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160 - Cynthia & Barry

2019-02-14 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the story of Eddie Aikau and the Sleepwalking Murderer.

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This is exactly right. Support for today show come from the all new comedy. Like a boss and leaders January tenth, the film stars, Tiffany had issued and rose burn, who play inseparable, bf ass, running their own beauty, company entirely find themselves in over their heads and their lifelong friendship is put to the test. The film also start some higher Billy Porter agenda for college. Don't mess like a boss and fears Gallagher, that's Georgia, Hearts Turk, but try to get them how to get the voices right from the beginning. This is the most efficiently if ever started despite offending consists easier. You know we're back from vacation were very professional or not
the fucking around anymore. This is a serious podcast. We're here to be we're here. To do it correct learn. Is people were new over news journalism journalist? Now we want to Honolulu for alive shown. We both Gunnar journalism, degree ass, re at the u of age. Yes, so they ve Honolulu king who it was hard work, but we owe I'm so tired from my trip to Honolulu much investigative staff. So many like little no pan to bans and just taken no notes, we have what we had was the most sugar, and this is really saying something coming from me: the most sugar I've had in a long time. All we did was sugar. We ate we slept slept. Some coffee, SAM poor areas.
A vacation and then I get home today invents gets me a box of Seas candy how did a gallon times, Dagon Erin. I don't accept that setting any of those are not offering it. Ok got hated. So sorry that means tomorrow's. The real Valentine's day. Tomorrow's, like the data, comes out right now if your wireless LAN Thursday, its Valentine's day, happy Valentine's day, welcome Valentine's day guys, you know who it doesn't matter. Your fuckin office meets Cynthia. That's her fuckin rose is loudly
breaks out about. Have you ever seen, Cynthia's boyfriend bury you don't think you had any idea. What does he trying to prove that he has to buy her, though that he's real that he's a reality? What I'd like for him to prove you? I've never seen various steps. Witness fuckin off I'd like to see his fuckin a cow at one hundred. Why go get flowers and see how many women he's fucking delivered, whereas as do that day, hey Mercy Marzano, I realise that I don't have any ability to access berries account. Could you just do me a favor? We all that office pool going right. It's a friendly five hundred dollar wager if berries, real, then go ahead and give it to what turning Linda Syn
Cynthia had Cynthia wins the money. Cynthia gets the money, but she has a boyfriends. It gets isn't deserve. Any money actually deserves not think she's gonna had already everything. Now how you have everything when during relationship you're so happy you never look outside the relationship and the grasses greener. Now you never compare dome, resent the person you just online shade. Never do anything wrong, you're purely only ever happy. That's right, yeah, flowers and see how many women he's fucking delivered, whereas a sea that day Hey Marcy Marzano. I realize that was what about some of that good, false love. That's what I'm in our visitor there's true love That's right: it's a friendly five hundred dollar wager home. If berries, real, then we'll go hadn't, give it to what's her name Linda Cynthia. Cynthia Cynthia winds, the money Cynthia gets the money, but she has a boyfriend soon get shit
many are not shut. You did it, but he didn't mean not mean, thank God. Thank God. We both guy, we got engaged and then didn't really talk about it again. Maybe Maybe this is your new book is talking to people about how you can become disengaged, not embarrassing, and it's not shameful. It's you yourself offered to pass yet the good thing I am. I am so into an end. Many aspects of life clean slate yeah. Let's just throw this whole thing away and start over time. You know I don't want to do. A ton of work is worth a ton of work right, given together twenty years, maybe right given the other three fifteen years, and he proposed after three months and he doesn't have a job. That's clean slate that she leaned Slater, take a walk down the threat to Cynthia
Should he did it, but he didn't mean main, thank God. Thank God. We both guy, we gotta gauged and then didn't really talk about it again. Maybe that maybe this is your new book is talking to people about how you can become disengaged and not embarrassing, and it's not shameful. It's. U cutting herself offered to pass yet the good thing I am. I am so into an end. Many aspects of life clean, slates, yeah. Let's just throw this whole thing away to start over time. You know I don't want to do a ton of work. Is this where the ten of work right, given together twenty years? and finally, you're, like in the prisons like. I never asked you to pretend right. You're like clean slate, let's clean slate, it yeah through all those berries out clean slate,
nineteen. Let's do it! Everybody break up with everybody. Wait a minute, I'm not I'm afraid this has nothing to do with man. I'd appreciative, you wouldn't bring me back very bad for me, no pressure, I own I'll, say women's freedom. Thank you and the family free for the family. Children we and the people that we met in Honolulu know this, but we did go on a family vacation reads: it was hilarious. There were
true high jenks on some nights, yeah we had, we were so Vince was with us and we brought our friend whose constant entertainment Lizzie Superman. Yes, who we talk about other time? Yes, and we are trying to now convinced to give up her own career so that she can just beyond the road with us, because it really was the perfect company. You shouldn't be you'll, see a view on the Vancouver. We posted a backstage video that we made Lizzie, make that's just as fun and ridiculous and silly as our entire. We can also go watch, though the bank, yes, and there is a longer cut- she could probably do, because you did shoots and stuff where it was her walking around backstage making Random Show- and I was like it's not that I don't like it, but I just
the commitments to be sure, sir, now that we know that she's, a documentary and documentary film maker right, she's airport she's, our backstage person now yeah, I'm not that we loved, are weakening the polar vortex with you fill in Baltimore indecently and look Detroit in Toronto. We're gonna love you Dewey. I have a code that I can't wait to show you that's right. It's like a sleeping bag. Zipper on the front. I can't wait, but Honolulu was fuckin majestic it's fuckin Honolulu. There is also a cookie. I would like to talk about. Oh yeah, do you know who they are made by? I feel like her name was Maria, but somebody gave us maybe someone if this is? U. We met you in the meat and greet your dad drew cards. Yes, he drew birds on cards. Yes, and you gave us these cookie. I actually have those card sitting on my kitchen table. I now, but I didn't, but the cookies, Tibet we're locally maize, Murray, but professionally may and they have the label on the area and they were
so good that one night I was kept trying to find them like the local ABC stores, suddenly not to seem pathetic for desperate, but I needed them because they were chocolate, chip, macadamia, cookies, F and we came home at night or we are still in the agency's toward. I was like I just wanna fuck cookie mender towards me goes. I have all other back in my area or I and my heart I was just like. I think I ate them, although this night invoking, I was right there with your colleagues. I think you know that I wouldn't have let you eat. That's the one thing you can trust about me. I shall always share, should always gradual. Always let you share with our. So let you share. No was so fine. There was so much ass, a there's something about being there. Far away like there was just something about all of it. That was so neutralizing. It's the air, whatever it's how beautiful it was also crazy windy. There is a one day that was so windy mean Lizzie and I were out shopping, we're trying to walk home, and we had to like pulling do
little like spots. Out of the way to stand there because it was blowing so hard and was whether it was real was crazy. We loved, I think what was it was great and the audience was insane so but they got his. How many lays lays and crowns of flowering? Oh and men of Europe has the photo of us uninstall ram wearing all the laser shipowners stack them. As everyone said, it was like our Highschool gradually ass, usually in if your Hawaiian, you get that for you, I re age, but then someone commented- and you know it in the comments in the common and said you know those are known to have spiders in them like, but even I love you too, go find that person in the comments and so that we can say, hey, hey, there's also, sometimes not later than I am a mother fucker. I dont think I got a bit less. Her father was buddy, I'm not mad at her and we didn't in their. If she said a while, they were on, then I would have the Supreme try
the take off thirty lays at wire, I yeah, but they were so beautiful ends the people they gave us the flower crowns that we put on at the very beginning. I was giving the guy shit because, of course, we welcome stage an immediately there's people just doing stuff on the stage. I cite the fact he's going on. So I was doing a bit of like oh yeah you're in charge, and you have to run this thing. Will back. In the meeting great line after and I grab he's this be uniform. He was so beautifully sons husband this if a man Cynthia's has Cynthia's. Finally, not only is he has good as she says, but he was. Beautiful white man and I grabbed his armies like I'm. So sorry was you. I was trying to be funny and then I realized this is this. Is beautiful, hawaiian tradition of showing we are welcome and you saying officially like we were,
Can you walk away? Let me know that you're not invited back our just me just for that. Ok, just that one thing you know he actually when I said that tumors like I'm, so sorry didn't think about it until after whenever he goes, I loved and I loved it all away. He said it was the cutest it like we Germany, man, you know our shows anyway, and the fact that he is like that's what I'm here for like thank Fucking Yod. What do we have? Any corrections deals.
I have one now we're gonna go all the way to the other side of the world. Let's do it as far from home. I e as he also the in Hawaii, the Maria's call themselves aloha arena. Yeah, oh, and I gave us so many treats back, say many treats and then a piece of paper that how all their names on them- and there were so many elaborate. It was so exciting because we were worried because it was like not sold out and where it is every one kind of going. We know you're using us on that occasion, facilities and it was not like that at all was beautiful and everywhere. So thank you. When I made my correction. Because this is now a double correctional guy. I don't we need a new corner or platform or whatever the fuck correction? Correction corner corner corner one corner when I'm the correction about saying that dairy girls takes place now Belfast fancy yeah. I made them correction. So what I went and did was, I went and looked on the map. Sewers I think that our there in Ireland see-
where you're talking about and actually speak from what the map tells Genscher, and what the map tells me is that the name of the city is Londonderry. That's what's on every man of her was that's what I say. Oh my mistake, it's actually come on it. Well, here come all they offended irish people or, like it's called dairy words like guess what I'm not on Google maps. Friends, my my apologies, but on this, when I tried to go by the book you can expect us to do everything and that weren't anything really anything because they know were listen. We're doing. Airbus look look unless and it was on the map. We can't help good Google tells us I mean I can't any smarter than Wikipedia Reform a so it's not there. If I look up your town and it says here's the full name, yeah, I'm gonna go. Oh, I better call. It is, of course the
Message would be getting a virus like it's in Derry. Would people young it just anyone there? If you would please pronouncing we're getting married, you guys, I'm sorry, it's a correction, but it's not an apology. That's all. I'm trying to say is an aggressive correction. That's aggressive correction, coroner, it's the its ear passiveaggressive, I'm sorry you're upset correction, the corner of the worst kind. I could possibly give you that's right to my irish brethren, though I have a corrections. Corner singular. This is the first time I'm saying that ok is what I win. The episode back before the live. When I was saying that I got a lot of info from the podcast called southern fried crime, but it's actually southern pride, true crime. Oh sir, I just want to declare that the case people Argo just Google who knows everything right in searching for it again. That's ok, I'm sure
something else, but it's been two weeks, and I don't remember- I mean a lot. We we ve missed a lot and, and we ve forgotten alot souvenirs taken is Michael makes me think that he has something he wants to say, and I just wanted to add that the instrument of the spider spider woman was or the spider person. Sorry beside her woman is better than the other panda. There are spiders on those garlands. I don't think she wanted to be called out by name because we desire city share, that's called ruining thing. The other panned she's, trying to fuck with everybody will fac by. If you want to join the fan, call it can see the video that we postpone rightly say that our and I think so late. We post weekly videos. You really are oxygen, but when Lizzie there would be for a sort of bacon we're trying to make new, indifferent, an interesting content for you. That's right got all kinds of plants with Fancourt that we think you're in a very excited about than your own church. Here, Perry, exciting.
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May I thank based on Y know based on, but were Baltimore Endocrine Wise, our experience, but it's not reality. I've very complicated, so Georgia go first because he did not based on yea. I just now that you ve had an internet. I didn't mean to be a nerd issued inherited out. Well, that's perfect! Actually, because this was a sore I was gonna do before the one I found that I actually ended up doing in Honolulu out. I was going to do this one, but it makes me very nervous to do because it's very much about culture, We ignore the IRA. Irish thoughts go to let me say it takes about surfing and Londonderry Guy. I urge the irish culture and how will the lack of the hawaiian Irish it's it's it's about shoe intense as which is
The wine culture and surfing so I'm going into a territory where I absolutely don't belong and I'm not welcome a you know a ton about surfing, but not as much about exactly about the topography of our way. Sharp what I do love is that of one of the first like picture. After whenever is upwards looking for. I like graphs, and a picture, and it was just Hawaii, an island chain. Islands our vote, the tops of volcano now. It explains what I mean. I think it was fairly grammar school. But I like hello here that information I can absorb and it was just basely like its basis
quite away a bunch of ok knows we gotta put out of my favorite murder diary that just has the most simple that give our explanation for why something? Yes, north is Sally these down. It's that kind of shit run like. Why didn't anyone ever told me that day is bright, neurons darted, if it's dark outside dont get scare Ray the sun's just a sleek? Ok, but I'm excited also to talk about this, because it's it's a person I had never heard of that. It feels like everyone should know that, and there is a really amazing he s, PAN thirty by thirty, which is in document or series that yes pandas So wells, oh god, it's like it. I'm the conversion of mine. I don't care about the horrors. Major decisions are more. I don't get it. I don't know whatever you will absolutely love who ever totally they do it on you'll be like this is my hero here, so. There is an incredible one so that some information on surf line dot com.
I went on there as a surfer, peeped assignment? As I regret I went on Ass K K. Hang ten sixty knocking okay, so this is the legend of Eddie. I call so. Any cow was born. In also Obviously we said this during our leisure, so many pre apologies for the pronunciation. Oh yeah. I don't think I'm so bad at these. Why and pronounce Asians, as I thought I would be, but there are very different there very difficult and we're not gonna. Let you just spell it like you say: thou be culturally and sends it well. Yeah exact, however, were doing our best. How member from ever listen we're doing our very by as many as many of you now that's a Lizzie Cooper one. What's your album called, we should like it. It's called organism. Okay, we ve there's a comedy of umbrellas equipment that you can get on spiral fire whenever everything I think, I'd tens, yeah, probably Alexandria.
For it is held organism and its. I think we may plugged at once before recorded at live here. In allay I open for her and rain. I e where there was everybody. Is there as one of the funniest our. Of comedy I've ever seen. I was backstage laughing like. I was in seven grace fucking ridiculous, yeah she's Larry, and there is a lot of on our trip. Little Honolulu. There is lots of seventh grade laughing. It was like hysteria kind of as it was very whip. It was very freeing. Yes, it was getting awful after okay. So what about Eddie account. So he was born in car Louie Maui on May, for nineteen, forty six one of five kids, he started surfing when he was eleven years old. That's the thing! I fucking love about her. Why, when we went to qualify for a fourth of July last year,
don't kid surfing little girls surfing running straight out in the lake, send my rough waters and just being like they do it every day. Terrifying is amazed at our it's beautiful, so He starts serving in the shore break Car Louis Harbour Ocean his brother, his younger brother Clyde, who is feature prominently in that thirty by thirty, outside the thirty. By thirty is called Hawaii, the legend of any account. No, I stole their title. I just realized. Sorry he s began you'll, never catch me because you to listen to this by gas. Nowhere men, while women talk rose so is Their clyde is, I believe, two years younger than him and describes Eddie as in quote high risk at an early age. Noisier that phrase
fills me with joy. Asked me to me to Harry. Are it was always like get down off that a thing, but how did you get up on? That? Is my whole? Why are you on that thing? You're, going to split your head, open, don't touch that thing! Put that thing dive told you. Many times not to touch don't run with that thing. Ok, in eighteen, fifty, nine and his family, most Oahu, the same year. Her on August, twenty first Hawaii became the fifty estate and United States outcome. High welcome we're stoked, but it was contentious. Obviously, because Hawaii was its own land, its own culture. The older native Hawaiians we're doing everything they could to ensure that the heritage wasn't. Out by this new sound state. You know we like to do that here. It's what whites do all right, it's not beyond the ino, their not being paranoid, no, no cause! There's hundreds of years of proof, yes to them.
To the smashing out of everything but like, but my ties, and what can we drink from your culture? Yes, exactly how many pineapples can we take? It was the other thing. Is we kept getting checked first for either bringing in soil or taking out soil gray, lotta rules about soil in Hawaii, and you know how Karen loves her soil samples? I just need. You know. Some people have emotional support. Super! It's just a handful of oil from my Magyar area, with you used Arkwright melted at night, so obvious the people who are of Hawaii and also when you're there. It's like it's a different space. It goes so slow in it a tropical paradise. People are just like hey hey. Why do you want you calm down your invitation Rex like you just have to like getting
what's happening there and you should so there. Trying to keep obviously their culture, but there's also the constant push where there was the the economy that is growing because because of the tourism and how much people wanted to go and be in a hurry and people who are like that's great for us and let's embrace this is so that's just kind of the underpinning the and that's as that's what Eddie was growing up in. In nineteen sixty two he's sixteen years old, he dropped out of school and he starts working at the dull, pineapple cannery and he uses his page. To buy himself his first surfboard, because, obviously that's that's psych. It's basically like playing baseball yeah. You know over it's like. If you live right by the ocean yeah, that's what everybody else is doing you wanna do it. This is gonna reminded us for there s my life yeah and every in it is a well known. They talk about it that
this lifestyle, and it is a thing you do for the thing itself. There's competitions, there's whose better, in his words whatever but ultimate serving as this kind of individual sport that is for you and for the sake of it, having feels for invited to that napping invitation all didn't competitive napping, I'm proud. I am practicing hard and you're gonna, be so good at it now Ok, so nineteen sixty seven the county, this city and county in Honolulu, higher Eddie as their first lifeguard. So Essentially they. You know, there's now, there's all these people coming to the host those hotels and its where we were saying it Kiki it's? Why lay a bay? It's it's, though, all along that area there's snow, so many tourists and
after lifeguards shan't. So two years after that, a licence His brother Clyde was two years younger than him, but that's because I made that up, he became a lifeguard two years after Eddie. Okay. So that's what I'm saying matters two years involve vizier. Where am I dont know how many years the two years have to do with life guarding and not life So the but Eddie and clatter inseparable their life. Together they serve together there. Is there a cohesive team on the beach and off? You know France, as all these hotels go in, the tourism dominates, the area native Hawaiians are becoming less and less welcome on their own regions and which is sucking disgusting and, like you know, there's always that that, like that point, idea we have now, which is that like locals? Only that's it. That's a very kind of allay thing, but
there. It was. The reverse is if you but the hotels and the tourism we're going in and there were like no local lie on the speech. You have to be saying that those who helped to go to the beach yeah thing, which is kind of like you, can't go to church. I mean it's slow down, interesting yeah, it's it's pretty offensive, so ok, so in nineteen sixty five, so servant, and I can't go into the history surfing. I wish you would. I wish I wish I had time to Google at all, but essentially surfing of course becomes popular and it it They have the free one, sixty five, they have the first annual duke cohesion and local invitation. All which is just called the duke- and this is one of eddies heroes- he's he reveres, Duke Carano, Morocco, for as being an all around Waterman, he's so excited that Hawaiian is
as one of these invitation was named after him and finally like they're, getting. The credit and this is a one day- events the first year it was held at sunset, beach and its the invitation less so sometimes you can just go and like sign up and compete, but this you had to be invited to so this was kind of like it was. It was the only as I just said so, twenty four of the world's greatest surfers are invited the organizers bring them to Waikiki, they want to dine them. They drive them around the town and limousines there before Hawaiians invited lakes, key Aloha Kayo. Don't affirm pronouncement right obviously, George downing Pulse Droughts and Jackie April at his brother, Clyde is quoted as saying it was
The event was invented by the hallways. I guess, and it was kind of run by the house's, so if you wasn't in with them than you wasn't end, so essentially it's just like these people coming in being like we're going to have this here, you guys the people are probably better surfers than every Bahrain are allowed to come. So basically Eddie and his friend Ben I pass you re hungry. I think I don't know, but I mean to be dying now. I can tell so they're both considered how wise new breeders surfers there, like the best. Everyone thinks there, the best and its the new there, the new style they decide that they're going to enter unofficially, because you have to be invited and there are like. So this is how Ben I Pa tells a story. He says me and Eddy paddled out that morning and
of the first Duke and we just take off in the back of those guys. So basically eyes were surfing and then these two guys the warrant signed up were also surfing along with them. They would drop their drop in Muslim and that's it that's a term yeah, that's a correct term. Thank you! So they just they in there they were. They were getting any part of the way that they could get and basically, what they're saying is where here too and we should be in there. You can find a fence around the heart of the ocean, the ocean that you want to serve on, especially when we buck and own gas. So so He said when we say we just take off in the back these guys. We are rushing. We were charging didn't matter. If we got pounded, we must try to make a statement. Some of the shots were too deep too far in the bottom, but that's part of what me in any were trying to do. We just didn't lean in, but we drove down to the bottom. We were doing before doing our turn. That's we found the acceleration that
in our surfing, different, like I said, we didn't know where we were headed. We just wanted to get into the duke, so it and the next year Duke I'll go suggested, adding Eddie I cow, and then I oppose names onto the invite list there. At an end with a demonstration that foreshadowed big, wave high performance surfing by several years. They both surf their way into the final, placing sixth and seventh response, so they basically bust into this and our saying yeah, I'm not some long guy from Fuckin Malibu, I'm a local and I'm a bad ass. You have to pay attention and every one of courses so stoked and at the award ceremony later that night do can self presented Ben and Eddy with their trophy, so so this so basically that the entire time there's their lifetime, they serve enough there, sir,
this whole time in nice in seventy six there's the international professional surfers organization is assessed which they basically come together and their? Let take all these random surfing contests and they basically make circuits and out of it and with that It just drugs rows of non needed native hawaiian surfers to cooperate so the influx of so dramatic that the the begin one year the amount of competitions in Oahu Jump from three a year to twenty four early, crap yeah. So No, so because of this they start making regulations that forbids the locals from surfing and competition areas unless they were competitors or how. Special permits to surf
so the locals are like fuck you. I saw the day of the tournament they visit there, but you have a permanent. I wanted to go in that area. I don't think the day the term I think, like the air, the time of the tournament allow yeah so just be like. Oh, you can't be in this area at all, and there like this is where I live, and this is where I serve all the time and also the idea that you'd be a surfer with the permanent. Is the fucking dumbest thing? What so you folded up in your pocket? Put it in his epoch bag you. So when eight that shit yeah and then, where it around you're, not right You got back stage on a wave so again of thirty local hawaiian surfers form the who we owe him now he dammit. I hope that's right. A group of natives. They wore black slim shorts with yellow red stripes down the sides and they rode anyway. They wanted anywhere they wanted with, with or without a permanent which of course kicked up
problems and it was like they got. You know it was like they were the bad guy yeah when there fucking matters and it was there spot right in camp least the ocean, and you can't back and tell me what to do so and all this time he's surfing and dozens of competitions he's known as one of the best, and but the one they talk about, and this is it the they talk about all the guys that were their talk about this in that thirty by there, and I highly recommend you watch it. They also have footage of in so the waves where they do the duke. So it's like it's the invitation, all it's just this it's in winter time this year was night. There was in nineteen seventy seven, the waves, forty feet, high only share. So it's it's so crazy when you see that the footage- but normally it's like you- know, it's big waves surfing. So that's kind of the idea, but big, for a lot of those people was like fifteen feet, twenty max and these,
they thought, maybe that the competition might get cancelled, because the way it's got so bad and one of the guys in the inner thirty by thirty talks about getting out of school and running down the beach, because the word on the street was the ways were forty feet high and that Eddie was surfing and they get down there and that's exactly what's happening. It's all these White Guy is basically from Australia in California, and all these other places that are trying to drop in on these ways and coming down, I mean it's, it's so dangerous. It is saying yes, and they also look like the when they do this big waves surfing now, they're the ones, when people get toad. Our I re like for safety, but date. It's not that's, not how it is. I can seventy seven, no one's invented a jet skis. I dont think why I guess
We have been judged yeah. That's right! We're gonna, hear from big Jackie, any view ass. Take me believe. You believe that I won apology and I wanna see do so. They get down there. People are wiping out, people are freaking out whatever, and here comes Eddie with his red surfboard dropping in on a forty four wave and writing the whole thing and ends. Of course, he ends of winning that year, always how many less I'm trying to pictures and think how many stories is forty feet. Do you suppose, I have to turn this, even with the Google desire egg, What did I just want picture of building you? it looks like I would guess. Ten occur but in the video when you're watching it it looks like it looks.
In a disaster moving yeah the wave that's coming, you're like nobody should be anywhere near that Syria and when you see people on the wave or like sitting there waiting in writing the low part and like looking at the it looks like no one should be anywhere near this beach occur. Is that scary, crazy and he comes up along so the other people are also dropping in. I can't talk about this knowledgeable, where I can only talk about it in what I looked at and cut, but there dropping in going in to the tube tunnel into, I know it. I know it's a watered down, and disappearing and you're like that. I died like there's no way yet he lived through that Paul because you have a second. It drops down. It's just all the White Guy get crazy, glassy part foamy, part
as part of your calling them on the trip zoo dolls. Yes, because it really windy when they are all these, like waves, eager to see why phone lines in the ocean and Lizzie of course said those legs, Udo, yeah, EDA, Zucchini, noodle, all over the water. It was soon over seventy zero Taiwan can't go out low car, again, with all his eye yeah, we was full paleo out moderation, so as this is it so when any drops in- I don't know what I'm talking about dude for a row of wrong when any drugs in he's standing fully upright. Standing up so everybody else's dropped in crouched down like they're trying to stay on her standing all the way up and he's got this wide stance and he doesn't thing where he cuts it. They talk about. It, watch the thing and listen to people who know other documents, but you can't believe he just rides it right down the front of it. So we
it's likely never goes into the tube he's always on the right, correct part of area so that he stays up the entire time. Amazing and everyone's blown out any fuckin wins Stephen. Do we have a alike you open of apparent or Pandora's Box of controversy. What a story actually is essentially like if it's ten feet per se than it's like. I'm like a four story belt Elsie asked our that's pretty crazy that stop for stories. Maybe technic it looks ten minutes. Look, I'm sure craze. I believe you ok I'd rather right at the fourth store building a ten foot, what a picnic by way of yes and just a nice elevator right up to the tenth floor, Ok, so, of course the the home town boy, wins it in its huge, no very big deal a huge honor but They also talk about seeing him. A ban, as
It's all these white guys sitting on their surfboards. Unable do it, and here comes. The Hawaiian was beautiful brown scan and his red surfboard. That doesn't look like a poster it little like that. It was what surfing was supposed to be oh it I'll feels very good everybody and then in nineteen, seventy eight, the hooey, which are that the group of surfers that we're like such you don't need a Parma era and the Ip S call a truce, and they start working with each other. To share the beaches and Eddy is at the forefront of this of this truce that they call because he's he's A calming presents he's he's, that's who he is he's a personal person and firstly, what he says he just everybody to be able to serve it should I just these people are just those people, he's like its everybody should get to do it. And so they end up calling a truce in nineteen. Seventy eights,
Eddie is one of a handful of people who are chosen to join the Cultural Expedition voyaging a so their basely sailing, a polynesian canoe called the cocoa layer, many shirts, the Hokosa and its built by a team of scholars and historians trying to prove that the early, polynesian, the travel incredible distances with no metal, no metal fittings, no compasses, basically, paying homage to Hawaii Heritage, and so it's a sixty two foot, long double hulled canoe. It's a lot like those ones but way bigger. There were, in front of the hotel so its second, the double hull thing. That's kind, up above the water and and that's how the Polynesian without they got tucked away in the first flash
so the whole thing is based. They like the celebration of the culture and so they're, leaving a wife who bound for to Haiti and its aid to twenty five hundred mile trip Two thousand five hundred yes and they're gonna its thirty, es it's gonna take em thirty days to do the whole thing. So in that one boat yeah did Abraham hotel with them, but to enquire save rather for story hotel on the back of the bad. No one spoke, as you see like the pictures of it there. They hang there's like all this fruit and like supplies, hang underneath the holes and they did it. They basely set it up exactly like how the Polynesian would do ass theirs. Recreating the journey and Eddie was asked to be one of the crew members and he was incredibly proud to be a part of it any and thrilled, so on March six nineteen, seventy eight any in the rest of the crew set sail from MAGIC Island, a war who efforts to Haiti
when they go to set sail. The wind starts, kicking up and its they weren't ideal conditions, but they decide to to set sail anywhere and then they're out the conditions get worse way of start crashing against the whole of the whole coup layer and the who then notices there's a leak in one part of it and as their going through the Malta Channel its twelve miles off the coast of Ireland. I am sure the you know that I guess that's the fact. If you know who I am the canoe capsized and all of the emergency equipment, the radio Food everything is in the water and there the whole crew is stuck in. As holding onto the capsized canoe, can't contact anyone for help and so they stay there all night. Eight hours holding onto this canoe in in like Stormy sea, finally, Eddie tells them I'm going to get on my surfboard, and I mean
yet to learn. I and I'm gonna get us help in everyone's. I dont do it it's too rough out there and he I know I've gotta, do it Keseberg stock, so he leaves they put their string, some oranges and they put him around his neck, also that he has like as it so I think they said it's a five hour trip from where they were first someone just a paddle there, so they given some more just for sustenance, he's drains around his neck. He puts one of the only remaining life vests around him and any paddles out from an eye, and that's the last time anyway, I'm alive so a day there's a small plain that flying over. They see the capsize cocoa air. There we offer help the coastguard intercepts. That call and immediately sends out a rescue team and the entire crew is rescued, except for who is never found. So send out search parties by air and sea to look for him and it goes,
On four days, one helicopter pilot reportedly burn three seven thousand dollars worth of fuel for just his helicopter search alone. It was the largest air Sea search mission and hawaiian history, but despite their best efforts, Eddie was never found and at so at thirty one years old. Thirty one unusual he's lost in writing before Quicksilver the Surf company s over? Ok, I have you heard of Quicksilver Lining, but life Quickset when there is actually a great one but Quicksilver goods over the compliment, got it the shorts, then sunglass sure the hats they set up an invitation in eddies memory called the in memory of Eddie. I co invitation all everyone cause of the Eddie. It's the first one was held at sunset. Beach, then later moved it too. Why may a bay?
it's been sense, and so this is the competition where they they have to have a minimum wave height of twenty feet. Were there not don't ever bullshit kind of common show off on these waves? It's a it's. A big wave competition there's no tell out for you, so you getting off Santa exactly. You have to be able to be a big way surfer, basically to be in it. They only do it in the winter so that that's when the waves are right, big and if the ways aren't twenty feet, they just don't have a share which is bad ass. So during the first Eddie the organizers were considering cancelling because a bad weather conditions, but server mark through said Eddie would go and became the model of this competition, so there's tee shirts. I have somebody Irish as Eddie would go, and it's just basically like all my the bravest guy they now guy that would kind of do what no one else has got to do and
it's kind of everybody's motto is like a it's. Their version of go for it, carry out is Eddie would go. I don't wanna get again. I love it now this year at the Eddie they had it. They hadn't had it in a couple years, but I did this year, and this year was the first year that they had, they invited a woman to comply and her name is K. Allah, chameleon, she's, very accomplished server anyway, but she's the first woman to ever compete in the Eddie, amazing and Eddies brother Clyde, who I talked about before he won the second Eddie and nineteen. Eighty six and Eddy and Clyde are the only native Hawaiians to win the duke why now here, which has come and I mean that's, how legendary those guys are and how renown and This is them to me. The most mine blowing part of it any I cause nine year career. As the lifeguard at, why lay a bay,
He made over five hundred rescue shit. Nobody ever died: zero loss of life, while Eddie was the lifeguard at when they and they only as an enemy, and that so that's that's the legendary story of wine hero Eddie. I amazing, I wanted to say that one in Hawaii, but that other crazy Y yeah that I had to do and this one's from a little bit more of a celebration, but I think he would have been to nor. I think you are nervous two guests stuff wrong and friend. People meant so much to get right and then, if you want to tell it, but you told her early well and you want to tell how people yelling corrections have rising all the time, but also, I think there for me there is talk a little bit of that when I went to do my story, I dislike
Don't wanna be gone from Hawaii I don't want to. I don't want to be totally over here and ask to be completely back into their so well. I am brought my souvenir of extreme sunburns. It's terrible is worse than it was the other day, and now I'm doing that, I'm showing her my leg it it has a bit of a purple, tended to a lonely purple I've been doing Alex. It's I'll bring both knots. Yeah you guys, Andrey ass. I was thank you. So this is mine, I was originally gonna. Do like a three? three different topics on the three to four murders on this subject, but then reading the most famous one I was like. This is a second story Amazon. So this is the case of Kenneth Parks, a k, a the sleep, walking murderer member yeah.
I remember her yes, push member remember I feel like this. Is a combination of several different investigation. Discovery shows that I lodged, but I fear, yeah. No, I I kind of remember it and New first here in a kind of reminds me of like them, the woman whose Spill Mcdonald, Mcdonald's coffee on her lap and your like that, sell Lena this ledge and that that crazy woman, yes and then you see the documentary about a coward is calm, and Oh, this is legitimate. Yes, I kind of. Ah you have to tell me we think, but are so. I got a lot of information from psychology today. There is an article by a woman named bear it. Brutal guard the Ph D. Obviously, in a bunch of other letters, is there an m in there somewhere sure their savings and loan Dotson starve, yeah, she's, very smart and then also to the paper call the homicidal sent ambulance em a case report in this sleep research societies hits like crazy.
Ankara, hey sleep walking. The relatively common and childhood. Did you know that I did not hear slept blocked, not that I know oh yeah, but there is a good chance that I did? I woke up was traumatize and then just went back to sleep by myself. Let us have higher animal the night where my parents wouldn't get up, let because I was very high, mate and re in in the night time sure. So my mom is always. I gotta go back to sleep so about fifty twenty percent of children sleepwalk only about two percent of children, mostly boys weirdly, go onto the adult sleepwalker, so it's not a huge fuckin thing than adults. Try to say it is exactly: ok, don't come at us with sleep walking,
there have been about sixty eight cases of homicidal sleepwalking sixty eight, unlike in throughout history, and that only goes until two thousand and five, because that's what Wikipedia told me gotTa Wikipedia is, I don't know, there's been one since that is that the urban stop doing Wikipedia whenever and stop to recital somebody liberalism annually while end but could be the aim. Ok, but this is arguably the most famous one. May nineteen eighty seven were outside Toronto, Canada and here's Kenneth Parks he's a twenty. Three year old married man he's married to a woman in Karen and whose she played by in the nineteen ninety seven tv movie, the sleep locker killing. Ninety seven, Justine Bateman Hilary sway? close via the air and they had a five month old, daughter together and at the time can is under extreme stress. So
previous summer can played by ninety nine seventy million sleepwalker killing Shad low Charles Easton, which I think is weird he's a due from national demolish our national hot country. Guy assure him: ok, ok, so Cannon developed a gambling problem. His friends like taken him gambling to the horse, races he's got an hour and then he won some money and then it was like oh shit, it's ah and current stuff back and he got the fuckin fever. He got the horse race fever, and so he quickly fell into a deep fuckin that to cover these doubts he starts taking money from hearing hens and Karen Savings. I think he for just a couple checks as well. I am getting a debt stomach, it is just a younger, ailing, died and you're in debt and then you're you're doing something pretending it's gonna solve it. When you know deep downright will not help, but there's no other way to fix it as quickly as if you did when. Yes,
I actually there was one month I did not have my rent and I honestly considered there is somebody that I knew the like very tangentially and through comedy, whose father was professional gambler and I almost called him to save. Can I please give you two hundred dollars just to see if your dad get turned into something I mean? Is that if he were any good will say no, I wouldn't say, but also the guy would be like hey. Since you never talk to me, I thought your site is probably what would have happened, how the scary feeling sad solution, a solution was never get. A job is not interesting while cancellation.
Is that he began to steal from his employer. He where he works in electronics, so he's just fuckin trying to you, no win back the money constantly, but keep losing it all and by the time his employer finds out about the fact that he's been stealing he finds out they find out in March nineteen eighty seven, he stolen thirty, two thousand dollars from them. That's too much money. Also, that means he's stealing and bedding array dealing analyses and debt prowling triple that. That's just how much he's taken. Yes, obviously is fired and he's charged with fraud and that his awaiting trial so is out
This is real straw. Here we go. This isn't just like. Oh I'm, not I'm slightly nerve any as a five month old daughter to the same time so before getting into this that they can have a good marriage to Karen and he had a really good relationship with her parents. Forty two year old mother in law, Barbara and who knows how old, is Dennis Woods, the thought, the Father in law. He was, interestingly, eighteen that need this. Coming, it's a sexy little. We can do it. Lady tabby, gallon time, Marcia hammered. Let's see, ok, part of the reason why, in her parents, fucking adore him part of that reason is because they have gotten, will marry really young and when Karen and can first met, she was a runaway and can convinced her to return home. Also, they were like can thank you so much for getting us our baby back and we're so grateful for it. Without you, everything
and by all accounts he was a super sweet dude. She Barbara and the mother in law called him. Her gentle giant, an economist, seem like they were this spike and replacement for his parents, because his parent, he wasn't cos, his parents ever and they had a kind of weren't involved in his life. So he you know he had this lovely in law set of parents, you know, and they said that he was closer with Karen's parents, that his own Kate, but after losing his job, because of all that fuckin money. Remember. Can is unchanged as unshaved, but that is not true is proud. He's the opposite of unchecked is deeply, should completely shames and he can't find a new job, and so he stops visiting Karen's parents because he so embarrassed and doesn't want I'd like to talk to them about it, and he does also continue to gamble, which of course makes his incursions marriage fucked up
so it is an addiction. Is any action and action likely to preserve its so horrible. I had just the idea that, where it lay defies logic and your leg, look, I'm super broke. Let me just gamble this him on eels. It, like you, have hope when you're doing it like I've, been the biggest a few times I feel like that could be. I shouldn't live near anywhere near a place where you condemn or because it's so fine and you have a dislike. Maybe me feeling- and that feeling for
like somebody. That's always want to be a performer. Earn actor gets real. Kicked up. Point really is this when I becomes like how many times the first time I went to Vegas with friends when I moved to allow we drove out there we got there with in, I would say two hours. I had lost three hundred dollars loyal and that I was like. I did not have money, so I said oh no. I can't do that and then you realize how boring it is there, but you don't have money or other as it gamble and drank. That's all look at one time, unlike an fuckin two thousand and one I one three hundred dollars. So now it's been what the hundred years- and I still it, but I could maybe, when another Thy words right amount of money had actually lost. There is much more is a lot more. Can I just add one more always because I one once on one Oversized machine, I love those and I It was very out. It was like the last day we're gonna leave whatever, stuck in ten dollars. I will
four hundred dollar, how you would have thought it classic mean that I one four million. I was: U everyone like eating out of touch people. They sounded grab some moments: flowers that she's blocking it I'll, throw yourself. Just like those of my anniversary. It was the most and then taking the coins. From that oversized thing, or to the cashier those dirty fuckin discussing asked coins you, I wish every single em. I was scared Sunday, I was positive. That was when the highest who's gonna take horrors. They want your four hundred, irish or hundred precious dollars Nicholas, I still
play. The lottery, thou, ok, fine, it's open, so yeah! So that's very stressful, so much fucking money. He continues to gamble, low and she's, like dude brow what the fuck yeah and since he had started gambling the summer before his personality had completely change. Obviously he stopped socializing. He starts to suffer from pressure head aches and he gained seventy pounds. Now he's just like addiction. Central do I relate yeah, he suffers from insomnia and he would only sleep for forty six hours. A night sounds like a lot of sleep die unless Japan, but he slept on a couch alive and he got it. You know he'd sometimes go entire nights without sleeping at all, and then he had the fuckin baby. So that's like double time non sleepy times. You know he eventually agrees to go to gamblers anonymous and in that may he agreed to stop gambling and
He agreed to tell both his grandmother about what was going on an Karen's parents who suffer close to. He was like our. We'll go over there on a Sunday and confront up must confront them. Now that I've ever listen. You, mother, fucking, gaily, Browborough, making me better whores and right, so he agreed to do it and heat decreasing them. Tell about the upcoming trial for fucking fraud that he s going on to Gaza, like shit is back and bad now so the day. So it's the one of those things for its early in the morning of the day. So for I am on Sunday morning the day he was supposed to a later that day obviously go tell his grandmother and his beloved in laws about what was going on. That's May twenty. Fourth, nineteen, eighty seven the night before he falls asleep on the couch watching ass, an owl and four in the morning he gets up from the couch
sure he'd been sleeping, What's on issues and jacket walks out the front door which he laughed unlocked, which he never fucking dead and he drove the fourteen miles to the house of his in laws in the Toronto suburb of Scarborough, he drove his sleep dough yeah fuck, that's you believe this. Oh ok, everything to like some people are like bullshit right right so in cameras at their house it's a tire iron from the car trunk and he uses his key that he has to their house to open. The house goes to the bedroom of his in laws. He first strangled his father in law Dennis until he is unconscious. Hey proceeds to be his forty two year old mother in law, Barbara, an the two years all afforded he beats her. The tyre iron and stabs are repeatedly with the kitchen. I owe my he then stabs his father in law.
Opera is found in a room five to six feet, away from the bedroom and she'd sustained six salvos through her chest. And through her shoulder blade and a fatal boon through her heart I know it's fucking off, I worry Barbara dies, but Dennis survives? Barely, oh, my god, and there were other kids in the house, I think teenager I don't who else because they were young they were young. They had other kids who were under and in their teenage years rank and they woke up from a noise. They start yelling and but can left them alone and he walked out of the house. So the kid saw him If they saw, I feel like they just heard the name is they heard me? They saw something they all locked themselves and their oh yeah, so that we might he went, he goes to the door and just leaves he doesn't try to come towards them around. Like that rate, very weird, it was almost like this is the mission the ends yeah yoga, so from their house. He drives straight to the police station he gets hurt
Forty five, a m he's covering blood heat, the police, eighty seems distressed and he was shaking. He kept feeding and it's fucking many times it he says, is I just killed someone with my bare hands. Oh my god. I've just killed two people, stabbed them and beat them to death. It's all my fault, He says the police that insanely ass police also said that he seems completely oblivious and the pain of the FAO. That he'd severed tendons in both his hands with the knives. Oh, he wasn't even fucking, aware of it. I know that you really correcting hey, I'm so tired, now hiding his hand. If you hear skin on scan, that's crazy. You can't take that. No ten did not not being in pain. I guess, like you could say something about like I'm adrenaline, maybe maybe tendencies the bloody mass and also you'd you'd, say
but to be conscious in some way right or no I'd off, via right now. Now he would have been out asked you gonna denial. I so I After reading this homicidal, some anabolism reports an ambulance. Thank you believe him and I fucking didn't at first. She was like well bullshit, I dont really by it, but after reading that in all the details and stuff, it's crazy, unlike that particular thing, bananas Also, I want just throw the sin really quick, It seems like if your faking it you would go home and get back into sleep and re like what do you mean I was up like you would be playing the part Riah someone who slept walked yeah because, usually the picture you have of sea barkers as they go out, they do something and then they combat he was bleeding so badly, but he could have been like. I need to get to the hospital. How do I like make? It seem like that? You know they measure church so about this. Just argument that turning yourself in
rising did you wanted. They started last, but our holy fuck as it would. But if you will, covered and blood. I mean I know it's like that. There is an amazing movie. Is a fairer foster, its the same? It's basically the adding she wakes up governed blood doesn't know what I'm sure she's a blackout drunk ocean. Fine, spoiler recently, where even the movies I dunno boy, lieutenant, no one will ever watch it. So you can spoil something we're not gonna. Watch ok can is arrested any goes to trial to face charges of first you re murder of his mother in law and attempted murder of his murder of his father in law and is the fence they have to do. They have to say it in a certain way. It's basically temporary insanity due to sleep walking its waymore fucking involve than that legally, but we don't need to do that right now, right, you got it. Now I get right.
Well in prison, can undergoes all these sleep tests and psychological tests. There's an e g scan, while sleeping that shows that he had some abnormal brain activity during sleep, so he did legitimately have asleep thing and periods of partial awakenings, indicative of Paris Omnia and it's fucking. I mean I read a lot about this shit and like sleep, walking and sleep talking and people actually committing crimes, and you know a lot of them seem like. I don't know about that, but this one seem logical yeah. He was studied for months by team, a psychologist and they determine that he was in an acute state of emotional turmoil. Leading the attack and that's what him to lash out and kill these people that he loved and really has nothing to gain by killing them right, and there was no anger or anything like that involved. It was just extreme stress, will end the heat.
And told them they didn't know re. His wife is the one that new so rare. It seems like you something to try to remove the fact, since upstairs and kill your wife. I mean that to me, that would be a better really at higher things I am like. Yeah. That's a good point. It's almost like thing he was so stressed about which is telling this parent laws is. This he asked Yes, because was what was in his brain. Has brain wasn't functioning properly and it was like neurons neuron go. Do this thing it's like the fixation of. If you get rid of them, you don't have to tell re right
You can see where, like the fucked up brain thing messaging, would be crazy, I'm so, let's see, since there is allegedly no it a fake, an e g result and since can had appeared to feel no pain when he arrived at the police station. It is a term that he was sleepwalking when he attacked his end laws. So, but there's a consequential, like Karen said she had never seen, can sleep arc, which I feel it she would have rushed. She did say he was a really deep sleeper and sometimes he she would talk to him to her. In his sleep, his mother said she remembered. Only one incident occurred sleepwalking as a child when his brother grabbed his legs ass. He like crawled out of a window. How Shy- and I also like there- going on there and cans. Tens grandfather in one of his family members slept and had some sleep issues which it is hereditary. I found interesting and
We are children whose parents are sleep. Rockers are two to three times more likely to become sleep. Blockers, ok, bananas and my brother slept a little bit in his youth and yeah. I don't know I, the thing one time, and it was purely I stress, but I wasn't. I was trying to go to sleep and the stress built up and I just jumped up and ran- and it was one of the weirdest things. I've never done, because I couldn't really it was still married and my like. What are you doing anything to get out? I have to get out your bodies that clean slate clean air, you're gonna, get you get out. It was super where it was it was just from like I can't deal with this pressure and yeah. I think stressful. Do that to you at trial cans. Has he didn't remember any the details of the attack? He said your mounted falling asleep on the couch, sometimes sometimes midnight his fuckin, SK recollection is
next thing. You remember seeing is opening his eyes and sing his mother and laws frightened face and her eyes and mouth are open and in law. Is in prison. He is distraught and devastated and he's morning less and he's just feels horrible, Karen with him during the trial, oh can says that, after seeing his mother in law, s face, he just sat there. He didn't he just like almost I woke up then and then he heard the kids yelling and he says he The kids are in trouble, so he said he yelled, kids, kids, kids, but the kids, and they only heard like grunting animal noises. So he thinks like he's in a dream. He is talking in saying these words, but they buy That's almost like that's what he's it's the way somebody would if they were sleeping re thinking that they're saying some totally yes, and so also at them, for some can picked up the phone at the house, handle and left it off the hook and also walk
up to the bedroom of the kids. But didn't go in or try to it off some, but just a weirdo He sorry like ass. He was leaving office before after having before he left. He went to the kids format or not the phone, yeah yeah, I'm Ontario Supreme Court jury deliberative for nine hours to before. Finding Kenneth Parks not guilty the job upheld the ruling saying that the stated failed to establish beyond reasonable doubt. The parks was aware of his actions, which fuck it upset alot of people, a lot of people couple should on it. I mean there's really no way to tell based on what I read, I feel like it's true, but I might just like being foolish Jesus Press, Alt assassin out upon him on walking ghost well, no, it's funny to me. This seems like, like you're, saying the lady, the Mcdonald's lady, that at first past
Of course you say that because he had sounds like the ultimate excuse, the vast excuse, it sounds like the beginning of a date lie totally. Was Lee Blogging and there are a blunt there are a few of those that are there. Could I mean it's almost like it to me: economise you, the staircase, where it's like he says she fell down this thing out. Of course, he said that he fucking killed her, but, as you know, but then, almost than this one's almost worse than a fuckin that he asleep blocking it's like bull shit rather than like what? If it's true right, what if it's true in and what Are the what could actually support that like and those people took all that evidence and four nine hours were through it and went yeah? He didn't do it, but at the same time it's like the heat still do it. Are you not culpable at all in your sleep like he? Is there some kind of like a man slaughter or something you know like he's, Let's leave he's done well, but he did go to jail. You said rang out just trying to try. Oh yeah, I do
I mean that's horrible and yeah yeah. What do you say yeah only. He knows I mean, like only he knows hardware. I do know that they didn't say married only because a murdering a fuckin em out us and said that she was friends with this girl and she was younger and went over to her mom and stepped out house before, and she told her about it. So there weren't married me more well. How could you be the? How could you, even if it is the love your life? You absolutely believed tat justly innocent. He still killed your view right yeah the mean like that. It wasn't an intentional re plan that could give it is sleeping. Next to him. I mean Jesus all that bad alone, that alone or just like yeah, that's its eye, punishments whom I sleep before you have you yeah like having a dream about a fight, undermine punished home, so bad about sometimes talk mostly yell.
Yet my mom, oh my but he did end up. I think they're, sorry to find any information that the most recently I found was out. He was running for a spot on the list. School board in two thousand and six, which mention that he had six kids ages, Ford, a nineteen and two thousand sexually wows in another relationship at some point right, yeah and like we can't find anything else, you touched on selling his life and, if I can didn't, do it on purpose great, but also like can you imagine like knowing your past, you it's crazy. It's horrifying, it's crazy, it's or- and that is the case of Kenneth Parks, a k, a sleep, walking murderer, wow the yeah. That's I mean guess, there's ones we do where it's like they. They you describe their childhood nets, the worst thing even raise them when they become killer than your like. Well, I
It doesnt justify it, but I see how a plus people see array, but so this is a version of that. It is because you're, like you, I can imagine being so Anders under so much stress brown by yourself. That's everything to like the stress he brought on by himself. Yes, so it's also silica. Will your culpable for that yeah? Are you comfortable for the murder and the other for the things that happen because of your choices and actions? Yes, in it is diving that this is a real like conundrum. In that way are to be. Can you imagine being on that jury? narrow and probably that you I bet there. I sleep walk right out of here. I just feel like. I don't believe in sleepwalking goodbye. I don't believe in it of my gets, an urban myth, the other, fuckin crazy with bananas yeah, I could see. I mean I can't imagine, staying married, so the poorest, now you can You had too much to ask ass yeah
man, horrible, ass, heavy, saw her No I'm sorry. I just told you honourable murder story. Oh you mean like the theme of its paragraphs. I ve been doing for three hats: re, yeah, yeah I'm happy things yea, let's say real, quick goat who exactly right is our podcast network and we have right now for awesome podcast, that you can listen to the network of seed and reinforces the forecasts, of course, have the fucking incredible following the fucking incredible. This podcast will kill you and, of course, our friend Chris Fairbanks, and caring. How Garrison barium pike ass dear, You didn't know the man. Do you want to try and do you like cars? You tell them to guarantee its season two of. Do. You need a ride like cars? That's it! I shouldn't at a time Oh you know, that's a new one that were learning glaring. Sometimes we not plug. So much
at the top. He asked shit. Chit chat it. How do I get it going as they say there documentaries, hot coffee, thank you and that documentary will change dangerous maintenance, it'll change! You that's the Mcdonald's when the fuckin coffee was the temperature jets, fuel, show you. The wound. They show you the wound and you're. Like oh, never mind some I know someone who talked me through that dark matter. Cuz like I can't watch it and they go, but here's why you need to and then explained, and it's that idea where these corporations, when they're it's the billionaire thing that we all have problems with. Enough money to influence systems too. Besmirch, animal line peoples as individuals. When someone who is just a lady, they got coffee spilled her suddenly, when you hear about it, she's the joke and asshole for suing just once she's, just in it for the money he's a money grubber, and it's all that stuff of how, like the court system and the legal system is so skewed toward its base.
They just rich people in their way? Is that suit area already inferior reading me am. I wish there was something positive for the end of it, but there's not enough. Well, I think it's me I think we are now hitting a time in our culture where people are going yeah we're coming down with this benevolent benevolent billionaire concept. This Anglia that these people with all the money should be in charge, should like we are already in place and we can't change them, so it doesn't matter, but any change them as we made them. That's right, I mean that's what people are starting to get their minds around here. The law was made by human beings for human beings. We change them, we decide. I guess it's just frustrating to watch people vote again, their best interests, because they believe all this rhetoric and bull shit. Yes, John. I am talking about my all those who want you back on our side. We know Europe of Fun, loving, happy, deep down, come back over Jana JANET what you're fucking re. Well,
ok, I'll say it I wish you. I tell you how laying down when we came back so I've had if I've done us one already, but I think its relatively new I've had a lady cling, my house Thank you. Thank you, Stephen he's listening. I my grandmother was made for basically all the years wished that she was in this country before she got married and she to clean the Jews house, I loved you as the only guarantee of the Jews, were the ones super rich family and seek left behind it used to be the main and the nanny for ok. So she strangely what'd you, she loves earthquake or any other race, fucked up and I mean every other ring, wow grandma, portuguese- no thank you might easily any nationality that isn't irish or just but she loved by
having come from those are: that's my people working class people. You dont have other people clean your house, you fuckin clean it yourself, you lazy, pastern. So of course I just have a relatively messy house. Once I got dogs, filthy ear and Recently I was just like it's gotta change and I'm not gonna. Do it like I'm, not gonna do at no time. Even if you do it, it's not going to be to the standards. Now it's not gonna be the way a person. Does it professional or has it been so before the last I'd say month, I've had a lady come clean. My ass was a ritual than last week. I was like just everywhere there, and it is a pity, when I came home from Hawaii so that, aside, as I was to be home from away, I walked into a house, it smelled ass ever so adjust lightly of cloth. Every surface was sparkling. I could have people over immediately the last time and her she's the best I guess I'm one named chequered, just in case
but she's, also murdering oh yeah. So once you can, let me guess: did you see the thing whatever and just we'd shouted up, but she's doing things like I cleaned all these dog prince off this wall. Like things I don't, you are because it just like, alas, that in that rang like by how six new now, whether they never think do yes, like with magic, racers ensure, yes, it was things are fucking the magic
I believe in them she's anti. She doesnt shape up. She isn't like I really destroying the earth ie or leg. Just all the skin on your hands got out a severe lack of bleach, but I say we love those the Heizer to mere amazed and they really do work like cause. I always flick hair die everywhere. I die my so then I have to go over all of it and those things take it all miserably magic, razors, everybody, that's my fucking. Her EVA has brought to you by now that it's a little self care of don't have so much weird working class. Shame that you don't take care of your site and you're paying good money for end of the year tipping while ass it. So it's like he in oh yeah, it's ok yeah to have helped. Sometimes, yes, mine is another thing to also yeah. Ok, I have fucking traveling anxiety. I can't even take a vacation, I'm just anxious and their last week I was so fucking close to just going home the morning after our show
cancelling it. Until I hear my parting challenging unless you go have fun light, didn't fuck unwanted, like banks was like, let's just try it and if you hate it, we can go home I'll, be fine. I end Second, having that idea, stay and extradite. I had such a good time, and part of that is because I went and fuckin got myself a pet camera. That you set up pointing out wherever this is point out. My bad weather spent all the time, and so, whenever I was like anxious or depressed or miss the cats, whenever I can just pull it up, see that they were just sitting there. Happily, sleeping and everything was fine and EC law. Calm me so much that I state an extra day vacation Did you have any idea about that? It's like a baby, monitor for cats, go get it! That's it yeah! Thanks for- Listening and learning and loving a thing with us laughing ass near ass, yet flowers, hope you get flowers, copycat flowers today or not theirs. The flowers or more
completely say sex and don't get murder? Give Elvis yeah
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