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The first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is set for Tuesday evening in Ohio, and the Morning Joe panel discusses how Trump might approach facing off against Biden.

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Hi, I'm Brook and I'm a reesha and where the hosts of even the rich, a show. People with a lot of money and a lot of feelings brook. What's that worst thing that can happen to a politician getting better. Out of office. How about driving your? our offer bridge and leaving a young woman trapped inside, which is exactly what TED can they did in nineteen sixty nine, it was until that rock the nation and threatened to bring down the entire Kennedy Empire Subscribe to even the rich Chappaquiddick on Apple podcast Spotify, the wondering or wherever you're listening right now join one plus in the wondering apt to listen ad free good morning and welcome to morning Joe it's Tuesday September, twenty nine. Its debate night tonight is the first debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The two will face off on stage in Cleveland at nine p M eastern martyrs. by Fox NEWS, is Chris Wallace. The preachers and topics include each candidates record
the Supreme Court Corona Virus, the economy rays. Violence. In U S, cities and the end greedy of the election there will be no Opening statements president rumble be given the first question of the night. Both candidates acted to wear, masks entering the venue and well shake hands on stage tonight limited audience will also be tested for the virus ahead of the debate with Joe Willie and may we have former U senator now and NBC News and MSNBC political analysts, Clare, mechanical com and assess it either for the Washington Post, David Ignatius and story and in Rogers, professor of the presidency, at Vanderbilt University John, make him and Joe, and will they will actually there's just so much going on, but between the Scotus nominee and senators, some choosing not to meet with her and that going on the bank records my gosh, the text
turns raising so many questions about this presidency and about interaction on the foreign stage be so deep in debt and whether or not he was posed in any way as the interacted with world leaders and who chose to connect with personally and have friendships with viruses. Others. The whole things in question, the other New York, has another piece up just late last night that will come through about just how much money down from made on his name licensing, not as a builder or a business man by his name, will talk about that in a moment, but as for TAT I mean this can't strange campaign of twenty twenty has been far from a distance lobbying grenades at each other, going on twitter do attack each other and now for the first time we get some hand to hand combat were Donald Trump will be confronted by JO by It doesn't happen very often do many interviews doesn't go to a lot of places where he's nuts? elaborated at a rally. So John
Swan got to him. Christopher Wallace was moderating tonight, got to him, we'll see if Joe Biden does the same when confronted with all the things you just laid out. Corona virus deaths at two hundred five thousand a million around the world. We make up more than one fifth of those this. This nominee hanging in the balance, as you said, make up, and also these this tax question Joe, which shows that not only Donald Trump pay less and federal taxes than just about anybody you can think of in this country, but no he's, not the man he presented himself to be in two thousand. Sixteen in that to his supporters, even will save people in the middle who he's losing right now he's walking in tonight as trailing in this race without question will show some polls that reveal that there has also been exposed now, through these two New York Times pieces as simply not being the man he pitched himself to be for forty years or so
and unable to stop right. There Willie because look at the debate tonight, you have to your stand. What Looking at where we are in this campaign and where we are, is added is that an inflection point Donald is losing his pour over the past few days, has been dropping in some some places precipitously? of soda concern as advisers. So we showed you yesterday calls from too most important states, Wisconsin and Michigan Wisconsin down ten points he's losing support there. In Michigan down a two points. These are: must win states for Donald Trump unless it pull off and inside straight, which depends largely on this state
Pennsylvania. Nobody in the Trump White House thinks Donald Trump can win without winning the state of Pennsylvania. New pulls out last night show a nine point lean Joe by opening up a lead in the state that he should, when in a state that we all thought was too close all along. Well, you look at once the Supreme Court of appointment. Thing again that we predicted last week was going to shatter support in error. Is he needed to gain support among women among college educated people? that that used to be Republicans centre, breaking Joe binds way among independence and then morning. A Washington Post, ABC News, Paul just coming out Pennsylvania also showing Joe Biden at fifty four percent trumps. Forty five percent and nine point lead, but again for all those people crowing about this. Being that two thousand
Sixteen look at that top number. Look at the top number that conservation, your Joe binds nodded forty four percent with Donald Trumpet forty three percent he's it. Fifty four percent he's gone over the fifty percent threshold He d lose still. Yes, he could lose still. A lot of things can happen, but declare we can call things are breaking badly against Donald Trump, as I say way too much and makes we are all our eyes when I say it in politics, sometimes when you, when you lose, and sometimes when you lose your when I predicted last week within minutes that this we're going to cause minutes of Ruth Better Hence death, while people are calling up fretting. I said this really bad news, Republicans who were gleeful right now, because
he's going to got them of support in the very areas where they needed support the most. It will be interesting to see in this debate tonight if Troms demeanor reflects the fact that his campaign is beginning to panic about the states that he must win. It will be interesting to see if he continues on this path of Bee kind of a jerk, a boy in any what's Things going on here is: there's a lot of women out there exhausted by the chaos it Trump represents, their exhaust did by the lying. There exists. Stood by the absolutely abuse, of norms in the White House. Penny on the south lawn. You don't have it your children busy you know now we know that even considered putting the vodka in, as vice president mean this is what p, Well are worn out with an. I think Joe Biden has a very simple task tonight. He needs
a nice guy. He needs to be an honest sky and they need, the underline with an exclamation point that he's the only one this stage. There is ever passed anything protecting your health care and then draw we go back to nineteen. Eighty again, I think we need to go back to nineteen eighty again and and Look at that one debate between Jimmy Carter. and Ronald Reagan Reagan Haiti is a radical warmonger and his job was to show up, not scare, Anybody deliveries, lines and walk off the stage. It's exactly a dead and it will led to a landslide victory. Donald Trump has been saying for months that Joe Biden is old. He's he's demanded that he can't come We sentences that he has to take drugs, he's really tee the ball up perfectly for Biden it clears right the very thing that's causing. Donald
The bleed support among women and suburban voters has been what Hostile presents he's been on and off tv if he placed to that I began to night John. I suspect that makes things worse for him now It was in Cleveland. Forty years ago where President Reagan, what is our governor Reagan, getting quite close, the deal? Buddy? opened. The margin is aware. out from the election that's where the analogy falls apart, because the Carter Trump thing is, they belong indifferent galaxies. But I do think that we have this incredibly important point before us, which Is do we want to continue to be the worst weaken in or do we want to try to be better, if not the best and at that may sound grand, but
I think it's an era and a moment to to think of it'll grandly, because President tromp is full manifestation of the darkest of american forces. Some, the darkest of human forces, really selfishness and greed and appetite and ambition, what the tax story shows and then did end data shows is that he is figure of a created figure of fantasy I wasn't lie needs is a poor persons idea rich person, but now is we know not even a rich person particular, but Oh, that's a little. Rational and even as I hear myself talking, I worry that this is kind of analogue analysis, because, what's on the ballot here, is. Do we want
turned to a nodding acquaintance in our public life with reason We want to continue to indulge in this fantasy driven world of passion where our appetites govern everything. And I totally agree with you on the numbers- the fifty four forty five, if on Elect, if on the other tonight, Yvonne Dog VON Der, did that first Tuesday night. After a Monday in November. we are seeing fifty three and fifty force by binds name then there's a good chance that the debt The set of decency that is afflicted us for four years will be erased. If its forty nine forty eight. If it does, these numbers are below fifty and their closer they'll, be. Barrage of litigation and an attempt to nullify the will of the people.
and I'm not an alarmist? I think that everybody, you should be ready to read up constitution read up on what it means. Of an election, goes to the House of representatives of the he's not going quietly thing to know here, Joe as we discuss everything that's going on around this debate, and there is so much going on. Is that most american by vast majorities have made up their minds and if you look at polling, eighty six percent of people say there now their minds changed today say: you're, looking at a margin of ten or fifteen percent of Americans who watch This show for the last four years and are still deciding what to do. There's the political power. What's his eighty, six percent of Americans have made up their minds. Fourteen percent may change their mind, so a lot of people are going to watch them, of course, but bear in mind that eighty six percent of Americans have watched the show for the last four years and decided either to cancel it or to contain continue for another four.
Yeah? No doubt about it, man! This is U psyche. Said in two thousand. Sixteen. That was a campaign that was not a referendum on Donald Trump, so much as it was a referendum on Hillary Clinton, we're years later, she's on the other foot, and this is not a referendum on Joe Biden. This is referendum on Donald Trump, and you can even see the numbers people much were excited devoted startled trump than they are to vote for Joe Biden and that's going to be a powerful motivating factor, and I talked about Supreme Court out talked about how quickly the Republicans unmoved moved hours after Ruth later Ginsburg Staff go back on their word for years ago, to lighten constituents alone grandma lying. Those constituents in South Carolina steam Danes lying there was constituents in Montana
a gardener line to his constituents in Colorado by moving forward and rushing through a Supreme Court selection, and we talked about David Ignatius, how it's going to have a very bad impact for a lot of voters, republican tradition, republican voters and of removing democratic for them. For years. But this tax story, Tat story had similar another demographic, in Class Americans verses school teachers, construction workers, Waiters, waitresses people they have blue collar jobs that are I don't doubt now that a guy who claims to be worth five billion dollars as paying less and taxes than them for in fact, wall they're, paying thousands of dollars in taxes, he's
by giving the IRS seven hundred and fifty dollars, while he in the White House and exclusive property? across the globe jet setting with jumbo jets from one pretty do another joy. I think you did the tax story really devalues two of the most important themes, four Donald Trump one is this idea that he saw them two thousand sixteen, I'm the master builder, I'm the business man who can fix America's problems where we see now, but he isn't really much of a business man. He is, Name Licence, sir. He is somebody who is accumulated enormous amounts of debt, so I think that that hurts him at the second saying that I have heard some is this stranger ways position himself as the billionaire who's, the friend of the working man, and I think these
tax numbers make it very hard to make that argument. Minority has up a simple kind of graphic, which says how much more do You pay in taxes than Donald Trump that's a lie in the job Biden? We use title turn of the audience and say how much more do pay in taxes you policeman who's in the fire department, from my work or how much more to do pay, and I think that really gets what's this? For we all know about federal taxes, we don't like paying, and then we find out that somebody has evaded. axes that that that hurts the final thing the tax story. Isn't it Plus, you rightly said, is: this is a national security story. Donald Trump if he was seeking any other job federal government couldn't get a security clearance. The first thing that the FBI and other investigators? Look at issue is your death situation? Are you vulnerable to pressure from other p
and what were learning now thanks to New York Times. Great reporting is the doll is massively vulnerable in the next four roughly years he has over four hundred million dollars in in personally secured. That goes right to him that that comes. Do and he has that vulnerability. Have we seen evidence that vulnerability misbehavior the first first four years, we're still trying to figure that out but we do know going forward, is world vulnerable and so on. all these things together debate sometimes reveal character and will see if that happened tonight. But sir, Biden has new ammunition new ways to say hey folks. This isn't somebody who whose what he's pretend to be this, isn't your friend he isn't like you. He is the who will pay since I think those will be very powerful themes for ordinary Americans. Will I You can look at those numbers and show some have some real concerns. David
by how we acted towards Turkey, How we act towards the Philippines, how how he's acted with other people? He's he's got money from David. We quickly before we move on to the tax returns story and fully talked about vulnerability. Everybody is talking about. Will what if he gets reelected gather frightening scenario. That Mark presents gave the former ambassador to with was talking to me about last night and and others what happens. If you lose it, what happens if Jared vodka me what happens if Jared and Havoc and Donald Trump had all but is information and as the so called crown jewels of American Intel. What what about unjustly in from inside information that they have on the development of the vaccine the dangers inherent there could be equally is as far as him trading
state secrets to get out of four hundred five a million dollars in that. We. Obviously we don't want to speculate about what he might do to relieve his is what will be a severe financial burden that these defeated out now my baby you're talking about a library Lord answered about how dad you tell you about how what people have to worry about before somebody gets into government service. If they're carrying a that, there are There are things that we to be looking at two to be prepared for all eventualities. Absolutely and is to reinforce the basic point. Anybody come in, the government was handling very secret. Information would be asked about their debts quizzed up and down. If any what's happened when your tears reporting over the last few days shows,
that's why we need to know a presidential candidates and presidents tax returns. This is essential information for voters. In understanding how somebody that behaves in business but but more international security, so that we win, we know the baseline for people and down front Donald Trump. If he's defeated is gonna have a terrible time keeping this empire float. This is gonna, be a period like the ninety. Nine is one three or four. As businesses went bankrupt bunny nearly one percent bankrupt you just look at the numbers, and you know he has a terrible crisis coming. Who holds the debt that's the final question that we need and we need to know who holds that four hundred million dollars, and at last here there was a victim of identity theft, every three seconds, which means a criminal could be spending your money applying for loans in your name, damaging your credit or even selling your personal info on the dark web, and you could miss certain?
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scan and use promo code M J for twenty five percent off, I'm sure mainly post of into America. A podcast from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice, interracial injustice. And then, when you add health, is a health and justice into what is at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America, a podcast about who we are ass, Americans we want to become new episodes every Monday, Wednesday Thursday, subscribe now absolute land just to underline, gave indignation, says headline here. This is a national security story and we'll be staring at fair out in the days to come with the New York Times, reporting now in its second group, Donald Trump tax returns. The New York Times spotlights the role, the apprentice,
ensuring that, as find finances, President runs tax records show that starting in two thousand five the Rio. tv series provided new stream of cash, for business that was suffering heavy loss, according to the times Mister trumps genius, it turned out, wasn't running accompany. It was making himself famous tromp scale, AMOS and monetizing that fame and war. The returns showed that he earned some one hundred and ninety seven million dollars directly from the apprentice overs sixteen years roughly in line with what are you? claimed they all reveal that an additional two hundred and thirty million flowed from the fame associated with it too? parlay the shows big ratings and to sponsor,
deals for dominoes, pizza and laundry detergent, among others, the times rights there were seven figure licensing deals with hotel builders, some with murky back. In former soviet republics and other developing countries there were schemes that exploded, misplaced trust in the tea version of Mr Trump, who camera pedal worthless, get rich, quick seminars, success from the apprentice led to taxable income for the present, for the first time in years he made so much that over three years he paid a total of seventy point: one million dollars and income tax as later refunded with interest via aggressive, counting, maneuver, now under audit Times Rights Brook going to the article Whitehouse spokesmen Judd Dear called. It yet another politically motivated hit peace full of inaccurate smears. Appearing
we're presidential debate our right. Well, I well it's all in the dock, man is not from the New York Times. It's Johnny Iris. Let's bring informer Treasury official morning GEO Economic analysed, Stephen Stephen. You have some charge that you're gonna walk is through, but first big picture hear this is sort of what business men, like you and businessmen. We all know around New York have been saying for forty some years that Donald Trump's not actually a businessman that he's a guy who licenses his name to steaks and vodka, and buildings and mattresses and anything else willing put his name on it. What does this latest New York Times, peace just posting overnight? What does it tell you. It illustrates the point that was being made a minute ago that Donald Trump is not some your business man and a guy operates businesses and runs businesses, but a guy who, ouch himself and makes his money off of his his name, is image has personality and so forth and, of course, the fact that he went bankrupt. Multi Four times in the nineties helps you.
Stand what a bad business man he is, but in fact as as make it was just alluding to the vast, patterns and we have a charge on this that we can put up if you want the vast preponderant Of the income that Trump has been making has been from these kinds of licensing deals from the apprentice from licensing sub, not just the dominoes pizza, but even the things like double Orioles and then also from some investments he had with third parties in which he derived income, but not from anything. He was joy, but real from the efforts of these other people, So when you add them all up, you can see that there is about. six hundred million dollars or more than he earned from these sources, but meanwhile from his own business from businesses actually ran. He was losing a hundred and seventy five million dollars. So, in fact, I'll try the great business man, the guy who is going to run America. Like you, run a business, I hope not turns out to have better
bad business man after all and now, as you say, he's facing four hundred million dollars. A personal loans that are coming do shortly. Tension in the IRS? Another hundred million dollars we may find out. The Donald Trump isn't a billionaire at all. Why You look at these numbers, it's hard to see how we actually is a billionaire and Claremont ask not only that, but is these these tax documents also show that he's actually not failed Colossal wants he's done it twice. You get four hundred million dollars and equivalent today's money from his father. He blew that car. Is businesses went bankrupt, It is completely collapsed financially in, the early ninetys and then, as he's, struggled through. The nineties ended in the first part of the new century. He was so desperately needed as
time said an endorsement for a big and tasty burger was one of the few bright spots in it in and his financial situation. Until the apprentice came along, the apprentice came along. He made four hundred million dollars, four hundred million dollars and he below that to buy making, stupid investments and golf courses and and and other This is across the world that had been bleeding him of his money for the past decade Dodge is like nine parts ego when one part business man, and so it's boom and bust. The boom is when he gets money from his father and then he goes bust. Then he has another boom when he markets himself and his he go get a lot of money from a television show, and then he goes
with his eager to get golf courses, because he loves go off and sees himself as has been golfer, and then those are all going bust. It is interesting I actually think one of the most powerful things in all these die it in terms of the voters in elections is a fact. he paid more in taxes to the Philippines, and two Panama and turkey than he did to the United States of America. In twenty, sixteen the year that this country said he's our guy, he bade seventeen fifty bucks anyway. Three hundred thousand to other countries. So America first love so much, that's is for more remote and you you look at the money that he's gotten from the other countries and again the question is yes, it does mother country? Actually control the deck Donald Trump to pay back or is it a bank? Is the EU s institution
to say, but I know around the time of the election, the top banks in New York at least words saying that they wouldn't loan Donald Trump dine in and in but big declare makes a great point. John meat that here's here's a guy that again continues the staff, the? U s. Government and again, tax avoidance is one thing. Do it legally, that's That's obviously that's the problem with the United States Congress said and tax code that favours, Well, favours. Unfortunately, the billion errors that can do this, but this looks like tax evasion, and Donald Trump. More imports looks like a snake oil salesman, and while the United States of America across two hundred forty years have had quite a few famous snake oil cells when none of them ever land
in the White House. You know me. Just two thoughts, one is the member state, where I suspect present trample carry. We have ninety five counties. I suspect your carry between Andy and ninety two of them when I drive not far from it I'm sitting the Trump signs quite large and One is the mystery. The age is why these folks Don't particularly care about everything we ve been talking about, Their view is: ok, maybe he's not as rich but he's richer than me, and I'd like to be rich That's one thought The other is yeah pay seventeen fifty bucks in taxes, man, I wish I could get away with that very little I think, just starting on a gut check. Level of this will not
is damaging or will be damaging at all. With this forty percent of America, that is, with the sky, no matter what and that's the this setting and fascinating, and dangerous story of the age and its two american history, because I think the great question is in ninety sixty eight while as got thirteen point, five percent of the popular vote down tromp got forty six point. One percent the popular vote in twenty sixteen. How did that number grow Madeira unity through increasingly diversify diversifying country their journey. By way of a large part of it. There's this guy reality gap in the country between what, frankly, what we ve been talking about and the people who care about what we ve been talking about
huge chunk of the country that simply doesn't care, and I think the what Vice President Biden has to find a way to do, and I think he will is, I think, Scranton, verses, Manhattan dichotomy is, is working. he only needs a few well folks. Like me in the right number of states to say, as Willie was saying, you know what I've seen this show I'm tired of it. Let let's move on and maybe it'll, be a big blue way than a landslide, and this will seem a barrel suddenly seem like an anomaly, but I dont think so. There are deep and fundamental questions about who we are, that will not be resolved by this an election, and I think that we have to continue trying to figure out. You know
I don't want to simplify this too much, but you asked what changed between George Wallace and sixty eight and Donald Trump and two thousand sixteen, and even two thousand twenty George, why I still have a reality. Tv show that was beam them to me in some millions of Americans homes for over the course of a decade that the lie that he was an effective, no nonsense. Business man, who was their idea of success and I really what is so devastating about this New York Times story is not the tags It is not easy tax evasion mean that will that that reckoning will come after the election is that Donald Trump has been proven again to just be a terrible businessperson. I can somebody that I know very well that huge, for, a huge fan of Donald Trump and just loved, when it came out. so we love the art of the deal and after that,
first series of all these articles came out about six months ago. I think do realize but when you were reading the art, the deal page, page word by word, you Do you realize that you richer than Donald Trump, because, of course, tax documents show that Donald up lost more money Amy American over the course the Eightys and the early t nineties, like he was literally the worst business man in all of Amerika lost more money, and so the bow boom bust and the and then bust again, we're not learning again he made money from the apprentice he's already lost all. money Emmett completely cards in half The lie the myth that was
Bread during the apprentice set, of course, as you said, most business People in New York laughed at the prospect that Donald Trump was was King himself, the Americans, as it business man, because they knew how bad he was, and they are the ones whose allowance he wouldn't repay. They were the ones who can auction bills. He couldn't pay. They were the ones who we have been striving for two decades yeah and if you look in this New York Times, peace again based on the IRS documents, his losses by two thousand to or close to three hundred fifty three million, because he Rural rolled them over and over and over and then allow comes the apprentice to throw him a lifeline, but two Things are true that the story I Donald Trump as business deck tycoon- is and now that's all laid out in the last two days by the new times his alleged empire was built, it turns out and double stuff warriors and the big and tasty burger, which God to the apprentice before he got some more money. But it's also true
John, is saying that that doesn't matter to a lot of people in this country. Will it mattered to enough people to swing the election we'll find out, and Ratner Donald Trump defence of this has been meandering. One of the as he said, and I just want to give you a crack at it. Since you understand the numbers better than anyone here is and he says- how many millions of dollars in taxes, but was entitled, like everyone else to depreciation and tax credits, that's one of his defenses of paying seven hundred and fifty dollars in federal income tax for a couple of recent years. What do you make of his attempted defense year?. Look: it's a rather sad day for America when we're sitting here debating whether our president the worst businessman in history or one of the biggest tax evaders in history, but that, I guess, is the situation we find ourselves in today, so we ve talked about is his record as a businessman man. Now, let's talk over bad record as a tax evaders,
so yeah one way do not pay taxes to lose a lot of money. Another way to not pay taxes is to play a lotta games with your taxes, and I don't want to get it. The depreciation double entry book in all that. But I thought I give you simple example of something he did that. I think all viewers should be able to relate to lie back in the night is he bought a big house used to belong to Catherine Grams family, the owner of the Washington Post up north of the city, and he was to redevelop at the local people fought him an essentially stop redevelopment Soviet and using it as a retreat for the crumb family. And if you go on the Trump Organization website today, you will see that it says right there. This is used as a retreat for the Trump family, but what does differently from my family and your family is he has taken write offs for tax purposes. For all the expenses of running that property, for the maintenance and for the property taxes and for an Utilities, authorities and for everything, he's writing
against this taxes? I don't know what does that with their weakened house? It's. It is hardly illegal, but is the things. He does cutting every corner. I'm doing everything it can to minimize the taxes. So his Taxes are partly function of the fact that is a terrible businessman, but partly of that, in my view, two years or so on Wall Street, dealing with taxes I've, never seen anyone cut as many corners take as many liberties and frankly break the law when it comes his taxes Steve Radner. Thank you so much for being on this morning and Clare MC. Thank you as well. We really appreciate it a lot to cover. Still I had a morning java, look at some of the reaction from capital hail to the new, times reporting on President Troms taxes, including the silence from the top top Republicans
plus a new morning from Doktor Anthony Voucher as the global corona virus death toll hit one million by the way my parents is Donald Trump was saying that we're turning the coroner. My pants ward Americans yesterday be ready. Numbers are going up now: Craig. I note that Jos, new book saving Freedom Truman cold war and the fight for western civilization. It's coming out November? Seventeenth, you can pre order that now we'll be right. Back I'm in the color, my own hair at home, something I never thought I'd do and at a fright none of the cost of going to a salon. All thanks Madison Reed see my friend cat told me how much she loved the shiny shimmering collar, she ended up with when she coloured her hair with Madison Reed seriously. Those where the word she used tiny and shimmering
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knowing what you're doing and taking responsibility for it being prepared, ready and able to handle anything. That might come your way. I've been flying over this country for fifty three years. Twenty three years of lines you never heard about, and one that you heard everything about lyrical everyone on board. One hundred fifty five people make it out alive. My whole life prepared me for that moment from my father, a naval officer in World war. Two, I learned the Boston Responsibility command from my services therefore solve certain of wider pilot. I knew that serving a cause greater than one self is the highest com and its in that highest. Calling up leadership. Donald Trump has failed us so miserably. Now it's up to us to overcome his attacks on our very democracy, knowing nearly a quarter of a million Americans won't have a voice casualties of his two lethal lies and incompetence. Eleven years ago I was called to my moment now. We are all called to this moment. When you looked down at our beautiful, doubtless country, you don't see political divisions, it reminds us of who we are and what we can see that we are in control of this nations destiny. All we have to do is vote him out to vote. That's in their Lincoln project are responsible for the content of this advertising with
First. Look at a new tv add an online new tv and online out a joint project from the group vote, vets and the Lincoln Project. John this now host of endless embassies, politics, nation and president, the national action network, reverend down Sharp and his new book rise up confronting a country at the crossroads is out today and in he writes quote. This is a book for the outsiders and the outcasts, the right, all ran, Sir said the tree shakers people who don't give up when the die is cast, but instead digging their heels and ready themselves for the oncoming five fight. DR thanks. So much for being with us that quote from year, Bognor Sully add it really does show we are and in turn point in this country and it something that you saw very early on while there the transition from Barack Obama's administration to Donald prompts administration
about a meeting the jihad with Jean Louis. You talk about the concerns that you and Louis and other civil rights leaders had the right about that in the book tell us about it. I think that would we are seeing, as we hear in the morning before the first debate, between Joe Biden and Donald Trump ISM. is really gonna have to choose whether we're. Gonna continue on the path that we were headed, under Barack Obama and those before him. A weather we're going back on a path. Where health care is no longer concerned? something we want to make available to all Americans voting rights are not secure where women's right to choose and not secure workload it changes not on this. besides to victory, sound and well policing is about protecting citizens and allowing police to be above accountability and above the law, and that is what
we are at a crossroads at I write about then the book I write about not only talking, John Louis and other civil rights leaders that were afraid we were moving in the wrong the wrong road. I talk how I've had thirty years of experience, arguing debating, fighting and sometimes being and encourage more cordial conversations with Donald Trump Rarely wondered a few people in public life, their spare time, would trump and President Obama it very serious conversations. So I noted difference between the two roads and I challenge people there. trying to stand up and would station they I live there. This is a country of that better change ages there, not the country of people, had remained complacent and indecisive Joe made. Show me who actually his latest book is on John lowers number one New York Times, best seller
with us and has a question for you, John, and what your message to the bridge. Thirdly, white evangelical world that perfect This is a belief, in the same scriptures, the same tax that that you, leave in but apply them so differently My message is that if you read the scriptures, it was always those that were in charge of the church, the religious high key of the time, a godsend profits to, prophesied to them that they were misinterpreting the scriptures, whether it as those in the old testament from Jeremiah too those that later of the prophet MIKE and others they prophesied. First to those that would the leaders of the Temple Jesus came and challenged chosen. The temple so challenge them to look and see. Are you the ones that are holding up the religion
aristocracy. Those committed more to their chairs all who committed to what the church represents. Have you committed the church represents. You oughta be freezing the poor, not given but to the rich you oughta be concerned about preserving the land that God gave us earth the change and you ought to be concerned about treating all of God's creatures creatures equally, not given, to those that have made it their politics to be divisive, and I've talk about that in the book. I grew up urgent in in the social theology of people, like over and William jobs are rather Jesse. Jack's now method by people get sick did you know just where the cross you bad the cross I think too many and the in the June right today has drive to where cross and not bear the cross is tat.
bad across not just use it as a fashion stable If you could go further and that Reverend Dal, especially at this time of crisis, but this time of choice for this country, were in such an uncertain time, what are you hoping readers of this book will do. What do you mean by rise up, explain that readers to say that I may not lead marches. I may not go to protest might not have access to the media miles. Like say, are you did the vote. What do we stand for and his house and are we going to go out and vote? Are we gonna vote right now? I'm an early voting state. Am I going to talk to people in my brain go large in my barber shop in my beauty, shove em, gonna be an be an agent of to say that we cannot live in a nation where people I do not have guaranteed lives.
Equality and equal opportunity and where health care is a given that people would pre existing conditions. Go I have to worry about, they can afford to get sick, just basic things. I want people to rise up, I'm not saying led the barracks unsafe, in your life. So some initiative to define why you exist and what Europe in your own life review It's in your relationship with Donald Trump, the fact that you can get on the phone with them are have over the years you guys sort of in some ways came up together in New York City. In that you were, these big figure the war in the papers a lot and people knew you in this era, so I'm it stood in your reaction to these last couple of days of New York Times tax stories, especially the one that's new this morning. That shows something which you know, because you ve known him for so long and that people around New York of known for a long time, which is that Donald Trump, actually isn't a great
builder and a great business man. He licences his name and has created a story around himself that eventually got an elected president. Donald Trump has been able to build a great myth and people in New York, particularly in New York circles, that no, I M, always knew he was never great business man. He put his name on Friday, steady, never owned. He was known for not paying many of his contract is he was known as somebody was, that was more slick than smart, they couldn't understand, including me how he got away with it. Where did come out in the election. I think they're Donald has been able to be a promote more than he was a producer, any themselves into a situation. That he himself was surprised. He got in the most. I talk about the book. Surprise person in the United States, the mighty one was him cause now he had for food. for real and not just doing act because
now it s real consequences, and I think it said that the She had to go through this experience, but we must make sure we do have a repeat performance gives rise up confronting a country. At the crossroads out today, Reverend L Sharp Thank you so much. We will continue this discussion to Morrow and coming this morning. An alarming new report from the New York Times have senior Whitehouse officials pressured The CDC took part down the risks of sending children back to school morning, Joe back in a moment
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