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The president on Monday told supporters at an Ohio rally that the coronavirus affects 'virtually nobody', remarks that contradict what health experts have said and what Trump himself told journalist Bob Woodward in March. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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good morning. You, let's see us without any warning now at once. I use great it's Tuesday September, twenty second, along with Joe willing and me we have Whitehouse Rapporteur for the says, Hey Press, Jonathan, Le Maire and basically NEWS Capitol Hill Correspondence and host of way too early Casey Dc Casey Hunt Joint really what you know what I usually do every Saturday morning when I wake up right, I mean it's a wii as you we ve talked for a long time. I get my weekend stories and the way do that on Saturday mornings I get my Bible out and I start annotated, get a limp either get the shot you gotta clean it right, clean you shot, guns, folks, so: I'm unclear the icon and usually on Saturday mornings. What do I do? You know I watched were three John Wayne Movies and John Wayne, how the work
was why amazing manage outlook That's a great great John, my movies, but this Saturday, I decided to do the most southern thing possible and watch English Premier League Football, and I it. This is a huge wind up by I mean I did a lot to cover by one You get on peacock because that's what they do. They trap you I, like you, take you gotta. They tracked me, and so I the Download peacock and when I did- and this is this so obvious to you. I know everybody else, but I discovered thirty rock and I've got to say it's like office is a second and the third and fourth time you watch these shows because I watched them all. Of course, the first sent that we're all huge fans, but I know Jack Donna. He, I think Le Maire and I have to
about it over the weekend. One really one of the great tv characters of all time but what is so stunning is that when you pick up the second third fourth time you watch these show's over a decade is We already know, of course, Tina Faye as a great writer bit watching it again. I mean it's just every line. She is such an extraordinary rider impacts Much into that show it's it's just remarkable. It was a big wind up, but it was worth it I was quite sure where, but it was worth it you're right that we wanted One of the silver linings of this terrible time is that you ve had some time with our family in your kids and become a certain age like mine have, and you can start going back and watching these shows, like the office like the Simpsons, unlike thirty rock, which you say is on peacock and it is its there's a joke every moment, which is an incredible thing to pull off and where do they fall flat, Jack down again, one of the best characters in the history of tv.
Liz Lemon one of the best characters in the history of tv, Tracy Jerks, it's one of the best argues that it has to be. That show is so good and I love showing my daughter just turn. Thirteen sends eleven and they get it in other plugged into the joke. And they they love it. So that's! Yes, I'm with you on that and by the way, Peacock full of great things to go back to and watch like the office and thirty rock now in and Le Maire you and I were talking about thirty rock and now we're sitting, quotes and cliffs back and forth, each other are weakened, because we have nothing else to do. Let's face it, there's nothing going on in the world. This is sort of a downtime by thirty rock, and you agree that that character, Alec Baldwin's character, is just extraordinary.
It's a restful quiet time, Joe no news to keep track of, certainly no baseball season to pay attention to and you're right I mean. Firstly, I hope that every time we mention peacock we get old thing or something we can start working man we but the jackdaws he is. Where we said is one of the singular great television characters following his example. After six o clock every evening I switch into my tuxedo there you go there. You can buy, get sent me get speaking baseball, I'm not good at math, but from my calculation really quick tat. The red Sox are about to wins away from eight locking down a play. I have something like this: are we or maybe it's being the worst team invasive I'd sure way, suddenly check it out.
Why are you you go into that computer box there and figure it out? We're gonna go to the campaign round. My last night in Ohio President Tromp told supporters that the corona virus effects quote virtually nobody No, no, the disease, we didn't know it now. We know it its effects, elderly people, elderly people with heart problems and other problems. If they have other problems, that's what it really affects, that's it. You know, and some saves thousands of people, nobody young below the age of eighteen. Like nobody? They have a strong immune system. Who knows you look at you take after the young preserver I have, but it affects virtually nobody It's amazing things back in March. This is what the President acknowledge to Bob Woodward about young people and the
Iris. Now, it's churning out is not used. All people Bob produced today in dangerous do some must stop going tracks came out a not just old older, examined, unable to plenty of young people. So Willie? We have so much to talk about it and what went on at this event and it realer spreader evangelize, get really does get worse. The more you read it, but two hundred thousand people dead, Donald Trump says does in fact the young which again he's still lying to people at Super spreader events that are going to be looked back upon duration for my hands on stage in their clustered together, so they spread the virus and potentially kill each other. He has no contact with them. Sorry, go on long running out there while they force people to wear, masks Fine Donald Trump, whose telly. Everybody clustered together, and we have a very clear when it in a second, where a lieutenant governors booed for people who wear masks and boot
This can be look back upon really is really is going to look back upon. I think the way that we look back the Salem which trials were just mass insanity, takes over a group of people and and and killed many of them and kills a lot of them, and they ignore that they choose. Frustration over science. They they they choose the enlightened, that's what they choose. Basically, death over life. Look look at this look at this clear up and instead Lieutenant governor but I'll John Hume Stead, who else booed forced suggests- the audience wear masks remember masks can keep you from getting the virus well, Donald Trump on government and her right. Has said that its more effective actually than even Maxine watches
going go into a grocery store where you gotta, wear one hang on. Hang on to solicit citizen, I get it but if something tells you to take it off, you could at least say that you're trying to say the country by women President drops Master. I there is some so well, The stupidity actually is nobody there and I'll say it, my God, people in the crowd I've heard their own price Let's say on tape, privately, that this spreads through the air they ve heard. Model throbs own governments, say repeatedly to wear a mask that I only saves lives, get this idiots
better in the audience brewing wearing a mass get this. It saves job if you don't give a damn about people's lives about giving it. About your job or your neighbors job. Are you sure, One's job are anybody's job. I guess economy. By the way, we'll talk about this later this economy, not getting better over past several weeks, I heard one business person from another throughout our economic. Infrastructure, telling me that twenty twenty one is going to be terrible. Doesn't matter who gets elected, it's gonna be terrible because this path, Democrats not going away for a while, and even though we have a vaccine that only protects fifty percent of us, but of course, people are taken that seen when they get it based on New Pauling. Why? Because I'll drop is lying about everything, but what really and we, let me
to me here, and we didn't have to be here by the way in many thousand people that have today, we we can say today how how many deaths Donald Trump is responsible for and how many deaths the Republican Senate is responsible for four, not standing. Donald Trump, but historians will- and it's gonna be staggering, but Willie. Let's just let's go back to download from saying that vote nobody gets this. That would be news to the World WAR, two heroes, men and from the greatest generation a news to Vietnam, Natsu died news, all the two hundred thousand people who died that hardly anybody virtually nobody gets this and nobody young gets is when again, He admitted all this to Bob Woodward six month ago three months ago, one month ago, and the people in the audience the people that are still voting for Donald
Despite that, despite the buggy still lying to them really is it it is being on beyond rationalizing knew just gonna carry rationalize the house at this point? It is a cold. At this point, Post Woodward we now that everything Donald Trump is saying fits under this umbrella of I wanted to always play it down. He gave up the game when he went on the record and on tape with Bob Woodward and explained the tale we can play the tape again about how he knows this is airborne about him, how he knows it's deadly, how he called it a killer, how he said it was the plague. He knows he knows he knows and yet goes on a in Ohio last night and says affected virtually Nobody knows something about young people there. We know the American Academy of Pediatrics has told more than half a million children have contracted corona virus, that's not true either, but he knows that. And as for the mass, he is created this culture. As you said, there is no get around it. Jonathan Lamar.
He has gone out from beginning he is marked reporters for wearing masks. He is marked Joe Biden recently in for wearing a mask as if its some, fringe on freedom instead of taking the your ship position, which is that your freedom is preserved by wearing a mass because this end sooner and you go back to work and you get to see college football and all the things We want to see in our culture. The mask is the path to freedom, but Donald Trump won't say it. We want we allow our sire seer, exactly the right one, thing really. That does not work in Boston, John Merrick, microphone back to the point the point of so many who have died and the point of a cult which has been coming up in analysis, that we ve been reading about this presidency with two hundred thousand
add with science telling us Willie that meeting nation practices that have been successfully used in other countries being flouted by this presidency, masks that they could have sent out to Americans across the country. I think that they could have sent out to. Americans are just the courage and we want the mobilizing the defence production acts, so they could have gotten mass testing much quicker to people across the EU. Three: are choices not to choose simple science to save lives. I mean isn't that point. People in the wrong direction? Isn't that the carnage that trumpets talk, about isn't this in its own sick way, a massacre. If we have eighty how Americans lives that could have been saved? Had he actually followed basic mitigation measures that other countries have put in place and
saved lives a minute. What point who who could do this at their company? Who could do this at their school system? Who can do this at their low business and not end up in jail in think through that Willie's. Nobody yeah and he said last night again were turning the corner. Knower not were too corner? He said again, he said my plan is to crush the virus. There's no plan throwing things out in the atmosphere and hoping get through to election day. And meanwhile, now the CDC has remove its previous language. The corona virus cancer, through the air. On Friday, the agency updated. Its website then said the virus can and spent beyond six feet and that indoor ventilation was vital to prevent infection before then. The CDC noted that covered nineteen spread primarily between people in close contact and through droplets produced by those infected, but
yesterday a CDC official, confirmed the Washington post. The agency's website was scrubbed of that update on airborne spread. Saying quote, unfortunately early draft of a revision went up without any technical review. The agency's website now reads CDC currently updating its recommendations regarding airborne transmission. The update language will be posted. It is now third major revision to CDC information or guidelines. Since may it continues. Casey the CDC, get something on this website. It puts it down because it doesn't match what the president is The political position of of these organizations continues or unwilling the centres for Disease Control and prevention are supposed to be the world standard for this. The entire world for the past several decades has look, To the CDC for guidance to lead the way, and now you have other groups,
actors literally forming their own councils. There was one medical association. Announced that they were going to form their own group to try and make these decisions and recommendations, because they are concerned about the quality of the he sees information, and there is long list of examples of places where this the Trump Administration has sown doubt about its own government any information coming out of its own government, but this one rises to the level of lives, saved and lost and in what is the calculation behind this. If you say that it doesn't spread through the air, perhaps it's easier to justify opening indoor, dining or sending kids back to school or even if their school has not been retro fitted with the right kind air conditioner or a track system to move the air through the building? I think all of us, as we have collect Anecdotal information and talk to friends and family and struggled to figure out what we should do, based on the CDC guidance, I figured
the being in a closed indoor non. Ventilated space is not a safe place to be. This is something that can figure out from other organisations that are providing this type of information. So I think it's going to real challenge, no wins the election and rebuilding the trust in this is gonna, be something that we're grapple. With four years, if not decades, to come, no Jonathan or mere this this is. What really is is incredible, and so just thrown at us every day and Americans and This is a reality. Even members of Donald Trump. Sound administration has said this that If you were a mask, you cut the virus by the risk of the virus spreading by eighty percent iris, would go down eighty percent, if all a merry war. Masks.
And our numbers would have. Plummeted a long time ago, and we would get through this follow K and businesses, would open up. Donald Trump knows that the sitting see has said that doctor found she has that the World Health Organization is said that you look at where's in Japan a country, that's really slow down that large. We're almost everybody's wearing masks their rate of infection throughout the year spend so much lower than ours. Why better doctors now that our asp No better research centres. Now, more money. Now they were masks. It's that simple and Donald Trump is actually indoctrinated. People into booing a lieutenant governor that comes up on stage can see why to save people's lives and because he wants Ohioans to get back to work.
And he's so indoctrinated these people that they blew when they arise. Give them something simple that they can do so lives and get the economy kick started again and you look at Donald Trump. That's selfish, angry man who doesn't care whether you live or die. I think I can say that he does not care. You look at the masks people buy them because they are ordered that your force they are compelled to wear masks if there behind Donald Trump and yet people in front of Donald Trump Why? I'm just curious! You look at all the pictures and Donald Trump speak I'm wondering are the constitutional rights? What why did Donald trumps staff members? away. The constitutional rights of every sitting behind Donald Trump. Why do they
in France, on their most basic freedoms of freedoms for which Washington, Crosser Delaware, River, the freedoms for which grant fight during the civil war, the freedoms for which a mirror and soldiers went to Vietnam in sacrificed, so much freedom for which are so Measures and sailors and airmen and Marines for two hundred and thirty years have fought for freedom. For you not to wear a mask, because s Donald Trump say, but rather than a mere course it's all nonsense. It's really it's all dangerous, dangerous superstition and Donald Trump. Would rather people die, then applying stop carrying through the lie that he's been telling american people since this spring
even though privately it it may see knows. This is bad and its airborne. Well. First of all, Joe apologies for borrowing might barnacles audio this morning. You're right the early days of this pandemic, the president decided to politicize masks. Once there was a scientific consensus that mass or helpful it stopped the spread of the virus, he was decided could be a cultural issue in part because remember those laws, great Michigan and liberate rallies that we saw early on those people wearing mask. They got ex oversized coverage on places like Fox NEWS, President watch that identified with that at all It was simply vanity. He didn't want to be seen with a mask, and he thought it would be sending out the wrong message that he was too focused on the health aspect of this rather than economic missing. The point that if Americans of course had worn masks from the beginning, the ECB we would be doing much better and it was last week you will recall that the CDC director
justified and said that a mask and his estimation would be more effective than a vaccine and trust Stopping the spread of the virus say that again, taking I'm sorry to hear that in others this, we see director yesterday, the last week testified before Congress and said that it estimation where a mask was more effective than a vaccine terms preventing the spread of the virus and protecting himself and others, and I ask the president in the wine reform on that and said well Why have you you have put a lot of energy into developing a vaccine a lot of resources? Why have you not done similar in terms of promoting mask wearing. Why, not even you, where the more encourage, why how staff to wear them to set an example here, spots was simply that he doesn't need to where mass, because he's always tested and therefore he's not it. Maybe they're contracting or spreading the virus. But I pressed him and said You could be sending a message to the american public and he didn't answer that. He simply moved on and that's it we ve. So far. That's why you know we? U we
see while we do see the fuel hind him in the rallies being asked where Mass staffers hand them out with Trump across the front. The rest of the of those attendees even in indoor rallies we had last week in both Arizona and Nevada those indoors no one more masks and Joe is a final point. You play that clip about Lieutenant governor of Ohio, encouraging those they are to wear masks. Do you know what Sir the virus really easily booing at loud. While not wearing a mouse. So that's what was happening right then, in that it is, it is absolute insanity, a meagre. Donald Trump, is had backwards. He's been pushing this vaccine instead of doing actually what's easier than what scientifically say how secure in my been pushing masks. There's no telling how many more people would be alive.
The bag, we're even talking about this on a new show, because people have been in doktor unaided into this called where they blew doctors, vice where they booze scientists advise where they blew basic science, is insanity. So what Doing now is he's lying about a vaccine? he's lying about women it's going to be out he's lying about how effective it's going anything not doing its job and he's not doing basic jobs. Just think about this, if you're watching- and I doubt you or because of fear and Donald Trump called probably aren't watching too you may have family men, maybe that family members, I can tell you this, which of course yields shout fake news. Were you spread corona virus to your friends and neighbors and members in church, but make it even if we get
a vaccine by the beginning of next year. The assessment- Is it going to take at least so August September for enough people they get the bag. To start making a difference and here's a second part of it. We don't know that it works and here's a third part of it even if the vaccine is considered to be effective, guess why, at best you have a fifty percent chance under the best of all circumstances, that vaccine be effective on you and it's not gonna, be any different than a flu shot. You take the flu shied to lessen your chances of getting the flu, but you still get the flu some years, so new, your loved ones, will still possible have a fifty percent chance of getting the krona virus even after you get the vaccine. If you dare take a vaccine from this president who is so hostile to doctors, advice unless, of course,
It affects him and his health since added a particular ask right now. Don't beat us clearly that right now and hills enable where matters to that point, let's get to news more than six months into the corona virus pandemic. Get this hospitals, still facing shortages of end. Ninety I've masks and respirators creating fear among healthcare workers that during the winter season, they still long enough sitting on thanks chairs, so is flouting masks making people feel like they don't need to wear them. Holding super Brighter events and now his hospital don't have enough supplies to help keep the front line workers and the patient safe. Ethic Donald Trump America, according to the Washington Post, President Trump has used the defence Production ACT Authority far less when it comes.
And ninety five masks and other respirators, allowing major manufacturers to scale up as they see fit, and the and shall new manufacturers to go untapped and under funded, This has led to organisations that represent healthcare workers and facilities fleeting, for more federal intervention by the administration maintains that the government has all They done enough, no repeat be in Industry- has stepped up on its own Willy nilly Well Police, meanwhile, have declared a state of emergency ahead of a grand jury decision into the investigation of the killing of Brianna Taylor Declaration allows the police to low avail to operate under emergency staffing and reporting protocols like cancelling quest for days off back in March, Taylor was shot and killed. By the agencies, narcotics officer, serving a no not warrant at her apartment. Internal investigators will
if the officers violated any police policies during the incident tailors death has sparked Then one hundred days of protests around this, a blue about maker and the fire fighter? Who while battling the El Dorado Fire in San Bernardino County has now been identified, Charles more was a fourteen year veteran with the? U S forest service and lead the Big Bear Inter agency huh cried. The thirty nine year old was killed, while conducting fires, suppression on the blaze, Thursday, the Eldorado fire erupt, nearly two weeks before Morton's death and has burned nearly twenty three, thousand acres sixty percent has been contained. As last night, the cause of the fire has been linked to a pyrotechnic device. Use at a gender reveal party, good God, Still I had a morning Joe Senate Democrat John TEST or on the fight over the Supreme Court plus Stacy, Aber with her latest push for getting out the vote and former.
National security adviser to President Trump, a charm master, joins the conversation and as the death toll, from the corona virus pandemic climbs to past two hundred and two hundred thousand in this country, the new time, says pudding faces and names to the numbers in a series entitled those we ve lost among them Captain Tommy secrecy, who last year save the life of a colleague, will extinguishing a house fire died of complications to corona virus. On September eighth in Woodlands, Texas. He was forty five. He was the third Houston firefighter whose death was linked to covet nineteen, he has survived by his three daughters, we'll be right back. Last year, there was a victim of identity theft, every three seconds, which means a criminal. Could be spending your money applying for loans in your name, damaging your credit or
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pick the plan, that's right for you and save up to twenty five percent off your first year by using promo code M J, that's lifelong dot com, slash scan and use promo code M J for twenty five percent off untrue, mainly post of into America. A pod cares from Emerson BC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice. Interracial injustice end in when you add health is a house. Injustice into was at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America upon cast about who we are ass, Americans and who we want to become new episodes every Monday, date. Thursday subscribe now welcome back one of special Council Robert Mothers top lieutenant says the investigative team fail to do all it could have to determine what happen
in the twenty sixteen election for fear of being fired. Former justice too, men prosecutor Andrew amazement. Writes in his new book that the team crow could have done more in its exploration of ties between tramp tramp campaigner in Russia, jury, the twenty sixteen race and the four insider account of the probe that lead to impeachment? I says the team shied away from scrutinising the president's finances to avoid being disbanded and he was frustrated by the choice not to subpoena the President Well, he expresses considerable respect for his former boss. Why Simon says he believes Mahler may have been ill suited for such a politically investigation and that the former FBI director should explicitly said that the president obstructed justice wise lists, but he believes to be the quest and still left unanswered. Among them, he writes weed
not know if he had other russian business deals in the works at the time, was running for president, how they might have and or constrained his campaign, or even if they are continuing to fluids his presidency and revise minimal our guest, I'm warning Joe next Tuesday for his new book, where law ends inside The Mahler investigation John, there. Now New York Times reporter and Emerson BC. National security analyse Michael Schmidt, he's the author of the book, Donald Trump verses. Nodded states inside the struggle to stop a precedent, so markers room? They were getting a better picture of what exact It went on behind the scenes by the book, that's coming and and also by Yearbook, Donald Trump versus the United States and what Woodward was saying you put it all together there is really a good we're starting beginning a good view of
The battle is going online scenes, but but there a lot of questions and you write you write about this process about Mahler deciding not to but not to state the obvious Donald Trump committed obstruction of Justice, Robert Mahler deciding not to subpoena the president and force him to set for maybe you just like, really jewel, Annie and said Bill caught Clinton would have been forced to sit for an interview. Also bigger criminal referrals from the Republican Senate, Intel Committee for Don Junior and Jared Cushion or nothing ever came of that. What Tell us what you learn from this reporting that come out, compare it to your book and an end. What what's What what's is the scene? Look like now for you as you peace. All these different
puzzle pieces together, What comes from wise men's bookies, quite a compelling, detailed and in cycle account in ways that none of us have been able to sort of penetrating get inside of this investigation in here you have this top lieutenant whose basically saying in, just the most stark turf possible. They didn't do it. Everything they could to get to the bottom of this at them fundamental level, here, we are almost four here's into this presidency and there is not being a full accounting of the present ties to Russia and in you know, people set it in different ways? But Weissmann puts a fine point on that, and that's just a devastating sort of things, We for Democrats who lie TAT mauler, and look if his investigation as something that was going,
You get to the bottom and answer these things so, like Many things when the fire comes from inside in this sense here you have an insider, a member of the team coming forward to speak out like this and to describe how this deputy of Mars errands Emily was an obstacle to getting to the bottom of things. It is really really tar issues. The legacy, This investigation. Yeah, you of course the most damning thing. Large. Over the past month is effected, Donald Trump on director of national intelligence, nodded demographic, a tromp appointee, a lifelong Republican, a republican senator the evangelical, a reply we'll get ambassador left his job, believing that Donald Trump was compromised. Bye bye Lana very prudent
I'm wondering if you get from this book the end, we all of your reporting if you get The feeling are are, if you have reporting where people that were working with Robert Mauler said that he was physically and mentally somehow compromised by health channel yes, and that made him less effective So as I write in my book Mahler, struggled any practice sessions that he had leading up to his testimony. He struggled to recall basic facts about the investigation and, what's going on at this time, while Mahler is struggling in these practice sessions, is that they are trying to get his deputy Erin doubly at the table with Mahler to testify before
They wanted. Sadly, there too to be able to answer questions. Then Mahler Republicans ultimately push back on that and you have Mahler more or less testifying by himself. And if you talk to fold, no mauler or If even watch smaller testified before mother had testified, probably before Congress more than any other living american because he had been the FBI director for twelve years. Define constantly I Capitol Hill, the mullah that test five. It was just a different. It was just a different Mahler and his testimony was not very effective. It sort of abolishing the facts in the investigation in being authoritative here, struggle of the Mahler investigation that you have to look at certainly since been completed. Is that Mahler sort of seated the ground in terms of the public relations on this that allow
bar to come in and hold his press conference and clear the president the way He did it allowed for the report to be taken in Differ directions by the Republicans and by sitting that ground and not saying anything. Having their story out there. They have been heard Now we are hearing an insider in one of the four first accounts, and it's not a flattering picture. Said MIKE. You mention errands Emily, who attorney and the council have Social so's team longtime time aid to Robert Mauler Andrew Weissmann Paint SAM is sort of obstructing some of the moves that many of the attorneys one to push forward with, for example, supporting a vodka trunk issuing a subpoena to Donald Trump Junior because they feared President trumps wrath, but also the wrath of right wing media. Can you speak today?
that ring true in your investigation, that decisions were made because they didn't want to anger people on the right. Well, it look if you just look at the Mulder report, you look at the fact there exponent for not making a decision on obstruction. You look in and find detailed accounts about what they found about. The presidency ties Russia. You can see in the report a sort of what call an old world approach to a new world problem. Donald Trump, as you know, is easy interesting, indifferent and new challenge, and there is a home in approach, tuna Mauler investigation where they were just going to lay out the facts believes in Weissmann book I haven't read it buddy, I believe, there's some criticism of. Language, in the report that the Deva report is true, restrained and there they were so this notion that they were just gonna kind of way out the facts
let it sort of take care of itself. If we have seen anything in the world we live in today that that does not the thoroughly work you really need to be one of your own advocate for your own product and that there is deep for Duration on the smaller team, after bore sort of came in, was able to grow the reins of the report and taken in the direction that he wanted to take it. That happened, because the special councils. In some ways allowed that that to happen now they would probably say they were operating within the guidelines of what they could and could not do but at the end of the day you know more than a year more than a year out from this investigation each is it looks Something different, then, certainly when we were in Cumbria, Mighty have spent so much time talking to people who have known
Bob Mahler for years and years and reported on him extensively, given You ve just laid out here and what we're learning in this book. Do you think that smaller has any regrets about how he did this. I'm, not sure you know look. I think they are found cells in incredibly difficult situation and think they were trying to now gated as best as possible. I think it's very easy to look back on this. Visions that our main say. Well, you should, unless you should have done, that I can sort of Monday morning, quarterback it. At the same time. I think that to have someone from with any invest geisha and probably the most high. File prosecutor on the investigation, and write a book ways out the
they didn't do enough and they could have done more and that there are significant unanswered questions. I think that the fact that adjusted sort of just a devastating thing, and that really really undermines the product of the report. Because that is something that people were always now associated with it, that that one of these top deputies out and said these things about this in May, the that certainly Democrat put an enormous amount of faith and to get to the bottom of things, Michael smell Thank you very much for coming up with your reporting this morning. Coming as Donald Trump versions of the United States and boy. You, you we'd Woodward's book. Can you read my spoken? You read this book coming out,
next week about the mother investigation, my gosh, you really are starting to get a picture of just how bad things were behind this incredible year, coming up our CS brought together some of the world's brightest mines for a comprehensive look at how Kovac nineteen is changing the world from the economy, to global health and politics and ass. We go to break a note that Joe has got a book out its new book called saving freedom. Truman cold war and the five four blessed civilization is coming out members seventeenth, you can play or now we'll be right back. I'm about to come my own hair at home, something I never thought I'd do and at a fright none of the cost of going to a salon. All thanks to Madison Reed, see my friend cat told me how much she
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morning Joe, the United Kingdom is entering a second wave of the corona virus pandemic and Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce that pubs, bars and restaurants will have to close by ten p m Ordinarily, there are no restrictions on closing times with the new rules. Are the strictest Nightlife was allowed to resume in July by Mister Johnson is set to address parliament today as the Kay moved its corona virus alert from level three to level for which means transmit it is high or rising exponentially joining us now historian and distinguish professor of global affairs at the Johns Hopkins School of Advance international studies, how brands he's the coercion The new book covert nineteen and world order, the future of conflict, competition and cooperation, a collection of essays on the long term, effective corona virus on the governments and economies of the old. How good morning the World organization. Actually, just a couple of minutes ago announced that cases
accelerating around the world up to two million of the seven day average around the world right now cases of corona virus. So there is a second wave coming, but you're taking in but serve a longer view of what her own a virus will mean for the world order as you out over the horizon. See the world being reshaped by this we think that there are a couple of different scenarios, at least they could play out, and a lot of it does depend on the trajectory of the virus itself and so, one scenario might be: if the world is successful and getting a handle on the virus after a first wave or a relatively. Moderate second way than the disruptions the cove and causes on the international scene will be limited, whereas if there are successive waves of the virus, it looks as though it may be the case today, the disruption will be more severe, one of the things that were seeing from companies is the reason it has had. Such an impact on international relations is that it
opted in a world that was already increasingly disorder, whether it was the blow against globalization. The increase in illiberal challenge to democracy, the rise of great power, competition, chiefly between the United States and China, where the strains within the democratic world or already of variety of problems. The international leaders were confronting uncovered has had the effect, exacerbating many of them along a number of dimensions, so help impressed with the bank Range of contributors and points of view, and also the the rate of speed of which you put this gather, but obviously it makes sense in a pandemic. We need some assessments now as to where we're going. Can you talk about the act on the economy, especially in United States of America? We have the white. Ass, saint Aubert about right, back tall good? What you prognosticated after the work you have done well,
I think there are two ways of looking at this one on the national economy and one on the international economy on the national economy. It see pretty clear that no one else is determined to resist this conclusion that the quickest way to a robust american recovery assembly, getting the virus undercurrent that would be the most stimulative measure the United States would would and while the damage, they cover has inflicted on the american economy hasn't been as bad as it might fear back in March and April in the middle of the shot down. Pretty clear that we will get back to the level of growth that we would like to see until greater progress on the public health front with respect the global economy cause the fastest Diego globalization in history. If you remember back in March and April, borders slammed shut based equally, overnight. Trade plummeted it was almost an unravelling of the integrated global economy that had come together.
Over decades. Over the long term. We're not likely to see that covered will fundamentally reverse globalization simply because the economic logic of globalization remain, strong. I think that we will see as a sort of re globalization along geopolitical, and so the United States and other democracies. Be less happy to have critical depend the disease, whether any area p, p or high technology from authoritarian competitors like China as a law. They will continue to promote economic integration. It will and should increasingly be economic integration within a crack world within the GEO political community in the United States leads rather than a crime your political lines. So, let's talk about you. Specifically, I love your your interview with Cia director, my morale, unintelligent matters, and you, you talked about our relationship with China, and
conclusion seems to be a single line. Up with what Richard said, sat on the show months ago, that Kobe doesn't bent his He is not going to change history, its wine to accelerate history and you suggested that one of the effects of covered Does that China will they say parity or perhaps even dominance over the United States, and this is actually just expedited. That process explain so think. Colored has created a sense that China's window of opportunity has opened more quickly than the Chinese might have expected having clear for a number of years that at a minimum, the Chinese aspire to become the Norm empowering the Asia Pacific and perhaps the leading power globally. I think work India is at hand the fact, similar to the two thousand and two thousand nine financial crisis
were created. The impression I in Beijing that the United States was unable to cope with a significant and are now crisis, and so there was a possibility of pushing him or to expand chinese influence, and so one of the really remarkable patterns we ve seen over the past. Sixty seven months. Is this dramatic taken chinese assertiveness, whether it's in the border dispute with India, which turn deadly a few months ago, whether it is in terms of snuffing I'll, be autonomy. Com or increasingly aggressively coursing Taiwan or pushing chinese claims in the South China Sea. There has been an increase in China's willingness to court international friction to expand I think we should expect that to continue the foreseeable future One more quaint question: how just on that that point quickly we got around, but I wanted to get your on this. I was speaking last night to an international
answer who does a lot of work in China. I said how how we're things going? China, so well, they they, like you said they see. This is a great opportunity and said thing, the United States doesn't pay enough attention to the fact that Chinese our modernizing and expanding their military stored, rate. And this is this is the new cold war. This The Soviet Union with a good cause, me and most Americans really happen. Wakened. That fact, yet this isn't your as well. That's right and I think that what we sometimes overstayed the achievements of China's economy. It is true that China will pose a different type of great power for at the United States than any of America's previous competitors have, because the United States has never base to break competitor with colony even close to the size of the of its own, and China has used its economic growth over the last twenty five years to undertake what must be
the most astounding military build up and in peace time history, with an eye to changing the balance of power in the Western Pacific at the new book, his covered nineteen and world order, the future of conflict, competition and cooperation and how brands? Thank you so much for working with their colleagues on put this together every if they want a sense of where we stand right now should take a look at this. Thank you how We want it's joy raid on so excited to tell you about. My new MSNBC show the retail every week I'm talking with the biggest news makers about the most pressing issues of our time, like Joe Biden, the words of president Matter and so is present United States. The first thing I want to do stand up and talk sense and be honest with the american people level with them at last.
Mayor casual Lance bottom, we need as many voices as we can have as possible sounding the alarm, encouraging people to wear masks and to take all precautions. Antibiotics science and the data Senator Kamel Harris. We send folks into a more wearing camouflaged, so what is going on here when you said camouflaged uniformed officers into a sitting and many more you can listen to the reader as a pod cast by searching for the redoubt. That's our HIV! Oh, you t one word were ever your listing right now and subscribing for free thanks for listening
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