are going to try to do they'll be another Woodward book will be another Atlantic story. It's going to be every we should try to pry. The president's supporters were storyline like this, so that they can buy into his his argument that that should be ignored and sought trail booze worries
that is the problem at the David Ignatius. Yet it is his voice. And I mean the argument who are you going to believe me or you're lying ears, isn't going into work. You can put this on what were you can't put? This on Jeff, Basically, you can't put this on the Washington Post or than your time morning Joe when it's voice an end, who loved your column. They went up online last night in the paper this morning about one word gave tramped ever reach Steve gave him. I mean it gave them all the time in the world to explain himself and, of course, its It's not going to turn out well when new or insulting
our military leaders when, when you are denigrating those who have served their entire life. Protecting the United States of America and women, everything you ve said in public is the opposite of what you're saying privately to Bob Woodward I've had a chance to read the book carefully over the last couple of days, and it really is. Almost a morality played, but Bob Woodward does give trump the chance explain himself. These bees patient. He asked for just vacations. He lets him spin out his version of what's happened. The end, the weight of the president's words is: what destroys it's? It's, not that Bob says anything or undercuts Sidney some talk.
In the end were left with this picture of a president who basically thinks that he threw his own version of strength, not wearing a mask going around the country, pretending it does. I'm a pandemic isn't gonna happen. Somehow is gonna is gonna get the country through it and that structure of wise collapses because the abandoning Bob Woodward did but because the president said it flat out its astonishing that bothers found that The United States government actually knew really early. How serious this was right. Beginning of January. That there was clear understanding that the Chinese were suppressing. The truth that this was Devastating present understood early on this could be passed. It through airborne droplets. It could go from human to human with great speed, just how dangerous it was
and you realize, reading the book that if the president had been able to act on that publicly, if he had been so afraid of smoking, a stock market or whatever it was that led him to take this. Nothing going on your folks approach. We might be Very very different situation and he went on it now in his response, but but he D, I did try to say one word. I'm e thought, I'm being strong The night. I've never try. I've never to have always played a damn thinking that that was That was the right policy, but but I have rarely seen a book in which the subject words are so devastating, which you can see the hubris of someone so clearly, as in the pages of Bob Woodward Spock. Than any end, it is impossible for people who attack political leaders
For what they say in February, when Donald Trump had the information and share the information with a reservoir. Can people, in fact he lied through his teeth repeatedly for six months about the extent of in Jim Vander hi. This is not something that quietly go away. Is John Highland pointed out yesterday. The way Woodward books are unfair Old, they will put a group of quotes out early on parts of the book then they go. Then he goes on. Sixty minutes and then he has the big reveal on sixty minutes and then that controls and new cycle for the next week Woodward's done this before he knows the control, the new cycle and he's Basically you twenty twenty version of the next in tapes, except there of a lot of doves attached. Did these tape, sir. What do you think
the impact is in some of these swing states not with a hard core, tromp people there they're going to actually think that the tapes are doktor die from to say they were on says Hollywood, but North Carol. For Instance North Carolina, has been voting for a week. This breaks. Would it's on sixty minutes Sunday, you. How can they like twenty Perceval two weeks of early building a North Carolina is, is to be shaped by them. Story and the story Donald Trump attacking our war. Dead last year there was a victim of identity theft, every three seconds, which means a criminal could be spending your money applying for loans in your name, damaging your credit or and selling your personal info on the dark web, and you could miss certain threats to your eye. Haiti by only checking bank statements and monitoring your credit, so get lifelong identity theft, protection lifelike,
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hypnotized all of ITALY for almost two decades in the ninety. Ninety Silvio had had enough of the government's rules and regulations, so he decided to run for Prime Minister, you can't beat the law change the law, and thus his legacy would become an explosive tale of what happens when private business interests and political interests compete head to head for his entire political career. Silvio spewed lies and propaganda to what was true and what was opinion was a matter of opinion and while everyone was distracted, he used his mafia ties to blackmail, government officials and rewrote the laws to protect and enrich himself until two words brought his entire empire crashing down. Bungle Woonga subscribed to bungle bunker on Apple podcast, or you can listen early, an ad free by joining ones. Plus in the wondering at the. If you look at there's not that many undecided voters last, it might be that say five percent of the population, but when you, when you look at the focus groups with those,
well they're, almost always saying I don't like Donald Trump. I don't like we're having. The job I don't like when he says I don't trust him, but I'm really torn because I think I, like republican policies better than liberal policies and so for those people it will and I think that they give it in simple terms. In a lot of things. The voters its use in its complex, understood, size, but two things in their tea and you. You said that the it's on take the two things the tape work that is five times more deadly than the flu travels through the air. Think of all the people, you know what's wrong supporters and where the two things are they saving over and over and over again, it's noted then the flu- and I don't have to wear, masks and heat simply came out, is that visit it's five times more deadly than the flu we one overreact, but where a mass those numbers, you were talking about at the top of the shells are not hyperbole. Either got things happened because He didn't come out and say those things and they are caught anti
you're right? It's not gonna move any hard courtroom borders are locked in. They love him. They hate us, but for the five percent we damning evidence and again it's his words. Go back from the job swine interview that he did for us with which Europe, through the woodwork it's not what other people are saying: it's not the state media, its trump in his work, People seeing him install and now being able to make their own appraisal. Is that what I want is not what I want for forty percent of people. Yes, that's what they want for the rest, I think that's where the tapes we'll man and I don't think, there's any other big massive revolution, the one word, but that will overwhelm desk physicist so so central, but it's not going away in the tapes, are going away. I wouldn't you use those. It adds. Why? Wouldn't you keep me claim them on tv? they will live forever, go live in it. You know it's
it is make aids and so fascinating. Jim said, I've got friends who subordinate tromp who have been saying from the beginning and I've been saying even through late summer, just just Joe. It's it's just like the flow it's no worse than the flu people die from the flu every year, Donald said what in late February are was in early February or whenever. Why you this is this is I've times worse than the flu. This is bad. This past through the air This is really bad stuff. This is dangerous. He said that you all I do is people and his people have lied to their friends are not light because eight it now it was a lie and the base. These falsehoods keep spreading its not just like the flow, and, if you don't leave us now just listen to Donald Trump.
Yes, and also as an inventor I said, people will make their own appraisal. This isn't some remote thing that there may be thinking about. This is impact in their lives. If it isn't like them or efficient, killing number of their family or a close friend, killing their lives. The life we used to know here in the United States of America. I pull up the Washington Post to articles come to the top. One that was incredibly moving. Washington, post Corona virus job loss sends Florida family into homelessness, their living in their car economic has pushed families into Orlando hotels. There's this incredible peace on nineteen year old girl named rose? Who is working in a fast food joy living in a hotel in Orlando with no power very unsafe conditions all push there. Because of that, economic calamity that risk
to their lives. Due to this pandemic, again Weber, flatboat, you don't feel issue due to Donald Trump denial from this pandemic. You're going to be bad. This is they appraisal. They will be made, as we said in March, working directly to the president, Mr President, please recognise that This is a health care crisis first and because its of care crisis. If you take care that you will take care of the ACT crisis. Then, when you take your that echo crisis. Then you will take care of the political crisis at your facing. We said that repeatedly on this programme in March. He reviewed. Who's, the move. You tried Willie, remembering trying to open up the government having tried to push People that completely open up
businesses by Easter, was pushing to open up school, was last spring but gives ways easy. He was having rallies packing thousand and thousands of people together, telling them that it was worse than the flow a month that regional Bob Woodward, this is a lot worse than the flu and paths his heir, born and it's really really dangerous. We flight or the number shot up in those cities, people died, is really whore. Really hard to not connect those I said, I'm not sure how people can draw line from one to another tool other. This is not about the left wing media are, in my case, conservative, small government. Conservative. This is about
just listen to Donald Trump and connecting that it's not hard with theirs also, we know he's, he says you didn't want to create panic. We just put all those clips of them inducing panic on other issues, but there is also an important point. I think is: there's a big space, between running around with your hair on fire and telling everyone to go their survival bunkers and doing what he it on tape, which is to say I wanted to always play it down. I still like playing it down sooner that we're here and fire, but you cannot is as the United States say. This is not happening. Move along, let's open up by Easter, which is exact. What we now know he did, we are going to die a lot more about this, but as we go to break this morning, alive, look at lower Manhattan. Today, nineteen years since the attacks September eleventh? We will have live coverage of today's ceremonies in New York. Why saint in D C and Shanks Phil Pennsylvania. That's coming up joining us now to time post
the prize winning Washington correspondent for the New York Times, Michael Schmidt, he's the author of the new book, Donald Trump Bathing states inside the struggle to stop a president and call given these two books coming out at the same time, what lines up in Woodward's book from the reporting that you ve put on the table as well with your book. Remarkable thing that that I found that clearly place itself out with trumps here. Actions with one word is just a basic lack of understanding how Washington functions where the right way early on in his presidency. Were he didn't understand that you couldn't do without Congress. You couldn't do things unilaterally that you need congressional approval and the cringes I didn't do it and then try and settle it in a law suit case of smaller investigation, he said to AIDS that if it was closing in on him that he would do
saddle. He would settle. What if it was a simple case and sure of this Lack of understanding is shown with Woodward as well that if he were to tell to what were for as long as he did that he would be able to win him over somehow that he would be able to explain himself to woodwork the present continuing to look for their admiration of whether it's you know, look for to trying to win over the New York Times or we will be looking to train, went over Bob Woodward and he thinks he do that and there were the whole thing. Is it in so many other areas? You know he has failed to do that, during his presidency, but this this was an attempt, and it looks like it blew up right back in his face. Go in your excellent book. You talk about some of the characters in the White House, who has now left kind of casting themselves as guardians of the republic trying to keep bowed trump from his where's the impulses. Do you see some of that in Woodward's book specifically around corona virus? Are their people
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M J and you'll get ten percent off plus free shipping? On your first color kit, that's promo code M J like morning Joe visit Madison Dash red dot com. Now, to find your perfect shade well don't think we share the same level, we did in the first two years. You know the John Kelly's and the dominance of the world. I don't think should be completely absolved of the two years, because there's a lot of things that went on that didn't turn out Craig but it does seem like they were able to stop the president to contain the present. In ways that the president that the don't exist as much today, the lino would would the president have made the call to the ukrainian president. If John Caerleon DOM again we're standing there. I think at present We have had more of a fight on his hands. In that case, you sort of see how, over the past four years than president hollowed out those people
he has gotten rid of them and he is now more emboldened to try. Do the things that he wants to do the other thing about the the interview will. The interviews with Woodward, that's remarkable, is that the president, one to do the interview with Robert Mauler? He wanted to sit down, Has he believed he could explain to mothers team what you know What happened with Russia and why he done nothing wrong obstruction and he had to be stopped by the. The floods of the world these lawyers that were brought into the White House to stop this and they successful at doing that, and because smaller chose not to interview the present now the choice that Mahler made that their choice- so was so significant, because there is no way that the present with his relationship with the truth would have gone through an interview without creating questions about what he was saying and that would have.
Change the direction of that instigation as well, but that was a choice that Mahler they chose not to interview the president, in the end we were lucky enough as a country too, Bob. What word, who waited around and and had the patient is the patient that the Mueller team didn't have to talk to the president and to and to get those inner thoughts, and you know, I think, we're pretty we're pretty lucky for Bob Woodward It is hard not to look back at the moment. Donald Trump Lawyers- finally convince him not to talk to Mahler Not to look back at that moment is a moment, but actually may have saved Donald Frumps Present because we have seen whether it's him talking to Bob Woodward. Our is nightly press conferences in the spring. That the more he speaks the morning damages own standing in the way you can look at Jonathan Swan Access interview
Oh this historically, I'm curious Michael about when, when Donald Trump made his chef and There are a President Bill Clinton, for instance, the morning after the Mass of Republican, Landslide nineteen. Eighty four bill Clinton made his shift realize he needed to adjust star. He was going Dickens, Can you d lose remaining to this six years of his presidency. He brought it more as they started figuring out how to triangulate. Republicans in Congress, George the boy. So nobody really talks about it too much these days made a similar shift in two thousand and seven and and Condi Rice started to have Much more say, along with Georgia, Bush where the war in Iraq was going and things changed fairly signal
we, those last two years but Donald Trump, seem d, in a different direction, and that is he got rid, of his most talented people are you you look at the mattresses and the tiller sends and Kelly's and you look at the people that he brought. An early and for the most part, policy community breathed I have relieved because he had professionals in there that they thought would stand up and say no telling what was amount and in your research, where do you realize it Donald Trump made the decision. I dont anybody around here, but as equality or the courage to stand up to me and say no. I can do this myself, I think,
The serve remarkable thing about the President's chair He says they just comes and more and more in bold and in more detail. Women to get rid of people. S been, as he undermines himself and should suggest an unusual phenomenon. He fight Call me the whole reacts in Washington as if this is like. You know, you go there, there's an investigation and what's his first instinct first instinct is too then try and fire the attorney general too. Ensure that he has more control over the direction of the rush investigation and then he would the fire mauler, so he's just fire comin, You know he's its new present has been there for four months, he's testing out his firing power. He clearly overshoot and creates a big problem and his instant. Is to continue to do there and in the process is a report in the book down Miguel
his White House Council, who will not do the firing for him? Who is stopping you from doing this? Trump trump becomes in. Credibly angry, with Ganz search to find favour with the present it. That's more significant, because maybe and is in charge of the umbilical cord between trumpeted base is in charge of the judges who is in charge of breeding in the federal judiciary, doing thing that allows the president's base to continue to support an even though, is behaving in ways that they would not like an so kissing this to get rid of their person into into trying ostracised Mcgann, because here, what fire more? It's just a few Memento misunderstanding of Washington know at this same point, you could argue No contrary to what I'm saying is that the president has paid, no real political price from his party, despite
was in the Mulder report. Despite impeachment, he had survived he's parties nominating he's running for Reno real action here. So me? He understand something that we know, Michael thank you so much more visible and Michael's new book is so great it is a must, read some credit United States inside the struggle to stop a present coming up. Tromp is destroying the republican party. Why won't any of his peers speak up? well read from chose new column ahead on morning. Chow. I only want it's joy raid on so excited to tell you about my new MSNBC show the retail every week. I'm talking with the biggest news makers about the most pressing issues of our time, like Joe Biden, the words of president matter,
and so is present United States? The first thing I want to do stand up and talk sense and be honest with the american people level with them at last Mayor casual Lance bottom. We need as many voices as we can have as possible sounding the alarm, encouraging people to wear masks and to take all precautions. Antibiotics, Science and the data Senator Kamel Harris. We send folks into a more wearing camouflaged. So what is going on here when you said camouflaged uniformed officers into a sitting and many more you can listen to the reader as a pod cast by searching for the redoubt. That's our HIV! Oh you t one word were ever your listing right now and subscribing for free thanks for listening
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