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Karen and Georgia cover the Grim Sleeper.

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What how can to my favorite murder. The professional version pie casts it's the one. You ve been waiting for good. What do you know? It's? They envy our version. Where were journalists for resolute us we're we're? Where did you say? Depression? Oh my god, man now, that's! I amazing high spin off wets professionals, depression. The depression also dare to go into the office in yours. Super chemically bone devout it. We are you asking the same weapons for the past few weeks.
We get a word rational is typing. The depression of our new set com on clearly next Monday morning will be organised in a language we re ones, bullying way beyond the playground. I now I mean really Chrissy taken as a judge I might totally downward, there's no problem with it. It's just it doesn't I think it's reductive to pretend
people want to be staring at their phones, all the tire think it's what any of us want it just a full on addiction, it's like if they came out with designer syringes. We as the attics don't want we're now doing this great can't go anywhere where Non China up our heroine game no and like make it a luxury heroin game. No, I want something to look away from the phone rang status. My dream, these days watching tv is an escape from your phone, is not any more and a negative thing. This is a little hell machine that we have to stare out in case he has some ones a common, but we don't want to know our time. Just what the little bit I had a lot of, I am lately my phone yeah yeah. I agree. There's a lot of input and not a lot of positive. I mean you have to look for it every day.
As negative every day as a new negative, Suppose, but I'll give you kiss my sister texted this to me yesterday. I note that you enjoy it. It's interview, bill gates and a person. Asks what are hills today. Students need to know to thrive in the world of twenty thirty and twenty forty and Bill gates said the curious learner. There are the best of times. These are the best of times, because your ability to constantly refresher knowledge with either podcast or lectures that are online is better than ever and bill gates. Isn't Rina? Isn't I'm saying you the marina go? This is my favorite murder the pie cap Dmitri? So that's Karen kill Gara! That's Georgia, hard stark! I definitely didn't say that part hi hi, with how what's going on and we think it spent stressful weak week but lots of
lots of kind of conversations with my therapist that our leg, you know I'm on a boat and the boat is on the high seas. That doesn't mean they're gonna, be the it's gonna, be av forever ass. Just child is now the only outside the tide, pools of your life and right now, you're in the title with like all really angry fish, these really really small fish, or they called irony roach. Those characters, was the deeply I'm better DEC. But some day it's gonna be starfish again buzz. Dick there's gonna be theirs maybe that Wales winking at you out of the corner there. I that's the only way they can look at Yale, because there are so giant Vienna is helping at all right,
might. I replaced, gave me homework the other week, which I usually a bag. Your ex I can do that. What are you talking we ve talked about my I feel like I have a learning disability undiagnosed than yet you give me algebra she's, like you know, you need a deal. You need to find acts find the value that you're the value of acts Georgia all along, but it actually did anything good. So we had to cover therapy during this. This horror, horrible time. Don't you give us a general idea. Do you have to write something in a notebook? Did you have to lake? I had to make a list of should that I feel like I have like. I should be this place in my life and I should be this happy all the time and I should be like one guy cool but also like feminine and, like all my sheds, Ganem area should I know if I want to baby or not like those pills, all bullshit, it was like
What was that? What was the dog from the simpsons? Oh yeah, gate, Yahoo, cheese, their goods. Of course, you know the Tutsi. The wrapping hoochie that's right, yeah, but a feminine feminine like pretty but familiar, but then she said then, the next week after I wrote to her she was like. Ok now would look at this list. Would you would you any of your friends that they should have all these things done already to make now yeah That's very effective way, I'm your like it's Let's find to say that to me, but I course I would never say that anybody else I, like my friends, messy YA, want so it's a thick. No, I bet you, people have three babies and don't know should be having baby. It's like. I don't think the baby thing ever feels that, and you know, there's but I'm sure, there's some people like. I knew it since I was sick, latterly young, but
I don't know it that you think it's all scary. How could anyone feel like a hundred percent about anything, especially these days? These days, fuck man did you just slap someone through my friend down one of those left me. It's like a good face slap number that guy in the big number, although like zoom mess ups and the beginning of these times, when Peter has kept fucking up on salmon, one guy like through a cat, his there is not just that got us his cat, his ongoing. I was I heard the stray cap springs, the gap is above the love. Did you see the one where the little girl was arranging the bookshelf behind her mom? While she was on the BBC News now, that's a door of all. It was almost like that family was like. How can we try to be this super cute little girl that walks in Waller dads and this little
RO came in and started moving books on this top shelf kind of like in the back of the room. The Mama's like clearly talking about. I didn't actually can't listen to news clips anymore, like I can't risk the bring the things that then will like rattle in my brain. So I now why don't listen the audio of anything so that women can have until you as a large number of yes, she could have been like how to train your children to reorganise your bookshelves assume whatever it is. It's not that I love you good assumption. She's, like I got this one trained in three weeks. The one thousand pirates voting and a little bit a fuckin. Do, let's see here. I wanted to so a couple weeks ago. We had called the seasons of in the abbess or whenever re after reposted that
can slayer someone from Slayer a lovely person named Emma reached out to us young was like: do you guys want layer swag? I literally vodka species, I think she's with the management Tiana Slayer and is our right? Yes, so am I thank you for sending us fuckin Slayer in even Vince got saw it with my eyes: are birthday so Friday's damage meeting was like. Oh summoning, Emma from Slayers Management company reached out and asked if we wanted swag and everyone's like yeah,
company Y know J he's like a fuckin dead head out. Why are you sure slayers going to fit in with your or like cause he's got a lotta grateful that staff the eyes like nails? I fuckin love it. It's totally sleigh areas, Slayer crosses all divides. Further depression is the banned, the boy who drove the van, who would it make eye contact and lady or real licence conceived baked out of his mind? That's the Shorty was wearing. Who doesn't love that see oil. So on we have enough. We have a new Phoebe friend of the podcast. You know how we can Phoebe s feet, Judge Phoebe Waller Bridge. Oh, oh there's another phoebe with those two women declare themselves, friends of the bargain, claiming them or claiming that demanding that might have mentioned, as urban mentioned near us in an article once somewhere some day, and I know- I think we make Phoebe judge
our yeah. I realized I mean. I know you just wanted the Phoebe to be in there all right, whose our third veto, Phoebe breeders, tell tat girl. She is like she's like on the chart vigilant and MRS Scheele and she listened to us when she was making her last album Punisher yes, I can read this to you because every conversation I have with me. I told you that two weeks ago, ah she I'm sorry. I've been I've, been in the not paying attention forgetting things tied pool of my life. Hey, that's a tough one! That's a real That can be a real there's, a real your current and that tired, poor baby is it went. It was an article that was in pitch for youth and logo was in the images of all Yeah Jody
her before I recently measures that issues on a package that I used to record with moons and she was a gas on so God and played a song and I saw her open for Conor O burst and it was amazing yeah, She opened she open for someone else huge recently. It was the seven nineteen seventy five hour, she's big deal. Well, I'm last isn't everything now she's great tease a real towns in gaol. One more feebly to the pile. I bet you there's more out there there's a lot of it, keep your eyes Did you see that thing? You know how he said like enough with the Mackenzie in the Brooklands, and there was one other one, no one other name, Mackenzie Brooklyn in Madison, the eye then some GAO Tagged us in twitter and it was she herself and her two sisters and their need.
From the Kenzie, Madison and Brooklyn. I swear to God, and it was an I feel, attacked. Deanna remain listening anymore fuck. I dare you I am indeed and Mackenzie magazine in Brooklyn. Sorry. Ok, let's do March Corner Roquelaire Stew, there's some good stuff tat we have like were finally updating the our march paged set my fave reminder, not coms the store and we have a puzzle which proposals puzzles. Are you so happy honestly? It looks way too hard. For me, it's really would love is people are already sir, because we haven't, I dont the talked actually on the current progress bout, the puzzle, every plugged area. I think we like mentioned it. So people are now sending pictures of them, starting it or doing right which my favorite and somebody sent a picture sang this thing's gonna be hard and I was so excited because it is not
easy, it's not a bait, it's not for babies! No! This is an advanced professional puzzle. And I'm proud and all my dreams are coming true. Thank you, Georgia. Thank you, Steve and its link, you, America, it's all about in America and fees and the depression walls have made at Rio and happen looks hard. I dont want to do it have to let others do No, it's excited so exciting they'll, let me, but I guess, for me, we have causes of that really cool thumbprint. Design. What I love you too, so that's all take the cosy. You take the puzzles, yes, What also like the puzzle, because it shows a map of the United States. That, then, has icons that show every city where we ve done it, it's like a bunch of
a murders that we ve cover ray it's a little unlighted of drawings and stuff that how do you know this and that its little yearbook gets a little three four yearbook of all the things we ve done so far very kind of fun, and you know, of course, about us, that's exciting. I'm. The puzzle, of course, was made by Jade Young who did are merge like the really cool poster for our UK tour. So for talented, unlike obviously a puzzle, freak because its super hard plenty. She didn't have cut the pieces earnest, but yes, she design this puzzle. She design the heck out of it and she didn't really fast so the gray awesome. Thank you jade fur. It will allow us to have our own puzzle here, are unable or go to my favorite murdered outcome to the store, yeah and get our puzzle for your lake house. You know it s. So now we have murdering o, sweat pants
like sweat where they column lounge. I want to call him a lounging or a jogging sat spoken. I sweat alphabet, it's worth it what a sweatsuit for those who aren't that into sweating ray, Should we do exactly right news highlight corner while we're here every? Do it all red off that you want me to do it? Ok, sure I'll be I'll, be here with you. What do you mean what paper this is off? The cuff. You know I memorized monologue last night, so murder squad this week there they are doing the recent case of specialist Vanessa again, which is really I mean we ve been following this on our own horrifying case out of fort heard, that U S, army base its. So sad the condolences to her family and friends, so billion polar looking into that and
are unknown, causes of death cases there, which is very interesting unlike yeah. I can't wait to hear. I can't wait to hear now. That's right. Bananas has art and mere in on whose early funny comedian, this pact will kill you they earn an errand, are covering radiation. I mean vast, who doesn't Fatima radiation so good I'll The purpose of this is so beautiful, see man you guys there there covering the story of Elijah Maclean, whose young black man I used a volunteer, his free time playing the violin for local shelter cats and he was murdered by police and twenty nineteen. You seen his face and like the calls for his case to be solved, and so Stephen and Sarah are raising money to help to help cause yeah? It's were essentially just wanting to show. But a bit more light on the case, because there's some,
he cases, and so we just wanted to take it up it's a step by step back talk about it and you know encourage people to it's the families go, find me and yeah, that's, you know simple, but I think it is important to tell a story because he suggests he was there such a sweet person, a scenario for he was a cat lever like you guys, and I love that you're thy love that direction are going in that so beautiful is you're right. It's like all of these answers or you know these key, these cases of violence or whatever are coming to the fore, and it's just lovely that people are taking the time to kind of focus on him in and help people focused specific ways, and yet it's really good are either still doing the fund raising the other fund raising just started. Basically it So essentially, if you go listen to the episode, there's more details, but if you don't eat to the families, go find me and You know show that you donated you basically get entered into ran into a random
Where you can win the copy of state actually? No get murdered assigned an just some other per cast stuff and everything- and you know it's it's it's, not an incentive to donate, but it's more like a thank you. You know we took TAT first set in a week bert. Our listeners to you now, just give back a little bit which that's so you don't say I thank you so much. I think you re on tariff for doing that out idle. I love keeping the attention on this and that the police who murdered him need to be brought to justice. It's really implant and then the always June incredible work. Their new series starts this week about the Atlanta Ripper Amazing, really important, and then I said, no gifts with Bridger Winter is our friend caring friend of the package can't go. Europe were I think, of my gift,
I'd be the best one he's been given so far check it out to you tell me what you think. I think I won the gift for deficits, not a competition wasn't until you showed up now it's on a tray set out. We ve got a nice there's a nice line up on exactly right, weak lots of entertainment, all different kinds. What do you need lots more to come more working on it so much we're gonna vague so exciting. How are you watching anything right now? What we bought talked about so obviously watching all begun in the dark grey, with with part of the public health care. A garage mixed, relax, making a Karen Phoebe Kilgour she's such a thing can we make Phoebe will make positive, you know my runs and care and the negative have frequently is a friend
first. Second, I honestly thought you meant Phoebe from friends and I was just like: ok, yes, I'm a liking it s, because Phoebe member, when we met her at that, I was going to say that we sign but met her at a party. She was so nice son, I so rich. You know like just standing by the where people are getting drinks and yet somebody I can't leave. Talking to another person, and then she just basely said what are those on whom we had at least a coup. Dro LISA good row comes out you two hours and casual conversation system as you and me in a corner the US talking about each other to ourselves and fucking it's a good or a log of dirt promised are other Phoebe. We have ceiling Lean Billy's! That's what I'm saying I got the first thing I want to cause. You can a bent over her Zilla, you guys they always love her for that, and then we ll just and we should- and I tried for like three I kind of about Just- is just like a thing- we're everyone you have to remember this, for people
going to party and we will go again someday and if you're going now truly go fuck yourself for real alyosha lamp. You gotta already this I mean parties. Are you? Are you a fucking child like please now, please? security. Will you have to remember when you know on Sokoto Party! Everyone feels like they're, the ones that doesn't belong, no matter who you are what you are whatever, but if you're caught the kind of person that can just be like hey. What are you talking about people? always yeah like I'll tell you
They also Europe because that such a brave fund railroad both thing that you just did yes, of course, on top of that you're Phoebe from friends- and everyone loves you yeah, but still it such a great move. To make, I mean, is Europe's opening yourself up ray. You have to keep in mind that there's someone out there party, whose more uncomfortable than you are so chances of you going up to someone and being like hi, I'm and being open and like vulnerable you're gonna make someone have a better time. What do you do? Some weird snobby nice thing we're like they make a face at you, then
fuck yeah can you are allowed to slowly touch their phase? Not yet not right now, not in this climate, but I'm just saying the Pinochet, Russia, because it's not assault if you just weirdly, rub layer palm your kind of salty palm right down there, they or their back of your head, like the back of your fingers like slowly down the side of their face like euro strange lethargic, walking the other party trying to seduce been that man that there's just got touched. If Europe Board during Quarantine, there's no reason you can't make up fights to have one we're all out of a car crash, make them up practice them, go over them a time or to leave the time pools of your life and sometimes even the imaginary, future fight tied pool. I'm in writing. With this stupid typo metaphor, all I'm saying you don't
What do I like recommend using? Ok, just, don't know violent starfish, really scratchy raw motive, the starfish our ban tobacco to ban for female mergers is now violence nor by the sharpish might learn an amendment that I believe that Bolivia lie. I just want to say this and I actually I'm almost positive I've told the story on this very partners before when I spotted, I was with bananas, boy Scotty Landis. Actually, when this happened, I spotted on feral, I'm not kidding from probably eighty yards away. I could feel him coming toward me. It was magical, but one sided, and then I was like of the full wave of like oh my fucking on its common Farrell and I turned his cup to like it, and he was already nodding very tiny at me. It just like scholars like Scott is the most incognito person I've ever yet
so he he'll not give away you're bullshit known now, keep it secret. He does he didn't even turned his head. He just like lots. Items are already know that. So I did. I tell you. I saw Keanu Reeves at the new. That's what's, though, the mall on the corner of LA sciatica, the best centre, the banner like ninety eight at the latest height of my cute mess in early May, like a sharp and downhill since then, but we were come hast each other on this score later going up and down and my where to God, he gave me sexy eyes. Yes, he dead only eighteen year old sure, with yellow choker in Europe me and your barrette sky. He, oh yeah. Oh he I it was like it
the dream he was, how long was his hair? It was like at the time was like early matrix, so is like it was like long short, you know MAX Loki Floppy on time. But then show ass yeah. He was so Gore, I'm sure he was like Eminem. I'm gonna ruin the over the next five years of this girl's life. My way I mean sexy eyes, just like wider, ok ok, see, urbanity I'll be up before a priest, Similarly, when zeal What you hear me I'm in Vienna. Macy's Este louder section that how backwards this society I'm right to buy, make up that doesn't match mice get. Where is MAC? Ok, here's! Here's something! Just while we're here! I guess I just This thought. When MAC make up, came out and rubber in this This came to me mine. It was,
one thousand nine hundred and ninety or one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. I lived in San Francisco, my roommate Christy Ward, who was also my roommate in Sacramento when she was there the good times, but mostly the bad. I think Mr Christy very hip and choose very into knowing all the new stuff. Thank God for her. She fuckin was like. I was it stone sound today and I signed up for this thing and it was a man tutorial down weekend and it wasn't like out on the floor. We were in a separately conference room and the person I think either who started MAC or was like one of the main early, people was there and like this is studio fix. Unlike showed us, this make up. There was not liquid make up that covered all of myself and all of my ready skin, but like in five pound
and although it was, I will never forget that day I was like in the spice lip liner is like the nineties kicked off. They were like the first people that were like. Oh you live in Sacramento, doesn't matter, you can look like a fuckin candy raver from has my club kid from New York. Even though women Sacramento and like a year ago is shit. I live in Sacramento. I can look like a fucking candy raver here I am with my a super powdery face monetary brown lips day out no reason and am very dark brow. Here we go out with me at into it. It was I just think that with such- and it was is a pivotal moment. Mac Makeup was the reason Christie Ward made it happen. Now really have a soda we can put on the Instagram Office episode. I believe I have one of Arabia day: Candy candy Georgia can post you have a candy,
Karen, yes, but see my look was never anything like that cause. I'm older, I like the skin of like a girl who had on a lot like the skin. Oh hell, yeah, yeah, yeah, lieutenant that lots of lipstick. Ok, even though holding Wednesday night right now, and thus even has been working all fucking day and even in the off the dead sea. Then will you make sure that level we get these fuckin photos that are probably in our basements angry of ASEAN, if you, come over and looked through my basement and I'm gonna stay upstairs wearing a man sleaze where I'm ask that these were to mask the irresponsible the? U shared the Sacramento photo with Europe. I think it was your friend in your roommate. That's during that those live shares which Vienna that's true. People love that step. Patty, rightly that was a Patty Riley special. She listens. Every episode I bet
oh and also she's, the one that had the Nick Terry Shirt and got stopped on the street in San Francisco by another murder who furry tat was how did you get that Germans using their own? I keep seeing on tv things happening and then just going the old days, no more months ago or like you see on tv people like sitting near each other and Munich, be careful, don't touch each other like no, that's, not real. It's not it's, not real, I'm the out so crazy home as Owens. If you can wear masks a matter, what it's not let us call it so's. We're this such a strange time since it a historically significant time there. So many things kind of coming to a head all at the same time were proud.
But will yelling work preaching the choir right now. I liked the India, where yelling, a people that access is wearing mass in their own homes alone. All their pets are asks on their like. Please stop feeling it as I couldn't be more worried, but it just in case there are some people on the edge or their like last week. I just need to get this party or whatever is like theirs. It's more to it than just U guy for fuck in bed. Consider that once we know where the pressure nests, worthless,
You are also nurses. Regional party earns, like all your target men, the party that we do our best work at parties we met at parties. We disagreed destroy parties, we left so many parties early. Oh it's so re member. There is, there is no party illegal bird, they ve hurt anyone. I we're like literally taxi melt down like. Are you going seriously cause? I'm gonna go, but I have to be met if you're not terribly Ella and we got there stood in the living room and I, like I gotta leave- was it wasn't? Your authority party would like in a bar? Was one of those bar parties? May re use like you know what I'm just too ought to be doing me. I can't stand around with. I just love that about their. You have your close friends who are like Neeoka by the Kyoto agreement. They don't judge you for it and that we now I didn't see you at the party technique, they now yeah, but now man, kill for a party the second,
sticky bar pulling a bunch of fuckin, arrogant comedians who want to talk shit on other, more successful comedians and leave mothers mill. What a dream nothing more! He is just about murder. Yeah. I guess you said it was an orator. Here's. What I think we should start looking far too, is how this podcast is going to begin to Elden, merge out of a true crime podcast and into us, making our own mental, the coin
right, bring me what, if I just stopped taking all of my meds today, what? If I start taking all of mad slit, we don't recommend a white haired, have Ado switched caring, caldera medication for Georgia are Turks, medication and and and then you're geike as soldiers, and you like. What are you talking about? Let us not garthie or drinking fucking pond water is not a happy now so upon butter, it's my tied poor water of insanity. I have used the tide pools of your life. God help me whose first it's me right, Stephen Chatham! Look it up We, too, are on my nerves, because it was alive episode yeah. I care in its first year, guys kind Also, when a dimension that I saw Scotty Landis a between concert,
much of like two years ago. Not u spine. So perfect was you wearing a cowboy now he was I shouldn't even less, are allowing a cab, lousy relation between Sure things. Well, I guess I attempt to embellish her eye sorted out of you. Had the wisdom to bananas. Those are two friends: you're going Big Siam met, Colonel Lady good people eighty four son of adult beverage, companies are still male owned and operated while sixty to seventy percent of the consumer is female. So crazy. The ban is a female founded and female operating company, and they are here to change all of that. Burma is The three canned wines that are Chris dry and a little physic, there's beverage ay with aromatics afresh strawberry and raspberry paired with a crisp white peach, finnish and theirs the black sheep.
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friendly recipes every week. Current the other day on a Saturday night convincing I made, are Heller fresh surf enter. It was steak and lobster tails it is clear in our own home. I did not realise that their range was that broad, but I mean like the everything they do send you is it's like a different thing: it's like they keep it. They keep, may change it they give rise. They mid may keep you interested so that when you are making these things, it's like boy making this this delicious little meal and its it feels creative and fun and like something new, I'm not gonna. Why one of my favorite parts of the weakest? When I get a pick, my hell afresh meals for the next week- and I look forward to them, I'm so glad you told me that it's because I like to hear the true go to hell
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they'll killer in that was in basically South Central, LOS Angeles for a thirty years, and its toll are the people who live there. It's told by his neighbors its told by local activists that were the first ones to get out there and say what the fuck is going on. It's told by the people who who did every day- and it's such a direct like it's such a beautiful way of doing that- Scully, letting the people who happen to it happened around tell the story and there's no filter is They call and its end. You meet these amazing characters that literally Nick reveal just walks around like different neighborhoods in south central Hang meets, introduces himself to people and lets them tell him the story. It's amazing, and- and this is how it should be done, however, but for now so I'll tell it this way and the sources of course, its tales of the grim sleeper, which is an amazing documentary by new broom filled. The also article
from the Ella Times and they Ellie Sentinel. There's a couple articles in from Buzzfeed that were written by writer, Dame Claudia Corner and then there's information that I got from this two thousand eight Ellie weekly article by a writer Dame Christine Pella SEC that's amazing and I'll talk about it later very cool Ellie weekly moment. You know from growing up here the ehler weekly used to be this kind of stalwart local free paper that that did amazing coverage on really big important things. They were in the book in our I talk about how the ehler weekly are the ones that did the kind of like the cover story on Scientology and this
intelligent. Maybe I took this part out, but this scientologist came around and took all the free papers and threw them away. So no one could read their expos a on the church, and this was in like the ninety yeah, when the church was kind of growing popularity, and is it the it used to be the Ellie weekly used to be this amazing, independent newspaper? It's an it up like every town. Had this great alternative newspaper in the nineties, or you could find out really find out about cool artisans cool things happening in bad things happening and chosen. Just doesn't exist anymore, witches escorts in the back in and the Green Pages Right Party in the front row. Bummer skirt really good stories in the front, and then you could get if you wanted a little company that night. Ok, let's. Let's start it start November nineteen nineteen. Eighty eight doesnt start here, but this is where we're going to get in cash cause. That's
that thirty year old in nature, Washington is walking down the street in south central allay on her way to her friends, house they're gonna meet up, get ready and go to a party to other again, don't you mess it so, as she's walking the Orange Ford Pinto with racing, stripes, fancy rams and high and tires up alongside her. So in each her later will remove or that the car looked like she told someone. It looked like a hot wheels toy the driver talking to her through the roll down passenger window. He asked where she's going, what she's doing he tells or even give her a ride. She just says back to him. You can't just quote holler major car windows. You have to get out and talk to me, so he does. He parks the card hops out. Again officer ride, sure first. She said he is short black man, probably in his fortys, and that he look clean cut, almost geeky and
We again he offers arrived and he's being very insistent edged when she says no, he fires back and says that's what's wrong with you, black women people can't be nice to you. And when she hears this she fee, it makes her feel really bad said that an escalation works on her and she gets into the car cause she's like being to know he get sir. He knows how to manipulate so he answer Conor where she lives so she's. In the car, but once you striving. She realizes he's not going in the direction where she said her front lived He explains yes to stop at his uncles house to pick up money. He may That's up. He goes into a house for little bit comes back out, gets back into the car they. Back on the road their driving again and then she hears him say something to her, but he she is quite sure when it is so. She took toward him to hear it better and said everything goes quiet and then that's when she notices that somehow she's bleeding from the chest
oh, she panics she reaches for the car door. He stops are saying, don't touch that door or I'll shoot you again and then when she realizes that she, has been shot in the chest. So? She is obviously in shock yeah, unlike like the whole thing processed in the weirdest way she and asked. Why did you shoot me? He said has she was disrespecting him when she I used to say. I don't even know you talks over her and is just blathers rambling incoherently. At one point he calls her different woman's name. Then blacks out efforts, she comes to he's on top of her and he's as she drifts in and out of consciousness he's raping her and at one point when she comes to, she sees the flat Should a camera and she realizes he's taking her picture yeah. She is no. Idea how much time passes, but at some point he starts driving again so
is she like kind of comes back to consciousness a little bit and she reaches for the door handle again. This time he lets her open the door and when the door opens he pushes or out of the moving car and so she's on the street: she he based please her for dead on the street, so she's laying their industry and then this voice in her head says you have to get up. Have to get up, so she basically man, just to crawl over to the curb and so Lee push yourself up using the parked cars around her and when she finally gets to like it, slightly standing position. She realizes she is on the street where her friend lives. So just say around incidents. Well,
she dropped. He liked dropped her off where she said she needed so that, but then she's, like oak, is so she walks to her friends house. She makes it all the way there with having been shot in the chest. She gets their gets up on, port knocks on the front door. No in his home? So she's like she, turned around and realizes. Ok, now, there's the street is empty. I'm have to walk down the main street and flagged down help down on the main street liquor. We now have a block away, So she starts down. I shouldn't she's, like I'm gonna make it I'm getting us used, charts walking down off this porch and a car pulls up it's her friend at her friends, husband. They finally came home, so because she hadn't shown up so
frank, its other cars like we're waiting for you. What's going on and she's kind of, like almost yelling at her for being late, and she comes upon Anita and realizes her. All of her clothes are covered in blood. Her friend start screaming cheese, like hysterical, They call nine when one an ambulance comes takes in each her to the hospital. She's immediately taken into surgery. She ends up in the hospital for the next three weeks, but she her life, is saved and after about a year of like procedures and treatments and physical therapy in nature, makes a miraculous recover a year time of year after year I mean she got shot point blank in a car, it's so it's an amazing that she lived at all all in after that happening to her clearly foliage hook, she got herself. To this front. Porch. It's insane! That's incredible, So it's a year later, nineteen, eighty nine and
is outside of her house in Inglewood and a man walks up to her and ask her. If she knows him she says, am I supposed to do and he doesn't say anything I just turned around and walks away. And as he's walking away it slowly down on her night, she was shot. Her purse went missing an inside her purse was her driver's license with her current address on it that was the man who was her attacker back yeah, so now to go back to the early eighties in South Central and what is at stake? Leslie known as the cocaine epidemic that that hit that part of town ends that this whole thing is oak, a story in and of itself and its mind boggling and horrifying, and many people believe and there's lots of proof to believe that crack was introduced into these neighborhoods intentionally
it's really horrifying and theirs it that's it. French show and I'm sure, there's plenty about gas out. There is a way keep it simple and basically by nineteen eighty five, Cocaine is a full blown epidemic in this part of town and addiction. Roy. Images. South central and families are torn apart. The communities are, I mean people veto as Drug dealers are fighting over their turf, attics are committing petty theft to be able to feed their addiction. Crime rates rise. Especially murder so when the bodies of black sex workers start being found around the south central area in alleyways, on roadsides in parks, even in school yards his death- are written off as being either drug or gang related, or you know, basically, their written off as collateral damage. So
today the crack epidemic. It becomes a perfect cover for what of LOS Angeles is what will end up being one one of LOS Angeles as worst serial killers ever, if not America's, so through the mid eighties, more. Twenty murdered women, the bodies of more than twenty murdered women are found, but many many more go missing her an theirs and many more murders happen. These are just the ones that basically are all connected to each other eventually connected to this killer, but that doesn't mean that up and black women, and especially black sex workers, a worse, showing up dead, constantly re. So among these victims is twenty. Nine year old, Deborah Jackson, her body is found on August tenth, nineteen, eighty five in an alley near asked gauge Avenue in the Vermont Slawson area, so central just three bullet wounds in her chest and
Six will later determine that they have come from a twenty five caliber handler done at close range, almost a year to the day later August. August, twelfth nineteen, eighty six, the body of thirty four year old Henrietta right, is found in Hyde Park, and then two days after Henrietta bodies found on August fourteenth. Thomas steals body, is found in the middle of an intersection and they believe his death is connected to Henrietta murder, but police. Ever find solid evidence to actually back that up. That's just what people in nearby believe that in that no essentially, all of this is kind of feeding that idea that these black communities are simply quota quote prone to illegal or criminal activity, rights, dismissed right and end. Just all. All kind of piled together, like it's the same as its the same kind of crime, that's happening as giving the gang
shootings were or drug dealing instead of clearly a series of a series of murdered women with the eggs, Axiom ammo every time not basically gives the LAPD Free Pass to turn a blind eye to these horrific Margaret murders. Its later discover the LAPD would classify these murders as being an age. I which is short for no humans involved, big is there women of color, because there were six sex workers because or or and because they were attic, sir, not even human Tunisia to the first there is a lot more especially protect yeah its aims. Its unimaginable and it's the kind of thing. Again in this documentary and you have to watch it because it's there's people at speak on this. Where there's this woman, who is a local activists and she's talking about that. You know
but we're talking about. Why would widen this guy get caught and why wasn't anything reported and she's like you? Can't black person just walk into your local police station. I say I have something I'd like to talk to her she's, like ninety nine percent of the time. That's going to end ray unpleasantly for you, people, don't you did that that's years and years of that kind of hideous treatment, that. Obviously they're not going to be running to the police, not to say we need protection, cause they're, not getting it. I mean this is the epicenter of making riots. This is which action gets covered, and then we have talked about this in the Oj Simpson, yeah. Thirty, four! Thirty! That's incredible! That kind of links all this up of of what it's happening down here and the way this this town has been segregated and yet and the systemic racism that went into all of that. So
there are leads in these cases. There are piece of evidence that, when these bodies are discovered that are running throughout each case, so so far sample. There's reports of nineteen. Eighty four dark, colored, Buick Regal, ports of elite model, Plymouth, station wagon and reports of an Orange Colored Ford Pinto, but there, if there followed up at all. I mean they're barely followed up, nothing is really ever chase down and even though their question a number of suspects, they end up shut like Theory becomes that there is something called the south side. Slayer which was more of like a quote: evil force than it was one specific killer, wow, which that does even makes sense slinging it's basically just kind of saying bad, as is happening over the area, you know, there's not a lot we can do about it, which is totally insane here so Margaret.
Prescott, who is a local radio host. She has a radio, show called Sojourner truth and she's outraged. She knows that these victims, because these victims are black women, most of whom homer sex workers are struggle with addiction that the they pdf is blatantly neglecting their cases and she refuses to let them get away with it anymore. So in nineteen eighty six march, its forces with other local that activists and she forms the black coalition fighting back serial killers like shoe near, I wasn't like it's. A four she's like we're. Framing a serial killer at around sucking knows is she's that and there is an amazing she's in the neck, Brophy, documentaries, she's incredible and at one point she says in the eightys we at one point we have to count of ninety women, but only eight Ten of them made it under the book. This wasn't this story. That was actually when this I even got told it all. The number
for reduced so much and she's, but she was like yeah. This is this: is outrageous Paso they start printing up, fly airs and handing them out in front a grocery stores, and you see, there's there's footage from the eighties of this of this coalition. The black coalition back serial killers, they're just going around flaring insane. Did you realise these women were found dead? Did you know, there's a serial killer in this neighborhood they're just going and telling other women you need to be aware, and they just to do at grassroots by themselves, because of course it was on the news. Nobody was talking about at yeah and nobody was treating it seriously. So, together the coalition hands out flyers and they inform the community about the Cyril killings. They demand that the police and city officials prioritizing investigations of these murders they fight for more resources in south central and they to get the media to stop dehumanizing the victims just because
of the jobs that they hold or the addictions that they have yeah, so spite the coalition's best efforts. The LAPD negligence enable this killer to continue murdering vulnerable black women for the night two years so on January, tenth, nineteen, eighty seven, the body of twenty three year old barber where is found inside a trash bag in the sea. Alameda area and barber. Where was the third official victim that they knew so at that point because he also had a gunshot wounds at that point they knew it was a serial murderer, but they didn't and they talk about this in the documentary they didn't tell anybody and they didn't try. That way. Therefore, for that
she could have been the one they talk about this like. If this was some blonde girl that went to you see allay they. The media would have been all over, but it nobody talks about it at all, and so those martyrs continued, but if he'd gotten any press or any kind of trial, Jen as a story- maybe those other girls wouldn't be dead now rang, but said it all. Just got swept under the rug. For months later, twenty six year old, bernita sparks tells her mom she's going to go and go out to buy a pack of cigarettes. She never comes back. Her body is not on April 16th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven and she then shot for the twenty five caliber hand gotten on Halloween of that same year, twenty six year old, Mary Low says goodbye to her mother ass. She heads out for a hollowing party her body is discovered. The next day and she'd been shot down on during January nineteen, eighty eight, the body of twenty two year old, Lucretia
Jefferson is found in the West MOT area and seven months after that, the body of eighteen year old, Alisha Martinique Alexander, is discovered on September, eleventh of nineteen eighty eight and bow, of these young women have been shot by it. On five caliber hand, gun and it's the eighth murder in three years with the exact same email. So In the case of moaning, Alexander's murder eye witnesses tell police, they saw her get into an orange colored hatch back on Normandy Avenue at the same time an color of car that witnesses tell police Mary Low got into the year before the lead is never followed up on moanings, other Porter Alexander told the Ellie Weekly that the investigation of his daughters, death was quote a big mass. They didn't put forth any Bert and they didn't show any aggressiveness about it. Which obviously they they are. They started a task force to be too
on the cases that they called this, the task force actually calls this series of killings, the strawberry murders, cause robbery is slang for somebody. Who's who sells does sex for drugs, really oh yeah, Oh yeah, that's like that's who that but they could. I mean that the level of the total lack of care or respect. Org. Anything is just monstrous. So, aside from determining that, all eight murders were committed with the same twenty five. Rubber gun nothing comes of of establishing as taskforce, until nineteen, eighty eight when the killer meets in each for Washington and like the eight victims before her, the eight known and on the books, victims we should say she shot with TAT if I've caliber handgun after getting into an orange hat ash back, but because any trust arrives her attack, she is able to provide police the first I witnessed description of the killer,
she tells him he's a black man who looks to be honest. Thirty's was short hair and a geeky clean cut appearance and she also describes his car in detail. It's an orange Ford pinto with raising stripes rooms and high and tires after natures, survival and identification of attacker, the murders of black women in South Central Committee, with a twenty five calibre, handgun suddenly stopped, but that's not. Because the serial killer has stopped killing. Him just changing his Emma had so for the next. Fourteen years, Ellie undergoes some drastic changes while drug addiction does remain a public health issue. The crack epidemic begins to subside and crime begin to go down and allay becomes the second safest city in the United States, but that has a lot to do with the intense police, violence and is brutality and these tactics that they used
which again is a whole different show, but essentially that the the crack epidemic is is waning a little bit so because the crime rates are coming down. It's it's more. Yes, when like strings of murders, Harry Outbreak so in, two thousand, to a fifty. You're, a girl named princess birth, a meal is foster care, and she often runs away and makes money for herself through sex work when her foster mom reports for missing on eight December twenty first, two thousand one. She is I've seen again until her body is found strangled an angle alley on March Nineteenth two thousand too, a little over a year at so tragic a little in your who, I think, of all these crimes, like in the eighties and early nineties, bennets like that
recent and she's fifteen fifteen years old, so for four about fourteen years between those crimes in the eighties of women just getting shot in the chassis, I'm an annual on way things things calm down, and then it then he can back in two thousand to with this horrifying and a fifteen year I mean it is she's a baby in a baby a little over a year later, a crossing guard finds the body of thirty five year old, Valerie Mccrory in a Westmont alley on July 11th, two thousand and three and she's also been strangled The l, a p d test, the dna samples taken from both of these murders there, to match eight cold cases from the eightys, the murders of double Jackson, Henry underwrite Barber, where prettiest sparks Mary, low, Lucretia, Jefferson, money, Alexander and the attempted murder of Atra, Washington so
newly appointed police chief Bill Breton, considers making a task force into that. And four to investigate these connections in these cold cases, but an unnamed colleague allegedly dissuades him from doing that. The connections in the potential leads in these murders and the proof of the existence of an active serial killer inside. Central are basically ignored until two thousand and seven its new year's Eve September thirty. First, two thousand sex Laverne Peters, gets a call for her twenty five year old, daughter, Geneva, Laverne Babysitting, tenacious four year old son. At the time there visiting other family members and Geneva calls to tell her mom that she's finally got a place to live here. Excited. She really loves the place she feels safe there. The next day. January. First, two thousand seven, a homeless man whose looking through dumpster
on western Avenue, finds Geneva body wrapped in a garbage bag and sealed. With a twist tie, she had been shot with a twenty five caliber handgun pack. So despite the obvious connection, Indonesia's deck goes almost unnoticed. The few new stations that actually cover her death. They don't The report correctly, they say that she was stabbed her. While the media and the LAPD failed to inform the public of the return of the twenty five caliber killer, dejected named Dennis Kill coin, finally convince achieve brought into form a task force to envy together these murders and its dubbed the eight task force Named- the conference room that the course initially gathers ended the police station. Finally, if not fuckin, auditory name Julia
yet for real ridiculous. So the eight hundred task force is made up of six six officers. No, outsiders are allowed, no press, no other police of people that are working just people that are on this task force and men. Basically, the existence of his is totally kept secret, so that here is where they Ella Weekly. Rapporteur comes in two thousand eight rapporteur over the Ellie weekly name, Christine Pella Sack learned, about the existence of the eight hundred taskforce and begins to investing in Christine steam publishes an article on August, twenty seventh, two thousand eight and it's the first. Anyone in LOS Angeles, reads in a general sense in the in the mainstream media, which is a free, the Ellie Weekly. I know that free local paper about
fact that a serial killer has been on the loose in south central since nineteen. Eighty five that reminds me of Michel Mcnamara, so much company, I will listen along with her thorough details on them. Each murderer Christine also delivers a scathing critique of how poorly the LAPD and newly appointed Mare, Antonio, vigorous, has had the entire ordeal she writes the following. There is no big press conference by Breton who recently waiting on Lindsey low hands, love like the camera loving vehicle Rosa recent a besieged the public to eat, nutritionally like city leaders who decried the Bt K killer near Kansas City and the Green if our killer, who terrorize Seattle LOS Angeles, the city hall, is either unaware or has kept news of California longest operating killer under wraps thanks duty, extraordinarily poor diplomacy extended by vehicle Rosa and
the aggressor administration and the Ellie, Eddie Brass to the victim's, mostly working class, black families, the weekly also, it was able to first inform some families this month that the more others are known to be the work of one sick man shit, so they does anomalies didn't even know because now and even in foreign them none. So no one knew to look out and be careful and don't take rides is from neighbours. And you know the young on the look out. It was yes, just not. They weren't even warned. No, There is no word on it and in fact its Christine herself, not the point, he's who coin the killers nicknamed the grim sleeper, because of his very abnormal fourteen year. Hide Tam, O K.
So now we have, we will go to an email sent to us by a murderer you now I care in Georgia and your called family of Pat Slung ends, even I'm a long time listener. First time, writer, Karen you mentioned the grim sleeper in the last episode, and I've been waiting for you to cover this murder, my aunt, not by blood, but by being my mom, is best friends. Since I was a kid and Helping my mom raise my brother and I on her own, which is not easy, as we were, the broadest kids in North America is a bad ass. Female journalist who's been covering crime in LOS Angeles, since the Rampart police scandal of the ninety. Yes, oh my going up. She was always my idle because she was funny pretty bought me smooth ease and would talk to me about her stories. Now we want over murder stories because murdering knows abound. Two thousand eight she ferociously began to hunt down stories of nine murders of sex workers in south central allay that had gone unsolved and codes nineteen, eighty, eight, she and virtue new murders in two thousand to two thousand three
Then DNA connected to the murders of the eighties. His murderer? Resurfaced LAPD, wasn't paying attention or adding manpower to the case because it I'm going to win them? Any political points in my aunt Christine Palliser wrote a huge expos, a calling them out the lack of attention paid to what appeared to be one of the worst serial killers in LOS Angeles history, Christine this murder the grim sleeper, because the fourteen years he had seemingly spent not actively killing in LOS she pointed out these cases. Had these This has been an Westwood or Brentwood white, wealthy areas, there's no way police would have ignored a serial killer. Striking again she humanised stories of the residents of the south central community who their family members murdered and she could What the fuck out the mayor of the man, she called the fuck out of the mare. She also point out the need to use dna testing on old cases like mission,
Mcnamara with Golden Say: killer. Christine's articles brought the attention to the case and put pressure on the city to do something. This led to a boy, in the case with DNA out today, to that. In a second, she wrote a book about our experiences called the grim sleeper, the lost women of South Central, which was published on twenty seventeen, and they even made a cheesy great lifetime movie about now I had no idea, I'm so proud of her in her work to shine a light on a community of people whose safety wasn't valued. My dad passed away last September and when he passed Christine, told me how he'd been her editor and had seen her talent at the Ellie Weekly in the nineteen eightys. I like to think of but his legacy in me. So I want to bring to the world about her amazing talents love Kelly, murder, Reno coal, that I get you.
So suddenly. Now, because of this article, there is real pressure, to solve this case, but when they, the dna samples are taken from the victims and through this state offender and federal crime databases, there's no match so they turned to familial dna testing. Can I remembered this is two thousand and eight thousand nine? Earlier still it was still super early and Familial testing of is the kind where this ample has at least sixteen markers matched to another sample in the database. So it's enough to implement. A close relative of the person in a database so If there's someone with similar dna, whose already been convicted of a crime, there's good chance that that persons, relative could be a vile, a viable, so back now, this Familial dna testing is key. Reversal and at the time the attorney general was Jerry Brown for California, and he was
for re election, so she didn't want to attract any negative attention. So he Do the familial dna testing until a little bit late till after he was elected or till Yasser till after he was re, elected eventually It does rule that familial testing can be used if other avenues have been exhausted and the criminal presents a clear and present danger, so finally cries Two thousand nine familial dna testing is conducted on this cold case and they get ahead ass. A close familial matches found in a man named Christopher Franklin who just been convicted of a family affair, weapons charge the year before, and this leads please to a new suspect, Christopher Father, Fifty seven year old, Lonnie Franklin Junior in a former garbage man for the city, Last and such a good cover because you can get rid of bodies so easily that way and
It was a garbage man in the eighties, while still this system, where it was the city dumps yeah like there was no, the technology was not there in any way and he had had access to a play basically the hue, just dumping ground that, where no one, so how many I remind someone how many bodies or just never found Well they start following Lonnie Franklin Junior and they realize he frequently drives along streets that are known where sex workers are known to walk, and so They need to be certain that they it's him so an undercover. Caught poses a busboy at Johns, incredible pizza and born and pluck foggy the name. That's not my opinion at the name of the pizza place and they no luck. Franklin Juniors, going there for a birthday party, the under
ever cop takes Franklin's pizza, crusts utensils like all the stuff that he used to Easyjet that night and they put it in their little evidence, bag and the investigators, extract his dna and when friends runs their analysis. They find a perfect match and on July seven, twenty ten police, finally arrest Lonnie Franklin Junior when they search his home. They find the twenty five caliber hand gun that was used in many of those killings in eight. It's just the bear in his house, yet She still has it got. How could hardly he is? He like didn't even try to get rid of it yeah, because people now, no one had ever, even though it wasn't didn't come up even more chilling than that, though they find over a thousand polaroids of women, both conscious an unconscious. Often nude including the photo of neutral Washington from the night of her attack
Basically they end up. There's they have a hundred and eighty photos that remain. Missing, unidentified women from that stash of photo and there still trying to work through to identify who the women are, because they they're, just missing in the bodies were found or they didn't. You know they might be Jane DOE somewhere, they just don't know so, after a serious delays, Lonnie Franklin, Juniors trial, finally begins in February twenty. Sixteen. He pleads now gale, twenty, sixteen Jesus yeah in her opening statement, deputy search attorney that Silverman explains that's survivor. Nature Washington will give test only about her attack that will provide a blueprint to the fate of the ten other victims who have no voice, then Anita takes a stand and tells the story of her attack and survival in full detail to the port. When she's to point out her attacker in the courtroom Shi Ite
defies Lonnie, Franklin, Junior and when that Silverman asked Sir, are you sure Nature says one hundred percent on the process, Peter also reveals that in the seventies lonely Franklin Junior was stationed at an we base in Stuttgart Germany, where he was dishonorably discharge for participating in the gang rape of a seventeen year old german girl, then that girl, now a grown woman takes stand and testifies against Lonnie Franklin, juniors after she flew in from Germany to me, shit, yeah yeah on may fit twenty. Sixteen. The jury finds Lonnie Franklin, Junior guilty on ten council, first degree, murder and one count of attempted murder he sentenced to death on August ten. Twenty sixteen exact these. Thirty one years after the body, of Deborah Jackson was fountain. He is
death row at San Quentin until March, twenty eighth, this year now, when is found unresponsive in his prison cell and launch. Franklin Junior, the grim sleeper is found at seven. Forty three p m he was sixty seven years old. So, While investigators were able to confirm that Loney Franklin Junior did indeed murder, never Jackson Henrietta Right Barber, where per need aspire, Mary Low, decreased Jefferson, Martinique, Alexander Princess, without them value democracy and Geneva Peters an attempt at it. Attempted to murder Nature Washington. They unfortunately could never confirm beyond reasonable doubt that he murdered Thomas Steel, but it is widely believed that he did. Because of the gross negligence of the LAPD and their blatant disregard for black lives in southern in South Central LOS Angeles. We will never know for sure how many people were murdered by along
Franklin Junior, it's possible, that he could have murdered, as many as hundred women ts not for in December of twenty ten, the LAPD released a hundred be polaroids to the public. In hopes that someone might be able to identify the women in them. So far, There have been no additional confirmed, identified victims and is the story of LOS Angeles serial killer, the grim sleeper Lonnie Franklin Junior, well yeah great credit, Sal necessary. You jailers forge helping me with that research. She didn't insanely great job and he found that murder in a letter that a male amazing it so great, but please Please watch Nick Brookfield documentary. Those are the people you sell. Your story from it's amazing PAM, where's the woman he needs on the street. That basically becomes his side kick in the movie. She is sure to ass. She is
the greatest person and- and it's just such a with such a way better way to tell the story of this for the people that lived in that community that knew him neighbours he and also when they finally did like yield. You see a map, his houses in the centre in La Oc were all those that confirm victims of em. It's like a clock, Just all around me had easy pickings. He didn't yet to go and to other parts of the fuckin city like he could, just I have a block away and fucking get a victim in and take thirty four years to be caught yeah in its exploring This situation that was already so tragic. You know alright, so unfair, that's one of the first ones Vince and I watch together and Vince is not into true crime like he gets really freaked out. By of it, he talks about it to this day. Cuz. It's just sugar documentary, and so, oh God,
Have you ever wish? You could talk to cats? Well, we have the next best thing. I'm Sarah ire, soon remorse hosts of the per cast. That's per with three hours Comcast all about cats. We can't take it tat. So we talk to people who know and love them, each other said we invite a fellow feline lover, comedian, celebrities, Kitty caretakers in animal artists to name a few and me gush with them are better favorite, very friends, tune into per cast on exactly right network for new upsets everyone's plus trick at her back at odd for many more episodes of us chatting cancer, their favorite, feline, loving friends, listening ascribed to the forecasts and olive, exactly rights shows on Apple podcast, sticker or wherever you like to listen right now, so we just because the idea that maybe every other every week why, unless tells a story
and they were already at the two, our mark, a line but really nice. We write a flake next week. I tell the story and you and you can just sit back and listen and react, and now you know and also just I think, just because there you know, are whenever we're gonna, do it we're gonna see how we feel we can try it. Let's try next week's or next week I'll go, and then I like that I do that's nice, real quick before we do the fuckin her rays. We want to take a minute is really sad. You guys have told us, there's murder, young, very young, murdering, has died this week, and so we just want to take a second chance to talk about them. And so on summer Taylor and D as love from Seattle were atta black lives matter. Protest the freeway in Seattle and got struck by a car sweet
summer, Taylor, both of them. Are they them by the way Some are Taylor past sadly India's love is still further it for their life and but I believe there are awake and then getting who so suddenly, them our love ya, Stephen can you do you mind? Finding there's gotta be a go, find me yeah, yeah off I'm afore for them area, and there we are. Let's put. On the website so that people can support and help out has that's enough That's that such an awful thing to happen, and then on top of everything else than you have. You have to worry about medical bill re just so much. For people to deal with an warm, both big advocates for human rights, and I know d as fighting so send them.
Thoughts and love and then just completely this freak accident this sweet baby Angel Alley, Davis, twenty one years old, a musical theatre, major at b contact? a school of the arts and ashes banner Kentucky just a complete, for car accident and died. It's just. It breaks my heart, it's so I love. And looked at her instagram and she's, just as bright shiny person who looks like the minute you meet her, she would rap her arms round you and be friends with you in like all three of them just look like good kind people and I'm worried. I went in there when someone in our community dies it just you know we can't help, but think of that there are friends. You know like the fact that we share the shit that you share with each other, that the openness, the friendship that we all have it's it's
friends and Sonya Memoriam really mean something you meet people and you understand that they all have the same interest or whatever any interest, but it's like yet is it. You guys have built this into a real community, its real connected community. It's really beautiful and hearing about stuff does really does its heartbreaking and it's also a really good opportunity to stir. Feel gratitude you're still here, and what do you do? that person would want. You to ran in the fact that you're still here and you're so living. What can you do he either honour their memory. If you didn't know them at all, then too, then too. You know maybe a little bit better or little more consciously. Yeah. I guess like that. The idea that people hit by a car because they were protesting against it
the brutality and violence against black people is really meaningful and really it's it's really quite something: Definitely summer Taylor, dear love, Alley, Davis, they're, all in our hearts. We're thinking about every their friends and family in and what image. Travel class? I haven't so you're really good one to kick off our fucking. Her eyes can because also is about some murdering us on, but some very good news this was sent. This was sent by AIR Clemens, send it said it was to me and to my favorite moderate said on Twitter, this couple bonded over Emma firm and as a protest, got married in front of the bird third Prick precinct in many up? Slowly, then, I shall picture of what is a yes, okay, so Lexus, Hamblin and Selina burnt got married and after
to get it for four months and they it there's a long article unsteady pages. You can look it up. City pages, dot, com, that's about this but it's the cutest picture and It says here: Hamblin and by men on tinder bonded over shared love of my favorite murder and data for about a year before they got engaged, does Valentine's day and so so look at our cue, very varied there. It ah sweethearts with the filing Crowley, hung a flower her out, for you see how many, how many years as for months in quarantine,
oh doing anything going after seven. Congratulations! You guys, you're alone. At any unheard of year, of your city pages wedding announcement, that's re invited! Please, please invited to the wedding party when it happens and well Kaaba will slip out early yeah. Ok, Mine is from someone name, stir L Ivy S, T r, R M, as I have a fucking hurry and then all my dad is the fucking judge on the G s K case, o r dad is the golden state killer, Judge,
Oh shit. She better shatter the sulphur Lige information girl, do not real and growing. My dad was a defence attorney in Sacramento, says sorry, Karen, it's ok and I want you late. They watched ass. He showed me what justice really was. Everybody deserves to have someone on their side. Any has so many stories now he could probably fill a book. I definitely think. This is where I get my dark and twisty passion for true crime and eminently. But a few years ago he became a judge and began trying more and more criminal cases. Until today took on one of the most prolific serial killers still alive today. Not only is he in a plus dad to three amazing daughters,
I'm just adding this Mackenzie Brooklyn and an early Madison Bailey, but he is a kick ass judge and watching him led the courtroom through this, this mother fuckers plea hearing with inspiring, to say the least, love you, ladies and keep doing your thing p s. I am a nurse in pediatric. I see you, so I can confirm that. Yes, you need to wear a fucking mask and, yes, you still need to distance. Ok of you by holy shit. It's that, what's their name, lives to ally, be asked to e r r. That's on Instagram, congratulations, lives, stir very men and I feel like Is that a year, as you know, elaborating you brought that up earlier rear like we still, we didn't even take the time we should it about MAC make us. We didn't take the time to talk about the please deal golden state killer and I remember:
How can a somebody about this because I read I was reading about it Oh no, no sorry state Stephen! It was you probably telling me during do you need a ride or whatever, but poles sitting in the court room watching them watching this guy. Please please Finally, I am twenty twenty to these crimes that he committed in the seventies and terrorized this entire. All of California, up until very recently the idea that that story is winding down and he is going be in prison for a long time for rape, and murdering people for forty years is in Krajina. It's unbelievable at six surreal. We have. We have
talk about already gone in the dark. The tv show. We need to talk about Perry Mason when you talk, let unsolved mysteries, which owns August eyes and the next one not next week when it's my turn to tell my story, cassettes format we have and probably always should have had. Also legal sing out of dirty John is like it's over. It's winding up and eight is got. It's gotten so good, I am is so into this season of dirty job cabinet mental. Had time to watch it before then we'll talk about blood Annesley do podcast, I'm I'm listening to some new podcast. Some loving guys didn't even get into oh, my god, anything were busy talking about black untied pools, knew rubber right thanks for listening to
still after all this time and being here being, therefore, each other's inward, each other marine allows each other. We love you guys were so fucking lucky and appreciative of you all. Yes thank you and stay sexy and dont get murdered by Mimi one cookie.
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