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2020-06-04 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the life of Ida B. Wells and the Stonewall uprising.

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hey. And welcome to my favorite murder, the podcast but charade for this New America, it sure is a defining what we will do our best is this: the Old America. We read so much a backup, I million book what the fuck just started off life, it things ever going to be the same again. It's you know, I'm it's amazing and well it. There is definitely so many good parts about at Lake weak, being shown the bad parts, but the good thing is, then, were also if your look
incorrectly you're also being shown. The good part. That's right. There is grasping maiden in. We were just talking about ordinary talking about how, in the save US asked forty eight hours so much as chain so many things have happened. So much information has come over the wire. I get home information through an old teletype. Wait. We accidently just watching the wire the sultan of the wire. Mr Hager Bell slave me. It says, dress, but no there's just yeah. I mean guys I think you know better than anybody that we don't know how to talk about socio political race relational things. We didn't, go to college, as we ve said multiple times in its number one. I mean where work
the educated by social media ass as everybody is these days were all reading the same articles right looking at the same reactions so this way, moreover, or just kind of repeat back a lot of things you probably already heard, but you know or here is to acknowledge privileged away. Women who want to support and are doing reading the cannon acknowledge that we're not you don't know shit and where doing our best to no shit because so many of our listeners think fucking. I wanna know shit to yeah we're. A conversation with you guys about it or Maybe even what a lot of us are learning is that its we're conversation, we It is it and listen to people who we haven't been listening to all of our lives and start actually acknowledging the only way,
get ready. These white blind spots and a lot of us have- or this complete ignorance of other people's experience, is to stop looking about ourselves and putting ourselves in the centre of everything and instead stepped back and the observer, where you actually learn, and I think that holding happened on every one put up their black square and everyone's. You know that they intend behind that, and I believe there are the good intention of stop talking about your dumb shit and pay attention to this incredibly important move, my right, that's actually split voting in the most real, an unbelievable way right in front of us, but then that that turned into like you'd like an excuse for white people do not have to participate, re discomfort, and so I think there was a nice kind of six on that
because I think a lot of people were like got it, that's not the way you not only how lazy participating and you have to keep listening there and what you're doing is just being asked to, instead of giving your opinion or being like I'm so sad and I'm so upset, who gives a shit if you're sadder upset, let's hear from the people that this actually really effects and updated it, let's hear from the people who are constantly endanger, because lawn force is a violent with with black people and people of color. You know it felt like to me was like we're all in a boat. Ok, and the white people are running from side to side on the boat to be like, don't tip, don't have withdrawn at the side. We, after an that's I'd, we're making the boat Tipp on that. I leave what color are in the middle of the boat. Like can you guys are calm the fuck down unjust harm, the end it in the middle with us and stand here with us and stop fucking tipping the boat additionally, but you do
it's your causing the tit boat to tip the essence? It actually does, but I think what is impressive is before what would have can four four year where the running side decide to stop in the lot of arguing of like well, here's some dumb political stance and actually isn't related and doesn't make sense. Instead of any of that there's just people are learning this very quick like oops. That was a mistake and they discomfort I think this is for me personally. What I've learned in four years of doing this podcast, which is basically the the thing of this podcast is mistakes. Many way, oops sorry about that right. But what I learned is the pain of your mistaken. The shame you feel cause you made a mistaken. You got called out as privileged racist, blind, whatever it is. You should be safe thing:
for that pain, because it is nothing compared to the pain of somebody watch. Of family member get shot in front of them because they didn't they did one. They didn't do the right thing or they, whatever their just basically been profiled. It's nothing compared to the pain of being in constant fear of your life. It is just an ego personal thing: that you can absolutely get over easily area? And all you have to do is say sorry and I'm going to do better, the anti and stop talking about yourself. That's I, free as we talk about ourselves, or else this out and ministry every tweet I've put up that hasn't just been a retreat of someone said then me who knows more than me I've deleted, because I you I don't even realise how fucking self centered it sounds. Even when I'm like, but listen fuck that and I'm uh. You know and here's what I think it's like you catch. You don't realize how much it is about you, while you when you're blabbing your mouth until you
fucking, see it in your leg, shut up you idle fucking voice. In this I get to support other ways as well. Ends. The The point of social media as blabbing your mouth in bringing it about ourselves. But people making the switch people are turning it. Turning around people work, I think what I'm saying is people getting. In a real way and being like a right. It's no one wants to hear my dumb joke right now, or sometimes they do. I mean there's people being very funny and on topic in my time line into it. Well, I think I love your can meet ear. The comedic voices so necessary, new have funny biting things to say that that advance the merit is, but I think people like me, who, just like by hate Jimmy Fallon. It's like but in helping anyone else. Well, also that the I think that's like kind of the comforting, easy thing where you're like alarming to stand back and kind of like cancer
while that'll right and it's like everyone's kind of learning. Essentially, if you can Put your body out next to people of color black people who are protesting. If that's not something you can do, then you have to give money. It's pretty much! That's it! If you have an, you also have to stake your claim, because as some brilliant person put it in the one millionth tweet- that I've read over the past. You know four days whatever another, really great thing: that people who can't give money who camp and won't protest for whatever reason is to call and tweet at an just barrage. The people who are quote unquote in charge of making he's legislations of you know creating these laws that fucking just complete BT discount people who are socio economically disadvantaged and disadvantage because of a hundred and In fifty years, You know racism asked
you can do something really This really smart person said it's no longer Democrats versus Republicans, it's the only The thing it is now is Sis against antiracist people and you have to do- have to declare your side because with white people could be anything- and you So basically, you have just put up her shut up, which I think is content that is incredibly fascinating, and I also think that the movement that action people are taking, that is peaceful, quiet p, protesting that at some point the police are just like, and now we're going to tear gas yo is proof everyone's point, and it's a point that most people never had to acknowledge talk about or think about four up until this moment in history, at least in, like my generation, you would her about it. We talk about it. We would everyone's people were treated us of, like you can't be no talking about
EL term reform are talking about this document that, where I didn't, I honestly did and understand whether it be like, but want serial killers to rotten jail. That's worth thinking and they're, just like no, this overall array of united the privatisation of prisons means that the more people you imprison the more who criticise your the king businesses oh Anne and because of this system, racism throughout our country, the people who are going to prison are the people who are less, who have more advantages with money with education in out and there, into prison, and so it's it's a system. That's that's put in. That is it racist, because our country was built on the fucking backs of black people yeah and that's and now in it- and it's been, you know
Can't take one piece out of it: it's like fuckin gender, you can't take, one piece out without the rest of it falling said. The people who make money on fucking private prisons are not gonna, be ok with you know with every fought with with them with police perform they're not going to be ok with affordable housing. They're not gonna, eat out back Minos seconds not forty years ago, they're not gonna, be ok with schools, beings unsaturated, it's just its people who making so much fucking money, it's people who are grabbing money, who don't fucking mean any more money, will also somebody made that really good point to its this. What's more exciting about this period. If time this presence of it. Where there's many good intention, people who don't sell
for at the hands of police brutality and so kind of its easy. It has been easy for us to go. I don't know if it's out and put it seems like and then just basely now that we all walk around with a video recorder and our eye on our phone. Thank God our people, I mean we ve all seen it on social media people. Recording per and down on the ground with their hands zip tied behind their backs their cross. A good which is that position. That's all companies to do is put them, but you down like that and you can't move or do anything. My point is that, then, some
it goes up and kicks someone in the face when they're already down, and so that's the kind of thing where for all the people that would be very distributes. It's so uncomfortable to go! Oh, but you know these people. Meanwhile, we need the police force and all these things, all that fuckin shit gets washed away. When you see how people are treated when the cops dont like them, because they does. Is it shocking because I dont get to say any more while just don't resist arrest, they dare to say that any more because the it is not it yeah you and I we can not ensured rallied George Lloyd, did not resist arrest. He was peaceful, the entire time they have to angles on his arrests are trying to angles on his arrest. He did everything the cop says run me. Can I held out crawling away and we fear that fuckin God, fifth twenty five years ago,
Yeah we did. His name was not resisting arrest, but now it's up in your face. It's on you know social media and were the younger generation iron who who won't deny it, and it's almost like. I fuckin hate, saying this, but like the fact that were all unlock down right now and in this global pandemic, and you know it's: it's the perfect storm of people who get perfect storm of like were all it's almost like. We ve been priming for the past two and a half months too, come together and get out there and fuckin and show and and protest, while an that's what that guy the most as though, if you live in LOS Angeles, you probably saw this clip or somebody retweeted it it's incredible, because there was you know hundreds of peaceful, I would dare say, silent protesters standing outside mare, Eric our cities. How? Oh my goes, one of the most mine blowing visuals I've seen in a while, because you couldn't go
without so scarier owe their bad or whatever it was people literally standing, not moving, I'm not talking just standing in for the mayor's like see, have any without being huge crowd of people. It was really wiggans, so quiet and they super rich area that lay and then the rub. A reporter goes and finds a neighbor. So it's his wife, I standing there with a basque on total scam, jabbed Lookin, like normal guy and the second, the cliff starts. I get mad, I'm like, of course, you find this guy. That's gonna start uncomplaining how he can't drive lacks news to say, like oh you're, gonna find the most fuckin right. Well, Fox NEWS affiliate. Yes, they are just as opposed to the network Eric, but she says what do you think about all these people and what they're trying to show the way she asked the question I didn't love this man, then, in the plainest, clearest way explains why it's happening and basically says when you steal the land.
From the native people and build a country on the backs of black people and take away their freedom and abuse them and don't give them equal rights, and then you a president who let this I mean. He basically lays it out clearly indignantly let in this way where I was like. Who are you that's when you start to see that ass, the majority that that's your average person on the street that we're all kind of watching these same videos and going wholly fucking shit. We can't can't be this way anymore. I think I mean that's what I like to think I mean unless it such member, but for every one of those I see I see when I see white people rioting spray painting fuck. Stealing shit. I I get blood boils that's not sure, we're not there to do that. We are there to support. People have come stand behind them, stand in front of them when they are being attacked by the fund.
I have more suppurate or support right, there's, men people who theorized that's the idea there? Yet Egypt provocateurs there there to actually do it to make it worse and everyone? I hope, saw that video of those fuck girls that we're spray painting to further the Starbucks and I'm on my way and that woman walks up and is like what the hell you doing, gimme that and then they bitch at Her- and I was like those two girls- are not the kind of you. I know that, go to protest. They are something else, because why the fuck are you doing that, like water you're doing and then, if someone comes up goes, don't do that. You go alike. Sorry, I you know I would base. If you were of a certain mindset, you'd say sorry and they were just Basically you this isn't mass destruction this you know, there's a fucking reason that you should be there and there are things you can do to be supportive. The same thing happened in the fuckin sixties and in the 70s with the Vienna protests they'd, sent that Fuckin FBI and see- I was an ego under cover-
agents to fuck shut up that gave them any excuse to kill people at fucking again state to fucking fire rubber bullets into you know and endemic to make the in our middle conservative people hate when they saw and hate cause. It's because it's about optics by right when I his fascinating, is you cannot you can't it's very difficult want to argue with these objects when there are fifty Basically, they look like storm Cerberus standing at the Lincoln Memorial. What my visual is just like this. We are now in the disturbing in America than ever. It's been holding their breath about and that's All of this is, I mean, look and we're just again we're just talking about this off social media- we're just talking about this as it comes in and as we are reacting to it, but what's amazing, is this kind of you can feel the slow collection, of what
letting this happen here. We can't let this happen here and the rest of the world is watching as supporting it. I mean it that fucking protein. In France, where they just piled up all those free mopeds and let them with them tiger. Never again. Scooters like that. I address you. Don't like hell, yes, like, like people all over the world, agree with these protestors, agree with this action. Agree that this whole situation and the end the administration that is basically has been causing it for for years. It has to change its crazy. How, four years ago we put out I cast right after that mother fucking piece of shit God elected somehow and were scared and were afraid of what was going to happen and suddenly it's all happening at once, yet yeah. But it's This is fucking history. This is it's going to change from here, yet
a long conversation with my therapist this morning, as I do Logan men many days a week- and this is my favorite thing that she said because I was telling her. I was like we're so nervous to even talk about this, because we don't want to be wrong and we don't want to say some fucking ignorant thing you and I death. We ve yeah, like that. We ve done it in the past or you say something where you're just like. I think I'm just sharing my thoughts and then fifty people text you of like and then you're. Just let then you my first reactions always like, but I'm not wrong friend. You can't say that I'm that person or where he lay pensions are this or my intentions are that she said as such. I love do now. Fear being wrong because regret wakes, you
up to what you're not doing a right, which means you have a mind that can notice things, which means you have a mind that can change and grow amazing and that's the key so that momentary, I'm not the person I want to be, or I'm dumber than I thought I was or I'm more racist. I thought I was it's it's it's not it's! The you can track that and then do something about, and there are people who cannot and that's why they can't discuss it. There are people when you experience the rage of the people who are saying: how dare you support black lives matter? That's a person who is so afraid there so affair, they don't know how they can belong in this world and they can't change and I think, that's kind of what a lot of those sites people are saying, is how dare you may We question myself. How dare you make me take responsibility for what I've been doing getting and benefiting from it
that's the whole arguments of raising its little argument of like well, you know, I feel, like work starting to wake up of leg people. You know with the whole thing a white privilege is that isn't directed people who grew up without any hardships and their lives, you know it's not yet at its people, its as understanding that, although there were hardships and our lives being the color of their skin was never one of them and it all is- is that for people of color. I think we're finally waking up to that. An understanding like even me, being jewish, it's like what you can't tell by looking at me, so I have a fucking privilege. Hey you and that somebody, But this really amazing thing that was it being being a racist, isn't doesn't translate to anger and hatred and act in a lot of people, though I'm not racist, because that their thinking of those horrible
people in the south, when this schools were getting integrated, rightly were screaming at children that little girl that was walking and by herself to that school and they're, going I'm not that person right, but so you're not actively enraged at people of color. It doesn't mean racism, because what that means is that you have blind spots, an issues and things were you Don't understand the real world in the way that other people do and the thing were too about at the moment, because the thing that is can continue is is black. Is black people in killed by the police, because the police can kill them without any repercussions. That's all right, that's what has to change and basically, like
the authorities are going not only when we not change it. We're gonna try to kill more of you, that's why people are standing up and going none and not anymore. We can't we all watch Ferguson held our breath and hoped that that small group of of mostly black protesters, we're gonna, get it done for themselves, because no one wanted to get their hands dirty and no one wanted to take responsibility, of course. But we got you gotta we got here and now that we, I think, almost like, there's something The pandemic, that kind of cracked through everyone's kind of seeing this thing words is like oh yeah, this matters and what how were connected to each other matters, whether or not people live or die, fucking counts to me and matters yeah and black lives. Matter, lack lives matter, everlastingly manner, should we said so. We're gonna put up a bunch of media recommendations on the exactly right. Blogs are good, exactly right, dot com. If you want to get some podcast recommendation book recommendations, film tv things,
you can read that to an and supports and try to understand. You know a little better, what why your deeply rooted in our secret to you, even racist tendencies are- and it's really important to look at yourself like that and to understand why we're doing wrong so that you can try to be an ally young now one of the most kind of lake I remember this so well that when that crazy. Fuckin thing happened on our Facebook page or we would just like what head and it was. We basically have to shut it down because it was like There is a racist flare up and peep. It was so crazy and we didn't really even it was happening and when we were, I did the very stupid thing of actually trying to argue with people on Twitter for ten minutes wars like no it like. We wouldn't do that and we're not like that and where your allies and this
young girl, I'm assuming it was the person who was in their picture me going you we're not like this, where your allies and this young woman, I believe she was a young woman of color who wrote back and said you don't, to say your our allies. We decide right and that's what made me a stop, arguing and be go. Oh shit I am actually telling people suffer Agus and I dont know these detail. I should. I should know that I should know this if I do speak the language. I can't be out here telling people how it is cause. I don't fucking know I'm this and I met, and it's like and nobody wants to think there that person to fuck em back just accepted, and now the work is, how do we change There are so many lessons that to be learned right now. If we, including you and I and everyone, is listening- open their fuckin, mines and ears and twitter feed and and learn. We can all learn right now and become better fucking people, yet
at multilateral level, to help help, because, yes, yes and and in the meantime, if you can give money, give money and, if not theirs, I retreated several, and I know there are so many guides out there. For people who, if you can't protest, Heres a list of things you can do if you dont have money Heres a list of things you can do. I get so exciting that those kinds of Sir being made for people and the shadow lack onto a bookstores restaurants. Yet it in your area where you can support black on businesses and people of color on business, as is really important. Yeah you don't kind of frustration or whatever you are feeling you don't have to fold in on yourself and collapse because you're having negative feelings, you take those negative feelings. You interpret as energy that needs to be put towards some one who need your help and then go help, and you know why, because fucking capitalism has been
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So today I M going to tell you about it really powerful amazing that swimmin name be wells. Great she was an investigative journalist an educator and one of the founders of the end of a c p. Nice and she's incredible. I got a lot of information from a bunch of different. Really great pod casts answer right, these down ones, a brave space with Doktor Meeks. That's Emmi e K S upon Cast cod black. Three in two minutes hosted by Henry Louis Gates: Junior podcast. The humanity archive by Germane, Fowler and Applaud casket This is Karen Hunter. It's really their past, and in this episode that I'd be well. She talks to doktor Grand car and it's just a really great, listen awesome. Main sailors are really funny stand. A comic also owe it to get past
and then I got articles from the Chicago Tribune and assigned the Washington Post by Quichua and Blaine, usually Grey quick video on Youtube, it's like the TED talks, educate our sights TED Ed and it's it's animated and its main by Christina M Guerriere and its great it's great to show to kids. I really love it, an article on biography, dot, com and Wikipedia, of course, and there's just tons of articles and tons of books about either be wells, go into her incredible life way better than I'm about to do, but let hard no catch up but given, is there so much, there's so much great stuff out there right? Let's way better than anything, we add Sonya Languedoc. Everyone knows ladder little taste and then then go dive, deepen, and then this is the cliffs notes with a sponsor like lift notes,
Cliff, snouts melt, never even tried to use. That is very little. I cared about homework. I wouldn't even know the cliff now it's all. I remember. People passing class notes if you're young closeness Basically, it you're supposed to read Silas Minor, but you could get a real thin book and just Reallowance Alice Notes, Ria, yellow with the black enormous look like I'm pleased police line do not cross Taylor and and basically just summed up the look it's themes and all the stuff that you're gonna get answers. I didn't have the internet to noise, their wives lies with the ethical Wikipedia is the cliff doubts of. The inner edge right. Yes, Shin, ok, seventh, like ass, if the guy, if the
The guy that sat in the back row wrote cliffs notes. If cliff was in your class. I cause that's like a video of what you could do it too. You can write cliffs Wikipedia it's out of your eye with right. Ok, so IDA Bell Wells was born and Holly Springs Mississippi. On July, sixteenth, eighteen sixty two she's first of six children to James and Lizzie Wells, IDA, born into slavery, but and in other wells family as as well as the rest of the slaves in the confederate states. When the Emancipation proclamation was declared about six months after I'd as birth, Whilst family were decreed free and that's on January, first eighteen sixty three, so oh after emancipation, Idas parents were super active in the reconstruction movement, her other James became a trusty of the historically black liberal Arts College Shaw College, which is now rest college. In Holly rollings hot seven,
The college sorry rest college. Are you Estonia? He was known for his involvement in politics, as was her mother. They were both really, you know active in politics. Her father founded a successful carpentry business and Holly Springs in eighteen, sixty seven. So they were. You know this. This incredible family There was a shawl university that they sent IDA tourists for early schooling, so, but at the age of sixteen, she the drop out because both of her parents and her infant sibling die of yellow fever within like a day, oh no fuckin, your parents are dead and your sixteen a one year later, the younger siblings statue within a j. That's how insane it was. And so all her siblings, we're going to be broken up and you know moved to different family members and she's like now. Fuckin way their staying with me.
She dropped out of school, finds work as a teacher and a black elementary school and Holly Springs. She told them. She was eighteen and actually with sixteen, can I just say that I got my nipple pierced, so imagine that's that's why illiterate there that I, like I lied about being Adrian psychically, nipple, Pierce and she's like I lied about, eight are being eighteen, so I could get a career as a teacher and raise my sibling nevsky. I keep my family tat outer examining now so, but then I'd as grandmother who was helping raise the kids. The other siblings, died from a stroke. So eventually, wells moves with her two youngest sisters to Memphis in eighteen, eighty, three. So in Memphis I continued to teach and then, during the summer time she continued her education and then incident happened, which twenty one years old, that was kind of a catalyst for her activism. So on may forth
eighteen, eighty, four she's twenty one and she's on a train and she buys a first class it could to get in the women's train area, because you can't smoking. There's she's gonna be around these like foul in smoking. Dudes and the train conductor it with the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad comes over her and like you need to give up your c and go back out and moved to the smoking car. That's where your black, you, the first, the Ladys car and she's like factors I bought my ticket, I'm not leaving and doctor, you grabs her to throw her out. She bites him. Yeah, aha, amen and then is forcefully she's. Firstly, dragged out of the car she hired a lawyer, she soon the Chesapeake, Ohio and south western railroad company for discrimination. She wins the case in the state and then it sent up higher and its overturned some
This is something that, of course, hits her in her soul. So then she writes a newspaper article about it for the living way, which is a black church weekly. She writes about her treatment on the train and how, wrong. It was, and she gets kind of publicity in Memphis Oh, she continues teaching elementary school, but she starts writing more and more and becomes an a journalist and a writer and she's offered an editorial position for the evening star in Washington DC, and she also begins writing weekly articles for the living way newspaper. So her pen name, I Yola. She writes articles attacking Jim Crow policies and in eighteen, eighty nine at twenty seven years old, I becomes the editor and co owner a free speech and headlight, a black own newspaper, established by the Reverend Taylor Nightingale at twenty seven years, old,
CO owner how owner what lies a black woman. I'm right did you say: eighteen, eighty, nine, eighteen, eighty nine twenty seven years old, along with J L Fleming she's, just like here we go. I can do this, let's do it in eighteen. Ninety one IDA is so these dismissed from her teaching posed by the Memphis Board of Education because of her articles because she criticizes schools being segregated and the conditions in the black schools? She's Sheena argues that Sir irrigation means that no black children are not getting a fair education and not getting. You know that the type of education they would if schools weren't segregated yeah, so she gets so they're like will, then you can be a teacher anymore. Goodbye yeah, so she is like, thus, I concentrate my energy on rainy articles for the living way and also free speech and headlight she's you,
quickly well respected and becomes a well accomplished. Successful woman, she's respected among the community she's in the middle class, which is really rare at the time. For oh, you know a woman she's not married and a black woman. So that's doesn't really happen at the time that she's also, I think, a lot of the pack has it listen to stress that she's, a very normal women trying to note she's, not a savior, she's dating and she's, bemoaning her diary is the did. She have to date has today because, as soon as they find out how smart she is there over it, they don't they just want a wife and you know, the same shit, but you know every woman fucking faces, but in Team, fuck nineties. So at sorry. But it also makes it she must have been. Such a good writer lay unnaturally like a natural great, where it all right. If she was Young address school and then basically picked it up to go. This happened to me and it just flowed out of her eyes
and they think she's writing about the time which a lot of you know They were probably so few people who had the privilege to do that to write about what was going on with them in the lock community at the time and to our people that her have The balls to fucking do that, just in you know and having passion and when you read her staff, its clear she has passion yeah. It's just you. Dont want to separating her stuff, yeah, so, ok and then a big turning point in her life happens in eighteen, ninety two, when a close, friend of hers, she's, like best friends with this couple, she's the godmother of their youngest child, its a man named Thomas MOSS, he's lynched which, by the way, Lynch doesn't mean hanged, Lynch means killed by a mob because a race so Thomas MOSS use a family man here, he's respected in the community as well, and he delivered mail by David is also part owner of the people's grocery store in cell.
Memphis, it's in a neighborhood called the curve and its this mixed race, neighbourhood and, of course, right across or like right on the road from the peoples grocery store. Own by black people is the White Dude Grocery store and so that its own by a man named William, bear it and it's just that those like a fight that breaks out, but between these two kid in front of his store and it turns into this whole. Fuckin, malay and people are fighting, and it's it's like a point, therefore point as it doesn't matter started at, but this is the excuse So there is on March Third eighteen. Ninety two and angry White MA that includes the shoe the local sheriff's office has, of course you know their part of this group. They come along an Thomas MOSS, along with two other workers from the peoples, grocer Calvin Mcdowell and Will Stuart, are arrested and jailed in IRAN.
Two thirty that morning, while they are in jail, and if I white man wearing black masks, take the three black man from their jail cells at the shall be county jail you can do a rail yard outside its town and shoots all three men dead with a shotgun. Horrific horrific fashion. That's reported in the newspapers, so with so many details that its clear the newspaper man was there. You know, oh yeah, she's a kind of situation, and so IDA finds out about one of her closest dearest friends being murdered. This way she's devastated and she based We becomes an investigative journalists back in the fifteenth eighteen nineties. Yes, she and puts her own life at risk by spending two months travelling around the south, and she is interviewing people who, have had loved ones. Land shoe. Have you no seem lynchings happen? Who have been have their lives have been torn apart by it
and she just gathers as much information as she can and on October, twenty sixth eighteen, ninety two: she publishes her research and a pamphlet titled, so whores horrors, Lynch LAW in all its phases, and she comes to this conclusion and has the stance that its from what I can tell it's kind of a new art man, which is that, what's not, rest is that white Southerners are using the excuse of sexual violence by black men. Why women as an skews too, Then she, black man, but the real reason behind it is that its black economic progress so she's. Yet like cause bullshit that you know this, this black man was farming. What this white woman or their secretly dating or in oh he, he made Lou comments at her. That's a fucking excuse because it makes people
who think they're, not racist, say while he deserved that he shouldn't have done that when really it's, because you open a competing grocery store across the street from my grocery store, it's because you ve become middle class. It's because you Emancipation proclamation happen and were fucking past about it, and so we're gonna think of any excuse to go back. Damn right that allows us to murder you, because without a fucking trial, without any you know, without with accurate, since being just below obdurate, anyone, it's just she cause bullshit on it essential area. So, of course, are pan It is incredibly controversial. A mob storms, the Memphis Office of her paper, the free speech and headlight. They destroy every thing, the printing press, the whole fucking telling fortunately, IDA was at a town at the time and so she's unharmed, but she's warn that she could be killed if she ever returns to Memphis. So she's, like good riddance goodbye fan later days gone by and she
never to go back to Memphis again. So instead, you locates to Chicago or she continued to distribute her pamphlet and in eighteen be five. She followed up with like or deeply researched and detailed pamphlet and it's a hundred page pamphlet called the Red record, which is famous and she described lynchings in the United States since the Emancipation proclamation and it covers black people. Girls in the south since a civil war- and you know she's in Chicago NASA, its INA being told to people who can be a pathetic to what she's arguing you're the red record explored the high. Rates of lynching in the United States, which is at its peak from eighteen. Eighty, two, nineteen, thirty she's
that during reconstruction, most Americans outside the sap didn't realize you know how much violence was going on against black people in the south, and she urges black people in these high risk areas to get the fuck out of town to save their families. Again connects lynching to sexual violence and shows how this this man that's perpetrated of this black man's lust for white women, being used as an excuse to murder. Black man bowed happen for tells arrays exactly exacerbate yeah, that's right. So many though story is the S crazy and it's just a fuckin excuse, because you're, you don't want black people to succeed, right, so she includes pages of graphic accounts about specific lynchings and shows that lynching as a tool of worth white supremacy to prevent, advancement of black people so
record, has far reaching influence and an so both of her and southern horrors and the red record. The northern ers are horrified by what they read, and they didn't really know. Supposedly you know about these lynchings and they kind of believe What they had heard out of the south, which is at the end, this person deserved it, and it was, you know, What's. It called that vigilante, retaliation, retaliation and Digital Mitchell Justice, which she's trying to tell her when it's not. Oh. So you know she starts getting really involved in civil rights. She leads the opposition against the ban that so in eighteen, eighty eight worlds: fair world exposition, there's a ban. African american exhibitors, and she leads the opposition against that. She starts doing speaking tours in Britain.
And to campaign against lynching and there like sympathetic and there like yeah fuck. This show what's going on here: fuckin, crazy country, like they are right now and there are shocked by the reports of launching in America already in eighteen, eighty four before she leaves the you asked for her second visit to Great Britain William Penn Nixon. Has the editor of the Daily Inter Ocean wishes a republican newspapers, cargo, which, by the way Republican, doesn't mean the same thing then as it means now its candidate switched. It see ya. It was the only major white paper that persistently denounced lynching, and she tells Nixon about her plan tour, and he asked her to write for the newspaper well she's in England, like an account of what's going on, so she becomes the first act. American women to be paid a paid correspondent for and mainstream white newspaper, while so tourists tours England, Scotland and Wales for two months addresses audience of thousands
in others he's rallies among the british and the sheep he gained extensive recognition and credibility and an international audience of white supporters of her cause. So back home the cargo she marries a prominent attorney civil rights activists and journalists, Name Ferdinand Barnett. Eighteen, ninety five from then on, she's known as I'd be Wiles Barnett, but I fuckin law, the lesson and in one of the pond Cassie listen, do they point out how so many black women back then hyphenated their names, which has so far it's so common. These days are back then it's like no. She was already this. You know she was not going to just change her last name. She died so much good and so much work and she was unknown journalists that yeah hyphenated and added his last Ayman Fuckin kudos on hand because it sounds like he was slick championing. Champing, his wife
as a bad ass. Who could go out and do our own shit and didn't have to just have kids and stay home? He must have an end to it I mean maybe like it's a great reminder of that. If a man also exert things aren't like yeah, I want you to be this bad ass right. That's part of life, I'm in love with you, yeah we'll send. It seems like she waited to get married till. She found that person which is so incredible, he had founded the Chicago conservator, it's the first black newspaper in Chicago in eighteen, seventy eight, and so she began rating for the paper and later acquired a partial ownership of it and I assume the role of editor there and and they had Barnett had two children from a previous marriage and then together they had far more children, Charles Herman IDA and Elfrida, so Mr Bruno assaults on the black community in Springfield Illinois and nineteen o eight, which is home to fucking conversation It is like we have to take action.
The following year, she attends a special conference for the organisation that would lay or become known as the end, W C p, the National Association for the advancement of colored people is considered a founding member, but even to other activists and There are founding members. In the end, W c p r fuckin I'd is a little too much of a spit fire and she's a little like this is taking too long you're not organised in Athens she's like a bit of a like. How can I say that She wasn't gonna wait around for permission to do it exactly think. Definitely had that attitude, I mean that's the problem politics too, as around at times it's like we have to go in and then you have to kind of assimilate and make sure that every quarter quote lakes. You re so that you do so that you agree and that you get support but often tat. I watched a whole The whole thing on twitter this morning about this, where it's like an that's. How often times that, through politics, that this move black Levinsky
stalled arriving, told if you just wait a little longer and that happened with the abolitionist aware, beginning they were sank will get rid of slavery, but slowly and open. I literally I'd just watch this video this morning. This is it's on my twin page, I retreated adds that a brilliant woman, Turnings Brittany, Cooper and she is bringing doctor think of her she's a Phd Tracy Clayton is the person who tweeted it. Originally. I was just retweeting hers, hydrogen midst such it's such a good thing, but I never thought of that where it's like that like we'll get rid of slavery, but can you just work? Ten? More years, and then we asked Lily, so no one gets upset and they were like no do it now. If three m rely now everything you know, you have these powers, people in need of these power of ideas and by the time it gets through this fucking system. It's all watered down and that's all sludge and like we should be listening at point. A of the people who are yelling about it and not being fucking polite and not being you now can,
if it is about their views, into an don't. Don't let people like tat you on the head and let you know that a where your good friend, where can help, and then never doing, we have our agenda first and once that's concluded. So in nineteen o nine I'd be wells is the most prominent anti lynching campaigner in the United States and among there accomplishments. She is created the first african american kindergarten in her community she's passion. About women's rights and suffrage as well and she's a spokeswoman, an advocate for women being successful in the workplace and having it. Opportunities and creating a name for themselves. So this is our during the second Nina Suffrage movement as well, and she becomes part of that So in the years following she focuses her work on black women suffrage and, along with her white colleague, Bell Squire. They organise the alpha suffrage Club in Chicago in nineteen thirteen and it's one of the most simple.
Black suffrage organizations in Chicago and its founded as a way to further rights, voting rights for all women and to teach black women? How to engage in civic matters and to work to elect african Americans to city offices. So, ok, oh they're working on the out the club and, at the same time, the national american women suffer. Dissociation is all rising Suffrage parade in Washington DC. There like there are the big national Fuckin inner Susan, be Anthony everyone's on this fuckin, who was actually friend of hers, but so before the inauguration of Woodrow Wilson and nineteen thirteen they're playing this big parade and suffragist from across the country gather to demand universal suffrage and IDA was, of course, planning on attending with her alpha suffrage club and the head of the Illinois delegation, told IDA and her down
gets that they wanted to keep the delegation entirely white, so they were like in the right. While we're doing this whole thing, it's all for suffragists. We are we're supporting each other in the african american suffrage. Just need to go to the back of the parade, and Wales is like oh yeah, yeah, I'm totally, and if I can do that, and so she goes wait for the spectators in the crowd for the parade to star and as the white delegation from Chicago OX by as chief back and slip designer and as then line with them and she's like what's up mother, fucker, thine here and you're here, because partly because I am here to so I'm with you yeah and you're, not sending me the back. Let's fuckin ridiculous, bad ass. So also yeah throughout ten twenty. She continues to fight and support causes for african Americans, including the right to vote, which
He didn't even get herself until she was in her fifty's, in nineteen thirty. She unsuccessfully saw elective office and when she ran as an independent for a seat in the Illinois, son aperture doesn't make it. It allows dies of kidney failure in Chicago on March, twenty fifth nineteen, thirty one at the age of just sixty eight and she began. Writing her autobiography, but never finished it, and someone said it was edited and published by her daughter, afraid of Bernat Duster and one thousand nine hundred and seventy. It's called crusade for justice, the autobiography of IDA B Wells, and then she left behind this heroic legacy of social and political activism and since her death numerous awards have been established in her name and the ITA be Wells Memorial Foundation and the IDA be wells. Museum have been established to protect, preserve from out her legacy on this past month in May,
Twenty I'd be else Barnett, posthumously awarded a Pulitzer prize yeah. I kid the highest award given in print journalism. She special citation for outstanding and courageous reporting. Yeah amazing! Is that time, that's fucking right a month ago twenty nineteen Congress, Parkway in Chicago. I don't fucking know this was renamed IDA, be Wells, Dr Congress, Hark well, is ruining I'd, be wells, drive and the home that she and her family lived in was designated and national historic, landmark and nineteen. Seventy four Chicago Landmark in ninety. Ninety five and her grey Granddaughter Michel Destr, who find her on twitter she's house as well has public. Two collections of aid original works IDA in her own voice and IDA from abroad,
and she recently said about her great grandmother quote the only thing she really hat was the truth and she Is journalism as a tool to not just report what was going on, but she used skill as a journalist to the best of her. Reality to impact social change, and that is just a snippet of the incredible story of IDA. Be wells were ha. That's at. That was great. Thank you great job. I mean this that I am ashamed to say that this is someone I really knew about thorough. These incredible people doing credible things with it and with you now no resources they just yet. Tied to do them because they have to do and its they're calling and spite. You know their parents dying despite having a drop out of high school and in eleven podcast say listen to they talk about how like don't make her the saviour, because then it makes me
but who are just normal everyday people, think that they add anything and they can contribute anything on really its people who were fuckin. The normal and use their skills like writing. To doing both things and just don't fucking give up. They just don't give even when there their their entire business, is burned to the ground. They move somewhere, and where they'll be listened to and start our it's just incredible woman. George, on young, about the fact that the system supporting creative people is broken and the code nineteen crisis is making it more obvious than ever all the time it puts algorithms over ideas, quantity of equality and what's easy to sell over what's good money and brands and just about everything else over the people who actually make the things that inspire us, that's right, we'll patriarch, There is a better way to help creators build a more sustainable income source by offering a monthly membership to their most passionate fans. It gives
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That was amazing, Georgia. That was a it's embarrassing as a fifty year old woman to be learning about stuff like this, but a better, now better late than never and though inspiring inspire other results. Might there my purpose also set a thing. I really like. There's a writer named Rebecca Cement and she's in times like this, when you feel lost in you're, not sure what to do now instead of looking for. If you look forward and there's nothing that you can see, there is not Half forward, then look back see what people did in the past. Figure out what a lines with your values and then take the next right step. Oh, I love that yeah. I know We just have to be helpers, oh yeah. I can't we know. We know if Miss stepped and said fucked up shit and done things incorrectly, air, all those things words dislike, and how do you do it now at this crucial time? Better
lay at this time very deep, here, and there are four weeks we thought that its intentions were all that mattered. Good intentions. Yes, we're all that mattered, our learning that intentions are bullshit. You have to get a walk. The walk, its action at this point where we are now it's about action. That's right! Well, and so I was worried about this because I picked this story to do because June is gay pride march, so I pick the Stonewall apprise Haliae how now near and so because, when I picked this, which has like six days ago, I was like oh yeah, you know uprising in protein that's cool it. Even though we are the Fuckin National Guard got call now, whereas subject you know the vibe changed, but what's interesting as then going through it and reading it. All these things are connected. This is very much connected to the civil rights movement of the
earlier in the sixties and that it was kind of fascinating to actually Disco that as I as I was reading drew so just two site some sources here for history, dot com saved my life. On this, I swear to God that website like its. If you are slightly unsure about anything that has happened in the past history dot com is your place to go right. Information eight names accuracy, documentaries ever all about it. They know their stuff, but you can. You can bring up a very easy.
To consume. A kind of you know like a short article that just gives you everything you need to know. It's really well put together. Thank you, history, Doc come. There is also a great articles and out magazine pink Canoes ducks Yoda UK there's this great article in the Atlantic called an amazing nineteen. Sixty nine account of the stone wall. Uprising by writer named guarantee Frank router, and that was from twenty thirteen. Its that's incredible. The detail in wisdom crop is credible. So so we can't really talk about the stonewall uprising. Until we talk about, now historic event that took place nine years before the ninety. Sixty Woolworth's lunch counter sit in by the Greensborough for so this. Basically for some people this is you know just a history were fresher and for some people this is new information. So just be real basic about it?
was basically a sit in that was organised by for black college students named Xl Blair, Junior David Richmond, frankly, Mccain and Joseph Macneil, and they would later go on to say that it was modeled after what they saw. Gandhi doing in India. But the miss colonialism, but that the reason that they took the action because five years earlier, nineteen fifty five fourteen year old, Emmett Till- was murdered in money, Mississippi for alike should leave flirting with a white woman who was a cashier at the store where he was buying bubble gum. So Relatives of this woman heard that that fourteen year old black boy had flirted with her went. It's too of the family members house. He was actually from Chicago. He had just come down the Mississippi to stay with some family and they
kid knocked him out of the house and beat him to death. Fourteen year old boy, and he looks like a baby to pictures of him. He looks like he looks like he's. Ten, his murders were arrested, tried and then acquitted by an all white male jury after sixty seven minutes of deliberation and then a year later, those same men that were acquitted because are protected by double jeopardy confessed to the crimes in article four Look magazine and they were paid four thousand dollars for the story so father you waiting till now. What's that sinker, that's fucking insane. It's insane and then later on the white woman. Who was that clerk said? he never has one of the rumors what it was. He flirted with her any touched her hand and she laid in in like two thousand and eighteen or two thousand and seventeen later said right before she died. He never died
me and whatever he did, that aid did not deserve what she got. But, of course you know I'd like to really right away. I like to retract, saying that it's insane, because that was an insane for the times that way was not insane or for the times, and how much has changed. Really I mean, and so an that's kind of the point, is like. If we don't talk about these stories ends and we dont. If we don't know these stories already, then we can't understand what people are so infuriated about right, so this egregious nest at this cuz. This happened in nineteen fifty five, it wasn't the lady wasn't even nineteen thirty, it was one thousand nine hundred and fifty five. This was a tipping point for a lots and lots of especially young black people in the south, so on February, first nineteen sixty the green
for four went to their local wars, which was segregated. It was a white only lunch counter and they that down and they tried to order. They, of course, Her feet were few service because they were black, so they'd us, then sat there peacefully and refused to leave the police for calls, but actually couldn't really arrest them cause they weren't doing they weren't disturbing the peace. They were just sitting there, and also because these four men were smart enough to be in Cahoots with a white business owner. Who was helping them out who knew they were going to do this and that White business owner the second key knew that they were in their doing it called the press. So the has showed us to report what was happening keep thus keeping everyone honest that the making sure that the police knew that this was going to be reported ass. It happened here. If you see people getting pissed off that, you know that journalists
being fuckin shot with rubber bullets and gasped and fucking arrested. It's because they're not supposed to be its. That's just how it works and also with a lot of people. Are. You know I've seen this retreated a ton of times that one of the checkpoints of of knowing an authoritarian regime is taking over. Is they vilify the press and trying to get rid of the press, because the press forest just they. You know we can talk about what the problems in the media but be. Essentially there there to keep people honest there there to tell the truth of what's happening right and to make sure that people understand the truth of what's happening,
the whole assault on on the media. With this fake news, bullshit of this administration is just made. People go well, I don't have to believe rang reading and therefore I choose not to, and therefore I get to live in this other fantasy world fright and now there's storm troopers on the Fucking Lincoln Memorial, okay. So what a brilliant move that was by these four men go make sure the presses there. Ok, so they stay there all night. Well, discloses. They leave. They go back the next day, there's more people than the sit in and four days later to the great sorrow for the original for protesters. Three hundred people are sitting at this Woolworth's asking to be served, and so at this, right now it's become national news in just that short amount of time, they're saying something is happening here and there people like at this point a lot of the peace
who participated in this. Protest were arrested for disorderly conduct, just passing and disturbing the peace, because this was such a defiant act simply sitting and when they are being told to leave or you campaign here, I'm sure abused, horribly verbally. They just did do it. There was just that active simple act of defiance of I'm not getting up from here, and so people were definitely arrested, but by this time it was national news. It was on tv, which was which then, which was. At the time to be actually witnessing the stuff on tv. Correct me. If I'm wrong, but like every family having a tv in their household wasn't it was a new thing, yes for sure, and then that it isn't it like We are saying before people can't it's it's there just sitting there, and so you can't argue their asking for re something all they're saying. Is this
didn't be whites, only segregation in these Jim Crow laws need to get rich. We need to get rid of them, they're, so old, and it's so it's it's basically. Killing this country, it's it's! It's not of its, not how America should be so at that point it sparks the trend of citizens in college towns across the south. So it's now it's not just grants it's now across the south and by the end of the summer of nineteen sixty, not only that will worse button any other segregated businesses across asylum become integrated, and that is essentially the the kick off of. That civil rights movement national stage, and it's because of those four men who basically have the guts to set their own quietly and and just keep showing up. So so, two years later on April, twenty first, nineteen sixty six in Spain.
Here by the greens, were afore three members of a group called the machine society, which is one of the earliest gay rights organizations in America, and There are three guys name: Andy Whistler, Dick Ledge and Craig out. Well, they stage what they call a sip in nice play on so sixties. If you were gay, you could will be charged with being Conan quote, disorderly just for being served alcohol in a bar, so that meant that it was legal to deny service to anyone that the bartender herb anyone thought was gay and the cops could arrest anyone at a bar if they suspected that they were gay or to use the word that was used at the time. A transvestite lots of people called themselves back then so that with that word comes up a little bit, which now is problematic, but it was actually the parlance at the time. So so
these three guys anywhere clear declaration, Craig Broadweald they decide. They're gonna go into bars in Greenwich Village and ask to be. Serve drinks and then basically do the same thing of like get denied and then Encina, so they actually wanted to bars first, that served them because they didn't seem overtly gay rights too spar tenders and then they got to Julius. So they had to leave because there are like not that sip into work. They finally gets as Julius his bar in Greenwich Village, and they tell BAR tendered their gay and they would like to order some drinks. The bartender says you can't get out in part, because Julius is three days before had been raided, so they're like we don't want any trouble cops. You know the cops are just in here. So sleep now
it's three guys have proof that there being discriminated against and now they can take action against the state, liquor authority, and now they can actually take this to the courts and when they do they there's a court case that ultimately makes this type disorderly charge against gay people illegal, so they couldn't they could be arrested simply for drinking at a bar anymore and its interest, like if you're interested in this look into it, because this some of those laws were started because the mayor of New York City, at the time they had the world's fair, was in nineteen sixty four and they tried to do a sweep of the city and get rid of all over. We gain like people buy. Earth gathering places like schools all the tourist we're gonna come in and God forbid right. Did you work like? Did you A secret love on Netflix. Now I've I've heard of it. It's really that it's a documentary about these two women, their lesbians and their relationship at a talks, a lot about their only friend
At the time were other gay couples Sixtys and Seventys, because you are not allowed to go to Mars, so they would just like hang out at their houses and that parties. But it's really good documentary a secret secret love. You ok, ok but, as we all know, just because you change the law does not mean you change society or the way so had he decides to look up at people who are marginalized. So, despite this little bit, of progress, gay, transgender and other queer people still have almost no, where they can go and just two vertically and out be themselves in a safe environment with us, with the exception of like a handful of gay bars in Greenwich Village works, which is where a ton people lived at the time in the city, so the Cars that that people knew were gay bars operate very discreetly because New York's mule city refused to grant or New York states are refused to grant liquor licence to gay bars. So basically, there
are trying to get rid of gay bars by making the operation itself illegal so that the police can justify rating these bars and arresting queer people, but even still these bar as you know, they serve as safe havens, for the surrounding gay in queer communities so notable of these bars is the stone wall in at fifty one and fifty three Christopher Street, so three member and MRS fascinating to me. Three members of the genovese Mafia crime, family by the building and nineteen sixty six and it had been of us, great restaurant and night club and they ancient into a gay one, they know that there is money to me. Illegal gay bars, aware they're, paying off the cops and everything is like under the table hotel. So
to keep a low overhead. The building is bare bones. Walls are painted, black are lined with colored lights. There's no running water behind the bar plumbing in the bathrooms constantly backs up when a customers get too front door, there's a bouncer that looks at em through a people and the only people allowed inside our people who are overt leave. Its is visibly gang of the gay, for example, like men who are poor, dress spam or HU, the are already know ye ask almost like a private club anyway, cost three dollars to get in and then that is also to work to drink tickets. Once you get inside life,
and the main drive the stone while in is that they allowed dancing in addition to drink with, all other gay bars did not allow cause. It causes men dancing together. Women answered the other which, as over its gay, shoe overt radically, which is also a thing that later on and and I will get you into it- cause it's very it's very interesting, but I dont know enough about it to talk about, but essentially division once once gay rights and that that movement start up there's lots of division within of how you, supposed to behave rate, which is you know, spected uncommon, but it's really interesting. So it's like we just want to be sap did so act like this year and then there's other groups that are going to fuck. That shit area, which I put they love. Ok, I always love those people, the mass, so the other draw from it.
Ever draw for stonewall. Is that its? It welcomes queer people of all races and even under age, queer, kids, because it's so common back then, people's families found out. They were gay, they just get kicked out of the house and they literally lived on the streets in New York City, and most of them would go to the big city. Thinking it would be accepted there and So that was a bat, was a big part of it to homeless, gay kids which, as you know, it's still a big issue today own. But you know us actually back man when it was like, you know, just use, it was, thinkable or end. So, and parents felt very joy suffice in just cutting their child off Frazier, so it's actually and even makes at the stone wall in its uneven mix of white black and brown people ranging in ages from late teens to mid thirty, is an of course, for the homeless youth with nowhere else to go and for others
for people who have been cast aside by all the people that are supposed to love them. The stonewall becomes a home for a lot of these people are true harm, not a second home. Their only home and other not. They live on the street AIDS, a refuge, so beautiful J wrote this. It serves as a refuge from the world that refuses to acknowledge their humanity so you ve got J good job, one such patron of the stone Wall and is a drug queen. And transgender woman named Marcia, P Johnson again so, Marshpee Johnson was born in nineteen, forty five and Elizabeth New Jersey and she starts wearing dresses when she's five years old, which made me laugh so hard it So you think of my beautiful to have mesmer who he is pictures of himself wearing his sister slip
this picture of him in a slip is what any use to duck easy. Tell me about. It go my slip, my slip because he would wear it constantly like his mom would be like hey, don't you want the word. Take the slip off we're going to the stories like where my let its the best. It's that thing of like. If you have any questions about nature, verse writer, you need see this picture Uranus lip it's. The real ness looked ass, the true realness, okay, so anyway, so when Marcia finally does graduate from high school she gets, it gets out of Elizabeth New Jersey runs out of New York City with just a bit Of clothes and fifteen dollars, so my guy here She gets by doing sex work, barely managing to survive on the streets, but she gets to be yourself. Finally, for the first time during dresses, loud colors, flowers and fruit and Christmas lights in her hair, imprisoned life, and I didn't
last January your Johnson. So on When people ask her what the p in her name stands for, she always to his it no mind so genius social. Is meant, of course, with tons of violence outrage. From just the general public, but ones in places like stone wall. She finds her chosen family, other queens and queers and gaze who accept or for who she is and she's an incredibly open, optimistic, friendly person. If your friendly to her and she maintains her christian religions. She's often seen praying for her friends at local churches and she this killed me. This quote he says, Jesus Quote- is the only man. I could really trust. He listened to me and you never laughed at me gap. Some people even call her Saint Marcia for cause, she's, so generous and so lovely now. So someone who Ben it's from marshes, generosity as it is
young latina, Queen names, Sylvia Rivera. So so His father left her family when she was a baby and then her mother committed suicide. When she was three as a kid She lived with her grandmother, but then, when she would dress up in her mouth grandmothers clothes and make up her grandmother would beat her. So when she turns a lead, then she runs away lives on the streets of New York City YAP Horrifying, but at such a sadly common story? it me its nineteen sixty three. While she is also working as a sex worker, she said quote: Marcia was like a mother to me and she says it Marcia always looked out for her- gave her a semblance of stability and loved her like no one else ever had so. Ok So those are just. We need to meet those two key players, and now we go to the night of Saturday June, twenty Eightth nineteen sixty nine that night there's about two hundred people. The stone while in
partying dancing doing their thing is one of the only places that they can go to drink and dance and just be their fabulous cells freely. Here this barred. Does not have a liquor licence, as said there are controlled by the Genovese crime family. Let us pay nice guys Lovett at just love it, because you know you can pretend That means that they are doing it cause they. Some rights of gay people is not true, but so basically they pay the local cops and to stand business so purely for appearances. The cops have to read the bar every once in a while to make it look like it's all above board and now What happens is Are the monsters gives the bar owners a heads? They not everything. A Saturday night wouldn't be normal times do at either. I don't know
No, no, I mean not according to the story, because normally they get the heads up, that the cops are coming and then they hide the booze and they tell the customer. So anybody that has to leave because they're not out or their at risk in some way I can run well, this time, there's no warning so round one twenty in the morning for undercover police and for cops in uniform raid, the stonewall wall and even though everyone surprise raids, are so common back then that the IMF, these and the customers kind and know the drill, basically you have to line up while the cop checks, everybody's Idee and any one. That's quote dressed like a woman, is taken to the bathroom and checked to quote verify their sacks. Yeah so demeaning sofa such so grows so and then, basically anyone who is wearing women's clothing but doesn't have seem l genitalia is arrested, she's as there's a video of them being like heard
into the Patty wagon to right outside of lake, There's been here. I've dancing picture, there's amazing pictures because, while yet so- and there there's a lot of pictures in this at that- had landed article that I mentioned that our great, because there are some people who are in raged and screaming than the hers. There's people kind of in the back row that are kind of like laughing and sharing has the thing becomes this event yeah. So so this would happen so basic this time there everyone's fuck sick of it words like these rates happen all the time and coming into like their clubs, I was basically I note that the one spot they have so a lot of The queer patrons just refused to hand over their ideas or go willingly with these arresting officers to go. Get court unquote check so in response so the refusals, the police start, of course, abusing the stone, while patron so their Draghi
they're, getting really physical, dragging people away to arrest them their frisking customers that they know or Lesbian said their groping lemon molesting them right. So is so tension. Escalates very quickly. Meanwhile, The police are also confiscating all the booze they can find, which is like Twitter, eight cases of beer, nineteen bottles of hard liquor, but It's so much that they have to call for a second Patty wagon to common haul. It away along with these people, their planning to arrest they release anyone, that's not under arrest, and then they force all the arrested patrons to wait, but the p who are released stand around outside waiting to see. What's gonna happen as their John they're, not just gonna like run, which I really love. So then there's people passing by the bar, who noticed what's going on and they stopped to join the group outside, and they see what's happening that it's this raid and that their ino, these cops are getting.
Violent, and it's that it's not as the normal like what they expect that the Stalinist is like they do. The quota quote raid and then they go through the motions in rags find cause they're paying. You know, they're being paid off yeah that, but now the sudden, it's all different. So the group starts is like like not cool with that. Obviously, and they start mocking the police, they're doing sake salutes their yelling should at them their leaning into the fund behaviour. They're doing limp rests imprinting their hair. There also making fun of the police there. You know their le there directly mocking the police in their faces and doing other overt shit that normally it's like they I, if it was a raid, their shamed into I don T, know running away, not showing their faces or whatever well The officer start shoving the patrons out of their way and the patron start pushing back and this ten and start building and at one point they very forcefully throw a Butch lesbian named Stormy,
large worry and they d Herndon Patty Wagon and as they do she yells to the crowd. Why don't you guys do something, and so but they do and suddenly rocks bottles and bricks are being thrown at the police. The We are using excessive force to try to restrain the crowd, but there completely outnumbered, because now the crowd, is very quickly grown and is a very quickly involve yeah. Oh some of the patrons who have been handcuff that were supposed to be arrested, get away. One of the patrons suggests that maybe the cops showed up because the owners hadn't paid them off yet so another one yells, let's pay them off and they start throwing pennies at the cod and
part of the group tries to flip the Patty wagon over each while other people run around in slash the tyres. Are the cop car said, there's officers, the officers driving those cop cars jump into them and drive away with flat tyres? Are all they know. They're they're out numbered the the cops said: stay grab a bunch patrons that our handcuffed and they go back inside the stone wall and and basically barricade themselves in now that move itself is is one of the reasons sings escalated even further because and they I read this quote from that Atlantic article about how, Basically, the cops were humiliated because normally they have such a hold over and see and has a power over. The quota quote ferries, which is what they were called back in the day of the idea that all these people, who they were
used to being shamed and hiding their face. And you know, oh, my god, I'm being arrested for this and it so terrible. Now, they're, just like no fuck you and there the police are so scared. They have to run back into the bar being humiliated for that yet really the first. Like this, doesn't happen, especially back then. Therefore, with the power structure in outline. That's when the people with the power get scared and mad aha, so so essentially the not sure how either the crowd or the police inside set the building on fire. We don't know so there they're not sure, because it could have on the crowd outside to make the police comeback. Alaric, there's also a theory that the cops inside did it because they were destroying the inside of the stone while in any way because they had they smash the jukebox. They were doing all kinds of shit inside so they're like well, then they probably with lidded unfair, also, but then the logic of that as like, but there in their right. So they don't.
Know for sure. There's a lot of debate surrounding who, through the first object, because a lot of people attributed to Sylvia Rivera, but she's your quoted, saying quote: I drew the second one. I did not throw the and I'm sick and do that? That's everyone's! You guys! That's our story! From now. On I and I got one. I do the second one other say Marshpee Johnson through the first brick, but she later goes on record to say she wasn't there until two. I am when the building was already on fire, left that she shows at fashionably late or re ass up issues like the one grows? What's going on so the most and One thing is that the uprising at the signal and can't be credited to just one person, because it really is about the collective effort of this oppressed community, at primarily black and brown transgender or non gender, conforming people who have been
as to their limits and had that like one of the only things they even have in the world taken away from them and that's what sparks this uprising. So, basically everyone there is prepared to defend their home, and especially this is the area of civil rights movement, the Anti Vietnam WAR Movement, a general, our culture influence. The queer people of New York City are fired up and they ve had enough of this shitty treatment. So as the fight rages on the tactical, full force, the teepee F, which is basically the Nypd Riot Control unit. They arrive to fight back against the crowd and then and free the police there inside stonewall, so they basically they fall This formation to try to drive the crowd back to get. Away from the stone while in but of course now this crowd is on fire.
Our and sewed their cheering their mocking the police. Instead of retreating, they form like a show. Girls, tat style, kick line a shared and they start doing a kick lining. Knowing singing at the cop some legit kick line, he Bob Color, who is a local gay rights activist? Was there that night and describes what he wit and I quote I had been in enough riots to know the fund was over. The cops were totally humiliated, just never ever happened. They were angrier than I guess they had ever been because everybody else and righted, but the fairies, we're not supposed to riot no group had ever forced cops to retreat before so they anger was just a Norma. End quote masculine fragility, so furious unembarrassed police rush, the crowd pummel,
come again with excessive force by four a m: the streets are mostly cleared and the stone wall in is destroyed from the inside out and they and basically the cops inside that had been. Basically, they just ripped everything down. They basically were just basely trend to shut the place down for good, like they'll. Be nothing laugh is anyone that in the fire? No, not that. I know so thirteen people arrested summer hospitalized for their injuries or officers are hurt, but its minor the next day they continue protesting zoo p, supporters go and they spray paint things like drag power and legalised gay bars, and we are open on the outside of the more out stonewall in and so now it's Saturday June, twenty eightth- and The stone while actually does open, but this time it there's no bouncer. There's no people, that's people just standing out in the open and its thousands people gathering in the streets around just where the crime
stretches out to the surrounding blocks in this neighborhood. So the police arrive on the scene and there met with more opposition at one point: Marcia P, Johnson, climbs LAMP Post and drops a bag with a brick in it onto the head of a cop car. That's probably why she got the credit for throwing the first brick because she second night she got up. They're fucking went for it and I think there is a sure of her on that lamp, Poland, if I'm not mistaken, but the battle between queer people and the police continue so for I am with several more arrests and total the stone while uprising last six days and it's a mixed up. For protest, looting, destruction of property and total freedom of expression. Six days in that neighbourhood, next day coolly hand, obviously like a day to theirs thousands of people. S like an event. So by that
and the uprising settles down. Major news outlets picked up on the story and they have made it clear to anyone who is watching the areas will have their liberation come hell or high water and the effects start taking hold immediately so there's people who once felt hopeless and now they're emboldened, there's gay demonstrations, you see, gape couple holding hands out beginners out and about which what happened before those people dressing totally out of control like anyway. They wanted here s the sound of control, but like largely dressing the way they wanted and without the fear of oh. If somebody sees me the I can somehow be arrested for disorderly conduct. Just because I'm dress like this. So clearly, this community there done with being in the closet, intoning themselves down to make straight people feel comfortable.
A matter of months, gay and queer newspapers are cropping up around the city. There called It's called gay once called come out with an exclamation point and once called gay power and there popularity and readership steadily climbs So this is some kind of amazing. This is it. This is a quote from that article from the Atlantic and amazing nineteen sixty nine account of the stone, while uprising written by guaranteeing Frank router, but what's in The ball is Dick, lay who is one of the three guys who did the sip in yes? He was I he was good planning. A trip to London but he saw what was happening and went down there, so he could report on it. Oh wow, yes, because he was. He was also a journalist and so yeah So he went down so this is
the portion there's a big long part of what he wrote in this article, but I just pulled this portion of it because it's really cool so so What dick like wrote about the stonewall uprising quote since nineteen sixty five homosexual community of New York has been treated cos. Well by the City administration and the police have either reformed orbic been kept in line by Lindsey and Leary. Now walked in the open and know how pleasant it is to have self respect and to be it is. As citizens and human beings we want to stay in the sunlight. From now on efforts to force back in the closet could be disastrous for all concerned the above while a true evaluation of the situation does not explain while the rest on Stonewall caused such a strong reaction. Why the stone wall, and not the sewer or the snake pit, which were other, gave my underwear again. The answer lies, we believe in the unique nature of the stone. While this club was more than a dance bar, more
just a gathering place. It catered largely to a group of people who are not welcome in or cannot afford. Other places of homosexual social gathering the drew the quote drags and the quote queens to group, which would find a chilly reception or a barn door at most of the other. Gay bars and clubs formed the regulars at the stone wall. To a large extent, the club was for them. Apart from the gold bug, the one to three yeah. They add their priority. I love it. Drags in queens had no place, but the stonewall another group was even more dependent on the stone wall. The very young homosexuals and those with no other homes you ve gotta, be eighteen to buy a drink in a bar and game. I resolved around bars. Where do you? though, if you are seventeen or sixteen and gay village, met bars, wouldn't let you in the place and gay restaurants and the streets aren't very sociable. Then too.
There are hundreds of young homosexuals in New York who literally have no home some of them are between sixteen and twenty five and came here, for other places without jobs, money or contacts They have them are running away from unhappy homes. One we told us quote my Father called meet Cocksucker so many times. I thought it was my name Jesus another, said, his parents spot so much overall, give them made him a homosexual that he left they could learn to live together. Some got thrown out of school or the service forming gain, couldn't face going home somewhere even thrown out of their homes with play the clothes on their backs by ignorant. Intolerant parents would rather see their kid dead than homosexual. They came to New York with the clothes on their backs. Of them hustled or had skills enough to get a job. Others worth a try, give after hustle and didn't they to fall in with people who could help them some of them get
the openness of gay life in New York got caught up in and summer on pills and drugs. So still wearing the clothes in which they came here a year or more ago jobless, bout skills without decent closed where or to a job. In our view, they live in the streets, panhandling or shoplifting for the price of admission to the stone Wall that was one damage to the place for three days There's a could stay inside out of the winners cold or the summer. He all night long, not only was the stone while better climactic leave, but it also saved the kids from spending the night in a doorway or from getting arrested as vagrants. Three dollars isn't too hard to get panhandling and nobody hustled drinks in the stonewall. Once the admission prices paid, one could drink or not, as he chose the stone. I'll became home to these kids when it was rated, they fought for it that and the fact that they had nothing to lose other than the most tolerant, broad minded gay place in town Spain's, why the Stone Wall riots were begun, lead
and spearheaded by queens? That is our main. That was long but necessary. Gandia has its that its dick light shoes like their basically saying the caste system within this clear and an you and you actually went to the one place. You can't take that you can't take the one thing people have away from them. Then they have nothing to lose donor fuckin, never never fuck and underestimate they have underdogs ended fuckin discounted and the people who have already struggled their whole fuckin lives yet another new. This is nothing new. There oh braves there so yeah exactly. They know how to fight yeah. Ok, so there's some members of the gay community, including Marshpee Johnson's, founded the gay liberation front, which has an activist group dedicated to liberating the gay people of Amerika. This group gives way to more groups like it across Amerika and into Canada and in the immediate aftermath,
There are some gaze who say they don't agree with with what happened at stonewall, and this is The groups like the machine society fall apart. Efforts have always been to show straight people that gay people are cool rang like them So they want gaze to fit in with the straits and assimilate to their culture, but queer people involved in Stonewall, opera uprising world. Assimilation plays into the oppressors hand, basically the view the whole thing about this is, is being well to be your genuine self full stop, not with not trying to meet the expectations of anybody else, and that's what transgender activists like Marcia and Sylvia start heading four, which is the freedom to be yourself. What ever that is so They make it a point to continue the work in the years following stone Wall,
one thousand, nine hundred and seventy Sylvia and Marcia start New Organization called Street transvestite action revolutionaries which supports clear youth in New York City by one thousand nine hundred and seventy two. They pull together enough money to purchase a house they call the star house to the acronym for the street transit action revolutionaries eleven and they use they use this house to hop how's homeless, queer youth and Sylvia and Marcia Fund the House their sex work, so that the kids who live there don't have to do it themselves, beautiful the STAR Organization, also jumps into other equal rights and anti police brutality causes around the city marshal protests and supporting marginalized people in any way they can, but as had into the early seventies. More and more people start appeal themselves away from transgender gender queer causes. The gay liberation movement starts to think
trans rights as being too difficult to attain said they separate from activists like Martian, Sylvie and Sylvia, and to give the thinking was to give gay causes a better chance. Then, at the gay pride March, nineteen, seventy three Sylvia tries to make a speech, but has repeatedly blocked by other gay activists and she eventually grabs the MIKE and yells, if it wasn't for the drag queens, there would be no gay liberation movement where the front liners so shortly after that she attempt suicide, but Marcia finds her and save her life. So this while uprising very quickly, gives way to the gay rights movement and pray celebrations and are now start taking place all around the world in twenty eight nineteen? Seventy, the queer community in New York City gathers outside of stone wall for the first annual Christopher Street Liberation Day they commemorate the Stone Wall uprising with a march and
LOS Angeles in Chicago, follow suit, with their own marches and also San Francisco, that same year. San Francisco has that they have us in what they call us sit in. They marched on poultry and then they have a sit in themselves and the next our Boston, Dallas, Milwaukee and even Paris, London, West Berlin in Stockholm, all host pride marches of their own. Here, the number of participating cities grows and we reached the pride months celebrations as we know them today, basil Albert pride it's important to remember that were able to celebrate this in the first place, because black and brown transgender, queer and queens like Marcia and Sylvia and more thought for everyone's liberation- and that is a very rudimentary report on the legendary protest that was the stonewall uprising
wow. I did not know those details at all. That is amazing, isn't not great. I. This is so there how much more GINO and learn, and so many details and but Vienna Cliff now it's it it's, it's a start, but I mean I kind of do love this. Is it all folds together here, there's a lot of brave people out there and but we're seeing happening right now in front of us has happened before it doesn't have to be a scary, it can sometimes feel because, if you look back in the past, have been people who have been oh brave, in such insanely oppressive times, and if we can know these stories and talk about those stories we can, we can
steal a little but of their bravery in and take it to now so weak. So we do our work and its it's really inspiring to see that those brave people have made changes. So what were going through right now and the fear and anxiety in stress of it all and an at so scary, but it's for. A cause and it and it works, and in the past its worked and that's why it's happening not just its not for nothing that right and it's it is about this is about. Actually having respect for human life. This is it's not about teaching people a lesson. It's not about being anti. This Gruber anti that group, it's like you, cannot keep on killing black people with nothing and having nothing happened because of area. That's that's what's happening today, but that's also. It has been happening for so long right. Yeah black lives matter populism. Everybody greater
We really want to hear your fucking her eyes from the past week and what What's been going on for you and your winds, please email us at my favorite murder, at Gmail or tweet at us or common on our instagram, and let us know you know how how this the fact that you and what- and what you're doing to help enable people it that it's that it affects in that in the real data day. Cause. That's that's what's exciting, is they watching people really come together right, thanks you guys for listening, stay safe, stay strong, say sexy, don't get murdered, goodbye Elvis You want a cookie.
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