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This week on My Favorite Murder, Karen and Georgia reflect and ruminate on the circus surrounding the life and death of JonBenét Ramsey. Pop culture gone mad.

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this is exactly right oh yeah circle what was your mind oh i was thinking about my elder may whose two screams knees i was getting legitimately angry about the amount of time spent with people i didn't like in the nineties because i was on drugs and drink maybe you were in drugs and drink because you couldn't stand the most of the people you are i think that had a lot to do with it and yet i felt very like soup physically loyal sighing are like like i was supposed to make it work out somehow if your friends of the screams naser
cancel the friendship immediately it's the most obnoxious habit in the world like what happened to you that you need attention sneeze my mom will happen her i don't know but she screamed namely she listens we can't talk about her she's my mom mom she knows she knows what she bucket ahead and many in my life it is because its you know you're sneezes coming of your a scream i do she's a lonely net someone screaming she'd loves attention there's no you are completely right about that like that's a thing that's that's a connection mama levy about jesus fucking christ i mean she has chosen care a lot of people think of major started this podcast accidently like skip the beginning again is really about was the beginning that was at the beginning or trying new beginnings there it's called complaint we're just a hard complain at the top angry complaining
then we go into our pre written intro go ahead george i hate thinks for turning into my favorite mariner my name's georgia hard stark and mines can kill you and mrs pre the thief been practising this for months we wrote it and then we sent it off your professional utter they send back some suggestion at god i was a great beginning of a pod cast your welcome for being fucking professional or this peddlers that is so expensive for you as yet i write that because of this amazing highquality radio how much money we spend on you don't even say have we said the words my very murderer i think i mentioned ok go go go go go go go anyway development just kick rate into corrections corner absolutely i have one they had no look i could i actually i dare blank one that i did i fucked up last week why not link so trying to steal my thunder why would you do so this mass shooting in australia led to crazy strict laws which is amazing and everyone who message me was like we
that the sandy hook shooting was going to be the same incident array and we think you're a terrible place because it wasn't but tears hours here is a positive thing and its great amazing amre very happy with it did you tell them about our saltwater taffy because we can be a pretty great when we try yes yes there are people who are who have major problems
getting guns to kill children specifically great idea they don't know problems they don't have major problems getting guns no i meant they have problems in their lives if they are getting and how and i'm ever it's a very easy for them to get guns even though they have major problems it's it's totally fine for them to get guns that gun control yes who doesn't love to hear all about that are it what's your corrections corner minors the simple fact that period is not three miles from chicago but three our care and i swear to fucking christ every single person in the mid west and stayed in tweeted and told me about it personal friends distant strangers everybody who could possibly say it was let and they were saying it is if i had said abraham lincoln was our first present like a ski using areas not three miles away karen as the
as the other half of the spy glass oh yeah i'm exonerating you man knew him to be a fucking thing for you to apologize for sometimes one i'm reading off my wikipedia print out i won't tell me something it isn't there on the charge that's what i like ok or so we're in los angeles if someone said that in san francisco is three hours from here would you say no it would you tell them six hours and would it make a different now you know what i would do i would withhold the true information and then i would go out there you go i would say i'm better than that person secretly everyone else is doing or selling this yeah they do there
gloat more set it also lay in thirty five period orders became really mean features they asshole is weird they went into done control shit man they just got real and that's what i said i have had it there's a positive link i desire like that when they live a positive did go do you really get my positive you know about but let's facon pretend you never heard the story before stephen as an art it is even then i will get your immortal seared both did no longer make so i was doing something came probably then killing time before i had to go somewhere else so when i have an hour to kill i go to jail crew or some
such place where i can get along slave car ensure real quick haters this is not a fucking note i hate us to do now we're not sneaking in added honor we haven't done that yet and we were useless and the right money we're blatant yeah that's where they haven't paid us enough to snake an ad in on your yet yet so i go over to the grove if you are not i've never visited los angeles are not from around here the grove is like they re hours away from us in three hours from the heart of los angeles is a mall that where they basically try didn't make it if there is a small town where everyone was obsessed with shopping rats with the grove it looks like the train or a trolley or some gardens so now i go into j crew
try to get myself a shirt and the guy the first guided says how are you or do you want me anyhow but i'm like now leave me le and then he asked me again a little bit later and unlike does he think i'm a shoplifter i've worked retail with this year patrolling me and then finally he came up and ngos but her name and i go karen and guess what your last name and i go what are you doing never tell them your last name and then where are you from the park ass my mother and brutality and then he laughed his mind i am lavish and he told me this is a thing that got me so look we're having some nice success with this part gaseous very very exciting marriage quite bewildering and it's just like a weird it's weird but i didn't think we're to the level of people recognising us from upon cast out the grove now that's that's the grove is like
the biggest it's like the pleasant tourists go there yes it's a big mario schoeffer mary up back in love has does the schaffner it's a high and recognition spot definitely so tray who is the young man who is talking to try you think they'll is mary now for yes i do believe me was that the j crew of the grove leases shore park ass one they shut down at night and i hold down the store of you so they he couldn't believe that no one that he closes with was there to see you think that they all think he's lying and now this is happening it will girl we took a pitcher to approve and then someone wrote to the twitter page and said i can't believe i wasn't on shift one try my fair murder and the whole thing was justice super q he was so happy it just so
wonderful you devolved mulatto excited and that we are those the curious thing stephen is one point he was just asking these questions and stuff and then one party goes where's georgia right now there's like i honestly don't know so q arrangement we're gonna do a personal appearance we're going to surprise drop in oh it a j crew close closing shift drop in at the girl yeah right now and then everyone comes around in the dark there i'm gonna go in there shoplift and see if anyone says a word in my favor you know they were so deal with that level that is in passing it on this level of fame that were now allow stephen you're gonna get recognise next now me so now i'm waiting for someone to yell to me like a transaction or like a thing and then for somebody else stay sexy
that would be that's my dream is that someone doesn't say they recognize me doesn't say listen lamar gas but when i'm leaving action are transaction or whatever the fuck a parking lot they yelled at me they do a shout after our fuckin scream of chalk melt tab mellings dont get murder will you screams knees at them at the top of your line the top of my nasal passages you know it's funny though like my friend alison aghast he who i work where love love should not have a great s work with her and i walked into our writers from the other day and there's like you know nine people in their whatever and i was a senior part gas and i got all in barrier like shut her down basically i later had to go side perceived link early i was leg is it's that thing or like its super exciting and i dont want to overly be like let's talk about it for a five minute nea cause i'm
of course i'm so judgment of others that i'm positive i'm going to get that judgment i keep obey my parents or then do it and i can be like it's a great isn't it no longer right oh i got my sister started listening array this is a miracle of all miracles is my sister laura's now a listener and constantly sing me things when to do things we need to say stuff we need to talk about us about our sister coroner yeah how'd you asked the elder sisters are we should for she had some very interesting observations about the john beneath special hey speaking of not to secular corner you right into what we're doing but let's take let's take a casual super casual quick break did you just let me out
you look at your middle finger while you're taking entering a very subtle may actually flip people off like those words i barely move my it's just rapporteur inside fingers i just very sleigh why my middle finger at its more feminine i just remember into an elementary school because everything that scrutinised and everything you did was stupid to everyone yes i like the way you flip people off was made fun of yes so i just got really go to doing it correctly you so you do the one word to shorter fingers endemic don't pull your finger at the hello my fingers employer affairs that is the proper fuck you oh
instead of this he i don't know what that is california looks like a kilo bird or services nor cow fuck you are you gonna leave your surrounding fingers there i like they're like between the first and second nickel is so visual that we should not talk lengthened events insanity why don't you take a casual could break and will teach each other are middle fingers ok and then we'll come back on you guys ready for jean monet i'll dominated the time and i am beneath time everybody else to how many there needs to be a code word for when we're not actually going to take it like as we always say that static that's not do this has taken out there like when do we mean it and when weed i owe you like almost like a safety call that during sex like a safe word because saving gets confused and he goes to write something another not just getting live it up and i take it as a challenge yeah that's right new human is the we leave this olive to stephen he beautifully edits
you tell your relative he does her delight the whole thing is this kind of insane and enzymes are called theatre him he just whatever he says goes right now i'm in the basement i have no basement smell like down and back let's make jokes and stuff and then get into something royal fucked up well people have been ten you only tweeting us since leg the ads for the job in a special started ass saying can't wait for it to hear what you guys say about all this meat who then when i went to tee at the other night there were three choices some question yes do you still have tito or do you just call it that i call it that it's my that's my verb of that cannot deviate bearing is stupid and i am with the tv or in a just and announce how still think if i had the actual brand name tv broadcasting as you must now again
no one's pangs shit any of this shit for fuck the shepherd back if they want to give us back for shit than making market they can email aren't this data but what's seyffert screen names just kidding so yes i'm so wit there's you had multiple john there were three choices and then i was like i don't know when i met with that kind of life challenge which is choose which the correct made for tv doc you series about john beneath murders user owned dominate i later totally turn the channel unlike a look father browns on just about something so oh i forgot to talk about how obsessed i am with our new i want your dna inside me actor who rami rum
the roman you that's what i was going to know i will soon that's why start talking carolyn get right i'm so into rama manual he's so dizzy honours its buckingham they have been watching mr emmi malik remy magical talk about an ex time ok but i've been upset speaking of things i just don't want to deal with and then so i watch something is myth my mister roby oh yeah it's that's a great shout sorry i feel for designating the second memory of germany about just now taking it seriously look there's no first of all if we are were not the first because watching these specials for me one of the overarching feelings was this is discussing it's disgusting because they would show these pictures of her that do that intentionally do not look like a six year olds visa where you just go what the thing
was surprised that they didn't talk about in at least two cbs one where i watched this morning on cbs dot com streaming had to join pay five ninety nine free free membership let again there are not paying us anything as you can tell me that i can have a pay i had to pay money an i'm mad because i did it going i just need to get this taking care of all cancers layer i'm not going to know your nine five months i will have paid them like fifty dollar totally for never watching nursery paying you to talk about them cocky i've become so ok when i owe joked that it was a choose european venture i why that is actually completely correct because i try to watch a couple of them and every single one of them is so clearly with agenda yes pregnant with agenda yes and some of them while and i won't say who and why won't show the photos of her as a normal child great because yeah
that doesn't serve what they're there near media message of what they're talking about there's a video of her that that to me and i wrote in the spring i wrote that leg for el dot com and i plug it as i just suddenly felt awkward about you it get used to it i'm not plugging and understood how fucking happy i am and i met cry from like how good it feels because i started online journal rating let's i'm gonna be honest and i didn't graduate community college and you wrote to amazing articles year allow com that were so readable and so wonderful here their honour twitter feed if you need to find them there are great red caring let means so much coming for me because i'm turning credible writer my friend and that means a lot to me and my sister said the same thing and she's a teacher who kind of can't spell that means me no life is listening i'm in a distant like they would like to thank the editors of l for making me look like i know how to make sure your posture vs is spoke of it i didn't they may
now it anyways in it i was like everyone stop and go look at photos of her as a normal kit yes because it's a different fucking story and one there's this video of her that they show in slow motion of her mom it's her as a little kid it's like a home video her mamma scratching the top of her head and she nestles her head and her moms lag is seen ass now and it's just so sweets and human and reminds me of me and my mom is it kid and it's it's the site goofy sweet little girl his mommy is is i'm putting her and then doing this thing she pilot as allow just scratch her hair you know this thing very maternal very comforting thing now there was this before or after patsy had died her hair blonde no i didn't know i saw that that it was died
i don't know why and there when the friend in a serious one with a friend talks about seeing germany for the first time with died blonde hair and patsy me like no it just lying about lied about it but then i thought issues murdered one she was six she must have how that blonde hair for at least a couple months if not a year before which means someone died a five year olds hair blonde bleach i mean bleaching your hair is disgusting of you ever hydro died women know it's like a very gross intense chemical process on a five year old that's crazy just but i dont but in the patrick pad pageantry circuit i don t
that weird which she was sure she was in me yes i should have word that's my that was my point is no one talks about that the pageantry circuit is basically a strange we're commercial for pedophiles and there's no there's no reason you should have a six year old girl dressed like any lana heiress or harris there's no there's no way we should be seeing a little girl basically cause playing an adult but i ok here's my thing with germany remsen the whole case is that i will argue the opposite of anything that's argued yes because their such a huge argument because its there's never gonna be any conclusion and every single piece of evidence and i wrote some of them down has an argument for the other
right that's what i kind of love about this is because i really don't like being like this is my opinion and here is the argument why and i won't listen to you and your opinion it's like i'm not doing not you know i mean like any debate that people have read know exactly when when people absolutely decide how they feel right and won't come off of it no i totally i agree that in every other way except for it and nerves me how normalized the patent system is where its
only little girl that's the thing is that it is normally used for certain people including patsy ramsay who was a passion queen and they are from the south yes true soak it wasn't that weird to her wasn't like she was in her mind abusing this girl and dying her hair it was like i dont think its necessarily abuse i just think it's a it your pudding she had on a child a little girl long before she needs to be dealing with the legally agree with our i just don't it's just like when people present not you won it is presented that there are there proof that this is why these why she was murdered by the parents and how fucked up these things were i just don't think they got aigrettes no no i'm not our and arguing that the pageants prove they need it i am arguing that the the
dying a six year olds hair shows very bad decision making skills ends and just a weird but these are people that like i also didn't know they had two of their own planes i didn't know they are the level of risk that they are if you're arguing that dying a four year olds hair blind is proof said this parent doesn't have the best the child's best interests and mine and therefore it makes sense why she would have been part of them maybe the murder of the cover up i then i agree with the idea that that makes sense to me yet managed to get into this yeah we're hell you were starter restarting ceiling in hit playing can you delete man i mean ok the sea bs thing and here and one of the rules on our facebook group is don't talk shit about other parka such and hosts of the sea bs show have
a true crime podcast oh i didn't know i yeah stephen running i lit up if you know why i just think i them alive and i think they had the best interests i think they're intact and integrity based people i just think that at the moment you are clearly going for a certain what's thought agenda like you can like the moment i saw that john ramsay was being interviewed for one of the documentaries i was like i was out because he wouldn't agree to do it unless the agenda was near yes that's right so what did you think about burke ramses interview with i didn't want it i watch clauses or failure dialogue should either but she said he was smiling the allotted it yes i think that burg ramsay my beyond the spectrum i thought too i don't think it's fair too
i don't think i'm ailing is fairies isn't a sign of any no that's nerves yeah here the thing is if you have been around tv or don t me i've watched a lot of people act super where'd on tv aspect
i dont know was that that whole thing predates like there was no audience when he was talking to doktor phil no ought anthea z then i think i said this before but the reason i didn't watches because i have a friend whose producer on it and you like nothing came of it they didn't know anything so there's like oh it's boring but then a bunch people started tweeting at us of like this behaviour in all these different stuff it was definitely weird behavior but i don't think it is indicative of someone who is guilty or innocent or you can read anything out of it is it was weird for personal has two planes i mainly his opponents in the outer world literally never done an interview before in his life no anne and probably never had to really be in the world in a real way in life and so i think the reason this whole interview happiness because he they somehow knew that the cbs documentary was coming out that kind of pointed towards him this is like a quick feckless let's get this out before it comes out so
maybe they might want to do it
no way did he wanted to his freaks out on my god there so much talk about but he also you know their he's already suing cbs is he really that's what that's what someone told me at work today as we are all talking about eyes morning up yet and cause i said ever was talking about why possibly would they have reduced it from three or four of the eu and i was saying it could have been a thing where they let them do it but they said cause they cause i'm obsessed of course with the pageant part and the and any kind of the enemy it felt like any they just dismiss any any kind of sexual molestation road enjoying they just dismissed out of hand which seems very unlikely to me i wrote that in the end are to call that it's like i am ripping you off from the ark community languages is minded eminency for what's a garland someone copies russia just copying the city will make me without smarter and ok here's this outcome for the button i know you're button else here says that they liked from that i didn't know about from
the cbs show i really love it i love handwriting and linguistic analysis something it's fucking fascinated the fact is that someone pointed out that no one would ever right that they were small foreign faction yes you make yourselves seem bigger you don't seem like you're a small little group of people yes very interesting and also known cause themselves foreign
rate exactly and if you are a band getting together right now and you dont namer smells self smaller infection you're fucking eighty on maria yeah punk rockers that together i know that for it there is like all those things about the phrasing and the like and as sorry if i'm jumping on this hour i was freaking out when they got to the part where the ransom letter quotes speak no bearing rarity harry i just like you how is so if if this is passing and john they're covering up you know the one theory that they were really rubbing in your face and the city s one if that was true then really think that there's so much smarter than everybody yes that they can add in
lines from the movie speed and have nobody catch are they actually do really quick stephen was like broadest honor me to show me a thing that i asked him and i completely forgot what i'd ask themselves like what does he i know what i'm ok the pod cast that the host of the severe shall do is real crime of profile which i listen to its great podcast olga yes lets you know let's start me ready to start life some what does your theory overall like what's your favorite theory oh i think that i think it was burke ok how do we think i think burke got angry ended i don't think she meant to do it now i don't know i don't think
i think he wanted to hurt her i think that but a lot of stuff that they name that was like oh you know god forbid that he do this or that is also a little kids do brotherly sisters especially are really mean and vicious will each other so like a lot of stuff didn't freak mouths it's like yeah yeah you hit you hit your brother or sister with a piece of train track or whatever my sister and i used to go before getting getting into fights where you're being beaten with remote control and shit look recycle punished in the stomach was i was like five by my sister yet like that it's a standard fan is you as a kid you don't know how strong you are you don't know how much it hurts you and your mom hungary and you have no parental supervision i wrote an article that might let our friend cat sullen her brother bears her child the teeth mar scar on his body because they were so angry that they they didn't you just get angry people but and also its the thing of
if he did that any with super angry and it does make sense that she's the little princess it gets all of the moms attention and he was older of indifferent if he was younger but he's older so he was used to having all of her attention not got kind of redirected which is very painful and awful if he already was having a little bit of like developmental or if they're just some issue with again a little slower is a little bit emotionally off whatever it area which is in which a lot of things i read say he was a little bit of a weird could well yeah i mean i grew up with a weird kid i understand that there weird yes that is i mean they're here's the thing my sister said she texted me and said
thing with their faces is really bad that's usually a sign of sexual molestation now the wedding the bad thing social germany what her bed regularly they said burke might have to that's me as hard because i want my bed layering i should hide a do i suck my thumb until egg cell
and grain i was never molested right so you can just say that definitively now which the shit thing shit is a much bigger deal because even when you're a little you don't it's not natural to like it was as if they were saying and i dont know any more than what they presented on that area but it was as if they were saying he like would shit on her stuff or you would like wipes like shit places and my sister has been a grammar school teacher for over twenty years as masters degree in like in developmental education or whatever i'm not exactly sure but we make things post fixer degree but essentially this is what she does and deals with kids a lot that it going through this ensures just like that's bad that's that's the worst thing she heard and the whole thing was a kid is like got his hands and shit and is not a baby well she had
this is something they revealed in the sea the asking is that she had a great criticized shit in her bad rate sounds painful and fucked up an end not not normal manner no like he was collecting at or know that she just saved the halving the garter that she would was so uncontrolled going to the bathroom that she waited until she was in bed oh i thought i thought he put it there from what because they said the maid found it and i was thinking that he was like trying to wreck her shit because the others to make her look like a gross yes can i say that like a kindness i feel bad for burke and the same thing it's very bad and i read something and i i made everyone on our facebook group and at the send us their theories and send us what they found that was interesting in their thoughts and everything in one of them was that burke act he doesn't even know that heat i know that he cause
blow he might have done it and they were like go too bad he doesn't remember it he it may be somewhere deep down does but he doesn't know that he put that holding an ax i feel bad for this kid who clearly has some think he knows something though because remember that interview he asked with a hop and he won't say that cop i know what's in the bowl and he just won't say it like i was in he goes that also in the sea bs argument or they show clips which is like i could washes four hours of of burke being interviewed by a psychologist or social worker post rag ruining as a kid yet the only time male members two times they let him be questioned and in it the other talking and actually it's amazing they show him a photo of this that the table a crime scene table which has a ball of pineapple out with burke's fingerprints on it and in germany stomach
after she diet as an undigested pisa pineapple ray and so they should the less social here the psychologist shows burke i thought of the pineapple ones has what is this shows while the panel and he says i don't know it looks like cereal or something and he says well what could that be and then burgos oh mike he knows not to say yes that's where but it's like you know a little kid king haze outsmarting somewhere and theirs as we're watching from this camera overhead he also isn't a very weird physical position in that chair his weary with physically he's very and seeing a weird way he's that he gets down on all fours when he's looking at that picture and i understand it's like a kids way like almost like childs pose yeah but to me in that situation
gave me the creeps lay i was just weird he was he was he was very stilted in his voice but he looked incredibly comfortable he was almost like l who has shown it was weird how do we owe k so like my theory in my mind the mastermind of this whole fucking entire thing which is that burke unknowingly hit her over the head or through flashlight through someone mentioned maybe you didn't actually like her maybe he's through this flashlight her here and there happened in it was staged in my mind the masterminded the whole thing is not patsy who is bringing who is just being thrown on the bus fucking completely in this whole thing it's someone who still alive and so i'm scared it's john rams its generosity i really think john are empty as the fucking entire mastermind because and another thing i was thinking to is that like their interviews post
after what happened are creepy and fucking weird has seen an interview yeah like all over their legs let them calling the press to given interviewing you mention it before that that when someone asked to pats patsy is clearly i'm fuckin volume yes she's on so many petya they ask her do you think it was an outside intruder and she shaking her head no with her eyes closed and the minute china says yes she starts to not yes yes she goes and is where circle and then tries to lake it but she also does her she's doing a lot of like a long blinking yet and it's almost like she just doesn't want to she just wants to disappear here's what i think ok i doubling patsy wrote the note the ransom letter sent a fuckin no no it's a four page lang burke accidently header i think they conspired to cover it up maybe with with john being the mastermind ray i think
took her downstairs germany's body downstairs to you know make it staged as it kidnapping and i dont think patsy realized the extent of how he covered it up right i think she she thought he had put a pillow over her face she thought she would be suffocated but when patsy found out the extent of what he did to her body i think and she and she still have to go with it yeah i think that's why she was so freaked out by it i don't think she was lying horrible tonight i mean yes and that's a horrible idea
like just that you would be put an opposition as a mother here the one that gives you more comfort because it's so much less tragic and its based on that nine on one dispatcher who only was under a gag order for years and never talk to anybody know what i wanted to energy you heard but here's the thing is where d me no one ever try to interview her and she was an under under a gag order so when it was the gag what are lifted that she can be talking on that only mary was i think she was just like clearly knowing when foreign i think once they exonerated
the ramsay ramses it was just gone well what was interesting to me she said that that moment were patsy thought shown up the follow kind isn't that either that perhaps he makes his name on call which i didn't was i of course snippets here now and i listened to it it's horrifying will and especially because it's it's bad acting i from that alone if you just made me guess off then i'm a monk i'd say there there complicit in some way but that that patsy thinks she hangs the phone up then there are recording what
happening in their kitchen and the non one operator is on the line listening and trying to listen i think we'll just the one thing that that nine one operator said was her tone once she was like so hysterical and get someone here get some early age or were you hang up the phone right when your child is missing and that's your lifeline hang at the phone is crazy and then be her vocal tone changes immediately to the point where that's what gave that now and dispatcher the creeps because in because she's hysterical she's freaking out she's not answering ireland dispatchers questions the minute she says who are you it clearly says i'm she's clearly states her name everything i'm the mother and clearly gives an answer yes suddenly the hysteria isn't so out of control and its true that i like
this must be a stocking manner or they said you don't hang up on a nine on one car no no wonder no one hangs up it's your lifeline that was the coolest part i mean i understand look this is just like jack the ripper where there so many experts now we and their so many so many theories that had just out of control network and if i don't think i'll ever be so i don't know unless there some something gets dug up literally or ino some hidden thing i do here what they i didn't hear at the end of the day no one called the hang up what is purported to be said by who buy one of the family i believe the nine one operator when she says i heard i thought i heard patsy say i cod a name i called the police now it yeah that's out there are tons war believable to me than when they see when they did the whole gamut of slowing down and i am one call unsigned down you're hurt in the background and whose voices his you here you want to hear yes
that's very true and also that part was ludicrous because well it was just tv i mean an answer by rosa scenario and other really turnus stretches out i bet you when they cut that other stuff and the other episodes had to go back and like phil tyres something is that was so ludicrous first of all every sound editor in the world would watch the unjust be like the aims are the people i hate working i hope you don't have to tell me that we need to go back and reduce the noise because clearly that until you can hear what people are saying we have to keep on trying to clarify the click the link that idea that they were sitting next to that man going bring this down either word as idea here that your eyes he knows how to use the machine and the moment someone tells you what their hearing you here too of course even if it's not there and especially with something like this where it's like a your hearing patsy ramsay horse your hearing john ramses worse yeah but but at the same time the what their arguing by hearing
programmes whose voice at the end of that is that he was in bed and i have a lot of problems with idea that he was in bed to the whole time because a why when you just send out that your child is a kidnapping gone would you let your other child be somewhere else he would grab the other child and make sure there by your fucking side not that i am first thing you would do if first thing you it s why didn't he get out of bed when he heard his mom flipping the fuck out to see what was going on what was wrong when he said in his interviews as israel deep sleep are all the time always sees using words like i'm always i never hear anything i'm always a deeper ok prepped yet so that's why would they lie about that
because they're like as the whole thing is bullshit entering error that kind of thing we're like then i'm on one dispatcher heard things that even if she didn't hear exact words like she was talking about the local tone changed he knows that patsy thought the phone was hung up and suddenly the the like act was dropped and that's what she was hearing maybe she at the words wrong or right we don't know but like that in another also when goes what did you find right that which you can hear pretty clearly like it's such a weird little voice like he's and you don't hear it had listened sound scared now he doesn't sound upset he sounds like someone that's going through that with not a lot of worry and ok so what about ok why would say that they all has something to do with it she wrote the nine one one i mean the ransom letter why would they call nine when one immediately without getting rid of the body
in the morning like why wouldn't name why wouldn't you have taken the body out and and dispose of it i mean who the fuck now because i think it's because it still their daughter so they're not gonna leave their daughter at a garbage dump they're not gonna stick her in a dumpster or hide her under a log of some help in romania russia per area they didn't i don't think they did that the if they didn't talk about them in thing but i dont why why would he do that but it was but there from what i can t have a problem with this case shows that there are so many things i've heard about for example that there was a book tat there was a dictionary in someone's steady turned to the word incest only just have ever seen that is an inner forums of people writing about the key
i've never seen that in an actual in o crime scene right up there that sounds like something a seventh grade girl would say there's so much shit there is a big then on the daddy eyes there was so much shit there is so much shit that i'm like war i heard this thing was and they found but it's not in the autopsy report so why would it jesus like weird gaza because people start talking us up like this and suddenly it takes on a life of its own but here's the thing i thought when they were going over those crimes the crime scene footage who the fuck see
that their son killed their daughter with by hitting on ahead with a flashlight takes a flashlight sticks it on the kitchen counter and leaves it there that's the thing that you would dump and get rid of and that's the thing that baffled i kept saying is this picture from earlier where they didn't know for a fact they own the flashlight button up here but ok i'm i'm an immediately argue the other way because i can and i like it yes you're fucking freaking out you had a start a ransom note twice three times because you're freaking out you don't think to move this
ps i just don't think you think everything's through and there's no drawn on it as they showed by having this fuckin was fucked up kid in the world had got landing him with pigskin and a wig all of that was like all of that is a shame on you cbs out my that was not necessary it was shook him every be he looked like a little child actor but his eyes were a bit wild the whole thing of that was grow honestly that hotel my thoughts so bad for the hosts because i was iq can tell that the producer was like you have to fucking do that yes and both a host for like i'm i'm a fucking journalists gonna fuck em like naturally i enjoy as it were and new need this clip the lighter version of that is the cop that volunteer to get teased twice in which the kind i have done it as six
a cop who is a hunt two hundred pounds is being taken to show minor unlike for john beneath which is like sorry none of this equates this it at that and when they were a parking lot and the house we're gonna go speak to the ramses that couldn't be recorded and there was a whole like five minutes of that of them waiting around the parking lot for the house to come back and talk about an unnecessary the whole thing was unnecessary it was they were i think they were trying to be verity but it was also there like so we ve got this insane interview that we ve been waiting for but the guys like now in camera but i'll tell you what i know used
recording so they need to they needed the what do you call it like they need the authenticity of the fact that they got this huge get as illegitimate like this is legitimate because were actually speaking to them it also shows to me as a personal worked and tv for a long time the runnin gun style where you have to make up solutions on on the fly and if you are thinking it would be called organ tv just go and look at eddie schmidt the producer of the show standing in the safeway parking watching all the beautiful suvs drive away while he's dancer with cameraman for four hours while awaiting yet they they ate a bunch of safely done it's just kicked it waiting to find out what happened because that's what it's really lie and you know it in ok here's a fucking thing maybe they did talk to the fucking whites on camera and the whites said the same thing they always say mary fuckin reno
well at point in and it wasn't as interesting and so they say let's pretend like they wouldn't speak to us yes sir i think will be because the thing that i was shocked by another piece of information was that fleet white wrote an open letter telling john ramsay you need to cooperate with the police heartily that's crazy they were the whites came over them the morning of the murder they were the feminist furs people val after the phoney i own car and fleet white was with john ramsay when he found germany's by wonder of those two people feel used as fuck while they were here they were because that's another thing i georgia is that's a very common thing invite someone i witness you finding the body you don't find the body alone in i've done it yeah you bring people and to witness that was fucking fascinating yes it's
there's a lot of lake if you choose to look at it through this one angle rights which i think we should do the opposite a minute to i think we should look at it from an intruder angle but in that way a man who has two planes first of all sidebar people for millionaires
a millionaires house is kind of a shitty ass like there was it was clearly pre the declared trend of the mid two thousand because there were some shit everywhere it was like there was like fake autumn leaves that were plastic in a drawer that was hanging down topos light i kissed shelving system it was like what sorry you're rich what is this house and when they went to like open germany's bedroom door there all those hand marks on the outside did you see that link linger march or like kids grabbing the door it was like there it was weird to me and this whole time when they say her body was found in the wine cellar here i'm picturing a wine so that was the most depressing creepy room i've ever since it was a cement room where they through old shit and may be kept some why i don't know but like it the whole thing was there is a lot of cognitive dissonance can i tell you lemon they were doing the like walk through of it i was the king i watch a shitload of hiv in the whole time i was like will you take down this why yet opened the basement recently could be like i met a man cave and have an open concepts thing in this spiral staircase associated an unnecessarily the whole time i was like thinking of the property brothers being like you take this back in law this spiral staircase it looks like something that would be in my home town in a house it was left over from nineteen sixty five like it is so weird and tacky handling if you ve ever gone down one of those metals spiral staircase in a house of soap is it going to die they're gonna tunnel fucking face forward other the bar that's on the next viral is so weird that hope our but i guess my point actually was super rich people like that that are kind of their there the people they don't even fly first class they don't
by commercial is where they get their own firefly that playing their private plain rich these are people who think they can get away with whatever because they already are up above the fray they're not anywhere near judy and johnny lunch crises that she was twenty one years old when they got married and had already had a whole family he was what then i think he was sixteen years older than her them yes he was like in this matter eight thirty twenty one year old girl that he married yet i mean we ve met twenty one year olds are you ready yet even at seems i'm common these days like one is a bit of a throw backs so he marries this trophy wise a trophy daughter man another place son their asses terror i like that
i was told that seventy six percent of the ransom no was bullshit erroneous yeah tell my all you need was these four lines they are selling they kept saying the phrase their salary or selling and that there was their didn't need to be blood from the blood of the ham even though they showed in the worst possible that was interesting also so you you see this ransom no letter it says don't call the fucking cops or will be head your daughter multiple times yes first thing they do is call the cops yes why is that even if because they wrote the letter and the outside world and even if the latter wasn't even if they didn't do it and not the letter was found they still made so many mistakes and and it was still a fake ransom no no matter what should so hard about is no matter what it was a fake ransom yes
a hundred percent so it's hard to be like who wrote this ransom now you can connect but it was a fake ransom notes of the parents at it now that the rents vows fake no matter what yes there's no small foreign faction no kidding he was already a good head yes in the basement gray so any in you clearly didn't bring this if the ransom known have been brought in
and then she was found dead it would have been like oh they meant to kidnap herman didn't it didn't happen great also the point they made very early and that is like to me the proof of almost everything is you don't kidnap a sexual girl out of millionaires house and ask for a hundred thousand dollars it's insane dumbest fucking part of it words like you have a living child its millions you asked for millions and you know this person is a millionaire they talk about him they tear them as if they know i'm so personally when i play a couple things in it they say that that get it out of your account so they know that that's how much it but he has at least then his account not get the fucking money no matter what you can do the thing is get a big enough quote attache case who gives a shit what size bag you know get a brown paper bag yet on it to tell this person that get this much money period yes well that's yeah that's clearly someone just having thinking way too hard about this tenth and also believing their own shit like that's a thing were instead of having mc this self consciousness togo is this believable when i was just like sit down and have creative writing session
and saying get some rest here this is gonna be complicated it's like she ok let's just say it was patsy writing this thing she sat down and it was ass if i started out but he might have been tat he could have indicating that some your handwriting she was a journalist major too so she knows how to write yes congo answer normal but it is just that idea like you get started you're already got the adrenaline running some insane shit you're in a surreal place anyway then you just kind of going for words that you're quoting speed you know like yours unless you die the girl s eyes and ears here's what people who have seen too many movies about it think that our ransom the latter is written what about just chemist
to the period where they interviewed the gardener talked about patsy ramsay coming out about the oj verdict that part i was like i don't care what else happens in this thing the idea that there is a first pertinent person i witness talking about patsy ramses were reaction to oj which is that you can get away with murder in america yes but there is also just it was that then it was always the general content mash up of where this is like pop culture gone mad you ve right now that it's interesting how much the oj the simpsons i had to do with the smart like how much they were affected by china and you know i was reading some of the movie quotes and have similar they were and there are also people online where fuckin brilliant interesting people who say here's one this movie per showed and bolder
mere the date of her more like an one night before one of the one of the movies was played on tv oh my god you know no member twenty ninth this movie it was played on tv in boulder for alien really fucking interesting that's the shit like that really is it's the way of the future its people arm chair detective webs latest man we're going to solve the big star totally because that's the kind of stuff that like if cops and all those cops sent talk like that one investigator that that quit because even is disgusting love seeing him young and then seeing him into reality was hot so super pegana he was hot and also just his like burning sense of justice cilicia all my guy anyone like what i wonder when here and
and it's a thing of like will he quit so so then nothing goes forward but then it's like yeah but or he stays ngos insane or as the fall or its rise or hates himself for the rest of his life has he didn't do the right he didn't do anything wrong quitting sometimes is like the only way you can show how passionate you are about something rate as a state it's a real political entity in it and if he was told this has become a political situation than he asked to be political till you used to play on the down the playing field well that them saying that everyone indict every one voted to indict the ramses as for having some hand in yeah i'm going dying and the fuckin police chief just being like
oh thanks it giving a news conference that they're not doing now one of the very first last podcast on the left episodes i listen to on your recommendation as their john the banana regime is in two parts of it yet laugh at me as someone has a two part germany ramsay episode that agree stocking incredible so thoroughly recertified so awesome but one of the sue me most ass any parts was them talking about how john ramsay is a millionaire because he's got this computer programming company or some computer something company but that they don't really know what it does it has a government contract i believe they said anne he makes millions of dollars year but they can't really figure out what he d we gotta ask mr robot neither can i buy a robot gotta shut him down lemon gotta go to raw roma manual and be like what the fuck are you doing later as happens very during winter but i
that was at thy love that theory because i love there there is some bigger thing at work although shirt reaping the district attorney of bolder underneath john ramses thumb why does he have that much power aside from just money there's got evoldo since i mean this is so down but since watching mr robot hacking emails seems like a very easy thing to do yet hacking fucking internet searches you have some shit on someone and i was so you think he did that to them they just was baby maybe they have some shit on the fuckin chief of police a sure emails i mean let's go to the fuckin obvious child pornography rate thank you and he knows about it before even the police would now sure that incite fascinating i liked to well they jumped
eight two patsy as an m k ultra robot yeah i just that why wrote i let's go back to my alarm to collect bucket again i wrote in it but how beautiful would it be if it was m k altera or if it was damn vivendi that looks at the moment i said mba ultra statements about inserted barking and it's like the mp ultra governments tarnish energy hands we're talking about a steering you're fired see that you're not stealing your rehired at a higher rate how this year in yeah i will limit if there were that simple them hand interestin ingesting not our fault but the reality is like parents kill their children
more than strangers killer children or kill people's chill and using its always from the family that's it that's the first place they look for reason it's unusual and inside job and its also the darkest choice so it's the biggest bummer that most people don't want to look at how i know because that's only by its horrible yeah i think i mean go it's hard to find them actually i was looking for them today but the initial press interviews with john ramsay which you can see in the cbs stock are cold and creepy yeah he's a real creeper i dont think that that necessarily like as people have said about many people in this series lake i think we're just learning now how people grieve at what they look like when their under pressure and all the stuff you know that i agree with that are completely this is fucking goodbye let's move on yes it it's very
oh telling once you re look at it and like under aside from thinking exactly who did exactly what the situation was i just know that lake my father like you're talking about someone who just died they u you even if you are a man and a strong man you're in a war you whatever your beer child you would get choked up you just that's your took the words are coming on your mouth and your listening to them if you have a total disconnect then you're than you gave a great press conference and i say i mean what's important a personal part of this because people i love that but when i was like thirteen and on drugs and like a really bad cave and one night i just didn't come home and my sister a drop me off somewhere knives worn out with my fuckin punk rock rennes and my pay
call the police and were freaking out and my brother layer said to me like the next like finally came home and i stood on drugs on i was like any other my daddy said i heard dad in the other room weeping keeping and my dance like they re and i fuckin at that was one of the things that maybe stop doing drugs yeah so thought of my dad weeping at me just not being home right so the fact that she is just i know we all react differently yes but the reaction his fucking demeanor is called cold its incredibly does all his arm round his wife whose crying know there's a real lake he has a real be of a bank manager vehicles a ham where he's letting you know your house is getting foreclose yarn and i and i dont have i
shut myself off from other people's emotions for so long that i just don't care also like he's in business mode were places an emergency all live like emergency cord got pulled and now that's the moody's enemies completely like carp compartmentalized all olive everything a mere the emergency garage got pulled oh do that thing is such a bummer i think he was in the navy he worked for a small foreign faction in the philippines as a true and there s each ye see something to do with a navy
in closing its objective three is is signing goes away worthing assigning things victory with an exclamation point here is a name you want to do that so stupid here's ok although i am changing my email signature do you dare me am i do railway okay so i read it very much i wrote a bunch of should have liked of i wrote a bunch of mostly the comments on people's blog posts about what it was were fucking more interesting than the library ass one of them was it was done webs loose someone said on your phone keypad the number corresponds with three or four letters look for s bt see the numbers are seven to eight to seven to eight too response with p a t see tat see
don't underestimate us john use that good southern common sense of yours it's up to you now john victory for pat see i know but what does that victory for backing patsy so maybe powers mean i know it's her but i'm how i don't know it so it's one of those here isn't that interesting yes it has nothing to do with it while also that's a really good that's a really good way to make up a code what story now i mean took one what's your name on or near heard go her guests are le merits but by rote like a bunch of fuckin thats why sign a ransom note to begin with right nobody sends a ransom no one expects you to put your name on now did you know there are also and we should do a quick like let's
do the sight of it was an intruder because of our galaxy there were thirty eight registered sex offenders living within two miles of the house and bolder yes to lie that's a lot our small germany bend to the pediatrician put pediatrician over the last three years of her life twenty seven times that's a lot that's two men in germany wait was was patsy some kind of weird she might have had much much as i've actually say fur that says to me again tat he had nothing to do with any of it and john dead make sense that she's the one d like who if someone makes the panic nine online call the other person is telling them not to read the note its has not to call yes so one way or the other
in writing manipulated and re yeah i think patsy was manipulated this whole time may machine you some things and so she couldn't tell the truce yes i think that's a look like a not seen at dinner interview where she got pale eyes and she's going to my daughter whither i evenings cloud yeah yeah there i think that she may be new some of it and agree to it and didn't realize the extent of her husbands fucking awfulness but also that idea that she would be telling she she said if we live in boulder which she sat arise if we live in boulder which i wrote down don't they live in boulder i woods i would tell everyone in boulder if we live in bold and she says i tell my friends so it's dislike weird thing of like hurry telling yes and she's saying there's a killer out their hold your babies tight the idea that that's a given
like you don't have to underline that if you're this morning mother who as a shit cause she's very
active of her children yeah oh you said in your l article you said the thing about we have to stop using the word panther can we not so true but you know what i thought of is henry lee doktor henry we has such a thick accents dear i bet you lord underwear was our friends say in much the same way that i would not be able to say anything in any re dialect of chinese and i would have to keep it pretty like clear and basic that's what i thought of his like i bet your hand heavy is easier to here than any kind of your real and you feel now start i myself up whole time that he needed here that they thought he needed to be subtitled he did need to be said yes a hundred percent i never knew what he was saying because i was i was doing stuff around the catch and then i have to turn and i always feel bad for people who get subtitles you don't really need to look at things it's like a nagging them it is
feels oh well that's very american i think that's like it feels like on the surface shameful but the first thing i thought i was if i were in china and be subtitled i wouldn't be appearing iraq as i cannot speak right in i can i have us a little bit of high school french there but only about five minutes to evidenced instead of trying to speak in french use even we can you just fuckin subtitle my englishman yeah yeah yeah i'm just talk and then you subtitle all of it because and i mean that i also on top of that i was like i was going to say that thing about the panties and i'm like wages that raises is that problematic or whatever and then i'm like this man is such a
famous and prolific end legendary forensic pathology you don't watch programme should you wouldn't know that doctor early and really is someone that we all fuckin admire he's a may everyone the minute he's in honor you're like this knowledge legit and also he has a building they went to his building with his name on the front of it to talk about that some of the dna stuff so like there's no no sweat of henry always back in anywhere selina and he's document he's also not going to bullshit he's not gonna be pain to do a show with opinion because they need a certain opinion he's not gonna y know i feel at all of the scientists we were there always this thing is fucked and we need to look at it and at least just organise the paper were at the very least i agree the show is great i wish we could see the last aired yes portion of i want to know what they cut out in fact everyone over by not showing them
but i wonder if it was stuff that the programmes these lawyers relate go ahead and ere it will own cbs in em a year but i was thinking is that the four bias doc you series before it covered so much of it already that they didn't or like you know i mean i need this maybe except for me i have to see the other ones too now but i don't know i mean cause their whole thing was like weren't discover all the stuff of werner spits god i love him he has a straight a piggy blinders haircut if you watch pinky blinders that's the same hair this second i saw him i was like online him picture him and henry lee put in a house together and may just there's when peoples
being polite and starving real like that is my joy and then like there's just like they just get lake every morning they wake up in its and set a tyrant male it's like a fuckin corpse and they have to figure out what happened to your email it's a corpse oh my guide hungary would that be i mean we should just start our own network i feel like because also mourners bits casting on piggy binders so gorgeous he could be the german irish that comes in just point some stuff out listen enemies next year there are winning all over the world moral go down to the shrine and stand around near that burger care i'll get a second rent the runway dress yeah
the whole thing actually made me it made me think of lake all of those other cases where people the more people talk about it the more people here bull shit the more like you like that when we talk about the john mark car theory where he'd confess to being her killer while he was in malaysia somewhere to get out get out of being in jail because he's childcare molester who had gotten arrested for i think child sex tourism and and knew that if you want to jail there he would just die in a pit the air and so he confessed to killing john the name and then was extradited early interesting and way was extradited never missed hockey about it my sister gets a phone call from our childhood friend i didn't tell you this is a debate or amber excitement goes
oh my god see that kind of news right now that's the guy from my church group i've been complaining about and apparently john car lived in petaluma and was in my sister's friends church group and was the guy that everyone's like i want to cancel church group next week i feel so weirdly key was creeping people out and super weird super like super just bad vibes suspicious and then i mean how like satisfying would that be in and you seem like basely confessing to the murder of germany rams amended i see him like you know when there's like the clips are the trailers to adopt a german ay can feel it doc you series and i see him unlike others knowledge it no i don't want to hear about him none i know he has nothing to do with it aside from sensationalism he should just get a big red herring costume because that's all he is should we re amerika holdings
a felicia said she did some digging last night until super confident about the burke fairy she learned something she hadn't before okay this is interesting there was a fourteen year old girl that was sexually molested by an intruder about nine months after germany was murder and very close to the ramsay home quote amy was sexually assaulted in her bed by an intruder that they believe was lying in wait for forty six hours before the attack while they were all asleep he was never caught and the border police disregarded the mothers suggestion that he could have been the killer of germany aim in germany ramsay attended the same dance studio you there a lot of okay so the fact that they had a walk through over their christmas decorated house the ramses was a couple days before the murder was like a public work you're never gonna like when you do like a haunted house yeah hollowing
so if anyone would have been in there and and the theory is that while the ramses were at a christmas party that night summon fuckin came in broken new someone out a key got in and head and waited get totally possible and then there like depending on what side you argue either the window in the basement had no leaves where someone scooted in or had and undisturbed spiderweb where that would have been disturbed the summits good it s like everyone who has a fuckin definitive answer about this needs to stop it because there is not one no one that's it that's the crazy the the cobbler blunt watching them on that one show here going in and out where i was just like job it then there's the one time were you don't touch it is honestly and because yours really skinny cause you're on matthau to learn this or that like for your very careful one billion yes exactly the thing that i was
that was very suspicious was this the first of all there these millionairess they are too plain yes but they ve broken windowpane in their basement and they don't fix it like i'm the most responsible person in the world and when i broke my kitchen window i fixed it within three days because your house here and it's an open window legates unsafe its glass and then there were some somewhere in that where they john ramsay said that they left it like that because you lot locked himself out alive it switches and say that italy has committed to that being his fault i thought was very where the super weird because to me it's like oh are you try to justify if there's some late in print somewhere because
in their height a key there's one millions especially a millionaire they brought to man yeah by a second fuckin house like there's all these things you could do instead of breaking a window and leaving it that way out it was really like there's some things at what to me we're like well if you want to argue this thing this way you say this if you want or are you at the like there's things like the taser marks if you wanted to be an intruder its taser marks if you don't want it to be an intruder its train track icebergs toy train track marks yes repeats of evidence can be argued either way you fucking wants we argue i did ngos interesting when they argued the taser that taser don't put you to sleep they rightly like get your adrenaline going unlike zappia air make use greatly lunch awake here that's an interesting thing i think and i think that that could point to shut this super shoddy police
work of that at these as weird assumptions word psych there they are actually measuring it mean like it doesn't even set it at taser shape it doesn't i think this thing for me it lets let's or big conclusion freight i think i'm so tired i'm so tired and let us do the thing between between the ransom letter and the nine when one call and what happened between when the cops came and her body was sound put down and then i think of those all over the house of our neighbours and friends and things up dna all over the carpet and there i think that those things are the most telling more than anything else and the pineapple but also i think those things all point to it inside john and
it makes more sense to me that one of the three people aside from germany in that house that night had something to do with it then a stranger or someone else outside of it here this makes more sense it does i mean the thing nets maddening i guess is there could be a little bit of every year it could be an intruder flew open that window and got that saw the sick in the room and put it there cause he was like i'm gonna go get that little girl and take her out though there's all these things that it could be a little piece of each but yes i agree and believes that the a ransom notice a lie and it's a fabrication
the nine one calls bullshit i dump i don't buy her level at its acting and it's not good acting and then the third that that mag light flashlight fits the whole zombies head perfectly air is devastating new like proof that or at least dancing too much but it's a thing of like then you i just it suddenly made sense of like she did we get another hour attaining thing to him and he grab something nearby throw it out or or like ran behind her and cracked her when night came in here you don't have to be like you know crazy the good son evil child to make a terrible mistake to me patsy and burke patsy s johns
they have happened eager yeah either well he's gonna take your business like tat is the worst case scenario thing happened here and yeah he's gonna fix and did you know that so they didn't i really like the one may apart from ransom note and and look ladder by letter of young matches so where to go so these people were get my notes from under my cat where to go well good people there there writing or handwriting was compared to the ransom know everyone clear and everyone keeps saying like won't patsy ramsay was inconclusive and a hundred people hers the only one that wasn't cleared yeah that was
put inconclusive yeah she also wrote out the words a hundred and eighteen thousand dollars instead of the numbers yeah vs nobody fucking does no one does when asked to rewrite the ransom note she did that but i so i just i have so much sympathy for her well yeah the the idea that she would she would know child was murdered and then have to be a part of the cover up have to be the voice of the cover the grieving mother and so then balanced as feelings of you actually really did lose your child but now on in and in the name just save its work in the name of your other child you have to continue on and do this there that's
sickening proposition especially when you're someone who appearances means so money every year and i don't give a fuck i'm sitting second already all right now it shorts and i give a shit my rules need to be dyed set at strangers laugh at me on the street and yet it to be wrapped up in that world that trapping of of its aid its own pageantry it's a dense version of look at my home now there are balls of shit in my daughter's bed look at my side a year by children please look at my christmas tree and you're still winning it still gonna win the crown i fear the second best at any rate is justified
insanity also there was that one quote were a little girl and its though the woman that was interviewed i call her the wine friend that said i was exert i was you know turned out cast out from friendship where i was like yak as you talk the fucker reporters and you clearly just like brand blabbing the second uk bodily but she said tat her daughter had gone up to dominate around with their one time and was looking at all the trophies and said what are these and she said i just one those there really my mom's thinking first of all i don't buy that that actually happen that's like some i don't like and anecdotes all right and twitter about their brilliant child because it such an old soul kind of thing knowing that's like her commenting on her the reality of our own life in a way as if she's not a part of it to say yes my mother's wrapped up here career talk about this on cps when i'm dead yeah it doesn't make sense for us
six year old maybe she was a orilla i mean who now everyone wants to make their kids seem like an answer but reality strike they scream there s some israel folk in the younger fuckin wander new souls to everybody else in the restaurant when your trial describing assertion is it was that enough zombies talk for everybody i think it was a lie i think i'm done talking about this anymore area unless there's new information i would be interested in new information but i feel like we ve we ve just hit a peak truth zenith of jean monet reporting and and also just that it's this thing of everybody going through crimes so out by crime or in other words just like given we don't need did kiehtan now the same thing over and over a man of research i've done personally i miss case that i am really very interested in and i feel a lot of fucking sadness and paint for
victim i feel like a keep fucking searching it in and getting into in talking about it i'm just i'm not i'm desecrated her fucking memory and i just i can't keep looking at fucking
i believe that as yet i did also it's not good for your brain out like not it's in your not related you dont work on it you don't put yourself through it i saw a picture on twitter moments this morning because there is nothing i was i was a bit like six thousand nothing going on twitter when i made the grave mistake of touching the moments button and seeing what the restore the thing and it said something about job enabled the picture was one where i was like is this actual anna jolie like her mouth is open and our head is tipped back and she's got all kinds of fuckin make upon and our hairs brushed away from her head she can see like her tall forehead and she truly looks like she's twenty in such a sexual picture and that's the picture twat twitter moment chose to used in champagne a headline picture not the cute one note where she's got the little bangs a little hat and she just looks like she's on vacation is like she muzzle been like grabbing our own neck it was such a sexual like perfume commercial exceptionally less able to stop its gross to her
part i mean it's not gonna stop though because its nights there it's so fucking salacious and it's so mysterious she is asleep she weren't a file her away as a sweet baby angle and she i mean you're you're in mine and my favorite learners hearts and we feel awful and wish it would saw be solved but it's not it's just not there's not even think it saw people organist eight it's a fucking conspiracy right yeah keep your rabies plus and keep your foreign factions even closer to the pencroft rock band say sexy and don't get murder on this one the boy
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