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148 - Live at the Community Center Theater in Sacramento

2018-11-22 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover attempted assassin Squeaky Fromme and the Lodi Haystack Murder. Plus surprise guest Paul Holes.

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This is exactly right. Hey you guys at the end of the show. We have got an exciting announcement. Tell you about so please stay tuned and listen to it. It's for you good, bye!
hello, Rewire, be Thanksgiving, happy things getting everyone gets a thanksgiving, Especial Thanksgiving episode that were posting for you to try or about to do, but another live show up. The Sacramento show with a very special thanksgiving gas, but its potholes. Everyone dies egret broke so long ago, a guy! Well, it's Paul's, but we just wanted to say IRA Quicken happy Thanksgiving to everyone on their way to hang out with their families and that I will have its Thursday there, probably their array right there. Many of you are probably trying to get away from your family in and around with your ear buds in realising you didn't bring in your prayers Annex prescription, you forgot it somehow or you fucked up the sweet potatoes eyes staring at you out of the corner there I or your Vienna and you're. Just like I don't know. How do I have to explain another year that you know I don't eat Turkey yeah, but do you eat shrimp now I need you do not know I'm different anyhow and then everyone making fun of your tour duck air. What is called the vague in Turkey auto working? Yet
indefinitely drink today, you're allowed to that somebody who can handle doing deafening eat today, yourself well, who take things lightly, don't take things personally, remember everyone's a flawed human being Missouri, especially your parents, especially members who directive family, who hurt your feelings for no reason for decades, and also please remember that if that's not actually situation around an ear with a group of people that you like to talk to get those stories fora. Yes, we want to know family secrets. We want to know murders that your mama's murderers, that your Mama's data really really want to know near misses strange happening. All your sister in law. Do you like don't have much in common with ask her if she knows any murderers, ask her what weirdest thing that ever happened! Ahern college? Why I shall be able to tell you five interesting story: they had anywhere uncles flower incarcerated. That's right! We that's! The first thing you should have on that. You haven't talked you before at your thanks to dinner, demand to know if they ve been in jail or are they know anybody and generate than just kick it off from there? You go ado that after I'd say the fifth beer. Yes, aroun gets a little Lucy Goosey, let's ride arena or just enjoy yourself in another washer we're just giving you the guidelines what're, you should do. What are you doing for Thanksgiving? I'm gonna be with my family.
We now have the best thanksgiving. That's basically like a family friends giving money, so we don't normally with my aunt Jos, but she lives like is in south sent just go so just a pain to gamble on that day, and so we ve been staying in petty woman and parting with the colossus family. So nice, it's really nice, were I don't know how I dont know what my sister was thinking, but she did this leg. It like we ve, been parent kids of divorce. Parents for our whole lives basically, and she should know that you don't. We have two things, giving that's like what you do rave somehow she was like. I don't want a fucking deal with us. You guys have to hang out together on Thanksgiving, so we're going to like adults call stake house, oh and my mom will be there and my mom's wonderful boyfriend, John and then my dad will be there to so. I'm gonna be drinking plenty. It now can Marty and JANET sit at a table together. They can be very civil they'll, be they re civil and get along. Ok, mom did say I just don't want John to become friends with your dad heartily. Guy get. I know your acts becomes friends like with your new boyfriend or whatever and suddenly start swappin stories about what a pain in the ass you are. Actually, I know she's right, she's, totally rape and far away from each other, so I'm just gonna, be I'm gonna be living through that on Thursday now are you gonna get stagger you gonna get thanks, Chuckie! Think a minute get Turkey yeah yeah. It's such a good! I think Thanksgiving might be one of my favorite holidays just because that meal is so like satisfies so good and then four days you get to eat at yeah, it's fun. Let's not went about going to eat because you don't have left overs. You should order to honour and then say I'm back and not eating disorders. Stick a home for sandwiches and of I've ever rather lie that I have right, I'm still with my eating disorders than just say. I want to take it home for later achieve sledge. My suggestion is at any time that you can tell people lies just always be throwing people off your son. They don't need to know, is keeping and keep M M while be, and then it makes what's that mining their own. But yes, but with the? U S and then keep may make yourself voicing were interesting, require that some so boring, that's right without or without what, without all my eating disorders in your secrets and your turkey secret gray, could keep some Turkey secrets holiday season for yourself you're worth it deserves much turkey as you want, and don't
get to buy yourself a little can of the crown buried. Jelly. Oh yeah not caught. Cocktail at the moment. The weird shells of grammar is no no, no delays lane or jelly, then the can that has the can rings yet. Nevertheless, you know exactly how much the slice off a hundred reserve. Now I can't wait for Thanksgiving, I'm so excited illegal. What what's begs giving today does not enjoy them, live episode, everyone and we'll be back next week with normal episodes, normal fuckin people in like that that are normal,
order to entrees to iron out her eating designer and don't tell you to order right, it's really normal, we're so normal. You guys the normal. It's ok stay sexy and don't give me that Elvis Thanksgiving little cookie merit
What's that working there loud and clear don't make the microphone do all the work. You have to really projected from your yes like that. What we see that thank you
Actually, it's just my style too, because it's just like a piece of paper and sharply and she's like this afternoon. Thank you. I love it he sat down in her chair tonight and choose like: does anybody have any on yellow pose an who has a sharp, be that's just my style? That was really a lovely welcome rare. It was very beautiful to hear you scream out loud at me, and I know that seventy percent of it is rage. I know that and I, like you, ve, fallen into my trap when I want
we'll have the people here to night our Kill Gara, that's right! That's right! Either kill Garrett's or the gene street hell cat sets. My other that's my policy that are you gay. Yet we were a gang in ninety ninety one. We were what they call a beer gang where our weapon was alcoholism against ourselves and we lost the gang more. We lost at all we're great time doing it works You guys sent us so many postcards to my appeal: Blouse Sacramento Marinos, my post, I think you are my post office guy hates my guts now. So much, though, is that he's kind of a dick, its Georgia's personal, P, O Box so she is where she's getting like you know, she'll be
oh look what I ordered from Sephora whatever, and then it's like fifty thousand postcards of get up here now budget, so that guy I mean dear and says, and we did It wasn't like that. Before about ok you have something you want to show me and I'm excited about it, Gee up my thing, I brought a picture just so people and understands because I think there's a lot people trying to suck and talk to me on Twitter about how I made to apologize. I need to do this and that no it's not happening you can fucking. You can let that dream die tonight.
My parents look at her look what this city did to her look at the pain and her eyes. Look at their head behind the blue eye minor around her eyes. Did you run out of Ireland or the civil city, and that's why you hate it? Gives you use that power? My neck is three shades darker, though my face So this is my friend one of closest friends. We went to high school together and then He said to me at the of senior year. She goes I wanna go to
text Tate. Will you just come with me and live in the dorms with me, and I was like okay, that's Patty Riley is giving up her Patty Riley. Now the problem was, I didn't, get my paperwork done in time, because back that 80s, you had the parent, yours, so they didn't have. I didn't have a couple helicopter parents being like we did your paper work for you. You can have a great time in college, literally my mother like through it all down, was like we're going on a cruise z later, so I didn't turn it in. So I had to leave. with my sister and my cousin Nancy for the first month of college or, and they they had come in. They were there, they dont to Junior college first, and then they came so they were like twenty
They were over it. They didn't give a shit, they wanted to live in an apartment, they want to be in adults and they did not want me on their cows should put their pull out couch every morning. Those like do, I have to make the couch, or can I just go to MRS, like you put to me, drink now So then we finally got into the dorms and that's my roommate Shelly Wilson, who. Who Surrey give it up. Shelly Wilson of Modesto California, she's yeah. She is Reba. Makin tyres number one fan, oh my god, I'm not fucking kidding, but if you take a look up to the left. You'll see that I was not Riva. Macintyre number one, fair!
I enjoyed echo. I enjoyed the bunny men. There has never been a morning. Abies early nineties photo ever taken. Shelley's hair is taller than all of us and she was not that taught. Her sweater is just like. What's out by Moody's. Leather like shapes shapes everywhere, it's crazy, smashing, shapeless and shape surpass boogie. It's true in fact, but then of course, gesture around out, because one side was rebuilt on one side was echoing the bogeyman. So too, bring to join those that sounded like throw cancer so kind to build a bridge between those two We just line the walls with cords light on legs out I was, I dont know I dont remember finnish another one and then spoke about clink link.
Go in the class, probably not saying that in your face. I ve never seen anger get, but it looks like my cat Mimis basis just this disc. Why would you take a photo me latest, like what are you doing finish? It. Do it and be done with it? I love it did she know what the fucking future held like selfies, everywhere. So sad right so anyway It's your fault, not my summer! You tell them about what you are. You go and wonder what you talked about: you're driving a whole raindrops. Thank you. I'm excited to be wearing a big losers, skulls on a really can't. We want a lot, not gone,
so one time a year. I get aware we're dressing for Halloween shows. Why couldn't wait for that? Haven't worn and so long I forgot it was ripped. So please ignore the wheat wins it from Oh two years in there and you got in there. I worked for one some tour, it's about it, it's a pocket. It is because you could throw change, an errand would stop that's. The new thing is just make your own pocket reviewed. Like undress keys pen, I invite cheap shit pen, random change, Let me get a limo chat, some gum. What about yours? Those are an issue. I will say you re. Oh, I know it's hard. It is hard to hear that really, luckily, with each other, Is there an overly illegally fancy?
Do you think we're? I find one pair of shoes that fit my by them in the eight hundred colors, then yeah limit to stone. These are the same as golden. Rather, the Siemens go the same way that it wasn't got married my rent and their comfortable com, we're doing as now show. No, they don't advertiser those anymore promo code murder. this is, on the other hand, pausing little pockets or wisdom, and so the reason story, but I think we both know that you're really knows it wouldn't have stories and mortgage under the tour. Last leg, you gotta start going crazy in doing drugs, so we call stories to tell about Iraq and boring. You always do isn't order food and go back to the hotel and sit in bed and eat food and watch forensic files phrase we sometimes
I could tiny bottle of vino wine from the minibar, sometimes I'll crack a pringles. Can I've never I've, never liked Pringles. Until we started touring and I was like down these little guys are everywhere. I go like little friends to welcome you to your hotel. It's me in that guy with the mustache talkin. Payments are Pringles earn those bringing the brindle guy- and I are quite close, but should we oh dear she's, a tail up up up up up up up Vince just said to US manager, Slash husband, Vince, just said to her husband, you a laugh when you see the chairs it'll be he's not wrong. This is yeah the chair
hello. This is Russia. I dont like a baby, I kind of like it. I feel like. If we got this table a little higher, these chairs little lower, scurvy room, zoo attack. This into my bones, might bear an eminent soup, degree haven't. Whoever is telling the story has to sit on the table. That's a good idea and the other person leans Wayback. Someone is good stab in the audience, I'm gonna happen. It's gonna happen, oh by the way
This is the part cast my favorite murder. This is guaranteed era. This discharge and hard start. We usually do a gag about Stephen being under the table long and by the Stephen Bit it doesnt work, you're gonna work, David he's got my house. I hope is that my house, I've got one category, I know he's definitely dead, there's no way he's not yeah I just realized, I might not have left him any keys and in your new jackhammer here's the thing. If that is what and he is failing this apartment Belgium, but he will not let those cats he won't. Let a thing happened now. In fact, he buggy brought home some. T shirts for them last weekend, like,
its internet goal, because, like I'm getting followers tonight, yeah now he's he asked lives entirely on social media. Actually, dont know. If he's real, we actually never met him in person young. He just download themselves when they take. the ground. What are you dislike paid so much money they get a seaman hologram shows only was like just come with you guys for three years now now we're getting at twenty five thousand dollar hologram. I'm sorry you're getting a paper because it costs a lot of money. Are it's just it's? What we need for the spectacle for the shell of the show what's best for the show and they bring real Elvis Stevens, simply can't get a break. Listen! We!
tiny stores or in a tiny by an amendment that would have it anyway. He's gotten real Bosnia shows De Las Vegas. It's happening up here. I love that they gave us a road. That's in kind of some nice autumnal tones gorgeous really nice Sacramento really nice is greater. This is a true crime, comedy pike ass. Yes, what that means is that program, comedy pot cast, and so oftentimes live shows people will bring other people who don't listen. and are not interested in his podcast to the podcast live show it happens a lot. Many of you are very codependent, you simply won't. You won't leave other people alone, and so you drag people we call them drag alarms are here against their will. We ever
we ve been dragged along. Did he is shit yeah tell you, make love work I've been so many rustling shows you gotta, but I dont mind cause there's good snacks, that's how it works written so many Pringles, but that is not the same or a relationship anyway. The combination sometimes of true crime and comedy is uncomfortable for people, because they might I'm not knowing us not listening up being best friends with us. The way you guys are right, you guys you guys give us the benefit of the doubt. You know us, you know our intentions. Hopefully so sometimes the combination of true crime and comedy makes people uncomfortable because they think oh no. They think it's funny that people get mad if they think it's funny that people are victimized. That's not the case.
It's a very complex combination. It's the people, it's our interests are passion, but then it's also the way we talk to each other and deal with life yeah by making fun of it. That's right life, not life. Crazy and dominance in and you have to make jokes it's important. So if you in that situation, and that makes you uncomfortable. We just the two of us just want to say, get the fuck out right now, it's important truly! Truly, doubts, You fall asleep if you're, really bored adult, like angry? Then we don't mean that we already have. the girl yelling demands and it's the first five minutes of this shit. You're not wearing a large, but you bid is pointed at it see. That's calamity its. I have us as Sub Durrell walked
like a subdued hematoma watch Bruce.
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goes. First. Today did you. It's me: ok, great, ok, tiny by this water expired and ninety. Ninety seven, but but, but so did I yeah is real irey love, it buyer all spies to night guys I'm tonight talk to you about the assassination attempt of President Gerald Ford by the cowardly net squeaky from one? As we all know, Sacramento and the greater Central Valley has some fuckin bomb out murders scratch people are competing to have it be bad? It's like it's you
culture. Intense everything involves knives where you just people knife down for a fuckin, said just control people's minds with your weird eyes. Everything's tough Seven cents. I, like a list of murders to choose from- and I was reading, announced I'd like to line thing just getting bummer and plumber. Is this like? Oh man, this. On the other hand, although it has touch of violence as we like surely I knew that it happens very differently, but I never knew the details of the story. Squeaky man, she fuckin was crazy. yes, it is, is like me, and the principles can man she devoted herself to them. She believed us going to save the work off its areas Miller, personalities. What, if
look closely tonight and the Pringles can guy, has swastika carved into I'm just saying what a man to imagine by the weird thing Most of the information I got from this was from, or from and the pictures a website called CLO Drive, which is completely dedicated to the show. Tate and the Labianca murders and there's tons of pictures, it's a really really good. Is there a website where every man or of the mansion family, has their own individual pay heed it. It's I appreciated for them doing my homework for me and, of course, gods zone. Imperia I mean how do they? How did we live before without media no idea, not Alice squeaky from was born in the sand and Santa Monica on
over twenty second nineteen. Forty eight to an aeronautical engineer of a father that era nautical engineer other yours, damn Eric nautical engineer and maker money mom. She was the oldest of three, but grow up she's board in Santa Monica, wouldn't know what to do with my thinking. Here, though, a pie stack, I'm on top of some water bottles, do that's what's for deep eye contact. Only like what, if we both got under the table, we in what we call the Stephen position: ok, now the grouping area called Westchester you're. Familiar with and how for now and then, while accounts limit, is happy healthy and AIDS, I want it. Child is very interesting when she was and she did
as for and makes it into a very exclusive during children's dance troop. The West, Chester Lariats really mad because one of the websites I found this on, they posted this picture, and I was like holy shit. We get a picture of squeaky from in the West Chester lariats, but then I realized they are just pulled. A random picture of six girls, damn thing I barely airy, go: there's some lariats, whereas, like suddenly got how it works, dancing, children, they pick their feet up and put it back down. It's called dancing tons and tons yap, but she made it and the girl Travel throughout the: U S and Europe they did. They ve been around for like ten years. They did shows the way How they did chose the Hollywood Bowl It shows parents whelk
Oh ok, like where's that tv stuff, I'm Laurens I've got you're insane on this very stay on this. Could you imagine I bet we're going to the capital shy. now you're tap shoe, we gotta go our very best for Sacramento, etc. talking Westchester In junior high she's, very popular, she has lots of friends assure including a classmate. She met in drama class. A young fill her. No, no fuck joke unless Wikipedia is lying to me, which is our word percent possible. That's a weird, but of trivia squeaky from feel, hurt and we're buddies and junior high. I want to say that sketch that s and L sketch that's what what what exactly
it's kind of like we're doing this, and I can't get up here there's. What's that, you say: ok in eighth grade That is given the yearbook, superlative personality plus. Oh my god, Letty plus drugs. Ok, so I believe Betsy there. She she's so cute norms, seeing young innocent gal. I had that hair, no joke good hair. I did that eighteen, nineteen or so ice high Bob Hard Bob oh yeah, like a little mud. Sir, did you ever just stick?
the top. You hesitate, that's what personality plus like to deal fiscal pictures. I only had personality mileage. The plus is above the places that ok, let's make this, that's, not real, I actually think some mystery about the Westchester slang. My place. Convergence like I don't want to talk about the Westchester lariats anymore. Look at four years later. That was junior. Four years later, she's in high school baloney She is totally on drugs, she's, flunking, out of every class, no personality, no plus she sat been there done that so didn't joint call there. I think you just raved raved hard, it's kind of a cult, it's a goal in itself, but you you got to be in charge.
You're in the Van women and men in the glow sit down up a group of reindeer grinding, all your teeth out our wedding, sweating sweating. Ok, I am told the story on the pot gas before, but that just reminded me my one of my oldest friends, Dave Mesmerism also here tonight. I would see the singing your face: let's see the singing in your face s o shanter mesmer. This was eighteen street, Hell cats party that we're my fate Dave, and dairy was their date. Mesmer we're shelters, we're all their deletion. My friend election results and just all around I'm just gonna name names that people every single one in that, but we're all Quite high on what we
old marijuana and somebody put on that fucking delight city and iter. now the Dave knew every single word to groups and the heart and every other song. On the album day, you and I later tonight we're gonna have a single authority, we're just gonna sing in each other's faces. Here's the thing singing in people's faces is is ok, when you're high in someone's lip sinking on your face, so I could hear his kind of like a high lips sticking together like this in the room, but I'm alpine should and I kept going. please. I was really has please state So please I'm begging you angry vase, please. TAT. my face can't get me paler. I hate this. Here's why I love him and here's. What is one of my best friends the world? He would not
you wouldn't he went. He wanted to have his own good time when there dad is a super, strict bastard, and so she, early graduates from high school and he's like you have to go to El El Camino College and she's. Like ok and then, of course, sucks it El Camino College because of you cut it in high school. there's no way. Let me tell you from first hand experience right, don't get easier heard, no desire it. I've got up and those grades when you, when you get more independence and you're around beer and drugs more you dont get better at strew high schools indicator of how you're doing that's right. That's how I didn't college terribly.
I'm afraid that that Zack state people are gonna come in fine made a dying. We like you know it. You didn't have to do much and you still didn't do it. Did you taken Epidaurus room so limits dad kicks her out of the house and she becomes homeless, so she does but depressed and last people do. She goes and hangs out of Venice Beach garbage heap truly unless you're weightlifter and then I think it's really great the fairy freeing and all your people are there or fuel for drugs. Lots of drugs- yes took great great beautiful tourists place. Yeah. That's great! So in Venice speech. She meets a charismatic young rambler by the name of shore. Marie Manson. He had just gotten
of the federal penitentiary, Charles Maria made that I made in my fuckin show? How did you do that? Some in Sacramento, that's a low load share to pick up doesn't really look. It's not kick it. gets married ass. It so its Charles Marie Consent, HU as Wikipedia Pass. Please change is minimal. In summary and lets us start that rumour, how do you know about that? Comes back it'll, be that thing of, like you know, John wanes. Real name was Priscilla like back in the day they were like some names. You're, like is not a girl named now. I'm worried about masculinity God forbid, when women or men and manner That's not my America out. Ok,.
Charlie's, just gotten out of the pen, any ideas, I want to share with anyone who listen and, of course, the net right there, wide eyed and probably on acid. So all sounded fucking to her she's like say it again, Charlie the part about who held race. Wars will end the world and we should all be in a cave, and then play asylum, the guitar and awful at all, but so he Javert away at her. They become fast friends the whole time, she's staring at him going personality planets, but blesses the book insane look in his eyes. That's the plus, the plus, a malignant narcissist class. Ok she's, a devoted kind of like right off the bat in nineteen sixty seven. She settles in with him and the rest of the maps and family. At the respond This is like a weird picture. You know, there's lots
spawn ranch pictures that you see where there are like crouched in a cave like just blazing on LSD or whatever, but I like a baby out of them. Yeltsin, family plainly has a say: had a couple: Manson Baby Visa, the other. She is right there. That's her over here! Look at her and looking at her back Forget it! Tell me what she's wearing shoes acuity, I don't know, there's like a belt or other head or something or wait a second. This is when she was in the pirates of pens shit, what they look like you're having a great time we're going to church. has borders, but so that's her loving life and the man in family the sight of it dont want you to know about that, kind of first sometimes arise. We laughed
She gets a nickname squeaky because the grandson of the ranch owner, who was also amounts and family member, says that that's the sound she would make every time he touched her. Did you know about that and apology man? That's me me yeah. How does not work or she's. Like I'm, not squeaking. It's only one should starting to come down off their Leslie and room where she isn't she starts. I was greatly I just wanna go back to Junior Sab, the azure So, as we all know, in October of nineteen, sixty nine Charles Manson got four of his followers. To There are two knights of multiple martyrs horrifying martyrs. The first night was at Charenton CLO Drive home and this
Can I was at the helm of Leland Rosemary Labianca and they were all arrested in October, Sorry October, one of ninety six and when they were arrested and then them remaining Manson family members, they camp outside of the jail where the Manson families being held so here's some of the Manson Ladys. They were there to talk about how Charlie's innocent they were trick. Trying to say like he was innocent. This wasn't his thing because he was actually at the murders as we know, but they are all there. to talk about how awesome Charley was then Ladys go home. Didn't it didn't work so then Ran around your name no wait? There's gum down there whatever. So then they They decided shake their heads that what back in a just like pick out the man they
TAT, the man when Ladys become men, men become all eighty little breaks loose, make sure you ok, make sure you didn't again demands you so listen this kind of love about Lynette spooky from she didn't shaver head she's like I have a really good harrier. That's the place is the red hair. Yes, I honestly think she was one of those kind of people who is like you know what we should do. Oh yeah shave our heads and then everyone else has just like go sit on the sidewalk. This is perfect hernia, while she's like I'm, I'm not gonna, do it, but it there's a reason. I have to watch you guys because the man's coming again but I'll be but I'll, be you guys. Look great they have had that either. When it looks amazing, people are losing, thereby even
while the loving support Charles Manson and the for the family. Members were found guilty of murder and given the death penalty, which is eventually community life in prison. As we know, we know this is the baseline crime. It's the reason. We know who lived net squeaky from right. That's how we she came into the world in a very disturbing way. If you a fan of the Westchester lariats. This is the way that I now hear from the Westchester Lerret right, kiss you you're so cowgirl, just like her, You as great as the danced with her heart and soul, I have to say I did pull about four different pictures of Lawrence. Whelk To give an example, there wasn't a picture of her on it.
It was just like. I love Lawrence. Well, so I just started pulling pictures of like two ladys singers dress like at astronauts. Genius see where you were with the Pringles is where you just look through. The slide. Show me in the guy look at this, this hilarious for Ngos, Guy Stevens. Like sorry. Where do I put this? It's like it's a picture of a guy. Paying the clarinet. Unless you can take it out, forget it so Lynette, Squeaky Fromme promise never charged for any of those crimes, but in April of nineteen seventy one she serve ninety days in jail for attempting to feed a hamburger laced with LSD to Barbara Hoyt, who was a wit best murder leave. How do you think only by its of that barber take zero revenue by issues like sorry, crazy, like an each of fuckin charm world, weird Berger. There's some she's like I met the pet
store. I feel like a hamburger wimpy. Thank you re, not my thing. So they and up because of that she's ninety ninety days days in jail, and she also refuse to testify against or say anything and also the cops about the man and murder. So they basically chapter four in jail for ninety days. Then, when Charles Manson is moved, wholesome state prison squeaking right, one of the great one of the great jails escapees squeaky and another Manson. You're saying good. Would you go GAO? Congo, a Manson Gal,
they moved to a shitty apartment at seventeen, twenty five peace Street in downtown Sacramento. Do you guys, like everybody knows that peace streets like some serious shit move to Sacramento to be closer Charles Manson in at fulsome prison. It's not a good plan, yeah! No, no but she doesn't say there for long, because nineteen, seventy two squeaky moves to Stockton Ray tissues like Sacramento, it's too cold It's two or I can't do it anymore. I can't it's like being in Fuckin, Paris, France. I can't it any more, but the fashion in the demands sure have to go to Stockton and just just take
in that water that gorgeous water. Sorry, I'm visiting into on. I just remembered this is one of my whore base whore. Like why I have so many shame issues. Oh oh we're gonna work it out guys. We were speech meat in Stockton. One time it was like the all state speech made or whatever the laureates the speech law. Yes right, we all have different for speed now and we were staying at this hotel and stopped and it was really knew was humongous. It's where everybody that was in the speech. Meat was staying. All these small over every Bolivar, Northern California my friend holly we're leaving its that day we're leaving so all of these high school kids. Competed in the speech made, are all filling up this entire huge hotel is like a Sheraton's airs and in this,
enter of the lobby are like two flights of stairs like like a weird ten, cocoanut cream, pies from says mystery thing where it was like. It was easily fifty stairs going down to the lobby here so worth it of these stairs, my friend Holly hands me super. bizarre and lame Samsonite Lake and luggage. The sixties. She goes. Can you take it? done for me. I have to go get something like ok, and I have my bag and her bag, and I start walking down the stairs like the queen, Spain, like hey everybody, Smee from humorous interpretation,
and half way down her stupid suitcase less. So in I'm not kidding they re hundred tampon rolled out, I'm not getting. It was as it was like. She took a small tampon suitcase to this speech with her, but no one knew was her superior. Like my fuckin suitcase, oh, I want to urge it to all of them. It was like this, but- like a pair of empty. Do you know how hard it is to pick up the tab pulls up stairs. I wouldn't like bets wanting in like manner you need help with who also it's it's high school. Not one person came to hope. No one. There are just like you use tampons. Why do you use all those you use all over those? It was.
I hated her so Maria Fucker. In that moment I was like this. Is this bring her out only get out here and everyone? If you go and here's tampon we're gonna be about her the count of three? So she knows what that's so like. That makes me sad. Ughi, sorry, it's why I am aware that I am sorry because, whenever I ask you gave a tampon, you scream Brian and run away and of ours will neglect she do that its own beer. I'm sorry, please don't take that personal data which those me no, it's Stockton, sparking Stockton. I've had my heart broken all over this goddamn floodplain. Ok, let's fuckin get into this shit. Ok, squeeze
Stockton she moves in with some Manson members, and she also there's a couple area and brotherhood members on their two core, Struthers assholes and broken rate makes men so September of nineteen, seventy two they all meet up with a couple named Lauren James, will it in a cabin and Grenville which is actually closer to where I grew up right by those we get some river people here to night good night. So when the names James. You know what I did. I fucking took out the area brotherhood names like fuck them, I'm not naming there than what, but then I started the next sentence with the guys first name, Sir James. That was shot and killed. Made him dick his own grave and then the second guy like seriously. Yes in. There is a gap so,
so here's the reason I tell you all this horrible shit is so these two areas, brotherhood, guys working to snatch on the Manson people about robberies that they have been doing so they are. Found out took him up to Granville Boom boom. So the cops tract all down to this house. They live in and Stockton and the birth they bustin. They arrest everybody, but squeaky. Isn't there of course, because she'd never gets caught for anything. She was basically Charlie, put her in charge of keeping all the Manson family in touch with each while they were all in jail, so she would go round and just visit all them. The numbers in jail time. What was going on in the house? Mother further dancing family ass. She was like a human phone tree, so she was visit. Manson member named William go sure who was in? the robbery and so
When she's gets out of the jail from visiting him, she was a pay phone calls. The Stockton House cops answer who have just raided the house and she's like hey. Can I get a red I'm at the prison? There, like yep, will be right there with many collective go pick her take utilization of color. They arrest her with the others, but then she says no. I was, I was not in Grenville. I was travelling all around California, bringing the man since together beautiful they holder for two and a half months, but they have not. They have no evidence, they can't charger. So the other for people from the start in the house are convicted of those murders, squeaky walks, She's, a golden girl, so she is like that's enough Stockton for me. I gotta go back to fucking piece treat or whatever the hell does, and she moves back in and and she and what's your name, the her who was also meant Manson person. They start wearing
above all the time super chill really. This is going to be next or this is what we were, and we just pointed everything this would what's this over here murder, That would work for me so well I love it. I can't see the shoes, I was looking at that in its like a robe. If, if the, if that ended at the knee, it would look like red writing her to be so cute, but it goes all the way to the ground and that Satan, that's Satan's, work That's it seems robe. Ok, they did either to change their names to the nicknames Manson used to call them so squeaky changes her nickname from her horrible nickname to read because
clever, ants, Andrea rate. He called a red because her hair in her love of the redwoods heaviest and no no Sarah, he called blue because of her eyes and the ocean he's not clever, I mean You want about Charles Marie Manson, but has not occur This is like a little, not so poet and now just moving on some fun, that's her robe and color see how, from like, show There's up it's like that's gonna Q. Is she now is sexy. Fairytale girl now know. She's crazy ensues here, ok two nights, seventy five squeaky read from reaches out to
Jimmy Pages, the VP of record label and says I have foreseen something over Jimmy Page and I must speak with him, but we're right is the seventies. When you just call record labels and just like I need to speak to Jimmy Page, please never let the vice president labels a guy named Danny Goldberg and he was like no she went there, I can't figure out out, but basically he said she said that she had foreseen a vision where bad energy is going to get Jimmy page, and so she needed to talk to him and so Danny Goldberg from the record labels, like maybe talk till to Morrow, but you should probably leave and then she was like tomorrow, it'll be too late, and so he said, why leaving no thanks so much for I think by and then
TAT. Can she leaves he burned the no that's her eyes. She was yes call, that's just a little. I would just give me a little color about the kind of crazy shit squeaky was up do so now. we get to the task at hand when she's twenty six years old, she learned that President Gerald Ford he's just asked Congress member him. He know have you I remember in likes second grade: they made write letters to him and I didn't know what to say so. I said I wish you were my uncle. is my uncle face. He's he's very. Take a quarter out of your ear easing of its you're. The man is a killer avuncular uncle. Killer! Ungodly! Yes of one! Are we didn't more chopping it
recent Ford decided in nineteen sir around this seventy three, seventy four seventy five, but here wants to start relaxing some of the provisions on that old. Others. Some nineteen sixty three Clean AIR Act, so you might remember that squeaky loves the redwood and nature in general and she's, livid and she's very concerned about the environment. So she's watching the news in her Peace Street apartment, and she sees that the president's going to be in Sacramento to speak at the Sacramento Convention Centre for a bunch of healthy California, business leaders, its yes, what a great place all the good stuff happens: higher walls and the door in kind of rounded the tongue total gas,
So he's staying at the Senator Hotel on ELM Street and it's like a fifteen minute- walk from squeaky pastry department, perfect so she decides she's going to bring attention to the trees. This is what she later said by putting fear into the government by killing it symbol. Gerald Ford Jesus, what a fucking It's not a good plan, It's straight up. Cranes, crazed also trees are great. Yes, for sure absolutely people good to ya. That you anything if trees could talk. They would be like we're not down with killing people, I think they were. I don't you. Yes, I think they're like old hippies totally and there like pay me absolutely correct the set up. Ok, so ok, On the morning of September, fifth squeaky draws on her right.
Old, red robe, and she grabbed a forty five caliber cold m one thousand nine hundred and eleven or one thousand nine hundred and eleven? I don't know semi automatic revolver. She straps that motherfucker to her left leg, underneath the red like a site. Other little red riding hood and she got ads on down to the capital? I am sure the F security people are like that, Why I'm just keep your eye on her. We don't know she could have muffins leader. She could be a musical so we're playing over the music circus. We don't know that's right, insider info. Ok, now it does
super insane, but actually she wasn't. The only person who thought of this a month prior and ex cop named Thomas Elbert, was arrested for calling the secret service and threatening to kill Gerald Ford when he visited criminal, He called the secret service directly yeah, hey I'm going to kill this. It just drive yourself down to jail and say it as you're walking into a cell. I was mad about stuff, over here is this one good, ok, that's, ten, o two m and its eighty four degree guys. temp down in September. can kind of sacramental bullshit I'm talking about. They know you may know. Thank you so present for walking from his hotel through Capital Park to the entrance of the capital building to meet with then and now Governor Jerry Brand
Yeah. Jerry Brown is absolutely a high lender He shall never die. ok, so as the president passes through the park. He stops them. Shaking hands with random, MR walking up being like because the seventies people, like I don't know what you're doing and he's like great in the air lot of that galloping, like oh, my God, Chevy Chace, so finance are alive as straight to me, it's funny when you fall down and actually later President Ford said he saw squeaky from step out into the pathways Zulu like a hundred and fifty feet up the pathway in capital park, and he sees a woman. No remedy can robe cape step into the pathway and figures she's just there to say hi like everybody else. She why So, in her weird eyes, wide shut, robe and
she's like second round so there's like were first row of people shaking hands with them and she's in the next room, and she pulls out reach is down to her leg, holster and pulls out her call. Forty five will call it nineteen eleven and actually the presence. He remembers seeing a hand come through the people in the first row, end quote and that's the first act. gesture I saw, but in the end and there was a garden. and there was a gun. That's why? No one likes you as the president. You rule Mcdonald's. Okay, so squeaky, doesn't know, because you know that much about guns- and neither do I ve known, prevent pretend like I do, isn't the ammunition in the coal. Forty five is stored in a detachable magazine. The pistols grip
didn't seem believable at all, but squeaky gun. There was no and in the chamber knows you have to put it in manually. Like a teacher, I guess I got the idea, or maybe who knows gun stuff. So above, the people in the front row that are like gets deposited like Gravano, and then they hear the click of a fucking gun, not go off right by them and because there's press all around cause. It's the president of the United States. She turned to a camera and goes it didn't go off and they also taking her picture. Oh my god away,
when they re arrested. Are there it looks like a lunatic smurf, a hunch. I didn't realize that the robes were sleeve for summer, I mean truly. For September summer, she looks like pop a spur cat oh god, Did it go she weight till the all the cameras got really close. Should I kill him now how to try to kill him now wow news, because they are to get the story? Okay, so of course everybody there was what's happening: secret service agent, Larry View endorse the gun forces that overhand brings or to the ground Once there down there. She says it didn't go up,
can you believe it would affect and go back. That's mechanics, the red one ought really to see this because this is them arresting heard her there. She looked so this to say now that I think about it. This, not a good plan. But I mean there's just their secret Serbia everywhere, there's cops everywhere, so oh yeah, that's when they made Take a robot jail, so This kind of the best thing when this happens, of course, the secret service doing the job that they have to do. Grab President for and start pulling him away in the other direction from our and trying to pull him into the capital. Building to Like take cover and he's Turks yelling angrily in pro Tested them put me down, put me there and then
walks by himself like a big boy into the state house and ten six, a m. He kicks off his meeting with Governor Jerry Brown, whore minutes or minutes went by. That entire things they have great moving on he's like yet can't can't do it how he talked to ground for half an hour and then when they were done with business, he goes as someone just try to assassinate me. After all of it, yes- and he realized he later till the press, he was not scared and he said quote: I thought I'd better get
but my days schedule wow. I would even like oh grave. I gotta have a free day. I like, oh, I guess I can't do anything today. Guess it straight back to the hotel and right into the scottish right. Let's do it. They got massages in the seventies, great I'll. Take what sender up that's right! So, three days before the trial begins Present Ford actually testifies on videotape from the White House. It's the first time you as president. I guess they didn't say sitting. I wanted to say sitting that could be incorrect, but it's a some of you, as president, testifies at a criminal trial, while of course our girl refuses to cooperate with her own thence to see us girl in her own dependency, she's kind certainly fighting the man, no matter who that person so she's, of course, convicted.
Attempting to assassinate the president and she gets a life sentence. The prosecuting attorney, Dwayne Keys, recommends severe punishment because she was quote full of in violence, and so she does what any of us would do in that situation. She throws an apple at his head, Knox's glasses. You are not doing yourself any favours old red. We give wronged and give up girls got aim low, but I wrote this down member the old trick. That's now you have now. You know the correct way to pronounce the famous mountain chain if you're a prosecutor attorney squeaky Fromme will throw and Appalache that's an appalache I didn't know that Great I've already forgot it. It'll come up again
ass. She was handcuffed and taken from the court room. She says to the press. I came to get life, not just my life but clean air, healthy water and respect for creatures and creates except humans, except for a bunch of people came before, Also we don't need a quote from you squeeze. in eighteen, seventy nine she's transfer it out of a federal correctional facility in Dublin. California, for attacking a fellow inmate with the claw end of a hammer, did she get that, let's not pass out errors and they had been here they tried at one year and we're gonna. Do what working you guys, but this really is getting Can we trust, is a transistor Lynette put it down when at social its transfer to fret federal prison camp Camp Alderson in West Virginia home of
Mountain range Appalache, ass right, George, I put ire, five years later, nineteen eighty squeaky from TAT Sacramento be that she purposely ejected the top round. From her pistols magazine onto the floor of her kitty. Pastry department, I think I see Quote- was not determined kill a guy right. It turns out the please actually did, a round of ammo on her bathroom floor. So in December of nineteen eighty seven squeaky from escapes from Camp Alderson because she hears that Charlie Manson has testicular cancer and she's like I must go to him What was the plan there? She, in jail and he's in fucking, do yeah she's going to escape one jail. Breakin do another one swim out to San Quentin. What are you doing
she's got two days later, and then she sent to federal medical center in Fort worth taxes and the robe sisters, Lynette and the other, who is I've, set a different name every time you talked about her remain, and I apologise they are the only two Manson family members who end up remaining devoted to Charles Manson. Always everybody else renounced him and actually squeaky from corresponded with him from jail to jail, while all the whole time yeah. I guess that's what you do in jail. She told it and Associated Press reporter the curtains going to come down on all of us and if we don't turn everything over to Charlie, immediately it'll be too late. It's already too late money, yet I just want to know what you mean. I want to know if she knows what she means or
there's just so much acid and her says oh shelter, he's got more heart and spirit than anyone. I've ever met- and I put my gum in this It has everything he wants coming for me because he gave me everything and then she called him a once in a lifetime soul. Thank you, only more those fuckin broken smell it So much acid in her says, oh Shell, so said, he's got more heart and, you farm was released on parole and August fourteen two thousand nine at the age of sixty and she moved to marshy New York where, according to Rater online, she shake. She's shocking up with a felon. I found this article on rate our online, I'm like you're fucking gossiping about this sixteen year old. you have to live with somebody
get all the hot murder hippy gas right here at rater online. Waiting squeaky farm was. CBS, publish photos, squeaky from shopping in Walmart in that town, and she had her long gray, hair tied in a braid and the pictures actually of her king the camera. Now how rock forever- and that is the same story of one- that squeaky from assassinating job. What is my new headshot picture so by degraded? I love is mine, said she's crazy. She wasn't doing on purpose, but it's the coolest. Oh, my god, I'm getting so many calls you guys. I don't even know it's do. Ok Let's do this everyone I doing
the load I haystack murderer, who are all you load? I heads out there. are you crazy, Lodi, kids. And you're crazy? Here we go good job of things on the night of September, twelfth nineteen, twenty three shots were yeah old tie me all the way. a few miles outside of Lodi. Sixteen ok notices us a haystack on fire on farm like a stack of hay I stuck his. I guess you know he. In some other witnesses, gather round and realize it's not just a haystack, that's umpire! It's a car that been pushed into the haystack, then got caught on fire and that that that then they realise that there is. the car is on fire and there's a person in the funding are and they did
It looked like they were like bound and propped up, and they couldn't get close enough to the car that fucking their horror. They watches the car burns so that at that, so witnesses. Also the car driving away rapidly from the scene in the direction of Sacramento after the fires out, they find letters and ship around and then there's these keys in those guys pocket and they are identified. The man as Alexander Kells he's a forty two year old, local, sure and cattlemen and one of the towns leading citizens like all shit. What's goin on, He was the only Kells was the owner of the Pacific meat market and the Tokay meat market. He was from the scene in the direction of sacramentos after the fires out, they find like letters and should round and then there's these keys in those guys Till out I at some point. Doesn't matter classic american storm who he eventually
Fishes grammar school Ngos were right into the trade of being a butcher immediately, but you must start training when he was a financially he gets a job if it doesnt matter his approach. But this time don't even like footwear is passion he's in loads. Which everyone knows him, they love em pillar. The community he's seen as an eight he's. A husband and father is like this ideal. Husband and father he's at all that me: yeah yeah visas, family adventurer, rs iron. the one thing they don't tell you about being a butcher's.
A family- and I know this because my grandfather was a which are so. My mom would say that we got all the weird fuckin cuts in meat that no one wanted to know so that, through those like you're, even fuckin that Turkey Ex days no link who wants roasted ear. So when I was a kid I ate tongue, sandwiches and I the heart, liver and should like we just you- get a taste, also do people, we love that weird Chet acrimony, Jews, Sacramento do yes now you're assume a Europe aching. There's not that many! You can accuse people being take due note of this political Dwight met silly, he be hee, hee, His family organ me that everyone's happy, however,
so that everyone is devastated. The whole town is like bark and when he has, he dies in this horrible way and the like, we need to find a killer. This is insane over. Three thousand townspeople were at his funeral yeah. I'm sure they have a lovely spot, Oh the sausages, the largest funeral, the the don't you ever seen an early, everyone was grieving and sympathetic with his family was like a town martyr with. There were like so angry that this had happened to him and it was believed that he had been by robbers, because he was known to carry large amounts of money on the days he go like collectors money, I don't know What are they call it? You owe me there's a new army, this money collecting. Thank you can I just say my early theory. Yes, a bunch of the cow got together more than he had you not doing this anymore. Sorry, sorry, sorry. How did you know? Sorry, sorry, sorry surgery
in the meantime thou, so that the police are like we're. Gonna get this guy. Who did it and in the meantime, though, the his life insurance he's in four. Eighty thousand dollars in today, is money. Six billion now one point: one million miller L, a mill, ok,. So his wife's, the beneficiary in the insurance companies, like that's a lot of money, we're gonna do around investigation as well, especially since he had a clause in this policy that increase the amount to a hundred thousand, which is almost one point? Five million today if he died violently, which, unlike- you bet on it. I wouldn't not a good glad. I feel like they probably took out since then. Re yea way hopes and it's like it's like a really bad, like card game. you win if it's like everything's awful, so
at the autopsy one of the ways that they were like we can do something fishy here, literally, is because they knew for a fact that Alexander Kells had eaten sardines, for lunch grows and there is no sardines and the guy in the stomach of the bridge. Worked. So they're like this is weird, but I don't know that's, it seems fishy I didn't mean to do. She loves it. She loves upon it. Works also we discover that the dental work of this guy doesn't match up with the charred remain. that we're in the car and they like, submit right here, So soon this the sheriff from Stockton? police as a description of the butcher and a couple weeks after his suppose. It in Reno some did like We now know some guy for load. I
recognizes his long time friend, Alexander Cow in Reno and I'm sure Alexander. Like that's not me tonight, I've known you, since you were six, no, no, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! So that they are not to move his mouth glory I like. Oh shit, this defect is death. Obviously, whatever second police arrested a guy matching the description of him in Eureka. And base its it's his thirty ninth birthday. Today they arrest him and lay they find him in a box car the railroad yards with a rifle in his mouth, trying to pull the trigger with his toes and jams, and they stop ham and their legs You aren't he's like I heard amnesia like now, and you like, I will someone made me, do it like now and he is like. Ok, just don't tell my wife, but I faked my under because I was in a lot of debt and I wanted her to get the money back. You're, really shouldn't even know about it.
Basically, I had heard completely pen for this murder. Her, yeah. I want to go down for it. I wanted her to experience a violent death. He figured she would get over the shock of his faked Anthony and move on comfortably. With this huge insurance pay out, he was gonna go to MAX. Afterwards, the many kill design was a fucking. Complete string, sure to him, he hired him from an employment agency and load. I, under the pretence of fixing a broken windmill, windmill yeah and when he got air out of the car Fuckin Kells, just straight up shoots him in the back with a thirty two revolver. No, How else can fix? One knows kills the one fucking guy in West Coast,
So the man doesn't fuckin even fall down when you get shot, so he get so. Cows grabs a heavy iron bar and hit some over the head a couple times and I'm sorry he gets Shaw and then just stands there. He grows a little but doesn't fall down. Looking up all I now this poor dude, it's like he's acting original Craigslist killer, but rain, and when he did at first the trail and without Craigslist. So try that you know five of its than in the car, but a blanket over him drive around for several hours eventually by some gasoline goes to the hayfield, didn't lights, everything on fire and puts his keys and shut in his pocket like makes his death. but he maintained that he'd never ever tried to get it. Wasn't gonna get the insurance money from south you want. It is wise to get it. It was for her, which is like ok, don't kill. People did and so everyone gets
can pay when they hear about the fact that he did tests, they he's a cold blooded killer that guy they were like morning, and three thousand people were like at his funeral eating called cuts crying and now they're like this. so delicious. Here I am again thought hundred people went vegetarian that I loaded. Is the origination of all being it s. Train you wouldn't Spectre, but it's true fun fact: ok, so fuck and meanwhile Missus cows, whose name I couldn't find this poor fuckin woman is about to give birth to a baby, finds out
her husband isn't dad he's a murderer. This chick loses her shit in no way only nineteen twenty is women can sure there was a lot of fainting carrying on this. You just like stagger in the streets, the weird eyeliner just like losing our ship saying my baby, my baby, even though the baby's right in front of a razor so she gives birth she's in so much grief that her eight year old daughter is sobbing at her bedside being like mommy. I need you and she's like I can't she like straight can't, this perfect woman, so she, fell thousand conscious all the time. Other shit truly just around the house and then so two days after the rest, using data by a grand jury. He the man who murdered wasn't immediately identified, there's no records that, at the time of course, and MIKE Migratory workers passed through
they all the time, so eventually they discovered his name was Ed and Nazareth Bay, Mr Kallas, MRS Kells, survives the birth of a child and that that that chick its through its trial to save his life, but he gets sent to die eventually by hanging. The day before his hanging, his wife's spends an hour and a half in hysteric conversation with him weeping and begging her husband not to leave her he's like, my choice seeking and see what you think of me. I should go back and not killed. That dude would be great. And he tries to leave a couple times and I'm sorry he's like at the outset you're hurting her it's hard enough, so screams. Wench has to be carried out at the second Folsom prison, and She is.
address rest at home and nurse tensed her at all times, since her screams disturbed the entire neighbourhood own. Although I like the idea of dead rest and a nurse, all the time just not the constant scrabbling scream. I wouldn't need discreet her children placed in the care of friends. Could she can't stop screaming? I know it's real sat. So the guy who were watching over Kells before he was hanged, said that he was unemotional. He cigarette ass soon ass, his wife left and picked up his Bible than Towards told the guards I'm ready. He like wouldn't need is last meal is just like. Let's get this over with jeez, I know well he's a butcher is here now he knows how it goes. That's him! Oh, then, that's what's up looks like Deniro. Does now that's his wife, oh
That is the screamer that babies like you, should hear scream it's the same, I'm so tired, I'm exhausted! I can't put her down. Try to give one got all she won't take a passive fire, like, I said remain gathered to watch him. Hang he's. But everyone as they threw the noose around his neck Annex in sixteen m on January, twenty fourth nook January, fourth, nineteen, twenty four Alexander was hang and died, and is the load. I haystack murder, Woe y know it. The twists and turns like turns so he here he's just trying to get out of debt or get his wife at his debts.
He killed some stranger deck. Maybe she was she found like his check book and then she stopped. Screaming, then like I have to end this somehow Oh yeah call them. male guy Fergus already. Clean before that, hey We were just stay here. I told you're going to do your doubts so hey. sky. So guys you know I do I do. Wanna tell you Sacramento. Thank you very labour law, everybody labour. All your manager has been ok.
I thought you were screaming because I can think of what to say. You know, I've talked very openly and honestly about my real feelings too. You upset you at times, yeah. There's there are seventy lots of people dont like an unhappy about it. because of that, we thought We would bring you a little surprise. It's our way of saying thank you for that. You know letting us, however, fun at your expense. Thank you for your postcard writing campaign. Thank you for being on the local news. Thank you for driving in from Reno from Fuckin, ter, lock and wherever else, every other city that we named tonight. Thank you for being supportive. We love you too and cures We proving it.
Ladies and gentlemen, we want with the women we hide him all day and must have big mustache scared. You get recognized at the airport,
I'm nervous, I know, he's really nerve racking, so yeah Welcome much now you're, thereby now you know you're too rockstar GM is people who loves you, prime, so much by right. Why are you looking back about? Never before? Has anyone shared her back to that now we thought it would be
fun if we, if we asked you what your home town, so what got me involved into a groan Yeah we just what we just want to hear you talk about. Is that whatever you feel like talking about or whatever so I'm probably going to date myself a little bit, but what actually got me involved in true crime is an old tv show called Quincy they also. I grew up and I went to college thinking. I was going to become a forensic pathology, so I thought I was going to go to med school and you medicine and science to solve crimes.
my harassment, don't objectify him. We like your mind how we, like your mind, you my grades in college weren't very good, now and then eventually United graduated at least, and I found out I found out about this. This field called criminal logistics, which back and nineteen ninety was a brand new field, and I thought that sounds cool because I could do crimes investigation. I could do the scientific work
try to solve crimes. That way you don't have to be in, like Morgan Day is no. You know in and thank God and NGO that direct, because I've been in the more a lot and that is not very far not housing, the more every single it's now is right. Smells yes do you remember First, crime seem to you remember your her, you know, I do remember. My first crime, scene and and sort of the back story is when I first started. I was a drug analysed and we were getting what we call bunk dope. fake dope that people were selling on the streets to make money, and this is how you get yourself killed and What I was seeing is was this combination of this wax with a detergent. Was a detergent caused a fall presumptive test for co,
So when somebody on the street was testing it saying, oh, it looks good and then they, pay money and then and walk away with staked out well, then I go out I first homicide seen in its in this very its unincorporated area. In contrast, county called North Richmond, really drug dealers at an and in the mid nineties. This is an extraordinarily violent region, in contrast to county, and I'm going out to this homicide seen and the the dumb had been transported so here, his body was gone but where he had been, Build was right outside this mobile home in the back yard. In in North Richmond. and half its brain is actually laying on that
but then I went inside the mobile home in upon the stove top was a pot full of wax and turgid. He was the one that was kicking, that was cooking. The bank dough street has a way to set self straight and they went and they killed him shit. And so the next day I was at the morgue, and I'm looking at the guy that I had seen you know through product with the ball bunk dope and there he is lying on the girl the day, is stop doing dope. I swore off your finely right why I feel like we really want to talk about
the golden state killer quite a bit, but I know that you've talked about it a lot, so we don't want to like do all the usual like do you have a do. You have a specific like memory or you ve a story. Maybe you have unable to tell on any of these channels that you won't have any will not burns down cameras down secret or just something like just a weird interesting? Do you think about like you? Do that still hit you that. You caught on a link and hollow China phone tree, and I, like you guys this banana. I did you know that there is still that aspect going on words like we finally Ok, it's ban. It was so I spent twenty for you
where's on that case, and then the that either the team. You know we had a taskforce, and these are great investigators across a state, and then we had it's a team that help with the genealogy aspect and go into that you know. Will we had optimism, but we had no idea. You know that it was actually going to work and it really as an until I got that initial form call. Where was I boy you tell Anybody about? You know that that the dna was was matching that it was like you know. After twenty four years it was a huge, oh, my god,
yeah now finally figuring out that we got to that point. You know in terms of the untold stories of the golden Stay killer there. There are so many each of US investigators have invested so much time of our lives in that case that that we all have different stories. I know for me it if it was just the frustration of constantly finding somebody that I thought was the guy and and and in some instances I would spend like the first guy that was like this is the guy I spent two years trying to find him two years of my life going, I've gotta only tat finally find him, and then he eight m. What dna and it's like- I just wasted two years of my life and then I get onto a next guy and I spent a year investigating this guy trying to get his dna and then he's not the guy.
Did you ever like give up for a little while, or you know it's one of those things you you get to where? Oh, my god I just spent all this time is not the guy What the hell do. You know any of you push away, that's that's! Where you on court a bottle of wine. and I would just round myself in my sorrow thinking, you know- I'm just I don't know what I'm doing on this. Fooling myself, you know, I need just move onto other cases, that I've got don't talk about Paul holes as twenty four years- come on. I think a good question is whose
play you in the movie, you you know, since it has just been a crazy experience here, just that the timing a retired texts. They are retired at the end of march, but because being on this, this Megan care. They show, on the golden sake, or would Jane Carson and Debbie Domingo Jack, we're not talking about her tonight. It doesnt. Let's just pretend it's a different shape. I know it's kind of a topic. Neither have ass dead I'll say it was Oprah. Let's say was out. There is our pressure about older. I write your but also I end up taking some occasion, so I could get out to New York. So I could support the two victims in the golden state killer case, but I had been at this disguise house this job,
the Angels House, the day before so now, I'm me on tv on nation wide audience. You know talking about this unsolved case going Oh, I know who this guy is so by, but since that time you with the three weeks after retirement and then we ultimately prove that he was a golden stay killer. With DNA direct DNA samples, our collected from him, it has been a surreal various and my wife has been just like this just created the radiant. There is a very strong. Do you have anything they hear you want to plug or things that are coming up. The you want to tell these guys. First, were you know I I I
I told you I'm just to retire count, but but I do have some things that are our common up. You know I I I signed a contract with oxygen. I guess projects going on rocks and we get fifteen percent about a week. We can talk about, looks like vices as well as audible, has decided to do a pod cast. Which is going to primarily focus on sort of my story that has never been told. You know sort of my my prostration, so my adventure I was trying to do to move through this case.
and so that is going to come out November. Fifteen may suggest Paul Mahdi plays you just putting it out. There he can do it I'll, testify there and then just like. What's it like? What kind of bans do you, like your favorite sandwich, tell them about you as a person. so music that I listened to my what you're like you're, trying to pump to solve a really old crime or go jogging. I would ever what's that they put on my soul,
If I'm workin out, if I'm running a fine, it's gotta be the hard rock any and all its real. Today, you know it's it's disturbed, it's God smack again. Do you like Slipknot? You know no awry. However, I listen to this Corey Taylor who, who actually has an amazing talent and for me, music has to be melodic, I'm not into that bump. Up up up. It's got to be a lot, but what about masks, Maybe they have great masts year, but I have a concern about people who hide behind you, goodbye things
Now I know I know horrors review and we were like. Can you help us make Sacramento like we were even now, but also you know, you're talking about like your life changing so much like when we started this partners like gold, secular, was the first one of the first stories we covered. It's been in our minds, obviously in your guys mines being from up here for so long. It's like this crazy in this kind of like creepy thing that just been hiding in the background. So it's the idea that that not only that it got solves, but then
The person that sold it we get to lie to any email. It is so awesome, it's just so cool it really. As you know, I think it's cool, because you know during the the last year the case was getting a lot of media attention and maybe the the shows was aired that I was on and the producer of that so called me saying: hey, there's this podcast,
It's all my people, murders and they're. Talking about you, my one and was no don't do that young man, but but what are these? Do amazing, woman right everybody, her name, any dialogue where no good,
holy shit. Sacrament it has been so are to keep that as they arise, but thank you for giving us the benefit of the doubt that you didn't even have a present for you and you don't hear us. So thank you for supporting, like supporting the shit out of a guess, yeah. We we're thrilled that you guys demanded that we come in spite of everything and we are thrilled to be here with you and we are so grateful this situation, that, basically, you guys have put us and we are having truly I am of our life doing this where we get to talk about this thing, where we ve all been fascinated by four years in secret thinking that nobody else will understand and nobody else will like us. If we talk about it and now, suddenly
we all get to fucking liar flag as much as we want to, and it's the best and it's a great feeling to see you guys all find each other and become friends and start these meet up some like we, it's just its
fuckin create you really crazy that we get out because the people who do this kind of thing like talk to us instead of going you guys, are weird. It's like amazing, we're so lucky we. I can't believe this is our life, yes, so of Asia. Thank you for giving that's a us were genuinely so grateful to our best, not to embarrass you, I'm just glad it got so much better. Since I moved out of sacrament. Thank you Sacramento. We love. You dearly honestly stay sexy and high hello, its Georgia inherent, and we are excited to tell you that we are launching or new park ass network exactly right. Yes, we're very excited to tell you guys about it. We ve chosen a bunch of shows with specifically with murdering, knows in mind, and we can't wait for you guys to hear them. There's gonna be more true crime, there's gonna be Carmody, there's going to be cat stuff in more and a lot of very, very special host, very special hosts ends, and then, at the end of this month we are going to announce the details of these the first slate of shows for exactly right to stay tuned. For that and in the meantime, you can start violently exactly right on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and please sign up poor the newsletter at exactly right, media dot. You guys were becoming Parkinson moguls, join our exciting where's ignited back the young inventor back. Might
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