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2016-11-03 | 🔗
This week was recorded live from the Entertainment Weekly Popfest 2016. Karen and Georgia share Hollywood tales of murder including Lana Turner's dark family secrets and the Wasp Woman, Susan Cabot. Plus a hometown murder picked right from the studio audience!

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Gone. To date. You eat areas. Faster growth area gets himself. I hope you guys of having fun at the other events in their stolen come tonight, but I am so excited to welcome this next show because it actually, my personal favorite framework, show and I'm sure, a moving there's a lot of Marinos in the crowd began so that further do. I am so pleased to welcome my favorite murder waves, Georgia, hard sack and carrying Kilgour. What is free riding? Where are we? The scissors stayed Show Karen's gonna Miller do song by Joe Joe right now. I know you wish you could be outside watching her and supporting her there. Really Georgia. Yes, he's ok, you're kidding, I re never joke about Georgia. I can always like that Georgia. Now I don't know anyone as you guys are so cute. All of you did. You have to wait and align and start for this important super ended. I have made them wait longer I mean I do have to pee move ever, do not do it there, like ha ha, no we're starting now, she's crying hurry up and start. This is really for camera guys this as we heard, because we never certain chairs, like this, ever not used to being directors of any kind Mary break its brow,
It's cold and arctic, something wedding! No I'm swimming. Are you really have you noticed that this entire day, that's a greener him on a jacket on? I have noticed. I didn't want to criticise. You criticise me, I'm fuckin ice, always hot what your deal a firm hold on a second before the murders, Georgia. What's your medical problem now? Where do we start? I re ray, I mean, let's start with Attica. An end with chronic anxiety is Stephen. Here
the area is sound engineer, he's blushing, get out of hand and try to grab his moustache is Elvis here someone to the moon. We heard if he came walking I'll. How did you get that? We always who never been scenario? We say the word cookie were it's always like come out here with and I was gonna put crossing on this cross. I promise accounts that I'm wearing, but I did not. Even I just didn't you just didn t sick sums,
the breathing of the microphone maternity. I definitely accidents for Georgia, sees things align, see, inhales and then it just a big sign of how hard show business up. You were honour to be here if you're, not sure if you wandered in and you're from Denmark. This is the pod cast. My favorite murder, where we Georgia, hard stark- and I care clear- of talk about our favorite murders- tell each other to crime stories that we like. We don't necessarily say, research them, a hundred percent or we're not trying to be experts of any kind. Most people that are into this stuff really are experts. God bless their cells, they let us know when we fall down, they sure do, they sure sure do less than if you're here to have a good time. When you come to the come to a place, you ve come to really cold bright player. You might be dead, which is the magical appropriate ruin or that when you works are walking like I was walking apparent like this, can't be real and probably bad again chronic anxiety possible, although it would be a huge relief that I didn't do anything wrong Jurgen into a situation in which most embarrassing, the academic now and like yet here that you're gonna do it for sure. What's yours very well, we were just back no brag. We were just back in the ILO to call the Heineken lounge it's where they keep its green room where they keep talent before they go to talk to anyone so weakened and stood there were their purses on our shoulders. Super uncomfortable like and my thing in that situation is leg. You think you'll know somebody's here like not them like that in the Heinrich and lounge would have been death. My thing is they. They then don't know who I am, that I've met them like it's just tap, and actually, when I was a kid and then I had a good Georgia like me ass, I saw the look on her face. Young Muslims have been there, but we ve met like seventeen times. You should maybe they're here, but nobody does that's it. I'm not saying I shall now and I'm not either listen if you're not special. Neither am I but then, when someone does see, when gets this lake like errand Gibson from throwing shade, I why you're pretty soon and looking back she saw me and and like opened her arms Europe face lit up on those things like her. She was wearing a lot of. I shouted though, so maybe it was just thought someone there was just cover your. She was really a lot. I shall in her eyeball. What's your point: she wiped her irises away. She is like I don't know. Yet that's not lies a monopoly who the fuck is by current brains out. They think fucking we're like high, nor very kind to me. Now. You you're, ok, you're scared. The latter.
Canadians, it did you told me that your news about your dad, but you wanted to save it until we were doing this, I did, and I wrote that
heavy and here's the reason cookout. So ok, we're doing the Chicago Podcast Festival, soon an thing timing and bringing my moment her boyfriend along because they never go on trips. And it's like that sort of thing. If they do when I have a lot of miles from our credit card from our writing, that you're gonna say had a lot of money. How did then sell Barbarossa Jones? I have oughta miles from the credit card I opened and the debt erect up to pay for my wedding. God bless America, so I'm bringing them to Chicago like their staying in our hotel room. It's not like big time it that much. You started the story by saying you were big time. You think I mean by bringing them so they can see that I that there's a nine hundred seats leader and then the love me more grain, but a great Christmas. This is going to Jewish. It doesn't matter Azra. So then I said, then I have to tell my dad that I'm bringing my mom and her boyfriend to the city he was born in I know, and now their divorce trail way. It would be wiser to wait a bit off. He also didn't know about the boy or that is marriage had Andrea like twenty five years ago. So I had to tell him that music that you just want to Chicago right. So it's ok, just like no other key. I thought he had just gone, so it's gonna bring him and now it's like okay. So then he said
all right. Well, do me a favor. If you go to LAS Vegas or New York, I want to come the hands of Britain him. If you go there, ok he's a real party, animal nine are and then he said- and you know when you get really up, there is just a small nice Harvey trailer. He requested something for if we ever get rich like an hour, a small nice army. Let's see those don't exactly Marty, I hate to be the one to tell you. It has to be three city blocks, long ere. He got like he got. He put a fucking thing in there and my sister was there. So there's a witness that I said, guess: yeah you're dead. I now the funny thing is its Argh analyse. Why, like daydream about we're, how many take care my parents of ever in a lottery? I mean our views not too bad. Now, that's all he wants. So I
why, in stark contrast, I found out that my dad has listened to this podcast, which is my fear, because my dad who its talks like a thumbnail sailor any time I say even like shit or something and passing as an over forty woman, he's always like my watch but gets real man and, of course, on this one. We like we
celebrate the word focusing on my say it as if our lives depend on it, and I know that would infuriate him like crazy, so I've never told him how to find it or what I'm a real vague about the name when he asks about it, and it's got this awkward murder mystery. So my sister texted me and said dad found out work. Work is my sister and to our childhood. Friends are also going to Chicago or again like a weird clammy event, my sister and Adrian, and our dear old, going as they love drinking and Chicago that our main raise. That's. Why I'm almost going to, and so it's gonna be. There are going to have a great time, but my dad found out that they're all going because he told my sister. He tried to listen to the pod gas and oil. My sisters had we, you mean you try to Ngos, they talk too much. That's part of a package which is not talking just like stony silence like we're in a fine just like the silent treatment, the Newport gas sheer. So if you ever want to be a standard comedian, you just need parents who truly are not fans of Europe that I would say that step one. My parents am I a grandma who is like one hundred and four years old. At the time like gathered together to watch the episode of drunk history, I was on nine and like they loved it or supported my family, they don't give a fuck. Are you to tell me the story right now? It's not our family loves me, so I have a great hanukkah or whatever he just wants to picture you as like the sweet baby angel. He thinks you is thanks. You is to maintain these plastic up, so that does not even have a little tiny wine at at at at at fucking green. I put one in my purse. Free is a plastic, a thoroughly positive outcome for natural park. Incredibly in works or for a relatively hometown and my family knows I'm a fucking lunatic
fine, I'm alive, it's the only thing I am to encounter right. She would get into this, oh by the way. This is for some reason. As I was leaving my house, I didn't want to bend my papers, and so I picked up the mystic Places Time Life Series book that Stephen got us. I don't know about that. I was a. We talked about violence by gas and so just to prove that we are not liars and we lie about gifts are things that Stephen gives us or anything Stevens involved, except you didn't tell me: let s bring mine, so I might be a liar. Oh that's right. The ads cliffhanger, your divine right, even okay. So let's tell everyone our thoughts behind always okay. So sense, we are at the e W pop furthest what s where our energy. When we think of ass, we thought we thought,
it would be called. Did you entertainment, murderers, yeah, entertainment based murders, Adam? I knew it. I knew they'd murmured, so you wanna go first. This week has, I think, number I want to be first because I'm scared. I get the same one, that a man we're gonna. Then you are now under yours. Yes now, but I mean jump right and if we did ok does The person, the story revolves around? Does her name start with Lorna? No, ok, Laana, Turner, Everyone knows her loves her blue eyes about look like you're gonna, get the brain, surgeon or mother. I realized that bank you are, there really is about. Maybe nobody here knows about. Is there another thirty, so the possibility she's boring twenty one has a long time ago. She was this like, like film nor actress like hot blind, like bombshell. Chick
like. A leading actress in went crazy, dark film, see rate like no, our fellow like them, nor Lamhorn wire films, a euro, translating it from the French into dark further american darkest american film are means darkest back, but she was discovered in nineteen. Thirty seven- and this is like probably bullshit right but like the story- is that she was sitting a coke at the counter at the top hat, cafe bullshit on Sunset Boulevard and the founder of the Hollywood reporter, which I just realized, might be competition with entertainment, weekly name like giving us the cut off scientist, Gus, dark and hear, and then, when the lights come up, organ its super hot, all the sudden so imperial I mean come on. It's a true she's eating a thinking, no family. No! Those are all lies that all publicist. Yes, she was link. I don't wanna get gross roadway, ok, so she was. Sixteen apparently has signed a contract at Warner Brothers and then she became in Ireland
Don't you guys from that loud music through the Y know, it's just you. Ok, blonde bombshell, leading actor S, reputation as a glamorous them TAT Rachel, I think you know I wasn't correcting nobody Orient should want. She was not made for an academy award in nineteen fifty seven for permanent place. What I'm saying is big time. You don't owe me like gorgeous big time. While she kicked out, he kicked ass at her career. I wrote she sucked that relationship. Haven't we all them, lady. She dated alight change partners, often and never, shied away from a topic of how many lover she had in our lifetime. I then a right which is fine for man, but what does it mean everyone, cultural flat, bullshit but the paper, and then she said and economic- you read her voice. Do you got ok here that
are those years that my image on the screen as sex goddess more that makes me laugh. Sex was never important me. I'm sorry that disappoint you, but it's true romance yes romance was very important, but I never liked being rushed into bed and never allowed it. I will put it off as long as I could, and I gave an only when I was in love of thought. I was which again think about Georgia to actually put a lot of quota miss just so you do. I should have had you put up. Your voice bore the one. If I get discovered it p, w pop fat eating a tunafish. How much you can do the boy Inkyo, which again is bullshit. She fucked immediately. Probably Iman data them. It's fine, it's listening, but can we be? What you want is the idea cheek. She can be like I'd I'd like to screw, but only when I'm like me, if I, if I like it by half romance, if, if I'm, I never allow it it's time.
That was my I address you think she's dead, it doesn't matter about. You just saw Euler spoiler. She gets murdered at the end. She doesn't disappointing YE murder. Someone know, I'm excited great, I'm glad are eight nineteen, forty two marries or second husband, actor and restaurant tour. Joseph Stephen Crane, David daughter and her only kid shale crane and nineteen, forty three them divorcing forty four and then,
Ok, now this story gets dark great there ready for this, yes or fourth, husband was actor Lex Barker and she married him a native fifty three and then an Cheryl Memoir detour. Hollywood story, which came out way later, Cheryl Crane claims that Barker the husband, repeatedly molested and were raped. Her is saying that at age, ten, he Lord or into the sauna, which sounds like a nightmare to begin without still like, but their step down, pluck and silent, and it all kind of saunas anyway, because they are have you ever gone too, like the one, a birth Williams and then the door closes in your like what if it lacks forever separate from creeping in there with you and your girl has eyed and the courage and a freezer. Oh yeah, that's right! Fucking nightmare! It's a different episode! Sorry man told her with up got acts that gross your me to get me exposes, Sir, said himself to her in a sound like sweaty, Dick, it's just what a pervert perverted sweaty then he starts raping her a lot, but when Lama Turner found out about it, she held a gun to barkers had well. He slept and thought about killing him she didn't, and in the morning she kicked it ass. Our pushes great because a lot of times back then thereby Caroline wire me. I love yeah
they divorce, but to avoid scandal, no criminal action was taken against Barker FUCK. That My idea, its old Hollywood. I mean that's. The concurrently would probably too only it so fine and light. Oh said they never worked again. Last appearances at EU level as money, sixteen Stoka Social is thirteen and her mom start stating Johnny, stamping out. Oh no, not at all the wrong. Does he have a big white suit legs Blake Stamp on auto, like is here talking, has economic growth of a lake. He looks like gum. Why can I think of his name? Who's, the guy that whose family did Steve I can't, I can't think of his name who's, the guy that whose family did Steve Harvey Problem
Like it in the audience, never likes a joke if they're, the ones that have to provide the punchline I've learned that over the years, I think your lazy, but we're not an crazy we're, we're just I've, just scare pickled, my brain, my only about Johnny Stump Panada. Well, he was well here he's a bodyguard for me. Echoing the famous gangster bad guy and he was an enforcer for the crime Emily. So in case you guys don't now making cars like a hard core gang gangster like Gang landing syrup and in her memoirs Cheryl describes him as a pause
in short sentences to cover a poor grasp of grammar and spoken a deep baritone voice with friends he seldom smiled or laughed out loud, but seemed always coiled holding himself in had watchful hooded eyes that took in more than he wanted anyone to notice sharing get sentinel like than her mother laundered, verily a cap, I'm doing all different characters today. I love it. Thank you. So he is a jealous abusive man and
Thank you. So here is a jealous abusive man and one time he got super pest, because Laana was filling another time another place in London with Sean Connery who'd like man, his heart is hot. Back then, any that super jealous like showed up in London and then they may gonna fight, he choked her and she had a Miss three weeks of filming because her fuckin vocal courts are screwed up. Go I, like he's a fucking deck, well, mafia, Henriette, Zoo sheet later shows up on set with a gun and threatens her. An Connery mother, fuckin, shot Connery, overpowers, grabs the gun and beats his thought that ends in
Sean. Contrary John garnering, next, Madame Entertainment, sea and then later, but then later he holds a razor blade. Monetarist faces says that he'll disfigure her unlike end her career, so he's a second dick back and L Turner, Lama Turner tells Cheryl her daughter, his thirteen ready on the Turner, I'm going to end it with him tonight. Maybe it's going to be a rough night. Are you prepared for it civil? someone's mother like send her to think I can draw my mobile large tv get out of here. Would they be watching back? Then, like Dick Vandyke, my mother, the car there you go, I said about turn when she's, when sheets of stamping out Temple not outcomes over, and she told him it was over, they were taken. Germany, Sarkar. I will tell you tat. He grabbed me by the arms and shaking
Germany, Sarkar. I've got an idea. He grabbed me by the arms and so very shaky may very badly. Only thing. If he's a job, I would jump and he's a hop. I would hope- and I am to do anything this is. Why did you do everything he told me my face before me and if I went beyond that, he would kill me and my daughter and my mother- and this is why I am this- is why you're the actor of their handling the Chinese every during a voice halfway through you want to give up its power through? Ok, that's my advice. I guess it! Here's what I love. He said if I say jump you jump and if I say hi peel ha, that's a hip hop song, as I say, jump use that boy, I'm just saying: what does they pick other stuff? That's different than jumping in hopping could have total control over this one. If I say gave me all your money, I mainly or money or just shut up for a while, but instead its hopping and shopping and jump being sounds exhausting, take a nap, so she breaks away and says: don't
if a touch me again, I am finished. This is so that this is the end and they want to get you out. and then she says I was walking toward the bedroom door and he was right behind me and I opened it and my daughter came in. I swear it was so fast truthfully. I thought she had hit him in the stomach. The best I can remember they came together and then they part and wait a second. I still never saw the blade
daughter, kill, Johnny Stamp Bernardo. We did you guys know, but what does a thirteen year old, thirteen years old Atkins hands at the bedroom door? She ll come in earlier because she heard him on getting beat up in her music. Please go back to your room like I'm, fine is taken care of, and she said she hasn't remember, going down to the kitchen and grabbing a butcher knife and she stood by the door and begged Armando Letter in finally them omelettes her in and she fuckin barrels pass Lama Turner and stabbed him in the fucking gut, and then he, let's see what policy, a single time in the abdomen slicing his kidney and its
Check, the vertebrae and twisted a port punctured has a order. Well, she lay back in very bad ass little bitch and those photos and she's like here in Taffeta Cheryl shares in defended her mother. It's I mean Ray what, Why didn't you get this blame in their while she was she hit so many key. She knew how to start like it's not just the thing. It's like a fuckin thing, with a ripping, but also there's Timmy. The first now think of us like this is a child has been put in danger by these many strange man that keep coming into the house because of the mother and the mother is unsafe and she's got a fucking like take action,
but it's also probably this crazy thing like Ino this mother, who you keep seeing making mistakes that are affecting you as well, and you're gonna proved here mom how much you care about her re like that ye will do anything to take care of her yeah. You now dislike sad woman who had now to be like through the industry and taken advantage of and pull Should at having a coke at the counter, like she probably went through a lot more shit, yeah yeah re earnest wants to. She wants to take care of her mom. I just like the only get serious, there's some gorgeous house music to play behind. You mean, I wonder if those and that this is very, this is actually yeah. We become an MP, our pod, Cassock worthlessly, it's very there's music. In the background, ology B, Int merely music emits like it what Joe Joe singing in the background, so she fucking,
you're, damn spade a little about that, you were pointing at me too, like Fucking Van Gogh RAP, so she fuckin saps him, but so when they were all these room like they're. All these, like you, know everyone who likes to do what's a card when you have this conspiracy theories. Conspiracy, theory that long to turn our action. It is amazing that I worked very hard on your own, rounded make it comes you conspiracy theories that long term are actually killed him, unlike made her daughter, take the blame because she was thirteen or fourteen and she wouldn't get as much trouble. But then let's see so. The police arrive Charlotte amidst the stabbing she's taken a juvy and then there's a corners interests in Nope West,
in it. So there's like a basically a trial to see if she should go to trial, I think was when it was because she is a minor and an mobster Mickey Cowan who was fucking big time, like MRS Wanna invent LAS Vegas yeah yeah- and this is my point when cylinder. No, that's Bugsy Sega right, yes thrown J R there. Anyone in the mafia here that everyone will know when they murder me at the end of those big time guy like- and this is one Hollywood and the mob were kind of you know they meet at each other in certain ways, and so they were coming willing. But he was the person who identified Johnny's body at the morgue. So he had to testify. Can you imagine, having like being a lawyer whose about two fucking question, huge realities, the later days. So if we are to have the largest gas a he was he there too, like speak against a Cheryl or were they were just there to kind of state the facts? I think that they, I think, that
the mob was pissed off the sheep and the mink while from ITALY would happen. Ok, so long term, her testified myths like in in her best role. Yet she explained what happened that night, which insinuates ass. She spoke and right out, and then- and so she testifies enthralled US courts come in that you read earlier so brilliantly. Thank you. Iraq
then they did. The jury takes less than half an hour and decides that Johnny stop bananas. Death was a case of justifiable homicide, and so all these gang members are fucking pests about that and that they said that she was actually a fear for her life and thought and for that of her mother, and they found that she is justified and using deadly forced to stop him, and everyone was let someone said this- is that both Walter I'm trying hard? I would your fuckin background music louder than the laughter of the crowd. Does a probable might the back of my head is shaking the unlike what we can do it I mean, it is based
ok, so they were like. This is the first time some one has been convicted of their own murder, that kind of thing that were pissed off about it. Eventually, the family, oh Johnny, sues long term or for wrongful death. They settled out of court, which I always wondered like when you settled out of court. The kind of implies our guilt or does it imply that you didn't want to go through this huge, crazy trial? don't give me to grant like two thousand and twenty thousand dollars how much islam- and he may I m- not sure I mean it you could just be whatever it's like: either you're, not gonna win or you don't wanna keep paying for a lawyer theirs by means of reasons to do that basically gave me some money, which makes sense. I mean if you bring money home for his mother and she's, like I, don't have the source of income anymore, yeah, but also your maybe molesting, my daughter,
it comes out later and Charles Memoir there and she was quiet about it for years and years and finally came out with a memoir that details her molestation by her fuckin that the second husband and says that Johnny was lasting way. Now there are rumours that long Turner Data but Sheep she take. The blame completely Gerald Bosnia shall explain completely. She had stabbed him and also that he had been of using her sexually but this fund.
Bad ass badge she had some trouble years. That is, he like went to us like insane asylum. Unlike was sent to you know, I'm boarding school and all this shit and was going very badly for her and then she she tried to commit suicide a couple times and then got her shit together and she became a successful businesswoman and real estate agent sheet. Fucking, kicked ass haddock and then ended up having it really close relationship with her mom harmonious. He came out of the closet and her mom completely at La Maternal, supported her one hundred percent she's been what this woman for decades and she's a spoken awesome crazy off some bitch. You fucking killed your mom's abuser that so bad ass. So
can this aware. Applause rarely happen, my living room somewhere, it's very satisfying Stephen. Would you like to asylum class and then in Elvis knows when that, like the last person goes against that he does, he come out of the backdrop I just like watching a throw down your papers in total mash victory illegal, and otherwise I don't even know if, like that was a good story, but I just like an absolutely was in Cairo. Was exciting and monitors like old school is a part in L, a confidential when the tyrannical eight he is like some some rip off, Laana Turner and its ironically, I wasn't brother was linked. Link
similar sorry. I mean yes, similarly lie. There was similar, but that, but she was like, oh even before the Ogre India, whose earlier platinum blonde ran platinum law, tight, aiming looked up, look up the photos or, like it's great. Mine is also about a star, let but she was no longer Turner minors. The story of the wasp woman. Does anybody here now that I'm well, then nobody does and I'll tell you first
I can look. Michael prearranged was gone just like how am I gonna lie my way through the facts of the first page, where everything may make it, as a matter of priority, told you that back stoning this we just aside bar, I just saw clip. We were on a local news and Sacramento NEWS story about hoot, because we did this story of Dorothy Aplenty. Who is an old lady who killed all the people in her importing else and for some reason I think, because it's almost Holloway in these Ackerman or local news did a story on they just kept going POD cast mail. I didn't use the name until they absolutely because it opens a murder I dont if I may well rule, but they know they will just most, there are focusing on the lawn. The story of Dorothy appointees caused us betimes virus like
it's my number I gotta go, I say said: do you really are we really tell you? We created a savage, my men to improve dance. Why was I bragging about that? Because all because, because, as I watched the clip, they start tongue- and then I realized like this- is there's a woman behind a news desk holding papers about to talk about the story we did and I was like, oh god, I hope this is right honestly world. It is actually that they didn't find it a person didn't like it was a man named, but on whose Holly very nerve rods anyway
all right. So my story is the washerwoman murder, and this is the death of a woman who was essentially, if you had the boil down a Bee movie star her name, Susan Cabot, I'm assuming its Cabot, it could be Cabo. I hope it's not our, but sounds or Cabot looks and sound right. and she essentially the background on her. It's it's just gonna, be there the whole time, but what a thumb? What if we listen- and it was like? Oh my god, it's one direction away to drop our MIKE's and run out there every day that Anthony you know, I got most of my information for this story from an article by a guy named James Madison, her rights on criminal element com, which was a really good article that I ripped off and even credit yeah. Exactly so, basically,
what happened on the night of December ten nineteen, eighty six, the police gotta call from forty six, so one charming lane in the San Fernando Valley. Anyone valley- Presently, that's your parent has hipster parents to ten people are like me, I'm sorry we had a cat house, so the call color brothels breathlessly identified himself as Timothy Roman any said that a burglar had broken into their house and attacked his mother and himself paramedics arrived for minutes later, by which time Timothy was waiting for them calmly outside the front door, and he told the two m tease that he had been attacked and then his mother was in her bedroom and he believed that she was also injure. Let me guess he only had cuts down the left side of his spot as a right. Oh yeah,
king Asshole give him a chance. We don't know anything about him, yeah sure treasure, so the antique went into the back and his mother had been beaten to death with await a barb dumbo and his mother was the aim of resources and Cabot. She,
Now I transition to her see eye to eye to make this a good story telling we're like that's what happened, but then here's a person and other than already start talking about heard the beginning sites that our back to their support, goddammit Karen on Professional. That's what we you know, Susan Cabot, from such films as the enforcer, the prince, who was a thief. The battle Apache pass the dual Silver Creek, the Viking, women in the sea serpent in turn of any all your favorites from the fifties that you love so much. She was also a machine gun Kelly with Charles Bronze another, but I've heard biggest rule MILAN, she's known best forests and nineteen. Fifty nine film called the WASP woman where she was the lead and she played an aging cosmetics executive named Janis Starling, who unwisely injects herself with every juvenile aiding Sarah derive from wasp enzymes, and it turns out into a lustful murderous queen wasp. Now, if you have seen ass its flocking amazing because they basically the fly came out and the fly was a huge hit, so Roger Corpsman was trying to make a movie and basely get some of the actions of the fly, and so when Susan Cabot turns into the washerwoman, it looks like she just pulled a black pantyhose over her head ass, like two legs eggs on either side for eyes. Unlike honestly pipe cleaner. Anyone knows what legs: eggs are legs, a lengthening online on earth. There used to be pantyhose that came in eggs. I'll tell you about it later. Just super cheap, be very funny, though in it. When you see now like I kept pulling pictures, I kind of combat pass my phone around, but it's just like there's one picture words like her clearly turn like this, except for there's. No there's no definable features that just these these, who thank these really bad pipe, cleaner antenna and then these big weird eyes. Oh, unlike kind of fangs, it's hilarious spent the whole budget on crafty and then they, like bushes fuckin, throw the same together like Susan insisted on getting blue cheese, and now I can't afford a wasp outfitting wanted plastic cups of me. I had to get her why the the poster from that time as they used to do like the illustrated posters and it it's the thing I hate the most it's a humongous like John
and last that's bigger, denotes that looks like it's the size of a bus and its attacking a man, but the wasp has a woman's face with a bunch of make upon it, and that's. I hate that the most when, when like horror, movies or whatever put a human, its base lake saying I've turned into a loss, but my face is still here were Zap wouldn't happen, bull, it would it, but also what is it then? There's your weird phase that you took your walls. Farm to put lipstick on issues like this face has so much make five. I can't go out without make you can't, even I fear was so right. So this is the movie she's best known, for I'm just saying: keep it in mind. Ok, she also was. She was gorgeous and very petite and she data tons of people, which is her prerogative, Bobby Brown, one of which was King Hussein of Jordan Kittens around didn't. He was, I think you do. If you actresses yeah yeah, I think so he looked. He had a kind of Clark, Gable equality and I think he hung out in Ireland and he dated her. She actually drove.
a princess Margarets Bentley like keep, I think, he's set her up and kind of like major. She had a great life after her be movie. Career was kind of fizzling, but then he broke up with her when he found out she was jewish. Are you fucking know? I'm sorry, I'm sorry class, but I just sort of bombings. Do your homework like why? Ok, the Roman break, a pdf backbone. You gave her like the most expensive car. There is a shared have been real, but now anyway, lot Anti Semitism in Hollywood, Jordan, apparently, even though we fucking created Hollywood laughing, that's not funny it's! So when the paramedics went inside, they found what would be a classic quarters episode inside the capitals and had been Susan, Cabot, her and her son, and they have been living in this house where they said there were garbage bags in every room, newspapers and magazines, stacked in toppling piles along corridors rotting, food everywhere dead, rats floating in the pool and they had ten dogs kind was given, and I live like a goddamn bomb. It's crazy. I was going to say that I would pay they go through that we here was that eighty seven, oh, I would pay like. I would want to see all her weird shit she say, but then but and kind of a mountain. So I'm gonna yeah, you want to go. There are states ale, but only after they claimed that this estate sale once they cleaned up there'd, be nothing left like Goodwood, beams and they'll. Be like do you want. Do need good, so the
when they get back to the bedroom. They find season Cabot lying down on her bed, dressed only in a purple, Lena EK, nightgown. Somebody remember that it was Purple Vienna, Calot everywhere, a large arc of it sprayed on the bedroom mirror near her bed. There are sweat arc of blood blood's, better, there's blood spatter on the ceiling above her problem body and further bloodstains on the floor and on the bed, and the killer had covered Cabot's face and head with a piece of bed limit linen before bludgeoning heart of death, which we all know what that means. Tat personal right just want someone to answer, might start. It means there jewish. Why stop it stop saying that word variant, isomeric,
underlines that piece of linen her face was all but unrecognised, also overkill. He beat the shit out of her face so now now they come back out and there ten. What happened and he's like you will not believe this. I woke up and nine thirty. I hear my mom being attacked in her bedroom, so I go to the kitchen. As I am reading. Unlike ass, you do, you should have said you at least stuck your head and but he went to the kitchen where he found an injure warrior. Our youth, I was waiting for the other thing- may always blame it on, but by people. A black person well heat she kind of what he said. There was a ninja who was a lieutenant
yeah, it's a white person and believe you every time. Well, so he said he fought with the ninja warrior the let the curly haired rumack. Second, nature warrior in the San Fernando Valley, but the guy aunt em out, so then that's then, when he woke up make out soldiers, they were just there to kill the old woman horrider like that. We want to kill him. No nice. They just want to knock em out. Can man, woman, mortar, horribly murder, her face? You know how ninjas are also, of course the police are like something smells fishing aside from the twelve bags of garbage in every room of your home. So then
as they talk to a more and more, I think they bring a man and then his statements to become increasingly inconsistent, of course and soon of end. His wounds are overly self inflicted and when he was ass about his relationship with his mother, he described it as very close his mother, and he talked about everything he told investigators, including intimate sexual matter red flag, pray. Go I mean why what a what what kind of breakfast. Are you having that? That's the conversation? How is your night? Well,
so many people Mommy impasse the gadget catch up on eggs martyr. Nor could I just why trash so when the questioning was over, he or she was formally charged with their mothers murder. He demanded that either taken home to collect some medication and then he needed that he needed and their without any prompting at all, Timothy led the detectives to the murder weapon. Also in his room. He had they had those ten dogs. Four of them were a key does that were his dogs and when the paramedics got there, they were in his room. Going crazy, like wouldn't stop barking going insane, so they could go into his room when they bring him back after his question at the police in the police department when they bring him back, he brings them into his room and that's where he
the murder weapon so that he put the dogs at like it's all over convenient of. We couldn't go in there as those dogs are going cream. Actually, here's a bloody dumb bell that I killed my mother with an scalpel mount. No, yes, the sailor, rapid, those dogs after this whole thirty Spinelli, they had such a great life. There was a farmer that came into the San Fernando Valley. Ah only live for its old really only die. My beard sender, like I m all crazy, I'm in your ankle. Ok, so here is my favorite part and
This is something that the peat, the paramedics noticed when they got to the house, is one day or walk up to the front door. They thought it was a thirteen year old boy that was standing at the front door and then, when they got a close, they realized he added. I had old face my thirteen. Some of us have and it turned out he was twenty two hooker and this situation was Timothy was born with pituitary dwarfism, and so he the way is born. He should have only stood a four feet tall, but his mother got him on an experimental drug programme. Authoress show and it worked well for her in the movies. So he had been taking experimental growth hormone for fifteen years. Any grew to be five foot for, but the problem was that this experimental growth hormone was something that
actors had come up with is derived from the petition
a land of cadaver is so they were basically injecting him with the hormones from dead bodies and later on, this was actually it was the National Institute of Health. It was like a program that they had set up, for children were born with dwarfism only to then realize, because it was an eight year programme that they had treated seven hundred children with growth hormone who suffer from growth hormone deficiency. They gave them this this you know Maumee enter whatever this treatment, and it turns out that, as we all know, when you use old blood from dead bodies are old, Nino growth hormone. Whenever that's one of them major ways, you can get Creutzfeldt Jacob Disease, also known as mad cow. I know where you were here is experimental like. Why would you let your who in here has nobody? Why would you let your questions well, but this is the thing where it's like shows a Navy, Barnet Dwarfism, as if that's unacceptable, she starts putting him on this programme that essentially, you know and his defence lawyers, where he was a human experiment, is totally and when you have the mad cow thing, it part of part of the diseases dimension. Your personality changes you have mood swings you dont know where you are. A lot of the time sounds like it's like get hit on the head, albeit an experiment. Experimental fuckin, dead blood is asked to go into the than to the triangle in India alive and that, therefore there did their their keep her eyes. Peel shirt. So.
Then it was revealed, I didn't mean to do a dramatic pause. I lost my lad and I thought I would use it. Then it was revealed that system Cabot when Sheep it together that this pituitary gland hormone that her son was taking shape. Thought. Maybe that would make her look young, so she started injecting anywhere else do so they were both taking this This drug that was making them insane thought that are harder would be crazy. I need and have bad ideas about what to inject into their body, so page nine. So basically, He stood trial in May of nineteen. Eighty nine and is
legal defence put initially put in a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity
just basically said that the psychological simpsons symptoms he suffered from extreme change and personality dementia loss of ability to think clearly and memory loss combined with his mother's behaviour, because apparently she was just sitting in this house. It was. It was actually let in the guy that rights. This article is really good article. He equates to like Sunset Boulevard and all those there's, let you know a lot of movies where it's like the old aging actors that can't let go of her beauty and her face MC stopped in time. Creating and get unlike basely locks herself in a house and like goes insane and tries yet be able to come in the house or they're all that's actually what Susan Cabot really was doing with her son, but, unlike the super bummer quarters away like a charming, interesting navvy are no no caviar being served here. Old, tunafish cans, probably the way I've pictures cans are being sir, just for you. Unless you on an old can no doubt help yourself, so
We heard Timothy's Tudor, came in and testified at the trial and said that Susan frequently screamed at her son for no reason and then
when Roman, fail to take his medication, like he didn't shoot himself up. He literally couldn't add two numbers together, so they were, it was where's like they were. Basically, on this drug together that made them insane and that apparently, what he ended up Timothy ended up saying was the night that he attacked his mother. He doesn't remember doing it, he doesn't remember going to pick up the barbel or any of the other things he used to bludgeon hearted that, but that she would not stop screaming at him and heat she had been screaming at him and not recognising for like a week have I am so yeah she is. She was completely like over the edge and he basically not actually being totally stable himself snapped and just murdered her. Believe me, I better believe it gives it happened. When I got an that's what the prosecutor said the trial, so essentially, he was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. So after hearing all the stories and all the people, they saying she is not here and he was too he had already
but two and a half years in jail awaiting the trial, so it and then he basically got three years. Probation no judge concluded her summation by saying that there is no doubt in her mind that he had loved his mother very much. I wish he'd gotten any fuckin insane asylum circulating Kara I'll. Tell you that the episode of what's it called it's called like murders, and it's that super cheesy e show with age ay. What's his name and it's like called net anyone, the murderer, anyone got them one do my homework now remain of its on Youtube and you can see it it's about herds out this murder. But
The guy himself, Timothy, is on it and he knows that thing where he's like the anonymous person so he's in black in the rooms all dark at large God. As this programme, newspapers and fish, both here in a fish can be just stacks and stacks, but he basely said in its leg, he's talking first hand and just basically saying he I snapped, and it was a really bad situation. I had yeah newly humming. Ok, you were crazy oral create likes to man. Young! That's intense! That's like ass that some next level, that's entertainment or work here. Well, I'm last five minutes. She Rita tree reader. Hometown dissidents, silence: what is does anybody here have a really tell murder they wanted to us care and great idea, put your hand up desire. I see someone pointing their parents, someone pointing in, and I now she's waiting days leaving
issues involved here I'll do it here today I hear and ashamed everyone a core here. Karen hi, what's your name Margie,
Georgia. This is now largely writes me. Rachel joining Europe. There come on come on, come on e g g, cold, I'm getting cold, which means it's almost over sit here. This work, Ellesmere Energy works that works and what does not backtrack on she's got your hometown where you Carter originally from Miami, but I live here now I may horrid orator. They live here now and my hometown murder is here now. I know what I think we all. I worked in this office with this dude. We end. This is a first hand: murder, oh yeah, oh shit, theory, whoever pointed good job being via the back. So this guy, like I, was an intern in his office and he worked there. He was a writer there and he can. I would like creep on me like rub my shoulders and water bottle of sexual harassment guys, but when you're an unpaid internet, you can do it through a fugitive baseline. You can stop men, don't make money yeah. I got the hell out of there, but I stayed in touch with people who work in the office and basically recently, this dude snapped. So he had this wonderful wife who had given birth issue of his children and they were in the process of getting a divorce while they're getting a divorce. He had a living girlfriend who is now pregnant with his next child honey. So, during this divorce, while he is with his girlfriend, he gets
I urged, with their sexual saw allegation of somebody I'll throw already so there's a girl who was raped, doors, wife, new girlfriend babies on way everywhere, and when the real delegation comes out, the girlfriends like no, no I'm not about this, so she leaves, and he they have like this, a permanent EU. So he begged her to come back. He's like let's talk about this whatever so she leaves the baby on her mom house, whose superintended, though we elevator behind these great they aspire to occur, spoil airline. So so she goes to his apartment and is never heard from again ever ever. Basically, basically, I'm pretty sure it was like the next day. Her mother was really worry. They haven't heard from her, so they send the police over there. He had barricaded all of his furniture against the door. He was,
walked in his bedroom with her body that he had dreamed of all its black in dismembered ho, but we owe this year this year, knowhow, yes, so more information keeps coming out. The dismemberment thing is like a new information we didn't know before, but on the twist is that he is a graphic novel writer who had really listen. He had read this and he had written this terrible, gruesome story about.
I think, as a scientist who does the same thing to his leg: lab assistant for service yo yeah like you're like a few years ago. He had reneging on publish it literally while, but is like this really gruesome, dark graphic novel where he had like hunger upside down drained all the blood in his bathtub dismembered, her. Whatever came didn't like that, there's no way you're getting out of this wondered. So that's hometown murder. I love you knew. I owe you
he massage you gonna, do you want to play, and I don't want to plug any down like your twitter area in my twitter is, moreover, matter lover. Thank you so much my answering John and my girlfriend curse in we have a clear legal do or die for one who handles your close. This current print. You guys answer. She resumed me. You hugging beyond. Ok, anger phone, it's here, Sir Parting gift. Like no awesome, you guys that's it for us. I think you say journeying here that is so
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