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Karen and Georgia cover astronaut Sally Ride, the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, and the Corpsewood Manor murders. 

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This is exactly right. Welcome to my favorite murder. Apart casts. What more do you want? Robots, caring Cougar about Georgia, hard sort court? Now? What were you now? What more do you want? Just we just gave you more, which is the introduction of earlier. I owe our in forty five minutes of utter nonsense. Saw easy enough. Just start talk air, we go! Oh boyfriend wants you to turn it off. Your add ons in an ignore their rights
it will be a time. I dont think anything, Ireland not much. Oh, we have a march sale going on and we also excited to say that we found out that so we had for sale, the my favorite murder, black and white pen, enamel pen, that we were selling and we sold out of it at all the proceeds. We're gonna go to reign, yeah, rave, abuse and incest. National network re answer. We sought out of the pins and we are donating. Ten grand generating rain gets ten grand from you guy us because you guys play ball with vision. An idea, thank you, so Mahdiyah were so excited to be putting your money where we want to put it where our mouth is on the rise, and so we're gonna get a whole new, a whole new action stock and we're gonna pick another really worthy cause and we're gonna have the proceeds of the next ale. Go to that we're gonna, keep doing it so keep adding that my favorite murder, black and white pen to your Yeti truth are sure or whenever, wherever you so choose your dog collar. With a thing on my right, I can't remember what the dollar's look like and will give all the proceeds to a worthy cause. That's right! So that's exciting! Go to my favorite murdered! I come to talk about. It spoke about you can't out your computer, get on your c b, but sit in front of your computer does get ok
it seems like we talked about the sinner season, one when it was just Kabila's the star. She is now still the I believe, one of the executive producer. Yes, but it is now season three of the centre. The great bill, Pullman is still the detectives using the creeping creep. He is he's got lower back problems that are it that's impeding his ability to walk around freely and it is the most amazing acting a person. It's easy, like I'm, a beleaguered. Of course, to tackling is also such an awkward weirdo it, so it's so charming, but also in real life. I feel like I've. You, like, I don't want you detecting. My fuckin shit are seriously I'd, be like a kiss usenet. Could you detect over here? In my end, my boudoir? I love his thing. It's like he's damage and ice hurt, but he's also noble unease trend arising anyway. This season season three soaring map Omer, who you know personally Georgia from the MAGIC Mike Series of stripping alien. He was at least in the magic, my part to get that chisel job thing on for whom map or is it
about we're so good. Looking, he looks surprised at how good looking here as it is so good. Looking that people are like we can, if you like, certain rules, because nobody looks like you yeah, it's I'm. I started having a hard time with this one, and then I went this guy is such a good actor he's overcoming his own face spray, which it looks like a poster for, like a diamond company at your unfortunate beautiful, say your face. That would stand in the way of most acting but you're good at it enough and clearly of adapted in your life. S where you're beautiful face isn't standing in the way, but also is adding to what a croupier, because also how amazingly creepy as Christmas Siena Yahoo plays, that he is certainly fraud, Creek God. He and also he wasn't really likes him. While he was on the Monday project, oh that's it and he has been on a tiny. I got any usually the like hunky kind of the Guy girls Lake and in this thing or months, even Zachary couldn't be afraid. I was like it was, it Pinto begins, Christine LAW. I couldn't remember my claim to fame. Is that one time in the early two thousands I got to go, we went on a road trip with Zachary. Can too, as we went to San Francisco, for the weekend in Maryland, was on twenty four with him, so he came with us and we had a whole weekend. It was even looks the best anyway, all that aside area
Christmas scene of the first moment, he's on screen like a door opens new standing there, and I was like I got a chill just by how he was like his ad. Yes, he is like, like such a good villain gap. It's a so impressive anyway. I feel it gets like very nuanced. Talking about it's a little man sung words like the sinner delivers, every seizure, I'm holding hands with it and caressing it's it's beautiful unfortunate face are the has. I wrote down here and fortunate beautiful face that has hit episode. I'm ok, I mean like deciding this area containing from Stephen Cost, even Einstein. So many great idea, it Stevens passion, tomatoes, hinges islamists, who think TAT had been shot and then we're like ruined fucking save about away. If I was even, I would start adding in random share. I never said reds like two burritos lying side decided, and I started listening flakes three years too late, but I certainly smooth pike, hast ear, hustle, yes wholly cravats, I mean I knew it would be if I didn't think it would be good now. I know it's good listening. If this is really good, yes and it's it's basically daily realities, insight, prison and it's just what Prism life is like an eye
air, hustle means eavesdropping, is like talking shop and ease, dropping and also, I think you know part guessing as we talk about this a lot, but it so intimate it's so personal ear. Just on- or at least we are just on, might like blah blah blah. Here's what we think about here that we care about what a fascinating thing to, instead of being always talking about people in a swear, it kind of objective like distant way, people in jail who, for whatever reason they get to tell their own story here, it's really cool and empowering and and great yeah, and even the mundane stuff that they talk about which isn't Manette. You know that the less like here's, my story and more like here's, how you get a stalemate in prison, and this is what it's like, and yet how upsides about that. That's like just fascinating, yes, valueless,
It's very call esoteric. Humanizing, then very, like you, you know you once you that's what all this they I all this is so also right is because it's like, then you hear that story and then you're, like you, don't look at things the same way and tumbling same way. Hopefully very call judge people as much The judgment I mean like not, everyone will get. So it's hard to refrain from judgment of our selves of those around of others shit. Oh ok! We have to do exactly right corner, yes, our pockets network. We have a couple announcements. This week's murder squad gas is none other than our very best friend Henry's aroused key from last podcast, all after you rate as freakin a door, the greatest man such a great man. So that's on their talking about tat, gesine skin the Unabomber Monday March. Second, so that's up this pact
it will kill. You just released two new episode about Hepatitis C, mere signals Ladys are killing, and just so you know, and if you don't know already now, you know there is, though one last ones they did was all about the krona via. So you have, if you're nervous- and you really know what's going on there- they broke down so what side of the face? Mascara on? Oh I'm, on the inside of my house, I to the face. Look at your: are you handshaking? Yes, oh
So you don't care I handshake, then I give a kiss on the male get word that I shall tell it went I'll suck on your ear low lightly. Just so you remember the ex while you die and I live because I'm taking and all that Syria, my immune system right everything you're getting little bits of it yet here and there I only use to you, I get gas, and then I run my finger along the town of gas and oil and without that last month I like your finger, you're that link and or not only the need as early as hell. Just for the love of the game, I'm pretty I'm pretty! Ok with it right now I mean look at their
Let's wait until there is good reason rate and look. There's always good reason for lots of things to give to forget about lots of things around us right now. Salute lay so, let's just about jails, let's keep it to other it was. It was when I was leaving therapy this morning. I my therapist. I do have a final. Her go. I mean we ve, been I've been going to have her only seventeen years, so it's like. Ok, I think you could come and a cough right over her shoulder and most likely Burke GEO. Yes, it was the weirdest, like I didn't feel at me until I was doing it and I couldn't stop like I'm so sorry and look for so I'm not coffee air as a pragmatic headache, not that just came out, she was a man. She's legally not allowed to be met. Me three appeared and added value the per cast in inner species. Coddling turn of events has brook from the following guessing on night: isn't that call yards off and then the falling themselves have pursued for if she's, a six, the cedar town, Jane DOE episode, so make sure you know that you're doing the gods, the God's work
tell us the next one. Oh, do you need a ride with Chris Fairbanks and Chemical Gary, the great April Richardson, as featured on she's visiting over here from her new life over in Brighton England, and so she came over to do some standards dates and so and she staying with me ass. I made her do my body and it was perfect. I mean it wasn't very eventful right, Stephen, we just gotta drove around here. We just drove to swingers reality and that we got there and then a and then draw back guys as of now as if next Thursday March twelve, yes, the big premier of I said no gifts with Bridger wine occur were so excited. It's gonna be social areas. Yet please try to pleasant. Scribe too, I said no gifts, because it will push him up and lead charts and then more people will see it will be really awesome. The premier can be this big, exciting thing that is very well deserved. Clia, it's very well deserved and if you watch the comedy central show, corporate guest on the on the premier episode has met ingrates in whose one of the two stars of corporate, along with Jake wise men and he's hilarious, amazing comedian, is a great speaking voice. I am left with him than chose them. I've been friends for years, so it's a great episode yeah we're so excited to finally have that one come out. I know it so corner. Remember they recorded that one and then Stephen told me and uses like there was so good thing. I knew I d, I know I know I know it. So it's very exciting hours. You start rolling out the new pot. Cathy things are moving and grew in his first. This week,
Kara, really. I'm sure you do this to your social media choice the choice, you may on such media Instagram Strict, grandma like to endorse a bit, you can't know, I'm on Twitter and so on Thursday morning, when I wake up, I usually just kind of look at my twitter real, quick to see if anyone is screaming and all caps at me, just a joke like passive leg. Excuse me ever the excuse me bass and nothing was really happening, and then I stumbled upon this tweet. This was from someone named John Bird at Jay Bird tweeted. That's a scandal is tweet said. I love my favour, murder and chemical curve, but yeah than you know
bad things coming. I need to flag that Sally Ride was not on the challenger one. It exploded. Ride was the first american woman to go into space, and then there is more of the tweet. But I had already left my body from what a sucking devastatingly terrible stupid mistake that was, and that was what was ones where it was a conversation and it just came out- and I said to us as I do that to you all the time, because you're good at improv guessing element for and support whatever comes out of my mouth John. Thank you. First of all, for being so such gentle corrective hand was it really. It was the best way to learn that I had made.
Defend to heroic american women? So what are we doing or horrified we leave our yes, we do a big old corrections corner so this week I'm gonna tell you all about this space shuttle challenger, this hell yeah. You know that crossed my mind. To do. Did you represent yeah, so no I had to do. I had to do it and J Elias, my researcher and our coordinator, in which economic coordinator announces title, here's a title coordinator, hated the research history, dot, com, space com, Britannica com and, of course, the best science website in the World Wikipedia. Please give them five dollars if you can, but before we get into that. I would like to give you a quick, yet comprehensive report on the great Sally Ride great so that you I know I never makes a systemic again great and this Moses information from Wikipedia as well as her New York Times obituary. She was born and Encina on. May twenty sixth Nike.
fifty one, our mother was a volunteer count, sort a correctional facility and her father. Dale was a political science, professor at Santa Monica College, and she had a sister named Karen. No, I won't stand on a college to did you area? was was professor ride. Did he teach you anything now? Ok, so Sally starts playing tennis when she's ten, my high school she's right in the town, twenty innovation for a junior tennis circuit. I dont know if you know how hard that is, but there are people who are in sanely great tenants players and the only gets like eight hundred in the ring laugh. So she must have been despair.
Accurate arise at an amazing athlete. She graduates from Westlake School for girls, in LOS Angeles in nineteen sixty eight. She goes to Swarthmore College just outside of Philadelphia, but after three semesters. She, I think it's homesick and move back to California, let's at a tory living. That's what I assume fisheries is like this ain't for me. So then she takes it. She starts taking physics classes at you, see allay and she wants. Basely wants to play tennis professionally than a nineteen. Seventy. She transfer Stanford, so she's thinking about playing tennis professionally, but she's smart enough that she can just go. You know it instead of innovative stance, which is, she must have been. Obviously an astronaut plan. Really smart. becomes Sanford's number one women single status for early shed. She even met debilitating King
I'll teaching a tennis camp in the summer and Billy Jean King told her to quit her job and go pro good. She was yeah, but instead Sally stays at Sandford and she earns degrees in English and physics. Do usually. Those are varied. Disagree subjects that the students do not hang out in this area of the of the
life. I was gonna, say this neck bar of eyes, clumsy. You know his neck bar at Stanford fell they're just again and then sold my mom if the abbot, but you can buy hot money. Nineteen thirty five. She urged her masters specializing in astrophysics and free electron lasers. I learn on its analytical rail member when you dabbled in free electron, leisure and then she goes on to get her Phd in nineteen. Seventy eight. This is the real deal so well she's finishing her postcard studies at Stanford. She applies to the NASA astronaut group eight programme. There are eight thousand candidates and she's one of thirty five accepted in the ground, and only six women in the group total wow she complete or training in August nineteen. Seventy nine. She gets her pilots lessons and becomes eligible to be: U S: space, shuttle mission specialist. So in June, eighteen of nineteen, eighty three Sally Ride takes her first trip to space and NASA's seven space shuttle mission as TS, seven aboard the space shuttle challenger she's, the first american woman in space and the third woman in space globally there were two female russian astronauts cosmonauts. I think they call them that got there first on it, but she is the first american woman cool. So the point of that mission was to deploy to communication satellites Sally operated the robotics arm that made the deployment. Could you imagine now? We shall simply tenants with a little you gotta great suing. Roma figures varies and all ass word comes biases, like guys. I gotta take that robot, my God love whenever a love, forty in nineteen, eighty four it she again goes on a mission on the challenger analysis.
Teens shuttle Mission asked he S. Forty one g no kind of your keeping track at home between those two trips. She spends more than three hundred and eight within those two trips. She spends more than three hundred and forty hours and space love. She is
in training for her third mission on January, twenty eight nineteen, eighty six when this space shuttle challenger explodes during launch she sally right, is appointed to the Rogers Commission to investigate the cause of the explosion. She's, the only astronaut or specialists appointed to both this commission and later to the two thousand three commission to investigate the space shuttle Colombia disaster that killed all seven crew members as it disintegrated upon RE entry into the Earth ass air miles. Sally Ride was therefore both of those analyse in that like there to investigate bur. She left NASA nineteen, eighty, seven dork at Stanford Centre for International Security and arms control in eighteen. Eighty nine is, she becomes a physics professor, you see San Diego and she dedicates her life to encouraging students, especially girls, to study math and science developing programmes under her nonprofit Sally ride. Science shaven writes a couple: children's books about space exploration, undulate, twenty third, twenty twelve Sally Ride passes away at home in the hallway California, from pancreatic cancer, which this horrible she was only sixty one or like in twenty thirteen Sally Ride was post posthumously awarded the presidential metal of freedom for all of our life's work extraordinary life's work, and that is the story of Sally Right, the first american female astronaut in space that right
all the wrong from last week, both of ours? I get it to area, but
When I n, n n o putting this together saw that they both road on the challenger I was like this is my excuse day. This is my rationale: grab it run with the right, which would would imply that I knew they were both on the challenger literally completely impossible. You absolutely knew that I actually knew it. I was sixteen when the challenger exploded, so I was very aware of that happening, but I definitely do is watch it and class or we'd know. Do you think you know we sought on the news afterwards I mean: are school? Didn't do so? You had to have a clear, have a nervous breakdown that a visa card cold in a large sum dumb. They would not give you that just anything. Well, television is the devil. You re here, it'll brought him re now open to efficient six twenty nine to now. Let's talk about the challenger, the explosion of the space shuttle challenge, or so on Tuesday January twenty, eight nineteen, eighty six, a crowd of hundreds gather at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral in Florida for the space shuttle challengers, tenth launch. The shuttles primary mission is to deploy the second tracking and data relay satellite tv
they are ass, dash, be or not. To do that I mean that not a day, and I feel I am weirdly kissing up to lay out the the person member. The guy we met it networks, a J, P L. I wish I could name off the top. So sorry he was, I was ass now I know you was a fan of his wife loved the show and he was super cool and he gave me and Stephen in Scotland is a really good tour of GPS early. I gave us tourists loo and his words limbs Lindsey Lou, Ajay Peel and your wife, Lindsey High friends, think you ok, so that satellite helps astronauts and space communicate with ground control, so their basely, putting up more communication satellites can put. Their second mission is to release a small satellite called the Spartan Halley spacecraft, which would follow unobserved. Holly's comment for two days. Member of that, with such a big deal, I remember that so
and then after today's vote, repacked back up by the challenge of cruel before they return home. So the challenges the second space shuttle ever to reach outer space, a completed nine missions over the course of three years and was the same shuttle that Sally Ride manned three years before, as the first american female astronaut to go into space and actions learned there, it is, I must have known deep down. Ok, so onboard are five NASA astronauts Commander, Francis Richard a K, a Dick Scooby pilot, Michael J Smith and three mission, specialist, Ronald Mcnair Ellison on Zylka and Judith Resnick, and this
screw member is a payload specialist named Gregory Jarvis. So a payload specialist is not an official NASA astronauts, their brought on the mission by NASA because they have certain academic training or skill set that are needed for a particular mission, so their trained rigour rigorously by NASA but they're. Usually, researchers are engineer the level at a look outside the window by an affront living out at say. You want to earn the three of you to be a real ass known to get the view, and you certainly can't touch that arm. Sally. Only sallies tennis elbow do not touch sallies racket, airspace, racketeer, okay, so the seventh, unless crew member on this mission is thirty, seven year old, Christa Caliph. So she has a high school social studies, teacher from hunger, New Hampshire, who won the Reagan, administrations teacher in space project, so she's trained by NASA and as will all talk about the teacher and space project in a low, but I wish you would cause. I know your baffled. What could that money- and I dont know let us wait? They bring space back to the class rail hold on a second. They make a teacher stand in a certain space and teach so she gets train by NASA as the Miss emissions. Second payload special, in addition, her regular onboard duties. She also plan to teach to fifteen minute lessons from space, so the first would involve a tour of the space shuttle to explain the basics about functions and then the second one about the benefits of space travel and both of them will be broadcast to millions of students through closed Circuit Lastra, tv sister. I was five so that, though we re doing that re re, why think it was they were seeing? It is
First of all, the ring administration did a ton of cut to education and the and the funding they sure dead so early years to get all want yeah. So they were. This was this thing we're there like well will do something nice for teachers it'll make us look good, but then also will get people Casino NASA had Babington, so late. Sixties at interests had headway, India, so they were like they're gonna beef, it all back up again guys. This was the way they were gonna. Do it so at eleven thirty, eight, a m. After several delays that morning, the shuttle lift off in front of an audience of hundreds on the ground, a cape, Canaveral and millions more watching on their tvs at home and in classrooms across the country, but just seventy three seconds after lift off disaster strikes. Ok, let's and talk about, Cristobal call us more specifically. She was originally Sharon, Christa Corrigan from Boston Massachusetts, and she followed the space programme vote
closely as a child. She watched John Glance orbit of the earth and friendship, seven and nineteen sixty two and, of course, the nineteen sixty nine APOLLO Moon landing. She was fascinated by all of it, so she grows up to marry her highschool sweetheart Stephen call of nineteen seventy. They have two kids named Scott and Caroline and a nice. Eighty four, when President Reagan announces the initiation of the teacher in Space Programme, Christie finds out about it and she rushes to apply. There are eleven thousand teacher applicants from all over the country, and I was reading this article about it and that one of the guys who was one of the file is said that they had eleven different essay portions of that application, because they were trying to weed out them is trying to be like. Oh, I wanna, you know, I'm just in it for the Lamb and glory or errs on Billy governors like if you, if you're gonna, actually right, eleven essays, you really wanted to go out. Ass, good out of slavery is done. It commit obviously want to go to. Ours is so so Christa gets nominated by the state of New Hampshire, and then she goes on to become one of the ten finalists selected by an official review panel in Washington DC causes people.
Married. So many fucking ass hers. I mean I bet you, they didn't know they're like three words and did they even finished she s hand and put it in this pilot. So in July, seventh, eighteen, eighty five crystal calls and the other nine finalist travel to Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. For a week of briefings, medical exams and interviews, and when that weeks over on July Nineteenth Eighteen, eighty five vice President George H, W Bush announces that the winner of the teacher and space programme is in fact
to Crystal Mccall if she takes a year long leave of absence from teaching and begins training for the mission. How incredible yeah must not affect just amazing opportunity- and you had never in your life thing- that you would get to do once in a lifetime opportunity yeah, so calm, okay, so the challengers launch is initially set for January twenty second nineteen, eighty six, but the team at NASA encounters a couple different delays. So first another mission had run long, so they can't launch the challenger until the other mission comes back, which I think is kind of funny always line. Is the South West Airline click? This weird that you wouldn't schedule this a little further party basely would have like is the schedule that random than it might take one day I might say yes, I know you know leave we hung out here by the endeavour for a little too long, decided here, our space snack bar, or are you just like the one at Stanford I? So that was the first away this second, then, the launches delayed because of bad weather and the third delays caused by technical issues. First, there's a broken, exterior latch and then there's a stripped bolt. So, finally, the launch date is set for January. Twenty, eight nineteen sixty eight now
Gee up while finally the launched it is that for January, twenty eighth night and eighty six, but the day before the engineering company, it's called sire call, They are responsible for some of the construction. They tell NASA that they believe it'll be too cold to launch, because a forecast is calling for temperatures as low as thirty degrees Fahrenheit in Florida, without amendments, and it is generally but its work and that actually that temperature is bare minimum. The EU can launch a shudder at, and so they recommend postponing it, but the NASA manager that was in charge of the launch says that they can't recommended delay without proposing a minimum temperature to target
so they all hop on a conference call to discuss it little even at the conference calls of real shit. I got to this part of the paragraph and urgently guy a costly scale, but engineers love them, so they get on the horn. Everyone starts talking, the people from Theo CALL, they reiterate their concerns. They explained that the rubber o rings used to seal the joints on the solid rocket boosters which, from now on all call s our bees cause that's what they call now issue. Yes, our bees? Okay, so These o rings are confirmed to function at fifty four degrees Fahrenheit at the lowest, so any temperature below that could be dangerous slant. So if the primary o rings fail, there are secondary ones that kick in. If those fail, the show.
Could destruct guys so not the NASA officials on this conference called they dismissed the concerns they are convinced. The secondary o rings will get the job done if the first ones don't plan for something to fail right now and you shouldn't me like, but then yeah it's not that big of a deal words these other things will take care of it. I think this is the kind of thing were in retrospect. It seems inane haughtily, but in this kind of like very bureaucratic world, where they're like look, we gotta hit, the scheduling is a couple days is probably the narrowly and alors yeah bridles there. I mean up
we're doubly, but rather to very wrong. I feel like of all the conversations I can be wrong in one's about being an astronaut. It is really up there, but basically there just saying I can't we can't just keep on delaying yes like we. This is there so much press about it everyone's waiting in watching. We understand that you guys are kind of worried, but it's fine. Basically, on the morning of March twenty eight, the temperature in Florida is twenty. Eight point, nine degrees Fahrenheit. The launch pad is covered in ice, so a team works to remove the eyes, but the temperatures arts, you know dangerously low. They delay the launch a bit to give the ice more time the ice team more time to clear the ice. You know they're out there with her eyes fixed now. How do we allow you they do? How you know thicket revise yeah, ok, so
when that team report, when the ice team reports that the ice does seem to be melting, they reset the launch for eleven. Thirty eight am, and so it exactly eleven. Thirty eight a m. The countdown begins, the Crook nights, the solid rock at boosters Lee S, Arby's think and the shuttle lives off, but justice. I call feared the o rings in the right S. Army are too cold to function properly and the joint in the right as our bee fails pressurize burning gas escapes from that booster interacts with the external fuel take and seventy three seconds after lift off the space shuttle challenger explodes over the Atlantic Ocean. Millions of Americans are watching alive, including thousands of children, probably tens of thousands of children watching from their classrooms and Chris
Carlos family, who are watching in person at Cape Canaveral on the ground. Can you imagine the kids in her class back at how anxious I mean
the somewhat oh, I think was April luggage. Issues like I saw that I remember I was in second grade and she said the teach her teacher burst into tears and just ruled the tv back out of the room like you, every the entire nation was traumatize owl together at once this on that more because you can watch the video online and, like think of think of watching it live now and like it, fuck him exploit, there's no question it explodes snow. It's not like! Oh, there seems to be a programme ex just like out of nowhere, and this thing that everyone had been looking forward to that they'd been talking about and, like, I feel so patriotic right like we're all were all like it so hopeful. Yet it's like they were kind of trying to recapture, rightly initial, that you know those early days, space exploration and like we're back and were strong and we're doing all the teachers with us at the children are civilians on that's. So it goes without saying. None of the seven crew member survive after the explosion, NASA's launch recovery director send search and rescue teams to recover the victims, bodies and the debris. The recovery is so extensive at last. More than a week when it comes to sharing information with the press, NASA becomes very closed off. They tell the public almost nothing which, of course, all of em
Erica, demanding answers so Reagan commissions a committee to investigate what exactly would be so ready commission's a committee to investigate what exactly caused the explosion. That is the Rogers Commission, which Sally Ride served on the chairman was William P, Rogers, politician and lawyer, who previously served his attorney general and secretary state. There are thirteen members total, including me, are Armstrong and salary and commission finds at NASA neglected to heed the very real and very important mornings from thy call over the course of several years leading up to the disaster. So there were engineers at at other in other parts of NASA that were in that word, checking it out and going a. We need to be careful about these, the I think the o rings jested
the whole idea. There were warnings that happened before you know. It wasn't just a tiny, as are obvious things that were made for this rocket, aren't gonna work right now. It's like these have been made for years ray and their ignoring the warnings, because I think you notes the obviously that's the kind of thing that gets tested and looked at an investigative, constitutionally NASA's insistence that the secondary o rings were enough of a safety measure went was against protocol because the o rings were listed as a critically one component. So this means that if the component fails, everyone could die so it is actually forbidden to rely solely on the back. Apart or something like an o re, I mean I'm Fuckin Sansom, not an astronaut but a right, but at the same time they created a very untenable situation, but with the pressure where they you know, they can't just keep delaying it and it doesn't look good if you're do you know it's everything about that when I was reading this part anyway, just felt so terrible for the team that was trying to make this decision. We just do this. They were used to it. This was like you know that this was a thing. The shuttle went up a lot of delay and those probably like there's always some critical thing that needs to be decided on last minute. Reyes is just another one of those yam afterwards, the? U S, House Committee on science and technology hold hearings on the matter as well, on a tour twenty, twenty ninth nineteen, eighty six. They release their report. That agrees and goes along with the Rogers Commission. They rule the disaster was due to poor technical decision making by top NASA and contract or personnel as actively splitting the blame between NASA and Thy occur. As a result, NASA's unable to launch any other shuttles or spacecraft for nearly three years and they work on a total redesign of those- are our S Arby's and in the case of the challenger Theo called, gives up their multi million dollar incentive fiend exchange for not accepting liability but afterward, because there I'm sure there will again. He told you where it but afterward NASA adds a clause to their contract with that company, stating that, in the event of a technical failure, causing quote le loss of life for mission, that they call would fork forfeit ten million dollars of its incentive fee and formally accept the blame. Ok, so the remains of crew members are recovered and on April, twenty, ninth nineteen, eighty six astronauts, Dick Scooby, Judith, Resnick and Michael Smith, or all buried at Arlington National Cemetery Mission, Specialist Ellison honesty is buried it in the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Honolulu, Hawaii, Manon, Big Narras, buried at rest on a moral park in Lake City, South Carolina and Crystal Carve is buried in her hometown.
New Hampshire at the Calvary Cemetery every year and lay January or early February, NASA holds its day of remembrance to honour the was lost in the challenger tragedy, as well as those lost and the APOLLO one fire of nineteen sixty seven and the destruction of the Columbia and twenty and two thousand three and twenty fifteen. The Kennedy space Center opened and exhibit called forever remembered, were visitors can see debris from the challengers final mission. So, MRS pretty
Instead of building a monument for their loved ones. The families of the challenger crew established a challenger centre for space science. Education programme basically introduces students to space science and provides space simulation missions. The kids can experience for themselves, first hand and the programme gives them the chance to learn teamwork and problem solving and encourages them to explore the world around them, and it's going to be an international success serving more than two hundred and fifty thousand kids globally every year, and that is the heartbreaking national trauma that was the explosion of space shuttle challenger,
its way to make good make good its and make good story may make good horror story right answer, I'm glad I know the difference now and will never make that mistake again and will very quickly and sharply correct people when we all know what that was great and I'm glad you did. That was a masculine. Thank you. I got the suggestion from the fan forum. We have a message board of suggestions that I now
and they send them and they write them with their thing. They type them. Carry him to know so on all counts. Is the sea be unless so long as this was suggested by sea bared, and this is a story that is the craziest when I had never heard of really so this is the corpse would manner murderers, thy love. It already any idea, dozens, how familiar tamely info from injected ingested sky, but if investigator ever is such weird shit, people injured or illegal look a whole saw category in DES. Let's take an image as a gay, very heavily, but article by Christine call me and all that's interesting article by Jean De Moreau, a website called it banned in south eastern com. That is a person who is a talk of her and goes around to all these abandoned buildings. Places in the southeast takes photos and tells you the story about them. Ok, there was
first very difficult and highly demanding office jobs, or I was basically there from nine the morning till night at night. When I finally would have a moment to myself that those are the websites, I would go on every word of all people taking pictures of like this. He used to be a steel mill rate and now it's literally rusting top to bottom and no one's allowed anywhere, and when you go here at night, you heerd weird, sounds or matters like there's. You know the high schools I have lockers and their desks or all silly. I mean they gotta go in all of those places and they turned their beautiful photos. They talk about them to check that out its abandoned southeast outcome. I got article from the Chattanooga Times Free Press by Tyler JET a website called week in weird article. By can Summers Roman,
Tribune article Lana DOT com, article official articles out there about this by or in gray, and then I checks are emails and my favorite murder emails and someone this person by the name of S, a hunt whose an author of lake gothic fantasy, interesting novels. It s a hunt, books, dot, com, kind of like broke the whole story down from using quotes from different authorship written without this, the Story- Amazing is really helpful and then I also got one article from the website for church of Satan Hell, yes, Thy Peggy Non Roma in saying that this is gonna, be something church of scenes of malt exactly
dear this thing or area in nineteen. Seventy is doctor. Charles scatter was a professor of pharmacology at loyally University in Chicago, and it was at the institute for mind drugs and behaviour, and that means asset. That's re, basically performed government funded experiments with mind I'll turn. Drugs like lsd, fucking nuts up, am K ultra. What's up my sick, welcome to the Party M K Ultra now. Did these people know there are being experiment. Mandela. Any detail, ok, but probably not meet. Tat causes
and then we go down that road ran sets out. Ok, so he was described by co workers as brilliant and soft spoken, but confident he was definitely an eccentric, especially for the kind of conservative university in the seventies he would die. Is here purple at one time you on a monkey, he was kind of an ethnic. He seems like a perfect absurdest and contrary and organ grind. Did your mother gave a vest? That's right. Doktor scatter was divorced, am had foreground sizes and he lived in a deteriorating mansion in Chicago. Along with his two enormous english mastiff dogs. Will signal has been guys with other drool outface. Alongside the face of it faces you alongside a quote,
white feminine man named Joseph Odom, so it being the nineteen seventies and being gay still consider very taboo. Joseph Odin was described as a housekeeper and I quote, companion to Doktor Scott harsher, but in reality the two men were in a long time relationship and in fact Joseph Odom by Joey, help to raise doktor scatters kids. Also they were, they were companion younger companions, they rarely genuine life partner life partners, but by the midst seventies, doktor scatter was fed up with university politics. The constant upkeep and bills related to his fuckin, dilapidated home and the general bullshit hustle on bustle of life in a big city and probably also not getting dilemmas live as openly. Gay man rather be a lot of restrictions, I think also Chicago being mere Midwest Indiana very tradition, a very traditional place least. It felt like that either there were my friend were overalls to Nord stream one day and these women were staring at us like we were nude, while the weirdest experiences rise to psych they're just over. I am it's a fashion thing right. Ok, I like that, so hidden Odom decided they were over it and they were ready to escape the chaotic city life so Doktor Scott. I found a forty acre plot of land in the appellation of Foothills Appalachia, deepen that
so, Doktor Scott are found a forty acre plot of land in the Appalachian Appalache and thrown Appalachia Appalache and Foothills deepen their remote was of northern Georgia. So what were you saying about conservative open at all? They went out of the frying pan into the fire thrives like. I better die my hair, her three, and now they were completely those forty eager pot completely sounded by surrounded by national forest that he key bought it for super cheap and so a nineteen. Seventy six on his fiftieth birthday, doktor scatter, resigns familial at university like later days. What I see as old offer gave away nearly everything he on and set off with Oda and the dogs, whose name were Beelzebub, oh and arson, off. Ok to begin a new peaceful life in the EP elections where they could build their dream home and live off the land. While
I don't know the things like the beginning of a horror movie here is so scatter said that quote the changes like crawling out of an old outworn skin, oh yeah, it's like supervise at him when they arrive that first winter, to what was basically just some own treed up land air Zadig were treated less like for a treat. I know I know you far. If you cannot treat us, it was your land, but it is true that this law no cleared out lan. Austria are universal, Florio straight up to the gale. The taboo aligning logging trail ended. The men looked around. They see these all these trees in the middle of winter, all gnarled and shit, and there are like this. Let's name this new homestead corpse. Would
that was their idea was area. Ok, I want you to stay there like. Let's try this shit now, that's right! During the next two years, the men clear the tree Land Grand Niece Data town as the term. Thank you and used forty five thousand bricks to build by hand what scatter referred to, as quote their castle in the country, so he'll they weren't architects. They had never built anything before they dug fuck entrenches and lay down pipes for plumbing plumbing, but they build themselves. I dont know if you should. I don't know there are just the Avis just a plain old square: that's fine! But a castle. I think them back and then to it was like you just did shit yourself too.
and I'm sure a vague. You know college professor and like a housekeeper, that's Holden shut down. Maybe they're like we ve got this plan. Let's do it this way while they did it and wait till you see it. Oh it's. It looks like a legit medieval like a small scale, medieval car, brick castle. Really it's it's pretty cool. It's got a turreted entryway Anna, winding staircase inside leading up to the second floor. They built fuckin a second floor here, Stephen Shower the new element is that the new one yeah, ok, Well, they do in this one it's the finished and it has a gargoyle. So that adding to the creeping spoil our
super sorry. Now that we need to know now give it back to him, because you're gonna worry too much. While I am reading and writing. But I'm just saying this is there is a real Ellis. It's almost like the Blair witch got like a designer yeah she's like let's do this quickly because its it, but it is, I'm telling him look at this picture. Its treat up the three others trees. So all over the island, Stephen apologize free Rein, our allowing me ever dammit. So
corpse manner was almost completely self reliant. I guess they had no electricity but had and on site well for water. Ok, I had a Woodstock for cooking and for warmth, a chemical toilet in the outhouse gardens and they grow their own food and behind the house was a small vineyard for making homey wine nice, as this was like a nice little village, that these two lovely gay man who wanted to get the fuck away from the confines of everyday society and their bullshit and judgment african build their dream house and they did they fucking did. It is it a year in addition to the castle, but they lived in. They also built a smaller building. They called the chicken coop on the ground. Floor was a chicken coop okay, so that makes sense there above. That was like they kept the chicken feed and canned goods and then on the top floor with something of a boy Abode Guardia, which he said that word earlier in a thick in my story. Polishes, I get luck and there it is so depending on where your info comes from. The the beauvoir was either where the couple Woodhouse Gatherings and forgets to stay overnight in or who's this
actually sex room with media, some paraphernalia, porn and stuff sure I mean look at first of all its natural you, whatever you I and secondly, there are not moving out in the woods to read books. I'm telling you know it it could be both could be like they could do it all, but why not? If you're out there anyway, like you're getting away from everybody here and you're away, do what you want exactly get a slide from the boudoir down the chicken coop. Let's see what happens and slew prying eyes, man either way, it was nicknamed the pink room. Okay, so I think of it and they would have guests from out of town come stay with them. I think I think I'm Doktor Scott or who is such an eccentric, had like friends from all walks of life and a hang out with I was lucky. I would be friends, Doktor Scott email at least he was probably the course pursued, a hang our hell yeah and that any added ass they re back. Oh yeah, he's CBS Guy, yes and Joseph Odom over here was an incredible cook and, like Super Sweden, lovely so like bears,
which five men all their food was organic, which is great for me because I'm your super organic. So me again, thank you. Finally, it's the food up to my level of quality that I'm for parents so pick you got more on the long road. Ivy league Jerry Other a Gmos in this, because I can't have it and here and worth a cracker barrow possess rice, Piilau fabric preservative. Ok, There is a pink gargoyle air o. Wasn't there No one I use I had was tangled that, yes, that's kind of gene. Ok, here's a loathing, heroin, exec, eccentricity about doctors, Gunnar ok, he was a card carrying member of Anton surveys. Church of Satan. Ok are ain't, yes, so that your sorry just to say really quick. As per as a kid who grew up in a seventy years in young child, his aunt alma, they had a house in San Francisco Gabardine talk about so gay, but it was
very scary, and it was kind of used values way, but actually the churches Satan is not scary. It also at the so here. Let me lower and do a Satan corner, Roquat great, technically Doktor, Scott. Her was an atheist, who quote believe in the unity of the universe, but he was fascinated with religions. He was past May, with the court's Emmi seems at hand joy, the kind of Phuket like fuck the system, heathen the stick, humanistic mentality of Satanism, which guys that's what Satanism is yeah technically atheistic Satanism does not acknowledge the existence of either God or Satan their mucking atheists outlets. Atomic panic eventually called bullshit. You now don't buy into the hype. Guys for parents lied to you soon doktor Scott her when he issued his normal life in Chicago and move into the forest to live out his dreams and is in line with his satanic beliefs right, so he didn't actually believe in Satan or the devil, but
as a symbol of self reliance, independence and individuality, which has what satanic people stand for, and Hannah Satanist it's kind of cool they like to stir shit up, which I think is pretty in, like I'm an the slick funny like absurdest way. Yes, it. I appreciate well and also there really about human rights right cause. It's that kind of thing of saying you don't get to say you know abortion is illegal and immoral. Therefore, I'm going to kill, you agree that in and of itself is so hypocritical and so insane and it's like you- don't get to pray and school if you're gonna prey to a christian God and school them, they're gonna come round and sue that Fuckin school district to say that that that they get to say this atomic rituals in school like they just they all want. Satanic fuckin prayers in school now want to prove to you that these other religious
these other really doesn't she shouldn't either re because they're saying so, you don't approve of my religion, witches code on code, the church of Saint India,
That's easy due to its easy to understand why that's you can't prove of thy, but they're saying I don't approve your right in your religion is like the charges Satan to me right and also it is a wake up call to when you're in indoctrinated into the religion. Your raised in you see. Other religions is as not real. You see. Other people is believing in and being lunatic again and like oh there extremists there there s, no, whatever zealots and its basely, calling everyone on their shit and going that's when everyone is that when you're in a religion- and it's not your own personal spiritual path, but instead this kind of croup think and its ways to control to alienate answer then justify your attacks on other people's eyes. Take lsd and open your minds liquid, surely wearing just now. I realize I I hope even my laundry ethics is a big star of David, says Hebrews on my sure. Right now, that's bullshit man, I'm Joe it I'm gonna sue you I'm an atheist jus. What am I gonna do about it? We gonna do so this interesting yeah right, so I just want to get across
wait a second and how fun, they say yeah, then, and how independent and they just wanted to live their lives back in time, were you really were not allow shoe? You were not now so because he was so interested in the occult doktor scatters, and then I put hashtag decor the spell was all kinds of strange Montcalm objects in antiques, in fact, when he left loyally university, he took with him to skulls too, like ancient skulls that he used as de corps which, as such, like Goth high school, the core thing
this very metal and some vials of Alice De La hell yeah. He was also to get treated me sit out there, make friends of the mother rugged trees, gonna grab him get your in climate, and I went up and on hearing and become a tree or south, so he was also an aren't, as she created stained glass window pieces at used as low windows of a house of leading a stained glass buffer met. Single performer outlets in our wish is a symbol of the church of Saint George, that cute little goat, hey, meadow yeah, a pink are well. I told you about that and assign outside that red. Beware of the thing we have actually from the animals family. Necessarily he was a playful satanist on also it's almost like. They built the perfect cows to draw a high school student ray come around to get like the locals to start talking about them, yes, and either maybe even stay away like a scared them or, but I
it's gonna go a different one harshly. They should I'm gonna, northern California and the data yeah. Well, the hippies, wherein exactly oh man, that's funny rate. So, despite the locals living in the neighbouring town of chat to to county being scandalised by these two gay Satanist, the kindness and hospitality- that's Gunnar and Odin Ino showed to the neighbours was evident and there are always going to have guessed sober to enjoy a few glasses of their homemade wine or listened a doctor scatter professionally. He was, he could professionally pay the harp as while wholly Shea ass. So it seems like a lot of the neighbors became too started to like them: doctors, Gunnar and Odin spent six years living in their dream, home building and digging and caring for the land they made friends with them of the locals. There was a wedding hosted in the Rose garden that Odom had planted now and when local hunters would combine, asked the couple for permission to hunt on their land, they would always allow it, and this is how its thought that they came into contact with a seventeen year old, local name, Avery Brok, Bra
It was a hunter and part time truck driver and he hadn't been invited a corpse with a number of times to hang out in the pink room. There's some speculation that at one point he possibly engaged in sexual activities with either both are one of the them one of the pair. But it seems as though Brok became friends with the couple and hung out and drank wine with them on a couple occasions. So in November, when change here, though, Avery Brok moves into a trailer that belong to a thirty year old, unemployed construction worker named Tony West and Brok, told west about the quote: queer Devil, worship, hers and how he, that, because scattering Odom they live in this life, it was so laid back and care free, and you no kind of indulgent that they must have a shortage of money stockpiled corpse now right so broken.
Ass, began, devising a plan to rob the couple and run away to start a new life on the nine December, twelve and eighteen. Eighty two Brok and West picked up two teens Joey Wells, who is Wes nephew and his girlfriend Teresa Huggins and the two try to go on a day, but their car when it starts Iraq and last were like just come with us. We're gonna go drink at the Satan, the house near an hour, and once there the group were invited in by a doctor scatter they drink wine and other local kids huh. What was locally known as totally to take Lou a k, a
ain't thinner, Anglo NO had a name and they would just have this stuff tooralloo analyzing. Others like. I have pure lsd what more June or gorgeous wine right. We made our cell. She gave him the wind, but it doesn't seem like he actually used or gave out the lsd him. I have just been this like come a souvenir. He brought from loyalist, so he wasn't drugging kids. He wasn't, it doesn't make you best selling it- maybe his avatar friends and take it who now sure after several hours of drinking and talking Brok said he was going out to the car to mix up some more tooralloo, but when he returned, he was holding a rifle
and west held a knife to scatters throat ass. He was tied up and lead from the pink room to the main house, which no one is allowed in the main house, which may be why also at the pink room is where people stayed ozone like hung in the chicken coop. Let us like the party that by upstairs videos ever maybe or ok, I'm so they take him in two main house. While he's tied up and all the while scatter himself is trying to calm the to tease down who have they hadn't been aware of what was happening. They were scared for their lives. They attempted to get the fuck out of there, but the car wooden star now come back and like beater for this whole thing, and so when Doktor scatter was led into the home, he and his partner had bill with their own hands and had just try to live a fucking nice life together without stupid, fucking society coming down on them. He was met with a horrific, seem Joseph Odin has long time, companion lay down on the floor having been shot in the head four times by broad now, alongside the couples to beloved dogs, they he killed.
dogs to yeah before they brought so they basic went in and killed every one in the house airy every living thing in the house and then brought Doktor Scott, her down to the sea and so on just so the thought of seeing the sting and not only is the love of your life You see that horrific seeing you know you're not like it's just over. Yes, I want a terrifying last seen him yeah Teresa Huggins, later divulge that when Doktor Scott or saw his love dead on the floor, he sputtered and babbled income in comprehensively and moaned in grief, and he was led to the library and God, while Brok and West demanded him, they tell him, demanded he tell them where the money was hidden. Mayors,
It is true that scattered did receive a small trust fund from his deceased fathers estate. It was a hundred dollars a month. Almost every cent hand. Odom had had gone towards building the property, so there is no money to bestow on. There was no cash there ever here and they just lived the way they want to live yeah that point in his grief, and so scatter is trying to calm Teresa down and singer. Yo Catholic in his own fucking grief, he's trying to calm her down, which says she says she always remembered. He, defies the robbers orders and stands at from the couch and stumbles towards his levers body. Final words war. I asked For this, Oh, then he was shot in the head five times at point. Blank rain, oh my god.
The murders took anything a value they could find like a silver candelabra cycle, pleaded dagger, a leather jacket and since their car wooden star stole us, gutters black jeep and went on the lamb and then two days later, on a summer, sixteenth and neighbour, called the county sheriff after visiting corpse with manner and noticing courthouse holes in the door and that's when their bodies were found. In that same day, Teresa Hedges went to the police saying that she'd escaped from Joey Wiles House, where he had been holding her captive since the murders cause. The murderers were like. If you fuckin tell anyone will kill you so he'd been like trying to get her not to tell, but she scapes and tells the police and hedge funds and wells cooperate with the police and are not charged, but now the policeman nationwide Man Hunt for broken West. Looking the strong West and needing to ditch the black sheep that they had stolen or because it was too conspicuous because Fuckin Doktor Scott, her had painted Penta grams in on the door and that's the fucking car they stole
ass. They they held up a man at a Mississippi rest, stop intending to steal his car and the man is cooperating. He's navy, Lieutenant Kirby Phelps he's on his way home to visit his mother for Christmas and West marches them into the woods and shoots him twice on the other hand, there there going bizarre yeah totally. Dont do tooralloo. Everyone had real for veal. I just realized that yeah they're on their having thinner Paint dinner and why glue that sucker now the killers took Kirby. Upstairs car and kept going, but within a short time both of them had turned themselves in during the investigation. So this is listen almost it's really all off all during the investigation that police found what they of course consider to be bizarre are
extra strain throughout the home, dark a cult of Satan Shit, so they, like these men, were Satan worshippers and two to go county investigator, Tony Gilias, Gill and said you could feel the presence of Eu Law as it likes Satan was there I mean yes, the eel actually come from the two killers who identified as christian and Infectious attended a Bible study two days before there I mean you know anyone, it's lesson it. You can't do it into it's, not that simple. If only I were that simple, there could be guaranteed. If you got a Bible study, you you leave their and you'll, never do anything back right and then, if you have a Panther rooms on your jeep, that means you always do bad brakes if life or that easy and that black and why we would all be so much calmer and having a better time hopefully, but actually people use religion to hide re, their own evil, sociopath egg, bull, shit or- and this drive me crazy. Maybe it's because my religion that I was raised and doesn't have this but you'll be forgiven for whatever the fuck you do you're going
forgiven. So it's all. Ok, that's now a thing with murder. I mean I listed them not with this kind of stuff. Now, and also I can't make what have you bet on it and you're wrong Nino, but also I note that there are not real Christians if there, if they actually, they can kill these people. I can do what I want. I can kill these people and then I'll be forgiven right leg. It yeah, that's not that's actually would you this wise for anybody. Rom ass. I may remember first, and I made earlier returns of them. Can he told her among the couples possessions was portrait that scatter had painted, because he was an earnest showing himself. There's like I've gone ham and five bullet ones to his head. Seven poet.
And they found a number of books in the occult several bottles of lsd and homosexual pornography. So, of course, I like these evil man, almost casino saying they deserved what they got into an obvious ways. Meanwhile, what pornography with the police find on your computer? I right now and homosexual pornography can also like in the eightys. It could be a book of art, of beautiful art, of naked men by an amazing, talented, photographer, right, homosexual pornography to people who don't understand and also kind of the celebration of this culture that up until very recently, was entirely oppressed, pray and threatened. And, like you couldn't so, you had to have your secret Tom's Finland Book the out of evil passed around because seek everything you have. You know how many were they took suddenly out photos in the pink room, whatever that's the painting without scariest Maghribi, it's the heat,
I didn't want to include it cause it's almost unbelievable that painting or prudently and am also though I it lee the wounds on his head- could be gunshot ones, but also its very similar to the ones on Jesus is right from the crown athwart heartily. So it also could be that thing, is symbolic yeah, but yeah. That's pretty crazy, crazy! That's just like a weird little tin bet that I, like I almost didn't wanna. I mean also that such aid that it could be that thing to or that
Police are walking around in there just getting scared and then at last ceiling scare I mean the insight that you'll see the inside of the house. It's gonna creepy, it looks animate evil and they have the same baroque furniture and, like you know, Superman Cobb shed. So I understand and its creeping in these people who live in Fuckin Laura actually bill, but leg they're alive, it's like their God, Sir just gas that went to the would totally that. Ok. So, of course, this whole thing's turns into a media circus. Local news. Reporters are more interested in the couples, issues and eccentricities admit, but the devil worshippers than finding actual justice, so they become essentially whenever one thinks is like one of the most tragic victims of this atomic panic or early victims, a safe panic panel, young and there's rumours about the couples, lifestyle that they had homosexual orgies, that they raped children and there's drug use, and all these things happening. It's just all these rumours in. Of course, you know everyone in town go nuts with these rumours and the sheriff had previously trying to bring charges against them for their behaviour. That scatter an item but found it was protected under the freedom of religion guy in a bright god, thank God
so coarse in public opinion. Many people thought that they deserved to die. For these reasons, and that's really bothering me about when I first found this article in the shank or the story in the fan com, I looked it up and the first couple articles I read the subject line would be to Satanist. You now get murder for its just like kind of is still doing them, blaming them yeah, and then I read into it and it's the saddest fucking story. I've ever heard about these very innocent victims. Some people hypothesize that if maybe Lieutenant Kirby Phelps hadn't been the third victim of broken western. Maybe the killers might never have you tried for murder has so many people did fuckin care right because the jury would have the jury of their own peers would have decided yeah, I'd sign in any man. It's really sad eventually, West is found guilty on two counts of murder and sentenced to death and Brok plead guilty and received three consecutive life terms, and they both been denied pearl many times.
And the men, nineteen eighties, a fire burned down, corpses manner, and today there is remnants of like Brook brick ruins and that's all that stands of scatter and Odin stream home and in the on the website, abandoned South EAST. You can see all over and sick of beautiful old abandoned place that we would love to go to.
and teenagers in local still sneak onto the property. Some of them steal the bricks that are left there, but everyone like their curse. Did my fest friend broke her knee when she was leaving air whenever she was drowned. She was on to delude and they all think that its there's a curse there and everything like that. But it's like long there's occurs. It's because two people or murder, I exactly there's a small private funeral service held at corpse, would manner for Doktor Charles Gutter and Joseph Odom Autumn's ashes were scattered in the rose garden by his family and doktor. Scatters ashes were taken back to askance and by his sister and buried in the family plot. Unless I said something, article still seem to like want to cast blame on them or make them see these scary monsters. But I did love that when I went to find a grave dot com just to get some info, some unlisted Joseph Odom, as
your scatters spouse yeah really, and it was just this really lovely moment gum. this the corpse wooden manner murders. Now I've never heard anything about it ever ever. That's incredible that we ve been in ITALY and I we ve been in Georgia to do live shows. I wonder if it's because it is this because of them moralising and the kind of like this, isn't the usual store. I as a young. I wonder if that's the reason and there's a shit ten of books about it, the corpse would manner murders by Amy Peculiar the corpse. What a true crime, like no other by Daniel Ellis Corpse, where the eyewitness accounts, who actually is co written by Teresa hedging, while she tells her account of the whole thing and there's a lot of glory details that I have left out, obviously, and then
and Mother Earth NEWS. Dot com is a an article that doctor Scatter wrote about what it's like to live off the land- oh well, not across from him in that as well
underfunding those books there's the neighbours that they made. Friends with your bear to say I think so. Yeah this isn't yeah, I'm a local, I'm one of the people that you think would be against, and I am there is apparently was friends without there's a couple neighbour accounts that are like we out like that, you could tell they talked about it laid one night and heat explained to them. What Satanism really mean Suleiman understood it right, which is not that p, believes and Satan? Yes, because also often times you known in my hometown- it very country and there's a lot of people live way out there, and you would think that they would be. You know you, the the assumption. Is that oak? It's it's. You know farmers reserve at their conservatism, close minded and judgmental whenever and like when Cristo inactions, only five Cristo built the running fence through Petaluma, went through our town and then out to the ocean, and it was in a Cristo as this unbelievable french artist, that does huge lake site specific, like with like sculptures, but this thing with the running fence. I saw it when I was five years old and it was them. My debt is a picture of it in the living room. It's allowed so unbelievable, an amazing and all these farmers and dairy then, and people who had the land that they wanted to run the fence along. They they fought for it and they were saying you INA. We get to do anything we want with our land, you'd say, has caused a loner falling the local city council inward countenance Noma county, we're trying to tell them. You can have that here. We don't want your French, our air, we don't want your whatever, but then the actual farmers on the land were like screw you we can do you don't get to tell their land and if we want them to do it, they get to do it and then they let them they done either, and it was it's incredible thing. So I'm saying
I think sometimes people live out away from society. Everyone has the same idea, warlike yeah. We don't want that shit. That group think mentality that oppresses other people, just how it came down to two fuckin too bad seeds who were high on greed, Tooralloo and Fuckin just decided to take what they want in and took the lead. Of two people who did not deserve to me that they were friends west. They acted like they were friends that were kind enough to take them into their home. Yet well, certainly is an mouth.
Restoring! You occasionally ran a couple fuckin arrays. Let's do it covers this one says I'm gonna be on jeopardy. It's been almost two years since addition to be selected as a pretty random stroke of luck. I don't feel very ready, but I'm listening to them as a break between intense studying, in all my deep anxiety over being tv being on tv, doing math on the spot, not fucking up answers and trying to learn literally everything in the world. You guys remind me to be here for a good time. Not along time did we says I'm at something events would say: that's an that quote. Who cares if it's perfect just do it, and I also need to get as Erika Chicken while I'm in a way. Thank you for so many ways you ve been here for me over the last four years, and I hope I can share how much you mean to me on tv love, a congratulations. You know that
it is so hard, and so many were really really smart people who have not gotten on that show. This is cop, MRS Frahm, Bethany is killing ET from their periods in the middle. That's why I got my fuckin areas that I was recently accepted into a highly competitive naval officer program. I've been unlisted for almost ten years and I never thought I'd be good enough to be an officer. But after years of my husband and mentor pushing me, I put in a package and was selected, my first try. Well, I want to use my eventual leadership position just show young women and men and the military that they are capable of anything. I've been through a lot of shit since I've been end, but I haven't. Let any other keep me down and I want to show young sailors that women leadership are just as capable, as men
Congratulations, no name Bethany, she's killer! Congratulations! Bethany! That's amazing! Could work this one says being better than your parents. Oh, I see I miss the name, and so this is from trouble cat, not only on the fair called, I just wanted to say, fucking hurry to myself and all the other parents these days for teaching their children that even adults have to say sorry to children when they fuck best lesson. I'm teaching my kids is mom is human and mom can say sorry when she hurt your feelings. That's me. I love without well done. That's beautiful!
this is from Instagram. Oh hey, it's Kendall that too, this is from my fucking array this week might not be super d, but I'm still incredibly proud of myself tonight. After months of student teaching, I am submitting my final project to obtain my official teaching license. I was always told that it was a waste of time and money to become an educator, especially a high school art teacher due to society's lack of respect and poor pay. Yet now more than ever, the world needs the language of art. To remember what empathy, kindness and grace looks like well, this all starts with our youth, who bring me so much joy and hope for a much brighter future than the world. They are currently growing up in wish me luck,
access to Asia. M! Good luck! That's great! This one's great! It says my fucking her. I am a firm I'm currently on my way home from a party where I met and chatted with the one and only Steve. The show me in parentheses, friend of the show here necessarily began with heights, I'm anyway Steve as we shook hands, leading to a chummy joking exchange centred on krona virus and the end of existence. As we know it, fucking hooray for my first celebrity interaction and for my coworker bill, whose severer twenty nine Leap Day Birthday Party sparked the meeting. Oh my God, Gm Savannah Savannah. That is, I am so jealous of you I might faces on fire aid. Is the coolest of course, thief vision musical is seen. It introduces himself a state hasty. It's me stay is kind of like an ex firemen. Anyway, it's nice to meet you we're all gonna die carvers. I have one more terror. Sam says: here's my fucking hurry. I was recently on a slow down over a mountain pass, but we were moving. Suddenly there was a gorgeous sunny at snowy day. We checked the ways apt to learn. There had been an accident ahead, but it must have stalled traffic some time ago, because when the traffic started moving faster, we came upon snowman every few yards, someone stalled and traffic had built a had built a snow man on the shoulder all our miles and miles of snow man. Some had faces some had armed and somehow boobs havoc and hurry births. So is one way and then stop. They were built stowaways Oda. No, I know we're. Gonna do was still at. I love things like that cassettes. That's d like affect the group, think effect. That's the positive gray. Oh they're. Doing it I want to do it or the Langen, I'm leaving this thing that someone else's gonna laugh at that I'm not going to see that the result of, but I'm doing it for someone else. Historically, I love that. That's great yeah! What's yours! What's yours? Ok, ok, ok! This is from Georgia Hard Sarka grade five
just ten days I was at home in our cute little house- and I was working on my murder. Vince is on our side of the couch packing March, for we want rustling and I just stopped and thought how fucking cool it as if the middle of the day and were both working on projects that we love and that were passionate about, and what? What? How grateful? I am that we get to live that life and that were not working for the man. We're doing these things that we care about, and- and that means a lot to Us- and I didn't think that this was what being an adult got to be like, and it just means really happy to see it. I made him, stop it and he went a hoss. Yes baby. I don't really like you have to go to the actual vote and I have to go to the post of anxious nice none else if they think that my nomads are working. But you gotta have a moment, were you stop and has added value? That is like not that's great, that's lovely! This fucking her! I brought you buy Quicken long, though we're like not working for the man whom we rarely are working for a man out aware no network of her a man, but you know it's funny I was gonna do are we have fun public network partying precisely we ve been working on this network for so long and there's people. Obviously all the Pakistan are on it currently, but then there's a bunch that are coming and lots of people in waiting long long long time for the second. It was this really fun night and we, it was one of those things where I was like. We need to do a thing where we can, just by everybody a drink to know, everyone can be in the same room and we can all be like we're doing a thing, and then I just took on the life this life of its own and we ended up just like we tried. We picked a place. It was just super close to where we work so becoming convenient for everybody, and it ended up being that room. I'm not gonna, say where it was gonna want everybody else howling there, but it was the most beautiful room where we just thought it was just gonna, be like the side room at this restaurant or whatever and shooting at the room itself. The room itself was so gorgeous. There was like oh, this parties already hit, because yeah in this space will classy as fuck for a long time. My career was a bunch of decisions that felt bad and wrong, and you know why I just did what I had to do, but I kept kind of trying to course correct the decision making process so the next time I did something for wiles like you. I have to do it from an acres, I'm in the terrible financial straight, but then once it was like, but I could still keep on trying to do additional things and key just keep on kind of like taking swings and see. If I could just gonna hit just gonna hit just get something going so to be standing in that gorgeous room with Daniel Kramer Reno, the amazing running on radio network, us she's, a master and all the people we ve been working with it was. It was like a true joy. Did the coolest via Ives totally on that gratitude? Train myself? I love it's very cool here and the Lozano cupcakes from air heirloom catering, I've always ahead. It's always and guess what we wouldn't know. We would not have that party and we would not have these moments and we would not have anything if it were not for you guys, the murdering us and the listeners who have been there for us and with us since day why we are so fucking grateful for you guys. I can't believe it on a daily basis. It's amazing, and we really thank you, and we really love you and were very proud of you and were very proud of our cell yeah. We wanna will on Sunday out into the air with that. You guys are appointed to the same way as it is a sad enough, though, because we really, as you know, thank you guys, you made. It happened for us you're you're, making it happened. Yes, thank you very much. I think you also say sexy and don't get murdered again. I all this soon, a cookie.
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