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Karen and Georgia cover the murder of BBC reporter Jill Dando and the Andrews’ Family ‘Hauntings.’

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This is exactly right. Work armed here. This is my favorite murder, the pie cast where come, I can't I don't do it anymore, where we talk about murder, injured, to crime and standards are adhered to and that its there's no effect now. I know there's no frills, oh you're gonna stop doing palms, absolutely not ok. I mean that this moment at the alone, right right,
I work in a clear. The opening getting real professional about is no place for ponds. It's no place for half sentences that the other person finishes. You know Corky shit, that is not business. This is a business pad. Casters is supposed to be a crime. Pod care, but also comedy appear. Your sister told you to listen to us. He's been telling you forever, you don't you to open and you never listened to her and you know like ponds. She knows that so we're going to do that and the beginning now they're catering, all this to you,
Gee betcha Sherman Ashley betterment. Oh my god, I went to college with actually betterment and it sounds like she's, not nice, but she's, one of the nicest girls on our adorn floor, so bad for her neck. You know, like you, think she would have changed it at some point. She did. She tried to do that. Then we're like its procurement, the enigmatic Ashley. It's not determine, and everyone knows it, and if it is, it doesn't matter cause we're gonna, say better made it clear that its austrian, like its bitter man, no one believes that you live in that castle, poster nationally with to ease its Ashley determine the end is silent major, my visual listen. Actually, this is the heart of the biogas. Look better manhood Mitchell, MRS Martens podcast. So we started just last week where we were going to read you some of the names of the sub groups from the Facebook.
Page since we shut down the main pick facebook page everyone's lookin for a place to belong. We get that. We understand. Why not be very specific about it. That's right! That's what everyone it seems as according to the Nautilus Stephen has put it up, whereas on everyone's gotten, real, specific or join a few and then find the friends in common and those groups and those of your new S, friends. Yes, you start a Van Diagram group Rove. They combination of thing. Sailor example of your choice, for example, say that here in the Facebook fear and murder and lost areas. The LAS Vegas Marinos eyes up to get one or how about
es as D J P S say: stacks stay, sexy, dont, joint pyramids game, that's fun, and incredibly specifically, I want to read stories of people, and pyramids must be people that did it and then their warning. Everybody else like this is what you need to keep an eye out our and super pyramids game young personally, how about and then you're also into say, you're really and HIV Tv yeah. As for me, for example, and so your also on my favorite open concept, kitchen love at what about the nail doritos- they just love- Nels fingernails, like fingernail, holding airs and graces, but just the failures and also you love. The tv show thirty proxy or in the thirty rock arena is sure, and who do I have to kill the get a date. This.
It's, a singles Marino pay less q. What about my favorite sensory deprivation? Tangle, isn't really specific scenario. I swear to God. That's right, that's it makes it will. Then how about my favorite begins? Great, I mean I'm going Beacon next week. Are you really out of it? What the plan, which is the only one of those like I don't know, we're just trying to be healthy. Ok, how about murdering as working in veterinary medicine and some capacity, whether your attack receptionist. That cannot help whatever the whole name, catchy so catchy how my favorite Ashley rain, and the yeah- and you can't see I was like so stephen- is it just all girls? I am actually are people name Ashley whore? What's the actual any is like? I don't know, I have to join and I'm not name nationally. So I don't know we think it's just actually Ashley's can I ended by spray beating you this quick little that we got in our email,
It's called swing arenas! That's right! No! That's wrong! Karen Georgia, Stephen Pets! After listening about the Grannie swinging, your last many said and the Emma them sub groups and Facebook in your ass, though recently episode knowing we said swing dancing. I thought I might as well that Erasmus, that, while there isn't a public facebook group because Swingers have their own websites to better protect privacy, there is definitely a swing arena. Sub group of well swears swinging. Is
big Round Frahm, Utah Mormons get real born unwell. He lets us and wild cat, mostly hush hush, showing you do get into the community. You meet some pretty interesting character, yeah that not only are many of you top politicians and lawyers swingers many many murdering as our two I'm not involved in the spring community, any more, but I have friends that are and once they saw a recent instagram post of mine about loving your show. I left my ass off when they told me that a recent swing arena meet at night. I didn't think I need to explain what happens. Let I dont you than ours. But let us say it's not like paint night. So, even though its deadly a little weird and the little taboo just thought, you guys would like to know how far you reach the supper. You guys, but everything you do Monday and Tuesday mornings Nope abundant Thursday morning. There my favorite days of the week now, thanks to your show std em, a
Do you tell me, did you ever see that Swingers documentary I mean people get ideas in their head about like I'm, watching a movie and therefore, when we talk about swingers, it's gonna be movie bodies and movie per year and its truly
If you walk through Carrasco, everybody in the detergent, I'll started, fuckin looks like it's it's weird and one good looking person and the detergent I'll leave among them, they're in them in seven around seven other Greece. That bodies- and I think it takes away from me from the lure of age group. Absolutely absolutely I'm sorry, I just look it no judgements. Do what we want. We talked about no king, shaming, bloody blue, but this documentary that I said I think it's it's called american something and truly bees document, Arians or so genius, because they just they were really captured in the minutiae. So there's like there's a table of castle rules that are now you bring a hot, too harsh doing our part or hand lay down that tart savings even found here, see that runs counter to the name right. Is it
that american swing it might be known alone. It's the lifestyle of her. It's the lifestyle from ninety. Ninety nine point: ninety nine a banner year for slingers. I just remember watching on HBO rest here, first you're right, that's like when the real sexting or people started going o other people area this two year. Maybe I shouldn't be yeah. I just think it's like you. I the first thing you go to his like, as fifty shades kind of like Christian Gray is waiting for me in the world of taboo sex, but I think it's Well, how would I know whatever I think it is. I just base it on the documentary I saw then it just like it's like retirees in the o c in a house. It's. I say with Nunez Colonies were it's just like. I know that you don't see lots like Teddy, like a of balls, you two years all ramble, he will Orilla Guy, don't give a fuck yeah yeah. So
bless me, that's the law. So what that's it I We have to start making shirts
but this wing arena no pert, Titty Isabel there, I shamed, you knew. I brought you down and I, like shame area. Thank you. It's comfy here. That's all. I wanted to say that in the fan called this month are live, show episode that we're doing exclusively for the man caught that we put up is from my share its from Detroit. My Alan caring. You did the parrot murder re guy and I did the Robeson family, cabin murderers and that's up. There was a great show yeah. I was really fun show, and yet such I got out yet viable. If you join the sand, called there's all these perks and were basically trying to figure out what are the things that people have asked us for, that they really want has, of course, on social media. We hear all the time like we as they shall. I went to jail, and why are you always this growing me over and it's like? We just can't always pose like live Sesar. Like you know, we save those put him up and we need to go on vacation or whatever, and so we can't we have so many lashes and move towards so much that we try to peace development like oh, what people really want that? I want to pay a little extra and get into the cell phone call gap than that's where we're gonna start posting thing, that's right and also to leave on our second tour
I'll tour solely posting videos from backstage get every week for posting on boxing videos of get like amazing gifts of people having giving us so yeah, and there is much more stuff planned for the full fan call to like him. We just did our many so that we did in conjunction with the movie searching and then the searching people gave us. Sony gave us a bunch of free tickets to searching for the family member, so there's tons of perks and their building by the day by the minute. I guess I thought I didn't have anything, but a real is really. I just want to pitch you pyramid scheme style about joining the fair angle is appearing great food pyramids game. Just gonna ruin that it's all about wheat, bread just like the benefits of wheat, bread and the, and I'm pitching my view, egotism. Boot food
amidst game right and I'm I'm pitching all pro gluten, I'm just like a guys. The new diet is to overstep yourself with gluten duet, its out inflammation, just targeted inflammation of beauty of targeted information villars. You just need a clear road swell it off a quickie show is, and I think that we usually of so many other things, the talk about. What's we take like a women like taking a week off him, betweens, there's so much going on me. I guess I can do occur. This corner about my sorrows guard and scars garden. You no confusion. Couple weeks ago I had, but I'm going by now ok, I was wrong about that. Did you know that you're young, Oh I'm right there on the twitter all the time at all. As it comes, and I haven't been on twitter like like few weeks now Are we monsieur le? Thank you guys. It's going
As long as you missed me, I'm not coming back. Ok, that's perfectly! Let's forget me, you others. I mean it's british What do you say a yearly? Meanwhile? You know not to you. I was about to say something about twitter, but I said prettier than I just started going like is this? Where it ends is this? Where is this where my brain slides out of my ear and it's all over? I was actually trying to think of. It was trying to think of something I watch on tv, like I'm, because once again it sinner night. Now, it's oh! No it that's. Sorry, lumping indifference and injuring lots of stuff no yeah. I was thinking of what's the one with Amy items, sharp objects that, and thank you for rum nodding me know that there's like theirs.
Something in the end credits which I didn't realize. I would love to talk about the people who made that decision to talk to them about that decision, because it's odd that they bear It is a key element of the plot in the end credit. Well, what I like what I right when I read about a shit about it, what someone they arise basically, is that the whole show is from like Amy Adams Perspective, her character perspective, so they can't put this end part that's from this from Amazon Perspective, so they like put it in their cause. It suddenly like out of Aimee items, characters world; ok, we're suddenly in this crazy other worlds that make sense, except for how many people that joy, the second the show's over you dont most people don't get through the first page of credits and things in your onto the next thing. I missed it. You told me about it, as I call you shit. I forgot about that, and someone told me again next night about like oh, my god, that's right, and then I watch, I wonder maybe that's what they were thinking is the
statement of word of Niagara We have only just you know that I, like you, know, seconds into the end credits after the very last seen, which is like my favorites in your whole, show both of those girls. Those women's faces deserve a second amnesia just so that and look on their faces is so good, then their justice like little Dino theirs. There's a key snippet soda, crucial and yet its bury their very interesting Oh my that was a good show me. I don't think we talked about it that much cause we watched it at different times and you as good as a whole right. Well, I M episode. May episode. You know what it is. I felt for me, my friend
Jason DART, while on the show it I've known him. Since we worked at the gap together, a scientist go we're twenty and he started it after me and he was in the pipe. He was in the first episode and he was just like. Why aren't talking of the show? I don't know and whatever- and I said I understood- I said I understand you get the pilot and you and you will understand you dont, like yet because you had alcohol except a family and then he got thrown he's like. Oh my god, that's exactly what was he was starting to get action because of all the drinking and what it felt like the hair was over is and the other so much guilt going there. So much bad vibes in bad family, shit and drinking that, if you are familiar with them at all, you just go like. I can't do that and problems that are like bear by their alcohol as yet, and actually I was saying to you last week early today that, like ice
up drinking as much, and I hit me that maybe it's because of that show sure fucking bog caught in a smart water bottle the gallery time by logging, harm daytime or Evian like the man. I cite a taste it when she would swing it yeah and I could just kept looking harming like. Oh my god, you be so much less puffy stop. I will answer the thing of the I felt like there was a lack, a tiny, tiny lack of realism in there
if you drank all day around seven, something really fucked up what happened where I kept waiting for like ok. This is a point which is gonna hit a kid on a biased everyone on writing, drunk everyone's driving, drunk and everyone's talking, all the tire drunk. So it's like there should be more fighting there'd, be like open hand, face slapped like last more with Norway, lots more was ever so many more seat or any more secrets with ourselves, but like the secret, would be told his shame. There would be no secrets in town versus. I love that there is a long sleeved anyhow, I tell you something nice Euler Hourglass boiler, but it would be merry. Thea doesn't Amy be like, while clearly not as good as an alcoholic as these people are so I shall just stop drinking as much stuff linking avalanche. I would actually like to think that show for the gun
coming back. It really works, we know, but I don't really get it because it is
it's a real mirror. You know the part that got me as she kept going the same store with the same guy buying where there is a part of that. I remember doing that in San Francisco would be the same. Guy now be like cigarettes, beer, cigarettes, beer and I became very indignant about it worthless doing you can't keep from doing it and he doesn't want you to stop doing it, he's making money out yeah, but he still looking at you with pity and his eyes when, wouldn't you like, sometimes when you go to a different story, every day like for three tiny town, not a fuckin, where were they were Mazurka yeah or wherever they were man? It's it make me happy to be from second Bless Orange County. For the first time in my life ass, a man I was like, thank God and win gap, Guph Wing get also, though, when when that cop first shows up, I was just like dude
oh hi running the harness cop in America shows up too, but he's from Kansas City. I know he's like ours take up its still, it's like so they send. This is their expert from Kansas City who happens to be like captain? but by how did it get out of here I mean honesty. He did. He will get me out of here like I need to get out of here. Oh she's crazy. Yet I get elderly while our heads and so has here, but there was couple great like them too. Given the bar was that is the upside of alcoholism, where your goddamn s, just like a clever and your quick and you love yourself in your just kind of like already onto this training, everything's gonna, sexy and Bessie. Being flattery and sex have turned out in front of the bar up on that put fuckin pool table,
on our side. You know I am into swinging now that you know now that we ve talked this. I am so in this language, in a bar on the Baltic Sea and earlier with some local, it's not what they don't care him. Just like. Oh, it's not about swings than I like it's not about switching from a general air, its away. Blood it's about wing Truelove, ok, Patricia Clarkson is one of the greatest Amy Adams. First of all, is one of the greatest actresses. She is so bordered. She pleaded Disney Princess realistically, like a cat, rapture and I think she's, one of those people that gets ignored because she so good. I just like to site that hunters. Clarkson is levels of governance that I hated her. I hated her. I hate her for ever because she was so good at this created or in a hated that kitchen any time they went near the edge. There's lots of things that so realistic of walking by a doorway in some, unlike what
looks like you're back harmony. I like in the door. Will it partly carbon wait a little longer than like the sound of the fuckin screen nurse makin clothes. We I came home in the morning. I had one of those great, good job, everybody breach everyone, so yeah we did have statutory. We value and like it s, sort of dark about I also have been watching a show called your worst nightmare, which does tyrants in mind this week, but it's an idea. Channel show just like you know, one of the many they figured out all the different ways to categories true crimes. So it's like crazy women mean women, a black widows, whatever there's all those. But this one is your worst nightmare and it's really perfect. Has it that it's basically that theme of what's the creepy is weighing rate a true crime. Nor could happen. That's just what I may be a really good to watch alone at night when the wind
Is blowing gray, guided to myself one night, whereas I wasn't ILO here looming puzzling blow here or there is arguably not, but there was maybe it was just a bad virus. A gala train, stomach injury outside their own thing made one noise, and then I went. What am I doing doing so that its home over the weekend sounds like all. This is gonna get ugly in my heart, gonna happen, Georgia and a guy and I watched the new air with the scars. Sars guard, her scartaris scars one of them care the yes. The clown is a scars guard Stephen, but he has a heart one from castle rock we're not related to Peter scars guard the one, and it is bill, scar, scarred right castle rock ok scars guard sounds like I, how about how? I would say Sars Guard when I'm shit, so I I can't help you
it's time you run into any of those man. You can be like a high, is scars guard and it'll, be right along through the typhoid and then their security will take you away from them. I like the idea that they travel Unpack son, no matter if their related or not Sars or scars guard their together, one black suv, it's weird in their yearbook. They didn't go to high school together, but their next to each other in a year work and they didn't even go to high school. In my school now same year. Nothing different countries doesn't matter, and there are Senor quote. You say this guy offers me mother, Fucker,. The first is weak. Yes. How do you got the official nod from Stevens demons silent as a mouse over their highly professional, ethically scars, even scarves garden around over there, like a clown in a green gutter.
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Ok, so last week with boys on the tracks by who is so much from the conspiracy theory elements of it than I love so much so I put into Google Gonna move at all, but I'd like lionize answerer Rangoon, Gulf, like Google, sponsor by elmers glue, Google, no help you look stuff up. We don't really know that my poor, as our air fingers, are stuck in the key word. Men stopped eating meat glue, Georgia for dinner gardeners only Google
Google, let's see here, ok, so I looked up like what MIKE more murders with conspiracy theories honour and I got back and got him to this one that I've actually wanted to do not because of this, but, like I ll Ben found at it, had these like conspiracy, angles losers, I've wanted to do in the end are gonna. End is conspiracy, town beautiful, but in the meantime this is the murder of british broadcaster and news reader beloved beloved Jill Dando. Ok, never heard of it take great I haven't heard of it either till it was like some like a late night. You know ten, shocking famous people murders right, and this is one of them. Ok, Let me take our job. Would you Joe Dando was born on November nineteen sixty one in West supermarkets are Somerset. Place. She was smart well liked, and
is even voted head girl at her storm college gene I believe in Sweden, lovely gotta. Let me give you an image of what she looked like as an adult Jesse haven't like in your head, which it was like she's like a cross between such becomes a journalist tale about it. But since you have in your head choose across between Like Diane Sawyer and Lady Diana Oak, us she's is a lovely pretty blonde british smart kind faced, news anchor, but anyways. Let's go back at seventeen. She got a first job as a trainee rapporteur for the local, weekly newspaper. The western mercury, where her father and brother worked she'd always wanted to be a journalist. She studied journalism at South Glam, Morgan Institute of higher education in Cardiff. After five years of print journalists, she started to work the BBC. She becomes a news reader, which is just what we call it news Esther Infer BBC, radio, Devon and
five transfer said BBC Southwest West. I presented a regional news programme with an at the end of it and then in the early nineties a she moved from regional to national television in London to present BBC's breakfast news issue because, like the morning anchor essentially guy and so she's like her funds are, is rising in a cheese and in it with her new jobs. You moves to London and she quickly becomes household name and the BBC National NEWS, probably in our operation sure her warrants and professionalism endeared her two millions, she's, best known for hit, shows like holiday, where she fucken just goes on holidays. Smart dude tat, take that up and give it me and also show called antiques inspector which also I want that her calls. This is before the road shows. Star has to look your ship at that, but I think it's essentially antics roadshow, but like original so she's, expecting shit.
You just make that I've. No, I swear I wish I was like and then an ancient anytime she's gives you basically just that it's just antiques, but she inspects shit like Angie, Cairo that I couldn't can glean they didn't. I thought she was like inspector moors analyses I get it now, and then and I Jane five she's hired as the search so there's a show called crime watch, that's been on since eight nineteen. Eighty four, it's huge, show a think, it's kind of like how we have the current affair. It's like that, like nightly news of like current cry,
in profiles and shit, dateline, dateline, Dateline, yeah yeah, but like yes, dateline any current effort, everything? Ok! So when it starts in jail for by ninety five, when she gets tired for it she's, and only that the second Koper Centre of the serious so like it's a big fucking deal to get this job gotta. She reconstruct major unsolved crimes in order to get new leads from the public to self to help solve them, tells almost like a fancy or like a more official unsolved messy. We I like that like an easy time, gotta so she's second household name, now huge and there's there is something about her initial, just like whatcha clip on my wish. Her face her eyes, arduous so kind. She is beautiful, bright, open smile, she's, kind of self effacing that right, south African, like she's just seems like a really kind, but very intelligent person. Someone that like, if you get stuck let's say, get stuck in an elevator within an earth in an earthquake. Kubi like this chicks got this taking care of like she just seems too
embody this competence, but it's in o k, witness to God. She just likes him that I can person and finally, as she has so ninety ninety seven she's a word of the BBC personality of the year Oak. Ass is big time. Then, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven in December, she set up on a blind date by a mutual friend with a dude named Alan farthing. They fall in love. He and I think this is a friend knew him isn't gynecologists. Ok, let's awkward that your friend
like you, gotta, meet my colleges, shrill, unanimous yeah, but he seemed like a nice guy that are very free and liberal with their body here. There's some people that are going to college that trying to thank God eyes all types of people make up this unit, Swingers gonna college. Yes, that's the rental brands of the two and then friends. I just love the idea that you just described this woman who seem so ideal in every way she still has to get set up and blind dates always the way yet and she was like they're like she did. This person did in that person and courses like in the papers like you know: what are they tabloid like she's dating Joanna stating this guy? They MECCA so she's such a sick. I can't find anyone. You know she's, like thirty seven at this point that still has to be fuckin set up, which is like guys. That's just how goes it's ok, but a career first young and it worked out, shook it for her
Alan. He seems like a nice guy, they fall in love and they announced their engage in January of ninety ninety nine noise. I rings going great for her she's thirty seven she's at the pinnacle of her career she's, one of high profile tv presenters in the country and her life seemed to be on this great track, one out of the blue she's murdered. Ok, here we go. I now it sucks on April twenty one. Ninety ninety, nine, it's a rare day, offer Joe wakes up at our house. She doesn't leave their officially her her houses on the market, but she stays most nights with Alan and he lives in that chick. Which is in London. She left her and seven or eight trend some errands. She,
I feel that progressed as she goes to the market and, of course, in London, there Cctv but a job. We were so they can come to track where she goes, and then she has back to her house around eleven thirty in the morning to grab some crap packs a car in the street, in which I am sure I was thinking about like even when you're fucking famous newscast are you dont have parking in London. We now that's just how is it they? Don't they just don't have it at sex and then she walks towards our front door, her little victorian terrorist home. So essentially, just like you know a block of these Q british houses. It's like this little two story, the Torreon era, with little gate at the front and a tiny, little front, patio yard kind of thing. Yet so fifteen minutes later a passing neighbour and Helen Double. Who was our shoes friendly with Joe? She saw Giles car? Was there so she's walking by Giles Housing should make looks over to be like? What's our power you whatever so
It looks over and into Josie Yard, as she's passing by an notices that up at the walkway by the door jealous slumped against her door frame and Helen sees blood pooling around her and Helen notices, so much blood that initially she thought Jill have been stabbed, and based on what she could see, which wasn't too far at the walkway. She concludes that gels already dead. Woe, so she does. Cheese must be ineffective for a crime because she's, like Otto, wanted to storm the crime scene. Yet she sees that the gate as clothes which she knows as we heard, and so she doesn't go and she calls origins is always right away. Let them know what's going on lets them. Never the victim is police are aimed at the scene soon after an jealous body is airlift into the hospital. So determine that Jill Associate walked, per walkway and reaches into her bag to grab her house keys when at that moment someone approaches her from behind for
is her to her knees and shot a single bullet at her left temple just behind her ear, execute style and broad fucking, daylight and eleven thirty in the morning were, and this like in a busy neighbourhood, YAP executions, ouch, it's one of the most famous news, castors in London, angling, seasoning, she's that Joanna's of officially pranced dad at one at three p m, while so I'm sick investigators swept the scene for evidence. It didn't find anything except for a single bullet casing. It was the type that came from a rare, nine millimeter, semi automatic Browning pistol and drew the strange nature of the casing. It had like some scratches and some weird stuff on it. Investigators, TAT Day the killer had like fucked with the gun to make it somehow and get the gun was never found
they had made. The gun altered the gun, specifically for that murder. So whatever what followed is one of the largest and most expensive police investigations ever to take place in Britain, so Dan does Neighbour Richard Hughes, so they had no forensic evidence at all. The only thing they can do is get. I witness evidence they fur testimony. They see their neighbour, Richard Hughes described how he so he had heard a woman scream but he said that it sounded more like the woman had been surprise, not scared he's got his bedroom window and saw a man between thirty and forty years old and an average height living bridge. Clay towards full him palace road and Cctv, for it shows a speeding blue ranger over right after the murder and a similar kerosene parked illegally Angela Street. That morning, there's also a photo of a well dressed man sweating at a bus, stop on his cell phone near the murder scene. Shortly after the shooting as well
outside of these sightings, which are so random and might have nothing to fucking. Do at the murder rape police are unable to find any other reliable eyewitness accounts. So Joe staff, of course sends shockwaves through their nation. She had been done: British she's golden girl and so her high profile murder, which seem to that to them. Without my execution style populated the papers for months the police named her the search for her killer operation Ox Bureau, and it was the metropolitan police as large as criminal investigation since the Yorkshire Ripper, why you had done Ryan, I was in the eighties. I dont know I did that issue, see that led by chief Inspector Hamish Campbell Hamish Camel so no murder weapon nome,
we have no eye witnesses. Police, of course face mounting pressure and over the course of the inquiry over two thousand people were named as Jill damned as killer from Anonymous Tipp lines. Within six months of her death, more than twenty five hundred people had spin spoken to employees have taken more than a thousand statements: investigators even used her own show crime watch too. To get information on her murder wound? I now produce hundreds of phone calls, but none that produce any helpful leads so pick, please meticulous. It looked at a hundred and ninety one Cctv, Idiot Cctv, videos, a fine that no one follow gel that day. So they looked at every place. She could not do they looked at her when she got home. No one followed her up the walkway. No one followed her. There wasn't the same personal location. She had been too ran so police and scrutinise your fans. Looking for someone with an unhealthy interest in her, but out of the four thousand of her
they looked into. They found a hundred and fifty who seem to have an unhealthy interest in her. This is We found a hundred and fifty M, like that's second to many people to have an unhealthy interests and someone. They discovered one fan was running her BT account, which things are british telecommunications account so account which but they could look into gels phone calls and so numbers and they also found somebody got a hundred fifty pictures of her on his computer and then one day you try to take over utility bills. These people, they thought showed that their interests was more than a fantasy or fixation
the utility bills things a bit odd? It is where I dont know really what that like, they are trying to pay them or they were trying to leg access sillam ladder, and what would be to see one issue is how we want to know and her lights are on when she's home and not home. Maybe I don't or just maybe it's just a random like crazy concept like someone out of it that they're just that it's only makes sense to them. So we know you're having to me- and I am sure this was where to them too. Is it like, if she's just stopping by to pick some stuff up than they don't know when she's going to be home right in my mind, my first thought would be like will this is like an intruder who got caught or like a peach guy? and be appealing Tom who randomly got Kok. Has he didn't know she wasn't home or went in? becoming home randomly or didn't think she becoming when all was gonna break in who now Xray yeah. So about a month in the investigation, the police come across a name that peat their interest. It's a guy who lived half a mile from Gels House, whose name was,
George and he and emerges a suspect because he had been agitated on the day, the crime. When discussing his problems with his jp and its housing association selling. A couple people were like he came in day and who actually fucking weird man I'll call him in he's looking at him and they find that ninety three he had pledged guilty, do attempting to rape a woman. And there was a note in his file that had been arrested on the grounds of the royal palaces or the. We're Prince Charles and Princess Diana were living well and when he was arrested, it was because he looked suspicious because he was wearing camel and had a length of rope and a knife tight around the shoulders shouts. Fucking suspicious, I mean that's beyond suspicious and aggressive yeah yeah, definitely pits and even hidden, Ernie. Now so very George had many aliases under the name buried Balsara. He claimed that he was the cousin of Queen singer Friday, mercury and whose obsessed with forty mercury,
he got convicted for several offences. Under some of these other aliases, he had hid used. So That meant that, like when the detective looked into this guy very George, they didn't realize that this other guy very Balsara had issues too, so they didn't put it together at first to be what is so, where that there was a time where you could have like a identity and get process under a fake identity, emotionally I'll find out totally that's that's some eighty shit right there what's? Ninety nine, though I thought it was damp I guess it was an atheist, but yeah, I mean who knows it so happens, though so I don't think so. If it moves compeers, I know, but what? If they're, not like. What have you have? Legit docks let show who you are you get a different every time, but how? you get this
I don't know either but sensitive into the envious. If we can get him to get a fake eighty and set up a whole appeal. Just like that's that's the place where they set, I even eyes, unlike fake identities, should stop is at the police department that yet I swear it. All that should be uncovered lots of stuff should stop there. One would hope, with one would cross their fingers tightly so so he's known in the area of her wandering around the streets, he's kind of like a look like unknown, like we are no local taxis A firm has also called the police right after the shooting to say that they were concerned about a man who kept coming in and he seemed to be constructing an alibi being like I was here right or like give me a ride. I was here and found tat. He had a history of following and photographing women when they searched his house. They found a bunch of. What's it called.
The film rose undeveloped. Aha, they tell me that he was. He had been stocking over four hundred and eighty women at the time. Woe so just like taking photos are women and leg just socket that so many that so many and like, of course, at the time there weren't stocking laws. It's not it's not how is today, should have been how it was fifty years ago, some worse still buying out at that time there was none. You know right on that point, if you're restocking four hundred and eighty women, how can they tat, doesn't it just seemed like you're taking pictures of urine thing? I mean that's how intense it must have at Kyoto is going home. It's crazy! and the end? The inquiry also and reveal that he had an interest in firearms, not the armed any with that. He was like fuckin gun that here, my money, other movies, that mean the tv show spaced
say I've had yea. It took when my favorite absolutely every shows, but that that his best friend, Simon Pegs, best friend, and yet, if you watch that its who that reminds us, but not a nice guy- that guy's a lovely angel, my username Joe, It's the guy! That's an all the salmon pigment, these, MRS Sierra, and they went across Nick Ross. Thank you. My eyes. Irene agronomic frost in space, but a creep Nick Cross also has a really awesome like future. Drastic space show that's hilarious. That has that all girl that we talked about now. It's we're just like naming random trying to describe british actors. Not it's not a good road to go down. That's your favorite! paper that ok, so over a year after jails murder when I finally put it together that this is the same guy, police are confident that they had strong enough evidence to arrest buried origin. They get a warrant to search his house.
Find. His flat is stuck to the silence with newspapers. He is like a horror so to some people it's like yeah. He had some like newspapers with damned as death in them some smelling coming out. Why do we have that? But others are like? Will he just fucking didn't get rid of newspaper Yahoo Castle papers re, so it didn't seem like enough people, ass. Her, like you, didn't, do it it's like. While you know, but there, but there wasn't any evidence of him having an obsession with Joe. There was no creepy murderer, shrines and all the shit the neighbor right next to the next door, who had heard the scream and looked out the window and I'm right across the street who had both seen someone departing from the gate. Neither of them are able to id berry in a lineup. In fact, they each picked a different person for the id, which is not good right now, forbearance rate for very how forensics. Finally,
breakthroughs than they had gone. There is how said collected all this shit. They had taken it from his house to a photography studio to photograph. The evidence which I feel is we're: that's not what the yearly jail maiden havoc police fatigue, on the scene than they had taken it out to a different location which I think now we know is chain of evidence that's an easy way to destroy contaminated discredit for the defence to discredit the bunker Riah, so they get a break through. They had found a very small amount, a firearm discharge in the pocket of a coat that they attack. Into custody- and it was a coat that that bury George himself said that he was wearing the day of the murder and constitute that co in there. Forensically slackened whenever, whatever they find this little bit of firearm discharge, it was a half of one thousand that one thousand of an inch, but they found ok,
that's hardly any so. The chemical composition match that of the bullet that killed jail. Dando, oh, but they also find a single fibre on the crime scene, matched a pair of trousers that berry, George and as well. So, with this information alone, there like great and on May twenty ninth two thousand and bury Georgia's formally charged with murder. The trial became one of the most controversial cases in british criminal history course, orange, bury buried. George pleads guilty tarred authority. Now you with those two first name, then area and one this kind of my name, and I just want to say it first and he please I'm guilty, of course he's accompanied by a psychiatrists during the trial to help him follow the case because he suffers from serious epilepsy anyhow she just pointed out many new. Now your kind of you, I thought, maybe you can attest to how hard it is to follow your on trial,
azure. I've had a terrible time about at least four different times out of ten turf. Us ok Annie, Difficult is concentrating its found later. That is, I q is in the midst seventies same. What am I pointed at seventy air, though you know that it's so like he had. He definitely add ADHD, it's possible that he had ass workers, but his eyes. He was also really low any suffer from epilepsy, so he had all these issues making it hard for him to kind of understand what was going on and and that's why they would lead and testify, because you would have incriminated himself, probably because you didn't understand the severity of the circumstances right so hold firm, a large plain regarding this flimsy four, as it forensics evidence. You know that
funds are used at the jacket, so the jack live in or move from. Its protective bag had been placed upon our work service and the photographer Photographic studio and but studio, but this is find about it, that it house ammunition well, yeah, sir, like don't take it there, that's the odd combination, so maybe it was just like it was like a may. Perhaps it was the studio that they used for evidence to photograph it there, but that means that ammunition would come in and out of it right if it's a police photography studio for whatever exactly, which is why the hell do I dont do it where you do so items found at the crime scene, such as the bullet and cards. As well as jailed Anders front door, which is where the
head after passing, through her head were photographed in the studio, so the bullet and everything was photographed there. Then they brought the jacket and there like, oh and then that we are on one thousandth of a purse yeah, but inside a pocket which is weird to write, but so is partly on the Kyoto over the fact that he is Yeah I mean that's highly contaminated right, just create a crazy ladys like should be thrown out. The evidence should be thrown out immediately, which I think the defence trying to do, and I think that there are such fervour over getting this case solve that it was. There was one iota style right then it could be. It was one of those you motherfuckers, better catch the sky. This is insane the symbol of a person in up, so they, went with what they had the searching who recover the jacket had not warm friends of clothing, while searching Georgia's flat wanted
officers who was present, who had handled the jacket had handled ammunition while wearing the same clothing that here and then so he probably has spoken out in the pocket, ran, but guess what he was found guilty, that's right, yeah and Angela Second, two thousand and one he sentenced to life in prison. So forty four after his conviction that people campaign Forbearing Georgia's freedom because they felt like he had been taken advantage of, did his mental. It illness and his mental capacity, the egg. If you pull back a little bay, it really does seem like. Oh, they just got the irritating guy that that was firstly mentally early walking around the Austria who does sexually thought, like you can't argue that lay hidden has a bad pass, their yeah serious issues, but it's like so convenient Tata that that's the guy and listen. Maybe fucking was him, but you can't take summit,
Cora based on this stuff in our old justs. You know from my professional stanzas having done one hundred of these and just knowing how they go. It's not enough evidence nodded. That's not a that's! Not the solid case rear, like we ve, got the guy and to that point, if even I cubes seventy and you have all of these fucking health mental health issues you dont commit the perfect crime you know, I am scam, the perfect friar, that's a great point. You dont rum from the scene without any blood on you, you dont know to use a silence or you dont know how to shoot someone so that blood doesn't get on you avoid Cctv origin. It now you dont not talk to someone about it. Cause like He would just he talks a lot and would tell people about his obsession with celebrities, and we tell everyone like this. Is my mom says what this day? No one ever Amber him talking about Joe yeah. He just didn't it. Didn't you
hence for him right. Maybe it was a fucking insane stalker fan, but it doesn't sound like him great, so aunt meet ways that data web of eight years after a sentencing and numerous turned down appeals Georgia's finally granted a second trial when it came out. The gun trace obtained from his coat, was discredited as a reliable source evidence which is like the stuff we have now to or it's like blood splatter evidence doesn't fit rate and doesn't make sense. One one thousandth of anything shouldn't shouldn't collapse, lit up so the oh and the coat and had been a year since he since the murder- and he had had it dry, cleaning worn it since then to when they found that when they took the coat into custody, ok I guess so
he's acquitted on November two thousand November, two thousand and seven, despite huge, he's, trying to claim five hundred thousand pounds in compensation for his wrangle conviction. But it's been turned down by then home Secretary, Kenneth Clark, who ruled that he was not quote in not innocent enough awe and that the conviction was not so unfair as to be considered a miscarriage of justice. So you got acquainted but they're like yeah, but not hard enough. I mean it's. This is truly and either or situated you're innocent are guilty and then, like a new law, is put passed around that time. That was I well. If you want to get compensation, have to prove your innocence. Wow it's. How like one that's mind. Boggling makes sense, though, because it's like didn't wanna be paying out people I mean they want to. Gonna be paying people who its they ve been wrongfully, convey and it's been proven by dna or something that their innocent yeah, but he just got off because that
so you're saying I mean yes it's not like they were like you didn't do it. They were like. The evidence show doesn't show that you did it beyond reasonable doubt. Yeah I mean It's a weird grey area. It's almost like. They won't give it to him and tell they entail. Someone else gets yet it that it. Proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that site it's like a shadow of other assurance that he did do. It is what got him in there in the first rays, so right. It says, in our shadow shouldn't be involved. Thirty, two shadowy its super shot, a lotta, shadowy figures and hey. Let's talk about some of them. Ok, let's go to theories, so there's a bunch of theories about there's like six strong ones, but there's about of course, a time I was, as you know, a pug has that has a lot of them that you can listen to you about it. It's the podcast is called unseen. Anne, but I'm just gonna go or
too little ones, and then my favorite one okay. So after he's acquitted, thereabout fifty two thousand documents from his love from buried Georgia's legal team that are made public and some of which help the public create new theories that they felt the police overlooked in their quest to pin it on George, so the first one that I can interesting is that the IRA was involved. The Irish Republic Army Republican Army that date shows jailed Ando as a target because our links with the police, through her show crime watch and they actually a letter was found in those documents of a dude. He was in prison who, admittedly killing,
with a bunch of people that they killed her for the IRA and it's just kind of in Lahti share. I dont believe that, as a member of shameful I'd like to see that's bullshit habitats, of course, than at the time there was already peace talks going on, so the government knew about it, but didn't want them, didn't want it like dependent on the IRA, because then the peace talks would apply Lamone, while you notes theirs, I mean, and also just seems bit far away it just like. Oh we're, gonna work,
if we assassinate this use, castor, these things will happen. Words like that's it doesn't that doesn't directly track and anyway well, let waiting to mine that similar does directly track. The other one was that in twenty fourteen, a former colleague of jewels came foreign said that jail was trying to expose a vip pedophile ring well just months before her death and the pedal following had named high profile celebrities. Here's the thing those Pentothal wings in England have been proven to be real at one. Do you like the BBC Present or guys Jimmy Somerville, whose rapist of cream that's right? So they think it was like that's like later to thy may think so, because I dont know why I dont think she would have had information that could have been site like could have been silenced by killing her
I don't think she enough. She was the present during she was a journalist, but there are in a team of legal migration. Is a newspaper investigative journalism any I you know I mean like presented. It wouldn't have stopped at her right may would have sent a message, but I dont think that it would have sent a big enough message forever. Neglect, never mind you don't, even because it ended up coming out anyway. So but it's interesting yeah. So here's what I like the most and this is conspiracy theory timezone, twenty twelve a story came out about the widow of a renowned serbian journalist, name, a slob co Cora Visa, so the states Loco he had been murdered during the Kosovo war in an almost identical circumstances. To Joe just fifteen days before Joe, oh so
Widow came forward to say that she is convinced that chilled Anna was shot by a hitman acting on orders given from the same person who had order her husband's head serbian dictator, slob, lamas, Milosevic, woe, ok, this fuckin shit goes deep and I'm like now really really wanting to look into the Kosovo work as its bananas. So this since let this guy slammed co car visa. He was a critic of the Serbian, the server Jean Regime, and he was this big journalist on a newspaper and he had been shot dead outside their home in Belgrade, but The victims were high profile. Journalists Gillian this guy, both or returning home in their approach from behind force to the ground and shot in the head at close range teen fucking days apart So why would you be targeted by the serbian regime? You ask care, am that's a good question
What does weeks before her death Jill had fronted a tv appeal for Kosovo, Kosovo in Kosovo and albanian refugees being driven out of their home by militia, has backed by the yugoslavian president. So she does this kind of like you no heart to heart. We need, it is programme being like. We need, helps bees poorer refugees, showing footage of what's going on explaining, what's happening really antis, sir, but an apparently it it enraged the serbian paramilitaries which I find that a lot of fucking Egypt, like needs, reported for doing that. It's not like they wanted to get her specifically for saying that window done anything, but at that point NATO, gotten involved in the war in Kosovo and on April 23rd, one. Third, ninety, ninety, nine, bond state own tv station and Belgrade Buck NATO to this. Well, they killed
sixteen workers at this new station, including a make up artist in an electrician. It was all just like you know, regular workers there at the time it was natives first offensive action against a sovereign nation and its fifty year, history, wow and the british broadcast the BBC reported that the station was targeted because of its role in Belgrade's propaganda campaigns, and they said it was fuckin justified because this was a propaganda machine, so they killed the makeup artists and the second camera man and the electrician and shit. So, fifteen days later gels killed. So the day after gels, murder and unidentified man called the BBC in him accent. He told the operator because your government, this quote, because your government and in particular your Prime Minister Blair, murdered butchered seventeen innocent young people. He butchered we but your back the first when you had yesterday the day after fucking murder, woe the tap mad
her chief inspector Hamish Campbell, who led the man had said that the theory was only considered quote for a short while, but instead police focus their attention on George. Do I now so that, like that to me, is It makes sense it's this fucking international, crazy conspiracy, that they're, like you, killed the bomb. This fucking you now news station Macao and they, a threatened other specific new castors Appy Bc Grant didn't nothing ever happen, but they had a couple different phone calls from it. Can I ask you something Leah says I make it up: please it's always that they were like our pin it on the local eccentric, bounce this over to Emma five. That's why no one else got murdered that they.
We had things in place, but it went full on deep covers die. A british style which, as am I buy the place, might not even now looked like the local police, who were the chief inspector, maybe hand, but not the rest, might not even known that, like the am. I five was like. Let's make it look like this, this dude bury Georgia slope of fuckin weirdo, whose also like been arrested and charged with rape lets me, Look like he dead. Yet, let's put you know, tracking gun particle in his pocket, so that the police and the people who were arrested him might not even know about it. It's not like everyone's behind this way. Because this is so high level like spies, yeah, yeah, it's crazy and then, if you, if Emma five comes out and are like this is: what happened then you're going to fucking war, then it's going to any war. Nobody wants, while everyone wants war and the government, but nobody like they're trying to prevent the
larger and larger action right, yeah right. Yet so maybe they like behind closed doors. You know, put a fuckin quash on this whole thing. Some then we're like weeds. They take this any further yeah a second dando was the person who got sacrifice for it ran so that's acts. As of now, the police maintain their belief that It was killed by a crazed and obsessed stalker Navy someone she was familiar with and there still can't kind of going then angle, but they're, not it's not like it and to make its it act. Destination at the moment rank and almost it's up made almost twenty years since her death, but agendas case remains opened an unsolved that so many british people are alike. I remember that day type, a thing, that's just so shocking awhile, I think it's it was like a similar to when Princess Diana died just this lake well This person doesn't is this lovely person who represents the scene of bread like this? Who we are and what we care about and yeah?
has a senseless death and Yemen needs to fucking pay for this or something kind of justice for those it's just really offer. Also. You know you when you said none of the Cctv footage showed anybody like that's highly suspicious because like you, said, if the if it the eccentric wandering around and being the way he always were, re would have seen him. Walk up walked down what be in the neighborhood do something he wouldn't be. You know like shadowy figure that justice appears yeah, whereas if it was some kind of spy shit, you know
where's like that, weird Landrover, which everyone knows. Second, shady people drive Lamoureux heard assessor, especially an ally, especially in all areas, and then they adds justice. Weird make up a makes me so much more sensitive to professional head. It's like someone who has been trained coming come out and the thing that they everyone use, who saw this person who may or may not have been the killer. Who also focusing on close caution is that he looked. He looked well to do and normal. Yet he looked well to do yes, which is the perfect cover right. You will look like a fucking normal person, giant like a spastic local fuckin weirdo. No, you look like a rich guy in Athens, like camping, gainer, arrange over that there's a normal guy. I know a guy right, wow and there's like more share about this killer, that color and it's just a written Kosovo and its just like fucking bananas, crazy well set out as a matter of fact in jail Dando. Yeah
she went to fellow Are you asking over their view anymore? No, I move. I just can't stop now getting pillars. Okay, so if for mine is weak- and I told you a couple days ago, like I'm so excited for my stories- we love and I never heard of this, and never I mean not even like an inkling because- and I can't leave that because it has anything I love it has a combination of the end. Obviously we say love we mean things, I'm most horrified by its attraction. Repulsion. Look it up in psychology. Lotion yes, The only reason I know about it is because a lovely murder Reno on twitter at SAM Tina, Lynn, thirty three. They sent it to me and basically said. I think you would like this and I hit the link
and was just like man, you're right, shit, man, you're right so I'm gonna mislead a little bit and not say that full title when I had originally and we're just gonna call this the end whose family haunting Marilla I love it. I love it yeah, I'm here for this, isn't it such a tragic story. It's like there's just nothing but tragedy in every direction, and it is that kind of like the swirling thing of when the chill are abused when people are left alone. Went alike are just all those things kind of coming together in one terror, real tragedy, the kind of thing we're like well, I don't believe Ngos, but it there's everyone would be one. These are the circumstances that are going to create that's right, this sense, okay, so it is, the fall of nineteen, eighty six and wearing a suburb outside of Boston Mass and it's called Pepperrell, let's
I'm just can pronounced pepper, we'll see what happened and create. So it's the Andrews family, it's the father, Brian and then his two daughters Annie, whose fifteen and Jessica whose eight and they have just lost their mother from cancer. It's obviously the a terrible loss. The family is grieving, it's a really hard time for them. The other father is a really hard worker, he's a bus driver and he's working to keep the family together. But you know what a terrible time to lose your mom and and just really also, as everybody knows so many people than affected by cancer. It's just the saddest watching somebody get cancer being diagnosed with it, and then you know the eventual sickness or whatever I feel like so many people. The only good thing
as so many advances have been made in cancer and some it's so different than it was in the eighties, just immediately bathes s sentence, but it's it's a ravaging terrible disease, and so many people know now that an experienced it Sir Brian, is just trying to keep his teenage daughter is eight year old, daughter together and ok, but they spend tons of time alone at the house because he has to work so much and they hang out. They watch tv together. You know so in the middle of all this kind of sad sadness, and- and this is also you now its eighty six, so we have to go back before the internet. We go back before texting we go back before everything, and this is all about the phone. This is when the bringing phone had the potential of everything of The year, your golden teenage years coming through that saw mine. What could it be? That's what it was all about so one night, the phone rings and Annie picks it up and it's a boy on the other end of the line and introduces himself?
He says his name's Danny and then he got her phone number from mutual friend of theirs at her school. She's, the older one that he says: you're the one and the boy says that he saw her and he asked their friend for her phone number, he explained guzzler different school. He describes himself he's athletic his tall he's blonde. You know, I don't know if you said he was good looking, but that's just the idea that she got that he was. You know basically like captain us about team style due to the different score car is interested in her. So, of course, you fifteen of what you are. Waiting for and living for a fifteen year old girls averting babysitters club, not it fully. Yes, but over the phone, so strolled, they tat on the phone for you now lacking in the night. I would ever have great conversations, and that happens a couple times, and
Finally, he asked Sir on a date in answer her to the fair, and she says yes, and so the big day arrives. The doorbell rings she runs downstairs opens the door, standing there. A short non athletic? dark haired very acne covered boy who introduces himself as Danny and, of course, she's immediately she's disappointed she's trying not to act like she is she's trying to be nice. She feels like she still has to go on this date with him, even though she's like this is so weird her home and sir. She goes and the date lasts one hour. Because almost immediately she's getting weird but lives from this kid and as their having their veto having their get to know you conversation and at one point she explains that her mothers recently died from cancer and suddenly he perks up any start. Asking are all these questions
She's gonna, like what the fuck is like like really curious about. Her mother dying of cancer to the point where he's like how to tell how you felt the moment even new found out. She was this feels like a fucking nuts urban legends of our yes, it has all those things. Are you dislike owe a great thing. Oh no, it's the worse version of this thing. I thought it was supposed to be, and it's like or it's an eighties version of catfish an she's fifteen, so she doesn't know how to assert ourselves. She hasn't now to go. If you do, you sold me abyla goodly. I think you are I'm not comfortable goodbye air, but in that our suddenly he saying TAT asking her to describe how her mom suffered all this stuff and finally
he's she's like yeah. This is super where like good, bye and walks away- oh that was, after he made a joke about her Mamma. I can't you just like now Dark may again, don't call me anymore and leaves a girl so she's back at home and back kind of like sad life with her and her sister kind of being like latch key issue as it their spending lots of time. They missed their mom, so one night, they D, they're gonna, do a say and try to see, they can contact there mom they go up into the attic do all the things they think you're supposed to do to have a say, ounce light a candle they're doing some chanting, whatever their dad opens the door he comes home from work opens the door it they ended, but they had been starting get this weird feeling and they thought it was like. Really
working or whatever and then the dad works and is like putting to doing you know whatever get out get out of the attic. No candles, no candles in this house shirt collar like two hands on the attic mephitic the debts worried about his daughters. Obviously there really suffering they lost their mom. He doesn't really know what to do any kind of weird it out by that behaviour. So short, after they have the sounds, they start hearing tapping knocking in, when their home by themselves, and at first you out for some out they try to go see words coming from. They can't find it goes away and that its lead this recurring thing and
gets louder, gets more insistent an it at one point: it's just constant. Like one night, it's there there's just constant tapping. I lay there was on fire and live where I had no, no, no, no, no, no! You know so they're like fuck. We. This is bad the unlike some you know this is. This is not good! Also it's a thing like our thing. Before, like your home alone, I ain't I'm like a so old, and when I'm home alone, you hear one noise like you want to run out into the street totally that's kind of way levelling an apartment buildings, because it's like you can blame on anything else. Yes and there so many people right near by their thirty people. Right once I live in our someday. I am not going to be happy yeah, that's a it's very difficult! So so then,
They start noticing that things are moving when so they put something down in one room and when they come back in it somewhere else like pieces of furniture coverts if their cat down in one place and there like it's, not sleeping, whereas they tell their dead one time that they ports and settle Faddle in a bull taken to watch tv with them when they went back and to the kitchen later to get it, it was gone, was gone. The whole thing is they couldn't find remember fit of that model, but I prefer poppycock what we should do more to assess. What does I think One of them fellows like peanuts, ray and public archives like omens or their centre, without Cracker Jack's categorize over old people. They call me I just got myself old and now I'm like trying to throw that shit on other people. That's how it works. That's our insecurity works everybody
why I'm going crazy she's going crazy, the doorbell rings one night, they opened the door, no one's there. So like fuck, what is what is happening there? It's we opened. We open a portal so that when they tell their dad these stories the dad's like, so they want my attention, I'm not around enough. I not, therefore, that yes, but also its haunted, the US. With, but, as we know in every like horror movie, the parents never believe the kids. Until like again, EL. The curtains are on fire and then turn into an old. None are what oh, by the way the nuns coming out this weekend, everybody we ve gotta go all go together. That's all go in a big bus, yeah, ok, so one night again, home alone watch a movie there. They haven't heard the knocking for awhile, sorry to hear it again, this time it's in the basement, so Annie picks up a knife and she's come on. We have to go and, of course, Jessica's like no, no don't kid! They go down into the basement
and there is a message written on the wall in what look like blood It says I in your room, some find me the girl read it? They scream they run out, go to the neighbors ass, their freaking, without the renewal of the room No, no! They, the neighbors called dad at work. He comes home. The Please come they all meet at the house. They go the dad in the cup go downstairs in the basement. And their standing there they look they it's the one, its catch up and care, Then he's like my daughter's did this now. I've got my grave, but someone so rode he's like the catch of bees. Just like this is like a child praying
they're like trying to get my attention and pretend like they're, so scared to be home by themselves, because they want me to begin with them, and this is embarrassing apologizes to the cops and he tells the girls you guys are gonna have to go to therapy. Like asking about European great, but that they actually do need to be, and there are good things are happening, modelled on the right track yet, but also he needs to listen to the area, the tools that he's like do not do this again. This this, is serious like I'm passed so they're, so frustrated, cuz, they're, so scared to be home and they know what's happening to them and can't get anybody to believe that. Ok, a few weeks later, their home alone. The knock starts again now. Superintends and now upstairs and so they go upstairs they go into the bedroom and across the wall in the bedroom, in the room it's written, I'm back come and find me. So
a dream and they freak out. They run out of the house. They run to the neighbours. The neighbour calls the doubt again, but this time on the down comes home he's he finds the girls are standing outside their crying and hold each other and shaking and the neighbour goes, they ve been like this, since they got to my house, this isn't faint glia whatever's, going on some things really going on about how like the neighbors now on theirs. I am. These girls are just shaken so. The dad brand goes up into the house he's like I'm, although check it out here. Up into the house, and this is now also this. This story does have several versions level these details, but they all end up in the back in the same place. But these versions, I'm I'm right now going by the idea Channel, show your worst nightmare season, two episode one up and then I can. He goes upstairs and he ass. He walked through the house. Every tv as honour thing,
so dishevelled that he knows his daughters didn't like wreck the house before they left. He said, indigo. Something really is happening in this house and he's like starting get really freaked out here upstairs and the seas in the girls room that that written on the wall there Then he turned around and theirs picture of Annie with a knife studying in it stuck to the wall and oh my god. Many here's, a noise down the hallway. He goes down into his bedroom someone is standing there wearing his wife's wedding gown now and a wig. And turns around it. Danny Le Plan, the boy that Annie went on the date with his face
is painted in like warrior, make my arm and he's holding a hatchet. We, the dad, sucking, of course, like stumbles backward yeah. Danny comes at him. He runs out of the house, shut the door screams, get them inside. The house call the cops. The cops immediately come in there just and he standing out in the street and like no one comes out of the house and to like what is standing now, I think, as he knows it's a fifteen year old kid is not big cities, but he's like kind of ready at those guys fucking batch yet batch it s, got a hatchet batching Hacha, accurate, hatchet wearing a wedding dress, so the cops go into the house. To get him oh hey, and They don't find anybody in the house and their searching all around and there like this, is weird cause. They know. No one came here and
and they look and it on the stories like all over our debt, theirs it this happen in different places, a basically they see they notice that there is a bookcase. That's slightly out from the wall, as is hiding in a long story. Sure is George pull it open now, and there is a tunnel system now throughout. The walls of the House and Danny will plant has been living inside of the walls of this house. So they went on this day, Danny you creeper, and not only is there writing on these walls and there's girl
the girls clothing. That's been slowly disappearing, that he's been jerking off onto that's all inside the walls and there's beer he's he's glued pennies to the wall. There's all kinds of weird shit that shows he's been in there for so long, but on top of all of that there are little people's so that he can walk anywhere in the house and see the girls in any room that they were in were you ok, FARC? Yes, so get some some versions of the story are that the Danny tied the whole family up and then just got away and called the cops, and now everyone got away and then the cops came and then they move. Back in and then later it was like that were unlike this does did doesn't even seem realistic on this. Among remember this, when somebody- I am, I D channel style, they have resources, they know what they're doing the threat, so it turn so Daniel plant.
Fifteen year old boy, very disturbed has had a horrible life. Terror the abused physically, personally sexually by his father and late this terrible time in school was always son of because of his parents causes acne. He was dishevelled. He was very weird and creepy just have terrible timing learning disabilities. He had you know every everything stacked against when he was an adolescent. At one point they sent him to a SEC I trust to help him the second highest molest rate, so you know, but still nothing is justified, but but obviously there is there, the underlying psychological problems. Were there? That's awful. It's really terrible. He is. Taken to a psychiatric hospital when he's finally arrested
and they evaluate him before they son of De Juvenile Hall, and they then decide the authorities decide he's gonna be tried as an adult and Moved into real jail, but because of that instead of like do you know how it is like an adult than he can have bail, so his mother, his mother's, able to come up with them one hundred dollars an hour. Sorry, ten thousand people who, when I looked at this for someone like that's crazy- but you know the eighties- I guess a hundred dollars bag man as equal to put a figure it a quota period instead of a common sorry, everybody, ten thousand dollars, bail, ok, So he was bailed out is given in December court day phone now, of course, the Andrews family is like we we're moving the area and they relocate on December. So so it takes two years for his occurs court
is to come up with her some were first nineteen. Eighty seven before the trial he's still out before he's prosecuted for the crime of being the creepy as person in America. Second, only to remember the the spider man of Guy basically did the same thing, but almost less creepy on that one key lies just came down upon from the ceiling and huge just living because he had nowhere else to go right and the family coupled and now. Ok, so Danny December, first, nineteen eighty seven leaves his moms house and
Would they eventually learn? Is that he'd stolen guns from a neighbor his beef? Before this thing, with the at the Andrews House, he had been breaking into homes and robbing people, but then he also just break into homes and move stuff around and fuck with people. So he was very intellect fucking people's minds invading privacy. Do you know that was like an obsession of his already settled like such a Stephen King character, yeah yeah really disturbed and no help the opposite of any kind of healthy and abuse, piled on abuses, but then just deeply disturbed person, though he He leaves us moms house acres out into the woods which Apparently some some people say he knew the woods like the back of his hands again live out their as you wanna sure so hikes through the woods for a mile and then the first house he comes to belong. A family called Gus Guest F, sense, It is the monastery,
Thirty, three year old Priscilla, the husband seemed Andrew and the children are Abigail whose seven and William his wife, so they Priscilla comes home one day with the kids and theirs it speculated has no ensure positive, but they think you good, either have been surprised in the middle of robbing the house aegis. Was there to rob it or he had a plan all along and he was in their hiding the the one thing that does support the fact that he had a plan was that there were ties found that he had bound the family, which would have meant he had pre planned in some way, because what keep ITALY kills the family, he shoots Priscilla and there. He takes each child to a different bathroom, drowns them in the so terrible yet and
Then he disappears into the woods, and so they find at the scene. The police find twenty to pack. Caliber gun casing minute matches the gun that Danny Stall, the twenty two that he had stolen and for forty hours they can't find him. People are searching the woods, MRS Eighty, eight or something. This is eighty seven of her its December of nineteen December, so they actually get like a task force together like cops from surrounding county and doctoral dogs, and yet there is a whole search than they get a tip that Danny's hiding at an old lumberyard duets fuckin crazier than now. All these cops descend on this thing find him in a shed and when they pull him out laughing, and he continues to laugh through his entire arrest. He this won't stop laughingly laughing Danny entire time. He's booked he's stripped. That's
Discover, has a loaded gun hidden in his crotch. Oh my god, you He had girls, he now this time he sentence, he said three consecutive life sentences has Massachusetts, doesn't have the death penalty and that's in court when every one starts hearing about his terrible childhood. But as we People say we ve been told a ton of times and we all know lots People are very terrible childhoods and they do not kill people so obviously there's the extra special something in Danny's brain that was We also know this because he when he went to jail, never expressed remorse for any an ever. He became a wicked in jail
Then he filed a lawsuit against the state of Massachusetts because they weren't giving him access to dragons blood black opium or honeysuckle weakens are like. Can you give us out of this place? Literally, that's the men on that the wicked community was like he is not one shot or about that is like like he has nothing to do with us. None of us ever heard of this guy she's like reject him entirely, not Jesus. They reject him entirely weakens or about the fucking earth. Man and dragons blood and and dragons plan than He goes your appeal after appeal of all these years, where he's just like: don't care Fuck you whatever. And finally, on his last appeal, he came and he was like I realise what I've done. I know what's wrong. Nothing, I'm so sorry for all the pain, Ike higher life layer is his our appeals denying so he's never getting out of jail, and, of course, when was that
and twenty sums its twenties sixteen highway. So your recently re is bought. His final appeal on an end cast of saint of lost, his entire fucking family and, of course, after that, his he died in twenty fourteen, his second wife. Luckily, he I mean he did remarry, which is good, but his second wife, testified at the recent in saying that Andrews of course, was ruined because of this crime. He suffered endlessly with depression. He went being robbed, like his life of course, fell apart, because it is so terrible and they say I don't know if this is verified, that on Andrews death bed when he died, a twenty fourteen, he said make sure they never let him out of jail. Ah, when Danny's third appeal was like his final appeal was denied,
in a way they are like. Well, at least Andrew got a little bit of justice and I are- and that is the horrifying fucking story, of Danny Le Plant what in the actual fund and also how have I never heard that story do I think I've heard the beginning part as like an hour. Ok like this, isn't going to be a murder story. This is like this like we're in light of all the rights they could not go, but you know and then it just took a turn. Yet allow is horrible, and you at lake in on the television, show your worst nightmare. The way they shot. It was so good where he standing there like. Brian those into the bedroom and has like suddenly looking like what some in a wedding dry, how confusing and yes oriented that would be, and then it just like a teenage boys who basically is like it looks brave heart. It's like the top half of his head is at all.
Across the eyes and forehead head and then the bottoms white like a weird strip of red on his lips, like it so creepy and the hatchet it's like. Oh, no, not a haunting the nightmare, and it is a true fucking night manner, awake so crazy. I wanted follow oversteered. Oh I haven't here for you, oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god, I mean he just to be on the sea. Just looks like all the disturbed serial killer, e yeah, teen boys you ve ever seen he's got he's deafening, Ramirez, the all too. I'm definitely does dark. Man, yeah really bad, definitely like
that area of the heavy metal parking lot reeling. You don't wanna, go that's right now, yet don't smoke that guy's part can now absolutely will have angel dust and x Ray. I will be totally tha and free on the thing: you're fuckin, suddenly awake, oh my god, free on refrain Am I not right in saying in Qatar so much my my fucking arise and I got to hang out with both of my nephews over the weekend. I really am I going to hang out with the Euro nephew Mica alone, like we just garlic, hang out, walk round and talk and ie and like it just was this nice he's just such a different person around a bunch of you, because you get so excited directive and at night, but like a kid but this time it was just nice to talk to him and stuff, and now my little baby I'll, have you she's, the Angelus of them on so just me, if you like. A good at nice is also so good too,
It is such a brain change because we're never around. I like in that kind of life. I say that we have just like your does. Never around can now it's not a family lifestyle. It's not even like a slightly juvenile lifestyle. You never get it and it's so important is like they're not sarcastically out or not fucking, ripping all the time or trying to like put on a thing totally. You don't like keep about conversation and asked them about dumb share. No, it's real connect area like connected stuff. I did with Tommy. Things he's excited about movies, and this movie, and this other movie- and this characterises way, unlike just think talk at me like nice, yes, colonies like nowhere that ideal it was kind of Lisbon, That's awesome. You well I guess I will do my. I did a lot of so I started back.
Writing job. So back up, the OECD backup may like a back up to the broadcast. Baskets is not a back up. Writing job is saved in images like that. One of the best tv shows on television, so my version of getting an accounting degree when I want to be an actor cynical resume. So knowing that life is going to get much more dense and difficult, I just did absolute thing for true like four days in a row ass. It was really nice ends. I may not like I needed it, but it was. I was almost like just milking the end of it provides a nice when you do it because you know there's a the thing to do it for when it's not just like I'm not condoning today, it's like I have to catch up. Yes hasn't been about to start some crazy shit like I'm in it now, I'm sure I'm too, I've turned back into like
anchor Enimie. I can't pretend I'm like a hippie already personally I'd like so I just one of my last couple days of it. So I was binge watching all kinds of crazy shit and there's a serious there's, an old BBC series called Tom Jones. That is its based on the story. It's really well done, there's some great actors, but its clearly from the nineties, its old, but that was very satisfying that then on Labour Day, tweeted
a guess where I said Labour day weekend in your fortys and then it was a gift of a guy. There was making a face, and just slowly closing adore like horrified face someone replied to that end was like. Oh, my god. I love them assets and I assumed it was the ban and I'm like we were back eyes from the misfortune, and so they look it up. It's a british series that is so fucking good and sunny, and I watched I mean there's a ton of, I think them He five season the hour. I
the first three, it was its super. It's like dirty. I kept thinking what channel with this beyond, because things Cappy unjust, normal TV in England, but they're so fucking liberal about sex. They don't give a shit and others like late night. Shit early night share yeah, but this is like young people who all got arrested for something and they have to go. Do like its basely community service, then, while they're doing community service a weird cloud passes over. Unlike this odd storm starts, and then everyone changes and suddenly people have special powers. But it's like all these, like narrow, dwell, kids that have the powers. It is so good. It is also so funny and interesting, and luckily
a bunch of murdering those new, what that give less than what the show, whether we love that you love the misfits knows that doesn't like what the fuck is going on credit for this bad asking and now you're like no, you can actually giving credit for now. I have added. I didn't deserve credit on Labour day, but I have now earned it has now I'm a key amongst man. It's really good Joe Alliance old. I mean people and in UK right now are like? Oh really, it's like you haven't. You know a tick oil to catch up. People die of AIDS Like give em a british podcast like you, ve gotta watch Dawsons Creek, some amazing, but I'm in a watch it well. I don't drink its southern either. One of my just are watching everything's gonna. Do it right? Should we have a challenge for this week this week? I cannot sure
actually did. I didn't go to a yoga class, but I rented or I bought a yoga, a condom, leaning yoga idea that I did half of its actually could we note is interesting because it's not crazy hard poses physically. It's like odd things that are duration, like you have to do with things that their arms for four minutes, the Jura like us and and breathe all crazy last, ok, but there, but its effective, like really works. If you do it's, I'm giving myself I'm like build up to it, cause it's actually hard to do and do much as you can and then just keep on doing. Ok, so that's supposed to be. They want you to do in that a forty day, yoga challenge where you do at every daddy's us. So I might try to do that just because I just one of those items, you can kick. I needed
actively. I need to practice and I need a morning routine and lumber right. Well, I'm gonna try to go one time. This week I haven't been, and I don't need the fuck. I need someone to answer to read what they are getting tweets about. People going about people being like I went to mine, so we are not giving up on their now lake. We definitely I definitely want to continue practicing going. I haven't quick shouted to the Halifax Marinos. They did. He seemed yoga class for charity days, Halifax Nova, Scotia yeah. They said howdy this Wednesday August. Twenty second are small, but mighty group of Halifax Marinas from Nova Scotia turkish suggestion. I only want to yoga. It seemed the whole damn class around it. They told me the different kinds of poses they did. Then we raised over a hundred dollars for the Christian Johnston legacy. Beer beer Surrey Kristen
but you yourself, astounded, death by her former partner and twenty sixteen. She touched many lives here, Halifax and beyond. We couldn't think of a better reason, gathers community and practice yoga than to honour Christians memory and uphold her legacy. While that's great stay, sexy do, murdering o yoga Dara pronounced like Sarah maximizing. What's I'll, do I love us I'll, send you a nervous scotia. I mean that is a tiny. Area where I'm one of my favorite giant who says, as from an a swan Giants of Nova Scotia, she was like. Eight feet tall wow. She was humongous. Her. I love you, love Jane. I really do love giants. Will you guys have been giants for listening to this episode? Crochet you Allison. The jury. Now
actually I'm sorry, I actually bitch written she's, a german fishermen, Ashley better miles and bitter Reno is like I got my else inventory. Thank my life has been hard at all fishery know so much different than bitter many fishermen like arouse really insulting. I apologise to the tools of vague Debo overview. So sorry, fake people don't have your feelings perfect, but thank you for listening and stay sex and don't get murderer. Elvis Why cookie for your birthday?
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