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213 - Live at the Northrop Auditorium in Minneapolis (2019)

2020-03-12 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the murder of Louis Arbogast and Harry Hayward.

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This is exactly right. Hello there I'm Bridger Wine anger. I have a new Comcast called, I said, no gifts on exactly road. Every Thursday I have a conversation with a friend loved one or somebody I'm secretly trying to ruin. I only have one request: no gifts, unfortunately, every one of them deliberately disobeyed may meeting. Our conversation eventually turns to whatever object lies beneath the wrapping paper subscribe now on sticker Apple, Podcast Spotify, or what whenever you like, to listen, rises
Maybe that's how you do it we brought a friend a best strands. Did you about our new producer that replace even is kind of the Gatt get in Hollywood B. I took a little bit of a numbers, breaks, integrative pig hunger here
Britain. Do I have this. This is waiting. Aren't they act stage Karen in Georgia, Society wants to believe it can identify evil people. Bad or harmful people, but it's not practical there are no stereotypes. We serial killers are your sons. We are your husband, we are everywhere. I dont feel. Guilty for anything. I feel sorry for people who feel guilt now go get get your head in the game you gotta get your head in the game: Zack Efron as TED Bundy, hurry away away away. Here's the real, no
we enjoy your new backstage gassed. Don't help him with a boat if he asks it can't wait, fear so many apple is murdering knows Adrian and court may well. Well, let's get this guy at air. You feel have stage by sack after his again. She didn't want to bring me. Don't you just like you did, drew him under that book and was that rude? No, not at all. We do. We want high everybody. We want to tell you about when you guys stood up. It made me think of the one girl equipment who didn't realize last say that everyone else had sat down and it was so sweet in earnest and alone it was the funniest has for one. Second, we were kind of like this and starting to talk and for one second, I thought she was gonna be like
scares me, and here we go at the back and customer service at the top of the share. But then I saw her hands. Go like this. Like a list. She is like a little work like bring it on whatever you have to say, and I am like. Oh, she has no idea. The standing ovation is over then she looked at her behind her and sat down immediately and then we called her shit out hard core thing is the best or thing it's really the ultimate compliment. Just an extended standing ovation. There is an egg does Nanda, even though nothing's happening
go where we? U real good, you sell, it thinks that something is back here among us on. This is our second. This is the last city of our five month to less than cure this. This is exciting less you are. We appreciate you letting us. Finally start our agent will really know it's the best. We love it. It's been two seasons of the year by four months, the winter spring, to or just call it the half yearly sale, and I wanted to show you so, as you guys know, maybe- or you know, after the show- you go back to our hotel rooms, usually with food.
Any chicken districts and in turn on forensic files. It is always, I think, an age limit so comforting and lately like this weekend. Basically I've been noticing new episode that I've never seen before, which is so clearly twenty episode, you think I know that on his hand, is theirs and or this even mentioning I've seen this one and I love you so now, there's a couple new ones, which means more great hairstyles till to laugh about, and people who are just what's happening with them? The thing is that in the early nineties didn't seem that weird when they are happening, but they don't hold up. Do you wonder like I always think now we like normal, but then I look at that. Thousands and, unlike what the fuck was, I wearing Maria I had piercings and face in the face, and, like I don't know, I don't get my mom. I used to come down the stairs. My mama go.
Wearing MAX the Dennis. I just feel like what's wrong with you, you look like a whole bow and then I see pictures remain. I look exactly like that, like huge genes, which rips like all the way like no middle, Jean just top and bottom, should that like, if you walk in the darkness, the demonstrable what's going on in her mouth fear, this isn't gonna, be fine. Ok, did you get some good advice? I have two good friends. I want to introduce you to. I remembered we'll part we can't paused there. So this is like take the photo as quick as you can then spend zero tonnes, but one
it's one and Vince goes. He should be investigating orders sideburns when it was a different time, but you know there's no one here, like I'm gonna, be on tv tomorrow, but the first whom soaks at this bucking happen to me. I'm gonna go get a haircut, oh and then you get. This is what happens my my bangs we're shorter than that I'm I left the salon crying
truly, oh yeah! They went to yourselves. No. I went to like a lawn like I'm gonna treatment of two percent year on TV, like let it be a big deal, paint a hundred dollars room to make me look like a hundred. I know I would have done that for you, ninety on white wine and touch us being what I would have got em right up there I mean I'd still, do it for you minus two speed. Just the way was in such a wine, but I have a glass away when I'm the best hairdresser will show us proof.
Well, I guess I m. The only proof I have this raises. The opposite of proof is that a guy almost broke up with me. When I got his airlines, I went to the areas like it totally did and then it was like there's. Ok, I saw this guy last. Yes, I watch this one guess he did have really moving speech was he was re smart and great. How do you trust a guy who's wearing Peter torques wig? He did a really great speech about how we shouldn't judge people on their strange behaviour, and I was like that should be judged on their weird Bob's. That makes no sense that clearly you're putting a little bit of like hydrogen peroxide son highlights this highlights son for sure, she's gonna be representing us one day, our trial, if we're lucky,
Therefore, like a good grounds, taking up this is my favorite murder, the Karen Kilgour as Georgia hard. Sir. Thank you. Thank you, Miss France, S, friends. We appreciate that Stevens. Not here now, however, comes yeah. The next year will just be him here. I think that's a good guy he's gonna have to wear he's, gonna, be have me half Karen and he's gonna and we're not gonna pay him extra for it he's gonna lips. Thank you for the lives of her m o. We had, they did last night Milwaukee at a bar called Dick
There is a drag show where they were dressed up like us. We're done. We ve made it the an honour and we don't have to do anything else, but ones tat. Greens are doing you you're fucking done that's that's my grandma ways
They grant mainly knew she knew the levels last level that you need to hit your dress. Holding up. It's ok, thanks! So much they does not pockets to slightly designing a drunk screaming girl. The first night Zeus pointed out to us yeah very well, yeah yeah. We have. We have a ton of drunk screaming girls in the US. We get it be proud scraped using the furrows grieves, but then points through you, Mr Yelling, I'm here that was for me the girl, Mozilla tank top argue. The out they sell. Can linear, like seven, I would have said, would highlight
ok sure we sit down, I get so these pixie little gem century modern use. These are quite something one is not honestly. I would put these in my opinion. These are nice and then he got a little twist on that's being. This is fucking high class situation. Last night we got whenever this is. I don't know of that. The latest this is one of your stressing out during your story I am
tell them about this payment area. Oh yeah, the speech, it's time for the speech. You have two more at this juncture, nine tomorrow night to perfect so like I can feel it from your her in your soul. Can I get it follows spot? Please, just gonna walk around this stage. A little bit waiting guys. I guess you really want one. No no, no and Theatre Kommeni Matthew, so there That's your crime, comedy podcast and yes, and people like, but but oftentimes at these live shows a: u murdering those buy tickets, and then you bring people who don't listen, don't like it dont care and don't want to be here, which is you get to live your life anywhere? You want
but I would suggest to redirect on that area. I dont know your stories. Do whatever the fuck you want anyways. I one girl, hug, her friend, sweetly, I'm sorry I may do and then that person has to go to some kind of weird crafting thing later. It's a trade off. We get it. How relationships are supposed to work, but so those people who don't listen. I don't get it sometimes. You know when you hear the phrase true crime comedy podcast in a lot of time. People are like that's wrong or those two things don't go together, so we just like too. Quickly say at the top, the show Georgian I've been of sesar crimes as we were very young, but we also simultaneously have dealt with all the horrors of our lives through humor, and so it was only natural when we started. This costs and started talking to each other about the worst things that can happen to people in the world that we would then let the esteem of the horror of that by
making jokes! So we reserve the right to do that as individual people and if you don't like it, you can get the fuck out how as a guideline. How is that one now and with great and really fun facts not far from this data right now share just gave that exact same while new year, Mary Louise had drunk share, Drunk Harrington, Listen
Its biggest appears. The thousand pages that got home. There's no resolution to the drunk Karen bits. You just keep staring going. Why? Why is this happening and a morning you're like did I do? Carry you shake their share? What happened last night did I meet share, but no you did. I don't care. Oh, you have sober guarantee, you dont know drunk care and that's the truth. She would steal your purse. She would sucking she would steal your purse. Kick you emission and then accuse you of betraying her. Some pretty much the pattern that technology
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I understand I who are not here, I know inverse because under way on the plain, a ringer- I thought- oh fuck, I'm the last tomorrow night and how many panic attack and being the last whatever five bugging month- tour that's right. You better have sparklers, etc. You may have better have a bug in: U S Navy boat, which share on the front of it. I'm gonna have the real Zack Efron yeah. Can you imagine now I know I know now they know I'm doing the murder of Louis Arbogast,
Thank you. Thank you. Even if you don't know or care. Thank you. That's how it's done here. We are in nineteen o nine Louis early guessed. He runs a but he's a german Emma grant this big old jovial dude. He runs a butcher shop in one of Saint Paul, seven coroners, where seven street look at. I love I love like five of those corn. God said I won't tell you which my yeah- let's, let's not turn them against us, no just yet not yet set out in it. So he's a german immigrant and he has a good business sense. Him he's a really skilled butcher, so he's able avails, really successful business and provide well for his wife Mina and their five dollars with a really comfortable life,
he is worse at the time is right to be around two hundred thousand dollars at the time at the time. That right now is a lot of luck and that's a hundred dollar haircuts. Every week fuck my bangs up again, I dont hair rich, which in today's money is, should I guess, shore, waste material hundred thousand dollars may act now, there's a dip in the market and other cuban ok, but then it comes. It does come back. I always does young available when trend that bearable threatens to set it gets. You might just settings. I listened to by the actual progress that that's over a thousand dollars back then one a wonder, oh nine
as MRS Gebhardt he's gonna, be four million dollar close by point six million you're the ball Park, I'm getting, I'm gettin get at the illegally beginning. They relate to three hundred more dollars. I couldn't even and now it's my passion, that's how it's your new by God, it's like today's by an all I do is red list of without much money. You send me the year we now and the amount the. I can't even remember every time you guys want believers, oh my god holy Shit in fifteen. Sixty eight up, they didn't have money, everybody would say, would you sick leaves but silly
It was coffee. Everyone knows that yeah. Ok, so far of the Lewis and Minos daughters live with them in their beautiful two story house, that's only five minute: walk from the butcher shop lavishly them real, quick! That's that oh yeah handsome couple! That's it that's what it was like to be rich back then yeah, it's different! Now guys are the real housewives of yesteryear. When you're rich, you just don't even fit near photograph, and now the thing is, I have another side of bacon, go fuck yourself, so that's them, and then this is their house which clearly, as borne out I was. I was running late, it's it's beautiful. It exempts the boarded up border. Where is that modern are gonna whereby those did this
us burn down while they live there, what it's like an identity that might be an advert clean cleaning solvent, I don't know, that's their gorgeous house. So can you know I'm sure it's cuss nine hundred thousand dollars today, inflation? so they have the five darters and I'm the youngest sixteen imploring her nickname is baby, which sounds and sultans you have to pay met. Probably then there's many whose eighteen IDA is twenty two and the eldest is the beautiful black Haired, Luis she's, twenty three and then there's another daughter whose nineteen old Emma she lives with her husband to Young back then she was an old sir. That is like bank book. In God, someone came by twenty may live down. The street on south exchanged reaches the block away. So on this
of course, as all families day of this family, it looks normal and perfect, but they're, not the daughters. Are all these these beautiful. Aviation social butterfly, butterfly yeah. The ladder fly Shanna way they are known for their confidence and independence, and all that good shit so early morning hours on May thirteenth? Wait, that's not your birthday. Two days after eight nine nineteen o nine a sixteen year old newsboy, whose name is Avram Abraham sends rallies last name he screams as he walks by the Arbour gas House at four, a m on his newspaper route or out
and he sees too of the daughters IDA and many on the front porch and their nightgowns crying out my poor pop. I want someone help by poor, Papa and they're, just screaming at four. A m so either newspaper, where runs into the house like a hero and he runs any need, Luis and Flora together as weeping and wailing and grief in the hall. He runs up to the second floor passes and MRS Abrogate Arbogast, whose he's coming down the stairs and when you get to the second floor, he follows the smell of gasoline views and said to the main bedroom and there he finds Louis arbogast the family patriarch lying on the bad he's engulfed in aims still burning and all
that means it is you're right. It's gonna be like that tonight. Swearing, but sorry, ok, go ahead. No one's downstairs yelling Vulcan Fire Fire fire, like that's a good play, ok, that's my anchors and help help help
ok great linen newsboy grabs a sheet from the floor and tries to smother the flames. Sorry, do you know how the news boy he is succeeding is finally that allows you to please yes back bad. They do they did eddies bins over ten years. Yeah, I thought you said he's been sober for ten are also very possible, probably not its nineteen or not such a tough job Miata. That's so heaps mothers, the flames and then he's joined by the fiance of Louis Louis, the oldest Henry and they put out the fire fuckin great. Man. He runs down stairs to the back stairs where he finds a burly. A burning whirl of fabric and feathers blazing and he puts Tarzan outside and puts the fire out just like awesome. He's doing yeah sixteen year olds, making a lot of cuts by
there's, but the neighbours like where's my paper behind his me, your fire to have to send a telegram to the head office, firefighters, arrive and hurried to the second floor when they finally Louis Arbogast he's barely. He still y know out gas for air he's unconscious lying across the bad naked in the back of his skull has been bashed n and theirs. And spat or on the walls and into the sheets beneath him, and they load them into an ambulance and he dies on the way. The hospital I totally got to tell you guys are most of this information I got is from the park ass, most notorious. They have em Minnesota out spin off sing a trap, great, so you can hear me about they specialise in stories from innocent. I have us like a you know what I mean
companion, companion, peace, a companion pack secondary part guy, like a spin off spinner, you go, you did say that that's on me. That's on me. What was it the other day when your leg- I I have to be here at this hour as all the time or something like that? No no you're, because it who's the actor from the thing and any time she says, I'm like I'm gonna get tests like something rises up and me where I that's like the one we can prove that I'm a valid even being urged like, since we couldn't be more of a perfect failure, because I can't remember shit ever but always like the purple had but the thing in the matter and then you're like a jolly eggs hoopla who played mail on our list of thick teabag screaming at the top of my long. Its averting very sides. Well done. Ok! I know it's got it so summit of that he dies on the way to the hospital
I mean I who was presumably embed during the attack, has burns on her body as well, she's taking of a hospital and police search, the house or evidence, and they follow a trail of blood footprints blood footprints from the bed down into the cellar and there they find an ax wrapped in some clothing and loosely hidden in some newspaper it stained with blood, has a fucked up, handle its obviously the murder weapon and now two empty gasoline cans and near the burn bad so that Finally end the family as a watchdog that guards the fenced in yard. On. I
car watchman his duties were to make sure there was no obstructions on the tracks. Sounds like a bummer. Stop this street car. We have a bunch of sheep. He had been patrolling the area all night, including members of the house, and saw no one come in, and the dog haven't freak the fuck out so its clear that someone inside the house committed this crime and so that in all the doors and windows were locked, etc. So Louis's, wife Mina claims that she'd been in the bathroom in right. The bedroom when her husband was attacked at the axe and set on fire, and she didn't know what hat was happening. She comes out of the fuckin roman fire at four a m. Now it sounds unlikely right. But
have you forgotten into one of those magnetic met, magnified Mere is get into it. I mean truly that's half of the time of the store, as may spend trying to small black hair. That's right from your faith, I somehow still have my eyebrows thank one more day. We have a more time I go back tonight like em, all out be fun. Ok, so she says she didn't know what's happening until one of her daughters screamed and ran into the room and Poles Louis from the blaze and that's how she had. She says she did that and that's how get the burdens on her. She's, dressed in a fresh, clean nightgown that doesn't show any signs of fire at all. So that's weird number one, and then they go in the bathroom and fine bloodstain woman's women's nightgown, an undergarments in the bathtub like someone was trying to clean them, so we are number two: that's where it never tell.
The youngest daughter tells him a totally different story. She says that she woke up in her bedroom that she said shares with Louis and when her mother started screaming charades were parents. Bedroom saw the bet on fire and her fathers head sunk in Boston, Her mom was not lying next to him will not happen, and so she pulled her mom out, but then she couldn't get her dad and the rest of the sisters woke up, screamed outside paper boy etc. So I want to see the bad. Yes, you have to that's what only fits inside that house, but then, if you notice the pillar, so that's his billow up is old when next to it has blessed matters on it where she said she was laying so that that saying yeah like The one beyond their shoes lying there mystery.
Also the wallpaper looks like it's a blood spot or pattern illiterate and hard to investigate. Building at this colorized. Yes, so of course or porter show out, because this is a fact and fun scandal for them and so basically part castors back then the August family just like shut themselves off and their staff, and there like we're not talking to anyone and then they, the reporter c. In the background background
of the house a stable boy, shredding them the murder? Mattress sack yard? Thank you yeah. So he is stable. Boy is getting rid of evidence this idea, but the police had left it wasn't like he was doing it without being out. What was I supposed to so they they, the police, clearer, Louis Louis, is beyond say and Amis husband, because they were in the house at the time and aid net dont know anything they refuse to speculate later. That day, Louis's brother visits the house and he's interviewed by reporters. He says he he doesn't say much, but he tells them. The only speaks to his brother on his way to work by just giving him a wave and when I like why- and they like, he doesn't want to get mixed up in anything, but he knows the murder couldn't have been committed by anyone outside the house. So let me just tell you guys: this should not call
So there's rumours that are circulating that there's some crazy secrets going on with it within not seemingly perfect house and at my led to jealousy or revenge as a motive to the death and they rule out robbery and then John Oconnor, whose Saint Paul most famous police chief yeah, you No and love him. Yes, he was one of the great Since that he's your best friend, he was fifteen. Can he painted fences for eleven? So he says the murder looks like the work of an insane person and there's a theory that the attempt was attempted double homicide since Mina was also in bed. But I've been hidden the head, so it wasn't the maybe not that one also she's such as in the bathroom yeah yeah, but she Principle over her body. Who knows
the coroner and whose Amans Louis Skull guesses up the person who wielded the axe was probably not very strong and that when they hit him it just didn't do much. So they had him couple times and then and then the person douse the bad and gasoline and set it on fire. So, Ok, so, two days after the murder, Louis the daughter checks, up into Saint Luke Hospital for a rest cure. What's that cooking, Now, that's usually what they did back. Then now maybe I'm not, you know inasmuch as I know the August, but will you know the vapours or have already morphine adjusted tongue, a huge glass of morphine every now, so you can rest so we're borders are like. What's this all about her, she had a nervous breakdown and they start digging into her background. The daughter she's been known the past to visit fortune tellers, all over fuckin town she's, like obsessed with them,
spends a large amounts of money to help. They help her make life decision and another, paper reports that she'd spent the Christmas of nineteen o eight recuperating from one of her bouts in a sanatorium so an alien s which we all know it means that fuckin psychiatrists today, because war, so smart famous doktor, Anthony Sweeney. He had examined her when she was staying at Saint Luke two months earlier, and he tells the papers because there's no such thing as patient confidentiality back than now relatively now them everything and it still is in not in practice. Ok, that's! Ok! He tell her that he doesn't aprons that she had been hopelessly insane and having the time of her at the time of her release its strong statement and of a dick move. Parasite tyres, dirges, hopelessness, yeah. All yours thing is, I can't do anything
I can't, which means no one can exactly and she and that she hadn't been carried when she was released and the family doctor whose woman, which is nice, says that there that it's her long time, patient and there's no doubt of Louis as a victim of the advanced melancholia. With this with strong suicidal tendencies, which means she loves, smashing, pumpkins hurry back, get down its trail. It's not good comedy, it wasn't as cheap. Doctors had told her father that unless she was committed once more, there was a good chance she would kill herself or a family member. Oh that's like way before family member died right mean Mina Arbogast the wife she's still in the hospital because of her burns. She tells the police that Louis,
I've been having hallucinations for months and had recently returned from a hospital, and she Luis believe someone was trying to hurt her and was constantly watching out firm attacks. She was little paranoid her father, though, have insisted that she be released early from the hospital eight mornings, doc warn him that Louise had been would behave violently, possibly towards him. But He insisted Louis had insisted she come home. She was his. Your daughter, she had a strong hand for numbers, don't What that means ABC can guess future amounts of money. She's like watch one, two, three, four, five, six, seven watch me: don't you that dad and she spent every day with him at the butcher s shop acting as the cashier. I think she was a kind of the bookkeeper
but so, let's see so his funerals had held at Christ Church on Sunday may sixteenth Louis, is allowed to leave a hospital ten with the rest of her sisters too. And there's hundreds of curious townspeople. You guys you're ancestry, accessories, we're lucky lies They gather outside the house and they watch the sisters like celebrities as they step into carriages to go to the funeral, and they also notice that at the funeral, Luis refuses to the body of her father as he lay in the casket. So she becomes a prime aspect. So the ban the day after the funeral Mina six inches in a hospital. She breaks in an interrogation by the police and confess as to what she says happened the morning of Louis is murder. She says that
she came into the bathroom. She found Luis, the daughter, wild eyed and staring at her father as he lay in the bed, the flaming bed and the bloody act. It was at the ground on her feet. So do you like SAR yeah she's, like my second daughter them? Well, so mean said, she screamed and ran into the room and try to put the fire out and that's why she has the burns and then you know, get went crazy and then they started to get rid of the evidence to protect Louis is what she says, so they take. Louise from her hospital show her mothers hospital, high How are you and then hoping that Louis will confess by seeing her mother and when Louis, sits by her mothers bad with police. Witnessing. She denies everything in each Louis gets angry than Earl. Mina gets angering else out. It's you or me tell the truth. You are outside Father store. When I came from the bathroom, you must tell the truth, tell the truth, but here's the
thing. They spoke german too, so they and have been like, don't say anything tell the truth. This is german, don't say anything. Tat is true. Nine nine nine tell the deadline, is right, yeah, so like what we are doing. Do I have let's say, let's see her Louis denies knowing anything she stare straight ahead, Blankly which ensures core but she's the perfect scapegoat. Yet is not her. She write the perfect came right, Gand, she say silent. They both break into sobs and hold each other and cry it's very lovely. Mina later tells her attorney that she thinks Luis is the one who did it, but she didn't see her do as such is not sure so. The
these chief oconnor. Your best friend believes that Luis is the only possible perpetrator and their competent enough in their findings that they arrest the daughter, Luis, almost immediately after encounter with the with her mom she faints when the judge recounts the details of my father's death, the Judge Sutton. Is like he's like you can have an attorney and she's, like God will be my attorney. I did not harm my father truly. I did not hear my father. Can you imagine gods attorney briefcase, skylight huge and filled with clouds the air like a whole fish with values like it's, not just one fish anyway, I'll show you later. Thank you first, let's do that score kit not guilty or honour, so the judge was like honey. Let us help you and was like you can't enter apply until you consult with an attorney her journey,
Is it being one of the most famous attorneys in Minnesota history, William De Mitchell, who you guys la that's right? He would eventually serve as the attorney general from nineteen twenty nine to nineteen, thirty three. So what you guys live hometown, prime etc. So here basically have not guilty for her. And I am most at Everyone- believes Luis would have to be haven't been crying to have killed her father, and so she becomes a sympathetic character in the media like all the townspeople and everything like us, that sacks it's like her down had been warned that she shouldn't get out of the mental suspicion and they were saying like he could be. Basically killed himself by letting her out early when he was warned, that's a bit tar she up and is
Ok, but then, when the doctors like study her and her mental health, they find her level her level headed, quick, witted and very normal and neighbours and friends are like she's, not she's, one of the smartest people in the family, she's not fucking, crazy. She just likes to stare sometime, but she likes to stare when her mom is accusing her murdering her back. Oh my god, my mom is a key area during my die yeah I mean what would you say
I know I'll wild eyed, yeah yeah, I'm gonna fuck, you, you don't know me Jana. They tell you guys like quickly. I missed her. I've been reading a book that was given to me by the Bio listener, versa. That's called adult children of emotionally immature parish and I almost crying whenever you guys are like I feel like I know you, you know I truly do, and I was reading it and just last thing like yeah, that's exactly what happened when I love does the woman gave Georgia the book and she just like you.
I don't wanna, say anything, but I loved this book. It helped me- and I have listened to the stories you told you might find it interesting or ever imagined they walk away. Dirty turns Ngos. Can I have this yeah sure cannons Borys written? What are you admire you and me? I know. That's mine, I don't wanna be greedy, but your parents sounded mature, they're, pretty mature. You know in a good way and their flags or another, but it's not it's just not that why so many books, adult children of parents who wouldn't stop yelling, even though there was no reason to just spoken volume, volume volume turn allied off. It's like I'm right, literally seed away from that's. What's a calm, the word the subtitle or working title. When I get that one: does it wasn't an actor? Ok, ok, Bob! Where was committed the crime? Ok,
she's level, headed she's, cool, she's, funny brightest, one in family, so the grand jury meets and very, like you know. What we really do want to do is indict this daughter for murder. If she's got mental illness issues and also leg, you know all this stuff. They don't want to do that. It would look bad and she's cool and she's go up, but they and they end up having enough evidence to bring two indictments for homicide. One is for Louis and the other. As for the mother Mina and there like we, you guys we're gonna crack on each other and we'll get the real story, but police no longer believe that Louis committed the crime, but she was an indirect cause of it and a thought Mina, the wife had done it because in a state of rage, when she discovered conditions in the household you, ok, here's what we have ok Maybe I'm ready, strong, had for numbers and staff and was working people bought by calculating
Yet it was an abacus nineteen O. Nine. Thank you hear, welcomes that I met and there were ok and so courses. Ninety nine! So there's just a lot of innuendo, no outright say anything conditions in the house. Type has done conditions in the house right. There were room, that the relationship when I was one of quote inseparable companionship between the daughter and the Father, s fuck and say it here, according to newspapers at home she had been with him as a comrade in the most intimate site, so she's a socialist lacquer. So this, like obviously shines a totally different light on the whole story, and it's like didn't mean. I do it because she found out about that. Did Luis. Do it because she couldn't fuckin stand it anymore,
and then Sir the grandeur so mean as tried. First, her story that being the bathroom for five minutes doesn't hold out because it would have been impossible for Luis to grab the gas can from the basement the act. Which was out in the woods shed and do all that shit and then murder, her father line on fire and the five minutes that mean said she was in the bathroom and then there's conflicting testimonies, and it seems like what happened was all the daughters. The other four daughters were like more work.
Confused the shit out of here. Oh, we on our second sisters and our moms back like here, so they just kept telling start different stories that were weird and not taught didn't make sense totally and then they also say, like I don't remember a lot, so they can ever just trying to confuse and the prosecutors didn't even want to really be prosecuting us after they had found out this information. So ok, so they had found out the night before the murder Louis had had a meeting with the family friend and Louise had been there as well, and he had been talking about selling the business and moving to Alaska so Oh yeah, be hard and ninety known, I think it will be difficult. I mean it's hard now right he's I'm not taking the family with me, I'm not taking my wife, the only person who is allowed to come with me as Luis his constant companion. That's right!
oh, they also called it a manifest friendship up up up up all the worse yeah I know but leave in the past They would like loot trying to find a motive, and maybe that was the motive for either of the two, the mother or the daughter to kill him and so something Mina condemning jealous of Louis's relationship with her father at speck and not a relationship and Louise was considered her fathers real partner, as the head of the house as well. So like a mean, would like need money for household shit and he'd, say no, but then he'd give a ton of money. Whenever Luis asked for money, he gave her more than she needed. He put away money for her wedding, which he hadn't done for the other daughters, but so and then someone's had a family friends and that Louis Louis loved, Luis more than any man ever loved his daughter,
says. They said that as a way to like be like there's no way she would have done in its like. That's the motives that and the way it is actually the way, but that's just what happened. But since there is no real motive, the jury comes back with a verdict of not guilty for the mother and months later, when Luis is trials about began. Prosecutors are like fuck that shit and they d Miss dismissed the charges against her the papers, the papers accuse the police of stupidity and the public as shock that there's no one. That's gonna stand trial for this murder, and then later the women are become partners in the butcher s shop, I like it, may take a sick. Come garbage ass, lady, like well Latin turn out how we Nevada would be let's take this back and should not go to ask her young Luis is the bookkeeper. Yes, she is. She ends at marrying a man named Asher Webster and moves to Rochester Michigan,
sadly she dies in nineteen thirty at the age of thirty. Eight from apoplexy, which at the time meant part attacker stroke suspicious. Now it's not before dying all the fuckin time back the ants. It was like a major pastime than a baseball bat in racism. Ok, no one has ever tried for the murder of Louis Arbogast. Again till these new. The crime has been committed by some one in the house and but they did not have an evidence enough evidence for, conviction. The murders never solve left people guessing. If Luis did it, because her father was molesting her or if Mina did it because of the same fucking reason or if they did it fuckin together. Maybe all the daughters were in an area where there is a close that we're had been washed in the bathtub, unlike the tick too much time. So maybe you kind of scenes from when I am one of the most notorious to me. It's like
maybe I mean I walked in on her daughter, doing it and then was like. Let's finish this up together. Oh oh right like I got, you got your by God and so Louis Louis's buried in the Oakland Cemetery in Saint Paul, Minnesota and that is the murder of louis- are big wow. It's just so. You know he doesn't like a great person, but you burned to do you know what that's pretty right now you dont want that. Goodbye. Thank you again. Get meltwater and seasonal recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right, cheer door with hello, fresh America's number one meal kit they may cooking at home: fun, easy and affordable. In fact, tell of Russia's now, just five
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I'm going to do. Harry Heyward, the Minneapolis spend Golly it's another oldies. Actually I almost I was getting into one, and I was so excited. Is this one of my favorites? I won't be able to remember the name off the top and when I areas they were when I say yeah, it's really the best have no idea. What goes? No, it's the one where the total souci about daughter kills her mother and the maid. Oh yeah, so good, but you did it already is always like all in it and like pulling pictures and doing spokesmen days like you guys, my yes, the sort worry, but there's plenty there's plenty to go around. Okay, so most information. I found this on the website. Murder by gaslight.
And if you guys have not gone on there, it's a great website. That's all. I turned the century. You old fashioned murders and real good pictures. Drawings of people like him, knives its highly recommend its really well down and that the man that right website is also done. A couple bucks to really get okay, so I will tell you about this woman here. Her name is Catherine Kitty giving Hangar Kitty gang say our can. I had never spent more than like forty dollars on aircraft before them and they always heard out fine and then, if a hunt, sorry this is not about to know you can do it. You gotta get it out
I once I'm wrote a song that was all about. It was called this is not the hair cut. I asked for really really slow and sad, and it was just all about how ugly do you think I am that you gave me that here there was pretty vicious singer. There's a fucking. Tell me: what's: who are these people anyway? So Kitty Gang and Catherine Kitty it to her friends very tall woman she is described as imposing and so tiny size, but no because actually she's, very popular with man. Ok, yeah, solar, India back then oh yeah, it's it was a thing
jeez huge hands, exuberant and thorough man over her shoulder and get it. Let's do this. Ok, he is from New York state. She moves Minneapolis, an early eighteen nineties to she. Has this x, fiance name, Frederick Reed, and he won't accept that they're not gonna, get married so Apparently, the deal is red. Is a clerk of the golden rule departments to her memory of those around anymore? I gotta go down the golden rule and get some banks for the show. He, just kidding to marry him. She accepts than she later calls it off, but she doesn't give the ring back. She ends carrying the ring in a little bag around her and then so. How like an irritating is that that she's,
he won't get over me and that, where he's like, I just want my money back, so he's she's like he keeps telling me around. I have to move away. You won't accept that we ve broken up is like if I could just have the rang out. Leave you alone that I tell you. I broke off my engagement before him events. Obviously I gave the ring back immediately and then he tells me you're, not gonna, believe how much money I got back for it. I get so much money. I, like I'm happy for you high five mother fucker I okay. So in many
bless Kitty gets a job as a dressmaker. She lives in an apartment, building called the Ozark flats. Looking eyes live their lives there. You live there, whoever lives there, it gets a life size, boaster, Zack African, that's a beer is Michael okay, so filled into the Ozark flats. Is a building owned by an in man named William Heyward. Who support dark of one of the most prominent and wealthy families in Minneapolis so Kitty starts a relationship with William son now Harry Heyward, so Harry is a handsome play boy with a reputation for being a gambler and cad hot right. Zippo Harry aid were Heyward, earns money like many of the wealthy elite through, ensuring the fraud and counterfeiting buddy, this gets out of trouble with his wealth and charm. His charm is so intense tat. Some people even believe he has hip
power moustached, I know that's their cat, that's everything our common area, some seven, no ina! You know I think it is Oh that's what my here about arriving, because if we go back one way you don't notice it at first. You don't notice, detail, work on Harry and then are likewise it about him. That's so hypnotic, it's so smokin bangs, but this girl. If you get it, you can't see the detail as well, but this girl actually goes reverse ways it. It's like
You take a picture way that you flip it. But sorry this was. I was gonna say he looks like that's. That's you play him in the movie of the weak, yeah he's a cat, and you don't believe me nice on the right side, the mustache switched. Now I don't know I texted Jane. I go courier Photoshop still funny joke I'd like to do. I mean it's uncanny anywhere anyway, so that's Harry hypnotic.
Harry Heyward. So so they get together their hanging out you start selling people around town that their engage their they might engage, but everyone's like your both dating other pupil. So no one really knows what's going on with the to them, but they do know that Kitty is incredibly charmed by Harry all of his. You know: boss, magnetism little shit, hypnotic powers right there working on her like crazy, and she is also very interested in his get rich, quick schemes. She wants to live that lavish lifestyle, and He often declares that money is his God, and so you re match made in the deepest bowels of health. When I hear your money is God I think a dirty money is literally just like covered in visas and like the match, your God, I'm ok, so so
basically areas These plans, he's gonna, sell, stolen, jewel, ring and start trading in counterfeit money and kiddies, like I'm town. Whenever you want to do, and whenever you want to do it, she also starts loaning him. A lot of money is he's a big gambler. She's in it and she's pretending to while the bands he landings and she's. She watches sports all the time she knows what's happening, handing the whole nine, who among us has Andrew early pretended to be a totally different person for the love of a bad man. So don't judge Kitty prior, we get a kid you handsome woman. So on December third, eighteen, ninety three, Kitty and Harry Meat for lunch and over
and Harry asks Kitty to help him and what he calls a quote: green goods scandal. I'm sorry green goods deal, he does a goal. It now be bad salesmen. A green goods deal which basically means that she want he's. Gonna buy counterfeit money any once heard a bit to do it with him, though he gives Kitty two thousand dollars. He tells her did meet up with the janitor at owes the Ozark Flats Apartment Complex and his name. The janitor is Klaus blitzed ass. Do you know? Klaus blacks,
do you want to know who I think, what guy Klaus? Always, of course I do some piercing fucking eyes right. I know, and I think it would be from the dollar podcast Gareth Runnel. You know how I see it. He can do german accents yeah. I dont know if that guy's German, I just gotta they. How could you say the name, Klaus blitzed, and not do a German? I love Klaus, it's here! Ok, ok, so the plan is that that that night, Kitty and Klaus mark them and go to the outskirts of town and wait for Harry and areas, gonna meet them there with the counterfeiters and then they're gonna do the deal okay, so Kitty hires! She calls up the livery stale, stable, the goose men, Lieber, reliving, stable and get a horse and buggy and she specifically requests because she uses livery stable all the time so requests Lucy the horse. Ah charming
charming and wonderful. It's a horse. Goober up you could do horse pool if you want to save a couple dollars? Is came the idea getting into a car where the you don't know the driver- and you also don't know the passengers is my living nightmare. I like there's people who to calm down. Let the weirdos yeah I mean: do you make conversation economic ties It suggests a baby extra two dollars but broke ok, you're, right, I'm being elitist, I mean, maybe not at night. Don't you to night, I don't do it. Ok, ok, ok So at seven or eight p m Lucy and the buggy arrive at the West Hotel, I'm sure some I was driving. No there's no one says lost to history,
losers. The Ghana, worse, you could be, is just be like just head over the West Hotel. There's gotta be a lady named Katy waiting for you. Got it does its thing with her a couple times. It says I'll be back in two hours. She heads out so the horse and buggy arrive. Kitty gets in and rides away. So two hours later at nine ten p m Lucy the horse returns to the goose mid. Livery but there's no one inside the buggy. Yes, it's empty kitty was the one driving it ok yeah so, yeah I'll. Do it? Yes, and then the doktor was like it is my professional opinion that the horse did not do. I am a genius Lucy about to lose my mind! Ok, I can't be doing
this part after on Excelsior Boulevard on the outskirts of Minneapolis Katy gear is found lying in a pool of blood and her skull has been crossed, so the police assume when they come to look at it. The kitty has been in a horse and buggy accident. Basically, and so immediately the death is ruled and accident, or you know, seemed to be world an accident, but then they take the body to the morgue and that's examined the doktor notices, something that they didn't see at the scene. That makes him down that ruling of accidental death, and that is that there is a let large behind her left. I gotta do it yes, and then the doktor was Ike it is my professional opinion at the horse did not. I am a genius
Lucy, the horses innocent, can't all the gun, with two hooves physically and medically impossible. Ok Now it's on its a murder investigation and the police are trying to confirm that the a woman is in fact Kitty gang. So they go in question all the residents and workers at the US. Our class apartments and almost immediately here comes Harry. Heyward, Ford and saying that it has to be kitty because he had loaned her two thousand dollars earlier that day and I swear to God. I had written on here somewhere the the modern day, equivalent guest. Fucking crazy amount. I mean two thousand eighteen, whatever the fuck. That's what it's eighteen! Ninety four at this point, eighteen, ninety four! So maybe it's too thousand it. I think it was five hundred thousand that's what I was gonna say will see it. It might come up. Ok, so so
Here's what I'm saying, ok so areas telling the cops look. I loaned her two thousand dollars in public in daylight and in a restaurant. Someone must have seen us and then followed her out that night and rob turn kilter and that countries like So A first though, and tie to Frederick, read her ex fiance his they're trying to trace back and when they bring him in for questioning a interrogate him for several hours, but his alibi, a solid, and so He's released them they bring in the next aspect, which is a woman named Miss Lillian, Alan Lily, Alan and that's right, she's, a famed british singer at the time and whose brother was on game of thrones. No, so this lily, Alan and Kitty were rivals over Frederick
and so so they bring Lillian thinking. She has basically build kitty jealousy the Cashman get that ring back, but then Lily has a solid alibis. They ve let her go. Then they search kiddies apartment for clues and they find a ripped up. No that reads: I cannot marry you and they. Discover and trace back that the author of this note is a man named Harvey acts, furred so Harvey's are travelling salesmen, whose known kitty for around seven years and they ve been involved, but Harvey ultimately told Kitty he couldn't marry her because it turns he was already married. I coming ass thou, I'm yeah yeah. You can tell by the Harvey Oxford and is in his name,
like walks around like there's a lot of winking from Harvey Oxford? He's a big Winkler he's a big, maybe a big booster. So, back then deal with that oh, when they talk to kiddies neighbours, police learned that hours before her murder, there They heard Harvey and Kitty talking in her apartment so. They're like this is the guy, but again has a super solid alibis, so they have to release him. So then they decide they're going to go back and question Harry Heyward and he of course, has a good alibi. He tells the authorities that he was his friend Thomas, a Waterman for most of the night of the murder and then what left Thomas. He went on a date to the Minneapolis Grand Opera House to see a musical called a trip to China. Town will share in it
oh and part of his alibi. Is he was there on a date with a woman named Mabel Bartels I've been easily the most unattractive name. Are you swallowing a burp? Are you saying someone's man Mabel morning? They will be able bottles and ok, Mabel borrows then, is his alibi. Errand because he has his alibi and because he's been so willing to help with the investigation all the way along the cops like it's, not this guy, and so they keep on investigating people in there eliminate Harry is a suspect until the question Harry's older brother Adrian, so every hour after several hours of questioning a dream. Breaks and spills the beans or, as they say in Minneapolis,
Mabel, mortals and all over the interrogation, and- dare I say, I'm sorry, but I live so fucking heart when I rode than another minute You got that thank you really make it appear date. Okay, so Adrian admits to the cops that Harry has been plodding, kiddies murder for weeks turn, than Harriet persuaded Kitty to take out a life insurance policy for herself, with Harry as the beneficiary guess,
This is before Dateline when people didn't know not to do that. He then goes to his brother Adrian any asks Adrian to murder kitty for him to be his hit. Man of Adrian, refuses their interaction scares him so much, though his own brother, his little brother that on November thirtieth, eighteen, ninety four Adrian! As to the family lawyer, a man named leave I Stuart and tells him what Harry ask him to do Levi, stewardess, Zheng, ok talk to you later, doesn't do anything and doesn't take it seriously so, Meanwhile, because his older brother said no, he goes to the US, our flats, janitor, Klaus, break he asked him to be. The hit man and Klaus also tries to refuse, but Harry won't take no for an answer and he keeps going. And visiting Klaus every day in his basin. Room at the Ozark Flats, any all
between making Klaus Grand promises of financial reward and just outright. Threatening him until he finally says he'll do shit so blue explains to the police? How weirdly controlling Harry is sang quote fixed me with his eyes. Always tribute of german example, he faced me with his eyes. I won't do we fix me with his eyes. I couldn't say no when he looked at me that way: no but he could at one point, blacks says that Harry's tone becomes violent and he says to Klaus. Every time go up to her room, she puts and she puts her arms around me. I will to put a knife in the goddamn bits, wait there's more. If there was a dog and her, I would rather shoot her and let the dog what a day just small talk for Harry causes Ike anyway
I have to go up a bunch of stuff, so both Klaus, blitzed and aid Heyward tell the police that they believe that Harry as somehow hypnotized them. Yes, so there as the time we're. Mesmerism was kind of big and culturally a thing and people are gonna. Go you can be controlled. You know someone can control you with their mind and they also was also well, does around the time where this is why Harry Heyward would later be referred to as the Minneapolis Fang golly. Then, if you dont know
this Bengali is. I didn't either don't worry about it, we can always ask Wikipedia and it sets the smug always a character from the eighty. Ninety five novel trill, be by George De Maria and in its and Golly transforms a young woman named trill, be why into a great singer by using hypnosis and then she is unable to perform without Span Ghali's help, and then she becomes entranced by him, and the name usually refers to a person with evil intent who dominates manipulates and controls. Someone usually ardor pretend like you always knew that appears a picture of that's Bengali and that Israel be ok, and I think racist? Yes for sure, habit Very much so do you think why was Miss Eyre thanked the that would play him in the movie of the week
is clearly a hundred percent, the wicked witch of the West Margaret Hamilton. So I just I saw this noise, like, oh my god. I've done it again right that I find myself. Then I remembered this story. Do you guys know that in nineteen seventy three they actually had Margaret Hamilton appear on Sesame Street?
it traumatized children so badly. They never ran the episode. Literally, she flew over says me: Street dropped her broom Gordon got the brook, and would we give it back as he's like? Why are you on Sesame Street and then she starts threatening April that she's gonna turn big bird into like a feather, does turn she's gonna turn Gordon into something else, and the only person that likes or as Oscar the way suggests. I tell the story to the millennials because you think we're exaggerating when we say that in the seventies they did not care about children, and this is just one more piece of prove. Let's hear that shit out of them,
on their favorite show on the columnist chilling words. I want people to live in a language which ok anyway, gray. I was quite a sidebar sorry. Instead, we loved that I reject it. I reject you. I reject you Satan. So I'm December six, eighteen, ninety four three days after kiddies murder, police arrest, Harry and his elder brother Adrian and the next day they arrest janitor Klaus Betwixt. Now I'm mispronouncing his name because of my german accent. Clause blitzed is scheduled to be tried first and then Harry scheduled. We ve tried second, but the prosecutors and switch the dates cause they're afraid that if Klaus has tried and found not guilty than they will not be able to execute Harry. So, on January, twenty first eighteen, ninety five Harry's
I'll begins and the lawyer, William Erwin, is considered the best lawyer in the area and we what he's his strategy, as he's gonna, say that address insane, and so that basically takes up that makes his whole story non credible and that he his testimony can be used. But the judge disagrees. Saying quote: well, I don't see that he is any more insane at present time than the attorney is that's not God, damn damn. So at one point, the trial Harry is called to talk to give his account of what happened. He denies any involvement. She accuses his brother Adrian and claws blue of the ones who plant killing kitty so the prosecution they call up like a hundred and thirty six witnesses to the stand. Including Adrian Klaus and Adrian, deliver the most convincing testimonies and
the whole thing last for forty six days on the last day, Friday March, eighth, eighteen, ninety five, the jury celebrates for just under three hours, set that so that, like do even have to leave the room, or can we just say get this over with reality five days and in today's fuckin time. That's fourteen years, ladies and gentlemen, that's a spin off Pugwash of Europe by how many days in days time right three days later. Sorry, after those three hours, they come back and find Harry Heyward guilty of first degree, murder and three days later, the judge sentences him to death by hanging ocean, despite
death sentence Harry seems to be a good spirits grade under that I just wrote: psychopath psychopath. He maintains its elements who know sir you're almost there. He maintains his sentiments copies Elizabeth maintains is innocent me any he's not there. He jokes around with the reporters and in prison. Of course he's he charms his way into getting a bunch of special, permission for things, because he is the way he is and then of course tries to escape at one point. So then they catch They are ashamed that they were tracked and they put him in isolation and then on summer tenth the evening before the hanging Harry agree, is to give a full confession. So his cousin, Edward it.
Gun cell interviews him, while court stenographer takes down the transcript and basically this interview, Harry admits that and not only to the murder of Kitty gang, but also to illegal gambling, arson and three more murders so yeah, the first murder he admits to is of a twenty year old girl. He met in Pasadena California, He lord her. Oh there. It is he Lord her into secluded area of Sarah Maud Rays, which is a a national forest talking like this secluded area of Sierra Monstrous, that one corner that's away from all the other trees. What the fuck are you talking about secluded area of the Sierra Andres. He observe seven thousand dollars seven thousand witches in today's money ten, two thousand eight.
That nine hundred, it's a hundred, maybe eight thousand eyes, and, dare I say two hundred first now I mean- way back. Can he robbed, sir, of a ton of money shooter in the back of the head and berries or in the world? Ok, then, he, Robson murders consumptive near long Beach, New Jersey and takes two thousand dollars from that person from a man that man, which is fifty four thousand dollars today, that's right and dumps his dumps his body in this whose very river the third murder was of a chinese man in New York. They got to fight over a card game Harry beat him up and then get ready, and if you dont, like bad things, put your fingers in your ears, what are you doing here over the second get the fuck out to sum up and then job
the pointy leg of a chair into the man's I assets down. I share and kills that's disengaged year on the hot dies wow. So Men at midnight on December, Eleventh eighteen. Ninety five Harry is to the gallows and asked if he has any last words: he rambles on giving a flippant narcissistic Mona weapon shocker, but he does at the eleventh hour finally tell everyone that is older. Brother Adrian had nothing to do with the murder and here's a picture of him be fought right before. What's right before his hanging that real yeah
scare urban it's either real or their habits of film tests have been ass, like playing in the bio pack that we're going to make. I am sorry I don't know, have nightmare scenario, not great well might be happy now that they finally pull the lever he drops
but I wrote, but like any blowhard sociopath ignores as it did, he doesn't die right away. He hangs for ten minutes. Holiest, don't forget the Jerry thing now. His death is finally declared it to twenty five a m, and that is the hypnotic story of the many apple S. Finger right package now is great. What a deck re do we have time for you? I d like to know more about this. Twenty year old woman, with the equivalent of one hundred and eighty thousand now you all be open about over, thereby that acts of some thank you
thing. I double rules. We your excited its excited everybody thinks they have the best story, but here's a couple ways that we're gonna guy due to realise whether or not you do have the best. Let us help you first, it should be local d
leading to Minnesota, but hopefully to this area, Minneapolis or Saint Paul or the outlying regions. We love and accent. But honestly, if you come up here with some, this happened in Dallas, everyone hates your guts. I dont know like how else to convey that to people that glories, like I'm the exception to the rule, your ear it please it should be a concise story that you know all the details to that has a beginning, a middle and an end. Please, and that's not just for tonight. That's for life, real make people, listen to your work here, dumb shit out all that and then also logo.
That's it you can't be so drunk. You can't tell your own story on pointed someone whose name is sir, you don't know, gives up like a good luck. There isn't a member state's he had a great like the lights possible might not outweigh be careful. You guys sees as being a nice word. Gravity is working on an evening scary, it's yours, not nice, to meet you, Nicole, everybody in a goal girl come here. Look well! Where are you browse? They think it's on my pop. Yet
I ve been so Saint Paul rate Packers. Now hoping began cougars, I'm really! No! I know right away Gary do what do you do for a living? You honest. I met a teacher, yeah. I just I just close Highschool Musical a couple weeks ago. Are you serious, ruinous together? You gotta see does so when we were searching for a house about five years ago and a half years ago we had a real leader who was very hip like that best real iter ever ease and abandon. He has a construction coming anyway. So,
we're looking for houses, incessant policy PA and were in Como area. Everybody knows by seven point its by seven corners. Really, that's ok, so we're in that area, looking at a house that we can afford and our real it or tells us there's this house near by that's like a hundred fifty thousand dollars less you're, getting excited ass, much like a hundred, fifty thousand others less. It's a craftsman bungalow with all the woodwork. It's what we want right. We can't afford the taxes but we're in the area, so we say effort and go over their greater yeah. Ok, so so we go in the house and its gorgeous right away. But I turned to my husband- and I say to him: someone's weird and usually a person who would ever vocalize that so
We're looking around our son is with us. He was four or three for at the time and he's running around the house. You know, like kids duties in the bath been opened on the stairs and may I be thriller, says: hey guys, can you come in the kitchen for a second I hadn't been in the kitchen yet and so there's Sticker Blake left. Others, have stickers on the cabin on the euro and none of the hardware is there is a beautiful, like farmhouse kitchen and as Ngos is amazing, but wires other hardware guy, and why do I feel creepy? And so our real letters has come and look at this and he's got the disclosures, and he says I've been doing this for fifteen years
and I have never seen this and we have also been joking about wake. What if we see? How is that we pull up the turbid to see the woods near the bloodstained, and we were very excited about the possibility of that happening to be sure, and so he shows that's the page in the number one disclosure says court, unquote, house is the four. Is the of a former crime. That's And he's like I've, never I've never seen this in the same Minnesota. You do not have to disclose. As far as I know that it's a murder, how so they do, and so This is super weird. We go to the garage or poking around in the garage and our kids like up in the lofting. Unlike most falls down, I'm like ok, we gotta get out of this joint, so we leave and, of course we get in the car
first thing I do go, and so my husband liquor you seriously doing then I'm picking yeah. Yes, I am like my dream. Come true slash my night near come true, and so it's both and it turns out. So there is this they send couple about this house had a little boy. Eighteen month on boy, the husband was kind of a narrow do well, he D been in prison prior, had a drinking problem, but had kicked it when he met the love of his life. She was a young target executive, shut out target up and coming very popular in the company, and everybody knew her and so one day who actually on New year's Eve he had done to their parents house. He had stolen a handgun the closet and it turns out. He had kind of had enough of his wife. Get an item about drinking. She had found. A bottle of vodka
their car after they got back from church. You know, and he decided that was the night. I think it was January six, two thousand thirteen yeah January six though, but sorry ends so he had come home shot in the head, while the eighteen year old was in bed eighteen month, all months, not year olds, yes got it. That would be you and I dont know I never did find out if you left the kid at home, where, if you took em with to go to the hardware store to get the supplies So he came home and in the bathtub, where my child was playing dismembered, her body, this guy's name and only want to say it, but his name was Fuckin Stephen Stephen Johnson and I think her name was like Mina or minor anyway. So
he puts her in tow. It's an instincts are in the garage where we hang out for a while. You re so couple days goes by go by and he owed he had gone in parked her car at the car park, where de parked every day and then he centre of attacks to throw off the case just so gross ripe, and he called her mom like chatted, whither and staff. So yeah
though. Eventually he calls one of his buddies from prison who lives in white, bear Lake all beers swayed. We only have twenty more minute. I got some new store in your garage you mind. If I do that, so he figures out what it is and he does the right thing. He was on parole and called the police, and, as far as I know, he's down and so on are still several like those states actually and don't get in the tub pleaded not by the house. We couldn't for the tax is Michael, all everyone, every body. Do you want that? Second, we're giving you can take it take care that our foreign for us love em, like we loved, we would have taken him home we'd have to buy an extra ticket. The artist, that's crazy! You guys when her and my bladder are right and thank you so much. That was an amazing using show. You guys are a great great crowd. Just saying I was saying demands, because I love jinx sing shit, how fucking incredible and easy and like a like. Well, this tour has gone and how lucky we are that, like it's, been fuckin cool and it's all because you guys are here for us and supporters and sell out fuckin theorist. So we have to do another night. Our minds are blown and its it so often because when we do get to meet people after like every person that comes up is somebody that we feel like we know, and we would hang out with its we're all big saving. Him did so the binding a Larry As- and it's such a great feeling in such a beautiful thing, to see two to warrant. You guys build this community and connect with each other and support each other and we get the wooden gretta war. You guys are the ones that are doing and we will never ever be able to. Thank you enough. So thank you. So so my and enforce please say saved and do that's missions hours inform us, but more than that stay sexy and
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