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This week's topic is "weird murders," featuring Who Put Bella In the Witch Elm and Richard Chase (The Vampire of Sacramento). Plus murder books and personal stories galore!

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This is exactly right. Karen. Yes, Georgia, rhythm section is a female led female made action, thriller starring, Blake, lively and a fearless role as Stephanie Patrick than ordinary woman, who must navigated dangerous new world when she assumes the identity of a spider S. Film is a greedy and suspense full story. A female empowerment as Stephanie Survival hinges on her intense determination and ability to fight through her weakness, issue directed by Red Murano and also starring dude law and Sterling K Brown. The rhythm section is, in theory January thirty, first goodbye
microphone check? What I want One to one January: that's it check it out and about Catherine came sick, a kind of Iraq beginning, a night. Caroline Georgia was this. I I have to say this would be it is this episode ten, a mercenary. What a gorgeous day for the two of us! This is what would this away firstly, the wooden anniversary- I got you a sign that says, would welcome to work Where do the other carved it at the fair before you
so Did you ever think we'd get when we were the first one that view to accord nine more. I never thought we get this Amy special, its special thing: It was a thing that we talked about a couple times. Then we actually doing that. We just did it without laboratory where just like this, if I can do it, which I think is like that's how you do things, I think so dont over think now don't be afraid to fail. Don't over plan don't laugh laws and flaws and we're espionage? Thirty, or higher through your you hurt the song. You know what you're supposed aware I mean within look look unless we can listen, we're your mother watch how a mere mothers Karen and Georgia listen to him. But I listened to your mother.
I'm Georgia, I'm karen- and this is my favorite murder. One hundred my favorite murder x, Ray that's ten. Oh yeah, exe, yeah little sexy turn on the sex and always always to be sexy. When you're getting Werner got to Tuesday stay. So, stay so stay so sexy safe as acting as if it to welcome back where we are We train professional, have radio backgrounds. We had a pr back language DS. We both a Phd in pug whither, the hinges upon housing young. Even now you what? If we went to Yale for podcasting, we just haven't bragged about it. We could be teachers there we could in the first year were like here's. What you gonna do, podcasting you gotta recorded. Listen, I almost graduated community college. I feel, like I m ready for them.
Yeah you're ready, and I flung out of state college you're supposed to do, I hope so cause I sure did with flying colours. I think I got like a point: two great point average. I mean you know why really boring. Mass school it wasn't, were doesnt kids drop out now, don't do that? Listen! You lack insane influence over kids. I like big deal. We are listening like us, eight euro payment, I'm not going to school to care and order like they were. Then they told me about terrible murder podcast Jesus, but there is someone on our part cast Facebook group whose going this will have a guy forensic scientists because of us will legit said listening to this, inspire yea, because you wanted to do before and then lake. Yes, he's been in love with true crime, and she said that you guys helped inspire me. So we need to take all the credit, there's fuckin credit. Their sounds like we get. Seventy five percent credit. I think we're gonna her graduation. I would compare
legally word. I will absolutely would I that's so exciting. To me, it's the thing that we both would love to do Gub your education blew it help people saw some fuckin crime is really not gonna. Make a lot of money about fuck money. Listen, money is for suckers. Look, listen, listen! No! Do it. You know you're like a decent amount of money. Yeah. I think so I mean listen. I've, listen. I've learned look was this learn only need a certain amount and it's more than you're probably make, but do it anyway, I have made no brag, but this is true. Int in times in my life, I've been so in debt that my father's told me to move home, and I have also made so much money that I could have The thing I wanted to end? I was ab lately miserable when I had all the money, and I had the
as time the world in my dad was like seriously pack it in give up the jury. I do think back. That could in the same place we're like. I had a borrow money from my mom around. Who also has no money. Yeah that's the worst yeah and, and I had a shit money and listen Life is easier when you have a little money of court, but it's just a span when you doubt enabling freeing yes, you dont, have as much when you down and also its good to have it's good to be challenged, is good to have hardship it in Obviously we know we're saying that, with the grain of SALT Lake think life can be hard and we're not saying about tug met in the past five years. It's not like when we were in our fuckin twenties arguing about last five years. I've been like yeah, I've had experience recently I was money.
Did not make me happier. All I could figure out to do with myself was order cashmere, sweaters often jake through and then, and I just ended up, giving them to my cousins because yeah they ended up being this weird symbol of lay. I dont I'm not about that. I dont really give a shit about that. I wish I could give all them millions of meals. I read that so much money for allowances are worth it yeah. I guess they at the first thing may meeting Others, like amazing, french bread likes. I have eaten ivy millions of dollars carbs business, whether that's not true, I will kill you do professionally do professionally. Am I love carbs and then yeah your involuntary? I don't wanta give Erika taste. Thank you the thing it It too. Instead of wanting money, you want to be doing our living. What you actually really love. That's why it's great she's going back to school under those using. I really didn't think that would be a thing for me and my life that you'd be able to but what you loved, I didn't think I could do for a living
I would never state what I loved, because it, though two cocky yet Toby I wanna be a writer or I wanna be a little. On a b, I camera or whatever the fuck it is it you stupid to say that I wanted it yet so you can but also you get it just as much as anyone should get it You get it just as much as anyone else should get it like yours deserving, as anybody grandma saying, was bigger dummies than you yet and applies to fucking everything. Yet I promise you someone way more super them. This girl has become a forensic scientists of bigger dummy hundred percent right. Yes, so she can do it. If she can only do it, she can improve the feel absent fucking Tivoli, because she likes speaking am. I am reading a new book. Ok when and by that I mean I'm listening to and about because I'm a sense with audio books. Ok,
I am listening to a book called no stone unturned. It's the true story of the world's premier, forensic investigators. Member, like I think episode we won. We talked about neck research. Yes, it's a book about how the Hell Neck research, to be blue, which started with them burying pigs to study Dick position and what happened to bodies, but with so called that they didn't realize. Is they ve? They all come from a wide range of backgrounds, from a meaningless geo. Physicist, cadaver dogs, specialist, a chemist wrinkled, cops. And no one is allowed to address any one as other than their first name, that cancer doktor, so no ones No one, no elite is none nice and everyone is just as important and everyone's it it's the the book. I'm the book is like it testament to social as a minor. Now it's really good will because, like we ve talked about,
A bunch of times were like when cops when the culture. Of policing gets in the way of solving crimes, because people are like a we're, gonna keep that are, or what I was going to say our district. Are you know that the minute, gets that you know case I use it all the time alone order later want someone's help, and you know why you don't you don't share information as the whole thing that happened during the Zodiac killing killed in all these different counties in the Bay area nobody had been sharing information and guess what this is really cool, because I mean Her only goal is to find buried body. Is that so the neck research, as is buried bodies or a meanness, so corpus in Delectasti, that's buying delicious bodies intellect etc. It's red book here really n two forensic science in all these fields and how you know four, just forensic detectives: it's a
good luck and back and they're just trying to help solve cases new way right. It's in the beginning, there looking for one attend, but TED Bundy as victims, based on what he told them where he hid the body, and so there, like a bunch of them, get together to go to try to find the scope, Bobby and there's somebody there. That's like that kind of tool only grows if data the Atlanta took on the growth of this. If you take a photo when the sun is rising or dishonest setting, you'll see indentations in the grass that you won't see. Otherwise that means that the soil has been disturbed. The fact the parent So then the part about the bloodhounds who find bodies is like DORA Ball incredible there like such good second dogs, a very stupid it also apparently now that this they they do, these little things like they furrow their brows when their sniffing and that's to store the sent in them round when they needed they unfair. Other brown may get the scent again do all these little weird
this is gonna shit, that the book tells you about in its written really well and there's also updates, because it was written like ninety something ninety I'll. Have it anyhow, my dog is half hound, love and is hilarious because the yeah they look different. Their fate the change so much like when she is exe. It is her face. Looks one way and then, when she's concentrating she looks different, that's really funny. I for that. Their lips slaps are long and they go over the bottom lit because it collects the sent in their merely gets it all up in there no win their ear because their ears flap it it kicks up dust, so they can smell the dust. The dirt and thus allow at the back re yeah, I'm so it's no stone unturned on audible. I highly recommend that's amazing. What's your book that euro listening to reading reading too,
I can read and I just bought it's. The book called lost girls and it's about that fucking serial killer on long island. That baffles me. Ok, so somebody on our Facebook page. I join the facebook page by the way everybody out yet carry you join the facebook page. You joined Facebook, I went to thank you and I went value Facebook. This is I made very dramatic exit on Facebook and twenty eleven back. Everyone like one of those. Well, nothing, it actually happened, but everybody it was. I was in a writers room, everybody was talking about how irritating facebook was, but there are also talking about how they are addicted to anyone into one of everyone and well I'm. So what did such an addictive personality that like? I can't not look at things, and I get really. You know you one no did somebody trying to get a whole.
You mean it's all that craziness. I completely understand that and it makes me live in a world that doesn't exist away. So, as everyone was talking about it, I was recognizing every single thing: everybody in the room is saying- and I just really fast and without over thinking, yet just went and deleted my account. I did that with Twitter, like two thousand and nine all you do is you know any fuckin follower then have at this point. If I hadn't done I now at Times shit time, but you wouldn't be happy August. Followers like money, like I said I like money, less right. So, yes, I read joined Twitter, but don't tell anyone with a fucking in camp with there the other reason alone, with your last name. During the my favorite murder. Paca related facebooks Susan now, Sarah thoroughness. Anyway. I was scared. It was your niece because I like she's too young for this now no Nora, nor is less homes, get what I want. Sarah last name, but she wouldn't mind my sister doesn't let her on
social media, you know, as of this very moment, we are about fifty people away from two thousand volor holy shit. Not unlike us, if all risks that some kind of sending group members yes and There- the fuckin it's the best group it is so fun to go on there. I have so my book somebody recommended it on that page and then I listened too. I think it's it's a podcast called I think it's called crime garage. Have you heard that one? you guys and we are talking about the they had updates on this murder, which I had heard about that. I want to hear the update other absolutes there. There were up, It's just like new things that they had found, but I realise, as they were talking about it, that I needed to know what they were. I needed no more details and then somebody post, whoever posted on the discussion page about this book. When I
The reviews it was like this is an amazingly written book, because I've never wanted to there's something about that case that I I can't write my head on the fact that up the still out there and then the one of one of one of the murderers of the woman. Who ran away from that guy's, how yes women who went to to dance caught unquote at a perpetual gerardi house and free doubt and ran away and was found dead and, like the whole, The answer is in there somewhere. Yes, that's what bothers me about that so much as the answer is so obviously in from when He died too, when she got to that guy's house, yes, and that's exactly but the crime garage guys you're saying I hope that's the name of that podcasting, that's it. They were. I listen to it as those in the grocery store one day, I'm almost positive, but that basically the cops haven't. Harrogate the person who had that party cause he's crazy,
they were just like. No, he has nothing to do with it. If it is, she also go to some guys house who, like takes in wayward female, like heat one of the door she knocked on with some due to takes in wayward females. Will I've only read at this point? I heard their podcast and I've read like the first ten pages that Israel drain written. It's written it, it's giving you the back story of of the bodies found so they're, not bodies found these young women who have these rough upbringing like these mothers who busted there ass all their life to get their girl to get heard of lace and then she was like but I'm ready you backs young man what kind of item in the book I am, I am no stone unturned. It was like about the Dun berserk color. He was like they were like prostitute, shorter started showing up. Then I can't you just say women right you just say. Women started showing of their such an
There is such an Indian Darwin yours when you specifically say that prostitute certain, that's exactly ray and you can feel yourself care less than if they were like ace thirteen year old, cheerleader from this high solely some blog. And I mean really do, have a caste system. We live more the more with the lifestyle or technical ass. We owe here s little bit higher risk by style. So it's more like, like you get into some random deeds. Car wants to pay for sex is a much higher chance, you're gonna get rate, but that too and murder, but that doesn't mean you deserve it does exactly that doesn't mean that they should look. For. I mean I'm gonna be honest, like there have been times in my poor life where I was like. I wish I could just be a stripper yeah. If I could just a job as classroom and dance a couple, slackened dances and make money, but it would be nice, but that's also the imaginary, thinking ass, an easier or AIDS is not an easier life. It's actually a really really hard by totally and it's that its young women always and it's that idea like it was when Craigslist for
came out there like. I can make some money this easy way. I don't have to stand on the street which is better. I can just go to rich poles and, in your mind, as a young girl in your young twenties, you're thinking. I'm a girl is emerge, guys, gonna, come and pay me I'm willing to. Do that to get ahead. So I can like, If you any any woman wants to be a prostitute want, not even the were prostitute agreement. We need. Someone is like a part time lover in UNAM, saying like we'll, be wise to do unless they're mentally ill or yeah. It's in the thing that it should bring to mind and people desperation yeah like trying to get above, poverty lie there, a all those things like it's the end, There should be more empathy. Then we shouldn't turn off because we here that it should be like. Oh no, I would they don't say like, you know a twenty year old, grocery store clerk was murdered right that doesn't, while with that
I know- and also I really love those crime garage guys because they were just one of the guys was saying we should be protecting women. The idea that lake they the prostitute and suddenly that's like everyone's puts our hands up and goes out you bad for her family. It should be the opposite. Living cops. Do that to you about that on some well all right. Unfortunately, so we need to train cops not to You know I mean like sit down with the cap should be able to have to sit down with five buck umbrella, ex prostitute too, who are just trying to explain Why they're doing in what they're doing and how they don't want to do it in you, but a better the same time, like some cops deuce, a lot of time with pride like it's almost like there. But there are seeing the life there leading and then it's like, while they are not. Yeah. It's gonna get us a moral judgment than like anybody. Take impenetrable of cops for saying that, because I know there are some really good cops who who aren't judging women for doing that and are trying to help them and its human error
her both ways. But I think it's that the thing we sailed I'm words just like actually ultimately where we are talking about we're talking so much about these victims and what are we question mark above their head, we much have we talked about this fucking cereal care, who is got no way, allow hewing what we're ten women. These bodies are just like dumped next to this highway. Children, too, is in their local, someone's daughters, because I have only started this book when I meet its fascinating and it's like this. This killer is just behalf the wall somewhere just totally pertaining to knows who he so we do know that, like I mean I wonder, if there's a part of him, it's like, I know the secret service and no one else does yeah that's exciting, somehow one if, if it's like the jinx were, if their paid off or the heiress oh rich, cause, they're out, you know it's out by Joan speeches like we're, gonna, say:
We all agree on its long island. It's like way up long, island, early, nice area, crazy, everything's, gated, you know it's all that is all Anna baggage Its fastened in sewing Lamb excited about that book and whoever recommended on the discussion page I've I've. I can't wait till we find out. Who is, I know, and this has got we're out an emergency episode. That we will have to like in the at three M, get the car and be like get your podcast her out. You got a requirement.
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You gonna go first, the sleepy Gallagher versus makes a word and ready for our favorite murder. Are you ready aright, so this week were? Do I picked it up? I picked a topic and then I hated it So I may I said caring. What's your dream topic, do you remember what the topic was before it was vintage unsolved? Oh right, then I got really angry and was like a Kenneth, yeah and secure and of your picture. You said now and which are aimed topic and I just didn't answer you, because I like em I'll, be my interprets, No, not! You said you said weird murders, yes, which, like basically is we ve done so many already I mean, but we also done my kids killing kids. We ve done so many things that lake, where the cattle ray idea, yeah we're just try to organise our thoughts to share its trade and help us like go down. A path it's not an infinite path. Yes,
so it also what murder isn't weird ultimately kind of aberrations just in, but you know well, I thought There is a couple that I wanted to do and I So don't wanna do one that everyone like there's something about the I. Maybe it's just the pot of historic Facebook group that like, Everyone in that fuckin group knows every murder yeah like they know everything which sucks so fun, but I dont want to disappoint them. Yes same. You know I mean so so I picked up I was going to do that Tom and Shewed case yeah everywhere. It's unsolved case of an unidentified man found dead in nineteen, forty, eight, Australia and, in his part, he washed up on the beach and in his pocket, was a piece of paper with them. As Tom and shrewd, which means me ended or finished in Persian printed on a little scrap of paper, and they don't know who he is where it came from. What is still is it's fuckin, it's a fascinating case. If you dont know it, which you probably ever on pine and yet
unsolved, right, yeah, So is this when the one that I picked as my favorite word, murder called put Bela in the witch ELM that yours- no not that I just listen to. I just listen to a different packages. Without this it's great called the haggling woods mystery. Sometimes this is a good one in April nineteen forty three, which is obviously in the middle of world war. Two four boys from stout bridge in the UK, where poaching when they came in here, so that women still how Bridge UK there poaching. They came across a large which elm at smell, w ACC age or w. I c h indifferent, different postings. I currently tat, I think stop you acc age, and this is the kind of which Hannah Montana Estate belonging to a Lord. They thought it was a good place to hunt birds nests, and so they try to climb into the tree to investigate and they found a skull,
and they thought it was an animal and then they sought human teeth and hair. Attached to this, and they have. Also they may when they were like here's, a great idea. Let's not tell anyone because will get in trouble for being on the Lord's land like cable is bold, Did you ever find something say something or you look fucking suspicious? Your parents won't be mad at you for being on someone's land. If you find us a skull, everyone knows lords or decks. Look. We ve dull, with asshole lords of or without trust. Pass on land that belongs to lords, and if you find of body you should tell someone so the youngest kid there was a report the youngest kids get Mummy and he told his parents and the police check the trunk of a tree. They found an almost complete human skeleton a shoe a go. The wedding ring and some fragments of clothing and then unfair
investigation, severed hand, wisdom buried in the ground near the tree little level. The body was examined by Professor James WEBS sure, and he established at the skeleton was a female Hooper Denver at least eighteen months. Time a death must have been around October. Nineteen, forty one he discovered. This is thus a section of taffeta lodged in her mouth suggesting she had died from next expectation and I wrote, or from fashion my notes, she'd fits you died from the eighties, though Georgia Turn article or it don't do it. The most. The trunk which the body play syn, I think that she must have in place are still warm after the killing ass. She could not a fit in once. Rigour, Mortis Morrissey, taken hold rigour Morris's. I am fascinated by it. It's just
my because it sets in, but then it goes away ray. I think it goes away after like ten days it, but you can. I feel you can also break it. Oh with enough, worse mustn't. Everyone put on Facebook whether or not this is. What do you know about rigour more and I clearly someone or something good positive, so it's are obsolete. Hog has someone knows something about rigour: mortis, ok, so that the woman's murder was in the midst of world war. Two in the UK, which clearly I have a lot of action going on, so it birthday investigation, police tell from the items found what the woman like what was so many people reported missing during the war. They they really couldn't. How like find out who it was. They did nationwide search of dental practices, which came up with nothing, which I feel like in nineteen, forty, one, that nationwide search of dental practices was not very thorough, yeah you're like calling up on one of those like crank. Why,
a form of leg, be known, rob rage. Three, nine, four, seven eight, have you seen a cabin and then three? We don't do those here, yeah aid and its so a barber shop lover I lowered until we are their british people that talk like there from the Bronx Room movie phrase around this is good radio, that and all the just the facts here. You guys valued favours the facts: in fact this is a real boring pike. People eventually kind. I forgot about the woman the tree in tell the growth These start an ominous fuckin lime. This is the beginning: a bank see us, someone wrote who put Lula Bell down the witch ELM too graffiti, and then someone wrote the head We would Bela, then someone who put Bela in the witch ELM
graffiti appeared on walls throughout the West Midlands, which is never happens seemingly by the same hand, which is a fuck him. I love him, analysis. So my g2 it was last painted on the blue graffiti last the sight of a two hundred year old Arbalist, which is like spooky as back on the eighth August, nineteen. Ninety nine in what way we that summer, that some? What was the Toynbee tile, shall yet it just continues on what the fuck so let's see. Ok a couple ferries the hand buried close by could have. Been a hand glory which I actually talked about recently on solar party- dried and pickled hand of a man who has been hanged often spent if I was being the left hand or if the man was hanged for murder, the hand that did the deed and they
old european beliefs attributed the great powers to the door. The glory combined with a can't they made at the foot. Basically, they made a fuckin hand of someone who is hang into a candle, and so when people breaking a summons house, they would bring with them for good luck on the pretty much what it was. So it was a cold type of thing, which is like look, there's a hand buried nearby. What does that mean? I feel, like the glory part, is a bit of it, misnomer its horrifying? It's it's a this, embodied hat in hand a storyline treated like they put the weeks on the Tipp of the fingers. A quick zone broken warehouse without I would write so, of course, you would get away with it. Take out my jewel the ivy like Bay. Ok, bye aggravate you later days so So I read this part from this is all from like Wikipedia random. Like websites is from the unread acted. It was an intelligent and fifty three one journalist Wilfer John
started to write about the case that in this was revived and he would soon receive the first solid lead in nearly a decade as an anti budgetary. There was that better sign. Only Anna offered new details of what had happened to Bela Cordon Villa Bela. I love this had been murdered because of her involvement with a Nazi spiralling operating in the Midlands in the early nineteen. Forty, yes, no obsessed with rubber tune nazis. Hundreds of jobs, Spies were captured in Britain during the war and in them plans would have been a valuable source of intelligence because of its prevalence of munitions. Factories, wow, really fucking call the journey would never think of England is having spies like that. It's, like yeah, think of it's an island over by its oh yeah. How did they get their well? This
well with our Europe, not to know, I didn't write that down, but this is one of the theories of that she parachuted and somehow ended up in the trunk of a tree with bull shit on that there may be how and maybe she parachuted in and they found her and killed her and put her in the tree. The idea you would parachute into be a spy and you would parachute down into a him to go for as the trunk of a tree ass. You are the dumbest unlucky lists by means of the worst at Paris, listen she's in a plan. She grubs should get scared, so she grabbed a handful of her tat stuff steps. It you, the scream to on her way down, hits her arm. Her hand comes off the berries it in the ground, all absolutely feasible its doable wait a second what material taffetas like progress taffeta isn't parachute. I think now taffeta. I feel like it's an under scope. Oh god, or maybe it's a lazy collar. Ok like a high,
like victorian lazy collar. It's not like neo lie, we're not tugging bits of developing, and that will be whoever that I had a theory, but you know At the same time, though, these stories are passed on so long that if someone could have said staff at and that stock shirt, which is the What is all crimes is like? They just get told some eight hundred these into come fact. So I'm gonna say that, she had parachute nylon stopped in her. Let's change the sorry didn't work, sharing this grip, ok so then. The journalists got a letter from this when Anna claiming back had died after getting involved in a world where do not cease firing- and she said finish, your articles on the which our crime, by all means their inch to your readers, but you will never see the mystery the way person who could give. The answer is now beyond the jurisdiction of the earthly courts. Such a great way to settlements that we now have,
favorite beyond the jurisdiction of the earthquake, worth Ferris Clean Calais. Now the affairs pleasant involves no witches black magic or moonlit rights basis, which is like. I know if I can happen so that which did you say which forbids the business which is black magic or moonlight rights like she sang it, wasn't witchcraft because it is in the forest. I now creepy engines found in a fuckin trunk of a tree like that's that some some? What was the the shell recently with them immorality, Harold Ryan, nobody, Herefordshire its heritage or detective share at the seas and one baby, the alarm, faxes and seemed to law. Although we did see column feral at movie theater, the almost told him your performance intruding, decision to us masterful. The only saving Grayson
that is, an Mai, grow rich Rachel make items. I do love her. No, she bore me. She just act like this all the time and she bore me. I knew what she has perfect lake. Wish, I was a good Bob and Brad Bob she's, a nice tall forehead like I'm jealous of your feet, all forehead. I really do because mine is like a three head. It is the shortest. The banks are an atrocity. Nothing once nothing. We should shave the front part of your your forehead, but I don't like him Edwardian, yet yeah get it wax too little too late. I got. I want a bar like how bar I used to cut your barbie. Sarah indifferent lever, wrangling hears Bang is not grow and you know I used to do baby second, the early ninetys an iceberg was like little food through fees. I can't tell you how my facebook straight up, full moon. I looked like the blood moon walking around working at the gap. You talk about your photos
when you are younger so much and I ve never seen them on dying to see them. I've, I've scrub, the internet of them. Please, got my brain, ok I know this is the best part after subsequent correspondence Anna revealed herself to be a woman in Una MOSS up and told the thought full story. She said her husband, jacked worked on a local munitions, factory again the munitions factory in the early. And inquiries and come into some money after meeting a mysterious dutchman. He later We need to know that the judgment was a nazi agent and Jack had been passing him information about the local industry, industrial sites, listen asshole. This is very second lost, or no one can we actually went totally if so, which in turn was passed to another agent posing as a cavalry performer local leaders, the Midlands,
been bombarded by the lifts, wifi and an early fortys, and such information would have an invaluable to the Nazis to target the raids when they would have done the most damage to Britain's war effort. One day jack than his contacts at a pub close Hughley word: he was arguing with the Dutch with a dutch woman. The statute was organ of a dutch one. He ordered Jack to drive them both out of the current hills but the argument had grown extremely violent and the dutch agents strangled the woman in the car. For his own life. Jack help carry the body under the nearby Hughley. Woods were the pair. Bear aid it in the hollow of two or three hours. That's ends, in a bomb yeah, at seven. A m like a reasonable explanation, also sorry to say that its kind a good idea to bury a body inside of a tree motorway. It's like its electorate, how how they're doing we're doing burials it when you can be like We applaud and you can get buried in the woods now, alright, but it's against your will
think about this. Only the only Dover Listen singer me it's an eco burial written, but they don't have a choice in the matter of the sort, make sense to me and I was going to say something else. Am I forgot Sonia O o. I feel like happened, so many murders that outskirt from because an ex girlfriend a jilted eventually tell Ya Ex girlfriend is like hey, had a lot. What happened totally, I didn't laid. Which I totally believe, like you eventually Tao I think that I had a lot to lose if he was lake passing in fellow treatment if she said anything yeah heap, he probably told her out. Believe you, I mean, like yeah, she's He would die. She didn't want him did I either she loved him and then he slept with her sister and she was like listen fuck. This, too, is that the reason why should now be able ok, so earnest husband was apparently so traumatized where the brutal mortal murderer. Myrtle
I learned that he had a nervous breakdown tormented by her vision of a woman's skull and a tree, and he was institutionalized and nineteen forty one early die later that years about sums totally plausible and feasible it can happen immediately like it. He went the other trauma and then just free brow nobody knew this button. Nazis are assholes, oh yeah. They should have mentioned that in the forties held America could have got involved in that were again like I said it. The Anna, like everyone from their air, is dead and are reliant on guarantees that, if it is true, there's like one nine year old veteran, that's how badly. I came here to this new motor pod gas, not our ramp against it, but lived lava yeah. So that sounds. I like theory again. I like it and it fits very well and it could have changed a lot and who knows it's true, but it's a good one young there was a SEC
possible victim, but of being a prostitute, as some prostitute, again prostitute, some woman who saw her body force is forced to write, stated that another prostitute, Cobb Bela who worked in the hat on the highly road disappeared about three years previously. So you know there's a bit that could have the same woman too. True I like that one so yeah There's? U can act. There is actually a good photo up the skull. If you go on line and not the so, this is the hoop Bela in which our or the had me was mystery. You can see some cool photos from back then every time watch british TV, I wanna go there because it such a rich and storied passed but stuff like that again, think about it. Aside for this that they have the shit bombed out of them during world war. Two and it was like total chaos and insanity. Every action these like these proper british people, got this
shit bombed at them and they didn't react like that. I would the what I love is that it's so british today that whole keep calm, carry on where it was just like but he was allowed to be like. Can you, believe they shed a freak out or anything there are like all right. Are you ready for tee? Well, even even the army, the british Army was like there here. Are these rules that we have to follow, and I think that's why we had to I've been as there were like they're there these rules of war, but the these nazis are not following them now, and you think that that combat is this. Like old tradition, it's not anymore, but you know these proper british people, God bless them. I know it and just just the second amount of civilians that we're just game awful. It's crazy on both sides I mean yeah word or two. I will fall into any more
two black hole. The whole thing any time it's a people going back, but I really like as one people go back and try to toxic german people citizens today, my are from that era and how defensive in freaked out they get the air what it what it is radical scar on the history of german people and how arable stay feel and how It would be strange if you ask them it's not. It wasn't. Therefore they weren't they are part of a they weren't supporting I mean I told I understand why someone like Adolf Hitler, would have looked so appealing in the beginning yet and there was a country that was like on its knees for years and years and years by we we made them. Do after world war, one spanked MA am YAP, not forbidden deserve it, but it's just they have less keep an eye out for somebody. Let that likes a scapegoat. It's usually scapegoats are using
minority person can't speak up for themselves. Someone has said what you were not saying: gone on, travel let's not getting into s mother No, no. We just lost thousands and thousands of worse Nagoya there. If you want, I don't like those who come after us. Those are not our two thousand Facebook group follow release. Are you kidding me early unbelievable? So I just love that one's weird me, because I just love that she was found in a tree and which is so fascinating to me, but also feels like that's the kind that if you feel like maybe five years, though, have that solved somehow like it's one of those ones at that its solved in that there is an obvious explanation that why that one is read, but it's late and I'll never be.
Isn't it weird when you hear about vintage murders and like he's sixty seven counting on arresting, lacks all we're gonna be dead. Yes, he's sixty seven, but that I I I mean it's such a tough arrow, pointing straight to the guy. That immediately has a nervous breakdown and basically die. I mean I kind of field for that guy, because yet what is going to be like no nazi who just killed Euro like counterpart? yeah I'm not gonna, help you re where she is Of course he is now he's stuck letting us tell anyone to care because he's being treasonous he's treasonous batch I do not sell your government secret shreds whom I know. I cannot wait to hear. Here's your excited about it. Listen excited is a word we could use. Also for fr the fuck out of myself, because I ve been I've known about this one for a while, and I've been trying to jam this one didn't like what George said, which you want to do, and I like weird murders and let us like the first thing I voted for this, but once I
started really reading details. I remembered oh that's right about ten years ago I watched a documentary about this and boned myself out so hard, I just kind of put it out of my mind. I never thought of any of em already having nightmares from Facebook Group, so this is gonna be fine. This is right. This is gonna, be and I m sure most of the people of his group of Facebook group know this guy too, because he's he's here in the lake. You know he's the top tenor. I don't think, but he's up there it's Richard chain the vampire Sacramento, and I know once again. I am talking about Sacramento now, so many murders that happen in the in northern California yeah there really There's a lot of country there's a lot of space wild space as it's almost like hildy, the issue in some areas. Shockingly, I I hear what you're saying about my upbringing but high now care. No, I just feel like this there's farm land. Yes,
there's. A lot of space for people really do what they feel at night. Making math we're just making math tat, the drugs. Yet there is a lot of acid up there. I mean that's where the I am also listening to right now. Have you ever heard that you must remember this part gas, I'm listening to the Manson murders, one could so many people, there's there's a on the our Facebook page, who mentioned it and was like as anybody else listening, this I'm going crazy and people's all talked about it, but I had already heard I think patent talking about his letter because Michel Mcnamara talked about it on. I know I shouldn't, but you talked about a murder in like Laurel. Kenya might have been related to mention murders, and maybe she mentioned it. I'm not really sure. Ok, it's a great power estimates like Terwilliger, fucking, high and music cues. All that show they like our pocket. It's just like this one brilliantly written, concise, effective. They don't they take it seriously. They will tell you, another matter, we're not
fine. I know we're not
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applying? Aren't your notes? Look! I'm not because I almost barston my car, I was sitting. I got here little early outside Georgia's parchment and there's never parking on her street, so I was like basic. Given my address a book, bring your knives over to size like a block and a half away sitting in my car in the dark. It's ok, excellent pick me up and I'll walk with you. Ok, I never thought about the Euro, like once I get up here, you're like in your slippers, economic she's, on so bass, ok get I'm glad. We work this out on the earth, I will his I'm done and I dont want only. I never had a feeling. I've lived in its major city by myself for fucking twenty five years and tonight in writing about this. This serial killer in the dark in my car, with my Iphone light on- sitting there and then a guy walk right by my car. And he was talking either on them, I'm sure is on the phone it's aired me. So bad that I was like this,
gotta get out of our way up the street. You men have just had a fuckin intuition about him. Look I say you did what say you're super into at every year like this and he's a martyr. Oh I'm dead. We all know that you and I are very into other. I think I just found the Zodiac killer. He takes the bus at an earlier- has sent us here carrying on Mr Yelling say so. Vampire sacramentos, a man named Richard Chase, and he all of his killings in one month, but his whole life led up to that month. Hee hee, He had a terrible, abusive mother by age of ten. He had the Mcdonald Triad, which is, as we all know, arson. Bed, wedding and cruelty to animals. That's called were the Mcdonald, try another and that's a theory. Now people like yeah there's no each of those, but when
AIR, combined a lot of people. Look at that and some people say that is a direct link to serial killers, but actually that's been dispelled and when it is a direct link to oftentimes or more often, I should say, is abuse brutal, a decent parents and that's what Richard change. What are they gonna talk back? wedding, arson and cruelty to animals man. So it's like if you ever proclivity this. Usually it's the bed. Wedding is the first year if, if you're being at the straw, is its uncontrollable and and the rage is arson and cruelty to animals who builds if it if it doesn't stop or if you know the kid has about hurts me in my heart. I know it's terrible, so he this I was telling I was eating lunch with HIV April, Richardson friend and telling her about this, and she basely goes, Open sky had no choice. The sky was going to be a serial killer, no matter what cuz this all of these things.
In his early life do add up to it and when he was in high school, he had girlfriends and stuff, but nothing ever lasted cause. He couldn't maintain an erection because it turns out he was only sexually aroused by. The killing of animals or the stabbing of people had it ok, so the killing of animal erection proudly started first. Obviously, he accident we got an erection one time while he was killed, a mouse, you know it things like fish like Afoot VAT Ashworth next year, but beard genitals, get rob by a foot. Ets a beautiful woman, what they get you now. Never and then you are shipowners with fear. It gets improve sit on your brain or whatever, but some I think they
They were stuff like this. This is like crossed wires is bad news, bad wiring, I'm already seeing someone writing you associate donors with like sitting another part. The people on the basis of amendments is beautiful. Court hilarity squarely on the free like like a beach photo in the background he said: It is both earth acquits be with you It happens all the time, so ok, so, so of course, then he's gets in its the seventies when he's in a teenager and an older, so he's super into acid, and then he starts and makes so there never really sure if its drug, do psychosis or, if its paranoid schizophrenia later on their like, he definitely a paranoid schizophrenia, but If you do enough LSD,
You can actually, indeed rigour. Yeah, yours if you were gonna, have schizophrenia. Fifty fifty and you do a bunch of drugs, it's gonna happen more likely ray or a or there's also, I don't know, I don't know about that. Maybe somebody just keep doing man. Maybe someone else can be a part of research, but they they were talking about drugging. Do psychosis is, is basically a parallel thing and it would happen the same time, because people who are starting to experience paranoid schizophrenia which would try to sell medical on medicine than they would drink, they would get hurt. And pot, and they would they would do ass in this. Was the seventies warlike, nobody, but it was that bad. It was no big deal so so too kind quickly, snob size. He bit He basically he started going. Doktor all the time and telling the for that. Somebody Austin
his pulmonary artery, because his heart was stopping yeah and that also his cranial bones were moving around and coming out of the back of his head me and ended up shaving his head, because he was so positive that this was happening. A terrifying thing to be sure. Yes and if you're having that or initially in your brain but then you're doing do I mean the horrible. I like Karen, live ever done acid multiple times, but no not in the least it does that I just edit my friends, hand until it was my hand, it's fucking fat is the most fascinating thing ever seen in your life. Yachts, crazy, But then I didn't want harmonised, like I'm, never going to get out you ship, it's just chemicals, studied dont. Do it s not He also was sure that his blood was turning to powder oh, so he had a lot of medical issues that we are going to bring into the doctors allotted time. The doctors pretty sure that he was because that's actually the age
in men like late teens, is one the signs of schizophrenia start showing. So he was I'm going through that his he ended up. He was started using his mom of poisoning him, and so his father got him in and moved him out of the house. How easily said me you can't be here and only alone, yeah do whatever you want, yeah, exactly so even so he was alone and it turned out. He gave him blood poisoning, because and this is where things are going to become a serious bummer. So let's do it here, injecting himself with rabbit blood. He was acting rather blood into his own veins. This was, he was leaves are always he thought he was going to help his powdery blood, or his his skull bones, moving around or whatever the fuck thing he thought was wrong with him. So he was, they don't know he was buying, rabbits are catching them or whatever, but he was drinking rabbit blow.
Mutilating rabbits and then he started injecting blood, and you say so. He involuntarily was committed to psychiatric iceberg hospital and I want to go to psychiatric high school, everyone just keeps asking how you are all the time. Nobody, here's the weird thing now nodded very many psychiatric hospitals around anymore, but at this place Staff was scared of him that's how fuckin freaky this guy was and at one point. They told the story of the nurse going into his room and there was blood dollars. Base, and she was like or what's going on and at own on. I just cut myself, but it turned out. They found some dead birds on the outside his window, he'd been catching birds and drinking their blood scale
yeah, so they circling him Dracula and they're all freaked out. Will the drafters legit had like power now things you know he is less that mine melt because list I d like you to hold out for human blood. When you bird boy you get one of you can get her blood down. I mean it's pure man, they're, so dirty so they get him on. They start they balancing out on psychic Tropic drugs right and they. Finally, after a year, are like your free Europe I'm, going to be a danger to yourself or others see later, and they look recent from the hospital, his mother, they upon his parents, I think the word they used in the article is recognizance. I don't think that's the correct right, but is basically under there, supervision, his mother immediately wins him off the medicine, pushing tissues, smart lady, so
she gets him off. The medicine gets him his own apartment again. Now this time he had she's a woman she's a prisoner abused have yet again: oh yeah she's, not smart. She probably bit crazy. She cares little about his well being clear, she's problem will. You just wants him to get away from her, and this was the person that was like a cute did, I say the priority where he was accusing her poisoning him right here just like she know she's endanger area there, give her weaning him off the medicine, though God knows what that was about, but I can I can kind of imagine and its idiot its frightening so he's out on his own again so ends up, being at an apartment with three romance, and he is so fucking weird that they demand he moves out sparely. He was drunk an honest and all the time he do with. Stuff like nail himself into his own room and accuse them of like trying to, it into his room and invade him and all the stuff. So far,
either, and he also was always naked, or do you just walk through the revenue, so no, no anybody over. So finally, there like you, have to move out and he refuse so everybody else moved out. That's her creepy was so he's in this house by himself that's when he went into full empire mouth, so he started it. They don't buying catching whatever, but he was constantly. Getting animals mutilating them drinking their blood. He had a thing he would do where worried put the annual blood in a blunder, was some coke and blended up drink it like cooks? Other, yes, no well yeah like a little worthy pre job- Is this latest everything itself she would have been fired? You would have a millionaire, and so these were all the ways he he thought it was gonna keep his heart from shore
king, which was his main fear at this point? To be honest, blood is good for you, like Eating blood. Is you got lot of iron irony, I have you ve iron, poor blood, but it's not gonna help your cranial bones from moving out of the back of your head, you're pregnant woman. Fine! If he asked psychopathic and and if you are a pregnant woman, you feel you might have iron poor blood instead of mutilating rabbit, you can just Kevin against us. One guy, you're done ion chew and iron tablet yeah. You could do that. Don't Iron Amanda shirts go on I've, never heard of this once I got one: oh ok, so dead dead. So basically his is he sir, I'm I'm out of order, so he's so the killings begin. Summer, twenty ninth, Nineteen, seventy seven and write the month before,
the killing start. He has found, there's a place called Pyramid Lake, that's kind of by Lake Tahoe and it's weird kind of salt. He lay and it has these weird rock formations that our pyramid shaped, and apparently this guy drives out there in there's just churches standing out their naked covered in blood and there like what the fuck, so they call the sheriff for whoever and they find Richards truck, has a bucket of blood in it and the whole inside is covered in blood. They arrest him, but then they test the blood and they find out it's just cows blood. So they let him go, go by knows her features are no charges is upheld, that's you're allowed to just cover yourself in cow blood in view so choose all. That's fine yeah just be stand, you're, like let's go to pyramid Lake and take some pictures. What just day and you out there in that fuckin. Apparently he was like fire.
Levin and wait a hundred forty five per o seizing emaciated an easy. He looks like a google or whatever they can do. You want to go into the pyramid, Lincoln put our cobbler Oliver ourselves and I d like yeah, and then we like what are you doing here? I know it wasn't a view so so, a month later, he basically walking around and driving around his neighborhood and east. Search shooting people, so he does DR by and ends up killing. Fifty one year old, Ambrose Griffin, who was out in his driveway Who is helping his wife bring groceries into how she thought he he dropped and she He had a heart. My heart attack cause. It was such a strange thing and then she only found out when he got to the hospital and was pronounced dead that he had actually been shot twice.
Let the rose I now and he knew no later than any was a father of two very sad alive that day a twelve year old boy. Writing is bike reports. The pleased that a guy drove by in a brown trans am, and shot at him and missed Jesus ass. So he's he's wilding, Richard is doing some crazy shit he's, while ok, I won't get professionalism like this. In any other part, that's right, we're we're just like. We were only idea. Ok, so then January. Twenty third, about a month later, this one's rough, its a bummer. So this is where a turn for me where I was like. Looking This guy is eaten rabbits and drink in their blood, but that, of course just was the beginning. For him to go on and do that people. So if you don't, like the rabbit part, you're really Nakata, like this part,
Everyone like the rabbit by every moment, doesn't love a good, a rabbit killing. So he- and this is this- is the part that system bummer what he would do. Just walk around neighbourhood and try doors so yeah. And he told the the FBI agent who interviewed him after he was arrested from jail, that he would walk around and then if door was locked he interpreted. That is that he was not welcome and he would move along, but then, if you would get to a door that- open. He would go into the house and just see what would happen so there's a story of him on the same day was trying doors and he walked up a woman the story of seeing this young man who looked super crazy and creepy walk up and her back patio door and it's locked and she's watching him do it. He walks
the window and tries it it's locked and then he walks to her front door and she walks up at the front relic. What the fuck are you doing here, stares at her and then walks away. That is this. If I saw someone trying my back door and my window shit, I would scorn its horrifying. So then he went on his. Where am, I think, I'm pretty sure she called the cops Zawoiski. She told that's right here, but he went on and the next house he found the front door was open luckier doors. He always so He goes there and a pregnant me two year old woman named Teresa Wallen Teresa but he was found dissembled drained of blood. And there was a yogurt cup syn next to it that had been filled. It looks as if he was dreary out of it. And she was raped and me
Lay dead and her organs had been taken out of him, what six far it was super go crazy like Jack, the ripper, I'll insanity and the worst part, is that her husband came, some work and their dog was on the front porch the lights were out. The stereo was on so he goes and like the hell's going on in keeping out and probably the doors? That's what I'm probably something hideous, the Heath There's oil in the front row like he doesn't understand, what's happening, and then he finds his wife's bodies how horrifies he for the rest of us fucking it's over it's over, it remained makes me think of like the end of the Zodiac member in the interview, the guy in the airport. Who had been in a car with the girl got shot. That actor is a great actor. His name is Jimmy. I can't remember his last name, but he you know the girl
from heavenly creatures who was it was Kate, Winslet and then the girl at the brown hair I'd heard that he was someone before. So that makes never used him a reactor any miss on knowledge, as our is meaningless. I can't I can't say the right names and before the cops later found that he had put a bullet in her Box, as he was walking up to let out when it was significant to him yet somehow in his crazy fucking. I think that the idea of seeing that Gore and guards and blood and not being and being effect being not effective enough to stick around keep doing yet this person crazy liked associate of shit going he's out, he's gone, gone, gone like most people, see someone get caught and see blood and are like. I can't do it s like a broken bones. I can't do it was Yes, yes, can't handle it, but he's not even it's like that thing.
Like you know, associate past, don't have like content, but it is psychotic lattices he's not there. So he leaves that house and apparently he had gone into another house. The cops find out later he gone into another house and home had had gone and cause the door was open and had ransacked it and p into a drawer of firstly, laundered, baby clothes and then devastated on the list boys bed on their child bed. They walk and he runs out the back door- the husband chases him and he can catch up, so that was just like. Fucking near miss that they warrant and the house a hero. They were just coming home ya think are no one. Was there, and same day as he did that motor? So he was just he was just. Walk around doing doing what he wanted.
He wasn't even aware that he needs to go hide the grace in anyone right exactly no, no, not at all like. He knew once that I was chasing him, but no, he didn't. He was walking around with like bloody clothes. And didn't These are the height at that's, not mentally competent to stand trial were heard. It no, he is he's out of his mind. He was totally fried so once this, this murder, This horrible scene is found, they call the FBI in, and the FBI makes profile and its leg. Young unemployed, mentally ill and it's like they undernourished like they had him in. It has been an lock up before, like they no specific sure. Yes, the way that the way the F b I does so then the next murderer is thirty. Six year old, this one's rough Evelyn morale and Sure old Son and his
friend, Daniel and now the Good NEWS is that in my mind, the EU should they were all shot, so he he didn't. Torture them or me I'm sorry you know, I said. Let me just say I told you I mean as compared to some hideous won't talk about. How many times I said at and events she is like. I can't something causes is hideous but yeah, it's basically, he she was she was upstairs taking a bath while her friend Daniel who is fifty one was in the House we'll like watching the kids. While she was up there, he shoots that guy. He go upstairs and shoots her in the bathtub mute lets, her rapes, her body eviscerate, Sir, does weird shit third and trails, all that creepy stuff. Then he it, though, kids, each just got shot in the head, and then there was
baby that when the cops got there, if they found a pillow with a bullet hole through it, the play pen have but in it and the baby was missing so yeah. So now the pot, the cops and if FBI, everybody like this is we ve got like a serious serial killer. I mean obviously VERDI knew that, but this one was. It was incorrect. You can go online and read the details, but the details are just a bummer and edges more of what I'm saying it's really awful, but here's what I kind of fine, fascinating, and this is one. I think this is a point I freaked myself out on is so they get a call. The cops get a call from a girl find her name here, it's her name. Is Nancy holding an Nancy Holden tells the cops on the same day as all the other should happened. She
in the town and country shopping centre, which I know where it is shut in Sacramento, exciting off what avenue it's this area? and it's like Sacramentos, just as big said it before, but it just like this big wide spread out its legs, all these suburb smashed shopping centres and stop shopping centres and shall stations and talk about that's all. I remember culture everywhere, just eat just culture, as far as it is, is like New York but flat. So there in the town and country shopping centre, which is one of those full on seventies, like a shopping center it looks kind of Adobe, like nearly one yes light with theirs alone. I urge I'm like an Orange county, that you know it all. Art are archway walkway. I tabled aimed at all signs for the stores have the same rights like would cut science with a there were like a dark wood and white paint, my Irvine, that's that's! Town and country shopping should Asia. So this Oh Mamsie Holden isn't a store and this
freaky guy walks up to her and says: were you on the motorcycle? One Kurt was killed and ten years before her boyfriend com, was killed in a motorcycle accident in high school only and so she's. Looking at this person- and she goes- who are you and he's like? It's me, chase and then She's, like she remembered richer chase from high school is being this like stewed it's cute guy and now she's looking at this fucking again ghoul and he has his work, sweatshirt with blood on the front of it, and I think I think barefoot is what she said, but apparently he's trying to talk to her and she's. Just standing there like getting the wars via ask ice, what one point he turned around and buys something and she just get the fuck out of the store for her. He felt sir out. If he wants to get a ride from her and he's trying to still try to talk to her. She gets in her car locks the door and drives away like peels out it's real smart, she's, super fucking, smart and then
as the cops and says here's exe as I just had the guy's names Richard Chase and that's what leads the to his apartment, when the let's get to his apartment, Stick it out for a little while they go up and knock. They They can tell he's in there. He won't come out, so they just go back and sit in their car and watch. Finally, after an hour He comes out. Holding a box he's got same. Bloody sweatshirt on got no shoes on bloody feet for babies in the box. They arrest him know, there's a weird random shit and I think the gun was in the box, okay, but they go into this apartment and it is covered in blood, the walls, the ceiling its putrid. Like the smell was apparently horrible. He's got free blunders going like not going at three blunders with our he's crazy shit on on the counter,
They said it was just. It was a horror show inside inside the refrigerator, there's body parts it's like our style, pre Dahmer Dahmer. What a sick crazed any Basically, this person who's in full psychosis left alone to just go just go as crazy as he leaned girl schizophrenia. Doesn't certainly mean you're going fucking murder. Nine only we doesn't mean. That's gonna have meant that this person that was his predilection to fuck him go after it. This is like the one you know the perfect storm. Of an abuse of childhood paranoid schizophrenia untreated oh yeah serve worse its he'd. He went down the worst possible road and then drove himself twenty times further down that road to day did they find that he had killed anyone before this smarter spree, or was he said? no, but there were stories of him like walking through people's backyard. There were lots of the creepy
I saw that guy here ride my door or just somebody like there was one of just him standing in someone's backyard lighting. A cigarette link, the creepy creepy factor is all in there though, of course he goes here, to trial. And ultimately he get egg either. I didn't really right down the details, because I started getting so bombing dialogue about this matter, but your time of the murderers, its rate and but here's what I like that FBI, the FBI agent, that created the the profile of him, went afterwards and interviewed him at San Quentin love. And he explained that it wasn't his. Because Nazis and ufos we're trying to kill him and he needed to kill any meaning drink. The bloody needed to eat the organs and do all this stuff ticks, to stay alive himself. He said mentally ill and then in one of the articles I read there was two different kind of versions of the story, but I love this version, then, after
explaining all this, which is just that shit I go bullshit he reaches into his pocket, gets any pulls out a whole bunch of mackerel in sheets and gives it to the FBI agent and goes there. The poison me I need you to go to bed with it so, and so, apparently the story at jail was that of the garden. Everybody said that all the other inmates were so freaked out by him that they were constantly telling him to kill himself and so in nineteen eighty. He had stockpiled all the anti depressants he was supposed to be taking any just, took em all one night and killed himself fair enough man yeah. I appreciate that he did but most important question. Was the macaroni and she is spiked it totally poisoned by alien, nazi and a little rabbit I created. I do think that it would be careful. How do you feel crazy? No, like I love macaroni and cheese,
I love Nancy Holden. She is a key element in the town and country shopping center, she's, the one you know we have the word bridge- would bring village shopping center. It's about. Here and how are we gonna? How are we going to read you of this you need a like, like a pallet clan, I feel it should start drinking again after twenty five years. I don't you think. That's the key. We have not on my watch yet watch we drink for literally on my watch. What should I demand that you watch me drink twenty nine years, because I can't do it. I just want to prove you can do that. Then you turn into him. I also and I'm sure everybody seemed the pictures of him. There's part of me, MRS a sick part of me, where you look a picture of him and he could, and so Q is kind. Nancy, holding being like this guy. He was given eyes, glowing and anomalies they were a scary, but it's me I mean blood on the ceiling.
Blood on the walls and on the ceiling on the walls or sign here. Ok, I thought of something we're gonna to do. We're catching live shows yes, every month, Can you do the theme song live every time? You do you know it's funny. I think I can, but I made that up, Just in the excitement of you and me recording that first podcast I went home and just like this They are laying that I have to really take some time to figure out what I was playing habit. It can be different if even can just fucking free freelance and do it over the you. Ok, that's if awful, prettier. It's not charming like finding a woman debt, the skeleton and which I know it is not, and I apologise for that, I feel so bad for you. I've been wanting to talk about him for so long and then once I got indoors like oh that's right, I don't like this at all. I didn't know that one I was going to do it Richard FISH Albert
Albert Fair. She ass stylize, Google, his photo. Here's! Ok! Can I tell you this? I was one of the articles are what it was like a red at page where someone was talking about Richard Chase and then someone else got in there goes. I mean he's all right, but he's not as weird is elbowed fear even know about. Somebody else goes yea think when you, when you kill people, because you think floods, turning to powder, pretty fuckin, where I think he's it's almost like. Is he worse because he he didn't have a choice it feels like or is it like Albert FISH chose and in and took pleasure and enjoyed killing. And knew what he was new and knew what he was doing and manipulated people. Yes, like tortured, afterwards re follow up what manipulate so, but but vampire Thomas. You know it was one day of murder couple, couple days of unwanted one big might yet right. You're saying it was a month that he
but yeah you're right, like VIT Richard Cheese is exam If this happened in the fifteen hundred, they be like it's the devil totally yeah there. Yes, you're right. Do you have the crazy eyes and the way Nancy Holden described him was like super creepy, where she Ino and also can you imagine somebody walking up to your leg hated you Diana Marcia end like blood on the sweatshirt, like I used to work on this in a shop and basically that shoppings at the thought of alone, all the time and you think, you're safe, cause your work and then some fucking do it was like a hot senior when you are in high school, comes in with blood whose rabbit I'd ravage yeah. Let those you know I let the hair on the back of your neck dictate what you do not politeness yet. I agree that when was not polite and she didn't stick around because her job depended on. She got the fuck out of their yes, she didn't she
give him a ride because she was trying to be nice and didn't want him mad and all that weird bull re able do she just was a bye baby girl, I reject, Tell us your favorite, weird murder at Facebook, age, my favorite murder group, and, if you know other, details like during the year about them, We want here and ask your anything. You can email, my favorite murder at Gmail, and you can wear out my fave murder on twitter. Yes, we read, I think I think we should what we're doing many episodes now. Oh yeah, that's right! So, let's as being ever so many emails and we want everybody to have their story be heard yeah, you deserve a lot. I think we're good timewise. Ok, let's do many episode and but first silk what shower the same with liquid shower,
my lord those russian! It was well listen. What's with this is another episode that needs to be end ended on a positive note, yeah good idea, Elvis I wish Good, siege order, walking around her apartment like share with the lonely, Jonah Cookie. That's a yeah, I you guys wanna cookie, you do our friend Ba thanks for listening came by
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