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2020-11-05 | 🔗

In this week’s quilt episode, Karen and Georgia cover the survival of Mary Vincent and the case of Typhoid Mary.

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This is exactly right. On season, one of save me, a desperate father Nellie row risked everything to search for his missing daughter, Jody now on p caught. The story continues with save me to the second instalment of the critically acclaimed drama, with new suspects and new secrets. Save me, too will have you hook from the moment. You start watching your next great bench is waiting for you with save me too. The gripping peacock original SIRI sign up at Peacock tv dot, com to stream. Now goodbye, I'm Kate, Winkler, Dawson. Author and a host of the new show tenfold more wicked on exactly right, take a group, some trip through history with chilling campfire stories of true crime in this first season is about one of the most intelligent killers in America. How would you describe him serial killer genius, evil? Ten,
more more wicked, on on Monday November, three rd on exactly right, subscribe now on Stitcher, Apple, podcasts or or wherever you like to listen and one three that felt good it's chunky. Oh right, and welcome to my favorite murderer. That's George! Hard STAR, that's caring, he'll go. We are with you on Thursday November? Fifth, that's right! twenty? That's right. What are we and what are we could been Oh my god. That's so much crazy stuff, guys yeah! It's currently right now as we're speaking Wednesday evening. Yes, so things are
up in the error rate. Nothing has been announced officially, there's lots of reason to have good feelings, but God forbid, we have good feelings. Yeah, I'm not! I don't have good feelings yet, but I'm there everyone now in love is having good feelings, and so I'm going to trust you guys, but hey you're, right to fear. Good feelings because we haven't had them in a long time and we all have PTSD from two thousand and sixteen that's right, so nothing. This is also similar, yeah that it can't feel now right at the moment any whereby it does feel good. The the whole narrative that, where a learning this week is that it is as bad as it seemed that asked for years, then it's still a negative positive sure
there's no only positive. After an experience like the one. We've had with this leadership, but the fact that at nine the clock. Last night, looking twitter. It was a very a different story, a story that's happening today. It was insanity, so yeah, I think I did it in way that scared me into then this morning? Waking up annoying? Oh all is not lost, oh wait, a second, quite the opposite. They act, so we just to be official and we need responsible parties come out and say, stop trying to create violent Yannick activity. I I was, I had a therapy appointment today and I was I had a realisation that I get along really well with my mom. When there is a democratic president, and I realize, like oh yeah, the Obama years. I could laugh her off, laugh all this shit. She said to me off
like oh mom, you know what I mean. four years every time she bring something up, it trigger something from my childhood shirt. So when we go This mediator, slash therapist in two weeks. I feel like maybe I'll be in a better place to be open to her. That's the That is the accusation balance of power shifting or if we re. We spend time in another real. Already re if it takes away her some of her power over my most and then feelings- and that'll, be nice and and high time and its high time that happen here, Ray AIR M enough already have enough already that's right. What are you doing to distract yourself this week from oh, you know just turn upon gas doing. I don't I don't understand how I'm still park. As I have I dont Stephen. Is there with me every time I do it I have
nothing to say any more. I can't it's literally like do you want me to describe how we may toasters more because that's likin, it's just unbelievable that through all of this we ve just continued park. We urge Evans, weird, like all we have to talk about and never ones like. Oh just talk about it. What tv shows we're watching to distract ourselves from the end of the fucking world or like others, I got to see someone face of area and with it are you thinking area ending on right now for real? I have, I actually had to go through out a bag of the nerds rope I answer whatever those things were already areas, a different version. I haven't people kept recommending rural zones Yeah they're, like lagoon Murray and much action
easier to eat as opposed to the rope that, where they not get everywhere, I actually was like. Oh, I could handle that, but I don't need it in my house. No, I had several handfuls and then stood up and walk to the garbage and threw them way and said: stop pretending you can just fucking eat candy like enough already with this fucking behavior, I'm doing that, but with alcohol yeah. How is it going It's going well. Actually this time totally feels it feels a little different like I'm not doing it, because I'm not doing it for thirty days and I'm not doing it till I lose weight, I'm doing it because suddenly I realized it. I'm not having fun anymore and not its not actually giving me anything and I'm not enjoying it at all, so it took feels like a little shifty a little different show like suddenly I'm ready to deal with the anxiety that I've been pouring alcohol on for twenty years. You know yeah, maybe it's because I'm a really great therapist right now and I'm finger twice a week, but there's something it's
I feel a little different this time. That's good and you have security in your life and you have other things to worry about. Rather you, like you, ve, bigger re things, and maybe not maybe than is up date the story which is now nodded. I wish I to do the same for myself, but that The idea is what my territories, as as we had something happened, do us usually around like twelve thirteen and then your Like limbic system or whatever, whichever one it's called like your reactive system, kind of stops, taking in information and they're like yeah. I've already seen this. I'm not fucking doing it again and she always says that to me: she's, like the worst thing already happened. This is all just kind of like reacting to the memory of what happened and so yeah. The more of three think about that refugees are horrifying, I mean a horrifying and you should get to.
Skip it. It's such a terrible, I was in rehab at thirteen was you went out or I would like a less layered, the worst ear possible, but I am and am journaling about it now, which is actually really helpful and I'm do next. I want to recommend if anyone else's trying it, which we all are at some point right. So like us, from the stuff I was reading before when I try this. You know last year, the beginning of this year of this naked mind, an grace listening to, and then I found a new book. It's called quit. Let I didn't know that was a thing quit lead people. I never heard of that. I had me they're, like in all the sobriety books. I read that are like here's, how to do it and here's what worked for me- and here I am a woman and we can do it. It's Kolya quit Lit which I fell in MECCA
so here is my new quit lit suggestion. It's called MRS De is going without and it originally was an anonymous blog way back when blogs existed by this woman in New Zealand and her name, her name is Lotta Dan and she is I'm identifying with her so much It's just a really light easy read about how fucking hard it is to become sober when you, even though you know you need to so I'm enjoying that yeah, but I'm in other people stories. That's Canada, the key rowing that that it isn't special to you, you're, not the on. Not only are you not the only one, it's very typical yeah. It's up tons of people deal with substance, issues everybody does in some way or other. We shall deal with soothing our soothing our trauma in some way or another ideally with therapy and learning really truly how to cope with that, but that
doesn't usually happen and it takes a long time to get there well enough so we'll pick things up and put them back down and you get it you go in and you go out of it and then there's a drama within doing that and that's all part of it and if you can kind to pull back and see that that's all part of it and it's not like a failed again, but it's like everybody fails again and again and again and then tries again and the whole point is building your resilience to keep trying and to kind of keep open. I think that's just Eddie you just don't it's never the final chapter you just get to keep trying. That's right! That's yeah! It feels at forty suddenly like crazy that I'm just now ready to two, not obsess about when I get it again or drinking, or that I have a hangover or that I feel like shit and like this Paul pattern that I've been doing. I'm suddenly ready to not to not distract myself with anymore
Sure I can forty it's like, I just seems wild, but it know, that's how long it takes I'm sure it happen again, whatever it's always something, because literally it reminds me of when I was my twenties and my great idea for my eating disorders I was gonna. Take I took confound yeah, but without the downtown then it just was the. It was first versions uppers only, and so I stopped eating almost entirely didn't care about food, never thought about it. Last a ton of weight very fast and stuff Obsessively compulsively shopping where I literally went to the values and our every single day and had my closet look like a little many gap and acts of color coded shirts, it was
this period insanity and that's when I saw that it was like. Oh it's not about the thing I'm doing ray you couldn't you didn't have to eat your fuckin stress away anymore. You needed something. Also shopping yet became. Something will replace it and it's just about the Kazi have to dig down further. It's not just the thing yeah, it's what's underneath it and like sitting with it. So my therapist form of this really great analogy. I think it is where it's like. Ok there the tiger in a cage and the tigers, pacing back and forth. In this little caged whole life, but it's a comfort. And then suddenly gets put out into this big field and gets taken out of the cage, but it continues to paste back and forth in the same area the cage would have been way. because that's what it knows. That's what's always worked. That's what safe and the only way it knows how to deal with life in UK? realising this big open expand of other possibilities. Yet I think that's right
yeah. It sounds right on I mean it makes sense to me. It also makes me think of how, when I stopped drinking after I was hospitalized for it hey at least you didn't get fucking hustle as the county hospital for it, hey, hey, rehab, thirteen, momentous Romania or we think champions in our own way through this whole time for it. But when I won all the alcohol was finally out of my system, and I was home for a couple of days. I had that dream, where I was standing like on a prairie with tall grass like up to my hips green grass, and this week was blowing and I could see all the way up and all the way to either side like. I was crazy like a fly with like crazy vision, complete proof and it was like three sixty vision or one eight, instead of this tunnel, that you've been looking into
Oh, it was so moving and so like I was just kind of in the dream going. Oh, I get it like thanks thanks for being so on the nose brain, but is it reminds me of that Tiger story, because it is that thing where it's like yeah, you don't have to just go in circles anymore, which can be as does intimidating and just as fraud and yeah there's freedom is scary, to learning how to paste the cage as a young person worked for you and say you ve, been you keep doing it, even though the is gone, because you haven't yet learned that you're, free and and because, if you have these coping mechanisms that go four feet by four feet by four feet, you're not going to be like watch me while I fucking take off into the woods like you, never learned how to take off into the woods. No, that's all new! It's like you got to give yourself. Let yourself adapt,
and adjust and fall down and get up. I feel like the two to therapy sessions a week is really is really helping me with that I know it's deck a decade of therapy like it's crazy how that works yeah, but the It's good than like, I love the When I suggested to my purposes like, should we go
three days, awake and she's, like I don't see why not you have the money and I was like you're right at like spending on nerds ropes. That's not! I gotta stop spending it on yeah. Please stop sending me suggestions of nerd thing. Oh, you don't want to eat that shit anymore, because also, I realized like pacing the cage eating a bunch of sugar and then laying on the couch and panicking is a vibe. It is like a choice and a feeling that I don't have to be in any more and you are you are you you are like triggering emotional reactions with sugar sugar. Does that to you? hormones and your sugar is a fucking worse, it's bad for you. It has to get eventually. Someone has to figure out once we're gonna do a covid vaccine cars. Then. Can we please have a sugar vaccine yeah, because the those people that are like I'm, not that into dessert, I'm like
where what part of the world is your family from. I will. I need your junior really, I have to an open bag, somehow a fucking mint, as in my house, because I just can't not have them like constantly me I mean it- I'm OSHA, we talk the queen's gambit, but we both found out that we're on Netflix so good find it because someone tagged me in it didn't know what it was. Someone on Twitter was talking about it. I think it was James or Baniac or somebody who I like their taste and they're smart and they basically were like wow. I'm surprised, I didn't even know what this was and all of a sudden. I stumbled upon it, and it's such a delight, so I kind of had bookmark and then YAP an end.
Second, it started. I was just like the visual the story line, the fucking everything so good. So basically I wrote down that it. It's like Omali meets what was that Trig movie where he, the roulette movie, the term about egg, wait, touring them Volkswagen and again the guy who solved the puzzles in World war to Alan Turing? Wasn't really God like limitation imitation. Thank you think you ok sites like armilly meets the imitation game. Don't you think a little yes totally yeah. Why not? And the word cocksucker gets bandied about a lot in the first episode by children. I really appreciate it and there's a children
around pill, piano spoilers, but its yeah. It's it is absolutely were the only thing is it said it's just. Fictionalized story, it's from a book. I believe yes, it is I looked up it from a book. I wanted that person that character to be real badly, but, of course, because it's a perfect, in character with a perfect background, and then the storyline is just so compelling that also how about the hotel in Russia I was just like. I want to walk around that hotel, so bad I did, but I haven't, got the yet I've only gotten through episode. One was really long. I got through that and now I'm starting an episode two but cited about it. It's got to do light. The whole way through doesn't disappoint. All those actors are so goddamn, the
Oh baby boy from a from love, actually Holly's. I M not me, I think yes, I thought he saved Spade when I first saw him in a trail day, David Spades, illegitimate, chair you, yes, that's kind of such a good Acta. Here's the queen's gave it and queen is like chess. That's not like the queen, so right, so someone's like. I don't want to watch it because I'm sick of british royalty stuff and it's like no, no, no, it's fine get out and get out and your opinion with you. It makes these are really stupid because I don't know how to play chess. You know how to play chess. You know it's funny as I was watching it, I had a recovered memory in grammar school. I did play chess and there was like a chess we got to go to to one of the mobile home buildings that was laid out out on their grammar school property, Wilson School. What will and wild cats what up? But we got to go.
There s this we had a really smart genius chest teacher and we would just all sit there and play chess all the time, but it wasn't like how they They were doing it knew we didn't know ways. Of play and whole systems and your names of any hint legitimate fictional savant. But I was kind of I mean we don't know whether it was you could have been in the right in the right situation. Even if I were no one was paying it to it to be. I I I would be like. Can I go to this chest tournament? My dad be like I'm not driving you there, I'm not driving all the way to navados But it was kind of funny because I was like this is so interesting and then I was like wait a second I used to love chess, but I didn't. I dont have a memory of the court of the concept of the game, except for like
one of them. Could move and like an upside down l shape at all. I can remember it's. I never got. I never got past checkers Alzheimer's is very complex when you think about it in a double up on her, sure, sure sure what else sire watch doing I escaped into last night. I basin It was like stay off twitter stance of how media you have. You have to give yourself over to the question mark of this situation, and so I turned on one of my BBC Series, oh Martin Chisel to Charles Dickens, serious, that's comforting Tom Wilkins is one of the leads, who is just the most delightful british actor. That's been in a million things and one in a million awards, and you know who he is yeah, but it was one of those things where I was just like. Oh, I need
something completely removed from modern life, yeah right now and we're hoping. Then I went to Sleep angora sweater of people talking, He looked as yet other and determined some horses and out animal carriages ray that sounds like you, I was getting so exactly right news. We're really excited, because at the end of this episode, you're going to be able to hear the brand new trailer for our brand new, exactly right, podcast called tenfold more wicked that we told you about its host.
did by crime, journalist and author Kate Winkler, Dawson, who she's Rashid written some of your favorite, true crime books. My favorite recently is the book American Sherlock, which is an incredibly. If you haven't read it, it's unbelievable. It's basically, you know it's about one of the first Franz experienced scientists in America. So Kate is the host of this pod cast an she basically takes all of her journalistic and author in knowledge and intelligence essentially hang and she digs into the story of o one of the first serial killers in America, and it is an and there's a whole kind of
side story about neuroscience: it's just a fascinating historical, true crime series that she's hosting that we really think you're gonna love. Definitely it comes out on Monday November, twenty three rd so be sure to like and subscribe on, Itunes or Stitcher or wherever you listen to podcasts and stay tuned at the end of this episode to listen to the trailer. It's really an awesome podcast, so so proud, so proud, proud as little fledgling network is becoming this, like. You know it's growing into a essence, its you now it's because its becoming, down persons and like learning and growing unlike and making so thoroughly, smart people who make their own podcast really well make really good stuff. They. Come to our party. It's it's the best. He added some its really good yeah. Thanks for supporting us to you guys, it's all because the best frickin listeners
Absolutely we think of you when we're trying to pick these podcasts and what you might like and what might serve you in your day to day life and there's many more. Or to come that were very excited like I can't believe it. And so I wrote down today like on a form that, like it, was like what do you do and I'm like podcaster writer and business owner a fucking more business owners who call it that I mean it's all right. I don't know business owners who, as of this weekend, won't have an office anymore, which is sad. I know we had to give up our leaves on our office. We had basically rented an empty office for the past six months or whatever, but I know I know it's such a weird time. You know and it's such a weird
time, it's nice, that we can all kind of go through it together, their distract ourselves with podcast and television things that we like and whatever and and also you know, feel connected to each other and one of those ways that work doing that is by and maintaining our sanity is by putting up the quilt episode this week. I both picked one of our favorite stories that we've ever done. And so we're gonna posters, they ve. Never, they ve never been in an episode together and they're not live there. You now holder that we love older stories that we love right in that. And that you have told us, you of so it some its yeah we're doing. This is kind of like the Eagles greatest hits just because this week was, Ben incredibly stressful, as is as has been for everybody, so we weren't gonna be doing
usual homework, we're trying to take it easy a little bit and then be like okay. Well, we can at least we'll hang out we'll check in and then we'll play some stories that people we know people like so that we don't all go crazy, because I am having a hard time. Unclenching my teeth, oh much, much less, sitting down and writing a six page book report totally six pages. I laugh in the face of six pages: they're. Never six pages. Now if they're supposed to be they're supposed to be there as the time and they were for three to forward. It was ok. I came by peace, peace in the streets, but no longer nine, at least minimum. One wants to keep their home and family safe, whether it's from break in a fire, flooding or a medical emergency simply
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didn't take me back, I'm tat lets go back now. Let's just let us do it mentally. Have a fundamental exercise are going back to Georgia's old department was no air conditioning. If it was made twenty seventh, it would Verity started to get very hard at twenty next time I had thing I probably had minimum to jobs at the time of an ever. I had just gone married and not sweet. That's a nice young yeah you know we were just are just slowly putting this thing together in Georgia. Everyone's well would show me good, positive thing on her phone and then I go that don't get used to it. I show you the numbers or like where we are on the comedy chart and you'd be like shut the phone up. If not, I get it away from me. I don't believe in anything. That's my!
beautiful journey from from show business cynic to a wide eyed believer in the map in the possibility of matter yeah yeah. So anyway, this is from episode. Eighteen o, my investigation, eighteen discover, it will recall, call investigating investigating discovery. Who knows back when we would do that. Not only the extra work of trying to make one of those good pun, titles, but I also add people, I'll, never forget my friend Owen Alex and who I worked with. He was the show run our honour show. I was writing on and he rode into me for one of them that was so good and it was like we needed to help or like we can't keep doing that yeah. If we have to rely on outside smokers superior. We start. We drop that like naming, naming pied costs after the number pretty quickly be able. Yeah there was How much work anyway, invest
the teen discovery, so this is actually a story that last summer, We did some compilations of like your guises, favorites favorite shows, and this stop is a story of mine from your favorite show and it's the unbelievable. An amazing survival story of Mary Vincent's. So here's twenty sixteen me telling twenty sixteen Georgia in twenty sixteen Georgia apartment about this nightmare story. Should we get into the moon paper? Writer? Oh sorry, I don't know how to sing. As I mentioned earlier. They didn't know that was, Eureka guys versus wake. I think your first I think I'm gonna get cuddled in yeah. I'm gonna have this half a glass of wine.
he drank some EU risky. I wish I could. I drank all mine already for Europe, but it was up beyond ninety. Ninety seven, I had my love. She asked God good at it. My therapist told me that we're doing an experiment where I'm drinking two glasses of booze a day just to see how it goes. So I'm allowed that two classes of is a day, no more, no less yeah we're just like seeing how the go. So it's almost like you know, feel like it. Oh, no, the it. have to force it down here, and this is clearly like this was two glasses and whisky in one big cap fun to second guess what it does to me Mary ago, if I was your therapist hell, yeah girl who keep. I have this realization when I was trying to think of this week's there. So many good cases- and there are so many people of your passion about the cases that are their stories or just ones. They like I think, are fascinating. There was a guy that tweet it me a case his at is twitter. Handle was at,
or can Sawyer so Isms like Arkansas lawyer, and it was a case of guy? I think his name is Bobby Lee Foster Bobby Joe Foster, who killed his own mother, Edna and decapitate her and put the head in the local church and then took the eye is an mailed them to Eisenhower. Will it work the actual fact it was crazy, but So I was kind of into that. Thank you for sending that I love it. I mean you know I had a realisation that when we we're talking about our kick off murders, the one The goddess kind of into it. I realized that factually and date wise- I had an earlier one- then Diane towns and it as it happens, the barrier and it this Lawrence Singleton Attack on Mary, Vincent? and later murder of So I'll just tell you about it, let's unpack, let's unpack
It happened in nineteen, seventy eight, so I was eight years old and this was on the news. It was like in nineteen. Seventy nine is when he went to trial and all the stuff then, and it was on the news. Every night my parents were livid, they talked it all the time you must have just been you were there too. Yes, because it was. We watched the news together as a family. Every night before dinner, I feel like there's nothing more harmful for a kid yeah. No one knew. I know it was back This is the late seventies, where no one knew what was good or bad for children. It was all just like eat your cereal go outside trial. Survive, come home and then we'll watch the news. Together, I was a generation away from children, both after children being coal mines I couldn't was way was that, weird time in between coal mining, and children being carried them. Entire lives until they get to call it straight essentially so I'm the last of the last That generation I lived so
the story. On September, twenty, ninth nineteen. Seventy eight, a man named Lawrence Singleton, who was a merchant seamen, always a our job, that Richard Speck was emergency, who really yeah there. It's bad news. I think it's what happens when you're like super fucked up, and you but you're so fucked up you don't wanna, join the army. Sear like all go out on a ship for awhile with a bunch of dear, so he picked up a Ten year old, Hitchhiker named Mary Vincent in Berkeley, California, Mary had run away from home. She lived in in LAS Vegas, her parents are getting divorced, was, is fucked up up and she friends in the Bay Area relatives. So she made her way up to the barrier, but she was homes and she had been on our own for a while. She had a boyfriend that was bad to her. She she left him ran away. She just wanted to get back home sweetie, so she is hitchhiking in Berkeley and Van pulls up and
There are two people hitchhiking behind her now, just so you know, there's Mary Vincent herself tells story on an episode of I survived, it was seasoned four episode one, and it is epic. I know you don't like survivors. I fucking love survivors and things like this, where you get the first hand account of something story is also insanely fucked. I guess, if their. If she's it's been that long, I together go with it ray and she isn't it, one they can tell their own story there. Not. You know that that there able there in charge of this narrative They can tell you what happened and unlike when it's a grizzled fuckin bar tender like the waitress and she's like this. This is what fucking up and then me I can deal with it, but once like some like college girl whose life is ruined no You will because here's the thing this sad as part about it, but the truest part about it. Is it
happens to a lot of people. Yes, so when you have one woman sitting there going here's what the it here's a b c and d, you not only get the fuckin hitchhike keep your eye The open pick up on cod ex clues. You have all that, but you also have survived and you can survive and you can't come out the other and, I hope other p m. It's ok, it's ok! To tell your story like you: don't have to keep the skewed secret, there's other people who have been through similar or worse yet again and you have to tell your story part. That's part of healing right, so so a lot of what I have here, Basically her first hand account Malaysia, so the Van pulls up and there two hitchhikers behind her Berkeley. Seventy eight and the guy that driving the Van says, he only has room for one person, and says it's Mary. While the two hit behind her go, don't get in up van because they can see into the back of the Van the whole thing's empty. There's plenty of room
but if a person saying he only has room for the young girl they go down take that right, but she was so tired. She just wanted to get home. She was there and he looked like a grandfather. A really yes he's. A big part, though, kind of Grizzly old guy he was like in, is mid sixties at the time so she's like what that I gonna do so. She gets in and she's really real tired she's been walking and hitchhiking for a long time. So she says, I'm I'm trying to go back home to LAS Vegas. He says give you I'm going to Reno, but I'll give you a ride to LOS Angeles, which is that that right there, what Mary sat. It doesn't make any sense way, so she settles in and she fell asleep. Don't do it, don't do it. She wakes up and they have gone east and not south and she finally sees assign there somewhere out Patterson there somewhere out by Modesto there there on the other side of the five there's lotta for people not from here those,
especially in the seventies, lotta no man's land. Yes, a lot of especially in the central Valley, which is where he drove out to its just all em. A rural farmland, roads, little hills were the oak tree on top there's nothing. Oh, she is notices that they're going EAST chief freaks out confront some says what the hell you doing He says, I'm sorry, I'm an honest man. I made an honest, honest mistake. Let me turn around he pulls around he turns around, starts going down the he said. Sorry, I have to go. I have to relieve myself. He pulls the van over she's. Get nervous she realizes. This is now a bad situation. It's night time he's down relieving himself and she looks down a realises one of her shoes untied and she thanks to herself if I have to run for some reason- and I could outrun this old fat guy. But if I have to do it here, I got time I shoot so she gets out of too she bends.
To tire shoe and she blocks out. He hit her her in the head with a sledgehammer. She wakes up, she's tied up in the back of the van after our sledge hammer hit she wakes up. She wakes up, so he just conks her out yeah. She doesn't like thinker, a junior she's she wakes up she's tied up and she's naked fuck. Any surgery bear he rapes, her all night, and into the morning and the whole time she's of course crunch fifteen years old, crying whatever saying just set me free, please. I won't tell anyone just set me free. Sometime in the morning when he finally done. Polls are out of the van on Tiser. And says you wanna be set free all set, you free, picks up a hatchet. Now out of the back of the Van cuts off her
left arm, she's screaming below the album she's screaming for breaking out going crazy. She grabs him with her right, arm going on freaking out. X, the hatchet, and he starts packing off her right. What but listen where the crazy stumbling is Alzheimer's. I'm like remind myself that she survive, but it doesnt falcons outline owing to. I know it's it's crazy, so she is holding onto him, but she falls backwards. Any way and that's when she realizes that her right hand has been our right arms. Then chopped off so she's, all of course, in total shock confused losing blood looking and this is the most fucked up. Part of her story is more the fact of the matter. This is it go it peaks and fucked up ness right here who wish She sees him she's looking and like she can't understand what has happened and she's,
looking at him and he is looking his arm. Like this is flicking his arm out, yes, no, she looks. and her right hand is still holding on to his art. Oh my fucking, you I just I gave myself chosen. I know this story because you had your handed unlike ideology. I did it so she passes out. Are she like kind of goes lamp sure, she's, bleeding, obviously profusely losing blood lighthouse lying on the ground, so she just goes limp cause. She just doesn't know what to do now. Now in the presence of monster he thinks she's dying or dead. He dragged her body over to the railing and throws her over thirty front cliff on the way down she breaks for ribs and he drives away now later on when the police catch him, which state I'll just let you off the hook now the please
catch him and they put together that the reason he did. That is because he thought she'd be dead and they did. He didn't want them to be able to get fingerprints. What okay, who found her how that she had found. I tell you now, please so she's down in this fuckin ravine, and she's lying there and she's losing blood like crazy and she wants go to sleep, but she said there's a voice in her head saying: you cannot go to sleep, you have to get up, so they can catch this guy. So so she puts her bloody stumps in the dirt and makes a mud pack stops losing blood. Oh my god, on both on both arms and then she starts crawling back up the ravine. Thirty feet it takes her all night.
Oh no, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! That was the morning he dumped her over in the morning, so she crawls back up the ravine. It takes her all day. She finally gets up to the top of the ravine and back onto the road at night, and then she starts walking naked covered in blood with to stump arms She walked for three miles, my God, the first car that came up was two dudes in a convertible. And they saw her now. I fucking sped away. No, yet yes, and she said herself in this. I survived. She goes I looked like something out of a horror movie. She's like I didn't blame them at all, because it was, I mean beyond something you'd see in a horror movie and on an on. far away like a deserted road in the middle of the night, where there's no. This is out where there's no. ST lights. There's your eat like she said she was walking by the light of the moon
In my mind, too, it's like these two dudes are married men and their gay lovers and they're they're like on a plane on sign you romance thing and if they stopped to help her, they have to call the cops are going to get caught together. Let's just in my head, that's that's. very Plaza like hopefully, these monsters, these debt, I mean here's what I'm sure of they carry it with them to this day. Yes, imagine leaving a person, and then they read the newspaper the next day and they're like look what we did and she could have died, they could have saved her and then she could have died. But here's who did save her, who she walks a little further a couple who was on their honeymoon, no no, who took the wrong exit and is driving around trying to get back to the I five, which is close enough, so that Mary heard the of the five all day and was like I just have to get back up.
Because there will be some one if I walk toward that sound. So that's how she guided herself back toward civilization these. These people grab her put her in the back of a truck and say We're going to get you help and she's said she heard them. Speeding, so fashion here, the tile tyres screeching they get to a phone can, I say, rockwork yet half the people listening that their Marinos. Yet dream honeymoon exactly exactly What are you also you fuckin play command stand. Will because imagine you you're, like oh I've met, I love him, so my he's the man for me now, if the man for you was one of those guys in that convertible right. You just like. Have to get out of here. You'd be like You get out of my life forever and I bet they're still together one of her son. Here they get her, they get to that pay phone, they call and they
her left her to the hospital, I wasn't even an ambulance situation. There were like straight in so oh honey that the relief she must have thought. Oh my guy, in to be saved, so she sorry I'm on the next page already, by the way, I won't ever now you're like fuckin telling this you're not looking at your notes, because this, because I remember this happening when I was little holy shit. My I remember my mother, so it and she would talk about Lawrence Singleton. This disgusting piece of shit. She would talk about him. All the time may cause Ok I'll get into. I should have has all this was all these were all these details on the new. No, but it was. It was a man who raped girl chopped arms often threw her into a debt that- and that was plenty because you can't that's when it was like. Oh my
that could happen. Orderly, that's real! Even the word re like you, dont, even talk about like couples and in fucking sitcoms didn't sleep in the same bed right exactly. I I'm not from the fifty S, Georgia, oh my god, at the Brady Bunch was the. I got so she over half the blood in body body it from her hospital bed. She described a picture of him, who, accurately to the peat police, sketch artist, that Lorenson is next door. Neighbor saw it and immediately called the police, even though she was friends with him and like new I am for years. She was like that Lauren Singleton, that's my next on each one of us. So if has exactly so- and I do have to say this in, article that I found that it a piece of information from for some reason. In the line it said housewife, bowling expert, why I wonder if they really described her to a tee
I really I want that life, that's a pretty good life, so they arrest single, learn sales and nine days later, I liked com, Larry Larry and when he was questioned, Singleton told them least that Mary was a ten dollar whore that that he was passed out drunk in his van and that his other friend Larry is the one that attacked her and that there were two other hookers in the van at the time, a fucking monster lunatic. So she testified, as against him in court, get a girl with two prosthetic two prosthetic limbs on shewed already been fitted for them, she was still a teenager. I mean that, and that is a hard thing to do on its own. Analysis of this as she walks out after testifying against Hampshire. He whispered to her. If it's the last I I do I'll finish the job. I appreciate save mother fucker like something at him now
poor girl. She ran out. So in March of nineteen, seventy nine, a San Diego jury convicts him of kidnapping, mayhem, attempted murder forcible rape, sodomy enforced oral copulation, and gives him with maximum sentence at the time. I guess you guys are items, keep interrupting no, no seven years. Fourteen years for all of us for all of those crimes. Combined maximum legal sentence was fourteen years. That's like all how old she was. Yes, that's exactly right, so the judge who had to pass that certain said if I had the power I would send him to prison for the rest of his natural life so along with, the particular LULU, gruesome, callous aspects of the crime. The case became told we notorious because he was paroled after serving a year president,
just can't ok, so. This is, when is shit went off because that's when it started on the new whose every night this guy got paroled and it was like. My parents talked about it. People talked talked about in the grocery store. It was like how, is this happening, and you know what happened is nineteen eighty three they passed on work, incentive law kind of quietly passed it so that they could reduce prison overcrowding where a day It was cut off your sentence for each day that the prisoner spent working at the jail or you it makes part legal and get a bunch of fucking prisoners out of jail exit. That's exactly what I take. The murderers and rapists go. Therefore, fucking ever lie in God's name which have a work incentive law applied to attempted murder or rapists. Will this is back when they were like rape is probably hurt. She probably asked for it. She was probably a ten dollar hor right motherfuckers, so they announced
that his release date, this is Ed Martin, who is the associate warden of the California men's colony in San Luis Obispo, were where he was serving his time. His release date, Martin said: if there is continued good behaviour and work A change in these programmes will be approximately April twenty Eightth, which were eight years four months of time- and Every one of the barrier went banana. So here's what happened there, try to pull him to Antioch. California and the mayor protests, the Department of Corrections and so acknowledging the public outcry, the Department of correction, agrees not released Singleton Nanny Antioch, so they try to please him Relatives and Temple Florida. The people rise up in temper Florida and the temperature of the guardian angels, which was a big thing in the member them. They lead these pro
tests and eventually the Florida officials reject the probably say like he can, go back to its at Tampa now, if you're a fuckin, if the hell's, but as a health angels, no the guardian angel order, though they were this. They were. I thought you meant the they were basically in the eighties when crime was crazy. It was basically at the end of the recession. When things kind of shit. It was like back when New York was a total dump, the guardian angels, where this group of basically, what do you call them like like mother? UN's drunk driving type. A thing none are no. These were, I can't think of the term or it it was time by the way, like was not many hurry, it will lick it just law and I at a global things, but nobody thinks what's listen to take your time, everything's, fine, no, but it was them they were like
you're, like a citizen, that's taking and your own hands. What are those called like a citizen? taking on air, so babies we're like were taken back the streets, so they would go. They were red. Berries and shirt sets its guardian angels. They all knew karate, they all they're, all like muscled out dude and they would ride the subway at night, timid Joanna that lake vigilante bear it is there. Their total vigilantes and they basically were like their own gang but a positive gang. So they just major like that people. Get attacked on the subway and in every city, starter popping up with their own group of the guardian angel, eventually, of course they disperse, because I think they things a little too far. I as it usually happens, but anyway they did. They actually did some good stuff in the beginning where people there were there weren't enough cops and there was just a lot of crime. So
so he has to come back from Tampa Florida, which is where his family was. But the Tampa was like go fuck yourself and you know Florida is kicking out. You're, probably a big, pretty big shit so then he. Where do we go so Then they try to release him in Martinez, California and the end, which is also in Contra Costa County. So the contract Contra COS the County Board of Supervisors and forest Did he council members when temporary restraining order from a superior court judge barring the debate minor corrections for placing Singleton anywhere, in contrast, counties, bringing that motherfucker back here. He's not allowed ain't gonna happen, so so now they try to place them in San Francisco, but police chief police chief, Frank Jordan. At the time he's told that that they're gonna bring Singleton to San Francisco for a couple: for weeks and safer just go winds?
the temporary restraining, restraining order, barring him from San Francisco. Then they take him to redwood City secretly, but reporters find out that he's there in a hotel and- protesters surround the hotel and the departure The crisis has to pull him. Out of this hotel and get him out for the protesters rip them apart. What a bummer to be one of those cops and be like! I fucking hate this yeah. You don't want to protect that piece of shit. So now, I'm a quarter of peals, overturn that restraining order, saying that Costa, county and San GO couldn't have em there. So then they try to play someone else EL, but he's not in contrast county. That's a little bit further north, I think, but the contract County officials signed out that they're going to try to place them in El Cerrito and they tell the El Cerrito. They tell the press in El Cerrito, so then protest us begin their. So basically, now
free ones telling everybody there trying to place this piece of shit in the North Bay and everybody. So then they try to put him in Richmond, but the mayor finds out and the officials are like fuck no get him out of here. Then try to bring him to a city called Rodya which I've never even heard of Blamore doesn't even exist, but people down and a mob of five hundred people gathered around this apartment and they our slave to take him out in a bullet proof, vest and he's escorted. Out of town by the sheriffs department. So it was this is kind of that thing we're. Yes, this is the kind of the worst story ever, but also the greatest story ever warlike. Just the citizens were like no dude like maybe that maybe legislature says what that you can get out of jail but say now, so they move the conquer one hundred and seventy five people gather at the hotel. Or they're keeping him there. Finally, the guy
of a nurse says, put a trailer, on the grounds of San Quentin and they can live, live there until his parole is over it, Jerry Brown George, dude major, I M so that's what he has to do is to live on the grounds of San Quentin until his one year. Parole is up then he's to go wherever we want the feminine, don't they're not even attract well, then there's just kind of nothing. They can do because nothing in the system about him. So he goes back to Florida and when he gets ere they find out that is their people. Protest, car dealer offered him five thousand dollars to leave the state and a homemade bomb was detonated, merit the house that he was staying and even that, but no one was injured. Unfortunately, Parma in ninety ninety seven a neighbour Elsa police after seeing Lit Lawrence Singleton attacking a woman in his home and when the police ride. They find the body of thirty one year old mother
three Roxana she is also a sex workers, but I want to say the mother of three part first, so that people care yet so that they know but she was so hard up for money that financial, problems made it so that she had to do this right and then she got state Twelve times in the base impressed by this piece of shit and when he s should the door. He answered the door to the cops with assured, open and blood all over us just how they, how many called cases can be attributed to him like this? so there's no way that it was one in seventy eight. Well, they say that the reason that he got parole the way he early like that was because he didn't have. He didn't, have priors up he didn't have, which is not to say he didn't, do it re, but they didn't. You didn't have a record. Still, I think, having
the girls, arms and leaving a road that is like worse than your prior for, like aggravated us all to remember, and I think you're right. It's not that's not a first crime now that all especially when your son, the inner like you're starting yeah, no way ok, some merry Vincent goes to tampered to appear at his sentence. Saying and tells her her fucking story are. All she describes are whole attack the whole, the the tone that the ordeal has taken on her whole life. Because of course it's been. You note to a terror and she's. You know, she's got her life together a little bit, but of course you just lives in constant fear her when she was when he was parole that she was doing fine and going to at school in the face of ignore you ass a match and then he got paroled and she fell apart, as he said to her ass. She left the court room, a man a finish this. If it takes her ass, my life I'll finish. The job like yeah
isn't that considered when he's when they, you think he's going out for parole, so the jury deliberated for one hour and he was sentenced to death because good old Florida good so unfortunately, he died of cancer in the prison hospital instead of being fried, we're very being very, very and then we really are and this one. But is apparently what he said in when he was sentenced. He said he he denied YO delaying Mary Vincent sense. He still denied a lot killing her just me living. Mary Vincent is the girls arms he chopped off. Yes, he denies doing that, but he said about the stabbing of haze. I'm sorry about that. Death in this case I'll. To carry it on my conscience. The rest of my life is the death than theirs.
And the narcissistic move right. This is sad for me on me. The Diane Downs move, so just a rabbit, Mary Vincent did when a two point: five, six million dollar civil judgment against Singleton, but she can collect because he was unemployed in poor health and only had two hundred dollars and saving course not so She did eventually get married. She will too county. She has two sons and she started the Marry Vincent Foundation to help victims of traumatic crime. Oh sweetie yeah that poor girl, isn't it crazy that she would have been better off stealing a car and getting a misdemeanor than his hiking. You can't, trust old man that look like grandfather and here's. Another thing I was thinking about like when he she had a bad feeling.
He stopped to paying it out of the car, but the thing about that is like if you have a bad feeling do what you need to do and apologize for it later like steal the car and drive the fuck off apologize later. If it turns out, he wasn't going to kill you right treasure got yeah. If you to blow some guy off at a bar because he's giving you the creeps, but you don't want to be rude blow him off and apologize later. If it turns out that he wasn't a creep because if he's not a creep, it won't be a problem later. Exactly yeah, that's intense, I know it's crazy, and if you want to see, if you can you can watch on. I survived Mary Vincent tell that story yourself. I I might have to watching watching the thing is about true crimes, but I really don't like reenactments there's no way it's the people telling the story, and they do. They start the segment. With a picture of where actually actually yeah and it's all straight to camera, storytelling, it's pretty brilliantly produced.
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Karen always one of my favorites that I remember hearing that- and I had never heard that story before and I was just below- I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it it's is an emotional ride, hearing last story and that that that decision about the survivor that the very these stories. I think this is when I first started learning being by our audience how these stories are. Actually about the survivors or about the victims, The victims, families yeah minds a little, France. This is from so one hundred and five which happened in January, so we eighteen so we were in the pod raven by then that was that was fun and the episode episode was called proclaimed city Classic one of the best words I've ever made up. In my letter I mean you,
some real doozies, but that one's pretty great I stand by that one, and so this is the story of Typhoid Mary, which is just so bananas and so wild, and I just you know you can't believe it happened, and then you watch the drunk history that came out later, that we can Betsy set our own playing typhoid, Mary brilliantly, that she is one of my favorite comic actors, as was so funny. So I enjoy typhoid, Mary, everyone and, oh, my God, turns out a global daily who just happened two years later, who knew my murder, okay, so You know I'm obsessed with fucking infectious infectious diseases and plagues and epidemics. Epidemics know I love all this shit right sure! That's my pass illness like end of days, shit, great level, stuff, okay,
and right now the flu right now in MID January, twenty eighteen, The flu is already an epidemic, yet this year air, which is fine. I just got us shining, no good, I think it's irritated and I'm gonna die, but anyways at least you won't have the fluid guys exactly so. On that note, because it's so fun, I thought I would do you know our good friend, Mary nice! Here we go In the summer of nineteen six on long Island, oyster Bay, have you been there? I haven't. I think they take one of those little trains, a jitney, a jitney to get there right. I'd or allowing US exit jitney that today our cars daylight NATO's draw out now, maybe a horse to me
so long, island, oyster bay. As the tony playground of New York, rich famous Teddy Teddy Fucking, Roosevelt none other than the had his summer White House, there was off fuckin, rich people, sure and everyone freaks. If I out, when in a span of just one, we six of the eleven people in the home of wealthy banker, us he's banker to the Vanderbilts. Even Charles Warren's household comes down with typhoid fever, while there are there on vacation typhoid, the bacterial infection momentarily about an ogre due to Sal, Manilla tape and its viewed back then, as is a disease of the crowded slums and tenements, which we love to talk about. Yes, in New York, it's associated with the lack of basic sanitation. Immigrant assume to live in disease written crowded housing, are scapegoats of typhoid, so rich fucking, family- gets at its bananas. Typhoid is one
the twenty centuries most terrifying killers, because an infection could spread through a house before anyone knew what was going on the first the the infection seems almost know like just the a fluid. Then there's the fever, some abdominal cramping, but nothing really crazy, To show that it's typhoid, the second week. Fever goes Chris. The patient becomes delirious blood clots form under the skin. The entire abdomen becomes distended ooh the third week inflammation of the fucking brain and intestinal hemorrhaging intestinal hemorrhaging and the death rate of those In fact, it is anywhere between one in ten and three in time, so It's really easily spat spread by eating and drinking suitor water contaminated with the feces info.
Did persons what to think about that in the one thousand nine hundred liter nineteen hundreds, you know when they didn't like wash their hands and stuff and like water, wasn't you know, cleaned and shit and they all lived in like thousands and stuff that were all you know, yeah what That I mean that was back still when people get up and just peeing a bowl under the bed right right, just like slash it back under probably throw it out the window is that when they throw stuff out the window, throw the baby out with them. Probably I bet I bet they did. Let's say yes, but I like the idea that people would do in rich as they did it. So that's The thing like they didn't that was really we're and that this typhoid for was an outbreak in a rich house. So people off? That's why on oil survey there are like this is a fucking something's, wrong, not here not in my family, not in my backyard right, not in the tony playground of the rich and famous hell. No no
but a ninety two hundred killed. Thirty five thousand Americans, there's no clear an ivy out Ex didn't exist and of action was not yet available for, if I so scary, so a faint and walked Charles warns. Landlord was, out that the family outbreak would prevent him from leasing his summer house again. He thought they were burn it to the fucking ground because it's void so he's like fuck the shit he hires freelance sanitary engineer, George Soper, he's freelance sanitary engineer, Dr George Super okay, which is like you sound fun at parties. You sound like you, have a madeup job. He called a janitor, no don't he's like he investigates sources of type fever outbreaks to determine the cause. Like he's the dude who, like Dr House, he's fucking House he's like come over to the Might house
figure out what happened here. Okay, like, why is everyone sick, he's the dude who figured it out like what was his name again? George Soper, Dr George, Soper? Okay, so he's like he's like: what's his name, the detective Columbo Charla home, can you have a sense, you can leave that part on he's like the Colombo Shore, long home of diseases, okay, okay, I was gonna, say diarrhea diet. We don't use that word. No, please do use that word. So everything so super test tests? Everything he's like super excited about gross stuff. Apparently he testing ass? Plumbing local shellfish company? Everything comes up negative for typhoid, but then, looks into the cook, who and work for the warns weeks before the outbreak and discovered that a female irish Cook who fit the description of a cookie went
had worked in other households where typhoid had broke broke out. Broken pass that she had worked there right before. Everyone fell ill of typhoid and had also just cooked for the warns so, I don't know why you hire an irish cook. We can't fucking come in here only she rose like Red Potatoes Eve, and I think that back then they liked simplicity of it all. Oh man, such a bummer, I mean is fucking amazing. To me, that's all I want is pot, rust and red potatoes. Are you serious with some horseradish yeah? What about Jello with fruit cocktail floating inside of it fruit cocktail, yes, yep and
of of course grandma special? What did you put on it? Yeah a hard stop. That's, and I forget us, no, that's irish cook, my friends, you know I want. I want, I pretty one thousand island and I want jello with fruit cocktail. I don't want them to meet each other. Well, sorry, my grandma says you have to and that's my job to make it happen, and you have to finish it. You do. I mean Tareno We have seen in our society, eat spanish as tiny babies and very few of us ever broken about, but you in twister, ankle all the God downtime I roll it, but I don't break grandma. Okay grandma. He was okay, so we can't find her because she left after the after every outbreak for grant begins she fucking laters out of there. It doesn't give a forwarding address. Super
learns of an active outbreak in a pent house on Park Avenue where two of the household servants were hospitalized and the young daughter of the family had died of typhoid, oh no, and he discovers sober, discovers that the family code, was the same woman who had cooked for the other families. It's forty year old, irish immigrant, Mary Malin Mary watched her hands Mary. There we go doing Mary. What did she say and she's a I just need to start the soup with my hand, real quick. I can't do it no you're gonna. Do it this whole fucking story. We need it. Okay super starts stalking, Mary Ellen and tells her, and he tells her she's transmitting disease and death by her job, but he sounds very bad at like telling people thing in explaining, in a calm, like Reno Self, possessed manner to an
immigrant, probably because he had some prejudices against irish people. So do you think he was like too nervous to tell her or he's like screaming. I think he was screaming in her face this thing of yeah, transmitting disease and death and she's. This, like Irish Emmer, he's like what are you talking about, so he didn't explained to her how she, as a woman who was perfectly healthy, could be infecting others. The typhoid here tickets and then he goes on to attempt to get samples of Mary's feces, urine and blood. I think just by yelling in her face and he needs samples of her feces urine and blood. Here's Mary and Joseph Man get away from me yeah, not surprisingly, this just pissed Mary off and one time she chased him away with a large kitchen for when he tried to come, get her get out of here. I don't know that's my Irish get out of here get out of get out of the kitchen. Now you we have to start way high and then go down really low. Okay
since Mary merry to to give samples he decided to compile a five year history of her employment. He found that of the eight families that had hired Mary Mellon as a cook, Seven of those families claimed to have contracted typhoid fever, even though Mary had never shown signs of the element and with this sober becomes the first author to describe a healthy carrier of salmonella typee in the United States, so that per and who can carry it, never get ill by it, but pass it on to other people, she's, basically immune to this thing. She has but she has it means giving its everybody, and she and part of her argument is like what I'm fucking fine Academy, giving its anyone read so also Let me use my whole arm as mister, and I just want to stir this fucking stew. I just want to touch the bottom of the pan with my fingernails. I put this under my fingernails and put it into the stew. What's the
Indeed, the problem, my finger nail laid all right without wash my hands Let me tell you that Mary Mary this born in September of eighteen, sixty nine in cooks, county Caxton County Tyrone coin: let's call it a small village in the north of Ireland that was among one of Ireland's poorest areas. She immigrated to the United States in eighteen, eighty three at the age of fifteen her aunt and uncle, who had been living with dive, so she was living in swaller wallet, housing in the lower east side, fending for herself. She found work. As a domestic servants, and apparently her proclivity in the kitchen, led her to be a cooks She was somewhere in the kitchen. I don't I copy and paste it learn that I marry is proclaimed city propensity, quantity,
a company. That's a word! I don't think it is shit hold on. I refused, I copied a fan in it: oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, that's good, so good and I was gonna hand of his leg at the combination of european city and decline to but am boma positive when you're you're a search for close it. He did not mention any search per propensity. This outrage line copying and pasting from Wikipedia again the garage rod. So it's not there's no, the others. It's propensity propensity or that's like it, the correction, the correct yeah, maybe maybe they just that correctly orders propensities. I know that out, because this is who I am learn and a second show that show sometimes times we get words wrong. It's ok, my pro Clinton the kitchen. It sounds like.
Four cleansed and sounds like like four men who are losing their hair shampoo. To take me, two per cleansed and every night right. Ok, in nineteen hundred. She worked and memoranda. New York heard of it where, within two weeks of her climate residents, developed typhoid fever in nineteen o one, she meant Manhattan or members of the family whom she worked for dinner. Fever and diarrhea. That's a bummer to happen the same time. Yeah, that's horrible, you don't know what's happening and you have diarrhea right. She's a laundress died there. Oh no name, they don't mention anywhere, which is like listen to someone too. That's right and then Mary mountain goes on to work for a lawyer, Sheila chapter. Seven of the eight people, not household, became ill. She fuckin layers
is she keep leaving, though I don't know she thinks she's so innocent. Well, it's it's hard to tell because it's like did she leave because everyone got sick and so the house stood still and they didn't need anyone, or what did she know? You need help the most it's true chicken soup doesn't cook itself yeah the talk himself on those stairs here: Jesus, okay, chicken soup, cap stair itself without an arm, and I can't walk upstairs exactly so ok, so many Thank you miss Ex. She goes to a survey and within two weeks ten available family members are hospitalized. Le typhoid changes again something happens. The Warren same thing happens: the lady blah okay, Doctors theorize that Mary Melon likely past typhoid germs by failing to vigorously scrub her hands before handling food,
usually the elevated temperature is cooking. Food would have killed all the german bacteria and shit. But then they found out that Mary Mellon's, like most popular or specialty for specialty, was ice cream. She cut up raw peaches into and froze so nothing had gotten cooked. Oh, can you imagine this wet stock and peaches with her little like cutting nice and all the nail under her nail stuff as she's cutting pieces, she's also cutting a little bit of her finger along with it God she had a real poor quantity for cutting up her own flesh. I can't believe I got that one okay, the New York Health didn't York City Health Department finally may try to get her to chill
fuck out and she won't. Finally, they send position. Won't she's, like fuck you to everyone. Let's cook she's like an angry, an angry woman. She had to fight for her like her life livelihoods in have nobody. It remained. So I just started watching Alias grace, which you woods talk to our liking, and it reminds me of like she came up. On a ship and that fuckin in that nature of absolute ball share the ashes like fuck you I'm working tent. Like live my life, I mean it's dodged, the ship journey alone, so upsetting guy, most people coming to this country, dramatizing just horrifying ten and they shop, and then it's like. I hope you have a jolly good luck with that, also wash your hands and I guess I tried to tell you you know that reminds me real quick. When I lived in Scotland, there the commercial that was on, like you, tv and it was are you a wash or a walker and it
just was pretend camera like hidden camera in a bathroom to see if people walked up check their face and walked away or wash their hands and walked away, and since that commercial, I think, Before that I was very like who cares one where the air I know, if I need to wash my dear, I got sick that cars I've. Oh I wash man's every single time. We trust darn, arms, you just can't trust door handles you just should wash your hands as much as possible, and I do I mean you don't go out of your fucking mind. I do but like do your best, don't be a walk Sonny, I'm saying my dad every here, sit down. It will go to lunch anywhere. you just got out of his car- is untouched anything he won't she's gonna has OECD though, but he'll go his hands before. Like every time you can't even start talking, am oh wow wash his have. I wonder if that's like give his pick, Panther really strict about that. Like yeah. Maybe it's a good idea every once in a while
look at my hands, especially during cheap Jean now, when you there's nothing worse than a dirty hands as an adult at like a meal, they went on layers, putting a food thing into your mouth and me like one last time I wash my man, that's my back if they like and then there will be so many times you can go. Well, I'm strengthening my immune system right so most of the time you're not you're, just putting someone else's sucking urine, hands e in your fucking mouth and I mean the doorknob okay, so New York City halls were so then physician, Sarah Josephine Baker, to talk to Mary. So. The singer all knows the amazing a night. She was this man, hey, that's It beggars said that by the time she was she said quote by
time. She was convinced that the law was only persecuting her when she had done nothing wrong. So Mary was like hardcore fuck, you yeah, we're like that. Yeah bakers, so this chick Sarah Josephine Baker, her own father and brother, had died of typhoid when she was young, and so she had felt pressure to support her mother and sister financially. So it's sixteen years old, she decided on a career in medicine wow, and this- and this is like the early nineteen hundreds ladies and this she's, a bad as mother, fucker in their own right and people should slackened, study, her etc from terminus reasons. She's fucking awesome She goes to find Mary Mountain and, with her help, the New York City Health Department take Mary into custody in nineteen o seven and places. Into force confinement inside a bungalow on sixteen Acre North Brother Island, if the rancher. So if you live in Luanda Manhattan Urban in Manhattan, you see it's fuckin island over their language,
the shore that you can like see. It's almost like Alcatraz in San Francisco right. So all the they think only companion. She has and tell me if this isn't an amazing she's in confinement. All she has a Fox terrier like a living on a lie. I please saw it. I think I mean I can find that right now. Pictures sublet Mary melons blackened couldn't vine. When we're all all irish women are doomed to live. A life of Mary Mail just repeats itself ass. If she it's so they out in this brother island was the Riverside hospital, which is where she sat. It sounded in eighteen, fifty as a small Pox hospital to treat an isolated victims of that disease, so they just fuck, put them on this tiny island outside of Manhattan and even see Manhattan and you're. Like a mountain, I want that and now you're sick too, She'll expands to corn, tenable disease.
Like leprosy and van aerial diseases, so they just like later people onto that island. Did they really yeah? So you get you get some venereal disease and so like go stay here and tell you, oh in the same room with all the other people, Vanara diseases, yeah. That sounds kind of a party I mean those are the people that party yeah a lot of great personalities in that room. I bet I mean I'm sure, okay with her force confinement, Mary Melon, everyone. The media goes fucking nuts, because this woman has been spreading this disease and killing people with it. So media goes nuts eventually in nineteen o eight in the Journal of American Medical Association. She is nicknamed typhoid, Mary, that's where she gets her name, so the professionals really came into it on here they were doing top notch journalism, job everybody, so, so it turns out Mary mountains at noon to the disease herself she's. The first personally, I'd
states identified as an asymptomatic carrier of the pathogen, which is pretty fucking cool well in custody, Mary Melon, Typhoid Mary. Let's call her admits to poor hygiene she's like yeah. What other motherfuckers Irish bank has those for those eyes usually say who cares, shares this marriage ourselves as other things, I worry about vacuum people start within my country. She said she did not understand the purpose of handwashing because she didn't pose a risk girl, you're liqueur gear, the cook it poses a risk. It doesn't matter Healthy Europe
The authorities are like, let's get rid of your gallbladder because that's where they believe the typhoid bacteria resided in and she was like fuck now, fuck you, I don't even have the disease and she was unwilling to see working as a cook too. So like we'll, let you go just don't work as a cook and she was like nope. I won't wash my hat and go fuck yourself, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight by Harry Fight, we're so angry. It doesn't make sense, irish women, irish them and fight fight fight and then a Herky turkey c is forced to give a hundred and sixty three samples of Mary. It's bodily substances to the doctors there, a hundred and twenty of which tested positive for the bacteria she was teeming with this disease have led to the hilt. Gale you again allowing ills
so Merry Caesar for three years and tell test results from a private laboratory. As I said that came of negative for typhoid and with this information in Nigeria, nine Mary sue the health department for her freedom, but everyone's like word. She get the money to sue the health department and then, and then it's like a secret thing that maybe William Randolph Hearse was like locating the money. If you give me like an interview so like him, was like springing people, pupils, sunshine and he s a smart, but the New York Supreme. Looks like go fuck yourself. Now but then in nineteen ten there's a new commissioner. He lets her go if she promises never to work as a cook again and she's like okay, great she's, like finite like damage anyway. So in February of nineteen ten Mary agreed that she was quite prepared to change her occupation and would give assurance by affidavit that she would upon her release, take such agenda precautions as would protect those with whom she
am in contact from infection, meaning you're fuckin hands. I wonder if I can, No, I just I felt like I wanted to defend that. There's it's an indefensible. Go ahead! Nights! People don't think it. Some people think what that her being locked up is Indefensible. No, she killed. People could she refused to what she is like she wouldn't give in anything words like ok. Well, if you're the cook, you have to hand washing is kind of key. I realized it was that was kind of a new idea back then, but still well. The thing is so. She thought they were all out to get her all this shit or, like decades later, they're like well. If she had typhoid her whole life. Maybe it fucked her brain up a little bit and she was paranoia crazy, but wait. It gets worse. Ok, so they let her out. They lose track of her good bye. That idea cut to five years later in nineteen fifteen, a typhoid outbreak
happens at Manhattan. Sloan maternity hospitals struck twenty five workers and killed two of those workers when Soper. Our friend George sobers back here looks into the outbreak and he is like this looks fucking familiar, oh traces, races it back to the cook whose an Irishwoman named Mary Brown this time she her name ass. He found a good man nope. She changed her name, so she could become a cook like she was doing it now. She's response. Therefore, as you mean a day, you know they re now its criminal. I think It's Mary, Melon Baba, turns out. She changed her name and during her years of release, she had cooked in hotels, restaurants and institutions. Wow. She was like she'd gone they'd her job is a laundress. You make no fucking money, it's really hard work doesn't good, it doesn't smell good. She was like fuck this shit and went to cook wherever she there were outbreaks of typhoid. However,
she changed shop so frequently says she had eluded the blame. She's captured and again can find a North brother island where she continued to refuse to acknowledge that she had any connection between in the typhoid cases. Well at that point it's so stacked up against area that she might as well. Just do that because she's so guilty that this second she breaks it's over yet exactly after this sector is the second apprehension she spends the next twenty three years of her life A prisoner in forest isolation, hundreds! If not thousands of a symptomatic carriers who had been identified were allowed to walk the streets of New York freely, but Typhoid Mary lived alone in exile, partly because the public were fucking tested her because she wouldn't in Samara Kitchen like ass. She had just not gone back to cooking. Yes, that's Second time around exactly I mean it. It's sad that she lived in Isla, but
you. Why are you being so stubborn? Yet come down Kara? or having to just my face just starts to fall apart. I don't want to do it. It just comes out of me. Your typhoid tears just started running out through face even one five feet, so bad a save of the kitchen on November eleven nineteen, thirty eight Mary Ellen DISA us at age, sixty nine still in captivity an Otter You found evidence of life, twice toy typhoid bacteria and her gallbladder, so they re yeah. There are, it her bodies, cremated ashes, were buried at Saint Raymond Cemetery in the Bronx. Mary MILAN, thought that she infected fifty one people and three of those illnesses. Rural resulted in death and that's based on
George shoppers looking into it, but she she she's. So many Alia says that it started the true death tool could have been way fucking higher some estimated that she had made. It have caused fifty fatalities, which I just saw that in a random article. So I don't know if that's even true historians say she contaminate at least one hundred and twenty two people and killed five, which sounds a little more likely oh crazy them, so throughout the twentieth century, typhoid fever, steadily declines due to introduction of vaccinations and improvements in public sanitation and Hygiene, AK, washer, fucking ham and today, typhoid fever, is considered a rare condition among developed countries. Raid is approximately five cases per million per year as your second rather Island and Riverside Hospital, real, quick, this fuckin I'll
of Disease off the yeah Manhattan sounds amazing. It's amazing! The island has been abandoned since nineteen sixty three after it was a detention. It was last of detention facility for juvenile drug offenders in nineteen sixty three. How badly do you wish you could go and just sit on the wall and I stare at the people. You know there's some blacklight posters in that building that you know there's some people out there who have stories of like they were like yeah. Because we, you know my mom working in the mental. She worked at a called Langley Porter in San Francisco. It's up on the hill yeah. people in the Sixty s used to send their kids. They got caught smoking pot, one time they sent their kids to the mental hospital. So she said they were in its in the like mental late. Sixty S, all the
These kids, there is like an influx of kids are like their incorrigible in their drug addicts. They had only done like seeing at one joint artist labour and were saying no to thing exactly away, leaving our house with people who are legitimately in need of mental mental Health, health issues, and I am sure those kids were like. Well, I'm never doing anything bad again. Yes, the shit that they saw a light here or they were like better yes and it was really saddened. Bummed her Ottawa, its clearly complicated. The asked me This kid's got sent. There are nineteen. Sixty three finally closed. To now uninhabited and designated as a bird sanctuary away its illegal for anyone to go on the island without permission from the city. All the buildings, though, still lacking, and- and these photographers sometimes go on there and take photos, and you can see a bunch of the photos. We should put them up on Instagram of these gorgeous like brie
buildings that are falling into disrepair and you can see the rooms were, Mary Malin was fucking House and you typhoid wing, and you can see the fucking cream Torreon and it's like its insanely gorgeous. I am asking any murder Reno who works for the city of Manhattan. Please let me and care, and I will come and get a disease of our own for ourselves in since it's like us
you know under watching you it's really hard to get on there. Everything is still there. So, like people haven't graffiti and people haven't stolen shit from the island. That's amazing! You need to see the photos. Everything is covered in wildlife, it's gorgeous! Oh! I want to see that it's amazing but sounds like the island they threatened to send or that they promise to send Dr Lecter two in silence the lamps that ends up to be that they're, like pages when she recites that thing you are allowed to walk on the beach every day or whatever I want to read. That is so good and it will be allowed. You will be allowed one one day a year. Well, you can walk freely on the beach with armed guards or whatever snipers. I don't know she do not take her. I know my friend Amy, who you met when we were in Wisconsin. She has sons. Lambs memory is to love it. I've watched it with her and she'll just say the line real, quick before it's my favorite thing in the world. I love it. You will be allowed to walk she'd, be able to do that speech right off right off the dome. So I love all these dues, okay,
It's illegal blah, blah blah, but you can still see the building the room where Tywood Mary spent the last twenty three years of her life do in their old man. She was bombed, but it's out it's just look. There's bearing accounts words like some say she was like actually help out there and like a maid and some say that she was just like in seclusion and they abandoned her and used her as like a look at typhoid, Mary. You know when people would come to the island that kind of thing, so you don't really know. I hope there was a fox terrier yeah and then I also want to mention there's a podcast if you're into this shit like I am, there's a podcast, that's kind of new, it's hosted, by to these two young Ladys, who are grad students in disease. Ecology on this package will kill you and it's just about infectious diseases from history and every is that these these two girls earning their boat them Aaron are alike.
It's just an awesome. Podcast is crazy. Yeah, so it's fun do will kill you. I love it. I like to imagine that type. Would Mary sat in seclusion in her room on the island. Fantasized of all the different things. She'd like to put her hand in hand like she'd, be like corn, chowder or whatever, and then like mashed potatoes and then both are fantasy. Just like both bear arms go all the way in and like she cleans her fingernails in the chowder. Yes, I wonder if she like requested, like cooking magazines and like red recipes and was like stick stick your or I'm completely be like this looks good, but you know what needs my my arm. My fingernails Clippings, instead
Funny you build, suits disgusting. It's terrible that, isn't that amazing? It's incredible! Also the idea this did you watch the neck when it was on and they have an there's an episode involving her. I watched the little scene where they they and the US where they confront area it's that was such a good show and they did that arose small world. She was great, but they did that where they would take those things out of history and be like, yes, is what, where you don't have any sense like things before modern medicine, modern stuff, it's just the weirdest idea. Would they be like somebody coming in they'd be like? Well, we tried to stick a tube in their arm and then they died the end it was so crazy, precarious. The Nick is such a great show. I love that yeah. If they're into that kind of thing, you should definitely watch it. It was great also if you've ever taken cocaine.
The point where it was a problem for you. I warn trigger warning huge cocaine, trigger warning for the Nick opium to like be a doctor. Do coke all the time, no, maybe you're in opium, dens to trigger warning warning. You love to lay back with a bunch of people dressed in traditional chinese guard. Yeah then this will be hard for you to get through it's going to make you not, but if you love surgery without gloves or anesthesia, this is a show for you. Let us show or CLI Ellen right That was great. Thank you. That was fun. I love to learn. I love teaching. No, I love saying words wrong. I love teaching. I love to learn. I love to lie. I love to make up new words. I love to just have fun with this say shit and you know: don't have any for clean city for I mean I have a real plenity to just say what I want and I think
all do there's a freedom in that in these pro quantities. We all have in this frequencies time there's a freedom, it's so the funny this thing about typhoid, Mary issue should problem with book. Cleanses cleanliness. No, I love it. It was a fucking valiant effort. I tried, but you could see me you can see me making that you turn which miles away. Would you have made that attempt two years ago before this podcast? Absolutely? No, not at all so real bias against puns. As you know, and so I applaud you and no, I think it's the fact that we that you have on my life, I'm I'm making you stupid her you're breaking down those Conwell, I'm stupid ring you hard. You know real hard yep, well great job, twenty eighteen, Georgia. Thank you. Thank you. Twenty Karen,
I remember, hearing that it in back then and being so shot like the details of that story are so much more ridiculous. Then you even there it's cool The events insane the just the storyline of that of her, and that it's just spread this one: it's one person's fuckin refusal to see reality and use or to fucking, take responsibility for themselves that kill people and life, changes the course of history because they won't just simply Where am at oh wait. What what sorry? What are we talking about anymore Jesus, alright? Should we wrap it up with some talking to Ray? Let's do it and then also make sure to stay tuned for the ten fold more wicked preview after the second arrays,
this first one is from precious goregrind, and it says my fucking rays that, after I lost my job and insurance due to Covid, I was not too quietly freaking out, I'm a type one diabetic and was very close to running out of the two insulins I take daily because it would have cost me literally thousands out of pocket. I decided to ask the world of Facebook and Instagram if anyone had any to spare a sweet baby angel came to the rescue and was able to to provide me with enough insulin the last several months. I can't say thank you enough to that kind. Stranger for helping me quite literally stay alive. That's incredible! I was beautiful- our world- wasn't our country it wasn't like that. But it's like we need health care similar everybody, everyone deserves it air. I think everyone does deserve it, and this
this from instruments: Frahm Katy, be click my fucking around is that after Hurricane Zita, through a tree on top of our house totalling our car and better. Missing our little girl's bedroom window, our neighbor, in France, fully restored our faith in humanity and neighbour, are, we hardly know, found us huddled in the basement and drove us out to grab breakfast a murdering from across countries sent us a door dash gift card and another sent us groceries through insecure. Neighbours have offered their cars and helping hands, and even though a tree following on our home is totally on brand for twenty twenty, I am so damn thankful for the people holding hands metaphorically anyway and helping one another through it down beautiful. Second Ratline air. I love it. I know it's it's
really nice to hear those stories and to feel that kind of like when people are given an opportunity. They will help other people out it's an important it's an important storyline that doesn't, if anybody any money to talk about these days, but it should, happened much more here. Ok, this one's from Bethany dot is dot killing dot it. My fucking hurry is actually a follow up. Earlier this year I sent in a fucking hurry of know if we read the other one. I just love it like don't worry about it do both now
this year, I sent in a fucking hurry about how I had been selected to become a naval officer we'll just last week I graduated from officer candidate School. I am now the first officer ever in my family's long history of serving in the military. I've also had many sailors from throughout my tenure enlisted career reach out and express their excitement. I hope to use my influence to help my sailors and, like I said months back, I bet you do is one. I think we do ok Here's the update great, I hope I can can t continue to show all of my sailors that a woman can kill it in this career horizons. Bethany way to go kicking ass way to go and thank you for your service. Yes, Yes, Ok, this one is Frank: LISA Horton. Seventy six, I have a bitter sweet, Foster care, fucking hooray for you mostly sweet, my has
and I and I got to be a foster family for the best baby. Ever and during the fourteen months we had him his dad. Able to make some huge life changes, including getting sober and get to play, swear. He was able to care for his son again so we recently had to say goodbye to our boy, which was so hard, but also so sweet and inspiring to see this man, who has had a very hard life, completely turned his life around for his son. We are still very close, and he faced times I set bedtime every night, so we can tell our boy. We love him, it's a maid their success story and even though we didn't get to keep our favorite boy forever, fucking around that we gotta be part of such a beautiful process. If anyone out. There has ever consider being a foster parent. Now is the perfect time this matter beautiful, yes, that's lovely. I care what an amazing left an amazing. Thing to do: I guess I just I just have one
one I mean one thing to say, then it's just on Halloween this year My very good friend, Patty Riley died of cancer and you guys might know her because she is my roommate from college. My friend from high school I've told tons of stories about her on the show and she was cancer for a while and it seemed like she was gonna, be ok and she's it took a very sudden turn and I guess I just want to say. First of all, I haven't really processed it in any real wake, as it happened really fast, but I know a lot of stuff is going on in the world right now and everybody is stressed and freaked out and there's tons of anxiety in whatever,
but you are alive and you're lucky and Patty was the kind of person who, make sure every day that impacted the people around her. Whether was her or two boys her family, her good friends which he had tons of Is she really really cared about being a good person? She is also one of the finest people I've ever known, but she her whole goal in life, was to just always really be carrying toward other people, so as much as her death feels like just a complete injustice and in its such an intense loss- The way she lived was such an amazing example of how you can be, and it's it's something
that's always impressed man has always Inspired me, so I guess wanted to say that one ass, you patty its it your death as a huge, huge loss to so many people. Thank you care about, beautiful, I'm so sorry for her family, and for you and the world and doesn't get to know her. Thanks yeah, I mean You know everybody's dealing with so much stuff right now. It just feels like then, on top of that one regular, do you know, try Jack Life. Events happened, it's just like, it's just can be so overwhelming, but I think it's important that everybody just kind of guinea is grateful that's what I'm trying to do. I guess what I should be saying there is I'm trying to focus on the positive I'm too.
To be grateful for what I have, which is so so much, and I am trying to you no matter now be a better person. I think we all are in its its noble in and of itself definitely yeah yeah to Patty to Patty. Well, thanks for listening. You guys, thanks for being here. We hope we hope We hope you hope to have so much hope. Despite it all, there's just still hope. There is and with stay. Sexy and dont get murdered, bye, bye, Elvis do you want a cookie? Okay, let me tell you this story in upstate, New York, there's this little village called Dryden and for.
Trees. The people there have welcomed strangers into their churches and into their homes used to be one of those places where everyone in town was invited to a wedding. So it was a really close really trusting community in eighteen. Forty two a stranger arrived. He was a handsome, charming, brilliant scholar named Edward Ruoff. He found work with a local farming family. A very prominent family, their home was always open to anybody that needed a place to stay or pastors by. You know they were just that kind of people but something about Edward Roloff was just troubling. He was arrogant, he was snide and he was sometimes really cruel. And he was absolutely obsessed with his own academic research. He seemed like what you would call an incredible narcissist he's very hostile to people,
don't appreciate his own genius. He said do the families, teenage daughter and, from the very beginning, their relationship was unstable, their fights were vicious and then they were deadly story of him taking her away and her turning around and waving, and that's the last memory. Like her mother and some of them had of her. It was a terrible tragedy, It's not that we had had murders here,
but not a murder like that Edward Ruoff killed at least five more people over the next twenty five years. Now this is the beginning of time. When railroads make it possible to move around. It was not particularly uncommon for people to carry on double lives, deep fall for the snake oil salesman. They actually enjoy the snake oil salesman. He had everybody for it for a long time, a sort of like a TED Bundy he's confusing to me, and he was the Boogie man in upstate me work he's not confusing to me. He's a psychopath when Ruoff was called
but it seems like he would finally be punished, but that's not what happened. Scholars and scientists jumped to his defence rule of claims that he had made this groundbreaking discovery in the field of linguistics. In a lot of people believed him, they argued that his I was just too valuable to waste on the gallows. Yet there was a kind of magical key to understanding these languages and that would have made a lot of people's lives lot easier with his brain really save his life. Are there some ideas, so astounding some minds so brilliant that they should allow a killer to get away with murder? People really think that the brain can justify behave and this is totally mistaken and we're brutal crimes and his incredible brain would make history by marking the
of modern neuroscience. This is just a world changing difference in how we think about brains. It's right up there with others. Evolution. I'm Kate Winkler Dawson and this is tenfold more wicked podcast about the most intelligent killer in american history, tenfold more wicked premiers. On Monday November, twenty third on exactly right, subscribe now on sticker apple pie casts or wherever you like to listen.
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