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Despite publicly downplaying the severity of the coronavirus, President Trump spoke to Bob Woodward during an interview and attested to the severity of the virus, Woodward's tapes show. The panel discusses.

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its progress. Fighting the virus Jones Good that same day April. Thirteen, he was also saying this only behind closed doors, is a killer. They get. You get the wrong person, you don't have a chance. Yes, yes, exactly This is a scourge and the plague review the wrong person Willie Donald Trump says on the thirteenth of April. Privately, of course, you don't have a chance. This is the plague, and yet this is of course the same president, who is desperate. To reopen the economy, and I must say the same present, who last night got a lot of peace, together in Arizona with this plague that he also told Bob Woodward, so dangerous in that way because it was airborne. This is a plague that Donald Trump
obviously understood about a long time ago, and yet he was open schools trying to open economy in time. He was saying that behind closed doors and of course he still having super spreader events were most the people there are not wearing masks it's amazing, so that was April 13th, the clip that we just played. That was on a Monday that he was talking to Bob Woodward. What was the day before that April 12th was Easter. Easter was the day He had circled on the calendar to reopen everything if you'll remember- and everyone does. I know we want to be open by Easter you're gonna, be in church on Easter? Let's get back when it play baseball. We're going back for Easter. This next day, he's calling the plague so rips. You, a party said this thing: is a killer It's really been stunning. Over the last week as these Woodward tapes have come out, how to the day you can, fine president from saying something different publicly than he was saying:
privately or the next day or the day before, on and on and on and on, and he Bob Woodward just book is gonna be, he's gonna be on with us tomorrow. We're gonna hear new audio tomorrow, these tapes come out and the present is constant. Over the course of this entire pandemic, saying something entirely different to the public. Then he knows to be true and has revealed so by talking about woodwork Jonathan will merely Poland, Jonathan America's. He was the presence of Arizona and, in the vat, aware, really dangerous such away nobody wearing masks most people not wearing masks inside, except, of course, in Nevada. Those people closest of President Santer embodiment sakes, funny networks, but he had the president talking about how this is a plague, its air borne. If you the wrong person ritual part,
end quote you're finished now, you'll notice, Donald Trump doesn't have a ton of people around here impact and like this, because well it's not him, but he's convinced those people and he's convinced millions of others but this is no worse than the flow, even though he told Bob Woodward, it's a hell of a lot worse than the flu. How Lula were dangerous and yet done tromp is willingly leading all of these people put their lives and the lives of their loved ones at risk. Suppose it just doesn't matter the people that are in the personality cult, but little merit. Matter to senior citizens who know that they may The ones is Donald Trump said who are quote finished by this. This plague. I just can't believe it's happening in Arizona can't believe itself? in Florida, can't believe it's happening with seniors across Amerika
that is the town you set right at beginning. In the early days of this pandemic, he deliberately underplayed it to the american people. He suggested downplayed it's obviously insidious effects. It's how leaflet is particularly for seven years, but have not but others as well. We know another audiotape. He acknowledges that it's it's also dangerous for young people, which, while probably he is still disputing that, is suggesting that. The children are all, but a meeting in science simply does not back that up and this week I was really was really striking. It was a western threat for the president. History and quite some time, heading out and Nevada First and then Arizona looking to extend his electoral map with developed because in large part he's losing in Arizona, and he had a rally doors Saturday, night, Northern Nevada, near Reno, where, yes, certainly, people were and masks. Certainly, there was not much social differences, but again it was late. At least outside was a big crowd, but that's the only been used up formulae that using lately whether an air port, hangers or elsewhere. Keeping people outside after his last attend
Indoor rally June in Tulsa, went so poorly and there was a crowd of our spike traced directly to that event, and of course we know that Herman Kane, who was there, died a few weeks later of covert nineteen, though, of course we don't know for certain is where he got it. Suddenly, though, the plan change Sunday night innovator, Henderson just outside LAS Vegas in indoor, that an event that was the campaign did not advised the reporters traveller with the president would be endorsed and in fact, in the hours before that event started, most of the network's pulled out their correspondence that they would do pull them from the rain from the warehouse that was packed with several thousand people very few and asked no social distancing, because it what save. The press pool of which I was apart, did indeed attend and you're right. You're, u nailed! On Sunday a second ago there was a sexual people set up behind the president. They had mass sign. In fact, staffer was I making sure they were wearing them before the president's. What stage
one thing is they will they weren't wearing? when the earlier speakers wrong before the cameras turned on before the rally was taken, live on a channels, they were told What our last and then we had a similar sounds all well. Yeah rights is, let's get soda. Drop. This is mocking people wearing masks. Has rallies where he has people coming in everybody showing their unity with president by now wearing masks which, of course, very dangerous. The president, his call this the plague, you called it the plague back in a back when he was trying to reopen the contrary, said its air borne, which makes it so dangerous and you can get an air borne just next to somebody and once you get in here, you're the wrong person you're finished. This is really really bad, it's really doubly, but the if people are in his proximity, they have to wear masks. I think that's that's pretty
bailing. But if you are a personality cult, you may not be able to sort through. All of that here. Let me help you the presents concerned about himself and not you speaking about people being concerned about themselves. This is the time we're coming up on an election. How exciting this is when a present flies in the town and everything if on the ballot, especially close raises, they all stand up stage, and they all, I hope, arms up with a president and everybody's cheerfully unity, and yet they think it might have homes are the finish line. What was more excel is. I know she had to be there. What was more now key moment I might rally? What did she say in support of of Donald Trump, these this this? What maybe she introduced will it is what I love about american politics. I love this is the pageantry because they always do this. What an Martha exactly say in Arizona at this Donald Trump Rally. He came to her stay with her whole career.
And on the line well Joe, Might surprise you to learn that certain Martha I was not there yesterday in Phoenix on the present occasion, yeah I'll say that again marked exactly what was not there. Yes, that's right! I know you. Are you no joke setting you're sitting down right now, but she was not there. The governor of Arizona did was their greeted, the president, the airport when he landed Arizona ranks after we come from California, Jonathan, the governor of Arizona, I guess, since he was he's up on the ballot in November, right because that's, why was there? They have the governor made a point of of yes, the governor was their Joe and what it should be noted. This is well the governor attended the event afterwards, it wasn't just a Europe where he went to this lucky NOS four event, rally which we should be clear. It was called able
four relate to the fuel for Trump round table. He had had won the day wore unless they guessed, it consisted of six people, small, so we're at greater but Jonathan, that's what I'm saying is that the governor was there, so he must have an election coming up this year. Right is on the ballot within a month and a half in Arizona, that's right show is Asia. Yes or no, to unite all the is Joe Joe, the gears? I understand this really. This is. Has time has thing in the world? Can you go out because you know I'm just such nodded country lawyer, Willie Imo, I'm feelin, there's more more like a cave man lawyer. So it were mere that New York City Press outfit, the Associated Press and saying is that the zone, a candidate
doesn't have an election coming up in the next month and a half was there with President Donald J Tromp, but the Senatorial, Canada. Those fighting for her very political life I knew you would they will be the first person there to do Donald Trump arms up and they are the ones who flout dangerous to have just back Donald Trump and and and attacked reporters and played the whole Magda game. You would think that she would have been there jumping up and down with the president where's. It is a strange development. It's a very development azure indicating I'm picking up on these subtlety here, Joe. What you're saying don't think what you're saying is do see he's term limited and anyway, there's not a goat gubernatorial election to twenty twenty ass, though he had no concern. Ok, Martha Sally goes in a very tight race against Mark Kelly in the state of Arizona. Yes was not available,
because she had a lot and business to attend. To was what we heard oak, so she choose tied up with that, so either shoe concern that she didn't want to be on a stage with Donald Trump in a tight election. The share of Arizona or perhaps she was concerned- her own safety, as many others, were yet tightly packed room, but you know maybe willie- she has underlying conditions, since it would be dangerous for her to Romania. Just why it to follow a proper social distancing, the guidelines, because, if you were following proper social and guidelines, whether you have underlying conditions or not. You don't want to get there on a virus. One way to avoid it is not too Who is it who event where people are all clustered together? Friends, Thing all over each other with mask making of the LAS Vegas reviewed on Sunday. The president was asked about whether here any safety concerns when it comes to holding in
rally's here's that exchange. I'm getting more concerned about it. You know I needs its very far away, he's, not my certain about himself on Stay Willie, because the other people were these, he's saying it out loud ports that he should keeping inside. That does not cause. I I'm sorry about that. He so he's over six feet away from this reporter, is concerned that she's five or six feet away, and yet he has. I swear he jams, people and even told Sir said we're removing those
signs that were supposed to keep people apart from one another. Why some mighty say that so selfish it could endanger the lives of his very the borders willing it was on display last night is Jonathan, just described very well for the public. They want to see the masks behind. So the tv cameras are shooting present from masks. Look we're responsible, we get it. This is bad, but really were fine to fill this place, a pack shoulder to shoulder our supporters and get them all in there. Despite the fact, we have now heard president from say on again and again its deadly stuff. It's airborne economic trends that way it's a killer and finally, what we learn. Last night, you told Bob Woodward, it's the plague. The reason he was uncomfortable with that rapporteur, that close and for his own personal safety is because he was all of these things and has said them loud on tape. The Bob Woodward he knows how day last it is, let's bring into the converse
sure, professor at the London, be Johnson School of public affairs at the University of Texas, MSNBC, contributor Victoria, different, Cisco Soto and senior political correspond for the Washington examiner David Drucker, is also contributing writer at vanity, fair Are you now exemption back in eighteen? Ninety, four in the cross, Andy mid term elections. I remember reading articles in its first year I ran- and I remember reading articles talking about- some members of Congress. It said that they would put anti aircraft guns. These were Democrats on the border of their districts and, if Bill Clinton's airport one came their direction. They would fire warning shots to keep em away. That's how little they wanted to bill Clinton. The district back in to ninety four. There was, of course, amounts of landslide I'm not so sure. That's not it
actually how more than big Sally Corey gardener. Tom till is certainly soon Collins and a lot of other at risk. Republicans are feeling right now. Yeah, look, it's been interesting, watch different, vulnerable Republicans and how their plane, president in travelling choosing Collins, has tried to distances well she's trying to deal with the fact that coalition, that you has relied on four years moderate Republicans and moderate Democrats and stalwart Republicans deeper in offices even State turned more blue he's in trouble because resident trump is so polarizing a fake, that she's losing a lot of women that she's relied on, but that race is still time Martha MC sallies made a different that notwithstanding the fact that she wasn't what the president yesterday She is really to hide herself to tramp in part of her challenge. Is that
on hand. The Phoenix and Tucson suburbs have really moved away from president tromp boot. Did when the suburban vote in the exit point four years ago, but they really moved away from trumpet refine Arizona I'm lookin base. Is there he very loyal to transfer she's trying to threaten needle that may be impossible, but she's decided to keep herself very close. Tromp NGO that route and I think, we're a gardener just trying to say rid himself from every button and part of the challenge we face is that Colorado is a blue stay for all intents and purposes it he can't totally be ignored and I think of any Republicans capable of getting a process both in surviving. It would be him because he's very skilled, but he is a very tight raised and it simply because the president is not popular in Colorado and so all of these down ballot republicans, I think, you're trying to deal with on the one hand, a republican base that is loyal to the president, but on the
her hand, a suburban vote en bloc and others that simply think, Annie Republic in who is supportive of president tromp has gotta go this is going to say that more than make Sally in Arizona inquiry gardener in Colorado, those two Republicans and those two adjoining western states is it safe to say their problem the two most endangered Republicans that gonna be running for reelection their share in the Senate? I think they're too, the most endangered. I go back and forth unceasing Collins, but I think that the gardener Sally probably have this deepest challenges, and I think you know it's interesting, because corridors are very skilled, followed genetic sally as had sort of fits and starts where she can't seem to figure out always what kind of Republican she wants to be. She stopped
ever career as a house member more as John Mccain style Republican when in a democratic meaning house district in tough races, and so she knows how to appeal across the aisle but to invest I need a republican base in Arizona. She has become more trumpet for lack of a better word nor the gardener has been more consistent. It's just a matter whether he can survive a democratic onslaught in the Denver. Birds, and we saw two years ago, jail caught congressmen off, and who work disorders. Any I mean with now. White voters in suburban voters simply was swept away because he had an hour next to his name, but big Sally gardener, both and indeed trouble. Susan Collins. I know Republicans optimistic she's, gonna, pull and a rabbit out of a hat because she survived for so long there too, in which she does also in a tough ray, I keep an eye on Tom, tell us simply because of it fund raising edge that the joke Cunningham has but look I I'd also no word
We still have so much time for different aspects of the campaign to influence There are going to be free president debates. This new cycle seems to bring us a new. You know this is the thing: that's gonna do the campaign every couple of days and We signed in twenty. Sixteen. There were a lot of endangered republican senators that survive. Senator who me in Pennsylvania, Senator Johnson in Wisconsin, so a lot of times things happen at weren't. We're not thinking will happen. It's hell. Victoria dilate, gonna get Never know really, what's gonna be happening at you, you do look. It's these raises and Corey gardener is in such trouble. Willie, in Susan Collins is in a state where the race may be close, but my guys a wide Joe Biden seems at such a late yet on Donald Trump, at least in some loopholes that I'd say that people stop splitting there. Their vote a long time ago, but party, so
to see how she survives Susan Collins to watch her. Do that tap tap dance every day in the state of me where she condemns president Trump lightly on something supports him on others. She's trying to that line- and it may be too tight of Align Victoria that event last we ve been talking about in Arizona, was bill despite what the present set as a Tina round table to talk about issues facing Latinos? It was equally the same. Rallies Jonathan could tell you that we ve seen regardless of who the audience is. How do you feel that Donald Trump, message Emmy. He basically said: Latinos are tough, I've done business with them. I know they're. Tough, like me, that's kind of was appeal. He was trying to make the connection he was trying to draw their house
his message playing in Arizona, Hausa, playing and self Flora in Arizona, nothing much difference. Willie, then in twenty six in the latest for members from the sea, vs full and trumpet about twenty seven percent. So I've been come election day. We're gonna see Trump anywhere between twenty five and thirty percent in Arizona, letting us have traditionally been a tab. It more conservative, then in California, not as conservative as those in Texas. It's a mix of rural life at Lake Evangel, apples, row, businesslike, Vinos and, quite frankly, Willie thereabout, the you knows, or of his spanish descent with United spanish but don't identifies with, because I think that is that that hodgepodge coalition in that trunk goes after everywhere when it comes to Latinos Arizona, not being an exception. The Achilles heel for President Trump, though,
in Arizona and what I think is going to hurt him in terms of seeing up a pretty substantial happy, not turn up is s feet and seventy, which we ve talked about before on the show and the share of Joe are Pio Back Arizona. Vinos, I've been picked up and this is going to be a key mobilizing factor come November. All right, TAT Victoria. Thank you where to get some news now, other news of the day new video has emerged from minutes. After to LOS Angeles, county sheriff deputies were ambushed over the weekend after each was shot, multiple I'm by an unknown gunmen outside of a Compton train station. The thirty one year old, female deputy, called in the incident and jumped out of the book called patrol car to tend to her male partner
she's a thirty one year old mother of a six year old boy. She was shot in the jar. The female deputies seen here, applying tourniquet to her twenty four year old partners, as she hides them, both behind a column, the alike. How to sheriff said that the deputy went beyond the call of duty as her motherly. Instincts kicked in neither of the deputies. Identities have been released, but both were sworn into the forest fourteen months ago, a reward for formation leading to the shooter has climb to one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars incredible. The chief executive of the war the largest vaccine manufacturer warns that not enough Kovac nineteen vaccine will be available for everyone in the world until the end of twenty twenty four at the earliest the c o er, the Serum Institute of India told the financial times. He believes pharmaceutical companies are not
increasing production capacity quickly enough to be able to vaccinate the global population in a shorter time frame. He asked mates. Fifteen billion doses will be needed if the Kovac nineteen shot is a two dose vaccine, all right. So I had on morning Joe dozens of major wildfires are burning across the West Coast, and fire fighters are racing to contain the flames, will have very latest on that and how the issue is making its way onto the campaign trail, including the president's claim bout exploding, trees and also signed not knowing anything you're watching in general will be right. Back, Karla Hall found her success as a two time, finalist on top chef and as a tv personality on Gm Ay and Netflix is crazy, delicious, but the biggest moments and Carla's life have come when she decided to face adversity head on her motto, say yes to everything:
make throws your way in her new wondering podcast, say yes, with Karla Hall, Karla, sits down with the most inspiring celebrity personalities as they explore their choice, Andrews and how they got to their yes. In episode, one Karla chats with Kristen Bell about everything from house faces being a working mom in Hollywood in the public eye to the liberation. We can feel when we just admit that, sometimes we don't know- and there are even more great moments to come in interviews with guests like Billy Porter, Martha Stewart, Gretchen, Ruby,
Lonnie, love and many more subscribe to say yes with Karla Hall, an apple podcast, Spotify or listen ad free on the wondering app wondering feel the story, I'm sure mainly post of into America. A pug cares from MSNBC join me as we go into the rules of inequality and economic injustice, interracial injustice and then, when you add health is a health and justice into was at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America. A pod cares about who we are ass, Americans and who we once Come episodes every Monday, Wednesday Thursday Subscribe now. The death toll from the wildfires in California continues to rise, as authorities are still searching for a number of but who are missing and firefighters are working to keep multiple blade, as from reaching populated communities.
Of last night. There have been twenty five fatalities, throw California more than Three million acres have burned across the state this year, the largest on record. The fires have destroyed. Least forty one hundred structures and forced more than six, three thousand people from their homes, in Oregon, devastating wildfires, torched more than one million acres across the state since last week, killing nine people enforcing tens of thousands of residence to flee from their homes. The unprecedented what wildfires out West has are well we'll get to this next story in just a moment, but two giants in Le Maire. You were with the president yesterday as he went out West to discuss these issues and there were some comments that he made on climate change that might have showed he knew little bit less than one might imagine, that's right maker, the prison
had been largely silent on these wildfires in recent days. Receipt of criticism for perhaps not paying as much mention to disaster. There was ravaging a trio of Blue Sates, California organ and now wash state as well, the while out West for these trips Nevada, Arizona that we were discussing earlier streamlining he did fly to California, Northern California, just outside Sacramento, where he met with Governor Newsome to receive a briefing on these wildfires and as we're gonna play in a moment here here It is his own belief as to what should be done to prevent these far forest fires, this his belief in forest, managing and remember rigging the floors of the forests and then was pressed buying halfway state official as to what the real reason behind this dramatic increase in firefight five wildfires in recent years,.
Would you like to be specifically done on the issue of forest management as a possible that it also forest management and climate change? Both things I think, something's pacify they go out of things above all, but with regard to the hours when trees all down after a short period of time about eighteen months, have become very dry, they become really like magic, they get up. You know, there's no more water pouring through and they become a very they just explode. They could explode also leaves. When you have years of leaves dried leaves on the ground just set up. We want to work with you to really recognize the changing climate and what it means to our forests and actually worked together with that science. That science is going to be key is if we, if we
word that science and so to put our heads in the sand and think it's all about education management. We're not going to succeed together, protecting Californians it'll start getting cooler. I wishes you just watch. I wish science if anybody think science knows actually first make us check. Trees don't tend to explode and secondly, what we heard. He therefore sands reminiscent of the president's approach rather crowd of our that it will eventually, justice appear yesterday. This exchange, you heard him say that it will get cooler that perhaps the science doesn't know this isn't about cooler in terms of some are turning to fall and then winter. This is about the globe. Warming up and scientists, believing that is, of course, the reason behind an increase in natural disasters and, of course, Wildfires California has been in a drought, mega drought for quite some time, but the president has been a climate change denier
for the entire term in office. He showed no interest yesterday and embracing that at all in saying that that was the underlying cause behind these disasters out West awful mirror and I have to go but before you leave me ask just really quickly. Who do you think that stocks, are going to get there first round and the players will Joe I'm hopeful, that was certainly reply. So well. I expect will have hung field throughout. Perhaps they will get the egg They will get the raised with a short answer, Joe. It doesn't matter timidly it doesn't really matter has now it doesn't matter again. Going down that back stretch like Secretariat, Belle my stakes and nineteen. Seventy three watch, our red Sox go and go go down the drain, the dog data so well a country I say that Donald Trump provided
an opening for protesters, environmental protesters do what they do, in one of Ronald Reagan, campaigns when he said that trees were in fact one of the largest emitters carbon in the world, and so, whenever one around speaking. They would hang signs around treaties. It said stop me both, yet again, we are now we're done drum. We have exploding trees and yes, there is something to be said about management, management of vegetation and and- and on the other things that a lot of people are talking about right now, but this quote this cloud that I dont think since actually knows is- is staggering, because it's so on line. We really do get
a real time comparison on Donald Trump and a lot of Republicans, not all, but a lot of Republicans contempt for science as it pertains to climate change. We have real time tragedy Folding right now with this plague is Donald Trump calls it where you have Republicans who again distrust science, distrust medicine. I even this when, for the Department of Health and Human services yesterday, accusing doctors in the White House of sedition and talking about armed left wing assassins after the? action. This is. This is not your fathers, and certainly not my father's Republican Party back. How incredible that Donald Trump is not smart enough.
I'm really credible and to avoid the comment, oh it's going to cool down it's going to cool down. What is that like it's your magically go away when things warm up. The rail he was wrong. Then there are two hundred thousand Armstrong thousand Americans dead because of it and now is actually flipping going out. Don't worry it's going to cool down. I don't think science knows is we had Some of the more disturbing news on the climate change front come out yesterday. That we're gonna be talking about later in the show you, I don't think science We are talking about how he says the quiet part out. Loud often, he often says the king are out loud and very explicitly. Here's what I think science doesn't know I mean you can apply that to so many things over the course of administration, including this plague, as he has described. Of Corona virus yeah, we
would go in a rift like that lets say ten years ago about forestry and re being the floor, you could serve, laugh it off as the guy from Celebrity apprentice and being a clown he's. Presently. It states now and he controls policy can pull us out of the Paris accords and he can do things to the environment they couldn't do when he was hosting the apprentice. So you can't laugh anymore because he is here rolling? What happens in this country controlling it may ways what happens in the world to the environment, and we out loud at a public events, his attitude toward science, which is that it does an act, We now so too ago. Remember he was in Paradise and he's thirty, it's one of those things where he gets a negative information somewhere. We know this about him. He heard from the President of Finland that they keep their forests floors cleans we want and that long rift about raking the floors of the forests in Finland. That became a meme over there at the time he hears one thing: and he becomes an expert on forestry and vegetation management and their dire en bloc.
Sure of that when he wants to change the subject from what's actually happening in the world. What is actually happening in the environment this brush? This aside, just like he's tried to do with corona virus, wondering latest many serious, bungle Woonga, hosted by comedian. Whitney Cummings tells the unbelievable true story of how billionaire Playboy turned politician, Silvio Berlusconi, hidden
eyes all of ITALY for almost two decades in the ninety. Ninety Silvio had had enough of the government's rules and regulations, so he decided to run for Prime Minister, you can't beat the law change the law, and thus his legacy would become an explosive tale of what happens when private business interests and political interests compete head to head for his entire political career. Silvio spewed lies and propaganda to what was true and what was opinion was a matter of opinion and while everyone was distracted, he used his mafia ties to blackmail, government officials and rewrote the laws to protect and enrich himself until two words brought his entire empire crashing down. Bungle Woonga subscribed.
A bunker on Apple podcast or you can listen early and ad free by joining wondering plus in the wonder, YAP. Meanwhile, Hurricane Sally is slowly moving toward the Gulf Coast. Let's bring meteorologists Bill Karen's with more on that Bell Fashion, yeah science has improved our life, probably more than anything else, and I ll leave it at that. So if you didn't sally- and we are watching this storm system Crawley, it is drifting towards the code- even though the winds have come down and the winds were never the story. It's this historic life burning rain event that is now unfolding from Pensacola two goals shores to mobile back over the past a girl. I need all through Central Alabama nowadays, hey that will be the story so eventually we'll get a landfill. It's a very slow moving sister. It may even be a tropical storm for landfill. It's not be this reporters blowing in this historic wins type landfall, it's just gonna, be pouring rain and next to it,
straight along the Gulf Coast. So we will minor, win damage. We will have some concerns with that storm surge, especially the Mobile Bay, impassable area watching closely, and then it just Slowly ran, I mean it doesn't even make it to Atlanta till we get a Friday morning. So the rain is the story. Ten to twenty years is expected. There could be icily did rainfall totals of thirty inches we're talking about a Florence tighter than a horrible, type event for the areas right along the coasts are european computer model does predicts as much as fourteen fifteen of rain along areas of Pensacola destined fully mobile northwards even central. Georgia could get him the seven to eight inches of rain and as far as the storm surge, Goethe sixty nine feet. Nothing to sneeze that will cause problems? We will need some damage right along the coast, especially with the waves on top of that too so meagre, every tropical storms, every hurricane
is different. This is not a Laura, which was an incredibly intense hurricane, but this one is moving at two miles. That's not walking! That's walking backwards towards the code, That's gonna make a lot of problems with rain they're watching that bill. Thank you very much and coming up whoever. When's. The election will likely be confronted with a dire economy, but look at that. Match discuss what should be done to get things back on track for everybody Joe is coming right back. The means, the book, your neck and alike, and a well just There is certainly a it's tough times the virus You repeatedly told me and, as you have said publicly its derailed thing, and it's a it's him
reality in people's lives, as you know so I will get it to you in here it's coming. Bachelors, yes, of course, and in another that in about oh yeah, sure benign work has been done. Nothing more I acted early post will This will be the history that we start the first draft of and it may be. Continue and the virus totally procedurally economy. All sure about the related. Did you know little bit, maybe a little bit by bit. Me doing liquid closer. You work at record, that was newly released audio from the last
conversation, Bob Woodward had with President tromp last month. We're gonna have Bob Woodward on. I think tomorrow occurring. You know I gotta say it is fascinating, All of this information about covered nineteen and donald- lying to the american people about their send. Two hundred. Some people dying and present saying it's a plague while saying something quite differently publicly in April, MRS All, of course very shocking and has impacted and killed a lot of people. It has Israel real so that there will be causation. Don't don't worry this day, I don't know how many his story, I'm sure, obviously, researchers, scientists, there's we able to figure out put in
Braun, probably what his life these were responsible for killing of how many Americans be two hundred thousand might be. A hundred thousand euros will be better history, but. What I find actually riveting in this book- and I can't we talked about this- is actually the first half of them. Were you hear James matters ex tiller some poor, then My lord, others trying to run America's foreign policy apparatus and keep us safe and keep the alliances in place that helps us. The Soviet Union and help them, Eric century explode over the past six seven decades. Listening to them and their despair, trying to figure out what the best way is
to save America either from from this man who, as Admiral Kirk a craven. Sad is most likely one of the greatest dangers. Clearing present dangers to this country and how to and when you have general, saying we have to go public with this. We have to go public with us and Dan Coats Let us please stout saying yes, but what good will that do? Look what's happened with everybody then gone public. That's quit and attacked him up. Play. It has no impact on them state sitting around the table and being frustrated, no one more than actually Senator codes, ambassador coats being just shot actually Thea dereliction duty that was being exhibited not only by the present the United States, but also from his former friends in the United States Senate Pats tomorrow. We'll talk,
now that tomorrow, let's talk today, though, about the last part of that clip. I just heard about Donald Trump talking about the economy and spring in former Treasury visually morning, so economic Analyse, Steve Raspberries, Arthur Also the author of the Washington Post early morning newsletter power up key alimony, Anzio of American Latinos. Fernando Ass. Well, ass joins us. Thank you all for being with us this morning. Greater focus on the stock market chow well with Bob Woodward, was talking to him about corona virus and how its ravage the country, but all I care about What he's talking about the stock market bit see? Rather, I want to talk to you about something brought this up at the end of the show. Yesterday, that's really concerning me all the I know you have a lot more conversations with finance people, but just this past week alone and where social conversations not really-
to re housing economy. Go that we're amusing but the phone asking people thinking. I talked to a top banker, and one of the big three banks in America so a small business lawyer that actually handle small the mid size companies Finance, CEO and So restaurant down or sit on quite a few restaurants, and they all told me the same thing and I want to know of your hearing this energy have the same concern that I'm hearing talk the time again, not debated Cassandra your, but they get ready for twenty twenty one. It doesn't matter who gets elected, there's going to be a depression. I key hearing the word depression. What they're saying their clients are people that have helped
four six, seven, eight nine months on the verge of collapse, of people that own property and they are all saying the same thing to the richer gonna get richer. The poor gonna get poor. Cash is going king and twenty twenty one and there going to be economic chaos and again these people don't know each other daddy. I didn't leave them they're all saying this what's going on. Why are there such grave concerns up and down the economic food chain that we're, hearing about in the mains mainstream press. Joe. I think we are facing a huge number of economic challenges. I I'm not sure I would go quite so far. Just to cut to the question you asked to declare a depression as a likelihood but that's where we clearly are at the moment, is an economy that so slowly recovery, but by the fall of
here, maybe even by the end of this year, will have only recovered, maybe half of the ground or thereabouts of what it lost stirring. Pandemic in the early part of this year and from there I think the return path back is very slow and potentially painful One because until we reopen the full economy, just like it was before you. Gonna have whole swathes of call me mention, restaurants, that are simply not able to operate at any kind of capacity they. The looks normal. Therefore they're, not gonna, be bringing back all their people, they may even have to let more people go, and I think you're going to be looking an economy. That is very slow, very, very slow internet last year and then to your other point? The impact of this way of this Endemic in recession has been completely and wildly disproportionate among various groups, if you're a woman, if you're a person of color, if you have less education, you have done far worse than the average american think of
Some women of color who cleans hotel rooms in a in Cleveland and is perhaps unemployed at this moment, verses again all of us in our world, who are actually doing pretty well and the problem is that until this is gets in the public health. Until we have gotten people to a place where there, only comfortable resuming a normal lives, whether its with a vaccine some other way economic activity is gonna, be muted and we're going to feel like. We are at a very, very, very, very weak economy and the last thing I'd say download from every time he's asked questions like this. He looks at the stock market. The stock market is not the economy there. They operate in for very different reasons and very different directions, and the stock market tells you nothing about almost nothing about the state of the economy, except how well or poorly wealthy people on stocks are
Well I m, it seems the values or wildly inflated fernando. Let's talk about the frontline workers, whether you're talking about the worker See Ratner was talking about. Are you? Are you talking about other frontline workers or people who have. To go to arrest. Strides have to go to retail stores, have to go out about, and there staying at home. They can't pay their rents. I understand that for there's been a freeze on evictions, they can't pay their rents while business owners can't pay their leases, have even huge retail stores in Manhattan and across the country defaulting on their loans that all everything goes up and then we think collapses again. I dont want to sound to grim here, but We're we're we're recovering a little bit. Based on a wide payments from the
federal government to frontline workers that going away? Well, I think you are. Knox, LA or dramatizing the risk wherein lets. You may remember that, before this terrible crisis hit us are weary, had a situation where a majority of american pathways couldn't put together. Four hundred dollars for emergency are weakened an economy that has been benefiting wealthy people for a long time, an economy that has kept alot of workers working at minimum wage. It is not a living wage is not nearly enough to raise a family. This has created a whole cycle. I think, of of poverty in this country. That's really quite inexplicable since this is objectively the richest country on earth, so we are now moving towards some sort of reflection. Point to be overly dramatic either. But no, I want you to think about the french revolution. One thousand seven hundred and eighty nine people were quite shocked that one of the most powerful most stable
countries on earth blew up and caused twenty years or more of tumbled throughout Europe. I think we're in one of those situations- hopefully not that explosive, but certainly something akin to the great depression where, after had to step in- and there was not just the political space to make big just but the real need the structural need to fix what happened nah tremendously unequal call me until then- and I think, when you know subject in a similar situation so jack it, we ve, set the stakes here. We know how dire the situation for so many people, Americans really is so let's talk about what progress is doing at the body that you cover six hundred dollar checks were gone long ago. The PPP money has been burned through by most small businesses at this point that was supposed to be a bridge to get us to the other side of this pandemic were still in the middle of it. Is there any hope for cod to do something, if not why, by at least election day by the end of the year or at all, is Congress acting This will there be another bill.
Congress at the moment- is showing little appetite to reaching agreement before lawmakers head home for a vile campaign pollution. That means that the prospects for millions of Americans who relied on those enhanced unemployment benefit that expire in July, and you know you are pretty grim I think it's really worth underscoring what Joe pointed out not enough in the media are saying I wrote down, you don't know Are these really startling statistics that actually came out hours before the Senate Billy down the skinny stimulus package that they voted on last Thursday? They were really worrying, Alex numbers put out by the Labour Department eight. Eighty four thousand people filed unemployment claims last week. Four thousand claims prices for climate assistance- that's four weeks straight, rising ten percent of adults imported not having enough to eat not having enough food on the table of the poverty rates are rising up to ten percent. Twenty two percent among african american families. Twenty
point? Nine million Americans, according to data from the Labour Party, are on unemployment assistant assistance in total. That's twenty! Eight mouth twenty times the amount of people who are on the same assistance last year. At the same time and five point, four million Americans are facing addiction. They are about to go, go off a cliff those Google search our spiking this inaction from Congress is just exacerbating the situation, especially right now, you're, considering how speakers diplomacy, Senate Majority, later Mitch, Mcconnell and Treasury Secretary Stephen diminution are all putting or eight competing that's right now ammunition is urging Congress not to worry about the deficit. When that's exactly what how is worrying about and how? you're crazy policies seeking with the two point, two trillion dollar package at the house previously pass. You know in this spirit that the pressure on from whose trailing behind your vitamin d all's will force him to put pressure on
in Congress to actually put through some sort of bill and some sort of package we, and see. Ratner, unfortunately, is as as Richard also set out quoted began. This pandemic hasn't changed history, its actually expedited. The changes it is it it's just accelerated Oliver. Forces, and yet are you and I and others around the stable, had been talking for a decade about the problem of the rich, getting richer. The poor, getting poor income disparities in trying figure out a way to bring those numbers closer together, but here we the pandemic that has shown see across not just America but the world. They dont many workers. They don't need as many full time workers. They don't even need the buildings where their staying and they can hire contract workers work out of home more people are getting fire. They are not going to come. A lot of those jobs are going to come back. This is again
everybody is so obsessed, Son November. The third, I think that's it the election day, whether it's a vaccine or whether its jobs. This again Steve not to be a downer, but this seems to be a massive challenge for steer and over the next decade. I completely agree with that show we are going to be looking at high. By any historic measure after the selection as we get into the next administration, a lotta. That's your point is be struck for all people who have lost jobs that are coming back, not simply the usual more It's inside and outside of the labour force, and so the new president is going to be faced with enormous. And just to pick up a little bit on we're Jackie said so right now, You have a situation where we can get an agreement on what everybody I think agrees is needed, which is a package, but we can agree on the details, even as we're in the middle of this crisis, then you gonna have new President come in, and here she is
He rather is going to face potentially a divided Congress, robotic present. We don't know which way the Senate scowling have pretty good idea, which way the house is going and so getting translation through. We can see how hard it is to get a rescue package through when everybody shooting its essential imagine trying on the hill, with an infrastructure bill with other bills, to kind of rebuild America better S, Joe Biden would say and trying to get those through Congress when you're going to have a deeply divided Senate and the house that probably will be democratic, and remember also that the new president is coming in with a much weaker toolbox when Obama be president middle of the fiscal of the financial crisis, the deficit was seventeen fifty seven heard sixty billion dollars this new president. It is coming in with the three really our deficit one hour came in the debt to GDP. Here was more like thirty five percent, or so now word about a hundred percent. We have hospital trust funds from Medicare that
Close running out of money, other trust ones that report so running out of money. We ve got a huge set of fiscal challenges as well as the impact of the pandemic. So this is going to be a huge job and therefore, I think you're right you're. Your concern is well placed I think it's going to take a herculean in efforts to get us back to where we prefer or before even without even with a vaccine, stave rat Jackie Alimony- and Fernando spell us, thank you all very much for being on for this conversation, and still I had president tromp pack support into another rally, even as we hear more audio of him admitting back in April how deadly the This can be plus the dangerous aims being pushed by the Trump Appointed Health Department spokesmen Michael Kapogo, a Russia connected pillow cooperative, operative and Roger Stones protegee,
who now acute whose now accused of interfering with CDC reports morning Joe will be right back I only wanted to join Reed, I'm so excited to tell you about my new MSNBC show the retail every week I'm talking with the biggest news makers about the most pressing issues of our time. Like Joe Biden, the words of President Matter and so is present United States. The first thing I want to do a stand up and talk sense and be honest with the american people level with them at last, Mayor casual Lance bottom, we need as many voices as we can have as possible sounding the alarm, encouraging people to wear masks and to take all precautions, antibiotics, science and the data Senator Cobbler Harris. We send folks into a war wearing camouflaged. So what is going on here when you said camouflaged uniformed
officers into a sitting and many more you can listen to the reader as a pod cast by searching for the redoubt. That's our idea! Oh you teach one word were ever your listing right now and subscribing for free thanks for listening
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