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According to new reporting in The Atlantic by Jeffrey Goldberg, the president disparaged the intelligence of service members, and asked that wounded veterans be kept out of military parades. Goldberg joins Morning Joe to discuss his reporting.

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what you have to that, because I don't like what Frank Frank when you get to me is that war here or Euro he's a war I run up. Yours is a war hero, presumes capture. I like people, weren't captured, okay, I hated John Donald Trump, owe you an apology? No, I don't I think so, but I think he made it whole and apology to the families and of those who have sacrificed in conflict and then and those who lived you're goin, Nay prison experience in serving their country. In the arena, Str used to say, but in the case of many of our veterans wooden with the Trump said that he prefers to be with people who are who are not captured the great honor of my life.
To serve in the company of heroes I'm not talking about, but those who were my senior ranking officers. People like Chrome by day congressional medal of Honor one on those inspired us to do things if we had a wife wouldn't have been capable of doing those are the people that I think he ocean polishing too. There are so people who miss the great John Mccain laid Senator John Mccain morning, job back and twenty fifteen reacting there for them This time too, Donald Trump disparaging his military service this morning, new reporting from Jeffrey Gold, in the Atlantic magazine has more details on the president's fixation with Mccain and a whole lot more good morning. Welcome to morning Joe, it is Friday September fourth alone Joe and me. We have Washington Anchor for BBC World NEWS. America caddy k what rapporteur for the Associated Press, Jonathan Le Maire, pause surprised
calmness and associate at the Washington, Post and Emerson BC political analysts, Eugene Robinson The editor in chief of the Atlantic magazine Jeffrey Goldberg, HU as we said, is the author of that new piece on President Trump disparaging a marrow. As war dead in a moment, we're going to get new reporting Joe Biden visit to Canosa Wisconsin yesterday, it was in dark contrast to the president's visit earlier in the week with Biden, call for an end to system like racism, while also condemning looting and violence and Biden also met privately with members of Jacob Blake's, anyway for ninety minute conversation. That blood Kim himself joined by phone, but we will again this morning but Jeffreys New reporting on President tromp using words like losers and suckers, to describe it I can soldiers repeatedly despair,
king, the intelligence of service members and asking that wounded veterans be kept of military parades citing food Unnamed people with first hand, knowledge of the president's Comments- Jeffrey writes that when trunk cancel the visit to an amount I can cemetery near Paris and twenty eighteen blamed rang for the last minute decision, saying that the helicopter couldn't fly and that the secret service wouldn't drive him there. Neither claim was true Trump rejected. The idea. The visit because he feared his hair would become dishevelled and the rain and because he did not believe it important to honour american war dead. Conversation with senior staff members on the morning of the scheduled visit Trump said. Why should I go to that cemetery? Its filled with losers, in the supper conversation on the same tramp tramp referred to them. An eighteen hundreds Marines who lost
Their lives at Bello would as suckers forgetting killed. So Jeffrey. Let's start their many more excerpts, Serbs going to read from this year incredible reporting, but first, let's let's, let's talk about the genesis of this article when, when did you began reporting on this and how did they come together? Like like a lot of reporters, I mean we hear things all the time and I probably then gathering string as they say on this. For some time I just came gather recently. I've been interested since two thousand and four teen actually knew them in the president's attitude toward military service, because, like a lot of people. I thought when he disparage John Mccain
two thousand and fifteen. I sought wrongly that I would be the end of his campaign and of data from campaign, because I know that one previously inviolate rule in american politics, as you tone you don't mark, one grows and so I just found his. I just found his general attitude towards service very novel. And Simon listening for several years. People talk about. Yeah we said yesterday Jeffrey, we showed a military times Paul that shows that for the first time and some time, even though the sixteen percent of active duty, military a graphic, that plurality, what did Joe Biden over Donald Trump There has been this great friction between millet
Harry leaders and the present for some time, and certainly noted it and your conversations in the past in your interviews in the past, with former defence sector Harry James matters, Firstly, we have heard General Kelly at times also expressed as concerns as well as an Romanians, and so many other military leaders and you get the sands. For anybody. That's ever worked in the Pentagon our work with the Pentagon, worked around the Pentagon stories like these do not contain themselves inside one office, are one wing of that Pentagon. It now is understood throughout the culture ride. I would I say that I would say that there's general sort of shocking disbelief someone, not even that The person would articulate views.
That way, I think, there's genuine curiosity about why a person everything that way or how person comes to those stocks. It said she, a regular. It in a country that values veterans that that values No, it's service, generally military service, in particular, so there's just a job. There are all kinds of confusion, even more than anger. I just disbelief, I would say in a lot of circles in you, you ve heard people when those same circles and talk about it, and it was just ass. It was the task to try to try to bring this down to concrete, concrete details Jeffrey also, reports on President Trump's. Twenty seventeen memorial day visit to our international cemetery, during which he was accompanied by then Socrates, Homeland Security, John Kelly, accordingly,
magazine tromp was meant on this visit to join John Kelly in paying research at his sons grave and to comfort. The families other fallen service members. But it wearing two sources with knowledge of this visit Trump while stand by Robert Kelly's grave turned around Clay to his father and said I don't get it. What was in it for them Kelly, who declined to comment for this story initially believed people close to him said that trumpets making a ham the reference to the selflessness of Amerika, volunteer force, but later came to realize that trunk simply does not understand non transactional life choices in another example of what Jeffrey calls present in trumps material focus. World view. He writes the president believes, nothing is worth doing without the promise of monetary pay back and that talented people
who pursue riches are who don't pursuit is our losers according to witnesses after a White House briefing given by the Then Chair The joint chiefs of Staff General Joe Danforth Trump turned to AIDS, and said that guy a smart. Why did he joined them Terry and so Jeffrey. This instead that underlined I said yes, people reading these clothes. We'll be shocked, even though they nay many believe that day, had already seen the low point of of Donald Trump. Mindset of his attitude towards America, but people read it of course, be shocked by You said that you began pudding. Story. Together, you were curious white. What would make somebody this way, and it does from
it seems like your conclusion. Is that, as we always say about Donald Trump, foreign policy follow the money If you want to understand why close to some countries and not close to others, it has to do with his own person. Finances? This case, though, you say, is attitude towards the military, also has to do with his financial view of the world, can understand why anybody would sacrifice for their country. I think, he's genuinely confused by service. I really do you know I was thinking about this yesterday, if, if people had come May during the presidencies of George W Bush of Iraq Obama instead, that the president said Excellency about military service about different factors of of the military in. I would find it very hard to believe but I do think that these comments are in line with a jerk and probably stated outlook about the report
material gain importance of not being a loser. You know it's, it gets it. It's interesting. If you look at his language to the years of the world is a very, very start binary for by the president. There are losers and winners, you don't wanna get caught me around cited at lie, and he looks at people that you, Sir, this over over compensation or or or do. You're a service, in particular the idea that would willingly. I think the volunteer force in particular kind of confuses him, because why would you ever actually relies risk full salary of sixty four thousand out it doesn't make. Any sense, is my point in it worthy so it comes out at this kind of I dont, get it what's in it for a man, which is the thing that he said, the general Kelly Ethic Crave sack sought
yeah, there's also Jeffreys cutting out will get back to him and one second, but make it. There's also a part A portion of the story where Jeffrey reports from sources clothes do tromp, family, Mary Tromp, in fact about it in a book that, when Don Junior had decided to go into the military, Donald Trump threatened to disown him if he did Jefferies describes. President trumps fixation on staging military parades, but only a certain sort. Reading from the article in a twenty eight, in White House planning meeting for such an event, Trump Ass, his staff not to include wounded veterans on grounds that spectators would feel uncomfortable presence of amputees, nobody to see that he said
as we said. The new report also notes. President trumps continued fixation on the late Senator John Mccain, one of the few prominent Republicans to continue criticising him after human The nomination, quoting from Jeff's, Yes, when Mccain died in an honest and twenty eighteen in his senior staff according to three sources with direct knowledge of this event, we're not going to support that losers funeral and he became fear when he saw flags. Lowered to half staff. What the f are we, doing that for guy wasn't, I think loser the play and it was not invited to Mccain's funeral, of course, Jeffrey. The One of the many ironies of the trumpet minutes. Asian funds, political rises, the very people who voted domains, became,
there are now many in two thousand eight, the very people who have spent the last fifty years since the Vietnam WAR, claiming to the ones that are upheld. The dignity of fighting men and women be Vietnam or Iraq or Afghanistan or in Iraq. Yet again been Republicans I've been many, the same people who are now supporting Donald Trump many the same people who were supporting a man who, according again to form very good sources for not one two for sources. Are supporting a man who consider are more, he rose and veterans and even men women who serve in the military as suckers Andalusia sets its it's inexplicable to me. Why? What? What are your thoughts? Well,
this thing here is that this is not surprising, because I go back to two thousand and fifteen. You don't go The two thousand and fifteen hee hee hee disparaged, Darn Mccain's war, record John Mccain, either looking nominee previous republican nominee for president by the way raised the alarm here up here spares John Mccain in ways that no one has ever heard of a national leader disparage appeal, W so there's nothing new under the sun in a kind of way? Maybe I'm being maybe I'm not considering that the shop as much of these particular words I reported yesterday by the Republican Party, the voters who vote we're going, knew full well his attitude towards John Mccain as he doesn't even some were here. So you know I am. This is part of a continuing. This is not some kind of some kind, a break,
suddenly understand now trumpeted oblivion. A job and murder of going back to two thousand fifteen me can I remember in December of twenty fifteen, pushing Donald Trump on Vladimir Putin, talked about, how is a strong leader and when continually press. Engi assassin is political, on its he is. He then reference to Iraq and said well, we kill a lot of people, the two and, of course you fast forward five years he still still defending five years later, A more still remaining quiet on the poisoning of political parliament still remaining quiet on bounties on american soldiers heads in Afghanistan who are sacrificing people that he would probably call. Lockers and losers and
no. I will not speak out and and to those service people? Why? What about service funds to this story from the White House. What what have you heard? first of all, this is obviously an extraordinary story and, as you say, and reinforces so much of what we ve heard from Donald Trump as a candidate frankly informs us foreign policy. Now it should be said White House pushed back, he has a story immediately in and forcefully last night coordinated response they put out statements deny every part of it. They put out travel records that suggest that the president did not go to that cemetery in France because, indeed of a bad weather call they ve. They fought it out a memo that suggested as much that that was the military decision. It was not presidents. Also, of course, for the President himself when he returned last night from a speech of Pennsylvania, he spoke on the tarmac, a joint, been Andrews, joint base, Andrews and denied the entire
saying, but why has the denials are being met with such gaps and, of course is because this story is so consistent with what he has said about John Mccain. It is so consistent with his transactional nature, a view of a foreign policy and just service itself. It is so consistent with this idea that he is no their tries in terms of our american you'd on the world. There is no attempt here to set an example or were to be a role model. He is cosy up to two to dictators at times. There's no discussion of human rights on the world scene. There's no attempt to shine a light of a presidency on a bad situation to call for reform were to make war for democratic freedom. That's not what just as I also think Joe, and if, if Jeffreys kick it is there, maybe he can answer is well. Doesn't it the call a spotlight on the military we saw after the president cleared Lafayettes, where he was reviewed by General Milly,
spurred on general, managed to patent not bad afterwards, denouncing the use of the military service shouldn't this story at all shouldn't this moment also call for some of these who serve within weather mass meticulous John Kelly to go on the record and discuss these things. Should this be the moment where they step into the spotlight and defend the american soldiers so who have given their lives for their country?. His MIKE isn't working, I have to tell you it does give a sense of the president's war and and that is that in and it is undermining to our country every bit of it. Here are some of the president's denials, immediate denials last night, that Jonathan Le Maire just mention take a look at that I would make statements negative drew
Military and our fallen heroes were nobody's done. What I've done with the budgets with the military budgets would get it. Hey- raises raw military. It is a disgraceful situation by a magazine that terrible magazine. I don't read it, but I just at about it. They made it up ad. Probably it's a couple of people that have been made, using the administration that I got rid of, and I couldn't get rid of a fast enough, but moreover, just made up here, shortly after he also released a torrent on twitter writing. Part Claude. I was ever a big fan of John Mccain disagree with him on many things. The lowering of our nations american flags and the first class funeral he was given by our country had to be approved by me. As president, and I did so without hesitation or complaint, quite contrary I felt it was a well deserved. Although whenever John a loser and swear on whatever or whoever. I was asked
swear on that, I never called our great fallen soldiers. Anything other than heroes, number of it Illustration officials also issued unequivocal. Denials will note that, despite Then that tweed saying he never called Mccain a loser, the sound bite that we opened with the show on where Trump. They didn't like Mccain after he lost thousand eight election because quote I D like losers. He also tweeted an article at the time the headlines about Donald Trump, John Mccain, is a loser and a senior defence department, official confirmed if he Goldberg story in its entirety, especially ground about the late Senator John Mccain and form Marine General John Kelly, Donald Trump, former chief of staff, and that said Jane. That is from a piece James Rapporteur,
Donald Trump. Did say, did do things Jeffrey Goldberg. Our arm arm, we're still working on Jeffreys MIKE Gene and send Donald Trump is correct. In one thing, he said last night, obviously shaken by the fact that his words were coming back to haunt him and where we know these sources are, and they are people Given decades of their lives their rights in this country and are patriots unlike Donald Trump but done. Job is right about one thing he has done fades things regarding the military that nobody else is has done for he has attacked war Europe is like John Mccain, and even though he lied last night said it swear on whatever we have him on his hate calling John Mccain a loser for being captured.
Because of services, a young man with other he rose men that I know like by day he also is denigrated and undermine NATO. An ally since that helped us defeat we at communism? He's trying to get it. For that. Asked for years which undermines our military? He undermined our military and our allies in Syria abandoned long term allies there he's taking Saddam Germany right now also cause consternation to our allies and all because in consternation to our troops and Jean just bears repeating, because so many people who try to make a living off of anti Anti Trump ISM unclaimed their set themselves to be american patriots, bring it up, but
This is a man who, despite Intel brief, and warnings? This is a man who refuses to condemn the placing of boundaries on their heads of young, a marrow and soldiers and rains and airmen and sailors. It is it his his record towards the military is disgraceful out in the when, even without these, for a name sources. It really is in its time for money command. First Jefferson is excellent and groundbreaking reporting better than I do believe it grow. Britain, and also I will since just story was published
The detailed work confirmed not just by the Associated Press but by the Washington Post as well. So I believe every word of the article. I think I think people should, and it is- and I think that we can just sort of Russia ass, though some say oh well, you know me, The Donald Trump was a bad person. We knew he with a dark as its we had. You know a sort of a black hole workers. Soul should be areas, it is shocking and and and should be shocking either to everyone that stand shutters person. This first is present of the United States commander in chief of the armed forces and head of state of our country, it is,
is, would be unbelievable if we did not know this about Donald Trump already, but to see it laid out that he would speak to John Kelly that way as they were going to visit the grave of his son tat. He would worry more about his hair than honouring. The policy in Europe is It's entirely consistent with what we know about the proper, and yet it is its sole beyond the pale and so are unacceptable in that the president dad We have to look at this and we have the sort of way take it, and if it does, it has just done it first. Just yet you know,
He is just I served for some time. In Washington, and so with at least becoming endowing the thousand people, men and women. Servants liberals, I think, a couple so so as to extend their couple of libertarians mixed in there. I must say all the people across the thousands plus people that I crossed serving in government Donald. Tromp when you this even before this portrait, but this laid out in the sharpest of relief so far is singularly unpatriotic singularly on fear, singularly vein. Singularly ignorant of american history may explain. I've always thought it explained. Why here too,
The shadow constitutional norms and Medical Norms away he dead because he was so Ignorant of our history so ignorant of the constitution, so drawn to dictators not well and again because of a complete ignorance of this country of this Institutional Republic, the way that James Madison and our founders set it up system of checks some balances. All the thing said Additional conservatives like myself celebrated in here pass that now, so many of them have completely out the window because they have now become members of this. Now they called him everything they grew up, believing everything they grew up. Reading eyes taken back seat to trying to stay close to power as possible, and we could say that not just
social conservatives. You could say that a lot of evangelical pastors and but Catty k this parents plays out in Jeffreys Articles when Donald Trump asks who were the good guys, in world war why were the good guys in the great war and thus in complete ignorance as to why the United States, and why Woodrow Wilson, who wanted to stay out of the war, had to fly We go under the war for one german provocation after another. Again, I think it It's too. This transactional nature the view of the world that Donald Trump has that there was has to be a kind of tangible. I didn't leave monetary quid pro quo right. Why would you go to defend another continent? Send your p
Let it costs a lot of money if you're, not gonna, get something directly in return way, doesn't see as the directly in the to return, but because perhaps it's more subtle and a very big paycheck. I spoke to a former senior officials, the Pentagon last night about this come, and she is somebody that consume calls himself a conservative and we were talking about the peace in the thing that really almost had her in. She was so emotional about this with the notion that Donald Trump doesn't stand servers, doesn't understand doing something. For someone else in the greater good- and I think it is really stride. I dont know that she voted Donald Trump Lastra time around. Judging from what who sang last night, she suck me is not voting for him this time around, but she's in the sky. I am conservative. This is one of the tenants of conservatism. Is military others in the in the service, country in our constitution and he doesn't get
at all and he doesn't get it because he doesn't know empathy. And if you don't know empathy, you can't understand service for, and I think I was really struck- that of all the things misuse appalled by the whole article, but of all the things it was that that's that sense of essence of what it means to serve their country, and he just doesn't get it. She felt means we are in a new, and we were talking about this in terms of the military are military men and women, who, like I say, so much for us every day and they sacrifice. Is because they love their country. How many stories have. We heard how many people close to still. We now, who were moved? after nine eleven young man who could have done whatever they wanted to do. Young women,
could have done, whatever they wanted to do, staying home felt the call after eleven sir to go serve their country. So yes, there is that part of it, but this also explains why Donald Trump, would have such contempt for the men and women of the State Department HU as young students decided they would They deserve their country, And they wanted to go into government because they believed and the american dream, and they wanted to protect the american dream they wanted to. To spread american values across the globe or men and women that are serving right now in the justice department? Who see, They are now being run by Donald Trump Roy Coun and despite very
service giving their life to the Justice Department. They think I'll have to watch turning general go in front of cameras and say he doesn't know with folding twice, is legal or not winning North Carolina? That's a felony and he knows that its illegal. Forgive me for going on, but this is so important because I want to say this: To the men and women who are serving and the FBI the men and women, who are being on the CIA, the professionals, who are serving and government offices all across Washington DC all across the country and all ass, the world. This is disconcerting and I'll drop is in the minority overwhelming majority of Americans. Hold you up. And they salute you. I'd appreciate
you take a picture of Donald Trump daylight. While I'm saying this. The overwhelming majority of Americans of the majority of Americans. They salute Yale I understand that so many of you in the CIA are made eight sacrifices. Have had to leave your families for months at a time, have had to go overseas Some in view of the FBI, you risk your life for us every day, some review in the State Department Who is much as you can? Despite the fact you have leaders that are more interested in, in cronies of present the United States than serving this country, who won't even defend your name when Donald Trump attacks understand your respected
you are loved by Americans and we salute you for your service, just like we do every man and woman the United States military. What about the people who could make it prince in a situation like this, where publicans in the Senate and in Congress who stand this president every day, no matter what boundary he breaks, do they respect if we were jointly decided Georgia that need to speak out, and I think some of them will. I really do. I think some of em well because because many of them do not say this now the Jeffreys off the show, and if If I'm wrong, these people can come out and say so, but then General Kelly. And they understand that Jim Kelly was there and experience sullen this and enough Jeffrey weren't, telling the truth that General Kelly would speak out. They understand that second Harry of Defence, James Madison General matters, he was there.
He saw so much of this happening day in and day out. If one every were saying were true: general matters, would speak out again This is my good friends. I served with in the house representatives that are now serving the United state Senate. I really hope they will speak out in defence of our troops and defend of service to this country, a country, a quick thanks to one of our sponsors, who helped make this podcast possible Monday dot com. When your team work is effective, nothing Can stop you Monday? Dot com is a flexible teamwork platform designed to manage any size team in any sized project. Online plan manage and track everything your team is working on in one centralized place. You get to stay inside with your team and never chase each other for updates again Monday. Dot com is the easiest way to keep everyone aligned. So
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five entreated treated Jacob Junior with humanity and care, the former vice and then participated in a community meeting and canosa where he spoke. It grace Lutheran church about his conversation with the Blake family. Had an opportunity to spend some time we check up on the phone, he talked about how nothing we're gonna defeated where they walked together. Not he was not going to give up and down, When I came away with was. The overwhelming sensor, resilience and optimism that there have about the kind of response to getting him any more talked about. We ass, my wife, asked to say a prayer and his mom said a prayer,
We said I'm praying for Jake, but I'm pray for the policeman as well. I'm praise the things change. Springing NBC News correspondent MIKE Mentally, who is on Biden Trip yesterday to canosa and is Co. The revenue peace this morning entitled Biden and trumpet different visions on vivid display back on The campaign trail, and I take it MIKE that Blake family didn't want much to do with Trump couldn't have had a meeting like this now meagre and really you know I've been covering this campaign since the beginning this weekend. Thing because it a pandemic resembling a normal general election so far, but this week really did feel like game on. We ve seen the job. And Donald Trump covering some of the same ground, but with very different- It is, of course, but, along with
Monica Album and carefully take stock of this week, and you really begin to wonder if these two Candidates are on not just running different campaigns with different messages, but operating in completely different universes. Really you had President Trump in pit. Burke the area yesterday talking about the record gains and stop marked to stock market Joe Biden, was in Pittsburgh on Monday at a former steel mill talking about how many families have had to filed for bankruptcy, you Joe Biden Wilmington on Wednesday. Talking about the issue that he his camp and thinks is first and foremost in voters minds. The pandemic Donald Trump coming to North Carolina, reading, the seventy fifth anniversary of world WAR, two not even mentioning the pandemic and then, of course, most starkly yesterday in connection The first order of business for Joe Biden was meeting with Jacob Lakes family, where President Trump on his their there earlier in the week, only met with law enforcement and looked at some of the
the looting and writing. We saw there too. Let's take a look a snapshot. Look at what we saw player on the campaign trail this week. Around China Yeah Mr President, you may not think is this a national emergency, but I think going back to school, for millions of children in the impacts on their families in the community is national emergency, I believe that's what it is. Directing our students are educators, our communities getting our schools open safely and effectively this is a national emerges, Mr Blake was shot in the back. You believe that there is a need for structural change. Your message, I think people are calling for a structural change and then you could take the people of Canosa.
That aren't here and that you won't see and that our protesting, but they want change also they want to see law and order. That's a change what they want alone order, they want the police to be policed well, think all the been unleashed. A lot of people is They understand that town fear since our problems and we hope that your bed countless non violent protest here in Wisconsin and across the country this summer. I people calling for an end to systemic racism. Do you believe systemic risk, This is a problem in this country, where you know you just keep getting back to the opposite subject. We should talk about violence that we ve seen in blend in here and other places its tremendous violence? Well, I think we're inflection point: Americans.
Honest to God. I believe we have an enormous opportunity now, the Dutch, the screen, the curtains when pull back I'm just what's going on in the country to do a lot of really positive thing. Later the blight barely. I know you to get a chance to talk to them, but what would you say to them in terms of the pain are going through and the questions they have about? What happened I feel terribly for anybody that goes through their that's. Why we're so honour to meet the pastors? I feel terrible If anybody that goes through that, as you know, it's under investigation had an opportunity to spend some time we take upon a phone he's out of I see you. We spoke for about fifteen minutes his brother and two sisters who stared his mom on the telephone spoken.
But before it respects stand again, my wife he talked about how nothing we're gonna defeated. An average of a thousand people die every day in the month of August. The really feel safer under doll job. Mr tromp wanna talk about fear. You know people are afraid of an american afraid. You're going to get covert I'm afraid you're going to get sick and die, and that is in no small part because of you, hopefully rounding the journey. The pandemic. We're rounding that turn in life. It's easy to get away with good enough when it comes to some things, but with identity theft, protection, good enough, probably isn't because breaches seems to be happening more and more. These days, plus
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Product side is going to work again and twenty twenty the binding. Pain remains convinced that what we saw in twenty eighteen, a combination of fatigue with Trump and also real motivation to get him out of office that helped Democrats win back. The house is also going to put him in the White House in November maker, MIKE? Thank you very much and John Le Maire your thoughts on a tale of two campaigns, especially that child of Donald Trump and Pennsylvania. Yesterday wasn't Super Spreader event. There was a large crowd of people, people very exe, and to come, see their president someone masks many not and seemingly no sense that a dangerous deadly pandemic was you know full action in this country. At this moment you start making. This is the new formula for the Trump Camp
this river airport hangers, do not quite the size, certainly of his usual mega rallies, wrote what he tried to pull off and also over the summer. And they are to some degree outdoors, that's good in terms of the virus by a lot of it is it my colleague who is there said very few in the crowd. Actually war mask. Certainly there wasn't a lot of social distancing, so these remain certainly concerns from health standpoint. I think we are seeing it became MIKE's point two very different visions of a campaign of there's no sense please not yet the job I that's gonna have similar events yo though he is certainly picking up his pace. It travelled that's going to continue the next week, or so we know that the presidency will it be out more days than not holding event
like that they ve already advice, if you next week in states like Minnesota higher North Carolina, but there are also different views of the electorate. Yes to be sure, but also different styles of governing and just different different. We almost realities right now with the present use his event canosa to speak squarely to law enforcement is for us to align himself with the response there to paint, the protests as as all being violent, but of course, that there were thousands of violence, they largely have been peacefully peaceful demonstrations. Well, Joe Biden of Course, took a different approach and keep it met with the family. He team sound. He d address the underlying cause of the unrest. The black men who have suffered in some cases died at the hands of police. Ultra hasn't mentioned any of that. So it's not just two different styles of approach, its two different messages to two different audiences to two different views of how the of the job of the presidency
That's what we're seeing here: the fundamentals, the stark choice. The contrast couldn't be sharper between these two men as we go into the home stretch of this risk. When and how fascinating. As you look at the split screens of Joe Binds event yesterday and Donald Trump Survey yesterday, again Joe Biden, wearing a mask because people around Donald. And most of the crowded, not wearing masks and catty Kay. Let's take a step beyond that Donald Trump, actually marked Joe Biden yesterday last night, for wearing a mask do you ever see a man that likes a mask? much as home. It gives him a feeling of security. The president said, If I was a psychiatrist, learn to speak English tunnel if I were a psychiatrist I'd say this: guy has some big issues, so here,
Donald Trump, who a marking oh by that, yet another Super spreader event for wearing a mask of course, Donald from just a month ago, was finally convince to wear a mask and everybody his staff shamed themselves, by talking about how how manly and sexy and whatever else say said about Donald Trump, how increase Donald Trump looked in a mask he's now back to mocking Americans for, protecting those around them? I think the lack of this objective, maybe the least of the problems that we have here, but the present was. It was such a strange events last night because, first of all it broke Pennsylvania, his own guidelines on how many people can gather in public. So I guess at potentially makes it
go on the Pennsylvania law in terms of how many people were there, then at one point in the speech the president says: I'm all four mosques, a new right. He said in the past a little at the loan. Ranger he's try to kind of make a big thing of it is I'm all four mosque sooner this weekend is Labour Day weekend where a mosque, if need to. I am all for them and then just minutes Two there is need set start smoking, Joe Biden and suggesting that, Some kind of security blanket Joe Biden and wearing a mosque epidemiologists have this joke right from the beginning of this pandemic, the one of the most important things we need to fight. It is clarity and consistency in messaging in this space a few minutes in one speech, Donald Trump. Through that, clarity that consistency out of the window, and that makes the people's job who are trying to fight this pandemic. That much harder of the factory was out yesterday warning people about this weekend
people about this. We can, from the MID west in particular its a holiday weekend, Mama, build a weekend produced horrible results in this country? They want to make sure labour day doesn't do the same. There is fat shouted saying where the mask where the mosque, this is, was gonna, get us ready to go into the winter and what does Donald Trump do throw set out undermines the whole message modest. Message again and that's gonna, make it very difficult for America to fight the pandemic, We wanted to joy Reed, I'm so excited to tell you about. My new MSNBC show the retail every week, I'm talking with the biggest news makers about the most pressing issues of our time, like Joe Biden, the words of president matter and so is present United States. The first thing I want to do a stand up and talk sense and be honest with the american people level with them at last
mayor casual Lance bottom, we need as many voices as we can have as possible sounding the alarm, encouraging people to wear masks and to take all precautions, antibiotics, science and the data Senator Kamel Harris. We send folks into a more wearing camouflaged. So what is going on here when you said camouflaged uniformed officers into a sitting and many more you can listen to the reader as a pod cast by searching for the redoubt. That's our HIV! Oh you t one word were ever your listing right now and subscribing for free thanks for listening
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