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Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, appears to have changed course on comments he made in 2016 about the nomination of a Supreme Court justice in any president’s final year of their term as he now supports filling the seat vacated after the passing of Justice Ginsburg.

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if we come that ain't, it president run in conversation with journalists, Bob Board word who last I share that previously unrelated to audio from one of their inner it is from late July, when the President gay self, that glowing grade. One hundred and four a thousand Americans had lost their lives from the corona there is now about two months. If the corona virus death toll in the? U S has surpassed. Two hundred thousand lie it's. It's. Grating scale. I dont think any of us understand would be comfortable with and gives a grading cell threat straight out a Trump university.
Cuz. We we can grade it from the very beginning where he was a liar and Mitad. He was a liar to the american people when he has been told by his own people inside the White House in January that this was going to be the biggest crisis in face of its presidency. When his own trade adviser had told him half a million Americans could die when Had information, Donald Trump was saying that it was one person coming in from China and soon it would go away. No, that's that's not helping you, that's not helping any American was. That would be really that that would be like George W Bush continuing to say after nine slash. Eleven hit that there was nothing to see that there was no concern, but he went on and then he said that it was just fifteen people coming in
that soon that would be down to zero. He lighted China. You said time and again that China was doing a great job. He said that Bob Woodward that China was a great partner in president. She was a great partner, and told the Americans that they were being transparent about everything now he's claiming that he's being really tough on Chinese. What's the impact of us were in, and why did he do? You know why he did. He only cares about one thing: he doesn't care about you, he doesn't care about the good of the american people. Certainly doesn't care about our standing across the globe. The only cares about him and his political standing and for that's measured by the DOW Jones Industrial,
The number of Americans dad that we could compare. U S death rates with other kind. His across the globe, and of course you know, despite his lies and even fear and his personality cult. You know he's lying, you just choose to pretend to believe the lies, but the numbers are them version will always be the numbers, and it's not a coincidence, said you live in Wisconsin and you just go across the border or if you live in Michigan and you just go across the board, What do you find it find a country where six people died yesterday of covert? Now every death is a tragedy, so am, I can even say only six people died yesterday in Canada, but for a country
was suffering a thousand, that's just south there in the United States, even yesterday, when our death count was down a little bit over fifty times. The number of american side yesterday, have covered and died in Canada, and you can while the adjusting you want for population size, we still come out the loser and Donald Trump. Still comes out present the United States, who botched the biggest health care crisis of past century, the biggest economic crisis of the past Eighty years and the biggest political crisis of the past fifty years, I so nobody's giving him in a grating wise make. Any desperately wants he's going to try with the Supreme Court. Now all he wants is to keep distracting Americans and have them forget the two hundred thousand.
Americans are dead when so many of those Americans would still be alive if Donald Trump HAT and spent the last months lying to you and your family, simple measures, could have saved so many of those lives, and he led them a different way. Those you touched not just two hundred thousand plus souls loss grown a virus, but the other consequential new stuff. That we're looking at this morning, the death of Ruth Better Ginsburg with us. We have White House Rapporteur for the Associated Press Giants and Le Maire. Host them less politics, nation and president of the National Action network, Reverend our sharpen historian and Vanderbilt University, Professor John Mitchum former you senator now and NBC News and Emerson BC, political endless, Clare, mechanical and NBC News. Correspondent hosted way too early.
Morning, Casey DC. Congratulations on your first show. We ve got a lot to cover them, morning jail, I two hundred thousand plus people lost to the run a virus and Also, the political discussions surrounding the death of Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Vader Ginsberg, the second and to serve on the nations highest court died on Friday, the age of eighty seven. There will be a bitter political fight to filter seat the court, the President says he will now Made a replacement and Senate Majority leader Mitch, Mcconnell says the nominee we'll get a vote what's different. Now, from twenty. Sixteen, when Mcconnell denied Barack Obama's domination of merit, our London, the final year of Obama's term Mcconnell claims it's because The same party now controls both the presidency and the Senate. In a dear colleagues, Better to send it Republicans, Mcconnell wrote quote over the coming days:
We are all going to come under tremendous pressure from the press to. How we will handle becoming nomination. For those of you who are unsure how to answer or for those inclined to oppose giving a nominee a vote. I urge you all to keep your powder dry. There are already at least two republic into effect. Defections Democrats for Senator Susan Collins, whose in a tough re election battle back in Maine, senator early summer cows gave Alaska said they oppose voting on a replacement before election day. Meanwhile, Senator Chuck Grassland set in July, a byword chairman of the judicial a committee and this vacancy occurred. I would not a hearing on it, because that's what I promised the people back and twentys what we promised to people? Ok, we're also watching Senator Mitt Romney, who has not yet indicated where he stands with just forty three
days until election day. Democrats have warned Republicans to follow the president. They said in twenty. Sixteen when they refuse to consider President Barack Obama's choice, but the court on the ground, and tat. It was an. Sean Year in early twenty, sixteen Mcconnell said he would not give Merrick Garland his confirmation proceedings because he argued voters should get to decide through the presidential election. Day after Ginsburg Staff, Senator Lindsey Gram, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee tweeted, he is quote dead, said confirming whoever President Trump nominee it's for the seat. This comes despite the multiple times. He said that if a vacancy opened up in the run up to the president, election he would hold off on confirmation a republican present in twenty. Sixteen in a vacancy occurs in the last year, first term you can say Lindsey.
Said: less: let the next president, who it whoever it might be Made that nomination- and you could use my words against Mean You'D- be absolutely right. Now tell you this they make you feel better, but I really don't care if opening comes in the last year of present trumped term in the I'm very process has started, we'll wait till the next election and I've got a pretty good chance. Being the year on the record, the whole the tape, I guess on the record as a liar, which will talk about in just a second but Joe. You know the moment the news broke about the death of Ginsburg. Just Ginsburg lot of our friends on the left and the right were calling very first of all, a very, very saddened about her death, but secondly, v.
Worried about the election. Our folks, our liberal friends, were worried that this would would hurt their chances republican friends thought this was their moment that they were going to have their October surprise, and you said no, no, no, it's! the way around immediately. Why was that will fruit? I get the then a second, but first of all I get it just talk about Lindsey, there's a guy the guy that I came in with a ninety. Ninety four, a friend of mine, and we we work closely together in Congress, and I was talking to a couple of other friends. Who are no longer in politics, but who we were friends, lenses and who came in there just astounded, just astounded that he would lie so openly. Every again, it's yeah you like wait. This is a guy that we knew and he would lie that blatantly to the people of South,
Eliza and America when it on tape, and we really get our arms around that we haven't been able to get arms around that for several years now, but so much Lindsey Ground was a guy. That led the impeachment against Bill Clinton and we Republicans were so shocked that Bill Clinton answered in one of his questions before the grand jury? It depends. What the meaning of is ass, an oh, my God, my God, the National Review in the Wall Street Journal editorial page and all of us Republicans and Lindsey ground. We want running around talking to other deconstruction of the english language, just concentrate on the dunes and taste, you start with which then the rest of culture, collapses, and soon dogs and cats are sleeping with each other and locusts descending from the Evans.
The scale of our flash and easy. I mean really the the absolute freak out, the Republicans add because a bill when I was lack of character in and the himself what the meaning of is as We really did talk about what a horrific moral courage since this was on Lindsey Ground was at the front of that parade Wednesday's not deconstructing language. There. When's is not engaging in moral equivocation, it seems just lying and he's lying openly, and it's just like an hour, Bomb says twilight of democracy in twilight of democracy. That. Doesn't even trying to hide it from you, they're just lying openly. So it is
these days above our esteemed Danes, is doing the same thing in Montana steam dangers in a really tight re setting their voters like this. They hated more than any thing else found in and Clairol tell you this: if you say your people, I know you're not gonna degree with this. I know you're not gonna like this, but This is where I stand and do not like and vote against me. I did that all the time and the closed anybody got to me. No arrays was the general x rays was sixty two percent to thirty eight percent, and I was the first Republican elected and my district since reconstruction people down. When Lindsey lies to their face and its own tape. Anything startled from can get away with this, so I can get away with it, but that's not true got away with us Republicans. Crushed and twenty seventeen and the local.
Stay a national elections Republicans were crushed and twenty eighteen, the largest vote and slide in the history of mid term elections. Republicans Vera. Horribly and gubernatorial raises in twenty nineteen and twenty What he's not looking any better and they keep acting this way, but I you go back to the question on why The second. I heard this news. I thought for a part. Gets this. Isn't gonna go well for Republicans and they're they're, just gonna walk right into the trout because something that Senator all assignment of Illinois when he retired sad reporter ask what was your grey Stan site in all your ears in politics and so Simon, said in politics. Sometimes when you, when you lose, and some
I'm when you lose your win, and I voted this from every angle that I can and there's just now winning hand for the Republicans to play here, and I hear me out if you ask people your pro life pro choice, you said display. The middle. I think it tell a little more towards pro now, but if you ask you want Roby way to be overturned. Is my grandma. I would say that sawhorse horse of a different color. Seventy five pull earlier this year, Keyser Family Foundation, bowed his none partisan as it gets. Seventy five percent of Americans do not work RO. We wait overturned only twenty nine percent do. Another twenty nine percent who do
Robert Wade, overturn I've got news for the Trump campaign. That was people stayed with you through Charlottesville. Does people staying through through your your racist comments about asshole countries run by black. But those people stayed with you even when you were caging children on the border, those people stayed with you through your worst offences, your most in a comments you telling people that they had great genes. You, you telling me getting crowds to laugh because a man get shied and and and not to the ground. Those people are with you.
Where will it hurt you Donald among suburban voters among women? She just look at the polls: lung, more educated people. Those are the people that you need help with a most that you're gonna lose and guess why. Susan Collins, again going back to my grandma Susan Collins, deadly this by Greece, I would say I mean that, like I need a hole in my head, I never We knew that man but Susan Ireland's needed this like she She needed another tough vote. I now what is it This is a nightmare for Susan colleagues, even if she votes against it. This is a nightmare for accordingly, the last thing he needs and color again stay with me
the vote a pro life nonstop stay with me. This is just basic politics. He had the twenty nine percent already of Serbs and denver- oh my god, the voting turn out among women in suburban eyes. Denver, Hove, clear mechanical This is why this is wishful thinking on my part. At all, this is just politics will, One hundred and one we did the night of our GB staff are being cheese death and you know what pray for her family. And saying you're hot takes cause they're all wrong. This is a nightmare for Republicans, as somebody said on Twitter, I'm quoting them not me
an old just to DOM politically to figure that out right now, I was watching Casey, congratulations by Re Casey on way too early, and I heard on the record, never Maxie, say fall out for Democrats. No, no! It's the fall out for Republicans exactly right, Joe irony. Amber the sinking. Sensation. In my god, when I heard that Kennedy had resigned. Believe me, there are a half a dozen candidates for the. U S, Senate, that a republican incumbents who had that same sinking since action on Friday night? This is not what they need right now. They are the ones have the most vulnerable senators in states where Roby Wade is going to have major major support along with the Asia alive
with gay marriage. So you look at people like Martha mixed Sally, Ann Corey, gardener and Joanie Ernst and tie. Tell us and you know, army, Plain Susan Collins, and they are really in a very, very tough position. So I think, and by the way, what makes it even tougher is they are now in full display showing the american people What liars the Republicans are? They didn't say in twenty six, it had something to do with the party of the President's say that the could it have been duly elected by the people and they said no, the people get to decide in November. They never said our baby were the same party. We now know they're, making that up there, just like Graham, is making up This is thing that really killed me about his excuse. He said it was because of what the Democrats did. Cavanaugh in the confirmation hearing,
that tape. You just play that taper. You said where he said: hold the tape with Goldberg at the Atlantic, where he said. I would not do this. That was after confirmation hearing, so she already knew what had happened and the confirmation gear on two counts. When it was so. It's just unbelievable how stupid you think people he thinks the people of South Carolina are stupid just. He really amazing to me it is insulting the people of South Carolina thinking that they are that down that you'd say of this is cabinet, like you said that Aren T he may do the people of South Carolina in May that guarantee Africa have enough. You know, Casey, here's the thing that actually is even more dangerous for Republic Sinclair, just touched on a guess: the press,
talk about abortion and yes, the ten percent on the right and the left will talk about abortion by force seventy five, eighty percent of Americans, the most important issue coming out of this- is the fact that another justice added to the Supreme Court by Tom Donald Trump, will kill the affordable care act once and for all will kill pre existing conditions once and for all. This really is The end of the day, if you want to talk about the issue that will matter most if Mitch, Mcconnell and Donald Trump, Lindsey, Graham get there get really get. There hopes and wishes of of blind to the american people in pushing this through. This is coming
stating from millions of Americans that depend on the affordable care ACT is Donald Trump and republican attorney generals are trying to take away people's pre existing condition coverage for trying to take care of their health care coverage, and if Other justice gets through. That's exactly what's gonna happen so for Democrats, this should be about health care, health care, healthcare, and it is
Joe, I mean that's the message, trucks humor, delivered on a conference call yesterday with all of his members, they are focused on this. They know it's the message that appeals to the widest range of Americans even frankly, lot of trump supporters who don't want to lose coverage for their pre existing conditions, and you know I've talked to a lot of resources over the last couple of years about this lawsuit that you reference in its moving in their set to hear arguments essentially week after the election ten days after the election, and a lot of my republican sources have wondered why the Trump Administration has been so focused on this, because It is so dangerous. Republicans in Congress have not been able to come up with an alternative health care plan in even when John Mccain, you know, went down to the Senate floor and put his thumb down on the changes that Republicans we're gonna make two to Obama
It wasn't even clear that they had a cohesive plan to cover people once they dismantled it and after that politically Republican set aside. And if you don't want to be the that the people that are responsible and clear mechanical Moses as well as anyone you d want to be responsible for taking stuff away from voters and the other. He's a big is. We have been promised a healthcare plan from the administration, for I think, it's months now and Johnson, the mere mediator there's a new deadline. It seems every couple of weeks in two weeks: the administrations gonna have there your plan out and another ten days. We're gonna get see healthcare plan, but so far crickets mean what are they do if considering the change in the court. Now we get to that point, there's bears there's no plan.
Casey they keep saying, there's a plan chief of staff mark meadows. Last week I told reporters in the White House driveway that one was ready to go, is a question about nailing. It there's no sense, that's true. They certainly been no mention. Actual release that plan and the Democrats. The Democrats, you are right in their first forty. Hours or so to justice. Gainsborough's death have made it clear. They want this to be about healthcare care. Joe Biden remarks yesterday over the weekend also really hit that hard Democrats are saying. That is what this is about and, of course, there also to the idea that legal challenges to this selection, the result of a twenty twenty election now would go potentially to Supreme Court either for four or five with three trump Wait he's on it! So there's a lot here. What we know for sure about the politics of this Joe and unite discussing this weekend
you're right. This is certainly firing up. Democrats at Blue, the democratic fundraising sight had record totals over the weekend. It's three highest hours ever came Friday night after Justice, Ginsburg death was and they continue to raise. Money are weaker than in the White House is forging for. Thank the president and his team expect to announce a nominee this week, potentially user, tomorrow, the trio of female candidates at the top of their list, the president. The North Carolina Saturday night. I said as much and it led to chance of feel that seat from his supporters and that's it we're seeing here. This is going to electrify the trunk base, but those are voters he already had, and there are some now those those close. The White House robbed mystical unless they're bullish. They feel like this can
change this race that can close the gap on Joe Biden. There are plenty of others, Joe, as you say, who fear this could actually siphoned away some votes. They have at the very least prevent them from getting some of the votes that they need that he has his base, but right now that basis enough to win their. You know if you Davy rushes, to feel that seat. As those people said right after Ruth, Better Ginsburg Staff, Yes, he will excite and he will energize and he will motor motivate. Those mask was wonders that were in the crowd, and yes, the twenty nine percent of Americans that are already with him, we'll stay with him, the seventy five. Percent of Americans who don't want row overturned its again, listen to me if you're thinking that somehow
this isn't just the reality. I mean you go inside those numbers. It's the very people who Donald Trump is dead really trying to get back on his side this year, the suburban voters, women. More educated Americans. You go away the numbers and the cross halved, and they are the very people who will one away from home and Mitch Mcconnell and Lindsey, Graham S, court is possible and by the way, there's another thing about politics. John meets him. It's who who lose the face of the earth Pretty another thing I said to my: granted friends who were about to engage another night of political bed wedding when they were calling me
and my republican friends who said this big now, it's it's not just again these numbers, but it's also who is going to be the face of your party as you go towards the election. Donald Trump is talk, enough with with ratings favorability ratings and the low authorities, but probably the most toxic man and american politics right now. If you just look at the numbers, is Mitch Mcconnell, so the faces of the rope, broken party are gonna, be Donald Trump and Mitch Mcconnell and Lindsey Ground. I can tell you there, to those those two senators, their fighting for their lives in their own states. Matches and better position than Lindsey right now. But these are not the Is it you want out front if you're
Susan Collins, Corey, Garner Martha Mix Alley or Tom TAT or anybody produce Georgia he's in a tough phrase down in Georgia. This again, I can't say enough. This is not something that Republicans should be hoping for. No, and- and I think you know, if you do it- do for a living and where were you moonlight doing sometimes in the end, you think about historical moments. You look for periods of time that shed particular periods of time It shed light on a universal theme, the specific that tells the general and we're living this right now, and it goes to ban apple bombs, boy bout. Timothy Schneider is written about it. This is a really fascinating couple months here and is just fascinating real for people about whether the Count
the itself is in fact a durable document when a significant number of people have essentially someone quietly not explicitly, but Did out and that's basically worked, the Senate Republic showed us this weekend and their their base The long ago, I don't wanna be a try to be a purist about it, but if you're looking for hypocrisy, if you're looking for a vivid example of why, in October, nineteen sixty four. Seventy seven percent of Americans trusted the federal government to do the right thing summer, most of the time, seventies ten percent in the month before Goldwater Alison we're on the ballot in the rear that numbers now, seventeen percent, so a fall of sixty points in fewer than sixty years. We don't have to look much farther
then what Senator Mcconnell surrender grab and their colleagues most of their colleagues did this weekend, which was simply a raw. Source of power over France, and that That know that sounds glib. Maybe it sounds like a homily or maybe some four seminar no but certain level you're in this new in public life, to continue You yourself in public life, are you there is that it? That is that the end is that the purpose of being in public life are you in public life in order be a means to something that is as Mccain would say it was a cause. Larger than yourself in we have seen is that Mcconnell is able to pass So now I present master of the fact that Power
is absolute and it doesn't necessarily matter what you do with it. So I we talk about this a lot. If we look back, the tromp arrow. What will at all look like you know in stock, in last night, starting Friday night to the So we had a weekend where we loosed crossed two hundred thousand deaths from a pandemic, that president continues to downplay the death of a supreme court. Justice vice President Biden, trying to make this case for decency amid this panoply of of madness. This is it. You know. And it's all on us, it's on the citizens themselves. It's on the voters who will have to take pains because of the various complications in a corrupt, postmaster general and a system where
the presidency already saying he. He wants a federal bench that will decide the election for him. Do it you don't have to make this stuff up, beat us, listen to it. So then I just can Donald Trump saying that the elections going to be rigged. Donald Trump, of course, asking foreign leaders to step in and intervene Donald Trump One finds out The military is not going to do bidding on June first and beyond. Attack salmon calls them horrific names that we will not repeat here, and- and you are right of Miss Baker, revealing once again, but it matters now, because so many Americans are focused on it Mitch and Donald I'm Lindsey ground revealing once again that power
It's not a means to an end, however, is the end itself, and it is the antithesis of void. I just finished. Reading Tom Rick's book, that's coming out called first principle, socking about how the founders looked back at the Greeks and Romans, and inspiration for so much light from lock and some Rousseau, but in fact, from greek and roman politicians and philosophy George Washington said that this government, that that was created that Milton and Madison helped create with a constitution, could not function without leaders with public virtue It was the roman definition of virtue. If we didn't have leaders that had public virtue than we were doing
that's what a lot of Republicans were saying when Bill Clinton was going through impeachment. That's what now, Republicans other than Mitt Romney are saying right now and Reverend You ve been around long enough. I've been around long enough to know This story ends. I remember that after nine eleven. This taxi driver kept attacking the United States send me just tell me how horrible things you some turkey, we get tell me how horrible, the United States was use driving me to jail. So we had an hour and a half to lecture, and this was actually when we were in the Iraq WAR and he kept going and kept attacking and at the end, I just said: listen if you hate this country, so much. Why are you here and he said, because in America it's like a Hollywood movie, you go through all of these bad things, but in the end
the good guys always win and forgive forgive me being cynical, and he also said you always get the bad guys. Forgive me for four for being two optimistic and being pollyanna. Should I just don't think it Why the voters in South Carolina, like Linsey, Graham, is not thinking can lie voters in America, the way Donald Trump Israel now about the corona virus. I don't think you can light of voters in Montana, like Steve, Danes is, and it's all on today. This is an opinion it's all on. They're just lying because they think the voters in their states mainly country, yours, and I'm sorry, I still believe in America in the end, the good guys when and the bad guys pay. Doing things like that. Well, if you wanted a way to exercise and energize the base vote against Donald Trump, and
applicants. You now have because all one has to do is look at these Supreme Court calendar before care on the calendar, gender equality on the calendar for effective action. I mean there on the immediate calendar, and say that now Donald Trump wants to put some one in that sea to reverse all of that. If there were Amy, any reason that people would become energized the democratic side those independence. There need to be swayed. We just have it because of downing trumps amateurish way. He reacted to this open in the Supreme Court by him coming in and say, he's gonna ramrod through this link a saying that well forget what I said on take, even though I said it: even though I set it after the cabin. Our hearings forget what I say, which means that I can
anything you say in the future, which will probably make Jamie Harrison the Senator in South Carolina because once you lie to me about one thing: why should I believe you about anything this image as is it, and I believe that I almost hope the president- does it almost day him to do it because it will be his defeat, I didn't mean to Cabdriver you had Joe could? I did read and thirty seven sobs and it says I've never seen the righteous forsaken. No, there see beg for bread in the end will win all right, amen to that. Do you love good food and learning where it comes from, then everybody loves Caliph you figure is the podcast cast for you. It features conversations with growers chefs retailers dietician in more anybody at everybody who loves California, Figs and that's a lot of people. Figs are growing.
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If you want your team to be more focused than ever visit Monday dot com for your free, too weak trial and lets take Look now, as some of the other stories were following this morning, the devastating house. Fires on the West Coast continue to spread California Bobcat fire grown to more than one hundred and three thousand acres, making it one of the largest fires in LOS Angeles County history far, as only fifteen percent, contain right. Now rules are hoping that lower temperatures and com or wins this week might give a chance to get the upper hand on, Meanwhile, in Oregon, officials reported more progress in the fight to contain ten major wild are still burning across the state. Seventy five hunger Fire fighters are assisting in the effort, ruler weather our humidity in recent rainfall are helping them make significant progress
Oregon Office of Emergency management set. The number of confirmed fatalities remain. Nine, with five people still missing. Health human services Secretary, Alex Aser, has barred the nations hell, agencies, including FDA from Sun any new rules regarding the nations, food medicines and other products, including vaccines, According to memorandum obtained by the New York Times stated on September, fifteenth days are wrote that moving forward such power quote, is reserved to the secretary. It is unclear. For how the memo would change the bedding and approval process for corona virus, Since, in the U S, the move further underscores reporting that health and scientific agencies, are undergoing a deep. Legislation, work
nor does it have a new, no Jonathan, mere speaking of an apple bomb, Marcia Guess and at other people who have written about this. That's that What would be autocratic now and grants in Poland and Hungary what they do is they got the state they that they, they got the governments and consolidate power as much as possible. Donald Trump has made it clear from the very beginning I wasn't going to appoint as many people in these agencies and they were going He wants to be a strong man, and now they have stepped on the FDA. Stepped on the CDC and now consolidated it in the hands of a man who is proven himself to be nothing more than Donald Trump Lackey last here, there was a victim of identity theft, every three seconds, which means a criminal
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Think about Joe the early days. This administration and images and all the empty desks at the State Department and at the tone was set. Then, to your point that the president had got it. You gotta government, turned away expertise and career officials in call it a lot of oil lists and political allies in the agencies that with the personnel departed, why has really focus on particularly the last you're too, and now we are seeing in particular here with the pet during the pandemic, which again as many as the other headlines, we had this weekend, the Supreme Court vacancy is going to be hard to talk. We should, of course, no tuna as deaths is a total, the american reached this past weekend and we have seen that we ve been talking for, while that of the administrations, would have thought there October? Surprise would indeed be a vaccine. You can add that through vacancy to that, but there is certainly still full steam ahead on pushing the south president had a number of events in the last few days, including I believe, on Friday, touting about the vaccine distribution
he was quoted in an area of the we can say a vaccine was was moments away ass. We have now shifted from months and weeks. We should fully expect people in administration are saying that there will be a vaccine and ask that in the next few weeks prior to the election, when that saying that they ve got one creator readily be distributed. Remains to be seen, but it's coming. And, of course, there are a lot of doubt wide, ranging about how safe that we about the process. It would be an moments like this. What we just would be could just read the story here about the age s streamlining the procedure ought to put a kindly that really putty on that making this decision simply from the secretary who answers, of course, to the president. That will do nothing to silence those doubts at a vaccine developed Now an announcement will be purely politically motivated is again government by gesture we're Donald Trump. Just like he made a big statement before the orange
It turned out to be a lie is going to try to do the same thing before the election and again Donald Trump, guarding american democracy and what's been, Built up through the years in this case pushing scientists and dark. There's a medical researchers out of the way for a political hack, so whatever tells him TAT reminds me, I put this in my car. This past week, a quote from hand to hand You wrote in her nineteen fifty one landmark the origins of solitary Nazism quote the most talented are pushed aside I ordered and invariably replaced with those crackpots in fools, whose lack of intelligence and creativity is still the best guarantee. Of their loyalty and they look at James Matters. Pushed aside, you look at Rex tellers and pushed aside. You look at that codes pushed aside
You look at all of these experts every county in all these experienced people pushed aside for crackpots people like Jerry Kirshner, who continues to say what a great job this president a he did in the some two hundred thousand american shuns hurry and it it just again if it happens time and again and now it's happening with an announcement on a vaccine. So the president once again hurting himself and undermining Americans contents, and why. Airbag scene, does eventually we'll talk more later with the doctors we have coming up on. The show about that. Also that piece about the coming storm of this election and Donald Trump in the Washington Post is worth checking out its about how we see this crisis coming. What are we gonna? Do? Let's turn to sports now, price in December, one the: U S open for his first made.
Title. He was two shots behind Matthew will start at the final round, but passed in five halls and pulled away with a flawless back nine for a six shots. Victory, no other golfer finished underpants and the prime time. Emmy awards looked a little different this year because of obvious restraints due to the pandemic. Was at me away. If I'm down there, how am I peer. That would mean that no one is in the audience. That would mean that I'm, Peter all alone, just like prom night. Of course, I'm here all alone. Of course, we don't have an audience. This isn't a mega rally. It's the enemies
Then we can all hosted what it calls the pandemics and the Canadians. One big can I say this as sea age ideas swept the contact group yeah categories with nine winds, including to create our semi setting the record for most M is won by a comedy series and a single season HBO also big night with watchman picking up eleven awards, including one for best limit serious and accession. We asked drama and I were very meets him- we were like we weren't watching the enemies. Last night we were listening to your podcast, of course, whose hearts They hear a lot of it with meagre our ignoring by its put me to sleep now now it's great stuff, great stuff, to tell us about it. Roquelaire
call it was said it was produced with maker in mind. Trying too you know, roused her interest in the distant American passed its ten great speeches, doktor from Doktor king on April. Third, on the night before it was ass to our cage, eulogy for doktor, king and Indianapolis Ronald Reagan, well address Barack Obama in Charleston when he sang amazing grace Jean Louis, that the March on Washington, Hillary Clinton in Beijing really the idea that rhetoric, the original meaning of rhetoric was not just blather but was words designed to create action and so look at how fairy imperfect and real public figures have stood in the breach at moments of consequence and spoken words dead.
So shaped how we live and is also a reminder of the legacy we have to protect here. As we watch all these forces, come together in others. This is a country worth defending, but it requires every ounce of energy to do it. I words about an and words actually help improve the lot of of of Americans. It can history is Bobby, Kennedy, said and Martin Luther King says speech on April, the third nineteen sixty eight extraordinary Bobby Kennedys speech the next day and Indianapolis extraordinary they whose words like Ronald Reagan, use words too, to shape history instead of just now. Blind, mindless, loud hist, blind pursuit of power,
which, once again we're saying I, however this turns out. It turns out it's better again when power becomes, the end. Instead of a means to an end, then you actually have a government that is in serious trouble and by an extent, by extension, account free, that's a serious crimes! That's exactly! If you just look at the words this weekend of Donald Trump Ganz Lamb admits Mcconnell Steve days. You see a party that is philosophic and morally we'll have a downturn talking about the genes, the gene pool and celebrating and rip we're getting injured. Still I had a morning Joe we're gonna be joined by the number two democratic in the Senate, Dick Durban. As the battle begins over the Supreme Court
and ass. We go to break a note that chose new book saving Freedom, Truman, the Cold war and the fight for, western civilization is coming out on November, seventeenth, but you pre order now you're watching in we'll be right back I only want it's joy raid on so excited to tell you about. My new MSNBC show the retail every week I'm talking with the biggest news makers about the most pressing issues of our time, like Joe Biden, the words of president matter, and so is present United States. The first thing I want to do stand up and talk sense and be honest with the american people level with them at last mayor casual, Lance bottom. We need as many voices as we can have as possible sounding the alarm, encouraging people to wear masks and to take all precautions, antibiotics,
Science and the data Senator Kamel Harris. We send folks into a more wearing camouflaged. So what is going on here when you said camouflaged uniformed officers into a sitting and many more you can listen to the reader as a pod cast by searching for the redoubt. That's our HIV! Oh you t one word were ever your listing right now and subscribing for free thanks for listening
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