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Karen and Georgia freak out over presents from listeners, then get dark with two child murders: Mary Bell and Lisa Steinberg.

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This is exactly right: Erin. Yes, Georgia, rhythm section is a female led female made action, thriller starring, Blake, lively and fearless role as Stephanie Patrick than ordinary woman, who must navigated dangerous new world when she assumed the identity of a spider S. Film is a greedy and suspense full story of female empowerment, as Stephanie Survival hinges on her intense determination and ability to fight through her weakness, directed by Red Morocco and also starring dude law and Sterling K Brown. The rhythm section isn't theorist January thirty. First, goodbye Let's start now, what's going now,
what's there right now, sire words so in whole, building collapses, someone's on some social media. I said that I almost got in a car accident when they heard the final word coupled with guidance. Oh I'm sorry we were, discourtesy, where we were more scared because loud as it was on the podcast, it was fuckin fifteen times louder in realise yeah. There's, I'm sorry very, very scary, surprising and funny. It's hilarious areas. It keeps happening now what might happening end tonight and what is it September, I mean how much longer I now prepare yourself and your dogs I'm sure people's humbled has. There were like the under jackets off when I try to
a thunder shirt on George one time and when I came home what was eaten? Yes, it was my group to shreds and parts were gone. I know I know that well I don't know, I put a car, a cholera MIKE outlines and came back, and it was like here's what I think of it. Yeah gift fuck you I wouldn't want to fuck em collar. I mean I guess I didn't. I was fourteen and thought it was punk, are claiming that nineties re was wasn't it there is all about cat collars and shed bank, then yeah pump, fake, pencroft, totally. I how I still have my men still smells like like come Victoria Secret, apple spray, apple body. No, oh, no young and sorrow, and it still smells like ecstasy, hey hurry, shriek! What's going on high, you, I've just been working this is my favorite murder. How guys listen? I mean I figure. If you press plan, you probably know that
If you're, one of those are random people, they just goes through Itunes and picks. Different podcasting hits play noise ever done that right now, and I really seriously doubt it but welcome if here that one person in ITALY alone, Wall high, new to this. I'm Georgia, that's cool I'm care. This is my voice. Colonel is the one singing. I do that because that's my passion, that's her passion and she's good at and I ll not. I disagree that I'm back that. I'm that you just where that you're good at it. I disagree that your bad at thank you, because I heard you do at jokingly in its not bow yeah, it's not just the secret is not to try or care care of light fray of anything of anything seeking of last epoch,
I rather hometown murder at the end that cause me to need to talk about it during therapy. Now I did it on finger while yeah yeah, that's it Am I do or ice guy skimmed over the middle for everyone? I kind of told you a little bit about it, but I accidently read the whole thing to myself. Yes knew so often I care for like a week. I kept picturing the girl who had gotten killed in a way that, like I, haven't, been pretty good at, like being ok with this topic we talk about a study all the time. Yes, but thou and really fucked me out. I bet will be dear, that its does girl alone at at a concert, know her finger without a concert she hitchhiking. She was ok thats about, is how much I couldn't Rita is like. I just didn't tell any other details, but when she hitchhiking alone, she's hitchhiking along got picked up, a three
guys. I hate her age. I can't remember she knew them. I now used- and I didn't know them if she was hitchhiking- she didn't know it was almost used using was there were in town, but it's like I thirty picturing all the times that I have done things that's when I was younger, and why was it her that that happened to and how horrifying the last few minutes were and what it like? I just have to. I just go there yeah. I understand, but my therapist really help number. Would she say just give us some over overall? Well, I have this problem would like daydreaming. So deep that and there yes and Don't even notice it, and so she says before you get into those daydreams. You just give yourself a second of miss that you're going into them before that happens, little Bree Wire, you're neurons, and you won't just like be true. Like a moment of clarity and then thing you can do it. We should but and then also since
gone mentally to be like what is that lamp? Look like what are my hands touching right now. What does this feel like just to be really present in the moment so Who can tell the difference between imagining something that you think may have happened right reality: yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm not in reality, anymore, yeah, like just point out things in your brain that are actually in front of your happening. That's good! I would add, breathing. On top of that, I cried currently hold my bride, you and I have to remind myself and do weird like deep, just simple breathing, because I'm on and breathing as part of it now and holding my breath makes you feel like I'm going to get through it better or that's almost like your pausing reality yeah and sobering he hasn't even part of it. I do that so much but oftentimes it's to fight with people in my head. I do that you like to present arguments
and you're really get out so good at it. In my hand, they and they listen because you're right, I move them with my worry and they stop acting like decks here. That's all completely fantasy the idea that any of that is how it works. Great total Famagusta, realities, ears, crying and angry, and then can't say anything you can add. The words came like a bed. Say look here, I understand why Can we be socio back up staring down unblinkingly staring at our young lawyer lights? I dont, forgive you, you know. I feel that this is not an official thing as, as is every other thing, I soundless podcast, not an official thing ever as the unofficial corner. Oh my god, someone pointed out and made a fake graph. This made me laugh so hard on Facebook page when I made
I said war, when I made the girl, you don't want him, for. I said that one in four people were also sees us, and my correction was twenty. Five percent of people is someone made a graph and it made me laugh so hard tat is amazing. Oh shit, people. Everyone is so funding there. So here's a good subway into the presence we just got I'm holding Cold beer to the stab wounds, though, gave myself. Ok. Can I just explained this very quickly, so we had Georgia have little Pilar presents waiting for me when I got home to her part, for more not as is my home, and it was like- I waited for you, so we can open these up. We want to open them off, air sober, take forever and one of them I. Then too, because
Georgia is slightly afraid they could be a bomb or something days organised Karen space saw go. I was like I'll go ahead and take the hand in your off camera talent by you can have the Ipad our union are here is your brain that and I would love for my teeth to be blown out really. Can I get some awesome veneer anyhow? So I the first two and George's, like I said when she picked up the third one, and I said you want me to open that and she was like. I can do it, I'm not that insane or whatever it was. You said xiety and then she went to open it and stabbed herself in the bare leg with a pair of scissors and it I have to tell you as painful as I'm sure it is also hilarious. It's one of those things, and this happens to me like I'm glad it happen, because it's worth it, I ve run into stuff all the time and unlike do dumb shit like I'm so glad. But that happen. Yes, that's humor and life, set of just when you looked down. I have a random that second
I said that word and I've never really said it before it all existing. What's going on team boy. Am I trying to him when, Look down you there's just a huge Bruce from their guns and readjust like do this. Is me not blood cancer area? Why the majority of members, as I don't remember, getting- and it's not because I am constantly drunk You're not am I am I mean when I'm drunk I'm smoother shit like I'm a much better in person when it and when you don't, but I notice that you seem to just enjoy every single thing: the gorilla yeah you just believe a smile on your face and you think everything's kind of funny, unlike enjoyable, seems like yeah I like come. I think I, like I understand moment so much better and understand people and get get life better young, which is like someone health April. You might think. Maybe I'm not anxious remit, that's it William we use the not anxious deep down underneath the only
his beer to uncover your troopers. What we got some amazing guess we just have it like a baby July Christmas it. What was someone slamming the door Bell sounded like that that sound like a half fire, yeah. I did start. We have to be for card. That's the sparkly as thing that legal Asia, with the really funny cute Joe, on the Friday and bring- great eating inside of a printing, the kind of printing. I wish I could do, but I don't understand why that looks away. I might do this. Might trace over the handwriting when little so satisfying community that I've, never, It's from this card is from Emily and she just said a bunch of lovely things, and it was its basically a thank. You got for our part, which is the cutest thing of all time he was raised. Well, girl He likes a card we'd like to thank her parents for this card
mister and Missus Emily's parent right move onto the next time. Then we got from Candice. She sent us this ring you fucking read her she's gonna, start doing murders, genes and first one is. The murder scene is called the Matilda effect and the first one but Francis glasnost Lee there's their women and science is over there. Another women and Simon in science, young uns, sorry, but the first one is about men who did you want to be a cop? Did back I'd, say it. She wanted to be ass, a scientist She wondered if she, basically, if you haven't seen the documentary on in a nutshell, studies where she really this woman way back when really wanted to be a doctor, a nurse and she was an allowed. She because we're family. I think she was a rich. I think she was from a who- often family said. She started to make detailed management models of composite crime seems so she just made miniaturized
since that cops could study them without screwing up the crime scene and she's. Just have this huge effect on on crime scene procedure, and she's incredible. I love Candice. You can get these at smut punks its s, immunity, PETE, you and start com and she's gonna make she makes other, but buttons and savage. You just make sure I haven't seen a fuckin Zeman relevance. All I know feelings aim now I never did I made it. For a tribute, said, Robert Marion Delight, combined wow, the two things you like when I liked amassing see in terms of the ASEAN is like exciting. It's very cool and I think you should. I think we shall support scenes. You know what I did was. I just assumed the can. This made ASEAN for all the things I like, instead of what she's intercity murder women in science, this was here, it was. It was specifically from military for crime? Subjugate, yes, so
and so fascinating if you get what it's called the nut shell. What's the documentary told a net shall studies you got on Austria, Canada, the ashes, it's great, kinda fascinate! Thank you. Thank you! So much. Please keep remaining to be about ass. Then we got my gun. This amazing puzzle from Holly, she said Colonel Georgia thanks so much for sharing your favorite murders, I made a puzzle about mine, thought you might like it. I like it We fuck em laws in our minds, I'm so excited I kind of like I kind of begged care and for its it three? The puzzle of age h, homes murderer castle in Chicago witches, best thing of all time, so I think every, probably knows, but if you're, if you just started liking to crime rate, h h homes, there, I think they're gonna make the devil on the White City movie with LEO to cap. We can work out and you can get this right. Can you get hurt
The puzzle get wayward. Ok, you can get. Polly card and outcomes. Us h, oh oh, oh I see a r d and- and I think she's gonna start just making true crime. Puzzle, that's amazed him that way to make this I'll take photos, it's very calm. So anyway, she started off with age, age, homes, murder castle, which you can watch the movie, the best story ever if you get crept out by by premeditated plan, psycho murder. Now this is the story for you and I will do they did it unless park asked on the laugh. I now I'm not there. It's been done. A lot in Ottawa and it's very well known in a movie is going to come out. So we we let we let we got care of in our minds, and finally, oh, my god and then finally Bethany, who make
that the regions I'm assuming these people are ok with their names being. I think they want a shot out which they actually so Bethany Jones is from the base element, makeup bath and body I would call it company and She sent us here hard says. I hope you, like your names sake, lipsticks aisles trading them? While listening to your podcast, all of your party, as one after the other eye twitch and fittingly. When I was done, my kitchen look like a murder scene, and I was smeared, read to the elbows got a bit rock n roll and made the skull bath bombs in your honour to see what an inspiration you, our stay sexy don't get murdered it so awesome this box smelled. We could smell the bath bombs from outside that turn. It wasn't a bomb because I feel like they wouldn't go to the trouble of making a pleasant.
Obama with bomb. I got a that. He has a try. You were right, see you write all aligned psychic, but bombs can be good, moms coming so weak. We just got a shit It's a ton of lip clause and lit bomb and lips scrub and eye shadow with a lot of them are named like have quotes from the podcast. There's a second lip called Elvis Wanna cookie, and once we got excited and exclaimed that when we saw it Elvis lost his fucking mind because he thought he was getting ones I to get one year we kept saying others we will. I won't say it again now: but yeah there's I mean our names or on he unlit bombs. This is this is right up myself, she's gonna make them. She just wanted us to get the first ones which are so fucking cool yeah I'm. So you can go to the base element at Etsy yeah and by murdering now and non Marino evasion again have our own make up line walking,
love this market from Bethany is so cool, it's very cold. Thank you for forgives totally worth it. Open up to open you up to danger, I now and get that part that p o box a look. That's plenty, a presence, that's plenty! hey with the p I detect further. I really like it, lost my shit sake. I talk to her about it. I got some pepper, Pray the reality is it's not gonna fuckin I mean what are the chance? That's gonna happen: it's not that get scared. When you say about I'm sorry, if you really really want to find it and then if you actually have something that you're making that's like legit, you can have the p o box. Also, there's eighty million ways a contact us so that you could probably say: hey here's, what I'm gonna send you totally and here's a copy of my driver's license so that if I do harm you in any way right now, we have evidence acted evidence. It's all on the internet, so that was present present.
That was present corner where we can present corner, but we do have a little some other housekeeper area. I have a couple: that's ok, analytically, though it's my favorite murder. Were we want to promote two shows that we're gonna be guests on one of he's coming up on the twenty seven of July next week, It is a shame. Friend Jamie Lee was a very funny comedian, she and her husband Dan have a live. Show called date night and we're to be guessed sought out on the panel, the twenty seventh, you saw the twenty seventh ones to eight p m at U C, B Franklin. So if you live and allay it's the good see being at the stupid one, untranslatable careful logo. Everyone knows and levies. I'm sorry, Susan, So you see, being I'm sorry, listened to pieces and malaria. And then we're gonna work can be guests on the two hundred, the two hundredth episode. The dollop
it's alive. Show ordinary guests were two guests with David Anthony and Gareth Reynolds, the dollop as a very popular by weekly history, podcast, where they tell crazy, a story so fucking effectiveness that the meltdown, of course, in LOS Angeles, its eights it's on August. Sixteen it's at seven, seven p m: it's gonna fuck and sell out twelve dollars tickets- oh yeah, it's seven p M show which any time I'm booked on seven p M show. I am I either miss it entirely or seven minutes for it starts. I remember that its seven and not a lot and the whole time your leg. I hate you what the fuck is wrong with you. So you want me to remind you your couple time. Yes, please! Yes, you would do that, would help me a while you're at it and then so that some promotion corner a man,
pod first, is coming up September. Twenty third, that sets a future. That's a future one! That's it's that weakened of September! Twenty third, we're not sure but today we are booked yet, but I think the way it works is that you backed by a pass for like either a day or the weekend, but it's done it now a couple years. I think this is the either the third or fourth year and its super fun and very core, and they have big it amazing pie. Gas always wanted to be on it. I've been secretly like I hate the popular kids and the like. Because one I would call a with a public. Then when you go, with the popular kid you're like what a bunch of fuckin nerve. I miss my mind, nerdy Fran. Unless it happens every time, we simply need to talk about how we want to live, lab. Potlatch hot has left out. We have right now really here. Let's talk about Karen and I this past weekend thanks to fuck and markets,
Hence my husband is friends with all of them from comedy But for me or New York, am I kind of like hell. You asked Marcus, who is good framework icebergs, wet t shirt company, they is to get their shirts friends it, but it was finally just a ruse to get him in it for him now about the bypasses- and he told me he said events knows your wife, I loved podcast tell them. Thank you so much for all shouts and then we, both just color Do we lost our minds? Yes and Georgia texted me that he said that now it was like a six texts, exchange of Free Gallia and then he gave us tickets to their alive. Show that was last weekend and we went out my god. It was if you like that part caused. It was fine. Times funnier in person. They watch this This crazy old with swedish or Swiss, come Hext,
Some silent movie about villages, the terror of wishes and who is that was William Boroughs. Who is that anyways ye, I was young and the old drug out, a guy who, just as I do are you married anything Cyril, someone's gonna, get real pissed about me, saying that it would you to say that it was a terrible nation yeah he's on Heroin he's not good at voice over whether lay just tell jugs we're like talked about it over. It was funny and they're all like the fuckin. Nice is too, and they were there. Jokes were hilarious and they were, it was very cool and there was a huge. The whole place was sold out. It was a huge crowd who were going banana sat so anyone whose offend last progress on the left you had been very proud, yeah and in the air. There are some in Europe Correct, yet goodbye mining, you know, and although we have an instagram account go to it,
sir I'm not com, slash my favorite murder there. Photos of all the ship. We got lots of other shit, a puzzle to step up their where'd. You go just now, inside. I I'm a little warm because we We had to shut the apartment down for recording purposes, which is good but I got a little warm and then I'm just to be totally No, no, it's a good thing. I'm just excited that about the pants I'm wearing. It's working, I literally say: will you take your pants off and you want your high excited because they are kind of thick, but there just haven't worn them in a long time. I repaired it's a real victory. Let's tell each other its tell everyone about the other person of it. You have these q genes on their just old lucky genes, but I've
stopped eating sugar, and now I can, where are my old clothes again? How do you feel you look fucking incredible? Thank you. I feel a thousand, he's better seem like a weaker I'm more awake and I'm. Less infuriated at all times also turns out that you have this Airbus cheekbones I've ever seen. Anyone Haven'T- maybe I don't know where they were way under all the Mai fat face. I you know I always eat it. I was taking a five year break from society and so I decided I'm coming back now and son. I get to our small pants and you know shirts that Actually I can see your arm. You can see my dance antenne arms every time. I look at my arms. I think of you forget how tat my arm look that you're, very tenuous low cut. I mean for us yeah effort. Girls like us, look at is very low and my whole red bra showing no just getting.
Cool Georgia's wearing a robber is top a sleeveless robber droplets wrong, I'm wearing I'm just showing everything she kind of his looks like she has an old fashioned bathing suit on you. Saw a girl, though she's a naturalist, and she let she's body proud. I just what'll. I see atmosphere as little as possible. I mean LOS Angeles is in front of our eyes. Turning into a desert, it is its far desert back in the The earth is taking LOS Angeles back into its natural forms. Whole time. I thought that global warming wasn't a thing and then you're convey. Now. I know because of your robber, the number of robbers that you ass a sigh and where I think it's a conspiracy that target is playing to get to sell robbers
Did you want to talk about our favorite murders? We might as well skippers come back to as its time year. Is it me, I think so the murder that I chose this week. Yes, Karen in my favorite murder, is one. That's always it's been one that like the first time I read it, I couldn't I would I turned my eyes away from the page because it is horrible. And horrifying, but also like. There's an underpinning salacious next to it that I thoroughly enjoy its about Mary Bell: child child killer, back the childhood child killer ass. Now what I realized in looking through my researchers, my recent churches, today,
I mean from weeks ago, right for one other research of just piles and piles every night. I go to the city library like Morgan Freeman, and I let the guy play its the same. Four Magda ghost s First Ghostbusters movie array the big huge cavernous gusty. Yes, try go down in the basement where the very old dates goes librarian mangrove fishes involved, but these school migrant category four hours hours so in The pictures of Mary Bell, which we should put up on the Instagram Bay. I well that's what I look like a nice exactly so I've always had a bit of a connection Mary Bell, in in certain ways, but I also know- and we called out- I think it was on. I can't remember the one, the girls name, but the girl that shot up the the school Oh, my God, Mary
and sorry it LISA Greece that, we kind of got there's a couple. People are like we were being too sympathetic to her being like too nice when normally were mean. If it's like a man and it's colder, where mean in like hang em high and then I mean everyone has a lot to say about every thought. What I mean by that point on the canary I agree. Well, I brought it because I was thinking is that are meant to be about Mary Bell, but the truth is I honestly believe that Mary Bell is its psychopath. I think she any time she seems sympathetic. It's because trying to seem sympathetic. I think she is like I think she's nightmare like we need to talk about Kevin bad seed she's the reality of all of that fiction. Evil child right by nothing can be done now. I think, there's a reason she's. That way. Don't she may have been born that way, because they do talk about how she from an early
age, I didn't bond, but she had this fucking crazy mother. Either way to me. I'm I'm just want to say that the start defending her I'm not defending Mary, but even I also say no more about it. However, there is like a charm lost her murder or some when we talk about their past and are like yeah that sex. What are we spoke? I don't. I don't think we were softer on her now I don't either we're always like investing in the past of the person his killing? People does yes exonerate them from, but I think so you know when it's personal opinion, which is all of this progress, is sometimes more empathy we'll, come out even if you have it at Boulogne, express it like. I don't have a ton of empathy for Richard Ramirez, even though They get hit in the swinging, ailing worst uncle on the world yeah, whatever we're just sing, is understandable that this person didn't become a normal member of society. S, and for me, that's what's in
trusting to me when you can, when it's not just oh, you were born of this defect where you do not have mirror neurons and you do not empathize with other human beings. That's one thing but like. If there is like a little path, you could have been normal norhala. If you didn't experience this parent or this aunt or whatever is some awful that you fell in childhood? That to me, that's like that's real What's fascinate acts the slash our study? That's the study. Yet the though the effect that they killed, someone and murder them and raped and doctrinal horrible things, sets the effects that this cause and effect YAP, etc. Yes causes fascinating right and if I, at an education be didn't, have a dvd. I would probably read up on it a time and become some type of a of learned expert. About me too, and Instead, instead
I have I work in tv, so I am rewarded for not paying attention to and also what we do have a future of true cried. Broadcast, so I think we're gonna have basically doing we're doing our best anyhow, are you going No, so I've I have always on Mary Bell. Fuckin fascinating. So this happen in nineteen. Sixty eight rule, I fled, a lot longer ago. That's cool sixty eight and it happened in new in the inner city suburb of Newcastle in England Stephen Kings town. I knew in England. Never, castle A new Iraq, its gas or oil castle rugs the is all about mean, can to strike all of that from the record. Yes, absolutely we're gonna go edit this down so good, no we're not at all, and we never do
ok, so He was born to a unwed unstable seventeen year old sex worker named Betty MC crickets. And Betty used to leave her daughter with relatives and acquaintances just dumped off any time she could cause she had to go. Yeah. I guess she would go into glass. Go along and work as a sex worker. Turn as a non seventeenyearold sex worker that I was child at seventeen nightmare nightmare. It's just it is what a great opportunity for a ton of bad decisions like this one where she once gave married to a woman. She met on the street outside an abortion clinic shot. Yeah Betty was doing it
oh on her currently their household was filthy and sparsely furnished, and them Betty's family members said that better tried to kill Mary more than once in her first few years of my life and tried to make it look accidental so all became very suspicious. When Mary Court Unquote fell out a window had drama, possibly and also when she accidentally consumed sleeping pill, so they think she could have definitely gotten brain damage because she had sleeping pills, iron pills, an apparent Mary, a sorry Betty would seed the pills to Marian tell them they were candy toxic. There are some people who now say that they think Betty Pro They had munch thousands by proxy, which is the jet, the fascinating disease. Where apparent gets addicted. To the
attention and sympathy that they get from a sick child, and so they make the child sick on purpose? It's basically, happened in the movie, seven Rowan when the barking girl finally bring some back to her house rate SAM now, NASA's ever again, nobody movie logistics and our brains are sinking, because that was just oh, you know it's so hilarious were work. It's like our mistake. Brains are legitimate. I did the same thing were when I was talking about the Polly class murder. I called it. I called it clover feel which is a movie and the city name, whereby This house is Clover Dale Adrian. Frank time, you call it that
we are thereby think only set at once. Adrian texted me and she's like dude, it's clover Adele, you, you want, therefore software again. What are you doing now, just like she's, like I'm, the only one, the notice, but seriously is alone or downstream, only grow up. Maybe you just try protect. The townspeople like so lucky lose when show up that's right, that's what you're were just stay away from clover failure so bad news, obviously, and in her upbringing, and so of course, at school Mary was known as a chronic liar disruptive pupil. She, on occasion would voice her desire to hurt people. She did a lot of kicking and punching and law I am, and so all the kids. They would make fun of her a lot because she was just basically a monster in a mass and.
Later on it, it is our turn of figure out where, when a good- but later on it. It came to be discovered that marries mother would use her and sell her in prostitution as well from the age of four so she I guess is another thing that does fascinates me- this is another thing that, like that kind of trauma, can affect you and does affect your personality is so she was subjected to a really four things at such a young age that they think that that that problem, plays into their psychopathy. And the behaviour here like this isn't a safe
world around nothing is safe. I need a second defend myself and I want to start hurting others the way I'm being and it's a when it is normal. It's a wage. Children yards away. Children communicate that their being hurt re when their note they know they're not allowed to talk about a re, fascinating, totally. Okay, so on May twenty four Nineteen sixty two boys playing abandoned house found the corpse of four year old Martin Brown lying in an upstairs room, Mary Bell and her friend Norma Bell was not related. Her. They just have the same last name. Follow the boys inside the house and when police arrived, the two girls had to be ordered out, so they really likes looking at this department where they met was just about to turn eleven okra and normal it was thirteen Mary was the dominance of the two of shark like a little more mature and smart. There
no obvious cause of death ass? It was assumed that Martin Brown had swallowed pills from a discarded bottle which was found nearby and so on. Next day normal bells Father caught Mary choking. Norma any slight her face and sent her home is choking. She was choking or so bad holy shit. The day after this little boy died and later that same day a local nursery school was vandalized and police discover notes that red FUCK off spelt F. C h, o f. We murder watch out fanny in faggot. So it does not mean faggot in England. Just quick reminder to everybody I think it means cigarette yeah or Annie or by a bundle of sticks. Fanny means your pussy yeah in over
at least I know it doesn't. I owe you re, so I think they're just turn trying to write I'm not sure. Maybe they meant it bad. If their writing fan They might have meant faggot in a bad way who knows they also wrote. We did murder, Martin Brown FUCK off you bastard again off with one So it really says fuck of the cops Smith. The is when they found the writing. They dismissed it as a prank four days later, Mary Bell appeared at the brown residents. King to see Martin and when she was reminded that Martin asked me whether you dead weight she showed up. She showed up at the dead boys house asking to see him and when, the adult that answered the door reminded heard that Martin was dead, who's, the mother that answer the door and when mother said he's dead. Mary said, oh, I know he's dead. I want to see him and his coffin Can you
Would you do I'd, scream and run screaming? I mean a little girl to yeah, whose yeah, ok So, two months later, three year old Brian, how goes missing, an immediate searches mounted and merry bells tells Brian sister that he might he playing on a heap of concrete blocks that had been done doubt in nearby. They can't live, and which is where he was discovered. From manual strangulation, legs and stomach and penis mutilated with a razor and a pair of scissors. The police disk, Bertha seen the letters em an end or scratched into his stomach. So as the desiccation narrows Mary, so so Somebody that had been walking by said they saw kids around that pile of stones. That day and when they took the three year olds
but he the corner. He said it looks like he's strangled but it's such light force that I think we're looking at it. China murderer. So then the hops one around and started interviewing all the kids in the neighborhood, and Mary Ann Norma were both dinged right away because their stories kept changing Mary did super weird. They got freaked out by how creepy and weird she was an norm, I couldn't stop giggling fairly on so merry why, when her than the investigation got narrowed onto Mary Bell, she suddenly remembered seeing an eight year old boy with Brian on the day he died. And she said that the boy hit Brian, for no reason She said that same boy had been playing with broken scissors that, but the book she was naming a specific bushes basely, trying to pin it on him, but he had been at the airport,
tat afternoon and so the thing that man didn't know is that the scissors we're confidential evidence. No one knew about the scissors. Mary is that when we have a double Arafat and ten year old murderer, is that you didn't? You don't understand, you can't keep your shit in line yeah, so baffling? She essentially implicates herself with Caesar comment- and she had described them exactly so she's trying to plan and on the other boy, and in doing so she's like they were so we're coloured and some there was something wrong with them. Like one leg was either broken or ban, so she basically describes the exact scissors to a t mean smart, Smyrna, Smart investigated by the cops EL. I figured this out pretty quickly. Can you imagine sitting in in a room across from eleven year old girl. When you see this picture, big blue eyes lit,
but knows kind of vacant, just think Baby Karen, but just think to be clear. I was precious lamp, but she's lying to you so you're buying her at first and then she did. She does the old inglorious visor holding up a three, and yet I didn't want it to be true, like you're, not even like we're gonna, get this guy like wait, a second you to set this wrong thing, creed be enough that the coroner says propaganda wallet for kid. He's a kid strangled a three year old occupied on its future pipe children of your own, and this little girl is like yeah the scissors? I mean the two older go down your badge of: oh ok, I did this lady thing again. Should I always do so. Brian, how was buried on August seventh and that the investor
detective was named detective Dobson and he was there, and he says Mary Bell was standing in front of the House House when the coffin was brought out. I, of course was watching her and It was when I saw her there that I knew I did not dare risk another day she stood there laughing laughing. Rubbing her hands. I thought my God got to bring our inner shall do another. One truly shit so they bring his merry. Why are you laughing at this? I go back of. It may also rubbing her hands together. I know because I'm picturing it and it's like how big, why don't they make this movie? It's the creepy as thing of all time, there's there. This is like the ring, etc. The has her hair back out of her face? and she's like she think she's getting away with it. She wanted to kill that little kid. She killed him.
And then she want to see his dead body it carried out of the house. It's just. What so crazy is the like. You know when you wanna dull, kill they like try really hard to hide it and tried outsmart people, that's what you do, but this little person. I guess you can our You didn't understand that neither death was permanent. Or what it meant. Maybe maybe maybe or she enjoyed the feeling so much that she had She, milk is. There was some killer that we talked about where they said. I want people to feel on the outside the way I feel in the sign up the one of those Cheshire: murderers, yeah, oh or was it the you talked about yank now that the fat either way accesses factual in fact, based its that thing like when you finally feel right in the world is one like that's her. She felt right. She killed that shit.
Our to take his lifeline. Put. When that box, she finally had power, but she also had to be a little bit more. Arrested in her in yes, She couldn't be smart enough. She couldn't have been more than ten year old. Should I just didn't I stand row, no wrong. You dont think so go on because the sword at school The less is where this is where well. This is where it shows that she was raised by two criminals, because her other ended up marrying, I think Billy Bell and he was like a career criminal and so It clearly talked about being arrested, going in and out of jail and all the stuff, because, when she's arrested, first of all, when they say you're good, be charged with murder. She said: that's all right by me:
and she she sorry. When she was in jail, there was Drake cat in jail of FARC, and all this careers, the others not like this. She ground but the cat now tightly by the neck and guard told her not to the cat and merrily Mary, allegedly replied. Oh shit, feel that in any way, I like hurting little things that count fight back. In another incident. A policewoman said that Mary said she'd like to be a nurse quote because then I can dick needles into people, I like hurting people, two. There is kind of a naive quality about. It, then also the jailers once she was in there. She calm down a little, but after a while in a lot of the jailers liked her the guards you know cause
You said she was very smart. She was she was very sharp, but she was a chronic bed wetter. And she's got one of the pieces. Probably too we count those being overdosed on drugs by your mother dropped out of it. And dropped out of a window church programme to at least I was eleven fires fiery at her no report a fire on her, but she was, terrified of Glock going to sleep, because she was afraid she was gonna, whet the bed and- She said to one of the guards. I usually do and at home her mother would million her any time she went to bed. So she would rob her daughters, face in the peace she found it and she would
hang the mattress outside so the neighbourhood woodsia, and we also on other chronic bad wedding as a sign that you're being sexually moss, sexually abused its care it can be. I was on a bed wetter until I was like nine and I was not lost mean either but but it is a sign. It's like it's one of those things that harming animals. Like all those things, that's a child, that's in trauma and in danger definitely its signs of definitely So when they went to trial, Norma was acquitted of all charges and Mary was convicted of two counts of manslaughter. So I think it they say that normal was their normal. Had like eight brothers and sisters are some huge family and their whole family was there supporting her and she did a lot of crying on the stand and sang Mary. Did it Mary did it and Mary did the same thing or saying Norman did it, but all she had won, her lunatic mother, who is where,
a blonde wig and wood. It out so much and cry and do all these things. Her wig were to fall off and then get up and run out of the court room and then come back and so because of that month, husbands by proxy, like this was her drama sure she was basically you no say in the very slight chance that Mary wasn't guilty. She, condemning her anyway Libya has no one had sympathy for that family, whereas everyone is like. Oh this little, This has been set up by Mary, Bow yeah and then in this tabloids, Mary Bilbil, became the just the face of evil for years and years. They didn't have any more to put her because they didn't have they made I had to deal with, sending an eleven year old girl to jail. So there was like lots of places our duty for little boys, but for a little girl, so they had to keep her they kept her. Like a separate quarters in it in a boy
his detention centre for a long time until she was in her teens when she was entertained, she escaped jail for a little while the two other boys, but then they, then they were only for two weeks and then they went back. She spent up until her lake. I can't find it now. I think it was like in her mid twenties in jail and then, when she got out all of England was like free. And they were super pest. She made money off, look that someone wrote about her again. They were like. We need to pass laws whatever theirs. Really good movie about adult Mary Bell still In the prison system, in about to get out that stars, Emily Watson and Jim that amazing british actor so good in it, but I'll find the name of it? But it's
so good? I would recommend its anybody, but it is it's the it's a dramatic version com. I don't I'm not sure I think is made for tv in England here, so it but Emily Watson is the star. So if you look up at Mary Bell, Emily Watson you'll find I put a photo of an honest around yeah. I can look it up right now, but it's it worth watching because their very empathy to her and even though she's like criminal behaviour, they they really a tribute. All of that they tribute of the killings to her abusive, terrible childhood. But I don't know the things those things of like it's one thing.
Play stories of like the stuff she'd say to the cops cuz she would say stuff. Like. Are you going to charge me like she? If she had a lot of very adult vocabulary about being in jail and being arrested, you know, probably because of her parents but she got out and then, where is she and becoming a grandmother like a mother and grandmother. She got pregnant. I dont She got married and then shoes. I had to change your name. There was passing thing where they kept yes, she's she now lives under pseudonym ray they, like the british people, wanted that repealed. Wanted to make her live as herself, but they they. Whenever you dick continue. The ruling that shit, live under a pseudonym for the rest of her life. I wonder for family even knows Imagine find, finally when you're grandma dies and then you go on her staff and find her fuckin.
Firstly, they must know right. Me. I bet my now allowed to tell them. I don't know what you want to know. If someone in my family was a murderer of your mom had been a murderer. Yes, I mean If me right now, yes, yeah. That would be Think I wanted to find out If my grandma had been a murderer. Now I don't think I know you would not cause you just wanted. Keep her as you know her now. I hear that make sense, especially especially at that age. I ve been made me so sad for her
You know that there are no less. I can't find the serving manicure. Tell me more sorry. Now! That's all I have and cry that's a good one. She's a good one she's a good one. Also, I have this very bad habit were once actual Murder is over whom I know. People like that facts, and so that puts on wrapping up to clear- Then we don't care about you and hundreds, and we don't. And I just wanted to talk about child murders. Child is insanity now, if you were like hiking through the forest next to that empty lot, and you fuckin looked over, that is the most upsetting and saw the kid King Kaliko, little girls strangling a three year old, it's insanity? I just don't think that they have the capacity to understand what the do like with like when she said the thing about the cat, it doesn't hurt.
Yes, I don't think she understood understood other people and partly be Probably she was sick of it. Probably also the issues the young to know the permanence of death yeah, for a year. Those are big. Those are big concepts. And but also if she was a true psychopath, which the doctors in the in the trial said she was a child like about that's very dangerous to other children, but that mean that she doesn't have any empathy. So, of course it is, she wouldn't think it would hurt the cat, because she doesn't think of anything else, is having emotions and yeah. What's it those two kids who kidnapped a little younger a toddler from the mall, a mall in England Moser those boys otherwise the I killed him through the weirdest part of that whole story, which are I'll never do, because everyone funny knows that I just dont Bulger was assessing vulgar anyways. They showed a battery up his but an
If such a signal that they didn't understand, they were trying to get him to work. Again. Oh, he was dead when they did that and to me it's like could be completely wrong. They're decides theories, our that's interesting management, optimizing, haven't being horrible and will also they could be that could have like they could be in making what was happening to one of those. That total it, but a battery. Specifically it's almost a little toy. Yes, I did. I wondered how it is on a like a doll there. Yet those kids arch are also second change. Their names now really here. Is there and living act as it happens along and I mean in this movie in the Mirabelle movie. It is very convincing of lake is something she did it a damage, damage, child and now she's. Don't let her have a life she's and the price for being in jail for twenty five years or whatever it is yeah, but about the people who don't argue that if the parents
families at the two guys got caught in our like now? She's often having a life and now she's a grandmother, and they don't have anything near nine, it's rough. It's crazy. What's your favorite, my high mine is also a tie, your mark. Is it really Amazon episode for parents? It is very weird it's crazy, very weird, but this is this is by this is apparent, a parental murder. And this one stuck with me for has stuck with me. I've read about for a long time because there's a photograph of the little girl who gets killed, oh here Oh using that child is murder, child gotta got out ardor, yes got. It so there's a photo of the little girl the day before her death. That really fuckin stuck with me. I hope that hear that yet
It sounds like thunder. My fucking downstairs neighbour plays some video game world, of course. I'll! Do anything yes, quality, and it just says you hear that attacked so least Steinberg poorly angel baby the my eyes heartbreak is, is the worst story. Ok, sorry You're right, I'm breathing knock some, so it's in eighteen. Eighty one, forty five, had a new spawn and forty twelve Jaw Steinberg, who was a defence Turning to sometimes handled adoption cases store was they took? city of an infant girl named that they need and they illegally adopted her the child's birth mother had paid Steinberg, they attorney a five hundred. Our legal feed a place, the child with a roman catholic family, but they just kept her. Instead, they are jewish and dumping that matters, but they buy one hour.
So this had an Joel were a well educated. There were epoch upper class, New York CUP they live in Greenwich Village in New York City at school leases. Teachers said she was bright and friendly, but they worried her writing at school at bruises and chunks of hair missing from her head, and she would tell them that her a little brother who was also hunger. I was adopted. Child had hit her none of them had ever made reply of abuse which changed Stephanie system. So there's a phone. From Halloween the day before this big incident, happens that one of the teachers took of LISA and all their fellows of her. She smiling and cute and lovely. Are you looking at arena? No, have you computer already there? What are you looking ass? I was starting to move sorry sorry, sir. That's over internet. Just a photo of her at her desk. It's Halloween all your children dressed up in sheep
he's wearing her now, clothes and she's just kind of staring off, and as this with this face like an empty sad face the next day Amber first night, you nine seven had the mother calls the police to report that her daughter had choked onset. That's what she said: and when the police arrived, they found six zero LISA Steinberg unconscious. And she had multiple bruises on her body and the mother. Had I claim that she had fallen a lot lately on her roller skates. But LISA was nude and have according to the examiners statements at hospital huge, a huge rise if a bruise on her scalp starting at the hairline bruises What's it look like someone had sought her on the chin, The old healing marks, indifferent of different colors virtually every other part of her body arming, I know,
and the little brother who I think was a tall. A baby was down the to a chair. He was right. Spoiled milk Animas curtain fell. This is an upper middle like upper Class, Greenwich Village Apartment, so fucking neighbors had to know about this So, according to national reports, on November First at around seven p M, Joel Steinberg had somehow run LISA Unconscious with Sue air blows to the head. And will have a later said, as the reasoning, as that LISA wanted to put LISA to go to dinner with her father, but he did not want to take her and then he inflicted. Had injury because she went bugging you about one to go to dinner before I left but before, he left the apartment, LISA wasn't conscious, so
he laughed and the mother had a was alone with the kid who is dying for roughly ten hours to notify police or medical personnel. Joel After came back many times, they were free basin, cocaine, sometimes together, because they were also like we are drug, attics, yeah and, she says she didn't, they had said. She didn't call authorities because she believed that jaw had supernatural healing power and she was waiting for him to come home and fix her, which will get it. Don't you drugs? If you're gonna do drugs, don't adopt children, stupid, mother, Knocker down so around, six a m the next morning, LISA stopped breathing and shortly after Steinberg called nine one when it new swamps, urging
LISA died for days later in the hospital, and it was a terminal determine the cause of death. Was a head injury apparently inflicted by what they say with a rubber headed hammer holy I now it's heartbreaking The same Vincent doctors is according to choice Johnson who wrote a book called what LISA knew the doktor showed a quote: map of pain on her body now Was poor little thing man I wish I wish. I they also reality and the house was filthy and contain large quantities of cocaine, other drugs, and the couple was I sit on child abuse, charges, New York law states. At the time of one parent beats a child and the other stay silent about it. Each is equally guilty by halves. Good, I know, but had, I was late, I mean. Is it because that giving any understanding to the two
the other parent you didn't do it, who was probably abused as well and victimize it in future. We don't up, but here's that be here's that if so, how was it found to have been abused by jaw throughout the relationship she's, from nine broken, ribs a broken jaw and a broken knows, and if you look at photos of her at this trial and right after this happen, this person is fucking disfigured. Yes, like this persons that she had to get a cartilage from her quote, good ear, taken out to reconstruct her nose, which had collapsed the seed punched or some other time, so she wasn't prosecuted due to the belief that years of a blue abuse had rendered her incompetent at the time of the murder, and instead It makes sense, yeah yeah, let's we'll talk about. Second, comparability man. Instead, she was sent a psychiatric hospital when the
upset that when they open when she opened the door to let them in when we to help LISA, she had at that moment two black eyes split lip the bridge of her nose was gone and shards of bony cartilage warp protruded out of her nose. Should a bandage wrapped around her for gray hair to hide spots where clumps had been torn out, She was hunched and moved painfully like an old woman, my guy now in exchange. Her testimony against straw hat was not prosecuted and John was charged with first degree, manslaughter so the trial I had my out. Why not murder? I mean ok. We owe you know why, because later it was said that, if had, I had called the ambulance
a moment. Lisa survive for sure. So soon It wasn't his intent to murder rare when he did kill her right, Jesus Christ, Breathing breathing breathing breathing what it right now, C4 safe on green wall or here in twenty sixteen, and not in eighty New York in this horrible apartment. Whether you feel under your hand where you just remembered as you are talking describing her appearance. There was an amazing article in open his magazine that she, I didn't know spam wrote. Will she wrote a book dish?
yeah. I bet that was just publicity then, and it was just an excerpt from the book was unbelievable. She wrote a book about. She does like talks about being abused, abusive relationships and she wrote a book about about it that I didn't really want to include, because I dont want like this about me. I am leg, but we, you know she wrote a book, it's just the side by side of her when she was young when she looked at him and when she was arrested. Is she looks like an old warrior and she was this just young New York, woman yeah when changes when she managed Irene. This is the problem I'm as I've never been nights. Our promises. Great I've, never been an abusive relationship before so I don't know that fuckin in the end that the the way you have to rational rationalizing in your head, because this person you care about
you know it's doing these things, and you want to believe that day that they have no control over that they're, not doing it on purpose that they would never hurt you. Otherwise, your fucking world is just shattered and that's right and on top that they're using stronger. Free basing at this point I mean free basin, cocaine is leg gear. Doing cry your ears, sack here, you're, a psychopath ok, and then there is also some weird like cold softening convincing her that she like mine games with her that she had been sleeping around and had been the ties and there were some very fact that Manga entered the schedule. So So our rights or the trial, so this is action, First trial which made new year which turn New York into the forty fourth state too. Our television cameras in the courtroom, o Helms Leah back and watch the able tuned in constantly for this head testified that there
clear signs of sexual abuse on LISA and nine eighty three when fully the two years old, but that she didn't nothing about it. She said that her disk became so LISA had spent three weeks with a long island couple that they had party with the couple party with Let us say, with this couple: Yeah, ok, go ahead. Tell you, though nothing I just I'm just got this. Is your writings taught me with its very upsetting and had a sad? I guess I wish during her diaper. I observe the bruise on her vagina, a large Bruce. A rational area was purplish black and blue. She said she didn't nothing and under cross examination, yet she said she did nothing about it because she took it to Joe and thought he would handle it I haven't, I have everyone. Is it listening and ass? It did happen tat and
everything that when she had a quota that when he hit her and at least one she when unconscious, he else too had a look at what you made me do ah well during the trial that They said that leases injuries were severe, but she would have almost certainly survived if given prompt medical treatment, since is partly. Why had manslaughter so. The jury wanted to convicts Steinberg on the more serious charge of secondary murderer, but they couldn't has sitting could can only convict him of the of the second the second most serious charge, which is first degree manslaughter, so the judge then sent him to them. Excellent Panthers penalty available. Guess guess what this alignment? God is it seven years sate and one third to twenty five years in prison, and he's a lawyer right, yeah,
on two occasions, so Simurg served his time on two occasions he was denied discretionary parole because he never expressed any remorse for the killing. He never said he was. He hit he was always an argument that wasn't. It all happened with Hadda yeah girl, but on June thirty of two thousand and bore he was paroled under the states quote good time bomb in it. He did good time. He was a good and may I congratulate regulations you people, he wasn't a good. You ve was of rotten father and husbands and seen no, it mandates the release of inmates who exhibit good behaviour on incarcerated after having served as little as two thirds of the maximum possible sentence, after his release, he moved to Harlem anymore. The construction industry continues to maintained his innocence. But there is really great near
in article where this journalist, I don't have. A name was like clearly like guys fellowship, he was interviewing his Turkey, whose, like just a second dick Lick mother Fucker scares me why now what why we as a fuck every five second wide extent is my skews. Make excuse me for that, and I declare mother fucker is lamentable more you. That's, as that was one step too far. Weirdly, that's something I say on the regular dick, like mother, Fucker learn it in the magazine article, if you like needles jaw and finally Steinberg finally admitted that he quote pushed his daughter. A little quote with the soft pad you know on your palm. He finally come a gay, then. Is a whole article. They were trying to the lawyer where it was they make it seem like Joe, was the victim of this like media,
slander to make you look innocent, hamlet guilty and that's like just what a piece, a shit of shit that three Steinberg was ordered to pay leases. Biological mother, the one who gave her up for adoption. Fifteen million for the quote heinous outrageous crime of murdering LISA Y know little at like. Do you too earth that money no, but still I like the idea he has to pay and then but then a civil suit Hedda was one to collect three point: six million from Joel for eight years of beating she said she endured and the permanent disfigurement she has suffered, which at that I'm a little leg, we hear this. Child died. You need a walk. The fuck away yeah or am I being insensitive to I mean there's, there's a lot, there's a lot of ways. We can affect people in this here's. This is my stance because
I remain. Money is like wanting. Money is bullshit area because you I understand that she was an unbiased relationship. I also understand that she was a drug act, which is a lot people, don't have empathy for that ideal, and I understand that you go into a place that is inexplicable and indefensible a lot of the time. Yes, you don't, as for money for doing that, you make reparations, you fix your life, you you're a man's you clear way. The wreckage year passed you don't ask to be paid for the thing you fucked up everything, it is like the E. U earn adults in this relationship as mine. As you were as a victim says, you were you stayed in it. You chose to stand it and how this awful thing happened. Haven't happened? You would have stayed in it the children would have still been abused. It's just
happens that that LISA died, that that you got out of it. And stir so many examples, I'm sure listeners to who figured out a way to get out of abuse of relationships and how fucking difficult it is an awful it is, but you fucking and that's your choice as an adult right. So the fact that woman who had a choice to be in this relationship. Then, after a while wants money didn't yeah, the money part is problematic because its she is a victim in a lot of ways, but she's also victimize are here, and there were two. Children and a apartment I remember reading something where they usually kept the little boy under a flip over crib, so like little jail that that's how they kept him. Ok, I mean yeah, it's just so fucked up it's like I I actually, when that all happens, I read.
Everything I could read about it because I couldn't believe when it had oh yeah, when it happened, size Prob, like twelve or thirteen. I guess I got my hands on anything because it was being on these warrant, like people that you normally saw on tv with, were the bad guys. These were upscale new Yorkers whose lives head spiraled because of drugs, but they didn't spiral I go now or homeless. Oh now, it's all on us whereby they they mean These children live in hell and they killed these children. Essentially am I mean I'm not fucking defend drug addicts, which we both and so it's not like I'm fuckin talking shit but like not all not all drug attics abuse children, no, that's like something he would do before you do. Drugs to it's not like that's right, took drugs and became, The are, but I do remember, reading something I hadn't that in article I read it of that was probably an expert. Europe from headedness bombs book I'm talking about.
What an insane control free from day one he was and Awful he wasn't whatever it is. You got into it like it. It's you, could see it. You can see where she got led down that path, but yeah. The idea that she's gonna get any amount of money like the idea that she would even ask for that money. I just think, as Super grows city asking for that immediately puts her and an unsympathetic live I mean from a distance all also there was an episode does, were you you're, probably two young there's a show called the equalizer when I was growing and it was basically they remain into movie with Denzil, but when I was growing up, it was an old. It haired man that would that was basically like some kind Cia, whatever? Who would get hired when things were
Will you bad and there's no cops, couldn't help and no one could help that's when you call the equalizer. I know that you know about the the opening credits for the equal eyes are alone are worthwhile. May I love it, but there was an there was an episode of the Equalizer ass This story came out, so fucking upset because it was a little girl, father was this backing abuse of maniac, but the parents want, like coke heads. They were like crazy rich. And it was this father that would like NATO had to sit at the table and it was really really really upsetting and it ends Theoretically, was it like kind of like a reaction of like it was one of those ripped from the headlines yelling behind it? That's what it's like day today in reality yeah and by
the end. I think this little girl that the equalizer was trying to help I'm talking about this like it's real, but anyway it was just that kind of thing. That was very. It pervaded the culture that story, people went in saying that story and I was totally remember at it so troubling and that the I think Ike find it, but I'm I wanted. I want to see the laws that were changed because of this, because I I remember reading at some point that there was like a you must, if you sister abuse, especially with teachers. I think you have to report it they're big there there's some kind of law came about because of that couldn't find anything. Will the idea that the doktor who sang her body was a map of pain and then the teachers I gave we saw that later like, we never saw science, they saw it. Also the idea that abusing a two year old is so fuck. Disgusting, like what, when
had I found that the sexual abuse, like you think about that of like who were those fucking people who what was wrong with her. That she didn't. This was, mother that she didn't immediately think to herself. My child is the important part yeah yeah, you take her to one hospital to get treatment for any of these things and that an investigation is gonna start like ray you You know he left for dinner and was gone four hours and you were with her for ten hours and never a moment crash, your mind to go, go across the All do your neighbors and hand you'd go call! You want to comment on one yourself at lake, but I there was stories about the fact that she never left that apartment ray she did not leave it rare and she didn't work nor close is always pyjamas right, I mean yeah. I will you remind me of this crime,
absolutely have to read a book on it now because I remember like I have everything is now, while the sky from New York magazine article says that there are that the book by Joyce on so called what LISA Nea was really good. Ok, so maybe we should all three that yes, let's do that. I did you finish the TED Bundy bucket. I'm, like I think, I've three chapters, laughter gee I recently was reading. There is a right. It am I that someone posted on the facebook page and they have the psychologist in the prison? Who, who was the first psychologists like discuss, talk up with TED Bundy TED Bundy called him the first time he escaped offer pathos like hey like and so that you can ask anything wasn't like super in depth and gray, but whose cause aren't you was it
not the one that got recorded as it there's a video of him talk to a guy. Now he had got recorder, Baden, poster audio video, yeah, ok, there's a video of TED Bundy being interviewed that I can't watch. Try to watch it, and I dont want to watch him sit. Calmly and discuss himself like he's a star pisses me off. You talk about here, think he's being interviewed by a cop, oh my god, but I, but I'm not sure I can't wait till it. I've never watched and she get a special and we both talk about TED Bundy. Let's. Do that again, like split it up in the parts of the world That is why this like weird Playboy photo of him or he's like half naked uneasiness like naked on a barrel kind of thing: oh yeah, posing what the fuck are you staying sexy as fuck. He TED Bundy is ridiculous.
This, the way that story is written and the fact that an rule as a writer and as a crime person herself, there at that. It's the craziest coincidence or you know, like happenstance or whatever fate, whatever you wanna call em. It's amazing. And it's such a good book. It's so readable here, while this was Fuckin party of party of Non line was sad child murder, so yeah. Sorry Elvis guys. This an ogre we're on Twitter were on Instagram worm, Facebook. You we have emails, we ah
we need a new another. Many and read a bunch of their own, Rita, bunches, hometown murder. Does it doesn't make me cry and integral therapy more the heritage? There's just so many it just keeps coming. That's the thing. Is we really? We re daggers holds a real hole by getting into this topic, because it's it's all we do. I know Although we talk about I'm talk like it really makes me feel better than I have a point in reading about all these murders and set it just doing it. I did before yeah that's very, to examine a red. It either way right, but there are some that that you now just affecting more like properly for a lot of people. Child murders, yeah, but, oh thinking we love you guys, and we appreciate listening and mutual friend about this yeah. Many. If, if nothing else, just stay Saxon. Get murdered, k elder
the running me out. Things are lessened by me.
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