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167 - Bomb Grade

2019-04-04 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the death of Karen Silkwood and serial killer Sam Little.

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This is exactly right. Hell I welcome to my favorite murder. The Maxie serve the Maxie pad ever so. This is the opposite. Will report blue water onto your the Maxie bout of your interests? Here's what we promised you would be super absorbent, YAP unspent in it. There will be no leaks, this entire episode, Bilby wings, but don't work man, though the darn things got lands. Remember those when the always first came out with Maxie paths with wings, which is this should have happened years. It was a new thing. It was so new enemies. It came,
look in the nineties right late eighties, maybe maybe a memo period, and there is literally a lady in the commercial did not apply to there's a lady in the commercial holding up this. Not so looking huge Massey paired with the wings going, then jarred things got way. That's cute, where she today Day had she died of toxic shock syndrome. Is the whole thing was made of asbestos. They didn't realize back then that they shouldn't kill women. Finally than in the now you shouldn't just shove asbestos right up your anywhere less aware, say: listen! This is just a free association episode whenever the else happened. Carians eating, oh sorry, maybe, and kick out, I think we're getting. There is a ok look about it. We haven't. Let's do an office corner okay, so we are everything eat. You tell a thing hookup MA a thing in the office is really offers its new studios. It's very exciting every day, there's a new thing. Now, though,
these are painted. That's exactly right, there's exactly right: the acoustic tiles or up waiting to be hung so that all the sound is perfection. There's a Stephen in the corner. Stevens got his whole thing set up, including my favorite new clock. There's a Stephen Corner corrections own Stephen Corner, but my favorite then, which is, and I apologize for you, haven't to listen, but we are given so much candy and we might need to ask please thus candy shows we have seen much candy office that there is a literal, humongous drawer filled with Canadian, cats in our kitchen and that's Eric. When we come to record, I just go open that door and pull one. I myself, it's amazing have Odo role that, if your name, it is Leslie, know how that if you were born in the month of Tomer may or August.
You can bring us candy, you will, but otherwise, or if your name is Leslie Arbiters Leslie. I e with the. Why whatever doesn't matter and we're gonna lie or driver's license to you has an idea. Ass because it's getting so out of hand and its very difficult not to eat high quality. Chocolate of scenario these fucking salted caramels we get from this- is that this is the best chocolate here in our in Omaha and assaulted, carnal, and then The other problem is, I love dark chocolate. You hate it, so I immediately get the dark chocolate and then my suitcase full of dark chocolate, salted cartels and I want to cry- I mean and here's the thing everybody that gives guess has really good taste. They know what a good gift is to give They know to go to the oldest candy store in their town because it reflects the town it reflects quality at it's good Africans back to a time of your visa for whites, let's be specific, but it
it really is the best the oh. I will go home with a little box like a Seas or whitman style, tiny box of local candy and thus be like. While I have to eat it, I'm here I'm here in Pittsburgh. I didn't think I mean to bring its home in giving my mom or I haven't. I have a shelf of like I'm, just gonna get better someone else like he had so nice, but I dont want to this or that and then I just then a beating at all. There's a horror, sucking candid maple syrup someone gave us in Canada. Does acquisition let this go away. I now have a second can of naval Sera. That's like me. Sometimes one m, I'm in the grocery store and I want to buy candy, but I'm so ashamed could be buying candy that I have to make up a story. My head, where I a start the story. This is for the kids someone's gonna come over later. Yet this is further can where they re, not one child. In my neighborhood, I don't I'm not friends with anybody and a day to day basis that I see children, you don't own any children, there's! No! I don't have a hidden in the attic there's. No,
I can kids why ok hold on there's a now. We're gonna get a record this or it might be edited out of its terrible, but there's a fucking that my swearing there's a get in your face. Now, that's flying through this room right now. If I bet you it's because we turn the lights off in its cold up there now, but also can't tell the not from the floaters in my eye was ice promises, but no, I come, and I hope that this that it'll happen at somebody get that little mother fucker my office update corner, yeah let's. About the raggedy clown that there's ok, wiping out I propose in a vast episode, will put it for a photo of it up and maybe a video of it up on aren't, networks, someone gifted us what's Raggedy elixir, raggedy Ann, but it's a cloud. On and on one side, it's a happy face, and then you turn it over. There are some of the back of his head. It's a fucking,
did clown sad face with with tears on its own face, crying NIT Nit tears, gotta didn't net there is. Why is it happening there? And I am talking so I came here early and I was talking to Stephen and Daniel Eyes private conversation yeah you're, not my type elbow cannot. So I welcome the office and I like. Why is the clown right? There? That's not lower your richly put the clown into weird place. Inward prisoner realise that lately, I've been coming in the office and its been in different places. Every time zone come in here and Stephen Ending L, whose are that exactly right exists, Pretty yes and she's run and does not worry so fucking. Amazing Kramer. We love her the best advice, which one of you guys are moving the clown like as a gentle and thereby but we are not moving at, am, I believe them or not lying people and then at five p m the other day. The alarm went off here and it's moving all the time and then Daniele said when she listened to the video of the alarm going off. She heard thy creepy way
no yes cheat. I didn't know that yeah I'd know I just now- and I was like don't talk here and I'm on its arms. Ok because absolutely assume Stephen was moving Macleod feeling well so I have moved it once or twice, but this last time they came in and there is something on the floor and I took a picture and send it to dinner, because if anything goes wrong, I'm like with the agenda- and it was part of the alarms yea. I am like guinea on those it's up. She's gonna, she's, yeah she's run in the place, and then She was like. Oh, do you mind just putting it back in its spot? In so I went, back into the main room and put it in a spot. I noticed the climate in the corner. The current round of the climate I climbed was in the guy did not notice it when I walked in and I'm not getting shows the same. You know, but it's back in Turkey, but it can. I just say this them the other night when I was leaving. I did. I dont
If I moved to the clouds no, but I definitely turn the clown around, so it wasn't the crying face. It was the happy faces like we don't need to be looking at the sad sight of the clown, but the only other person I could have done it. The only other employ and person who works for exactly right. Media is are J, yes, and the three of you could not be more like more of an honest, fine, but that fucking play pranks. So I don't okay. So here is my idea, because its two days after April fool so just lame an arrow flows. Legs even honestly drop the prank. Now even leading me, god dammit, you rascal. So here is my idea in case it is hunted and then we're like, let's get rid of it, but I think it's the coolest thing and I remember the two girls and gave it to us. I feel like the the When I gave it to us, it was in or you were ok, ok, so I'm hundred percent wrong, but I remember being these two guys
in Arizona being like we found this today, that a threat storm we gotta be great for you and then we started crying and they were like so happy about our reaction. So Stephen Indian Yellow the great idea we're going to Fucking Arizona this weekend targeted MAC, I didn't think it even to the home down. There is now, but then we have to that's right in and we have to buy it its own seat. I know that you have to strap it in you can't just sitting there lie or underneath is running out. Clowns man. They are expensive. For some reason. I remembered getting that clown from the guys, those people, those women. After this Circleville. When we were in Ohio. I feel like that's the area we were end, but now you are determining anywhere you catch on. I think you're right, but I want to but that's pretend I am and bring it with us again. Stephen. Will you look up in the email just because I feel like we had at least one converse
but the people who gave us the email. That then said we are the ones that sent me. The clown sinner clown, either way Are you sure that's not part of a kick? It might be a cat. Now, that's probably for the best when we should find out, because if you take it Arizona, you're, just unleashing the clown, you do I maybe it's frat, maybe we neither its for everyone. That's right good, Am I right we throw it into the crowd. It's up to you now to welcome, analyse what, if, but what? If, if we brown the plan and its emotional support, hunted clown, then, as if I were depends on how much support it brings you and if it really makes a difference, because we could travel and take this journey with this on a clown find out that all along the Hunter clown was inside and this weekend convince isn't going to be with us. Oh, that's I tore because its Russell Mania, that's the only thing he would.
Force forsake us for nothing else, yeah that, except for he would not have any part of that clown. Now you're. He went, or your saying, I'm just saying: ok, no european mania within the only thing it's tackling gonna be aware: Riga, arrogant to be off are killed. Yours because we don't have are grounding national support, then yes, some additional support, soil that is Vince overall, but will have word anybody, everything's, fine, we'll see if it's fine or now now you'll deftly now you're the first enough or smoking the flames. You know now, the last when we were in Phoenix that was when we re in the revolving theatre circle stage revolving theater, I really one of the most fun times of my life. I think that night that audience. The interaction and the fact that the stage was moving the entire fuckin time. I will
ever forget it now as beautiful, whose magical we assume announcements, because we have this puck has network yeah. This is exactly right: corner gotta get something better than that visa. These are just update. These are network updates says I did that is today. Did it to news telephone, it's. Your phone is buzzing exactly when that was going on here. Let's see U K, I saw it that's it it's from San Juan CAP astronomy, oh your favorite place it ok about be your favorite. I love to go down when the swallows command and shoot swallowed by their heads. Have you the best making mission Peter email us? It's that we love your car chance? We love your interactions oh yeah. So exactly right as the park has not work. We have started and the gentlemen Holes murder squad just prepared
and you guys came out in full force? These guys have been number one on the over all park, Hasna or charts for a night before it premier. Staying there. I I want. I want to ebay. How incredible. This is to us in how much this means to us and how important this is, and this punk cast is incredible: Jensen halls murder squad, but it says so much you guys made us look really fucking idea as we were like we swear to God. If you guys help us make this, this thing will go, it will be big and people will love it. Man sell it yeah and it really worked and the ultimate, I was telling you and genuine Stephen this earlier, but the ultimate compliment was that after it came out, my sister called, who is not a murderer, who know and is not interested in happy worry about she's she's, proud from a distance submitted, as I want to get involved than her whole stance on everything, and she is is she doesn't like your climate, freaks or out? She listened anyway and loved
and she was just like it's amazing, the I love the song. I love the whole set up in the beginning, but to listen to professional people, discuss the jobs they ve had and the work they have done and where it is now and where they wanted to go she's like, I think it's going to change the way people interact with like their media. I think so, and I just is here's the thing, You don't have to believe Laura Europe, but she is the one that spotted George Clooney on the early episodes of the facts of life when he was a man at the store and was like who's. That guy is back when he had long weird Heron was gonna beefy. She Clooney she, cloning, early yard and oh god so that they really ash on the network. All six podcast that we have had brand new episode gas. So will we
than to now, of course, its Jensen Holes murder squad, which the next episode two drops Monday April, eighth and so make sure you subscribe, because it's not gonna be our feed. This time right, yeah go, join it and subscribing support and rate, and do all those things it knew no help. We can now technology. You know how to do it also on do you need a ride with me and Chris Fairbanks this week. The great Martha Kelly who plays Martha on baskets is our guest. Stephen was therefore the recording. We had a really good time, driving around met Washington, grant very randomly sure, just driving around on the east side and allay who has not a good time, rather our allies in time. It's already, it's pretty great. Martha allowed. You guys know her from baskets, but before she was on basket, choose just a really well known and very well respected, stand a comic
thing, people understand how hilariously funny she is and her increase our old friends. So she really is just the funniest person. She is yeah, I love her and then there is a new episode of the per cast, of course, Stephen on seven may more. Who thought he would end? So here's a cross over you guys. So this part gas will kill you another part cast on our networks. Erin almond Updike is the gas this week, which is so cool. We met her she's such an angel baby and then last week. I think it was LISA Hanno all who created inanimate sugar and birdie also a K. A second vote. Our course man she's, a friend of the pine cast his while in yes just a lot of fun and new talk about cats, but it's more than that. It is the only cats instilling like there's more theirs behind what do you look line? Also there's season for us falling just started. It starts to day and, of course wrapping up with the exactly network hit. Podcast.
This protest will kill you this week, Hooker I, so I went back where I got so. I love this share and they were great Instagram where they shape every episode when they, whatever the topic as they show vintage like add and posters and warnings and other should have whatever the fuck em insanity, India? And it's just really entertaining it's great, and it was a family that mean Aaron, Omen Updike. She came to the studio and we stand in the hallway and that's a funny thing is it. This is us bringing this network together,
We haven't gotten all to stand together at any moment and go. Oh my god! Thank you! Welcome, or ever it was our first face to face. We start to meet the other Aaron she's in Finland, Stephen errands. She s shoes and Finland, but it was just so exciting as it's like to us. It's all been this stuff. We ve been working on for two years and all the said now, standing in the hallway giggling about the fact that its really happening it's really exciting and meanwhile, I'm in a three peace to be able to support offices, yet totally three tweed Sue raise hard shoes as a cane, the darker
there's dockers everywhere and ass, often ass Molly, but about shoes, but there's in boats. The whole thing is: if you have a pug us on this network, we give you a Super yacht was more than fair trade, but it that's actually the nickname for a disease that add next season and if my castle Achillea is getting lower delivery, I have you had superior. I haven't been inoculated for the Cypriot you you're gonna need to me US boring as to while agreeing go, stand and Walgreens all uncomfortable. When you know we haven't talked about, and just can we please skip r R. Discussion timeline as so off as we made on the road for so long. I just need to heavy Threem at the moment for the model on Mccann Series on lacks all the series we haven't talked. I now endless series endless series, but that's the one. It is because I dont I haven't been watching a ton of them lately.
There have been a couple conversations- I'm just silently smiling. While everyone else does it is I'm not going to say, I want to watch it eventually yeah, but I have to pass it out. For myself model We can now oh shit. If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend it well. Ok, I got a little in the way and was like. Where is a going the and it made me really sad. Yes, dense only bad, doesn't you don't get out of it? Now I don't buy it keeps going down and down and down and then really cool. This is the worst that could have. We asked people, but it is absolutely not the worst. It's terrible and yes and its at the thing you need to know, and it's really well done. Yes, I didn't really enjoy watching and I watched a lot of it and then just simply at its very compelling, but I'd yak after a while it like you, get worn down by the reality of it. I mean there's at one point at I'll. Just say this is boiler like in like
your three they realise just no one had been looking for her at all for three years. There's things like that. Were you just you think you know what this case is right. I think I know only case it. I had a completely different opinion when I went in and even not finishing the series I am heartbroken for her parents and is just it's just. I think I got really sick of listening to that. One detective lie. Portuguese coffee. I got sick of the portuguese cop,
being able to say whatever the fuck he wanted on, like. I didn't like him to a point that made it to heart. Does he die carriages men carried user interface? It me that was so like, but I know what it was. It was a way to you see what happens right well, but I mean we're all going to die. If so they made him, he was so excited someone's death. It was this again is US boiler and I'll only say to you and then you know we can do that where we well. I just wish I had a decision like this wave of Unita ruins like it was up. I have a secret and on this I am like this because I'm like well, you didn't watch it did, and now I'm gonna tell you heard her finger on her turn. Like others, we believe these stupid. My enjoyment of my enjoyment of you not knowing isn't because I'm not leaving is too big its. We all have the bet, but it's almost like that thing. We're somebody's watching something like I can't take it anymore and you turned off right before the great no wait till you see. Let me just tell you he makes a movie about his side of the story. I know. Did you watch up her? No, I am against the book. I did back in simply for the film that they released on portuguese television. That is the most bizarre,
propaganda. Weird thing you ve ever seen eminent it might bandit. Toe yes into that water, the eyebrows told not, but in water near the vase, ITALY, my dear Beza gossip, ok, it's almost like these days. That's yeah! It's this! That story. I can't believe it It is. I love and it's out because I definitely was like. I think when you taught me have you watch on alike. Parents, their right and then you like. How could I have thought that, in its like is De Keyser, Immediate told you actually because the tabloid media is evil evil? Yeah, crazy yeah and they justify anything they'll, do anything to sell a paper, including who, like
including the things that they did than Mccann's? It stressed in Saint heartily and we have to watch the mommy deaden dearest fur can play screenplay patio cat, but yes, I have to say that I haven't seen idea. I actually was so excitement sorted watching events and he was like. I can't do this watch it alone. Murdering, yes, probably munch houses by proxy is so specifically awful. It's just dark visa and I would like not now I will watch, but do I can't wait, but it's not fair, people here and I am I was like what this isn't anything we can watch. Listen, he couldn't deal with a no, no, no, it's its kids, I now it's kids. Now it's terrible, but God bless.
Petty our cat. What a talented actresses persevering, despite the fact that she has been child, now learn spreading eyes. Isn't a documentary about Patty organs, munch no rights? They are spreading their rumour, that's ludicrous, and in the idea that, even that you gossip at all is sad truly. What is wrong We don't have listeners just get him in line a lot about. Get mouth. Watering sees all recipes and pre. Measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello, fresh America's number one meal kid they make. Looking at home son easy and afforded
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well. This is also of I feel, like the first summit and to and fro in the studio, unlike for years in a row, and we ve been home for more than three day living my life, I'm getting memorize, I hadn't one dinner with a friend you're out in a vow. It get me doing things like a normal human being. I am I have reached a level of cuddling with my dolls, then, as I feel it, my dog George,
having a real emotional impact from me being gone so money because she gets up into the bed and then cut and smuggles upon my shoulder or I'm like we're here like I can't you can't get closer to me and said Billy I want if you leave, I want to feel- and I want to know your very sad- also she's the size of a small horse. So it s not like normal cuddling hats. It's like oh look, the horses. He then made the media emotionally my resources, the error, emotional support. Para, that's racket! It, oh god, I'm where I wear a little blue vast when she's around here, ok, George and you think you can catch her. It's ok but does not render our like like a dog or a kind of dog, or you sad and sweet. I saw leaving this weekend young, but then, but I'm gonna take them to the said. The old
dog camps are, they know you never now is that is water and tools and stuff like that, I mean take me there for can weaken. Please take me there, please, I'm first great. So here we go. Ok, Karen! Yes, I love some fucked up shit yeah you do! That goes all the way I always saying, or you can a tear down some majors established. Maybe Yeah. This is the mysterious death of parents alkaloid, yeah? Why, having either Vista or thought of all ages and watch the movie? Yes, I will get about back. I tried a yes I've seen the movie. I try to watch it again. It's available nowhere, re really, surprisingly, except on Youtube, of course, and it's it's available on you. In the left hand, corner of the cypriot member had an arrest him. It is someone's leg screen saver space,
like, like literally outer space, will yelling at you. That's how the director wanted it, but I've been regional intent was that it was a shot and presented that way. You can understand all the words. No, why? Yes, sir I did my best and I watched a lot of it- great it is here. I bet you anything you're fuckin dad has of ease the age, a copy of it. If he does, I'm telling you that you're getting the combination of a fresh eighties share o and an marrow street at the height of her shit. She is so fucking God, and this movie, and share is amazing. Yet, as we all know, everybody's everybody's got a style in that movie that I like. I need that hair is the hare. That would make me seem gesture,
I appeal, I could see, shares her on year, the galloping curly long thick. That's what I've always one end, but I share has the perfect face for cash is like a long dramatic view no face like it doesn't hide behind her hair ray. I have Campbell Soup kid faith. So when I have dramatic hair like that, it looks like I put my mom's wig on it, I'm running around the flow of living room. Maybe you need to get a cut out of a candle soup camp where at them like around like you, know, like a sandwich board. Maybe you need that and I could just make a little bit more money from the Campbell superposed TAT she so beautiful. Oh, my god, she laughed soon and I mean beautiful like the way. A weird baby is here she's, open. She feared, as I super her affection superbly walk shit. Ok, that again and wine needs to eat that bug. I killed. Ok, Karen!
stress Dictionary, defines order whistleblower as one who reveal something covert or who informs against him another wow areas, a martyr as a person who sacrifices something of great value for the sake of principle, essentially, you and me my story of our life. Can we step be met? I just like that. You just started off your murder this week. The exact way everybody started off their dramatic speech like presentations on high school words like webs There's dictionary defines a friend ass. I was thinking more along the lines of a really bad best man's be achieved a letter like all of those things combine. I did that and there it was say you did it and you did a great. I thought you were gonna go Webster's dictionary defines a whistle blower as he will also I can do it whew
missed an your right. Let's added that. This is why you're their fuckin trader is dead, yeah. Let's ok, so Karen soak what has been described as both those things by her supporters, as well as a fucking, crazy person by those who wanted to bring her down yet LE man. That's right. Let's get into it! Ok Karen gay silk wood was In February nineteenth nineteen, forty six- she grew up and nearly in Texas, which is about a hundred miles from Houston. I forgot. They are the places that I got a lot to get information from cool room Ramiro in situ dot, org there's a scrape podcast called the nowhere dispatched by Lucas, throw who does Texas, mysteries and murders, and nine months and a bunch of time as articles and PBS aren't. Like everyone knows everything about this, they are and there smarter than I am, but here we go. I took a little from
we want? It's I mean it's. The story that's been around for a long time has yet so so Karen's Oakwood she and I didn't notice about her. She was super fuckin, smarten high school. She got straight AIDS and she was really in two chemistry which I didn't realize. I thought you just got a job at a plant, but now she was really smart after Cohesion should have full scholarship to study medical technology at Lamar, which is it early seventies and women didn't get this fucking like opportunity. My train, I mean I would assume that I think she was the all this something like this. She was only female on her and her science class or out. That's not right so she, but during her first year school, she accidently falls in love. I can't do that. Fails to me ok and dropped out of school to elope and have three times sure you do now old trope sure of the old true love, some grass
confounded too. They have their having fall out and shit he's cheating on her and she and her husband separate, and part of the terms of their separation is that he gets full custody of children, which I'm sure there's some crazy story. That is I am told that we don't understand so she leaves the family. She visits that kid's, often but they're, really young kids. At that point. Yeah. I really sucks, like you, want to think of her as this like, but that sucks when he can. You know you circumstances. Yes, sir, she leaves her children behind and she moves to Oklahoma City and she finds a job in nearby Crescent Oklahoma at the cure. Magee plants. It's a then care Magee is a power powerful energy base conglomerate. One of the big wags and a big way, in our nuclear power industry, which I guess it's a big fuckin seen. Ok, I mean I didn't know that is it still to this day. I doubt it proper. Maybe
stop asking why so I dont know why she's doing I think than who area now heard a Texas as far as the nowhere dispatch tells me that that is a big fucking industry for oil and for power and entered like yet aid play. Try a ladder, rich people there honour. I bet that's very tricky out a lot of people working for them, yeah and all caught like it's the energy, its oil industry, but then like that, that money begets alternative energies and bodily. You know- going up. All anyone was ever trying to figure out is how to basically harness their vision. Why am I trying to any? I want to hear your radio and others may want to hear your thoughts on silk. Would the movie- because I didn't you know I didn't much labelling, but I still want your opinion on this. Could I ask you, remember the she just feels like that's. It was really the direction our people are like. You know better living through chemistry, but it said it's an area where they can't really be controlled. The way people say Anna became scary at some point in the
if she's you see other new nuclear technology and people were how on earth. But this is the time when it started to kind not be so right, ok, so so she gets a job and she so to get back into her passion of science. After having stayed Hungary's kids and shit, and He gets a job as a mental, augur technician at the plutonium plant and she is essentially helps. May plutonium fuel rods for nuclear reactors well just makes me think of the opening credit. The Simpson. Yes, that's all I know about what you will Rogers bounces aware. Yes, exactly I mean it's, I feel it since probably saw some of this off of you know. I the simpsons is entirely based on, so they just don't. They won't acknowledge Marges Karen silk Karen Silkwood ok so her duties, their include polishing fuel rods, packed with radioactive plutonium, pellets, fun, yeah. Of course
now plutonium is one of the world's most deadly poisons I'm sure the girls at this package will kill. You tell you all about it. Yes, its highly radioactive, and Cure Magee had gone out of its way to downplay the dangers of it, of course, in their like employ handbooks and shit, it's health manual sang and capital letters before our new sure. Yeah radiation is no furniture. Its guiding hitching save the at all. Caps yeah a diagonal and then with some little like kind of lightning bolt things coming from aside and it's coming out like a shooting star and underneath his as don't worry about it real small. Yet we got you yeah we got you a relation say: ok, so and this is true of the metal- only comes in contact outside the body, but so it's kind of true there are kind of lying
whence it enters the body from the nose or mouth there's a barrage of these subatomic like bullets into soft tissue wreaked havoc. Your body, and am, I daresay, speck of lieutenant. Plutonium is widely thought to be able to cause cancer of cotton along like that's all. It takes DES size, yeah shit right. It not cut so well the plant Karen good joins the oil, chemical and Atomic Workers Union which in this, the union's were fuckin. The habit while they were very necessary re. Definitely yeah, there's a lot of workers, because also when you first our time of this, I was like we'd. This is not normal. Ray is a different road, even in our own way, because the same error can I re was slightly earlier, and that was basically about unions but currently same feel powerful women getting it done in real life. Yes,
so. She she joins the ceiling in which is your right, very necessary. There's a strike not long after she joins the strike, fails which led to a bunch of the workers, their leading the union, but Karen Staid and Part of the reason is because she was elected to the bargaining. Can any of the union which has the she was a speaking, woman to be in this position, which is huge, which I'm sure main her not want to quit the young any video she's mad at them, for you know not whatever as this bargaining committee member she's, charged with investigating health and safety issues at the plant and ass. She did she began to find some red flags. She sees spills, fascination of inspection records, inadequate training, health regulation violations and enough missing plutonium to make me nuclear weapons. Jesus Christ,
very delicate, but also people aren't putting the container back home. I think my cottage cheese in the refrigerator which their spores I mean. Can we please clean up after ourselves, Jesus missing plutonium. Your mother doesn't work here over the plutonium, your mother's worker, put it back, but it back so in the summer of eighteen, seventy, four Karen so testifies to the Atomic Energy Commissioner, Washington DC, which the big fuckin deal and I'm sure sure they go on women doing that about all the fine. She finds at Cure Magee. So at this point it's possible she's, pissed off a few different groups of people. Yes, okay! So there's the people who had are the people who are workers there who had left the union and saw that she stayed and she was a scab and that history them off right them The company itself care Magee, who was like keep your fuckin mouth shut and they were pissed off,
and also the workers who are worried that all these proposed government checks that she was trying to get into place would make the plant closed down and leave them without a job right, so that ship we now she roused shut up and also do didn't like women power in simple, is fucking sure. Why am I think, there's that thing of theirs? That's! the problem with like if their. If there issues with the union and then all those workers laughed but she stayed has basically she's like, but this has to be solved because this is going to play prior to solve it. At some point gives you
you can't be no more union when it still the workers with in trying to deal with the company here and we need the union to get to the bigger picture, email or not, thrilled with the union and those that the workers left the union they didn't left, leave their jobs. Rais D worked there with her. Oh ok, so ya. Still in the union, they leave the union, Alias Arizona, ok guy they stay with the job. Yeah she's got enemies. Fucking everywhere seems that way. Man she's right, which is the word I fucking feeling. So that's part of this whole mystery of her. So I November fifth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy four. She does a routine check. What you seen the movie. You just have to look kind of, like put your hand over. You know some kind of scanner and it beeps and I'm crazy! If you have plutonium, you don't want it to happen. It happens to her, Oh! She discover she has been exposed over four hundred times the legal limit of plutonium so people think that it was done. Purposely as retaliation and get by one of those groups. That's like
I think she would expose yourself to four hundred times plutonium Rio and that one of the workers, like put it in her gloves finnish sauna, have like the bait, purposely made her get a plutonium poisoning. Yes, yes, that's one of the theories uncaring herself out, it was a deliberate act by those in power at cure, Magee, which is another option, Of course, it very well could have been because one of the many safety issues that were going out of the plant, because I care Maggie. There were issues between one thousand nine hundred and seventy and one thousand nine hundred and seventy five. There were how many reported exposures to plutonium. They were between five years Let's see if there is, there was five year that would be bad, not twenty, five, five hundred and seventy four now. So it just was a constant. So we I worked at this power plants, you
probably die of radiation, as I always or get some kind of a cancer yeah and, of course, than you have their doktor saying that that's illegal, less than a little amount that you're a lot like a lot of exposed to and one cause cancer you'll be fine. You know that kind of debate going on, and this is a real Aaron Brok of its situation in Honduras, where it's just like Pga going. It's ok that you're being your poison, is being reached in rank groundwater. What's a thing like- and this is not the same but like with peanut butter- you can have point five percent, that parts in at the like. Well, I don't want any insect parts from this angle. Peanut butter that you say that you are right
tackling but the it's almost like the company saying, look we're all gonna poisoned by Tonia, let's grow up here is my only had a little luck, Motherfucker area words, but it's that thing and I am sorry to equate it cause. But I do love the movie our brok of it, but when they sit down to negotiate with the pigeon lawyers and their fighting back and forth, and then one lures takes a simple water and she goes oh. We had that brought in from Hanford or withdrawn Lamar, wherever they were in Central California and they like fruit freeze. It says motherfuckers who would never take the treaty They are insisting other people live with. They would never let their kids drinks plant fucking, Michigan water. Nowhere but they're saying it's in your time and your I'm take a shower in that year far, and we owe you clean water to be a meanwhile. Oh, oh yeah oh yeah, yes week here, yeah, so
and here's where I need you to explain a little bit about silk, which ours not explaining tat. You know, I think that your word it very well, because I didn't do while, but sandwich hours have been like a joke like I need to go hunting a silk. What shouting that bar? Because I stand Coronel, I like I talked to manage silkworms shower it's like a joke, but it actually mean something: it's decontamination shower. So when she put her hand over that second alarm, family alarms go off, nay, grabbed her and in the movie, drag her to the decontamination showers yeah, which are humiliating an awful and you get stripped down and you get held in place and scrubbed with a fuckin like wire brush, and they say to you, don't cry it'll make it hurt worse because you're the tears, the sultan her tears, get into the raw skin and it hurts worse. Jesus right, yes, yeah? I didn't know that part. I didn't know the part about the wire
it seems I might have. I might be embellishing wired, but it looks like a wire. It looks like a wire russian, the movie yeah, I mean either way, even if it's the soft, his brush in the world to have like three adult brushing you as as they try to get. Contamination of. You is horrifying and it seems like that set up in a way where doesn't need to be that humiliating, but Purvis set it at where that's the way it turned out, you're being treated like I hate to say cattle, because I think they should be treated better, but that's too much and then the movie I murmured, the movie, because the actual images Jolly movie that was so good
there's been so many. There is the one more her child go missing out body else, changeling the change Lange and she gets put an insane asylum and they wash her like that. Yes drover that- and yet is one of the one hundred years is regularly home. It's your grandmother, Garfunkel and that's a fact. Everyone that's the way. I want you to regulate. How are you telling Ricky there was out? There is also a movie, the beau Derek start in. It was Tarzan from, I believe, nineteen eighty and its it was post after she was in the movie ten with deadly more and she became this humongous SEC. Symbol of the very very early eighties were late Seventys with her. Brian Braids, yeah or culturally inappropriate Bray. Yes, now back in seventy seven, when every one it was more of a celebrated thing to exploit other culture, but she then was in this movie. I think it was called Tarzan
I think there is more to that name, but she is the daughter of the scientists, that's going to find the ape man and in the jungle and she gets caught by natives and they wash her against her will and it's very erotic sexy. It's very, like cinema acts after dark type, a shit about me and my cousin Nancy said nothing going. What's this like, this is just a movie worthy to watch they now it's not our fault, that Tarzan turn dirty literally she's, being washed its super weird and like it's very uncomfortable and she's, like kind of whining, and at one point I guess we're watching me like a horse. You should base our latvian, but it's the same thing, but it's more of the sexy version of it. S got to be some black and we are now whom made like a two minute: clip of shot women be shot being showered and movies. That's just so unpleasant! Yes can, in the background, there's the
outer space. He's gonna save, as you can see them all on Youtube right now. If you know what to look, I there's an seem like that. That's also in I Gets one of those flowers in the attic style is where someone gets Y yeah mountains. Moms you lot to their daughters. In that anything, Andrews Series urine. Bleach bad now, don't do anyway, anywhere hot invasive showers, this impact and decontaminate, etc. But I've ever been so she sent home, and I like a collect ears near Paris and we're gonna Testa yeah, I'm sure they said it differently, but how humiliating is that all of it is a further humiliation, a little bit
so he checks into work one morning shortly after this and they test her and she is registered high radiation levels again. But then she was like check my fucking car and checked, and you know- and there was in check my locker and there was no radiation there. So there's something going on where she was getting it there. And so cute. Gay, dispatches decontamination squad to her house to test her house and detect levels of plutonium in the bathroom in the kitchen and she says when she was trying to get her a hurry, urine sample, she's gonna, spilled and that's why it was there and they find it and food in the refrigerator. The word bologna happens a lot baloney tat article I die, I don't want to go there, just
Delhi meets at all or the bologna specific, specifically belonging, which is my least favoured telling me it's pretty grow it's in my refrigerator right now, because I married a Michigan guy. That's why he does he like a fry bologna, sound her eyes and listen, he's not wrong. Look, look and less than I had a bologna and cheese sandwich every day for like three years and grass do you hate it now? I don't even think about idea. Like hot dogs, I don't think about it. I haven't got hot dogs deal, oh, I can do hot dogs at any moment. Cornerstones. Right now I know I know you love a many corn dog when we go to like a gastro pub somewhere in Saint Louis or whatever, and they have many corn dogs at just like Ding Ding Ding its Georgia's Bertha Serbs are fine, but I like a fuckin dirty ass, a bowling alley, false as corn. I real deal corn, just as my dear. I only know second dipping earlier. You know I don't need your fuckin dipping. I owe you barely two years of perverts. Ok, but
her houses fuckin ransacked while they do it like an in it seems in a way that, like a warning, be could be seen as a warning to layer. You know everything. Taken pictures of her children are taken, link cause to turn him in there. But it's also like you, know, This is what happens to you. Maybe could be I could read it that way, and certainly not a friendly sir. No, ok, that's right. So on November, seventh plutonium contamination is found in her lungs and she sent to the LOS Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico for further testing, and then she gets back so that was November. Seventh, she gets back and its November thirteenth and she's like she's are retained and she's like fuck that shit I'm going public with awe information. I have that I found when I was doing my kind of covert checks
She'd gathered up evidence documenting the plants wrong doing and it contained documents proving that the CARE Magee Nuclear Corporation was a missing forty pounds of ninety eight percent, pure bomb grade plutonium, let's find out by your age, one doubtless the first apparently I'm gonna start describing things as bomb grade that trade is a fuckin bomb grade corner. I, if I could say so, myself has. Then I would say that that was enough to make for atomic bombs as powerful as the one that destroy in Hiroshima. I say that I copy and paste I dont think you read that particular copy and paste its pet. That's a powerful Fulbright information. That's right! So that's! What's missing that alone, shouldn't get you like, beaten upper. Your pictures broke in order reality like thanks, so my let's go find a yeah. Let's fix it, it's a little problematic so that night at evening she goes to a meeting for the union and then in the evening she is seen leaving its neighbour
thirteen nineteen, seventy four she's fuckin twenty eight years old, oh my gosh, can you imagine like being such a? I mean I guess, when you're in your twenties, your Bosnia's fuck but like that is brave. This is a woman going up against everybody out a sickly everybody exactly tough, so she is on her way to a meeting in equal homer city he's going to meet the National Union representative of part of the union's obviously and in New York Times reporter and and a person who saw her walking or a car said they saw her with a folder full of documents and photos that she said was going to second prove her case. Yes, right, ass, she drug meeting on a dark stretch of road Karen's cargoes. Off the road at a speed of about forty five miles per hour. It strikes, covert and it tells her breaks, breaks her car Well, sorry, sorry, that's a great question.
The questioner that its gas Oklahoma, State Trooper show up they sometimes that she had fallen asleep at the wheel, because that she did her quail. Incinerate did seem like that. She had gotten a prescription because she was stressed the fuck you claim, I may add a truly either a prescription or from the back of rolling stone magazine. But you get some of those downer. She went yeah. She went straight to the doktor S, aim yeah, so they and then the drug test in our topsy did show Quail aids in her bloodstream. In a small non alcohol which I mean like who among us at this very moment of milk, I would never more on lose every benefits and so that the centre as for the authorities, closes the case that it was a single driver accident. She fell asleep while she was driving drove off the road. Ok, however, her family and her supporters are like there are break marks remember. You're like there are the outbreak barks. Yes, there are break Marquis skidded for like that
something was there. Yes, yes, oh, how do you fall asleep? Falsely penance kid I mean it's possible, but but I bet you- that's not how it happened- wreckers if you're sleepier sleep until you crash, usually right here or you can wait up and try to write the car and over corrected yeah, but you know they there area was that she was asleep the whole time and just went off the covert so that doesn't, it still doesn't add up and there also- and this is more time for me- there are dense and paint scrapes in her on her rear bumper. Yes, course Linzer wrong to believe that she was deliberately force off the road by a trailing vehicle, and I think that this is a similar scenario to that China Syndrome that came out lay a little bit later was also true story. I don't know, but I think they took part. The bat and made it real over me. I'm not a filmmaker
wait a second, you told me, you may be t under this off back in their ash. The film making aspect must suspicious. Is that the fuck? documents were never found, yeah yeah never ever found. That's not the toilets. Don't make documents disappear as now not let fly out of the car. No one finds them yet, usually, especially if you go into a covert that's one day, Let's go all around me, Culver everywhere yeah, so maybe they did and somewhat grabbed em and fucking gave them to the right person yeah. So that is highly suspicious to me. And, of course, investigative reporters pick up on this, this crazy story and there's a series of newspaper magazine articles about the events leading up to her death and of everyone at this point, is kind of turning on nuclear power and energy in and seeing how dangerous it is, and also seeing how few, checks and balances there are because there
making a shit tunnel money off of them in the government. Stoked, ANA, yes, so cases embraced by environmentalists, nuclear energy foes feminists, as while an civil libertarian, so everyone's like this is shady yeah great. So, hasn't publicity. There's a nationwide demand for an investigation, I'm a couple attorneys file a lawsuit on behalf of Karen Sockets Children and father. Oh, I know not wrongful death in her car accident, but for wealth negligence leading to her plutonium contamination, how much like such as slinky thing to do, but that smarted, so I get em at us or yeah cause you couldn't prove the car accident probably, but you can publish at right so lawyers for CARE Magee argued that Karen Silk, what hats duck the plutonium out of the plant and intentionally contaminated contaminated herself to make them look negligent. Nope
they'll kamikaze style, she's going to make them look negligent by basically committing slow, repairable plutonium poisonings is ended. Their purse checks like when you work retailing. They check your bag a highway out. They had to have that for those how humiliating those were, but so- and I guess we used to have those of the gas or I'd be like my purse- is so ninety small, I didn't steal one of your rugby shirt, you'd yeah hole and then, when you would imagine you had approached like other people, and you like. I don't want to do this- to steal something yet people it ours. Actually, it's funny, because our Oliver managers super cool and everyone just walk out may just like it was all a gesture yeah like anybody's rifling through your stuff right. Everyone knows, put the pants put the spring, and then, and then herbage been back alley thing.
Go to your car ever really, I'm diving Zack Brand new. I didn't know that was a thing people. I never did that, not one that and how dare you accuse me? Ok. So that was our argument, but then argument chew is like. Will that makes you look negligent that an employee could just walk out with put like that's kind of em? a good argument, not none, but now that I've done right. So I either way they look like they are fucking safety issue. Yes, and you know if someone else had poison her in the plant, that's bad too. So they also said that Karen was mostly unstable and her capacities have been fucked up from tranquilizer use, they're trying to like blame it on her said loot. They said They said that she was in this. Can fight with her union and the company and that she wanted to prove that the plant was dangerous. By any means and that she was on work the dictionary definition of martyr, yeah right. That was,
The argument, which is insane like all what would the point like it's, that the idea that even a their able to present that as a logical argue mayor when it's like just a person trying to say you guys are lacking and you need to tighten your shit up and you know I can understand the leg I'm gonna show them by. Like maybe a layman who didn't understand the effects of plutonium and have actually how fuck
That's your mental. It is like my sister and I used to break open the mercury thrown out and play with mercury. Tell my mom it over there because she lost her share. Do not have latchkey kids. That is so hilarious because I remember a thermometer breaking and my mother, who never forget about any shitting nurse. Yes, but she was a link and I would like not anywhere near touching it or interested inciting high level sooner than you, and she was that this screening of don't touch that and say we ve, never forget it, because it was just like shit. She actually gives a shit about, so she emotive target mercury worth my ears on what is a worrying is now I had with both hands and mom I mean, I guess it would explain a lot more my sister and I asked
daintily broke a couple thermometers because the mercenary pistol, how sharing can guess, won't, kill your values yeah. You haven't said about what, if they're like, and the effects of mercury poisoning, our toe, tumors and and weird back, and that our thing about gas that makes no sense to have been a love of canned. Why let that so specific across I'd Siamese, I didn't even get em till he was crazy, okay, so, accordingly, the book, the killing of carousel coined by Richard Rash key whose like linked it like this? Is a book about it, the FAO please lawyers, he says they were harassed, they were intimidated and even physically assaulted. One person like maybe China has never heard from again yeah and one person quota killed herself how she had no was scheduled to be a witness like some shady share, share yeah. So many
and the jury in the silk reverses cure. Magee awarded silkworms estate, ten five million dollars, oh shit in those in the early eighties re yeah like seventy Libya late. Seventy seventy four Seventy six! Seventy success. Seventy later polish, that's too easily like fifty eighty million dollar, and how much is it really don't help prithee eighty million fifty eighty million that ITALY's dash eighty million to eighty million that elusive number, so not only was the largest settlement in the history of american fucking judicial system. Yet the case establish new precedent and liability law. Our friend from the hot coffee Mcdonald's stories joy that we often fucking hey. I mean not hate it sucks the story, it's amazing so see,
at that time. There was a thing called the price Anderson ACT, which puts limits on civil liability pertaining to nuclear facilities. Sure there, while yeah there's a cap and how much you can do for us, ruining your fucking life in your family that Sweden would have a cap like a governmental cap. We built into the law, so even you'd think that if something with so safe that you trusted a completely, you wouldn't need that, because you trusted enough not to go for high and you'd think that the people that work in your government and care enough about the citizens of its own country to not intentionally cover. The ass of people who run things like nuclear power plants or maybe even banks that whirling at an earlier. No, I love it. I love that were on the same page, because, like literally my last sentence and when I will remain as paragraph and when I was writing at home This was no, and I think we are you yelling sure. Yes, we're going to get there.
Yet up up up up. Ok, so then there was the oh, so this case were moved. The limits, yea and pretty much ended. Contraction of on nuclear power plants in the United States yet If we want em on appeal, the mouse reduced to five grand my god, but then they should now only cover the Deak destruction, Karen's personal belongings, during the decontamination of her apartment, filling we'll get you a new pouch and shit. That's all unlike they agreed, but then that's over to the Supreme Court reverses Diana. Do they do is headed a retrial when MC here in care, Magee settled out of court for one point: three: eight million, so
but they had made no wrong doing as part of the settlement and but either way the plant is closed and nineteen. Seventy six. Fourteen months after Karen silk whats death, wow has of oversight shit. So now, ok, so now the general public has already been fuckin starting to be anti nuclear plants. This makes it even worse, of course, and then March, twenty eight nineteen, seventy nine meltdown and radiation League of the reactor at the three mile island yapped. Remember that I do, I feel like they're, so many from this time period of like I can hear three mile island, our Chernobyl or lino silk wood and get like this The creeps even on a number of details have likeness is something very fucking, bad yeah, because you know well for me,
being, like you know, eight or nine here that happened it's back when there is only network television, news right, work, news, National NEWS and it was on like at seven and then you watched it then, and everybody watch the same shit. So three mile island melted down, we all sat there watching, there's two helicopter shot. Over three mile island and them just talkin about how we don't know what how we're going to contain it. We don't know if it's going to go into the water supply by this entire thing, where everyone was frozen in this realization that had gone out way too far, past anyone's control right and again. It's that feeling of you can't trust the people that are making these decisions, because there pick a monetary gain over safety, If I can time and that's why all those I think all those like ego, that's how the Greenpeace Ego
like warriors came about because they were like these people won't be stopped. Their rights are truly says. He about and they're not going affected by it you that we will have no decision over whether it happens or not or going to the ones whose children have to drink that water. Yes, who have to breathe that asked breathing air, but you know yeah it's a similar to like flat Michigan works like they will be. Poison, all of us for eleven dollars and another yacht they will ya, can do anything for money people that are in charge that right. As to the top, because sociopaths rise of the Mangaboos fucking maniacs media, they're, gonna, stop and Billy boy. Don't you that extra fifteen cents on the dollar? So, let's just let's make them good, utter Michelangelo. There never gonna do that right. Now, Ok, so that happened. Three mile island happens in nineteen. Eighty three, the Academy Award nominated movie, silk, Lloyd, starring magistrate, chair, Kurt Russell
a shed more light on care and somewhat suspicious staff and the issues with the nuclear power industry and, as a result, carousel good story, a kind of the public's eye to all of the ship going on Europe and in the years since that happened, she's become a martyr aunt for Union S, whistleblowers and those opposed to nuclear power. And well it's no doubt that its on a question she had been exposed plutonium. The questions of our people still say: did she deliberately contaminate herself contact with it because of lacking safety standards at the plant, or, her death as a deliberate act by the all powerful nuclear industry that had been enjoying the lax rules imposed by a government whose main concern wasn't the safety of its citizens, but of the military, industrial congressional complex and the few elite wealthy Illuminati unawares going I was tired, who umbrage unbent,
Two pleads, like us, have sole influence on public policy. We can fuckin vote all they want. We want to get up her now, it's does lobbyists yeah. No, I mean this is this: is everything I think, is coming to due to a head right now in our culture is basically what Donald Trump represents is unchecked Eglon mania. Maniac and sociopath greed now agreed NOME greed of all money above all and in in a way were like that idea like. Why would you? Why would you fight to keep it it's killing all these people so that you can buy another boat when you won't be able to sail anywhere because everything's gonna be dead, it happened. They may think we're gonna happen anyway, so they want to be safe and they don't want a sharing of it. I mean, and then you see shit like my mom and I who duncan along and I we scream at each other because we have differing views of whether or not Donald Trump should be fucking President, but it's like they want
Please see how at each other about it, because then we want. We want spend time. Looking at the bigger picture, we as it were flashing puppets yes, and this is the screening fucking and see no both sides of his greedy nylon maniacs. There's a few people there? Not enough not enough? Yes, I think it goes all the way that goes all the way, I think maybe what they didn't see coming and couldn't imagine having to contend with his fucking Haringay circle it yet, and they had a put her down for that and that's the mist various death, a caring, gay, so good wow, that's It's so odd. Is it so relevant today? I'd all that stuff you and stuff. It's like yeah. It's the workers and people I wish I had an education because the thrill its acquainted discussion around yeah, it's people can people can make a difference like
Karen, so good in the midst of that shit that she went through, maybe even thought it was worth it because here what's actually we try to think that out for a second there accusing her that she intentionally poisoned herself with plutonium, too to set up the nuclear power I worked out to make them seem less safe than still doesn't account for all the missing. I hate on em break. So if she did that in order to draw I too it then we owe her a debt of gratitude because that plutonium so gone, who owns it? Where did they sell it to hook make a nuclear bomb. If you, ass, the duty about the killing of Karen. So glad it's your own government, and we saw that plutonium too, our country is sure, and if you look into our past governments look into
it's not a surprise. I don't know it and tell us what you boy I dont want to look into it cause. I just watch the memo, Mccann Documentary and ass hard really hard, and I am a. Moreover, I just don't need any more of the mercenary psychopaths in this world that will do anything from Anita, its such a bummer and such a bummer. While acts that was great, Care that was that was fun pseudo discussion, we just that, I'm a deep. So ok, I'm obsessed with Chernobyl. Yes, the photographer, friend of the past, Robin Bonn, Swank she fucking went to Chernobyl, all these factors and talk to the people who still live there, who wouldn t like the grandma's and shit so VON swank curiosities. There is just a shit one of the most gorgeous abandonment porn, in Chernobyl of all fucking places, and that's that
such an amazing use of her talent. She'd have she is the same photographer. She took our picture that we use now the most current picture, and I also took the murder squad boys picture, a threat that it looks like it: It gets a pod gas picture. It also looks like there are really rad all country down yeah or they their linked joint authors of alike, like crime novels sure it against the country. At that meeting, can it yes, truce, truants, she's super Townsend go and look at all of Robin events: bonds, Winks Van Swank, Olive Robin VON Swank, stuff cause she's amazing. We have story. John Jonah, here story might just I just cracked a new kind of wine, a clip I can finally set back and listening at us trying to spout you relax this one I am taking, might have a nine as well. The things got land, so this is so. This is a story, and there is so much more to it.
But it's one of those ones that happened at the end of last year. Cause. You now runs while I to do a let's update, true crime happening in the real world, especially of fresh. She, like the time that I reported on the guy that, although leaves and his fuckin leaving our mandate within seven years prior, I like a fresh she so old Witch we met and now, the gas and say that that wasn't a mine fray. We met women who knew that murder. Who had the leaves and his living room and had passed, sick bags of Lee spend up to his all across his wife. I look at a photo of its creepy as it sounds. It's really crazy and one of these women who somehow new am, I can remember if it was like some distant relative or ex work made or whatever they said it wasn't that they believed it.
Purely for insulation rank as he wasn't paying for the heating in his home. So he's just taking, but with is that which I said he's really going out of his way. Now it's like a get them it's like, but it's still a fucking bananas soldiers, shades of banana Amazon executed bananas laying right- and it doesn't make you more saying that it makes sense its there's a little there's the least there's a line of logic to it. Yet is still so it's not just like leaves. I may later I love it. Yazzi jerking off into these leaves, but at the same time- Well, I don't kill people please people and if you feel like you, need to bring the outside indoors witches eco design, wise. It's a drastic yemeni herb. If your literal about a call trying to get a year get a year,
So this is the story that happen at the end of last year, where a serial killer, Name SAM Little Maid confession because he had been arrested in a coal case. Do you remember this not anymore, not telling you any respect. What, if you like, and then I am telling you anything guess until you now ok- I got most this information from an early times, article written by James, queerly q. You a why from when it came out there is also an amazing article in the cut though, on the website and had really and the title was the serial killer in the less dead in and less dead was in quotes written by a writer named Julian moron in that thing was very long and very involved, and then, of course, the great great gimme the oh yeah shut out. So much of this shit
I mean I had a look of nuclear industrial complex. Just to make sure I sang right. Will you clicking clicking with its link with my encounter on four pages? In the thing I know. Thank you. Thank you. Wake up here. This is how we learn. This is how we grow so at has wing set the darn thing. The called Wikipedia got wings, ok so in twenty twelve, there is a detective on the LAPD Called case team, the lead detectives and at the time was named. Missy Roberts switch, I love, because it's she sounds like someone that would look like the Improvin. The eighty did Missy, but you're, that's from the communist era, so she was the lead, a cold case detective and she brought her team to Louisville Kentucky with an arrest warrant for a seventy two year old man named SAM Little,
They brought him back to California to face three charges of murder. He was convicted and he was sent to jail without parole, That seems to be that until last May twenty eighteen when a tree. Texas Ranger named James Hollan came into town, SAM Little and thus began a conversation that four months later evoked us. Running confession that SAM Little had murdered. Over ninety women across the United States, all Lee Shall you remember that, yes, okay and did he did he come in? also there's other stuff going on in eighteen, fifty six, he still in high school. He gets arrested for the first time for breaking and entering on private property in Omaha embraced. Called an airplane, and, but I think Texas Rangers still do where the hat that's part of uniform caused the hat and, like, I think, really tight wrangler genes, yeah, I'm up it up then.
And then the cowboy shirt from Lee Western, where a great oak actually your section rate okay. So this man, Samuel Little, was born on June, seventh, one thousand nine hundred and forty in Reynolds Georgia, and he claims his mother worked as a sex worker. She gay, birth to him during a prison stance once that's how they of two Lorraine, Ohio. She is is still a t, no use. I think she was nineteen at the time honey, so he is abandoned basically and raised by his grandmother. Go tough, start of life is very tough for him. He's about student. He constantly gets into trouble, so there's other stuff going on in Asia. Six. He still a high school he gets arrested for the first time from breaking and entering on
property in Omaha Nebraska. Even there we ve been there and we note it's like we love em. He serves time it in juvy, briefly, once he released, he goes back to Ohio drops out a high school starts as life of crimes, so nineteen sixty one he breaks and do a furniture store in Lorraine and get arrested and he's sentenced to three years in jail, its outer nineteen, sixty four in the late sixties, key moves to Florida because that's where his mom ends he picks up on jaw, odd jobs. There he's an ambulance attendant he's a cemetery worker he's a day laborer, but He make sure to keep up with his passions, petty theft emphasis fighting it's hard to give up, I mean I'm sure I had the love. I mean you're good at it and when you can combine the two high during
on stretching jail. He takes a boxing so he's doing like basically dont let down to me, I mean that's what else in addition be allowed in prison, he starts getting serious about his training. It never really goes anywhere, but he basically trains to be like a middle heavyweight boxer an honest back and amiable and if you're being off, if you're gonna be honest about it and not a creeper right over the next ten years Sandra from town to town. He makes a living shoplifting stealing money. Spends a majority, is money on alcohol and drugs hangs out with sex workers and their pimps by nature, only five, so in in a bad seventies, exploitation or black citation movie, he would be
referred to as a bad dude. It's just that my opinion. Datura lies in a nice guy nineteen. Seventy five he's been arrested. Twenty six times shut in eleven different state, damn dumper record yes, so he's all over and the charges include theft, assault, attempted rape, fraud and just a change, it up attacks on government officials, so seven years later September of nineteen eighty two, a TWAIN Two year old woman named Melinda Le Pre goes missing in ask Gola Mississippi those right. I mean it felt good idea. Well, when I Mississippi listen to this package, us we're not ever gonna, be corrected, will see and hear com. The letter I sent them letter slot the digital letters, ok So Melinda Library is a sex worker and
SAM Little was known to have spent time with her, so that plus his in very long record, gets him arrested for Look Melinda. The priests murder, but a grand jury declines to indict em, While he is being investigated, formal envelope, libraries murder, he becomes a suspect in the murder of twenty sexual Patricia Mount in Florida. So when the one, the Gent grand jury, passes on indicting him for fur, Melinda, pre, smarter and Mississippi, he's too as for the Florida, where he's then tried for the murder of partition Mount and during this trial. Witness This testify that they saw SAM little with Patricia Mount the night before her disappearance, but without any other damning evidence. The prosecutions case falls apart and in January of ninety four little is acquitted of Patricia mounts murder. So then he immediately moves to San Diego, I so
one thousand of nineteen. Eighty four less than a year out of prison SAM Little is arrested once again for the kidnapping, beating and strangling of me to your old lorry barrows, who was left he left her on the side of the road for dead, but she was not fucking Diana laying dead until he left she's survives. She reports the crime to the authorities and she identifies SAM little as her attacker but There is a delay, takes the police about a month, fine SAM little and when they do here in the same place where he assaulted lorry barrows the month before and. What was so when they find a means. There If another woman now he is just strangled whose unconscious in his car in the back seat of his car, so they arrest him and the woman survives also they get their leg just fucking in time, but I'm so I know what's gonna happen now like this,
The part where everyone in the audience claps yeah and then you turn to them, or one of us, turns them and says why, you'd, be while how wise going to girl clap now don't cloudy. Now I've four pages levy on my you're gonna break your own heart. Yes, yes, that's that's how this always as because you can see it so clearly in hindsight, if, if laws Various comes to the police and says this man just attacked me strangled me and left me for data everybody they shall be out. It shouldn't take three weeks while they look at her record, and maybe she has some arrests or some record, and so they say well, who fuckin cares? Yes, Paul holes will say. This is not how it happened today, yeah acknowledging that that's how I have fuckin happen, then yeah. You know you can't not acknowledge it right. I mean That's the best thing you can do is say this These are the old attitudes we have to change? Yes, gas. We have to change it s. Okay, so now that he's been caught red handed
is found guilty of his crimes against both of these women, and sentence to how many years in jail yeah, for I was the same time right ceiling yoyo. That was perfectly and because I thought you were gonna take a two more seconds and then I was like it's this I'm setting it up to be a disappointing. I was gonna, say five yeah. It was fuckin its for any ends of serving two and a half years back and forth. Tempted murder of two different women like a month apart, so he is released again in February of nineteen. Eighty four, I let him go and where the fuck does he go South Central LOS Angeles. So this is from Julian Laurens articles in the cut quote.
Even by the crack epidemic in the region and Ministration subsequent war on drugs, South Central became a playground for predators and during that era of two seven sexually motivated serial killers, including Lonnie Franklin, who's, the fucking, grim, sleeper, Chester, Turner, Michael Hughes, our boy, Richard Fuckin, Ramirez from the devil, and we crane and SAM Little himself operated with near impunity in the area accorded local law enforcement and community activist slowly. Yes, so they Not only will you know we ve talked about this a bunch times the grim sleeper murdered sex workers and black women in South Central LOS Angeles for twenty years it went on so long that it is, is the kind of case you almost can't cover right because of how, extreme. It is how extensive it is when you can't do it justice. Really I can't do it just you'd say I can't do it without totalling insulting the
police force cause it's. You know it's a really hard case to cover with empathy or understanding towards a police force who literally outward making up slang of what to call black set sex working women who get murdered that were, and that's what this is. Gillian morons article is about that's what she is referred to as the serial killer, and the quote less dead right has its like saying that these women are less dead than other people, that sex workers are less dead when they get killed, because they just quote a deserve it or be levelled at the lifestyle. That's a little more risky. Somehow they were asking for our drug use like the thing where there are trying to pick on Karen Silkworm saying, oh because you do these things, your life, you somehow have a hand in this. You deserve it. You are asking brighter and then, if it goes even higher up, it's the fuckin government not putting in a police force in the fucking asked entrails, though their knowing what these data day insane, doing things in this crack epidemic that they
fucking government started to begin will show that this episode is gone. But so, essentially this is the it's the same. It this. It's this standard, serial killer narrative turned on its head because there's no process, there's no cooling off period, there's no build, there's no intrigue or ino for lack of a better word too. The serial killer process, no alarms or sounded when these missing women disappear. Its I go Pat, taking advantage of the ugliest parts of society's truth in that some people's lives cow, less than others to the authorities and these men, especially of course Lonnie, Franklin but this guy SAM Little just went in and exploited that fact and did exactly what he wanted to do.
And to illustrate that there is an amazing pull quote that just sitting on the side of one of the the side of the coin the cut article- and it just says he done three months for assault and rape. He done three years for robbing a furniture store and that's it we're not sure, that's it right there, what we value and how the law works for those Ok, so they ok. So basically, this is another quote from that cut article they began working up so that when the cold case team one end they began work king up a dossier on him, so Sam Little had aliases Samuel, Mcdaniel, Samuel Mcdowell, willing, May Clifton and Willie Louis that active, ran wrapped sheets and arrest records. A prison packages did vehicle surges when the result began to pile up on her desk Missy
its unflappable cool gave way to astonishment even anger. The question wasn't where he been hiding all these years, he hadn't been hiding heathen committing crime after crime in plain fuckin site on the fucking. Isn't that quite adequate? Sorry, ok! So This called keys team in twenty twelve gets a grant from the National Institute of Justice that allows them to launch cold kit. This cold case special section, so there asked was screening DNA evidence to Lincoln, possibly solved coal cases from the area. So Sam little DNA is in the database those attacks that he only serve two and half years for so when they screen old dna samples from several cold case murders in the area and the eighties, find a match at sea.
Metals dna matches? The dna found untrue, unsolved murder, victims, Audrey Nelson, who was killed in August of nineteen. Eighty nine and Waterloo pay Apple Dhaka who killed in September of nineteen. Eighty nine. How so monsieur Robert takes a closer look at little and his background and she
It confirms that he's involved in these murders. He clearly has you know he has the record yeah and he is the only reason he's out of jail is but like basically a technicality, it sounded like he's trying to be self about them. It's like what s just waiting for someone to match them up, but doesn't he probably even thinking about that, so she poles and outstanding narcotics warrant that was against him from twenty two thousand seven core the de agrees to extradite as long as she can find him. So now she has to go figure out where the fuck he is Carmen San Diego stunt super lately into pump getting someone in for a warrant for the print violating their probation. But it's about a bigger things like they did a little fucking thing wrong. They were hanging out with someone who is also the conduct and they women for that, but they fucking have them on something else and they can swab them for DNA. And yet
I'm sorry, I'm not a really cool trick. The act is theirs. I mean there's loopholes on both sides, there's loopholes that will get people out of things like what the fuck, but then that's also there's loopholes on the other side to go where there is outstanding warrant for you for narcotic yeah, we get to pull you and we don't have to rightly Nano is qualified your normal right. It says by that and an heroic do we get to do at pause to run that DNA LAPD wrought robbery, homicide unit that discover financial records that point a little being in because he had social security payments then he was putting on a prepaid Walmart card in Louisville Kentucky. So the? U S, marshals, fugitive tax force is sir. To Louisville a finally find SAM little in a homeless shelter on September fifth too, twelve they arrest him and they extradite him back to LOS Angeles. He referred. To talk
Another dna match comes in a third victim forty one year old, Carol, Alford, who had been strangled to death and found in a residential alley in south central. So, with three charges of murder. On January seven, twenty thirteen SAM a little goes took those two court for the murders of Nelson Apple Dhaka and offered it starts that actual trial starts in September, twenty fourteen he maintains is in an innocence throughout shut. The evidence proves some otherwise and several women who had been levels victims but escaped They come and testify against him ass. Their testimonies, along with the newly found dna evidence are to put him away so September. Twenty two twenty fourteen Samuel Little is found guilty of the murders of Nelson Apodaca and Alford. He said the three consecutive life sentences with
no possibility for all, and now so he's just going to jail. But now the FBI decides they need to run a full background check on him, since he clearly is a multiple murderer and possibly a serial killer, and that leaves them to discover compelling links in his history to many more cold cases. His true we'll patterns for one line up with the timing of several pull case. Murders including one in Odessa, taxes so in spring of twenty eighteen, Texas Rangers James HOLLAND, the one that we were too with my cap. Crime analysed Christina Polyzoa and depart of justice, senior policy advisory and via CAP liaison Angela Williamson. These are all the jobs you can have in
Unfortunately, in their love, you can vote, can just work provide cap, all the tat. Do it. They go to California to interview SAM little cause. They he wanted to get transferred to a smaller present. The prison that he was in California was out in the desert was a hundred and five all the time. I was really crowd anyway. There's like and crazy mean prisoners. They dont want to be in the population where, yes, that's it, I think. That's a great tactic to is trading being transferred to a better our better prisons, young others, just smaller, he wanted a smaller quieter has now he was in a seventy, is looking for fucking him, but also leg. Let's have some court case right. He had some to give, and so that's, when James HOLLAND from the Texas Rangers came out so it. Basically James HOLLAND says I will take you to a prison in Texas. Where it's much smaller, its cleaner, its quieter there's barbecue, like you,
might be able to get some barbecue there. Everyone smiling, you might be like he is kind of the governor there's these there's a bunch of perks, but we need to know about these pulled cases in Odessa tax, and that is the conversation that he has over a four month period, the James HOLLAND, where he eventually confesses to ninety over ninety different murders that took, is, between nineteen seventy and two thousand five regions, this confession by simply naming city states and the number of murders committed in each location. He's like a fuckin Israel, keys, styles era, pillar where he just was kind of went wherever you felt like going and didn't have a lot of connections and just kind of killed sex workers and women of color that work in situations and because he was trained, boxer well eating he would do was beat the shit out of them and then, when they lost consciousness, strangle them, but
leave them in the in the a motel room. One alley or a place If they are known sex workers and known drug addicts, the council look at their body and say that's probably from the drug overdose honour whenever any, basically all of the detail of the murder would get lost in the lifestyle that debt authorities were looking at when they saw the dead body, so bad sickly. He SAM Little goes into deeper detail. He can do
cried the advance of every murder was staggering clarity. The fine he's also a talented artists, so he start he has drawn many of his victims from memory that are in that in in the cut article. That's the top picture is this series of portraits that are kind of cool. Looking we're like. What's this, then you look down, they were all drawn by him. Rather crooks me out: solemnize, Schubert Creepy, so among the murders confirmed to have been committed by little is the January nineteen. Ninety six murder of twenty four year old, Melissa, Thomas. He as he recounts, it met Melissa on and one day on, the street and policing Louisiana. They drove a cemetery to use drugs wall, there. Are there they move
to the back seat of the car to have sex and wall back there. He began to stroke her neck and he even were calls her saying. Why do you keep touching my neck? Are you a serial killer and in that moment his temper flared and he strangled her- did ass? She was twenty four years old. Twenty four her body was later found naked beneath the pecan tree in a cemetery behind a Baptist church. Question about the details of the event. Little was able to recount the lay out of the town with such accuracy that authority were able to confirm his involvement. So Europe every fucking moment of it. Basically after countless interviews with SAM little detectives to have described him, as quote pure evil and quote a charismatic psychopath
so far of of the ninety three murders he confessed to. The FBI has corroborated thirty, nine of them college. Wish quote many more pending like again from the cut quote so far. He has described ninety three killings. Thirty nine have been confirmed by available evidence like those of rosy hill. He killed a nineteen. Eighty two and Marion County Florida deed Maguire killed in ninety ninety six in Homer Louisiana, or how my Louisiana Nancy Carol Stevens, whose killed in two thousand five near to below Mississippi and let it Those first murder a blonde woman in Miami which was recently confirmed, but her name, has not been released, and can it says, restating it, but he's dodge the arrest by targeting low income neighborhoods an area with particularly high numbers of drug addiction and unsolved murders. He said quote: I can go into my world and do what I want to do that
attitude is about the other factor contributing to the ability to dodge the efforts was his method of killing. Much, as I explained he, basically because used his hands on them. There was they would always assume that there's no, bullet wounds, there's no stab! There's! No overt signs of em your case and so many others, no defensive Fonzie, they're, probably because he knocked the Miladi annually, a huge like punch, amount and strangle them to death. So no I'll play was ever suspected I most and the deaths were attributed to drug overdose. Only Shet today levels in poor health. He will likely same prison until his death so the goal now is to verify his victims and provide closure and justice in the unsolved cases. Slovakia hoping that this case will serve as a reminder to every jurisdiction. The importance of consistent, violent crime reporting, because when You actually investigate the video, and you see, lived the violent crime and put it into via cap. Then they can start tracing these.
People who are who are perhaps serial killers around the country and the in five hours ago there was this story that I just back from today from fucking five hours ago, likely literally in the headlines, had programme prelim serial killer draws more victims after confessing to ninety murders, including one in Houston, and sickly he drew a picture of a new person. Envy authority sought more like who is this and basically he he had it had sixteen drawings of the victims, based on memory he's recently added ten more drawings to the collection of why we don't need that little creepy bat like this is a terrible on a story that this part is like yeah, but Galva TOP five hours ago. There's a brand new bit where it's like he's got it all up in his head and one of the victims only identified as a black female between twenty five and twenty years old was killed in Houston between nineteen, seventy, six nineteen, seventy nine
or in nineteen ninety three, the F B, I said: they're, not sure the drawing include victims were Charleston South Carolina, Cincinnati, Ohio, nor Orleanois, New Orleans Louisiana said Anna Georgia, Candle Florida and northward Iraq, Arkansas the cow department attractions, rehabilitation, inmate locator shows little is currently in custody at the California State prison in LOS Angeles county. This the continuing story of terrible horrifying serial killer SAM little so is he a suspected more crimes in LOS Angeles share or in California. I dont know specifically unjust war crimes so yeah, it's it's basically when he decides to tell Texas Rangers or whoever he's still speaking with about the details tat is unbelievable. I mean I'm insane offer so crazy, great job. Thank you
tell me when the story broke. I was just like man. This is another one of those grim sleeper stories, we're not just someone who got to do what they wanted for forty years and how many more are they? like that and how many families are hoping that gives a shit about their reply. Can love one who died and no investigated it right that had been. Dna is gonna, fuckin come for you and it's it's fucking crazy, I mean It goes all the way goes. All the way mother has changed the topic. Ok, I think good ways, your fucking irate. I want to say a great job, though that was so. Thank you. Do that really well. Thank you. Thank you fucking array- I haven't been out to some late once the idea, let's go like this week you therapists, devoutly, yeah, ok, great
Airbus and connecting with now after three sessions are really like. Her awesome she's got crystals in her of others that you allow me. I said I don't like, but I think people who have their shit together have unanimity like her. She has a g owed a coast or the central Asia liquor coaster, that's made of that's a hex. Again, that's marble! Oshea as like. Oh yeah, you shit together. Ok, yeah, we're! No, not law, that's what I told you, but my first appointment with Michel, my therapist I looked around and everything was midcentury ends and MOSS, Green and act like this is crazy, and even where I belong absolute, you can match or furniture hell. I can tell you about JANET of yes, the trust is there. It is I'm getting to House remodel a little bit and pick out like tiles and shit, which also means that I get to be bossy witches.
For me and I'm learning. I know it is not your high as a kite all you do ok, you're right, but I love it and I could do it up here and guilty and paying her. You should not feel guilty. Anyway. You get to do what you want. I now I'm in this life and learning I'm trying to get to a k, especially shit like tile, what about a year and then I just squad. Piss on a car. They take you to your favorite therapies and radio and sums are. Let me with a background in a mental institution and also ok. I binge watched pen fifteen. We just just word penis! Yet the number I gotta yeah, it's on. Who is this? There are regional show I am, and it's like, a combination of strangers with candy meets Degrasse and I
cry, I'm talking to my new therapists about that, and can I cried into episode, lung it? It meant so much to me. It was such a beautiful show and so well done and great, acting and just and also weird and its also kind of a miracle that got it got made cause it's just a weird show ya, but in a great way and then the seamless, stringent, candy, it's like it just mental autumn is a beauty Oh, that's, all some fifteen are so many good things about Penthesilea. You should watch that Ah well mine say on that.
On a similar know. I've been watching. There's a bunch of Miss marbles lets a letter on return. There. Miss marble is its Agatha Christy's character, which the old lady, the basely, keeps showing up a places like what's going on here, but that she knows in early she's, nosing Ellie, that's as smart and observing as Sherlock Holmes, so she goes in and as I, but I notice that you had that broach on yesterday, in its really delightful and in the series of that I am sure, was BBC or some british network theirs real different actresses that play her because I was on for so long and the characters old, so the actresses were on the older side. So there's a couple different and they're all amazing in their own way. But it's just a it's that thing. That's getting me through sometimes words just like comforting it's so covering, but then you look and there's the costs
amazing. The directing is amazing, like it's actually create television that I kind of put on like now, this old funny old lady, and it's like I love this shouts almost like you can do both. You can have this like binge watching thing that you put on in the background back ass. We really well made and that's a nice to properly it feels good, but this- is a little bit bigger, maybe a little bit more philosophical. But the other day. So my new thing lately is unjust blow drawing my hair is so that, like you know, I I spent five years going. I dont care what I look like its evident
So this is my new way of turning it around and just being like. When I go outside the simple I just gotta, what do normal people did? Emily jarred do that do so. Blowdryer mahars a big thing, because one my hair is not blown dry. I look a bit like a limiting at least one. It is a it's just like you kind of feel a bit better. Your hair look styled right now and I said they had seen you both unblock dried and blood, hurt a lot and it does. I gave it to my ears fucking insane, and if I don't love you, I don't think you're crazy Anthea and your hair. I can tell the difference in right now. It looks like an expensive styling. Thank you. I did it, you look, but I have So so that thing where I go. I don't know what to do right now with myself, but I just know that I have to say I have to do the little things and I just have to figure out what I want to do and do them yeah. So I did so. I did my blowdryer plan and at one point I went to galvanise and I walked up, and it was just that thing where I think I feel
the better about myself, I'm making eye contact with people I'm having a good time slouching. Oh I do it is slowly along and just like feeling shitty, and I have that thing now we're when I when I am on the heavier side, I get really embarrassed and public and I dont want to make eye contact. I dont want to be in public. I have a lot alike in very, very mean to myself. It's like a shame, shaming yourself. Yes, I do the edge game, a throne, shame walk, but in Yeltsin's grocers. So I'm in the garage worth my hair and my it knew my mascara did do I got any. I did it and I walk up to the yogurt section. There's a mist, herbal silo lady standing out staring at the yogurt in the area. I want to be, as I'm standing kind of diagonally over the side waiting vertically. So I can go and get my father J Yogurt and third, Sera percentage shapers. I, like two percent, you gotta have a little fat man. You gotta, have its more fella has got three zero percent.
Why are you don't worry about? It? Don't pretend it let's not beaker is here. So as I'm Santa waiting, I see movement in the back and I see some yogurt gettin stacked up and I hear his voice go. Miss Union may help finding anything and I was like no I'm. Alright, Do you know where the big forges our knees like it's right over here, but it's just I can see the outline of a guy, and basically he and I had a full fucking conversation with Mr Ahmed cannot show you where it is laughing. Unlike now, I can see it right. The emigrant he wanted to come show you is there a man I find it? I might take it down. Ngos is there anything else? I can help you in, and I was like me like, I think that's it is a great day miss any by making some younger than he was it sounded like a man from the sixties are fit forties fifties. It was fifty
customer service for Sharia, but it just was it in. I couldn't stop laughing ass. I walked out like thinks. There's a means for your yogurt experience, failure being acknowledged a little more because you're walking round confidence in our contacts and people are like yeah the sing you as a human being and someone to interact with the life. I think what it made me realize is I I think I spent a lot of my life thinking I didn't have to bring anything to the table and still that I would be just in complaining. I didn't get anything from where like an even exchange. So if I want to meet someone interesting and life, I have of eyes up yogurt conversation at the ready lay you have to be prepared to do it and be the
and a person. Somebody might want to talk to you, the yogurt fuckin stalls and I think an addition of that is not someone who you think wisest person talking to me like they're, making fun of me or they don't care they, instead of being like that, I'm a worthy person of being spoken to bring that confidence to them as well in their attracts that my mature too diverse. Yes, I think so I mean like I'd it made me feel like a pretty lady the way he was trying to give me dairy area service vineyard Harry I gotta go, but it was a thing. I walked away going the only indifferent about me from a time before till now is the fact. I kind of went well I'm going to the store with this hair like yeah.
I want to be in the world and you know it hard Nandi Hair, it's the confidence it gives you yeah. There is great to Paris, fine mascara nice. I mean I look a little dead without it, so it does help gotta put on some lipstick. You don't want to look like a horrible slipped from the messages from peculiar from the beyond doubt, and it's got away, but then turn things not wings, but then sometimes it's like then sometimes some fun thing could happen. Eight I feel like that was so out of my room, for so long. You know irritating were learning to learning what the other now was. I learned that you guys were flirting work, which is what eat when I'm single one of my favorite Fuckin Hobbes flooding is fun I'm terrible at. Try it it's stupid and ridiculous. No tell me how because see my problem as I try to go for the joke.
If any one gives a single shit that I'm like here's. My word play workplace good, but like in a like lemon again I'll shambled burial over you, dont worry sticks of butter, a balance that you like, and that is why we were talking to tell you who I just got. What surveys. Why did you hear me all those with whom one on board at Missus Bow Voice, I don't recall all shall bear it puts the dairy and, above all, I don't recall thing pink. Pretend you're JANET my mom for a minute. While she loves a blow out the first thing I ever notice, should I get a great blow and she's the biggest start. I've ever met. You hurt anyone she's great at a way way, think she's hot buck, and she says he is she's hardship. It like
if you, like some dairy guy, says a thing t it's it's like, sarcasm. It's like pretend a gay guy that you would have a conversation with and be like. Well fuck. You bet I felt like I do. I just found out about it. That's why you shit. That's that's agree, the translation, with your gave guy friends all the time. Yes and usually I realize it cause it's just normal its natural. But that's u need to treat strike eyes like that too. That's a great idea, everyone's gay from now on everyone's gay. Yet I mean aren't we ever met, we make That's the perfect ending this episode. To quote, who took up Kirk, obeying everyone, has gained courage, member there goes my rock still sacks of my rybody ruined my life with your weird attitudes, ear and heroin problem. If you do that wow. That's in tears share MRS
second lights off exactly right office. We covered every single topic. Are any more now, since the end of the day, I think it is. Can you feel, like you, feel it ebbing away and fill it in the air? Was letter guy and know that, though, always be another dairy section, a councillor were there. Thank you so much trouble exporting to this insanity. Yeah say sexy and delicate goodbye elements. You wanna cookie. Where
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