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2 - My Second Best Murder

2016-01-22 | 🔗
In this episode, Karen & Georgia discuss Paul Bernardo the Scarborough Rapist/Schoolgirl Killer, the assassination of Robert Kennedy and Alie Ward shares a hometown high school murder story.

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This is exactly right. Karen, yes, Georgia, rhythm section is a female led female made action, thriller starring, Blake, lively and a fearless role as Stephanie Patrick than ordinary woman, who must navigated dangerous new world when she assumed the identity of a spider S. Film is a greedy and suspense full story. A female empowerment as Stephanie Survival hinges on her intense determination and ability to fight through her weakness, issue directly by red, Murano and also starring Jude LAW and Sterling K Brown. The rhythm section isn't theorist January thirty. First goodbye.
You may remember I'm Karen, I'm George. and we love manner, we love murder Running murdered. We loved your crime will have to come here to talk about bad things that have happened, gap to good people. Hopefully they will happen as if we talk about it and left it, it's as if we could warded off with just start with our positive verbal energy in our anxiety over getting murdered Kissinger's. When you share an anxiety, it, it alleviate, said a little bit I think it also lessens the chance of it happening. That's right! We're! Really! were changing the future with our words or fusing possible
We have getting stabbed multiple times, defusing the stab bomb. You know what I do. I have a problem with the whenever I talk about like murderer, how it can die or car like on of recording, I just think about them using it when it actually happens in in my like forty eight hours. Yes, yes, and you're twenty twenty, for example, there's a video there now favorite show that I wouldn't let you talk about with me up, there is a living. Let me can I can just some people who are listening dark from the very beginning. Georgia was very show me when I arrived at her apartment. You said: have you been much about and I think I don't think about it? Have you been wanting? I barely had the word watching out, ingest scream, don't talk about it, but didn't plain that it is. You want to save it, for the progress was as if this was a forbidden like I literally like never talk about it like how I am a second city about it in front of me, you don't spoilers outweigh the rain,
Ever in my life, I wanna keep that pure for the rest of my days and you never zoo and you ve never done one episode. I saw part of once when they went to allay and it was it really depress me fair enough. let's talk about it, I meant removed or save for the show envisaged the shell. There is, I started watching it yesterday came with me but everyone to okay. This is fun climb, unlike like it just what we just nos three, ok, the shower talking about is The king of a murder making a murder. Making a murderer on Netflix. It's like think the jinx, but fuckin better yeah tools.
I it's amazing was what I think is amazing is we are truly now in this era, where everyone's life has been recorded in some way? Who, because there is so much footage of that guy, so much so much footage, and you realize it's because that's how everything works these It is also in the news like for the past, Eighteen years you so the story is that in its really funny, because this start there's two separate stories here, one of which the murder I already knew about so soon, and I didn't realize that that's what was going on and tell they started talking about them are so that the first episode, which I thought was a stand alone thing. I thought they were just gonna talk about like. people who got exonerated o. The first episode is the story of the sky, Stephen Avery, getting boilers slightly. have it your innovative representatives, but he gets exonerated fur rape, eighteen years in prison and kind of
Now that he's been railroaded by his own cousin and the people that rave in his community it's one of those like it's like the West, Memphis three words like how the fuck did this get as far as it did get one of those these guys clearly huge, Miss This is justice. We can terrifying. We can go to prison at any moment for anything yeah. Well, yes, because the the pull back. You realize it's that freaky thing of like you pull back and realise this is happening all over the country at all over the world where people in power it an abuse of power and people just doing whatever they want to do anyway. There's these amazing interviews all the deposition. This there's, like hundreds of hours, a deposition, it's these people that I swear to God. If, if it was a sketch show, you'd be like backers too broad totally like the the mealy Mouthed just returning guy but the little losses and the kind of perfectly balding head it was like
I lay so depressing like this. They are the reasons I point all of them, but I never want to work in an office job again. If I like can save myself began, those are the people you work, whether you fuck and ate them anymore. More so for me is watching people lie it so fascinating because you can smell alive. It doesn't matter how you, thank you might be good at it. Hurt people know you think you are. Everyone knows you're lying and now that that one sheriff, whose kind of big but the mustache that he has a drawing and got them frame like again discussing like he's the guy who go, hunting and gets like Kills and animal with, like after they had an frames at Creese. I mean like just the the law full of smugness and and the way that I would talk. What I made me love that he talks like I'm yours stupid, I'm so much smarter than you act like it. When nearly he's talking to a lawyer, that's deposing total at a lawyer who gets paid to argue so the guys like. Let me financial
the lawyer ends up feeling like a teacher in the ass, like I dont, remember such lag piece of only realise what are you yeah he's just all of it, oh grow and then it turns into- and I think we can talk about the crime, because this is a well a murder that we probably would eventually got into because it stuck We were so it stuck with me because of what this one went through the torture that she went through our own. Now. Did you ever hear about it before I dont know cause I'm I'm like right in the pearl, where they're looking for her I'm while, obviously now she do, you remember there is one where she gets, kidnapped and tied up and the nephew and the sky raped and tortured. Her I remembered it from the cause of a nephew part. Ok, so when that started happening, you're talking about on the third episode, I was like oh shit and then Matthew comes in so unlike while this is than he did it cause. I remember this murder, but they
it's crazy. So we basically year remembering a thing that you saw him like a twenty twenty s style thing. Yet it was wrong. I dont! Well, that's what That's our examining, ok is didn't commit this murder. They set him up because the skies Stephen Avery is now suing the shit out of the county I put him in jail wrongfully and are they setting him up because this woman disappeared re? Are they sitting about, for the murder That's like the question that an answer I'm positive. They aren't I'm only halfway through the second, its grey and it's wonderful, because it's one of those things were seriously. Cereal were episode, episode, relic, he's guilty, he's not guilty he's guilty and they the isn't they found out about. It is because the nephew confessed and- well, then you did it and then they show you. The footage of the nephew confessing is, it is, I like when you say I can tell people are lying. He was lying. This kid is me: shut up and it's a false compare
but is it I don't know, I'm sorry. Is it I'm sorry, but it's up here were also it's so much easier when you're, watching a documentary and going like Google is so it's been laid out for me, I live. There are manipulating meaning to not like people are. Pierre. I fought for that stuff. Every seat entirely total every time, Second, everyone now, including us, we're like professional and that send we're like professional and good at this like a broadcast, am I talking about well, but have a you. my talking about it well, but I'll. Tell you this here's one thing I can sense is one a big fat, I guy with a mustache is tell for sure. I know for sure I can tell once again, they get real like their cadences very condescending. Unless I dont remember here and it's all right, how would I know well? How would I know how it I remember this from years ago, red fuck, you so funny. Well, it can also how, when there's a sixteen year old in a pill
this round being deposed bite or being questioned without parents like guardians or lawyers and being fed information, it's fucking great. Well, it's chilling. So my My hope is that episode, ten dont without me like what watches together over it in we'll get everyone That is what she had, because you alive rickety, recording watch it together. I don't know, that's great. Something will happen. I just scream the entire time Dunlop screaming you can't, even here, let's watch ten together. You know it's really funny do. Is I mean This'Ll?
now later, but people I bet a lot of people will have watched by this gas. Actually, convulse fun is it's not episodic, Inga Bench, the fuck out of here, and now it's all there that's the best, but it seems like a bunch of people did not because it was like a wild fire, total able on Twitter being like making of a murderer like yeah, all the sudden. In a five hour block, everyone was tweeting that they were watching. Does any smart, like I feel it episodic, makes people more into something, meaning makes you smarter, no mixed in war into something old like yes, because you just sit here how so much and it like you- becomes your life totally like now that rise. What am I gonna watch for real goblet Spargo for the greatest of care students doesn't when all the words even like the ones. Dont mechanisms to be banned. Did I bragged here that I know the casting director now goes to my dog park,
Doug, her friends and then after chatting and she's, just a total like one of us kind of Galileo. My guy turned up that, and so I You have each other's phone numbers like the two texts cause everyone's while below, but tell me for Gonna go here, so be it the dog park. At the same time, all issues and they were going to bring Kirsten danced. I will. I will o the first. Episode I watch I text or I'm like this show is I mean I was. I love that, personally, I was like there's no way. The second sees the enemy is good was like so legged, so good, so everyone go watch. What is it? Making of murder making a murderer, regular murderer! tell us about it. Oh I made us a Facebook fan page, not vamp various. I made him my favorite murder, Facebook page. nice sovereign go on there and talk about that and tell us your urinate. Error, town, murder, although right ass. We want to know what's happened
I've been in your town that you ve been talking about yeah, sure tat. We want to know your facebook martyr, your favorite murder. What Clearly the basement martyr. What if there was a facebook murderer? Others a craigslist murderer, yeah, not if it is it so low, rent should we get to what our favorite murders are yeah, this episode, yeah, do you wanna go? First, go to her lawyer. First, you want me to go first, yeah This is one of the ones where I've done less research on it, but I I know it. I know the story in my heart total these are more fun, it's a murder of my heart, but it the pall Bernardo, Karla Homolka, has and wife murder team, where it was in, I believe- is Toronto, yes, thumb, and the early ninetys, and it was a weird power, dynamic, abusive relationship and he bade
quickly. He basically got his way to help him Lord teenage girls into their homes, so that he could rape them and more and ultimately murder them, and they start with her younger. I remember I love this on AIDS, so crazy. They drugged, hearse, younger sister, who is like fourteen year. They put drugs in her drink and then like they roof Eater, then he returned she videotape dialysis, her yunkers hurry, younger sister youth Canada was all major herb and polite mass hardware and there's one except that rule in its Paul Bernardo, but the reason I like aside from the insanity of that part where they would drive around looking for in girls, it's scary, because you think, like you see a woman in your like unsafe, like if some like, let safer, When have now hitchhiking, which I would fucking never day, because
terrified of murder by it. It happened that I was in a couple. Stopped I'd be like this is ok because the woman's here, yes, so He's going to murder me with his like way for one hour, which is that's how You know the story of the woman him in the box, this, oh, my god, it's so Georgia, the wage, I wish you goes gives us an idea. You practically winked at me like a up. Let us say no more. This is a day were Georgia knows everything I'm going to say to her. I do that girl there, the woman got into the car because it was a couple in the front seat, and then they put her head and carpeted box. How? How
buying a bit so awful, and then they ended up keeping her in a box under the bed for seven years on a higher up. Did you see a photo of her tied up it from her trial? Now they don't show her face, but she's like splain maker, and you not the most effective thing about that story is that they brought her home to her house to be like look she's, fine, everyone, yeah re yet be that in and of itself was this big huge thing for him because he had a try area washed and that idea that, like there's syndicate, it's out to get you see, you can't go anywhere. You can't tell her. He told her that the humane asylum, a thing that said the company, I think the company. Can we would you? Do you wonder like. I would never believe that as soon as I like to think that these are like, I will just screaming the minute I got in the door wraith of my family's house. He was like look we're dating everything's, normal raising himself looking for her, but he broke her
broke their. He broke her in the deepest psychological level. Be that hard when you're putting someone in boxes to break them. It actually is- and I dont think you if you, if you feel like only sugar, don't let them sleep, make them jump around. That's how cults do sugar lunatic yeah but the monies Madeira, why just cause you? Your brain, is, if you don't have enough protein and you only you only each surer than your these weird entered. Worse and you do like a lot of crazy stuff and then you are exhausted, but then they wake you up and three in the morning do away me, I'm putting myself and a call them, because I was constantly Irene. Could them Iranians free there need to be more protein anyway. Cares them. Here's my twist a room, that's kind of a hometown story. Oh Paul Bernardo was the husband of this hideous of course eventually caught him, but they caught him? They it entails. his dna. They lie determined to aid.
long standing set of unsolved rate. They were calling them, they calling him the Scarborough Rapists and it was from a certain neighborhood in its turn right. I keep thinking it might be Montreal its Canada, its pretty sure Toronto way. Let us know if I'm wrong, there always are based give me a thumbs up if I'm wrong, but so the Scarborough rapist was was were terrified. It went on for years, browser o Neill, none at all as part of sorry that the one that I didn't look up, I'm pretty sure it's for its neighbourhood of Toronto, but so my first Paul Green Burg, who You might know him from that one year that meal Patrick Harris hosted the enemies and he walked out behind them and just stood stared. Why did you do that? But it was a ok he's a writer and he's a comic is really funny so anyway, he told me
story- and this is my favorite- so the years before, poverty around his wife's started. Killing girls for you pleasure there is a Scarborough rapist errand, so Paul's mother was at the time guess in her seventies. Probably and she lived in an apartment, building that at a swimming pool at the top and he's really get artist and so she would go up in some lapse everyday hidden in I'm cheese, retired and I thought he lived by yourself, one day, she's up their swimmin lapse, and man comes out onto the roof and she doesn't really think much of it. swimming laps and then she notices that he's walking along the pool as she's swimming lap. I got like laughing like laughing with her walking back and forth and if she liked looks up and sees it and there's no one else up there, it's threatening, so she just keep swimming laps and he's like tracking, her and
staring at her and she's. Like you know, an elderly woman swimming she's. and he's just like you. She said, was the scariest thing ever and then she know what to do at one point: you just treading water and like staring and didn't know what to do, and then the doorbell open and, like three families came out, and you know, They use the pool and all the kids jumped in the pool laugh of her. So she got have the pool put on egg products. Oh really important. Well, I was scared. She was precedent on some of the flip lapse and she went down to her apartment and drew a picture of his face. A mission jazz do while she remembered it. So then she put the picture. She called the cops. They said, you know it's like a complaint or whatever Then, however, many years it was later, let's say three or five
when they showed part Paul Bernard NEWS for this, because wife killing thing the mom. Walks over and pulls the picture out of the drawer, and it's him. It was possible in order. That was during that all my and then later on with the enabling timid, she call as I listen to its new blood. At that point they had. Think they'd already figured out that he was also the Scarborough Holy Shit, yeah rape and all over the place and I am doing stuff like that. Like, like was an essentially you know, it sucks about being a woman, as you never know like. If something nothing or not, you know, that's right, you might just pacing and you never see him again or you might go in your house and he standing in your living around the tree like what is nothing or like a boyfriend is stocking. You are due to stocking, you isn't nothing or this is going to murder me you just don't know I mean not the stocking as an awful chub lake. Is he just like
test for the next couple weeks. Until events when us or is he were right- that's like today that I was that a perk alone like seven in the morning and I looked up and there was a guy. I thought at first that he was shipping balls on one side of the dog parent I looked and he had a sword. Here's a just swinging assort around and I was just like well. This is either my last downer or maybe my dog will attack him, but probably not yes, not really similar and just waited, and he eventually left. Was he like practicing when spacers being a fucking weird. He was by the bushes. So there was a weird element. She last year it was called It's an another thing, aside from a woman being present at your, like your guard is down but like daytime yes morning, guard is down. Yeah, my our yeah, you don't expect anything to happen, which is that, whilst the perfect time and top park the most dying person. Yeah we're only good things.
Smells like. Why would you want to go? There have been didn't have two out.
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because this is my favorite, I'm not getting for Lisbon break up of all places, not on our Motor Parnasse Georgia, because this is an interesting o, o Eminem out of India. To your thing, the one What's her name Karla from Malta, Cut out of jail awhile ago, oh that's rage is that that was a big part of it. Is she tried to say that he was controlling her mind which some we'll say, is very possible because she was a victim of his abuses as well. The same time you're still a responsible, though, for what you do, you can't kill your younger sister and think that that's just gonna go. You now accident, we kill her. Was it on purpose, did they drag her and she had an overdose that could be part of the story. Remember but she's out weird like just out yet that's so, Let's talk about some of the benefits of being a woman, shorter murder sentence, more the benefit of the doubt you take some shit. You get some shit yeah.
In your sins outside you killed her failure. You play when last Christmas present a rarity IRA. Maybe that sister was a real pain in the ass. You think your parents, just to her now still labelling I did say, probably no blame now get. They killed this their team sister. Events or silver getting well. I guess though, like one line, you can grab some insight killing her, I mean. Who knows it, It puts them in a bad position. My favorite murder. Ok, this is it's like a son is interesting, but it's my favorite, because I feel like a change the course of history so drastically that everything would be different. Today, Lincoln's assassin, no we're not far from ok, I think Ardle our world would be it's such a better place. If this person hadn't been killed, Robert Kennedy O, because he
was a good person and a darling J of closure of accomplishing play way, but ok hot tea. There yeah, I just It makes me so sad that he was killed and and think there was a conspiracy, even though there are still trying to make a mailing conspiracies habit. There's the girl in the cocoanut draw steamer that nothing where they see There is a growing poker dress. He was mine, controlling him, what some uncontrolled thing that they M Caille ten K Ultra she with she mine. Told sir answer on to shoot. Robert Kennedy yes ran out. They saw someone said that she ran out of the ambassador hotel where he was killed screaming we shot him. No one ever found her yeah and if you are, if you were some kind of a super deep agent in the Uk Alter programme. Would you be? Would you yell that
pregnant. You think it would work droller. I think you'd be better your job, and that really should point that you can do all of these things, but yet you start screaming use now I mean that's. interesting. I mean I I don't put it. Asked anything that the kind of things that have non governmental? We sure I believe in all I believe in the idea that they were trying to train people to be like sleeper murderers wake up and shoot somebody do you believe in God, like the candidate style, because leg to hurt you fuck him here MIKE. Can we, as at your house, looking at screening and they this is. Why can't sleep at night you're cats in pain. She, As you know, the doktor multiple time she's fine forget she spoke in fine she's, an idiot. Is she screaming? We shot him. Let us about outrage, Alec Itchy, that's libraries that we ve been fearing on along rapidly
she's, already route wreck, ruining my life, the inner? What if they could control cats? That would be, I mean, have you ever cutest army? They live in she probably units if you're, gonna think about it. She wouldn't have worn a program like. Why would you where something so like easily Annabelle, right you'd, where a blacklist you'd, where pants and I think you would like normal here. So many ways to blend in that poker that spoke adopts always says: hey! Look him any mouse over here, poker dots white gloves of its leave town slide, I'm here for the shooting cute. So you really think who did pick and why just like, maybe criminals and normal believe anyways could be, could be like now Jason Bourne style. You are already in the army and they pulled in some kind of special programme and experience so much lsd for so long lay. Your brain is as much yeah yeah suck I now be crazy, but also
it's weird that lake I now all that stuff is so crazy because it's like who, Is it the government or is it the mafia hours? The Kennedys have not had a good time of it are being murdered yeah, but I think I don't are they? Are they all? Just like? I think, every when, in the public purse Some government is just a fuckin puppet sure. So it's a bit which big business people behind the scenes right. You know the dog family guy from Fox Catch. All my god totally him did. You watch the movie, for the shit out of me, but then I watched the m. Three thirty, four thirty, Do you hear about like oh heat, this was so perfect incorrect and right and it's fucked up used it's better than the movie. Oh, I have to say that I loved that movie. I was born
It may be because I went by myself and when I go see movies by myself. It makes me feel like I'm friend, or something I get real stuck up about myself, enlightened doings. Well, you're, not you're, going to see a film, that's not a movie, it's not a movie. It's a film! I had no idea what to expect. Events was like there's something of a wrestling and another ok and like I, when nothing. This is the most bore. No, I think the half the audience in the theater when I went thought or what is it only the corral Kommeni solidly only laughed when it was like when he brings the trophies like a trophy now, mother, whatever he did and weird speech in everyone's like time laugh, but they were just confuse the whole time link. They were watching a wee wee or watching a film. I was there for the film in my room, ok, it's good Lucia Watch, the thirty four thirty of it yeah. My love to do boring murders like that. No yes, because it's me it's more the concept of it like what was he up?
that they needed to take him out? Well, here's the thing is the reason, sir, but seat live problem with me as from today. That I have is that the reason Sir answer on, who was arrested and is in prison for life, for it was killed. Him makes complete sense. Whereas, like This little swirling name, you killed, Lee. Harvey isolated, doesn't really sound like servant, but here, R K was a simple. Of Israel. Sir, how Sir was a palestinian Jordan gimmick, jordanian immigrant and the day the day that are of key was killed was on the anniversary of the start of the six days war. So he can old earth k for his support of Israel, would you say, hasn't using six days were real fur? Is Israel kit be kicked ass for like six days: oh, it was a bad the book. and if you answer a boring, throw boy is out how they they said. The strap or whatever.
Oh maybe a prop yeah, is another gather. Walls, yeah I don't know. I know nothing about, I don't let so he we're so It makes sense of the way this crazy person there wasn't a lot of bodyguards going on at the ambassador. Hotel are ok ass, one, the democratic, was about to win the preliminaries. In California, so he's at he's in a room full of people who are so here is another. Much do you know Reason to fear thing right, yes right well, but that there's gotta be. Your thing is what didn't back. I work at the hotel. now. Oh he didn't recently, the busboy. I thought he was like to at least dressed up like a bus, but maybe there are people who have dedicated their lives studying and their fears. That must happen at a hotel. Listen. We
here s, my favorite murder or something, Talkin mad shared, and if you want something more than the then you need to go up. The documentary region yeah like we're, not prevent pretending to be good. Hocker's note so yeah and then There is also a theory and if you listen to the recording there are more than eight shots fired, which Sir HANS had only had a guy in a twenty two caliber with eight rounds in it well but you can hear like up to thirteen may be so maybe The second shooter will. It sounds like that to be unless there was echoing, but I just feel like You watch documentaries about are of K his leg. its stance on on racism and what he was doing for the poor and for minorities was so
extreme from anything we anyway, you ever treated people before when I think our world would be second much better place. I think that honestly, like I think that there was a break in the space time continuum and everyone else when he didn't I gotta live in a great fucking Roman. We're stuck in this bullshit were well I do think there was like what do they call them alternate. Reality alternate reality: a sliding doors stirring, gonna, yes, languages, pound trow. We got stuck with her in this one and then the other one, there's no greater value on other wanted Sandy Bullock, the whole time I'll send evil of all the time. The times life is better, and here we are well that's dark, but I do think you I like I, like the concept. Of it like imagine a world where some, a leader who actually really did have the people's best Tangier got through that's almost seems impossible these days. I think he, I think that, and I think what we
deserve it, and he couldn't he couldn't has ridden fucking deserve it? I'm such a good you and I'm clearly you what Ireland lover RO. I am super nice, everybody all the time. I am really understand I'll page, I'm so patient, I'm so patient and I don't care when people drive like shit. I want scream at them. I dont scream terrible things out the window of my car people, or other regions situated at a diner and tuck shit on every single person. I got is a time for its second Punkahs diner time. When we talk about public mad shit, what we don't know where my ex August actual on everything over as that would be, I feel like, I can't believe it hasn't happened yet does truth, just well I mean I think there are some people who do I'm podcast mistakenly, but the aid
the of that upon a gossip guesser such you, listen to it every if they are out five a week. He listened everyone yeah, but can we be anonymous and no one knows who we really are we cannot do it for us negative other random girls. Haven't Pakistan federal adios, not we didn't make. It shares these two anonymous girls and they talk match it. They learned a lot like guarantee those girls from Ohio, yea Eleazer of their bitches What's the matter ok, I guess others but literature, good ones. Those are as our the good ones. Here's the first thing. I thought it when you said Robert Kennedy. you know how he, had a hand in shutting down that Eric. I shouldn't get into this one cuz, it's a whole other topic it's all. I think it was called the West broker. Brookhaven are Sunnybrook or whatever, but it's that
mental hospital. That's on long, island or Staten Island. I mean that got shut. in the sixties, because they were basically just taking a just developmental sable children and throwing them into big dark rooms like hosing them off every day and like it was. so I think it was one of her elders. First expos she went in there. I remember that and they like on this single light on the camera. It looks like a whore Benghazi from where it is, kids huddled up and when Robert Kennedy saw that he wanted. That place down himself. That's the first thing about it, but that's where they found there's a serial killer that that lives on the ground, that hospital that there's an theirs it. What's it called something see yes, there's a I M c Clancy or something like unto God. I know it. I don't watch the movie, there's a network it, so it's really get its cubs taxi
Crapsey, crazy! That's it drops. It's really good. Creepy, remember a word with care and in Georgia sounded ass, happened and work it out its banks e o, my god. We just saw two banks. Banks is Obviously scraps thinks he's going to them, though developmental disabled children, on staff. I some fucked up shit and unfortunately they also then, like Reagan, Nixon just open asylums and let everyone go and which is why we have this homeless problem and mental illness issue. My mom was a psychiatric nurse and she in the in the late seventies and early eighties. When that proposition came up with this, it was Reagan. It was ready, sorry sorry, citizen, fixing a on, but she used IRAN's about it every single night and she called exactly what's happening today. She's, like these people, have nowhere to go. There will be want wandering on the streets, they'll be assaulting. People they'll be like these people in writing, Kara than necessary Holdest Lake, the egg.
Here that a leader would be like, we either you dont. care of the people that need me. I helped the most and you just shut off on funding. For that and say it's not our problem effects of huge problems, and I'm going to say it right now, I would rather pay more taxes to get people mental second help and not have as much money myself then live rob where we don't fucking, take care of people and there are just ramp. Mental illness and homeless and starving people and yeah not idea, it's too bad for you, like I got mine when how did you even get yours playbill helped? You re totally horrible everything. And if I can do that, would have never, if I can happen, could obtain what if he went and Fit Reagan, and that was It was an actual battle, not here fistfight, where her
That's? U heartily elbows and aim to guarantee the rights of the sovereign rights of users like white. She say bad, but when you bought, when I use this spot past tense in this fight
this path cast his sponsored by killer inside the mind of AIR Hernandez, a gifted young athlete from Bristol Connecticut Erin Hernandez played for top to your college football programme before going on to become one of the youngest athletes ever drafted in the energy field, but in twenty thirteen fresh of a newly ink five year, forty million dollar contract with the New England Patriots twenty three year old, Aaron Hernandez, would become a household name for the most infamous murder case involving an american athlete since Oj Samson Hernandez. His trial for the brutal killing of his friend yielded a pandora's box of secrets from a tumultuous and often abuse of upbringing to a growing fascination with gang life and other discoveries that painted a maelstrom of motivations behind his violent behaviour, featuring explicit forum, footage Hernandez his phone calls from prison and interviews with those who knew him. This series examines the complicated factors behind the murderous fall and shocking death. A former and I fell, superstar Erin Hernandez. The new Netflix limited series killer inside the mind of Erin Hernandez is now available only on Netflix Goodbye.
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let's, okay, so now is the time and our lives when we have a guest, tell us there there? Our favorite thing or of their town crime. Yes, we love it like what the crime that happen in your town, that, like you remember when you were a kid you like holy shit, this thing happened. It's amazing tell us on Facebook, page we're just going on Facebook page now. but TAT page, the Facebook page on Facebook pay your town. Don't messages, communicate, put it on the page, so everyone can basket it. Yeah, don't put a link. Tell it in your fuckin words: peddling tubes, that's cool, but it's almost like it We pass so that your writing totally, but its euro, it's true
What the truth tell us don't make it up will now we can tackle this, we won't tactic and weak factor. We were very so that our story this week comes from our friend alley. Ward. She is a friend of mine were on shit together, she's also on innovation nation on Saturday mornings, Alley Ward, you can find a better name on everything. Ok, let's this with a firm message: hey what's up valley? Oh ok, you happen to my height and I went to school in Armenia, California, which might very well be nice Rubber, Berkeley and Commissioner Monti, and they had a really good college programme, have like a latin programme so much.
We lived in the area of a graduated, I'm a renewed with known for being very jolly suburb pointed out. Rang did like oh, don't you stupid murder that an egg, but what happened? Was it I Kirsten cost us why they popular girl, she was from there. Happening family. While she was like a cheerleader- and she was out of the sorority programme, as I always found- Blake like one Fahrenheit over yonder with there were to argue about how that how much extra money people had. So there are these two competing sororities. Anyway, there is a growing Bernadette Party. With in the latter authority, I think- and she was really jealous of Kirsten and sugar. trying to find her, but she told her at one point: it should take her to go for new pledges or whatever and according to plan,
harder than ever? They they went to the would like I, because there was be a good thing. I don't know I can't we're because they want your letter and then I can eat. Like none of them anyway, Bernadette apparently got weird according to her thin and then curtain fled to a neighbour. How beside me, Fucking, weird there, like ok, I'll drive, you home though they like me.
Urgent for home, and then there was a pinto following the whole way in the control with Bernadette Roddy within eighteen, nice, nice in her car in her pinto, though the neighbour drop, her thin Bernadette runs the door. The neighbour got up is right, but no, it was a nice by a one person. I favour and burn it. It just down the shit out. Of course you got them totally killed her. She died before she got the hospital and worried. I got sentence, but you she got out by the time she was like twenty three, but she was even implicated per month. She come to light if, after TAT, unlike against no and poverty with her doing stabbing, I don't know why they weren't like who tried to pick your like old Bernadette silver. I don't know, I don't know, but they made him
He called out maturing during going as curtain gets gap, there is war that Heather's on Thanksgiving material, which is why I was gone. When I went there, I would like on lobbying partner that you guys nobody wants me anyway. Anyone mutter! Ah that's such a big blade. Lord anyway, don't drink Shorty, their full of cattle are going well max. You really hit it out of the park on. Perhaps a good story your later stabbing each other? How are you she's out she got out whether you will get out of parallel cost Restart young and then it's like insanity, maybe fuck man. I begin to know about that. One year has. that's an gives you a lot of hope,
suddenly changed your name. I'm really fascinated with like child murderers. Libraries, though Mary thou there's those two boys in England who took that could not bellowed kid out of them all, so they got out by the time they were not even bigger a teen or whatever the fuck, Jos, renamed and laughed, and I just wanna talk to themselves will because if your child murderers, something Haiti as is happening to you, that's the fascinating thing about the merry bells occasion. Mother was selling hurt, and when she was a child I mean the rage that was in her the it doesn't come from. Nowhere does like. Oh I'm. It was, also vote over. This is some of the acting out and it's like a weird cry for help totally there's a really good, like a british made for tv movie about Mary Bell, really yeah the kind of goes into that fuckin vintage murderers man come on so interesting because it You take it on face value, just like. Oh, that's, crazy, like a six year old that murdered.
oh boy, that's not yeah, there's more to it always pack. What was the war? An alley word called: doesn't she forgot to mention that the murder sister said she captain eating a knife in her pinto to slice vegetables, while she drew. as we know, I smell a rat. I man, listen man. If I know whether my siblings are guilty of murder. The fuckin tell on you yeah, I know why, because the ceilings of the murdered person matter more, I'm also, you know as a creative person but take pride in the lie that I'm telling and vegetables while I drive is poor. or at least I mean we, and we all know you all you do is use a second exactly my photos. Blades called that are like a box, gotta yeah right
and you got your vegetables in the car whereby the cities that combats government just some kitchen scissors yeah chop up enough? Nothing about that even makes out. Another is what are you let's get her on the phone? What are we agree if liquids piss her often Pakistan see what happens also eat. Think of an eighteen inch. Blade is six inches longer than a twelvemonth. It's more. It's look at the future nine feet. A kitchen knife is like a twelve in sheer so that's even more. Like think of a kitchen, I have nothing of an extra played on top of a double blame: we're going into Catana sort area, yeah odium with the length of the let's put the knife shown: let's see, Cutler Cargo Living quarters a watch If you don't get, I and watch the knife show I once more upon him not condone at something around. What is sometimes it's on per like right. After a comedy show's over there, and when I was in San Francisco, we came back and it was like to fifteen, and I couldn't go to sleep-
well, look at all the assorted nigh. That should be worth it up rapidly. Yeah go too fast, a page facebook page, though, do any faced by anyone and hung about us and visit people and just live your life. The digitally yeah, don't leave you Oscar going up murdered. If you leave your house and if we talk about us on Facebook page yet I gotta someday page and television ready to listen, I to read it. People would like this punk would like this, but I'm not on read it. I thought it might be frustrating to some bread at types who who like backs. Errands like a fluid Lee chronologically, told story place again: what's the documentary This was in lower rearward, we're like we like relic of pure,
They were like a jumbo juice of of tat, yeah yeah that we're like I'm, We were like one of those guys and in Vegas who play tigers. Yet for those kind of tyres like you're, not going to find out the history of tigers and think what there you know, what they're about you're going to see the best part of the tiger. in our towns and our tents, our team our task, although the best part of the text and what we will get mould by article which is the murders that lead succumbing, say this in their sadly the day that there was the story in the paper of how it was either Siegfried Aurora ever, which one got attacked, but the day that and the paper about him being mauled by the tiger, the same day that they caught the Green River killer, and I remembered going from reading that lay times that went from like one small
a story turn the page, the other small story rumbling. My stories are the hugest thing to happen in the last twenty years and their both lake our colleague here, like tiny, tiny sorry, but I don't know it's important anymore. Now they really don't. You know during our media. Man is like telling us how to live. Well together, I like that it's a little Ty about Ireland tightened up, listen to some other stuff was another place. We have other things we live other line sometimes, but were slowly building so that this takes over every year make This takes over everything for your life to get obsessed with this work. Harrington Georgia, thanks for listening thanks
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