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27 - Your Hometown Murder Email Round-Up

2016-07-28 | 🔗

In a very special episode, Karen & Georgia share just a few of the hundreds of listener hometown murders that have been sent to us.

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This is exactly right: Erin, yes, Georgia, rhythm section is a female led female made action. Thriller starring Blake, lively and fearless role as Stephanie Patrick than ordinary woman, who must navigated dangerous new world when she assumed the identity of a spider S. Film is a greedy and suspense full story of female empowerment, as Stephanie Survival hinges on her intense determination and ability to fight through her weakness, directed by Red Morocco and also starring dude law and Sterling K Brown. The rhythm section isn't theorist January thirty, first goodbye,
we're! On hi. Welcome to my favorite murder. That's Karen must start over. I hate, but we're leaving a man. But let's say: let's start out: ok Let's start over. A welcome to my very welcome. My that levels of bad. It's uh, it's so uncomfortable to start a pocket. I think anyone listening understands that yeah it's uncomfortable to ten while you're sitting in your friends apartment. You suddenly have some kind of official. Re like its blessed
If we're on the radio will you- and I have been talking- pretty mellow, Malawi and ILO Manner, eighteen minutes and then suddenly break in face to face into like news, castor voices, weird hate, Georgia once girl? Are you what's your murderous day them like my day, has been murdered, Alicia and then I just throw myself. About balcony? Let's start over its welcome to my favorite murder, the podcast that answers the question. Should you talk about murders, the answer? no, we already know that by yet they do it. Anyway, I'm going to kick off with my favorite the reason I'm doing this? Podcast corrections corner
and what is it this week, a british correction as it is everywhere every week we just get something wrong. I think there's something in me and I'm willing to process this on on the podcast and talk through on the podcast theirs something in me that wants to be a british experts at expert of all. His England, although I do not know anything anything about being achieved. Old of irish immigrants that doesn't give a fuck what you get wrong. I mean there's something about being the child of Irish him. The grandchild of I re irish immigrants that makes me have a healthy disrespect for everyone, but especially the british, but I think there's also a weird kind of I like it so funny to me when people. Go on to any number of social media platforms that are made. Murder based and say:
if you liked Marcella you're, going to love Broadchurch and I want to be like. Are you fucking kidding me to watch that ship ii it came out? It is really weird when someone's like. Oh my god, have you guys seen and then it's like. Their case. Yes, like word, we absolutely have to do ass. He do Dear Zachary, like Org, there's like some basic lines. I think it's just people new to this one, although I think its people and get excited they see something, get excited. I want to make sure we ve seen it and I want to be alone. I don't want to know where it begs the question: are you knew what the fuck are you talking about new yeah seen in its British if it's gotta alike oh rugged, handsome lady in charge. The ship has gone through some shit, but also solve murder. I've seen it. They only have batons iranian have guns, which is always so where to me to see that they have. They have the language they have their wit and then they,
some sticks. They d stick work. I need you to talk me through something, so I watch too. We have to do my correction. Oh please go. I said that faggot rights was was not the derogatory term for a gay person in England, but it was cigarettes. A fag is: where is something they do say slang, but someone promptly from England, How does it was like not sure what you're talking about or why, which is a great Pino question opposed, but there it absolutely sentiment is what Mary Bell was saying when she wrote that
feeding on the walls, corrections corner wrong again, someone needs to please take that clip right there and re mix it into a neck in an m d are what are called the alarm at the lecture on a dance as Emma S with the one. That's when you go to sleep too, in what's the one you dance on Mars, going to sleep and eighty m area, what you stay up all night side promise you if we ask nicely someone's gonna, make and and Mass Amar advertisement of that. Good luck that that's your challenge to combine the both good luck. You just murdered my toe. What were you going to say? I was going to say that I watched you episodes of Marcelo You don't like it One of them is wrong. I don't know it's. No, no, I'm laughing is the people on the show say Marcela right, that's one of the things about it as its like she keeps getting them. Yet I wasn't. No. You did not,
I need you to talk me through it if you don't like you, I like it, I just Jim. I thought she wasn't. Really it wasn't believable to me that she was so crazy? Can it give anything away? It's this british. Procedural cry. Drama near we ve about a I know, but may be someone's new here. No children are usually are you. Where are you? Are you knew I mean I don't know I just liked it, but a budding. Also. I really do like I'm as long as its new and british. You specifically like those. I really do already think they do crime procedural, great idea, I I am less interests TED you don't like drama per se, slow
beyond their variously like slow, and I dont like. I can understand your acts, I'm half the time, so I M not following and also your driving on the wrong side of the road. Oh, my god, and why you drinking tea like seven times a day? In addition, what the fuck let's bowed and never do those voices again. I can never, except for a real voices which sound What like temperature, which we know to admit actually is Alex, sounds kind of its. I will recommend this, although it is off topic of the direct murdered. I back. I've been watching stranger things about his memory. It up really love it to us. Then love us all good, love it and as a person who grew up in the eighties, like those houses, it's a new flick series. If you haven't seen a called strange things, it's very popular people are living at one hour. Writer are very proud, hometown girl when on a writer- and it's so good, she's great, it's really fun, but that
the french Barb, the first the main girls friend barred from soul and God Barbie Oda. As far as the best and barbed hair, glasses and close to person today, you're like what the fuck that's exactly what everyone He looked like she could not be more on point. The on point is point four in the eighties young girls dressed like they were doing middle age secretary cause plague and dont know why didn't have a choice has had the divorced mother? three Cosmo my friend, Heidi Lily. God rest her soul had a pair of gloves. Says that were tinted pink on the bottom and blew on the top seventh grade, so it looks like she was wearing blush and I shot out, and I was obsessed with them. You know what's so. Where does he can tell? You can tell how they got hot, You know I mean like you, can tell how then later in May. These early mind is maybe in their early forties, they suddenly got super hot yeah, but they
but then they show the dude that, their dating or delay their dating their photo from high school. In your like what the fuck yeah, but I didn't I do want her clothes that's my style. Yes, there is a nice high neck like a ruffle neck collars, blouse made it polyester. There were a lot of like matching vests failed area earlier eighty, they look like they have too many layers on yes, anyway, there are tons of learned, shows great. It's a great show, watch that and I'm sure, there's somebody out there, that's farts halting and on your daily at all, a short good fares. Fair play. I don't think it's fair. I think it's unfair that we can. We can talk about it and I'm like super excited about it and other people are like I'm too. I finished it and I have some questions about. Like you know like This who's that what happened here? What happened there, because haven't finish it yeah yeah, the kid without teeth area him he's he's a spin off in and of himself. Oh, my god he's a great actor You know what I love about. That is the opening cravats. Yes,
could not be more obvious there so dead on their. So not insult mystery is because the other one, though like imaginary stories or someone's yelling at home in their yeah. What it's not it was like. Creepy story is knock tales from there. Now. But it was like that city story. Creepy stories are now anyway, it's great. Let's start search by gas. All you know we're gonna do this week. Erika skippers combat very special episode, plays a very special episode because we have a gmail inbox. Filled with hundreds of hometown murders. I hundreds hundreds hundreds so We decided we're gonna dig in as we have been promising to do for a long time and just start reading some of them. So this is a long form, hometown, murder episode and its
because there's a lot of good murders and there you were just gonna you're, just gonna get a bunch of many yeah at once: fair buck. The end we absolutely didn't tax each other this morning and say I can't I don't have I have to find a murderer yet do this homework. I have a job today for one day of my life, it's a hundred agrees outside its. I can't be expected to look on Wikipedia minute finer, her. Oh no. What about all the people who are finding us- and this is our first episode- they, this guy's, hang in there don't give up stuff in the beginning. Yes, servant, beginning in them, but let the love build a little bit here for you get to this kind of work, episode, twenty seven twenty cents When I was twenty six execs yeah, that's right! Twenties. Weird weird. I like He always know what episode, how many episodes we ve done based on just because that's what we call them. The other three so I
I got a bunch, so people people whose the broadcast from the beginning. Dont know: Then we didn't have a my favorite murder gmail, then re so they send unto my email address, so you don't see them. Oh, ok, you desire private hometown Maria that they are not deep into the bog ass when they send that send them to my account, but I also had them from you absorbed. Ok, I like it I like to have secret. You know that I only we love secrets. He loves you. Why don't? You start somebody said for countries like I love the way you guys don't know whose to go near so off every we. Yet when I'm like it's all, aren't you really are either we're. Never ray you're, never write guys. Much as we love doing this podcast, it's not like what, interested, and there was a great there- was a rolling stone article. Thank you very much for those that said like they're, not
on facts Thursday or they say themselves, there's a reason there in the comedy category year. But hey guess what rolling stone you can you can you throw stones, a glass houses. All you want, but you spelled my name right at the top of the article in misspelled it in the middle. So guess what you can get focus our efforts that the least we were way off when we started this podcast by two people who are very complicated for some reason: classes yes, very compound allowances, fuckin words that everyone uses and regular goddamn bases, and yet they just don't go next to each other. According to everyone, the fucking world- and I understand mine, are the combinations of ours. Yeah. There's it's a question that no one's ever gonna see at once, and he read it like. That's that's how you read it it well, if your copy editor- and you check it once more, better get the second. Why never got, however, by rolling stock I mean that's called biting Mohammed feeds you asshole,
this is in fact that double my first hometown murder is from someone named Charlotte and she says I Georgian Karen. I absolutely love the show. I have told my sister about your podcast and she is now a huge fan. Also few. Thank you. If you have a sister- and you haven't told her yellow come on, It will bring you those together young, instead of being mattered, her for throwing a barbie at your head when your sex Lee Lee Hard STAR, we heard stark that's going out to you then having sign in. Of being mounted her for us
or chasing you down the hallway and beating you with a brush, Laura Gara, all my life vision and our sisters through an episode when one week my sister does not listen to this and every time she's like people telling me like she went to her high school reunion. Just like overheads people tell me they, like your podcast, but I dont even understand what you're doing like she brings a level of disdained to everything they can't. If your family can't watch it on tv and see your name on television, they don't think you're succeeding. Daphne and it doesn't count now all men over you guys who listened and love outlawing Skype or listen and judge I'll. Take anything with eleven judge same thing. What am I right? So she said many of the things you say our thoughts I have, but nobody but noble It's really tell them to yeah that would understand in parentheses. So when I first monsieur podcast, I was like mine. There are others out there. That's exactly right, Charlotte, I grew up in.
Small town of about forty, two hundred south of Kansas City Missouri, my sister, baby sat for a wonderful family and when she went to college I then filled in for her, so This would have been in nineteen, thirty, nine or nineteen eighty. I was thirteen or fourteen years old. She, play stranger things, that's her jam for sure. Sometimes my mom would come over and visit. While I was babysitting just swing by and say, hi chat for a bit this particular and my mom came over and by the time she left to go home, it was a dark. Around thirty or so I thought I heard our door and thinking it was the couple was baby sitting for. I went and turned the front porch light on for them. They come in, and so I thought. Okay, I guess I was just another car in the neighborhood. It was around one thousand one hundred and thirty or twelve when they got home and the husband of the couple took me home I too am I dead. Now, that's scraping now that scraping around two, a m. My dad comes in my room and wake me up and says that there are two highway patrol officer
downstairs, and they want to talk to my face, what the that Georgia's eyes, are as wide as they paused and could be an she looks legitimately scarcely excited. My first I was on my guard. Something happened on one of the kids in their sleep or something like that. They told us that next door, neighbor while Mormon and then in parentheses. Is it ok give me my sight? Yes, because yes cause! This is now a case that extra ever LEO Mormon of the House. I was babysitting. She means next door to the how she was baby sitting at had just been made Third in his house the same time I was baby sitting next store. I wasn't a card or an ass If I heard her saw anything strange come to find out. The man Lyle had just been on a cruise and stopped by a bar casino or something and picked up a guy and brought him home. Sorry trying to type this with two cats prince he protected for
MIKE yeah right way. Doesn't anyway, this guy stab Lyle, killing him and probably robbed him, and they think he left around the ten thirty. At a time when I heard the car door thinking, it was the couple I was baby sitting for when I turned the front lie all I'm really glad I didn't go outside and see if it was a cop or not- and I was just so thankful. My mom hadn't run into the crazy guy when she went out to her car and let the kid Ok, that was so sad to hear loud and murdered. I think they ended up catching the guy, but if you, Sir, LEO Mormon Butler Missouri. The story should pop up that's an murders NAM. Wait no heat. I got here the dictum anyway, that's what it sounds like a victim and then she's got a second one. You want me to read it. I dont yes, other quick story, my husband at the time- and I am
my daughter lived out in the country and an old house in an area where a battle occurred during the civil war time and husband work night. So let me down to sleep with me. In the middle of the night I hear one of her music boxes, fucking playing that oh she wrote. Fucking playing. I it have played long enough that it woke me up and I was pretty heavy sleeper back them. I'm the thing out but laid really still in case it was someone robbing ass or something, but then I thought I would somebody wind up a music box a minute or two later I hear some. Fall on the ground in the other room. I lay awake forever, didn't want to leave my daughter alone in bed and had my hand on this heavy lamp in case I needed it to protect me and she with it next morning I slowly walk into the next room where there is just a start: coat rack that at a shelf above it that I'd books heavy flower upon it. The books were on the ground, the flower what was still on the show. There wasn't any way the cat could have gotten on the shelf. Then I go. My daughter's bedroom and see where her music boxes were there
all on a shelf that one along one wall and the shelf was: up near the ceiling in adult could reach it with a chair, but she couldn't. Breached it and haven't played with them in forever. Then we find The piece of raw chicken on a paper played on the kitchen counter and none put a dire. Now, I'm going to say ghost a friend build a house down the road years later and said they were in their living room one evening. Old woman who is sitting here right now, two Erika I Karen was no knowing you. No doubt the area is haunted raw chicken. Now, that's like that suddenly took a turn for the rod. Chicken is yeah, I'm not Maybe it was a cat, Maybe there's a really really really smart cabinet loved me. As you know, we're going out She just ended by saying last crazy thing. If you, Google people on the eighteenth, hundreds posing with dead bodies, only shit, that's fucked up anyway,
take her stay say safe thanks for letting me share Charlotte she's, good good job, Charlotte's tat. I will tell you so I told her noble even goes as they exist. Fine, I can argue it, but when I was, What a kid I was in bed I had insomnia was like. I woke up like three in the morning I was lying. There are bad and I saw, and we had like, we had like a closet that on roller doors, yes than one just opened one of costs, and while you are lying there looking at and I wouldn't have cats yet my parents were still married. That wasn't a thing ass so, like I just got all the courage of my life and ran to my parents. Room I totally sobbing. I saw it open. Oh my god, Did I tell you the story about when my sister and I both heard breathing outside it was summer, was like hot, like it is right now, and so my sister I both had our windows open in our rooms and our rooms. The hallway went down in an l shapes like my room, my sister's room. It turned
after my parents, like the master bedroom as the end of that and my sister german directly across from my parents, I'm lying in my bed, my sister's lying in her bed everybody's asleep, at the lights de la my parents room and we here footsteps, hand, bark outside of our windows and heavy. Breathing like an footsteps, like slow footsteps, I'm laying their. I freeze its the scariest thing, like all the hair on the back of my neck goes out and I'm laying down unlike can't be hearing as I'm probably asleep, and then I see my sister bolt process till I doorway into my pay. Sure, like really fast on my five and so I get up and running, and my sister there's nobody outside there's somebody in the timber like in and that there is Oh it's that stuff. That would shit. Let's make logic, welsh, mulch, mulch, yes, but it's been
and its dry, so they re use it like I'm playgrounds alone here, yeah. If you walk through it, it is a crunchy sound and that's like all the. Although the landscaping in front of our windows was all that tanbark and hedges, only not so my dad pulls open. The nightstand drawer pulls out a switch, blade had flicks it open earlier. I'd never seen that knife before I had never seen him open that I'd need never talked about waiting for this operation and he was like you know those outside its a golden retriever not expecting having for either it was. Scary is a minute turn out to be it likes or some neighbours, a golden mature, just Luanda football. It was late. There was like the dog that is the nice historic and it was an old, slow, hot bummed out. Golden retriever. Aim. Sorry, sorry
dad and could do endured so you'd and slippers sorrowed outcome with a knife to teach him. Unless I look don't come around our property I was amazed. Ok now you that I must starts. I meant it. Here's another demonstrate a minister mellow to keep you fuckers just sit around because sometimes I'll be out like to these podcast cyclists inertia, economic Alice can be boring and, Graham you to listen to you guys, talk re. So, I'm gonna go slow, so it's your starting you're in fear. People think it's boring or starting mellow sets, one if you want to catch him in there. All good, ok are ominous. Unless Turkey, I am not questioning you, I'm just clarify you are, you are correct, caused by just one of its correct says: Samantha M says so one of the creepy as hometown murder stories at first it never occurred to me. Then I remembered this horrible quadruped.
Murder that happened, while growing up I went to elements and what elements we drew near and high school. With these identical twins, who you are a raid older than me ass? I never had a class with them, but it wouldn't have met anyway, they didn't associate with any one from school, didn't go to parties, roaring, allowed to go to dances and didn't even speak to anyone besides each other, the eight lunch alone at a table to themselves identical to an identical twins. All they were of middle eastern descent, so I assume their parents were simply strict. The odd thing about them, however, is that they dressed in this. As in camps I and to call for every single day the entire time I knew them this beginning from current garden, graduation, and when I identical, I mean everything from their hair birds to their watches. Socks and shoes match never missed a day. We this is going, it was a golden retriever.
They were both rich you, no golden retrievers love to match is tool which we really on each other shoulders and within Turkish go anyway, as we all graduated never saw him again. Their parents were very wealthy. They lived in this gave a community of in the mentions of sand Clemente can anyone from very rich people where their moms best friend I actually, where my his best friend lives. I actually did my pictures from my wedding and got ready at her house, the moms house, because it so beautiful, overlooks the ocean. The girls were still living at home and attending college. When this happened, family whose approach police saying that they hadn't heard from the girls and their parents for awhile, and it was an unusual replaced. It apparent perimeter search and stated. That may They had gonna vacation neurons, protocol. They were not allowed to break, and yet the next week the family pasture, the police, against set as stating that this was highly unusual for them not to let any one know they had left. I believe,
it was two or more parameter checks before police finally broke and at which time the smallest so bad and they had to happen come in with scuba masks. Oh no, the bodies were so badly decomposed. It took a well defined the cause of death, but they were able to determine that the entire family was wearing black, no, the struggle was present, the girls were lying next to each other in bed. The grandmother was on a lounge chair, and the parents for in their eyes it eventually determine the girls and grandmother died and prescription drug overdose, and the parents went in the closet with our mother shot the husband where the mother shot the husband and then killed herself. The whole thing with super creepy and made me realize how you never really know what goes on in a person's life behind closed doors. I feel bad for what kind of I have since girls must have had, in spite of their outward facade of money and privilege
dear more of you guys all these Samantha, that's so sad, Manta, that's intense, although I have to say I under and when she means by saying you never know what goes on behind bars, but I think you a slight indicated with people who addressed exactly like each other from kindergarten tight through high school and if I had twins, one ever had to switch be shaved, their entire life than the other way than we have cut their hair. That's a good idea, re, maybe you're a girl, and then they got psychologically. We find out If you scar them early, nothing else can hurt that might cause. They don't know any different scarred its it was like a mini. Heavens gate. Yeah, that's so intense. It is where you even you, think I think, a lot or think back to kids. I went to Elementary school F and I'm like
I bet you had some fact bike. Airship was real fact and huge. I just thank God that I was so ignorant yeah ten just I thought bull back then. But everyone had the life I had. I remember asking my teacher are. ELM leisure, who is my grammar school teacher of environmentally friendly? I sheep made a bed. One night when she was over having with my parents and, I wanted her to come and tell me in, and so she said you like she ask me, if I had any question h, I could ass. She told me I could ask or anything you didn't ask me with me: she did it analogue, aiming at I asked her. I said, there's a little girl. My class was to say her name was Sarah Jane, and I said why is Sarah Jane's face always dirty
I was saying it like cause. I, but you know he has given us an answer and she said because she doesn't have anybody to clean up for her as a fourth greater. I just started crying and my bed. I had no idea I had no idea that anybody would live that way now and that That's how intensely privileged and like an oh shelter here s, another Robert, this kin, Michael, like everyone, may follow, because you smell bad nor the same clause of the time and now my all your mama's, a horror and couldn't powers like I clearly understand now that I wasn't second choice not to be like that and you got made fun of an that's. I hope he's ok! Well, that's! yet and kids don't have a choice like that's. That's the one good thing I always make jokes about like we need to bring bullying back, but I m totally joking that way that, like kids, don't kids get attack by other kids for
things that they that are not, therefore, gas and it really sucks gazettes, a thing there already suffering by yeah, I got it amounted to other people like as much as I wanted. As a nerd made fun of a lot like. Will I deflected my my shit making fun of other people were yeah. I was better than the popular kids. In front of me, like Then you shouldn't have apart gas will know. I was I same here and that's because its mob rules, you don't want to be the target you have to mix or someone else days the target. So it's not you. I wish- and I was like Matilda like those kids and movie, is really like. They stand up for four kids who are under to make friends with diamonds like now I've kind of DEC two I mean that's the majority of people I think we can do now- is to have a great podcast
it's the only if we cast in the world, ok care in Cuba Teresa sent us this. It says hello Ladys. I started listening. I very sibilant asses. I've noticed this lightly on the pot. Guy he's what you know where this is not clashes me talking in essence, are very sharp ass. It cause minor, saw soft, no, No, I think it's because my teeth or floating in moving around in my mouth, that's a creature there's some kind of like you anyway there's there's another weathering, Horner third level self consciousness. For sure that I need to get rid of cats who gives a fuck my end of the day, it's
soon. I ain't nobody unless it's just you and I and my asses hello ladys. I just started listening to your podcast this week and I haven't gotten all the way through the episodes yet so I hope this isn't a duplicate. So do I curled Clarissa anyway, I have not one but two hometown letter trio, the first one is just plain horrifying: it happened in a house that is almost directly across the street from me, and the killer was Megan Huntsmen she has been charged with killing and hiding sick, newborn babies in her garage far somehow, and I'm still trying to figure this out. She managed to hide seven per, currencies over a decade she never went to hospital? No one knew what was going on. Apparently she would give birth strangler suffocate the baby, rap bodies and garbage bags store the box in her garage. She left the corpses When she moved away the police found seven dead babies, but only six have been murdered. The last
was born stillborn. Her? Husband is the one who found the corpses of hidden limit. Note too he spent eight years in prison for drugs and when he got out here into the house to clear it out and get ready for the rent, get ready for rental, Nay said the garbage smelled. Rational horrible and had a friend couple clean out the garage terrific What were the smallest coming from what I get is the fact that he was there in the house with her during the times those babies were born, and so, the currently murdered or doesn't sound like you was if he was in jail in prison for eight years. The baby is where they Well, yeah I mean that might be wasted. Had to kill them, but Jesus Christ. He claims he had no idea, she was pregnant or had babies and the police decided not to charge with anything she fled.
Guilty to six counts of murder and has been sentenced to life in prison. She has three surviving children. Oh no! Oh that's! The scariest thing ever read intense therapy immediately pen claims she was too addicted to math I'll, take care of more isn't funny. How many like fuckin together p, are trying so hard to have a goddamn baby, says fuck and people who have math and kill the baby's. Oh you six honorof. Anyway, that's my hometown, murder story: european during that thanks Clarissa by I'm sorry IQ, Sinclair's, its Cerberus reassurance. So with an age was intense. That was crazy, also any whenever she didn't include to stress just one: that's that's enough for me, you sure yeah that was that was murders. Two murders will know anyone tried to hide their pregnancy. Now we What do I scope covering that one person got pregnant and she just carried
it had. We had everyone knew fucked up how are you I don't even now, will you know it's crazy? It's just that Maybe it's it's solely changing now, but like they'd, never I went to a Catholic high school, so you weren't, they weren't allowed to teach about birth control but of course kisser having sex. So the whole thing was, as it was getting away with the ultimate risk is what the kids, we're doing way. It wasn't me having sex as the ultimate was the risk of pregnancy like like, because you personally as a condom. You are no no, they did, but I mean I'm sure, there's some that probably convinced each other they didn't mean to earlier. There are a hundred percent you're the rhythm method mean like once once happen. Then, here then you're in that group words. It's like, I think, kids, those at least I think the lake, and maybe it is because I was so naive in didn't really know, is going on, but like that, that's rescue really you're bait maistly about
from a pariah. If you become a teen, mom gets I mean it I'm time. That's not my opinion, I'm saying that's how you and like in the eyes of your small town when over this is also, about so many things, Skinner my teeth or my Fuckin Parma jack that I didn't have a get brakemen as again like not a kid but yes image. As a young person, yeah yeah gonna my teeth or my woman is ruined either way with God bless America. Thank you got so, let's take another one right. This is from Leonard Leonard Supper, so my hometown murder story happen. In my high school days. I was coming home from a basketball practice later but then I normally one of em
They came to the corner. To walk to my block, I see. Half a dozen cop car surrounding my best friends, house lights are flashing everywhere and I see my friend in the back of of one car, his brother in law. Their car, a massive Amiens, coppers and, The stairs leading up to the house on the opposite corner of female body, not fucking, moving, I MIKE what the fuck is going on so later I come to find out that my friends do had eventually got evidently an argument without his wife and began all caps having her over and over. My friend was home and try to save her and fought off his father. I repeat, fought off. Father after stabbing his mother and he took off his car and escaped meanwhile, the mom is still lacking alive and gets out of the house and staggers the neighbor's house, but collapses before reaching the door and caps dies
but the neighbour states visa, so yeah overseen only time sing a dead body, not at a funeral. So my friend his brother, eventually get cleared and released, and the media picks up on the murder and calls him the killer dentist. And then he says guess what his job was then he's a fugitive for, like three or four days, said Data's bucking gone, then news breaks that he was found in the next stage over a committed suicide in a motel and left a note memory, his fancy, but he and his wife for separating- and he had been sleeping on the couch for some time and what I clearly remember That was me, my friend and his dad soon to be murdered. Martyr, or eating at fucking. Chile is like a week, therefore went down and to be a goddamn cliche. I honestly did not see it coming here. The nice guy, etc, exile, many roads at Europe's etc. So yeah friend and his brother moved to Florida to live with extended family and it's nearly a decade before they move back home. That story was
yet true feel free to check it out. Will you not influenced early two thousands letter and I believe you, I love to know what you guys, what you think, even if you don't read it on your show, exclamation right! Well, guess what Leonard! But if you do you gimme adds up. I am weird man. Listening to your old shows from episode, one on again thanks to reading and don't get murdered, wound Leonard Leonards a chile's whither! You wouldn't know eighty eight that weird well bloom and I mean is that their is bloomin on our backs takeovers, something I think it is a bit it could have been an awesome, blossoms and blossom wait. No that might be at our back is that our backyard I've had one of them at one of those places, but I can remember which one hour where let's do the thing member when we said that if we hit like whatever some some, like arbitrary number, we were gonna go either the stake house. Oh yeah, let's do next arbitrary number will go either that Chile's? Let's do that. We're not gonna do
Thus we can years why I used to love. Chile is because I think They are the ones that had key so outrageous like that and chinese eyesore cheese. It's not your genes, but it's like when they, belted and there's some meat in there and Chile's yeah in there, and I was a little bit spicy. Not the harassment. Give you chip through one thousand jobs. When I fucking when I get a cheese plate which is very often or guacamole, and they don't give you enough bread or chips. It's it's a fucking conspiracy, yeah, that's not call, also its bread like how examine how could it be here? It's gonna go bad tomorrow anyway, endured on their then than the nights. It can make it a little more bread in the waiters. Let me see what I can do. Glad. You owe me that favour yeah, then I'll, give you twenty six percent of the normal twenty three that, which is why I don't have by me. That's not sure, I'm on attention, I love it
its intense, I love when there's first person involvement India is. It just makes it exciting to me never see another one yeah we'll, because that reminds me be the dentist room. I me there is a couple ones. The killer just guessed what his voting I shouldn't fashion. One of us, oh, this is a good one. Ok, this is from Cody and the the title, the subject line as all the way from Australia out on their very sorry there currently high Ladys, hey Ladys. I love your progress in Australia during the sixtys we had a lot of child murders have really is legitimate with murders that just someone recently that was Australia like you, have a lot of great murders and they were like where nearly good bye, bye,
on the day Neil Armstrong took a step on the moon. Well, the tv aired a man walking on the moon could be a sound studio, could be real life, I'm not making any claims that this is not that bad gas awesome. The children, Shane Spiller, an Yvonne too. He went on a picnic. A man jumped out grab. Chewy Spiller was able to fight him off with a hatchet and run away to get help. When did you have a hatchet thereon, an ax picnic Emma He was able to describe the car ending naval sticker on the car. It was too late, though, as they had found. Who body horribly murdered there, then drove to the naval base with Spiller in the car and Spiller idead the car, the police, entered the naval base and found Derek Percy, literally red handed washing his bloody close. These guys,
to multiple child murders, and he is considered one of Australia's worst serial killers, Derek Percy, gotta. Look him up de our EAST Sea k any who fled, forward to two thousand to they live in thousands of kilometres away, whatever that means, without thousands of kilometres away, Spiller had been living close to my home in very small closeness community for ages, then and he then suddenly disappeared in two thousand to it- has not been heard men, and this is the witness that it's the survivor of those children fact yeah. I am, he probably just got discovered. There was like see later by Google Search, Derek Percy. He is linked to so many child murders. Most notably, he had a note book with the beach that the three, Beaumont Civilized went missing at circle. I've always wanted to do the Beaumont siblings, but it's so
goes. Nowhere goes nowhere, it's they it's three kids who walk to the beach very close, to their house to something they did all the time. Was in the seventies re, but they they were seen talking to you like a young surfer guy yeah, and then they disk bucking off they are thin. Never her from male trade. Ray of them might arrive to boys, but I don't know I think it was. There was a girl our boys, I don't. Yes, I have to say feeling about that case, where I I think podcast that has a girl and two guide not generate ousting sensation. Why? But at some shoot stuck there, I think there are two Portland they did, really good one year on this, I'm pretty sure. Anyway, I'm sorry guys like me. They look this up. I should like in them a shadow. It's like what in the what do you know it's like a question phrases soy and that's my think, adjuration, while the time, but it's nice
we the restless. While you look that act of also came out his mother is an upstanding citizen who destroyed evidence for him all mother and Son bond Cute Francis he's fucking douche bag love, you guys ps. Yes, I'm a girl, even though my name sounds like a dude name, Dude Coty, that was an awesome email. Ferry us very awesome. I love that Derek I'm looking up Derek Percy, I'm looking that's a really good. What I'm looking up I'm here, I am looking at things here. I am son of a king. What is it the new one everyone's yelling at home and I'm so sorry, you know it will find it by the end of the day. What if we do that were able Instagram it yes show you read yours and allow all tat. It was your turn care of neurons. Read it. I just know me: your turn to what our normal, who until I was just I'm drinking.
Too much Boucher. It's your parent care. Can this wine that Vince heard that Eric Andrei our country under the giant was really individual aid, which is like a cheap way. Why am I mean? Redline god damn it now you got it. You got this thing heat, so he like evince, never liked right, red wine and hunted down Boucher lay because under the giant was into it and now we drunk bushel, I do love it attacks, you're, really good. I actually love the word Boucher logo. It sounds like you're trying to be answer so like the eighties yeah. I really do something. As your eminence you along one. Ok this from Angie she as in my hometown- and I was sixteen- there was an entire family murdered by the seventeen year old son went my high school road, the bus with me when he went to my neighbour's house, maybe
is loose run from firm country. He looked about two miles away and the sister he murdered used to hang out in the quote band hallway every day, which is why I knew her My mom is a cot for the city of Grand Rapids Grand Rapids and on her way home that night camp on the matter call me to see. If I knew anyone who lived in the house, I was, it was about four miles away from our home and on a very busy road. The murder wasn't in her jurisdiction, but she was a prominent police officer and a new county officers who were she stopped to help Naturally she wouldn't tell me any the details because she fiercely protected her daughters from the horrible thing she saw that. They desperately wanted to know about upon them. Action. Maybe this is why I became obsessed with true crime. Lucky for me, I live in a small in a town that rumor spread and details winked out about the murders from other people who knew the cops that work the case. The story goes like this. John
sizzling seventeen years old got into a fight with his mother and his sister Caitlin fourteen. He could is he blacked out and when he woke up, they were all murdered. Cloning is eight Euro sister in her bed and he was killed. In blood. He called the police and, That too is here we go. He said to guys, robbed them and murdered his family, but he was able to get away energy rights, those those pest. Black eyes, always committing those mass murders. Yeah I mean come. If I got, then he confessed, the killings once the police or right how ever apparently he beat mother and Kate Little baseball baths and stabbed them with large kitchen eyes. He asked. Apparently oh fuck, ready for this he also apparently raped his fourteen year old sister with now said, baseball bat cops who work there.
Apparently vomited when they got there and say that it was the worst crime scene that ever come upon blood everywhere. The worst part and she says maybe it's all pretty horrible as he made his youngest sister go land I don't, and then he did things slid her throat. Another pretty awful part is that we heard Caitlin got away from him and ran out into the street, but he dragged her back. They can't blood's tricks, ass, the ground the most little part about this, is that the road they lived on his right by the highway and nearly always busy? No one saw this somehow he used A weird he's have weirdo fantasies about coming upon the scene and saving her. Now, I'm sorry
I used to have weirdo fantasies by coming upon the scene and saving excellent weirdo. That makes a now. Let's those are my fantasies and why going with their appeal, the murder stayed with me a while Yeahs school. The next day was so area quiet. Everyone knew it happen, and everyone had stories about John Caitlin, John, was that much I knew and in the weeks after the murder, when we all talked about it, I couldn't if I actually ever talk to John or not in my memory now, he used to say weird shit man on the bus, but honestly lots of doing what my small product, Tamar weirdos. We still are about the murder- and I will still here and new rumours about what he didn't, why he always claim He was abused by both his mother and father, and his mother and sister just made him angry. Some people thought because he was a satanist when he admitted to being wiccan and other pupils. About hearing him say he wanted to kill his family, but no one took him seriously. Just awful. I recently heard twelve years later about the cops vomiting everywhere
last night that articles upsetting he had some advice for people, don't abuser children or they might kill you, Well, I mean he's re, but did they, but that they have here's how well they had abuse him. He wooden of he would have just killed them you mean and serve like raping this hysteria like the rest, sister and setting the threat of An eight year old is year something's wrong with you, for sure yeah. They didn't. I didn't abuse and it has something to do with its, not revenge not revenge, yeah! It's it's you just! or at least as our revenging storytelling, its name doesn't line up. It does in fact that's, tents did you find it its thinking sideways. I wear it Steve Devon and Jos podcast thinking sideways. It's a really good. If you like here's the thing, if you like fax, is really well researched stories, and
Equally, research stories: this is your podcast, letting all sideways, but also opinions. Yes, they all have opinions which is fine, the really good discussion, because it can these, it seems like they do it the way we do it, where, like don't I listened to a couple and it's like people. They ask each other question as they talk through the case. One guy who sounds like a radio host from the forties yeah is amazing. I don't know who is here. I don't either it's really Pakistan, I'm Georgia and that's guarantee that, because you don't know who assume ok, you want Why don't you tweet both you and more sure we're at fifty minutes? Yea, I will let you do on Moreira. Let's see there's really get one that I had an hair marked in here about an ophthalmologists, but I'm not gonna search for China's reed. When am I I didn't read one taken of these. No, I have a couple. I have a couple more.
I'll go straight into acts. Murders Elvis standing by, like Elvis, can tell when this is wrapping up. Basically it My presence means tree. To him. You ve been through that dog barking. Yes, we candle all cooler oh it s just tat. It's not your time. Yet. You're too early array ready, molly subject line acts, murders, okay, so I literally started listening this morning. The show is amazing: I loved your crime. I think you guys are really funny. I wanted to share my hometown murder with you too, so nineteen eighty, eight in Rochester Minnesota. That's a man right I didn't say that officials of the the last Grand Rapids Machine X, it was
cause. You refrain. That's for my husband's from anywhere in the world is the fear that keeping us from its year its orders, I've producer eminence Minnesota in such instruments. This sixteen year old, named David Brom killed his mom dad little Sesar and little brother. He got in a fight with his dad over the music. He listened to David. The Gulf kid going to catholic School what was innocent and was extremely stupid like they're, not even that what was it eighty state his dad told him not to listen to whatever music gives listening to and David got pissed when most of his family was sleeping. His older brother, Joe, wasn't home that night. He took it acts from the basement and attacks as family. If I remember correctly, he killed his dad first, his mom woke up at one point. His mom had defensive wounds on her arms from the axe David. One
a school the next day bragging to his friends about what he did when no one could find him later on. His friends went to school administration. They they in turn called the cops who into the home founded the bodies they didn't, David until the evening tumor. From the school in a phone booth at the Post office, less than a mile from the house. I grew up then, as it is hanging out, doesn't say that he was dead. I wasn't alive during this time, but my dad my called my mom at least a couple times to make sure she was ok during that man is just the phone booth. You were, I thought he killed himself, no, no, no! No! No! He was trying to make calls or something they basely found America so it was a manhood and Last thing there was, it was terrifying. David is still in prison and is eligible Four pearl and twenty forty one his brother, Joe, is passed away in couple years, so it is now a family left. I honestly
dont think he'll be released from prison, but strange or things have happened. Sorry. This is so long wanted to share love the show Molly. There wasn't I'm only it was now not long ago, What is it with these? That's theirs. Until these kind of stories of wage bill is teenage boys trying to deal with all their chemicals outside and an hormones anger, especially bracken that I feel like there were such a switch from the bay me baby boomers fella put on exercise and that that was like. There was a They didn't understand each other, no, not at all, and they didn't tolerate each other and I will say, is a person Anthony Eighties boys, at least in my school got the shed beaten out of them every single day. Areas like boys at my school. That word downright terrifying and it will end like giving your spanking and belt whippings, warlike you being a good parent yeah. I get back spanked with wooden spoon, Did you really hear her? It sacked, and now I look
not you and I'm like a fucking beating them up with an armed like hitting them yeah. Whence against children, to teach them not to do something over your parents spanked it's a lot of times. That's what normalizes my dad was definitely abused by his father left, the home after he by punching his in the face and then walked out and loud and never came back. Why my mom might know my mom was a while, but she was the one who spanked us coming out on my favorite women are friends. It happened to so many people. I think, because my mom had it will super rotten childhood herself. She was. She was like theirs. There is never any heading here and there was always like uh. You know discourse but yeah.
We're only also we're still eighties parents, like my Amazon cruises, constantly Mama's, a single mother of three o children under ten like what Elsie energy than by grab kitchen utensils interest, beat the shit yeah, you're fuckin, mind and do your best. Birth control this, this episode of my by birth control any and you can get your hands ass grabs, just use it all right, I'm in a real one by lots. Here, Let's do ok, this landscape, Colleen right. This story makes the hair on my arm stand up. Rarely are be confronted with the realisation that we so easily could never have been born. Oh when she was twenty years old. My mother went on a day with a serial killer. His name was Thor nil Christians in
he murdered several women in Solvang and Isla Vista California, between one thousand nine hundred and seventy six and seventy nine. What again fucking central California, Northern California, get the fuck out solving is up like wine country ray it's like two hours from LOS Angeles. Yes, like right outside of Santa Barbara. It's it's it's a Dutch this I am basically and looks like it. For tourists sitting and now palgrave arm- and I Vista is like the shitty part of Santa Barbara, where all the kids gotta college elegant right So the way she tells a story and, to be honest, she's only told me twice once as a warning as a teenager and then just a few months ago after ploughing her with several classes of penal ratio. So some details are hazy
but she was a saudi girl at you, see us be Santa Barbara living in a studio apartment one, neither bar a quote surfer. Looking I with blonde hair hit on her and she agree to leave with him nope her bartender. And plead with her not to leave. But she didn't listen this the surfer album surfer at the bar drove a quote: super creepy man and climbed in the seventh. After driving around and making out. He suddenly turned down away. She didn't recognize. Eventually he pulled into a sound. Terry. It was there he parked went back, went to the Van and pulled out a suitcase full of women's clothing. He told my mom put on the clothes and get out of the Van my mother put on the clothes and developed a plan. Stunning stroke of genius. She said oh, this is high. This is turning me on and shaking she led him back to her apartment where she lived alone. Admittedly,
This was the flaw in my mother's plan, but thank God she got out of the fucking. A cemetery represent one actor studio, she led him to rebalance heard a kissing him still wearing the creepy clause, no idea she picked up I am smashed it over his head and scream get the fuck out of my house and ran away her name came out of their premises, see if she was a k and she said she was then she said it with her sorority sister fear for a few nights. I don't even know if my dad knows a story, let alone the police. My mother said she never went to anyone and then move back home to San Diego, some missed when he was captured she didn't know his name or that he was a serial killer. So in May, when I ploughed her with wine to get her to spill details, she means plied her with lime. Ok, but
please, oh, it's not me. Ok, I'm just saying loud boy, you're right you get ploughed on wine. You play people with why I think Kilimanjaro like similar, I swear to God as ploughed. We believe that the whole thing by more their plight, or with wine to get her to spill the details, because I'm a terrible daughter, I researched it, I'm so embarrassed now guarantee to I'm sorry. I know it's plied weird is reading it and care Originally pod makes a selling she felt drawn. Mom. Sorry, but that's not gonna write your area originally. I thought this quote. Surfer did was the original might stocker, but the dates and story don't add up love the scarlet she's like researching yes, she's like what who which serial killer. Could it be again when I stumbled across Christians in, I showed her picture and she wrote what It was a mistake and she confirmed I'm not
What kind of information need to confirm the story, but I am happy to help in any way I can like we're questioning this girl story. I know I saw the photos Karen showing us what he looks like he looks like he'd, be wrestle like a wrestler seventy cents exactly like he was called the origin. Stalker wrestler legs out. He looks, but he also has not look on his face like I'm chill. Everything's Chechnya, german or something. Sake, leg much a man Randy Savage understanding is that is she done yet because here's the Good NEWS, to the end of that story. He was stabbed to death and fulsome present if anyone's worried. The man who killed for women wow, that's so in town. I wonder- and I want to investigate the story more, no like putting him in women's clothes, was a thing or like that were those the closing of the women who were he had killed before her. This bitch almost got killed but is yes, she was in it. She that's
you're crazy. I now yeah fuck man I'm trying trying to scan really quickly but man, I don't say anything about close all that good, I'm swimming profusely. I smell kind of bad, pretty gems I'm definitely sweating. I love those. Like those fast ones at issue. I mean it's: it's satisfying to just go, not have to dive and pretend to be an expert on a topic yeah. I like the here's, what here's? What happened? Yes! according to me who experienced rate exactly closer fun. There was a couple and we're we're still gonna keep doing me so yeah feeding
get to yours, hopefully Wilson, but we there's hundreds. I mean there are so many so many, but there's a couple or like my mom, went on a date TED, but there had Bundy date when you're not making better there's a TED Bundy day. Yes, there's any there's more than one TED Bundy Day s like those people or like I knew TED Bundy or like he was a friend of the family, is just crazy. How many like my next door, neighbor killed his wife like they're, so many of those yes little ones. You ve never heard of a never well yeah, but people do them and were like now they were nice, guys there, always normal nice guys rate and the lemons nowadays, snap and there's a lot of em. There's a lot of the sun the family re ones. While you Oh, that's the Amityville horror Story right, that's the that's the real story behind totally or Yes, that's the original story. Right I mean it. To be the eldest son and whatever that whatever comes with that at its
the eldest son, when the doubters dick it for sure. I think a lot of that The dad has so many expectations, especially back then or it's like you know it so important to be popular, yeah and big time yet need to be like the quarterback or whatever, and the dad is trying to arm. To what's the word live vicariously gases, yeah yeah. If you have the combined with like say a week, Mamma Mamma lets the dad. Do it everyone ray and doesn't have a now any Ain't gonna handle on any bamboo the more than the kid so the mom so much and he's pissed at her for never having stood up for him, but he can't be pissed. Turkish she's is abused. Is here I mean, and the sisters like Cobb Popular COM, What are we writing right now? It's the we're basely talking through the amateur literally regarding origin story, but I mean we're talking through a thing
We ve all seen on twenty twenty one million time. It's it's a typical american ceta. You guys, if you're a guy, please uncle your family. Listen you don't listen I can't solve your problem for you. It's just a pod gas but listen to your mother's. Listening Georgia. I play the guitar, girls love shit like that already be we, your hair, long and just be like sorry. I'm already do bad and then jump. Its train, an old woman named already. So I like, what are you talking to be like her she's great she's, a darling person read a book. Man, Don't read Catherine there. I just knock yourself there, yet As for us Elvis ever smaller although so let us now. What do you think of us? Are we done Elvis one day I and he's gonna be like. Ladies, let's wrap it up, the guards had spoken yeah
thank you for listening God, whom my favorite murder on the back and instead it there's a twitter, there's all kind, of course, the facebook page all kinds of ways that you can participate. Thank you for listening, tell a friend and tell her sister Elvis Joanna Cookie. Cookie says don't get murder, I e mail,
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