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2019-04-25 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the murder of Helle Crafts and the Hyatt Regency walkway collapse.

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This is exactly right. Now it's an emergency mode. Throw up on I've got your settings. Then you see me. Can you see me right down the galley red or Doma Gauntlet? Let's keep eye contact us entire episode. Ok, hello, welcomed at my favorite murder. It's your crime, county, podcast, Xray, even waiting for since last week, diplomats, caring caldera, I'm use Thursday. There
Thursday that store too hard, but we don't know what day it as it doesn't matter whether they told you already stop being superficial. Did oh you love Wednesday. I love calendar. They look at me mark my calendar, so in the calendar is like even now knows, squares contain all my plan. Lauderdale today, which has a Wednesday right is, is it you say, No no no it's Wednesday. Today is a year since, with all this, a killer was car. Do you remember, happy birthday care unhappy, but happy golden safer dating or Joe? I will tell you this right now. I know exactly where I was driving when I saw it on Twitter and thank you again to that person on Twitter alerted me at eleven o clock at night driving home from something I remember that down more park. I fucked
look a twitter someone says: could it be that this is really happening than the texts began? You are you telling me you're the one who informed? Thank you very much less. That's now before I live for its now too, that you ve told me were caught cold cold cases that were solved so your honor. Ah, thank you. It's my dream to be that person to be your personal newscast, look out for the Delphi murders when they catch him, because that matters. Alas, I need you to tell me that will be three ok, yeah the exciting. I think I woke up from an app and eleven. Yes, that's right, and I think you and I were like not talking the right, then ya- think we were like had we had us come off. I was it European Torreon was it. There is something where it was like book and tour and too much of each other straw, stress, dress and dislike okay. We need to take a view, not just the weeks we ourselves. Can I please ask one day: that's happening, I like to say, and then the golden
the killer getting caught broadest back together, I was hired you immediately. I know you wanna talk to measure I I know I am the only person you want to talk to you right now, for I can't you and these Are these sinew that hold the muscles of the Exoskeleton Indo skeleton of our relationship try, endless package. It is like the ocean TIGERS out baby. It comes back and attract every time. Save our waters a clean up here. Please get the plastic shit out of range type up. Your six pack placid care seagulls beak is gonna, get caught him. Not, though, if you want your various, it's gonna look like and victorian whether we like just Siegel. I thought that was the point is that were dressing up,
further of the ocean as like. What is it that from the fifteen hundred avant garde garb? Yes, are avant garde, like Grace Jones or the restoration, the fifteen hundred that is re. Why would I even make a statement? Let's say the fifteen hundred when the so it is a fifteen hundred, were either the restoration, the renaissance or those two things are the same. As my appoint you don't need to name the renaissance too. They are many history by gas that you can immediately hang up on this one and you're not on if you on and do it and we wish she would, and we wish you well doing if we do not have a quick podcast recommendation that I just started. Listen to what we're on the plane home from Saint Louis, am I fucking bench. Others, like only for episodes, is called the ballad of Billy Balls and, oh yes, you been talking about and crime town pointed out, it's like their neck, their new season of their crime.
It hosted by IO till it right and he's just such a bad ass. It such a fucking good pog has its like it's like C b there, China, Salva, like C, B GB era, fuckin rockers murder, who, with though girlfriend of the rotten weren't murder rocker involved- and I owe till it is also an bogdan. You dont know not how until the third episode in God, I love it so much ah Sonya. I actually ass. If we're gonna do, let's do Barbara Warner stood. This is our new thing because I have been listening so many more lately. The normal I back as I'd, never listened to Atlanta monster right. Which I often times I just stay silent because, unlike sometimes I'm like enough, I can't, but I have he's, been fascinated with the Wayne Williams and the Atlanta child killer case, and how,
they used to when it was just be of american justice, episode, yeah type of treatment. Is this thing of it was an open and shut king. I caught him on the bridge that it way Williams period, but there was other than there were a couple other shows it would fold in this thing of isn't that convenient than last night at the stake out on this bridge they caught this guy. Isn't it convenient? Isn't it convenient ito? What were they trying to say is step around what race issue where they tried to avoid blowing up here? What happened? The aid is right so that she was already blown was all rationally in Atlanta roiling. Yes, in the south anyway, I just I blaze through it. Obviously I'm late to the party so who cares about this, but I just pay Lindsey is great great podcast, or an did such a good job. With this investigation and opening those doors, Instead of going conspiracy barrier Erlich putting that tinge on area its pulling in this very now modern look of Lake Avenue anyway
people. You never look at anything this way because you are, you know coming from this bias, you don't know what it is to feel this like police oppression, or this raise abuse, constant abuse, constant neglect or using that the community that you know black community thinks of their children differently than than you would or somehow it's not as important, because it's a child who doesn't look like your child. Yes, so looking out in that way of like it's just as important yeah and those children deserve justice, just as much as any Fuckin Whitehead does, and it's it's the travesty of when social right oppression it then creates these victims, who are entirely innocent young. Not as another really lovely theme is that innocent, these innocent children, just because there are out at eleven o clock at night or whatever, just because their homelands weren't ideal right there were innocent child. So it's so good if you haven't, which everyone already has. This is like
the recommending friends, the great succumb to watch, but really ablaze, directing really liked. I love it and that's pike, Ding Ding, when the entrepreneur ending to talk more about Pugwash, oclock murder squad their new episode this week has them this fuckin Paul, wholesome Billy, Johnson talking about the golden say killer, which is like how they met. It's like their second thing. You know it's their origin story and they have a survivor on that. That they interview Emma she's, just an incredible woman and her make missing son. You got that recast. You have the following, which has this week as Christmas, dough and deniston to children who were murdered in Georgia and are called cases, and then this park ass much earlier this week is doing bazooka virus alone. I love it. I do love the how the kind of that concentric circles of interest around, like it's like
I liked your crime, but I also like other fucked up thing happened that don't necessarily belong in that regional circle, but they definitely belong in the outer cycle. Societal woes is my favorite thing sure what, however, they come down and pretty soon exactly right network is going to have yet another party ass we have like so many coming old. A party cast did I met while I was grabbing my big unless I noticed that she's dirty dirty yap, I thought it sorry a net. What you know I interrupted you you another podcast, that what better now I have a lot of high costs coming up since a state and make sure you follow. Can you do that? Exactly right now, or can you follow a network on Itunes? I dont want subscribe to the network now to every individual show. Probably I answered habits modifying subscribe to exactly right on Twitter and are you guys them on posting all those twitter updates of all the show and Instagram? Do it please?
We fight about twitter and Instagram. We it we are opposing teams. One is on jokes only and words only one is pictures. That's right! Well everything! Yes, well you're like in a very serious moment. No, no, it was just something before it was about that it was like going around at twitter. So I always she reached video. That was exciting. That was crazy. She but her album had come out, so she was kind of retreating everybody that was talking, but I am also retreated. Courtney Barnett, who is one of my favorite singers, on re, so good everybody, laser right now she is, she is the it girl of the moment outright. Oh, am, I was gonna, say something great.
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this again today that on then we can see that, based on the power injures soak handling the first based on reality. We have to do a case on what they always listeners reality. Not our railways, forget which ones where China. What is reality? I truly knows, I mean believe me, I do I'm doing the murder of Hell a craps egg. A the wood, shipper murder, a mere first episode of forensic files, now yes, amazing, and that I was like upon What murdered idea, because no one I did as being to grow salmon and, like you can't fucking, do that Georgia says I'm looking for any one way or another.
First episode, forensic files is found. It was like, oh, my god, how we not done this. This is. I love this idea Ray it's so smart. Thank you, I'm very smart and make this is beforehand. Zero files had started, naming their episodes really weird shit lay out. You know it's turning the issue. It is always a bad palm right and this is just called the disappearance of hella crafts, and her name is hell. Eighty l, l e, is how you spell it re hella hookers up, so a lot. I infer from morbid ology dot com, there's an article by Emily Thompson and also call our friend, murder, PDF yeah, especially article by Mark Godot, how the grass? or an Heller, look Nielson on July, fourth, nineteen, forty seven. She grew up in a small village in Denmark, ok and she's, vibrant she's, outgoing. She made friends easily she super fuck and smart, but how it a teenager, Schiller and French and English and was able to understand german norwegian and swedish. So I know only
three of those that's a lie. I am not even greater English. Do you remember when we were in Scandinavia trying to pronounce us fuckin City name your lightly? Oh yeah, an error and my favorite was- and I know we ve told a story, but going up and making people in the front row tell us how to pronounce it. Meanwhile, they were speaking absolutely perfect, like California, English, where they're like, don't worry about it. We don't really care really, oh my god, an hour. They were all like experts who did not to say either or they had just come into being Amsterdam to see us, yet they were just on vacation hilarious, up asking a shit so yeah she would have been good at that. So by the time she was twenty Hella is a beautiful young woman. I showed Venza Boat owners like who does she look like cause me to explain and he immediately was like em, Emily Watson,
Oh, how of actors, Emily Watson were an east coast like housewife. That's what should look like Amazon exactly like her? She became a dutch stewardess. How do we say now not stored s flight attendant flight attendant or air hostess? I'm not sure, I'm running a flight attendant, ok and then she and she loved, discovering new places. It was like a perfect job burka. She was so outgoing and friendly enough, fuckin loved her, of course, and she found out that PAN American Airlines, San aunt Hannah was hiring sure she applied along with two hundred other people for eight spaces available, and she got one the witches sorry to say but that is kind of like a beauty contest his back again. It would that's kind of what it was and is it like the holders of the air, but not objectification whales idea, good, you know, were wait a host toaster. Yes, you had to really you had to be good at like up
those customers are yes. Don't they like a pan, am experience here now and allay somewhere where you can go, do like the hot. You have dinner as if you were on a pan AM flight from the succeeds, though. So I follow this incredible woman. Her name's Alison Martino, she's, the daughter of our Martino, who is this singer in the fuckin fifties and Sixtys like Old, LOS Angeles, kroner type adieu and she posts. She does he's crazy experiences and tell you all this history of Alice ass. She went on this Panam experience and it's like they serve you. Do they would have served you how to do that? Even you liked it happened when you find your home it's gonna experiences, arrest, weekly, retro, rest, weekly, retrofitting of ever evasion, enthusiasm, people looking for a new phase, expert I am now I may you always say I always with my fate long thick nails point at year end with my worthy caprice. Yes, Georgia, autonomy tickets over this widespread, sir ok, we'll will go in my favor murder event, outing the feed
trips are beginning better, and then we have to do report on feel tipsy, Stevens or bus driver. Great, ok, ok, where were we? I don't fucking now generally becomes a pan. Am that's right. She won out of two hundred people it if she got topics that are so she sent to Miami for training, and it was there on May twenty. Fourth, nineteen sixty nine, the height, probably of Miami, the time that she met thirty one year old, Richard Crafts, crafts like I'm crafting ok, he's a pilot for Eastern Airlines and to me you there's another photos of him, but I wrote if Mr Rogers were a dick in an insurance sales. That's what he looks like so, Mr Rogers, but more tan and more buff, yeah and like not friendly face in the warmth, is gone once gone and he's trying to sell you that that shitty stocks of signing lounged running out you to get in on this ponzi schemes upon detail exactly. Ok, so like Jack, and I repeat Mr Rogers and I'm sorry to de escalate you're beautiful name, but we
in a baseline. That's right! Thank you, when he might have an ancient six. You know he was already engaged to someone else but day they hooked up. They maintain and on and off again again relationship for the next few years. They fly while the time for friend said sometimes in public, her friends didn't like him. There, like you, can get any fuckin dude and your than this Mr Andrews. Like a motherfucker they're like you, need to join adult children of alcoholics or some shit like that has clearly Europe get chaos at tat rate. Chaos attic, that's good, you're, pointing he said that you're, putting yourself pointed out yourself with gusto. I love K, o er. Yes, oh my god. How are we friend I don't know we know it may be. I love chaos. Attics yeah. I don't think you might cares yourself, I know, but
It's weird? It's like! I don't want to? U want to think of yourself that way, but for me that's the thing of like being late or not turning things entered Everts like now. It's all so there's a little bit of I'm pretending that that somehow, I'm in control, which I'm not I feel like. I'm chaotic and I have anxiety about it. My hated my don't wanna be right same occur that means, but there's almost like if it's what you grew up with it, EL, the mother's milk, so you go like it's, my baseline, and you don't want it to be. So my shame can I cite anecdote. Please amendment dimensionless, my mom got married last week. After having then with my now stepped out which is the weird I've never had a step parent, my life, and what your new line lets me
and you're, not my real giant, but we live John she's. No additional Euro Zone yoga best fuckin person. I adore him. I get a text message on Tuesday to fourteen other peoples, a group text, including phone numbers. I didn't haven't my phone, so fuckin strangers to me and my mom said: surprise: we got married fucking, does it and then he said to her. You know I was just like that so Jana, it's fine, I'm so happy for you, wonderful, wonderful and then later we talked like you know. I really would have loved to phone colleague just to tell me that this happening and she's just like. Oh I'm such a bad ma am oh you are. You Nina. Did that well here the thing now, she's the a person that lake it it is due. Delay to be wrong for its deadly to be wrong. You can't even like it just even put in one suggestion in this suggestion box. I want to see. I could see what you'd want that threat
You might have to do it just understand that just hear what I'm saying ass, he, unlike readjust your perspective, my mama's exact same way were any time. I would just be like what kind of sucks and she'd like? Oh, I'm, sorry, you get everything you want all that where no complaint was valid, which is why, when than that comes up for me, where I just like you, then time travel into having these fights, because you dear when you euro, eleven the person who was in charge of reality, Jesus Christ, I gotta how're. We successful raised on earth my life seriously: Lear Bareheaded, buyer, like Courier island of my fucking life on fire friend, I was just telling somebody this largest like right up till his podcast got popular. I was sliding down the face of the mountain in the fucking death poor, like I was down in Euro like our hands ethic site like on a roller guy who and then we both pull each other up yet now pay. Thank you
puke here, I'm in and you where or JANET were calling JANET a bad day. Omair fair, regenerate, ok, blah blah, they're, together its while at all they prohibition event, but then a nineteen. Seventy five hell. I found out that she was pregnant They decided to get married sure. Ok, they bought one level ranch house in the city of new town, new town. We're Helen had her first child and then over the next few years she had Timor, so they have three kids together, richer picks up a second job is an auxiliary police officer than a security guard. I think it's like
parttime cop, which shouldn't be a thing without, although, like you, don't get all the bonino so that they know how to do anything, you of a God, that's right but like he also was like kind of a dick about it like you bought the exact same kind of police car that they have put like wires and shed on it like you and you just would come to the station even when he wasn't on ships like he really wanted to anyone really enforced whatever fuckin baby whenever he had Fourthly, any power than he baby power that he had. He liked doubled. I oh yeah, so it's like! Oh, so you can t help you can you can write up someone a citation right, but it isn't really a ticket and their legal fuckin right citations all down to about every little thing. Calm down did so, I repeat the heat. Yes, scrape, he's doing that she's continuing to work as a airline
of light attendant light attendant, yes, and according to our more than their looks, I'm sorry. I've said the thing about eradicating on sixty is. It was the last six years when it was kind of like yeah, unknown thing in those areas that you're good thanks. So I looked it up a course. Honour might have run or Gmail and found murdering O Neill Maggie, be her mother back. And baby sat for the crafts children wow, and she said Richard was a quote bit of not bow and that Hella was very sweet. Very pretty swedish woman with a thick accent and fuck him I said I so the marriages rocky, of course Richard Search cheating on her even for their married when he's asked why they got married, he said quote: hell. I was pregnant at the time we were married. It was
too far advanced for a doctor, depart perform an abortion and we decided to get married, so them ass, romantics in romance at the height of its called light, a deep human soul connection ass when you get married because it's too late to get an abortion, that's what Oprah calls a deep human, deep humans Vulcan that action minus an abortion. Yet so during their marriage, richer and just fuckin sheet and all the time he has always affairs He would disappear for days at a time and never say where he was, and he also bought a shit tonnage guns or whatever is and cause a cassette sexy. For his dates. Yeah. Because he's an auxiliary police may, as you like obsessed with guns. They had made a pretty good wage because of being in the airline industry is known and so splendid. He didn't give her any money. He spent all the money. I'm fuckin guns, and yet, in the months leading up to her disappearance, Hella had discovered phone calls to an unknown number and she's like
fuckin doing it again, like should kind of ignoring because of the kids and staff, and he probably promise you wasn't doing any more. So to confirm our suspicions. She hired a private detective he's a former the kick cop, his knee is Keith. Mayo, ok, which I love I need be played Mayo like I've heard of his clinic, because a rainy is not right. That has all the best mayonnaise was right, Miss guys the best he be played by a young mustachioed polity Ahmadi. How, I think any brought any movie that my favorite murder makes is going, how podgy Marianna we got you, and also just in terms of being a utility character, actor right. You can slap very slight to pay on him and he's a completely different person, painted blue. You can do whatever it takes them. The bio pick of bloom angry with him LU, LU, Mangrove, fuckin, avatar or his Albert rate film,
fat liar, which my entire family is obsessed with, or his cameo in the forthcoming book, so sexy and Duncan murdered the audio book. That's right! Is that known yet did we talk about it? I think we have talked about it, but we might as well brag on it a little bit more podgy Ahmadi is is helping us read our audio both here and there here and there he reached out to us and we were like hey. Can you will you do is? Is this really? You are you making fun of us? Yes and the others like? Yes, yes, no The attic not trying to the paltry amount. If you'll see. Oh, yes, you will see when you listen a lotta buck and, yes, we read it to locate herself, if Mayo confirms that not only is Richard having another affair he's had one girlfriend particular in New Jersey who had been saying for years. I hate that. Look. I that so much it's so fucking mean yeah to the other person
it's so mean to pretend that you're doing to pretend that you are sharing reality when you're, not yeah. I think that's so fuckin shit like to trick the person into thinking about their life is what these thing? And it turns out it single put like just tell them that their knife, like you, have to go crazy when you find that out right, yes, because then suddenly it's just like it's one thing to have an affair with people. You don't care about me. I like. Oh, he can't stop fuck, that whenever we are set to be posted
up with a totally other person in just have like a secret lay and they, like. I love you and spending all your emotional fucking energy on them in its nightmare. It just everyone's worst nightmare like year, keeping something from me in its terrible will. This guy was really doing any, didn't clearly didn't care about how it impact Anne was fucking around to society was even fucking. The secret girl, I mean fucking over the secret girlfriend, the as like, no one safe with yeah I'll Martina, whatever the hell, that's the father of low instant, rather our aid shit. I'm so sorry, oh! What's his name, sorry, what salesman's name Richard Crafts! Thank you! Ok, save a merger drastic because even in so easy for no knots over their leave a note. I believe that we are here were raw, we're we're for flawed and wrong. We love care jackass rain. We accuse people, have shed ok
so now that she has proof of his his infidelity she files for divorce, and she told her friends that she had feared for her life and that and they cannot believed her because she told them. You know she confided in her friends about what dick he was an she had appeared in public multiple times with bruises on her face, so her divorce lawyer said that she told them that quote. If anything happened to me not quote, it happened to me? We should not be. That it was an accident, a hutches like how many times have we said that there are so many lorry every time, women who know what's coming through the worse? If so, sad- and she also told her lawyer that Richard how to but tat of guns and that he physically abused from the past. So does The fact that it was cheating on her. She decided to attain a no fault divorce, as opposed to charge him with adultery, and I wish you know I can imagine it's just like. Let's make this as like: let's not fucking
make him angry. Let's, let's make this as easy as possible: it's not like make him ACT in any way it sucks so that yeah she's just trying to slide out the door or Asia behind her, so she can get out like free, and quite rightly so. She did that and she was concerned about the children as well how how he would react. The divorce papers were written, not, but they are never served because however, a nineteen eighty six thirty nine year old, hella returns from working, I'm a flight from Germany and she's drop. At our house spake to others flight attendants and they about the rocky relationship with Richard so when they dropped her. Often she was like shit he's home. They still lived together. They they understood. So it was the last time anyone aside from her husband, saw her alive. So our friend
become concerning when they haven't heard from Hell and Richard threats telling everyone a different fucking story like she was on another fight or she was at home in Denmark with her mom and her mom like nodded she's, not home with me at probably like just like that and other he gave different sorts to everyone, so one Alice power, cars name, Rita, didn't believe Richards bullshit and was worried about a front. So she reports hella missing on the first of December, two weeks after she gone missing while so when the police question Richard, who buy now is an actual policemen will, with that with the neighbouring county. He it gives a bunch of bullshit, passes, allied detector, test and southern like great, and they didn't fucking worry about it. Men and so here come. Slacken Mr Mayo, Keith, Mayo, Yo Yahoo. I got hired for this job of proving that he was cheating and he loves like fuck. This
yeah like I'm getting involved, this is bullshit. He was worried about his client, so he decided he needed to find evidence to convince the police to take Hellas disappearance seriously. He finds he finds in the papers provided by Hella. He finds a receipt for a chainsaw, and then he learns that the Au Pair, the apparent, tells him that Richard and cut out pieces of his bedroom rug and discarded them at a local dump. Thank you, AU pair. That's right seriously. That was some key fucking Avonlea ashes. I'm definitely mandatory in this whole case organised so he's like we're. Gonna dump this guy this buck and private investigator, he with the help of local trash trash, the crew they find out which jump the crafts trash would have been taken to and they got its act, two hours east of new town. He repute recruits a few helpers and for several days they search a mountain of trash at the dump
Can you imagine the basics and they do succeed and locating a portion of rag? That's nearly identical to the rug at the crafts residence and its take the state police Laboratory in Meriden, led by a young forensics investigator for the state police none other than, and it's the first option. Forensic piles. After Henriette very early, as should be the first episode of forensic fight it. This took place in the frantic files with aired. Ninety ninety six, so we were, I was sixteen when I'm sure I first spoken saw this. I was flying on diet, pill aged twenty six and Henry Lee was just a bright eyes, pushing it held forensics indued. That's me that yeah he's one of the cap. The country's foremost runs scientists already them so
friends also kept up a non stop campaign calling the police for updates and about the investigation cause? I fucking knew that she would not just disappeared and left her children, mine no course and, as a result, the states attorney's office so late, late, fuckin usurped local cops. They decide that the investigation should be handled total by the Connecticut State Police, so they take the fuckin case who answered that's for its right, so when they looked into his behaviour. Finally, with out knelt cause, I didn't know him and didn't give a shit right. They weren't buddies. They they look into his behaviour right after she disappeared in. They find some strange shit. So, aside from several pieces of the carpet the a bedroom that had been removed he had completely remodel their bedroom and then doc they performed. Of course, it's there
I represent a forensic files, illumine alternatives in various locations that has positive for the presence of blood and among Richards Credit Card records they find that he had purchased the new freezer chainsaw he had bought. Also, they find that he had run to day. Two thousand seven hundred pound would chipper you how truck shortly before Hella disappear. He also his numerous affairs continued after hella disappeared and never once you mention to any of these fuckin women. Who knew he was married, that his wife was missing so and then how his car is found in an air and employ airport parking lot. So what story of Hellas. Disappearance finally starts making the news, because someone's fucking taking it seriously this EL pile driver comes forward and he is Nicky, I know Richard I've. No, he knew him by sight. I
Mr Crafts, using the wood shipper near the lake in the early morning, hours of them like right after she disappeared. It was there has been a severe winter storm that had hit Connecticut and was snow and sleet everywhere, gusty winds, and so they were emergency snow, ploughing the roads and he drives passes you hall and he sees a fuckin Winchester attached to it, and then he sees this Richard Crap crafts and he's like that, fucking, weird, that's weird out. Melodist posts storm, ay ay, so when he finds out that his wife is missing, he comes forward. A job snowplow guy. That's right. I like to call you, Mr Plough, because name again is MR ply the due to their police go to the scene of where either with cheaper was seen and they find there's a scattering woodchips under a layer of dead leaves and among those woodchips they also find,
human thumb and finger. With the nail attached covered in pink nail polish twenty six, sixty Two thousand six hundred sixty strands of blonde hair, a big toe, Sixty nine slivers of human bone, a trunk It had piece of human skull, five droplets human blood and a mailing label with Hella crafts name on it and to teeth, so awful, that's all it's fucking laughed also slight sidebar, but would shippers themselves are frightening machines? Are you never? Ok ever so is those kinds of things are always around growing up because, like my aunt not glad a far longer so they were, and we lived on eucalyptus Avenue and there's a eucalyptus grove between our house. My aunt Jane S house. So these
to go into the creek every year and and cut down trees and then put them in the whichever okay and there's a fan of famous family story of them. Doing at my dad, my uncle Stephen, my cousins tv and I think Stevie was seventeen or eighteen and We're throwing stuff in the Woods TV through a branch it caught in his sleep now and pull, and then he started his arm started going into the witches were connected to this branch that was by a leg, basely gravity yeah holding him in, and my dad turned around and yanked him back home basic. Like saved his arm hole you Vienna share and that when they came back and we told the story, they were all white like completely, pale gray and we're just like
my cousin Stevie, who was such an asshole guy, and he like turned to me. I must just like your dad's. He Savior save his arm. He private have bled out. Gallagher armed gets chewed off in their it's just Kennedy: massive amounts of LE loss of your out in the middle of the fucking farm, and yet it was like a half an hour to town you're low right, also that deny survive where the guy gets his arms cut off in the combine in it. But earlier you where you live and he gets they get we attach, but also its the thing of in that moment. Like I think about this all the time I freeze sometimes against when things like that happen, like is somebody screens or there's a loud noise oftentimes, it will be like wait what's going on, but Think, because my doubt as a farmer, he just had a little thing of you. Do not you just act, Russia, judges and you don't panic either. He probably has had so much experience and not panicking, whereas, like we don't see shit like that, all the times raid do yeah they're just that post. Close calls. Its and wood chips are just so
scared so scary, while this motherfucker bia, so ok and in total doktor Henry Liese team found just a total of three ounces of human remains a while total so Doktor had really determined that the o type blood positive was matched to Hellas and that the bone fragments belong to a human and effort, Oh Don T colleges was able to identify the tooth as belonging to Heller Crafts, so they confirm that it was her body and in addition, they uncovered submerged chain saw in the hostess It says it's a prop leg b I get internet How soon can occur its house attack us? That's it. That's the one. The chains I had blonde hair is intertwined and the chains and inside the rented you how Van they also found a clump of human tissue like material attested, positive for human blood, fuckin Mama disguise a monster and messy and like not good s guest. I didn't even theme was a mile from his house. He like didn't. Even he was so
Turkey that he would never get caught the he just didn't. Even bucking care, psychopath yeah So based on this information, of course, helical crafts is pronounced dead and fifty year old Richard is arrested when he arrives home from a Christmas ski trip with his children. While after their mother in the river goes disappearing, the surrounding area, so during his trial, the they face a double burden, because not only did they have to convince the jury that hell, I was actually dead because I didn't have quota quota body right, which had never happened, that there has never been a trial in Connecticut of endless point where there was in a body, in a murder trial, and they also had a compensatory that Richard was the one who killed her. So there No physical body and the motive they argued was at richer. Didn't want to get a divorce course. They theorize at Richards, Richard and first struck. Hella conscious was something blunt and their bedroom.
He carried her bonnet and body to the freezer where he left off. Freeze assuming because it's easier and less messy to put through there, which are just so fucking off disgusting, liked it to think that through those details and then it's also your wife and the mother of your children. I mean it is that thing of this is the difference where, this is the difference of when you have a conscience and when you know I was thinking about this in from Fargo, where you, above, the whichever I get sick and like I dont, want to think about it. Any more and the nearest eyes being would ship is a second. This was a terrible character, it's a terrible character, but also its like. It saves it's a prop leg, Bianca Eniac, it's as vague as it could be, and I I thinking about it yet, and the person who puts him through is like a dead I'd monster yeah. That's and this person did it to his fucking wife yet, which is sick. So he then took his body to the river where he was seen by the snow power, thank God
and jumped into several pieces with a chainsaw and then put through the wood chimeras were sickening. I didn't think about your children they're going to have to fucking Europe knowing less. He doesn't think about any of the horse, not the police, leave that he then put the scattered the pieces in the river and around the surrounding area. So, during his trial, the couples housekeeper Don Thomas tells the quorum that, on the day of Hellas disappearance, retorted ladder to go home early and she testified that Richard had removed a freezer and a carpet with allow it lacks day and from their home just a couple days after hella disappear and die for you, love these witnesses are all alike. I love them with my heart's bananas went on his asked about the pitcher kilt went on as Like Richard. What's Africans Dane Mister
apps. Whatever he's like, I spilled kerosene, and I don't want you to clean it. I'm just gonna cut the fucking carpet out. Yet, though, oh you mean cause, you had your hurricane lamp up in the bedroom ray you fucking, but she's a shed Hellespont Susan lost and tells the court that Richard had physically abused hella before and that he had lied. He had said his calling cancer had come back and when I called the doktor to confirm that it turned out. He was lying to get hurt and not go through with the divorce. Oh god, that's right, then rich Crafts own brother, in law testified that when the state police divers started looking for his wife in the rivers, he said quote: let them dive. There's no body, it's gone brother amount at that after a hundred fucker witnesses, and six hundred and fifty exhibits are presented in a fifty three day, trial, which I guess is Mary FUCK among time that the gene deliberates first, seventeen days and on fifteen nineteen. Eighty eight
A mistrial is fucking. Caught declaring yes like as there was one mother, fucking jury member who it was eleven to one in favour of conviction. One jury member walks out because he refuses to vote to convict so. It was a mistrial he was just somehow like. I don't have an was Mitch Mcconnell visas there. The prosecutors bless our hearts there, like fuck. You were doing this again lifted era. Thank God, thank God. They were like fuck, you fuck, you fuck! You yourself the second trial scheduled for the following year. This sign the prosecutions able to successfully argue that Hella had been murdered and it took only eight hours to reach unanimous verdict. Three two days since Hella was last seen alive. The jury found that Richard was guilty beyond reasonable doubt few. And at a sentencing he says quote. A great deal has been said about my apparent lack of emotion, the feelings like everyone else, which was like Harry,
You think you do. That's it. We're psychopathic words like this is, however, one feels about things right. You don't know what other people's emotions are and the blind Nadia too, when you finally go to say something: it's all about. Oh my god, yes, so hard for me, Ray you'd, not even smart enough to not do the thing that site pass always do, which is I've been through a lot yeah his trial or it's like you idiot your pointing back. It yourself again haughtily attack that these people are so manipulating and cunning and fuckin leg. What's the nefarious LEO? Yes, but then there like pretty soon cause. I don't think they don't think with empathy, and with an open, mind grass. Ok, that's why it's Hubert anybody think it's what you said. They think they're smarter than everybody, so there's no in their mind, there's no way they can myself rank, as they have already thought it all through. They know everything right now mare, so he maintained his innocence and continue to say that Hella had just disappeared.
At a sentencing Richards own Fucking Sister, who by then had custody of couples. Three children now I know she urged the judge to impose the maximum sentence. His ancestor shed. He sentenced to fifteen years in prison, Yea Keith Mail let's find out, I was, and what has been achieved, Mayo the integration him He sent a registered letter to the police. Commissioner, come chairman asking for an independent investigation to why the new town police did not take Hellas missing persons report seriously. So He called for an investigation of the conduct of the police departments. Detective bureau, which is like you'd fuck, double down my key, yet not beaten, evenly be involved in any of this, but he was like I'm gonna followed the strew yeah just so fucking. He cared amazing.
Sadly, in nineteen any nine at forty six years old, Keith Mayo died from injury suffered in a car accident also, but when I saw that that's so young and now he was survive by his wife and three children. How the crafts murder was a landmark case. It advanced forensic science greatly at invite Sir Ology radiology ballast hair and fibre exports and FBI experts, and it was the first case in which somebody was convicted of murder, with no body and the state of Connecticut. It's called habeas. I've been trying to think of it or basilica, familiar here's, always anything of it daily. I got delicti I just saw them talking about on another forensic files. You earlier on tour. I think I watch that once again, we are working on at the same time the ones Capone's worthwhile, but the I kept
funny. It is what Delicti may sound like delicious body, yeah delectable yet so, as I was trying to think of it like, I was gonna sound, so smart if I could come up with habeas corpus, but I was like like her if he s delicious, like I kept thinking that am, I dont know now. I only know it because I listen to no stone unturned, study of the car, no stone unturned, which is the story of neck research who find bodies that have been hidden and because they can try the murderer. Because their money I'll get right. A couple years ago, Joel Cohen, admitted and are having to impose article that the woodchuck foreseen in Fargo is directly inspired by the murders of the murder of hella craft. That's makes perfect sense in the earliest. Richard can be released is August, twenty twenty one when,
eighty four years old, so let's fuckin Keith mail that shit and keep him in prison they! Well. I especially I mean like its infamous Thea eighty where's you gonna go now heartily the story of the murder of hella crafts, wow God, great idea, I'm just gonna, start doing that, and so, MR that first episode called case files. First opposite. I love that, though, because you know James Charles, the make up guy that me and Nora my niece, nor I love to wipe out together. He did that same thing where he went to the first you to make up to talk to you. I will get it along with the woman who did the first you to make up to toil legend. It was it's the funniest it made us laughs or is it was like clearly from like ninety ninety says, error, and I think it was
Bobby Brown, I think it was like or Jane Eyre Zella was like that. You know it's. A great idea runs like a wire you bothering with yeah exactly there like no come on, throw some bronze earlier, and I was going to watch this and he did it along with any couldn't get over, that she was applying foundation with her finger. He was so far as that is illegal. Amazing. Kay, isn't my turn? That's your turn This was one I was thinking of. For Saint Louis further. Two dark bigger heavier? Whatever So I did so with it so funny that, like dark and big heavy. We just have to hear the audience silence when using a terrible that is the only Dover and re yeah live show is, is more comedic, I would say it's like omelette the scheme.
Tips toward comedic as opposed to cheer crime, because because it's a fucking, Marcia and its thick and that's the fun part, we definitely do the dark part. That's fine, but it's also hard to to sail these horrible things and then have no reaction from the audience. Her well yeah. It's the one once you're in alive, show setting and vibe you just want those makin laugh and nervous. I mean I don't know what you want. That's what I want! That's all! I don't want to talk about the horrible things. So tell me right now. Ok, so privacy with just Stephen, watching it so much easier to tell you about the Kansas City, higher walkway collapse. One do you know about this? Do outta! I never heard of it and can sometimes I go like. Oh, maybe there's a disaster. That's like enough something to talk about. These ones are awful
and it's it's human error and its and its innocent lives. So, like you know, he is very difficult to talk, and I tell you what s so weird the one I ended up. I had a murder. I suddenly changed my last minute as it was to her. Some mine was when I was going to do in Nashville but was too Grissom for that it was the our state, seventy five largest car crash in american history. I Why? Wouldn't you remember that? One? Yes was. It is because the fog yeah yes nicer than God Brown Paper mail. So it's it's not an murder but its it. Some what's it called when you don't attention enough when you're, like you mean like human error, Leah. Yes exactly so there is not its.
Like there's a villain are a bad guy like this could have helped. You could have a new Neuro, yes and the, and it's like passive murder, because the paper plants didn't give a shit and just like. Let this happen writing years. Yes, manslaughter think they call it ok, I mean well I'll get some time and if you don't want you mean, are you sure you haven't done that? Because that sounds super familiar probably have, let's be honest, idle Arabic, Stephen look up the one I just did read before we record exerted like Ben I've done this before you just sit. There probably look, don't judge ain't eleven, okay, so we're in this of tat Story- gets nineteen eighty one. So let me set a little picture for Kosovo into this, and so here for this ok, thank you. It's eighty one! It it's not
just before which everything when we're talking about things like this moral, is like a la via the internet or whatever, but this has so far back. Eighty one is like when everything was brown, ten or more screen, they are old, was muted, muted, dim boring flat pre video games. This was like, go outside and ride your bike or your fat or wire bugs money. Cartoons from nineteen, forty four right and I live Lucy yeah go good The play pong and that's that was an exciting videogame. That's right, we begged my dad for forget upon and then Atari came out, we're like no. Now we want attire and then he waited three years and got us palm channel, thought he is. He fought it and father and thought it, and I am, he would always go like we billet dad. Please can we get cable? Can we please I've HBO? And here we are at the firehouse you and you don't need a few, and I myself I'll, kill living the greatest life at the fire out, I'm coming home and anyway,
what this is about. Rape nineteen eighty one can t I ran hostage crisis. Finally comes to a close. The Yorkshire ripper is caught posting notes or invented. Oh so this time or of its like we're, not even talking about like Digital, this or digital that remote posted no yeah, an even better Elinor was nuts life's starting the legal. I ain't. No, they pray posted slurry, both it's fucking piece of paper with like leg glue on the back, and we can't even figure that out revolutionary eighty people are like working, it's just a little square. I can do anything, I want let it. Meanwhile, we had just gotten over the invention of white out or, like I can change pen, Newsday, credible young and every paper that you wrote it that I wrote and six grade waited six pounds because you had so much wine out on it. Jesus when also Jane. I would just arguments morning about how
calculators, and I was like member how hilarious it was when you would write boobs by writing. Eight zero, zero, eight, five calculator, blue bliss or boob, less there's a couple things you can do and that to us was like that was twitter. That was the height holding a calculator that said, boobs was like fucking a tweet storm. That's this was full on Crow Magnin era. The ice, the first flight of its M space Shuttle Colombia happened. This was this was when the AIDS virus was identified, worst identified, which I remember seeing on the new which has already killing people, but they. Finally, I done they. Finally fuckin said it was happen and then Reagan just nature that everyone was ok afterwards, re known, he falling ignored it for years and years and decades leave I'm sorry
Lady Diana Spencer, Married Channel Safari or you come out of that. No, no, no, I mean that's no you're exactly right, and that is the world we lived and also and I'll. Just as aside note to Lady Diana Spencer marrying Charles the Prince of Wales, there was such a lady Diane Prince Charles Fever that took over America. Nineteen eighty one captain in my grandma S house and literally have not talked about it. If you brought it up, if it came on the news, she would get so fucking pass. Why? Because the Irish were oppressed minorities. There is no such thing as the angle Ophelia that I fucking very in between, I love my grandma. I am loving all things. British is so offensive to the Irish I to the family, because the reason the Isle of Irish family emigrated out of Lawford and got away with it.
The brown coats were felt that the british soldiers were in Ireland beating the shit out of children. My grandfather as a child was made today ditches for british soldiers. Instead of going to school she's, they were. It was crazy idea awful over China. The charm did not come through, so it was. I had the weirdest perspective as an eleven year old about concerns like I want to get my hair cut light lady, dire governors like it's. This is all wrong. You shouldn't be: do you think you are good people breaking commemorative plates in our country kitchen floor, Felix literally like spit on the ground type of language? Switching off tv in it was amazing. I love fuckin love. My grandma can look at anyway, so in May of meeting this sovereignty? Go back a little bit further the plans of this higher Regency Kansas City, MA am nineteen. Seventy eight construction begins, it is, in the Crown Centre district by union station. Its
three forty stories tall and it's gonna feature a multi story, lobby, atrium, so open air and the glass that all that and again, this was before this, in the late seventies, early eighties. All ceilings were much lower than they should a ban, and all everything was brown carp right. It was like the inside of a depressing mall everywhere. Yes- and it was all like the world was closing in on you fucking earth tone in shades of worth. Martinique comes with a solely being Gran Zealand, the sky. Oh my god. The plants are growing so tall out there trying to be modern ends. You know a tram, it up got it. So The engineers design floating walkway is that are going to hang from the ceiling within atrium at the second third and fourth floors. Acting the north and south wings of the hotel obviously this thing is massive and its basically like
it's gonna, be this future resting in answer. They had his little bridges running across the open air. To like get from this side of the thing that aside, you can look down, it's beautiful. You can look up at still middle like anything exactly it. This is your atrium. Like me, no fancy big hotel, explain ass. Exactly so far three walkway sits directly above the second story walkway, while the third Storey walkway is offset from ok, so they basically in doing that that creating they were playing with levels all talk about architecture. Later they wish you up in twenty twenty five So, as the building starts, there's delays and setbacks, which happens during all construction, but for this one it was pretty bad, most, notably at one point: eight: twenty seven hundred square foot portion of the roof collapses weather itself. It miraculously no one was hurt, an accident, but it causes a significant delay in construction. So far on July. First nineteen, eighty, the hotel,
officially opens so for the next year, everything's, regular business as usual, normal hotel, atrium, walk flow walkway shadow. Then on the evening of Friday July, seventeenth, nineteen, eighty one there's a cry. Out of roughly sixteen hundred people who have gathered in the lobby, atrium area for the tea doubts that the hotel put on for gas and who ever wanted to come like regularly? Yes, I'm not chance. A tea so is basically an evening early evening like it was apparently whom lifted up out, of course do not link on Wikipedia like what the bugs tedious and basically like after you know, sorry to go back grandma and to british culture, but after tea move, there was a
one thing I can t rooms, they would have dances like early evening. Fancy ok, address, fancy, people, re, socializing, re, post, t socializing got it and that's all what this watches. And why would you want to speak to any one else in the hotel room if you're one of those people write what the fuck yeah so there's theirs upstairs in their rooms safely watch forensic files loving, live then there's a bunch of people, a ton of fucking people. Sixteen hundred people downstairs yet he danced basically pretending to be fancy being social dumping in the new. Built forty story. Hotel, that's dislike for them elegance on it so and Of course, the rest of the hotel is business as usual, so there's foot traffic and there's people everywhere, there's about forty people standing on or walking across the second story walkway and about sixteen to twenty people on the fourth story. Walkway safety also imagine that you ve gone up and Sayer rooms or their whatever, but you can
look out over these walkways and see the lobby and see what everyone's during a while. You have to picture. It now bring yourself in your minds. I hear the music there's, it's the last place, you'd ever think anything about a t, dance. Yes. I am a nine and I watched the news for the rest of the question of why wouldn't a nine year old that he watching the nightly new right. Of course, you are also drop several inches pause for a moment and then collapses come, fleetly on the second story, walkway that sets below it and on impact, the four story, tat the second story walkway out with it, and both of them come crashing down on the t dance. The lobby below her a period was it a second said that whole thing happened right. It was
basically like this had no all too I'll. Tell you a little bit about it bow they asked us, it was like and then crash. This is why I don't ever want to leave the house. I know and these stories, don't how so keep going. So here we go so lucky and feel this fear and then letting go later. Ok, so of course the people in the lobby, the people at this fuckin t dance, are immediately buried in a mass. Is pile of steel, conquering and glass, so It's bad news. Obviously, Emergency vehicles arrive on the scene, fire fighters and This is bad to the fire fighters, use their jack's to lift and remove the rebel and too few people, but of there's so much trouble, and it's so heavy costs are so much steel. They have to get local construction companies to come and bring their own jack's concrete saws jackhammers,
torches generators, even cranes, to get an and start lifting level off of survivors any type of machinery that would help rescue mission, got brought answer everybody just like it was like the call when I'm picturing the remember the was ninety four earthquake when the twin bridges, in the area of the Bay area. Double story. Bridges yet was icon. That was the eighty nine earthquake. Ok here and the Bay Bridge collapsed, the top layer collapsed under the bottom right and I just remember Watchmen nuisance horrifying, yes, I asked a nine and I watched the news for the rest of the question of why wouldn't a nine year old that he watching the nightly new right. Of course, you are also, if you haven't justice, slightly silver line that one having nothing to do with the tragedy of that. But the new they bridge is so beautiful and amazing to arrive over. If you hadn't had the chance, the way they did top level as you're going from the Berkeley. Sir
into San Francisco, has the spanish, like it is so beautiful and amazing to drive over now. Every time I do it, I knew it. I ll who knew Karen was a bridgehead. I'm uncommon bridges and connecting with people who acts that allow okay, so the chief of Kansas Cities, emergency medical system was named Doktor Joseph I'm scan essay, whack, rightly great, or wake early Care for my permission here it's the search and rescue mission, so so at his direction first responders they set up a morgue in the exhibition area of the hotel on the ground floor. Basically, that's right by there. They have to you the hotels driveway and line as a tree eyes centres just how many people have been injured or killed. So the victims with the most severe injuries, obviously are treated first, any who can still walk, is told
just get off the site immediately, like I've just taken away now, so the treasures is basically according to the very very wounded a whore mortally wanted, and that was basically just they needed people out yeah to minimize the chaos CAS. Ok, There are living people buried in the rubble, obviously, and the first responders have to dig down to them and in doing so they come upon dead bodies that are blocking the way. So his first responders at certain. Points. Some of them were forced to dismember dead to get to trapped survivors under me. That's not something you get passed in the weeks and months after this. If you're the first responders I mean no, you know absolutely not know and as part of the risk and that part of the sacrifice its first responders may its. What we're talking about before, where you see you're the you're, the it gets cold when the worst thing happier that
settle on anybody, Hautala and that's. Why, like, I think I The often ambulance drivers do it for like a certain amount of time, and then they have to get out because you can't just keep taking that on. No that's you know, that's really hard, so so yeah the end. This is just like yeah. It's it tore the worst case scenario. Also inside the hotel. The visibility is terrible, Ray is theirs debris in dust in the air and then also the power that shut off so that there wouldn't be electrical fires. So then also the emergency sprinkler system is on shit because that because the YAP it's been triggered and the counter and it off so The lobby starts to flood during this fucking rescue. Now so it's fuckin like the Fuckin Poseidon adventure to I don't know, they fucking out much, but it's so upsetting so land idea. Ok,
so now the people who are alive under the rubble arched are risk of drowning on top of fucking everything else. There is a survivor, Nay Mark Williams, who tells a story about being trapped under a beam. Both his eggs have been dislocated and heat utter came up to the point where he almost drowned. They saved him right in time. He was like the verge of drowning and then they finally got to him and got him out o my god. How horrible, as this ass, the entire rescue operation lasts fourteen hours, Jesus, twenty nine people are rescued from the debris, but by the end of it all a hundred and fourteen people are pronounced dead with, an additional two hundred and nineteen people injured. My got that so many people, so many people, but then, if you think about the fact that there are almost two thousand people in that lobby has sixteen hundred the t dance but like a bunch of other people, so
the whole. It's so many people in its horrifying, but it could have been worse right. I guess you could ok. So, in the wake of the collapse, the local newspaper, the Kansas City, STAR, hires, architectural engineer named Wayne G Lisha way to investigate what went wrong ass so three days later, on July, twenty nineteen eighty one he finds Wayne finds the original design of the walkways. And he sees that they were changed during construction. The architectural firm was called Jackie, Philammon Associates. I want didn't name them began a terrible thing, but but this is essential would happen, cause it's it's human error, but also nothing is an it's not it's. Because people were on purposely right, it wasn't yeah, ok, so that architectural firm drew up the original design for the walkways iep. They plan for there to be three pairs of steel tie rods, running rate down from the ceiling through both of
with an second floor walkways, so these six rods in total, would secure both of the walkways to the ceilings on the roads would then be secured by nuts, and then I wrote and perhaps bolts because there's nothing funny about story. So the steel company who manufactured those rods was called Haven Steel Company. They argued this design wouldn't work. They said that fasten nuts onto the rods to hold the fourth floor, walkway and place the entire length of the rod from the or floor down, would have to be dreaded. Zena Halleck when you put a bolt on a screw the whole thing have to be that way. They were saying, because any slight chink in the threading would make it impossible to screw that not all the way up from the bottom of the rod to the fourth floor, walk it would be too delicate to execute okay. So
in steel companies. Solution was instead to have two sets of six rods. The first set would run from the ceiling to the fourth for walkway and then would be fastened to the walkway with nuts and then the second set of roads would run from the Fourth floor, walkway down to the second floor, walkway fastened by nuts. The problem with this ultimate plan is instead of having the seal, supporting most sensible long ways. You know how you now have the ceiling supporting the fourth floor, walkway and the fourth floor. Walk By supporting the second floor, so it's like not the union's this explained, but it I helped me it's like having to mountain climbers, who are repelling down of the mountain face and instead of having both of them have their things planted on top of the cliff going down,
it's one guy has it coming down and then the second climbers attached to the first climb right. So one thing goes wrong: they're, both fuck rate and you can't, with that kind of like gravity portraying a single attachment. Inst Leonardo mean though Judea interdependent on each other got it. I am both an architect and steel exports, so to make matters worse. The original design that the architecture firm drew up was already bad because it would have only held sixty percent of the minimum load required. By Kansas City Building code. So there was a code issue in the design, but under the new design plan offered by the Haven Steel Company, the weight capacity dropped to thirty percent of the required minimum so that change of rye I'll, just hang the one from the other main it even workers it didn't have its own support right is even less secure got it right think Also, on top of that, all the bolts were placed directly through the welded joints in the box beams. This is dead
hell, but the joints are the weakest part of being so that's, basically where the beams bend or like come together gotta. So they put all those that's where they attached every week as part of the beam, not the middle, the strongest partner. I rang like they say they we asked if that had been in the middle if those. Joints had failed. It wouldn't have been disastrous if they were in the correct place. To put everything right because looks like the strength of the beam is in the middle of rain. Not in the end right now I say yes to the middle. Has no support right got it, so I am now an architect. Time loses, MRS so much bullshitting from me. I think I had asked the NATO at it. I think I get it and there is good pictures. Obviously Wikipedia is remain out here, main research. We can say that the answer, but they have pictures on their showing it so it's much easier to to visualize. Obviously, what,
in a picture nap mid July and went home with no further like a weird liar. Other video, like, like I'm, lying my way through this ok. So the issue ultimately becomes because of a lack of communication between those two companies, the steel company and the Ark tat right. So the initial plans laid out by the architects were only meant to be put preliminary sketches, but they taken by the Haven still corporation, to be the final design and when havens proposed, a new bolt fix to put it out that on the joints here, no one looked into whether or not that would work. The architects didn't nobody did. It is by what they already at which wasn't the vital that they were like. We think it would work better out here. The end, the head engineer at the architecture firm was extreme we busy and so assigned supervision of,
build to an associate engineer and the exact at the steel company pitch their design revision over the phone, and these I see an engineer approved it verbally. I go onto my ran about how much I hate conference calls how it doesnt work have you, have every meaning face to face that you can hear because nobody pays attention on the phone you don't wanna be on that call anyway, now of course, you're playing solitaire while everyone time this conversation, looking instagram cats of corporate slight breeding other email yeah. It's is we need to call an end to conference, calls Joe Short right now. Ok, when investigators later ask the associate engineer Y hear proved the revised plan he said, He believed a written request would then be fine,
after the phone call, basically, everyone thought there was checks and balances systems in place right. We're not that, like a verbal, ok does not mean start construction, executive kind of like me. Where are you get upset with me when I do this? I get show that sounds good night. I'm fuckin say no to this later. Many people think you mean yeah, it's like now. I could take note of these later. I just being nice on the conference call because I want to get off right. Exactly it's conference call Politic israeli I'll get sucked Densher sounds great, send it over and I'm like. No don't push. I brought down the hill now it's gonna be a bolder
on a pity, SD funding for this in television, okay, so essentially with the cause of the collapse, determine the engineers Gilman Associates, who approved the project for all found responsible of gross negligence. Misconduct on professional conduct in the practice of engineering by the Missouri Board of Architects, professional engineers and land surveyors. Naturally, one was mad at that all the virgin, guys that, where khakis and put their hands on their heads and look into the distance with a flat hand above there, I have hard hats everywhere everywhere on smashed to the ground, stomped with large. Wonderful timberland so they're charged with their initially charged with criminal charges, but dared eventually dropped. Instead, I just I lost their engineering licences. So of course, obviously people had to pay, and I mean like the things needed too.
It happened and change the architecture. Companies also cleared of criminal negligence, but they they lose. Their engineering licence can no longer operate as an engineering company in Missouri or Kansas. The victims and their families are awarded a total of about a hundred. Forty million dollar in judgments and settlements, which is almost four hundred million dollars today, sometimes hear these settlements in your, like that's, not even a million dollars for all the victims. Families answer from the outer that give us now. I think, especially because this was just it was truly gross negligence urge just like there's an indigenous arguing. I bet you both companies, don't even argue anxiously. Ass is terrible. The problem is several rescuers suffered considerable ptsd because of what they had to experience in those rescues they actually formed, which I love this so much had a later rely upon each other to form an informal support grew to get through, which is so beautiful is, of course, that such a specific
the thing to need, support for you. You're not gonna, get that from just a normal. Oh I've been something hard or whatever, and that is a very specific thing. That kind of rescue be no four.
Responder PTSD and I bet Lena those they're, probably taught to leg man up or whatever, unlike fuck, and deal with it and don't reach out and the fact that not just one person but multiple people reached out to be like I'm, not ok. I need help from this. Yes is just it's a lesson to all of us. It is and the fact that it happened in nineteen eighty one when, if you had were in their be you're out of your fucking ride, like my mom started, going to therapy when I was in Junior, I and I was like oh, like an arrogant alike, is it all falling apart? Now, of course, I wanted it to but K K meanwhile use just like Alan on. Essentially I started going to Alan onto be like it is bad when both your parents are alcoholics right on that, but actively make Florence psychiatric nurse in this, such as it is why I'm a psychiatric right, so yeah, the beautiful part. Is that the first responders who went through it came together. The terrible power
is. There is a jackhammer operator named bill, all men who died by suicide because of the expense, says that he had in that. So it's it. Is it true in total tragedy there all the way around. Since then this has been renovated. Rebranded several times I only used was a thirteen million dollar renovation. It's now shared and we'll stay there on earned sailor survey. We cut off and more Davis collaborated in twenty twelve I mean, but is Here's the weirdest part in Stephen crack. My I was going to say. Correct my spanish, correct my math, but if I'm wrong, But it's been almost forty years since this forty year see forty five broadly yeah. How is it that way? Why were you in and eighty nor is worn in eighteen and thirty, eight do the math so minus one such an thirty seven years, thirty seven year, that is happening real kind of crazy. So I just read the last night and
So that is the horrifying and terrifying story of the Kansas City, Hyatt Walkway collapse of nineteen eighty one may not so right, good job? Thank you that was yeah yeah. I have a anxiety disorder and I don't like leaving the house because so many bad things can happen when you do that. Its true and one, that's one of them but also and I know we talk about stuff like this lot, but also left of great things can have. I think, when we dedicate does I often talk about like. Why is why does this relieve her anxiety? Why does make us feel better and its? Because we can all sit here and go? This happened it doesn't happen every day. It does happen every year, if almost never happens, but it did so like you can
that feeling of like. But now I'm aware has I'm not walking out into this mystery world. Like ignorant, I know a little something. I have being aware that there's chaos in the world doesn't necessarily me to be a bad thing. I must be that you, you know, walk away, walk alone you walk away. I can just be that you walk around with an awareness and maybe a little anxiety, but also no, but then also the thing of then you can you can free up. Your minded then focus on the good things that happen when you walk at your door of Hake is I have to remind myself of this a lot where it's like. If you stay in this house, the same things going to happen, don't you know what's going to happen in this house, you have I'll be around people and allow good things to happen so that that is the thing comes to mind when you get the higher who tone you're like great things happen, and there it s just the disasters in the poor thing, there's room service to oh, my god. The forensic files is never not on coal yeah. That's a good point to remember is that good things happen
you leave the house just as often, if not more that's true just have to focus. You have to teach yourself to notice it and pet and give it as much care as you do your fears? Ok, hey speaking, I'm putting you, but I mean me, ok, three avoiding me and I may maintain. I mean, let's name one of those good things. Shyly, let's get a second array time. Duenna go first rivers, you do ok, so there's this thing called p r p its place. Each plasma where they take your blood and put her no centrifuge and separate the then stuff and then wait, let's outlets and then I injected into a painful spot in your body say my lower back. That is very fucked up with the general, disk bullshit and that platelet as rich plasma supposed to heal that area they use like a lot of that's like Teghmus elbow in bullshit like rusty stuff Jeff. So I got
at this week, oh yeah yeah and it's gonna take a couple weeks to know if it works, but I'm really fuckin helpful. There's a murdering over worked in the office is nice and unique variously. It shows utter Halloween, Joe Melissa, with that Yes, I'm I'm putting it out there, because I really want to work, and I am hopeful that will then grain ice now to have back pain Alla time anymore. That's rate great: what's wrong, no, but if I were go, if I were to, I would be via the well. I guess I will say this. This is like from today and I. I talk about my therapist like I was she's, my she's my fucking her a lot. It's a very important relationship in our lives. It isn't it. It also is just as I feel it there's this pipeline of information that I get from her. Like all the things I was just saying to. You is lacking straight out of her mouth that I've just gone. Oh yeah like,
this idea that your this way you're just a way and that's your fuckin follerin- lead to bad for your whatever is like you were, of the things I love about therapy is there's a person there going seas, I just have a quick argument for that, and so whatever thing I put on the table, you know it the person going and she will you know we have talked about like it a thing of when you're in a trauma response- and you can't tell because you just think you're using you're trying to deal with the shit there slinky responding right and we were talking about the voice. The comes up when you feel we are experiencing like say, rejection or you know whatever some negative thing, I have his voice cause she ok. I've talked about this but it's the rule of six. Where ear the thing that you fear, you think happening around Europe for arm re. But then your open hand as the five other possibilities that could be happening and the practices to go through and just be like what else. Could it be. Besides this thing, I've decided and
but we were taught, I said you know, that's all well and good. We ve you been telling me to do this for about fifteen years here, but there is a voice in my head that I like, like believes like the realist, whose always like that's fine, but the tour this year you're just grow. You know that you're being sad wrapping pathetic your gross seems to be what that voice always says here and the voice, says it nicely like warmly: it's ok, you're, just a piece of shit. Yeah and you know it too is buying yeah. So it's not what you hear me. No, no! It's like it's almost like others, close friend. That's just letting me know the reality and so then to me and an end. She and I talk about the serious like you running through the other scenarios, seems pathetic and immature to me. It seems like what a sad personally Doha when I'm just like look, I'm a realist. I get it. I asked grouse whatever, and so she said this thing she goes known and I have a voice to and then she threw head back and smiled. Ngos come onto her.
Ah onto her and puts the civic you're the best Blake, because she's not saying from appear here's your diagnosis in here that you need to do she's going. This is the human fucking condemns. This is what we do to ourselves with an we're doing it because we think it's gonna keep us safely out here, and also because it's worse at some point in your life right- and it says it's done what you needed it to do at some point in your life and now you're an adult and you're in different circumstances, and it's the thing you know how to do so. You continue to do it. I do it to you continue to do it because it's always worked and maybe there's a different way, and I love that she was like slim is showing an example. It's not that you stop doing that period. Caring! Won't you learn how to fuckin. Do this right? It's no I'm paying attention and I can tell that. That's not the right response, like that's, not the response that feels good to me right, that's a different fuckin response, it's like she the other way sheet. Metaphor. She is like you know in a brilliant mind when he,
he finally caught on that he would have. We talked about this. I ever seen it. Oh, it's really good, but he's schizophrenia. It's a funny about he's. Also, this brilliant mathematician ia and when he finally catches on that he's having these hulu, not hallucinations, but he's in there. Having it's like psychotic episode is all the people, that aren't really there that he thinks are there. They her age and he ages, and he finally, at the end of movies like how come you're, not as old as I am, and then the person disappear, so you just spoiled. It Guess what you had fuckin for the ten years. I watch that movie it's there. I did so. I spoil it for you, I'm sorry, it's just that! I'm surprised! Well it nobody. Will you see it happening where you know that he's again he's in October, as well as is dead, he's dead, older but anyway that thing we're like when you're, when this field dire. All of this is to say when things
he'll dire and black and white in my life is on the line everything's on the line. If one move happens, this is gonna make it just says. Yes on the phone, that's all have to do the, and I can't take it back, there's another and I in and it's like, you have to go or not thing happens, and everyone knows that this is our conversation in it's no big deal and you can like walking backwards or if it is fucked. Summing up, maybe can be corrected at some point. It's not like an answer. Anything your honor show me my signature improve Herbert Reul. I've begins. I am an airplane tapes back from conference of yours, you very wary Deanna, so I mean whatever perspective, but it's like the idea We can even be having that conversation at this point when I've lived in basically I'm a pocket panic mode. Four, like so long that fucking hooray for perspective.
Long barriers when I'm trying to sell an ominous use it to em. I steal your fucking ray and I'm gonna try to who do we but the name where she could see caring cheese grabbing her wrists Turley poor arm? That's it! She does. Every puts our five hand that that's the new murdering a celeb yeah, it's islet fingers. It's this rule of sexier grab. Your phone tat and then read your hand like its eye vivier that year keeping yourself from giving another person grip really hard, because this is difficult thoroughly. Really early strangle strangled at first thing that you have raised and really try to get those five other funding going out by other options. Really hard EL yeah, thanks for being here with us, you can use,
our budget to help your bullshit and dont be afraid. You son your bullshit and us, and let us have yours at my favorite- murdered dot, blog spot dot, org rain up now, he's go. Look at our new website at my favorite Murdoch, oh yeah! It's pretty good thanks for thanks for sticking with us, say sexy and don't let go this. He went a cookie.
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