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2016-05-19 | 🔗
This week's favorite murders include the killing of 13 year old Jennifer Moore in Novato, CA, and the murder-suicide of pro-wrestler Chris Benoit and his family. Plus tons of personal stories, shit talking, staying sexy, and not getting murdered.

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This is exactly right, Erin? Yes, Georgia, rhythm section is a female led female made action, thriller starring, Blake, lively and fearless role as Stephanie Patrick than ordinary woman, who must navigated dangerous new world when she assumed the identity of a spider S. Film is a greedy and suspense full story of female empowerment, as Stephanie Survival hinges on her intense determination and ability to fight through her weakness, directed by Red Morocco and also starring dude law and Sterling K Brown, the rhythm section isn't theorist January thirty, first goodbye,
What about that Brad? I guess I was stern and clearer channel for this episode. Get ready for their from what was taken The right of your life get rid of for a roller coaster of emotion. Are you ready I'm ready? Let's do said seventeen of my favorite murder, sorry George perverse Tracker and kill Gara hiring. Here we are hi hi. Welcome if you just started
what's going on in our life. How are you guys why they like murder? So much? What's up with you did some did you see something? Weird is now you're all over Europe had a weird feeling inside can you to any one else in your life about it. Is this why you're here is that nobody else is interesting, and you're a freak, yeah. I guess that's why we're here, hey so get. Get the area that it on yeah. That was the intra yeah, the we're getting better. I think they're getting very strong, I think or professionals now people are like. I just started. I hit. Play on this park has. But now I don't know, what's happening again. If it actually start at people restocking at each other. I feel a little pressure deal oh yeah big guys are ratings, went through the roof. I readings just blew. I mean sad, you say. We think that there is a computer hacker vets
gone on Itunes and hacked us into number one and clearly their love us for some reason, this hacker. If any, Thompson. If this is you, thank you, my friend you're a good person, it's insane or number one on the Itunes Comedy Palm Cashless YAP are not our picture but our logo, its Oh excited yeah, it's their! It's super cool and we do want to thank Jack, O Brien, who is the host of the cracks? I'd, cast that camp here? for instance, that that thing posted and then suddenly all kinds people are, like I just discovered your Poorgrass Jaso thanks Jack you're, the best an easy on the eyes for a cure, but he's married dimples combat everybody's married here, everyone, Shell, but that yeah I was supervise the unresolved ass. There was so much fun he was grey uses. All like like Then I feel like it's weird
that we had an idea at a party you at the gumption to actually mean me: do it and then something like that? would happen. I do that I make people do stuff, a lot, it's good, it's gettin. Otherwise fell into a deep dark depression same here I'll go into my tv room, closed the curtains who, like more tissue items here and then watch british procedural until I die of holding this is. Why am I my blinds that you see right here? My drapes are sheer because otherwise it's just depression. Will you trail remain is when you can't be in the complete dark. You can't dark. Are you telling me we need to go to Kuba and get some new Kurds from my tv room where apps of outcomes? Every saying that I am an apparent knows, curtains and I have straight up a hotel blackout, curtains- and here I have in my bedroom, but not but an here? It's like I get depressed yeah
I think he cured by practising now it's very helpful out at the same time. I have this thing. We're dusk makes me really fucking depressed dust dusk. Oh yes, yeah. It's just reminds me of being a kid MAX as everyone else being home alone. Envying like do I make my own dinner, I'm only nine, unlike anything, it's too depressing to eight alone. Oh specific reacts? That's funny I was like. I can make toast all make a whole load of toasted she's tourists. Man comes here comforts here, it's like yeah kid recipes like crackers with, but you're on how progress is that Did you ever melt melt butter Dixon Brown Sugar and when our and bad now. Remember it sire, said poor man spoke up, civic? Ok, I can you
pleading everything good and target took a decent none of the bull shell fuck making soda totally right eggs who need Jacko away chickens, I'm scam able upstairs, I love that we did. You include, incorporate any chocolate chip in there now, I'm only we ever had. We had very little food miles, a kid in my home at all times so like what I have on hand, a rap, a slice of turkey, of a pickle spear and spear and dinner talked I do have a very early memory of drinking coffee syrup, point people just and jumping on the bed. That's what I was doing that afternoon. By myself Suppose you knew that cops are up. Drinking would be. Fine but I dont think if I had known that I would have been. If there was ever a sign that a child is going to be an alcoholic for sure that was it. That was like the Tom episode of family was, if not family matters, family ties,
family to write. My hearings maraschino Jerry, like what's happening, I winced open, cut open its. He leaf. Itchy bag poured the tea with tea leaves, well in this issue a little bit of paper towel rolled up like a joint, because I want to see what it's like to smoke cigarettes like ten Am I smoked that in front of a mirror to see how cool I looked? Did you look? Ok, I know, empire, free, ethically lid on fire, yeah, Vietnam guy would imagine that would go up pretty easily put his don't let your Let's be latchkey, kids, well, one time my mama's home. She was just on the phone and when she got on the horn, she would be on it for like an hour to her, and I just with the ban on fire in the back. I was playing with matches and I was just like it was like strike a match. What the flame go up, hold it. Until I got down to my fingers, I meant a million times drop.
The bed. I was like fives dislike ondometer and the drought and only lasted, are the most flammable. Everything is so Holly Esther, like spray extra flammable yeah on everything. Does when they're trying to light children on fire any way possible, yeah I'm pretty sure what the top layer was an electric blanket, which is also the most flammable thing about I'm and so busy. I started a fire and it got into a like sale. On foot ring of fire in the middle of the bed, and I went out to tell my mom there's a fire on the bed and she I was like, walked up to her and she waken smoke. I'll, never forget, she's on of the phone with the crazy long cord was mustard, yellow each was walking on the kitchen doing stuff.
Literally, is like a mountain of five year old me with my younger up apart me, man and she's like ill out of here, and then I went back and checked it now is a three foot ring car you seriously and then that time I was like mom and she's like honey. I gazed then, and I was like the beds hunt for cool and then only. I had a bad reputation in my family, alarmingly asshole, who has a number one fuckin. Now this is the ultimate remember that Bulgaria is also our numbers are skyrocketing. In Britain, are you? Cash failure loves us. Those are got Latvia I hear willing. Now, that's from my family from is a thoroughly. So maybe maybe a bunch of hard Starks are listening, I'll, be amazing,
long fur and go away. Ireland heads up that's her. My people are from represent, let's, while they ran US arenas outcomes were Jews. So fuck off they ran us out because her Catholics, I think we were made to pack- has together yap, ancestors wanted this for our ancestors and our shitty little kid self. I just want to mention some other facebook page if you are a new this park, as we are all aware that faced with page, please join it and join in wonderful and sometimes quite frightening conversations that go on there? Is someone brought up the fact that we its doubt a very interesting- and exciting nine one. One phone call identifier game that we also mentioned on the crackpot cause you still haven't done in their some people are pretty pissed. I explained that I'm very scared of normal one cause. They want us to do in any way. So that might be. That might be a good many. I really want an Africa. I really want to know if we can tell like it's a good either
the other. Yesterday, I watch the videos of TED being interviewed only this house like see if I could tell if like if I had met him, if I would have known yeah you now behind us like the sending of an eye, one calls I want to know if we want to place three calls by husbands reporting their wives dead to them, I'm a jet one of them. The husband killed her and we want an open, tell which one is one killed her so we have to listen to two real nine one on calls a man whose wife has just been carrying out. We must highlight mennonite everyone's beam, real playing very fast and loose about the idea of this game, quote on clay re called nightmare fuel to what about one is vacant, one Israel that I can have if we play at once, because I have listened to these calls. I've watched plenty of forensic files or whatever, but they're just horrifying I'd now, even when their fake. I think they might even be more her or find when their fake physically,
earth and have it we don't do it lets hitch a tunnel great game as the people of the idea of a never and then never get. Why doesn't someone play the game with them? Facebook followers that can be on them. That's a good idea. And report back how scarred you are it once you aren't, you are and what percentage of people now it's interesting that you bring up that TED Bundy Interview, though, because I, as well as a couple people who are listening and have been talking about it m. Rereading the stranger beside me, the an rule classic who their crime writer who worked with TED Bundy on what was basically a suicide hotline in Seattle. In the seventies like any you get more classic than I mean talk about. She was meant to write that hook and meant to do that, but but they the parliamentary. Now he went to this park in. I believe it was like
outer part of Seattle, and this really awesome, like Lake Park, Cameron's called sorry and down. He approached six. Different women that day to help him with his boats that wasn't actually their holy shit help. Can you help me with my boat? Then it gets into the car and then he says: oh actually, the boats at Homesite and explain that and God that's where he got at least one girl now, I'm thinking he may have gotten to that day. I can't remember read this issue, but I came for eating and then falling asleep out of, I think I need to leave this raise facts and go into a dream old, but it just make I think he must have been so low key because he looked like you would wear tennis outfit and he's really
looking and he was kind of tall. You know you have it here's the thing in the in the interviews he seat. He won't make eye contact with the interviewer. He like he'll go from long stretches of time like looking down and away and not looking up yeah. He also has some kind of weird jerky movements a little bit, so I'm wondering if you like, did he get those asked he went to prison and after he killed a bunch of people, or was he like that then, and what I even have cared. You know right yeah, I mean it. That's interesting dizzy of it like it was like a tick, almost something I my glass creepy bit me isn't only cause. I know it's had Bundy rate. He looks like someone my mom one of David, yeah, he looks like he looks like a guy. Would be in alike. Wouldn T commercial in the late? Seventy I was like is pretty young wave gathered there toasting tee. Their role in development, smoking. It there's no
some tea together and are in good time, but it is I'd. I bet you he was, I think, the girls that paid attention word by God. You know at first. I shall give him and then kept on pay attention and like got into it, got got that we are feeling and of course, once they got to the car and like nobody see later like I've gotta get back to my friends, but as we have I think you're the citizens. As we have said so many times, you couldn't be a fucking bitch back then and, like you were taught to be nice friendly and he beckoned preyed upon that he probably also is really good at like turning on the charm, a hundred percent, so he didn't have a twitch and he was so very nice. I bet that twitch came after he was incarcerated, goes just like I'm going crazy that this would happen. I want to kill which you, how badly, which you have, would you wanted to interview him I don't know, I'm not
sure about that, because I, like this story of what they do. I dont want to know that person or be near that person. Gospel Ultimately, there we know a little bit of the devil. Yeah, there's that the ice man interviews Area Documentary, gotta seems normal and likeable he's the guy. Was it, obstacles hit man, but he was also like a family man and just can't Pierre cash talking about doing it. Yeah and he seems, had more charmed me and like, like ability likely event had Bobby, did I know what I mean he's gotta be a sociopath or he would been eaten alive by guilt and remorse regime and all about it. I don't think he ever kill women and children, so maybe it wasn't like TED Bundy enjoyed. Yes, he like got off on this. Guy was like it was his job and he probably felt a little self righteous in it of lake. Well, they owe money. Are there wronged someone. Well I mean I support that
no wait. Let's mafia headstone interests me it's almost like a business transactions like you, don't don't deal with people who will kill you they'll kill. You tell you, tell you they're going to kill you. You borrowed from them! You don't pay back, they kill you, that's very a history of killing. You young there good with killing it. Somehow we see you still date, men! Come on, let's not to let's not be those people, s back and get in there. All the ratings drop to two zero. I see what this Erika Mann S, those bastards too. Here here. What's really quickly, do some what's the word like housekeeper housekeeping keeping down you, apparently, if your new it listening to this, I Georgia forget words regularly and Karen
Karen do as well. Now you remembered them for me. Oh! Is that how you? I think, that's all I'm ok and so my favorite murder shirts. The first shall shirts our measures we have em they're so cute, it's that it's the adorable drawing murder drying caring and I are surrounded by a bunch of murder weapon says my favorite murder on it's done by Michael Ramps, that is at the fucking awesome artist. Yes, I love the patent. We let us you you're, not as via admit, so you can go to my favorite murder, shirts, dot com, slash collections, so might accurate murder shirts come and by a short, it's only open the subsequent like two weeks so get on it or police out more later, but approach and say that I share a limited time only the of course said you have four hours, however, and you guys I must say one word patriotic: oh yeah, the outer we feel weird know we're doing it. Ok, I mean there's a it's. A thing
people get to her tsar thing, it's people have the option of paying money for a park ass. They like Yahoo answers something everybody to everyone. I know. Does it of everyone I'd that has a bunch of listeners desert, ok, it's patron, I'm dot com, slash my favorite murder. Georgia set one up. We don't know what we're doing no are still finding out yet but something's there. If you want to be like you know what I like this here's a buck, yet we figure if there's like, bunch of people listening, we might as well be like oh, were real podcast. Does things real broadcast do yeah and like I pay for music and movies and books on tape young? So if you feel like it, no fresh belts, we don't have to feel guilty. The third area is out of the Pakistan, so now it's become all housekeeping in in my end of housekeeping. I just want to commit. I want to improve. Every episode ought to be a better podcast her every time we do this I really want to stop saying literally,
don't know why. I say it so much don't make me say you literally honest. I will literally when I tell myself. Is that thing? When I hear other people, do it ice neural my eyes internally of like how dumb are you, then I listened Those partners like I am the girl I hate now, but when you say it I know you're talk. I hear you saying it. I don't think it's too much, but I hear it's with so much conviction I say fuck, it's like I mean it now. Its load early is my father. Yes, a way to express how passionate I feel about something, I'm just gonna work on my vocabulary. Ok, I want to say to make as much anymore let that be delighted about get go lab at that time. It was fast and funding at I like you, should we get to them sorry, one other fell for it. I was really shitty about the cops, the work, the chandelier shoulder levy case last week I was so I did the thing I He when I hear another podcast which people in
happens a lot. I think it's just a natural effect of going through a case and being bombed out. I was like armchair quarterback about like they didn't even designed a clue. What are like easy for me to say: I've never been a cop, the funniest part about it is half My family are in the San Francisco police Department. Really it's not like. I am against cops or you them, or anything like that. Its lights of its thing that a lot of people in my family do good men, smart man, so and we are I when I listened to that I was like. Oh, no, don't do that for as someone who studies as peep you and I study a lot of your crime, its frustrating to see how slow a lot of stuff is, but I think that we're not noticing we're not understanding or paying attention to how much how much is put into place so that innocent people, you don't many rules and regulations and restrictions, and all these, like others, red tape. Like eating getting when when they can't get a fucking search warrant and it's like based
You have been able to get a search warrant frustrating but its put into place for people like you and I so far in our lives who, having come in murder. Yeah so cops can't just come into your house whenever you want be like we kind of suspect you, here's the paper. So it's frustrating when there's a lot of evidence that the person did at any or that the something's going on and there needs to be like a media action taken yeah, but you know so the more these stories you read, you know, which is No one percent that cop snippet with this is every second counts, so, like the fact that things got delayed by weeks or months is like makes, you want to pull your hair out, but I think that's also a thing that's steadily, but improving, yes, since that time mean that the more things like this happen, we need more renegade cops. He again the fuckin like this herbal cop in the show that the family that got cancelled. He will leave are ringing endorsement of that show that immediately gets can't. I was home poison us now we're fucked
we are changing the system. Should we do my favorite murders. Or things hurry. Give aid does not a whole show goes. I think we should do it can mentioned of another. I just want to say I do we just found this out. We get to go to the other part cast fast this year, which will be September? Twenty thirty, twenty fifth at the sofa, tell in LOS Angeles across from the Beverly Centre in one of the greatest malls in this town. I think that's that's a prison. Really sent to prison, It's just saying that, on the record that it looks, she thought was a prison when she first metallic. That's hilarious, cause all those crazy levels of parking, and it's just concrete and how many prisons have before us, but that,
in September, we figure. We tell you now have you we want to come to that. We have a ton of great podcast lie on our life. All lives. You basically stay in the hotel. If you go to allay pod fest dot com there, you- register and get a cheap hotel room now and then everything takes place in the hotel, I'm really excited. I've always wanted to do there. Late Podcast Festival, I just don't know how and needest made carts yeah that's what I do I've got Jews and I'm willing to use it for those. In August. I write I'm sort of got him down. This talk later really done, naturally, like totally done so we lose the point of this this past. If you ve new, is that the title is my favorite murder and Caroline tell each other, our favorite murders sometimes there's a theme sometime there's not today. Absolutely no time! No! Thank you. I think it's your chamber, Gopher, isn't, I think so. This is this: is it this thing, one that I'm really excited about. Ok,
so, and I've been ok. So a lot of people have found the passed through my husband, Despite cast, we watch wrestling YAP, which is also a fairer and, a lot of ladys on the past or men have said when I listen to my favorite murder and you listen, we watch wrestling and sometimes I'm on their those like an overlap and they get excited. Are you talking about cute couples that listen to the queue couples? Georgia, convinces different podcast. Thank you. I mean it I hear the Prince William and Queen Vicki. What's her name, could you make a clean break? Is it queen Vicki? In principle, I am of England to equip the k? England, let us know if that's right, we just last so many lives, because less clearly things like that, but right so there's this murder that he told me about when we were started dating that I didn't know about,
it's in the wrestling we're out and it's the murder the murder suicide of end by, Crispin? Why? Where have you heard about Crispin, why? How old is it happened in two thousand and seven. I think I did hear but I know nothing about wrestling outfit yeah and I didn't when I first met him and now and all this stuff, so it kind of makes sense to me. So I wanted to explain it. Cuz, it's actually really fucking, interesting and crazy and murder. Suicides are like. There really interesting to me because the wit the like it's it's like caps related in this home, usually the horrors that go on in this little home, where people have lived and been happy and feel safe at somehow, grades into this insanity yeah and was crazy about this. When is it with them? it was a murderer of his wife and his young sun, and it happened the whole weekend. So he This is why Friday night, like
in this house being like what the fuck am I gonna do. He must certainly be going. But when we talk about that, sometimes that anxiety, I feel it over had that anxiety of like after you kill somebody when you don't know you're in a panic, but mine is about different stuff, like that when you murders, but it's almost like when you say like when you die, then I'm immediately like, I know how that feels words like now. Can you have no idea how that feel like us? You can you can sympathize with being like. I had this one little freak out and did something: that's
tangible and I wish, and if I could go back and take it back, I could and time is in a flat circles. Awake is about Zaragoza. Why can I go back and change it yeah? I pray hard enough for whenever Nope Yen and meanwhile you're just walking from room to room in a house that no longer looks familiar array and you're yeah you're experiencing freak out on the whole new level here and life doesn't feel real, sometimes the so you would. One would think that you can change it and go back right, but you can, but just like when you send a bad text. Sorry, that is permanently sent just like when you actually see see everyone email, it's the same thing exactly that's why we always put a forty eight hour hold on our social media exchanges, get let them pass, smart and then respond. Another good thing to do is right the response and send your friend Yeah, that's really to hold onto this. For me. What is this look like to you total insanity, yeah, good, dunno, yeah
but then, when you're in the moment, you're like I don't want to know, I'm right. Oh my god, you're just immediately like go fuc yourself and media. That was the right thing to do. Then just stand by it, never drop that stands, but even if you know you're on your get so Crispin war was a canadian prep professional wrestler habit twenty two year career, he helped twenty two titles and he had the three of the world have a championship main event match in wrestle. What are to excess next to each other? That's twenty! Thank you or that's almost super dirty. We're third grade was a hardier from can concentrate now there's just smoke into many open easily three cigarettes. So I dont even know about this guy, but he was huge, like the rock and on their use as big as the rock, which is arrests, are everyone knows, but he was pretty big up there. He was widely respect,
by viewers, am peers and people really liked this guy. He was a little weird and a little quiet an intense lobbying intense, but that he was a nice guy. He had a lot of friends, but so suggest that depression and brain damage a crude from numerous concussions yeah control was contributed to him committing these awful crimes. The concussion thing is big, we're gonna get under the ogre. It really is, and then you just hit play on the movie concussion enamored looking to sit and listen to me. Listen to Will Smith do this accident and explain to you why concussions are set a committee, I'm nervous. I dont want wasn't, will Psmith, because our guys, She really fascinating that Don't worry, I watched a documentary with him and he is like I'm. It's actually a great movie. I just of all the things I have to do in my day, sitting down realize how basically they? subsidize subsidized damaging peoples, but
and it'll never stop happening, there's too much money and it's a machine People care more about making money than human beings. I just get really deprive there's a period at them. That's all true, it's all so heat Here's the thing one of his one of his moves was the diving head, but oh no hand at the top of the turn buckle. You know when they claim a pie, and spread his arms out and just like do a fuckin fall had burning other guy on the canvas, either in the back or elsewhere. So using his head, basically as a weapon, but like three far ahead. Jesus come so he had another signature, move which will come back on the cripple across face and this is a submission hold or he would lock the opponents arms behind him with his legs were pulling back on his neck. It's almost like a hard core headlong like on the face, and sometimes the move would even knockabout unconscious own soldier back to that real unconscious,
yes, I can't really out so one June. If two thousand and seven the police were called to ban was like with incredible gave it purity hardcore mansion and they couldn't get in because of all the gaining and staff which they could have climbed over, but there were two crazy Doberman pinchers, sorry, german, shepherds roaming. The frontline be like this guy was hard core security showing that he but apparently manassa was rich. They myself any evidence. A lot of you don't have lake it. Nazi dogs totals me now on the property. Yes, until the home was in favour of Ill Georgia, but it was like an adequate braided part, so they had to get the next door, neighbor Holly Shaffer, who sometimes It was a good friend of Nancy, been while the wife and would sometimes take care of the dogs. So she caught the club clubbed clamp down over the
She was partners, declivity glad she did out what the horse maneuver the inner some discharge to dislodge right over the fence ahead, general part of making we are not making light of murder. That's what we or just making light of mistakes and our mouths access this holly person sounds like a good person, so she got over she and then and then he went into the house which, civilian. Don't do that wage war. The cops waiting outside she goes over the fence to open all the shit, but she goes into the house ass. She sees everything for so she goes over. The fence locks, the dogs in the house. It like a little spot and then is like I'm gonna, do a once around cause. She can't get a hold of her friend Nancy, wholly blood, pops, do the ones around what sir on yours,
she finds the kid Daniel, so tired, I basically he did that cripple are cross face, turned the kid This little, I think he was seven. There is a report that he had something called a go here, a genetic Syndrome- Cobb fragile ex meaning he was met. The criteria for autism inherited it's a kind of its intellectual disability, but there's conflicting abbot That's it that's trip so So what happened was this is all over the place it is, not a joke. I know I'd. I have I not at my head, so I dont picture Ali walking through the house in what she Sanchez. That's the bummer. So here's how it took place on Friday night then walk his wife the end he leaves are bound at the ankles and wrists. He covers her in a sheet and he leaves
viable by her body. As I'm gonna work, I now died at expect patients had bruises on her back and stomach and he had been physically violent with her in the past have been abusive, so Work is also I'm sorry, but on top of concussions he's probably take a bunch of sterilize ray you. Yes, so they're, both taking a ton of steroids, there's a ton of the wave to yeah there's a ton of marital discord, its get off again. They had just she had filed for divorce and and than didn't go through with it She leaves all the time he's, possibly having a fairer their sing. All these text messages between the two of em. I should say the book that I this reading about. It is called christened Nancy by urban much neck, much knick, knacks Nick, it's May God, if you want to learn more about it and detailed, wish Europe, or to be. I know she was like the height man girl. You know that cockerells that come into the ring,
card over their head. That's no! That's boxing, I think, should be here likes. His sidekick came out like the woman and in actually hurt she was so interesting and gorgeous that her name at the time was just woman was her like handle yeah, that's. How Gore does she was that she was routes for reduced, yellow one where they ice sheet. They got set up by her husband at the time in as like, to be like other he's, cheating with Ben one than they ended up getting married. So it worked so anyways. So There was a story, is a rustling. Storyline came true, yeah, ok, so there lies our bit. Surreal anyway, definitely definitely I'm so she, let's see
there was a pillow leaning against her head. It sounds like what happened. Was they probably got in a big fight and it escalated and he killed her? The weird part to me is that he tied her up, because that's so much as like premeditation to me, you didn't just like hit her so hard or get angry and strangle her a heap. Hide her up and then killed her. I wonder because, Sir it's lake I took some it for a little while in the nineties to his way, shelter and Re Vincent, and it made me- in saint like just angry from the second, I woke up one morning here and you're on steroids, which is it there. Basely rage pills hazards to people on steroids. I'm sure that everything was intensified, times a million yeah like and there and there it reacting off each other. But it's not there. There's not, it seems to me. I would assume there is not. Person, going hey, let's go
for why hacker yeah, it's just everybody's goin through the revision and he was supposed to leave that we can for another match, and she just was supposed tat. He was leaving all the time they they found the amount of pills, finding in the house is just incredible. Its lay found some and hydro protein, which is fuckin heroin, right, Xanax and all these inner ambien anew and, of course, steroids and he was actually exist. From the rule that you can't take steroids because in the end, and doubly though he because he had ruined his body so badly with steroids that he had couldn't make testosterone on on his own anymore. So he had to take steroids to get testosterone. Ok, so even on right now no techno, steroid raw. He is exactly this taking a medically yeah, but that's so shady right, like that's. That's your solution for being, up on steroids. Is I'm such a bad? Oh God, at that I needed.
Right. I've ruin my ability, whatever was all of the above. Yes, so so between the two killings about three hundred and thirty p dot m on Saturday. It looks like he might have killed Daniel on Saturday the next day, so he's hanging out in his house with his fucking wife in the office dead, Not knowing what to do causes coworkers and it's like- I can't make it my my wife and kid have food poisoning and there really sick kind of tells everyone that so they won't call yet so and yet the kid was then suffocated in his own bedroom. Children's bible was by his body and he had become kind of a religious fanatics at that only by reading. It was written in that spirit that if they are not weakened yeah I get up and tell this lino leading up to the murders he killed. A sun with the show called.
Nobody is, and he ass he had evil marks in his arm suggesting he had been given growth hormones. This dishonor, the because he had He was undersized because of this fragile ex syndrome that he supposedly had. But I dont understand that completely and I'm wondering if he gave him sedatives. Oh so he could so he did at young unanimous, yes, That would almost be a tiny bit of a relieve. His hideous is that I agree and he think he and I think in his mind, people have surmise that he was think thought he was doing a mercy killing. Of course he had killed the mom. Let's just fucking unless you're saying with, I think, a lot of men. Do the murder suicide issued. Her family are like an eye. Lost all our money. I'm not gonna make you of this way and jealous Emily rate.
Can't say we're good. We want to live as someone who well yeah. It's in it sounds its twisted as some sort of noble move, its total nurses says its complete narcissism to think that they are an extension of you and you let's make that call right. It's not right and also Every Bazin debt, yeah relaxing yeah, it's it simply minutes. It's them. It's him! It's the person not wanting them to find out what a fuckin that he wasn't, who they are He was right, will also this classic drug brain to wag airline yeah. Let me gets it and so yeah. So it's ok, he dies out. He kills himself, he dies succession. He was found hanging by the court of await machines, so he goes down to the way the weight room and he he's sitting I operate on a bench. Unlike awake await bread. Facing the weight machine. So you can imagine like doing pull down what are the column, but I work out a lot
as you can see. If I might like six wraps of pull down raise, ok, he was short less his legs Standard, his right body block the, acknowledge wait. Machine cable was around his neck, a strip. Why TAT was underneath to keep the cable from coming into the skin, which is like you don't deserve an what's the matter, I'm and he was being held in a sitting position by the cable. So I think what he does just like. Let go of the weight and strangled himself and it appears that he tore he actually cried she maximize his own pain, which is so sad tore. It sounds like he. He knew he did something yeah. It doesn't sound like he was like I'm in a murder suicide, everyone. It was like here's a mistake, compounded with a mistake, compounded with a mistake. God it's terrible, really asked. Trapped in this. The horror yeah show someone
I would like to know I'd like to note that there was a bottle of dynamite vineyards, two thousand more low next to the body. Why Mont Pelee drink it? What somewhat? Sick, fuck, Somalia is a real need. Make that note. You Asshole me I didn't really ask, and I didn't really request that guarantee. Visit. I turn on you for liking. Murder, Dexter, Genesis, discount error, you so, let's talk of his brain damage. So, after after the murders and such they, there was no proof pre, existing mental or physical aim, ailments who doubts and depression, obviously an ordered. My other. Let's go! Oh there at the printer I left,
I fucking nuts saying little song about the printer rent or no, it sent a letter that, luckily it just right there, we can walk off a little bit. We have arranged so I've been searching for answers the family because it does not add up. Say a man is Lovely Marais, this family man, seven year old son in their course down Anna, and I M a Balikh. They thought that was Reuter age, but it turns out that here is wrong. It wasn't right rage. I mean I'm sure there was some added to that. He bent and was brain. Was that of an eighty six year old, Alzheimer's patient yeah in the same way with football players. Those who are constantly getting concussion after concussion, and I mean
There's a story in this book about how, in one fight, in this other guy, just bang each other's fucking heads into each other and tall. They glad that hurts so bad. We hit heads with Other person have you ve done exactly now like you, both and down fast, rising entirely knows I'm talkin about an use MAC, your hide it. It is loud and it hurts for like twenty minutes after and the idea that that's what he basically did for having as you had a concussion. No, I did gets flipped out of the back of a tree. When I was in the seventh grade number We could light fires in our room alone, an emphasis on the back of try, as this is the country life that I love. This is the eighties already put them on notice. Yes, that's up on for good fucking, Rita me and my friend with the is my. My dad was so livid because he told us don't drive that truck. Definitely too far away the brakes aren't grade. We,
drove up into the national park uphill uphill up hill and we're driving. We can smell the breaks in the back and get it It was our next door. Neighbor Andy me, my sister, her friend Maureen, her friend Christine remember, Andy, reaffirms own press. I can't remember Andy's friend's name poor kid. Who is the one driving the truck we comes. We start going downhill through a campsite breaks, go out, he the literally drawbacks, a truck with four girls in it with him and the brakes go out. He hits the I can Andy's car Andy pulls forward. He tries to go over the side of the dirt embankment he answered He drives up onto the dirt and vacant flips. The car holy shit me and Holly. My best friend Holly gardener was with me. We go flying out of the back of the truck in MID air. I remember very clearly thinking when I the ground, my skirts gonna fly up over under my back and my under, we'll be showing, so I have to make sure the second I hit the
I have to stand up and I literally hit and stood up immediately, got saved you yes for sure Holly fell to, but she neither of my mom was a nurse. She woke us up. Five. That night tick check our eyes frail caution eyes. I just imagine concussion. Maybe I've had one image, still remember that I can that the wobbly Brain sin like that is just a thing feels right and you don't even understand that you have a concussion. I don't think how did you get it? Maybe I did it are you totally full of shit right now? Maybe I've had a good guy? That's I don't remember I didn't I didn't. I wasn't a car accident when I was a kid and had one yeah here had yeah. I was with a girl once you high one, because she clung to him with a soft bomb by you and she just sort of crime. Like hang out at night, she starts crying and passed a girl hospital is, it looks terrible, it seems terrible, but can you imagine having having
and over the ten spam, yeah yeah, and that just sign bar totally is like points makes me want to point to OJ right now, because that thing of like yes, beginning with the american hero, but when you have a full rear. Where that happens. To you every day, pray is an games you know fifty times the weak or whatever your being. Cannot you dont remain the person that you started ass, instalment interesting thing recently that the hockey player is like the seventy is day they put in, or maybe even like the internet like at some point. They were like helmets have two years, but if you ve been playing before that it was your choice. If you wanted to help where helmet. So everyone from that down, I've had to wear home. If you got hired put, you might ve just too far gone words like fucking, you don't how dear, if you if you like. If you want a motorcycle before nineteen, you know you don't DORA, how methods that was LA. I really love.
Our key players, so much bigger hockey is so graceful and beautiful, and yet in the violent and mail which I so violent, very sexy. But I don't like fights they scare me. What George really the stuff of life. I hate five, two guys punching, I ever met especially I think it's a layer in ice in ice skating on thin ice fighting This would really like to have the same amount. Nobody else client just punching at somebody in the faith or something about in in hockey that cause they're so baulked up and have so much padding on that. The punches and the whole fight is slow MO yes, and so you can see their face and Mars. Is he gonna cry? I just distresses me, I don't like it. I bet they never cry. I voted no one, you, you know you're really angry in drawing up the cry. He s always wonder the feeling that it is just a funny that their it's, that that is a sport,
fighting is completely allowed accepted and the rest, pretend they're gonna do something and they just let him fight it out. Totally it's very violent yeah so and one would think with wrestling it being like Mama like an them acrobatic feet. It's not like it's not you're, not Billy hurting the person rate that you wouldn't get hurt them I mean they're, so many accidents have happened and so many bad wrestlers that. But don't know how that dont know how to interact with other wrestlers when their fighting. They also do that stuff. I remember seeing that documentary. I just a part of it about me, behind these amazing he fell from London, shaming fence, but there is a power or he just gets. Art in the head with a folding, shaker yeah, it's a real folding chair, it's not, they dont use leg,
How can you do not worry I'll pick up a real metal, fucking Highschool Auditorium folding, Jerry and hit each other, and I had with them. They don't do that anymore, others, you know and hidden. I had any more because the mankind rule problem, I think, has of course been why really I had to cut it. They realize how bad it yeah. I think he's got a lot to make that a knot allowed anymore. So yet so, let's see weight. So I repeat, concussion dementia, which can contribute to some here behavioral problems. Poverty where there one other part of the air. Sorry. It goes down a no fly zone. We talked about it also, eighty five year old, Alzheimer's patient, major chronic concussions had trauma. I liked I didn't even know what he was doing. Maybe I think it's just such a sum air personality change legs,
like you know you, and I we were eighty five arguments- in similar ways that we do now we're not gonna, kill people or knock? And I, like you, promise I'll, try fasten cutter live to be eighty five. Let's get that done for when she that another point we might just star killing people, because no one would suspect I mean you might as well say so be abbot. The he just was a different, a different person with different emotions. Indifferent, moods a person he was raised me and was four years near family sauce on its S hand, so, Crispin long, it's my favorite murder! This week, that's good, run inkyo, what's Your favorite murder here, don't you is I got the idea, my friend Carol Craft, who is lit, listens high and my sister have worked together, did worked
at least Sutton Grammar School in Nevada, California. For years, She was the school secretary she's, one of the funniest people on the planet. Calcraft is the great and she, my sister when she told my sister she's listening to park ass. My sister said What's your hometown, murder and Carol immediately said duds Jennifer more and then I remembered and Laura remembered ends. The reason I so I started looking at up cause. I was like always that that thing and the memory, the kind Blake Central memory I have around. It is my mother okay, so my hometown is Petaluma, which is the first city. It's Noma County and Nevada, was the last city and Marine County in that they are right against each other. So, like my high school bunch of people who lived in Nevada drove up to peddle limited go to my high school gotta. There wasn't a catholic Highschool in Nevada. I have a high school yeah, a really small, and so,
the tunnel of friends that lived in Nevada there, You know they're kind of like those two cities, your girl, you're, going back and forth up there and Nevada risk is. Kind of like a bedroom community firms, people who work in San Francisco commuters and stuff re cause it's really nice and close to the city, but still outside enough that you are in a nice kind of country suburb here, and it's basically its tonnes, attract homes and beautiful little like shopping areas in oak trees and rolling fields and stuff. It's it's a really lovely little city sounds really charming. It is charming. So my mom used to work at the Kaiser in San Rafael, which is the next big city down below in Novato and so, when they wanna one got backed up, which it always did because it narrowed between Nevada and Petaluma. So all of the traffickers, get all condensed whatever what do we get off the freeway and take the back roads? And so you go down of
a boulevard and Nevada Boulevards takes you out to like stony point Road, which is where the the factory is unlike that's, where you take relative they are visiting and its basically a cheese factory that way out in the country next to a lake I use have to drive by this whole area. When I went to court reporting school in life let's San Jose, but like reporting school yeah, you never told me keep what exactly reporting we never finished, but scares me That's episode, one information, God, damn you I worked. I went to court boarding school and you don't do that machine. Subject as I worked in incorporating office and these women made like so much money and it was fastened a house and opposition which is like my lie. We just sit there re depositions all day, amazing earlier I decided to go to court boarding school students
I'm jealous I'm angry, but I have always feelings running through me right now and so go ahead. No lights were we'll talk later so My mom was driving home on the big withheld the background. Sebaste ages, it's like your cutting around through the country to get up to get up, Petaluma out of Nevada and on the way out of Novato. There Indian Valley golf course. There Stafford Lake and then in arms, but gets very country very quickly out right outside the city. That's cool, so my mom was driving home one night and it was dusk. She saw cops on the side of the road and she southern pulling garbage bags out of a ditch and when he got home, she saw the news, and I am also as if we were there with her, because I can remember, but I, but I do this Tom? I can write, memories very easily, assure I
you, like. I remember my mom having a freak out because she saw the news they had. Finally does over the body of the little girl who had gone missing for days earlier and that with this girl, Jennifer more so She, my mom, actually saw them find the body which is wow when my sister reminded me of it in this text. I was like this is epic, I'm. Can be more where that your brain can just lose these. Like we talk about this every week, murder and I never thought about lost yeah, it's a scam. Nah, it's so filed. So far back so Usually this is what happened. Jennifer Moore was thirteen years old and on Thursday April 13th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine. She called her mom at work crying cuz. She had gotten three c's on her report card, so her mom said you can go walk by some ice cream.
And so on, and this is another thing where I didn't. I didn't look into a, but it pretty much sounded like she was being raised by single mother and she was latch king, just like we all did so. She goes to walk down. To that asking robins unavoidable averred, which, as I was reading this is like, I knew exactly where all of this was. As I was reading, it and so when the mom comes home from work that night Jennifer's not there, and she knows from the last time she talked to her when she told you to go ice cream. It was way way way too long for her not to be there. She knew she wasn't runway up. I read in this article, interestingly enough, the age twelve to fourteen a prime runaway years, and so any time someone is that age and they call to report the missing the cops. They had the habit, of assuming this is what it is, because that's usually Dick or its only the case here, but
course, some other assured them this is. This is very wrong. She didn't run away. All of her stuff is in a room you, her person, round like all she did was take the money for the ice cream. I was a run oxygen runaway now. I think I, when I was five cause. I was gonna, show my mom and I basically took a suitcase out to the road and then came back and I had a meeting with the pact as it has been over the bed. I didn't stay out during my black thirteen. My drug here stare like overnight and they straight up called the cops and me I was was a runaway will. They should have, though yeah that's good I feel so bad about that. You didn't know you're on drugs, so the cops checker school records. They see that she's had perfect attendance and she's in out. That's not the person that we're talking about you, so so they they start looking into it.
Two days pass and they start handing out the have. You seen me fliers which of course again seems a little late for me merrily. I don't like it, but I think but this is one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine so back then there were like we just want to see. Probably yeah is this is the idea on day, three, a person driving down all Nevada Boulevard, he's garbage bags in a ditch on the side of the road and those looks in them and finds Jennifer's nude body that purpose who found them to think he now it was gone out like what was looking for. Well, he there's a very good chance. He saw in the news because this was all over the news this little girls face. Have you see me this girl's missing? So it happened. Did hit the news like the next night, So maybe that flyer thing was just the cops like on the street. I doing it because I remember that well
I should say that cause. I don't know the exact chronology, but she remember, like the the big lay, the small town where it's like. This is what everyone's talking of a hundred percent, because this doesn't happen, a hundred percent. This is this. There's a town, like Petaluma, where people did not laugh their doors and when you see this picture its nineteen eighty nine picture, she's got braces, she's got his bangs she's got the big who bearings that she's so cute, and she just looks like a girl mere junior high skill me this sweet kids, young. I always when I see them. I always am so sorry. I know I know so yeah for motorists. That is my theory. I should say. I think that that person saw that that a girl was missing on the news and then when they saw the garbage bags but over and checked, and then there worst nightmare was confirmed, so everyone's in the end between time, of course, not
let their children leave the house. No one knew there were no latchkey kids right once it was instead, she was missing. So the cops look at the plastic bag and inside I should say plastic bag. It uses the one big garbage bag at the bar, there were a Sunday school like leaflets, in one of the policeman recognised it as the O. My kids use those at their Sunday school, so this is like probably alone, church, Sunday School leaflet, so they decided checking all the churches nearby and they they map out from her house to the ice cream parlor what churches are in between, and so they go to Bethel Baptist Church on of art, and they noticed The cops show up there. They notice there's four big garbage cans outside two of them, a garbage
which liners skirmish, maglev garbage bags inside of them and to doubt so they govern check it's the same type of garbage, so this probably had happened in the last day. Yes they they immediately or like okay. This is in our view, this is Campi acquainted out or would be a very the probability if that being at once, I loved one puzzle pieces, that together in jail and that their ino is my view, will make up work butts everything I read in this. It was like the cops were like Eagle Eyed, and I think that is that thing of its tiny town, where its ever but his daughter totally. So They see that they match. They see that it's a match of the same type of garbage bag and they they go in. Immediately get bloodhounds and they have the bloodhounds vague.
So have them sent on Jennifer's clothing and then the bloodhounds take them directly back to their Jennifer's house. So they know that this is that this is where she ended up. This is the church. Who's. She basically took a short cut from her house through a crew, area that was in the back of the church and then up through the church, so they go into the church to look for evidence and they talk to after their who shows them something weird that he had noticed. There was a coffee cup that had been like the car He had been spilled in the library, but no one had picked the coffee cup, off the floor, so was just as coffee, sane and who is it Can because beverage we're not allowed in the in the church library. So you know it's way, enough that someone may that spell, but then they didn't even cleaner path. Musically. So the crime lab comes pulls up the carpet tests, it there's blood and bleach. So
In spite of some use, spilled the coffee over. It said he, I guess to be wired. There was a big bloodstain, but so he was like nope the coffee stayin here. Because you know you don't worry about this coffee sting, my good guess, so they get onto that immediately and then one check the search, the rest of the church. They find a brown bomber jacket at the bottom of their clothing donation Ben and it was the jacket, the Jennifer WAR. When she left the house to go, get ice cream was and now they know and end they check the pockets shit. The rubber band for her braces were in the pocket, so they know was hers sooner. They know this is that we ve got location so the pastor remembers that he doesn't work early Friday morning she had disappeared Thursday and he got there the door It was not only unlocked, it was ajar so based lay. There are three people. On Thursday night there were at the church that could have been involved. One was the janitor,
one was the youth pastor and one was the teenager that was helping the youth pastor with gardening. Can I guess? Yes, if they, hell yeah, you master. Oh wait knows this, the kid oh shit, am it unilaterally me that you just said that and maybe it this is the way it's going, the eye. And a bunch of articles about this, but it's such a small town was so long ago. I could only get these little short ones from the early times and then end up. Wikipedia, but then I found the transcript for a tv show called I detective you ever seen that show. So it's, I don't think it's on anymore was on who is on like court tv that older, but basically they would lay out a true crime story and then they would they would. Are you the evidence that the cops found on NGO? Is it a use for that and you would make a gas than they would tell you what the right answer is and why so you are kind of
basically learning how cops do their procedural shit as you. While that sounds like an hour So I stumble upon it transcript for the episode about the Jennifer. Former Malaysia, so you just for you just intuited something. I think you should be very proud of yours, but at the same time I thought I thought that the youth pasture and the janitor were too obvious. I just I just cheered because it is the EU. That is the case that what but there's always gonna be victims of Michel, so it turns out. But the kid that was helping the youth passed her garden had. Record and was about kid, but his grandma had come and take them up at six thirty that night, and so he had a an alibi, and then the janitor wasn't at home when they went to go question him, so he was really high up on the list. Then they go visit. The this pastor and
he's a twenty nine year old, Ex Marine name, Scott Williams? He owns a gas station near by he's a Sunday school. Teacher whatever he works at the church, all the time, so here every he's well liked by the community, all the stuff we see here. So they talk to him and he admits that huh was the last person to leave on Thursday night Andy can account for his work. It's that night, he's kind of saying there was a meeting at the gas station well, but I did miss it because I was Do you know the gardening, whatever unease, real evasive, so they're they're, like like this guy and asthma yeah exactly and he suggests that you take a polygraph, solar or like a bullet. Dead weight to dissuade anybody here, you're enhancing, you're, innocent belief. Also polygraph test and
the end of it, the polygraph examiner we who I believe was from the FBI is they brought the FBI and really early so smart, it's so Cyrus more. I wish more of that would have happened, Yakima case that I now just get just get the big boys and it's not an insult, so they bring So at the end of the polygraph examiner says you killed. For more and he cracks and cops to the whole thing, which I think is so brilliant cuz, usually in movies and stuff. The polygraph examiner is just all dry and like did you did you not making little checks and doesn't care? He was like looking at this evidence. Here's the conclusion basically played a poker game of like, while you did it and then he was just like your eye. They did. I just think that so interesting, but had he ever kill anyone or her any here record, no, no private. No prior, some interesting to me, because I feel that the people who crack and breakdown are almost like the Who insist and just fuckin lie about it.
More sociopath to me than the people who, like feel happy there. Build the remorse, and so they breakdown and cry because they can't even fucking deal with themselves rate, and usually I would say I would. I would wager that People are the ones it's the one off. Passion or the moment or the you know, whatever it is operate exactly and that's what this work because he Some the rope burn on his hand where he he's drunk her with peace, a rope so he's just like he said he. The quotas are murdered. Her eye raped her eye strangled her and I bludgeoned her. So, then they they know they have em. It's not just like coincidental. Our Lisbon manipulated. He is very specific and basically totally barbed it out by a piece of shit
so then the cops go to his house and they start hug knows wife who of course, is getting out why the wife always all honey, and then she tells the cops that they had recently got into into a fight because of the huge. Bills. He was racking up on those nine seven. Six numbers from the eightys to you is that, like sex talk, necessary talk, numbers that world now their illegal, We know there like there there's all kinds of FCC regulation, so they're not like it used to be theirs: nine, some six commercials. Second, it was past ten o clock at night. That's all tv warrior and when they look into it he had huge oh and his were for a child porn. There's a phone I was there I mean I don't know, I did that's all the lines that seems like a fuckin, F b I sent operate there I mean yeah, I'm out this needs to be said. But I bet they weren't real.
Sorry, but I do want to collect these would be actresses sown. Actress anyway, so basically he tells the story he's working outside of the church and Jennifer is. Cutting through from the creek through the parking lot He sees her and it gets I D had in his head and so that he's going to like seduce her He says Haiti on Coke come in hot. The site or whatever, and lures, her into the library. Makes a move on her. She freaks out, tries to run he grabs her rapes her and he said, strangled her and heads around the head, all in the church, library, honey church? Let's just remember these things at this is when people
have any kind of religious thing that there too, it is sometimes let's be suspicious of that even on the outset, and a lot of people use religion to hide behind you. Humans are here and then just because you're of a specific group of humans doesn't that then you are exempt from being a terrible person. Exactly anyone can go to that place on Sunday and sit there in silence and act. Anyone can yeah and believe that thereof rather right and there are good parts. I, like you, evaluate I've high in a secret, I'm a bad person you're just like I am exempted from this, because, because God yeah and the Bible so Oh, he got first to re, murdered, got a life sentence, no possibility of parole. Thank God. Every ounce of this research I was like yea, cop yea judge and rarely happens, gets we can celebrate it ah That's it! That's that
Jennifer, more murder of Nevada CAT is that is exhausting and sad and horrible too. This is latchkey kid still a thing: dont thinks well. I was starting my sister and I told her. This is the story that I'm doing and she yeah. That's why we never let kids go anywhere ever by themselves ever rights, like my our friend Adrian, has a daughters, eighteen and he's going to the dentist to get, but she was gonna, be sedated and, and Adrian called my sister, and can you go with her yeah asked me to alleviate. I've heard that about dentists office, though lake there was no one who, with insists that Kip came alone back there in a man like we'll, go fuck yourself and wouldn't take the kid to the dentist. Yeah because the again doctors, priests, whatever it is, we don't know we don't know, it doesn't mean automatically that that's a good moral, I'm standing person what I'm trying to think of it like a twelve year old son, her daughter. Would I be comfortable without going home
School after after school me alone and, like yeah kind of, would you be comfortable with that now these days. Yeah I mean not with I'm surprised Being I'm saying that and being so naive, which I don't have it is but twelve this is pretty. I guess once I see a twelve year old living on undermined, but I mean it: weird because it we did it from one we're like eight o totally. I think it's just that cultural thing relate when everyone does it: it's not that big of a deal here and also being if siblings, it's it's better you have other people around once an only child. It's a little, you have you have people too, gave the house with Danone murder comes in the front door, just someone you guys have to be responsible for each other, sayers allow more careful and more bitter, like my sister was Oliver live up, live that I actually had to constantly take me to the bathroom it. Ain't so angry. For twenty years my sisters had a pick, my napkin up off the floor. When I throw it on the ground, when I was in a pitcher of by catch
It's me to this day, like you're Miguel, dance like among on Hungary airline accurately go pick that lets me thanks mom and dad it's a thing. It to be the older sister. That's for that's true of being the baby, the best yeah well, that was yeah Well, that's what we do. If you don't mind We understand yeah yeah, my favorite murder shirts dot com, Will it give us money now that we ve ruined your dad now that you haven't. I, I think this a cut. The psychology of that actually holds up the innkeeper running my day here at least we're doing something. At least it's something it make we feel alive. I feel like there's little bits and pieces of this pipe cast that make that don't either make people say more aware
last spring believe yeah, maybe somewhere like grateful yeah, maybe somewhere change, something for the four for the good, maybe someone be on a jury someday, be like. Oh, you can't let the sky totally debate. There may be, will win Peabody he'll hope that was announced. The guy's gonna say maybe we'll be Crown Queen Victoria free Vicki. I mean you know it's it's! U every fifth! It finally I'm clean vehicles because of a pod cattle window eagerly gleam of making, but far worse than on its only those british people I gotta be the queen. Why can I not? We are gold, queen of fuckin. Well we're gonna, pinnable sms your hometown murders. Please don't give up. Don't do that!
my favorite murder gmail, we're about to record a mini episode with a few of those. So that's why you should tell us. We also just be patient because we're getting them from every direction we hit him on the twitter, which is my fave murder aims, are at my feet manner and with theirs tons and people we love it. People parsimony Facebook page is great, there's a thing, the more clever and funny they are and well written, the more likely what we eat them, because the less work for us to move the gap we read them all create that content gap. I think you guys are listening and thank you again for a rate reviewing subscribing in getting us fuckin up on that stuff
Its are incredible, not crazy. Thank you. So much for your support. We honestly are very touched and slightly freak out totally milk were beating eventual at their own game and its freaking me out a mosaic male pod, castors veil, commedia, podcast click, click, click clear by our I'll, buy you a dude spied. Everyone loves that a little vague biologists fun to record the Ladys is whatever you know, won't stay sex Tomcat murdered bye,
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