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2020-08-27 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the wickedest woman in America, Patty Cannon, and the unsolved murder of civil rights pioneer Alberta Jones.

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This is exactly why everybody go and bananas for bananas on each episode of the world famous bananas podcast. We serve you a steaming hot pile of the silliest news stories from around the world. We got great guess, like Georgia, heart start talking, toilets that recognise your football Danny Fernand. Joins us to talk about a bisexual, blind goose, who is in a twenty five year long love triangle with two beautiful swan and a nineteen year old, future astronaut who said to go to Mars Alyssa cars and talking about a turtle who passes out his own mouth. Don't miss! What's coming up next subscribers, out of bananas on stitched apple, podcast, Spotify or wherever you listen, bananas.
And well guns and my favorite murder: that's Georgia, Hard STAR Kirkuk era. This is a casts. Welcome you oh that, because you'd press that little purple icon on your phone and your listening to pod casts does not a tv show, don't wait for the visual. Isn't an audio books corner can read you story? No, it is not. This is nonfiction bright. Nonfiction is true. Yes nothing
I remember being taught that, unlike this great being like who's in charge of this is the stupidest thing. I've ever heard of. Excuse me how hardy are you trying to make the english language as our ear? This is that thing we're like guys a play. The guitar want to show you how to make a quarter your hand. This need to talk about, like all the difference, in whatever way you could just got nonfiction, not true. That was the. This is clearly had a glory of when I ever going to need math and my adult life all goes in. It all goes in their naturally. Let us reconfigure the education system. We are just here. For this just frankly, remember it being around ten and being like. I will now say how we're going to refer to books that are too. Or are not true it s, not true nonfiction, true, as Victor. This is how I needed to go man, I thought and missed the day, or they taught yours your your you are that one year or less
one of those and just wasn't, I couldn't elementary school and just never figured it out until high school, because I just missed that Fuckin day of class. Yet that's that same thing happened to me with long division, which kicked off my math anxiety that we came such a bad thing. For me, I flunked algebra third quarter of high school him it and then had to go to a hypnotist to try to relieve my math things. I well that's a cool ordered that Kilgour of two about ass. She so smart enough to put the nose like yeah you know about, and I know that this is I can have math anxiety for the rest of my life and I ve never truly going to impact me. At least the nuns didn't just smack it out of you I believe TAT was leg. Let me do some might actually work. Let me
step in and make up some dumb bullshit. You note, I think, works acupuncture, which it actually does. The does work, that's ancient dangers age. I love those ancient ones, words like who who here our countries been around for what is it a hundred fifty years? Who here is arguing ancient five thousand year old medical knowledge? How dare you're smarter than five thousand years old? thanks. Wanna do when this pandemic is our first thing I wanna get shit. I wouldn't let you know what your guy you're gonna go, They even Delbert girl, but actually there that's oversight, that's the ruined! That's what you're! The first thing. Are you really going to do? I was gonna. Do an internal Risa think of undue, I Alaska, an ok. This is a great subway into the podcast that you have fucking set me down a rabbit hole on.
My god Stephen I down the day and time and date because Georgia has taken one of my recommendations. Right bright are immediately. This bycatch called this is actually happening. Detects me yesterday about it and listen to three episodes already last Saturday, the signature in episode, its basic, We people's true stories of just bananas, things that happened in them in their lives and usually extremely negative right, because that some us as fine story here some is like island, the latter and their life and how their lives I mean it's beautiful and its use in credit. There's no narrator, it's just the person telling their story in the most beautiful way, and so the one I listened to his cot. What if you enter the void and it's incredible. If ye I mean it's, I've never heard depression explained so big,
flee insistently and he goes and does Iowa sky after a lifetime of depression, and I haven't gotten in the annex I don't ever works are not fill us with I'm gonna do it. I tell them under way Oscar. That's the amazing about wait. That's so that split up! That's too conversation! So what's paws on the pause on our last year, as I dont want to come back to that, but my the first went so I'm I asked J actually to help me find this, because I'm off twitter, but then also I'm the learner cessation, put opinion that one ok, that's right. This is gonna, go back, Stephen start making an a homeland red thread map for this conversationally, but also
ask can somebody actually. This was off of the radio rental recommendation of the last park asked I recommended. I believe it was the most recent. Yet somebody wrote in and said if you like, that you're gonna love, this is actually happening, and I really want to give you credit if you'd right back in if you d mail and that would actually help and don't lie, don't try to dark. We can just learned audio valor yeah exactly oh the first one I listen to cause. I really think the idea people, and I wouldn't say that every person telling their story- and this is a critical victim in some way, but there are people who have these experiences that when you hear about them, it's so extreme, it's so bizarre theirs. There's a guy who talks about how he was homeless
His father were homeless and key was also trans, and then he gets put into a shelter cause. He was still under age when this was happening, and then someone at the shelter whose name I want puts him in touch with people who live up in the Bay area, who are also trans people. And it's like you. We you're welcome to come in Munich, super cheap and then those- will turn out to be living. It's. What, if you get pulled into an alternate reality. Arts ya out something like that and its one of the most upsetting, but the But the narrator is so incredibly strong and of his own mind the entire story, where he's basically going, I just was agreeing to get so I could get the house. I just kept going and they were literally like everything- is the governor
is watching you in your being manipulated, have to do what we say and all this stuff that, like I feel like a less strong person, would have been so vulnerable to this concept of two people, doing it to him pointing out all this stuff in, like that's how you know, you're, not safe and all the stuff, and he felt he just like got super cheap rents, India City, while he tried to get his degree, it's an incredible his role as it he got himself out of where I saw this, but someone we posted. Oh, what we in the I shouldn't be written comments. This is part of social media thing, but someone commented in one of the EP asserts that we postal recently that live. She said I didn't realize that the cheap rent I got from this when I was in the engine cut me, I didn't realize
cheap rent I got when I lived in this random place was because I moved into a cult intel care covered. The cult alive show- and I was sitting in the audience- also needs to write to us. Just like I was sitting in the audience and realise that I used to live in like a whole compound cause, a rent was cheap and I owe my way does. That, though, is the big ass. I was going to say it was a hollow, yellow, Delhi. You're saying I think it's that yeah this study and empathy this this show there is one that I just listen to you that's a kind of a newer wine. One that I still holy shit, but is what, if someone you love committed a monstrous crime? Is you listen to one now oh my god, oh my god, by well for here, unbelievable that I just can't wait till Ike
but that the one the first one I sent you is called what had happened in broad daylight, about what woman who was enacted at the bank. The woman who was enacted at the bank and its the craziest group history. But the way she talks about how she doesn't like being treated as the as the court unquote victim of this crime is was was really I opening and really important to here. That's why I always love first hand. Out of the personal actually went through it because they get to dictate how you know I mean like she is talking about when it first happened in ocean. They bring her into the back. Her neck gets sliced with a knife and an everyone around his freaking out and she's like it must have been the adrenaline being in shock, but she didn't think anything. Bad happened re raised just now. It was kind of weird and she got moved away and it wasn't until she saw the videotape played back for her.
By the cops at she goes, I felt so bad for that girl on the tape it was completely like. I wasn't, it didn't happen to its its lesson of like how Peter Yes de and how adrenalin works and how you know what your brain does in a panic situation. Our people react to trauma or tragedy or violent situations that are not the ones it happened to, but the ones that were there. It's almost like the witnesses, it her version of the story. I shouldn't yeah. This is like you know: I've been seeing it as an act, its it was fascinating to hear someone's take on what that was late to be the the the sun. Jack of it when that is not how she felt she. It would really bug her the way she was treated as this person and it happened to hand that, because,
as the person who perpetrated the crime- they believe she had, though, person heads It's a funny, so she couldn't get answer. She was I I just wanted to know what I mean there s no answer caused. There's your explanation. As to why that happened. It's right. I mean That is incredible. It's incredible shout he, Russia, listen to it and it's a great thing to be able to hear people discussed there. Like you say it say it. People getting to discuss the like, say most painful or most difficult or worse thing: that's happened to them being able to. Hell you their complete person, their home. We didn't get, they didn't get smashed apart by their completely there saying- and this is what I learned- there's one woman who talks about, Sir, I'm ok was her mom joined a cold and she kept saying I want to. I dont want to judge it. I want to understand it. I want to know, because I know I didn't have the life she had or the
experience she had which like made me, go like world. Like I take so much comfort in judging other people's actions, it makes me feel more grew. They re just try when actually you'd. Never, the full story or is it like a weird for what you would do in their situate. You can you now we can. Talk about what we would do in someone else's Our shoes tell the fuckin cows come home, but until you're, really there you. You have no idea, because our so mad things at play, including your fuckin, in our fight. Flight or fight mode which actually pertains to this because and This brings you find a subway and two year. Everything is in a weird fuckin circular thing so we, you and I together at the same time took-
social media off of our phones, because Sweden, by your comment, that we took some drug together like why I didn't tell you but Kennedy running your comedy shut. We took social media profound together because we both realized. It was affecting us in a very negative way. And so I was talking to my therapist unrelated about fight flight or freeze, free, and so I was looking up, though which, who am I, what do I do and actually in it said in the context of the freeze part, which I think I do is mindless scrawling to get yourself. You just can't move forward, and so you find something that's comforting like taking a nap or scrolling and so yeah, maybe we're so panicked and have so much anxiety about the world. What's going on today, our fuckin business life right now is for the poor. For years, has been banana and so this mindless scrawling. This commenting this getting reading comments and all of them
is a really great way to avoid that. You now avoid that The stress that actually happening that we just can't deal with right now. Well, it's almost like you get to pick your own stress, so it's a control issue has its place. That's like saying. Oh, this is what I'm upset about non animal tests. Arrests, the up agony mad at this person blame or the problem area totally also. That reminds me because there's a similar thing I was there was someone we made a joke about me, being perfect, a perfectionism, and so I actually looked up what because I was like. I am not nowhere near being perfect and then I looked it up and I have it so fucking bad, because I always picture like oh
protectionist is like Reese Withers and they actually are her leg right right and that's not it at all. It's just is trying that makes it happened. It's the it's! It's unrealistic expectations and goal, and then the procrastination part is the side lining yourself. When you lose all faith and then it's like. It's really fascinating. It's it's! It's so good! I am the Sunday it was. I found an article in psychology today about any that. Had this really good illustration, where it was like a person here- The goal set is as a rule that goes straight and then it's like finish line straight up and there's someone on the side of the road looking at their phone on one side and on the other side of the road cutting the grass was. Sis is like perfectly triangulate perfectionists, but that's the other goal of that makes total sense. There's all
these things about it that I just was like. Oh, my god, that's what that's what it is and then you just are always ruining your own good time with those kind of like it'll, never work I'll, never make it it I'll, never be size. It's like comparing yourself to people all all the shit everyone will. You know at the fourth f. Is that my therapist just tell me about it. I had never heard of sea have fight flight. Freeze or fine like fawning like. Telling someone how beautiful they look and being like. Oh, my god, you're gonna like sit to make them like you. That's the way like youth, the TIGERS, about to attack him like you look amazing today, you're such a year that fuckin queen of the jungle and wow, you look great and like that's the person's way like make everyone like them, so that they don't get attacks.
Well, I don't know if I do well and also in March in the culture. I grew up in. That's how you know who to attack, because that's a clearly faint and it doesn't ask an early ray and it doesn't it its disingenuous. It's like it's like somebody going just put in the vote of I'm scared of you, which is like great I'll, take care that remember when one of our first, which is perfectionists dick of me to be. I can't accept comprehend speakers. I know you're, for I know you're lying in Hollywood at our Mobile Department during one of our first, but can couple months in sat down to like talk to me, a serious issue, and I like ok, yeah, tell it by your hair, looks amazing and you are like dont Talk about my hair, this a serious like you specifically called me out on it, and so I totally do that. Really, let me let me diffuses situational quick. Now you should like me: go ahead, yeah, so many you arrive at some manipulative, but
This was before and look. This is what I understood your background. Where direct like we're, gonna sit down and face to face, discuss a thing is your worst nightmare, and that is like that's all I know of like none, and we have to resolve this right now or to talk it out or to put on the table and, like I was setting you up to be panic like that approach. Was your administrative work? That's it! Oh! I want my diffusion didn't work, oh my god, which are of no, because it because I was like please don't defuse well. I have to tell you hard enough to be saying like what are fucking. Of that thing that I bet Use Stephen was able to go like Yahoo, is about we'd burst out laughing, as it has every argument on fuckin on so many owes the event how and his eyes out
for the early days. I will. It is the first time I was asked to step out of the apartment and walk around Georgia's neighbourhood world, but I didn't stop with recordings. So don't worry Where do I had sire last wages? Are you in the ILO Oscar category. Are you find throwing up in front of others such as that something the Blair my mind? I am I am I may lifelong recovering Baleen back? I can't fuckin do this, the cow I had not been do in anywhere. I I have a yes, I could do it anywhere I have no fucking issue with a big, ok, ass friends have seen me vomit. It's like just not a thing for like a book by the way, get help for your eating disorders and making a joke of it, but it serious
for sure. I know it's an ex, not good, and I we can actually can do serious damage, especially to your heart, cheer sapphires into everything. It's not good so, but I am I'm an amiable have an amiable gag reflex. I'm I'm I'm good at this. It sucks, do really good at something that you just can't actually use. You know, but there's upsides like I'll ask I was being dirty. There are lots of market Stephen Mart had only I love it soon, so that it can take a man like where what happened. Now, what's happened to nineteen, I asked I saw good special about Is that what you using I'll, ask her to help treat PTSD I for the soldiers coming back from morn really having a hard time and really they see a lot of a lot of reach.
It will change that. So I think that could be amazing. Things are too. I meant, of course, you my research and taken very seriously, but I'm RAM and there's one thousand stand up. Comedians have who have slowly been transitioning into like I'll. Ask us shady ass, because they're so into an yeah, so I'm gonna me and Mark Marin may be able to take a fuckin trip to the Let me now isn't he does. He doesn't know me so that we were Well, that's how you get to know peoples if I can write nothing like vomiting infernal if someone to really get to know them and then you're like I'm sorry, it's great talking to you, but I can see the devil now. So I had a good deal at that and I'm gonna hurt without friends, because he's not that he is now I'm I have more experimental than he is, and I heard that you see a snake it like in Lotta people see a snake and he's terrified of snakes lay to appoint. That's incredible, I guess it comes on tv for a second and he loses it.
They are pretty bad yeah, I'm kind of on his side. I disagree. It's a slimy! Oh! I wanted to talk but see it the thing is. I mean. How are you doing, though, being off social media in general do seal and improvement I feel more small focused here the first couple days. I realise that every single thing that happens in my life and around the house and with the cats is me is of is my brain goes too. I should posts that this will be a good thing. So what do I posted out? There's? That's all I think about yes, and the mindless scrolling. Of course, I'm still kind of doing it on other sites like in a new sites, beds,
it's so sad everytime I like enter CNN dot, come into my phone grim just like I just want to know. What's going on, it's like this real kind of rickety grandpa version of getting the new. Yes, so hilarious like if it feels like social media and feels like an intricate, not I'm tied up in that doesn't feel good. I can't you now move well, and I can't I can't thrive when untied up that way at the same time its that's comforting and I've known it for so long and its- and it's been there for me in so many ways and is part of my, like a self esteem boost for me that you're need, but at this, but I am also looking for the negative stuff and it affects me in a way that is really negative and mine blowing how how the
positive stuff, you you so easily take it for granted and when people are telling you beautiful, wonderful things and then the negative stuff can be just passing so you can oh, it's just someone trying to get attention and it'll like stick in your brain ray and that's the part that, and it's not like I honestly don't experienced that much of that year, because I just immediately mute everybody I lie literally will, if somebody your letter at that than that's the thing I just I don't know about you just disqualified yourself, disqualified yourselves. You don't get to talk to me if you're going to use that tone or like honey. Like anything that starts like that. Unlike sorry, I'm so much older than you write or by well there's just no way that I can do the work that I'm here I'm doing with my therapist, which is trying to get past old, lay bullying and no self esteem issues. If I keep reading comments like there's no way, I can't both the work on those issues that I have and let people
to me that way, which you now at the same right now when its work. So I'm are you picking my own its agenda, and working on that, instead of what are you great to that so much better anyway order. I have a can of wine to thirty and the African right now when it's the endemic. What do you suppose to deal it's a pandemic, so I mean we're doing this. Will you have to have some voices were doing this experience? and of just being a little bit more off the grid in the middle of the most isolated time in our lives, which is very difficult. I mean my thing as I realise is: Twitter is a social thing. For me, that is a real right, so I keep going to it like a line to someone can attempt to some people and, like then text your friend radio, I want to say in the loop. It is a totally different thing for comedians, though, unlike in up, I d ranks
but it is the year so true you're. So right about the dopamine hit of interaction which is good in fine, if you can keep the brackets around, but if it then begins to spill in because someone decided to become a leg, you know the tea or critical to you. I'd like you to You know who that is the idea that you just immediately take their opinion straight to her this matters, and now I'm going to feel bad about. It is like it's a virus, up reaction and we don't know that. That's what we're doing, but that's what we're doing we're going, whoever you are random person, you get it say, and you get a say in my life and how we feel about better say, and it's like sorry, let's not do that to ourselves. Let's keep that circle. Real small of people who get us there, that's a great it has, as
a therapist told me I'd like in year one where she goes. How many like close friends, would you say you have and, unlike that, no thirty nodded, but this is not true, and I just like you, you're right for core, keep a tight. Well, your sister has agreed your sister, Laura agreed to and Stephen does as to when there's a cute thing on Instagram that pertains to us. She's agreed assented to me. I think we should give her than my favorite murderer. Instagram password and just be like post, whenever you want anytime had well there, coming to visit. Some hill wouldn't make an arrangement- oh my god. What if he Nora, was our social media manager thirteen year old, niece she's
Oh tik Tok, based, though only being re all about we hit our presence great. We did we need to eat. The youth injection were where old people talking to young people. We need to be managed by even younger p there. I think there is, like I don't know, tik Tok at all, but we ve been tag and a few things where, like state Burgo, will say, stay sexy and Duncan murdered. I don't know that they play sang stay sex. You don't get murdered and then mimic it. I dont know, and it is a job, is an underlying Victoria, and yet I can see is even in Germany's Laddie like thank Stephen. Do you have something to say about ticked up, I'm too old for Tik Tok? That's how Maloney always has to be the only thing I follow on Tik Tok, as a woman who does coup bonding, looks dies out arena their national and she just kept
rescue stuff, but she also does shows, like all the extreme coupons like you saved four hundred dollars. Like your thing in a hurry, my one of her name is Laura. I learnt by low pay and it's just about the all the ways that you can like and she It's a lot of the substance. You get some coupons to shelters like women shutters and things like that she's doing great work. It's really find very satisfying melting, Martha lab coop on a man. I love to mine that Laura Bell acts at Laura Bell, acts on Tiktok and that's Bow B: L, l e exe
or a balance beautiful of it. There we are here, we got our tik Tok in their will have Nora walked Esther, you invent, should come over and we consider how they have dinner on the patio and then we'll get will set, and who is your dad energy ice? Can you make one of his well done burgers for us? Yes, he won't help. Don't you telling them? I fuckin said the well. The problem is there either completely done or you are eating. Read me off of their styrofoam white thing. I mean he's there in it. Asked. He served burgers that we're just like we, everyone was pretending to eat them in and then had put them down our like. They were so wrongs like tops another set of torture, it's Saturday we're gonna make something. That's not that's like talkers, where you just know exactly exactly what the cooking as you will get
well figured out. Look it. I must definitely not gonna, be off social media forever, how they think it's so good. At a time like this tis to watch yourself and actually just be in the world. Like I had two, as you know, I dropped him. I dropped my phone, the polite to get through guide. Listen to this, you guys Most l aping you I would like in her. This is an asset. Sorry and I ain't a J tax to me the other morning. Our hour is at a standstill. L I was like hey, I sort she told you, but Karen dropped her phone in the pool. So we have to cancel this meeting. We're never know like she back and didn't. Tell me I was the second. It happened.
Yea. I turn to do any house for like days. I was I in my mind. I, like you just buyers of a week of freedom and then I'm like what am I talking about it like. I can do everything on my laptop now. What am I doing so? I left my house and went to the phone place. That's not the ice found store The apple stork, as there are closed to MIKE look, a farm play. I'm were women who work. There is the I It would be a Sherman oaks, beta Anti store Cindy. What's the greatest? Ok, this woman, I loved her so much when in of course, there's like dots everywhere, where you should stand everything now all those tables in those like phone stars have the power.
Ass, a divided on them. I mean all the stuff, the great so trippy to stop in as fuck yeah. It's crazy and we're both wearing masks and so she's. I'm like. I just need to replace this phone. What's the latest one now have the one you're having I think I've insurance pools can Tina whatever so she's just doing reeled back, not asking me all those extra quota, she just knew we needed to both get out of their quickly and so there I go over. She goes back to get it. I go over to like look for what my new phone cable, because, of course, it's a different size. Everything and a woman comes in whose wearing a mask but walk straight in and starts telling everybody what to do and cities. Like Mammy, could you please stand over there? You have. We have. We already have three customers network em. What to do? just like. I need to pay my build level by air, but but
the symbols like. Oh, you need to send over here, because we already have the maximum people in the store and this woman. It was like she was waiting for her q owed its oh, I'm sorry did someone in this store die? Is that why you're being this dramatic and she started going on, and I looked- I went to her- I was just like you. I almost started yelling I was like you. Ve got to be kidding me. This is total crap and Cindy handled it, beautifully. She was just like now. I'm sorry, I understand your frustration. This is for the safety of others she hand. While the woman immediately realise there was going to be no attention got and there's gonna be no. No one was going to join her in her face and she just want. Instead, she handles. So perfectly so you know how you can eat. I meant to say what a pity it is that she, because you're wearing a mask, didn't get the full effect of Karen's fuck you face at the same time you are able to suck and give it with gesture. I showing impregnable out. Those eyebrows are pretty I'm the eyebrows. Do their plots
specifically for making people freeze in their tracks are, but I had actually started yelling when she started yelling. I immediately started yelling. Is that so Dublin we w elegant do? Oh? Are you yelling, I'm more matter immediately her height man, like yeah edge that I am against her an anti anti malaria, but I realized I was like do not escalate. This city's got it. You dont know blah blah blah whatever area when they said they sent me the thing of will you fill out over surveyor and normal I completely ignore those, even if I've gotten great service, I filled out that survey and wrote texted a paragraph this long about how
well Cindy handled herself and this situation and completely diffused it, and if eighty anti is going to have people in stores, they need to pay them more because they're doing more than the average, because now they have to manage and mitigate people who are anti maskers coming in and screaming at everybody and that's on them and and cause. I had a long conversation with Cindy about where I was like she does. We would have like a weird thing happened in the store, maybe once right for she goes now it's five times a day and because antagonize hers, but the reason she understood. She goes it's easy for me to call them down and to stay neutral, because I know your phone is your lifeline and if you're, in a place where the government hasn't sent you a check and you don't have anything and all of a sudden, you can't make your payment and you're getting your phone cut AIA. Then your cut off its transfer. This is all the Sami people in these stores. This,
there on the front line of people who are being affected by the mismanagement of this entire situation. I got so me so I wrote to I wrote to my in my report and my review. I was like please pay these people more because they are protecting your brand, so you need to protect. I mean she and imagine what it's like right now it's horrible Georgia. Ten years ago, I would have been found there's no moving home cause, there's no fuckin home, there's! No, not paying rang. You'll get kicked out here in your fucking, your roommates over it's like. I dont know what I would I dont know. What I would do, if I were Karen Karen five years ago, would have been literally pack up the dogs and move back to my. That's because an end, people are doing that, and there is no show my in collecting yourself a situation like this. This is like unpack. Incidentally, I insist Kennedy if you have to endure lucky enough to have a family to go home. To just say
Thank you and do those dishes and to feel not one ounce of sharing has. This is curious, is unprecedented and its also were its also unmanaged. Mrs this is beyond yet at that Cindy's of the world. Please think when you're out about and you're going to places that have reopened, please be ultra careful concerned. Polite and defensive of the people who are now also essential workers, but their working at No, I don't, I alone story like please, please be protective and careful and know that those people are being deeply. Directed by the stresses of others and the people who can manage themselves and all the sudden you're like I'm just here, work and turned to sell iphones and suddenly I have I'm a crisis management food Cindy Millennia Cindy crops, perhaps a Cindy, the FUCK
There have been thirty sorry. That was what we are talking about. The gun we haven't even got exactly right news. Oh my god, early when I sat down like I'm nothing, I absolutely every broke. Do things down that? I could talk about and we haven't talked about that those countries which have the beautiful and amazing actor Dan Levy. He posted this Instagram recently that I saw before I took instagram off. We can I stay here taking that class I love him so much. He is theirs if there is a free course being offered through the University of Alberta called indigenous candidates, a twelve lesson course that explores indigenous histories and content. Very issues from an indigenous perspective, and he is not. It starts this week the it's like talk or it he'll be doing hosting a weekly discussion with the professors,
for twelve weeks and they're all gonna learn together. I have it pulled up right here. It's it looks all summits I mean it's so brilliant yeah the Dan levies getting involved. His incredible milk has also like what are you doing with your time like how many times can I re watch the same. Show that already like and when I saw that that was before I left twitter. I saw that I was like that she's in yes, bastard he's done it again, because it's like learn about something. You should know that very few of our education provided for us in a meaningful way than the other thing was that the Anchorage Daily NEWS I saw this on red it. They on the cover of their newspaper, its it's a huge blank newspaper Age, with a tiny little paragraph at the bottom. It says. Over the past month we presented the stories of women and men choosing to speak out about their experiences with sexual violence in Alaska
Talking about rape and sexual assault is difficult. Many survivors may not be in a position to do so right now, this space, which is the blank space, is dead? added to those not ready to share we're, leaving this open for you, so you can re, and you know how important it is to even write a letter that you dont send Lay out the entire front page open for survivors of sexual sought to write their experience and just keep a beautiful now cerulia, who is that editor in chief high five. I encourage the anchorage. What is news, amperage, Daily NEWS, wow Congratulations sits in what a beautiful gesture I now that was what- I had Then we have. We have work and makes them face masks guys we may face masks, you guys says we may face mass, they say, stay sexy and don't get no legislation
is actually midday stages, daisies and then they have the my favorite murder logo on them. See. Can everyone you walk by you're gonna be given My message: if you buy one, all proceeds are going, go the feeding, America, DOT, Org, that's right and so feeding America. Their mission statement is our mission, is to feed America's hungry through a nation, wide network of member food banks and engage our country in the fight to end hunger, So it's it's pretty cool. It's been Frances nineteen. Seventy nine were really under it, so any any place maskew by from us at my favorite murderer common the store. All the proceeds are going to go to them to feeding America's right, which is super important right now, as we were just talking about. This is very intense, varied. Time, for so many people and this is just one way we all have like you know about four different mask. Some one was one my sister bought for me one. I got a package of like the disposable ones, but so, if you can
one for your car Diana one for your house. We answering the front door whatever our house is littered with masks and really ridiculous Linz calves buying like different. He wants to support the business as you like, so he keeps buying max from different places, and then we have the big thing of its possible one than its. Just we know now that the core gas so get in there, and so you can protect yourself and supportive. Good cause and help how about hungry people in America and then real quick to want to do exactly right corner. Yes, it surely this so so Monday murder Squad covered the case of the Taco Bell Strangler, whose named Henry Louis Wallace he target. Black women and Charlotte North Carolina in the nineties, but he's only confessed to the murders that he Everyone knew he was tied to civilian power.
Explore how many other potential victims he could possibly have. I've. Never even that's. I've never heard of I've, never heard a got Australia and on bananas. Ok, when we were told that this was going to be a guest on Bananas- and you know how good Scotty incurred are with gas this this lock and tops them all airline brok of its high oh, how I got legit. I don't watch that tonight what the movie? The Iraq image absolute get maybe but she's an incredible advocates a she is on bananas this week, please tuna and yet and then the airline is releasing this week. They release part one of their new to part Series called identity after death,
which some so com they have. A? U and each lecture and friends, forensic anthropologist named Doktor Amy, Michael who's, talking about common misconceptions, the state of forensic science, how cold cases might be solved like this is a person whose in it and studying it on the cutting edge. So I can't wait to us that some time ago, Rob yeah call happening than soccer happening did is that everything forty five million Sorry, there is one more thing so last week because the the tv show country a bit Missy ship- oh yeah, oh yeah, ok, so we talk a little bit about the new HBO Series, love craft country prepared and we talked about.
How much we loved it soak so and that's a Jordan peel is one of the proposal on a way may not surprised that the media are so so we got this email and it says, hey crew. I was so excited and move to tears to hear you both bring up love craft country this week. I'm one of this set decoration buyers on the show and the entire crew put so much love, sweat and tears into it, and it's just nice Sisera hard work being recognized. I think my parents sometimes imagined I'm still painting flats for a high school publicly, as I was spending hours in my van travelling around Georgia defined period, correct Pisa, this isn't the sea who this part. This is my favorite thing in Iraq as it should. And I mean it- there's not even a single book on any set that was published after nineteen. Fifty four back that down Rad could ask me: that's my like that's my if you weren't doing what you're doing now. What would you want to do? That's my dream job right,
the cool and you were keeping me company so as she was doing this doing these buying, she was listening to us just such a great compliment. Every Monday and Thursday several of us would get distracted. I'm talking about this week's episode in my office. You could find various sd gm you're in a cold call, your dad and other Emma them march. I even have, few people on our crew, who remembered the casket with the quote suspicious substance or Malta hide. That was in a many sowed. The came out while we are failing. That was that one was. On our show. I promised to never buy a used casket for work, no matter what the discount is anyway. I just wanted to say on behalf of the love craft crew or at the very least, that declaration department that we are happy to be friends of the fan, say sexy and stay away from racist and show GOTS Natasha
Is he I I love it? I was so excited. We were so excited so thinking it Natasha, I'm assuming she pronounces Natasha, but it's a note to o essay J B, an adoption and taught to different spellings. Please say hi to everybody and anyway to go. He acts our Congratulations Butte view fifthly beautifully Mantua love it but also so fuckin creepy laying her the first when else. Boilers fits you and I'm gonna, don't don't spoil the our water and watch it on and also very next week and really quota. I just for the comedy side of your looking for something to watch I've. Finally, I had been saving it cause one first came out. I didn't want it even though I love Rob Delaney an island.
He's. Surely the funniest is the king of Twitter, but he's also an amazing actor and amazing comedian, so kind tat he fuckin room. I know for a little while they look here. He remembers my name when he like didn't have to like. I was important to your life in any way but he had a high georgian vents. He was at last set all nice. Yes, he noses Tino systems get so he made a show cut with Sharon. Horta has an amazing irish actress and comedian called catastrophes ogre theirs. I believe three seasons of and so- and it is so fucking funny and so brilliant to people that get together and start a family and you'd. That's all you need to know the jokes are super grid. People are so real. I love it so much and I I it's
I always feel bad. When you'd, I don't watch things the second they come out but often times I resist, because there is always the first wave of like opinion, yeah and I wanna get away from that and then have my own, a prey Be some euro cent just watch it and you love it. I just work literally for like seventy two hours, I did not stop watching because I loved it so much. You know it that reminds me. I did you watch the next year called the memory. Yes, episode ones are called the vow, the vow on a trio, and so guy made me think of this because I thought to myself it's on each be oh, so it's episodic every week and I am just like. I was mad that I couldn't bandwagon. They asked we too. Can we not do that anymore? All unwanted, who is fucking, sit there for a weekend and binge the show. Yes m.
Mean and while you're at it, if I'm binging a show, you don't need to put up a thing that asked me if I'm still watching a stop. Judging me for laying on four nine hours still there still is in the tax area. Will care am among a little pig base, their vows really got I'm evaluating read about it in the way it is setting it up, for a second? I was kind of like this feels a little bit prone axiom to me without going idea, but it is their establishing its good documentary film, making their establishing what what was good about, because there's always people got pulled in you- can totally understand. Yes, the positivity in it so I love that it it's it's like a
process worms. I was like sinner. I don't like this there. Basically and then I went yeah yeah, that's the whole idea of a cold. Is you don't see a coltan go? This is a bunch of bullshit. You like the girl who is talking about realizing she's in a cold at the show, of course, its welcoming it makes you feel good its hitting all of those who still give a big Oliver S, which it yeah, sorry isn't real like doesn't happen in real life. Unless you, maybe, I think, if you have kids and that's that I'll? Do it not according to catastrophe? No, but I mean it's it's, it is such a good. This is the way we learn about cold so that we can learn to stay away from learning or to recognise when something switches from being super helpful and beneficial to literally controlling your life yeah
think, there's a lot of good tv out. Now she needs times already you are you ready to make some media that are that it will also entertain people were fourteen forty nine and fifty something seconds Enzo I feel like were now's the time. It's just tell me like a four in Hello, I'm Bridger? Why nigger? You may know that I hosted podcast called. I said, no gifts and viewed. No that's that's fine learning. Is a life long journey, but now there were on the same page. I want invite you to listen to. I said no gifts Thursday. I have a guest on the show, with one rule, no gifts and ever we my guest labour lay disrespects my request. Fortunately, I'm very gracious host and I never fly into a of rage. Rather we discuss whatever my guest brings me. I've had all kinds of
terrific guests people, like I'm a Thompson. I have a slight obsession with Q cleaners, I have a lot of vacuum cleaners and any time actually I mean literally looking at one now came this floor and basically takes. If you kill yourself with it, it would just take your skin off yes or Lester Basketball shorts. Go to hell when the gates, because there's just no world in which basketball shorts have come across her, life in the vast twenty five years. It is impossible as possible. I would have you know where these, while you're, like Canada,
the malaria Andy Richter. You at your most relaxed is nice that pretty of speak for yourself I ages, staying right like reclining, alabaster statue, care and care of is not another Patrick Wilson, horror movie. I think please I can to different series right he's. All these choices loves gleam in bits, Are you wants to fight them? He wants to be the father around them. Father of a demon Lauren, Lapis, Zachary, Tyler, Zachary, tie brain is now the proud owner of a bee. W W is over the entire chain or something he started. Can ok, but you can say a lot of things on a party has come true, but he is not the sea I now and more. If you want to know what all these wonderful people have given me,
after listen to, I said, no gifts, thursdays on exactly right, scribe now on stitches apple, podcast, Spotify, or wherever you're like to listen. I don't every listen, that's none of my business presence. Stephen, his first care in your first Schmidt because it me oh Kazaa last week, a quota for Re Georgia did that the dungeon in the Caraway Charleston
Karen you did. These stole cemetery occur the rights; ok, ok, so Georgia, the store eminent, do for you this week, read to you is the story of Delawares Patty Cannon, the wickedest woman in America who don't know it gave us a suggested by Anna Age. She sent this suggestion into the Emma them gmail inbox thing. Are you an age? I had never heard of her, of course, which she was. She basically ram the reverse under. Ground railroad. While she was an escaped slave catcher in the eighteen hundred there's so much of this stuff. As I was looking up and reading it. That, of course, I've never heard of any as soon as fuck. They don't you. I abstained on teach it in the fuckin. Nato teach it and they don't teach
slave patrols slave traders all of it. It's it's such an ugly time. It has to be discussed. This should not be the only thing you know about it. So please this is. This is basically an overview. There's plenty to read about this and to look into yourself, and so I got this information. There's a rancor article that was written by a writer name, Amanda said, lack heavier and all its interesting article that was written by Emily, stringer and articles from, of course, Wikipedia newspapers, dot, com and the Dover Post, just as a quick. Overview as most of us now, and this is the only thing I've ever heard of- is that the underground rail road itself in the original, which was a secret network of safe houses, hiding places and travel routes that lead escape slaves out of slave awning states and
to free states and up to Canada. So, of course, it is an incredibly secretive system, so there's not much about like when it was established or who did at first or anything like that round was all very secret, but what we do know is that it was set up by free, and who had been escaped slaves themselves, black and white abolitionists at the time, many of whom were quakers. So the Quaker religion is very active there very active in in helping slaves escape, also member of the African Methodist, a pistol church which was established in eighteen. Sixteen that they did tons of work on the underground rail road and it basically just provided it was it- was very loose. Some of the sum of the network, some of the spot in the network knew about each other, but it was very
loosely organized. It was like, oh, if you make it to this place, you know exactly who go to that which it wasn't right. Now it's the same thing with, like you know, fuckin Jim if people in Germany during World WAR to the more everyone is about it, the more you can tell authorities when you get caught so right, batter the more danger exactly exactly the and keep it small. You had to keep a very, very secretive, and especially at this period of time, which would be like midst. Seventeen eight seventeen hundreds into the eighteen hundred, because America was founded and established with slavery, simultaneous veso the slave codes that came to America. They came with the slaveowners in America, they were just. It was just kind of it the laws that were enacted. It was kind of like what had been established and either France or Spain or England, and there what did their work
any laws set up in any meaningful way, essentially across the board a slave owner was legally allowed to beat too rape in some cases to kill his property I'm calling these human beings at will and so so essentially very human beings that were bought into servitude and then treated. A poorly, obviously back, breaking work. Inhumane, living conditions, I mean so escaping should the northern free states was obviously huge and they had. The slave owners made it a very, very scary thing to try to do array and certain of whoever tried it and got caught exactly and get these sleigh patrols. People that we just go out at night hired for money to try to catch PETE, who are trying to escape Larry, so is it. I read this article,
a couple months ago, and it has this quota at that. I remembered and it was from there's a a composer named George Walker, who was the first black composer to win a Pulitzer from music. He wanted and ninety ninety six, whom I am yet and He he's here, he died in twenty eight. In, but here the grandson of a slave and when he, his grandmother, of course, never talked about it and when he finally had the courage to ask her. What was it like The only thing she said to him was they did everything except eat us. I'm so Ok, so I'm just giving the overview of the set up. Definitely look into all of that state. Patrols at all. It's so creepy horrifying and it basically was the birth of what is
happening in this country right now in about eighteen, twenty there's a woman by the name of had a cannon, and she tens bar at her tavern in Johnson's cross road which is in. A town in Delaware that situated right on the Delaware Maryland Border, and so it sits right on the Mason Dig rises. Slave traders would often stop at patties tavern as they were travelling to and from the slaves dates in the freed Sadia. So tonight he waits honesty, a slave trader who makes the terrible mistake of flashing a huge one of cash that he has, and so she invites him to have dinner and her nearby home. He says yes, they. Of dinner with her son in law, Joe Johnson and Jos, brother Ebenezer of you. Yet if you just want to creepy awake, I ebb what's up ad Ebenezer
so the slave trader see seated at the dining room table an any excuses ourselves to go outside too how her flowers she says that the excuse uses and from the garden which sits right below the dining room window Patty has a clear sight of Slave traders back pulls out a gun, shoots him from behind and kills him, takes his money. Obviously, then, Patty Joe and beneath her His body into pieces were wrapped him in the bloody tablecloth stuff, I'm into a blue chest three feet wide and bury him out behind her house, and this is standard fair for Patty Cannon. This is this: is life at her tavern care. So she was born a Martha, Patricia Hanley there, there's some people say her first name was Lucretia, but they think that that's just a rumour that stemmed from lucre, the who is the italian, noble woman who was famous
four poisoning people yeah, so they think that just that just kind of get hacked onto her, but records of early life, aren't exact. She was believed to be born in seventeen sixty in Montreal, her father was a british nobleman, turned bad boy who defied his parents and married barmaid, so our fathers parents disowned him and they they fled to the Montreal. They have Patty and three other daughters, and so patties Father supports the family by smuggling and other crimes, so she's basely born into a life of crime. It's very common for her, basically Father gets into a fight with someone who threatened to turn him into the local police. So he kills. The snitch with an ax he's caught in the act, is arrested in his hanged for murder. So patties mom is left to support the family on our own, so she forces Patty and her sister into sex work as well, and then
she tries to marry her daughter's off, so she doesn't have to take care of them anymore. So around one thousand, seven hundred and seventy six. When she's sixteen years old, Patty marries a man named Jesse Cannon. Montreal, from Delaware, where he the farmer, so she ended. She marries him and move back to Delaware with him and they moved to a town called Johnson's cross roads which is now Resilience Delaware, which is right on the Delaware Maryland border. So Johnson's crossroads sits in the Dell Martha Peninsula. So that's right, along the border. There three separate counties: Caroline Rochester and Sussex
and they all meet together right in this one spot, and so Patty and Jesse have two kids Jesse Junior Anna girl named Mary, so she works as a barmaid, while Jesse Farms, and eventually she wants more money. So she tries to add sex work back into a rotation, but she even like her idea, shall start because GPS ex worker again and then eventually become a madame and run her own brothel but she's such an unpleasant person. She has such a shit personality method that most of us, Central Johns, find her attitude off. Put out later is very like. Could you lower your voice, so the brothel idea never pants out? Has she just isn't very nice. This was the disc. A description of Patty Cannon from the Dover Post quote
Christians of Cannon, all written many years after her death painters, or rather fearsome person. She was quote massive of bosom massive elsewhere. According to nineteen o seven newspaper article and amazonian Paul Bunyan, who personally hog tied some of her kidnapped victims, she was and then- and it says she was more or less robust, had a wealth of black hair and her face while showing the effects of her evil. Passions and dissipations was more or less good to look upon. She was a haughty, but our attitude was so sorry, no ex work. For you, instead, she leaned on a bar turning skills and opens a tavern around seventeen. Eighty four when she's twenty four years old and our own tavern, so that she basically instead of them, brothel she just as our middle age. Back then I should like it. She was
is she was scheduled to die within ten years? Okay, so soon after she opens this tavern, her husband, Jesse Cannon Senior, dies under mysterious circumstances, so patties to fend for herself and her kids. So, sometime in the early eighteen, hundreds, her daughter, Mary Cannon, marries, a man named Henry Breton Henry is a blacksmith but he's an end to the illegal slow if trading game, so what happened was basically in They pass a law in one thousand, eight hundred and seven, which came into effect in January first of one thousand eight hundred and eight. That was the act bidding and importation of slaves. So essentially they made it illegal to import any more slaves into America and its supposed to limit the slave population and end international slave trading. But what happens as because slavery is still legally in the United States? It then
leads to a rise in the underground slave trade illegal slave trading market and that they call that the reversed underground rail road. So big we now plantation owners, are willing to pay more for slaves so making. Basically they went if slaves ran away, it was you couldn't just go awry rights so that would pay people to go, find them bring them back or just by an illegally there such a sensitive thing to talk about people. It's so crazy What ends up happening is this with you legal slave trade, these illegal slave traders go to free states and kidnap free black people off the street, whether there
ex slaves, whether they were born free and those free states, whatever their kidnapping and getting them to boats and shipping them back down to the slaves. Dayton's super dark, really creepy, so essentially in eighteen, eleven Henry teens up what the cannons to kidnap free black people and sell them back into the slave trade. So Henry Patty and other accomplices they would like get get other people home them out. They join Joseph Griffith and develop a system, so the guys find accomplices. They troll the waterfront in a fairy looking for free the black men, women and especially children, and they kidnapped them through force or through trickery oftentimes. They would promise them work at basically kidnapped them and hide them. Patty had built in the attic of her tavern. She built this horrible jail, so she could
key people there. She she abuse them should tortured them. There are horrible conditions, an essentially they would, while they would stay up there. While she was making arrangements with these slave trader, so she was making money, they would make the exchange and then send the victims back down south so one way they would do this one that they would end up tricking black people is Patty owned slave herself. It was just a boy named Cyrus James. She bought him when he was seven years old, so she would make an her gang would force Cyrus to trick people into boarding their fairy. By saying Do you? Are you looking for work here? Come with me, I'm gonna. Take you to a place. So, of course they will trust. A child, a black child when they work did not being free black people Patty in her gay are also making counterfeit money and there also robbing the tavern patrons the rich
tavern patrons said they were just. They were just basically or an organised crime syndicates, let this tavern, so in eighteen, eleven Henry gets caught during an attempted capture and Georgetown Delaware he's in a prison sentence for his crimes, but within a year he escapes he gets back to Daddy's, tavern and there she passed and John Joseph Griffith pick up right back where they left off and then one day in the spring of eighteen, thirteen they'd. Devise a plan to rob a slave trader who frequents the tavern named regional. They get him drunk and then, as he's leaving for the night, they ambush his carriage and they rob him, but he fights back, and in the midst of that fight, ritual get shot and killed. So Henry and Joseph are captured and found guilty of rituals murder and their sentenced to death, and at noon on April, thirteenth, eighteen, thirteen they're. Both hang so
now parties in charge, and it does not slow her down one bit cause right after the New widow marry her daughter. Mary immediately marries another legal slave trader named Joe Johnson Joe Partners, up with Patty to continue this same slave trading enterprise that shit built with Henry Ngos and even better partner. They recruit as many as fifty to sixty other people to help them and they become known in the area as the cannon Johnson Gang and we will never know the exact numbers, because there was a book written after her death that they think she had a hand in writing. Yeah. So they're, not sure if the numbers are correct is but they they think she killed around thirty people and sold thousands of black people back into slavery or into slavery for the first time, men, women and children. That is really sad. There there these stories, because this became so common
there were posters on the streets of Boston, warning black people to be careful not to talk to police not too, and not to interact with police and not to not to believe anyone offering them a job off the street which, like you, you'll, go in my humble for immediately. If you don't talk to police and interact with police if they interact with you, you're right as it had almost liked, it's that steer clear thing. It reminds me of that that it that seen in love have country where they're just trying to stop for lingerie and they suddenly realised the cafe therein, isn't the safe place that they got in worrying. It's that places been burned down and they are in a sundown town. Yes, so there are three spoiler, but it's the same thing where there's just traps everywhere. It's again that thing we talk about about black people culturally, have not been safe, ever re, just don't they camp. They can feel so yeah, it's it's.
Tension, so they start hanging out at the tavern paying more attention to what Patty and hurt people are doing, but she lives so close to the state line that any time she catches. When that the cops are gonna common like take it, What no one's coming out in going. This is wrong. You can't do anything at all, but the crimes, the the cannon Johnson gang. They start committing all these crimes against white people and, of course, that's what gets the the authorities attention. So they start hanging out at the tavern paying more attention to what Patty and her people are doing, but she lives so close to the state line that any time she catches. When that the cops are gonna common like take a look around, she just hops the border and so she's she's out of the area. They can't do anything in eighteen, twenty, two, a few members of the cannon Johnson gang or finally caught one being
Johnson and he's the only one that brought to trial for kidnapping as he is. He was basically the leader found guilty and his punishment is to be placed in the stocks and given the thirty nine lashes, so he takes his punishment and then and his brother Ebenezer, take off for the south Patty once again: she's dead, the bullet, but that changes in eighteen, twenty nine, when a tenant, firmer working, her land, stomach upon something interesting beneath the dirt. A three but wide blue chest: the farmer opens it an insider. The remains of this: they trader the Paddy killed with Joe and Ebenezer back in eighteen. Twenty so farmer reports this finding to the local law enforcement. They go to fine Patty, but before they can find her, they they wind catching Cyrus, James in Delaware his paddies young boy slave
so he's also wanted for. Is part in this illegal slave trading operation, which is of course bullshit caskeys. A slave is being forced to work with them, but the good thing is when the police question him. He spills, the being ran, tells them everything he confessed to seeing Patty Joan Ebenezer, killed a slave trader and bury him in the blue chest. He tells them about all the horrors he seen the tavern about the added jail about how Joe what Johnson would whipped the black captives who would save their free. They should then, you know now they're not escape slaves. They were born free. He even says there are at least three other bodies of victims, Patty killed and buried on her land. He leads authorities to the locations and sure enough when they dig there they find three more bodies, a young boy who had been killed on June. First eighteen, twenty four
when petty hidden in the head, with a wooden board and to other children who were both killed on April twenty six eighteen, twenty two, so it help of Cyrus James Testimony law enforcement has all they need to arrest Patty and in April of eighteen, twenty nine she's caught in charge with four counts of murder. She's found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging but on May eleventh eighteen, twenty nine patties, guilty conscience, guess the best ever. She calls for a minister and she confesses that she's personally killed eleven people, including her husband, Jesse Cannon and she poisoned, as well as one of her own babies who she strangled when they were three days or so yeah shoe Ok, yeah and I think that
Are we were that Lucretia Borgia thing here? She poisoner her first husband, the same afternoon patties found dead in herself at age. Seventy she had said greatly smuggled arsenic into herself. I used it to poison herself three weeks before or her scheduled hanging. Soap, are these body is buried outside the Sussex County Court House in Delaware, but her remains are moved in nineteen o seven, when the area is zoomed for the development of a parking lot. So they a bearing her in a potter's field near or local jail, except for the skull. Somebody saw one of the courthouse employees who was there during the exclamation, saw Patty Skull that was separated from the rest. Error remain and took it and kept it down and ass. They kept
but in their family until one thousand nine hundred and sixty one when someone finally donated it to the Dover Library, so that's goal has since been donated to the Smithsonian in Washington DC on long term loan and in me, ten Doktor Douglas Owsley that if the division of Physical Anthropology at the Smithsonian announced his plans to conduct a forensic examination of the skull and so saying he wished to preserve it as a part of a larger study of life in the Chesapeake from club. He'll times to the nineteenth century and now is the story of Patty Cannon and the reverse underground rail road back. That was a whirlwind I mean it's not enough. There's someone know it's We'll talk more about all this stuff, but the idea that you know this, talk about a serial killer about talk about a
evil person that we should now about where I think the that whole idea of people who made money spending escaped Slayer meant instructor Mengele, it's fuckin it people who are who are using the excuse of the times to do their fucking, evil bedding and getting away with it wow that's fuck and evil, that's evil and horrible. It's for Adam, fascinating cause. This stuff went on fur, so yeah he's not be only it's not like. This is a rare ex thing in our moment. Yeah history. This is she's. Yes, the Anti Harriet Tubman, but what's cool is in in reading up on all the stuff there the coolest thing about Harriet Tubman that I don't think I understood, because basically, the underground rail road went until obviously the civil war. You know through that and then, It Tubman there
the the Union Army hired her to be a spy because she knew all these routes down roots and places down to the south, and so they basically would use her to go in and she would dress up and as an old woman and no one paid attention to, and then she would go get intel and information to bring back to the generals? That's my favorite. I mean everything else is incredible and amazing and her bravery and the fact that she went into slave states up of thirty times too, to a free Escaping slave yeah, then she she works. Further for the army to two in during the civil war. Is bananas. That was incredible, great fucking job and willingly mine is like my story. This week is like an later fifty fifty years later, here,
ok. I love it and hears us. Here's a unsolved murder! I hadn't heard about ever that. We should know more about, and we should know more about the woman. Since the murder of civil rights activist Alberta, Jones NICE, I got information from this from theirs it greatly our times article by Trip Gabriel Black ass dot, org article face to face Africa, article black, then dot com, article by J Jones, W H, hey ass, eleven article by Derek rose and lean and Duncan the proposed article by Janine, Al Brown and just yeah, the it's just bring to light about this incredible woman so Alberta. Odell Jones is born on November twelfth nineteen, thirty two, Sarah Francis Crawford and Odell Jones, which let's bring back the name Odell, what only gels pretty handy name in Louisville Kentucky
so Alberta attends Louisville, central High school and then Louisville Municipal College, which was a school from black students only. But it emerges at that time with the University of Louisville. During this aggregation, so she graduates- and this is of a black woman in the nineteen fifties. She graduates. Third in her class Pelion, It's her bachelors degree from the university, a Louisville, also at the top of her class. Basically she's, really smart really revenge and ninety fifty six she's, the first black person to attend the University of Louisville LAW School. She transfers during her second ear to Howard University School of LAW in Washington DC, which is the oldest historically black university, LA school and the United States and she graduates for in her class night and they killing she's going it. In nineteen fifty nine she becomes one of the first black women to pass the Kentucky BAR
and so she's taking the bar exam and a newspaper photographer shows up to take photos of her because its historic, a man she says to the journalist at the time quote. If I had known how much was depending on me, she didn't even know about that lets. She was one of the first black women to even take the Kentucky bar She said I would have studied harder and shoes and I would have worn something different for real, like an sure, like no pressure but be better pass. This yellow gently laws like she was a great speakers who is really funny and you know charming and carrying after passing the bar she returns to Kentucky and opens a law office with partners in downtown Louisville and over the next couple years. Alberta Jones is profiled in their career journal several times for her work and accomplish,
and send is described as cheerful and outgoing, with a great sense of humour and there's a photo that kind of goes along with all of her articles and she's. Just dislike darling, bright, lovely person with a big smile, you know it's a bigger brain and obtain Jain Normous brain just a g. I think about the guy Random, who I know who has passed the bargain and how smart here and how much it takes to pass the bar, because all of law study is memory zation of specific detailed, I dont know how people do rights, an angel, accomplishment what they adversity of being a woman which what did not happen back than to begin with and then be a black woman which was also so challenging. Yes, and less easy at an she did it at the top of her class top of her class in Australia, but yeah there's an incredible rate
So she is a member of several distinguish groups: the Falsity BAR Association, the Louisville BAR Association, the American BAR Association and she's, a member of the Zeta five beta sorority, which is the third largest predominantly african american sorority, and their focuses on addressing social causes. So social causes are really big for Alberta Jones. This is the focus of her career, she loves speaking to groups of younger women to try to get them to also go into law in our she's, just she's, a power a person who could have who had chief, so much and her short life and could have achieved so much more, that alone I mean being able to send their ago. I did it so can year. That's that's almost out of US engagement. We need, or at least need rather you just. Please show me one person that looks like like me as a background. Like me, you know, The end has gone somewhere and turned around. It goes come on. You can do to order invaluable so get early in her career nineteen sixty
so she's got this neighbour, lino longtime family friend. His name is Cassius Clay and he's an up and coming boxer. An yeah is someone to negotiate his first professional fight contract for him, and so are you ve had Iris his friend Alberta Jones too. Of course, he later becomes known as Mohammed Ali, yet and she against early with her against eleven wealthy white business. Men working on this contract makes sure that he could They are deal and even makes sure that some of the money is put in a trust that he can't touch till after he's. Thirty five, because she's, like I thought you know, you're just gonna, Spina your excitedly, I spent the last she yet this fuckin lawyer. She negotiates his contract for him. Hell- yes, amazing, brilliant, so she's of course, a massive civil rights activist, a member of the end of a lazy p. She marches in Louisville Protests attends the March on Washington and ninety
sixty three in August and she forms independent voters, Association of Louis L, and so she with that without association. She and they are able to register six thousand black voters Nihilo Avow, which is a huge amount of people and sixty An extra people voted in this coming election, yet wits I think so in a hundred percent were its important. So I just have this Are you really quick to say that it is bombing me out where we're going with the risk? Is I mean our heard of this person? And oh, I know, and it's it's that it's that we had never heard of her and all her work, and then we had never heard of the other stuff and its topics. We can it's time and Washington, Post and York Times in all these outlets are finally giving her and what happened to her the attention it deserves amazing kind,
Above all. I now to me too, when she's doing this vote or association in O thing work work. She also rents voting machines so that she can teach you know, teach the people how to vote when they get in there. So they're not nervous freaked out. They know what is being a needs to be done. I'm sure it's a really heard of love thy to rolling is, of course the Euro yeah has its nerve ran, expecting you know these groups of black people who have never voted before and she wants them to be confident when they walk in and asked, because if this hurt this movement ends up causing a me, your political shake up, and nineteen sixty one when black loaders help oust the old school mayor and many of the city's aldermen. They fuckin vote those I can also all races Dick heads out yeah because of
Activism you're so and because of this less conservative administration is, is in place and luminal finally starts enacting anti discrimination policies and Albert Agencies also single handedly, able to integrate Louisville City Hall by forcing officials to hire black employees. Exceptions, this back and let all Q Falcons Rightly smart, excited power, powerful woman who's ever to make these changes in her early thirties. Like incredible, why one better? When that I mean do you actually had a lot of e four hundred and nineteen sixty four Alberta is appointed as city attorney in Louisville the floor, woman to ever hold that position and nineteen sixty four that so it's so good
February the following year, she's also appointed prosecutor for the domestic relations court, which is another first for a woman and a person, a color and she's responsible for prosecuting She had just jumps, but her car is discovered several blocks from the bridge and there is a massive amount of platitudes. And there is a massive amount of plaid inside and then they do the autopsy and they determine that she had received several severe blows to the head. They think with a brick, to everyone who knows her when, on August fifth, nineteen sixty five Alberta at three four years old is found add in the Ohio River, it's near Louisville Sherman meant in bridge initially, please think her death is due to drowning. You know, I don't know, maybe they thought she had just jumped, but her car is discovered several blocks from the bridge and there is a massive amount of plaid inside
and then they do the autopsy and they determine that she had received several severe blows to the head. They think with a brick before entering the water unconscious and dies from drowning and its they'd, just so. There's no Reimer reason. The night. She died, Alberta, sister Flora, Shanklin that her sister had gotten a call from a friend and friend had been facing a lawsuit, unlike asked her to come out and discuss the loss it with her was like late at night. Albert was like Onawandah, but the friend cannot, you know it was a girlfriend. Convinced her to go out doesn't seem like there's anything involved, but with this, but I dont know: and so Flora says the last time she talked to her sister Alberta was on the couch reading a magazine about how about the Kennedy assassination, which had happened like too before, and the last thing Alberta said to her was
casually. I hope I don't get assassinated and flora responded Don't worry about it, you're, not the president of the United States and that just stuck with her so police investigate the murder. They find witnesses who report, having seen a woman being attacked drag near the bridge by three unidentified men. The night died, which I feel like it. Nineteen sixty five, you didn't you didn't and the play com. I don't know I just saw I hadn't moved, I it's like they were. Listen. I'm did they didn't call. Anybody like this is domestic. I don't have anything to do with this treaty one cannot domestic now who suddenly stressing yeah now and then strangely they find her purse three years after the murder hanging from that Brad the Sherman meant and bridge almost like. Someone came back to get
the purse or a tried to give a clue. Three years later, it shows up and it has its its credit cards inside all. The contents are still on the Czechs and but the purchase shows up, but the case does go cold and the family is left without answers. Okay, so let's fast for twenty thirteen, a first their student at the Brandeis School of LA her name is Lee Remington in some articles, its Lee Remington Williams, but the name really Remington is just a fuckin ear of the Erika oil per cent. Europe, your account girl, and you're fuckin fighting the good fight rate.
I tell you she is. She is so she's like passing through her hallway she's at her side, her law school. She sees portraits of civil right leaders and she notices this photo of Albert Johnson. She is a big civil rights student. She that's like, and of her passions and she's like how do I not know who this woman this blackened? it photo of this woman with all these other civil rights leaders. How do we not now with this isn't, then she looks more into it. Alberta Jones and she shocked to learn about her trail bait, blazing accomplishments and her unsolved murder so shocked about it. Never classmates had ever heard of Alberta either, so she decides to start writing a biography of Albert Joneses life to get her more recognition and she'll get in touch with Joneses Sister Flora. His now, in her eighties allowance of Flora tells her all about her sisters, death and how she thinks investigators, ignored and buried evidence, and she believes that somewhat cheap Flores
third floor thinks it's someone paid. The killers to kill her sister and that enforcement, didn't care about her sisters, murder because they were indifferent about the murder of a civil rights activist at the time, which is fair, for years, policed the family there's, not enough evidence to arrest anyone and that none of the original investors investigators were even so alive. So they couldn't you, it wasn't even worth the opening the case, and so when Lee Remington starts or research and twenty thirteen police tell her that the witnesses in the case are also dead and there's like there's nothing to be done Lee running to and gets access to the case file through an open records, request and starts revealing everything, and she discovers that one of its detectives who worked on the case of the time super young when he was a detective and he's still alive there, they're not all dead, and she goes and energies him and he
tells hurry, was in charge of collecting most of the evidence and writing the case report back during the nineteen sixty five investigation and tells her some details and that there is evidence that was collected, and you know that vacuum in the car for any trace of ants and fingerprints and shit so she's like this is, could still be an actor case. Then Lee Remington finds that there had actually been and new investigation into Alberta, Joneses case in back in two thousand, and eight because the FBI had matched a fingerprint found inside Alberta, Joneses car to a man who is seventeen years old at the time of the murder. Oh, who lived in the area he is referred to as Sea J because he's not an official suspects, Madonna's name, so did
active Terry Jones of the court case Squad had in two thousand. I had interviewed this man and this dude siege. I can't explain why his finger print is in this car and denies killing Alberta Jones, although the spot, where her car had been found, which is kind of far from the bridge, was just a couple blocks from where he and his friends hung out and he claims disgrace. You Jake claims. You was a book wormy address, graduated from high school, he was going to college and he also said so Albert his car at the time was in the shops are the car that she was driving where they found the blood and was a rental car, and so this guy seizure was like well, I've hitchhike, they hidden, I hitchhiked alot. So maybe that's why my finger print was in the car. I don't think so. Strict I mean stranger. Things have happened, however. Let's. Again it s a little more so see. J offers stick a polygraph, its found that he's being deceptive, but he's never
hard with anything. An sieges brother tells reporters that he and see J. I had known Alberta Jones and had met her because she was friends with one other d actors by data do it and his brother said he was home with him the night that Alberto is killed. You know it's fishy by two years did the fingerprint discovery is so it's like twenty tan prosecutors write a letter to the police chief and let them know that they're not presenting the case further, because There aren't any blood samples from the scene available for dna testing, like there's not more evidence to test rare. Why as there are not more evidence to test they drew away. It's just missing entire evidence box is missing. So, although a shit and of evidence was collected by FBI at the time, fingerprints
vacuum samples from every inch of the car blood samples, the purse and its contents, her dentures cigarette, but from the car her shoes were close. It's all missing! Woe. That's not that's a very bad sign MA am, I bet it somewhere like, even if its legitimate like they can't find it. There's always us fucking, storerooms and warehouses. But then yours here about the floods and fires that like destroy evidence and it's just so? We can do here there, if there was something much more sinister uncalculated about it. Then like saying that those three people were higher to kill her right, then they meet him. Then then Some re could also have the Jews to then make that case case file that messing re evidence covered in the end. There are people the another that she had issues with, although everyone loved her. Of course she was a prosecutor and she'd yeah was prosecuting men for spousal abuse, which is gonna pay
some people off and the people she had to work with in the courthouse also didn't, can love the idea that they are working with. Fighting against a black woman so their past about it. You know it's like, then there is also the her influence on on politics and the vote. The voter right, like basically like that's the power alone in the act is chew. And the people that are out there can have issues with her and yeah hire someone and it's it's a complicated case to study. But you that's your job They fear an investigator so on Georgia and they also they at the court case unit says that there's no one involved with the case that still alive again, that's back then in two thousand eight, that's our narrative, but solely running to now finds it sled finds this letter. Starts to refute each point. She now has over almost six months,
pages of research that she's unkind through public records she's fucking like down this rabbit hall, which is in a meeting the most glaring one being that the did that one of the detectives involved is still alive. So she's, like your argument, doesn't make any sense: found him. You can talk to him in also that the rule and cold cases of the detectives who investigated alive than to bad luck. I dont that doesn't make so dynamics. Are you? U dont? primary sources by, but you can also have a that there, their notes in interviews at the time should stand for that. That's the whole idea keeping files in having an evidence. German, but obviously exactly. So Lee Remington also says that police it back in two thousand and eight failed to interview several friends that sea J had mentioned hanging out with some of who lived quote a stone's throw from where the witnesses reported seeing Jones Abducted, and she says that Sudan should be re interviewed Peter,
describe see: J as meek and harmless, and actually Lee Remington says she doesn't think that he's the killer, but she's thinks he deadline as more than is letting on to eleven it describes. Ted Bundy is being meek and heart well unattractive, and there's also in others, speculation of lino what we already talked about as well as baby. Her murder has to do with the contracts she was drawing up for Mohammed Alleys, fights we are now which theirs I mean, there's no, I haven't seen any there's no it is for that. But that's just speculation around town so in twenty seven, usually pulling the other famous name into the store. I re consult this. It's a lot of money. It's a lot of money riding on this thing in money, maybe she's fucking with it and they don't like it. You know- maybe maybe she's cutting it in a way that I can establish a precedent right up there in the it's like everywhere she went. She was actually really
a powerful ass, a young and power and stirring shut up yeah, which has great ok, so in twenty seventeen Lee Remington Williams, now she's now a professor with a phd, she sent a letter to the chief of the LAW of L, Metro Police Department, requesting that the department reopen the investigation, and the seller rights. Division of the Department of Justice also decides to get involved, and the investigation is funded Khazars. This new law that had come in the end It still unsolved civil rights Crime ACT, which rides thirty, in point five million annual funds to the department justice, the FBI and the state and local law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute pre nineteen seventies killings and, of course, m. Tell is a fourteen year old african american child, who was launched in Mississippi and nineteen, fifty five after being wrongfully accused of offending a white woman and our families grocery store and his
White killers were acquitted. It's just this whole with the word dry stay of justice if this whole travesty of justice, it sick, and so now all this money is being put in to investigate crimes. Like that should have gone a different way. Yeah, should have been investigated and properly and the key rising at any of the legs? Actually. So. Finally, fifty two years after her murder Alberta, Joneses case is officially reopened, and this means and this means her case also finally gets recognised by nationwide media outlets like the New York Times. Who did this great art, about it and the Washington Post well, but hurt us, so it's reopened she's, finally, getting the attention she deserves and her legacy as a civil rights pioneer and advocate is also finally being recognised as well Because of the new attention around her case, which is this tragic thing, but also her work is being celebrated and so
A high in the fall of twenty seventeen Alberta Jones is honoured and hometown heroes ceremony, including a large banner of her, photo being hung in downtown Louisville at six than Mohammed Ali, its huge beautiful in our lab photo. A local councillor, sponsors and resolution to rename street near Albert is old. Downtown office Honorary Alberta, Jones, Esquire Boulevard and there's portraits and plaques of her. Are placed in the counties, attorney's office, the university in lieu of a law school and the library at Beller Men University, where she attended law, school and a law scholarship at Bellerophon is now named in Joneses honor
and at her high school central high schoolers? A new law and government magnet programme in the classroom stands as a courtroom in its named in her honor, so good a high, and there have been any new leads. Unfortunately, in recent years, although the attention that put thank being put on this case may be, will make some people wanted confess what they know or finally, yeah yeah, exactly but a sergeant on illegal homicide departments. As that the case is still open and as Fur Alberta Johns, she has this quote. So people were constantly doubting her saying you know she had gotten home from law school on their like that. You have to say, ex against you already you're a woman and your black like what what you think you're doing and she would respond quote yeah, but
I got, one strike laughed and I've seen people get home runs when all they ve got left is one strike hell yeah, and that is the story of civil rights activist Alberta, Jones and her tragic murder. Averted Joan averted ass. It seemed almost more people should now liquor an inch she's fuckin I mean she's, lay and power and love there? So many stories, though, than are like this: where is it do you the murder of black people who are making an effective change in places that made it so bad lances it so the part of it
tragedies how common this kind of a story is and how much we don't hear about where and how how you know slept under the ragged as young, and it feels like in his last in his last five months or so. Its people are states pursue its white people, starting to wake up to the fact that they have this incredibly incomplete education and picture of how This country has been working and it needs to change them. Also, speaking about this, because Alberta Joneses from Blue, though they still need to arrest the cops that murdered Brianna TAT back instead, in a manner and has to happen. Everybody knows this case is its. Her face has been on. Under cover of a proxy. I mean it's like this talk about something I bet you Albert Jones, get behind in a very young away, huge issue. Wasn't murdered and up I'm a fur Langley fighting for
The murder of a young woman who was absolute had every one of her rights absolutely the up. There is no world that where you can argue that that was not murder. From the from the cop who lied to get that warrant to the way the car you fucking signed it, knowing that it was incorrect and that the person who they were signing the warrant for had already been arrested, that day to the number of bullets that were shot into the everything going against procedure is so egregious it's so beyond gonna change great job beautifully done. I'm so excited did I know who Albert agenda over the Arab, let's that's an this by Britain, Some fucking arise, MRS from Kelsey, at this, Mrs Robinson, fucking hurry going back
Teaching has been one of the most stressful and trying seasons of my life, not knowing what will happen to hide seasons. She called it one of her life long and I bet you she's not over thirty years old on she's, definitely still in the spring winter area. Ok, not knowing what will happen between health safety, mental health and the status of my job. People in holding a manipulating. The situation makes you question if it's all worth it, but this I was reminded voyage. Does this job the kids idea? three year olds to learn your old and they are messaging me how they miss me and love me. I am reminded that this is he's in the past and reminded of the kindness in people shouted Emma found for highlighting the good, and we can offer the you're sure these times together did you know
here about the shout out in the letter Kennedy emphasis squarely Dan is a ban to hey good job, Kelsey, sorry you're in that situation, and its very smart of you to keep it positive light there and take flutter Kenny a shout can we talk about a month ago, re but yeah, Tele, Canada Canada lovely This is from Con man bell. Fourteen uninstall em, I Karen and Georgia, my fucking her I wanted to share with you guys is as a twenty four year old gay Christian, I recently came out to my parents and hope to soon introduce them to my amazing boyfriend of three years My message to others is that no matter where you are in your coming out journey, that is that you matter and you are loved both inside and outside of the closet.
Thank you, ladies for doing what you do and for being allies to the algae, BT, Q, plus community S, e g M, Connor, yeah, that's a double hard gay gay christian, but you fucking did it like created what an incredible feet her proud, Eddie, yeah, congrats, yeah, ok, this once from Victoria, fucking harass that my family and I have been playing and who know championships since the beginning of lockdown We didn't have any idea how long it will last, but we knew we would keep playing until one of us went back to quote normal life. My dad went into his office last week, so we finish our five month long championship. I was with a score of seven thousand three hundred and forty two, four was eight thousand three hundred and thirty eight ha ha.
So in such a lovely way to spend our evenings together, especially as I'm going back to university soon, and we will be living three point. Five hours away, make you murder, gauss love is by custom last year I wasn t doing what you're doing you are valid. You're supported all the kind of going back to school. Good luck This is now I've been really enjoying the university. They ought to go two weeks before too, like quarantine and then meals that they ve been giving them that are too
gusting meals and their dorms been really enjoying for us. Ok, I'm enjoy how people are going back immediately. Fifty eight people get sick and cancel in person, classes which it just they shouldn't be highlighting should be doing ass, crazy, this one's from Benjy South her here's, a fucking array right, is covered started. I found my best friend had a move from DC to California for work. Then they broke down and told him. I had feelings for him turns out He felt the same way too, but we'd both been too nervous, say anything because he's assist straight guy and I'm a Trans gay guy and he wanted to make sure my gender felt respected and I wanted to be sure his sexual identity felt respected all three days. Modern lost three days later. I got coded symptoms and moved in with him because I have been with my parents and they have heart they of heart disease. Long story short, I am
I think this from a hotel room in Western Nebraska on the third morning of our cross country, road trip and because quarantine time is weird we're talking about marriage. Well, I can remember the last time I felt this happy and I've saved a backlog of M M for the trip say you ve been there with me for the ride, Sd Gm Ban, and I look of course, had to fuckin sneak and look at the instagram that they added the cutest I cried. I cried it's like it's. The best things about social media is the actual nuts. So lovely. Congratulations on the younger generation there there that there like the the part of it is the like. That's such a brief thing to do such a strong, brave kind of lake important thing to declare in such a risky situation, such
question mark its delay. I mean it's actually is only one life and you can decide what chances you wanna take and are willing to take whether they're gonna work out or not. You you, it aside and like are you gonna regret? You know when you're fucked Forty that you like me, you did at you didn't take their chances in I yeah but you didn't like what then you calculated that red you didn't write and I worked out for your fuckin stokes for you
super jealous, which I think is even better accountable man, as I kind of hate you little being so young and strong, and you know what I thought I would of course like me: where did you get? That is our self esteem in it. In a nutshell, that's how you build a new building. That's what general genetics parents gave you that's right now we're waiting get anyone. I had slackened boomers as perils, and there were like near any man will never. Let me with your affairs, may very well Mary, a rich man, Georgia, Mary go to college. They can meet a rich man, get yourself a doctor. Why don't you want me to me through my mind, I would say, get yours I offer my mom would say no become a doctor. You must share quote where she goes. My mom always told me to marry were to marry a rich man, and, I said mom. I am a rich man. Favorite, listen to share when a redo Berea, that's not the way to live a life right. There has right away there s a nice that the joint everybody everyone's
in the midst of a real shit time. There are people who are making it, work anyway. Just try a little bit. That's all you gotta do we believe in you. Thank you graceful. Listening, Stephen. Thank you for helping us in a are. We in the middle of a desert. In Arizona element. Is everyone likes them in a desert seeds in the middle of the desert in an early during he's doing burning manned by Alan See, engineering on the plight of those are the and I was gonna bring me back. That's why you're barking on Monday and well in Europe during our story, eleven send your back and raise wherever and pay, and thank you guys of for being there for us. We can once stories about. Let you we're here for you, because you're losing your voices urged me. I feel that you guys have changed our lives so much
for the permanent right in and we can't we check literally cannot thank you know directly properly, especially in quarantine for any love. You please now it deep in your heart, and we mean you specifically you specifically yes, the one who thinks it's not you know. I know you are important to us. Here's another tat. I want you to hear states, access and don't get murdered, Elvis Joanna Cookie.
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