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My Favorite Murder is the perfect coffee table podcast for you. This week Karen and Georgia unpack the "My Way" killings in the Philippines and the terrible murder of Scott Amedure.

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This is exactly right. Start with a prayer. He asked idea dear opera. Can you help us please, please Oprah open, We just need ten, a hundred thousand dollars. What if we were like,
Opera is our guest and are at the Chicago podcast Vestal. Someone asked us that on tat are re, that there really is link s gonna be open, and I immediately wrote now because I just didn't want her to be sad or have any big feelings. If she would talk about murder, I feel like she's like not in that heads face anymore, oh, but I think that's what that show was. I mean like in, beginning that show was like say, lay on his child on fire. Like lay over for real without show was like oh really, Sally, Jesse Welfare, we're we're gonna, take one step, blower yeah, However, what is one episode? We're club kids are on, one other shows, and it's like fucking epic. On solid Jesse, nothing, Sir I feel like I've seen like screen grubs from Anyways Oleg gun. Now
No, I won't know Annie. I just I just know engineers so hard. Ok, the first I would like to talk about is how we, although it is not our birthday, nor is it yet Christmas. You, yes, We got a surprise this gift from sea then- and you guys, if you ever want to get me a gift- don't bother cause. This is the only gift I've ever wanted. Stephen brought Georgian. I the book
the mysteries of the unknown, the time life series we each have looked about last week, and then he went on Ebay. He must have had overnight these on Ebay, I mean there's the problem in all the money in the World CUP is so like he probably about like we were drink. We drink my whisky, any barber bottlenecks even know Europe like we're supposed. Even you all the shades, your are unpaid, and so I thought, with a college credit that they sat Scientology. You got me phantom encounters. I mean we will be voting on these, though right, because I am media this second, he handed. U yours eyes like, but we what's that one. We share these with the universe. That's true minors, eggs are, you guys, can borrow minus music places, which is the one in the Google images with the pyramid in the eye, and this thanks similar monotony shit, it raises this is beautiful. I mean I just can't stop staring at its best gas. Here's one! Here's an article hears us, oh page, shuttle, banishing painful ghosts.
he came up with just some bullshit time writer who was so unhappy yeah. There are like I'm so sick of talk of like writing about next N and Shakespeare's hunted stage, I'm getting a paycheck minds, tracking the earth, energies and look at this guy. You as like those crazy sticks that go in different directions, looks like one of those hats on that have like pinwheels Stephen think you had this amazing urinary Moorish from three per cast. Podcast actually put these downcast now were reading, but I want my guide: that's how they are our hands are of. These are, I feel, like these were on every coffee table and eighty yeah we're like. If you want your boring ants, housing got stuck what my mom's classic thing. Was it sorry it's adult time, so we would get like vanished into the tv room and then, if nothing good was anti, because there are only four channels can I'm sixty seventy, which God bless the house? He went to that it had a time life series book on the coffee with Germany's tool House is used to go. She like friends or boyfriends families when your extinct for Christmas or whatever and it was like. You had memorize the one magazine that they had the bathroom, because I went to the toilet. Two fucking escape justice, it anyway. The answer you knew that fucking, the fucking us weekly from ten years and that I like its workforce, but with Israel or somehow crazy outdated. Yes, that that, like I, would have memories every word of these books as a kid, because I would have just for them over and over land us that's right and nothing when I was a child was cater to us. There was a box of toys that were entertaining when we were under three and under, and then it was like an if something goods on tv on or even if something, my boyfriend by cool writer we we played. I remember this as a kid like cures, what it was like we played with kitchen utensils under my grandma Grand piano, unite or shut the fuck up and play with this label from nineteen sixty and like pretend it something yes, just use your imagination, tornado masher, ours is always just go outside, is weird like we're on a farm, all kinds of shit, you could be doing on that. Everyone has lime yeah. These children are tired. So thank you, Stephen you're. The great ass do when we really appreciate your angel human couple,
Should I just do some just twitter corner selling our cause, there's been some great stuff happening on our twitter page, first of all, Christa tweeted at us, because Gary Conduct is gonna appear on Doktor Phil shut up
he's going to discuss the chandelier leaving murder on doktor fill me I'm in a business about names, but now that all makes answer, I should have again no I'm just trying to open this link. So I can tell you exactly what can happen, but I shall also ask my friend, as it may as argument ale, for it was a do. We know that now that person who got who was a spectre of killing Sondra Levy was let go so they're starting to open up that. Maybe it was very comment, the former some while they're they're, basically, they exonerated the person who is in jail for the murder rate and there they have reopened the investigation. No one's named Gary conduct specifically, but we do know that they ve gone back in there looking into lake. Basically people who gave him what do you call that lake
they're, all by alibis alibi. Look. I was there they're called me. I was there's our group as I was there when he wasn't killing her. We alibis man, those things, get shaky after fucking a couple years. That's right and it's been quite some time. Man, you know he's had another affair, and so his wife is like you know why this rate wasn't at home with me watching fucking malloch yeah? I it that's kind of that kind
key to like an old cold. Can, hopefully it is you get. Those people are like. Oh yeah, member, your awesome boy from that you would have done anything here. I mean eighty five, who is a murderer and it turns out. Wasn't all that clearly wasn't with me that night it turned out. He also love to give me the back of his hand across the face. Often so I knew I am wrong that EU covered in blood. He was just he looked like a tomato, so anyhow, that's gonna, be on Doktor Phil. I can't find a date that now, as I say it acts may the link is honoured. Twitter feed also, the other thing I just want to give it shut up, because we had been talking last week Pope or how we hate curving pumpkins. Whatever will Caroline sent us a picture of the most perfect Hallooing Jack Lantern goals for Us- and this is it it's? The tiniest face carved into a pump in any money when I saw it mainly laugh so hard. It's it's. It's like an emotion is the size of an emerging in the face of an emerging like the happy face, a moat its part. That's all I want, and I began only when you just pumpkin, so it's basically like this person took a pen and stuck it into a pumpkin. It's down. There were like where's, my wine and yet, where my writs crack, I'm done, you can laugh out loves even though did stuff so much Caroline, as I really loved that to the point where I saved it and then, like the next day, went owner retreated, that's awesome and I couldn't find it and I see this morning before work. I must have spent twenty minutes trying to find this treaty. Can I have a quick, quick plan corner. Please do squad boards circles
on squad gourds, because it is a gourd slowness. My home, like kind of Vienna like its intellectual wristwatch gourd, is written leader com, but you gotta squad gourds, that's really go like do you hot minute, media loves it. No, my God Mimis crying laughing. You can't trust! You look so bored, that's amazing! It's really good, oh and then the we. That super awesome. Somebody else find her name right now. Her name is Jessica, hauling her and she wrote an article four. The weak called why I am a murderer emails that was gone. I love when people Right Arthur Lisbon. Yet there has been a lot, but when they write them and they PS photos had other peep of a faint lake bordering owes fan art yak, as it makes it so great together feels art out there. It's very
looks like it's one. Huge communal efforts kind are also the name of the article as I am a murderer it. I added the. Why? Because I can't not do that. What what did you say? Why I'm a murder thats, where Well, you know, so I want to go ahead and gives some one that we need to find on Facebook group cry for making up the word Marino. Yes, who has that per its adieu and he's like hey? I came up with that, so we need to find him somewhere. People are like not people. Some people are like. Let's get that fucking word and Webster's dictionary. Ok, I mean, if too much for you why I hate stuff, like that, I don't mean for us. I mean that I mean that the word that that word means people who are really into true crime. I dont like from them they remained upon. Can I mean like the people who, owing to true crime like who are, who are you, what did you ever Marina? I like
I just feel like whenever we say the words like: let's get this going, there's gonna be like you know, a bunch realer like they want us to do at which I get that sign. Our stuff is of all the things we should be putting our effort behind. Let's get Trump in the White House. That's the thing that I want everybody to really get fee on the sidewalks about Europe. People are gonna. Think you're too. I posed us today, like Hitler is Tramp and, like look always doesn't someone's like our thank God that I thought I heard you last week say that you are voting for Trump and I'm scared, genoa. If you're scared goodbye, because that means you don't have a sense of humor here- please It's a seventy five percent of the things I'm saying hurry their sarcastic or lying. It's there. The kind of the jungle of a personality that I haven't. That's how I love you, man guards.
Lookin squad, gourds girl. Ok, I have something to talk about from Insarov. You had twitter goin I've been surround corner, that's right. I M sitting in a bar, as I do on Saturday night, the roost, which is one of my favorite bars and only very cool planes, ideas fuck the hanging. and then I like Instagram and someone tag ban something, and I and almost crying and was turned to my friend and showed her and she looked to me like like one of those jeered lux yeah. Have you seen this. you sent out to me all right, ok, well, so pill warm on Instagram, mother, Shocking that a gorgeous tattoo that says, stay sexy Duncan murdered Am I wrong to say that it looks like I'm assuming that's a woman? He I just
that's the usual. I think it's on her like back shoulder yet, but it's like across her back as older big o vague. I just wander like what, if it turns out, oh, you know we were serious about Trump and she's out. I have to say that, since these awful people are like no other races, businesslike away like an idle ranges, tattoo machine is, I think, a very go so decide dollar, it's a beautiful tattoo and its by a girl named her under jaw. Tattoos J, W Tattoos made it it's like really well done and gorgeous tattoo, and I like that, Spiritual and I had to say you sent me that picture. My sister sent it to me a day and sent it to a pearl sent to me like I got it was like Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, there's another one chair that I just we can. I have a good. We have to improve the two because it's like me,
tattoo, that she Pilgrim God is me and my Chinese. The statue that this girl is me and my leg: Tunisia and it's a poke, its approach, He tat too, that you do when you just an eye underneath this beautiful tat to my leg or the initials of my best friend from when I was fourteen with indian ink yeah, and so this girl did that I'm just gonna keep talking and I find it is also a fact. Platonists she'd and she said
a stick and poke yeah. I guess it's called here and share a fact, politeness and stick em poke and her name is Paulina with three asian underscores the end, and you can see her down to its honour. Some twitter account is around Gaia Man, it's very cool second day. I mean it's nice that its there are things that people really that's resonating and making people feel good and things that they, like inventor, enhancing their lives, are considering that just the amount of shit that comes out of her mouth, that we just don't think twice about like mean, I'm saying my trunk material is under time money and comes at a Karen's mouth. No, as I would add that I am a sort of crying and I'm so fucking honoured and that's amazing, its awesome. Ok, this is this is like called this Laura corner because my sister, the worker, while the other Kilgour, the other whitechoker. She loves the facebook page and goes on there all the time, she's so touched by the fact that there's all these rad people talking to each other supporting each other. You know about our years her sister,
What's that her sister no she's my sister- yes, yes, but also talking he's like other also night, air of Self Emmi in everyone's just cool and chill so, but she found this and its her favorite. It's a guy named Dylan whose in the army and he wrote and said, I'm in the army- and I always give a short, semi, serious statement to the service personnel I supervise on Friday. Before we leave for the weekend. Usually I end with something like be: safer, don't die, but today I said stay sexy, don't get murdered and then just walked away till bunch of guys in the military. The funny looks I got made it totally worth it just wanted to share the lovely. Thank you for your service summit. I think you thank you for all the people you freaked out for their service, but also the idea that we crossed over into a Milly Miller who
do you know me, I hate that is the coolest, if so, crazy an oh. I also want to give a shot out. Those speaking have ever been calling us among the Facebook group. The moderators are fucking there, the amazing at best they bus their asses gang schooled, everyone, it's the best thing to guess, yeah! Well, let me look at my less. I made a list in a fund that looks like it's. If there is a four or to fall into that, so they did cassettes. Tiny- and I can't see you can't see anything where air it is go and we got lots of people reached out to tell us about this, it happened in Sacramento, the woman who was walking up the street with a head on a stick? Did you hear about the story?
viewed, it might go and tell you first on a stick: Google books acrimony, you guys have some fuckin E3 plain and no one has anything to do for once. As happens there, it is hot internet mean as there's still there's fumes coming up from melting ass. You know what else why everyone has looking I'm there. I promise you the figures. You run fear for me, one through a field, a cornfield lie my mom and then your brain does crazy, it's true. I mean I can argue that. But then, when you put a fuckin head on a so apparently this woman
what had found a dead body, an aim abandoned homeless encampment. Why does somewhere? I actually looked it up on a map because I was like where, where did this happen, like Ike Y? All good picture was myself in the late eighties, early nineties, driving all hot and bummed out in Sacramento and then look over on the sidewalk and a woman with her head on it now or which inheres want my problem, as I will be. The person who had the who had come upon then abandon a homeless encampment and want to search through it. Will ya I mean yeah. You would wait if you're, like the words or something and then all of a sudden, like oh people, lived here but they're, not here anymore. Why it's like detective being relaxed law? There's gotta be a no. Although seats that show when they were they are there, story would, though, article I read was limited information. I feel like more more to come, but it seems like this. Woman herself is homeless and
The first article I read said head on a stick, but then, when I looked into it, it was a skull on a stick. So I'm not gonna, be a man as Qatar Delete nightmare town as I see it like as they were kind of selling. I still a meeting was making something seemed more. That's crazy woman, but they in the picture was tax related, so there's a chance that there was some bad action on that score. So anyway, I am very interested to see what the next phase of like. So obviously, they took her. She that everybody saw her walking down the street. Why did you do that? Well, here's. My theory is either. Maybe she was mute or she knew that there would be a communication problem. If she said I founded at body, she wouldn't be able to express yourself correctly and was mentally disabled. While I dont know, I mean she's a homeless person and her choice was to put a head on a steady longer on street. Would leave is there, but also-
she'd decide to put a head on a stick and walk of history, so I think she probably was like this is going to be the quickest way to get. No, one is hatchet it and then an apparent stick, I'm not gonna put it on the top of my head and put it on my busily use it as a puppet on being disregarded elsewhere. Lambs are anyway, so we will. I meant to keep my eyes for that story and what even when all of that is not so bananas to me in light of these stories that you here and then you'll never hear about it again. I know it sees likes this person that given the hidden run accident- and then you just never hear about it again, while the bummer too is like this, this is an abandoned, homeless, encampment and somebody died there and who knows what the circumstances were but the, but they said the body was had been there for a while. So the
probably won't be able to get a lot of information sharing and then it just gonna be like yeah another and like someone as inert from their brother and second eighteen years, always making eyes. I want to cry now so anyway, there's crime all around us, but especially answer everything's oars. Just look for the best things like the gods being supposing tat a dog dodger go to, should we do our part as any other info deal with short term corner my shirt coroner know what actually get right now. So we're still it on job if I were still at and my favorite murder shirts dot com man, the shit is like it's great yeah. So right now we have a new shirt, a new design like a newer. It's like newer and like not like when you ve seen before its time my cat sullen and she sent to me one random late night was like when you think of this, an amateur decrying, so cool. It looks like it like you went to camp? Are you in
like a family reunion me, I'm everyone got the sure. Yes, so it says my favorite murder and there's like mountains, and then it says by our own shit. jobs are excess, get a job by our own shit, stab of forests, which is from a couple a few many episodes ago yeah, but it's so charming and money, and I love lowest. I look for it looks like a thing camp sure it's like you went to count my favorite murder and eighty seven and the need to bring this and for the first time ever, there's tank tops. Oh a lot of people wanted, though I now girls like, I have big boobs and I can't wear a teacher. Can I please have a funny Tang top them, like I'd? Never thought of that. I make up. Let's do it yeah yeah I mean Look we need that feed back. So here are sensitive to every its cup sure there was too much information, well,
It's a fact of life and one Hillary Clinton as president you're and how to deal with everybody's cups every single day. That's the truth! This time, I'm being sincere, we start every car relation with our capsize and then we move on our aid. It's my turn it off. First, this way, it's absolutely not! I don't care, No! No! No! You went first. Last week I went first, I had the eyeball killer and you you're right you're right up to the second European. Until you are you are you anything? Even I don't know I will leave it changes. I was so glad I was like shit this is Miss one, the refuse afloat everybody come now
The reason that I this is my murder this week is because Guy Brantome friend of the show hilarious comedian asked If I had heard of these killings- and here he is so good and when he said what they were, I was like my brain an entire thing of what it meant to those names yeah and then so it takes place in the Philippines and they're called the my way. Killings occur, so let me paint a picture for you a little bit. It will be a little bit confusing at the beginning, but I'm sure run down little information for you and then it'll all become clear. Get added debt annex get up into that added. Ok, so I dont know if you know this, I didn't until I started looking into this that
Philippines does love karaoke. They back in love as a nation, its sickly, their national pastime. Almost every philippine home, has a karaoke me noon. Hate me it's like is why? Because I can't sing for shit, I'm scared of carry ok, it's I'm scared of karaoke. Well, I am it so spent this about me me me me, so they every every
they party every holiday party and they have so many carry yogi and video key, which is a different version of Carry Oki where you get scored against other people that are doing carry Oki that scores you, the machine, wholly show it's. How many there's another thing: that's like that! Maybe it's band she's skies thirds my my man, machines are fucking taken over and judging ass. Now they are ass, o guitar hero, it's like it's our here where it knows. If you're hitting right nodes right, I so you get a score for video key, so it actually are competitive in the bar. So of your singing like its whoever's, getting the best score on their song. Can we all just show, please I mean so in,
in the Philippines, there's k, TVS which stands for Carry Oki television and that bar is wholesome. It's like your whole family can go there, people of parties there, whatever they cater all ages, they serve food, there's private rooms, then there's regular, carry Oki bars that are laid back. You you have a drink. You embarrass yourself publicly, that's the whole idea of it yet times don't go there. If you want just show is like their ship saying, it's fine exactly urge it's funny and you're gonna get drunken whatever, sometimes others even alive ban to do vocals whether I was awesome but then there's night clubs and their night club with attainment are called night. Clubs in the Philippines are basically strip clubs with Carry oak and there's exotic dancing and theirs. backrooms that feature more than just singing that's direct directly from an article that is more than just saying. Well, so basically they have women who work there, that they are called
guest servers, yeah officers gee. I think s service officers and their basically like strippers that are paid to sit with the guys at the table. They have those in Japan and they're, not strippers for sure there you know, but they are sitting, have a conversation like hosts Yasser hostesses, yea, pausing to I feel, the basically there trying to get a bunch of things done at once at their night clubs, so they kind of offer all these different to get people an exactly. I even remote village is, families living in bamboo. Hats will have a karaoke machine in their area, which is the case. It's amazing, and so the the world's first character machine was invented. That was called the Duke eight and it was in a built by japanese inventor and musician named die. Suki ennui in nineteen, seventy one, but the current
patent holder is the Filipino inventor Roberta Del Rosaria home, and he developed the Carry Oki sing along system and nineteen. Seventy five, so that its basically like it's their home down inventions, awesome and also everybody's heard of cats. Singing is really like a huge thing in the pop culture in the Philippines. You ve probably heard of R R Nell PEN Neda, but he is the filipino singer that replace Steve Perry in the band journey was ever banned all and he went Wednesday. Perry had through steadily couldn't tour and they were looking further replacement. It's this guy, who sounds exactly like go to look on you too man. These amazing control he's incredible and they found him from from. You know. I get oh no, I don't I found TAT. I was, I think, his Youtube carry of steel.
Perry is it yes, you very well. It's ok here cover hit a journey cover, bound re that I think they somehow. Maybe someone sent him video here, but there is also the there's. A little girl named Cerise, who was Filipino and her Youtube. Video was so popular got centre, opera and she appeared on she's. Ten and her singing voice is incredibly annual. Is your I start crying when I don't cry. I start crying on this issue and yes, like little town had kids like thou like little towns had kids who are not trained to meet these talented pupil in only mainly aren't train natural yeah yeah exactly you gonna, be on all fronts, so beautiful so this so they say they
IE is always looking into like it's. Why is singing this popular Europeans and just a little background? Nearly fifty percent of the people who live in the Philippines and that's estimated eighty seven million people live on less than two dollars a day and many are forced to eke out a living selling scrap of Bric, a Brac or begging lot of impoverished neighborhoods. The karaoke machine is the one luxury that the whole community gets to enjoy and and doesn't do without. so, basically, that's their only entertainment and its closest a lot of them got to come to escape besides drinking and whatever you have a little moment where you know you can kind of be good, and also I looked it up. Ray
Georgia is there's a time Monocle time magazine article three and twenty thirteen about the positive effects of singing the new way and they reaches researchers, does I'm just reading from this thing, but reaches researchers, discovered, singing, is lake and infusion of the perfect tranquilizer. The kind of both sues, your nerves and elevate, your spirits.
You feel elated when you saying which comes from endorphins hormone released by singing, which is says he hated with feelings of pleasure, and it they. You also release oxytocin, which is a chemical, let's found to alleviate anxiety and stress and ended in enhancing feelings of trust and Bonnie Bonding, which is explains why more studies have found that singing lessons, feelings of depression and loneliness. A very recent study, even attempts to make the case that music evolved as a tool of social living. The pleasure that comes from singing together is our evolutionary reward for coming together, cooperatively, instead of hiding alone in a cave like that is fucking, heavy and intense. I now I see and link makes me want to sing a lot more to myself. It's also make me when I read that I was like. Oh that's why I'm mediately start crying when I hear like gospel music when like using or maize and coral music or like musicals or when I go to like a temple or at home, to go the Temple and we sing these songs. The language I don't understand, but I know it means- and we all know the words in Hebrew, which is fuckin crazy without speak here, grew ass, his beautiful like it feels it is a community. Yes yan that feeling it's like it's doing the work for you were being there and being submerged in that sound committees and laundering you to those people. They are doing it. When is very cold eminent, not I'm not hide my voice next evidence and I are driving emphasis on another Noakes, unlike sing, really quietly no go for. Who cares? I mean
That's the thing is I I've always been like a big loud. I came up, unlike the Annie Cast, Album ass, a leg, just big Loudon knows singing has always been my thing, but its very it's also, I think part of for me. singing is so embarrassing because it so personal once you do it. I think people respond to it because they know how hard it is like public speaking or anything. I'm amazed and I've seen you saying, I'm a may. I can't I'm so in all people who can draw things that don't look like nothing close to what is supposed to be with him saying it's just
It's amazing to me here when I first started singing, though doing like doing signs on stage the fur, I would say the first fifteen times I did it. I like it was very quiet like I couldn't breathe very well. I was just so, but I just kept doing it. I somehow I don't know I'm life anyway. Sorry off of me. Unfortunately, under the changes subject, I felt myself. So I we were all these factors are part of that cultural phenomenon. Basically, these people are figuring out how to self soothe and it's like life is really hard. There's. You know a lot of people like. Have it hard and you know, live it's. It's also very violent place. There's a ton of illegal guns. There there's a lot of machismo culturally lot of fighting and it's so so there is the need for that kind of release, value and that's where they find it, which is actually really beautiful, Hautala so
All of these factors contribute to a disturbing phenomenon. That's taken place in the past decade there have been over, does and murders of people singing the song my way stuff, you're fucking thing are you fucking kidding me Gaza that so that that song, losing my mind, like you, said that everything living up. This is a beautiful
I really legit down the stony. Really I thought is like and then Ventre got killed. I expect the crazy, as they have ever heard and I'm so excited so good. It's a logo when Guy said that's me he is like. Have you heard the my way murders in the Philippines? I would just like immediately like please let there be a serial killer that goes around to carry Oki bars and only kills people in their after that that, whatever you know I was going to say I was going to say: I don't know it's gonna be in, as I owe my way must be a place in fact, in the Philippines. My way, though, you know it's like you and me I am. I am Zuni that this is so much worse, intriguing, it's so good, so I'm yours axioms as I've already at Yale me everything rough. So on May twenty, ninth, two thousand seven twenty nine year old Carry Oki singer of the song. My way in its. If you haven't heard it, it's the Frank Sinatra head from nineteen, sixty nine, it was written by Paul Lanka and its basically a biographical song. It was written for Frank Sinatra. Has just basely, like my careers, been like this cause, I fuckin did it my way. Yes has been hard, but also I kicked as and its super bragging. Ragged osiers. Amazingly the fuck yourself, sensing fuck yourself. I didn't my way way. It's a bit self assurance and also suck you Frank Sinatra is Dick. Like I do you hate me, I think he's a dick will. I love them and so now interface, every little you that affect me affair. Oh no, I now yards rough stuff, no, no it so
a twenty nine Euro Curio geese singer of this on my way at a bar in San Matteo resolve was shot dead as he sang the tune by the bars Security Guard who was arrested after the incident. According to reports, the guard complained that the young man's rendition was off key one victim refuse to stop singing the guard, pulled out a thirty eight caliber pistol and shot him dead. so this this is the other thing about this. On my way, it's pretty hard to sing because in this weird key, where its low it goes, a pie, but there's when you're in the low part, especially if you're drunk as like there is an actual drunkenness to see the wavering Sancho sings that it's just like them. I actually dont care that much about
yeah, it's almost talk singing in certain yeah. It's it's very Jura. It's like a long sigh Draghi and saw a covey like depressing appear in a bar drinking just wanna, fuck em, now rate exactly so. it's actually become such a problem. That is, that song has been taken off of most carry Oki bar songless, because people don't want the problem, they don't want a random freaked. I thought it was one guy's going around doing this. It's just like. If it's a guy, it's basically it's a thing that causes people to fight and murder. Did their imminent lose so hungry the ok? So
there is actually an article in New York Times about it, and the writer asked: are the killings, the natural by product of the country's culture, violence, drinking and machismo? Learns there's something or is there something inherently sinister about the song, we're just kind of funny like it's a curse song that you will die at the end, it was one the first person who is mentally unstable, who brought us thirty eight to work and killed a guy, and then everyone else's copying him he s neck, so anyways moving as well, but I think it's a good theory. There and most of those karaoke bars, and I was describing to earlier, are really via places. Anywheres, like people are going there to blow esteem they're going to get shit faced here, there's a lot of seem to be blown off no crying. So there's there's lots of fights anyway.
So there's nefarious people who have nor are there any way? Yes, yes, but they often fight over bad singing ends. The singing of boring saw. I could see tat and the so they're saying it could just reflect the popularity of the song combined with the popularity of carriers
combined with the violent, amicable, headed of nature, to that's exactly right, because that one video gear, whatever it literally scores you in a bar you're, trying to have a good time on a Friday night. You ve got the hired gals here and the areas gals over here and you're going up there and you're trying to be cool. You don't want to suck and in your drunk my I mean how many times you been in care. Yogi were someone's leg, I'm in a sing like what is God was one ass or something we're yearly? Claudia us fuck, you, I know you're showing off seasoning with your fuckin friends. Don't sing Nora Jones at a gallop. Yogi borrow my own lengthening like Nora, Joan they're just get get some. Should I stay or shall I go? Let people have a good time. The cars always good cars blondie, probably always go Landy cars just shut the fuck up front. You fuckin, Fiona Apple, yeah yeah. Don't bring that dumping that
Agnes to your own door, now temporary down another great irate, so I lost my spot thanking docking and naming songs. People should think you know This is all repetitive. The second murder Tommy the second letter ominous first hell, I'm gonna tell everyone in the meantime, yeah avow, how I go thing right, clicking flexing buying up, and then I lose my spot. The only child and carry Oki, whereas like those fuckin coolest as I did at a bowling alley in Europe, and they happen to find out that Kennedys on their land when it was kill the poor which is night not it wasn't like this house, not sarcasm, just in case it was no no is Sancho to kill the poor, knowing Fucking killed a leg. I already knew those songs, because I was fourteen and upsetting counties. I live second
twelve years already, but people went crazy, three friends that were there and the rest of the empty bar like yeah, there's a high five yeah, that's the opposite. To be one of the few times I've done karaoke is my friend put my name and without telling hockey who know what song she picked for me. I know nothing compares to you that's catch. You know it is, has talk about my way. It's a dirge legislative curated did, I know she's sit around and it doesn't matter you I'm sorry. Everyone's gonna treated us remember like the abbot Karen. That was better than I ve ever seen in my life. I stop be here's the thing you can, you can only get you can have the best singing additional world dont. Do it to us, she that was basically a prank sides. I am you I shall be able to murder people with their put your name now about knowing that is,
sets of all the others that actually I just couldn't long, but it was one of those things where there are so few people and guarantee their like good at their York meeting their source of a sense of humor. You can't trust us. Here's the thing there is such a problem with violence and carry Oki bars that they actually higher gay man or transsexual man. They call them back laws and there they
are there to defuse the undercurrent of tension with the male patrons of carry Oki bars because they are not seen as rivals for the women in their long seen as rivals for the singing, so that area too, and there there and they made space like drag Queen comedy like they come in and make jokes and like it all. It basically keeps the tension down most poor. That's beautiful early is nice, but it also is kind of funny that that's the amount of competition intention in those bars is so strong that that have you know in the very beginning of this story. They sounded so chill. I'm exuded like families where there were yeah but now, for there are places in this world. There's gonna be
Refugees is that our fuckin dangerous man bags that fucking in somewhere in in Inland Empire, Jersey or the lamp error like, and that's where mobsters me yeah, you don't wanna you one bad drunk dad near the pizza station, like others is a ruined Saturday, and then he gets back and cement shoes and gets turned to the ball pit of the mafia guide. Sorry, here's a really good quote and I will wrap it up here and a high level. This is this guy. They got interviewed for the New York Times. Article said in the Philippines. Life is difficult difficult and he is a man who repairs watches at a streak. He asked government, corruption, it's a weak economy that striven alot of Filipinos work overseas. His own wife is a made in Lebanon, and so he says, but you know we have a saying: don't worry about your problems, let your problems worry about. You yeah, that's right, so that's they're, just trying to deal
There is just a couple on the Wikipedia paves they had other video karaoke rage incidents and other countries which is kind of funny, just saying it's, not some people get a competitive karaoke therein. Several reported cases of singers being assaulted, shot or stabbed mid performance, usually over how the songs or sung in Malaysia a man in two thousand eight in a coffee shop, was performing any hugged the karaoke microphone so long that he was stabbed to death by other patrons plural. All Everyone had an iphone them would, of course, like butter, slattern I've. So it's like took forever Oda. in this is rough in Thailand. A man was arrested because he shot
of his neighbours to death, one of whom was his own brother in law, because they were singing. Take me home country, roads repeatedly and terribly. We have talked about my ex roommate who just sing men shadows, played the basin, saying my shadows, jests and the nay I'm being followed by a moon tat s the way with the other one yeah Alan over and Anne and she was a base player, so she was lying and I may say it wasn't even guitar. So I get it. I murdered her a man had two other men to death with a meat cleaver were of fight over a karaoke microphone in China. One time who the fuck do I mean it's, it's pretty intense. I get it. I get angry at carry Oki. When I get an easy to a friend of friends. They party, Atta, carry a key like pray
room? Yes, like I'm dont want it, I wanna go sit at the bar talk to you yeah. I don't want to watch you sing about bad, unlike drink, so much Saki that I have a headache and and eighteen dollars for chicken wings will be grateful that you live in a country where you basely dont, have to sing karaoke all the time, because it sounds like that's kind of just what people do. Oh that's true, as they can to ignite rather go buying NOME everyone's. Bowling. This thing here: are you crazy? We don't do that. I mean: can we start ski bawling instead of carrier GINO Happy that would make me you know how shot you would get. Yeah. That's my mom! I'm done that. I love that. frigate ray. I would have never known about the I either, but I
I have to admit. I really did want to be just one guy in like a trench. Kosher would watch using my way and then kill you in the parking lot over gonna write this Nicholas cage for Europe. I feel like you might be they. I have a good sinking sensation you're, going to be a great cop, a greedy ex cop hired as a security guard, whereas area, whereas on development. Where is he he's doing a lot of snickers commercials right now? But I think we could get him on this project. hard workers it's your time to shine array, mind some. I think this. This episode is a pop culture. Epoch ok, We actually touched on this and I didn't. I didn't go as deepened to this earlier. As I wanted to, because I was like we're getting enter my murder territory, Karen, yes, ninety ninety five,
I remember do remember we used to do down you come home from school or when you wake up at three p m men. You'd sit down with a voice area. Karen, would you watch date? Talk shows like more power which yes, unlike only jailing, Loon zeal and, for example, the of Asia and Asia are eight. So this listen. I want it. I feel a lot a young listeners don't know what it was like back them. For your reality, tv shows we had
daytime talk, shows that were introducing us too interesting characters and fucked up things, all salacious and shitty and tawdry, but it was fascinating, an amazing and sometimes great some other headings then sometimes there, just they make overs Sunday oxytocin. So there would be. I wrote like a couple things like detector, cheating, a guy would come out and Marguerite. Shitting me lie detector out of control, teens, just love that sent him that boot cats and has very wide in their face. He asked ass, Graham innovate and then I wrote fucked up make overs suckin eyes. I e not dressed like a mom cause you're wrong and they always rhyme they always right, and then there would be a weird entrance where they would walk down like a fake catwalk at the Anne, oh yeah. It's me I was always like I liked you better when you had that weird leopard print tanks looks so boring. Now, again that in the audience just scream share, it was just like a free for all yeah and it was fun.
Your timing, we watch the shit out of that yeah, I'm so one of those people. Let her show, because everyone was getting that at the time actually like the Shoah was the Jenny Jones Show and Jenny Jones had been. I dont know how to use it in a manner which Jenny Johns was a stand, a comic. I will just slide this one Angeles who is on she and she always wore a tiny Blue sequined dress, for she had really big blonde hair. She was basically kind of lake. The cheese cake stand a comic girl that was like. I look like this phenomenon. Nominal get real until you stuff, like that, like she would be quoting call play against her own type sure in her sand of comedy HU. Thank you for doing my research because I totally meant to do that. No problem, but also a lot of. a lot of it. Episodes let's get a March six. Ninety ninety five!
episode was taped. That was, the premises, people revealing their crushes So one guy named Jonathan Schmidt's, whose twenty six he's brought in under the guise
someone has a big sicker crush on you and the crush role be revealed onstage. Ok, I just have to say in a set up like this. I feel like this is everyone's dream come true like isn't that we all want to be on south of let, but even aside from being on tv, the idea of some ongoing some unlike seo, I've been obsessed with you and I'm crazy about you like when your friend does. Oh, my god, you know, like you not like. Basically, a high point of life, that's kind of like total it we all live for only find out and its lay. Unless I don't I built so nineties, and in such a lake we pass notes. We didn't have raining on people's message boards and Terry Social media. Yet we we pass notes and we passed murmurs and gossip through our friends and there was no other way of looking annulling exactly you couldn't find out what any what it is doing. A wearing it was gone, was all gossip all gossip with the producers didn't tell Jonathan was
the actual name over the show was same. Sex crushes revealed they didn't tell him that Jonathan was straight so because on the Shoah, as he says out of curiosity, he Slater claims that the producers implied that the what that their admire was a woman. So they didn't they didn't keep him in the dark. They told him his woman, although they claim they didn't, tell him that. and they told him that he will meet the girl in his dreams. So he's onstage and there, building it up as they do. I mean nations were great doing this kind of thing and the secret admire comes out and its Scott Bernard Emmett I'm gonna mental, because I am sure- and he was in queens of Schmidt's. They had lived near each other and Lake Orion Michigan,
and when Scott comes out he were feel he reveals is crushed. Jonathan Jonathan is visibly shaken and embarrassed apparently, and states that he's heterosexual and but hidden laughs. It often is amiable and then Scots goes on to tell the audience about a fantasy that involve dolphin and whipped cream and strawberries and champagne. And then that's when Jonathan becomes enraged on camera, I think in his heart. Ok, ok, I know my camera. So this an end. So another thing for like ninety ninety five will understand is that the net homophobia with fucking. I know it seems like we're in a different place now, but homophobia was hard fucking core. Also it was it it. completely
Kay culturally for people to be homophobic. It was crazy. You weren't homophobic, making gauge oaks was ok, it happen constantly and there was no. There were no voices to say: hey, go fuck yourself or you're in the wrong or anything like that. Ok, that, yes, the you don't understand, the prevailing attitude was like
That's funny or that's that's something to mark or that something disgusting or it's the it's a very different time, and that's not that long ago, which is so troubling and so that you know in ninety ninety one Paul Broussard, who is a trace of now Houston area banker, died after gay bashing incident outside a Houston night club, where nine high schoolers beat and stabbed him to die, and this was what life was like back. Then you can't not mention Matthew, Shepard and ninety eight. Ninety, ninety aid- that was ninety eight ninety eight he was beaten, tortured and left to ultimately die in Laramie Wyoming you so this was this. Wasn't a leg. Ino will make fun of gay people time. This was a if you're in certain parts of the country and certain people, wanna fuck with you and your gay, not to say that it doesn't happen now as well. but there are such
it's just a totally different. There are people who will speak up against it everywhere. You go, there's a shift of understanding that that that and a shift of identity and of people that are saying all those that all the prevailing attitudes of like this is a deviance as opposed to know. I am your relatively I'm your brother, your friend, I'm its people that you know this isn't some aberration that it's like I'm sign affliction, it's who he is it's an identity and also its the majority, the popular, not the majority, the population, but it's an even amount. There used to be a like: there was a government, an old old government. Projectionist said, ten percent of the population was guy. It's way way: high Social, that thing of lake yeah. It's
It's an educational process, that's taken us forever and its great I mean as much as a fucking hate the internet, it's like theirs and we would never have known what a huge population of people who are way fucking different than you and everywhere out there. Unless He had that the internet right and people have a voice now be a factor. So what's come back just three days after the taping and Scott believes suggestive note. On John offence, Jonathan S house, Jonathan, finds the note and withdraws money from the bank. purchases a shocking and then went over to Scots Mobile Home He questions Scott about the no
then Jonathan goes back to his car, gets his gun and goes back to the trailer. He shoots Scott twice in the chest, with twelve gauge buckshot at such close range. That paper wadding from the shock and shall ended up. I'm Scots heart, while a fragment of the other shells casing entered his left lying so like this is a look at me. I'm fucking killing you situation, after killing Scott Jonathan leaves or residence, and he calls nine one one and confesses wow yeah, ok, So I see Ok during the trial needs arrested during the trial. It stated that Scots France
Friend says that after the taping of the Jones Show, Scott and Jonathan actually went out drinking together and have an alleged sexual encounter. it's possible. This whole thing I mean: that's, that's a weird element to it. They don't talk about a lot in one of these articles. It's a lie, has its hearsay, yeah, yeah, so hearsay, but as hearsay that that's it It puts the it puts, still level of anger in temper It makes a little more sense to me. You know yeah, or could be Alai be allied to justify narrow, but this is this is Scots friend this is the guy gets killed. Friend said that that they want together. That may be, I know, I'm just timely alleged is a big word, so he's found guilty of secondary murder in Nigeria. Six sentenced to twenty five to fifty years in prison convictions o returned upon
retrial found guilty of the same charge once again sentence reinstated in ninety. Ninety nine Scots family sues the Jenny, Joan, show teller pictures and Warner brothers for the ambush toxic tactics and their negligent role that led to the death of Scott. The jury found at the Geneva show was irresponsible and negligence and that the show intentionally created an explosive situation without due concern for the possible consequences which is like every reality showering now too the Michigan jury, found the Jenin John Show legitimate responsible for the events they gave. Scots family over twenty five million, Experts Ivan Funeral costs and area five million sword.
pain and suffering, and ten million each for loss of camp companionship and compensation. But the judgment was later overturned by the Michigan Court of Appeals. Two to one judgment and the Michigan Supreme Court declined to hear the case. So then they never had only that money now wasn't any Joneses and it wasn't there be no. although There was apparently a letter. Saying that Wes. It seems like they didn't fucking tell him what what what he was expecting. and I so there are fought and the producers decided not to air the show, but you can see on court hearings, coverage of the trial and its also featured in HBO documentary contact to death back then
so should concern as Anna while also makes me think. As you said like that, I can happen again, but I bet you after that, it shit ton of rules were put into place earlier by production companies that were like, and if you do this, you have to do this. I would like to say something like unmoral poet or whatever, like I'm sure, all those other really exploitive, Sally generally large cheaters. Recently yeah yeah cheers was crazy. You someone had all the time, but I mean I was like a stab yeah yeah the host got. Let our yes, that's right. You know I've always had a problem with his. So you when you're on tv show or you're gonna, be an area where there's taping, you have two Sino Ito, a waiver saying you're. Ok with your fear, you know
image, but I bet they had signed that before this happened. No, here's the thing tell me everything you here's. What I know is that it's only in certain states that you have to do that and because their certain states really in New York City, you can film, you can walk down the street and film and you're an your fine in California. You can't do that so California, like when we would like and jobs I've had you have to stick signs up now in New York. If the same thing, you have to put up a sign that says you're about to walk past it all in Cameroon would arouse s basically exactly, but in California you have to have a waiver. So if you, if we would do man on the street stuff and there'd, be a lady that would walk behind the interview and then go blob of blood, we read that you wanted to use. You'd have to have peace wrongly sound, get that lady to make sure she signed, or you could not use the footage, because, basically the footage then becomes the proof.
You mean, like they have a open and shut case that lake you saw me and I didn't say you could, and I you don't have the paper that says I said you: could you can't use it so? What about when you work on my talk chosen, you had guess that would come in like they sign ship beforehand. Like that anything you say can be aired, you can go back and we, like you. I didn't expect this question to be asked of me and I know what goes on
well, no you they'd do do the last questions that they they weren't either prepped for whatever, but that's more. That goes into like a more of a celebrity thing. They when I don't think they do that too, like human interests Garriga much, but in the celebrity world where there are like ok, this is the person I just had the affair in its in the news. Everyone knows this person, stud the affair, and so the publicists dislike. You will not be talking about the affair and the obvious direction were fucking, leaving exactly and then the producers. Of course we want. Of course you wear them when they're sitting there, the everybody makes that call they literally make their com or they're. Just like asked the question. The question get gets asked the celebrity answers the question, because there, in that situation, were there, what are they gonna do and then I want to be rude and the publicist goes back ship Ananas, backstage I've. Seen this I mean like that. I haven't it's not like. I've been in those gotcha situation than ever worked on. Gotcha shows that, but that
the thing that's done where then it becomes a political thing, but usually between the publicist and the show words like I will never come back. None of my clients will. I will pull this. I've been in ITALY. There are likewise this is this worse, losing all those clients, because Angelina Jolie send whatever the fuck about our marriage exactly let's just forward, they were the ratings. We will be the first people to have had the word on this, and then the publicity sees that the movie that they're making its way more fuckin people watching because they saw this thing and we can't deal it's crazy because that it it really is that thing or that whole world of like bad policy as is happening, is bad publicity, because it really is true with the way social media is on the way. The digital world has changing entertain mania. That kind of stuff is like their people that plant their own got your high enough to say no, it's the same thing of lake, how the carnations call the paparazzi hassle we're gonna, be here. It's that thing where people, when you that people have learned over time, that being in a victim stance actually can be good for Europe and so they'll. Do it or they'll set it up like if they feel that this is a question they weren't expecting in their being suddenly open and honest when really they fucking new is going to happen, and then they get places the victim, but these magically handle it so railway. Suddenly, the public, who you know it's kind of a man I know was, I dont think I should say I know I do not know for a fact, but I'm pretty sure when Hugh Grant went on Leno to talk about when he got caught with Divine Brown and he was married and all that stuff. The way he handled that go back to ninety five, let you re it was around them. He handled at so beautifully Perth because it was like he basically went idea. They blushing and like yeah, I'm sorry and bad whatever, and it's the thing that up until that point, any publicist would tell an actor and opposition. You can't go on a talk show or if you do, they will not talk about this, that whatever and instead suddenly we see how it can. This situation can be handled in a different way and, and you can turn an entire culture back onto your side, and so
Basically, this is just one more Karen ruining TV for everybody, but it, but it's not like these things, our strategies and planned out so much more than anybody and makes me ill. That's the reason why I yell at the tea, all the time. I can't I can't not watch I'm late. I talk shows. I can't watch those interviews and makes me want to screen click here, and I heard you into the fuckin beach lately my cod that so few Brenna, because its we yet and the weirdest creepy as part I'm not acting anymore you're, not we're too, whereas greatness bird is. There are people that are so good, but you can walk People who have done the same story on more than one and now look like there's like. Oh my god, I'm just the evidence remembering this. Oh that's right! That birthday was so crazy, we're just like. Oh, this is just what this is a completely orchestrated conversation, nothing, Israel,
thing is real speak for yourself, say: values, question authority, not materially lerigo, by a monastery. No, no! I just I just can't it's not reality. It's not real and it scares me and not tv, its HBO Navy via Lloyd plugs tickets. I thought we were employed in so much like time. Time magazine, Cambodia check out Time magazine, everybody, ORD statement, Buckingham paid us to them, but component ass man, guys that was you know I like back as it was like kind. Indifferent still.
On theme, but then we both took it in a little bit of a different direction. No children got killed. This episode, that's that's rare. Could we just aim for that once a month are just one month can have bucking child? Did you see somebody made an I'm sorry where they may be, I'm really small. It was basically like we visual was perfect as if it that's exactly what sorry are you it's done right. We ve done it again. We ve done it. I mean this is episode. Forty, forty. Yeah link articles go it's crazy here and I'm proud of us I'm proud of his tomb. We ve been friends for forty weeks. Here's to twenty twenty more there is that when we got married and your mom died. Oh that's
I'm so sorry. I got married been friends for thirty nine that was the real last week of all that the enemies were so casual about its are you guys were not because we didn't know me, there's nobody March band, nobody here in March, This is the thing yeah no uncharitable like like that girl from nothing and mackerel from that thing, Ellison vanish Hale tell each other one good thing from this week. Oh good idea, you go first cause, I can't think of anything. Well, I forget that by my my fear is that I really reconnected with Mimi my CAT Mimi boy. I know it's a stupid, like I S, Elvis he's my fucking, why, Every year we have through because your tongue here as you're telling me you're, petting, Mimi Lincoln, but you're it's a little doktor evenly you're, like my guy, got eye to eye and brain to break.
Can I plug my their instruments, Elvis and Mimi? Surely, Mr M- and she shall I have always been scared- a lever, because Elvis when love many more for a while, I know I don't fucking and say I have a website called though, when your cats thy have worms at my had tax does not, as they should still be line aid, and then suddenly, I realise with me engine. She is an Elvis give his hero shits about anything, but cookies is very true or yet there was an ice to lake. Its minister of cats, they're pretty great new. These ones are sweet, like you guys, which is rare, let us never gonna, like you by your ISP Authority, re sorry, this whole time, I've been scrambling. Am I a ok, this fine I'll just do any. This is honest this is at least I'm being honest. The shirt I'm wearing right now is my favorite shirt. I've ever under my life. He looks amazing thanks.
Just a salmon and navies striped. Then I got a crossroads. Stephen! You look like a hot pirate bay by pocket. I in there, something about it. It leg reminds me of high school. It reminds me of all these things. It's really weird, but then an I lay. I appreciate the thinness Jove it and it's stupid, comfortable stanch, oh yeah, and it's a little tiny they blow see, but then it also it just is working for me in every way to the point at issue Bibbs earlier today, I do as an acre upper drippy. It's like they know it's like of cheese womanly, but she's not trying to throw my face such right. I actually covered up to make. You want more. It's a very Victoria, the more layers you put on the more I like what could be under there. I am used, are wrapping scarf Roma neck and many are going to be so in me and then the Munich is. Does her Neckcloth? When I interrupt that's what you mean that hollowing stories Gary stories to sell
c mon. What does that various or is it highlights neurons theories? Having a nervous Stephen saying, right now to us with this laughing, the sister of loving is end. This bar, you guys, are at a minimum. Stop talking about every very sorry to tell him the dark dummy we're looking to see where they take off the necklaces ever take my mind had fuzzy and she says I told you not to take it and then he puts it on mystic. Anyway, down the street of Sacramento with you guys. Thank you so much for listening. We love, you were totally insane stays. Axially, oh dont, get murder rate review subscribe, em on Instagram, I mean. Where did Elvis Elvis save us? Do you wanna come you're lucky, by way of August,
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