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2016-01-13 | 🔗
My Firstest Murder - in the very first episode, Karen & Georgia discuss car accidents, Jon Benet Ramsey, and the Sacramento's East Area rapist. Plus a local crime story from Feral Audio founder, Dustin Martian.

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This is exactly right. Karen yes, Georgia, rhythm section- is a female, led female made action, thriller starring, Blake, lively and a fearless role as Stephanie Patrick than ordinary woman, who must navigated dangerous new world when she assumed the identity of a spider S. Film is a greedy and suspense full story. A female empowerment as Stephanie Survival hinges on her intense determination and ability to fight through her weakness, issue directly by red, Murano, and also starring Jude LAW and Sterling K Brown. The rhythm section isn't theorist January thirty. First goodbye,
yeah we have really have Georgia. Hey hard start clearing cooking, just get to flee. Let's get comfort, let sister lacks into what we're about to deal which is, podcast, my favorite murder, cozy and comfy cattle up. When you talk about murder, talk about the thing makes you feel most romantic murder, got a fire we having some cocoa I swirling a brandy around over my head.
No, I love this topic. I do you and that's why we're friends yeah we talked about this for a long time now, true crime and what our favorite ones. Because that sounds creepy you, but that's who we are That's fine, I feel like we were at a party and something along. This topic came up and that's how you and I were both like leg shoulder Grandmama, remember which, when it will, as it was the staircase ie as everyone's favorite within it, oh yeah and because we were at a party and a growing or their way Dewey Lennox. She has a photo from prime of herself on that staircase. No you shaking her head now, I'm just freaking out. I didn't see that you didn't, I are you holding that mats hollowing party last year? didn't see how I got so she was friends without family and high school losers. Before it happens, there was prom. She went to prom with this, the daughter
friend photo of them in their progress is on the there, oh, my god, these staircase of these staircase- unbelievable. I now. What does she think sir opinion. I think she thinks a bird at which I think is, Do this thing in every hour period no rights that is made up as hell, everyone watch the staircase and then laugh along with us at the owl story, you know it's funny, as I just recommended my my sister, best friend Adrian, whose basically, like my other sister, I grew up with. She was she I told her we're gonna do this and the second I said it- and I did not know this about her. I've known her since I was twelve where she goes Oh, my saga has united sucker. First and foremost, I was like wheat. I didn't realize you an opinion about. This is like I love serial killers. Those like why like chooses the press unlike the origin, not prissy, but just I, but just. In no, I just thought it was so weird
in perverted. I my life for loving this time. You know my how anyone could certainly think you're psychotic, like some like India, murder, which are not you're, just like fascinated by the idea, the whole concept right so that awesome. Then I said you have to watch this series. You'll freak out and she's been texting me as he's watching it like. I can't believe it just all emerging. So basically again go watch her, but this this chicks husband fuckin, killed her because she not that he was having a child, last or something no. No. He was having a fair he was like paying for male prosperous. And she found out like right before he murdered her. I mean that the owl playing into that it makes it seem more unlikely when you know about the male prostitutes. It does it throws. What do you call ranch in the words a little better than our throws? A male privately and developing it throws alive, outlines the word it so crazy, but I understand there
there are still making argument that leg. He got railroaded because of the male prostitute. They re ends and painted a picture of him that wasn't real whatever, but either. Oh bullshit, because you can sell, kill your wife, and be railroaded and bat. Thailand, southern people be biased against you, because your secretly southern people aren't a tolerant the southern and I'll, be intolerant by saying all southern people are intolerance, but it's absolutely true across the board: their yeah. That's it about things pigs acts and treats so stop. Listening now on the bitter truth and fax or spoilers, like the guy killed this one you like on, because I got big like it's, not a mist. I don't think I dont think I spoilers ever. The guy killed his wife, because it's like yeah, like TAT, is why I am here today as boiler then an owl, did it that's exactly Ray Gibson, so we're gonna. So this is our work on this matter.
Murder figures there we recorded so journalists are way. Is this? What? Where? Should we sorry, my favorite murder in it's gonna, be real fucked up and destined brought up a great point that we may be inviting a murderer into our lives? For doing this I mean but here's the thing, and this is why I am so fascinated by this topic in general. We might already know a murderer, my guy, like probably probably, and in that way, where they're just in a very catlike removed. Stir way this for the kind of Europe they think that they are like me you than quaint beyond. So I guess it's just glamorous Chile's don't kill us, because we can do this by constantly work, I mean, and then a part of that. Disclaimer could be partly like we kind of our fans not of bartering people like where you are and we're we what it is. I I think what you're doing is wrong. I wish you'd stop it, but you presented to you. Do too, we know we ve seen the special where you talk about wanting to stop and not being able to start definitely
At the same time, like that level of planning, I mean I got here, fifteen minutes late and this is and something I want to do like that, it took. Their shit is together those serial killer, the body like for me. It's like you got away with it first like that but getting away with something like that is insane and the fact that, like the rest of your life, are you you're either worrying constantly they're gonna get caught or you're a sociopath, and you just don't worry about that shit yeah, which would not be great. Oh, my god. What is so great? I mean right now. I have I'm pretty sure I've to unpaid parking ticket, so I live in constant. Will I get there and the boom in front of people. I our rights, constant and its tearing me apart and invigorates the have to worry about is getting caught for murder, from murdering many people that part their hair down the middle or whatever your preference at TED Bundy
However, I agree I just spoiler murder Chonta in Verona. So why are you what you did was pick up on the reference? I was like an expert. I went back and get that its citizens by referendum because we love murder murder and the one time I was stoned a party and decide to tell people what the are things I've ever seen. I made Bob Blanche and walked away from our from our circle, Georgia moved closer with the wide eyes she has written. How annoying? Oh, my god, it's amazing is when iced I dont know. Why did I do? This is how I loved this. It was ruined. Everything comes at that same party, but he asked me what has been going on lately and it was right after I got back from self by southwest were not right after it. For some reason, the south, by southwest the car, came up my
brag, which never pans out as a brag. I always think it is like we're. How fascinating about me- and no one ever agrees- is that I was there when it happened, and I didn't see it. My back was too I heard tell everyone what it was so sorry in itself, myself was two years ago a guy was in a police chase and he turned up a street that was cordoned off for people male about cause. It was a festival, and so all the people standing in the street in front of the theatre were exe, was playing God ploughed down. Punk rockers ia, and I had been standing last in line the same to get in so I would have been the first person hit, but I decided to walk away. You re like fuck that shit yeah cause. You know me in lines and waiting annually how I'd what don't go anywhere do anything. So I walked away to see my friend at the front like hey. Let's just stand out here. Listening to music, the car comes people fled A cardboard boxes
I tell the story in groups of people and people are literally like bombing hard in ages read about it that afternoon was like all tell me everything because that's my like a car accidents are another thing. I've had to ex boyfriend that my and one best friend buying car accident, what yeah yeah to ex boyfriend, their ex If you look at him, but there are important ones in out of my high school diagram expense, one. My best friend raise got died in packs, and two hundred and two because that's horror, I know so like I'm just fuck and want to hear about it- and I am also I am also big, unlike anything, can happen at any moment. You'll never know about it like I don't sit near a window at a restaurant because I, like a car, is gonna, come greening through the second window and kill me sure, so that to me is like show me everything, so I can avoid it. That's what that's what all this is. Really I just wanted to collect information and theories and stories so that I can brace so that when I see the weird you know that
one things out of the nice loudly. I'm ready Why isn't open soda can yet right there? I didn't I drink Pepsi. Now I know in us I feel like I love physics. Is that, like the more you know about, something the less like. What's gonna happen to you, yes in early may ensure labelling Scott, no bearing in science. It's not! civic, spiritual. It's more. Yvonne. It's the secret River in river, get it away from my secret This is not yet murdered. Yeah, you might think It is to monitor the woman who wrote the secret ass, a great It isn't that Europe's own doing over everybody. So shall we say we want to start with, story. Yes, as a true crime, new story, yeah mine is obsessed- and I, finally realize I need to stop talking about it, because people who die wouldn't like it are going to
It is the most so but You probably know about it. It's a virus. I want to say to you, and I walked in here on Halloween morning. Was it wholly morning or the day before. I can't remember the correction guy yes guys most fucked up thing guys, so seven, a m, its traffic, it's the five do you know if they were going north or south, I think they were going, nor I was picturing north. In my mind, axes are going towards the one thirty four about the had wrought. Oh yes, ok, ok, that's not! This is like ten minutes from my house, our house rent moments away from my house, yeah yeah, that's the freeway, I'm on all the Rhine, so Friday morning guys on this we rush hour. Well, nobody really knows because he was twenty, not say Twenty yards can have jobs, many don't you know he was driving really fast and weaving and traffic driving on the shoulder lick. Shoulder writing crazy.
and then he hit something flipped. His car was shot out through the windshield and here's the craziest part it wasn't wearing a while, but a buccaneer yeah. Of course so he was severed. And how he was severed, and I didn't know that as oh shit, yeah like he was severed and have and the top half of his body, landed on the Colorado exit sign off of the freeway twenty feet up. Oh I higher than those that do how he flew and then and then landed on a site like other platform. Yes, like on the tiny walkway on the site, so
imagine, then you're driving to work at the Fucking Disney building up a one. Third, you, like more money, should color and anyone who is leading us today and then there's the top half of the guys body hanging off the exit ways. His leg top half a body known as noted in the report Lloyd that Abu Bob, like strange drugs, I can't I'm so obsessed with it. I had to call my sister and she already know it. Of course. She, those like me but she didn't know the severed thing either hand. Then we about whether or not it was the top and bottom half based on the act with his body still gotta have still in the car tabula resume artists to screaming over the top of her lungs right now, but like avoid listening to the gap there not go about listening has come. I mean Why would if you're not into their? This is a good litmus test
Now I mean funerals here are not naturally the way I've always dreamed up as a child, but public finding one like it in a ravine. Oh yeah, yeah, Burundi like found a body. I then I'm the one getting hunt by cops unite, and I have nothing to do that and suddenly I am I then I'm the one getting hugged by cops, unite and nothing was suddenly I'm the hero. You get a free marathon like one of those tinfoil blankets that they put you on the balance. However, you are terrible. People doesn't leg showing our humanity right now you now here's the thing. It's probably anxiety. Oh, it's definitely anxiety its I don't know, but also its because I was raised very strictly catholic, where you weren't supposed to talk about stuff like this her. So like. I still remember the first time I open a true crime book and saw they had a diet,
of how German Gacy buried bodies in the house, and it was one of those moments or his leg. Why why? Why won't like everything changed in the library and it's all real yeah? I was I just I feel like being raised in the eighties, like kids were fuckin disappearing. Being found out like on the regular every song I listened and aided remains you'd, like whatever dead kid was like missing, that time tone and actually my my story MIKE troop, my current story is because of a cat. In nineteen eighty nine Jacob wetter laying theirs it was a cold case. He just disappear. So this dude, like in a mask, Oh brother and him and a friend writing bikes to get a video on a second after. Nineteen, eighty nine. What movie where they getting? Don't have on the baby sitter sad, like properly re price, on the same line give the Skype makes them. Has a gun in a mask makes him lay down. Intervene then their ages, which is fucked up and then,
the other, to run off into the woods lately how bad as a kid feel to be left his oh, really was never found at this guy that, though that is at stake. I know when they found other child porn in the Skies House in May. Think one of the kids is the kitty. Disappearance of I think he pocketed the student and my computer's. Now Ok, yeah, they uncovered dozens of VHF tapes of this UN fucking job or an end of the sky like a hiding in bushes and link following them on their paper routes and shit. Like now, a sorry, but was the kid that had secured in the child. They think so- and I know I know it's horrible, as you know the guy that kind of kicked it. I love the wealth. For me, because I think it was in this. This is no barrier that Guide John, what's his name whose son was taken on this I am no using animals out any, but it's his. He has Ojo Marsh. Yet, oh either so
he was like kind of the first big one. The New York one was Ethan that little boy that I had walked a school one day. But do you know that guy Was had to listen to tape, they would find like find evidence and then they would give it to him. And if you wanted to get listen to it, like of kids being murdered so that he would know whether or not it was his son Thoreau Breyer, you fuckin kid, and yet he did. He listened to hold it that wasn't his son of another kid getting tortured my God. It's the I mean it. I feel like it really is the worst child pillars and rapists are that's the devil on work, yeah. I mean that's real, it's so insane. I can't even him
I can't imagine I do it constantly, and I know that when a kid that maybe the fuckin worse parent and eminent kids, too big made us have had to have multiple kids, because one of them could get me a minute. Have any children when I read when I hear like a crime hangar like ours are only child that we should have had a back. I have at least for the cause sue normal to alternate love one the best way to protect them, the most like, although we do not show it raised, there's people everywhere, leaving one of those kids will become a killer. Oh yeah, you're too crazy about it. You actually causes sure that's so terrible now and then poor, yeah, you're right. I also have to think about aftermath, like like those too
boys lies a ruins having their just. That's it. That's that's your done for totally it. It reminds me of member the kid that got kidnapped and then he came back I know my name is cabin. Only one that doesn't really him No, no was him, but he came back because the guy that had kidnapped Hammond kept. Him is like a sex slavery years, got another little boy ray and were then and then he was like, forget it. And finally, because he had, there's been brainwashed. That, like I killed your parents, he live and he would go online and to his like his website of like fine Kevin or whatever we like you guys are, we want to find him probably like put message, a message board, calling testing them almost, and I think that the guy you think, let him out like hang out the neighbourhood. Kids like
Yes, you re so Brainwash, he does so brainwashed and he thought ass. I mean, like you, thought his family either was dead or didn't like it was awful. Awful is the last name because then his brother their became a serial killer. No, we did it. Yes, Corey singers, the guy that killed, I mean, I guess, it's, not serious, they say serial killer is two or more people right, but like video like how do you know it's viral there's, no like a member, since they were serial killer. The current accounts are there and how it should be the like? He killed? a woman and her daughter and her daughters friend in Yosemite thou with him. Yet remember that story, those grow, those poor behalf damn and lying, and then he made a statement like I just mean people. No, I did not rape them before it killed a great thing. I will now ask dream, you know. Thank you burn, almost scares me this incessantly about it. Almost gears
or when they don't rape them because, like if you just like actually fucked up and you want to get bound and then you can to do that. Just to kill him to kill them. Yeah is us Oh, my god, I'm not saying one is better than the other known, and we can't she is clearly a lifeline for this. Part of this is the end of our careers, as we now really might be like. If we think this is a casual like they were making fun of, they called a guy like an idiot who didn't put a seatbelt on in a car, I'm going to call a fucking area, look where you're Sipa, that's what everyone's bends and every time I told us that story multiple times and that's what everyone said the like. If he had a simple tiny, wasn't driving in saying that it would just be tragic and sad exactly because his yeah, we'll just Ella car culture. It's hard to forgive me. DR at those people that we live in and out and drive on the shoulder, then, as in I've, been driven off the road I make I came to my window screaming at me. I have as honey video
the only reason. Only he broke my window open and murdered me cause. I was videotaping yeah No, it's tough earlier now has its tough years. Keep us in context. We're just here we're living the left, trying, listen, we both have really bad things. I b I just want. Everyone should know that we're like hope, that's clear, clear that worked clinically, anxious people- I all them, It doesn't work. This is me like a baseline, like dedicated, I'm doing, ok, anxiety. I just don't leave my house almost every right to vote. Star dogs, they guard the door. And we must stay in all its eyes, liquor it. Everything windows are locked in clothes. I don't know how you live. I should say this. Actually, I live in a house on the first floor, it well, that's my beautiful future. It's scary!
but those dark, that's why not asked us if it's true I live for a couple months without those dogs and every night I would just lay in my bed like I would hear things. It is crazy because also the quieter it is the worse it is then you're. Just like then your brain is is telling you your hearing things if it was not satisfy me like just get like yeah yeah good for you. Thank you. Yeah, I'm a hero had a boyfriend. No, that's not why I also because I don't have a seizure when I was a kid ones, and I don't sleep alone. Anyone tell me about us. We love events, but it's nice to not get murdered Also, I love and comes there. The murder is important because you have to live to be able to love, but here's the thing. What if he murders me, I mean, I think, about your husband. Here's what I'm telling you the book I write will do you proud because the summer I will be the M rule, be like guys. I was there the whole time in you. You would never have known. You wanted a martyr hernia
does the best still waters it like that I'm so are just I'm saying. People that are like you would have never known a harder and them that's the name of the book still waters. Rendita the dense, EVA story, should. We tell us a little telling her. They were murdered, murders and then ok, we are. We want me if you can stop listening during the murder part, because you hate us before you do that. Listen to this we are obsessed with people's like hometown murder, kidnapping fucked up crazy stories. Yet I have always ask people at bars and they stop talking to because I want another like what was the crazy, don't happen in your town, They can't handle that level of conversations better you're. Not talking to that. I completely agree- and I don't have one really one of the stories, here's your family, I'm from Orange County, nothing There are no there's some shit, so we want you to email us. You can email me at Georgia, hard starker. Gmail! Aren't you?
town story, but but don't say that the council, but a lincoln it. I want. We want in your own voice like silk stockings. Happen- and I was this years old and my mom would let me in that we used to go to the house and for Iraq's at it yet appears, but how that happen? total ways you do you have a gold watch. It we can go then talk about Polly Class. I mean that one yeah, that one's rough, because it's so theme in the town was so small from Petaluma, where the little girl Polly Class get taken out of her had turned by a man while she was having a slumber party on multiple people. Were there yet allowed to a little girl? Why did he do? It then is? Do we know? Nobody knows that there are lots of theories that their dad had like a dancer was involved in a row, but that's kind. Of course, small town, Gaza stream to it's crazy and also this guy was a total Charles Manson in and out of jail. All his life soup in jail, that's
people so simple, like rape is get through, five years, stop doing that! That's so in saying it's insane! You know we're gonna. Do a lot of good on this change. Lies organ be advocates. Victims advocate work, Mirsky Targeteers coming guest, but on at once, she's gonna she's gonna. Liver hours, speech now item saying as an enemy worried metal at the end of the war listen, there are lots of rape kits their backlogged, thousands and thousands. Let's get those rickets Testa, hey guys, hey guys, let's get those Rick links its heads, there's like a loosely closed door, and other side of it called a rape kit and on the other side of the door, is the person who did it and probably other bad things that you might want to know about a I mean I want to sound. This condescending tops
Zira dirt. Xl, I'm not afraid to go. Get oh we're just gonna, be Bert. We're gonna be murdered by everyone, save those all mediates, didn't wear seat belt on their health and their associated. You know why what a way to go about half a torso up on the Colorado eyes, assign bring it on pretty bad. What is your deriving and saw that? What if you saw that on your way to work, you go home yeah with you? get to go. You gotta go home that day, because I saw picture in this second, I saw the picture for this new story. I was like this is a prank there's no way but say, but they had put a someone who climbed up there and put it yeah right. How did that so? Hopefully there's no pictures that either I think there there the one I saw was from the across the freeway it. really far away, so you just see like the basic shape,
and colors. You don't see anything specific and on what a bummer newsletter before he got. I didn't realize the part of getting short enough, yeah but like sometimes they say if you get beheaded yours use the register. Like seven second plan, I know now, I'm cool, look, I'm scared of dying. So I love they. All of this makes me feel better. Veto listened is the root of all our terrified of dying gap, and dying in a weird way like it. Sneaky way alike, the other night. There is I've I was. I wasn't hugging you on the phone was there is one night, whereas tardiness somebody- and I was like it's raining. Like. What are you talking about? It's not it's I'm going to reign for years and years and I was like no others and then there's a sound on the roof of my and is expected to it's raining murderers and yes, we get well bring that
Later, but anyway it's a constant awareness I always know how I'm gonna die in any room. I men in any situation in any room women, I'm aware how every one in the room and we're all gonna die, and so I'm the one who's out on where that at all times, yeah. Well, that's good. That's unhealthy! or does it keep you alive? You know, have you since I am, I think you Jane to do kitchen- do weapon them. What are they? One is pepper spray and the other was about that cool little cat, pointing your cat thing. They use you hook, your fingers ruin you can pull in. You stop people and I, with the carriers own. This is now what's the cat air defence key chain. Look it up. Let's get it! Ok, I well. I like that, I want my roommate used, have pepper pepper,
others brake on her. So you go up pepper, corns that mother she had better corns on her key chain and I drove her card to the bourbons Airport, one time to pick her up in those free. I love it. So I was walking to the gate to meet her remember those days and I went through security, please through the bolt the key chain in the bowl like these. A guy looks at it is like MA am you step over here and, unlike what and then he calls over like the official cop, Burbank police and he's like mammals weapon. We have this Burbank that this pepper spray. You know this is illegal or whatever and so angry? Has my roommate drove me crazy and she was totally the gonna personally be like I haven't illegal weapon I'll make you shine and not tell you as a view, and so I just started yelling at this cop. I was like it's my roommates car. I was a math and he freed free throughout leaky kind of started laughing that he's like all right.
we're going to keep it. Am I gonna keep it, but you don't. I always like that. I carry around in my purse, will make it an airport, as I fuckin switchblade com. Shit and their I'd like you can't they poured away I work for so many of those the rocket believe you'd think Switchblade comes. Are alarming the funding, and I also love the back that, like I think, is the best they are so disgusting, like crumbs of shit, that, like I want an open comb Lange they're so swiftly home, like that. Smart airline, unlike murderers and I dont like gross. Thank you, my crown cookie crumbs and my hair. It's the whole range of justice, should we go she we do. My favorite murderer. Yes, universe! Sure! I think this is an obvious one. So, like yeah.
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my favorite murdered a visual voice. I really again, you know what let's get real, I mean we're like we're. Just gonna do every week our favorite murderer, like of murder story. We love you and I had so. I had a startling, a good one cause. It's and its new Amelia interested and ass. My wife, I would just say one thing: we know other people love this as much as we do so we mess up information, don't be afraid to tell us because I understand like when I hear people talk about something addressing crazy. If I know the real thing, because it is my passion, but are also I very an inaccurate and I see person. So if I get it wrong- and you want to tell us- please do and talk about it. I appreciate that some so nervous not getting any this wrong. Then I'm gonna get less information. Nine, like would think I have, and also get tell us more information that you know where that cool things you know about. Hopefully, we will, I think, at the end of the episodes we should just like red listener, male of light,
I think that's great. I too urge will a habit. We have a whole segment. That's like correction haven't. I haven't like a supplement to our pockets of just corrections yeah every week, because I I my passion is for the acts and for specific stories what they meant but like, although get the numbers wrong years wrong? My life passionate further insanity of it and the fact that this thing stuff happens. Yes tell us what, when we're on yet just jump, ended it nicely about you dont rational- get on your high horse about its calm down you got that my favorite murder is that a regime bonanza class language I used to think was stupid and boring and how I listen to last podcast on the left to part in depth.
Discussion of a yes and was like. Oh, this is way more fascinating. When I remember yes, I love that part cast. You turn me onto is, oh god, and you turn taught me onto it because of those episodes would immediately listen to and those guys are so on it with all of every sitter yeah very thorough. We are now we're not gonna. Do that so young. I everyone knows that basically, a six year old girl was murdered in her home in Boulder Colorado, Nicky, eighty six beauty queen and which, I think kind of, I think, just kind of salaries, poor thing, because it's really just little girl and the guinea pageant stuff has nothing to do with it it, except for you can stop right there and still have a real good horror story got. His is a six year old girl, their babies, children I was telling you that that I was looking at a picture of her. And then remembered that she's sit yeah like one year older than five, and she
It's like she's had knows it's it's dirty. The whole thing is the creepy us and she has. She looks smarter than she looks a little knowing yet which is fucked up yeah and I feel like that. I feel like the beauty. Pageant thing was a big deal because that it kind of it was never solved this problem, which, I don't think it's true. I think Father killed her, which we get into, but the fact that like will maybe a child molesters at a because then they calculate the kind of made it seem that way, but because she is dressed up, woman simply as a child, and maybe it was she was murdered by a child monster, fan rate or something right. When really, I think she was just happened to be her father. Who was that person rate like that became the Red Herring right? That really is such a heart, We cannot ignore a red herring like that gap as it's the thing itself,
creepy here, like being in a cult being in child Tatcho fray. Definitely like the Satan scare of the eighties when they thought everyone was all these kids were satanist yeah, but my god and Satan, don't exist so that some pass wait, wait what my own, certainly never gonna get killed board members are not for their so many reasons, maybe because this is what this guy got me out. What are they gonna get killed about killed list. So then I guess I think that the dad didn't he there's like a lotta, weird things about it. The ransom letter is three pages, which is the longest ransom letter and murder history that setting its I may get corrected about, probably but two pages ethically and it was written on there on the notepad in there. Lucy House, with their pets so the killer. Did this and then wrote a three patrons him now just chilled the fact yeah right now like. Who would do that ray and she was
Be dead in the basement from blunt, trauma she had, but first trumpeter ahead, which would have killed her, but she was then strangled, which is what ended up killing her for real it's just so heavy and the rents erosion, terrible impact that their children playing out in your alley, re nouns who he can meet here, there's no one here that in the minutes the perfect background knows verve got it. Just was IRA's like why my so uncomfortable right now to my cause, there's a child screaming is it's all over town it. So it's gonna, listen to the. I know you hate us, but listen to the nine when one car I can't do it. Yeah is Patsy its Patsy Freaking out, but but the wording her call and if you like, listen to it and listen to the interpretation like the if she sang everything wrong shilling, I like she's, not saying My daughter is missing. She saying we have a kidnapping like she's, not take
personal responsibility for what scope like for what is happening to her or her daughter, re, she's kind of making it more generalise. She setting up a story, Gaslight, yeah and there's all these interpretations. People say about, like you know, not asked, for help there saying for the her daughter, she's it like begging for someone to deal with it and made out of asking for help her daughter, yeah and then there's like people say that one of the ways you never lying is because that they said that their son. Was like ten was asleep upstairs until after the police have got there, but in the background with analysis, with the name or one call you can hear his voice, yeah and there's just all these little thing. Oh so it could be like some family. Events took
yeah, and this was like the clean up version. While another weird thing is that there, so they found pineapple outdoor not happy in her stomach that she had eaten before she died because it hadn't been digestive and there and there was put a bullet pineapple with a spoon in it on the table and the Sun fingerprints were on the ball, but the parents that they put her right. Today. When they got home from a Christmas party that night. That's that It happened on Christmas, Eve, yeah or Christmas near Christmas Eve, yet yeah cause. That's where there is no good cops ray a good cops her at home, other harassment weren't living in Boulder Colorado, and that is another reason I wanna get killed. Yeah and then ok, everything in the rents. Oh no, the killer piece of their these people are billionaires yet, the killer asked for for the ranch. They made it look like a kidnapping which is either threats. They asked for a hundred and eighteen thousand dollars as the ransom which, like Portugal, I got. A lot of money is not a lot of money, but US
that's, a very specific amount and its also the amount that John Ramsay had been keeping given as a Christmas bonus that year, do you think they return to set it up to make it look like someone new, the and there that's why it was such a specific number area like they were trying to lead people away from them. So yes, definitely when will the whole note? Does that and then, but the other working I think we talked about this- is that when they were doing sample handwritings of the moment dive so paths Ramsay is the mother was was how to rewrite the note and instead of writing a hundred nineteen thousand dollars. Numerically, she wrote out one hundred eighteen thousand, who the fuck does that like that's, so too bad. Obviously, your training to masks unless she loves calligraphy and that's her thing. Well, they they is basically a bunch of handwriting analysis, said that its her handwriting really got it out really air, but then over another. If that it's his as well, it's
Even then, though, if it's like some kind of in family murderer who who wrote the note doesn't mean asked the killer app. It's just that bear its collusion, exactly the right way to use that women will. Let us now telling a correct us. I'm gonna throw its afflict the ep. Is it feels good in my brain, Malaga, the wing, etc? That yeah ashes re hats collusion goddammit there, like that's, actually a rare alcohol from E g, the collusion of the wrong just love the story, because I'm so am equally convinced that it's one of the parents at its best. The appearance of its the sun, but I dont think its anyone outside the family that now, What's the deal with the sun, so the sun was I think it was ten. he had he hit her without golf club. The power in the face, but it was an accident. Supposedly people,
However, that you know I don't have you noticed the people on the internet theories and talk about the oh yeah, so buzz theories are that it was him he had over the head with a golf clubs or something which is cause. She has point force trauma from being hit with something. So then, maybe she was dying and one of the parents killed her to make soon and then set it up to me like a kidnapping and murder, so that the sun wouldn't get in trouble for it, but I mean talk about picking a favorite child. That's a little. He, never got him. He didn't get spoken too, but the police fur and when he did, it was like quick, nothing so yeah. I remember reading that they, after the first night, wherever the cops it had never been cops before, showed up did not secure the scene. I then what are. They talk to them about that night. They the at sea in John right. John John, you they also warrant interviewed for an
had so much time to rehearse what their story was an early and lock it all down. I mean just the fact that leg they had searched the house multiple times over, finally were like sent John, the Father to go search them. Just to give them something to do and He goes into the secret wine room off. The weird basement and happens find her after eight hours of the copse having been there Perhaps her body takes the Tipp of her mouth and brings her upstairs, thus ruining any dna evidence that you could have used Yeah man and then Patsy throws resolve on the body she, yeah. So the dna shit is just fucked, I mean that's all guilty. Is. It means I kind of wonder the lake I dont Would you well
to say it is. I don't think I would throw myself onto the body of a dead child? No, no, I mean I don't hard to say what's wrong let's lives, have a child and less murmurs six years from now? I just can't the idea of lake real but problem solve. Ok, junior messed up again. This guy years will be boys. I menace strangle heard at that yeah yeah it's so, much such it such an overhaul. It's a big from a to b plus. Wouldn't you want your your fuckin? I got a kid who ruined her like prize bottling, killed your prize daughter to get in trouble for the re able, don't I don't know I mean yet she that that's? Why That theory false part. For me she is clearly the prize pony right, which is why we really wanted to kill her, of course, but then I see them covering
I see them covering like note, wise and bad nine, La Mancha, wise and all that does not killing her, but not the killing. Maybe she they didn't know she wasn't dead yet so they put the over her. No, she was breathing. I don't know I mean we're, not gonna solvent tonight. Are we always thought that so this work as well? I mean what are you talking about underwear she had on the weird underwear she had on that they found DNA on it that didn't much the family. It was not brothers DNA. Now that she, sexually assaulted, but this also so that it looks like it was. It had been, you know, over a period of time, it wasn't even that night she was sexually assaulted. It was like this science from having a long time. I mean that sea. I feel like that's, not the that is it going to be a pretty common denominator when you're talking about these child beauty aim, but some for a state wants to fuck them. Yes, but they have
full May Gabon and high heels shoes. If you watch, I watched like one episode, I was probably high, which was a problem we gotta get real had. I believe that from a valid and these girl, I was there. I was sky scream at the tv. Even am high horse, and I was just yelling about that. They look like they look like Playboy playmates, They are supposed to do and also the thing you said earlier, which is then I think the reason she was such a champion, latin, knowing look like that weird beyond her years with heartily that super creepy and children I don't even have the Amy look. I have it, but I earned by name and I dont were a weird Sierra, hot, pink letter. We have it but were broken people work. Yes, we it suits our favorite. We earn to be like the things I was the first year. Look away of things, not trusting people, here's my dear!
I'll tell might evidence that Germany is you're right. I had that same thing were when it first happened. I was like this is boring. Who cares we're only saying this because she's this beautiful little girl and her hat weird if you go online and look at a photo of her just like there's like a thought of her opening a Christmas present that year she's a little girl- and you forget that and I think the Witchs most impact fascinated me about it- is that it's never gonna get solved rate. The mom That's he's dead. Oh dear dad remarried unit John Ramsay Remarried S, idea of turning the mom girl who disappeared in this is This is good. This is my final comment. That was how dare you to watch her name did Vander Salute is the guy to kill their John I'm putting in John Railings. This is real time. You guys dislike computing works. Has anyone seen Steve jobs? What
well, I'm just killing time. You think it s, anyways, the guy Durden Vander Salute, killed, sweep innocent lives on, Say Casey case Anthony, and killed plaything. Anthony arrive on our way, where's the wrong part. I don't know anyway there may now that's a man. So it's just too tragedy. Parents, I wouldn't, Talk about over them, don't you know eyes toward? Oh there's a lot of wine I'll tell you that there is wide and pills for everybody. I mean why wouldn't you, but here's an one thing that that was fascinating, so John Mark Car is that guy that fake it's a killing, dominate and got expo. Back to America, because he was in the Philippines and immediately that my phone rang, because my sister and Adrian Ardley, No everything and they think he got extradited because he was gonna, get brought up on child molestation charges in the Philippines, which has parent
like way way worse in the jail there's horrifying. Oh my dad went to high school with a guy who was put in prison. In Thailand because he was here He was making of documentary about drug trade and had some drugs on him and they found it which is like Monday. The guy has was therefore like twentysomething ears, actually insane person now? Yes, he started as child sex, dont want you don't want to hear you don't want to get a prisoner, so they That's why he did the fake confessions come back here, but then did to eat which no other Spargo he he is in transition to become a woman, now riots and he his started. Child sex called called the immaculate where he uses other like younger, but not children, but like save teams to to find him Child children to be in this sex call everyone chill,
Why are you following this guy? make your own sex call. I don't know, I just don't get it, and also like isn't one of the rules of sex cult ending like it should secret. Yet I said this is known is like hilarious. Yeah he's not good at it. Clearly, and I he's wanted by the FBI, and there is hard to catch because he looks a lot like a woman like I think, he's transitioning, very well, meaning through pack s we'll find him. Then another keeping. I appeal to the baddies. I bet she's wearing a break we'll be lauded instead of murder logic murder. Whatever happens, it's gonna be our destiny and we have to accept a media and ready for it, but I mean I just that kind of thing is Sophie infuriating his number one that spiked up and it was they found the murderer. Dick Yak is now he's just through another wrench in there and other reason, all never be saw, it'll never be solved, and we won't. Now I want to read: Burke: is the sun?
name. I wonder you his tell when the dad eyes and at once the dad dies. Yeah, ok, really, my lad and actually John Beneath and and John Ramsay and Patsy work. They were there We are set to be indicted for wind, for, like for the child, abuse that lead to her murder, not think specifically like so something like the reason she got hurt is because it was child abuse. Maybe they didn't mean to kill her. I and the job or whoever in it. We know all the corrupt motherfuckers. Like said no and sneak out bought off. Because he was insanely wealthy this not just like rich people, but like a house you, can get lost in yeah rich. I wish you murder a child and nobody knows about slavery the american dream I mean
Is that what we all want at the end of the words era, was eager eyes: room secret, mine, okay, so that's my favorite number, one first episode: does it have any updates seriously? The second you hear if this thing get solved pollute well, I wanted so John Ramsay contact us a lot of their homes, not over here, Now he's just living a normally, I think so with the Der Sloot's yeah dictators leather and accept how much better of a person is John loss than John Ramsay while they might be opposite, while one may be guilty, and the other maybe might be suffered the most anyone could suffer in this life. Every time I see John Walsh on TV, I want a hug him. I am. The same way, and I try to watch him, but it's difficult to water. Now I find his leg he so
done and for justice, but it's like this is honey. The honey honey you can't gun for enough just as many ambient does he take every night. Do you think I mean all every Ambien. He does so much sleep driving, Org.
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Karen yeah. What's your favorite murmur may have emerged and you run a valid for this. How can you re, like a totally I'll, do like some kind of a hang him high leg, Murder ballad about yes, said actually makes me. I really dont, like those songs as like old, appellation countryside late in the evening. Just so the killer is only just like. Well, she done me, I D had a hare high or it's, like you think, about your parents and above their sing about someone Bryce. Captain shooting you in the back of the shotgun as as you gotta, do it cuz your jerk anyhow It's, not mine, isn't about mine is about a serial killer, that call the original night stalker and others called the east area. Rapists so this is a guy that was a rapist in Sacramento in the mid too late seventies, and I want college in Sacramento,
and it's a it's a strange place. It's a flood plain and it's the capital of the state and its very most of the time like Wild West, almost yeah. It feels there is a real leg I feel a California at all. Here there is almost no culture whatsoever like it's a lot of talk about next, to shall stations over and over Underneath Power alliance, and maybe that was just as the experience I was having there because I went to college there and I flunked out of college a year and a half in failed a terribly, but anytime. I would drive around I'll, be like this loses the words like everything just seemed scary and awful to me. Hamburg. Remember it's and then these surrounding suburbs citrus hides in these kind of like outlining what in this area, where EAST area rapist was going. That's for years has
this very lake sinister, it's like nice on the outside, but some weird go and arming allaying beige yet living beige. That's where I grew up in Orange County in Irving Bash and actually think he came to Irving. He did was second half that's right, so we started out as the east area rapists and he wasn't killing people. Yet he was just raping. Women is breaking into houses, so he did the thing he did the recall the day before he would go off times. He would say we heard something on the roof home and we didn't even look only on those having everything he would also break into the houses and look around do stuff in the houses while they weren't there. Sometimes he would hide rope under the cap. Cushions and have stood ready, so they're ready, so he was already override that maybe we throw up yet now. He was MR and and then so? Basically, then he would break into their house the night of
turn. The light on the couple would be sleeping, that's which this? What troubles me asked about this that he was due to couples how he would fall two flashlight in their eyes, tell them to wake up. He'd have a gun on nominative, isn't scheme ass, an and he would tell the woman to tie up the man, then he would go. The kitchen and get a stack of dishes and bring it back and stick it on the man's back and then he would say to the man If I hear His dishes move, I will kill both of you. Then take the woman you I think it was like half and have, but I think most I may take the woman out into the front room and he would tie her up there. And rape her, while the husband could hear in the in the bedroom with some she would do it there then so in the beginning, he was just raping the women and leaving both of our home He also, while he was doing it, he would talk in a high pitched voice to himself to himself witches
just think of it. Let us think of so you're already in this, like crazy panic, yeah right, I mean this is what I do with all these stories. As I just even for a SEC, try to put your picture I'm there and hurt your bull. Jolted out of sleep here. Do this weird like what the fuck and then it's like. So you don't owe me like There is one thing I just read worries that he was. He was repeating to himself I'm going to kill him, I'm going to kill it like chanting it to himself ass. He was time now seems eat. There's also a phone call with him. He left us a method a week later and I have not listen to it. There. Can you listen? You can listen to it. I think cause the wife just wrote a really amazing article about Michel Mcnamara, its hat gnaws waltz. Why she is such a second bad. She wrote the best article about it. I've never heard of it before. Yes, she is an amazing blog,
We will look it up and tell you it's the has the word murder and it, but if you put Michel Mcnamara in a Google search and murder blog, oh come on me for cop. I didn't mean to call her someone's wife, that's not who she is she's more than that she is clearly so much more right. That's right! but this how you know but I know about this serial killer because there's you know it's funny when you would like when you follow this and then it's like you see one story, that's ire forensic files or something, and then you see it any peace it together where it's like the later murders were reported. First on shows like that, like twenty, twenty, so like the martyrs and go leader and then turn data, point the air and then the separate they would report on the east area, rapists. That was this ridiculous. He had fifty over fifty rape, victims and ten murder victims and they never caught him, that's
What is it Andy? Here's the thing they never and you know I was thinking but maybe he was a construction worker re. Yet because he had really intimate knowledge of how these houses in their backyard were set up, Ray and. Did find a map once that that was hand drawn, but when he would get caught or people what any time there is a close caucus. He liked to mess around and like almost get caught, early, do really dangerous things, so there would be a neighbor, never like flip on late, and be like hey and then they would watch him run and vault like back. Guard fences in crazy good shape, and he was like he, I think, fancied himself- a cat, burglar but then off also clearly just was a smart arena yeah, but the the look so the previous thing, my favorite color, the thing: is they there were so many rapes that were happening in Sacramento that they had a town, meeting,
Like a community meeting. You know he was there a well yeah, that's so in this Somebody. Somebody took a picture of it for the paper, so they have a group shot of this town meeting and the cops saying this is what's happening. This is the m o look out for them as if you hear something report, a report. It look, you know all that kind of stuff you see where people walking Oak is also. There was never a car found anywhere near the scene. He either. Walked. Jogged wrote a bike rigid something parked far away because and that the couple times there was a guy walking a dog, but every They described the guy's looking white and like fit and normal like it's kind of thing where they it's there person who can fit aunt. Em is totally feeding and being like a weird murder, cuttlefish, fitting in and then disappear. So
My third thing is so they had asked how meeting and at one point the cops are just saying this is happening in people's rights the angry, because it so many it's like in the thirties. At this point then- and this man stands up and says- I don't think you're telling us everything we need to Know- I dont think is even possible. How can a man break into another man's Homan A man has his wife raped right in front of eminent. Does nothing that's impossible two weeks later Man and his wife? Yes, that what his wife was raped by the EAST area rapists two weeks later, so they know for a fact. He was there. Because there's a photo and like everyone identify, then it except for one Pineau, because it's like such a large group photo it's like the photographer were standing on the stage and, like you know it,
high school auditorium, look Gaza they're! Just it's! It's really awesome, because lump sums on specials they'll just take that time to scam that photo and every face in the photo looks guilt Arafat, the scariest thing: you're gonna see him It's crazy. I didn't there's like there's a sketch of him and I'm like whose dad is that cause that I was a young in the seventies. Yes, probably someone's fuckin dad now yeah or or even grandpa Rampart some moms boyfriend horrifying the thing that he like his serious problem with couples yeah, unlike meaning to degrade the man and rape, the woman there's like there's so much there. That makes it so much harder the crimes so much harder, so he's clearly specifically doing it for a reason. Yeah. And he's doing it so much like he just didn't.
Don't do. It was just a thing that was happening in Sacramento four year and then EAST. So like seventy six is when he started the summer Sony Sex, and then I think it it went on for two years in Sacramento, then he went Ebay and then somewhere. They think you went down further Vassili because they think that's where he started they govern. The failure ran backer link, which is like whether it has called the night. Stalker, though I know that, because it was pre, yeah. It was, but it was like really what he was doing here, because he would go and scope it outright, but he just wasn't famous and he basically kind of disappeared them As other than those same Emma murders, rapes and murders were happening down here that they finally put it together, and there was finally like they say that that Peace in the seventies is why they started developing the DNA
a database in California has they were going so crazy about not being able to find em, so they grow linkum together. I think it happened happened in urban and like the early eighties. I think when I lived there when I was a baby jack any so around eighty could pretend is Mozilla murdering round. Is he still killing or needs? Is not that I think of it? I knows not in that way, not Kiki. Now he would type people up with very special knots. Michel Mcnamara wrote these amazing articles. If you want to know more about it, like she's gone into it in such a detail, it was an early magazine article in L, a magazine, and she has stuff on her website. Want to know. I just want to know the answer. I think that the current like for all these things and that's funny that we're both talking that murders that are unsolved. Yes, because we I just want to know, I want the problem solved, the get wanted wits, What's the answer to the river and you wanted leg
you want there to be a better, policing system array, where this doesn't happen so off it so easy to point to like will what did they do wrong and it so easy to point to it, and you hope that that doesn't happen anymore, but raises guest it was back in the seventies, whether intentionally withheld information if they were like crossing counties that weird pop police politics that I think they know they know better. Now they do any more, but guy is like the dark ages. It's such a bummer to, unlike the answer is it doesn't make any sense like the Green River killer, the answer is kind of bring yes, it's the guy who was back like you wanted to be someone like TED Bundy was satisfying because it's like he's a diabolical handsome intelligent man, it's like the ok, that's a worthy adversary. You wouldn't like some back in length, church gay works and let me turn it off ass. Unlike his married legislate drilling, unlike
prostitutes like what a but well I think that's fastening about the grammar river killer is his mom was really inappropriate with him. Sometimes I like it when you can trace a little bit like they, of course, Roger cobbled together the Y yeah, but like his kind of fascinating, but my thinking of the Bt K killer. That was the church parking lot guy the church. He works at church. Bt came here, but he did a lot of stuff and the other is neither a cottage because he basically like come and get me hautala. But India, who now I mean the thing with, being a policeman. Is it's not her only case is not the only thing happening, so if it be like, if there was happening in a vacuum- and you can just only focus on that one thing, but other terrible things happen all day every when you're in a town. That's like. You know when you're in Chicago or we are in fact in Detroit, like it's, it's how many have twenty minutes to put to put it. If you could
your life. Right now become a true crime detective with all the funding you wanted, another research staff. Would you dura? Yes me to absolutely. I think that here I think the one of its text. Here's my problem. I dont feel as strongly as I love these fascinating a holy shit? What what are these monsters murders, leg, gang murder or mafia shit or a husband killed his wife because you cheating on Armenia. I want nothing to do either so boring, it's so boring, but it's it's so like the Haiti, the failure of humanity, their lists of humane and there's no reply. It's obvious die yeah, there's, no like there's no blip, that you were raised in a shitty were heard and here's what everyone does then or a leg. This is Desperation yet aberration or like you're, a man with normal man,
things in this hurry. You have an anger problem yet not like not a blip. Its basically seven, which is if I could watch that movie for the for me, I'm to grant such a river. It's a beautiful movie, Emily S that's fine for if I could, but are we the worst people we question and answer this money now, like you have to review words double space. Are we monsters of Spain If you have to say more, you can tighten up their spaces if you need, if you knew, showed her and if you just one hundred and forty characters whatever you need to know that it's about you. So this is the part of our part gas. Where we want to hear your stories you tell So what you? What a horrible things you love me when I hear we want to hear about your like crazy fuck, that crime story from your town or that you encounter happen to you. You wanna hear in your own words.
Re on the honest email them, the Georgia hard Stark. If you spell out wrong, it turned out at Gmail and then, while also record other people that we're friends with telling their story- work is everybody is a story about some but something that happened in their town and orderly that they're kind of obsessed with? And if it's not me, it's not to be murder, murder and he's a creepy, let's creepy fucked up story, yet that you can't tell certain people at parties yeah, because and people walk away with like where white, face and rolling there. I say this as a safe space for yoga then we're gonna see our inaugural story. Be, are awesome pie cast produce Earl then create Earn runner and thorough audio is just such a second jam destined Martian us an ogre my mercenary is when I was sixteen leg, I was like a really do,
The link windows, again, a charter school and stuff- and I was telling LSD and is getting the trouble like constantly, and I was also this. I was downloading like tons of this is like and the height of Napster knowledge of scientists downloading Huns stuff and they were randomly like arresting people for like downloading stuff, so I came home from school one day and I was walking up to my house and my dad's houses on the corner like the absolute corner of intersection, and I want and there is like a dozen flock eyes, full riot gear guns and there like up against the garage cutting around the corner and, unlike I'm fucked, but I've acted in my pocket. I have a bunch of acid in my room in my thoughts and fuck, and so I just walk up and is like the color drained from my face when I go inside and then like my dad's, making them coffee
looking at me, and I'm like I guess God can. I went downstairs and like he had my ass like crazy, then it turns out two doors down. Their neighbor was holding his wife and his kids hostage with a shot gun. For whatever reason and then ended up after, like hours and hours and hours of it like shooting a wife and himself in front of the kid- and I was like two doors down like our neighbour, that you'd see fucking is yard. I know him personally, but you'd see them like there. Kids in them in the yard. But city was this: it's a suburb of medicine Cult, Stoughton, Wisconsin, how and they like fuck, I acids nothing now acid and Napster that's when he threw away all of his drugs ia and stern eternal Lord anew. That's heavy ask two doors down
I think I once had a child monster into my house and has a kid. about another time that such a good cliffhanger, just as everyone knows, Michel Mcnamara's website is called true. Crime diary dot com, its awesome. She's been following the stuff for years, she's, a passionate devote to use up, also a great writer. Maybe we can have a story from her when there had been well because that's how she started there was a girl that murdered in her town. It was like at our school and she Yeah that she's, I read all about how she got into it, and it's that same thing on this so fucking who thinks released. Everyone crisis was the first one is our very first favorite murder but not the lie. I caring where Kilgariff Georgia hard start. You can barely find us on the internet. And keep listening. I gotta virility about convalescent other ethical pike. Ass, and you
yea froze cakes. They pay
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