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118 - Golden State Killer Caught!

2018-04-25 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the arrest of the Golden State Killer. Plus investigative journalist Billy Jensen calls in.

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this is exactly right that in my view guy tracks i caught them fucking goldman stick her these area mother fucking are able is one of the fucking weirdest experiences of my life let's ira last night i'm lange and bad about again and i ve been up since five am light gray i'm ironing on any this annex to go to sleep just for the fucking shit i drink if i can call brow a day then i look my text and immediate and see my fucking been hoping to see every morning i wake up for fuckin ever
you taxing me and see then they can the golden seiko yes i my fuckin pop out of bed gasping during their shit out of here like mad at me am i call you immediately it i was driving home from these bali improv just did a show there some nice listeners food come to the show i was having a wonderful evening come on down off of their and i have to admit to you although i was not reading and driving i waited for a red light but as i'm addicted to twitter i opened my twitter and actually going to read his name because this is the first person who hold me which means the world to me because someone was on it and immediately was just like did you hear that everyone else is treated us after isn't loses to the sky it is his name's eric and its at e r i can't see and he wrote they got
i'm question mark read it is excited so he obviously came over and let me know and so at a red light i i open this thing in its basically just like they there is an arrest and its hundred percent dna match you know i didn't see that area the thing that got me excited them like that i wasn't just like this is just another thing is when its head when you set a red its excited well read it if rabbits excited has that's like almost better than if like law enforcement is excited you because i feel i read it is set up to make people stop being excited right there live he shot air down like no no you're being your being rash you're being immature area or your fuckin opinion on some one that has to do with it and that's fucking illegal and crazy and stop it exactly has so yes that's very important point i'm so it
i would happen what you know then i lay down and i start fuckin going in writing and twittering for second hours and at first it was they had been name of some do that it wasn't obviously say his name but he was also law enforcement you know it could have been him all his share in this either all this fucking research on him than it wasn't him so unlike stay put phone they put its of the wrong guy of the wrong guy but at the same time this guy skies piece of shit is oh whereas the wrong guy i think that's the thing that we are talking about before it's just this all i can think about is the beginning of making a murderer where they are having that exact same kind of priorities and was it can crabs or whoever that guy's it just like we got em this is it and it's just that thing where as we watch stuff like this the more just like this is it
just the angelo is that in a police police allege joseph to angelo is the fucking gold and state killer and then we want that to be true so bad that it just like and now we're going all the way down this road and that's all we think about as these days how many fucking documentaries museum or then they pull it all apart i bet they know a hunt guess under resent dna match and the fact that i think that that does make a huge step because on also because that's been happening that happened so much and a huge high profile case this as with so many different jurisdictions i dont think these i had to do so much fact checking they down out arrest this fuckin guy and how they were sure otherwise it would have looked really bad i would have made them look incompetent it would have an attack second jurisdictions i'd look bad not just you know the second
manitoba county or whatever the fuck man i tell the county ok if you could get one question answered right now well let me can i just as also say there's never in my life have experienced this from the moment you and i started talking last night i had like this we georgia so i text that then sucking thank god georgia causing his eyes like if i have to be by myself this information i am i lose my mind and vincent gave zero ships he fucking fell asleep immediately will there be like him going like oh my god mankind these gonna start to move your radio like i wanna care i just said to him ass he was leaving in it we worthless gonna reckless weep
talk to relaunch and then i was like i'm sorry this is my wrestle mania yankee like now go you understand i can tell you merely bay he lives he knows me let's coffee and maybe like us like a step ahead as if we were like reporters but i have to say i've never had the experience of when we started talking about the reality of it getting waves of chills and just continuing to get waves of shells i was laying down it was four hours later i was still getting chills mates like it's a feeling that i i think everybody wanted to have and everyone thought they would never get to have right everybody that cares about this case has been paying attention my favorite i just i mean read it i love read it unless i it was like it was my companion and we'll have a couple of things i've got yourself any one person put up a fact i should find them can you find
now put up a thing of that that there's gonna be a fuckin sail on yearbooks from nineteen seventy nine days are either in that right now today yes and also that all the people who have a fuckin lifetime subscription to classmates dot com are really bummed right now we're like looking through the yearbook sierra like should i do it a one year after year or lifetime ray and then they're just like lie lifetime but you never know there's somebody else could come up here i mean it's not that's true so crazy and then we are talking about it on like we were based
texting on two different tax ebay or taxing achievement thrives conceiving hadn't responded yet which is so unlike see then we're resilience verse responder at all times it seems i mean when i say that starts every weekend and i thought it was from stephen hughes someone is always like updating us on these crazy shares i was a moderate avail ourselves fired it's unbelievable believable house and i urge you are here beyond finally they equipment can i gotta show us how to use the right thing by a cattle guy in europe take care of business yet please get the fact and i just want to say has stevens mustache did you see me keep trying to video tape you you caught me i don't there's no way is thing of like this like holding onto the whole time i decided i like now lay out as i had my fears
in my mouth the attic i couldn't bite my nails enough i just did then go full face like an incident that mean we were leaning closer and closer idiotic re but also i have to say it just as like the casual almost like you know as in our no terror that was so an unsatisfactory press conference because we know he's in custody we now know his name we know that that mean that fuckin mug shot is so uncool it is so unnerving and upsetting looking but that he did have some scrapes on his forehead which it looks like they may have accidentally throne and elbow what is it here's what i took away from them explaining how they detained him than they were expecting he was going to try to kill himself which i know is something that happens a lot like with older suspects only finally find them and they get their knock at the door in the fuckin they shoot themselves yes as it sounds like maybe they had it i mean
obviously conjecture be getting out of my mind anything they had alighted second tell him to get a gun away from him yes or they had some kind of like they were so prepared because they had gone through so much heartbreak re authority had a guy coming in his backdoor you know aims something like that words just like they i would first gone so mad puzzles didn't gets talk to what you have basically halls appearances way to hide this point where is ending in the background press conference he was like the the use the wallpaper of that entire press conferences like step forward cut out its own home like sold them to cut off for five hundred dollars for a one time yes and now it's going around all the craft stores narrow eyes all the people that mitt induce we hand stitching and all matter like yes balls but i wish yes i wish we could have just gotten the
the reason is reporters kept asking the same question over and over and enamored start a gala pissy because an raise like i control the information you can tell she's just like like this fact that idiot there's data minors that no more that idea elderly clearly but this the idea that we just want someone just walk us through real click the day before up to the arrest right how what where rape or even like i mean of course what dying to know what you know it's a thing of wet led them to suspect this person enough to collect his dna was it a tip was as you know was he and i had to have been a tap ray had had to have been otherwise why would live i mean the he fits the profile is what's the matter about it he seventy two years out of his even the right time frame he was he had access to police scanners which is something they always suspected bia has he was accomplished wasn't something that then you know didn't seem extremely reluctant to let me out but that many and access as you know there's a little things there he that
would have made him a suspect but i bet there were thousands of those people for assurance that there had to be at least one or two types of like and then we look at the photos side by side of him at that time the navy photo of him ended and the fuckin a couple of sketches are alike denham dad i'm not hairline as a super match that setting i'd love to see that's right the lips the nose in that one picture where his eyes or real sunken and it's like we're we're just hang about how and what we should put this up and instagram but the photo that is the most realistic and creepy that always get me shells looks the least like him yes and the one that's kind of like someone did not a fucking draw looks the most like anxiety haulage ice who ever fuck and drew the pisa share but see don't you think that that's i mean
obviously that this part of what all of this is is we ve been in a panic making things up this whole tire of like here's my theory here's what i think you know this thing obviously leads to listen you can how can you not think that this person because look at this he did these thing my obsession is like i was like secretly in my mind but never had the guts to say it was like he's some kind of a gymnast he works at circus allay that thing of him like jumping over fancy ash it is so like not not the average person can do that will i wonder if as we talked about in the episode where we did the skylight books with patent and everyone where he they had that tipp come in that someone came into a hospital with a broken shoulder and they had checked because they realise that jumping over offence he wouldn't have known that there was an incline right right so they went in and they asked hospitals around like did you get some character coming in and there was a dude coming in who fuckin i had
can shoulder as soon as they were onto him and realise at his ideal is fake he fuck and bolted and then the beast area rapist was fucking out a commission for a couple months yes fuckin pro we recovering allegedly recovering from his shoulder injury just because you can't you do all the things right that horrible things that he would be doing with just one arm you can't control to people tie them up all that shit so maybe that's the fucker they met there were like this do has a show old shoulder andrey i don't know i mean how to be someone who put it together and now so let's indeed i think it's both of our favorite piece of information that we have learned that everyone else's learned online that the reason that just to angela who the police suspect often stickler right the reason he was kicked off police force in auburn because he was caught shoplifting dog report i'm a hammer at a pan saving fucking
it recites to tell me where that is what the place that one of these places like two or their root cause you're from their rules back several it's it's actually not so auburn israel is auburn is very my college remain lived there is from there and its very like it's not suburbs it's like no each layer or like a horse people farm people it's also like rolling hills with lots of coverage of oak trees is it like a beautiful and people have expensive houses there yes it's like looted excite expensive secluded houses exact warlike cheaper kind of they i mean i think it's a full range because you live there cheaply re but also on a nice like an acre of land of the public's amazing like everything comes with two oak trees type of place is the feel also remember that story i told you about the girl my roommate was friends with who got up and imelda night there's a man in the hallway so she's just started making that noise yes that's auburn that happened in arbour jesus so it's a little bit like it's it's it's
sketchy as a country area can be so you think it's safe but its source so secluded that its its farm say if sunlight rice shot gun level saviours frame your fuckin neighbours aren't coming area they them if they hear you they won't be there for seven minute right and they also mean their fuckin business yes you can scream if there's a pre agreed screaming situation but so my point with that were as oh just you know then there's than we talked about this in the skylight books up is it discussions have cut that dog open like i now want to know when he got caught i was it so before or after because cut the dark if you listen to the book yeah he cut a dog who came upon him while he his prowling fuckin caught the dog open dark survive don't worry but that
the dog repellents interesting for two reasons because wine that this a king hound dogs who are sniffing his trail and in the book they talk about how they lose the book and trail at some point they can't follow him and also of the victims tat he had a weird smell that you couldn't place threat which i've always wondered about i got an email recently from a fuckin cool dude who was like suspecting them migrant worker and then i we're both like namely the fertilizer as was aware smell its most familiar ranking like right and we were taught you know we're talking about it where am i got over it would be such a good hide in plain sight type of job because if he was kind of like it you know like he was say it down and out bert purse that's going to blend in like nobody's going to be like i am suspicious and worth guy that's it's the perfect kind of society to blend into and have nobody says anything about any but nope it's a fuckin local dad husband neighbor up neighbour
scotch is even better fuckin waiter and two blunder and well the ultimate second why it can't be this old white guy in a white t shirt with herr because just an old man it's just an old man every once in a while yells fuck industry which is what the neighbors allege about the alleged golden on the alleged news that we have allegedly watched a minute ago all my guy the and then we were talking about ok so everyone's one of our favorite clues or like conjectures is that that the town hall meeting that we had about the exterior rape as well it was going on that in that so he must have been there because a man stood up and said i don't believe that he would have that he'd be the break into someone's house when the husbands home and end with no man let that happen in three months later runs like a couple days later now three months later that man
he's got broken into which could have been a coincidence we don't really know but then they were attacked right there are attacked and that has been got tied up any i mean your life was raped horrible so he was a cop you know was the eu he would be so much less suspicious to be there like one we're looking enough at the photo of whose the crowd were not looking at the cops re people in uniform i would fucking glance right over them yes specially like if he had the copying and it would be interesting to be able to figure one that when the news conference was a river they called it the town mean out hunting and cause he'd they said he was an auburn cop from seventy six to seventy nine reckon i did that lie in that i think it right to frame and then he could have even been standing in the front he could have had as you are mine say fuckin with it under cops which is the thing it
so we were all texting with diligence and last night re who helped finnish michel mcnamara's book and he's also crime reporter himself right and we were talking about all this where it's just like we were just think he set himself it i'm afraid this is a dream i'm afraid this is a dream because it's all becoming so cinematic lee like it's the heightened that it's a cop hiding in planes idea it's just everything about this is as surreal as it can be and then you know of downright they're talking about like well why would a cop steel but someone was like it makes sense one who likes a threat some in and the east airy rapists it almost he got off on almost getting caught because he did a lot of fucking creepy weird things that were over the top dangerous dangerous you know and so someone habits getting meaning to get off on like just stealing a quick thing now
except that fucking kleptomaniac thrill at you guys but also because he was a cop i bet you he had seen things where people they found a receipt for something and traced back and they only make these kind of hammers and carry them at this place so he's like there will be no trace of enraged us because he left stuff behind the lawyer and so so but almost like why would he do that unless you do it on purpose yeah because like listening you can't get right or you can't traces to anywhere because i fuckin sola there's you i know he's working on like fuckin nine different levels at its i wonder if the hammer like had the name of the store on the way they some some of them do and it's like he was gonna leave behind to be like i was even out the soaring you don't know who i am brain i didn't i didn't interact with sails girl or whatever then i would leave people there and then data has then visitor sally odylic will i sold a hammer to this cop do that i know dead end
doesn't matter no when you happen no trace its beyond they have to make sure he doesn't kill himself they have to get him to talk this is the part that gave me the most fucking shows that anything ever has theirs in michel's book and its known that sometimes he would start crying in the middle say i'm sorry mommy for fuck you mommy and like kind of lose it in a lot of people are wondering if you know it was not just him is that like a red herring is he trying to throw them off make him think he's crazy something like that okay this guy the fucking amazing sluice on rather did all this second sleuthing this guy but also back and de angelo when he was younger was engaged they found the engagement fuckin article to a woman named bonnie are you married someone else he married someone else and that was in nineteen seventy six and
one of the women who was sexually assaulted insisted that no he laid down and said fuck you bonnie i remember lie not fuck you mommy why so the error marina fuck you bought anything so is that currently and this dude was fucking engaged to a woman named bonnie and the engagement of broken off somehow and was that the peace that made define the final thing go click like cry it could just uncovering that or old engagement yes it doesn't get recorded by the county now only weddings do like hey how would you know that unless suddenly bodies like as body the one who's like you need to look at my fuckin acts he was i got my engagement him for whatever fuckin resists reason actually like to eat fucking dog repellent i dont know what there was the other one there is another one that was fucking great o is it jesus christ in my soul shaking
it's like a million it's almost like this the feeling is supposed to be that like the homeland red string by our it's like now we're done with that but actually a brand new start its there's even more now there is even more of those right back and things i want to know like what action here we saw nor can actually had to the other cities as always when its gas like me will there was the city planner maybe he worked for an architecture firm rate so what's the thing about this company he worked for billy johnson was telling us about it too so there was an article that they found it looked like something out of an old yearbooks this is like the yearbook as data ok and it said that he i think it might have been his his lips his little thing they used to write a little chunk under inserting lincolnshire zambian what was the end of what has happened so he worked for a place called sierra hoist and hall or some shit like that i have the name in here but essentially i was i said to billy like
maybe that's the cause they always thought it he either had construction connection will use in a class that learning how to be an architecture or like a landscape desire paths because of the homework fuckin operators which ass like my favorite fuckin evidence in the world so creepy and on the back of his from your spin off podcast my favorite evidence why don't you tell you read about it in a fuckin monotone boy where he writes punishment on the back he's as ever that point that part in fuckin i'll begun work is a shilling pick on it so scares out no nobody denies it will just there are things on that that country
he was a diver which you know divers have like nuts bodies lay like you have to be fit like crazy and humongous calves re swimmer divers they have to stand on their toes ana diving board their cows are of its not means it was a good swimmer probably to what you like cats for days yes await tell me more about the arc of the company what are they do i have no idea i just saw that the thing that he sent us it's it's sierra hoist and crane so it's basically if you have anything that you need a crane those were last name or pulled out now it's like the two things the company they hoist stuff and they crane and then they will drive a crane somewhere and they will hoist the fuck out of here and i would like mr waste and mr crowley i wonder how this teen and mr voice was the worst boss he was such a dick you couldn't be four minutes later yes there's just a little bit of that like it's just
these things are we have no idea how they actually apply but then your mind is going crazy of like because for years thinking about this stuff in not having answer and suddenly just being like wasting crane means they pulled trees out of the lots where they eventually built those your mom that's my minded of light and i said that to billy gentlemen like to believe i know you we hire ass billy gentlemen i deleted it before i so heap he judged the two of us viagra let tax yet the reason is did you see my original message i don't know i think i said i thought i deleted it before either of you could see it because i was like georgia child
out but i know he doesn't even know us that while lay us don't be impact and we have met him twice a year i messaged him and said the three of us and said billy please tell us anything i pinkies for we want how like i just wanted i knew he had more information and i just wrote pinkies where we want say anything and then immediate as a key word bucking psychotic georgia and i deleted but can guess he already saw before i deleted it so you can see i know i did see that unless my mess and when i saw that message i was like fuck yes oh i like that you're wrong with you know i love that you did before so i think he wouldn't tell us anything he couldn't tell us and then i was at the what if he tells us something it gets out for some other way and he thinks i were the ones who fuckin spell the beans right so i just i wish just forget it but i guess you can delete messages i didn't know that only delete them from your own mumia yeah maybe it's just like that you never have to acknowledge right for your own lips but i thought it was hilariously headed and i think this is spent that special circumstance of like it's as if we all love the philadelphia eagle right i another i've never understood sports fans i get it now this is it this is the feeling of its you're so engaged you ve been following for so long you care about these people are team has had bad luck for fuckin forty years and everyone thinks that we're cursed and we fucking a one today he had the superbowl also those women who appeared in the case file three parts areas that were the victims that spoke for themselves their fucking them the woman his mother was the victim of their ancestors or family than they were
that an marie read that that was her letter that was derived from debbie has her mom was murdered in that part of that it'll get really sad when she's like the rebellious teenage daughter and then she comes home one day in our mothers monitoring and his brothers how can players and we were rooting for them this whole time and they finally fucking wine and they had to like they have had to endure that mother fucker mr harrington you phone up mr here i'll take my diana that in a positive way mother thought it ass bad ass one of the east area rapists and the golden stay killer alleged lee joseph s police have named by a hundred percent dna would call them
harassed animal years afterward sats another one of the self sucked it so fucked up that's another one of things is theirs that we all watch the it was the idea special what was called it's not over yet until it's over number or in a golden state killer it's not over rank so that's incredible documentary and actually want the one of the guys like armed thick that you kung armchair detective or whatever he's one of the guys on right it he was like out like he was the one to follow he was tat a separate nail it all yeah so he they posted it is great that specialty is really good they post the thing about one of the cause was recorded the gonna kill you recording yes and everyone try to figure out in the in the documentary what was playing in the background sounded like people were talking i down that rabbit whole one night and it was they figured out what movie it was under law is a tv moving from the nineteen seventy nine figuring out what part of the movie it was now they're saying this one guy this ran off i can do it on rabbit posted here but i think i heard some like
a police scanner chatter in the background and a blip was just a second on read it and it's fucking jen it's true that they fucking heard be cut because he had a fuckin scanner because he was a cop coffee i'm gonna know it it look this is i think this is an explosion this is fucking explosion it so i just didn't think i was going to happen i really did i just bought i just order the common you monitor your heart to see how fast this meeting was it a harmonica yeah honey garcia i ain't cuff put your cover him integrate press worrying to see yet let's keep here let's keep you medically observed no i just as it is such a strange know its money just see how you doing but also we have to add the coffee element into it as well we ve all been drinking a lot of coffee what
how come it's weird i don't want you knowing about your blood for local and pressure cuss how to begin with right now that's our time i'm just texting with my friend data secondary who we all lived in sacrament at the same time went to that we kind of all we're like dropouts that then ended up going to sacramento this activity was the junior college there and he and i we had this group of friends like six from and we jokingly called ourselves the eighteenth three spoke so my guys we all lived on eighteen street but it was sarcastic and actually doing to carry out the best they help cats but it texted me this morning and i was like isn't it weird we lived there like this is this thing that that
in my and all my ego monasticism i'm just like but this is a weird thing where this is part of my history like i know you know i had my like when i said to my sister today i of course called her in the morning was like their economies this is that did it editor and when i said he lives in situ recite the man they arrested listen set your tight messages remember we strive to drive to set our sights when i have to do that thing for work and like we started talking about and it's what i already told you but there is this there is a blow can s or there was in the nineties the eightys and ninetys in sacramento and this like these long streets that went on for ever and all it was was asphalt and many miles and a horizon that had nothing on it and i thought i was
keen dying every day in that city and this that i did that like it almost feels i know it's also serving it just almost hills like i was justified a little bit like fit sad fucking the eyes those bad vibes or real i keep thinking about so i know from irvine where a couple like the later in the eighties where i when i was a kid growing up there there the couple incidents there and murders and stuff that's too much it's it's so weird lake suddenly you're watching a movie and suddenly you walk by in the background as they arise the feeling rice weird like am i background player in this thing which is just that's just human that's human nature as you may be like if i was on fire and i i really like that i'm sure it's the places that we thought and that we inhabit it that we're sinister and dark and either
we're not at all what we thought they were exactly what they thought we would think we thought they were if we were creepy kids yeah that's right it's like maybe we're getting a psychic dealing maybe it was just too much asphalt from my precious you know delicate system maybe your brain men held too much ass well can i give a shoutout really quickly to of murdering on twitter her name is kara stone its k you are a lynn she tweeted just second the press only conference for the golden state care by saying i was with us as de gm daily news the ends and did she make fake press credentials are did she just fucking she just mean i gave an item if your company she just nail that she had a little hat with the word press on the hat on the rang berwick she says i'm kind of freaking out because i'm wearing my murdering oh sure and everyone else is dressed very nice i didn't think this one through the let's see what europe
will you be lag tween anger about she sent him trying to a casual because people are staring at me yeah i love girl she isolate all age and the as someone says you didn't lie though as you are now and did it and i think that such hero sheep to properly and fuckin j orange county jail let me littledale her out it will get bail we will not however if you do something you're on your even will use his money that we pay him finally birthday monday birthday money out of him u s pond ailments birthday well it looks like they were having that obviously the press conference like in front of the station river so i wonder how they would have gotten it like you're not allowed in and you are allowed in they think pretty easily i thought i bet she can we perhaps style yeah i mean
i lied by saying i'm with my commanding holiday journalism team together like things over nice it's not true it wasn't true that you were on the journalism team are loud story just told me wasn't true no the journal isn't it i don't know i really does not have a team i've never snuck in extra howard dean conference now they're only did the weird screen unfortunately was there like two weeks before and i was like a love this guy our deal our aim was great and then a fuckin scream what was i going to say ok if you could get wine like how do you do it questioner wine like why why this why did he do this answered what would it be or like confirmation because i have this thing of like the couple that what was killed which is what he got arrested for insecure minnow because
the diadem mother fucking statute limitations about rape and pretty quickly so wouldn't matter anyways so i got him on these murders but so that the murder that's changing in places though is no one would hope i think there is one story we read where their changing they are you anyway so brian and kate majority they were that sweet couple who were walking of airport all and in can it's just like it's a freak thing didn't fit the ammo at all but but was for various reasons getting out pretty sure that it was east area rapist she may they countered him somehow and here he chased them down and shot them in a backyard yet through their poodle in the pool which is baby and we're so maybe the poodle happened upon him and was barking so we through the poor they got an hour altercation or maybe brian fucking recognized him as fellow car because he was an air force officer and he had to kill them this is
then this time where there was an fbi agent chased him down that's a different one ran who got you on a bike and then it was in a car no that's a different one that's so create a night i got shot but didn't die ray i don't wanna per ok it's so because one on so long in those all these this tito many of equity sexual assaults there are people who know every single one of these incidents and we know like the people on red it are like mit and we are essentially entertainment tonight absolutely like if you want good the good stuff go onto these red at threads because there are people who have been working on these issues for fucking ear and i mean i'm wondering how how many more are now going to be tight in that dont have dna or he's gonna they said i remember seeing he's talking they caught the sky and it was in a car no that's a different one that's so create a night i got shot but
because a lot of these fuckin killers are actually cocky at the end of the day and they want to be like no no no that's not how it happened and they want credit for these things that are not getting credit for their being weary well manipulated by detectives went in the interrogation till i get them to spill and i think in this day and age like truly because its twenty eighteen all those guys know how not to do it right i'm sure they're very very concerned about exactly how they interrogate him to get him to open and stay open not only that cites immiscible court exactly so their nodding look it up in any way and therefore in their best guys on this one i say their breasts lies that eyes and lady dyson ladys but probably especially paul holes paul's came into the room you did something wrong he puts his hands on his hips underneath is blazer and starts explaining shit you you're just like yes may i call bhopal holes i gotta get this off my chest or he's like joe what did you do joe you son of a bitch and he does
i'm kind of secret car playing with them and then a ring pop savouring him an rupturing pa knowing pop theory the grape your favorite my love great love grape it's also because he's so old to me that was an underwater of not having hope i mean just in terms of lake theirs if you did all these things is not doing them anymore there's no way he still alive and that seventy two year old like my dad marty that might have murray looks fucking great for seventy two has got a lot of time left that guy's a fuckin this joe guy's an old fashioned pisa shea blew it looks like it something's been weighing on him maybe ia theatre addressing am i dead seventy eight maybe he looks better than that guy looks better than my back you're better than me keep it hell you gotta keep it out they gonna walk every trick has jolt have baggage
hanging over your head lay ass being a fucking rapists and murderer ying a serial waivers to a degree where i think and also its i understand that amory was like quit trying to say that a bunch of other people did this work and we didn't do it because we ve been doing the work i get that are like even there is even michel mcnamara they they will want to say thank you for bringing it to the public eye but like giving credit might even some awesome how little bit well some of them it takes away from the people who do it for a live be right or how many i wish to make one person had said former show mcnamara started writing articles doing all this shit writing for fucking orderly indifferent magazines caught saying we need to call him the golden stay killer aid we need to consolidate louise i mean that in other everyone i'm gonna go to all of the scenes gonna fuckin i'm gonna make these cops talk to each other like my life to the end there was an element of pressure from her there
and it took about being pressured of course by its citizens and brave but i think that her bringing it to the media made them go yes we are working on it and like maybe that is not always a positive thing with the police and and data minors in an arm chair experts but at the same time i was talking talking about a metaphor and this was a thing that like of all the murders and rape cases in the nation it was obscure i was not well now if this second hashtag right now is what was it iran's iran's yeah rapists skull was at ease theory raper original nights original ice it so it's iran's right this recommendation was iran's right now if you think it we have as fuck and low enough as golden state cash i'm gonna stay killer rate which is like the fucking she was they re a beautiful catchy name go listen to this the pot three part podcast called albeit in the dark that just explains with all the players how this book came to be
really well done it's really quick listen if you just need to catch up yet although i am one of them is that she that they knew that the sooner fucking better name you now because it needed to reflect that he fucking terrorized the entire state in all these countries there is no jurisdiction that was hat was more important although you know document are obviously is the grandfather and the original hunting ground and all that right that all these other things happen and it had to be cohesive re approach and i do think that and maybe that's because that's though that's what i like you but i think her going around him the and getting evidence herself and just being like fine i'll do it just copy the army made everyone else go like like she wasn't gonna stop she fuckin she branded this secondly she really did and that's brilliantly we're brilliantly rounded and then wrote about it i know always we talked about it somewhat or does it's like it's like
i called me i told my friend it oh it's fact prose because it's as driest facts can be she then turns it into this thing were suddenly you're looking at a picture you're not reading assent letter words that i would never use but fit so perfect aeronaut that's got good writing you know what i did last night i was like ok finally i'm just refreshing everything that's the same information it's like and three in the morning there's nothing new i took this annex which is and never do anymore and i knew i had to and then i thought you were almost for twenty four hours now then i put in my headphones which i always involve since i have been listening to i needed something nice and light lately because i've been listening to fuckin begun in the dark alliance we scared the shit out yes listening to second douglas lately but i put on the the fuck dark and my headphones and fell asleep too while and i was
awesome cause it's a different story to king i was not freaking out my was not scared my heart was fucking happy as i listened to and fell asleep and as mr had it hetherington or harrington harrington mr harrington said bruce harrington bruce harrington the brother of one of the victims and his wife those james gets us for the first time in forty something years they get to rest easy and what i mean what a relief but he's not dead yes you know what a satisfying like like it to be great if they found him and he was dead grow out of you i can and i found him that
totally satisfying but this is a different thing in and if they handle it right which i believe in these people out they will shortly and they're so by the book in there i mean it was funny how correct crazy careful they started being by take questions if you're not gonna answer jaska also hubba emory getting superposed when they're like is related to mr cruel and you like no we're just like wait what's the problem we are always australians are like we're just waiting to hear our guys been caught to right because there are so many there so many you know i read the same article everybody else did but i was surprised i didn't know there were that many emma matches the eating looking around and eating up and surveillance for black weeks and months be roy end and all that out so creepy so crazy what about but ass so you want to know i want to know what the connect as with the other locations are
we especially irvine i already at text my dad and said hey did you know an ex cop and arrive in eighteen eighty six idea you're like did you ever hang out and taxes guide the donor software maybe i didn't that wasn't a slurring annexing hops it was a first place where we want to be arena where would marty hang out like a whole food supply yeah mothers the recalled mothers market gives you a little bit of a hippie he's a fucking kara beating him killing me no janet a happier where she just plan ball in the seventies they were just like the health food fanatic hippies smoking pie showing hours a year but they weren't they were they were yuppies oh ok they were totally appeared on it got at what they were we europeans have money yet they loved the appeal lifestyle i'm like if you could see this written it would be fun bees but foe yuppies all yuppie really up is exactly right by philip
he appears to have a u acts puppies i mean i can't even think of what i want to hear of those those near miss times we know like in cause i read that book by one of the other investigators and he wrote a black self published book that's that thick it so long and crazy but it was basically just his first hand experience of our over and over again can call do these houses where the victims are sitting on the cap crying and they had this horrible thing happen to them in it's so incredible one of the times he talks about was a time where police pulled a guy over the morning after an attack he had all this weird shit his car and they let him go any waning out on the freeway north and base lay toward auburn shots yes and that part of the story it's just like they no one knows and that that was my saying a legit site and all those other illegal but it's like if you
a cop and they saw him in his car did they just go oh it's ok go head you're fighting or like when you get when you copying pulled over your second hand when they ask you for your license you hand them your fuckin cup city and they like oh god yeah it's over that's not there is no doubt a shabby every second disrespectful which i wonder capitalist shit around them so even if you was kicked off the fuckin do dressed up like him and the prowling did he wasn't prowling maybe he was fucking walking around dressed well i guess small with us at this hour copperas yeah a copy would be where a cop car might be no no no i would want to know also about the real estate element that thing where there was a guy that used to show up at a rather be across places were i mean that whole part is that i don't even know i just want to know everything he too i think we will i hope we can
once i wonder if i wish billy with collis oh you know what they were saying i was gonna ask you because they were talking of but they were trying to get at this press conference they were just trying to get emory and our boy scout jones who i'm positive i drank with poppy poppies in the lady to supervise the worst bar i'll in america look so familiar to me here every guy had a crush on its in sacramento but they were talking they were trying to get them to answer questions about that surveillance time right how exciting is to think about those cops where they were in the lab they were like it's a fucking now go surveyed him or get the here's the thing we need to think imagine we match for area they would go to get the maddest guy looks good this guy looks good its ding its eighteen points on the twenty point chariot and two guys go sit in a car waiting
tell me georgia you are now one of those guys capital or ladys or ladys has anything can happen we have stated guys we mean people we so you're police person it's gotten sent to sir veil this very good looking suspect for as long as it takes so that he comes out and spit on the lawn via throws his cup in the day she's a letter like what do you see what's your dream thing of how that surveillance happen that big snuck his dna or or legally acquired well i mean it's real i feel like it seems so simple and the most obvious one is if he's a smoker but the problem is say he is a smoker and puts a cigarette in an ashtray well there's no way to prove that that's his actual but unless it's a brand new clean cigarette singer ashtray but you know
maybe he's a smoker inflicts this fuckin cigarette that guy doesn't look like a fuckin help not to me so maybe you mustn't ok he definitely looks like a smoker me ella drinks abused the gulp all tabs only a big girl i mean can now they have their ways the spitting on the ground is good but it have to be like i remember there is one case where they did the spitting on the ground but the only way they were able to use it is because it just rain and spit was sitting on top of that the rain and the cement you how it wasn't like part of the ground because then it be like well this is they couldn't introduce all the other spit and we are getting is exactly i want maybe they have rested him on something else got his dna through thy way like you know they may i e they put it like that he probably was so careful yes and there's no way that they would have been like we got here first up there you ran stops i'm hagen we at your dna right away i know not
you'll never speaks out against a lawyer up the guy who was four shoplifting dog repellent and a hammer and then when they said you i have to go under review for the auburn police department said no thanks and just took being dismissed right because you didn't want to even talk about it ok what's allegedly from what read it has told me that he has two daughters that were born and eighty one and eighty six so of course they're my age i looked them up facebook are we friends i don't think we are but i want to know about them and did they read woebegone in the dark today ever say to mom and dad hygiene you guys freaking out that at that time of at that time you guys we lived here because that has happened for other killers when
our children suspect i'm really family members suspect them yeah isn't that the the happy face killers daughter is the recent like she's as you know article was short that article recently what's it called like i don't know but she did have a tv show for a little while where she would go and meet other like the interview i bt case while you know she would go and talk to families and i would say this to the lake nobody should be in any way contact there is absolutely no like we know that there is all this weird access these days for people here it would be living hell to be related to this person today as you know they may be track down the yelp review of what their assuming it read at is assuming is his wife's business
no and there's some like really negative the opera view that where fucking psycho she is but who knows where she is what's going on who wrote this review if it's even her actual business as even actually his wife but the article is called the struggle to find my struggle to find peace as the daughter of a serial killer on having tempests which i keep getting married oh that's her smiling face can be i wanna hear hear well what about you what is your yeah you're sitting in the interrogation room with him i'm fuckin shy away what what what would whether tactic would you take i mean i don't i couldn't do it i find like these criminals so apply
like i just don't even want to be anywhere near the building but i would want peace if i could be inside paul holes or lead just march as what he did when i would have usually anais inside inside of you re using dirty about paul homeland as you could be either you married man rounded near her and spirit and smells and tastes whisper inside perhaps i could just sir paul wholesome this is we can't keep doing us but interrogate stephen like he's the these improbable so where can i just think arrogance you i just ok so you're saying europe margarita but you don't seem hung over at all the ideas that you have sugar poisoning from what kind of migration get yeah i got this the hot hot hot
and i'm very him over your point really nice london glow about its being that that thirty one year old about you know that you're overreacting son of esteem and there's bacon and fuckin bangles brayley s even throws up on all the way back on it we you did you play does your own budapest play you drink martyr readers that more spicy loves patient margarita has a hollow pending the vast assaults you're the best so you're all sir you're all the year not your own but you're in you don't it's too late area set it and its reported
you are an old i anchor meaning when you weren't around it again here i thought you know i know i know and i see the period of like good drinks is a hundred percent no i i burned out on like bartels and james acid stomach from wangle earlier that's how bad you didn't get a drink fuckin classy share with now the mix ology was far off no one had a fuckin curly ass mustache i was in bars it was all free popcorn ran like second miller lightness small glass it was dark chilled and others in sacramento and smoking a lab and smoke please smoke waitresses handing you lit cigarettes but in a rapid yeddo was it was as it was like it was a hundred years ago i think about all all those time they were like here become an alcoholic
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yeah couple before the great idea that this needs to me i am i am do you need a ride crossover rosemary banks is just driving us back in sacramento you know we could take the entire drive up to sacramento to explain to chris fairbanks what the entire communities on what's happening now i never heard of his hair and i still don't uninterested i also would just like to say this really going i know that georgia posted our text thread where i got shit about sacramento and i just want people to know lots of people taxi and saying it's not like that anymore please come you're gonna love it blah blah i hear you i know it and hu i dont now hold on is it ok that we're recording our partner we need your relations just like you wanted
you guys rats yeah we're seaward mean real official we're trying to be real we your birth the word allegedly fifteen fucking time as in the past few minutes the police the man the police say is the golden secular how are you you must be so thrilled now it it's been definitely a crazy guy congratulations i mean how long have you been would use oh shit stephen gimme that helen would you say you ve been working on this case altogether lock really ok after we shall die when i started work i do about it because our constantly we're talking out it read about it a lot
it was really only when she got that i started getting into it so because you are professionally you are a crime reporter anyway i mean that's your whole this is your whole area drowsed yeah so they also basely just jumped in when you were needed yeah when she when she passed my first thought was of the gulf states killer wasn't i knew other people would be thinking of alice said thinking of tat i was just like we did this guy with rain again and that it was about the book is what can we do i will do anything i can to make sure that this comes out because i want to do that prevail because i know how much you worked on it hours and hours and hours working yeah that's what i thought i'd nature and did you watch this a press conference they just gave i would you think aside
exactly that what i thought was very political near they were gathered the days were definitely all of their and they were covered father bases bases are assets and i would have liked to have seen the guys aren't the trenches where they really worked up his case where was where was also can clark here you know larry pool you know crop in shelby or erika you know those people that really worked it on a day to day basis they really took the stockholm him in a lot of them did get mentioned by this was very much a political game that it tell us how much the two things that we did hear one of a kind of marrying a little bit
and he pressed it exactly know all about it is that they confirmed that he was the moselle europe's actor red stages link glazed over it and the press to realise their origin whether he was the yeah got australia because they obviously all google gold snake you ran what about that there were there is also the fact that he was probably honey on the fact that he was caught the dna familial cnn really yeah it was brought there were saying was there you know they were led the words they were using was that they were led to a certain area
to eliminate gave all sounds like they got a last name are they got somebody that had enough characteristics and enough of the markers from that dna of the killer and then they were able to go through in the detective work that you love a detective work did they were doing was really to say that's not the guy that's the guy eliminating people over and over and over again and that finally getting it to the god they thought it was and then they yield a remark that they had to wait for him you'd be another they watched his activities or lack thereof which meant that he was leaving the house who is going to be just what kind of accounts budget only discussing there and they were waiting for him to leave the house so they collect them so they very well might have collected that dna what they were calling discarded dna offers you know they went away the data with the groups labor was was under the peace yes that's ray
or like collecting has trash like to trash collection you don't really they probably someplace else trash you never know who could be against messy will you know that's all we are talking about is we our theory is that these cops whenever they did they did it so carefully and so exactly and so by the book to make sure that whatever the it couldn't be like that would hold up entirely new their meaning you see the centenary i think so yonder they just go very fast but you know when this result breaking into the boarding my time i you know i was looking at it and i just gotta attacks or somebody saying here is a press conference was not about and then just started digging calling people texting people in detail in people and one
i talk to one of the victims families and they said then somebody to contact the higher up again in sacramento contacted them said there is a suspect in custody then i knew you'd have to talk about it sort of man yes and that's the one that you gave me chills when you talked about that because to me that so real like they wouldn't be leading people on if they
who think mean that their dietary needs seems to me that families not gonna want to wake up and they're not gonna whether wake up in the morning and i can tell the re ridiculous like her all the add also things i was when i was concerned about is that well they have somebody asked me maybe it's it's like the majority murder is just to which there wasn t a very rigorous by reopening was we consider that canada murders but you know what they told the family member that i taught you out and then i got it information that prone otherwise horsemen source outside this is this is real we can do it so who knows anything you deal with sometimes where you suspect things are things start coming on the paper you have to wait for those certain moments to actually run with that like do you know all those
oh yeah the inhabitants the watch you know i don't do it as much as i used to work in these papers so when you work in his papers you always had to get an obvious and get you confirmations you can't i'm with one confirmation and that's how you gonna you're seeing less and less of that now you have to do that otherwise you're just running your potentially wanting something there is now a real yeah that's always been as the worst thing you can do a sterling completely making something is therein is there in question or like a factor really looking forward to having confirmed or answered or anything like that you're just excited about or already has a lot of them are the sort parlor gain questions like what your homework bs assuming we ve already was that your dog was you know that those things i really
i know what other victims there were younger he had other victims particularly sexual assault victims and that's one of the things that i type is just on the fava paul hates the king with a research over the book and that's what we talked about and i said you know go you your bid your board tonight and start looking up the places that he was of i live on this guy and start seeing ports are sexually ask as they didn't take you not even take risks it's all the time your sexual assaults and this guy might have gone here their summer camp was who knows what he was doing yeah yeah without moving around the i think there's definitely gonna be while he looks like he really did stick around and in the golden state really was
it is in these items state and citrus hides i mean like it so great he stayed in the rate in the center of the of the bulls at the top of the bulls i of the second at our borders but how cocky and whom i mean while he was after all you ve got as one of the main reasons why he would do what he did why revolving stripes neighborhoods because he came became comfortable in those neighbour yeah are there any pieces right now like for me there's a million that you're like oh that makes sense like any of those little answers that are that little questions that are being answered now that you know that easy there a cop or he's local already stayed there or he still alive a coptic i always thought that he had a scanner right yeah worth controls were when they started
bring up the patrols and he went tat other locations i thought he scanner i don't think he had these scanner haven't the other police because he was i shall policemen thea that's gonna be the other shoe to drop in terms of its really gonna be out to local law media secondly to figure out what he was doing a police officer why am i think about this and this is a red flag resist you're a cop you get her rested for shall yeah you gonna give you weren't arrested you get accused per shoplifting dog repellent that i am here and there say you're despite our hearing everything like that and no police comes to you and you don't you just said all right i'm dying undone that that you never see that happening that should have been a red black to say why does he not want people looking into his background
do you know what year that happen the shoplifting and then disciplinary hearing it was seventy subject obviously we're probably seventy nine right if that was the year he was out of the offer me so maybe what about an i mean i wonder if that disciplinary thing when they were like you have all these other points against you will have someone look into it or you can just quietly resign and we might look and i think that would be something there and i think you know because it was not at all the guys on the ground the boots on the ground the real detectives he would say oh my god this was this was one of ours is somebody that was like us and they were they would be our sad wanna know and yet the political people get a measured and make sure you don't really hear about it that this was a former cop young how many times was he potentially high while he was doing his patrols
meaning trousers nighttime charles is east airy rapist withdraws task yes exactly you know was he a potentially when he was the and he apparently was police officer at exeter which is about ten miles or let miles from azalea was he involved in any of the investigation these are all that is the other sure that's gonna drop in terms of who could have stopped him when i'm i'm interested more what other crimes he might have connected ass he might have documented its use rape and getting answers from those by the other thing is gonna be like you now could we have caught him ends was it a good old boys never obviously if he was a copy new cop lingo you new names of other peoples somebody called him our arsenal well you d never ask it dropped aims you could drop like al you just say i'm doing this for vessel which i am sure that that happened a couple times the absolute lando your way out here
doing everything it can to survive and that would have it what it is one of his tracks totalling one of the things i noticed mentioned the inn right it s like why it was weird in the beginning is that he he's a little older than what was originally thought o roon was calling him a teenage or do you think that there is probably was there are getting there was a trigger that made a start in his late twenties early thirties is pretty old to start these things already think there's stuff that goes way far back that we're gonna find out about him that he was find out about something you but not at that scope and so you he didn't know about dna so he was leaving he asks everywhere you know so i thought i was gonna do there's gonna be little things here and there but not at the scope like previous sailing iran's nuclear yeah yeah why did you obviously we saw you know he was doing the ransacking and that was you know and he was taking stock and then he wanted to amp it up young and it will call about its all about power him first it was
our of i'm in your house cyclist your house i'm taking your stuff the purchasing power of i'm in your house and i'm taking your body and then the fourth one was a major yeah he's also i think could be interesting it like if they are finding or they will find things have an auburn set called cases cold rape cases step where if he was a police person and auburn and like nor was there a woman came forward that was like a play officer raved me but i don't know who was do anything about it like besides worst case scenario but it's that i just keep thinking that kind of thing where i want or if he was able to control himself to save it to go into to sacramento into the east area to do it and then come home and states if that way or if he is still onto like wherever he lived
in our view i mean i believe didn't spill out i mean this is just pure can you sure at all is it yet but i think that that there might have been certain ways that you might have made somebody beyond after all the most part now i mean who is just like a sort of like us ending citizens the aim aegis bang and everybody thought he was a nice guy but no him that that well where are we going to see you know at the fact that they were they commented so often unless it what are you gonna do what you're watching just people bring out boxes guys house are those boxes of all the stuff that he stole to milton yes always like direct evidence yeah back requested judy habits of course course he did right and we're talkin golf trophies a rare and boys i control is here we are talking here talking but europe is eaten
he's in the china china catherine you really what do you really taken there now you take a lost cause you're also wondering you wanna get you they're gonna die three i crosser between say you want to make sure that you're gonna cover everything and he could never have been those who could have been doing something bad now but you know what were they i think that it can be a model i will start with some creepy was there i mean and this is just such a mind fuck that way he would take something from one crime scene and couple months later and leave it out another which means he was holding onto for there was a place where he was keeping it yeah yeah we're there's a lot of questions are gonna be out your watch bring the gdp into the back yard you know it and all these things that they leave that we ve gone round and round about and wondered about the diamond knots and theirs
i think i think somebody pose the picture of him in the navy was that yeah that's right and those nine i haven't been on social we just been told about your stuff yourself i'm getting real fine on social i bet sillier you are you guys i may i just can't imagines last night you guys had this but we were talking it was four in the morning when we were talking to you right real sorry sorry you last night we were we reassure my neighbour bell because gillian i was talking to myself may you sell china gillian us from here and she's the one of the road girl the train and gone out and then therewith it was close to where she grew up michel did some shells family was there we had a great time about the case we said
these countries are the recent yeah this is gonna be song i have no doubts and resolved because of the dna online is i'll think zodiac besides i wouldn't say that our committee on budgets we have dna if somebody you know you can't take that so then we we were all just pretty white we we went out that you chicago and state and in the hotel and for some reason i woke up to attached you know it i too in the morning yourself they are one of the morning started from there i mean can you would was it like a stomach drop was it it out loud gasp was it like you just get cold what was that what was your reaction in that moment was press conference i want what's back here yeah you know it's always gonna be is this real or not
things that i keep telling people is that once i confirm that my wife my first thing was about confirming in annexes i journalism instincts now i can understand why after i can find it and then am i gonna get earned it i put out and swedes and i told everybody and i wasn't itself had yet because tat was super tired last night's our guy market away little guy up the boy we had a grab and rightly so but then i because we had a very early flight shut up i was sitting there all out of this in a better there i'm just i started thinking and questioning my consciousness up whether i was dreaming shrilly wondering whether this was a dream and excite way i was at a do you now it was weird i the weirdest dream last night i was in chicago suburbs gillian we was read any but they gave
round easily the brownie on the way and i was like going through all this stuff is like one who was this had been then i got a call that a text message that there's a press conference and i was wondering whether this was really dream or not and we were both doing it the italian when we were sitting at the airport we play at the board europe is saying the same things like if we wake up and were back in european union really knows in those brownies yeah exactly like someone does i think it was actually archer was proud of it just such a fast it feels like this you guys being on the bookstore like it's it's such a fast turn around for the way this kind of like it built and i feel like everyone was prepared for this to go on for so much longer there was no answer
it was twelve hours yes that's one of the reasons why we were talking about it i was trying to think of what michel would feel and you know there were you would be feeling what the like a calm down right about now get where you know and we talked about that as well you're going to jail with your email and when you find the guy this was your first you never forget your birth this was your obsession yeah if you are able to get answers what are you gonna do next in the end wanted that job because i wanted heard up work on other cases when her young concretely have an omnibus patients are constantly have fifteen to twenty going at the same time because i'm doing street i'm doing ones that you know a little bit more here too to solve and are not then some romanticized as as something like this is by it in i think she would have that sort of calm down
yes said in a room selling are or what what happens now i d their deadly beating like should be like the energy was the vassili or yes he went back and forth on that one so did paul its own eye because you know he had that stocky body that aid they would say that he had that euro big face yet the obvious lady i'm really wish to see what his pictures look like turn around sacrifices than versus the your base because i think he probably lost away because they kept on talking about how he had this moonface eighty eight moray yeah and then he ended up you know what it was very kind of lean or at least what people can see that what we are talking about here yeah it's a real it's a different those because there was but there's one picture of him as a cop with a mustache that looks like it from the late seventies and he looks so dear then that name picture or any of those younger pictures like he does not have that stuff on
his face he did he doesn't have the width to his face he looks very lanky but it looks like one of the sketch the older sketch of with a mustache yes do you know i think us that's probably what happened gerda mustache day after one may be garages cannot absolve man you know but i think i think he lost away if what he was doing more strenuous do you know i mean the eyes he was doing our core exactly you gotta be in safer than to see to see what he turned to me now let us recall go ahead you sort of like waiting outside cyrus go get a move on why because they were trying to collect like something from him and obviously he was alive so i m not a key picturing like when they were talking and at the door conference and i understand like in the d a emory was kept saying like visited detectives work in that and whatever but what i like to
picture is like myself just this bossy lady that kept showing up and being like yeah but i need to write about this so could you guys get it together like she kept going to places and being like i need to prioritize this we need to this new matter more to people and like so yes that the credit fully goes to those detectives because they were always there and they had to work on it and whatever but there is that like we know i don't know i feel like we all know the credit goes to like the fuckin he brought that gets in there and goes you guys seriously like do something about this now and the fact that call the cops killer which they want call them if not we shall hear i that's how they referred to pass and indeed you know that saying all that you know the budget have anything to do with it yet but just came out read the article thou long time ago and they article got everybody pausing in
circles and got people like you guys interested in it and it became part of bee lore of people would bring up you know when people were mentioning serial killers they would bring up this guy and nobody ever talked about this guy now this guy had one unsolved mysteries episode yeah yeah i would really was very very low on any bodies radar until she came along and really really boosted it not about the book it really was about her doing you know constantly being on that young writing or tv shows are blogging and that the article coming out and then all these people come again owing to her selinger likewise it was interesting and all that just yeah you know that does the taskforce happen without her reporting that case back why now endless and ass she have the the kind of unlike engines
go forward if it wasn't for also all those other data minors online that we're super dedicated and doing the same thing she was doing just not actually going anywhere but like the people there like when we were talking about paul look through every single area things in the book athletes we know when she was the one that had already look through every year booker he'd already there's there's just been people who have truly been dedicating themselves to the minutiae of this case like a his person would accept it
they haven't been paid they just been doing it and the passion and the people who who are the victims are willing to speak to you like someone who's super empathetic and wonderful like michel because they ve been waiting so long for the detectives to give them an answer and they don't want to wait any longer they speak with machine and that kind of reinvigorate them interrupt pushing the detectives to keep looking into the cases yeah exactly one on things that i really hope is that every was working on this case work data hiding it everything they go on some other watch you don't go use those skills this was your training whales and this was one of your first wants now go in one of the other two thousand unsolved murders that yeah it's not working right about right now it's about the cases that i've been able sovereign was working as both the consulting detective consulting digital detective everyone to call me my knee
the fact that we are entering an age where we're going to have the most educated retirees we have ever seen when david whispers these are people that can just that want to help and there is also millennials it want to help is also being of course i want to help and while i am doing is creating sort of a system and gonna do apart program somewhere where some police department wants to do it well who is as open it you now of screen people make sure they're good yet not pay them now have their own computers will evolve and they'll just go and be able to do this gap and yes there is a chain of command yes there is they will only get you so are and then the elise happen take over by when you're looking for a needle in a haystack you can get them to that need on the news have to prove that you don't skilled nets to these those are just piling up yahoo mail new yorkers every year and out on top of each other
here about all this murder up here with us we just clear twelve now from from a few years there so many that are out there and down mete out there are a lot of people now that want to help that we should be able to work with them and have lost what was that some other projects that's amazing daily run along such a good idea sign as the fact that we are signing saving a bright and early that research but i have a lot of passion and i'm i'm fund a drink coffee hired hockey y gotta play their gaze at maybe we do it like sunday night it's not a game lighted it is a problem solving night sure can we help afghanistan to that end the thing i'm talking about his is a little more seriously than what yeah and when you're gonna see a lot about i think people want to want to get involved in them gonna be the sexiest cases in other gonna be cases that you know if you know this one
in particular was so interesting just because there are so many clear is that was almost too many clues really became like something that could have been a really intricate boardgame origin you're an adventure some yes i think so sir oh just that there is a beautiful aspect to it of like we lotta times talk about the problems in the police it's not talking to each other you know that that kind of the zodiac arrogant they're makin when they dont want to share information but we're its real time were watching as the dna evidence like develops as all these different new technologies developed there is also the consciousness of of detectives and these people who are starting to understand the how they have to change and they're doing now think there's part of that that so hopeful and beautiful you know
like even just in in that the golden state special that was on idea where there talking about that changing their approach so that these things can get solved it is a matter of numbers and biggest like we're getting a and a bunch more detectives just your adding five thousand earners every year that are unsolved adding a thousand new detectives who happens with these detectives is tat they might be working on a call case they met you work out a case that happened two weeks ago then they catch another murder beating meeting eight may care they up there another matter that that you to go saw you and the other one has to has to take a back seat you and you know the idea of a professional detective has around two hundred and fifty years of war it was it was you know different people there are actually solving these murders and they weren't necessarily professional detectives winter pinkertons yet well you
before that it has been before the error you know police real police slots are out there the police were created at the shop saw crimes are real created here eastern sought riots well you know that you're gonna see something along those lines in some place and it's gonna be like community policing but it's not gonna be a walking its undoing guardian angel types out it's gonna be more of that data mining variety using the skills that you have been here in your neck of the woods it so thank you so much for calling as billina amazing to talk to you on a day like this year you're welcome guys and allow the other artery heathens hands is so much of it there is one thing that that you can you guys have such a platform to talk to people
as one of the biggest things that are going on at your crime right out it's great to see you guys i'm not because knows you're not that i went to see you at upright citizens brigade once thirty people there always at the transport council jackal bring not enough now there's like you guys were to stare at margaret i was there with them finally we shall hear oh wait did we meet we met beforehand at the restaurant though right you can answer yes that's right oh yeah you know i know you know there's a lot of people they're out there that just learning a lot from you're you're talking they can look in the cases what i say is like look into that one hometown case that you ve got just if you are having to be a victim or a family of the victim will you will get the greece that certainly one of the things that happened here you see whatever congo is doing ass she was constantly ali and trying to get information and if you
if you ve got time that happened a violent crime to happen ski calling the police dollars ass an amazing thank you so much billy thirteen percent cartesian by that's about having read the wanna get that fought like real news a real situation i have to say maybe enclose about i like honoured that we get to be a voice in the background unless and leg michel mcnamara as weaved i've been we ve been such a hers a family i haven't found girl crime em like i'm does honour that we get a even touch yeah what logical thing that in real time not it's not twenty years now where we get back together i talk about that they finally found the guy or they finally fair who does it just like this is shocking
its thrilling and yet who does too fucking michel mcnamara and her it like using the phrase dogged persistence what i think there's something it's it's like righteousness and this like kind of key for justice then i think we all feel and i think most people are good in that wherever they don't want other people to suffer like that area and that's school it's like all those people at that press conference everybody is talking about it everybody is just like no more of this shit no more pretending right doesnt matter no more pretending that you that mean well that all these weird old things are really going by the wayside these old attitudes all that kind of stuff and it's a building a new falcon tomorrow as corneas at samuel i agree and them it is this negative i was going to be great
do you want me to say really quick lairs areas when billy called i was just trying to save p i commend or now who are loving sacramento and want to do in fact and i know you don't have to cause i get towns change whatever but i also get to have my opinion about this in the very short amount of time that i suffered greatly in town every day i was suffering i was a god in the summer it sucks shit and couldn't go anywhere and be happy morgana were that doesn't mean anything about your family african grandparent we weren't even are we re planning our tourism wasn't even planning sending us to sacramento we insist it because it's comes running joke while because sacramento marinos are like show up and there like they're like come here we love it we love you so we love that its very it's been so fond but but
you cannot change my mind about ninety sacramento i really love it i wanted to say yes and i love what i love about read it about what about this press conference about i'm what i'm sure michel would say is that no one is saying i knew it eyes her credit for this it's because i side said this i said that its this it's it wanted to be solved by so many people and that's so much bigger than anyone's ego nay i need to be solved for the victims and for the victims families and friends and to put an end to this fucking monster and bring them to justice yeah and so i love that this fight is not for for credit thing being the one who solves a right about justice and i said i know michel would be saying something to us along the lines i have no now has enough endeared might you know yes she would be
de mirroring and she would be rightfully so giving it a huge amount of credit to the detectives who have worked on this for years and years and you know and wanted just as much to them was passionately as we did some were set and the way that sheriff was saying at the beginning i word is named on scott johns my party friends got chance that he was singing the beginning he when he became the sheriff the purse it was a sharper for him was like this case is huge and important and you have to work on it so there are all those people that over the years when they we're just trying to go place to place with no technology with everything was right now writing everything up my hand and putting into a file i saw something that was like one joe files from back then it takes you know three weeks for us took liked translate that's so wrong but you know what i mean to put into a computer twenty computer like one file takes we hatchet
it just takes forever to two million maybe it's what it was great but obviously it takes bucky forever in its time work and was already homeward act all paperwork and the people suffered the the police who worked on it suffered too like they they're the ones it had to go and and suffer by not catching him and i are meeting more victims and their so much it just is so incredible that their gets to be at least not closure but it is this like its next step yes it's real let's that finally it's fucking finally fat guys thanks for listening let us know what you think yeah this is really cool here i'm thrilled me tell our aid stay sexy don't get murdered by you and i e alas cookie goodbye
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