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Morning Joe 9/1/20


New national polling shows Joe Biden maintaining an eight-point lead nationally over President Trump. Biden also maintains a lead over Trump in key battleground states. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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Is not protesters. Looting is not protest in setting fires is not protest. To none of this is protest, is lawlessness plain and simple, and those who do it should be prosecuted. I noticed you did not mention that your supporters were also in Portland this weekend, firing paintball guns at people's and for the pepper sprite. So do you want to also take this chance to condemn what your supporters did but that was a peaceful protest and paint is not and paid to it, serve mechanism- painters, not bullets, their action there shooting paid first of all. Driving through in shooting paint and spraying people, on the sides of of the streets. And again he still going to make him say it's incredible. Yeah to Canada yesterday
and even even for those who have reality, distortion fields around Donald Trump. It's obvious even a damn. You ve got two sets of candidates. One candidate. Is condemning violence from both sides, and he talks about the protests that are reducing the violence, and the lawlessness will be tolerated and said they should be prosecuted and on the other side you have other candidate. This case, the United States, who refuses to condemn violence who, in courageous people together, When, instead of violence- and I thank the Wall Street, let a tutorial page. I I and then I guess I should say for yesterday telling the president to cut that out cassettes
stirring violence, and they The present, who still won't condemn. A seventeen year old boy, a boy who left his home in Illinois mom driving my camp, we haven't my leftism and then went around trying to defend property. That was not his by to a town that was not his own and ended up here Two people and wounded Third, it's very telling, of course, that sort of tragic vigilante is very followed Donald Trump, actually promoting and glorify the already see people there held up guns. In front of their homes and pointed
guns that people who marching passed in time, and we're gonna show some loopholes throughout this morning we're gonna get to them, but for people that lose faith the common sense of Americans see through this and you're gonna, see in some poles in a minute how they are seen through this I predicted It was happening that June first was going to be a defining moment in this campaign that Donald Trump beating up protestors, with the help of bar peaceful protestors gassing them. So we can hold a bite or upside down. In a way that holding a bible that centre. Lange for said. Never, nobody hold the Bible. That way, despite the fact that studying the Bible in his entire life
was Michael Dukakis in the tank, team. Eighty eight- it was one of those defining moment- suggests it didn't work that to say that I fear that written mouse seventeen year old kid. Running around shooting killing protesters coming at him with a skateboard is going to be another such fighting moment, because this is the chaos that Donald Trump Has let loose on how to what? Why do I say that because he wants, condemn exactly that clarity. Tell people to stay home, he won't even condemn Q and on he won't condemn the first elements of american society. Now he will if it's on the left. He will events.
In cities. What he calls democratic cities, but the problem, where that is is the commotion Police Department told us yesterday that of the people who were arrested in those protests. The overwhelming majority came from outside the city, in fact they came from forty four. Red cities, the people of commotion which Donald Trump Times is a democratic count, I guess there being in vain did by people, they Donald Trump would say from his America. She Donald it's all the or America. You don't understand that in ever. Will I personally that's why you're going to be voted out. Because we are
One Amerika and I wish What Joe Biden he's doing? right now, and that is condemn violence. On all sides, in the strongest terms, I mean What we saw yesterday will show you a lot this morning. You Joe Biden, powerful speech and Donald Trump, went out and talked again as well, and you see the difference Tween someone who loves this country respects the contrasts. Constitution respects the law and knows good when he sees it and knows evil when he sees it and then use At present, it is is what it is or we'll see what and who likes to keep that chaos moving along and that's the choice, in just a matter of days. Actually what you knew you know me could also. This is the same guy. We brought it up in real time when he was doing it about in the Washington Post COM this guy that
constantly talked about beating up people back in the days, I use a beat up people, every variety amounting event, and if you beat up people, I will pay for your defence and Now that I had long said that he was disqualified, it back then, in February after he denied nowhere, does it can the K K, K wise, but I remember after started. Talking about second thing about this member folks here talking about second amend, solutions to stop Hillary Clinton from selecting federal judges and, Prince Court Justice See was suggests sitting, but that these people who support second amendment Assassinate Hillary Clinton, I am writing not bad. There saying the Republican Party has no choice. They have to take him off the ticket. They have
So now here we are coming up on election because they ignore for all these warnings for forty years and they're gonna. Be rounded everything he is said, Emily choked about is true knowledge with you never want to say I'm on fifth avenue with us. We have NBC news. Capitol hill corresponded and has to Casey DC on em NBC Casey Hand forwards. Calmness and associate error. The Washington, Post and MSNBC political analysts, Eugene Robinson and Chief Whitehouse correspondent for the New York Times Peter Baker. So, let's get to the new you're talking to channel new morning, consult pull out chest now, showing the race between Joe Biden and President trunk, largely unmoved by both party conventions. Nationally Biden is up by eight
For President tram, fifty one to forty three percent for gentlemen on a battleground say what will the numbers look unchanged in some areas? But there are exceptions and look at in Arizona, if you just look at these numbers, the and see was disastrous for Donald Trump, Joe by jumping seven point, sweet fifty two percent he's now ten points up in a most wind stayed for Donald Trump. Another case by holding a ten point. Lead in Michigan stated the trunk campaign has been saying for about a month. They may have to abandon fifty two percent to forty two percent he's big in Colorado. By my he's up seven Wisconsin and in Minnesota and for so mainly in Georgia, Georgia.
Vice president is up by three points: North Carolina and Florida have tightened by up by two in taxes. Trop is up by and higher Donald Trump. It seems to me a locking that down a bit, but you go back to the numbers. There are two numbers, Peter Baker that are going to jump out, not just for the Trump campaign for the Biden campaign, and, I think, also shooting today they should jump out for people. The media that keep talking about an ocean, and here that you numbers will first of all first Number Arizona. A huge job in Arizona will see further poles follow. Along there, but then in Wisconsin morning? Console when they release is Paul, said most notably
Binding support among white voters in Wisconsin is unchanged before the conventions and even after The recent riots in can a lot. Lot to digest and all those poles. What are some here take a ways. That's right, look is just one Poland's hard to get. You don't get to work done by any individual all remember. You know that Time to go in this only a few days since the conventions by his shoe If some relief, the two democratic, were worried that down from the present tromp has gained some traction with the law and order issued in recent days. I was content at this point is still strongly behind by the numbers there are, as they are in that, but more in council pull that may tell them that They are less vulnerable they had thought, but it up. I should in that region, in the few days that the problem can campaign is felt some sensible man of some sense of actually
a more sustained message that they could rely on talk or something other than that, run a virus in the economy and that will rile their voters and get their own a base going It is not working for them, then we'll see whether that that continues after labor day by think you'll see a lot more of it today when the present arrives, connotes she's planning to be there to visit with law enforcement, we're some damage areas and highlight what he wants. She was the marauding. You know me jobs in the streets, he's not planning, or at least not scheduled anyway, at this point that meet with family of Jacob Blake a man who was shot seven times in the back and whose incident actually sparked some of the most recent it s an end and violence in the street, so he's taking one side is not trying to calm people and he does. He is simple go these may re clear- he seemed season. Partisan terms is a Democrat, wet cities and says and in fact the delays at the feet of Joe Biden as if by buying what
possible for the boy, the street Jeanne robinson- and this is actually, if you set back and- and you even listen to what the White House people, because now proper saying in the White House. This is really the equivalent of political smug bomb bay or doing everything possible to stop the media. And stop the Democrats and stop Americans. Looking at those numbers and the corona virus. Several hundred eighty thousand people dead over six million people in America infected by the United States doing more poorly and everybody else, and Donald Trump is the calculation I'm going to tweet ninety times on Sunday morning, maybe just maybe people. What are you talking about the corona virus, because when they talk about the corona virus, losing so a seventeen year old kid going around: shooting people, ok, Donald Trump, shaking we'll distract people will talk about that chaos
Portland! Ok, let's talk about that, stops Americans from looking at the corona virus, and this six million Americans who have had the corona virus and at what Benda Jane What we do that lets you back to these boats for one second, because I think it's fascinating one of the funniest thing I heard was how staff high fighting each other after June, the first finally, just how bad the planet instincts arc as a second again we saw it, we know is gonna be disaster. They thought that with success going around telling anybody who will listen that the since new law and order pitch is going to be Fran politically as well. These Paul show it's not. In fact it's blow up in his face politically, this trip to connection today could be just like this June. First debacle could end
they a driving. It's way rather than bringing him to his side. Look you're absolutely right that the White House is trying to use, can OSHA and Portland as as a smokescreen as a diversion that they will do it because for me, I'm from the obvious reasons that you just stated: they don't talk about the corona pirate, it's it's kind of a weird thing to try, because we all live with the corona virus every day. This is this: is this Fines are wives in a way that few external factors
define the wives of every American. So it's it's a dubious strategy. I think two to two avoided, but he's trying to have what it, because he has nothing good to say about it, and it is always trying to use this that the issue of a protest and the violence. The chaos which lives as it is as a way of creating some illusion of momentum for the campaign. Before we saw Miss Polly, I I think What call on this morning that that It was an illusion upon my man. I think the following is right. It is clearly an illusion? In fact, if there momentum in the swing states, it looks like it's in there was it direction, but will see it's just one ports will say on a map.
Backdrop of violent protests that have escalated across the country. In recent days, former vice President Joe Biden has launched a new attack against President Trump. We say to battleground Pennsylvania yesterday? By gave a blistering speech using triumph of selling chaos and division in his remarks. Directly challenge trunks claim that amount. Can be safe if Democrats, when in November and condemned the in violent. Seen in several: U S, cities! I want to make it absolutely clear some very clear about all this right. The is not protest, Luring is not protest. It said fires is not protest to none of this is protests. Lawlessness plain and simple, and those who do it should be prosecuted. You know me,
My heart, you know my story. My family story ask yourself throttle like a radical socialists with a soft spot Four riders really. I want to safe America safe from covert safe from crime, eluding safe from racially motivated violence safe. Bad cops. Let me be Crystal clear: from four more years of Donald Trump Look Donald Trump watched ass to question who keep you safer as president. Let's answer that question for some simple facts: I was vice. President: violent crime fell fifth, ten percent in this country. We did it without chaos and disorder, there's a sitting president of the United States of America, is fostering protecting his country.
But instead ease Rudy for chaos and violence, Apple shares is Donald, Trump fail to protect America. So now he's trying to scare America? Donald Trump is Bennett, the presence of our nation for four years, poisoning how we talk to one another, poisoning in how we treat one point the values this nation is always held dear poisoned very democracy. Now Is this law or sixty days we have a decision to make Will we rid ourselves of this toxin or we make a permanent part. We make it a permit part of our new issues, character, campaigns are all about contrasts, especially we are challenging somebody. The contrast, when Joe Biden, these and see exhibited there in that statement?
and Donald Trump could not be more strain, especially in these these chaotic terrible times terrible times and Joe Biden also talked about how most cops were good cops and when they put on that badge went out at night. There putting their lives on the line, every single light, and he believed that he could bring people together and have police and pray. Pastors at the same table and work through police reforms Casey not despite the fact that job, I said repeatedly Betty limbs of violence, you bad trump supporters and people in the blood sphere and trot media, saying that Joe Biden won't condemn the violence. He did it again yesterday and ambiguous terms, What do you think the impact is in the
you saw it right there. We just pleaded for everyone. I think the fact that Joe Biden went and made this speech shows a first of all that he himself thought it was important from a moral perspective to make that argument. It also shows that they were feeling political pressure an imperative to make sure that they were going out there and pushing back against this momentum that the Trump campaign has been feeling because of what we ve been seeing, but I think this all comes down to what has become the central narrative of this race and the central problem for Donald Trump, which is that he keeps trying to convince Americans that Joe Biden isn't somebody that he obviously is. Americans have been living with Joe Biden as a public figure for fifty years. And that's why you can stand there on a stage and say: look at me. Do I look like the kind of guy that thinks that this is ok and have people actually believe him and now the question is therefore the trunk campaign
you want to make this argument that on the law and order guy, it's gonna be safer. If I'm present in the United States, actually look people in the face and say and have them think Yes, things will definitely be calmer. The temperature will be reduced. Things will be more saying. I will feel safer, less on edge if Donald Trump as president of the United States and I would submit to you that a lot of people was that we show those battleground poles. Perhaps don't necessarily feel like the next four This will be calmer and more straightforward. If President Trump is in the White House, and especially meagre if he is not discouraging I can activities if he's encouraging people. To go in, the middle of a hard, sound, and and real things up obviously causes serious problem and and
and that's what Americans can see? I think most Americans poor most Americans look. It can actually want law enforcement to step up and with the guidance of the mayors and the governors to clean things up in those streets and to stop the violence, they do not want The present the United States having people. Arriving from other states with caravans to go around and shoot paint guns and spray. Ass here, so whatever they were, sprang it the protesters and make this jewish and even more volatile. That is the opposite of being a law and order president, and that is something that obviously turning off well, that the president may see it as his lance of getting back because Word June, the first step in work. This is not going to work sewing chaos doesn't work, saying that when the looting starts that shooting sorts
work saying I have dogs it I'm going to release in their going like like butter. I now that doesn't work from a resident How long will it take the president to understand that surely of disorder, formation already on edge, there are many people will get hurt and killed. You wait, wait, wait, wait! What Americans want simple corday with local officials, ask. What you can do how you can help with the National Guard, They tell you that you should Come because your presence will be disruptive at this point, You actually listened to them. You know that same thing happens from time to time with Hurricanes Keynes, where governors will say to president. Mr President, thank you so much for being its citizens, but can you give us four or five days because we're still cleaning
on the ground right now, things are pretty volatile, come for five days from now, and you know what president's listen to that end: Come later the present one to go into the middle of a situation because he's hoping Europe even more unrest of, will continue this conversation. We want to get to some of the other news of the day today. As the Massachusetts Senate, primary and Democrats are facing a decision between two tough political forces. The race is between them Combine senator at Marcie the longest serving member of the Massachusetts congressional delegation. Challenger Congress, Joe Kennedy, the third the grants Senator Robert F Kennedy, the seventy four. World market has tat. It is progressive credentials and environmental advocacy, including his authorship of the green new deal with Congresswoman Alexandria, O Cassio, Cortez candidate.
Who is thirty, nine years old has set? The party needs new voices on a number of issues, including racial justice, Marquise. Doris endorsements, include Senator Elizabeth Warren and how, Judiciary Chairman Gerald Nebular, while Kennedy has been backed by sea pronounce Nancy Policy, and he was supported by the late civil rights icon, congressmen, Jean Louis, recent polls show Marcie with a lead. For Kennedy a difference from more than a year ago, when Kennedy led Marcie by a wide margin, the board of trustees at Liberty, university announced it as hired an independent forensics firm to conductor. Thorough investigation of it operations during the tenure of its four our President Jerry fall I'll junior in the wake of a sex scandal fall well has been placed on in. Definitely by the university last month after he posted questionable. Photos of himself on Instagram.
With his wife's pregnant assistant, and just last week reports emerged of an alleged affair between fall, wells, wife and a former business partner how Liberty University, which prohibits extramarital relations and its honor code, says that the investigation of fall well is quote including, but not limited two financial real estate, and legal matters fall well too the Washington examiner that is wise, Becky fall well did have an affair, so His business partner quote began threatening to publicly ravine EL. The sacred relationship with Becky ended desperate lame, Here is my wife, family and Liberty University. Unless we agreed, pay him substantial monies and just last week my call on President Troms fixer currently, having a three year prison sentence confirmed that fall well had asked him for help in handling quote race
photos fall wells wife for his part fall well, also confirmed that he had sought. When's, help in bearing the photos fall well has been an enthusiastic supporter of President Trump, providing him with a crucial evangelical endorsement. The twenty sixteen presidential election overs Senator Tad TED crews, everybody thought he was going to endorse TED crews. Opened his campaign there. He was most people were quite support eyes when he came through with an endorsement for press in a text message to the Washington Post, Cohen, addressed that endorsement texting quote. I asked fall wells as a personal or to me to assist with lagging Trump campaign in Iowa. Finally, We learned yesterday that the legendary Georgetown Basketball, coach, John Thomson Junior pay,
the way, the Hall of Fame or let the voyage for twenty seven seasons building the programme? to a perennial powerhouse Thompson. The first two african american coach to win the anti Devil lay Championship leading George down to the nineteen. Before title in mentored eight and be a first round draft picks and twenty six overall, including Patrick Viewing Alonzo Morning and Alan, Iverson Thompson was seventy eight years I was watching the anti anti last night and Saccone Smith, Charles Barkley, Shack talking about John Thompson and talking about him like he was. Therefore, the Kitty Smith descend extraordinary stories and just how we constantly was keeping in touch with him. Even though we played it you and see, and when Dean Smith died, of course, legendary couch,
that the skinny Smith and Michael Jordan someday others John time to call him said: okay, you're all my now on taken care of, and you know she shack, Couldn't say enough about it. And Jean Robinson as Barkley a man complementing many people said? He thought immediately he thought of Patrick queuing. And and couple other players Alonzo Morning with Tom up and thought of them and said you know they were. Why John Thompson signs and their three the best man that I now an allotted has to do with the fact that John Thompson he likes great coaches, hee, hee look at the game, as the most
thing. He saw the game is approving ground where he could tell stage: men how they live their lives. God what a life he himself left the OECD. More about moulding good man than moulding good basketball players, and you can now is success at that from you a tumble until morning, Allen Iverson, whose credited with saving his life? He took it into an hour, Allen, Iverson a kid who had been in surprise who could it be the impasse and NBA what's Amer because The moon and instruction from Thompson
its players. I might be tackled, MR saying that they work TIM birthday adored camp and they looked up to come, as did the whole community. Here he was a fixture you're in in Washington for all those years leading the leading the team and now, of course, is out his protege pepper, giving his days coated with Georgia and thinks about the legacy continues, and I think that you and try to trying to keep that legacy alive, now the Washington Post talked about how a lot of light basketball observers. Resented am because many years he only had black players on his team and on a bench and said a lot of black people and ball room the Colombian because they didn't feel like he did enough to promote
civil rights in our you? Couldn't you didn't congratulate Thompson for being the first black man and I'm lazy be really mad at you, but he got from all sides in the thing I loved about him, the most from a distance was each state and give a down? He really care less here his old man, he HU, a wise, and he was to do what he was gonna do and if you didn't like it too bad that's right. He did things his way. He could be bracelet you didn't tell you go now, but he was a boy he he had his arm. He had deep imperfections and, and they were, they were good with the remainder, his instincts and neighbourhood Watson, and he was
He really will be well be messed with. It was one of a car I add and Ben now goes into the pantheon and the great coaches of worked out right still, I had on morning Joe just said that campaigns are about contrasts, will compare what Biden said yesterday in clearly denouncing violence with Donald Trump, comparing police, shooting civilians to golfers huge and miss three foot pots. You watch
wearing job will be right back onto mainly post of into America? A podcast from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice. Interracial injustice end in when you add health is a health injustice into was at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America, a podcast about who we are ass, Americans and who we want to become new episodes. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday subscribe now. In a second notable decision of the day, the Dc Circuit Court of Appeals declined to dismiss the case against former national Security adviser Michael Flynn, and sent it back to the lower court in two two decision: the court declined the grand outright. The Justice department motion to withdraw charges against Flynn it also
to remove district court judge, Emmett Sullivan from the case that decision freeze, judge seller then to decide the motion he is likely to proceed. But the hearing on the reasons behind the door, Jays request to drop charges. Flynn after former national security adviser plead guilty twice: two lying to the FBI. Sullivan may also proceed with his appointment of a former New York federal judge. To argue again, the government's motion. The case is expected to proceed several more months. A veto. Beggar saga can do not letting it appears you just have enough federal judges who are not willing. To allow a man, the Justice Department, to set free a man who is already pledged guilty twice two serious crimes and a serious investigation,
for this federal judge gets a chance to question the Justice Department on a wider elder, letting a guy go whose are He admitted tomorrow, Terry's Gale, twice he's plead guilty twice. It sounds This is a level of possible corruption from bar in the OJ he's federal judges, just can't stomach yeah look Leto aid. The federal government is required to get the leave a judge to drop a case in this kind of circumstance, and what the appeals court saying is: that's not a rubber stamp. The judge has a right to actually look at the circumstances before giving verdict, one way or the other on whether the just army can drop that case and you're right. There are circumstances there so crush. You knows, open question here with the attorney general saying is that but not that much when didn't lie to invest gears necessarily, but that he shouldn't even asked the pressures in the first place at the government? Didn't have enough pause to investigate what it was
skating at the time that they question Michael when and therefore his his answers, untruthful as they were: we're not material, Therefore, not prime, that's an argument that you know microphone himself, didn't it bans when he pleaded guilty accepted it yet misled the investigators and that he is culpable for each Gentlemen, just Marvin came in effect, said now wait. A second was, let's rethink that and when Did they do that? They did it. Of course, after the president made publicly clear what his not one, which is that the case should go away now. Trade it'll bar says that wasn't that was you know, intellectual on him by its heart the see why you know a lot Americans. We accept that, given the present was very open and public about what he wanted. Just apartments do the Justice Department than did what he asked them doing back and not only that you Not only did he do that at the time
bar decided to be his royal. Let a guilty man walk free you go all the way back to win Donald. First sat down for dinner with James call me and what was he doing? Press call me for things why loyalty pledge and two to just let general fled. Ah fuck, he's, a good guy don't pursue. Case against dont, do it and he captain that over and over again and of course, when coming comply when commie continually invest? negations. Why didn't you he fired the I direct bragged about it to the Russians inside the White House. And here we are three years later and now he's got his Roy Coun, the guy he what it, as is, what counts is attorney general. Actually doing something that is, is just an unspeakable act against the rule of law, and that is trying
as for early to force. A federal judge too, at a guilty. Men go free because the President, the United States, wants that guilty man and that political ally to go free. So, let's bring the conversation to time, Pulitzer Prize winning rationing, correspondent for the New York Times. Michael Schmidt he's the author of the new book. Donald Trump forces United States inside the struggle to stop a president, great to have you on the show, Michael, you have a couple of revelations that have come out recently. What do you think some of the key revelations are in this book and what did you learn about the President didn't now before. Well, I, What I tried to do in this book was tell a story of what it's like to be one of the people sort of standing between the president and the abyss for all of us were much of american history. We
They started how President's use their power, how the people around them help the prison do that? What means about the president. What that means about the moment it says about the country and with we have just seen in incredibly unusual phenomena, and that is that, people around the President are trying to taking their president. So what is it like to be one of those containers one? Is it like to stand up to the president if you're the FBI, I director or the White House counsel no other FBI, director or White House counsel to call year than nine one one operator, there's no other nine one, one operator to call. So what? you do what is Like what is any human, experience like what does it feel like to be one of those people? can ring the book and of seeing what would you have done? What would you have done
if the President say GO fire Robert Mahler, and you were the White House Council. How would you have handled that we're Michael? Why don't you tell us you add that happening of course, to Don began, Corey Lewandowski happened. Do a lot of people. I mean and sure walked out secret service people at some point ass undefined. Maybe he was asking everybody to to do do. Given do that fire? You do other things that he didn't want to do. How did they respond differently, but that that's a thing tromp? Is it he sort of this human an MRI machine in to get you a chance to see into the souls of these different people and how they will respond in what is it? That means too that in the case of Jim call me Jim coming was never going to bend to the present. He was never going to give and we even mentioning the loyalty.
Ask him to end the flint investigation. Those things were never going to work with call me, but in the some time again, you see again realizing that he's the White House counsel, but he has he never in again lifetime opportunity to re makes a federal courts and they're in the White House, and he believes in that cause and his ability to fall. Three: IRAN that probably even more so than the president does so here stu and he decides to Georgia, balance trying deal with tromp tubes. In his position because he wants to be there do that, as I rate in the book in this of two thousand and eighteen Mcgann was under an enormous amount of pressure, has Moyer Bill Burke. Why and began to weave. He knew that the Mulder report they actually thought the Mulder report may be becoming out soon and trembling see all the things them again had told investigators but
Gan thinks he can hear in Kennedys voice from the oral arguments that are going on at the court. Kennedy may step down I don't need me retire and Mcgann. And believes even though he probably care even stop trump- that well any more. He wore stay because He doesn't stay, he doesn't think Kennedy will retire because he doesn't Trust that cause can you wouldn't trust they trump wouldn't put a wrecking ball on the core, so Ganz says to himself or Viking just stay in the ring here at the White House through the end of the term in June. Maybe I'll get a shot at another person on the court and he's days through that and care It goes ahead in retires, Ganz has a shot and and so basically move forward with the Cavanaugh nomination and has for the old stand in that
comes out with that in its for this remarkable story of do navigator, president. When At present, it may be the problem: We see that case others, whether some as a question casing micro, congratulations on the back When the loyalty question, I will say that I think it was John Kelly who used the phrase saying no to President Trump is like french kissing. The chain saw, which I thought was particularly of architrave and all. But can you explain how Bill bar sits in to this narrative that you are talking about him in Joe called him trumps Roy cone? I think I certainly have tax republicans have been surprised. You know he cast himself as this George Aged
Bush long time Republican who's going to stand in defence of a lot of these norms and name in seen how he's conducted himself as attorney general and gone. That's not necessarily what we signed up for with this. How does he fit into this paradigm that you're talking about. What the thing about bar Istat trumps behaviour in cremation, perception of more even worse, because here's, the thing is we're talking now with John Kelly yeah I in the book about how Trump called Kelly the day after he I call me He said I want you to be the FBI director and I need you to be loyal and loyal to me alone and Kelly says: get lost, I'm going below the constitution, I'm not your guy! For that, so in the ACE of Trump. We know that he asked calling for loyalty, and then he asked Kelly his loyalty, as he was trying to fill that position. So then that raises the question: had increased
Ray me, come the FBI director. Well, we know Then he asked the current the you know. You know they asked calling for loyalty, and we know that he asked Kelly for loyalty right after he left sued creates this question will take. If you can into one of these positions. How did you get there? President fire Jeff sessions and when we said that he fired session because sessions had were cues himself from the russian investigation. When the most disloyal things they tromp has ever seen, anyone has ever done to trot. He has been very, very public about that. So If that is how trump view these people any got rid of them, and he didn't put them in positions because they wouldn't be loyal to him, then how do you get that position, how did you get there and look nay, I knew we have no evidence that he asked Chris reveries loyalty to become the FBI director. We have no evidence that did that with bar by
We have a lot of evidence about how he dealt with the people before them, and the folks, he got rid of than those positions when he fired session is really really wanted to fire sessions. You have it same time I mean Chris RE, has spoken out independently. Several times over the past couple of years if he gets a blind loyalty, tat stuff. He certainly has he not been acting differently than say bar, who has rubber stamp, just about everything, Donald Trump wanting to rubber stamp The interesting thing about raise he's gone in the complete opposite direction of call. Me call me with someone who believe that problems could be killed, who at transparency and the facts in being out there in talking, he really used the FBI. At your position. As he is in Bali, pulpit of sorts in ways that we had never seen before. People widely criticising for that. He went through. Entire email experience and I think in some way fell burnt.
ITALY, by that, when this of re raised on the completely opposite direction, you don't see ray you don't hear from Ray You know you occasionally have go up on the hell. Occasionally he'll do an interview, but the clear We a mentality, you see with ray we're. If he puts his head down, he can potentially avoid some of the problems that can we had by stare. Presents ire. We do know and do here that the President is frustrated with Ray, I think in ways that he's not frustrated with bar, because he is upset with the FBI still about the Flynn Matter and about documents that Trump wants produced to Congress, since such so? Indeed, the path ray and bar entranced size have
dear friends and far has come publicly to travel side in a way that that that certainly has has surprised me- hey it's crusades this week on my podcast. Why is this happening I'll, be talking with rhyme thumb about the chinese government's ongoing ethnic cleansing of its weaker minority? You can make people submit, but its very difficult to make them think differently. There is bound to be a large percentage of this million or so people who they determine to beat irredeemable and I'm worried about what happens. You know the german concentration camp,
it was something like for five years before the majority of the population in them was jewish and it was eight or nine years before they were connected to a programme of mass killing. So the reason I bring that up is that goals can change, especially when you're looking at such a massive system. That has no appeal system, no regulation, no oversight, and we ve already seen that the rest of the world's reaction to this has been rather slow, as this week on wise is happening. Search for wisest happening, reverie, listening right now and GIN Robinson is Witherspoon Ass. It was in jail, Our relations on a book on my question is how people away again and Kelly deal with a moral dimension of this the day think right thinking. Maybe they see clearly
don't thank me is what he is, and yet they continued to serve. Tab and two into advance? None their personal aims, but his aims as well no matter what they are so hot. How do they deal with that moral? the examples of Kelly and began are particularly interesting because from the outside, they may just look is to people who were around the president who were trying to kid. Pain him Interestingly, they they come from completely different vantage points. G, Kelly. My my guess is, would have become Hillary Clinton chief of staff, if she had asked John Kelly, I think, would have served for any president and saw this sort of as serving and near you serve your country in different ways, and if you can do this, I think Kelly's went into this and thought.
Can do more good in here. Then I can bad. If I try and grab steering wheel and I'll try and grabbed the steering wheel. As long as I can, as long as I can take, it is long and in an do that, because I think that this president, potentially do harm and- There needs to be some sort of adult here. It's a cop why's that people have to make, but the present is behind, you're on nerves, people in such a way, as I learned in the book about Mcgann Mackay, never really offended by trumps behaviour, Mcgann is sort of identified with the with a lot lot of trumpets and in may believe in Trump ISM? More than actually trumpeted Mcgann was a big time, libertarian people we in the end, the idea that a lot of Americans had been left behind by trade new New needed to have a judiciary stacked with these very conservative judges here,
the idea that trunk was going to smash things, Mcgann things that federal government's attic control too. So he believed he's a very political person that believed these clauses in he knew tat. He had once in a never again opportunity to remake the quartz trump Trump wasn't gonna get. You know worked up about whom these judges worm again was going to be committee of one and bring the judges to him and then we're going to remove through and Mccann was going to have a chance to change the country for decades and decades to come. So he did and he put up with a lot of trust behaviour, he tried to stop tromp from himself and he became the chief witness against as president in an existential threat to trot? A book is Donald trump me, the United States, inside the struggle to stop a president, Michael Schmid. Thank you. So much. Congratulations and Peter Bay thank you for being on. What are you looking at today? Well, following the president, is:
two Canosa today. I think that's gonna be hob big moment fraud. As you know, we talked about earlier the governor, the mayor about Democrats, both ass in thought, to come, he's got a meeting law enforcement and tourism damaged archer. There are the city the Euro will be watching to see how this present handle something. The other presence had struggled to two euro com situation. This is a prelude doesn't go for calm. He goes for complex riding canosa. I all eyes I can assure you that right Peter. Thank you. Coming up, the number of Americans infected with corona virus tops so million, and yet the stock market just notched its best Augustine thirty four year, state rather joint, says to explain what's happening.
Here and where we are going the morning, I was back in a moment: hey it's crusades this week in my pocket. Why is this happening all be talking with LEO Stokes, a political scientist who covers utility companies about how they are the key to our climate future, you don't get to choose who you by your electricity from electricity, is an essential service. So if I don't like that, my utility is anti climate action or is using money from my rates to you. No fund dark money campaigns. I dont have any exit option. I can't go choose to buy from somebody else, so I think that there are real legal questions as to whether or not monopoly utilities with a guarantee, profit and unlimited funds to spend on policy
eggs from a captured customer base, for any central service should be allowed to spend money in politics at all, as this week on wise is happening, sir, for wisest happening where realistic right now and subscribe.
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