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181 - Live at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee (2017)

2019-07-11 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover serial killers David Spanbauer and Ed Gein.

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This is exactly right.
We might be really bad guy, oh hi Milwaukee holy Shit. I just like to say that we were not directly informed how large this theatre zone by our people know so, just in casual conversation up stairs with a lovely people who work here, we're like story. What said again, how many Jews always missus low most nurse, I M shaking yeah, you can tell I blew my own hair out. You can see I'm shaking and you can see my cuticle are still for getting close. Look on this. Oh no man and one of this. You find a dresser than actually shows you your own, but they are ever been twenty four hundred people there. When you look yes, maybe what stories about we we want this week. We want to let you people, second, the second,
now. Can you know that's right, we're gonna go through each area or have you shall for yourselves? You wait just wait, but first it's haunted on that road. We asked the lovely social issues like the manager here and she's wonderful and I was like and then did here, which is like such a dick spring that some women choose like. Like really tell me everything, and so she was saying one night. She was closing onstage alone in this entire fuckin data. Can you imagine, and She was like by to the audience. Legates come everything which is adorable, then she's like then, a woman walked by and the second row, unless she said, dress long blonde, hair, grey or blooming blonde, but I'm sure it was waiting, Bisbee and one. What did she do? Half way she walked across at
He turned and looked at how I go and at their kind of cold does everyone other sudden freezing, cold, Nold.
Since the phone star dear. So let's turn all the lights are everywhere. I do want to show every body Europe tells us you just do a quick, breezy easy to pack. Yeah, I know, is what serious things mine. It's not supposed to stick to me like this. You have a lot of data collection city in the air. I was hoping for more of a billowy, less clinging situation, but who cares? I mean re, there's nothing. We can do this. I think we both given up at this point wearing shoes not given up, but I mean not given up- I am wearing Claude boots with dress. You pull it off, I'm not just care with the hills.
Best intentions when I pack, unlike heels, and thanks and o Brien in a big way hearings play. She really tries doll. I do we drove here today from Indianapolis. We really did last night show because I insults at them once and so we had to go there yeah pretty good slam. We have to go to a lot of places burden because, my god, we have a lot of apologies to the nation. The apology or summary I everything we didn't miss pronounce it, then we just were rude and we this is like a lost my mind when I realized we could do this on the way we were in the Linda Minivan seriously and like Vince was like doing the dad driving, which is like you so responsible as like find we are all talking and then I see a sign and I'm I did
Think of this, and this has been my dream for so long.
Echo barrel, I lost my mind right. It was as if we drove by Diamond Disneyland for life and I actually we're both from California, so we ve only heard of cracker barrel reference dim like movies and t die like it's it's kind of it. It is kind of sounds fictional to us. Go down like cracker barrel, aware, like ok and I've scrawled like eyes, look at food protests all the time, and so like I'm squirreled through cracker Barrow, hashtag Instagram four hours hours, because it saw my kind of food and then we were and it was. It was exactly what I am not alone in mean a Hash browns casserole. Another beat, I mean our waitress told me to eat my vegetable, I'm not kidding she shamed us. She was like this. We little maybe racist grandma. We don't know- and I know we're right and she walked by and she's like. How are the vegetables cause? You could tell we had taken a single bite of warlike, organise them monsieur absolutely barb. That was our neighbour. She came back by again. Just like. Are you going to try it
Yes, I will, and then she said to me when she is clearing my play. Let me get those that are you waiting for your elbows in them and our goal is my elbow room we at school that cracker Barrow, ladies and gentlemen, like what play exit are really my you. That's what I want at a restaurant. Tell me how to live plea us, I need it. She was their place. Was I lost my money and also we were doing that thing in the gift shop
if you do when you're just interest cited in general or dislike, began looking, but it's just like a wind chime. You could get anywhere. George, I'm gonna, buy you get this former nephews and you're like I travelled here. How will they get this home? Yes, I was gonna buy my niece nor a rocking chair, not a good plan, but I was excited carry on and then you don't even need to buy a seat on the way. That's right just spoken right there in the Irish no drink service on this line, everybody and then a cat gets out of its carrier. Better bearable, Cathy there too, and it could be positive. We did a cracker barrel only tour, and we all know that we all we have some in line on the link. I got Lima be eleven hundred my mail. She was eating, she was eating reliably beans and she goes like it was like the bacon with Super Q, because in California they would tell you that, because that people are viewed in and so they wouldn't just not tell you, you can't just bacon- is never assume in California. I desired declare vegetable and then the just throwing bacon yellow. Sir, it's good for you. You know how many fuckin high school like area now like a lost their my married, you know, there's a new links shut the butter and their parents like taking a big out thinking to making our ear round each around like a you'll, be done with this pre months pick it out. That was good. We also stopped at a traveller ways which truly was an oasis gorgeous idea. You all have built an anti ands pretzel store over a freeway. Thank you. I had an ice cream com because I'm also five, even though I am also a hundred and always that thing over it was like, but we gotta get ice cream here at Macdonell, can't get it anywhere else, but here the traveller ways they want to make another vanilla cone at home. Never know it never happened. We better risings one last thing about the traveller ways by which this system we had just finished at cracker barrel,
had the cornflakes, oven, big chicken gear. I can be reasonable. Sometimes again, my Caille salad, Barb, told me ate it and casserole clarity. Rift on I had eaten. That may be nine minutes before and we walked in and I was like IP should probably get a pretzel. The problem has were driving and what, if we get stuck in it, so bad, I'm suddenly really some countries that looks like I'd like to you and you could see it just like one shoddy was on us and all that time and sick all across party. No that's for the forty years! That's a lot of you. Don't think about that. Fucking screen at all! You just can't Erika, don't do it SK went a little over. Tell me turn her head. Does that also
look. Stephen has been doing my travel planning for travel or perceive em. It's receive him he's not here like it was scripted and bad. We d, like half of the people we represent and she's angrily storming. She was only here first weight. Mentions even O Stevenson here. All then bring him out, Noah's Ark, and then it just gets God. Let's do now, and we have to like high to its on our writer that we need a six foot black tablecloth. So we can surprise people with what I believe
they will bear all seller Stephen planned. My travel and George planned, her own travel, so we ended up with different hotels, we're just super weird and it makes it look like we're Fleetwood MCA. We hate! That's it. I would thank you. I was like oh she's staying marriages o this must be bad. I'm just really controlling and can't leave anything up to anyone. I suppose I'll have a panic attack. If anyone does anything for an I'm, exactly the opposite, that I have to do it. I'm like. I can't do it. I didn't end up going on that tour. I cant open that page on travel period or whatever so so, driving from Indianapolis, you dont know this driving from Indianapolis Milwaukee that time changes backwards
yeah and I know I'm telling you backwards. So we that took us a bit to process we go upstairs. I start working on my murder. Just I mean just so. You know It means the world to me, but I can actually type it down until like forty five minutes before we come to the theatre, said mental issue, we keep thinking the hairdressers and make up artists we're like putting the child. We're, like you, don't understand how at ten before we get here, we're screaming and yet our hands we loved you take people's offers. A little blows will blow out your hair. Come down to Diana Salon. Would ever more like this?
crazy sickness, along for an hour before this shit happens, Syrian strong, so cut to the chase. I kept, assuming that my the time on my phone was incorrect, big forgetting that, of course, the phone smarter than me and it's already caught up to the what time it is and really had no problem with it cuz. It really isn't that big of a deal. So I kept looking at my phone to check the time and going, but I also have an hour, but else have an hour or so when I finally put it together that I did it wrong. I had five minutes to take a shower and get ready literally five minutes
So I end up running down stairs. They got me. They got me a car to drive me over here from my hotel, which is very close, so I ran downstairs with wet hair, no make up glasses, but also this outfit, which sets a very kind of shocking looking and I run through the lobby and outside no one's there. I call the number I have for the car place and the loveliest almost like. Oh honey, he's standing in the lobby waiting for you ran past him kind of a wet haired pan like thank God. That's what he's like to deal with that weird crackhead just around? Oh! No! You do you do Steve get out here. So Steve comes out. Lovely smile if a man very tall and he sighed
you're gonna get right in here and opens the door I get into this insanely beautiful. I fancy Bmws, very nice car and we essentially drive around the block. I have a little by little tour and then people's down the thing, and I he comes and opens the door for me and I look over and there's two women but are standing across it. Wasn't you guys and not them their standing there on the sidewalk and I get a car like fuckin, Riad,
If we honor was Superman not pull together at all and irish and- and there are like, like that- and I make it binding run away, make so high what I meant to say hi. How are you thank you for you for waiting on the sidewalk nice nice as she seems on the planet, is really superficial about make up in real life, but I got here all made up in a like really old, Honda, civic. So now I don't have errors. You know like something like a normal person. You're super grounded, no, that's true, you're, the one that's grounded in real you're, the Christine Magee of the situation for sure yeah. I'm also realise that the real one of the reasons and shaking is because we we therefore keen green room plays guys if you
figure out a way to play here. I would do any legal backstage sometimes, and it's like years, there's like trade and like coffee part. If you wanna make coffee like models of water, if you brought coffee Leah totally, then we will go back there and I'm like this restaurant. It's just like you may rest assured. Looking thing now. Look here you go and new ever like there are murdering, no, because they set up the whole place to look like a crime scene. There is as yet there is. There is a body John on the ground, with tape that said victim, and there are like evidence bags on every table that core related to the serial killer picture. That was on the wall of the guys that local serial killer it was like it was crazy. What if it actually had been a crimes in, don't take it? How do you mean we don't know what you're podcast please step there don't stay in our dna is everywhere we George
walked me up to the wall with the with the art installation of serial killers on the wall and we're like looking at it. Then she's like, and this Goerlitz do that or whatever, and then I just felt this thing like I'm getting more and more nervous where my girl, I don't like this expectation for way up here. We don't do that. Well, listen! We're not bragging. Burgess beer is amazed as Europe. There is a risk that, yes, we can get some sort of plugins. My hurry, Alex like you really over cap in aiding ass, yet was, I feel good. I go gray this economic now for real and very cool animals. Should we sit sit down,
it is time to say: ok, let's agenda and now is the time to sit down yeah running here. That's a nice share with really means is aristocrats damning. Yes, this is this is a nice this quality is a nice might be a Roman board chair. I don't know what that so last night in Indianapolis, someone gave us backstage. Someone gave us he's like really fuckin sweet possible presents. They gave us me.
Travel mag that had a siamese cat on and that it was. I was so sweet. My brown on stage as my like drink now is like I'm gonna bring this. It can be my new thing I want to bring its can. We, like my show my again, because Elvis is here and I pack and forgotten already already. I walked out the hotel with us. I am like my plan that I declared to the public is over in one and then when we were first travelling as coming to put a note in every Bible and every hotel members, though yeah that's right, I did it in one. I don't have followed through its, not anything. You gotta pick something that you can do like upon us. The area we also got cupcakes it had our faces on it, which is pretty pretty
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Man, you guys, you got it. You have a lot to choose from no walkie. What's got you a real Pacific northwest with here the mother, so many highways over the gum interstates just by way of highways by ways just to us. Kept were driving, we're like so many places. Vince was very uncomfortable, but that is just so many places a high bodies on the road again look over there. It's just a line of trees. You could just put a body, I know, and I will never find another tree elected under unless you wanted them down, and then you just put them right there, like he's like poor guy I watch wrestling for him so we're even now. Ok
okay, so the one I picked from you guys is David spawn. Bauer, Do you know him their assemblage of gas in the front row? Third balcony to see now genuinely surprised up here, but I guess no one wants to cheer for him now Ray, I would add, is kind of a bummer. Ok like
the David spawn Bower. Did you find this guy? Did you see this guy now tell me all about him. I love your crime, David Samaras, Laurent, genuine nineteen, forty one, two or catholic family in Oshkosh. Point me why that's him as a child? Actual nineteen, forty one so like two or three, that you he's a perfect looking guidest. Do the old hey! Why the long face Joe like what is he going to become a fuckin librarian? You know, of course, he's a murderer. Sorry like and then hear someone on Twitter. I found them to be very anti face: a problematic judgment of superficial, negative dont, shame, ok, stadium foundation. He dropped out of high school after seventeen birth they joined, the Navy gets courtmartialed for being absent without leave and spent seven months in the brig, which you know it's gotta be a bummer beer.
And then is dishonor really sorry, but I do picture the brig to be filled with like half a foot of water, all the time dank right there,
see horses and starvation shares your own waiting pool. He was gonna, might be thinking of the little mermaid Thingabob and what's its no use dishonorably discharge in nineteen, fifty nine! That's how much the navy! Well fuck! You Jesus Santa Claus team that scared the fucking extensions during the three core and then you can have all the photos on funding. Tell you the rest, our real depressing yeah, so this fuckin ace in the naval doctors say tell his mom that he needs. I get your care and sent a letter to her telling your this, but nothing is done and then I wrote because ignoring is the best policy
after we return to Oshkosh at nineteen years old. He, He begins his life of crime on January nineteenth, sixty he broke into a home and Appleton any stall punches Shet, including a twenty two handgun and- and I feel like that's gonna- come back later. Think it's actually it's gonna come back in the next sentence of back. We don't have to wait. That's nice might later. He robbed another house in Nina with
nine out with a twenty two with the same twenty two caliber that Daphne to elevate on swimmer, we talked about that, doesn't undergo the same line. That's called a callback parents like is that this is good. Writing we're going to talk about this gun again, I'm like I didn't put it in a week later: Stone Appleton. He broke into a home where the mother was asleep and another Roma. Well, her thirteen year old daughter studied a mass than he was mass. He entered the house still some cash and asked He flashes a pistol at the girl and tolls are outside and he says TAT, never rape, you and she says what does that mean? No bad, but the girl screamed and attracted attention and a person came over and he ran off. Thank you, guys are and that same
evening January 12th, nineteen sixty Carol Grady issues a sixteen year old girl babysitting her cousins. And he is lurking outside watching through the window arm of the stolen pistol he entered the house takes in cash and then he rates her here then her uncle. Expectantly comes home and he shoots him in the face and get the fuck out of the slow sorry.
On face shoots the uncle, oh god, oh yes, or even make that clear. That was a real rollercoaster. Emotions wasn't no stay down there. The itches it's gonna be hard. The whole time just say no earlier Custer is not done. The sinking just go straight down: yeah yeah! That's all it is it's one of those in those rights that like or a pole and then they they drop you a little. It may drop you a little and then that you're like go, but I'm going back up and then they just fuckin plunges you the story and this one is actually broken. So we're all gonna plummet into the ground together on curses. Alot has a little bit of a list. So ok, kills, the uncle thinking kills him like it. I didn't really didn't say
and then we'll shoot them in the vases the about a month and a half later during an attempted robbery in Milwaukee when questioned by police, he breaks down and tells them everything yeah, that's short now and then he goes to prison for every, like you suppose do, and everyone is now at the aged. Nineteen spawn Bower is tried in Wisconsin court. The judge labelled him as a sexual, deviant and sentencing to seventy years in prison by May nineteen. Seventy two after just thirteen years in prison, use paroled Annie as a tattoo of devil on his form. At that point, which is doing
that's kind of alma knows no. It's on the four hour had two nights ago. That's what you do in a twenty four hundred see theatre. So this is the fact that during the summer of nineteen, seventy two, it's a prison work release programme and they put them in in city parks and beaches to work fun now and it's in the middle of the fucking summer and there's a bunch of college co ads, and he tells us like high interest since it he's having sexual frustration because of all the girls around and it just is ignored. With nineteen. Seventy two he drove to Token Creek Park and a hitchhiking seventeenyearold waitress on high fifty one brandishing a knife. He told me he was going to rape her and when you serve authority would run her over with his car and tossed her body and a ditch
she started, crying started. Crying me great event. A picture came up of him crying, so he reap server than he lets her girl, and then she told police at the man habitat to the double honest form, an idea him in a suspect in line up, but ok he insists that they had consensual sex and he's found guilty for abduction and wraith, an assistant strict attorney John Bird Ass for the maximum maximum sentence of fifty years on top of what he would resign receive for violating his parole back in a turn of events, is ready to wage cry soup. The judge, Richard Barnwell reason that the rape was much more mile that then spawn bowers previous rape you're like the thought of it, because I know this is, and I want to say it's a nineteen. Seventy is boiling
this is where I usually just talk to you about this. I now room alone services, ok, the one where he so here, the judge figured he was. He was moving from being a very dangerous sex offender now summarily just dangerous. So there's been some improvement. This is a misses, a judge in a court, and nowhere is this a guy in a long black shirt back behind the gas station. What kind of thinking, especially after the lawyer is like, please give him the maximum yeah. My professional billion has given him the maximum area. You know what I'm gonna go ahead and here's how I'm going to interpret the law re, like God, Damn Idiot array, sorry Jerry Lawyer, so here is where it gets the most bugged. So he receives a sentence that eighteen years in prison on the new charges, but the judge allows the sentence to be served concurrently too
is brown county sentence, so he's released a ninety. Ninety one, great perfect for everybody, You know he's just a very easy, just kind of dangerous. Now so, prison August, twenty third nineteen. Eighty two here Perhaps ten euro would run now. I extend well she's writing her bike. He can put photo up if you want to make our own cry Her bicycle was found near her room home and fond lack county nobody's found. Six weeks later in a corn field, ditch near town Hell State Park near the River Wisconsin River. Then on Labor day September, fifth, one thousand nine hundred and twenty two twelve year old, Cora Jones was riding her bike on Sanders. Road near grandma's house in Dayton, twenty five This is her body as FAO. Five days later, then, most two years later on the fourth of July nineteen, eighty four twenty four year old Marian story, Surrey, her
was: writing her Baikonur County Road near Hartman Creek, when a marine Pontiac bangs into her bike, and she crashes He emerges from the car and then another car comes down the road and he got the forgotten there. And then Tv is fuckin, burglar, rising and raping, and just being out just a piece of shit. His devil tattoo just throbbing and lighting up red yeah. We ve done it, so and then, on November. Fourteen nineteen, eighty four Jared Argo went to his home combined locks and discovered a man breaking into his house. He gave ace and tackled and wrestled spam bower into submission, and when the police arrived, they arrested him on burglary charges. Blue sky fuckin ran after Moses name again. Yeah jar the Argo. The second spawn marrow died on July in July, two thousand and two at Dodge Correctional institution. Our disease.
Anita, arrays wailing, custody, police notice, the tools and his car match those to whom invasion rapes. That had happened earlier. That fall the police their interrogations and after four days he confesses to kidnapping and killing the two little girls and he is found guilty for first degree, intentional homicide and then Jones, and I extend murders and guilty on other council- has given a total of four hundred and three or no shame tat same. This was in the nineties, those like twenty five years later here so Carol, greedy who's, the sixteen year old, baby sitter, who had gotten rate we lack of eighteen sixty she hadn't known that he had been released from those charges against her and when she saw the footage of his this arrest for the murders she got so fucking pissed off
They get go. I actually, if I was, you know like the real true crime. People are just be like, and this is true. It's actually pronounced a guideline. No that's the correct pronunciation away. Yes, yes way, that's a crack and renovation, but if I may, to do at dying, people feel able to vote issues are going about like a guy. Now, yes, I can say that build pashas. That's what it says in the bill, I'm twenty years, twenty mother, fucking areas and so the bills past and encompass any email. Sexual saw a kidnapping, fuss, imprisonment, incest, all forms of sexual exploitation or exposure to children
I really just like London, I'm done like he does. He insisted you say. Yes, it was just like the last straw like telling him of a Cuban given he's like it's. Actually, whatever am. I was like boy did you tell me that you just get out of a moving car? It's actually a jewish goodbye, forever bases for all death wrong, benzes backstage taking a no I'm gonna, take a left turn good, I'm in
Alright, I realized cause for a little while I was thinking I would do Dahmer right. I mean my friend Avian Neil, whose here tonight she's sent me the funniest picture. She said it was a text and a picture and it was again and Geoffrey dollars faces in the shape of Wisconsin like they. They filled up the state and then it just underneath it said with constant. We eat people and then her message was if they still made this shirt. I would buy you this, but I did I you. Like the real, true crime, people are just be like, and this is true, it's actually print
with the that big famous picture. I think, actually you guys have it it's the first eddying picture. It was a picture or in that of front of it. It just looks like a minor like he's going down the goal mines it's like. Is this a Dorothy allaying photos, or so am I supposed to empathize with the working man or discuss it?
its guy and I'm probably end up saying, goes that most of the time it so it's just that thing we're like will actually is pronounced GS, not give a single good luck with that, because the world says give a pretty much broke up with someone over I'm telling you. Why really are just like London? I'm done like he does. He insisted usage if it was just like the last straw like telling him of a Cuban given he's like it's actually whatever, and I was like boy did. You tell me that you just get out of a moving car, it's actually a jewish goodbye forever. Greece's throw Jethro evinces backstage taking it out anyway. Never mention gifts around George.
Ray. I realized cause for a little while I was thinking I would do Dahmer right. I mean my friend Amy, O Neill, whose here tonight she's sent me the funniest picture. She said it was a text and a picture and it was again and Geoffrey dollars faces in the shape of Wisconsin like they. They filled up the state and then it just underneath it said Wisconsin we eat people and then her message was if they still made this sure. I would buy you this, but I did are you in
when I was like night scene, I bought an egg dean shirt and it was just a white t shirt with the that big famous picture. I think, actually you guys have it it's the first at gain picture. It was a picture of a lad on the front of it. It just looks like a minor like he's going down to the coal mines. It's like is this a Dorothea Lang photo or so? What am I supposed to empathize with the working man or discuss it and leave us it's hard to say no, but I was, I would walk around. I think I weren't one time and then I was just like I don't know if I can handle the feminist person. If I want to be the dean conversation Stir, I was young, then I didn't know who I really was so you ve changed Karen good I've changed some ice over the years.
Now I'm seventy two Edward Theodore gain during was born on August. Twenty six nineteen o six in the cross was constant, yeah good job. His father George was a timid alcoholic, while his mother Augusta was a puritanical lunatic and together to the cancelled each other out and they re and they had such an IP family he had an older brother named Henry and he lived most of his life on a remote isolated, a hundred fifty five acre farm in playing field. Wisconsin. Now in twenty twelve Plainfield population was eight hundred and sixty two. So back, then it was fourteen, but do they have a cracker barrow too, because we are driving their two minor out? Ok,
so. Let's talk about his mother, a little bit she's. Very you no kind of famous and well known Ed gains mother. He was super into her hurting Gus to gain. She was a devout Lutheran who hated her drunk and failure of a husband. So nice now look at the eyes. Look at my. It looks like a Disneyland photo when they like Iraq by the Euro, haunted House set that necklaces pretty volumes we it does. It looks like a hollow weaned store. Three d photo were when you start looking, it's like. Oh no, it's a skeleton, my guest aghast. I have bad news about your son, no honey. Her eyes are on fire with Lord man.
I can't get over. I found a picture I resist like. I want to stare at this picture, another resident in my life. She was positive. She wasn't I saw she came out. It was like that's the second ok
so devout Lutheran hated her drunken failure of a husband, but she believed divorce was soon so instead of making her life better for herself, she decided to make it awful for everybody else happens. She became mired in misery and religious obsession and she didn't want any outside is influencing her boys. So after school Henriette had to come straight home, do their choice tours around the farm. They were not allowed to have friends or date, and their house never had electricity. I don't know why that detail is the one that really put a chill down my spine. You know I just growing up and candle light at a fuck you're with with does desires like you. Let me read the Bible too. You know anyway. He imagined at night. You have to pay in use, have to pass by all these like dark rooms of the candle, its
work in the daytime. Look at those Jesus H! Oh you never was a narrowly basement and there too, oh who they have like three sub basement here. Yeah there
like when they were putting an electricity they went by and there like a does, so we can hook. You have no thank you know when it keep it super dark. Like Jesus wants. So, every night after dinner, she made them participate in a thing called Bible time, where she would read to them out of the old testament for our about how the world was a bastion of perversion and profanity, and that all women were instruments of the devil and natural born whores or, as I like to imagine her saying it hers there I'll hers like a ten year old in an eight year old hers, I told you it's actually sex work, mom, you're, not supposed to say now. This is
Super interesting census records indicate that a guest became pregnant with her older Son Henry B, for. She was married to George, which back then, as we know, would have been a major scandal and maybe was even illegal. So she fudge the days and got married before anyone realise what was going on a big old baby right, immense rain who's. The who are now this crazy eyes is not always the way, as well as those were meant to be a closer, no eyes their work, because it is back when I was there. I am. I should have had Stephen Zoom way and on the eyes or do give what we just keep going in your eyes. You guys ties pneumonia like Russia was grey, it was wonderful, he loved the show parent and Georgia, like yours,
they can play a twenty four hundred thousand. Now. Ok, so ok let's shamed, duster good, that's out when little revenge on August, so Ed himself was said to be as a child quiet a feminine. He had odd mannerisms like laughing to himself in the middle of class bird, no review. I mean it's like saying. Please punch me at recent Annie under droopy I and the kids called him Milksop,
What I don't know, but it's so fucked it's not it's just so mean no yeah. It's like your soaked in milk or say so with constant being made. They had all, but I say it all the time say it so much. Ok. So on April first nineteen forty, I wrote Ed's booze Baghdad died from booze care. I got a little carried away while I was typing men. I wrote a Gustavus like yeah. I can finally be myself is
so then helper in money, the boys who were now you know closer to actual grown men. They started getting our jobs around town, like chopping, would for neighbours and baby sitting. That's yes, that is our job to deem as a babysitter, which I thought would be an amazing fan fiction storyline for the babysitters club. Anybody wants to do like Stephen right. That's out Stephen! I send you back. Are you sure you want to be in the club Stacy, Claudia Claudia? He took the babysitters, he gets to Vienna babysitters clam. I actually had to text my friend Julian Mcmullen Comic, who actually did read all thirty five books of the baby Centres club when he had been the sun, and I was like. Can you give me some babysitter club name? So I can write this because he's gonna listen to this. It is a real pity. I think so. Ok, anyway, now that his dad was dead, could have his mother also himself, which is what he wanted showed it on her. He loved her. It was all about Ed and Augusta twenty four seven and to the point where Henry was late, you guys he was bombing
He was starting to realise that may be Bible. Time wasn't for him anymore, lagging started dating a divorce say who had kids in town, and he was like saying to Ed like. What's what are you doing? This is weird, so a ban on me. Sixteenth nineteen, forty four, while at an Henry, were burning some brush on the property, the fired that they started to get guess do some kind of a back burner, but I do know, however, that farm burned. You know the fire got out of control, so Ed ran to the sheriff and he was like. We need help to put this fire out and they get back to the fire.
And the fires out. But now no one can find Henry, and so, when the sheriff asked, did you go check up at the house to see if Henry went back home, I just didn't, say anything and so then they said well. Maybe we should search the property see if he still here on the farm, and so there s just lead them directly to Henry's dead body, which will issue which was out where, where the fire was but distinctly, he was face down on the ground He was in a patch of scorched earth, but his clothes were not burnt in any way about, so they course didn't suspect fell plan. Doktor said he died of asphyxiation, then so sorry to you, the gains will send a casserole over.
Henry's funeral Deem was reported to us and say saying things to people like Henry would have been a great disappointment if he had lived like factor over than just hold out for an afternoon end, and then he was also saying to people. Well, it's just me and Mama now moms like I think I'm crazy about this guy, but I'm not in my son. Ok so year and a half later Augusta has a stroke and ed is her nurse. He takes care of her day and night until she dies that's when he loses his shit. If, as we all know that he becomes the again that we know and
love in a way that seems sick, but actually is more fascination and interests. The respect we don't want to have dinner with em, we know he's a bad person doesn't make us bad people who we love serial killer, no Craig workers, we dont friends, friends who should understand me better area like you're allowed to have babysitters bob, but I can't that's perverted, say anything to you stepped in front of twenty four hundred people, oh yeah, except for right now, that's ok! so now he's a middle aged man who has been isolated, his entire life on a farm with no electricity and everything was fine and everything to redefine a man who believes that sex is bad, that women are bad, that the outside world is evil. Well,
no you're right. So the first thing he does is bored of the three rooms that his mother used, so the entire upstairs he boards off and then he boards off her bedroom and the parlor the living room, whatever any place that she used to go now, you can't no one can go and those rooms were kept exactly as they were. When I guess dad died,
until the house burn em spoiler, they fuck and burn the house down. It's such a great when you read it, it they're like oh you who was arrested. Everyone knows it was arrested, but he was arrested and then there were that the talks that they were going to turn it into oh they're, gonna, make it into a tourist attraction or whatever and like the next day, it's like burned to the ground. There is like I serious, haven't seen anything and I dont know what happened at all. Can you imagine going in that, like being a cop who pulls the board down and walks into that fucking? What if the green room upstairs with has is actually based on the parlor with the bereaved she had a very sad and everything should really good tortilla chips yet like magic and an MBA Gm video game. Oh my god, they didn't have electricity that doesn't make some ok, sorry, let us go back so Ed starts buying what are called in many articles. Yet I don't understand what they mean: death cold magazine soon
death called. Also detective magazines are that there is a magazine back then called Detective magazine. That was basically a true cry magazine, but it was also like make it ladys and stuff, like that. I mean these re Helene order. Them are right now, like the current issues, like the vintage, its image open it just like a huge centerfold.
These basic getting into all the things his mother said. You can have a look at this. Obviously that's what humans do he, especially like reading about Nazis and cannibals one night's around this time his neighbors invite him over to Denmark. As you know, the mom of that family was like. I just worry about that again sitting up now, farmhouse I'll bring himself family that amazing I'm not going to try to their guys. I love Fargo at such a great fell burning, sit down again that for just a little bit of money, so
invite at over for dinner. Well, it goes as you would imagine, because s never been around people over electricity. They had also invited a female relative to be at the dinner, which apparently I just stared at her like he was some say, undressing her with his eyes. Some would argue he was doing other things like skinning her with his eyes. Needless to say, the dinner ended relatively soon and a couple minutes later, the young boy and the family wakes up he's being held in a chokehold, and this intruder is spring in his ear asking where this female relative is right. Now, and the little boy tells his family.
It was again and then there are like allow and they never tell the police if they don't want to be rude, don't make a fuss fees in, although keys it he's our neighbour. I do I just coming through me now, I'm generally now it might be a ghost. What if it's the goals, the ghost and a really strong access? Ok, other neighbours report that they see again just straight up. Peeping timing right in their window is straight up. Peeping timing, all over town sees not doing while the socializing
So then in nineteen, fifty four, a tavern owner named Mary Hogan, disappears the police find blood on the bar room floor and they suspect foul play. But the case goes cold. And later on, when at over here some locals talking about marries disappearance. He says she's not missing she's at my farmhouse right now, and see light, but instead there, like you, fuckin now get out of here. The old milksop over each other milksop famine is jokes. Males are okay, so then
So then, three years later, on November, eight nineteen, fifty seven a woman named Bernice Ward and disappear. She owns the local hardware store and this target sisterhood enclosed all day, which was unusual, but most people in town thought. Maybe it was because I was the first day of deer hunting season for real there, like oh Bernie, sits holiday. She loves me, love subjective, ten point book and then come on back to the, but her son, Frank who was also the deputy sheriff when he can't get a hold of her. He goes to the hardware store he finds. The cash register is open and there's blood on the floor. When he looks at their seat book. The last thing that happened in that store was a bottle of. He freeze was sold to a game, holy shit. So, a little the later they find him at the grocery store and they arrest him and then go out to the gain farm,
and there in Asia Ed extra the house, they find Bernice wardens decapitated body and it is hung up. Side down and dressed out, like you, would a hunted dear mistakenly mistaken all taken we? Yes, you do not look at all, not fucking picture. You fucking kidding me. It is a well known. You look like you're like and everybody Mary Fucking Christmas is the worst. It's very, very, very upsetting. I don't recommend passionately looking at it in your hotel room, why your buyer, so I but I feel, like light headed yeah, it's well
really, then you might want to lay on the ground, because I have to tell you some bad news: that's not, apparently, so what again did we? He went into the hardware store. He took a twenty two rifle off the shells and shot her with the rifle from her own store. So when they search the house. I'm just can read you a list of what the authorities found. I thought I would be fun for everybody and sit back. Let's hear it, they they I ain't a there's, a there's, a pot of water on the stove. Inside. It is her heart, that's just walking in the door. Friends,
there is a waste basket made of human skin. There are theirs human skin, covering several chair seats. There are schools on his bed posts Holy Father. There are schools sitting around with the tops sucks on off. There are bowls that are made of skulls. He just didn't skulls. Every way you could be really liked boldly ass, he was summoned areas would also mean that there are the victims. I may our outright candle holder manner. I don't know you stick like mail and the front in the morning and sensitive matter being absolutely that's just simply incorrect. He you ve made a course it from a female torso skin from the shoulders to the ways T made leggings from human leg, skin He and the extra burden, while turn that picture off, because you mainly the mass
from the skin of female faces heads he he had Mary Higgins Face Mask in a paper bag. He had stolen a box. He had Bernice wardens entire head in a burlap sack and this here the NY, involves a in a shoe box. My yeah yeah, that's
That's the outer pussy everybody. I feel like those people that don't know, don't you think, there's a couple of people that are like what is that the elbows scanner, whatever you think you know it would have less impact if you end up being when they each argue that I need to get my vote, they remove someone brother, Dad Jesus there's. Definitely at least one person that that was to their friend like you have to come. I know you never heard it before by us you're, going to last night a girl whispered in my ear, and she was leaving I'm on a tender de right now, you're not going over sector one, that's a special section of tendering area. Of course, there's the belt made from
male, Nepal's a famous. We actually had a lovely fan. Murder Reno send us a crocheted version of that belts, which I forgot to put on Instagram. But yes, yes, it is gorgeous, maybe only realised what it was I left so fucking are low. I scared the cat was alone because, when we opened it, it was like is we're like? What's this cat toy and we're gonna like? What's this, I guess it's nice colors are whenever very like we're a kind of just like that, and then I went to take a photo of it after that you they left just
like send a negative, stolen notices, and then I looked through my land smells like oh, my god, and then I was sorely lacking. I think we have the best. Like me, you know like looking at this. American life doesn't get shit like that very ironic. If they do, they like call, the police are cited sidetrack. Four knows, is right back into it right a lamp shade main for the skin of a human face, fingernails from female fingers, and this is my I'm going to say the word favorite, but it's the one that it's the one that fascinates me the most here
a pair of lips tied to a window shade strength, so is like that son is too bright, ed. What the fuck! What do you think is printer us would look levy about you guys, don't tell anybody what we said to my wife Lee: let's keep it between. Ok, we use when they questioned him. Oh just so you know they photographed all these things. It says
the crime. I got that what they needed and then it was all destroyed. So none of us could get out yonder. Have you ever like we're like? Oh, I just bought it gains nipple belt you ve been conned because they were immediately like this is the worst of this is the worst of human existence, put the woman played on the internet, but everything else needs to survive. Just can I get one Lucas's window just trying to think it's interesting? Ok, I don't so when he's questioned Ed Gein tells investigators that, between one thousand nine hundred and forty seven and one thousand nine hundred and fifty two He made as many as forty nocturnal visits to three local graveyard in a town with six hundred people and they have three fuckin gray what's happening.
He would go there and he would exude recently buried body. So what he would do, he would look in the paper and ill bitch worries, and if there is somebody who died, that was a woman who was around the age, his mother. When she passed Augusta, you ve done it again come in back and at last he would go and dig up that body or go take a couple parts that he wanted. He also made of her. You made a point to tell the police if he would return a lot of the jewelry. Good view adding of you. Gentlemen, he asked but then he when he would go there and do that he was in a daze like state which is
oh really, our normal, you weren't like sharp as attack, and he also told the police that he left the graves and apple pie order which, what the fuck kind of saying is that, like apple pie, really liked him. I believe it. So ok, so sorry I must stress that this is the biggest. This is the biggest paragraph with things like face skin and nipples than that I've ever read. I just I gotta have which Obadiah so what he was doing, as we all know- and it has been taken- this is ed- is the reason that you got super scared when you watched psycho.
When you watch silence in the lambs and when you watch Texas, chainsaw mascara. That's all this fuckin lunatics doing, because what it was trying to do is make a woman suit, so he could be inside his mother's body. A psychologist will just take Darwin apart, really quick, I'm in the I think. Like ten minutes, I mean yeah, it's just you know It's just an argument against reading out of the old testament straight into your child space, with no lights on and not let them have friends or sex or anything. Obviously there he let your child have said. If we have one message should review its Jesus. That was the night that they got a rest assured. Zero journeys were speaking. We knew it should end on a green room like that there may be. We really go out on top
Basically here go. He would put this lady suit on and The face on his face go into the back yard. He had like an incantation dance. He would do under the moonlight he was. He was all my own way out in the country when the cops asked him. If he had sex with any of these dead bodies, he said no, they smell too bad, they're like I'm sorry for face. You can suddenly on standards our eye and then in that interrogation he admitted to killing Mary Hogan, the tavern owner, because he was in the tavern and he heard her talking and he thought she had a foul mouth and that she didn't deserve to live Yasser Rebecca. I we believe you would. We are we fight him off
I would pull out a bible and be like guess what I can read the Bible to Ed. Now you have to do what I say: Ok, so this is what he said when he was interrogated by district attorney. Earl Colleen, He said quote. I started Is it graveyards in the area regularly about eighteen months after my mother died? Most? I would just stand and have private conversations with Mama, other times. I could make myself go home without reason, one of the first, maybe on about nine occasions I took somebody or part of somebody home with me. I don't even know what accent I'm doing. It was kind of an evil spirit. I couldn't control, that's where the Sorry the saying is, he left the graves and apple pie order.
Apple Pie order, so he there's a piece of american cheese on every local jokes. Get local work. Any basically said that the reason that he did it is he had an uncontrollable desire to see a woman's body o ed, that's natural, a normal. You don't have to make a woman sue to look at a woman's body. So this is a sad part. Is the wash our county sheriff edge? Arch lay is the sheriff whose handling the case, and he was the one that interrogated again and so when again was listing and when they had all this evidence, and he was telling him all these tests things anymore. Confessing all of it very directly, archly,
at Gateshead and Bastard into a brick wall. You know the sounds around like the right react. How well, when Elsie Specific and do so, then the judge decided there was no way to that. Confession could hold a report because its excessive force was is and edge lay died of heart failure before the trial even started. He is only in his late fortys and a lot of people count him as another victim of a gene, because it was so dramatic what he went through looking at all that stuff and and being around it and having to have that experience, which I mean Jesus Christ, theirs I think we do have a picture it. Some it's getting getting walked by a big tall guy archly, who was the sheriff who he's a he's just like at the sight of everybody
I didn't know I was like yes, I mean my body was like something I would like to go back to the other place. So basically they he wants a court, he was, he was convicted, There is obviously an insane amount of evidence and they knew he did it. He didn't fight it
when he was convicted. They told him with his name the locals, burnt his house down. That's my theory. That's not that's alleged, but basically there were like. Oh you think. You're gonna make a carnival unless shit goodbye. Also there is no electricity and know how so its ongoing something spark burn down. There are like. Oh, I think, a comment hid it guy sarcoma do and then, when they told Ed that has gone down, he goes Lance just as well fuck and add ray what a milksop he died in my daughter's state mental hospital at age. Seventy seven and that's ed, guiding everybody you do. Those heavy had are so well there. That's. Why didn't do Dahmer is like she's gonna take one of the big ones, I'm having right? That's how you do it. You can now I'm gonna do to portable child killers. Let our recent then horrible. That's how we do at EU level are Cagney and lazy kind of society. We want to do it, look which one or both Laverne, I don't know, do before the show Georgia goes. Should we get, but should we both at Elles too so onto our dresses? Unlike yes, double Laverne Ass,
adorable, surely is if we are to think. I think we know sorry. I do think we know because there's someone I sent it, wait a tweet, a twitter and try it someone shit, I memorized the name, and then I got all caught up in my rock n roll lifestyle. Upstairs is the person who sent a tweet whose dad text to them about eddying and there there is a series of texts and they treated and said we ve got your. We ve got your hometown tonight. If I did hear no, you were. I would like to tell me that I think does have the secret. So if you are here- and you know what I'm talking about- we usually green by name- that's a honour system, so that they don't try to lie your way through once you get up here. I think I think your name was Tracy. Yellow is a Sarah.
I think our car Brooklyn walking are you just sitting in a chair no handling at me. I don't think she's here man at the government will know is she knows her name is Sarah that she's looking up a twitter right now, I don't know when there's a ireland she's mandarins through a nightmare. Ok, wait before she gets back before she gets back, we
Did you a trick on her before she gets my cant? Think of what it is you go sit nursey, ok, don't touch you care and cheese is held me. Where is real, Michael you going through making side in that? I am not going not lemme. My button front Americans phase out of this, where the very name of your whole. Sorry, I forgot to tell you a tight I've always liked you shit. I was gonna, do a trick on your social worker or see we're still during the trick. Georgia loved. You can never leave this day. I feel having a nightmare. Freebie surely deserve get over here. Right now, are you are in serious trouble how she's getting your phone she's getting your phone? You only therefore re opening grab. My had got banned said: how do we get up there passed? I can tell you that this was more. I don't care. If you had to peace era, erect a bureau to professional show you stay in your seat. The entire dine doesnt matter, mugging chances that the one person we call the yes one bugging person is we're one in twenty four hundred you, I don't know man, it's like one, simple beer less and she would not go through all of this, and neither would I have to get there and getting guarantee of Cancun Committee is she's in the mere really are you are you using surgical about, although I am very scarce, really scared. Let's talk about it, we should be ready. He you're shaking my its unity is like that. I can see- and I always and guidance, but where are you from from a walking for molotov? Yes, what's do you live not gonna say they don't want to get my right. There was a test. Young men tell this story through my own dance words beautiful. I can't find any better, ok, so
it's my father? Where is he? Is he gonna hear you? Are we gonna? Nobody does for living he's a psychology so level just first name, Steve, Steve. Ok, there is a psychologist frame and as a college student before he married my mother, what's earning sandy seasons Sandy, even Stephen Sandia married in Milwaukee, right out of college turn right article eight Attica in Madison, nor the right of our the volunteer at men Dodo Mental Health working with you guys go there to save. On Thursday eleven twice a week there nurses brought in hollowing costumes and we took
kids trick or treating to the other union now hold get him on the phone right. Are you serious you get him on the phone to keep. You know the background. Yeah you wanna tell them. Ok, because that's ok! I will ask. I write it. That's insane question. It was
your dear because someone poisoned Tylenol in Chicago? Yes, two people were scared and kids were not trigger, treating also from their mental hospital. We y know nurses, any other union head. Candy and patients would give our kids treats eyes on unit. It was too dangerous and they would slip the candy through a security slot and they don't like. We were on the guarantees that unit old people who get scared straight kind now is safe and old people gain. The kids raises cups. We are waiting for all the old people who wanted to come, give away some candy and the nurse ass, Eddie
Do you want to give the kids some candy turn around and there he was, he did not want to hand out anything. We set a quick try to each other, ass if we would begin soon. Eyesight yeah, the kids all over the country couldn't Tyrker treat because it wasn't safe, but my kids trick or treated to a cannibalistic necrophilia and where savings can be strong powers. Can we get him on the phone wrote? My own mill Cosette was a gorgeously written series. The texts dad sell. It says
yeah, he better answer inventor. It's on you say, put event figure. Yes, you should. Who. Steve, Steven in the bathroom Yeah, accordingly, my boyfriend one two hundred miles. Steve this. Is
everybody at the Riverside Theatre were here your daughter, your daughter, having a great old time by the words of my wife. She was nervous. She was nervous. She just wanted to leave. I guess she's, the Karen Vincent Windsor, didn't give you a tip room. If you got, if you're, losing the crowd I'll give you a baseball tip for a Green bay, these boats to tell them so they'll get back with you spill bomb. I just put it together, and might you know I don't give a shit? What happens here because it works very well he's dying in that area? Is that you just tell them I'm named after events, Lombardy, what an amazing baseball team was. I was at first. I was so scared that I was saying the wrong team from like a different state that I was like a football game, but about a very different sports and your positive is gonna. Be Minnesota radio had thing Minnesota, she got this state, she got the state perfectly fine. The state was exactly right and that's what matters you guys this show has been lucky incredible, but honestly, Sir there's eyes, there is little. We were very, very nervous grim out here. You're amazing, twice the size of every show, and thank you thank you for being the first city where there was such a demand for tickets, that they move the fuckin location. I mean, I guess the only thing we have decided, that is say sexy and
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