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Joe Biden is leading Donald Trump 53 to 44 percent in Pennsylvania, according to new NBC News/Marist polling, and Biden is leading in the state among suburban voters, voters with college degrees and women.

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good morning and welcome to morning Joe. It is one that one's day September, nine long with Joe Willie in May. We have White House Rapporteur for the associate, ass, Jonathan Le Maire, professor at Princeton, diversity and author of the book begin again: Eddie Claude Junior and professor. The London be Johnson School of public affairs at the University of taxes and thus NBC contributor Victoria differences. Go so tell you, know the Hague that we have a lot of poles to get to this morning, but Willie. I I I would be remiss of Jonathan Wellmere and I didn't give you a sign of things to come. This far is Jonathan, here's what Jonathan you? Why don't you just tell Willie, which you tweeted about the Red, Sox and a sure sign that they're about to break like Secretariat down the home stretch online stakes and when the
old series go ahead. It's really baseball law, we know about Babe Ruth calling a shot or any bank say, let's play to its cliche is there any time, there's a pandemic mandated Double, had a rule where you only play seven earnings and again when you lose the first game and walk off fashion, but rally to win the second how many times have we seen it. That's a shirt. Four October Joe, and I know- and I are clearly our calendars. How many times have you seen it? How many times since it is well truly. Its baseball law
or by now is it? Now? If you you, you, you win the second half of US twilight, double header shorten. Seventeen, that's that's is that society will how the anchor still and by the well. I know, you're gonna, see I'd like to pile on here and point out. The secretary was not thirteen and a half games back when he broke down the stretch it the better, but the Ankara is now are tied in the lost column for fourth place. In the earliest, after losing again last night to the Blue Jays their tide. What size is awaiting my way, why we always there, while everyone I mean it. I mean I mean really serious here, because I've been so obsessed with the Red Sox. I haven't been looking around the other league to remedy them so the leg and then a couple days ago we saw that they were a couple games above five hundred. I expect and be like ten games in
So what's your anomaly? I gotta get Garrett called best pitcher and baseball with figure. Okay. This is one of the best Yankee teens who seen in a long time. While everybody got hurt again, it happened last year, Stanton got hurt, Judge got hurt, Torres got hurt. Harry Sanchez is heard and can't hit a you just go down the list are their heart or not performing the pitchings out. What we thought would be the boy. That's not what we thought it would be. There's still time their six and a half gains up a man. When you looked on paper, this was going to be really really good Yankee Team and they have totally disappointed. They started great. They look good and just totally all of God, and not to everything on injuries, but when literally half starters around the injured, lest it's tough to win It is bizarre house snake bit, the Yankees have been over the past couple years. I said when the Red Sox one hundred and eight games in two thousand eighteen- that that- really wasn't the most remarkable the thing even the American League EAST that year it was that the Yankees won a hundred games as beating
because they were and man you guys have been beaten up every year. How many? The again, I'm sorry I haven't been bet. In close enough to take from the other side run that manageable well, it is more serious if we can queue up one moment in time by Whitney Houston after last night. I do how many Help me the Yankees players. Do you guys expect to be back in time for the play ass? I said it further Why asked they should be back with a question that this point is: do they make the play off something I think their homeland of the eighth spot right now have to look after last night, but their clinging play off Marcel they'll get you know they ve got time for the playoffs and you'll get guys back, but the question is: will it be too late by then too ass, those magical red, Sox,
by where you, William, updates good right. The other now now no locate morning, but yet thank you for moving Le Maire has something to say. I've already have one idea, whittling nearing, that's all. It makes an owl said no giants and John here has had its say and then there's a delay when he finally says it in that's. Like law was now of the banter whole, removing it there's a new light offensive vain yeah. I wanted to talk about the other guys out. Just now that has Joe Biden up nine point. Seven president rotten in the latest NBC needs Meroz. Well, Biden is up in Pennsylvania, fifty three to forty four percent.
Life and he demographic spied and holds that advantage among suburban voters by nineteen points. Voters. But the college degree by twenty nine women by twenty one and independent voters by twenty two white voters are split between Biden tromp at forty nine percent. Each president Trump holds an advantage with White Evangel calls would why and why should you like, as you got, that endorsement from Jerry followed, will not let you say he is a living breathing example of of the bee? today, in somebody nine points, wow, that's a whole story within itself. White voters without a college degree, my twenty two rural odors, also by twenty two and among men by five percent Willie Bureau, where we have think again, because some people are still jarred by two thousand. Sixteen
You here. This is just like Clinton and an tromp is gonna, say going to happen again. The thing we're seeing here is: is Joe Biden in more Paul's and not when he's had is getting close to fifty percent are above fifty percent. Here is sitting at fifty three percent. A lot of other pulls Weena this morning he's at fifty fifty one percent. There aren't a lot of persuadable laughed and people were going in the last two months in twenty. Sixteen to figure out who they were going to vote for blood many many said they try to figure out who was the lesser of what they consider to be two evils here. That's not the case. And we- and we should say that this, this Pennsylvania, Poles, a bit of an outline or other poll, showed it two three four five, this one has nine points but again looking at binds numbers he's above fifty percent,
here? It certainly is where you want to be two months out, no question about it. I think the panic was inevitable from Democrats at such a long raises starts to feel good over the course of the summer. Some polls show Donald Trump. Closing the gap a little bit in the panic sets in a bed. But if you look thoroughly well in just a moment these morning, consult battleground polls show by still leading, to those some of them tighter than he'd like it to be, but let's ferment I am glad this. The race last time was won by a sliver, to be generous in Wisconsin in Pennsylvania and Michigan all those states. So if Joe Biden can swim a few votes in two or three of those states that when the action and if you look in those cross tabs amongst suburban voters among women among America, what college degrees and all these battleground states he's enjoying comfortable lead? There are areas of concern like Latino, what's in the state of Florida, but by and large, despite the panic that we hear from some Democrats right now, he's still
sickly where he's been I think he's the more willing to more everyone. I think he's in good position. I think it's important for them. Get too confident we do now it will continue, I think, to tighten in some sort in certain ways, but I think Vice President Biden, Needs to in some ways invest more in the local community. Those numbers in Florida raise some questions, remain a kind of truly back into the tutor the sixteen moment I guess Joe, with Hillary Clinton in Milwaukee and some other places, but I he's in good stead, always worried now in the context of the Pandemic Willie. What do we make of the round in how will it look? What did that's? What does a turn look like how this out of the ground game make itself known in this context, but he's the position and I think that's a good thing to be done. Anything worth saying, but he's in a good position so Can we go make it to the Florida. Poles are that Eddie was reference.
The latest NBC News, Maris Paul, has widened and president tromp tied at forty percent, among likely Florida voters with some key demographics, shifting their support from twenty sixteen Biden is up. Black voters by seventy two points, women by seventeen independent voters by eleven and it is a statistical tie among seniors, which is a demographic group that trump one by seventeen points according to twenty sixteen exit polls that must be pandemic related. You would think President tromp holds that advantage among men by twenty points. White voters by fifteen white voters without college degree by twenty eight points and among Latinos five four points which he is, which is a statistical tie, we're going have more on that in just a minute but in the latest morning, console Paul Biden holds a sick
point made nationally over President Trump, fifty two forty four percent on K, Battleground states Biden is up by ten in Michigan up by aid in Wisconsin by six in Colorado by five in Florida, Pennsylvania and soda by three in Arizona by one in North Carolina? The two are tied in Texas and President tromp holds a tube lead in Georgia and five point lead. Oh hi jobs, jobs little mural lot go through their. I gotta start with we're talking about poles. It seem to be little bit outside the margins that Pennsylvania Pole, showing eight eight nine points, bats It's really looks like an outline, or maybe it's a sign of things too. Same thing with Arizona sitting at about two or three percentage points there: Spend more comfortably for buying and still is showing up is more comfortable laid in in most states, but I mean
in most poles about Arizona, but you look at all of these numbers and again it shows a steady solid, led for Joe Biden. Here we are a week past. Pensions. A week past can and and I mean you and me talking and early August, saying a you know, came saying: I've got three months. Is staff was try, you say well, no, Mr President, early voting starts soon enough. Well, early voting has started, and these now are not moving in trumps direction, except for what we're about to talk about. After this about his annex in the state of Florida, but than that boy, these It's a pretty solid, it striking Joe dislike the spectacle of the conventions and obviously the tumult we have seen on the streets and can OSHA and Portland things that they republics
start would all benefit the president Trump just how stable this race remains. Yes, Did you write that Pennsylvania pole? I fed was to be an outlier. Both can neither campaign thinks the margin is anywhere near. That big, though both agree that Joe Biden right now is is up but by a smaller, a smaller amount. I think there are a few things to go through here. One is that is that there seems to be sorted out about it. You're back to some of these states and our dive and deeper into floored at a moment at the idea. The forty certainly is a state where there has been some tightening yet a demographically. Or State Arizona has not been the case that one pull aside Joe Biden had a pretty healthy, lead there saying, but the great Lakes States, the Pennsylvania was constant in Michigan Michigan throughout this race, the has been Joe Biden, probably best battleground state he's had a precise believed the point. Earlier this spring and Summer Joe, we talked at length about the trunk campaign at all for all the thought of the Tower Michigan. They were, of course they are now they feel
They see some movement, they ve invested more money there, but certainly Biden is still up. He still Joyce a pretty decent leaving was constantly. Despite all of the energy the trunk the trunk campaign has poured into Wisconsin thinking in connection the turning point, but yet, while those two still lean pretty clearly to bite in Pennsylvania, this one pull aside looks at more of a toss though it is hard to imagine a scenario where Joe Biden would actually lose pensively his native state, where he has such strength, both in the cities of Philadelphia in Pittsburgh, but also Northeast Scram, where he's from that part of it first of all, on the Philadelphia suburbs, there's a sense that that tea in the middle of the state, the red tee of world voters, other privileges are quite enough votes there for Donald Trump. This time around, though, of course he did poured out narrowly four years ago. There is also another factor. Here is as much as the trunk campaigners is
These points to their way tat pretty adds up on the next few days. There is an issue about money that they they have not really their fund, raising total in August yet will just striking here we are September night through you coming up on him. Tenth eleventh, and they still haven't done it. That's days late after the binding care put up a record through fifty million or more fundraising hall from August, the trunk campaign has remained silent and they're looking to expand, that because they are so nervous about states like Arizona and they try to figure out past the two. Seventy they realized they ve got to figure out. Some others to put in place, which is why we're seeing this late investment in Minnesota and now heading this weekend: Nevada, another state Nevada where the trunk kept painters like they have to play is otherwise if they lose Arizona. There's no path to seventy
Well, more now on trumped leading Biden by four points among Latinos in the NBC merest pole of Florida voters, its demographic, that when for Hillary Clinton and twenty sixteen by twenty seven points, Troms it over Biden in that pole is sizeable among Latinos cuban descent, whereas by there's just slightly had, among all other Latinos in the state and pull out of Florida shows similar trend in the Van dick? A Monday International Miami, Harold pull out of Miami Immediate County Fine leads among Non cuban Hispanics by twenty six point. Fifty eight to thirty two percent. However, among Cubans, president Tromp has a thirty eight point: sixty eight to thirty so. We ve seen two thousand sixteen and two thousand eighteen cuban Americans making huge
France, and how elections turn out with Georgie going for Donald Trump and two thousand sixteen, and actually not, That's cuban Americans going for the democratic candidates for governor and Senator allowing Republicans to really go against the tide and two thousand eighteen teen Victoria. As we talk about these Paul's that are causing democratic to flinch may, why'd? They morning in Florida a couple of things: yes, Cuba. Americans are, are put off, especially He put off by socialist policies: by the fear that Joe Biden, if, if elected, will implement policies, influenced by people. Bernie Sanders and YO see that, certainly why? What the term campaign has been pushing?
But also man, nothing works like work Donald Trump has been won. King hard, ties in MILAN Stop and the cuban american community. First. Time and then hard work. Surprise, surprise is paying off dividends right now, Joe Biden has not worked hard down there. Hispanic communities in the cuban american communities yet and I think we're seeing the results and that at least in these two poles and they deed me flinching, Joe Democrats, should absolutely brief, and seeing at these members I mean look. The cuban numbers are not surprising. We know that Republicans have always had a very strong based with cuban boaters. However, we ve seen that basic role under Donald Trump is
cultivated that boat over the last four years and, as you pointed out Joe, he has been put Nanda, were the trunk campaign has been up in Florida with heavy as with digital ads for at least two months with Biden coming, I would say later than that, so that matters. But what I have my eye on and in writing Democrats should really be worried about is the non cupid. So every remember in twenty six in filler Clinton, one non cuban, lengthy NOS seventy one to twenty six percent. So what's happening there what's happened. With a border with the porter rican voters for traditionally more democratic and who had been growing in huge numbers as a result of border regions migrating over from the island because of the economic downturn because of the hurricanes. They are right at the beginning Firms of getting them registered to birch and bringing over the democratic five, but
he's pulls aren't showing that I think that what we Being here is true for the trunk campaign. Building out, it's you been based very helpfully something. There. Obama had shaped into an away in twelve and at the same time, I'm staying there that the term campaign is so picking up some non cuban Martinez, I'm thinking you know that the diaspora folks have come throughout Latin America remains soil answer. Rob wins, also, probably picking off some Puerto Ricans. This is going to be very worrisome as we get down to the home stretch of the election, because there isn't gonna be that much more time to mobilise the these voters registered abode in turn out because it also mobilization game six. This is something that Democrats should have their here on fire about naturally near you know and Willie the mistaken we ve been saying it on the show for many years Now my mistake. The Democrats
made for some time is a lot of Democrats have made for some time progressive rats, especially, is the assumption that all Hispanics all Latinos, are the same other than cuban a merry and so they all vote the same that they operate Justin. True, like black voters in South Carolina and across the deep South and really across Amerika proved in the dim, product primary this year They are far more conservative with a small see that some than some of the more woke elements, the White woke elements of the National Democratic Party, is Reverend now calls in latte liberals. So so this message that Donald all trumps, is sending not only to cuban Americans, but also two new new,
voters that are coming in from Porto Rico and across Latin America that Joe I'm is going to be implementing socialist policies. You know that That is a very persuasive argument. Fear. A new arrival from Venezuela are if you're a new arrival from Nicaragua are, if you're a cuban American and and that something that tromp campaign understands, and it's something that Denmark it's a mess for a very long time. Nothing against Bernie Sanders, but is sand Sanders Bland of of of social policies does not play well among a lot of Latinos. Will they say they at least in the general election. I now we did did well in the democratic right.
But not in general elections, especially in Florida. There's a reason. The trunk campaign continues to push this idea that Joe Biden is merely a vessel for what he calls the radical left. Bernie Sanders, Elsie, etc, etc, and it's you can see it interaction in the hispanic community, even if others roll their eyes and say, wait a minute. Look at Joe Biden career were fifty years. He's been a centrist has been criticized as even as recently as during the democratic primary for being too of a centrist Victoria meant. Sitting in your view of whether this plays beyond borders of the state of Florida, three million or so registered for eligible voters, hispanic eligible voters in Florida, one point: three million l Oh hispanic voters in the state of Arizona in both states, that's more than twenty percent of the electorate, so is this more than a Florida story. Should Democrats be worried about other places beyond Florida. We should be worried. I guess at the level of degree riots ideal world
in Arizona. Ah, we seem traditionally annex being a little bit more conservative, even though their next, the American does that a little bit more conservative and say knows in California, are lacking us in New York. That being said, if you remember back, U S beak and seventy the show me your papers, law, since then we have seen activism by the part of the left community in response to that and nothing lives like anger, so that anger against us be and seventy the anger against Yo R pile slipping back. His help Democrats with eleven community in Arizona citing that's where we're seeing some headway with Joe Biden in Arizona the other thing about it: So now is that you have a very competitive, then rates. You have more highly a centrist. You know a hero, an astronaut he's been doing some good
reached Villa Tino Community in Arizona thanking that's going to help as well. In addition to the difference in demographics about the interest you have that right and here in taxes, I can't believe my eyes lit were seeing the he's in the arts tied near intact, Bisbee, no deep red taxes, but what's he knows, are again art of the story, but we have to recognise that there is shaped of of ideology with the blessing of community here in taxes. It can't be assumed that Alex you knows and circling to be. A lot remember. This is a state where George W Bush wordy name set the latino vote boat when he ran for re election as Governor Latinos are open in Texas. The voting for Republicans I think, Biden has made inroads, especially because looking as in Texas have been so hard hit by the pandemic, but still be very cautious
The bureau, a democratic mobile, either be as the trunk and pain knows that date and prevent that too, that lucky no based and pull them in terms of family values in terms of entrepreneurial spirit. In terms that that's, I think that there is a little bit more confident that implored. That not a whole thought. Do you want the taxes race is really is removed. Above all, we have seen one Paul after another, showing Basically, I tied raise over the past several minds and we're still within the margin of error there and a lot of It does have to do with the explosion of latina voters and taxes, but also the loss of republican form, republican strongholds a GEO p candidates Suburbs of Dallas, sighed, the suburbs of Houston and a lot of areas that used to The wettest of Red States, so
Thank you so much Victoria eighty Francesca Ceta. We greatly appreciate you been with a shout of a mere one final thought on Arizona. When I have been talking for some time about how Arizona its strange to see Arizona and Florida go in to to directions. Most polls show Donald Trump losing Arizona. Five, six seven points and Florida tightening up and that's been a trend over the past couple weeks and other than the cuban American. Issue in Florida, which is obviously very big. We ve been asking why, and I think that story may have just really touched on it there when she talked about the anger, toward some of the things that Republicans have done in and the state of Arizona, and I'm just wondering if characters like Joe or I who Donald Trump Pardon. I wonder if Joe Pio doesn't prove to be the
he'd Wilson of Arizona at the end of the day, and am I the way- and I am speaking in short- it is certainly PETE. Wilson, of course, was the republican governor who pushed Addy immigration law, in that state and well Republicans, haven't one is statewide races since then, but go ahead. Jonathan Think, there's a comparison we made there and the backlash to some of these to these, racism, we Schroeder Donald Trump rise know that twenty fifteen twenty sixteen republican primary was due in large to his rhetoric on immigration is hard line. Stance on on immigration- and he has backed away from that since taking office. You know he has during this time Now he is still made a couple of trips terrorism twice now to Uma one. When I was to inspect the border, while he's still making out a central part of of what he's about like everything else. That's happened.
Right now. I think there is some backlash to that seen in Arizona it's also Centaurus, certainly where the democratic mandate Kelly as a wide margin over item exactly the republic in far greater than that. At the moment, Joe Biden has, over over Donald Trump You know this is potentially you maybe is vital state on the map. You're, going back to what we were saying before the in terms of the reach of that to seventy six Many of the Trump scenarios include Arizona. If they don't, they don't get Arizona an extraordinary pressure from it with more than one of those great lakes states that could include medicine that's not enough. They need more than that. They might need to flip Pennsylvania, Would you be exceedingly exceedingly difficult, then the binding campaign knows that they have devoted a lot of source in Arizona this talk of can a visitor. Shortly. One thing they are looking at, though, the difference between the two its ground games, to talk about Briefly, what Eddie said earlier? The Roma can send me
much more or less if it despite the pandemic, so we can be concern about health issues, about going door to door. Still there put a lot of money into that effort. Far more. The Democrats have that's, when we said that we should watch also carefully in these next months, let's take a look now at some of the other stories were following this morning. There are now more than five hundred thousand corona virus cases in children and they and states in children. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, these numbers came from from August twenty two September. Third, seventy thousand six hundred and thirty children. The cases where port. An increase of sixteen percent. The largest increases were report, in six states, Indiana hacking, Missouri Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota It is rare that children develop severe symptoms. Experts warn that children can pass the virus onto more vulnerable,
family members also to teachers? Children's says now make up nearly ten percent of total cases in the country. The present survey Khatami a pediatric set in this state. Quote. These numbers are a chilling reminder why we need to take this virus serious, low and weak. Also what we don't others we don't know right now. What is a long term impacts? chronic virus on children on on younger kids. Teenagers. We just are assuming that are well. They get at every level. Nipples they move on. We found even in an athlete. Of the Red Sox best, pitcher Twenty seven year old athlete got it and now he's got heart problems that something that I ve seen happening with others as well, so again, we don't know the full extent in the long term impact of the corona virus on children or
on. Teenagers. Are all these people that we just assume that can get it speed? children aware it is Betsy Divorce, who I mean where, whereas a plan for schools, because right now The mitigation, the leadership on mitigation, is barely their compared to other countries. And vaccine hopes are, are becoming a little fleeting. There is good reason matter: coming is no plan, so destructive wildfires continue to spread across California, where officials have successfully transported out more than one hundred p. Stranded in remote locations of the Sierra Nevada by the Creek fire yesterday One hundred and forty eight campers and others, along with sixteen dogs, were airlifted to safety by the cap. For National Guard, as This morning, the creek fire, as spread over one hundred and forty three curse and zero percent contained. The state has seen a record breaking two point: three million acres burned this year alone and
entire command structure of the Rochester Police, department stepped down yesterday in the wake of protests over the death of Daniel Prude in police custody, the Rochester chief of police. The deputy chief these and a commander, announced their retirement, while another deputies open commander work demoted the police. Chief said in his statement: the Miss Characterisation and the police. Cessation of the actions that I took after me informed Mr Prudes death is not based on facts and is what I stand for. Rochester police had not disclosed prudence death until his family's request for records led to lease of body can video from them of his march arrest. Protests have ensued: in Rochester calling for the resignation of the chief and the mayor since the video was released. Last Wednesday, the chieftain
any wrong doing on the part of the officers who have since been suspended, twenty or veteran will step down at the end of September, wriggle out. What's your reaction to the events in Rochester well it seems to me that it is reasonable outcome, Joe Book, the pressure, the Broughton Bro. To bear on the command structure of the Rochester police. The direct result of the disclosure of the video, are too that the family was groping. For answers and they only moved. That is the wrong way. To police command structure, they only moved with public pressure. If the video was revealed is the evidence had not come interview, would they done anything, that's the question, and so he might make the argument that they did nothing wrong, but it's not in the actual evidence that the same thing happened in them, not our very case, if we recall not withdraw the police, but nothing happened,
to the video was revealed that these white men and literally shop is black man down. Nothing happened in terms of policing with regards to holding these folk accountable, so it makes sense that public pressure would right, this kind of outcome people have to be held accountable, Joe, and this is just one example of the public bringing pressure to bear folk actually being held accountable. Yeah and Jonathan DA mayor You just sent me sent me some. Some sad NEWS with all the talk of college football starting up and with us talking about the impact of covert nineteen on not only on children, but also athletes. Some very news out of college football yeah Joe, and I think it's to your point about how we simply do not know yet. The ramifications of this insidious disease on and even those among us who look like the youngest and unhealthy as a college, football players and reported
by various sources, including NBC, Jamie and Stevens costs player at the caliph. He received Pennsylvania, the sound of the former and fell player died at the age of twenty two corner. A pandemic, their season had been had been cancelled, but twenty years old- and I think it points to and certainly our hearts and impressive allotted to him and his family teammates in and so on. It shows again the though the president himself is part of the pressure here to get these I'll just to play. Some conferences are resuming there, sir, are gonna, have their seasons, others not the NFL then a start on Thursday night, there's still so we don't know and in particular in college Schwartz. Yet these are vastly its we're not being paid. They dare not able to make same to restore war decisions that a lot of their pro counterparts can just goes to show just how much of this disease we don't know and why there are some those its extraordinary risk for some debate:
Their resuming the sort of group activities one way, The question is: how much of a risk are you willing to take to be entertained? That's question and again we talk about IRAN, fantastic young pitcher for the Red Sox get covered Everybody is sound located at the beginning of the seas and he'll be back in about twenty days. Well now, for the year, because he's got a heart condition now and may never pitch again. Yeah. I don't know what the if there are pre existing conditions for this young man who died, and it does look like just reading the story that his college team had canceled their season, so I don't believe he was playing and what his teammates, but your point, is the right one, which is that these are young, healthy people. In the primes their physical lives and we don't, by definition, as you said earlier, we don't know much about this disease. Called the novel corona virus. That means it's new. It means something doctors and scientists have never seen, but
war, so as public health experts Doktor John others tell us every time there here were learning as we go. Doctors are learning as we go, No, the long term effects of this on children, unhealthy young adults, we ve seen what it can do to senior communities but This is a learn as you go thing and that's why I think that you know he's so many people airing on the side of caution, because they don't want to roll the dice and learned later that their decision cost lives, still I had a morning jail, a major vaccine study gets put on hold due to a suspected adverse reactions and basis, you're summons, joins us with that new reporting plus former FBI. Agent Peter struck, who became a target of the president for his role and the Trump Russia investigation will be our guest you're,
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today. It has pause now its global trials that includes large late stage trials of experimental corona virus vaccine. That's due to suspected see is adverse reactions in a participant in the United Kingdom. Is now NBC new senior international, corresponding cure Simmons care good morning. So this was one of the many promising vaccines that was there what exactly happened here. That's. Why will you come to be known? I guess, as the Oxford University vaccine, you are making the great point just before the break that there's so much we don't know about. The corona virus that point extends It's a vaccine, so two crucial things to say: really the vaccine research does not work to a political timeline. It works for a scientific time line and we have to the sobering reality, which this brings ensue, start relief, that we may not find a vaccine or the corona virus. It he's well what we know this.
Trial involving tens of thousands of people here in the UK there in the U S in Brazil and South Africa in India has been paused, it's been paused everyone both phase to and phase three trials is not the first time there was a pause. It just lasted a few days in phase one when someone had a adverse reactions and was hospitalized. There is an indian review under way and after Seneca, making clear that that is a routine action whenever the zone unexplained illness so in a way is routine. But it is also saying yes, the New York Times, reporting that a volunteer in the trial? here suffered from trends, this may alliances which is viral infection of the Spine NBC News hasn't confirm that one source reporting, but it just a brings home. The point tat that this ban Seeing potentially would be given to billions of people around the world. So is not just about whether this
it is about whether it safe and even if there's a fraction of danger that has the risk, undermining people's confidence and also, of course, risking people's health and unwilling. Today, We spoke into one potential person who would take the child in his sixties. He says: he's now. Second thoughts. So so that just underscores that that you really you have to make sure these vaccines are safe. Otherwise, frankly that they are self defeating, We should remind people that these companies are moving at unprecedented pays to try to get this vaccine, not just the one is describing, but all of them, so is it sense care that they feel the political pressure. If you will, president from talk All the time about perhaps seen, ready by election day before election day, Doktor Anthony Fouche, came out yesterday and said he finds that very unlikely by the end of the year at the earliest. But are these company his feeling that pressure what really there's money involved. So there's always pressure from that. We speak regularly.
The scientists at Oxford University who are buying this particular vaccine, are they gonna say they give no impression that they are under that kind of pressure. The only pressure that you feel under is that, of course, there is a a global hunger for a viable vaccine. It also makes another point, and the head of vaccines are welcome. Making this point at the statement saying this is why it's important that doing work on multiple vaccines, because some may be effective in India. Ways some may work and on others may not work. So I think that the political pressure plainly is there, but and frankly, that the real pressure is just for these scientists and doctors to find a way to help people around about moving. Great care Simmons in London forces morning care thanks so much Mika while coming up spirited reelection massive protests, police, violence and now
position later detained, we'll talk about the deepening and police. Call crisis in Belarus, Russia, roll the. U S is responding morning, this coming right back last Here there was a victim of identity theft, every three seconds, which means a criminal could be spending your money applying for loans in your name, damaging your credit or and selling your personal info on the dark web- and you could miss certain threats to your eye did by only checking bank statements and monitoring your credit, so get lifelong identity theft, protection lifelike, he's certain threats. You could miss and alerts you if they find something that could be suspicious plus. If you become a victim of identity theft. A U S base, identity, restoration, specialist dedicated to your case will work to fix it from start to finish. No one can prevent
identity, theft or monitor. All transactions at all businesses, but you can find out if you are formation is on the dark web. Get your free, dark web scan at lifelong dot com, slash scan pick the planet's right for you and save up to twenty five percent off your first year by using promo code M J, that's lifelong dot com, slash scan and use promo code M J for twenty five percent off. A leading belarussian opposition figure. Maria Kalashnikovs has been detained trying to flee the country to Ukraine according to spell Russians, media, but her car eggs dispute that saying she tore up her passport and out of a car at the border to avoid being forcibly expelled from Belarus Kalashnikov as part of three of women forming the opposition to Belarus
that and Alexander Lukashenko who refuses to step down a bit mass protests that erupted in the way of last month's disputed elections on Monday, cholesterol, Cobo was abducted along with few colleagues, by masked men who snatched or from the street, and forced her into a car. According to local reports, her colleagues, broke from Ukraine yesterday, confirming that they had confirming they had been kidnapped and war accepted to leave Belarus, cholesterol, clover refused making to russian journalists. Yesterday, Lukashenko blamed the? U S for the protests and country warning quote is better this collapses today. Russia, Oh, come next embassy has contacted that Bela russian Border Services and President Luke Franco's office for comment, no word back door
Now the president of the council on foreign relations and author of the book, the world a brief in reduction, Richard Hoss, also with Former. U S ambassador to Sweden under President Obama Mark prison He served on the National Security Council staff under President Clinton, as rector of Russian and Eurasia affairs or regional financial times aborting this morning that maxims now, who is another of the Coordination Council which was set up? negotiate a transfer of power. Spare abducted this morning by the state that now means five of seven members of this council have been adopted. Are state are driven from the country, though Why has Donald trumps response to this ban? Will the United stage jail and the EU about criticized? What's going on and from all the terrible situation, the United States,
You are talking about economic sanctions, but, quite honestly, events on the ground are out basing what the United age or Europe are saying and doing, and what you described central unit empty decapitate. The polluter the opposition in your grants, or rather than something blood like this. Lenny in Ukraine, what we say Belarus is something much more targeted in this space, The leadership I think it's probably being done with the significant ray a russian assistance and one since gave. What should the United States government do in this situation the choice that the West faces in Belarus is: is this going to be? Poland It is now a free european country and a member of NATO and the EU, or is it going to be Ukraine, the country now she's illegally occupied by Russia. That's the choice
forty years ago this year, the the birth of the Solidarity movement in Poland, out of the guitar, ship yards and what that was. It was a solidarity of opposition between workers and intelligentsia between Eastern Poland in Western Poland, that is Belarus. That's the opera. They are. It's a consolidation of all the different groups that oppose the this known as the last dictator of Europe, What did America do forty years ago when solid Eddie was born funded solidarity. I mean meagre We will remember that our father was national security adviser at the time he literally signed off on blocks of cash being done or to lack, though, and so the head of solidarity and leisure guerrilla war This be Ukraine which in certain is stumbled along after the collapse of the Soviet Bloc twenties
countries emerged out of the collapse of the Soviet Bloc. Sir, thrived sums both along and those vulnerable have been picked on by Russia, which is trying to read them into something that put in hope, resurrects some kind of skeleton of the former Soviet Bloc, well, you know is very interesting. Mark is talking about how doctor essentially obviously in the Carter administration worked defined, solidarity. What we say fascinating or the stories that he told about how he worked quietly with Reagan, administration and Bill Casey, especially if they continue to help dissident the iron curtain well, under the Reagan administration, Richard Hoss or surprise, I guess we shouldn't be surprised by anything that blood a mere Putin does when he knows that he's gonna get very little pushed back or not at all. From the president, I say to you surprise how old
Vladimir Putin has been in offering his support to crushing these democratic protests. Knots I chose he's, got geography on his side, but again, Putin does not want to do what he did in you'd brain you dont have a russian ethnic demographic. In Belarus, like you had in Ukraine, it without being nearly ass, a politically popular at all. He wants to do. More shortly, you're saying in the conversation phrases like soft annexation integration he wants to draw the ten million or so people of Belarus back into the russian orbit. We obviously don't have military options, the options we have or things like more talk about, supporting the opposition, not just reportedly but financially. Sanction the russian sanction. Belarus, people around Lukashenko, but, let's be honest, our options here are less than good again. Geography. Geography refers
and disadvantages oceans and on the leadership and and and Belarus that said you it's hard not to be impressed by the breadth and depth the opposition, the role of women, but it always comes down to security forces if the security forces are willing to arrest and build their own people. It will be very hard for the protest to prevail Eric Friday is the nineteenth anniversary of September eleventh, and we got news just months ago that one of the wars launched in response, the Iraq war and March of two thousand three. The footprint will You were induced sent com announcing yesterday are just a couple of minutes ago. Excuse me that American will be reduced down to three thousand over the course of this month, just in the next few weeks, Is that a good decision? What's the impact? Obviously there will be some politics involved here a couple months before the election, the President can SAM bring the troops home. But what about this decision.
Believe me uneasy. Willie object is to reason to keep the truth they want. Is the war against terrorism doesn't at its open, ended proposition the other they use it for that worried about IRAN in the Middle EAST. One of the ways be pushed back about against IRAN is buyer closeness with Iraq by the people the? U S, force presence in Iraq entered that is unilaterally again reduce our presence in Iraq? It seems to me That is an increasing gap between the rich? thus of our rhetoric against IRAN and what we in Syria now what we seeing in Iraq handing down of an american physical presence in the region so marked Brzezinski. The eighty seven yesterday I sure you know condemned the poisoning of all needed and actually Pompiers signed on. Despite the fact, Donald Trump is still claiming He has no idea how such a thing whatever happens, what
Should the United States still, let's, let's move forward and and just for argument. Sake assume that We have a new administration on January Twentieth, twenty twenty one What should the United States position words, Russia, be add such as this when, when Putin poisons kills his next political opponent, our poison kills the next year. To rights and negative article about in jail these. Issues whether it's the poisoning of Nevada only the situation in Belarus. These are just american problems, These are international problems and it is good when- There's join us concern about the current tight where, these issues were corona or the threat of international terrorism. Is that we fragmented alliances. We have turned it
Instead, our friends and we have a little. It coddled our enemies, and I think that a unity of purpose word hurt me about love It pertains to involve only speak in one voice. It with has a much more credible impact on someone like Putin, then low levels administration officials in the Trump administration. You know speaking tough about Belarus, but then really nothing much coming from the top. The opportunity of a national election and change in America is just rating, a unity of purpose among shared minds around the world against it challenges, I mean look, look at Canada, the debt Prime Minister of Canada, Christie Freeland, who used appear regularly on your show, Is it sanctioned person by Russia? You know, I mean This is because she speaks Stuffily about Putin and about What happens in Central Europe
these are things that we should join with our friends to stand up against and we not doing that credibly in certain ways what's happening and dollar was, is hanging fruit? This could be done receives dawn in central I am speaking to all the Americans who have slavic Indians on at the end of their last name. Like me, guy, and I share we, from people in a part of the world that recently were occupied and have had a very delicate position. Now we have an opportunity to really support the opposition and to create change in the heart of Europe in Belarus? so do further concern the data strong position to support the right side in Ukraine? We're not doing that Richard ass. I want to end talked about Russia. I want to end talking about China, because one thing that.
Obviously I understand this happens in every campaign. There is a rush to see who can bash China the most from both candidates- and I understand that's happening despite the fact Despite all of China's bad behaviour. We have spoken about this before the United States and China going to be occupying the global stage together for the next fifty years most likely back in may I remember you, peace, saying that a cold war with China would be a mistake. I agreed with that then, I agree with that. Now You have, of course, over the past weeks started talking about leaving behind some of the ambiguities that we allowed into our relationship with China and again I'd under and that too, but but can you just talk not only to or audience but also some of the people and
for these campaigns that are watching the show today and talk about What is at stake in the United States, China relationship and how? Things can be true at the same time that, yes, we deeply offended by many things. That China does and at the same time we have no option but to figure out a way to forge a way forward when China, because Anything we want to achieve on the global stage will only achieved, whether they with the United States and China, doing it other economically environmentally and so many other spheres. You set it up exactly right Joe. This will be the defining relationship of the Sierra. Just like the. U S. Soviet relationship was dead in a relationship of border aids of the cold war. The challenge the? U S, I'm for China is going. But how do we structure that competition in ways that don't?
over into direct conflict Taiwan or over the south? China see? How do we see should the inevitable competition. So it doesn't preclude or will rule out a cooperation, jailing, climate change or on dealing with the north korean nuclear challenge foreign dealing with stability in Afghanistan Shore, looking at a relationship. That's gonna have multiple personality, and this is gonna place Tremendous real premium on the quality of farms, policy on the quality of stay. Crap was attacking, be one dimensional backing to be well on direction. We're gonna have to find a way to cooperate on Tuesdays and Thursdays yet compete the rest of the time. And we're gonna have real disagreement and we still limit the disagreement so again like it. But I got worked out with the soviets. It doesnt spill over into direct public and can we
our relationship over all. So we can still cooperate sound global public health. It serves our interest to do that if we too, even if we did, fundamentally on the south. China say that will be the challenge and how well that challenges met, will probably, as much of anything, determine that care you're of the next fifty years of this Europe of history. I found Ambassador Mark Brzezinski and president of the council on Foreign relations, Richard Hoss. Thank you. Both being on this more, I only want it's joy raid, I'm so excited to tell you about. My new MSNBC show the retail every week I'm talking with the biggest news makers about the most pressing issues of our time. Like Joe Biden, the words of president matter, and so is present United States. The first thing I want to do a stand up and talk sense and be honest with the american people level, with them at last:
mayor casual Lance bottom. We need as many voices as we can have as possible sounding the alarm, encouraging people to wear masks and to take all precautions, antibiotics science and the data Senator Kamel Harris. We send folks into a more wearing camouflaged. So what is going on here when you said camouflaged uniformed, officers into a sitting, and many more you can listen to the reader as a pod cast by searching for the redoubt. That's our HIV! Oh you t one word were ever your listing right now and subscribing for free thanks for listening.
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