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The theme this week is "cannibals" and it gets gross when Karen discusses murder and mayhem on a Greyhound bus, and Georgia goes classic with everyone's favorite nasty old man, Albert Fish. Plus lots of shit talking and staying sexy, as always.

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This is exactly right Erin? Yes, Georgia rhythm section is a female, led female made action, thriller starring, Blake, lively and fearless role as Stephanie Patrick than ordinary woman, who must navigated dangerous new world when she assumed the identity of a spider S. Film is a greedy and suspense full story of female empowerment, as Stephanie Survival hinges on her intense determination and ability to fight through her weakness, directed by Red Morocco and also starring dude law and Sterling K Brown. The rhythm section isn't theorist January thirty, first goodbye
number one morning recording about gas were recording a clear threat. What's your name, my nerves, Chemical Gara? What's your name, Georgia, hard stark and what are we here to do talk about my let's? Do it since the whole time lucky I'll. Do british ok Lemme have to slide into it's gonna take a while, some trade, hello governor. What do you got? A murder form shoot. You Nobody, I welcome to my favorite murder. With this is guaranteed.
And we're here to talk about your favorite murders and our Europe. Let's all yours, if you found this randomly if you're, just bring random words on Itunes newfound our path, ass welcome you might, but you might get bombed out. There are, or you might fall in love, love with murder, trigger warning, Todo, Turner, warning, YAP, murder. Clearly, if you can figures, I went out and a peanuts, peanut warning the opium at yes, not lift again. There is also several large penises in this pod cool. Keep your eye appealed. Ok. So before we get into this week's favorite murder odours got some papers. He's got some serious business over there. Well I want to discuss book. I said it was so we have a facebook group for either it murder, but is unbelievable
I'm ready gray. Twenty two hundred people now Wowzer eleventh episode, like twenty two people, Lope tool, under people and for the most part there I had a kicks a guy out this week here being a creeper he's mercury, is it the guy that posted the thing about how to check your cell fro varying Did you see that thing? It was probably he opposed to like you guys like Beardsley. Will you do that? is following you at night, like really inappropriate, fishes weird yes the majority of my group, our female- and there are like Hey Georgia: can you click the sky? So I kicked him off and then someone wrote something about like politics Lynne I deleted their posts, but I did delete them. So oak has used, didn't wanna, have a beer, yeah yeah forward a thing like. Let's just talk about me its were not there to have an alternative to
anything really, except for a forum for what everybody's creepy funny trust is its money that Facebook group writing in talking about murder. I to be like you're in a pro or you have to be so inappropriate to get kicked out of a fucking. Murder grew yeah, we'll take the other things. But I found- and I was on there for a little while- and I told you the story of how I do I'm so afraid, because I went back to Facebook and I, dont want them to alert all my lunatic like we need. The basque people that I want to camp were made me leave in the first place back, I was afraid it was gonna. Go through all my email addresses and just be like just what everybody. So I tried to change my email anyway. Ended up happening as I got locked out of my own new Facebook done than so. I'm Ets bombs because I was on therefore like three days going
crazy. I mean, like I wanted to comment on what everybody was talking about. I have liked us it's getting overwhelming, but there's how many great caught there's so much great shit and you can select posts one little thing and be in everyone's rights. Staff and people are, funny and smart see, that's it is it like, I think, maybe a creeper or an ounce, or of any kind? It just shows immediately because arises on tat sort of a man or woman everybody there. Is there to have very specific types of conversations and they're, not even all about murder or no, and they know their shit like one personally like. Let's get you get a lot of post saying like what was the murder that triggered it for you and me do obsessed with her what was in my hometown murder thing as people are obsessed with, that, yeah took a lot of really smart questions and then really smart answer and scrape and I think I assume some guy was like writing summit clearly had nothing to do with it. People were annoyed MILAN. Also
that's like a weird dude that walks up to you and your friends at a bar of like hey? What do you guys think of beresfords like we think, go fuck you're here and they don't get it yeah I've hadn't figure. I've had those, not nice about them You can't be here, as I realized I was facing. I was purple: The large yo, like looking at you out of the corner of my eye, has tried to talk to people. That's it's kind of. I would trying to be coy anti this I am listening to, and I know you are to them. You must remember this five about Charlie Manson. The Asochis seven per its seven part or the last episode and listen to was Dennis Wilson. I met. Right now. I love it. How A celebrity named drops her and that so many it's hilarious, his leg, Angela lands varies daughter, hung out with the Charles Manson family and, like would charge who'd on her moms credit hard until Angelo lands very was like cancel the card.
The hell out of there, you ever reconcile that you thought. Charlie Manson was cool. Like you ever entire, like an rule, thinking that TED Bundy was a nice guy. I don't think you ever can trust yourself again or is it like a compartmentalize, no you can't here's why? I think you could first of all Angelo, Amber lamps, berries daughter, was very young It was partly in early twenties, if not teen. Okay, so you get a pass. If you young and dominant summer time and you're, probably on acid yeah. Anybody with long hair and like a weird take on life, is gonna, be an interesting to you. I bet it's funny how, in past episodes I've been like war, how close it even getting murdering- and I condemn, elect my car alone and like Angela's voters, likewise to fuck and take ass. It was you made a shield outlet, Charlie malware and summer before I went to Europe, but An rule has like the perfect excuse, because TED Bundy was the old tat you
the really hang out what's had buddy for you caught on something weird is happening. He had his act down, Pat good for him. So what Do you supposed to? I mean he care. He acted like he cared about her. He wasn't like a creepy, Well, he was sweet to her. You come a wish like standing in front of us right now. We're, like ok, let's say, there's five its and one of them a sociopath, you think after taking them for it, like you, gotta ask each one three questions: yeah, do you think you could pick out which one is a sociopath? I well would associate pass our hard, though, because their whole game in life is to win to beat people to be re, so they want they on a tricky they're. Gonna do anything they can't get for. I, too think that the nice astute or the most normal seeming did would be the said. Melick know: dude the email kit
the coroner's, let you accuse Venza being a sociopath all because he has now because he's he's nice but he'd like he's not a pushover- oh oh god, oh god at yeah, but that reminds me put up in the facebook. Because, member a couple of years ago we talked about how you hate on one calls yet and we talked about how, when a husband kills wife and then call man when one and pretence like he didn't do it. Yeah as I can. You guess, which one was around, which one wasn't, and I said I could right yeah, so we have to wait till Justin's recording ask next time. I just was not here, because I need someone to play. I want to listen. I want us both to play. I got a bunch of people to fucking. Put nine one. One calls in the car,
now over face over five years? We can actually play the game you made at the time. I have noticed that you listened earlier. I mean it's not like them worse, gay man, history of the world. Should we wait to hollowing ass, some terrible holiday that scary there is enough that we could do it every fuckin very lives, but yourself, Acta dont, want I don't mean argument. We have two for science podcasting its here's the thing. No, it's it because can you listen to a person? Talk like that? it sends alarm bells airy. I want to say reptilian, but it's like. It's only regulates old, it's alarm bells go off of like the man's shrieks that unnatural sound, definitely they're not supposed to make that sound. I feel it we're gonna have to both close our eyes. Give us a lays down on the ground hill ourselves familiar and then put sums.
If, in our ears, yeah yeah, that's horrible hilarious game that I might do one round will have doesn't takes three out. One of them more one. It will be realised that we don't zealous in the chimney ruins perfect K. Nice there never Rio, everyone else. There is a very common practice ass, I was gonna say last week I called that podcast across the right crime garage about ninety times. It's called the true crime garage and this carlotta, our like hey eyes. Did they come it? Didn't you see I've and who is there? I was locked out, remember locked out of a no no and on our twitter, my faith murder, a twitter twitter. They talk to us directly I have been off social media. Has this goddamn job? This got em awesome yeah, that's not Mcdonald, the other day, and it and we're like did they
they get her name right where they met like lol. Thank you, oh lyrical. Oh good. Ok, you Jesus. While we have a real reach, which speaking of which we found out, Nelson sent us a picture? Go ahead. You do it here sent us a little screen grab. And we are number seventy five. Only Itunes podcasting I am in Prague Castle is a comedy yeah we're just fucking. Its human gas need unless once a week for eleven weeks, that's not a lie. You so much you there's whoever here's what I love his own people, now only concealed twitter because I've been locked out of his goddamn facebook, but but twitter. What I love is when people are like you would like this ass. It's it's are you now. Listeners. Commending and and telling telegram sovereign everybody's doing a lot of great we'd like we got a street team totally
you're not me that the way you get your numbers up and get, Are you getting? Those lists? Is that is people being in revealing and then downloading too, but you have to download from Itunes to get those numbers, ok, bye like if you're doing at purely apple, you know said he I podcasting, which I do so they register yeah. So! Thank you for doing it. Everybody thanks guys it's really exciting and a huge compliment for a park with too few a host, neither of which are married to big podcasting bigwigs, comedy bigwigs, no offense to those who are fearful of lay more economically it just depends on how you met and if it were a famous or male comedian, on the progress with them. Look at me, but at the end
eight two girls who are talking about the one thing they thought they were allowed to talk about what is loved murder and its work it out. Nice were glad the people like that. I just play more. So are you did not there? There could there's. So many people that could about I now truly and I don't care Are we sure that with care- and is at that moment the others all meet current? It's your turn my turn. To the first answer this, if you want, I am happy to guys this week Our theme is cannibalism, which I think I didn't realize how rough it was going to be. Will end. I kind of touched on it. Last week with my the vampires Amano, but It was I mean there. What I realized in reading. Is you sits rough, its super grid, a radio and there's all different kinds has learned to read Karen about when I was like
How about cannibalism LISA any texted me back, although let me see here, I said what is this: I see you were talking about. Maybe it'll be cannibalism and I said what is what, if they're innocent and Europe I feel like cannibalism would be easier for me. Yeah, I don't wanna. How did you a bunch of leg? The air Will they won't they would I enjoy is when you know for a fact, someone as murdered twelve gentle, They were colored like human flesh and there are some horrible yeah. I like deep horrors. Posed to like. Could he in that's just sad, but but also I meant it because it's I basically off the top of my head was like well there's classic Albert fish, everybody. You know, that's that that thing of, like he's,
you know, he's and also her so and there's Dahmer of clever when those damn everybody knows Dahmer end. If you haven't heard last pause pad costs on the left's Dahmer, I think it's a three part series, two or three part. It's very perfectly researched, of course, marks part, but also hilarious, funny I gotta say about speaking of we sigma. You must remember this and Dahmer I don't care about either of those cases, man sooner Dahmer, I'm really bored by arrest me. You must remember this I know that's as Well- The first is facing you're, doing out tonight as a story you're just like anything, but when children get oh. No, I a hundred percent agree with you that, since somebody I think on twitter recommended the you must remember, they Manson Series and my SAS remarked back immediately was out like hippies
it's someone that I know or talk to so where enough to mean yeah that My thing is that yet Charles Manson is it's just random and then Jeffrey Dahmer is just like one guy being grows Now I like more of a planet processing a true serial killer. I guess he was in that way, but like As I said, a million times I tend to more toward like seven the movie seven, where any like notebooks weird, it hung in their apart. I save or hedge Oliver, I guess less interested in serial killers. These days than I am, in either mass murderers or even multiple murders, but not a serial killer. I just don't think I'm here interested anymore in in as much as people who fuckin snap. I guess it's sociopaths and psychopaths. Bore me because there's no explanation
no like understanding them. I hate being so far away from saying I dont understand at all how they I've, done that I won't like that. Well, I've been piss off or I've been with. This person the cycle but, like I understand, that's fastening, because I'm exactly the opposite, that this is a perfect beckoned, yet again that the british finish I care, and secondly, I have to do it. It's it's one of my own l oldest habit dilemma. I yet I guess I like the cycle Jack, what the hell is going on, and people dont really have the answers. I like the fact that the human Brain is such a mystery here and what is what's behind everything? I don't I don't like when the The trial is open and close. I wanted to be so located and so insane and weird and circumstantial on and this and that that we don't really know completely
and also it was like a temporary insanity or in which I don't believe in Adele. But man I assume, like we're tug, took him up the staircase. Stories like that and if you haven't seen the staircase, it's a document or series, it's amazing and you should definitely seated on care about true crime. Does its gets got everything I love about it. Is it's something great to talk about, like everyone, I know has a completely different oppression. And they're still new stuff coming in the thing about the blood's, better expert, just being a cop, polyte fraud or earlier is amazing. At lake its stories always developing. Well, I did like the jinx is that he killed circumstantially. He killed because the circumstances demanded it yet his wife was gonna leave him. His neighbor was gonna snitch on him. His best friend was
figuring it on a shared out yeah, so he had to kill. You know like me, he didn't clearly, but I love that that person's brain thought these ways he wasn't a psychopath who enjoyed murderer. It was like this at he's. Such a fuckin nurse assess that these worthy that was the the means to manage. That I think there's you could argue he did enjoy some of it because he was so tricky when he killed the woman. Who was his good ran a career honey. Now that whole thing where he flew into line Wainwright Hell for NEA and drove down till it's like. I was a man LAS Angelus lay at just the fact. You know he shot her in the back of the head, meaning he couldn't look her in the face when he killed her true because their work, oceans there, yet he newer and he like he had grown up but the runaway, what a cry he walked her down the aisle when she got shit yeah. So he like little things like that. You know it's not like
little things I think, are the and the Susa Serial killers, like even TED Bundy, which I read all about, I was like fourteen and like a serial killer legally occult shit, got older was like This isn't how life is. Life is weird and creepy and spur them and you may help on these beautiful and TED Bundy is calculated. Oh yes, like organised right. Yes, yes, yes, I get it yeah that make sense and wait what about cannibalism, Oh, I guess I was saying like in the aim, first passive. Looking at different all the choices we had. I know people posting. So if you whatever you find here. If it does, it does not satisfy you go to our facebook page. Because people started posting stories what they like and that's always a great thing to. Is that no matter what happens here? There's a bunch of depends on the facebook page in something like on. Will
have our murder, but the thing that were that either care now focusing on is a part of it that we find interesting yeah. We don't have we're not gonna. Tell you from start to finish the murder. We can't do us having heard series, we don't have the attention span. I went up. But I was going to say, a cat is, I do Are you serious? I know all I was just going to say I, You must remember this because I those ones that are like fully produce she's got muse, accused her speak English writer effect at the writing is amazing. I just keep thinking of how she's she's taking so much research and making it a fascinating stories. She is doing a great fucking job, yeah, just don't care about Manson, but listen to the whole thing. Is it still it didn't history? It right. I didn't think I cared about Manson. I started. Listen to accept a long drive home. One night I was like I'm knuckles
the radio and by the the first episode I was like I am in this. I want to hear whatever you have to tell me cuz she folds in all the Angela Lansbury. She said that you didn't even know was in there and then like why he came to LA, which is, like I didn't understand, know why you can't LOS Angeles and like what, if I can let you know where he meant a lot of the Manson followers, we'll, but the podcast castile of even more because its There is no explanation and it's empty is someone knows something. Did you listening in opposite now? I'm not caught up my lord you, madam no, I That was a I can deal with this broadcasts sigh. It was also guide, o o tell me I'm not going to tell you that you need to listen to me. Listen if you haven't listen to someone or something listen from the very beginning. The whole is grazing is one is about one story in it's fucking, incredible really get. Oh also is gonna say open.
We're talking on me a for the four minutes, I was on a book page, I'm just gonna keep harping on lake as if I got kicked out on a personal level by. Did write a letter to Facebook. You can and you get the idea. Facebook there were. Point? There is a whole thread about people like or not liking, certain Podcast I actually made this comment, but I dont think it ended up on their which has started my problem of how I end up getting kicked off, but What I was saying is this is kind of the beauty of it. There's a million true crime pike ass to listen to, you and it really is like having to sit with people for an hour or so like. I remember, there was a guy on the Facebook page that talked about how he didn't love our feet. Ramblings and I could not stop laugh if you like, but it was like it was as if he likes
did any way where I was like, or what the fuck houses there have not female ramblings. Miss Woodley BAR ramblings of being scared of being murdered when we're walking on the street. But still I get. My point is that everybody is looking for a certain podcast and so like what I love less Parkhurst on the left is it's all the comedy. I love a k, a door. There is a browser, then you ve got all this fucking research, so you're really being there's so much take away like they're, just There's somebody choices so we know that when you fly, you have a lot of choices in the air and thank you for flying with. It is nice that, like we, you can talk of we talk of. I do like that. We talk about other podcast. How much like them and we promote them because we our the only ones we're doing something very specific. I think yeah an end. The uneven, like, I guess, lore someone did I last week mine was who put a bullet in the which, and I think they did it to last week. I see gagging sow so
but people like lore I keep hearing about. I did for you, I, but I guarantee it's not the same thing. The weeded out is in the habit of saying no. People in your bank see comment by the way, which was what was out. People are doing graffiti about Hooper Bela, which I am a new guy. That's where banks he started You. Here. I let's get into cannibalism. No, let's keep on talking about podcasting, instead of actually doing that That's really interesting! So, oh I'm basically saying that when I looked like Albert fish check. We, though we ve heard about it. We know about it, he's a fucking, creepy old man. Then there is the guy and it ended up, Did you really know yes go on? Did you really I'm sorry, but I'm gonna be great. Ok, go ahead, sorry, oh you, I'm sorry now, I'm afraid to say my second example this is. I am just saying my thinking. I was trying to be exciting. They get it. You want class, I did go classic, you did a classic.
I? Basically, what I'm saying is I don't. I don't feel like doing. The serious homework is Albert, Rich, killed, fucking four hundred feet. You get a lot of it is a kind of I summarize. Ok get I I went which I think you might like his is what you're just saying you like kind of one hit wonder killer, dig it it's the cannibal bus Killer, hence our Manitoba, and this. The thing that I remember. It happened in two thousand and eight came on the news I was by my Often my house, of course- and I was staring at the tv like what is happening, and so here not sure if you ve never heard it it's insane on a great on bus and they were gone. Between Manitoba. Brandon, which I believe is a very small town and it's a very long space between the two.
Cities from what I know how to gather stopping at exactly Hungary it just all these people on this bus and at, a man named instantly got on the bus and he went any sat next to a guy named him claim, and was asleep, I wearing headphones listing, the music he's a carnival worker and he's twenty two, and some point an hour into the trip at First Lee was sitting up near the front in the bus driver, and then he went by and sat next to Maclean Benny, older machete. Now he started stabbing him now and began to decapitate him. Have you ever seen? The no in real life aren't those like Ebay there quite large. He had concealed machete on his pursue the so save instigate the cabinet, so the bus to every one. Of course,
Now this is me filling in the blank I would imagine started screaming sure right, but you can only do that quietly yeah or, like you, the staring or you can't scream, because you can't take it away. I neighbourly stabbed him machete him quietly, oh no! No, he didn't hit it because he was standing ends everyone was around. You know domain Get some asphalt filled with people. The bus driver pulls over opens the door. Everyone runs off. He there was they didn't the chronology didn't seem clear to me, but it sounded like a cup of the men and the bus driver tried to go back to do something about it, but I must say, and the killer had dick updated him and was holding his head was already there, and so they go if the budget ceiling capital was, he was his head off before he died
you die. You die once you cut that juggler occur. It goes very quickly and also he was stabbed in the chest and in the neck Fucking hate camera, this heat this topic. This is it's a terrible Vulcan top, and this is, I think, the worst of I went. I went to see that as you can go, I didn't kill YA years is horrible, so let me get their minds and yet no no, so they lock. Close the bus stores and they. And barricade it. Somehow. I think someone said that they threw up like a crowbar something so that the busters wouldn't open the fucking guy Lee holds out the decapitated head and there's wit said I witness statements that say that he looked completely com when nothing was happening and held it out and
they. This one guy said, dropped it on the ground. I dont know that and he held it out of the bus window and dropped it on the ground, but that usually Greyhound bus windows. Dont worry like that so held it. Out and then dropped it inside the bus or whatever, and he was completely harmonised, completely com and then the start of being his his own head against the window really hard over and over and so what what is happening in this is, as I was putting together, I was like all cops. Come like this is this is a one off as yet whatever the crazy attack like a bizarre moment, the end but so far out in the middle of nowhere. It takes the cops it this happened? They got on the bus. It noon and the cap, showed up at eight thirty at that. No so so I think there are a couple like an hour or so into this trip, but like they were
They had to sit on the side of the road to turn out have later so hard. Well yeah. You just fucking go running around in the mill the nowhere and bogus her mouth someone's commit murder. That was a I think it was laughing. It was laughing because my neighbors likes to play beer palm O. Finally, our fine she's, so no, it was with a maniacal its like a human sized chicken. It was a maniacal human chicken cackle and I'm picturing the sounds like you're sitting Sears, so there's a guy having a psychotic episode drop trapped on the bus, and so as he he's either pacing back and forth on the bus or what as they say in the Wikipedia article D filing the body. So I went into a couple fork articles? I know it's great, but he is over for him fast. I just let's both here with onto family like no there, it's awful for that. That's terrible hygiene living your life for twenty two years, just to be defined.
Like Greyhound Bus of all places, I'm sure you did other great stuff from ugly. I mean to focus on that, but here's the thing so he's either has let's not go too far down. That is, it's gonna ruin this hour. I say for his face. He was their pacing up and down or defining the body which meant he pulled the eyes. No! Aha! He was cutting off body parts where one day when the cops finally thought there and they only thing it was one thirty in the morning when they finally teased him, because I couldn t figure out how to one point. Sorry at one point, the killer tried to I have the bus away and the bust redder driver had like one of those things like a remote making the bus not drive away. You know those things where people didn't go were watching
I wouldn't want. They said that people were sitting huddled on the side of the road crying and vomiting he freaking out sounds about but your likes kind of stuck there, I'm sure you're trying not to go away from, and you don't know where this guy is going to go like I would are people driving by with. Can you hitchhike, I mean maybe but lake You are also in a state of shock. That's like the craziest thing to witness closer oh, when they got him off the bus they had to back up the how do you see? It was so badly attacked and his nose and his nose, ears and tongue was in this killers: pockets pockets. He put in his pocket law, and he had also been eating him in that period of time and at one point
he started screaming. I will be on this bus forever. What was so? What did we find out about him? So it turns out. This is a man who had very bad schizophrenia. He was a child. He's immigrant who move to Canada, who was computer engineer in China, move to Canada and, of course, had a bunch of shady jobs. He jobs at a time. Doing a lot of travelling in to them before he started and when he was like, I think it is early thirties. He started hearing the code on coal. Voice of God and oh. He had already been picked up once before for like the Voice of tell him to go here and go there and like the cops victim so he didn't know what schizophrenia was, and so he was untreated for any any mental problem. So what came around here, have been doing a bunch of weird shit here, machete on him, he had sold his laptop for sixty bucks to a kid, a bus. Stop! That's how you know it's crazy is sixty bags. It was Adele,
but he and he had become convinced that God wanted him to kill has aliens were going to attack It was the only way that people could be saved hid. The voice had told him that Skype sitting on this bus he had killed to save everybody else. I mean how do you argue with that? What reality is Jack yeah- and he is here has no idea like he's not in anywhere close to reality anymore. Now, there's no break in Munich. Oh shit, I'm not doing well. No, no! No! No he's fully like doing what the voices tell him mode, and top of. All of that I mean not just like you, ve seen, gets frantic people on the street he's in his way past that, because he fucking ape, so this guy show now he's so that happened in two thousand and eight the Most recent article I found was from there are twenty six twenty. Sixteen he has been
a mental hospital all this time and so But surely, since he's been on this medication, oh, when he was arrested, he just kept telling people to kill him. So he was like he knew what he did. He like he became aware. So but surely- or maybe that was in court when he, the winning first appeared in court. He said you should tell me: I want to die then, I read in another interview with him that was from like two years ago, where someone said: are you happy and he said no, and and he said I will never be happy, but the most recent article over that I can live with him. There were being happy we'll. How could you be? I mean like it's a horrifying, and you get saying you have the realisation that you did this thing going on so yeah. He's in a prison, but He just one the right to live on his own
his he's changed his name too. Will Baker explain my face right now, yet your Georgia's entire phase dropped four inches. When I did said he won the war right to live on his own, yet they income it's like basically he's that would surely any is thoroughly monitored monitored. So it just means he doesn't live in a group home, I'd Israel, mass so hard. My head hurts. I know it's, you should see these read. It come caught the conversations that people are having between We use mentally ill. People need to be able to learn to live in reality and people going he ate this man's I like that, as someone with like basic run of the mill depression is eighty. I know that the first instinct, when you start taking pills and they work, is to see that you say I'm fine now and you stop taking them yeah yeah, that's yet! That's the instinct and with this guy which several people argued unread it when he subsidy
his pills people get eaten and Machete Donna boss. It's crazy. It's very terrible at the time a greyhound was running and add campaign. That was there's a reason. You ve never heard of bus rage and they had to cancel that campaign and thus a bull shit from the beginning. Have you had I can agree. I exactly the greyhound is one of the scariest one right I did in my life and it was very pleasant from San Francisco to hear, but I fucking thou not normal. That is how old are you twenty seven, because when I was lake in eighth grade, I took the re humbug, Petaluma to Ukiah your parents. Let you do that yeah. I think my mom said be like good experience or whatever we just like you, think? Oh yeah, nothing can happen like what would happen. Anything can fucking happen spit anything. I mean it whenever this motion
when we clearly have known from this podcast from the beginning that everything terrible that, as ever happen, happens in northern California. That's it it's there's lake there's like the earth a mess era, o totally I mean we did math before anybody to you and I are like original map we're. We got over oh gee, math crew, yeah yeah, it's like biker, math, totally crazy, and there was all oh Peter, tried to run an ad in the local newspaper about comparing, this murder to eating animals, and the newspaper like get fuck yourself, I love As for amendment no eleven sneeze, fuck yourself. Did she say, did you didn't she not say that to me and I guess in inclosing information
we'll go read the details of this. There is always a lamb again, so we can look it up his name, whose name was Vince. Li L. I is how spells last name alive, but he is legally changed too, will be you're now and I am sure that people are at their death threats, left right and centre for the shower, so it's the terrible scenario, but I've I feel like I was trying to set out my feelings on it. It's like I E. I feel after you machete and eat a person on a bus, you don't you don't get too ever leave a mental hospital, even if their pills work. Now, even if your sad totally specially of your sab yeah ok, I gotta say part of the reason I did I chose Alber. Fish is because I didn't want to choose someone who still alive, because the majority of those people who have fucking done this or out of prison, yeah He has some say: hammock Fuckin, vampire capitalist person yeah. I highly doubt he can get a passport, though so
I feel really care about what I said about Albert FISH, because I couldn't be more inclined to I don't care let me take care, you gonna, stop texting me. I mean you in my life. I meant that I know that you did you weren't being negative about the reason is anything you want and that I'm sorry Kyra No, no just you know watch out for machetes. That is a good one off one, because I It is interesting that this person jests they didn't just snap now, No, that's untreated a mental illness advanced mental illness. If you think artist I came to you if you think aliens are doing. Anything you need listen. We all wish aliens and ghosts existed. Put your problem is mentally ill. It could be that or you will look if even if they do or whatever, but if God is telling you stuff,
That's when you got a like, you really have to go to the doktor play. If you're my cat tells me stuff all the time I'm sure that's fine, but it's usually we Swedes star, kill your name, your name in the swedish boy. I love you. So I did Albert fish because it troubled me so much when I first heard about it because I think it was like it was one. His first kidnapping was in nineteen twenty four so it yet has first kidnapping with a nineteen twenty four, which is like one of the earliest recorded nope. It's early kidnapped, in which a miser fascinate with until did you think I was arguing with you. I was going like Holy Father like I can help you but you're shaking her head Y know. I know I was thinking about like that's back before some phone probably, People had phones in their house right. This is like, so early days of, like a kid, goes missing there like their at their friend.
So they here and because, especially in out these are all the lot of. You are immigrants. Child labour is a thing, so kids, kids aren't kids there too. Hands to do day, labour, where it's like that, gauges nineteen twenty four hour here in New York City, so yeah. So it's actually I'm sorry. It's Hamilton, Howard Quote Albert FISH, born in eighteen. Seventy he's known as the gray man, though werewolf hysteria. The Brooklyn Vamp, the moon mania and ok, man, oh is the bogeyman. Yeah. I've heard a lot about him. Yes, so he was born in his mouth, put human to an orphanage pretty earth, and he was immediately treated statistically on allowing he was like bread to be a serial killer. Now, then
he began to enjoy the physical pain which is like. Oh, your double a seller, and then he remarked on his. But the orphanage. I was there I was nearly nine and that's when I got stuck it wrong. We were unmercifully whipped. I saw doing many things that they should not have done. I don't know it acts and I was going for in that one tire thing I liked it was. It was light Artis thank you. It was kind of like a Catherine Hepburn thing. You know how parents so ok, so there's all this there's all! paraphrase there are those who bought a shit about him being into weird. Like drinking urine and learning about eating bodies and how good it tasted and like lots of little things like that and as a kid the kid and ass he grew up. He had seen He had six children that he never physically attacked, supposedly well, she's is bananas, although he didn't
urged them and their friends how embarrassing, with a view to putting his butt with the same nail scented up, he used to abuse himself, sounds like a real fine guy. You like so you're. Your friends has like hey, come over and wall play with this hoop and stick we like to write monies and then that, had come sounds like guys come over here, paddle, my but all with nails in a boar. How did that? Even I mean I'm telling I'm telling telling yeah yeah so you gonna run meets destroyed sufferings from psychosis. In the raw me she's, even raw meat, zoos, obsessive cannibalism, he felt a God was commanding under torture and sexually mutilated
I'm thinking red flag? He call the cops on yourself, oh here, so that the murder that really stuck out for me with him that I've always was so troubled with and when I think back about murder, I think of this was grace bud. Basically, fish are classified in the Sunday edition of the New York world that Red young man eighteen wishes position and country. So he basically add Someone eating work in Manhattan. He visited the family, under the pretence of hiring the sky and later he confessed tat, he was actually gonna, kill the sky, and then he met the daughter, grace Bud and was like nope gonna, kill this one and eat her instead. So let's see he, he met grace and humanity.
Story about having to attend his nieces birthday party, and this is the fucking they just let her go with the same nicely dress problem The old man who came to their house to respond about wanted ass. Yet he had come a couple times Okochee like trusted. Friends yep only you let your kids go places any thing of like always trusting authority years ago. Here a pocket watch, nothing can happen. My mom's doctor as a child made out with her as a small child, and you can you just and she didn't tell anyone cause you just fucking Trust authority, trust grownups, not at all that my last name is me since gathers he just trust, I'm blowing is mine blowing of like a doctor you'd. Never, I would never think it's that thing. I've like
wonder what I have said something back. Then you know if an older person that is inappropriate, trust you trust them and if their good, they know how to shame you and to keep your mouth shut hardware, while he convinced the pencil that grace accompany him. But the party that evening and he'll grace left with fish and never returned, and then he sent them a fucking. Let her I'm in a red, a part of it, and they are so he was talking, cannibalism and about the olden days and saying that there was a famine in China meet him. Kind was from one to three dollars or pounds. So great was the suffering among the very poor that all children under twelve were sold for food, nor did keep others from starving, a boy or girl under fourteen was not safe industry. You could go in any shop and asked for steak. Part of the naked body of aware girl be brought out and just what you wanted cut from, and this is why I had a problem of cannibalism is the majority if it was with children? Yes, and
This is his letter to Suzanne. Mrs word for word, who are part of the letter of the giver and in this way the here and then here's more on Sunday June. Third, ninety twenty eight at called on you, I brought pot. Cheese and strawberries. We had lunch grey, satin, my lap and kissed me. I made up my I need to eat her on the pre, tens of taking her to a party. You said yes, she could go. I took remain empty house in Westchester. I had already picked out. There's some fucked up things about it that I am not reading. Is it really? They were really really troubled me more southern remaining her. Now, basically, he says how sweet and tender her little ass was roasted in the oven, it's so troubled me to my horror and probably is troubling people listening to us right now. We have why, unlike
Why am I regime swollen? I? Oh, I guess ever is already read it. Here's the thing about Albert fish! You here you read those first to you read the byline of our video, like Cannibal a sitting killed, four hundred children or whatever they icy number, is you're gonna, be you're. Gonna. Get to this no matter while he was a fucking saved us, yeah like when it comes to it torture and molestation, and all this is torturing the family yeah that he writ he wrote multiple letters to the people he gets. It kidnapped their families. A psychiatrist described him as looking like, Each can anarchy was little old man, gentlemen, been out of the love benevolent friendly impolite. If you wanted to interest her child too. He would be the one you chose and if you'd look him up, what you can as a fucking, his mug shot and a couple of shots from him in the court. He looks like a little old meek man when I look at my right into it, just like the visual He boasted that he had children in every state and that,
in time, stated that the number was about a hundred, not known, there. He is referring to rapes or cannibalism, nor is it known if the Stephen was truthful. He confessed molesting more than four hundred children over twenty years and is believed have murdered somewhere between six and fifteen children. He let's keep vessel is an. He was electrocuted when he was electrocuted and sing sing. He said that they electrocution would be the supreme thrill of my light NASA just before the city was an asshole fucking s eyes and as a core. The switch was left, he said. I don't even know why I'm here and Legend has it. This is an election. It is true that his execution took longer, because is really into stuffing needles up his penis. And they numerous needles inserted into private destructed the flow of electricity How do you know how in fact, an orphan?
and being raped and tortured as child. Are you looking at him? We now have it there's. So people this while the internet there's on his face, is very disturbing. The eyes are dead, it like the eyes are no good, but ten people are making. What look like inspirational posters, because it looks like Albert Einstein eleven. It's like he says. None of us are saints. Albert fish is the core he's a little like he's a little Henry for thirty years. Looking exactly you wouldn't now and he does look his cheeks rural all, sunken yellow, he looks like he couldn t. Do anything but if I were to turn away as a whole areas, the hideous man I'm somebody live in these these days. In times when you, when you drive your children from your front door to wherever there going back again the you don't ever, let your daughter never Greyhound Bus Ukiah up. Oh my god,
are you kidding. I never eat what, if I would remind you that I believe I was so your niece is eleven. My This is nine assesses the ear in two three years that she's gonna take she's comes into force, our garee, how you fucked your sister, let her do that you're, home and fuckin smack your sister in the face. I would call the police on my own sister You know what I would do. The funniest thing is good. The greyhound bus like the buses is the motive transportation for people. Who have lost their drivers licence for some terrible reason. Yeah there's a great it sent a great collection of souls. Now I mean look at an airplane and that's expire, yeah, it's a bunch of fucking, assholes and depraved human beings, and you can't and let him know shoes often sicken upon the girl in front of you and then
that way you can stopping at fuckin fried chicken and bring about method, and only for it again but like, but it doesn't smell good after what he visits. The thing there was a guy that took his shoes off next to me when I flew back from New York Nope a couple weeks ago, and I want to turn him say you are high. If you don't think your feet smell my fear arrangement of your face, we now give you but you're you're. Clearly, your shoes had been off all day. This guy literally, was like take both shoes, only first time his use it, but often a y know, and they stunk. What are you doing and they need took out his machete sadly in the neck severed my head held, it out, dropped it on. I hope we never get starved yeah. I hope I hope I will never end if you haven't in ten clover field lane I recommended it was Arroyo than merely right yeah. I want to do that, but I hear the spoiler. So if this was gonna bug you doubtless and care for the next fifteen seconds, it has those things
makes me so angry in a movie were suddenly someone gets Teeb owned in their car. It's like a real life car accident had an hour out of nowhere. That's what I hope, now mean me because it makes me so mad like one happens in one lady, surprise, the ship s so fucking loud it so real, yeah, it's glass of real yeah. That's why I hate I was watching a tv show they voted. And it like there's. No, there was no car accident. There is no reason for me. It's like togetherness each Bialik there's no reason for there to be a car accident, but the guy not looking at the road, so much that I couldn't consecrated when they were sanctions, when you for them to get fucking T bound to the world the road or like. Have this conversation and not a car? Yes or just people have conversation, looking forward? All the time we album fish molested, how many kids hundreds rail yeah? He says that he did it. One went suited. The number was about a hundred
there. He impressed him lasting more than four hundred children over twenty years, so he's probably lying yeah. How does even get around that many kid? I'm, although he did have six of his own right? But supposedly he didn't hurt abuse them, but what does that mean over there? But there Friends would come on I'm rights having piling sessions, Polly where'd she was at his wife. Left him left the children, do you think you're? Just I mean who the fuck leaves their children with what probably a psychopath and genoese it yeah. That's horrifying. Only ere, she was just like I gotta get out. But you gotta wonder what have you like someone we know is an ancestor of outfit, because we, the New York ally does right, we know lotta people. It's true like he probably still have that that you know they all changed her name this guy. Yes, oh favour, however, like there's, someone is like a third cousin. Let's talk about us, pray how? How weirded? It sorry
Like I don't know what cousin third great cousin now some distant, just how weirded is that somebody would get off on eating someone. What connection like like when people get lasted, and then they become molesters as because it happened to them. You they its association or whatever but lake you ve, never eaten a person before the first time. You eat a person it's, I would imagine in my mind it's this narcissistic, it's the ultimate taboo yes, that's true and you're gonna break yeah and any that this means you're on top so yeah, that's true, especially at I'll. That's really about this cannibals and thing is like so many parents who being their children, but I couldn't it was very hard from pick! One yes want! That's also, you know it's interesting. Have you ever heard of the family
saw the Sawney Bein, which was that the scottish family that lived in a huge cave and they would. This was like an sixteen hundred like I know, and they would pick travellers off of the road and so people good. And disappear and like the the I care Marlboros like the scottish islands or Northern England, and they end up The cops find this cave, and it's this huge family and all these bones and simply they are just eating. People would have and so for years, you her- I heard this stories like that's a fascinating. You make a movie about it, but I think I may have tried to more, of course because this is the era that we live in now it's Who is the era of that didn't only happen, and apparently, That was the whole thing, maybe in family law or was made up by the British like
british political people to be like this is what the Scottish are like. He does why they noticed the average, yet there savages they need to be invaded and they need to be rule not surprised about. It are ya, I am doing the cannibals and when the door a marked in their pm pizza came in, that's how they get you. They open the door with a key cared about scary. It scared me a lot, but I am going to read you. A couple of things or should we save it for the many sound? No do it so I put I was what murders. Today, forty, hours on eighty, and they said something that made me laugh, and so I put it on the facebook group- and I said, does this: may you guys laugh what what makes me laugh and it was that they could. Said life seen to move a little slower there when they were discussed, the town in which just like,
grisly murder happened like well if life's themselves, to move a little slower in your town, chances are someone's, gonna get murdered and I said whether other class checkers here. Some people, rather like the things that they sand is murdered some. So you think of this as in Keith send Morrison's voice, Why it and unassuming means they're gonna be killing people. He mostly kept to himself is deaf: a murderer uses more people, she lit up a room when she walked in we're? Gonna get murdered and he was, such a nice guy totes murderer. She really did get along with everyone, murdered, murdered, vivacious, murdered full of potential murder. Is how I'm assuming equals, assume martyr, very successful There are plus charity volunteering tennis playing mom equals one of the cases gonna off them for the money.
She had. Everything going fur is someone has said Here's a bad luck and shitty life circumstances only to find that lately, everything is working out in that life is indeed worth living murder I quote from the outside, he was picture perfect equals dad is stealing money and everyone is about to be murdered. Yes, if she. Was to run she's gonna get married. Jog. She just turned her life around. She got up, jogs got sober and got a very good job: equal she's, a goner. Yes, yes, if he'd give you the shirt off his back here yet murder me I, as someone wrote whirlwind romance equals Molly you endanger girl. Instead, as friends of everyone never met a stranger, it means every. Every dateline opening ever never met a stranger meat. If and stranger at all, you know what you should meet strangers in any in someone says it was said nice night for sleeping with the windows? Open
in and around one. Oh, he loved her very much and wanted to show where the view from his favorite mountain peaks, large hiking trial, I know that your smile better not live around. That's a true my version but it's not gonna be the poetic version, but it's basically that the guy with the doktor he asked any doktor on any of their says, yeah debited doktor did they always there is kill everybody likes supervised, doktor with the rich wife, another route, the maybe she we have, maybe she's- comes from a rich family and like Why are you in school? Yes, and then he's got now, he's got it when you're old aunts get it killed his wife. If one of you got if one married couple got the other one into debt, the one who got ended that is, gonna kill the other one. Yes, The one who owes yeah yeah does the deed yeah. Why not just killing
time. Is everyone get into debt and for your level, a syllable? Really it's a risk. There is nothing to them. Why would they kill you? spare no money when you divorced otherwise you're gonna die, that's hilarious, learned liked it as city confidential. Isn't on any more than that. I used to love that one, because the narratives like it was asleep little tat made it an enclave, so we can all live. It was, enclave am here, is under the little drunk. I love took that was lacking It was from star wars. Yes, what's a retirement refiners, yes, Kay we are at your address. My home address cake. He'll, get no Kaliko Garriga Twitter, caregiver twitter, hard G, hard, stuck a twitter where my fave murderer, my fave murder at twitter, and then you can email monsieur
hometown murder, which were probably in the dear little episode eventually of Sheer star. Is at my favorite murder, Gmail and please join the Facebook group at my favorite murder, Facebook Group That's a close groups who have to join too. If I can get to the murder action. Oh and here's an important thing that was making me laugh: people wrote this a lot if you are from Canada or the UK or Europe of any kind? Oh yeah, there's! No! You in favour. You fool people operating well I didn't realize you have spelled favorite incorrect and correct. I would like further I'm we spent three spelled it second, so we already kissed her ass than beginning for listening. You know it. We saved your asses in Vietnam coming. But what are they? these same Zarahemla Vietnam decree Anwar easier. That is the best thing to say to somebody a french person we failed
Oh I thought you were talking about our listeners you guys. We saved your asses in Vietnam here, because they too are french person who They have to hear that about one or two other time yet which isn't drove in you just get this the war wrong, Thea completely wrong. I love it. We saved your asses and the silhouette you set me thinking, man. I gave me for your freedom. I think that's all left everything all tonight's, the last episode of the himself over recent weeks Are you? Are you endanger girl? Ok, you endanger girl, had we're gonna watch, we're both can watch that and then we're inside my next week. Yes, because I bet it's gonna be, do you think he gets off maybe I could take it in a new direction. I mean why the fuck now trade of re. Imagining here am that's. Ever ass things are listening, so much plays rate review and subscribe
tell her friend about it. Yeah and, of all states, Excuse me you in Vietnam,
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