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219 - Small Pillow To Scream In

2020-04-23 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover PSA Flight 1771 and the Kent State massacre.

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Or it came in to be my office to cause it, though carpeted room in the house I sitting at the kitchen table and all the sudden the whole living room smelled like jasmine. Hungary's I mean the air quality is so amazing in LOS Angeles Inez. It never has been before absolute It's so beautiful I've been going on my patio, every couple days or every so often and just sitting in the sun, and that has like the highlight of my week, is just that, like twenty minutes of sun You should up that two! Thirty minutes, if you like it that much, I should go ahead I'll give yourself that get mixed up. I can work which I now I thought I'd say or feel I mean it's, the exact opposite of what you ve been saying to me for the past two years and like oil already at home and say what my cat like now, you get it, but
to be voluntary, you should have set up a first time when your manifesting, you have to be really specific to the universe they'll just tabled after the problem. That it sprang as well and there's a fuckin bird and heat of its living in the tree outside of it, my house anything. What are they get? It's trying to me when I say it turning it yeah it well stop like trying to get like whistling and making all these birds sounds all May I have not sleeping while awaiting a hold on Stephen at eight o clock servants, business should again, oh yeah, Let's see I'm here at the time we you you couldn't here at last, I might even there I heard this: how Hoddan? that little some minor yeah allow someone background. I love that people do that. It's really nice, then to play the list.
Spangled banner really loud on his found. The other night Sorry, I haven't been sleeping work, those fuckin bird, and you know I mean that's kind of that letter. The thing that symbolizes or like the audio q than its leg The morning looked at it, it added a number tweeting, but it's happening all night long. It's really eerie to hear a bird tweet all fuckin night. It doesn't sounds like the beginning of May I shall be well yet are afraid that I had this morning. I was on the on with my dad in the kitchen and at the front winds a kitchen window, some caught my eye and I look over and this gigantic grasshopper is climb, up to get onto the windowsill outside but I'm telling you that the head of the grasshopper was like the size of a dime
unlike the head alone caught my eye, man, animals are taken back their fire prominent back bigtime. This thing, I'm innocent, a picture of it. I actually caught a picture. As it was lifting its leg up to like get its and its. It looks like it's coming to fight me like through the window, its huge, the woods honestly, it was a grasshopper that was this big like chewing. Let us long it was insane like their area. Back I heard in Yosemite, like the bearers are having a second field day there like like running around in the streets and shit cause. There's though, yet a fuckin tourists, there are that's right now they had, they already are not afraid of tourists in Ireland there like kind of use terms and now they're, just like what's Kilo like now, we get to use this bench ready. You know I wanna sit on this. I discover Today, too, because I drank a ton of coffee today,
it around five o clock. I realized at last couple times you recorded cases like I don't know if I have to give- and I know it so hard to podcast alone and from home and not in the same room. I realized I had the missing ingredient. Is then coffee this entire time? I just need like for solid large, then of Starbucks, and I can podcast through anything. This is gonna, be five, our opposite everyone, I'm going to tell you. You will never leave a lot to do in there. He wakes I just when we were trying to set up you hadn't come on the zoom yet, but I am sorry I judge it. Putting to jump off, because there is a man standing in for the window, waving and Soil like now, oh hello. What's this and I say, he's waving, appointing, and so I did however, to my to the window this room and open it up because I taken on the screens off of it I open. Happen, I'm leaning out the when I'm like hi. What's your name whatever and he's
you're talking to me as low but of an accident. Is topper criminals, you know it's an old man version of the grasshopper he had. Finally, I was formed and do its final form. Nobody was like basically saying I'm your neighbor. We haven't met yet, but he's What's your name and I sent my name's Karen and many what you're still be yelled you're. So beautiful and I swear to God, I almost burst into tears and it's like I'm up and I was like first having put on make up, and so long now, like isolate ladders, a blade. Like my routes are, the great it's gonna get look like I'm going about blah blah blah, but I realized it because I'm leaning halfway out a window like we're puzzle me he I tricked him into say, match me basically, as I was like leaning out a window like so what's your mitigating and you have like grasshoppers. Like flying into your hands, you know back and snow hiding it I've been. Then suddenly, the grasshoppers on my shoulder and he's got a little top hat on level, but he actually said are you married?
and when I went to the worst may think many though batteries that you do so beautiful. Him is great. I scenario, Theo GAD, so that's my new roommate. They mean that we can only go over what's been happening and all of the things that have been happening have been direct either directly outside our door. Yeah inside the house or on the computer. I keep having these like zoom, happy hour, hangs with like will some of our friends will get together and one. I have these happy hours and there I hate them in their so awkward demanded. Getting. Base, because I'm so accountable with them and Vince to them too, and I realized I was finally able to let him know what it's like for me at a regular in person. Hang is how he feel Amazon COM, awkward and weird, and having to make we the conversation is my, three interaction, some kind of like
actually this moment that we shared girl. You finally got how uncomfortable I am in front of people now. Do you a delay or when you clap other people, clap a second later in Ramallah, like us beds, basely your Romania's wired saccharinity delay everyone's deep behind you and so irritating ere. It may Do you have any news? Any updates, any suggestions. Oh you mean talk about tv stopped, suddenly been launch error. Sure why really excited, because the people who made down Abbe have a new series on epics, it's called belgravia or belgravia, perhaps I'm not sure, but it's so fucking good. The second episode on Sunday night and it like so just for all the all the people. This is like. I don't know what what version of it
I don't know if it's Victorian England, it's early. Eighteen hundred, I'm not sure what the brackets are, but it's great outfits, its grew all the great actors, all the like great British. Period peace actors that you seen in a ton of stuff are in this in colluding task: an Grieg who actually is more of a comedy person. She was on Gipsy episodes that Matlock british writer she's yeah she's the the men from but she was also on Friday, night dinner, which is one of my favorites robber poppers series that was so funny, is the mom on Friday, night dinner and sheep as the lead person on this and with Harriet Walker, I believe her name is who is this the bad ass. Is it Harriet Walker, I'm sorry Harriet Walter Harriet Walter. Me why, if you like period gases and your end, all that kind of stuff, I love Belgravia so far, they have set up a real good this
The drama is already in we're like there's how I love a soap opera from victorian age. That's how I went down, but I loved downturn Abbe, especially the first season, so much that it was surprising to me how into it. I was. It's really well done and ITALY interesting, like the demand thanks interesting, because it's not it's stuff that were we're not as used to in our the dynamics of having a you know us valet or a footman Arab. Oh, you dont, know It's like oh Was it good times? oh, my God, the politics of the footmen act but yeah. So if, if a into that I'll was watching the Pickwick papers were seven to use BBC Series based on the Dickens of all so it's like something
it would bring in on a rainy day and make you watch in like british lit class, and when you like, against your will, I found it so delightful. That's just I guess that's like british ACT answer my background. Cut comfort sounds eleven you're gonna move their one day, but mainly higher retired at the british countryside. Oh just get my own manor house and footmen yeah, that's but then I am also I'm on the staff. Is that's really my roots? That's my best, for my people are actually from my grandmother was made for years. You can't stay the kitchen trying to hell. I'm down there like each be doing it like this might just like everyone else ass. She sat down to earth she's on earth, I would have you, I'm watching. I've been watching a period peace to bet it's nineteen forties, which is like my favorite for like sex,
nine and clothing and stuff. So it's called it's called the plot against America. I silence on Roma for that. It's our friend and murdering ozone, because on who so fucking talented and its increase its a really good show and then also randomly when owner writer is like a nineteen forties, New York, Jew and here's lay great enough yeah, then what's his name, who so incredible John deter? Oh it's just like a really good quiet show I feel like people would be were like people should be Screamin about it. Yeah I like it, that's awesome, and then I mean that the EP has been waiting till five to start drinking and good good. The little haven't small steps they are, garage, hangs and trying to keep it together. Therapy yesterday on the phone, which is like getting good and deep yeah, was I was talking about their past about. I was like all these things. We talk about. I then get
the phone and have all this time to think about and work on the floor? I know I'm in a talk to you again very soon and it's not like I can be like. Oh sorry, I didn't, I didn't read that article or whatever it's like I'm, it's all. I have to do the outer elites think about some of the stuff in face it. Why not mine, This gave me like a work. She like homework to be like with your negative thoughts when you have them right down like where came from. What are you thinking whitey? Why do you think that happened, and I I didn't I didn't want. I'm like not homework person, obviously a barely grow. But I saw him, but I wrote my dead one after our last week after the podcast of just like what how do I feel it helps, but then I got mad at myself, first feeling those things that doesn't help and then it also doesn't help that then Europe, judging it from let leg code all the way out there. Yeah array of yours, like a goddamn break, I'm going to yeah, my therapist S gave me homework to and it was like a it's
Thank you now to yourself this part of yourself, not eyesight. Pretty sure this is not going to happen. I now I know just how many scream and a pillow- and I like that's, embarrassing. Its catches maiden screaming into a pillar better than screaming into his face mine, why'd! You owe me a wine glass, get a pillow go into the garage. Make it part of garage. Hangs, ok, make it for the fun of men, who I am away Klein one end and a pillow over my face in the other. Maybe that's what you need for like social things when you finally do get to socialize again, if you, I have a small pillow, the screaming How are you I know, I know, have you seen the latest episode seasoning, sorry, one second, yeah, sorry about that girl, whose liberal just There's a pillow around with her, and I know that area, I'm in a study at too
speed trendsetter, you would issue a decent network news. Oh yeah, ok, Randy some real, quick, exactly right now, work updates for you will I mean that the big one is just that. Finally, the brand new Weird news comedy show bananas prepared this week. I was they did egg, that's real. The act Thursday, but it loses it yeah yeah, so please describe and listen to bananas during our friends, Scotty Landis incur brought dollar. They have theme. Hilarious, Kristen shawl on this week and she is so delightful hilarious. True yeah, man, it's Louise Belcher, is on their first podcast. What more do you want as a selling point to listen to this, and also its like the perfect escape hilarious, comedy people, shouting being chill just hanging about rare share laughing together, that's bomb for this, you, gotta get less after you. Listen to your whatever news. Podcast, you listen to me
up on over to bananas and see the your soul a little bit counterbalance. That counterparts reassured always counterbalance. That's our worrier therapists now and that's your homework, that's right and then the per casts are our good friend Stephen and Sarah have northerly summit as a guess this week, which I figure so ran from the simpsons from what we have at least a Simpson, and we have just had an amount, is heroes out of animal animated earth. Now now, Yardley Smith is on four small town. Dicks ray. Is that what she promotes when she does shout she's the girls of small town day. Which is an amazing park ass. If you haven't listened no great share, she has like a little sneak. P, guess that she basically built like it has occurred, Zeiner CAT Jungle, Jim. That goes all the way up. The stairs in her house is one of the most the way she describes. It is amazing. I mean kisses
it's great to listen to her voice anyway, but yeah my it was incredible. So awesome, it's just thrilling that you even a part of anything we do or honour in our world is, in our words, are nice bookings even yap she's the best arising? That's it for that. What is right there were doing highlights now, so we don't have to I added through every single thing. If you want more information about, what's going on exactly right, you can go to our website. Gee, I'm assuming, is W W w dot, exactly right, dot, com or media. Exactly right, media would now be It's exactly right! Media doctor, Yes, we don conventional, but take a look at website. I've ever seen a network website, it's fun good, great thanks. There's a video we're doing videos now of the many swords on our work my favorite murder dot com. You can check those
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vodka soda during the crash of PSA Flight, one thousand seven hundred and seventy one. So this is December seventh, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven so lax. Forty eight year old man named Re Thomson boards. Pierre say seventeen. Seventy one for San Francisco, he works and the allay Office of U S air, but he lives in timber on he's very high level. U S air man nor count north! in California. Tiburon is the super rich city? That's it it above Sausalito were inside the first city over the Golden Gate Bridge. So it's like the third city over the Golden Gate, bridge very exclusive super super fancy, it's all I mean he has the life, that's very cool. You live in outlay and then you just commute home on a guy go to Tehran. Lake awesome, okay, so that's his commuter flight. That's what he does to commute to work, so
flight seventeen. Seventy one takes off from a lax at three thirty one p m. Now this Does the flight not Pierre? they obviously, I am usually do the South West version. It takes an hour. You know the flight time is in a little over an hour, so new basically have enough time to get served, a drink, finish the drink and then hand during back and your eve landed, it's a dream. Come true. So it's It scheduled to land at source go airport at four forty, three p m, but about halfway through the flight AIR traffic control receives a distress call from first officer James, none in the cockpit they hear him say over. The radio quote: there's gunfire, are on board, were going down Holy shit. They hear commotion, they hear a bunch of other stuff than a really intense high, pitched screeching sound and then silence the minutes later. Twenty to thirty, and feet over
a small town, called Templeton, California, I've never heard of in a minor heard of it. You know where it is it's in the mountain range, that's basis these San Luis Obispo is on the way side of it. All those vineyards. Towns are on the east side of it in the latter valley, part where the where all the wine is planted and then I don't know why I'm has put all the wine has been granted in bottles on the ground and throws up a sailor, zero or sent no air. Sir lap other donor with were grassdale down by San families. This now. How does a ruthless thank you have the railways that thank you, see, evidence and I got married and symbols of a spell and then went to pass, or at least for our honeymoon isn't gorges. So this plain takes an most vertical nosedive. It was going at seven degree as seventy degree angle downward. Oh, my god
and it crashes into a rocky hillside in a cow pasture, miraculously yeah it. What it was I side just outside of town thank on the claimed. Over so fast it broke the sound barrier and when it s impacted on impact, it was about right. It the incipient and it killed all forty three souls onboard so Cbs news helicopter was the first to spot the wreckage and they allow. The authorities, and so there's a tv show. This tv show I'm about to talk about. It's called May day and it's about plane crashes. I dont know why anyone would watch it, but you should. I guess, and let us of course, martyr prayer articles of from the from the time from nineteen. Eighty seven from the early times, the wash imposed AP news and
magazine had an article about it. Ok, so there as they use video on that tv show May day based. It looks like it must be like the video from the shares department or something has its just like it's basically of far wave full screen shot where they're kind of scanning this field. That goes up into like a foot hill and it looks like somebody is just thrown a bunch of pieces of paper everywhere, just debris. Its is only laugh and it's very small, very I'll debris and v San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's office, detective bill, Womack he's voted in that video. As as saying about this crash, I quote We saw nothing that resembled an airliner we went on four hours before we heard the news reports of a missing airliner believe that we were dealing with a small airplane full of newspapers that had crashed. We son
oh pieces of the aircraft that were larger than maybe a human hand. It did not look like a passenger aircraft, so when they share when they finally found the crash site. They assumed that it was just like it's like a small plane, because the everything was so tiny and when you see this video its mind boggling that it was like a full size, Senor airplane suffer the net. Two days the investigative team digs through the rubble for evidence of what went wrong so it aside from the pet voice for quarter which all coop commuter plain Commercial planes have to record audio in case of emergency situations. They like very important pieces of evidence fragments of a Smith and Wesson Forty four. Magnum Revolver without
I find that you, it's in the video to you, see a guy with us like a stack of Japan or something air pick go like this, and it's not even the whole gun. It's just. Please visit one, the peace of the gun with trigger and the iron grip. The round part here just a word of it here: cartridge islands partridge, but essentially they find that it has six empty cartridge cases. They also find a note that was written on an air sick bag that somehow managed to survive the crash and that no red quote high ray it sort of ironical that we end up like this. I ask for some leniency for my family remember. Well, I got none and you'll get none. End quote my god.
So investigators look at that gun fragments and they fought the end of finding near the trigger. Apart a finger Tipp that stuck inside you now Thea, and then they fingerprint that fingertip and it identifies that the finger belongs to thirty five year old. Recently fired you S, air employ E David Burke, wow, yes, because that part of the the thing about when I'm sure lots people have seen that, like airplane crash sites, they go through, unlike put little flags next to each piece of debris as their cat. Like I think tat a girl rising all of it or whatever like so. Although everything they they have to search this field, and apparently I read somewhere. I don't offers verify verified, but they said that there was debris from this that, was found eight miles away,
a guy, because it crash with such force. Rather, it was just like both like just up the women, it led to the patent plain like that, would get high enough to to break the sound barrier when it crashed, which shows how much force what yes, because I think I don't know that high re twenty two thousand feet but also by my own, against what happened in it and the way it crashed, because it didn't didn't go back and forth. They didn't. There was no Polar Ireland arranging high yeah. It will just went straight, it knows dived down into the ground and exploded, ok. So let's talk about this? U S! Errand play David Burke. He was born in the UK, his passport Megan. They all the family emigrates to Rochester New York, were spot gets a job as a cab driver. So that's where he grows up with his brothers. His two brothers, who would later Dr David, as a generous person who quote always looks:
for the well being of the family. So David ends getting a job working at. U S. Air Usair will eventually be absorbed into American airlines and twenty fifteen, so that use air was around for a pretty long time. Yeah over there and Pierre say was like one of the branches of: U S Eric S, so it gets a job working for. U S, air in Russia you're in nineteen. Seventy two and he works- are for fourteen years. But in nineteen eighty six he becomes a suspect in an alleged dry. Smuggling rang that brought cocaine from Jamaica to the? U S on: U S air flights. He was never officially charged for before that alleged involvement, but he ends up putting in it transfer to LOS Angeles, just to get out of town and get away from the allegations, so he could have been completely innocent of that and just like it could have been profiling could have been anything. But here is like
get out of town. He also a girlfriend who lived in the LA area named Jaclyn Camacho, and she also work for: U S, air as a ticket agent. Oh, the move allows him to be David to be closer to her. He gets himself a three bedroom condo in long Beach and works but of terminal one and allay axe around that time. Usair acquires Pacific Southwest lines which everyone calls Piazza, which I spent my childhood watching commercials for. But now is like non existent, and anyone younger than me has no idea what it is. Just like everything else, ok. So by July, nineteen. Eighty seven things are starting to sour for David at work heat two of his co workers with less experienced the him get promoted supervisor positions over him, the customer service department. He feel she's been slighted because he's black, because these co workers or white
He blames his boss re Thompson for that, in fact he actually brings this complaint to the California State Department of Fair employment and housing that same month, but before the paperwork officially gets fired, also he changes his mind and decides not to file a formal complaint, and that's it ass. The state department hears about it, but I don't think that it's not like that means that that Painters is any less valid. I think it's like yeah. You view make that complaint and then what happens is still at that job in our resolve. Regulations. Weren't there are in place to to not get in trouble for even reporting it probably right exactly like you were going to be a whistleblower, then you're just going to lose everything you know whatever, for whatever reason he che says mind than on November fifteen nineteen. Eighty seven a hit camera catches, David stealing, sixty nine dollars from flight cocktail receipts so ray? Thomson, David,
It confronts him about and tells him U S: errors considering filing a misdemeanor charge against him. For it those charges are never filed, but forty later. On November nineteen nineteen, eighty seven rate Send fires David Burke, so in the ex following his termination David's girl for and notices that he's becoming moody and more violent on December for nineteen. Eighty seven David, our They forces Jaclyn and our six year old daughter into his car at gunpoint and I have some around for six hours, whom God need There are injured. Jaclyn does and filing report of assault with the police than on December seventh. Nineteen. Eighty seven David visits raise off in terminal wanted allay acts to beg him for his job back and re refuses he she's David out of his office, telling him to have a nice day David Liars back, I tend on having a very good day.
After he leaves raise office. David goes down as a one way. Ticket for piazza flights seventeen seventy one. It settled that same day December, seventh at three thirty one- and he knows that this is the flight that re Thompson takes to go home so even though he was fired, no, took his employer badge so on his way to the gate. He just show this credential to his former coworkers at the Sierra Gate, and they just let him go right. True, they had not been notified, they didn't know he had been fired lung and they I've never suspected that she was hiding a forty four magnum his person that he had borrowed from now former coworker they had no idea that was going on and right before he boarded the flight David CALL Jack. And leave her a voicemail- and he says Quot Jackie. This is David, I'm on my way to San Francisco flight, one thousand seven hundred and seventy one
love you. I really wish I could say more, but I do love. You said, that's them such that she ends up getting at nine o clock that night, like five hours crash, oh yeah, so basically You see, there's no survivors from this flight and from this crash and investigators have to piece together all of the events of what may have taken place that day, based on what they could hear on the voice were quarter. So this is, Most of it is like conjecture, but there it is pretty fascinating how much they can hear and like where the apparently wear them microphones or in the cabin? So they can hear a lot of stuff so based basic at some point. You know a during the flight. David takes that air sick bag. It was in at sea pack in front of him rights. The note to his body, to just fired him. Then he gets up from his seat. He drops that note to re, Thompson's lap and then goes into the bathroom.
Lastly, yeah, let's son that message and he nodded that not only gives rate? to read what the notes as it also gives. David I am sure to get the gun ready. Oh my god, So he comes out of the bathroom. Why? up to re seat fires twice the guns I heard on the audio recorder and then at that point first the sir. None calls ray because air traffic control and reports that shots had been fired Now they pick up the sound of the cockpit door, opening and flight Tom attendant Deborah Neil, tells the pilot capture. Greg. Linda mood. We have a problem, and Captain Linda Mood says: what's the problem then other gunshot is heard and that's David shooting Deborah in the back, followed by David Burke, saying I'm the problem,
oh my god I ever so. Then he I have two more times, presumably once a cat, a captain the mood and once at first officer, none and thereby either killed or badly wounded, and now this high pitched screeching sound, which they believe is caused by either one or more bullet holes in the windshield I'm, They don't call it a when shield on a plane, but that's who's gonna go where you may. I that sound install grow louder, indicating the planes rapid descent, and then another gunshot us heard something both theorize. It was David Byrne killing himself. Others think it's more likely that that was for Captain Douglas Arthur, who was, on board as a passenger, and he was p
p essays chief pilot, in LOS Angeles, oh sure he was just riding on that plane to and they believe he probably approach the cockpit to try and help stop day it and try to help the other pilots, because the piece of day cigarettes found lodged in the trigger guard. Forensics experts think that means it was alive and holding the gun at the moment of impact yeah, but it's all very either where this guy shot. Is the last sound recorded on the cv before the crash yeah so apparently front from that this clip from May day of the people that were at this sight, there is one of the guys said, having Ben won the investigators. There was no, there is no seats. There is no future large. There is no tale of the plane. There was nothing
that would indicate a plane was in this spot. That's how tiny are these pieces were crazy? How crazy and then he said that they believe the G force that they were dropping out was five thousand. I believe he said five thousand jeez. So I hope that those people were unconscious by the time. I have yes, okay, so the investigation afterwards they start inner doing all the other employees, but they find no one else who had issues with Ray Thomson all of them bribed him as firm but fair, which means he was probably a great boss. He left behind his wife Dorothy. Who also worked in the airline industry as a flight attendant for american airlines. So this and crash. Forty three people died. Five a crew members. Thirty passengers, including David Byrne among these passengers in some kind of interesting fifty three year old, James Scylla was the presence of Chevron and
three other very high level, Chevron, executives, Owen, Murphy, Jaws, one camp and Alan Swans in and there was also three executives from Pack Bell on that flight, Pacific, wow or people who died in California there on board and this actually there such a massive loss of high level executives at both of these companies, it led an industry standard change where company exe kids cannot fly together at the same time and they have We found that rule. So interesting and dark and fucked up, but it it came from their from this crash it's crazy yeah and then it may be bank. As I was writing this up. I was just like at Chevron. It was like everyone at the top, so then it's like someone's weird assist, and it's like now that eyes, the president. Let who moved up to take those places- gazettes, fire you're down into lake, assist
an area of took over May, they must have gotten. Someone from examined or whatever to come over and Sir choose that laws are also passed. Because of this right. Roads to airline worker policy. The first one was that any time an airline worker is fired or leaves their job they there have to immediately hand over their security credentials. I mean seems I sands yeah Second, one is that, no matter what all airline employees, regardless of their position, are subject to the exact same security procedures as every other passengers on board if they are going to go to a flight totals makes super sense, and this is obviously you know Pre nine, eleven late there. It was such a different world fire
as if they were, they didn't found the guy em. If they had been doing screaming because there it was so lax right yeah does he put I don't it's a person of work. He worked at this company for before fifteen years, late, He was a everyone probably knew this guy, like this guy, like yeah, you know so, this is really really. Project of the forty three also died twenties some of them. Twenty three passengers and three crew members there remains could not be positively identified so They ended up having. The domination all mass grave side service in Laos, OS. Us California, another city I haven't heard of, but its that's right. It's is laid down. The mountain and kind of a little bit its closer dissemblers, Obispo and at that service rabbi, a man half who was of Congregation Beth David and in San Luis Obispo, spoke, and he said quote
psalms and words of consolation, cannot make sense of this senseless deed grief is a great teacher We learn from those who loved take that love and use to make the world better, oh yeah, and breaking the episode of oh, it's a canadian documentary series May day that deed The events of this crash of flights eighteen. Seventy one, the epoch. But his titled I'm the problem, and that is the story, of the tragedy of Pierre, say a flight, seventeen, seventy one back, that's dark, crater thank you- I never heard of that, and it was six and lost originate in LOS Angeles. That's eighty seven! I am, I know, em and is not weird. Had never heard of it. If I hadn't been collecting those Weird news, blurbs
that isn't it I knew it is because it just came up on that website of like a here's, the things that are happening, nineteen, eighty seven, but I'd I didn't remember, hearing it and I don't remember the p say crash in in San Diego itself, ya know I'm from Orange County, and I dont remember hearing about that. Yeah bananas yeah great job. Thank you! Finding the Pearl at present for mothers day is tough, especially if you don't have the luxury of celebrating mother's day together in person. But you can gift your mom, the chance to connect with loved ones through story worth I signed, might add up Marty for story worth. He loves telling stories like any good dad and I was looking at the core. Genes, are gonna, be sending him and then actually a lot of stuff. I realized I dont know about him, so I'm excited too all those answers and then put him in a beautiful book, and I can give it to my siblings and they can give it to their kids and he now it's just really lovely keepsake, and I know it
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Ok, then get ready cause. I'm about to do. They can't say ass, a o share Amy. Oh man like now each year, the NEO young yeah- oh, oh, ok! So this came about because I'm reading this book called chaos. It's a big old It's my testimony on whose this incredible investigative journalist and he spent twenty years searching, this topic and you- and I don't usually aren't really into Charles Manson and the family stories, it's like boring and it's it's just a horrible person and horrible people, but this one, Bout, Charles Manson, the CIA and the secret history of the sixty- must end. Like is vaguely, like the helter. Skelter theory is fucking bullshit and may be. Was Charles Manson fuck? It like you know, did the
B. I put him up to this to the murder. I mean it's just really really interesting. I give you this whole history of the counter. Culture and what went wrong. I kind of like the fact that these days, I feel I can in a lot of people said this. I'm deafening on the first, but it's like conspiracy theories are so justified now because lay a gap by Then, if you'd say oh Manson was hired by the FBI, the CIA or whatever. You know people are just wow. You must be totally out of your mind and now you, you're, like obviously like array one, because it's been so long and there's the freedom of Information ACT and now the inner, the people who could have been executed- are all dead, so other people are speaking are talking and in our lives. Just I don't it's. More sense to me than the helter skelter theory and its increase a book. I highly recommend it
organ just had the author tolomeo, honest podcast, and that is just a fascinating person, that's how you found out about harmonious cause, you're you're doing your usually broken head stuff. You know it. I know it's weird: why posted the book one day the next day. He was on the shore and another, so I knew a first. No, I obviously them ok and then so then, when I got an instagram message from someone name high from Melissa, saying you do the Kent State Massacre. It was kind of perfect timing in the United goes all the way to the top in a brand so I got information there from a tuna brand now, but about a brand, I'm yeah, I'm influence are and all the way to the top influence. Our assurance out this there's a documentary from PBS called the day. The sixties dies. That's really great. There's an article from the CAN state University paper by Jerry Louis and Thomas Hens, Lee opportunity.
A bunch of history, dot, com articles and then James Runner, he's a friend of the podcast and is a really great tree crime author He has some cool information about as well as men, Some interviews from historian Howard means so much. Nineteen sixty eight Nixon elected that the presidency partially on the promise of ending the increasingly unpopular Vietnam WAR by the hand, sixty is theirs. Illusion that bid Baby boomer generation they were to believe stuff like the United States was just like you know, do your parts and to be proud of the USA, but that kind of had fallen away in the numbers. Cultural revolution of the student Anti war movement and this as I mean, you think about it. Now, in its it seemed kind of normal, but that that was the first generation who kind of went against what their parents were
and for them, or forcing them to do and kind of we're thinking for themselves for the very first time and it was revolutionary and it also incensed alarm about a large em. It also sensed a large part of the population as well yeah, because you think about it, and most of people that lived in Amerika were immigrants who had to calm, unlike the end fend for themselves, oh and like if they survive to have second and third generations their family. It's because they sacrifice all that's story line and and all the sudden, these kids were one for two generations away from that kind of suffering, and they were like. Yet we are I have to do that. We don't hafta when I have to participate in this same thing: right, you don't! Guy too said we don't
stand for the status quo. We don't have to be treated this way. We can have a voice, and I think, from the their parents generation which went through world WAR two and their grandparents through world, where wine, which is that you have to be so patriotic and being anything other, is using a fuckin communist. You know like unheard of having the war, one in world war to literally you die if you didn't like get joined the wharf. If you didn't sacrificing, you didn't, do all those things right. It really was, you know it. It was real yeah. Currently so by nineteen. Seventy, the Vietnam WAR with the country and two factions, those that oppose the war, those that supported it, but and a large portion of those that opposed it are really critical of the student Anti war movement, and so in November. Nineteen sixty nine, the american public, finds out all these things like about the may lie mass occur, which is them smarter of over four hundred and armed south vietnamese civilians. By: U S, troops and ITALY
to increased opposition by the war, and then there was a month later, there's a first draft lottery since World WAR, two which fuckin makes people lose their minds that mean fairly it means people who were previously able to defer enrollment because of education are no longer exempt. So that's There's student anti war movement and well, you know it mostly blue collar middle class students who are having GO fight in Vietnam. If you're rich, your kind of eggs from it. Otherwise, yeah, and so these people are sick of seeing their child had friends their fellow students there in our brothers in killed in a war that the majority of Moroccans believe getting involved in was a mistake. So they're fucking pay then their fighting it for their lives. It feels like it's really a passionate movement, so in its first year of his presidency, it does seem that the american involvement in Vietnam is is starting to wind down and that all chain.
On April 30th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy, oh by the way. May fourth, is the fifty year anniversary of the Kent State Massacre, so on April 30th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy Nixon goes on tv and announces that us has invaded Cambodia and in fact the Terry Defence didn't even others. This was happening and tell he went onto and announced it would just so so much about him and so can vote had been neutral up into this point and so invading this. You know neutral territory is obviously an escalation of the war and enraged the Anti WAR movement and college. MRS around the country erupt in protest, and that sets the stage for the events that unfold at can state sap left the history and can state University is around thirty miles. South east of cleave landfill in miles from Akron, its small how to and now in seventeen, has about twenty thousand students, and many are first generation college students from working class families, its consider,
some a conservative university as far as politics are concerned, but it does have a history of student protests and radicalization. So on Friday may, first, the day after Nixon's announcement. There is this. Why, bread anger about invading Cambodia and Kent State wholesome smaller protests in rallies that are peaceful but then night at some. Everyone goes to like the main dragon can't, which is tiny, and so the bar. They start fuckin drinking and anarchy breaks out and the poor Hester start. You know flight and can garbage cans on fire there in the middle, the street. They the police, respond and protestors, throw rocks at them and bottles, and eventually students and you know who the fuck as it could be, people inciting violence for a reason they begin to break windows and loot stores, and eventually there more than a dozen people arrested, the crowds broken up a tear gas and the students go back to campus. You know that's what happened in Ferguson. They were, they would talk about that those Ferguson protests they were trying to be
small and all the said, there'd be like but he would show up and they would throw something. And it was like some white guy that no one knew that. No ever seen before, like that, a lot of periodic a lot can't say and Ferguson have a lot of similarities and that's one of them and the fact that you know national guardsmen with who are armed to the teeth, the fur war are sent in to civilian location. Yeah. You know it's, it's her which is now standard, fair, you exactly so the next night Saturday may second, another protest March happened on the campus. Thousands of students should join in and- some people are protesting. Cambodia and the Vietnam WAR and simply largest student watching, what's going on so that just like a big gathering,
when that students past the campus aren t, see building or to see as the reserve officers training core so when they passed that building its that building is normally guarded by police, because, obviously for people who are protesting, the Vietnam war- that's gonna, be a big hotbed by, they get there, there's no there's no guards there and eventually the set on fire, but oh thousand protesters, are celebrating the buildings destruction. Firefighters arrive as the firefighters try to contain the blaze protesters are rocks at them. They slash the hoses, so they can't you now fight the fire. As to the ground can't may Leroy Sacho declares a state of emergency and request assistant from Ohio was governor, so aims a says: fuck em conservatives, staunch dude, he's campaigning for a republican nomination to run for the U S Senate. So he can't look soft Yes, you know he Hasta really, you know come
force. He ends up dispatching the Ohio National Guard to the campus and sir funding town. He proclaimed that The protesters are the worst type of people in America and says I think, we're against the strongest well trained militant revolutionary group that has ever assembled in America so needs to seem strong on you. Now protestors who students who are who are throwing rocks, yeah, who nineteen and twenty are old students. Terrified of going to Vietnam what he should have set. Is you can't- the boys and girls. And I don't like it- that's what I already all Happies. It was a cultural revolution where people were like I'm going to see what I want to be in any and every way that I could could mean something and their establishment was just like a holy shit, the fuck is going on, so the National Guard numbers arrive and they dispersed
I'll tear gas. That's on Saturday and the next day by Sunday May. Third, nearly twelve hundred national guardsmen occupy the Kent State Campus and what we're should have happened? Was that the President of Kent State, you know did he or you know this concern governor should have shut the school down at that point, and then you know cans of classes. The weak or whatever and tell order was ordered resumed, but think but they didn't. They didn't do that and so on Monday may force. You know, because a lot of students were just like normal middle class. Kids, they go home for the weekend. They weren't in towns that wasn't a lot of the people who had I've done, these Demonstrations have been even know what was going on, that gets. A school they're gonna classes its normal so Monday morning, morality, scheduled crowd begins to gather you know and by noon. The entire commons area contains almost three thousand people, but its estimated the a fraction of them are actually like the core hard corridor
the strangers and thereupon, I think at this point the presence of the guard on campus. It's not even about Cambodia as much anymore, but there There is a strong anti war sentiment. Of course, another large group of students are their cheering in support of those demonstrators they're, not even in our part of the pact, but there supporting them and then indeed fifteen hundred people are students just standing around the perimeter of the commons, because so stolen session that day, just I think so cross the commons at the burned out. Aren't you see? Building those but a hundred Ohio, national guardsmen, carrying Lethal M one military rifles and surely the rat it's pretty peaceful, but before noon. Ohio national Guard, general Robber Canterbury orders the demonstrators to disperse assent. D. You know Kent State police officers. Are there they're trying to get them to disperse it doesn't work. Protest
start throwing rocks and yelling insults and because it's a super windy listener living with a gorgeous day. One of the first ones of spring the city. So it's just really eerie to have this going on then, but because there was some when the tear gas canister, as they were, lobbying weren't working so couldn't disperse the crowd, the protesters s essentially the protesters go up the steep Helen. You can see alleys incredible photos from the day they did go down this hill and the guardsmen follow and essentially get kind of blocked in by this gate, that surrounding a practice football field. So they a small portion fire directly. And ass they arrive at the top of the hill and its from It just seems out of fucking nowhere. Twenty eight of the guard. And turn around back to the crowd. There retreating. They turn around back to the crowd and begin to fire their rifles and pistols and there's photos of it. It's it's fuckin airy,
guardsman fire into the air or the ground, but a small portion fire directly into the crowd, and the shooting last for thirteen seconds, which seems, but the long fuckin tying ray it's I know that's a long time. That's a long time has one shot, a second leg: not even not even a second round so and there The fire up sixty seven rounds and thus thirteen second, because they have military. What's a club, because they military grade weapons, I witness accounts from students and faculty, show that people thought that they were firecrackers it. There are shooting blanks, but instead for Students are killed and nine others are wounded. I was paralyzed from the waist down, so twenty or just Miller who were transferred to Kent State for months earlier he shot directly. His mouth from here.
Two hundred and sixty five feet away. So that's not a threat to anyone. The bullet exits the back of his skull and he's killed instantly and he's the one. In that light. Heart wrenching photo the arrow bending down. That's him and she's coming right. Let's go What about her? near by his friend and fellow activists. Nineteen year old, honour student, Alison Kraus she's, shot three times in the back as they're trying to run away the fatal shot enter through her left arm and travels to her chest, killing her both to students had actively involved in the demonstration, but the the two fatalities, both shouted sense of about three hundred ninety feet away whereby standards on their way to class twenty year old Sandy sure who was walking with whenever speech and hearing therapy students across the green got through the neck and dies of blood loss and will
Schroeder his nineteen and attending Kent State on an hour, ROTC Tc scholarship he's walking between classes when he's hit in the chest. The bullet enters his back and shatters a rib and he dies almost an hour later at a local hospital and so one whenever the National Guard, only one of them and to sleep, aiming at a specific person and that person's eighteen demonstrator named Joseph Louis, because as they please their guns at them. He flipped them off, not now Obviously that is their actual. What's in the guns is the closest victim of the shooting. He was a false. See feet away, so that was the closest person, which obviously is not a threat right. So that the Darwin and now one the National Guard was threatened. They worse at least sixty feet to three hundred and second indy feet away. That's not a threat, and also none of those people had weapons.
Ass, much ass, you can talk about vibes or you know, like a group but people are whatever I just like that- doesn't really hold up the people who are standing there machine nuns or whatever these, whatever guns they had right, and it's I mean the more reading. I did the less I wanted. I can't you can't blame the National Guard completely either they were put in this impossible situation that people who are higher up than them, should have handled. Yet they shouldn't even put in that situation right. You know, and they are also nineteen twenty year old kids who don't have experience so you know and there they do feels threatened because they don't have the proper training to know what to do. In a situation like that yeah and their there feeling its lake only takes one when there's one side a bunch of guns and without
you see, you see an actual resolve the time. Whatever words like hold that hold your fire moment, we rightly one person to fire and then other people start because they think that actually doing it's one fearful, person who shoots the first or second, maybe there's one guy, and there is absolutely piece of shit and starts firing and there save them shoot as well, and so in a sorry he's, just as a completely uneducated outsider, whose red no books and debt, and only knows about this from watching USA in the sixties, types of documentaries, yeah, much as the National Guard can say, and that, obviously, what official statements usually sound like that they Vienna threatened, they feel threatened nets. On sixty feet, away might run toward them like eat, no matter what their as students for on arms like there now there are no excuse, that's not it. Just doesn't hold water anyway, doesn't know
absolutely right it. It doesn't. That's not an excuse because threatened, as you feel, that's why you have the gun in your hand, so right, you're actually can't feel too threatened. First, who doesn't also have a gun cause. They can't kill you You can't kill them right we're not going to overpower you. Take your gun, yeah, it's just, but this guy Joseph Louis later says it's. He had been a relatively passive participant up into this point, but He sees the military threat violence. Against the students, it pisses him off so much the audacity he personal work works through high school to save enough money for one year of college, and now these men, taking over his campus and he's so pissed off that he flips them off, and this guardsmen Larry Schaefer Raises- is M one and shoots look Joseph Louis in the stomach and after he clearly the right, because this area that shut the second shot, the guy flipping people ass. You could now be right.
People were shot in the back and who were people, it seems like people were targeted. The people who were actually actively protestors, yeah somehow got shot from three hundred feet away, clearly clear light: we because this outlet shut the second shot, the guy flipping people off. Could be be right off the first shot, second shot? What's the value of the lake, give you shut when, in the stomach it's a body Riah, like total air, the shoot to kill. You shoot someone stomach in the chaos that follows the shooting the guard returns to the commons and there s a full riot is threatening to break out this hasn't fuckin de escalated. Yet, but, thank God, the Father, guilty marshalls led by gland Frank ideology, professor truly, I mean they're the heroes of that day. They succeed
silly, persuade suit students not to endanger their lives by taking on the guard, because all these students are fucking peasant, a network to be out, they see there I'll. Have students bleed from the head. So I looked at our my favorite murder, email and Laura are her mom? Was there that day and she wrote to Laura to us and said that her mom said, thank God for the professors you stepped in He says putting themselves in danger and to try to de escalate the situation there. I was saying they would shoot again if everyone did not immediately get inside, so the professors were out there with ball horns and you can hear the recordings of them yelling and they sound like they're about Two fucking cry: they're just shoving students into whatever building. They could keep them out to keep them out of harm's way like just trying to get them to disperse he says my mom was ushered into a random dorm and assigned a random room with a few other girls in order to stand the room until further notice, and then she says Wednesday
shooting scene was cleared. They told all the students they had two hours to get their shit and leave campus indefinitely well and then, if you weren't gone within the allotted two hours, you would officially be under martial law, Sir then, I'm then university. President Robert White Orders University closed and remains closed for six weeks, so photographs of the dead are distributed and all these powerful photos are distributed. Newspapers, all over the World Newsweek reports that a story and article headline, my god, they're killing us the cover features a photo of fourteen year old, runaway Mary Ann Pacheco she's, the one who screaming in anguish, kneeling our Jeff Miller's dead body, the photographs taken by Kent State Phone, a photo journalism, student, John FILA. He wins a Fuckin Pulitzer Prize and that for that photo and it becomes the most like enduring image of the of Kent State and also of the Vietnam WAR, like one of the most last
the images of the The task and the following weeks over four hundred colleges and high schools and form lean. Students across the country led strikes and demonstrations against the shooting and the Cambodia invasion at the university was Madison a campus known for radicalism, there's twenty fire bombings, there's miller activism, I mean people are just fucking losing their ship people who weren't involved before students are now just protesting. This and Lot of the colleges are cancelled for the rest of the year, etc, so Nixon and his administrations, public reaction to the shootings are proceed as callous Nixon says quite when descent turns to violence at an its tragedy, essentially don't descent and there, be fucking violence out what he sang right, no matter what's happening in your country, don't just or like I could kill you, and then this tragedy. So great job is not you just now.
Five years after the shooting, a hundred thousand people demonstrate in Washington DC it the size of the strike, which is pretty peaceful. It stirs Nixon, so Nixon. I mean document area. But he goes out to the Lincoln Memorial TIM and meets with student protesters and acknowledges them as citizens and not bombs, which he had called them before the shooting and he kind of is I understand your concerns and kind of validates them, which is shocking and on May fourteenth and a much less publicized event. Another on campus shooting results in the death of two students and the wood of twelve others, it's a Jackson State University in Mississippi this time enforcement officers fire more than a hundred fifty rounds in thirty seconds into a woman's dormitory. While the students, because the students were protesting, they went in there they shot a hundred. Fifty
in thirty seconds holy shit. Why haven't you heard about it? It was I lack university, that's rabies that right or who yet and the students who were killed or black. So, of course event is largely ignored by the media, but it's also on to note that the surge in anti war sentiment leads to a rise of pro war supporters, known as the silent majority. These p who were the silent majority in we're? Just kind of you know not super political living their lives. Now they want to show support of the? U S, and and up handing Nixon, a landslide victory in the nineteen. Seventy. Do president presidential election essentially cause these people who were somewhat conservative, but not totally. A lot of them are Democrats who are the interest in politics to rally to show their disdain. They were almost voting for Nixon too to show their disdain for the Anti war movement you now Yahoo might not again voted so coursers alleys, investigatory commissions in court trials that follow that I want an end to and that they are
an answer whether the National Guard was under sufficient threat to use force and they they testify that they felt the need to discharge their weapons because they feared for their life, and raises civil suit by the injured Kent state students and their families, and a settlement was reached and nineteen, seventy nine and the National Guard up Ohio agreed to pay those injured in the events Six hundred and seventy five thousand dollars, which is like, I think, five million or something in today's money. Our November nineteen. Seventy four eight former guardsman are acquitted of violating the civil rights of the students by a U s: district court, so their acquitted, as the silent majority was nor is on that court. Diane The anti war protests draw to an end when Nixon begins to withdraw the. U S, soldiers from Vietnam, nineteen. Seventy three basically ends the: U S: involvement in the Vietnam WAR, but the Kent State Shoe
as continue to reverberate through society and culture because to people who were at can state that day to art students mark mothers by an endemic assail. They re. Act to their friend, like they were friends with some of the people who were killed and they feel their ban diva now Dave out the band, philosophy is that mankind has hit a wall in evolution and is now evolving in reverse high devolution. Really about me, the evolution they couldn't have been more right. I mean it's still grappling Derek assail. Debo has been quoted as saying all I can tell you is that it completely and utterly changed my life. I was away hippy boy, and then I saw exit ones from M one rifles out of the backs of two people I knew I would I have started the idea of data unless, as happened and Chrissy Hind was also there of the pretender Liu Syrian went to school yeah. She was there that is while she went to school, can stay low and was
this with some of the murdered students. I now though every year since nineteen, seventy one on the anniversary of the shooting, it's been commemorated with a candidate procession around the campus and an all night visual, the sites or the students fell and in January twenty seventeen, the site of the shooting on can say campus is declared a national historic landmark so this year on May force it would have been the fiftieth anniversary of the shootings they would have. They were going to have this whole speech and ceremonies and all the shed and then covered nineteen came around. So it's not gonna happen. Some of the survivors, we're gonna, speak historian. John Fitzgerald, O Hara says that the Kent State Massacre became a source of public trauma. Came to symbolise the fracturing of the social body and the brakes of democracy and the is the murder of Jeffrey Miller, Allison, Kraus, William Schroeder and Sandra Sure, a K. A the Kent State Massacre. Wow have fucked up is that
How do we not know more about this? For you know, it's like a paragraph in our history. Books high school, and that it will, I mean I think, yeah is also the kind of thing worst. It's the sixties, worse, a bizarre time that, like when, like young people. These days is just like we're so far away from it that it's, it's all been boiled down to lake peace, love and like you know Madam genes or whatever, when I was all you know that for young people that were like yeah. It shouldn't be like this and you can't just ship us off. You can't shippers off when, like half the will your shipping off dont have voting rights or energy? I like that kind of shit like this of Muhammad Ali stood up. For I mean it is just like people finally got to start saying: yeah you don't just get to sacrifice me right: get to have a say in my life in my country's life in you know,
in the decisions that are being made that affect us specifically, not you know these people in the White House or their sons. It's fucking us that are going to work for this. None of us cut the owner Nathaniel, genocides, now exact I highly recommend reading this book. Chaos. If you want to know more about I guess that's why I've had like a hard time has passed. A couple weeks is that I mean everything is fine. Then nothing Israel and we ve been lied to fuckin decades and it's real. Shelly yeah, we're gonna lose you over to some collins. After this we're looking just to have a little higher Harold Ryan, some areas are listening to banana. Bad knowingly, Michael's in helping mandates the it's funny, because you're right, it's like this is the time we're alive all this time. I can finally read these books. I should read this like right eye the same feeling you do is, I should know Yes, and I should get into this and we should maybe in the fall-
I want some time right now or at least the chaos it's like. I started watching the leftovers right right as like. They were talking about yell this list. The greatest soul. Starting and I was like. I think this is a good idea for me. Now, a terrible I didn't know what I mean. You don't have any sleep till at night station eleven. You know that fuckin post upon the lipstick story. Where there's a big flew called the Georgia flew that hits the end just fuckin decimate the world, and now people live off the grid, and no, I haven't heard of this at all. What chance, when it's, the Ets consultation eleven by by female writer? Yeah? Yes, Sorry, you Brad, I think you and I talked about it. I haven't read it, someone recommended it's me cause. They said it's like this is like she predict. It happening in the a
years ago, night in twenty fifteen, it is in a Gore Erna. It came up twenty fourteen, it's a gorgeous book station eleven by Emily, Saint John Mandel. I love it. It's not it's not for this. Of heart right now, but by it and put it on your bookshelf business. It's a Chris of Fun Christmas book factually exactly I just tine interrelated. I favour a box re reality or a year. It's unbelievable. It honours let's incredible bia Rita. While that was great and I'm here, I'm glad you know those details of I did, I know they actually burned down the aisle ROTC Building IDA. I added that wasn't anything that I knew I mean I don't I only know it was the very basics of the amount of like hell. The fact that the National Guard just turned and started shooting it at unarmed students. I mean it's just like the turned part really got to me too, because it could, I just kept walking
you are not being you're not being what's the word, pursued, curbing well threatened. They were What's it called when you get into a corner, they weren't cornered there they were now. It's got, leave it ever they weren't being cornered, they could have kept walking. They were about to go over a hill so that we know the canisters a tear gas at the protesters. We're throwing back at them wouldn't have hit that and they turned and started shooting, because that comes in that's like ego and pride, its lake. I'm sorry if I become a full on not so Buddhist but Lake its. We have to solve the problems in ourselves so that we can solve the problems in the world because that's those things start is, is p but with power whether that means you have the gun or you're the you know the person that has the most money or you're the person with the voice when those people can't
relate anymore or dont want to relate as human beings to the people that they are, that are Dora them down unchecked goes knots, and it's like the idea that somebody on in a campus and open campus with tons of people like whoever you are mad at you know for a fact. If you are trained with guns, you know for a fact that shit in toward the person. You are mad at met. You are also shooting toward twenty people who are totally innocent and not in road, and you knew. That is a fact, and you did it anyway, cause you're pissed, because these people, were insulting you and your lifestyle. What you ve decided was important, like it's all personal shit, it's per its. Is handled personal shit, car, eleven drink coffee Sarka makes sense, is so I'd like that I like it. I guess I don't. Obviously I'm not. I dont know anything historical. I dont know how most things work, but little shit like, but I do understand human.
Failure and sail because we vote on it. We ve all A thing where we take a thing personally that actually has nothing to do with us and we interest. The inner jacked ourselves incorrectly and then we We become the ranch we re at a fuckin. We, yes and then we make it a thing that it doesn't need to be because we want that, like we want Rachel, its righteous indignation or its superiority, it's that cast up that's deadly its deadly to us, it deadly to other people, apps absolute power, Gaffer Arap. Sadly mother fucker earlier by resided. Also I have devoured album everyone. They're fucking, incredible my browsers aspires. Tired, Stephen, must show on the show I care you didn't even hear it. I don't give a shit. That's part about this. Is your meaning? You guys, Stephen?
background. Is that that cartoon panel, with a dog sitting at the table, with the room on very fires, saying it's fine citizens line sitting in an cartoon burning room. Then, does when I said he was fired. He just dropped his hands his, is India, like not targets even inside the power writings by the power. But where the power, even like bases, the eleventh time you fired me on air, please stop. It as I was sure we do, let's stuffing ravish fuck out of this, we need an ok we're going to read you you're fucking, her eyes. If you want to contribute, I get them off of instant ram. When people respond to the authority like this week's episodes Post, you get them off twit.
We get them off Twitter, Instagram and then, of course, in a fan colt, if you post them were J, pulls them down off of that too. So anyway, you feel like doing it. We we will find them my hashtag fucking hurry. Does that mean My boyfriend had our six month anniversary yesterday over face time. Oh, this is from Kells see ninety five and we each frank and chilled out for two and a half hours for me, it's a big. Because he's only my second ever relationship, I'm twenty four years old. I first relationship was incredibly emotionally, manipulative and abusive and left me with so much baggage that I ve spent the last for years working through, but I feel like I'm. Finally, turning to trust again and I'm so happy with my boyfriend now fucking hooray for healing and healthy relationship with a person who genuinely loves me messy and a man is awesome. Congratulations, love! That's the dream right! There's who later this mass shy
that's a big man? Sarah demands for me too. He wasn't me in his own way: ass lovely. Let's see this one's from Amanda. Her her handle is abnormal Amanda. Ireland is about I'll come Amanda this as a one fucking hooray. As my friends Mon who accident we started a non during this pandemic. It's called invisible hands and its of I won T grocery delivery service for elderly and in immunity. Compromise people who can't leave their homes in new the work in New Jersey. She started it with a few friends. Just to help out, and she now has all caps oceans of volunteers, servicing, New York in New Jersey, she's, been doing it twenty four hours a day every day for the past month and then
eat. Her organization is filling in. This area is truly incredible. Thanks for listening, ass, Sd Gm huh We should also my own got a bad ass. She rules and tears, I mean loading and my eye with a view to helping hands its. Invisible, hands, it's a nonprofit and clearly takes volunteers, and it has How was I mean? Vavasor unite apart. People want to help each other people love each other. Do not I am to everything that get shown on the news of people. Eating each other and screaming at each other. In fighting things. The majority of this country has coalesced in the most magnet. Magnificent way, and that does get on the news, because people aren't that doesn't scare anybody doesn't get. Does take up ratings when you show a bunch of people going yet thousands of people are volunteering for invisible hands, may so fuckin trail at sofa
sure it's so true. So congratulations out of all that. So kick ass. You guys are awesome invisible hand of autumn on this. From Jordan, fine th! I know how much I e g h, my comrade I or my Falkiner wraye, is that after a couple years of infertility struggles, I gave birth to our first baby. I was worried to have a baby during this weird time. For many reasons, I that's the first thing I thought of as people who are pregnant right now. That's gotta be Roscoe scary, but into shout out the maternity nurses at Ultimate Hospital in Canton Ohio, hailing era, girls, you're doing at big time. I know that this is an incredibly hard time to be in the health care industry, but they all made me and my husband feel so welcome and so well taking care of during a scary time of not only birth, but
bring a pandemic such as this. We will forever be grateful for their support, knowledge, courage and encouragement to bring our little girl into the world and help us feel confident to take care of her ah say said: the name of the hospital again its ultimate, a: U Welty, Oatman Hospital in Cannes in Ohio, a U L, p M, Yeah, sorry, ultimate amazing job everybody, it aldermen hospital maternity, Ward, Nicky whenever wherever you were. Thank you much for showing up at work every day and putting our lay on the line for everybody else, I appreciate that we really do and have others again. It is right as nurses, but have started showing up at those protests to counter protest. Major show up with their arms Croston Scrubbs stand in the middle of its one. Now yet again, at the kind of thing that they, like you, see the pictures of it here and there on the internet, but like they're not cover they should be covering that of just like care workers that are going down to say. Oh there,
so they did today. A bunch of health care work. Stood at. Capital, I can't remember if it wasn't for the White House or where and just read Austin. Aims of healthcare workers who died because of how a virus on the job just reading them out loud cause. It's like you think this is fake, you're, trying to tell people fake here's, the p who have died, nobody's having a fuck blast during this time, and so you do we just there's like rules and regulations and we need a just fucking sit back and let people who were good at their jobs and who know what they're doing handle it and stopping little brats about out there like there was something about forget ticket,
the coalition with the roots limiting Robinson to broaden this is when I start buying my hollowing decoration. You don't mean that wasn't by hollowly declarations. I must a watch fucking. I left him. He was how my or to show call we ve been right, airily, no, no, the other one. He has more like a schedule. I think you should leave. That's you, let's call please. Detroit earlier today, with the ok, all Timmerman Syn, so it says who shout out of finnish loud around him into the healthcare workers. That's not rude or disrespectful hold, please ok. I got check this out This is from Captain Karen with an eye. An hundred days ago I was dope sick for the last time nine hundred days ago. I could only focus on getting through the next second and then the next, but those second, turned in the minutes turn,
in two hours turned into days turned into months turned into years. My life didn't come perfect moment I became sober. I have always been depression and melancholy, and I still am but no matter what happens today. I know I steel cheat or lie in order to get high and at the end of each day, no matter how shitty lad is always a fucking hurry. Now, an hundred days sober whole, yet can gradually one as these are giving me Charles. That is incredible. It's beautiful it's and it's a whole new life. Congratulations can care an amazing good jobs, and I'm just am amazed. Yeah, I'm really impressive. My last on this is called. This is from ramble, rose dot seo I'm a watercolor power artist and since being in quarantine, Ivan Painting greeting card writing, uplifting notes and sending them a nursing homes to be.
Strip unanimous amongst the elderly, who are possible the most lonely ones out there right now, often with no family or friends, and definitely no one allowed to visit them. It might only be a small act, but its bringing me joy to hopefully sound a little joy to those older people who are so lonely and it's a win win because painting is there a product for me bringing me a sense of accomplishment, enjoy it if these cards and know that they are being put to use. We have to member during this time. That, although being quote productive, is wonderful. We also to be kind of ourselves and do all we can to handle our own emotions with care, whether that's Lange on the couch for ten hours are becoming next Einstein its whatever makes you happy com centred and, of course, sexy genius. That's very lovely and learn about me. I ll ever having a craft and like use, wait for recording
I wish I had a crap and I could send out to the world and make people out there, maybe if this involved a little more wool you'd seen as this is literally your craft does not back in running my stupid MAO most sailor round yet too bad you get to Campi that stupid. Here's, mine, and this is nuts, because Avalon Monroe assented to us and I just need a preface this one by saying my friend and friend of the broadcasts guy behind some months ago, recommended told texted me and was like you have to watch the bonnet petite cooking videos. That's the Bonobo Cheat TEST Kitchen Youtube Channel. Anyway, I am Stephen seems to like it sneezing eyes literally been bending this. For the last time I was watching it before we recorded today. I'm obsess oh, my god I have to. I am completely of says now. Here's the so but but but I do want to.
This is because the reason I pick this is because this just happened: basely guy, They asked me to start watching this six ago. I can't ever do anything. Anyone tells me- and we all know like three days ago I was like it was like nap at five, a m of wandering in my house. Like a weird ghost, I was like a wait. A second I know make me feel better. I click on to this I just go on a randomly, and I'm like that. I q and I started watching Brad Leon. I assume you pronounce. Name. That way explained but to make Posada, which is a food at last with sure he is my full on boyfriend. He is also made this amazing dish so quickly and easily and he's one of the most compelling people. I've ever seen on tv, You too it was. I was immediately hooked. I immediately text guy and, unlike I finally did it, I man die. Then
Send me an email, basically as syllabus saying, watch these videos in this order and then get back to me like us, and it's a full thing, I well for sure, and then he actually today, tweeted about it sang I Karen this email, and then I sent it to this other Karen. What other Karen's need to know about the bon appetit test kitchen and then I, as I'm scrolling through the fucking arrays cures, this one, I'm Avalon Monroe, hello, oh, been struggling with insomnia even before this whole banter pandemic. Bs started, and now it's even worse, considering I'm moving less and my sleep schedule is pretty much and in the drain I've been listened to a lot of Emma Van and I'm running out of episodes to binge and all Watch videos from the bun appetite test kitchen. I love love, love all the videos and the serious they make its super calming and relaxing and generally sends me right to sleep when I'm not glued to the screen as they temper chocolate
stock or do general kitchen things. I feel like I'm living vicariously through them as they work up wonders of food and all of the chefs com. Happy Demeter's help me feel little bit better about the current situation. Thanks for being you and continuing to commit to the work you do, I appreciate he's supporting every one in the community and local businesses. You guys really are helping a lot of us through this difficult time with much of Sd Gm. Avalon Monroe in parentheses, from Toronto, not the Monroe from Boston, my that I will have to have to watch its. You can go onto the bon appetit test, Kitchen, Youtube, Channel click on any video. You start to get to know. There's about six chefs that are in their telling you here's a recipe, here's how we make it hears it We make it easy this that the other it's in there, the most every person, comes on screen. You want to be
friends with them in love. Hearing them talk there, so a cooking such a mystery to me, watching ran maize overshot. I was like I'm gonna make foreshadow. I literally was making that tomorrow I love I so many Roma tomatoes in my kitchen right now. Hopefully they don't go bad. Hopefully I do it, but it's just like it feels like it's for reason like it's too. It's gonna help something in me. I like I'm actually at learning, but then you just a door. The people there I learned how to cook. I learned how to cook from watching look on tv, yeah, Rachel RE, yeah yeah. You know about that. The channel sound, that's right I have to tell you. I have a job speaking in Vienna and your craft, that's ray, I didn't know. I I had speaking of Canada. We want to give a warm shout to the murderer, who knows, and everyone in Nova Scotia there for the tragedy that there are currently
going through yeah, there's a terrible shooting there. So we just a week what we ve heard about it from above do you guys you listeners that are that are up there in Canada and particularly in Nova, Scotia Halifax, murdering a group this, while at you guys know we're thinking about you and you're, not alone. That's right thanks for listening everyone, this there has been a real long apis. Haven't you my got again we're gonna. Do we're not busy and less warranty there said shut after. I take your to our episode that thank you will wear so ass, a blessed thing, guys, fearless and AIDS really nice to actually have something to mark time and look forward to doing, and you know, and to be doing this with you may asked for thanks for doing it with us, Stephen. Thank you for everything, Owen, happy birthday,
Stephen less. We may it was last ache. We didn't say it on the show last week has where someone halved and apologize took the day off, and I watched water world and take a nap service. Very that's what you're, the guy I took on employment. I am your neighbor. These tvs, Steventon Stevie, really happy birthday, Stevie! Please. You didn't already and other that stay sexy and don't get murdered, go hold on he's right here all I just wrap this up, Elvis you could Regarding our care, why a geiger it was, I recording it was great
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