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The ladies discuss their new crime show obsession, The Family, along with the murder of Chandra Levy and the sad story of Sylvia Likens. Plus a hometown murder from comedian Kara Klenk.

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this is exactly right karen yes georgia rhythm section is a female led female made action thriller starring blake lively and a fearless role as stephanie patrick an ordinary woman who must navigated dangerous new world when she assumed the identity of spies film is a greedy and suspense full story of female empowerment as stephanie survival hinges on her intense determination and ability to fight through her weakness lou directed by red murano and also starring dude law and sterling k brown the rhythm section isn't theorist january thirty first goodbye
regarding cheese hey how you i georgia hurry you don't worry about it least german is my favorite murder kaliko gareth i'm georgia hard stark we're here to talk to you about murdering icily took about words were murdered urgently luella tuna lahti likes like about murder turns out it's not that rare or weird no i think it's that other people don't live in big cities where everyone talks in others more people but you ve talked about murder with i think a lot of you boy like the only person they know that likes murder you can't go to your mom what this shit
going to shake her finger at you no matter what your husband's gonna get scared of you he's gonna be like holy shit i'm married tat your coworkers ordinary like something wrong with her she's gonna kill me after the leg why are you that into a co workers are always that girl of africa you take my yogurt maria link well murdering and interesting brothers that's rang got murder when he was it i think that actually really mean to like death yeah ok well that's perfect then that means i never have to talk to you that's all i've negotiated mylife personally i tested out scaring away guys go wide oh then i've now weeded out the weak the guy do you feel oh your brow or jump down and clap and say a murderer that's all you pick your team totally and utterly founded
other unit did you already know that care clank loves murder think she told me recently she loves it too that a letter she text simeon was like i have a murder stir i wanna tell i have heard you in its way do not there's like i've had to disburse the best compliment is when someone you no kind of from like your world rights units like i love you i cast you like i don't know you listen to a yes i have a few friends who are like acquaintances have done that and there like i have a story i won't tell you like i will should be on the past yes i love it it's yeah because there's a the i've had the same experience and i kind of wanna go like it's so nice that you would even though can i see somebody talk about their podcast i'm like turn army rain like i never pits meanwhile the gold have to re look at us i mean we're just a real outcome
what moves so many other things i i'm interested in can we let's do one more together about something totally different i guess would it have the same passion no like what do we have another thing in common now that's all having myself out you know what it is we could talk about vintage clause do you like that it's gone two months we can talk about it allows anyone want to hear about fucking kidnapping and claws know there's a really good news describing a handbag example i kind of look like that when seen from greece where they were at their their answer this is why there's only so many vintage clause but there's just an infinite amount of murders yeah because everyone's murdering god guys we just did the cracked
calm compounds which was so awesome so much when one has come out he told me and i don't remember jack would you remember jackson nope god where the warriors so today such a little bit of a lazy wednesday yeah when i last night and went to a drag show oh my god jackie be that was a great it was so hilarious and we told your friends about why did we start telling them that we had a murder podcast who or two friends are sitting next to us i don't know because some people like what are you up to like area i dont know what to say yes because everything sounds like bragging what am i up to i don't know like this thing that's not that great sounds great yeah so i just want to answer that question yes and you have a punk s is good because definitely does not sound like a bright something like outing yourself as a fuckin self indulgent we're down saw yeah
i thought so nice way to test the waters like for you interested in this are now yeah and i think everyone is well because that's the what we were talking about is everywhere watches twenty twenty in forty eight hours like that's the reason they are popular shows and even people who don't like vince debt put it on but when its arm he's like dial then yeah cause it's good some good young storytelling is so this was rum we had some talk on the twitter feed which made me really happy and of course made me laugh is again anytime people are sweet tweet you can use a in anyone who says that we can't remember one word while we're talking we love it we love that it we would draw you crazy with not die it's just too we are but it was i can't famous will be the worse sorry now i'm gonna be doing reading too
where it sounds like i'm not paying attention so how talk over you gotta my fave murder on twitter that's our twitter account follow us their course i already know about the facebook page we have almost five thousand people in that weaken page and it's like when i can't sleep at night just scroll through it and read all the articles or people are putting up goes i do the exact same thing and pretty soon we're gonna have to short second the next week you gonna be able to pre order your shirt soda and which is so exciting find it yet no no i didn't that its i know i'm close because i remember these it was just a woman who said that she had to look up when i was talking about the o suppress of persons we are that we could not think of that phrase we are talking about but lots of people could think and told us which we love that there is a woman who looked up the thing that i called like ground hypnosis i greatly made up the time avoided great it's for when people wouldn't pilots
sky they can't look at the ground privileges instinct surely it just drive the plan into the ground yet then she said it's called yeah i can't find it you had the eminent edit this part out can we really sorry if you want unless you can find it this is my challenge to find it in five second i did do or three i mean it's like i just retweeted it i thought maybe maybe even secretly going in and deleting tweets at you here's that uses a quote from us i loving people quadrants themselves at its powerful feeling here think i know about scape orders their massively show they don't word or family said karen love someone said quote
worst case scenario he eats the baby oh that was you it was me that was you that you ever let albert fish babysit you're kidding right by the time your old you're either completely evil or an american hero o norway's expressive persons someone that you said you're in a cult call your dad that's what i was just letting scientologist know how it is my gadgets it i can't i can't find the summit was an amazing another quote about shelly miscarriages missing as far missing as far girl really great that is a good one eleven i talk like that my mom and hate it
oh my god my father the amount of f and s has that i say on this podcast my father if he live it do you want to talk about our new favorite show sure the affair no you mean the family that's what i mean the affair the bearers poor right it's a trash heap it's i'm in a boar it's like it makes angry help just vapid and stooped every single person is on it and i don't care about you guys and i can do each other you have to go on i think it there from a while back with john levin seen on twitter was doing like basically live tweeting the affair and it was literally like what he finished his book we just don't now like he was pretending that this right hotlines were exciting and it was really wholly i just want to kick them on average
yeah i didn't i didn't want to cause i don't care what will have affairs or not i feel it son of my business but yes the family oh my gosh someone on the facebook group was like in a comment was like has anyone watch the family and i need a new bench watch us like i'll check this out joan alan yeah the guy from finite lights that super q yeah an eye sorenson who's the queue of that's all that's what he's from the big brother it's from private lapses wonder i couldn't place and crashes q he's a super cool guy that date the coach his daughter ass any like ran away and see us he is very is beautiful he so weirdly beautiful he's like plain and beautiful at the same time he's got that like skater like bad boy lack ham yeah how'd want to fix him yes this but that's how good of inaccuracies because in friday night lights he was like the little
abandoned boy that was being raised by his grandma and trying to be a good football player which was like heartbreak wanna take care of this fuck yeah cause he's got the guy got so here's the plot which is like my dream plata anything ever is a kid goes missing at a fuckin i loved nothing's ten years later comes home so even steiner whose betsy from soon saint the real life thing that that happen ray i am pause these are my fears i'll just shut up what i think they're basing it on ok that cause there's a lot of like true delay shit yeah the kid comes back is it really the killer is it not the kid whereas he been that's the documentary the impostor there yes exactly does someone know something to someone not know something there is like suspicions as the park has to someone else and picking up the the thought that is the cap fucking their dab yes that's honest boiler like sheep and then on immediately made it so great and what i love about it is that the big
his bombshell in the show doesn't happen and help you episodes in her sister oh my god nor lisa heat they just keep i think they did a great above leg understood these days people need more than just one storyline like the array and folding and things that are fascinating and possibilities like the they basically made it the most dramatic possible shouting is then you want to go back and be like i watched it from an angle of thinking this was happening and and the whole i didn't know this other thing was happening so i want to go back you'll you'll understand when you want i want to go back and see everyone's reaction now that i know they know it's going and that the flashbacks are great there amid all these like present day ten years ago and who got kidnapped oh my god andrew mccarthy alike he plays like the town rapist creep who gets exonerated when the kid comes home because he got tried and convicted for the murder of this kid
i am he is then wintery shy went to jail as a child molesters murderer hitler in bad news that it isn't a kids yeah he's got some here he is such a crew he really safeguarding cookie i am happy to see him back where he directed in episode yeah flashbacks are incredible and there's nothing i love more than a secret ballot it room in the words out how what would you do in their how'd you get out yet how crazy would you go in terrible the uk has no problem with it the police sir doesn't know how to police they never lady yeah she is the worst she should have been immediately fired after he gets exonerated a yes
everyone would have been buckling the dad immediately taken off the case here and you're still advocate but just how much of the cop shit is such bullshit she likes shoot someone who's unarmed she happen i but address played daughter maitland in border empire and she was so incredible a year killed like i'm always that face from somebody had at last year i had to go out because i was like i know that isn't it she she had credit with me i didn't know why and then i look and i was like it's fucking daughter i was like this must be our royal i've never seen you shit i just hate its i love all its great but i have the same problem with this that i did with the killing i don't give a fuck if people are running for office i don't want to know about their stresses the most boring thing possible its it make
me crazy so it's like leave got the big speech there's nothing more boring then running for often my thing is to like you guys are wealthy just stay home and she like my life don't power through it by continuing to run for like state since they hope with you like if i were them if i were the moment my kid came home ten years later a mythical we are fuckin staying home together for at least a we at least a week and bonding also were already rich who wants to be fuckin mayor i mean really i don't you know about like the king and hanging out at home and like being good parents like or that if you go through a major life trauma you are allowed to stop doing the thing that you're doing for an indeterminate amount of time you don't have a nervous breakdown yeah yeah yeah yeah i gave ample there's a couple flaws overall it's very entertaining the cop part is so huge for meat i almost cat animals can't but this
just play by allison hill who is one of the greatest act what does she from she yet well scott pilgrim she was the the who was the drama and scott pollyanna is you excited but she was on an episode will set in pay in in treatment i never got past the first episode i know it was must be great lou gabriel burn her episode of it is so good that i was like among others actresses so good and then i just start started seeing her in a bunch of stuff i need to go back and watch it and the little girl who plays her in the flashbacks two of them i mean you know when you see flashbacks mike on or other you're like a higher because she looks like herbert the terrible act or a right like one of the two girls great please let us like her well and also i feel it because joan alan plays the mother and i feel like joan alan is probably in a position where she got the call at least a couple the shots in the situation of how the show was set up you get science and you get alison pill you get that bridge
actor whose in everything in england and is now on this show which was it he was on which one is he in the shadow of a doubt i knew he had an accent yet that was bothering me because it was coming on a little bit and her unlike what fine he cannot he can be from england when he was a kid but for some reason it bothers me will you know they always give british actors credit is there so much better than american actors on the whole but often tie it you have to have a good ear to be able to do a convincing american accent and we i think most people are like of course you can do it and then they're just like all everyone's while thou drop and are do a weird thing likely and then you get pulled out of it i do but then i'm like but he can have been from germany or from fuck in england or from like australia and it does like i i know i mean i just get out of my head but it does did you out of it i just love that guy because he has been working consistently for easily third year season everyone says but also for all my bbc obsessive television watching he's just like all he's in
the other thing go to hulu you can binge watch the first like eleven episodes also there was a really twenty twenty i just recorded that's about david miss cabbages father and that book that wrote about him and how that guy himself is crooked and its i started watching us i dont know how but i fell asleep in them up but twenty twenty but it was and david miscarriage when you see him talk he is so good damn crazy oh my god it makes so much sense he's the head of a colleague scientology is he just looks like a goddamn lunatic a lunatic narcissist fuckin ito he looks like one of those like the kidding class it was such a little shit teachers are loved him and he worked second best's yeah overtime he let he's the kind of person smiles without including his eyes so it's a lotta tv but then the eyes are like look like they earn you speaking of murder speaking have we what's your favorite this week is it me first i think so what
in this way can we the theme is let's not do themes anymore has they pan us into a corner and and make us do it all wrong i think when we don't have an idea wanna do like let's for the next couple ones not to a theme fast and less and then like if bit but i have one that i want to talk about you don't have one i can really ok well here's the thing that work with this but we so go into a realm at some point where we assign each other i love like an assignment i which goes consumer food sheer genuinely liked about idea liver those that you already have very big eyes and they just want like three times bigger bulgaria where was learned it right here is that you have a husband werewolf martyrs no mine is ended interestingly enough happened happening it's you might and every murder from on free it is going to have happened in the area
men didn't really didn't really sir the purpose it was posted so now it's all gonna be make up work that's actually how my whole life is i fucked up something constantly making up for long past time when anyone interested putting more putting more effort into it then you would have had to if you had just on it the first correctly got our time i gather always guys high this my favorite murder is the murder of a young woman named chandra levy upon why this was crazy i also amp turns crazy and this is a i find it is a fascinating hundred just talk total shit about no one cares about when you're running for all of us and this is all about like politics tat notably but it's the part that i actually believe i want you can cut straight to if you think
congressmen has murdered somebody has all believe you always yeah so onawandah now i think everyone well yeah right because talk about power hungry sociopath well that's the thing is it that's the thing of they want it to be some one crazy and huge they don't want it to be some fuckin dipshit yet doesn't whose life isn't worth half of this girl's life right don't want it to be some powerful maybe there's like good government behind dark write something dark she found out a government secret and they had to kit yeah it could just go super crazy and i remembered because i had a lot you know a lot of bees ideas and judgments and what i actually thought and even in remembering it before i did the looked anything up was like ok i think he really did it may just couldn't pin it on him and then i remembered there's a movie called the absolute power its clint eastwood movie from ninety ninety seven with gene hackman remember this for he is a cat burglar he's a jewelry thief and
he goes to rob apartment any get he finds a safe room and has like a one way mirror and he's in stealing diamond and then the people come accidents to shut the door and hide any witnesses the president murdering his mistress fiscal then he then he while he is trying to figure out a way to expose it the the the president's whole team including judy davis and and the guy that that always plays the play the prison on twenty four dennis numbers government i weren't you so basically they they go about covering it all up and its it makes it so believable when they they start pulling people that could be accused of it you know the way that they will do it to clean up a massive thing like that sell my problem with that
if you have a safe firm in your house you probably all i have an alarm system yes set out you can get in the first place there's a scene where he's like undoing the us out ok do people whoop minutes clint eastwood whisper to himself and travelling tiptoeing so that's what was in my mind and that was this that was three years before this even happened to her so in october two thousand shoulder who is originally from modesto california went to san francisco state she was a barrier girl she led means you're gonna get fucking murmur that's right that's how we do it she had a degree in journalism from scientists can state and she do you see you get her masters and public administration so she is so in october two thousand she went to dc to become a paid in turn for the federal bureau of power
thence a thing i didn't know existed until just today i immediately send it was the fbi and kept moving until later on they brett brought up again and i was like oh shit that that changes it lenny bureau of presence how much money do you people make so her internship was abruptly terminated in april two thousand one because her academic edge eligibility was expired in december two thousand so since she'd already completed her masters degree requirements so she was planning on going back to california in made thousand one for her graduation at usc so one may sixth of two thousand one hundred his parents call the dc police and say we can't get ahold of our daughter she hasn't hold us and we can't tat her for five days and that's completely like not normal and we need your help oh they flew
today see here and you know they talking to the police an inner in views with the police her father tells them that he's been having an affair with congressmen does he know i guess she told her parents so which i think is kind of good it made me happy that the about our life at least she told her best friend and the best friend was leg when she was missing yeah maybe said this is what i think you got no never keep secrets cause then they can't find out who murdered yeah yeah that's right but but then again don't keep a diary there's a lot of conflicting messages on this park you have to stay with us keep awards the treaty will be revealed it with a job like eventually we got you know we have a plan yeah there's a long term five year plan for this morning so so surely these mother i mean father tells the cops you need to look at
congress gary conduct because they ve been having an affair so may tenth the police warrant to search her apartment and they find her purse with her idea credit cards are good stuff to suit case that i have some cases that are half pact her answer she's full there were two messages from carried gary conduct on the answering machine and when a police sergeant tried to examine her laptop he inadvertently corrupted the internet search data as he was not a trained technics you fucking idiot i bet he got in trouble like she should have on the family that i hope you get in trouble because it took them a month to fix it is the year two thousand oh they finally are able to access what her left searches were on the computer and it was on on may first and it was for amtrak south airlines baskin robins gary conduct a weather report
and then the very last one was at twelve twenty four for the pierce klingle mansion which is the park office building for rock creek park so and basically another month those by so this is two and a half months now from when she's for missing they finally search this park wow and it's so that by her house ii i think of us they said within four miles thirty cops search the park and then anything and then they search it again like a couple weeks later and they don't find anything again they go to toxic gary content he denies any knowledge of knowing what happened to her end leaving family is now talking to the press themselves this is out always go remember when this ship broke and it was like fuckin heavy
it was crazy and the lady family tells the press they think that gary conduct has something to do with her disappearance so now it's on like donkey com because here we ve got a congo a seed congressmen will you say there seated like an in place morgan congressmen whose having an affair he's married this girl is in her early twenties and then unpaid in turn are of no paid in turn sorry appeared in turn that he's having an affair with not the only woman he's having an affair with why as as is later revealed however hungry men so this the kind of story that at the time this was pre nine eleven i say this is pre twenty four hour new cycle so this back when you know cnn was its own cable channel but they would be like course rescued out of the ravine you know
plane crash only to pay it was a biplane only to be it was like that kind of and then one big stuff like this hit it would go all day and i am so it was front than it is now the people are used to be like dogs harry are the arthur all the alarm bells ringing so the dizzy police chief announced on may twenty second too i listened to this is a sorry i was just going to say in july two thousand one fox news opinion poll of nine hundred people forty four percent said they believed that gary conduct had something to do a chandelier is disappearing they son no evidence based on nothing and fifty one percent p of people said that they thought he acted guilty and i think this also has something to do with the fact that you know this free broke probably at the end of may beginning of june this is a whole month and nothing
so scenario just letting people stew and simmer and speculate and watch the same fucking news over and over and over the same coverage the same these beautiful as of her hand this you know this fucked up senator yeah unlike will end as the people want answers they want something so on may twenty second two thousand to the please chief announces that skeletal remains matching levies dental records have been discovered by a man walking his dog and looking for turtles turtle in rock creek park two years later yes two years later to the month i want to see a picture of the man i was looking for turtle immediately guilty is he's guilty or is he a big man child that had his whole life ruined because he stumbled upon the dead body great question and
was down a hill down a hillside in like a ravine so detective found bones and personal items scattered but not buried forested area along a steep incline including sports bra sweatshirt leggings tentatives man that was gone for not bitch he's going for a jog in the afternoon daylight yeah so on on june sixth after the police pleaded their search private investigators hired by the levies found her chin bone with some twisted wire about twenty five yards from the other remains so there's a fucking major evidence that is right near by that these cops do not find wow and after two sweeps of the park yes i what i want to see the spot like off of the trail where she was found uniting me like yeah is that a busy trail as at nine a m mean and then logic of when
we'll get rid of body is as they throw them downhill they're not gonna carry them uphill right so you need to look down every hill yes well there's an all kind i mean and also nowadays they do it you see it all the time we're if there is a body they have then like taped off you know five hundred yards around the outside you don't you your twenty five yards away and that's just like oh i the person isn't the eunuch someone who is expiring and stand in finding human remains would now that animals would have scattered the bounds yes you look after their two year an though those those bones do matter it's not like it's like wild fish bone doesn't matter because it had wire around it and find out where the wire came from owing to total eternally matter because the police chief was quoted his its unacceptable that these items were not located lao which is like well that's all well and good but now
after the fact where those p eyes weren't hired which is another it points to that thing like you gotta be rich to get justice in this country because if there weren't hired private investigators that would have never been found yeah so the deep dc police claimed that they would have discovered levies body earlier if not from his community regarding the scope of the search commanders had ordered the search within a hundred yards of each road and trail but searcher search were focused within a hundred yards of roads only result embody remaining undiscovered for a long period of time makes no fucking son you're searching a park you clearly check trails that's what people walk on in parks it still doesn't even make sense and also the fact i mean this clearly is totally mishandled because at this point like your youth you let somebody touch a computer that clearly
i have vital information on it that puts you behind a month and you do a search where you basically kicks and leaves around the park and go home and you like varying and in real time the stewards entire career is over and like ruined did he soon ok tell me one well the other thing to is that there is there is that the body goddamned after the police searched so does you jane not have then there are the first time around but it seems that of doubtful they didn't even search offer hails right it didn't seem thorough or like the even kind of knew what to do anyway so the autopsy the coroner found damage to her highly bone which is the eu shape bone in the back your neck that support your tongue i never even heard that before which just strangulation al qaeda and others that little bone yeah if that's damaged it's like you re squeezed
but there is no conclusive evidence because the body was outside for two years so of course then in september two thousand one discipline federal prosecutors contacted by the lawyer of an informant in jail saying that now who levies killer is and he says a man named a twenty year old illegal immigrants from el salvador named ingmar gwan deak i'll just say that cyprus is last name who he is sure to sell a cell with told him conduct paid him twenty five thousand dollars to kill levy so the investigators rule this story out because gone dick was in jail because he did the two assaulting to women in rock creek park aha so wings they rolled him out ok they know they remained out gary conduct
i'm paying this guy ok because they had already had gone in jail because he'd artie act to women with knives and raped them in that part that sounds like a pattern it seems patterns to me of who so it turn the guardia had showed had failed to show for work on the day of levies disappearance former landlady recalled his face appeared scratched and bruce i'm so the act cornick took a polygraph fail but he didn't speak english and the polygraph it mr person administrating administering the polygraph didn't speak spanish so yeah question mark and this was the only story in the news and then nine eleven happen and gary conduct was like thank you jesus things going my wave my lad output but wouldn't em in greatest they had i mean it a nine eleven had happened yet you know what now they bring
it would have been greatly but then also very common had a chance for the big story to be that he didn't do it he would be a fucking while he would still have in fucking twenty year old girls true but you know you don't go to jail for that but you're still asleep bar i mean he's of hunger bullet is a mere so basically this that it can it became a cold case for years of very kind at last his re election and laughed left office at the end of his term on january thirty thus three so into that five hour buddy investigative journalist dominic done was on larry king and in he said he believed gary conduct new more information about the case then he'd been disclosing thunder and then on the dominant than simple i love it so good it failed to lawsuits against something done dominic done for amendment is in undisclosed financial settlement for one another
other one which is a slander case was eventually dismissed because quote the context in which done statements were made demonstrates that they were part of discussion about speculation in the media and inaccurate media coverage so they are actually talking about the case itself you know how that happen like how things become which on some actions the media were criticised for their rushed to judgment in on this case and sometimes blatantly suggesting that conduct was guilty of murder there were reporters that were camped out in front of his washington parliament who were quotas that they would stay there until he resigned so that it was a legit with witch hunt against him that politicians that like the fact that people i hope for both of us never in our lives do we have the experience of having reporters camped outside our house negative or positive or not because they can just
any little seed of anything or one person walking by ongoing oh i knew her again i mean anything could spin in any directive should go through your trash and fine like a thing that points to this thing as evidence sure yeah it's great their end there was in the summer two thousand the washington post ran a thirteen part series i didn't read it loads of two it's an unlucky him on a which was quote a tale of tabloid and mainstream press pact journalism that helped d elvis investigation so is basically all about that how it just was a totally tried in the media and meanwhile the key some kind of like didn't know necessary what to do or what was going on and didn't have a lot to go on they polly followed align the media as well and so it it misled them for sure they swayed jake magazine stated that the media may have become more sceptical of
heard mentality and open to alternative suspects after leaving case happen there secondly that change the way people reported and reacted like the dirt some reacted to the cases and a great and positive where i think in a positive way of just being aware that that's what they would do that for the store your affecting the actual out common the us canada did they based grew like oh they were having an affair and in implying that he killed right so anyway it was a cold case until two thousand six and then there is a new dc police chief a woman named cathy laney arm assume is pronounce it and she replaced lead detective on the case with three veteran investigators who had homicide experience yeah so who did you assign who did that original guy assign the first but why are you doing out
what made me reading that made me go did jerry content have some kind of power over that first group of guys to be like how bout you don't how about you're not very accurate near investigation of this i mean it's just a possibility well this is who i want a hero who you think did it because that if he didn't that's then why would he do current theory i'm down here i'll try to plaza this nyjord so in two thousand seven the editors the washington post assigned a new team of reporters to re examine the case and as there is a series of articles put pup published in the summer of two thousand and eight that focus on the failure of the police fully investigate while niecks inaction to the attacks in rock creek park so they basically just seen at that i done that is one that when it without the doc i story was this guy did it and gary canapes him to do it and that turned out to be lie there were like
i guess we have no one year instead of o the guidance attacking them and raping women in rock creek park they don't look at sunset so into the incident did you thousand eight which of this cause the investigators it's like so journalists are the one pushing this for their fucking up there also making good at the same time to different people investigators searched gardenings federal prison cell in california and they found a photo of shoulder levy that he had saved from a magazine so they finally resident in march of two nine and indicted by grand jury for kidnapping first degree murder committed during a kidnapping attempted grocery sexual abuse first degree murder committed during sexual offence attempted robbery first room her committed during a robbery and he pledged not guilty to everything in the trial
surely these father testified that he intentionally pointed the investigators to gary conduct he said that he told us parties during the early years of the investigation is daughter would have been too cautious too in the woods alone but he said that now that he a longer believe that to be true so the father likes sick em he like fuckin did the finger and kind of by zone admission but see here's the thing soap it's his own admission that he kind of saying he misled the cops but at this so here's the whole paragraph on it he said he also set told police that his daughter and conduct had a five year plan between them to get married in retrospect rob leave admitted i just said whatever came to mind just a point to him as the villain levy added that he had been convinced the conduct guilty until we learned about this character here you are referring to make economic sense because like if here
like if you know that you're best friends boyfriend was a fuckin abusive whatever and she now turns up dead you can say something like the ones she told me she was afraid that he was gonna get that he was gonna kill her right you slip that little thing in there and makes the case for him yet but this that wasn't true yet that wasn't a k is right but it wasn't him but what you don't do that obviously i mean yeah but it but it makes sense why you what to do so conduct when he testified in this trial would not answer the question are you having an affair with shoulder leaving wooden answer the question said it would it would dumb it would violate sh those privacy and his privacy will then the defence of course comes back with a pair of underwear with gary cooper
sudan on it and they get those pretty much have proved cause they collected from our apartment house in its evidence and basically say yeah you did so when you don't have to say it as our relations with iran fuck and honest he absolutely shed but he's vienna i don't i think he's or whatever so then the prosecution calls the two women widening raped while they were jogging rock creek park in one testified that grab your from behind dragged down a ravine held the knife surveys and raped her which is our shoulders for me profound energy orderly so anyway this guy's gets found guilty and this we think of you because they said that god meek said to me family during the sentencing i'm sorry for what happened to your daughter but insisted he was innocent and susan levy the mother said to him do did you we take her life look me in my eyes and tell me which is your thing of
just a minute he is found guilty sentence to sixty years in prison and so at that point conduits lawyer bert fields remarked it's a complete vindication but that comes a little late who gives him his career back and content hired from politics moved with his wife too next the wife's stayed with him until you're a fucking wife of a senator you gotta be a little bit me no your head in oh yeah you got a dear you're playing the big yeah i just run at the earth dead paid in turn that comes in exotic is bigger picture stuff so moved a phoenix this is the most depressing a paragraph of ever read on wikipedia go they moved to phoenix too a real estate and open to bask in robins franchises which have since closed agreement then remember that scan robins was one of the things that she searched on ah
ah well guess what now they ve asked for a retrial for this guy because they you're saying everything all the evidence against this guy it does not match up to her murder i know i normally it i'm sure this is just me being tabulating myself but he was attacking people and robbing them and one woman he raped but he and yet a murderer so it's not like she was the sixth body that they found in oh yeah but you know one person fights a little harder you get your already was he already caught for the two rapes when he attacked her yeah like adjusted standard escalation so yeah so don't the way to not get tried fur ray when someone can ideal is two murders are harder than well on june thirteenth twenty fifteen advance said he knew
witness a neighbor called nine one one at four thirty seven i am on the last day levy was reported be alive to report that she has a blood curdling scream possibly from levies apartment and i didn't fact comment the fuckin play right because that's it's a normal one call you can just go look at yeah but they never cut the cops didn't find that person they didn't look that hard oh or the person reported at an got blown off so they were like must not they must have more information than me yeah the thing is that kind of maybe leads to the direction of that she wasn't attacked while she was jogging and murdered in that ravine she was murdered in her apartment and her body was dumped in the ravine after the cops look sure which would kind of make a little bit more sense i mean it as you know it is it is another case of the most obvious answer is usually the correct answer well
purpose in that power yes its most likely him but they are the defence to journeys have requested gary conduits telephone and credit card records as well as any records from mr conduits jim from iran the time of the disappearance and they are looking for him i don't know but they must know something specific which is why was like her so they're basically going way harder into searching conduct as its aspect which would i bet they didn't do they were they were trying to write re as being good dc cops they're just like it's the actual congo then it is a are senator congressmen did i say senator throughout this did i knows i'm accuracy or not known red
looking for turtles ladies and gentlemen so anyway this guy's to get a new trial in on in october of this year that poor family yet agrees pretty terrible oh and also there they have their asking for notes from line or enforcement interviews from former congressman richard are if taxes and john dolittle of california because they our individuals conduct said he was meeting with on one of the other certain days in question so their basely going back over and picking his shit apart to make sure i think lawyer you know are the best fuckin wit who the best witnesses are our back an ex girlfriends that
oh he's probably got a few of those oh there was deaf there was one in that article that was like a basically ed air hostess stewardess or whatever that he told not to talk to the cops gal i mean yes you do that i had a lot of stuff to be exposed i think but that's a good one that's a cold case i would really really like to know that the real story that's a deeper one then it'll seems at first kisser putting it back up like something actually may come of it that's crazy that their opening a backup eileen that makes me sad because what if it really was him and he gets up he gets off yeah and then convent doesn't get tried because it i have enough evidence and so nobody so the skies spent you know six years in prison yeah that's it i know it's crazy i know
so it's that thing alike there are there this is also one of the ways affairs can end its not just like you could blow of your life you can also get laid shawshank redemption style railroaded into going to jail because i remember saunter libya's just any time she would come on the news i just be like oh there it's that like the dirty girl in the end the case of the affair who like you don't think about oh she's a victim or whatever it's just i mean take away that one little peace that but she's boning did his married and its justice really tragic i mean she's this some ambitious intelligent woman his starting to make a call air for herself she makes a bad vision by sleeping with this married man ass people can do and easy it seems like nature skills for a job before she goes home to graduate and his murder and yet as simple as that of bummer did or is it
or it or what she there when some weird she heard then she was ass busy here because he is a congressmen wasn't there why are there are like she might have been pragmatic he killed her because she was pregnant but i don't think she and law maybe they couldn't tell she's pregnant but that didn't come here but there is a very there's a very similar story and i cant remember the woman's name but it was like a super it was on frantic files and like a couple of those other ones and it was basically the same story but the girl was i think she was irish catholic do remember that one and heard i and she got ready they found her body wrapped up in a rug and then a turn to be her boyfriend who was this really power for business man in a camera was dc or boston or something that they do a dna tests on the feed us and marched him i think so that sounds i mean that's correct
doing right now know it just like any murder at any emmy murder i've ever seen we are getting d never that girl that are truly here anyway that's my that's a good one job thank you but i was thus there was a wild ride my favorite murder yes seamless favorite murder sylvia marie lichens this one i haven't heard about internal we started the podcast and an fuckin went on a rabbit hall of click click click bait on facebook group nice and it's fucking tragic ready exits depressing ok i'm so silly sylvia marie lichens was born january third nineteen forty nine vintage murders on them she and she's from indianapolis
and essentially she was tortured to death by gertrude banished whose even venice thou ski than his ascii benazir ski an her children and other people from this landmark horrible so this is this took place she got the girl sylvia died in october twenty six nineteen sixty five since she was sixteen years old i'm so lichens family moved frequently because her parents were carnival workers parents have financial difficulties so nineteen sixty no teeth probably so nineteen sixty five the father lester lichens arranged for his daughters is two daughters to bore with two bored with gertrude to live with her gertrude the thirty seven and she was a mother of than a new friend of the two girls impala who is seventeen and she moved in with with gertrude and paula and polish six siblings
pastor said he didn't pry quote dont want to pry into the conditions the house he report not good wait well done lustre i want to pry carnies are they're not gonna put similar knows near business you're sending your kids and he encouraged gertrude to quote straighten out his daughters great for all accounts they seem like nice girls even if they were and they were paying gertrude twenty hours a week to care for her which i think the equivalent of one fifty now i see no so gertrude described gertrude was described as quote haggard underweight asthmatic suffering from depression and the stress of several failed marriages you gotta see this woman this photo of her man she is a second salty bed leg there a shake in her purse kind of a person and she's a single lady single at this point with like i think there was sick sixers having
seven kids while aging from likes nineteen down to like eighteen months jesus yeah so she can still get seven children ok i mean thirty seven that's two years older than i am an issue as a second salty old woman and like the photos nannies eyebrows or sun mouse pre waxing day just shea she showed him off and remind all those are the scary one yeah this chick is i would not want to meet herman anywhere even a light alley so oh there's a vast she began so when they moved in gertrude or to taking her anger out which apparently there was a lot of it on the lichens girls and they soon focused exclusive the on sylvia so accusing her petty crimes the dog paula who was pregnant at the time kicked lichens the generals and accused her being pregnant and a slight
what she was and while this summer that's a fuckin where everyone that some of this i'm not gonna say all of it that this torture is like intense an awful and theirs this girl and she just looks sweet and normal and it's awful so oh lichens was accused by the family that she was spreading rumours about paula and so this provoked stephanie boyfriend coy hubbard which like man of that sort of second the thieves name i don't know what is to physically attacked by can so this girl is getting tortured by the mother her daughter all the kids the local teens like my friends and it's a hobby for them at this point incur the gertrude encourage the kids and the neighbourhood kids to talk lichens some of stuff i don't wanna talk about which the said that by the time of her death
over a hundred cigarettes happens i'm her body it's really fucking brutal and hence in creepy sexual stuff saying i mean it's fuckin sailors have sexual stuff humiliation not for legitimate sexual reasons ran out to break this poor girl spirit and just because they can right leg just basically there a little fucked up and clearly now and it escalates and its becomes delicate comes fun for them it's not like stanford prison experiment you weren't you have one person that you're prisoner and suddenly it brings out all the leg you dont ceasing as a human anymore more bills like kid paula once hit her so hard in the face she broke her own rest fuck this is like
it breaks my heart and it makes me want to become a foster parents so much more because man these some of these some people's fucking living situations are just in in doing so the sister of sister attempted to contact the family in the sister who elder sister anne she visited a home and learnt of the abuse but learn of the abuse but did not call the police or remove her sister from them there's a couple people who were alike yeah i saw some weird shit but i never called you know i never call the cops called anyway and i didn't want to pry also that was back when you could leg open hand slap other people's kid re like it wasn't that big of a deal together hunched if you were being back and if an adult said a kid was bad that was the end of the story of the torture so the parents sidney didn't interfere let's issue the girl so she stopped going to school i'm sure locked in the cellar traffic so
oh shortly before her death this is so shortly before her death gertrude carved the word i am prostitute and proud of it on lichens abdomen with a heated neil woe and a couple of other things then it's fucking so tragic i'm sorry i'm bombing everyone out so battery now so what we're here for on october 25th one thousand nine hundred and sixty five the day before she died lichens try to escape after overhearing richards plan to blindfold her and dumped her body in the forest but she got caught on the twenty six after multiple beatings burnings and scalding baths likeness died of a brain hemorrhage shock and values malnutrition wholly sixteen years old and the one she realized she was dead gertrude like think they do this anything where they called the police and gertrude have forced
four sylvia to write a letter saying you know she had had sex with a bunch of boys in exchange for money and that they had dragged her away and basically they had been her myrna was there they had like she made her write a letter saying that this would happen or so before the police officers left the house like ok that's what happened you johnny sister approach them and said get me out of here and i'll tell you everything shit god she finally got some balls ear the whole time it makes you wonder leg work it didn't someone tellson while a teacher even if its if if you have to think or she's the salty old broad that's like therewithal those kids they were probably like the bad family of the town i bet you there was a lot of interaction or people coming in and out of that how an existing of like you you list to authority back at an yeah someone who is an elder and an older person who is in charge was the authority and you didn't question that and you didn't
these things didn't happen like this would just you'd some until do this was happening if you like that's disgusting me i don't ever say that again not happening and you probably deserve to get slap in the face because you were being bad yet whenever ok when the trial gertrude denied being responsible for the death she fled not guilty by reason of insanity and for the miners who took part in the abuse were also put on trial so paula that the elder daughter john the younger son richard hobbs who was like family friend and coy hubbard fifteen and some insane stuff to her that i want to talk about this closing statement gertrude laura said i condemn for being a murderous but i say it is not responsible because she's a nun all here having himself on that
tapping on the head it's not all heroes are not responsible that was supposed to be a better voice but what i was trying so i met in may one thousand nine hundred and sixty six gertrude was convicted of first degree murder she was spread the death penalty and was sentenced to life in prison horse you didn't get live in prison if she was free on parole by nineteen eighty five having been a model prisoner and said the lord has forgiven me and i have peace inside that's nice fuck yeah that's the priority is how you feel yeah lower monster are totally forgave you young you have peace that's great jesus loved what you did not get a move on with your fuckin life began over doesn't the girl you killed at my place are hunting your basement here five years she died of what i can only hope was painful lung cancer everyone else totally got out of prison and they became teachers and no we have mentioned here the boys were sentenced to two
twenty one years and were released and three you guys should ever should go if you feel like murdering you should because you're just fucking not gonna get punished for it at all it bothers me so much i hope that sunday in a spot cast weaken either a sovereign murder please change change sentencing laws do do that current yes i this podcast just enough info hence and span to really there will mean that is so crazy to think that one of those people that torture the young girl became it each area to be in charge of young girls and boys that doesn't even makes it doesn't it boggles the mind and it the thing about all of this shit is that you can't keep convincing yourself that the war world is a fair and just place
who's trying to convince themselves people you aren't into true crime oh that's there problem they are not listening anyway they don't wanna know whereas like people like us are so aware and so incensed by how fucked up this work as i said he did not happen in the annapolis which afflicted people still live there in the midwest west here also i wonder if it's wonder thing it like the midwestern thing of people keeping to themselves on private and being nosey is a big thing i mean the dad didn't want to pry into the where his i want another story so like where they on drugs are worthy totals like got her dress alcohol is united give your children away i'm sure they were alcohol yes if their worked at a carnival for gods i think said that he had alcohol problems and guided than the parents like you hated each other and i think they divorced incited like take
that the sun's reflect threec sons and the family the lichens family and they got centrally with grandma but the girls go fend for yourselves wrath yeah and do where they locked up early like why didn't they run away i know that's that's another in my mind as i do you would be so much better off living on the streets we isn't a movie with ellen page about this story i think they're italy i'm this positive it came out overnight years ago but i think there is i could see her paint playing that part but most people and talk about it because it's so fucking dark its it's so there's no no silver lining nowhere israel because straight down into hell it's just one hopes that jim lichens is a little sister happen ok life but could she have probably not
i don't know unless you honest people that like became like a victims rights advocate that's ever happens a lot people it's true cause that's crazy also was that it was the mid sixties so this was before there is ever where there was a weariness about drug child abuse yeah or anything like that that was but it was right on the edge like what you are striving if it was nineteen twenty five ok it's so much later than that while my means yes look it's thinkings spent thinking someday people are gonna be like that is abuse straight up abuse but i mean i feel like up until recently it was like yeah that's how you punish her kids one also until recently they didn't think what kind of a teacher wants to spank children yeah like that's that needs to turn around or it's like it's not about these kids behavioral problems it's about an adult this position who signed up to be a teacher who signed up to be around children and can't
no themselves around children and reinforcing behavior and children and letting them know that that the answer to the answer to the problem is physical violence and the person whose has to be taken care of you lately loses their mine and what will hurt you to teach you a lesson also just that the capacity of human beings to the total satirists like if you if you bring some kids around and go you can beat her up if you want to yes there i do it the witches disgusting and these are broken children from you no bad backgrounds as well so they don't have compassion and they weren't shown compassion by their like an alcoholic parents rapidly and that's that it's a learned fucking behaviour dark so rough do you wanna hear some that might like newer character
it's not a lightning out of step fling demagogic it's just a majority less ended just enjoyable i was there and mature accorded local our friend kara clank hilarious and a common larry performer yeah i wouldn't did her podcast which is called sisters with carmen lunch is another sign of comic that i know and at the end of that she started talking about how much you lost your crime and then she said but she thought she was gonna be a guest and i was like no it out at the outset if we don't want any one but i was
but i want to hear your hometown in her hope so here's care clings hometown murder okay so this is not quite a home town thing but i can't get and i went to college with a girl whose husband mysteriously disappeared from their honeymoon crews they were honest crews together and i think a sad as part of the story usually when i tell it is that if they had gone so far what blacked out also always did spelling out what would have happened because they got really drunk they separated they were rumours ever like hanging up these check teenagers or something like that i don't know what they were doing probably just party with them and they got separated and never grew on the boat took pictures of a huge blood's bladder staying on the on the deck of the ship which is on this big dateline there's a whole day line report on this and ends at so it was obviously something happened but his body was never recovered there in the middle of i believe the caribbean or the mediterranean like obviously he was sharp bait like decry working to find anything but she was you know on the top chauffeur get on with like o brien like scarborough country and all these shows and i think people found that she did not appear to be a sympathetic and of wife where she wasn't bawling crying she wasn't people thought maybe she married him for you know it's like everybody's and agitation takes them off but like i don't think he had a ton of money to speak of so wasn't lincoln insurance killing i dont really actually knowing her i really don't think she had anything to do with this disappearance such murder but it was pre scandalous and i was actually andy worrying when they when they were investigating it i was working on these seem one of my friends work to date lines like anybody here go to this college and can can also go i went there and they would you know this girl who has been destroyed and yet we place all the earlier is really why interview you under
ok bye dragged me on tv i mean like i was all in and then i went on and i just sort of talk generally about her and it was so embarrassing because first via their rude my her make up they don't do that and negative all lay like took a bunch of bee role me like walking downstairs slowly and they took an old picture of me and my softball team that this girls in where my eyes were closed and maybe the fattest urban life economic just don't focus on my face dateline was like a wiggle focus on your right to my face after that and then went to her face so i wasn't super having with airlines production but it was a really it's a really crazy sort of unsolved case that is also interesting because his parents and i believe jan the girl he was married to who i knew were going trying to take on the crews line because those if anyone has been on a cruise like there's cameras everywhere and they act like they had nothing on tape of like where the sky was what happened or anything like how did this bloody bladder stayin get like this it was a huge staying on the deck and it's just very scandalous that they won't like kind of let this information out because people think they're scared ensued or whatever so i know that they need a lifetime movie about it and others a dateline about it you can
urgent whittemore dateline if you want to google kara plank and few clues found in hunting on disappearance will take you write to the link because the very scary google result for myself why i rise elderly know everything i telling over these thing about i've seen the bloodstain gas water ice in the lifetime of e oh shit and then she showed me the clip of the dateline that she was on it's hilarious because it's one of those things where it literally does it's her softball team her inner murals softball baldy him so they go in a close on her and literally her eyes were closed she ways forty pounds every than she is now as you and she it's like if you showed up to place all how you'd look right and then it pans over the girl and the girls completely she said the girls was decked out to make up no matter what sports is blowing away at full face boys and girls are clearly that the wave has nothing to do with this item i mean they get
murmured and then separated what would she guessed which on their honeymoon make him bleed that much he got in a fight with someone they beat him up the room yeah those check teens on the date dateline thing i saw which it was the same one or whatever it a completely suspect them of trying to get money out of him or i there were something that they did and they were like it's them the store i mean but how was it around like why did they split up that's the weird thing i mean one would think that they're having minute stick together by aegis narrow now who knows maybe she was like fuck you i know i do coke ere she could have em like i need to go get some offals ia and then like we'll be back up who knows fact going on a cruise man you couldn't you couldn't pay me enough to
ebola on a cruise there's a lot of minuses i mean crazy shit happens in your like out in international waters like nothing no one can help you a huge nope yeah yeah thanks yes i have my parents occurs my dad was a person in my mom was a nurse on that's u s thing i've ever cruises yet i didn't know that that is so adorable crews people i appreciate families huge crews but like being along with my husband i wouldn't you no we went on for my moms i think it was her 60th birthday we we went on a cruise and it was just really boring as gorgeous it was to alaska so it was gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous we got to see cool stuff but you're i cannot both with like semi ok like airplane food lee it was far everything was just fine here you know it was weird pass i mean
well if you ve got it hometown story we want to know about a museum we're gonna do a mini so we keep saying that what we really are going to so please send us a yours so we can now so we can talk about it my favorite murder gmail the trap and look out for the t shirts or coming soon and rate review and subscribe please on itunes for those ratings we're on that committee man miami someone said this ass in the top ten away that's what someone said to me but i didn't look it up because i like and also then i'm eminent i'm gonna hold us back you know it think we're number one thank you guys for listening you and thank you for your support your greatly yeah so much fun let's call me this is our tagline now right in our uk with this yeah ok so do your part not do my part all right
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