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258 - Abject Failure (2016)

2021-01-21 | 🔗

On this re-airing of the post-2016 election episode, Karen and Georgia read Amazon product reviews and your hometowns. 

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This is exactly right. You about espouses, brought you betcha, Nepal, air, when my disease empty, you need being when your heart as empty and you need a failure that go to
people, this isn't an ad and found it out. I know they're, like these ads are getting so casually no eyes fill broken today. Why? Oh didn't they tell you, know I've been away. I was in New Zealand, the world's crashing down around. I didn't we as well. This is the day after you guys, which is one of the Great Nuclear war scare films from the eighties, Lamb and seen it, and you want to different kind of scare entertainment. The day after as one of the most have setting things, I was left alone to watch when I was eleven years old. I feel like that is the exact opposite, except opposite of what I mean to be watching right now, considering the circumstances do not logic, which is that only that Hilary lose Trump and the presidency
scared of her chill shine didn't come in as that third party candidates as territory that not only I would have been line. I yeah, you know its money is, There is nothing it also. Let's get this done. We just start fighting. What's findings It seems like first of all, its a hundred degrees in LOS Angeles today. So there is a hell, Scape feel into all of life right now, that's very surreal, and it's really quiet it does. I mean like a foreigner. It's very quiet people are like, I feel it. People are looking inside themselves, are devastated by just one alike, everyone's hand that I see nothing. I left the house much should ever when I did. It was like I wanted to
I apologise to everyone who is gonna, be fact yeah yeah, including us. I mean a junta in all different ways, but here's what I was trying to do. This is what I did, which I never do. I was just letting everybody merged in front of me. Today. Paradise came anywhere near me with a blank or on like go ahead. I admire him out the window. Go ahead, everybody go everywhere, be friends. Now it's I mean. I don't know I was so cocky yesterday in Romania, the conversation I had with the dude I order glance round was so like he was like I'm scared to make war. If Kennedy, I aim, we got the joke, you jerk yeah and I wanna go back there and we, like I'm sorry, I took your fuckin worry. not seriously, but that's what it wasn't. You weren't ing and seriously that's what everybody
was doing here I mean I feel, like that's what everyone down to political, polar pundits were doing air the faces on, and man I'll Maddox when when she came to realize what is going on was when I was like go by the wine bar le bothers me leg. Okay, so and sorry this is becoming a political mind like this is just so new and we need, if I'm just like. I don't know how we're gonna do this, but like it's one Bush one I was like. Oh, I gonna see what it was That was because it's going to affect them, but the people that this is going to affect aren't people who voted for him. It's the people who are in minorities, it's not fact anyone who uttered Van also, what's where does there were some minorities that voted for him there? That there is a it was a coup
on its alliance on and you know who knows who knows Hilary said we have to give him a chance and see what happens who knows, but if you're stoked ears today. You know we envy the position that you think that you have solved the problem by putting Donald Trump into the presidency. It must feel great. I personally was oh thrilled, the idea of a woman becoming it was so exciting, enjoy your eighty and well. It's been Athos is that, like for all the posts I've put up I and on on the my favorite murder boards and staff, not a single person has responded amid like fire here. You know, like, I think everyone who follows us for my, they were murder and no no, no, I shit the twitter really come to the bus. Stop that is twitter. People really saying I'm
that's a nice idea, but now, which is why I don't think we should talk about politics, because that space lay just telling people dont be interested in Macedonia. Let's start them! Unless you don't are certified gas anything Yes keeping do you have no housekeeping. I thought I promise who did yesterday. I guess so. I can talk about the thing I load, which I saw on Facebook page, which was there is a murderer. Reno meet up in Colorado. There was so are sound.
I kept looking the picture this morning. It really gave me a lot of good feeling. This morning I went straight to that Facebook page like the second. I woke up and just looked at all these people, communicating with each other and the thing that they wrote about about this meet up of all these people. Talking about this thing that their interested in but then also talking about getting a self defense class started there just and they, like all, look like there. It is kind of hanging with friends. They all looked. They look like people who I went to high school together. Their looks like a group of people and its. I find that incredibly touching, that people to me at the end of the day, that's what it's all about is actually connecting with the other human beings order. Lamps yeah did I tell you something and making friends of cyber my acupuncture us and how
I went I've been seeing her for like a few a couple months now for my the Santa show and she's really like a helping hand, she's a wonderful, like soft spoken, sweet person. She reminds you like a kindergarten teacher and aid. Is it, whereas it I sincerely at the door It's not the dollars now share too highly. She I came into together. acupuncture this week last week and she was like so well. My clients knows I'm in that your crime and said to me: you need to assume the spy glass and show that I listened to three episodes of it before I was like how these girls are then surely can then I looked knows me listening but she's like I like an alignment course told me her hometown murder Where did you find out, awesome San Diego and about like a girl
got killed from high school and her mom got killed and it turned out that there were in dealing drugs and share in the cops initially thought that it was like this. Serial killer that is going around the time and the like doesn't fit the ammo about? Maybe it is, and then they found out that there are dealing drawings and while no way That just remind me I'd a similar experience at the Rat party for my job I'm not gonna be alarm over her name now am I because he,
might be something with the now that, anyway, it was out of here. It's council, ok, I'm medical, asking your keyboard and- and I put some Lawson over by my fellow rapporteur, yelling murdering- and I was very sorry- we all think dip them. You know Karen stop you're sober care, and this is why this is a rap mired in it, because we all wanted it is actually still going on or just trying to convince you that its own words or to wrap you foresee out of this charter to be nice. So in Her- and I wouldn't be surprised, but anyway she works I can't remember where she worked somehow, on the show. A sorrow name is something and she works. Her name is something she means the world's main work somewhere and she's blind. She was so sweet. She works for
the show somehow but like in a like for the network or for publicity or something worse, not in our universe. Us, ok, that you'd, like you, didn't work with her for the four months and then not now. I ve never seen or never mayor. I also there's a chance. She doesn't work on the shoulder. It was her roommate that works on the shed now that I'm thinking about it but end of the day, the fun part ass. She listened to the park, asked and wanted to know what shall I was working on when I would talk about it, and then she says she goes. I saw you here and now I know you ve been working very fun and exciting. I arrived. I just remembered note now that this fog of depression is washing over a little of it, because I'm laughing for the first saying yes and yesterday its its key its crucial. It really is so too one. The American inclined now I'm going to made while who makes great genes great expensive genes Mozilla. My first and I left not buying technology and I get a pay I buy. I gotta go
What went on? I gotta grab a pair that and then, of course, the ones that are in top fall to the ground, yet as they do right. As this like sweet girl comes up to me till I can I help. And I thought I was like I'm so sorry, it's like I'm, I'm sorry making a messenger scarecrows. These genes are expanding right leg, just toppled avenge fringes like a huge origin and her son physically lessened.
we heard that the J Croatia out that you had done and like we do that to know. Yes, there were so sweet. We ve spread to the Americans, the American and made while Ladys what's option, I Elles and guy, and then yesterday I think I just met girl sets. Ok. Yesterday I went to this french restaurant in ECHO Park to try to watch the end of the world and it is their gratitude for me but ass. I walk in this table like me, and I was high back because they know ever academics. Anyone you know, I'm there like mercury over that. All that I dont know, and they were just random. Fuck em. Well, Jesus, it's happened. So that's three. I feel like This part of the park has my too outsider, seeing oh yeah, self indulgent, but, as we have had to answer and in
even that is what I'm trying to say is that this is very new too I, and so when these things happen, it still hilarious and fun for saving run exciting and its own. You know it's like greetings corner out ever where it's like meeting friends, you didn't know you had ended so exciting, just to be like to meet these thy cool people, who are no one's, been crazy to me, they're all that there are very few crazy and then, when it stretches out too, like my fucking acupuncture ass to my all, accounts is like a nice, normal human being and she's like I like what is it a tailor say like mine body, and then she murderer heartily as yet Holly Holly's so great? What? If anyone needs and sober lake recommendation of her a varied acupuncture as we Twitter is clearly, I never go their current until I know how article people are. You do know the password right, yeah I go there, ok,
You do know that you can t them on the reins and updated going out at night. I do you know, I don't know, I'm I'm all about the Instagram right now my murder and serene real nice people. I mean do more. Things are vague and nice people everywhere and it's nice to know, and it's nice to remind each other and keep saying hi and will try to do the same and maybe remember your name or where it hurts little. She was the nicest pursues later when I can't remember telly someone. She looked lectures from the MID West, so happy Casio. I feel like Lena. Let's talk about something else: laws that sort of another like, let's get our minds off an awful. I do here, transitional offals topic, the woman who was found, change like a dog s, eyes, a metal container right in North Carolina, whom they you have found for bodies on the proper lore bodies buried ass over that.
Amazon share. Oh yes, So many people sent me that new I'll get it. Yes, I didn't look at us, so this guy who's like right all, accounts, assert El Killer, who aren't Anna Rutherford, child molestation rape at gunpoint and rape at gunpoint. Somehow, that's again, let's just make everything I he has been commenting on the tools he's used to kill a ball and chain them up on Amazon, reviewing them and sanction leg This is I have been killed anyone with this year, but when I do, this will be a great tool rate of admitting like this this chain. This padlock is great for changing people like dude it gets so up their chairing. The cops are looking into as they contain them down. Yeah. Maybe that's! I feel like that. Second, only to my favorite internet comments, which are on those sugar free coming hours, my god witches
now, let's just turn this error here. Here's what we're just reminding for possible initiatives on finance. Should I find a couple yet? Yes, if you want to sell and I'll just I'm sure everybody knows this gets kind of legendary, but if you don't, I don't think a lot of people know this. So they, these good, is coming back. Company made their own version of sugar, free, Emmi berries and they were for sale on Amazon and the reviews for these should give sugar freedom embarrassed that have that contain some chemical. It's called a sugar, ok, so sugar alcohol apparently makes you shit. Your pants does so their reviews where people more like. Oh, my god, I wish I was shitting all day like people just talking about these gummy bears just wreaking havoc on their intestinal system and they just get more ridiculous and poetic as they go people I really like the ink,
there's a lot there's a few different places like products that speed but will pick up on the ice cover like there's like a single big pen, and it's just like people are talking about like time travel about what the big bang is done, but that is another makes me happy. Yes It is kind of growth you it I mean my ears and be sure to also by a tub of oxy clean with this to get the blood and diary sends out of your eye, Nora clothes, furniture, parrots, loved ones, ceiling. Wake up. Let's see! Oh my god, everything previously written is true. It's all true, Donnie, more than fifteen, in a sitting. Unless you are trying to power wash your intestine probably cramping started about an hour later and soon enough, I was, I was
bloated as a balloon and Macy's thinks giving day parade when the rumbling start very sprinted down the hallway and made it to the bathroom just in time for the four horsemen of the apocalypse distemper from my backside laying waste my arms up, they system and my will deliver added three hours will tell the shaking gummy various all. I was spongy and weak surprise. I had any bones left. I cursed how horrible higher rid of other community, as it was a little strength I could muster, but here's a good like clothing about them is that people it's in the reviews, people with
like really bad illnesses who get constipated, I think hands. I think that my name o makes you unable to shit. You are our now like recommending then take to like the house is also my eyes asked the ice like its relieving constipation. We I sat in my friends, deafening. I sat in her car one day and I just read them and we were both crying here. Just crying laugh, there's a banana slicer good ones here. If you ever get saddened board tonight, slicer reviews as banana sites are of use at are just how areas nice Of course, I can say I don't eat sugar, alcohol, be careful, it's a lot of stuff and I ve no before they make shoop so bloated, urine so much pain while I've never even heard of it. I ll say it's there: it's in a lot of staffing, you think. Oh, it's two sugar constitution broke slackened. Terrible ma am It's like a sugar substitute via its like, but I think it's an app
extraction of sugar that they take more like its sugar free will arise, dummy that two c sugar it's just you sure, ultimately, at the end of the day, suffer those you quit sugar. Herein named Karen, oh god, I'm so impressed with you think he has a sugar object. I wonder at your system the raven anymore than shocking part, but what if I still Craig cake like? I don't want sugar but o K. You know what I mean is indifferent you're making up. What's gonna happen to the USA, like I know you don't crave sugar like you're, not like. I want something sweet, but I won't cake a different thing. No, but it's like. I want a policing, hey, yeah! Well, that's just an idea. I met that may need to go psychological for not just here I think all of its kind of psychological here with him
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After a few hours, I had an extreme build up of gas with no relief could was laid down and pray for a fired that might That's funny boring you be in something that is basically turn you into blue into the blue, very girl from really want Europe, leading with your life. Violet barbarity there's like. Ok, I'm gonna find the big penguin. Let's see, they're just found banana slicer. I read, and this is a Buzzfeed article, so you can actually find it. Ok if they are call called my Amazon reviews of this plastic bananas. Laser are just the bad. so here is the first time for DEC
it's. I ve been trying to come up with an ideal way to slice banana use. A knife phases, though my parole officer, won't allow me to be a nice shoot it with a gun background check the low I had to resort to carefully attempt is lace, these those bananas with my bare hands. Ninety nine point: nine percent of the time I would just get so frustrated to signify squishing the fruit in my hands and throwing it against the wall and anger. Then, after a fit of banana induced rage, my parole officer to introduce me to this kitchen marvel and my life with. What can I say about this five? Seven one be banana slicer that has already been said about the wheel penicillin early Iphone. This is one of the greatest inspections of all time. My husband and I would argue constantly over over who had to cut the days banana sizes know what it's one of those George chores. No one wants to do. You know the old I spent the entire day rearing our children. Maybe you can pick you up, Ananas and, of course, that you think I have the energy to slave over your damn bananas. I worked a twelve hour shift just to come onto these. To this I mean this fucking thing goes on for like laid out more Perrier. Let me finally, on bananas slicer, it's like a play, its like people getting their creativity. I level Amazon, the tenderest, here's that thought catalogue as the ten best reviews for a big pens for her someone
answered my gentle prayers and finally designed a pen that I can use a month long that I use it when I'm swimming writing a horse walking on the beach and doing yoga its comfortable league proved non slip, and it makes me feel so feminine and pretty. Since I've been using these pens, men have family, more attractive and approachable has given me soft, skin and manageable. Heron is really given me, the self esteem I needed to start a book club and flirt with the bait the bag boy, my local market, my drawings of kittens and ponies have improved, and now that I am right in my last name, hyphenated with the Robber patent with Robert Patterson last name, I really believe he may someday marry me I'm positively giddy, those smart man and marketing, and come up with a pen that my lady parts can really identify. where is this pen than all my life, that's the pit PEN for her her in its like pink and probably a piece of shit like that stupid. I do think we should do martyr. Ok, I mean
Just because some there's some trump lovers you are like hey can I have my favorite show. Why can't I have what I want o re in twenties America away. The second I want something give it to me now had that part out Stena Joe some think give it to me now I'll go first. This clears instead of asking how volunteer please I'll, throw myself in front of the train please and here's. Why is that? because rain murder it's a trap and that that action, happened recently that yesterday I thought she what they said. It was a suicide and then, when they checked, the tat girl was clearly unconscious and the guy put her on the tracks that one yes, but also in New York, a woman push a girl under the track, lax and has happened, a couple I like it. Then it was like going on to be tell you are the times as happened in the past like you year. Why did do they know why? I think this willingness was like crazy coca
I was gonna put it delicately without sounds better than like mentally ill. We don't want mentally ill anymore if crazy cook again today. Could you please give us a pass today? You give us could I have five may it's too myself and I have one thing I wanted life. Can I have one fucking win today in just once: no the answer's, no, you can't any two hundred and three pretty soon. I'm gonna be in a concept that a fire Neighbors they like gas, it's a fire in their barbecue that they like next to their fuckin house. Oh my guy scare me to that was like a movie where, in the corner of my eye I saw a pink and red flickering near like her words. That's that like something from the old man. No, it's gonna, be these mother fucker like me, but it's the people with
screaming children, they look something like a lighter fluid on their barbecue, literally tell them how far there it's it's! Alleyway, yes and its next to the house are not close, and I saw the fire lanes. Yeah, shooting a thesis currently do us all the time and then they're gonna be out their professional. Our assessment, its. I need a move, so bad you need to. I am just following a breakdown by weapons does not have a good. I mean none of us, our library now yeah. all right, so then this week, we're just gonna read your hometown murderous year as our main thing here. This starts off with a very professional note, and it says in the note colon
likely event you refer to the story on air or publicly, please do not share my name or even address anonymous is good enough. I love your point. Cast and look forward to each one every week, thanks for being awesome certainly about letting him a letter. I love it. It's so reasonable its actually what I needed that first time I gave that woman's full information there's a second piece of information there that I'll tell you after the pod. Guess it's really good, but I dont think I should read it since. I think that indicate who this person. Is it a famous person it They have a. They have a connection to remain a serial killing team than their male dresses. Just an ant timber lake dial up his publicists is a real being, so we give out his so here's anonymous has to say right here
this moved ass to the Santa Clara Valley, near MAGIC, mountain and the sight of the severance France San Francisco damn disaster in nineteen. Eighty eight nuclear was an an under developed. And had a lot of wooded hills and was more of a small town. People notice, new people moving in local shops would call you by your first name. We didn't even after that our card carthorse, that's what my time is like a nice and eighty nine, a little girl named Sarah Hodges, disappeared and knew all she was only seven years old and her parents assumed that she had may be wandered off and gotten hurt, or was it a friends house and hadn't told them? Citywide search was immediately put into place, including house to house searches, dogs mounted, police helicopters. Neighbourhood volunteer, searching the Bretton Woods one of the volunteers was Fourteen year old neighbour, named Curtis, Cooper Curtis had been living with his father in Florida until a few months before, and now- with his mom Crystal inner room. She rented from Missis cars mar it was rumoured
that Curtis and Crystal both slept in the same large water bed in a single room. Missus Cashmeres House was five doors away from serious. Have sir Kurdish used to play with Sarah sometimes went horseback writing with her and was one of the first a voluntary for her when she disappeared redline this sense familiar it does I think you ve done that I do. The one word is its waterbed no, because he lived in a house, so we let them now. I that's very familiar the very similar to the minority of yeah. It's slightly older boy and little girl and waterbed and water. A whole motorway same hangs, ok the dogs amount to police, the neighbours and the house. Our search, including MRS Guys, Mars, has turned up. Nothing serious face was everywhere and she was the talk of the schools. She is the lead new story every night and all the papers. How could a seven year old just disappear in this small sleepy shit
great out shortly after Sarah disappeared, the Coopers had a fan blowing out their window running day and night Missus cows, more cars I thought it was odd that the fan was blowing out instead of an and then it is growing all the time. She also began to smell something now from the numerous room and finally went to investigate, while they were both as early as the cosmos. The causes are not see. You still got a mostly all God, she's, always wrong, because more four days after issue disappeared, MRS Gas MAR summer what say, was crystal found the fully club decomposing body of Sarah Hodges. She was what Between the wall and the headboard of the water, but she was in there with both of them Curtis and Crystal had slept Acerra beneath their heads with
the fan blowing for three days. What I thought at first, the news reported that maybe Sarah had been playing, hide and seek an wedged herself into tightly in south. That was a story, the coopers or selling anyway. However, an examination revealed, Sarah had been strangled and sexually assaulted. It was thought that she was murdered in courtesies room and hidden there. Only a few hours before the deputy search, the house only it turns out the Curtis, had been in trouble in Florida and had been arrested for committing several petty that some burglaries and basically had to leave Curtis claimed he had been looking for help for years for his quote severe emotional problems, but in Florida he was quote shifted from agency to angels Agency without ever receiving proper treatment.
Apparently whatever Curtis had done. It was bad enough for Florida, not someone else, tourism or other. I guess it was according to the deputy district attorney who prosecuted him Curtis plan the murder about a week before it occurs. Land land, it and also plan, but never carried out is carried out a similar murder two years earlier, while in Florida when he would have been around twelve or thirteen holy shit Rosen. But oh that Dep Deputy District attorney had claimed that Curtis had a belief that he had to kill to have sexual relations although he was found by the court experts to have some brain damage is not enough for an insanity, Defence Curtis was convicted of a murder, special allegation of sexual assault and receive twenty five years to life. Although caliphs use authority could only actually hold him until these twenty five, which would have been in a year two thousand, like four months after Sarah was found. Her father went our grace. I sat vigil all night
then shot and killed herself over her grave. He was only thirty six me all of them. Oh anonymous. That was a really getting out. Who is no less true that kid men, like you, don't just become a sexual predator? Well, I mean he lived in floored any fucking thing that it could have been like a clown and his closet. The worse things happen there, the social go to show you how important it is to fund mental health facilities and get people that mental health than that for the guy. amateur not defined it rather goodbye, nerdy, Benda funding. We haven't had that right along its spare, but but I'm gonna guys residency. It's gonna come back yard. know, for I feel like that. Empathetic we know hold up your brother care for others. Sort work sets its gonna be half a century beautiful, this brand new day right. The system Jacqueline and
of course I read this because our cap subject line is at our on deck nightmare, full on fucked, up Ladys, hello, loved the bog CAS. Obviously, but I'll get to write to the point here. My brother told me the story: Estralla, let us be unsafe. Cousin, fasten your seat belts, motherfucker sure of mother Fucker may soon to be sister, unless cousin was going through some shit, so her dad suggested she got to the house. An errand acts for a few days declared her had gathered sounds based as NED. I would love to be their right. This x go because also wouldn't be a hundred defied also be hundred shoe, and then also that would mean someone and money in your family is having house the otter on backs. That's gonna be like that. I mean you, don't they have their own chair, we utter item there, even Halloran as an area of the country that has its own had her and its comfy chair, like our rich. You have to be like its share that supposed that you're supposed TAT little heed our and went in yet in anyway, it's a relaxing in summertime jams, lily path, she
for a long weekend had been hearing some noises in the veins and just around the house, but she knew her dad had been having issues with squirrels and the house recently that it's not squirrels huts. She didn't think anything of it and just wrote it off for a few days. Bad idea do. Finally, after a few days, she calls her dad and tells me about the noises she's been hearing and he tells her just to call the police to sort it out, as you do she's reluctant first, because she doesn't want to bother the police if it's nothing and then she wrote fuck politeness but heard it and want to bother the police I dont bother. The police is job, it is to check things so
he's gonna get murdered matter of extra, but her dad commences articles as she does. Listen you a man when he tells you to do, and she tells him for it is like a sewing areas. Attacking anyway ends in this Eliza say it add. Is I got? I mean I'm worried about you gotta that dad hair about the Adirondack chair forget all she tells the police. The deal and may say sure will come check it out. Are you alone in the house to which he replied? Yes and they say: ok, no problem will come check it out, just give us a few hours. No, five minutes later. Squatted police, cars of rural to her house lights and sirens ablaze in and tell her to get out of the house now come outside that there was a stocking of man in her basement the entire time melding a fucking cage flocking, keep her in L a what
He was building the cage in her how eyes. Yet she had gone on a day with his man a few weeks prior any events docking her ever since he followed her upstate and casually fucking began building a goddamn cage to keep her in her view that it is all her in the basement of her own house. I wish I'd say this for last, because our we gotta be now. I know this is the one to be. The cops are able to figure it out because when she told them she was alone in the house. They saw or heard I'm not sure that someone else was on the phone line in the house when I'm yelling, it's all hurl cats, but also me freaking, the fucker. They saw that someone else was on the phone line in the house. That sums straight out of a scary story. You tell it a slumber party share actions, as is its like it, that in urban legend or sure,
spry made at every site. I don't mean Jackie. I mean this is certain. Pushes the craziest thing to me is that this dick we had plenty of time to do it ever he wanted with this gravity, is keeping her like a pet until the very right. two to do. God knows what think I nothing happened to her and she was able to stay sexy and not get cage murdered. Keep up the good work, ladies by my guy huge. Actually I would argue that were not so epic that do you, I know that remind me. Yes, I just how to recover memory now, so we haven't you yes, but it doesn't Clearly its hope it is not on our, but this was I came home from being is so after I lived in Sacramento move back home right to live with my elder. Where Europe has, I fed failed college. I beheld life right, and so I urge you and live with my parents to just be a failure. That's always by night. I did the two, but I
drive up to Sacramento to hang out with my friends, because my whole social circles that was like an hour and a half a well really satellite yeah. So this one time I came home and I was going to go downtown to meet somebody I can't remember is like a bar whatever, and I was blue, drawing my hair and the US. but we have this cat, those actings crazy, just being stupor, weird unflinching and doing where shit and I kept going like what is why you're doing her? and so I heard it loud noise. While I was blow during my hair, so I the blood or am I just stand there? and then I'm hearing like very faint noise. There's so like, like a tick cure, almost like how settling Noriega someone moving slowly through the how the or just the house I like. I can't so I go into my parents room and they had their closet had its own door on her and I go to, open the door and it and there it it won't,
It's like someone's pushing back on the door here, and so I will run out of the house. Get in my car recur and drive to my old house is we. This was the house. We moray Tyrannise it in the city, exactly I drive out to end. This is also why we know it. Maybe I wasn't going out because of late at night as eleven o clock at night, I go out to my old neighbour, Andy with intense and aims. We came up him in his room. Craig were like sleeping in this we're part of their house and as mine like you, there's someone in my house, you have to come. We I I get them to come back to the house with me, they're all like boy. wait up yet, let's check this shit out. We go we're looking around everywhere and then Andy goes too then that door, the bath, the closet door and he opens it and it was like. I start here so I like
That's how you analyze and then is robust Anna he's like it was stock you just stupid and, unlike oh yeah, and then I look up and as one of those attic holes here and the, at a thing is turn to decide. And I was the snake look, I'm just ended up at him, and these are only and we ran out. and called name online, and the peddler please, because it's a tiny town or word there like litter. In two minutes. There was walking in my back yard. Early show like sneaking around. It was crazy, and then I had to give this whole thing and there was no one there and it was no one and it was nothing and we all know why they looked up in the attic like they looked everywhere and it was Nothing there was something it was so crazy and scary also, because what but in between the time where I thought someone was pushing back on my parents as it door
jumping into the car and driving out to the country, to get anything tat was like one of the scariest things. I've ever accuser, like someone's following we're in my back, see or just what is happening legal but that doesn't make a Kate that doesn't make any sense at those both those things happened, other specially the second part like the only thing is the second part it could have already done like that, and I never knew a mindless sends you dont know, Sir Soldier current say my like? You need to take it easy, Of course, thanks dad may as a guide drama area, men fuckin, belittling women without bringing a period this alone that Georgia, just a guy militant. Are you ready for everything you could ever one in a murder story? Yeah, that's what I got right here from Laurin CUP.
Is it ok? This may end up a little long, but it's totally worth it. I grew up in a small northwest suburb of Chicago my whole life. I've been hearing about the Colombo murders, it happened around the corner from the house. I grew up in, but by wasn't born until ten years later. Here goes in eighteen, seventy, six, Patty Colombo and her loser, boyfriend LUCA broke into the home. She grew up in and murdered her mother, father and thirteen zero brother. The father Frank, was shocked by the look and then bludgeoned with a bowling trophy by patio. Symbolic, that's not good. Paddies mom Mary was thrown cowering in the bathroom. She was shot between the eyes which medical examiner said, killed her before she even had the floor and then her throat a slit. Oh you know just to be sure. Here's the most fucked up part- and this is bad cause. It's her thirteen, your brother, her brother. Michael thirteen. it had slept through the initial attacks. Oh Patty and her boyfriend De Luca will come up by shooting at him. Then Patty stabbed her brother.
Eighty seven times was selling scissors Oh my god, when he was found office, I thought he had a case of the measles but then they realize his measles or little gashes. All over his body holy shit. Petty Andalusia, then said that there are still two. Ninety seven left the house. The bodies were found until three days later, when Patty was informed of the murders. Instead of rushing to their side. She started pointing fingers to potential leads and even tried to tie the mob Chicago what up at tie in the mob. Sorry at the funeral. She was openly flirting with detectives who, with the detective who was playing the world to make Patty crack. After more digging, they found a bunch of thought up. Shit like a film of Patty having sex with the Lucas German,
oh no. I she wrote like how does that even were of no or- and this is terrible- hair he well. Oh, so her boy friend, paddies away friend was third, sex and she was sixteen shut up yet you and he was married with five kids. Why? When we hear man fuck everything, ok got life sentences, which really means two hundred to three hundred years holy shit, so good a little justice got serve their. God I had. I mean Lauren when you said this: it had everything you could ever want a murder story. It had a. Other things I did not. Where did not want that's trail, him never want and thoroughly.
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this one is from Mary and it's called my husband's murder house, Hey Georgia and care, and I've been enjoying your podcast over the past two months of my Dr June from work since I, but my Pappy with me, so that I can drop him off a donkey daycare he's condemns listening to and his cue puppy base makes it easy to get through the more depressing parts of your far cast picture. Please utero areas that I feel much better trained to avoid ever getting murdered thanks. Ok, the suggestion murders- that's just try this one and safe is good enough to get the ethical and yet the first took place my husband's previous house- and he, my husband, met the murderer when has been sold his home near Columbus, South Carolina to shatter wreck and key Miller, the sun made up in twenty twelve about a year before we met the couple appear to be very happy and move through the house with their two small children.
skip at a year ago, in January, twenty fourteenth shudder Ex mother hadn't heard from him and several days and went to his house to check on him. She found the two children aged three and one so sad dead in their beds and the couple dead in their bad. Just down the hall, according to the police investigation, the mother and two children had been shot in the head by the Father, husband and then shuddering turned the gun on himself a little crazy to believe, especially since no one suspected anything was wrong with the family. They have Bible studies in their home and church member said they didn't show. Any signs are having problems, sound, the neighbors. What about holding Bible studies in writing? People near home like this, like a psychopaths get out of my heart, I mean I'm getting my Herbert Clean tomorrow, and I want to charge. Everyone has ever been in my apartment to get my carpet. That's a good idea. The juicy I'll give you like seven dollars or back. Thank you, Stephen. You in for a couple bucks, arguing five think you can see here.
sister came forward shortly after though, and stated that he had talked to her about shudder ex overbearing control of her, but that since he wasn't violent towards her key, a thought she'd be ok when positive of the story is a key, a sister is now sharing her sisters would be a story and our own experiences and envious of relationship with others. Enough in an an effort to help women in the same situation. The other shore is a little more unnerving for me and a warning to single Ladys to be very careful about who you get involved with whenever area to Riga. Other story is more unnerving than the story you just ran. I think the EU should I do you mind this is this? Is a fuckin yeah this is a fuckin shit show this is that everything is going wrong. Actual forty two is an abject failure is called this can we combat blackmailing, yes,
like them. Jennifer Wilson was my professor for a graduate course, and I want to express that she was an intelligent, compassionate carrying and beautiful woman who had the greatest respect for men, a guess, she's dead now probably mean anyways and she just chuck something totally different yet and the loss of her life impact in a lot of people. She was brutally killed by Hank Haze on twenty eleven she had met Hank haze through dating site and they data on and off for a little while Hayes J, W e S haze hop haze right how hey ain't, a double urea, her heart size was little. Obsessed with. I refer, though, and not in a good way mean what's a good way. I mean she picked up on his sheep picked up on this and made an effort to end their relationship of he refused to let her move on. He would constantly tax her and wouldn't leave her alone. He shut up to her home in the middle of the night when evening and attacked her.
one of our neighbours, heard her pleading for her life and call the police when they arrive general Eminent stab twelve times in her neck, and upper abiding had defensive alone. Spoons. On our arms, her body inherit been clean, that she was unclothed wrapped in a do. They cover and placed on her couch highs, was still in the home, his close soaked in blood any slit his wrist. He was tried for Jennifer's murder and it only took the jury. Thirty minutes to determine he was guilty. He is currently serving a life sentence without pearl. I got a wretched man, Ladys watch out for yourselves hugger puppies and cats and don't get murder and thanks again for the US and Pike asked Mary. I feel like. I saw that story, where the guys, like Alan
an idea channel like some kind of stocking, show yeah, because although we gather there's a stocked, awful style has every version of every horrible things happen to people as Edison areas, the leap today, Mary, I mean the show. What about swamp can or some re swamp. Killers are silent killers justs only only murders and swamps may have just ones have siblings. Only the is there to below Mason jars, only to kill people. Oh you ve been marred the Martha's your address, it's God shall the shabby Sheikh murders, She thought she was glassy, but she was your cheap. She wanted a late stain on her a bookcase, and that would be the end of them then, but listen instead of staying was blood on her carpet. It would be fun to be in one of those in those
voice over people here. Are the ideal channel cause you kind of talk like this, and then you talk like that. The reality is, and then it's scary down here- everything's fine and your wonderful, but there and then you go into the basement. Something happened to want to do and worry I mean I mean. Let's see, I think I'm marked one more occur when you Let's see, why don't you went away? I just found another on: you: go ready, oh, this is this is one that I got excited when I saw because it we already that this Dennis.
First handsome from Stephanie and the subject line. As the story is everything my favorite murder dreams. Slash nightmares are made of hello. Ladies first and foremost, I love your part ass, my Canada. I recently started listening I'm and got my mom hooked to I'm pretty sure I came. I am pretty sure my husband is deeply unsettled by this doesn't understand my true cried with us and I like those through, though that's a trifecta, someone finds it. They child there mom their husband is worked out by them gather that keeps happening yet. I love, I think, that's how great marriages are built. So my hometown murder is probably something you ve seen in the news recently and it takes place mainly in spartan Burg. South Carolina lies orthe, but its south. Yes, Todd coal have
has been charged with kidnapping, collar Brown or Caleb Brown, color and keeping her chain by the neck and ankles for two months. Incited metal storage container on his property did I mentioned Keller, live down the street for me and for liner, as if that wasn't horrifying enough turns out he's a full, fledged serial killer and a bunch of bodies. They found a bunch of bodies buried on his property in nineteen. Eighty seven Todd coal help was convicted in Arizona for kidnapping and sexually solving a fourteen year old girl. He was only fifteen at the time of the crew. I didn't see. That's really. Nice only talk vaguely about something, and then someone comes in with the families in for us. We only have to do any research. I love this year, well observed fourteen years in prison for this crime and registered as a sex offender. When you get I'll, he decided to resettle in South Carolina where he purchased one hundred secluded acres of land, that's always against red flag red flag. Add that to the red flag, laugh
Song, secluded acres of land, ten secluded acres you don't need it You don't need that money that looks like it's really baby and it's only for cows and containers she said: can he be any more murdering? How is he allowed to do this? I mean, I guess it wasn't nearer school or park, but just furthers the case for staying out of the dam woods. He became a real estate agent, a whole. Why does that? For some reason? I really bothers me: cause he's around people all the time, families and, in this case and houses, though, she was working for him. Oh eventually, starting as on company employing as many as ten other agents do. You have to disclose your sex offenders status to your employees. Is here the Basi priority I know. So how do you feel about working for sure? like writing a play. So how do you feel about working for a violent sex offender? Yeah? That's crazy, that you should
Go on and live, your normal life, I would think that you do have to notify. He just didn't. I bet he I bet it was on the record somewhere. So if he searched offenders in your area. He would come up, but I bet he doesn't have to tell him. If he's the boss rate, maybe kids but then of kids. Like your kid comes to this office clan, clearly Skyland fuckin following the rural spaghetti with YO and here's thing of your. If you're you just got a new job, you want to check linked in you, wanna check sex offenders, sacks of energy industry. Just do it just do it anyway, is on August thirty. First tallow, Brown and Charlie Carver, who live right up the street for me, went missing when they answered and add for coal up to do some work, help cleaning up property:
when they arrived he pulled down and took them hostage. He immediately shot and killed, Charlie and buried shallow grave next year, where the shipping container for fishing new work. Yes, she did, or color was chained up for over two months. Two days after the couple went missing, Anderson County police started pinging Kalis cell phone, which eventually led police to collapse property. It took them two weeks to get a search warrant. They started with layers of the property before taking their search to the ground police, eventually her collar pounding on the storage container and fat, and they found her unharmed shortly. after collar was rescued police realize they were dealing with serial killer. They have since found three other bodies on the property. He also confess to a thirteen year old case where for employees of Spartans Bird motorcycle shop worship
in the back in broad daylight, with no witnesses, I mean what, in the actual thought, google it. There is a weird there's. There is weird shit. Coming out daily on this guy too, I am a transplant from Chicago and am seen often as the northern aggressor, who won't say hi to anyone. But this further proves your argument of politeness apologize later. I do not need help with my groceries. Exultant start small talk over my accents and thank you. Todd call up for ruining nature thanks for taking the time to read my story stay out of the woods day. Sexy don't get murders were crazy. I wonder who the other bodies are, and I want to look up that fucking shooting I live when, like ok like this, the murder- and I know it, but I do in Chicago leg
There is one issue, but these like huge crimes at people, don't when they were like a mass shooting and people like how, like the ogre chop murder, he asked how the fuck do. We still not know who did these and then just some guy confesses and it's like ok. Yet we would have never found this person they get. It has no links, no ties. It's just some random person. That's living to escape these evil things they dont, orderly and moving away like moving to say Caroline Immune to the countryside, so that they so that it may at first when the story broken their like, we found this can never girl than it was like. I was so happy for her in a like. It's her life's can a sack, and we often hard to get through that she can get through it. I was when there's served when there's a survivor, stripes so fucking relieve them happy. But it's just not it's not I mean her. Boyfriend was killed next to her and probably in as an intimidation,
for her and bury I want a fuckin mean. Who knows? Who knows? No, it's hugely huge trauma and insane, but she did live and that's Holloway adds. That is amazing. What is that? Those are the stories I mean, there's four, other bodies on the already are three other bodies on his property and for people he killed in a motorcycle shop she's, so lucky. I know so lucky to be alive and less her as Karen would say less the bless. Her bless her shit. How should we do on short, one more and then and then to have charity corner sure? this has come my hometown, whore horror hey. I'm needier pie gas network by the way- and I don't know if you're still awning stories about hometown murders, though we are, but
here's mine! If you want it or not, I want ya uneasily. I want you to be more competent, Casey. I feel a you feel very vulnerable sending in this manner, and we got you yeah. You don't need a make yourselves small, no more here with you celebrated times, come home on swine, so Casey's. As back when I was about six or seven something happened that shook our town. To this day I seventeen your girl, went out for a run. An endless country. Roads in this area will not surprisingly, she went missing years and years went by flash for twenty ten another jogger fines is trash back on the side of the road forward. reason this weirder decides to look into the bag inside were some of the remains of the woman dismembered and shut, and the bag upon further investigation for more bags were found scattered around the country County, not country county, all contain the same woman's pieces fucking how it was that girl that have gone missing in the nineties, a grown up and
fucking dismembered grown up. Wait the girl, I was a teenager and went missing in the fucking mayo. You wasn't her teenage body is this was her own. This is what it looks like some fucked up fuck kidnapped that girl Helder for almost twenty year murder her. This is a sad ending that your last story than bucking dismembered her and through her in the side, ditch yap that what happened here. Nothing had happened before that and nothing has happened since the fucker was never caught and the poor family never got any answers. He lives in town, clearly ray. you wouldn't bring, were always act, a town twentieth. You look. So am I why just I mean I don't I don't have a theory except for it. So dark, it's just like said, are the twenty years ago.
But what really serious, at my mind is that this Randal kept this innocent girl alive somewhere close to this town for almost twenty years ago, where no one was able to find and save her. How terrible must have felt to be her and not be of any help for that long. Also. How sad for her family to really highlights, fell off and then said also what possesses someone to hold someone hostage for that long and then all of a sudden kill them. What can happen to make him snap and murder her after so long? Ok, I'll, stop thinking about it and let you guys Malta Silver thanks thanks thanks. While I mean Aren't is always the questions that come up. There cannot be answer that everybody is interested in their staff, and here I mean what kind of monster. What does he look? Like? Does he look like? Have you seen pictures of Todd call up the other guy, yeah she's, really big yeah he's a very, very large man yeah. I just wonder like after twenty years, like you gotta attached to this, so the near victor
some play none of your psychopath. We re in a way which you'd have to be to do that. I mean No, it's too, they found her adult body. I was not expecting. I thought. Maybe they would find her needle like had been kept somewhere as a dead team body it's just a new low, pursuing aims, poor sweet little man really went up for a little while and only just wives were I act at back down where we expect. I dont know I shall just as off or have I am you. I feel pretty bad. What the end of the shown our doing one can sing sing. One good thing happened was swinging. Oh yeah. What good thing happened here this way: nothing but but I want to say that I am currently donated some money, as
my favorite learner today, so Brian Sofie, an airing Gibson from the throwing shade, podcast started posting on Instagram just screen grabs of the charities. They were just don't. Eighty two and there was just like just do this just like they kept posting places that they were donating. Tuna is like you know what I feel like shit. I'm gonna try that so I did a couple and they did one. is my favorite murder to national coalition against domestic violence great. So we did that lets abundant thing. That's perfect re! That's a great yeah! Yeah money counts. spend your money wisely here then, if you don't have money to give just give blood or become adults marrow trend, I'm on the bone marrow trends? Are you? Are you down marrow? I'm a donor what'd, I say wow I did you catch the bone. Marrow Shit Lamb and can I point out of drinking water. This whole time now evolves
I mean I know you ship based, but I'm just how measuring hey you're, just drinking water bone marrow transplant donor list blood? try to give money here. Dislike, give every partial dang give it all the way here. It is just try to do things further people, that's actually it really air something that makes people feel better as when you make human connection and you help out yet Thea Helper who had said earlier. It's also something that I have to say like I I'm not that Because I'm always on time and in Spain or my comfort or whatever I that's something I would like to do better at will. Just like. That's all idea like volunteering is sacrificing you're supposed to be kind of giving of yourself it's supposed to be time off of your couch, where you're not comfortable. Here. That's the whole idea, yeah yeah
all right. So the thing I was going to mention is our friend, Glass Mccarthy, who is Map Mccarthy's wife of the interesting part of the we walked rustling podcast of Georgia's husbands, podcast an lionesses Grandpa had Alzheimer's, and and it's easy. The Alzheimer's organization, which is its aid. see tee dot, elsie, DOT, Org, You can go there and glances walk donation page, you can do to her cast it. There's gonna be the the walk on November twelve, And you can donate to support her walk. Her name is spelled glass de l e n. I s Possibly ass, walk donation, page, I'm sure if you search it on the Alzheimer's association website. You will find it and
My mom has a page on there as well. I am died of Alzheimer's in January and I had a lot of very lovely people when she died donate to that page. It's just that it's a disease has to get cured because so many people are getting a and their right on the verge of her. They say there is a clear coming that are working on right now, they're trying to get into the final stages that that doesn't just us. let us hammers reversed, as aid gets rid of the black urged the thing that they think causes it in the brain, yeah fuck as it oh yeah. So to me, that would be if that, if that, something we could do it s big to me as like cancer, obviously cause for personal reasons, but also because it's the kind of thing that, like the way people live in this country- and you know it's it's becoming this- the hugest problem
here and silence along its along? How when someone you I've got said it's not it's awful. It goes on for years and its terrible, so yeah a lot of people need support, giving money to the Alzheimer's organization You know they have a lot of great support groups instead, they, you know, there's outreach and they help people alive. God help. So if your family's going through that you probably already have- I mean Jesus, all you do is look stuff up on the internet Alzheimer's organization is, is a really good. One and so there's I guess their walk. I think their walk every year on November, twelve, there like every year in November idea, but please don't I too that definitely that's amazing. I like that Maybe we should just do that. Reach a charity they were. some charitable organization that we
not every way, I know that's just fake minutes leg you save the starfish. I don't care about that. Many things fair enough! You do it. You can get a good one, meaning hinders see. My friend and he's not everybody's got no movement like everyone. She Fritz guess all freaked out, you guys she'd degree to yeah well we'll go out. Ok, Scottie, something good for someone, yeah and it'll make you feel better about locked up. Everything else is a grave they re. Let us know if it works here, hey Elvis millennia. thanks for listening, you guys. We hope we hope you know. We have hope. stay sexy and don't get murdered. L this June cookies,. come on man, Oh man, now, maybe you wanna cookies
No. emu will be ran, o k, Turkey the garden gate. I mean say we got the other energy has shaken Elvis when a cookie, you will kindly cookies. Take your time and now you're gonna have to wait for a year the cookies cookie, yeah, I'm lying by
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