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On this week's episode, Karen and Georgia explore the mysteries surrounding The Axeman of New Orleans and family annihilator William Bradford Bishop.

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this is exactly right how's it going got hurry real good yourself get think you're good good good this is my favorite murder whereupon cast that talks about true crime stories and really breaks him down and that's all we talk about that's that's true there is a lot of lying on this path and we don't this is pretty this pretty exactly argos yeah you know
i could go away don't hang israel mad at you guys in time of young people cannot like at life shows like when you yell at them about purposely scream something well i mean some others live shows its like those people have never been in a theater or bend to alive show before it just like drunk girls who are recent reap repeat yelling the same thing over and over siberia then you hear other pupils fishing those people it just intense it's just like it feels like there's a fights gonna break out and it might be with you that's fine with me i'm thoroughly trained you love of our fight i'm sorry i do have some corrections from the god last couple you live show in the boston show that we posted i reference the blog name i did it for jody
i said it was a that was a reference to mark david chapman but that's incorrect i meant john hinkley junior the man who tried to assassinate reagan he said when he was brought in that he did it for jody foster he was obsessed with jerry foster i was talking about mark david chapman that's the man who shot john lennon got it i would i was about to say oh he is willing to shout john lennon so are you about my guy yeah yeah there at the three named guys it's hard and then the ones who everybody see arises are actually government robots yeah that's both of those guys there's there's a lot of theorizing that it's like an m caille trust situation like the nerdy as fuck guys you just like kind i get them mixed its he there definitely are both in the nerd grew pitiless was the mess westminster dog like one of them has
that's teller qualifies for a moment to thank you going on to saying that which one had catcher in the rye in this back pocket which is like the das book ever if you're in high school that was marked eva chapman ask as he's the one that shot john lennon right and he had john lennon sign catcher in the rights of right which has two sides are right the calm down i mean jesus like come on even though our duty that mistake also kind of in the same vein when you are talking about sam shepard and you too
that story i began to confuse sam shepherd with with doktor jeffrey mcdonald who also killed his old family or suspected of he's the one with the there were saying there's three crazy people they liked to say these things yes your guy sam shepherd was an early sixties my guy that i was thinking you were talking about was in sixty nine and so the whole time that's why we're at one point in that episode i was like what year was because i was like there could i in my mind there's no way there could be to doctors who killed their whole families and we're like an like guilty like suspected and also equally not and got away while this is a sham shop sham shepherds the one ship is a sham sam shepherds wanna get kind of famous afterwards and like was it's kind of a douche rain or both but and
and they both looked they both didn't kill their children who are sleeping in the bedroom next to where they kill their wives a fit well i don't wanna greek psychologically killed their wives but doktor jeffrey mcdonnel is the one who fatal vision is about and who is also the one who the arrow morris new novel that's basically a refuting fatal vision is about sweets refuting saying that he did or didn't do a fatal vision was basically joam again ass making friends would jeffrey mcdonald and then being like here's how he did it and then when like an arrow morris's book which i just got a book on tape of they basically breakdown how is just super mishandled and like i was just there were trying to make money helter skelter style and it was in the whole thing was kind of unfairly presented i guess but i to listen to the whole thing before i
i sure do love to talk about things i don't know i really like you shouldn't was let's hear it now who could just theorize much like when i talked about scuba diving and i said that you have a partner because there's no way you can check your thing yeah well of course then everyone on twitter like yes you can check your areas like someone's gonna be like under the water what do you care and said do you didn't need correct i mean i mean here's the thing though it does little alive it's the same one as i said that my dad got chemotherapy three times a week and i thought about this morning i'm like he got it once a week and i got it for a leg you know a lot three we three months or something like i am but just as i talk it's just like blah blah that you sound so confident about like i m very ireland now i do apologise you for free
directing you so vehemently and kakili kakili about not saying the word hobo anymore but the audience is already making that sound they were the we don't i i think so hooker shouldn't let me thank you for apologizing i just did i wasn't transient spell it but why thou i just need a good reason and his hobo is just said this negative tone that don't let insinuates that i don't know it's just its slang so what have you wives who i'm just saying i am not going to change it until i get the reasons ex worker is because prostitute is a negative and it actually makes people people see the word they immediately judge the personal like lesson that the value that
hobo how about i swung to now i'm sure there's someone out there that no as that they're gonna tell us i'd love to know applicant maybe it's like hosting answer this in both stands for that i want to but it is there because i like in this day and age there's things people can't do and it's just because some other person decided we're not do and that anymore yes out like that stuff array now ok i just think it sounds really dismissive of the circular but i gather that it's just because i heard that before it's just like how about you i mean it's just that dismissive of that i say with love in my heart as siphoning arrive at a guy with a hole in his boot up let's get him cook up canna beans over fire all fun good did you hear about the chicken seattle and i'm sure you do because every single person in the world tweeted alice but the girl who was running in the can seattle empowered which is like a nice little community hook
attacked in the past in the bathroom and public bathroom in the park which i'm terrified of those and she's yet she fuckin fought him and said not today a mother fucker emma here's the grey area is like you dont want to say how bad ass she is because there's that sending the message that you should always fight once you know that it's just such a situational thing and legal aid in situations are gonna be like beat the shit out of the person attacking you because i could be the absolute wrong thing to do in the asian i say in all of these scenarios anything in life is a case by case situation right and just because we're say it out loud doesn't make you to rule of alchymy now nobody needs to hear that in particular but yeah also if you if you think in a situation like that those
items it's like a secluded she no she secluded in a park and then even more so bathroom it's a man inside the woman's bathroom that's there's nothing about this that can be turned around so go for yeah that's true go for it you know as inhuman being when you are in real danger i that's then just allow those instincts to take over and think i would say i think it's all institutional anything and its any thinking at that point right man and i like the idea that lake i think didn't she say she had taken the self defense classes that's what we're that came from is just like that's a thing may tito's use just arpha can yelling while the thing i really did like about it and i think what i away from it is that at one point she knew she was fighting him and at one point she thought in her mind this doesn't have to be a fair fight and so in our inner wasn't like wrestling it was then she said i started clawing at his face yes and i think that that is not to become hit me because it was like this does
have to be civil this can be fucking out of control yes if there is some one in the bathroom that came into the bathroom to harm you or touch you in any way the you dont want to happen you go the negroes to the nuts the fingers go to the eyes and you fucking go for it animal style legged they serve it in and out you fucking go for put some fuckin thousand island on the thou then i would be down you melt that she is on top of that be down girl and you fuck and put some sartain onions and some fuckin thousand island be down do it's the it's called the not today mother fucker special you give it you serve it up for free animal style two hundred percent bone but the mother we we have to take our class so we can talk about actual i wanna do it really bad astute yeah let's do it
think that reason that i hesitate if only be totally honest is cause you know this suits they make the people put on so that you can attack them or the ones that the dog attacks like to have the dog attack is either i'm so yeah really talking about the ones for the guy has to stand there but there's like a great in front of a space has pads i'm scared of that that character or putting that i it looks like it looks like an off brand michelin man the michelin man in malaysia and i doubt it that in and of itself as like horrified i couldn't stop me and my try maybe would make you find him more maybe your gazing will kick eminently like live can do this maybe i'm afraid that my animal animal instincts will kick in i'll pull a fucking great out of the face and then in in with the fingers on the idea that maybe you should
why why is us creepy guys and teaching this class anyway like what's really does motor mary as your address gazeta falada today now is my credit card number and address and he's going to talk of dell toggle every night on my dying i know that's bullshit and rural dime who is this issue today and i would suggest you get so much down way though ma am i hit that play so hard movements is that of town my god you drive there yeah maybe because it's down the street for me it's not kiss its super close i will say it superfluous i drove home and went there but i didn't go out of my way to go to girls junior like that
nice it's that i can when the dogs away that were in our animals yet i bet your farting all over this was that's the five it clean allah you put on one in your nice arouse dresses yeah milk welcome home with them and i am a guy major casserole he married a normal way way to go totally normal minding like weird beans other fernando thousand island anything else knows where all my mistakes flits at bless me father fry say how is evident until last episode of my favour hunter span
i mean it's probably then ten a good ten years since by leaving the convention now as i have always been creep up my confession idea as a jewish person i'm like fucking now its super weird and the fact that they introduce to you when you're in third great is the previous part because you they explain it to you and for me that
a person i was witches hating did you anything i've never done before i couldn't get anybody to explain it enough to media plus you have to memorize you have to have the our father the hail mary and the active contrition all memorized perfectly so if you're in there and its you're lying like you can't drop a lie here like i just learn my abc yes yes i'm u can you rush out like adding and subtracting and now i'm like you have to recite incantation too like just the shadow of a man's face behind it is the oldest looking inside those who the fuck is he does he have your address is rather like what i did he want my child credit card i did he fuckin who is he to say who was here to take my harder and credit and their great it's really crazily gravy
school about hebrew when electing the prayers and stuff is that they write it like fanatically in seeking like just follow that and also they you can just kind of make noise has on the whole congregation sing it wants a he's gonna wait it's prettier than his goods and about eu ones less him he went to temple my years and years and years now do you ever have the holiday thing where you're like oh it's so here we go we have holiday dinners with it's gonna be holidays and will say a couple of the prayers but we now be taken into that temple make an official now read airy chill right right but i did have about mitzvah did you
that paper kind of submitted by a lesbian nice makes mom that's really early orange like opposite orange county of yeah like that they don't really do stuff like that down there now he s pretty sweet anyways surprising that you were a jew in orange county there were a lot of us i barely had temple in a church sunday school me we had she preschool on a sunday school upstairs like jesus posters are mere like you have an hour and no more area burnt yet good bye and down support what you're deal shallow i got here how hey how about take a look at this new testament early action as this is not just about true crime who is he went first at the last show the live show ceiling you didn't i went first only right ok
malta which media everything's becoming a blair why won't go away i just if you made me guess just now it wouldn't be like acute for the show thing i have absolutely not only no idea who went first or last i couldn't remember if it was alive show or recorded in this room show i get it like i am now not there even far away ok so this interesting enough i got this murder from one of my last packs of true crime vision how hard it gave us workers like he forgetting those here's what i'm doing so
my new thing is it spring is i just keep clean outdoors in my house or like containers awesome thank you i feel i am also been wiping down walls which is a really weird hypnotic thing to deal with the magic array sir yes my sister the exactly that because i didn't realize i had done
look around in my house my yes there are wall you quoted look around looking openly eyeballs like double your glasses on what is going on in my own home in any real present way i get it because i have two dogs and one is short to the ground dog i didn't see that there are many walls in my house that look like the end of the blair witch where they're just a bunch of child hands like dirty fingerprints look like people are trying to climb out of the house because he jumps up yelling jump and and also the the paint on the wall is old enough billy powdery and poorer regions the opposite i have a tunic chalk yes you need i need semi glass lord i will do my mind because with this other shit you walk by and say the word dirt and there's a smudge on a wall is magic so anyway i but i looked i realise how much i got used to it because i was like that looks like a crime scene likud looks weird like they ve somebody's tiny tried to pull their way along the wall but it just frank like running out of one room and curbing unlike his brutal fico open all the climbing into go off line
talking about herself so i clean so and on top of those programmes just me and my free tat while also cleaning out some drawers found two more packets of that true crime which i thought i was done with all of them so i got super excited open went up found this murder had never heard it i think i heard of it but just like didn't really know any details or any specifics can we really quick then i just thought of the space sector does that where you got the pan sisters that from my two episodes ago because i want to talk about the gift we got that the girl gave us that one of the live shows oh that's a great only we just do it now yeah ok because one of the pair pan sisters i climbed the eyeballs out of their second mistresses in this girl brought us a little packet and there was a little necklace in it that said there are not more there are not marbles yet and there was a little locket that had the pan sisters vote
then and then there was like a hand made like clay eyeball yes and it was just like the most well thought out gift i think like these three little almost charms and a box but no one would get the i didn't know and then we'd like opening it up and looking at them did we each get one hour that we had one in its going up into the no as weak we each got one okay i can't believe that so she made two eyes to charm to lockets too and i dont think i knew have expressed her like how and i was of it and they acted like you know stupid and it's like me oh no we were like this is of may that we can't we never get to do that as we kind of feel that way and i think all of us sitting at a lot but it is true when somebody's like here's the thing i know you really lay yeah and now that i didn't make it yeah it's
furthermore in some amazing and it was it's just a really good little eyeball to that setting an errand eyeball are crazy i know so no problem it's weird you asked that though because the pan sisters were in this deck only yes i almost i should have done it almost single picture when they were like the third people and i should have taken the picture and sent it on our constant text read stephen in georgia are just never not on our life it's fun owes its second clothes is even going theyve ass you seven times you have to answer yes that's life they anyhow so i found this here and then in in my research it exploded and flower out into something else which i just it i'm kind of amazed by ok ok so here's how we start it's the axe man of new orleans know that one now ok
so he was a serial killer who struck in the city of new orleans from may nineteen eighteen through october of nineteen nineteen he attacked obviously using an ax that he found in the home he didn't bring anything which time he sought for tell me yes so it's that its theme turns century so lotta people of axes lang around the outside of their house and of the lot of the places where he attacked while in here he sometimes did it with a straight razor but mostly with an axe each one is worse i find myself ass short razors fast i don't think you'd even feel it i think you'd be likewise my neck called in this one tiny what i dont want i want no be content with a hadn't fuck em out ok then you wanted acts like a whittemore what are you in acts of jesus christ i think that's what is because rate razor you would but i
you'd bleed out so fast causes such across the neck don't you i mean you definite time to look around pan i don't want that other what's worse to me is there is only one source you you just do you wanna be out makes sense ok seekers here's what happened this guy would use the tools that he found in the home he would kill the whole family and he would hang out either before or after they can't they configure out before often eating so they can live on an island who man could have usually the homeless found locked when the police get there my cod and it's never robbed even though most of the time the people have valuables out very proud open labour whatever never ever any sign of robbery and oftentimes mirrors and faces are covered with fabric creepy
ok so it darts on may twenty second nineteen eighteen so grocer named joseph margaux with sleep alongside his life catherine at their home on the corner of upper line and magnolia streets for people who live in new orleans so guy breaks into their house he cuts their throats for the straight razor and upon leaving he bashers their head acts so he found both in singularly menu choose that fiscal here's what i take that off your plate i only we need asking that don't worry about it anymore set out cause you were gonna feel both quickly and then but is overrated katharine's throat that's so deep that her head was nearly seven nets ban in the sea that's a things like in those mafia movies and stuff when the guys get lean back and get at the barber to get shape and the barber has the straight razor and off in
if it's a movie though cut their through for total arisen but that like fond of trust that you would have to have with that man because they're doing that to you but i feel like a lot of times and movies i've seen that the vienna the guideline back to get shaved close his eyes and then them and then the them mafia guy would trade the places with the barber so the barber didn't do it he was just a neighborhood duty stepped out of his place he didn't he didn't retain his duty as the barber would have height and defend your life he has a family to worry about he it he took the oath so for a moment i was like five generate the barbarism represent many most probably ok in the apartment
police down bloody the bloody clothes of the murderer so he changed into clean set of closed before he left which is the end like also reflects back to him just shelling out like this committing these terrible martyrs and ass hanging out so they investigators didn't do a complete search of the premises after the bodies were removed so later on that bloody razor was found on a neighbours lawn and razor that was to kill the couple belong to andrew magneto who's the brother of the of joseph the grocer who was murdered in his bed and andrew owned a barbershop her brother where they were brothers and those brothers are the people that found joseph and his wife catherine because they were like staying at home and not answering phone or whenever nothing doing what they are supposed to be doing in the three brothers went over there and found their bodies back so
do his employer andrews employ esteban torres told the police that masilo had removed the razor from his shop two days prior to the murder explaining that he wanted to have a nick honed from the blade so the razor out of the barbershop her and had got like to get sick somewhere so it's just out of the it's in the mixed now i guess is what there is the point of that module who lived in the adjoining apartment to his brothers residence discovered the gruesome seen two hours after the attacks occurred any blamed as failure to hear any noise related to these acts
when the early morning hours on his being drunk because he had returned home the night before from a celebration due to his departure to join the navy police however were surprised that he failed to hear the intruder as he did make a forced entry into the home so than andrew measure the brother of joseph became the police chiefs prime suspects but then he was released when investigators were convinced that his alibi held up he also i am pleased that there is an unknown man seen lurking near the residents prior to the murderer why so then so that was made twenty seconds a month later on june twenty seventh
in the early morning hours louise the zuma and his a louis sorry louis bessie may let's say that cause they're all french back that in new orleans louis best some may and his mistress harriet low were attacked in the quarters at the back of his grocery store grocer number to assume was struck him with a hatchet above his right temple which resulted in a possible skull fracture and harriet was hacked over the left ear and found unconscious when the police arrived they were discovered shortly after seven a m in the morning by john sancho who was the bakery truck driver and he came to the grocery too to make a delivery and then he found both lily bessemer and his mistress harriet low in a puddle of their own blood and the acts with
and belong to bessemer was found in the bathroom so decimate so they lived and the he explained the police if he'd been sleeping he was bashed with a hatchet and then put it arrest louis erbakan whose of forty one year old african american man who had been employed in bessemer store weeks before the attacks but there is no evidence that proves the man was guilty or even really it's you this but the police arrested him nonetheless as stating that he'd there were at that he had offered conflicting accounts of where he was the night of the murder the morning in them are so then shortly after that harriet low stated that she remembered having been attacked by a light skinned black man but her statement was discounted by the police because of her head injury and because she was the mistress she wasn't upstanding my own
and robbery was said to be the explanation and what oh becomes a motive was except for nothing was removed from from the best humane messmates home so essentially what ends up happening is can that be herb did you hear it much i think it would be like the ghost train just gonna faintly seminaries inch child screeching that was like a bone chilling scream now should i throw something not out of any anthem unsubtle fuckers
mrs area load than then starts to become like sensational lies in the newspaper she can't stop talking to the press she's criticising the police and then at one and this is the mistress this is the mistress com they have and they keep making story about it because he basically got caught with his mistress and was still married and and this is the story and this is the story right that not the murder was all just give constantly in the paper at the time
pickle use insatiable is low in or out spoken major upon discovering that she was not the wife of esa maybe mistress a charity hospital source discovered the scandal when best may ask to be directed to the room of mrs harriet low and was inevitably denied access as no one by that name was a patient is like he's not a relatively can visit her than than his legal wife arrive from cincinnati cincinnati in a couple days after the discovery and then which further inflame the ongoing drama and she was pistres fuck i'm she was like out kill both your two days later east take our place bessemer was released and the two led investigators get demoted for unacceptable police warming ass but then pessimism
arrested in august one thousand nine hundred and eighteen as harriet low who is dying in a charity hospital after a failed heart surgery states that it was louis who attacked her with the hatchet therefore rather than a louis bessie may as the is the grocer is the guy that also that attacked she basely is like hated it out ever met he was acquitted after ten minutes there is no proof and it was they knew she was just kind of this lunatic whenever the least that's the story than i got okay so then august fifth nineteen eighteen a twenty year old woman named mrs schneider who is eight months pregnant was attacked in the early evening of her hours
on her house now myra street she woke to find a dark figure standing over here and was back in the face repeatedly her scalpels cut open her faces completely covered in blood she was discovered after midnight by her husband who had been were returning from work and she was still alive when she claimed that she remembered nothing of the attack she gave birth to a healthy baby girl two days after the us raising his voice us nothing had been stolen from the home even though there is cash left out of the windows and doors were not forced open and they together that she was attacked the lamp on an on like a bed say hey don't the second attack pregnant people i'm running on czech anyone but like this guy
this guy really wants to attack everyone as you will come to find out ok so i write so than five days later on august tenth joseph romano whose an elderly man living with his two nieces the tunisian hear him make a noise in his room in their house if they live together and they go in and discover their uncle had taken a serious blow to the head he is so to huge cuts in his head and they see the guy fleeing the scene as they walk in but they can't tell if he is the thin or if he is dark skinned or light stand they can't really say anything for sure they both have conflicting views and even though this old man were seriously injured he could walk to the ambulance but he still died two days later all because of the severe had trauma nothing was stolen
they found a bloody acts in the back yard and they discovered that a panel had been chiseled out of the back door and that's how he was getting into these houses he was like just like going up to that turn like basically just making a little likely prying open essentially like chiseling spot open and then going in and unlocking it think someone would hear that yemen there are asleep on your tip tap tap tap he i still think you whatever that i mean he would go you would hope they re these guys and so at this point a man named john d antonio who was a retired italian detective started making public statements in which he hypothesized about this man who committed these acts man murders and he described the potential killer as an individual of dual personalities who killed without motive and
he said that it could very likely be a normal law abiding citizen who be who was often overcome by an overwhelming desire to kill any later went on to describe the killer is a real doktor jaclyn mr just carry them so then unmarked ten nineteen nineteen so about six months later eight months later charles court mig leah and immigrant who lived with his wife and baby on the corner of jefferson and second street in gretna louisiana which is a suburb of new orleans there
screams coming from their house and so grocer orlando giordano wretches across the street to investigate any sees that charles court a mig leah his wife rosy and their infant daughter had all been attacked by the unknown intruder rosy stood in the doorway with head wound clutching hurt deceased done so this act wielding mother fucker just goes in and kills everybody no matter their age i guess zadig you have two big grocer of some kind that qualifies you or italian but just kills everybody in the world like in the apartment or in the world the fire it super crazy ok and again nothing new they weren't robbed
in about that formerly nothing stolen the backdoor was chiseled the bloody acts was found on the back porch he like does it and then just leave it and walk away i'm counting china who is motherfucker okay so then the police are sent a letter or letter gets published in the newspaper i don't know the order of how it got sent but this is what it said it said it was postmarked from hell march 13th one thousand nine hundred and nineteen it's reads esteemed mortal they've never caught me and they never will they have never seen me for i am invisible even as the ether that surrounds your earth i'm not a human being but a spirit and a demon from the hottest hell i am what you orleanians and your foolish policeman call the axeman when i see fit i shall come and claim other victims i alone know whom they shall be i shall leave no clue except my bloody axe be smeared with blood and brains of he whom i have sent below to keep me calm
if you wish you may tell the police to be careful not to write me of course i am a reasonable spirit i have i take no offence at the way they have conducted their investigations in the past in fact they have been so utterly stupid as to not only amuse me but his satanic majesty frances joseph but tell them to beware let them not try to discover what i am for it were better they were never born than to occur the wrath of the acts man i don't think there's any need of such warning for i feel the police will always always dodge me as they have in the past they are wise and know how to keep all away from harm undoubtedly you or lemnians think of me as the most horrible murder which i am but i could be much worse if i wanted to if i wished i could pay a visit to your city every night at will i could sleigh thousands of your best citizens for i am a close relationship with the angel of death
now to be exact at one thousand two hundred and fifteen earthly time on next tuesday night i'm going to pass over new orleans in my infinite mercy i'm going to make a little proposition to you people here is i'm very fond of jazz music and i swear by all the devils in the nether regions that every person shall be spared in whom a jazz band is in full swing at the time i have just mentioned if everyone has a job and going well then so much the better for you people one thing is certain and that that some of your people who do not jazz it onto if there be any will get the axe well as i am called and crazy the warmth of my native our torres and it is about time i leave your earthly home i will cease my discourse helping though will publish this that it may go well with the i have then am and will be the worse spirit than ever existed either in fact or realm of fancy the
me oh jesus he's cherry so i've so it reminds me of richard remembrances big speech or where he's just like i am the words that thing of like you know he is not just a man anymore he's blake become a god and all that kind of psychotic yes mary psychotic but also very google but also the ear and holding the hotel i was i am all the more you talk the more the more you re in the more information to give you just giving away more clues so shut the fuck up yeah but it doesn't seem like he has a bit of a like because there's not essentially the story of pass over
your pass over your pass over the house if they have jazz music that's exactly is not waivers have so much fun on pass over have the best time now i wish to take this is written by a fuckin a record label exec whose lake pluses jazz music to play claim who do not jazzy on tuesday night that's our new like tuesday night club at whatever bar we gotta jazz age ass it and nobody likes jazz everyone's like a little unhappy about cycle will kill you if you now can react we just gotta do is get through these next fifteen minutes will apparently so everyone jazzed it on tuesday night and no one was shot yeah it actually worked seasoning but then of course as alone we can always but then there are so many buttons august ten steve boca a grocer is attacked in his bedroom as he sleeps lane see really purposely getting grocers low yes because they all are
bummer salient it'll your business so specific but its em they say grocer here but i also think it means people who keep stores so when's like sometimes it's a guy that has like a grocery store in a bar or type are lazy or some kind of he doesn't necessarily mean like the big thing of let us that's on the sidewalk per se gregor greengrocer these common great the greengrocer but there is people that own stores weird soup where ok so than he where he wakes online i finds a dark figure looming over him when he regained consciousness he runs into the street finds that his head has been cracked open you found that suddenly i found my hand to be krakatoa when i need help here goes all his neighbour's house collapses than did then the neighbourhood place nothing's taken from the home a panel
back door had been chiseled away boca recovered from his injuries but he had again no memory and that's every single person that's looked survives knows nothing about what happened yeah head injuries september thirteenth it happens again sir alarmin was attacked in the night of seventeen september thirteenth her neighbors came to check on her because she lived alone and they had seen her while they broke in her house when she didn't answer and discovered the nineteen year old lying unconscious on her bed suffering from severe head injury missing several teeth this guy goes straight for the second rate to the face in the now again yeah they say that all of the injuries were neck head and only a couple head on the defensive rooms on arms most of em it he would just get in there and chop very precisely weird and sometimes he would obliterate the face of the man and sometimes he would rate the bible
but here so bloody act discovered on the front line recovered from our injuries now i m a temper twenty seventh mike pepper tone is attacked did you ask any proper down i'll get put in a call he won't talk to me you may never heard that last night before i'd anywhere i am she sees his life is awakened by a noise and walks into the bedroom washed the bedroom door just as a large acts wielding man is fleeing the scene behind mike had been struck in the head was covered in his on blood blood spatter covered the majority of the room but the
missus pepper tone is unable to explain any the killers described the killer in any way i did read something that said missus pepper time missus pepper tone went on to shoot the man she believed was standing there so this is a different story than the end of this one which is basically she didn't know and she had nothing to explain the cops and there's another story that said missus pepper tone knew who was an after her husband like a couple weeks after the murder she shot the man in the street and then the murder stopped happening that's who knows now and then she herself was convicted of murder and was in jail for ten years why thus who knows about any that so ok so that's the those are that's the full realm of the of the acts man of new orleans murders and pay
then i watched a documentary on the youtube that was actually very good although it seemed very like kind of homemade self produced the guy that was narrating it i dont think his britain accent was his original accent of life had a little bit of this field too it was what's the word when you try to hard you're an actor it has had a real accuracy effect affected affected yeah but it's really good good information i could be till around about ass and also does mean it's not real good that's right
here's the thing everyone's whileness it's like a fifty minutes documentary and everyone's while when he is talking about a different fact they'll just be like us sound effective screaming so it just like almost like haunted house style like our money is and what the children and screaming i guess it is effective so it's not gonna invested and effective its affecting its affected ok this the document or a basically theorize is that the acts man of new orleans actually was killing for long before the new orleans tax and after and he so they just start saying because from eighteen seventy nine to nineteen twenty two in america there were lots and lots of acts murderers or a guy
into the house by chiseling the backdoor she's lying by the middle of the night killing an entire family not robbing them using their own acts with eating before or after hanging out in the house usually a farmer usually like a whole family in its kind of out in the middle of nowhere where it takes a couple days rural brutal as through rural world earl fertile earl the bureau rural murderers ok so and this is just so the guy just basically saying these aren't this is so long ago and this is like pre any of the like if percy being a police procedural knowledge that we have now they're there also could be more and people just have it connected the fact but okay so in eighteen seventy nine and elderly couple this summer in georgia it's a rainy night there are times almost decapitated
when the police investigate the crime scene they find that someone had been hiding in upstairs room for minimum of two days because there is cigarettes and human feces in their said someone had snuck into their house hung and then waited for the night i always milder and a small house i don't want there to be rooms that just don't get looked into he had no attics now you could also you can also like release you know some kind of super dangerous animal every night i'll take it were a run around the house or and almost a cobra but that these two scary same cross i'd siamese gear that he's very intimidated and so
this is it was their acts lack acts was left in the fireplace there was no robbery even though there was a stash of silver on like the kitchen counter five years later in eighteen eighty foreign austin texas a woman in mali smith is a trap attacked in her bed with an axe and then the attacker pulsar outside into the back yard rapes her and murders her outside weird several months later eliza shelly is also murdered with an ax her head is split open and
and on that when the police noted that none of the dogs in the neighborhood bark and there were dogs that were tied up right next door and they didn't bark or have a reaction of any kind to the entire night so as a silent night on both of those nights weird and that freight the police are really bad guys it's like usually you just get a little something people always that that note and always freaks me out because its clearly someone that the dogs now yes less than doing kind of doing a groundwork began to like make sure the dogs are like he's gonna throw them food something here he is so far more people are killed in the same way slaughtered in their beds with their own acts robbery the weapons after the house until christmas eve of eighteen eighty five a couple is attacked and the bloodhound could could
get a sense like they they gave the blood how to thing to smell that was from the axe left behind and they couldn't get a cent and they relate them best bloodhounds around or whatever so again it was that thing where the cops are like maybe this is a demon like whenever august this was before so they would be like home maybe some demons gonna write a letter in fifteen years oh also here and unlike couple other places they found bear footprints in the blue ah weird in eighteen eighty seven this is twelve years later now up in paradise ridge tennessee the aid family a neighbor sees the aid family farm house on fire and so he goes over to see what's happening and not only as their house on fire but their bar and a couple of other buildings on their ranch and when they put the fire out they find the entire family has been murdered women acts the parents the
their daughter who was in our twenties the son who is thirteen and a neighbor girl who was ten something that's him what's the gets him on the killer it's either before or after the killing he hung out in the house the neighbour girl they think the way they traced it she got away and he caught her killed her and through her back into the burning fourteen years after that in i cannot see what that says something or again near portland and near portland over the hill family is murdered in their house the children our murdered in their beds its everything is exactly the same so it's just basically they ve pulled all these guys we're like an entire family no robbery axe headwinds all of a month after that in rain or washington
archie cobble and his wife are murdered in their bed with max in nineteen eleven in colorado springs a man walks into the home of alice bunch i think it says and murdered her in her six year old daughter em and her three year old son and when her sister went to visit she found the bodies she ran outside and scream for help and everybody in the neighborhood came running except a family that net live next door the wayne family and so they went to check on them and the wife husband and one year old baby had all been slaughtered in their beds and then the beds were made up after them like the kill her killer had killed them and then tucked them thousands or a fine so it looks
there were sleeping both of those cases no robbery both houses were locked from the inside thirteen days after that and monmouth illinois the first presbyterian church is not open for the service on sunday so everybody calls the caretaker who doesn't answer they go to the caretakers house and he sorry mr dance and as the caretaker he his wife and their team daughter are murdered in their beds there's no robbery two weeks later in el elsbeth kansas ellsworth kansas the show family hasn't seen for a while a neighbor that's worried about them because they were answering their phone goes to visit all five of the germans have been murdered with an axe in their house the police found the axe and the phone was wrapped with a
a piece of someone's clothing was wrapped around the phone and they the police later realised that it was probably because the neighbor was calling over and over again so he wrapped that so he wouldn't have to hear the foundering silencer yap creepy yes two weeks later not pleasant iowa mister j b jordan leaves for work he doesn't lock the kitchen door their eldest son is upstairs he hears his mother scream he runs downstairs and finds that she's been attacked in her bed with an ax she's an injury to her head but she survives but more members nothing nothing is there not robbed and nobody sees anything eight months later and pale a kansas a young couple in their early twentieth hudson's hadn't been seen neighbours check their murdered in their bed and that night
a family in the same town wakes to the sound of the lamp crashing to the floor and though father goes down stairs to see what it is and he sees a man leaving their house in less than a each later i think i'm pronouncing this right in valencia iowa it's the wolesi jirga acts murderers member that the there is somebody that brought us a bag of stuff from the wolesi jirga yeah i'm pronouncing it right do you know stated the less care so this is the most this is one of the most famous acts murder cases but i didn't realize that there that the theories basically this is one guy because this the wolesi jirga acts porterhouse so it's the more family was it like them the murders from the trimming capote similar ok yeah
where's that board they just kill that family for no reason braces it's their whole family they got back from church and then nobody saw them for days but they did see smoke coming out of the chimney it but they just didn't see them out on their farm do i or chores so the neighbors were just like what's that's weird so after three days they go check the entire family has been murdered with axes in their beds plus two little girls who were there for a sleep over that were neighbour girls so eight people were murdered in this house with axes and he they found that the man had been hiding it every mirror in the house was covered with a piece of cloning nothing has been stolen the killer
definitely spend at least two days there are lots of like had made food left a bunch of stuff out and he they found proof again that he had waited in the attic and for two days until night time so he could come out in surprise them and murder them and then nineteen fourteen in blue island illinois a fan is found this is two years later families found murdered in their bed and then that brings us up to the nineteen eighteen in new orleans and then four years later in germany so than in the nineteen nineteen murder christmas eve was the last one right the pepper town with a chick shot him suppose shot and killed somebody the end then the murders and a bright but in germany there was a farmer who saw a set of footprints this story in the snow leading to his house but not a way this is the craziest story he searches this whole house top to bottom doesn't trying
anything goes bad that night either that minor the next night and then he's murdered he and his family are murdered and it's the exact same thing that guy hides in their houses yes he's key is hidden in their house but they keep they couldn't find where all of the bodies in this were covered with sheets or some of them are out in the barn and they were covered in piles of hay they
he stayed through the weekend and there was no robbery so it was exactly the same ammo as all these other ones so basically so it's just sing it could be this german emigrate goes on and the wolesi jirga acts martyr house there was a note written in german under the table those left behind and there was another one of the women that survived in the earlier ones heard him speaking in germany there was a theory that he was a german immigrants you kind of did this for you know what it seems like twice over twenty maybe thirty years then takes a book back to germany he's gonna chill out and then four years later it can't wait anymore and he does it again or has been doing and they just never got yes i just wonder if in town there is anyone who is i'd like been away if they had known to ask that you mean in germany yeah yeah yeah yeah it's
we its super crazy it's so extreme said then this is the best part but i don't i dont get how it connects connection this documentary perfectly because the guy's going like near at hand is i d do leading in ninety ninety four but it in super awesome anyway even if it's not real but so basically a guy there there they have an old navy ship that their basically parting out because it's like done for its retired or whenever they called i and so this guy is his job to go through this navy ship before they take it all apart and take pictures on record and basically do a report on what the status of the ship was and give inventory so they know what should be saved presided began life can you imagine being alone in a fucking maybe shit why alone and also there is there is some
your things rose like we're or gilding the lily here where it was like way because he you know that the whole ship was also he had a flashlight pinning we're having a flashlight and it was said the dream on i mean his camera but even still when he turned all the pictures in and it was hundreds and hundreds of pictures he got a frantic callback like hadn't orders or whatever and there like who's the old man with the axe and picks said then they send him the picture i usually yeah right show them it's real i am a cry i'm an outcry and let me see here show stephen i dropped the phone yeah yeah i'm hungry although even does like that
creepy a scary thing i've ever seen in my life chills rice working people what are people tat like look up expand navy that's exactly what i put on my man acts owen look and acquires a close up i don't want it to me for everybody else we oppose this but basically you know when you do you see like a ghost a ghost investigator show and they do a thing we're they'll circle something in the actual you're like i have no idea what you're tanya ice and this is clearly a man on the ship with an accident that the close up is less convincing to me we're honestly like it
take the guy's wearing like a mask of like that commercial with dm i could only on mass but that mistakes flags guy get the answers are far away and i definitely an ax far away and like yeah that's it looks like something you wouldn't notice and tell you saw the photo kind of thing will also i love the idea to close i love the idea of the old guy is so good at like evading the police and getting away with stuff that he knows too like oh i'm just gonna go live on his old ship that they haven't parted out yonder lay like that idea does linked together well for me and then they
at the end of this marriage i highly recommend and again you just go put in the accident of nor less and will come up it's the only one that's like fifty minutes long but they they start listing all of the other unrelated unsolved but full family acts murders where there was no robbery and like basically all of those qualifiers that i kept repeating and there were probably like eight of them additionally there are just in random cities and i would i would love to do and i'm sure somebody has cause they said somewhere it said they were all near railroad tracks and this guy could have just been about hobo style hob happy on a train and just go it cause he really does clearly is just a drifter that's going from place to place what a perfect way to be a murderer you do it
on a train you are never there i'm wondering if there's some like you know german fairy tale that has to do with like all the weird shit that was in that letter yeah you know like he mentioned specific places that i'd never heard of it like a more guards to hell swaying wonder if like there's some connection there you i won't they ve done any kind of like the studying jack the ripper styles yeah out it yeah i had no idea it was this lake i found that to be so fascinating because because it is one of those things like the wolesi acts manor house and that whole it's so crazy that it is a stand alone murder story yeah but it could possibly be connected to this other like i just
a crazy serial killer that is if it is this guy he killed sixty one people of the cases they nowhere as a stand alone runner cycle someone they knew or that have to be for someone or that you know they were partners with in business and so they wanted to himself it if its not than let's hear and then that makes almost more sense yeah it's just the house by the railroad tracks where he felt like jumping off first place needed should close what kind of interesting territory there's plenty more other people know about photo is fuckin horrifying get ready to enjoy it people of normal anything you're ok lights being depressing
we are as yet we do have it we have to have a human brain and i made stephen turnout kitchen lights on because its dusk which suppresses the shit out of me yeah i was saying that it's how you know what gets me is i've a friend who has that same thing where he s a whole system of yes to go round that our internal everything on like when the sun is beginning to go down to its niven like one it's down i have the opposite thing of when i get up in the morning if there's a lamp on it it is seeing and why are we even doing this feeling where it's like no internalize unless like no one's mining the sharia failings that makes me like an eel emma it never got shut down yes i feel the same way about when i wake up and come out and the house's messy if it's funny about that something that is when therapy the other day we kind of pace it like peace it
that that might be why between like three o clock in seven o clock i want to have a drink and link how happy hour like pick them up from work and we got a drink and said i want to make this part celebration because but then after that i'm fine can i just put out a suggestion that you polarity talked about what is but three closeness m o clock is the latch key time where your home by herself after school before your anybody get some for more that's exactly it yeah yeah it's a time yeah so kate much kishar yeah that me that time is like three to seven is all about
watching tv i'm not interested in watching but we won't not watch tv like if there's nothing on back and the time when there were times where there is nothing on but we'd still just sit there enforcer of mothers eight traffic here it was always reruns star trek which my sister and i didn't like we were like well there's nothing else i'm going on right now and i'm like an expert because i have seen all of them fifteen time you have seen a fucking shit on next generation every episode i've seen it seems everything in adult life is just ways of kind of trying to give the child at that time a little bit of a bottle and light
shut the fuck up a mean one that's why i like drinking booze or anything it's like everybody has a thing but you're just kind of its also you're trying to go back and be like somebody should have been here and given you this slow somebody should lay in our name should it got commonly rubbed her back a little bit made you actual food it that's my that's a lot of my thereby is skype is dangerous began at the chateau like your foot patterns that you keep repeating that internal adulthood and some weird way and that i am now trying to lake here now doing your best to fucking break yeah but it feels fraudulent suspect but out of them it feels like everything's gonna fall apart parliament's hang and by strengthening men's why we like papa can invest truth that is true let's vacuum preachment truth ok speaking of hay hiring
are you ready for a family and i later yes ready for william bradford bishop lou oh bill bishop from ireland's dreary bush foolish brill that bitch adele they'll brad bishop anywhere on the morning of march first nineteen seventy six in girl the thursday marilyn william bride for bishop is a thirty nine year old the yale graduate think i'd say that with more disdain and did i say it yeah real courage you it i do into that i'm her college you think about it i mean fucking college better make as you value went into gold adding on oh you re only graduate united states foreign service officer learns that he is not getting the promotion that he expected when he tells us secretary p
it became the flu and leaves work key withdraws four hundred alchemist bank dr seers and buys a gas can and a sledge hammer a sledgehammer ps hammer which you mentioned before and i had no idea what it was this landlines sledgehammer are big and ball pin hammers our normal hammer ray i believe so i think you're right i don't know how those could have been anyways he also buys a shovel and a pitchfork then he heads home to his wife mother and three children now if you're working at that sears you're like i think this guy might be starting his own hardware store using our stuff zone remain a garden habit he wants this mark his name down be something make a list just this followed him home and make sure that he doesn't want do something annihilate stay
who does not share the next day a six hour drive from bethesda about five miles from colombia north carolina in a wooded swampy forest area a forest rangers despatched to an area where smoke is rising from the trees there he finds five body o the burn bodies aren't identified for a week and tell a neighbour of the bishops cause the police worried that you haven't seen the family it in a week when the police enter the bradford home they find a blood bath with spattered blood on the floors and walls and the children's room is covered ceiling to flora in blood and its then that the shovel from the scene of the burning bodies is traced back to a hardware store festa and the police make the connection that you mean s ears
a sea of robert mugabe time too important to be positive but it is actually to have these years rollback and ninety three things you know anything i mean sphere so police think that bradford killed his wife who was highschool sweetheart and that first followed by his mother low bela who was returning home from walking families golden retriever leo boiler leo's ok oh good ok mom and wife so far done very much dad bludgeon bad bad bad bludgeoned as fuck then he kills his three boys fifteen euro brad ten year old brunton and five year old jeffrey were killed while they slept in their beds and an upstairs bedroom all of them bludgeoned here's a fucking horrifying part
active says that in his twelve years as it officer he it was one of the worst it was the worst crimes ain't he had ever observe and then he notes that there were hammer marks on the ceiling above the top bunk bed in one of the boys bedrooms which told how many times and how misha sleet dish up had struck his son so in though like back and then blow he hits the ceiling to dounia so a massive mannheim ensues for bishop his family station wagon that we was used to transport the bodies to be burned was found abandonment of parking lot hundreds and hundreds of miles west from the bodies were found and bishops also identified by the clerk of sporting goods store in jacksonville north carolina using a credit card to purchase konrad shoes the same day that the bodies were found was coming to silverlake i know i added that because i just thought it was so
oh that deasey i'm dyin like we are making us into yet let's writer if some some articles and ten issues and unlike no cumbersome like a specific thing because we all on them the other three and also it sounds lake kiss he was did you say he was in the navy or something you were here he some kind of military guy so she's trying to play different character sure he's blending in heaven
pity shot to bring his hippy shit to the west coast or be a skater and that man turned out to be equally who's this guy i think having already used by tony say pearls but see browser shit they stephen i'm i'm oppose i'm oppose or suppose i oppose you maybe if i can skating i'm trying to make people think ass gay highbrow calmer shoes seemed to devise around and its also said that he had the dogma leash with him so he didn't and when i first read this call article it was that the dog was killed two about like people are not gonna fucking like but the dog is on a leash and he seems to yolksac anyways after the wedding i just as it just do you think people do that because it's the end
was the most innocent and me almost like the innocence food pyramid of lake it can't talk i can't do anything for its levels not necessary at that point you listen when i five year old child too but notes but but that's just it it's like a tiny child being murdered by its own parent is horrifying i do think that stunts people into silence but then if i got you say the words golden retriever people are like a lot of fun like like why like why would you you can even just approach it like you don't even want to talk about the five year somehow makes it seem like they're even more of a monster but there's a weird bit of humanity that he kept you didn't leave the dog in the house he like brought the dog with him yeah it's weird kurt i think it's kurt brawler has a joke about how hitler had a dog it doesn't seem right not that compromise hitler who have a dog but they get that
i tell you loved him i mean why there is a german shepherd find things i love germany i do i do i do to my mom hates them because of german anyways back does call ok after that citing the trail goes cold and since bishop spoke six languages fluently knew how to fly a plane and had lived throughout the world and possibly have fake ideas because of his work at the state department finding him didn't look good launch
this meant tried to get his psychotherapy records from the shrink who bishop had been seeing once or twice a week for five years but the shrink refuse sang out doctor patient privilege but it's been said that the doktor was so shaken by bishops crime that he quit his practice which is can you imagine not swatting that for five hours all or having spotted it and not done anything about it but that's horrible what's worse now think we're yeah not having done anything about letting thinking that you were wrong or doubting yourselves or something or being like am i but after five years i feel like five years of age
to be if you can manipulate psychotherapist for five years yours you're some fuckin craziness yeah also if he was a military man i bet you he wasn't all that forthcoming there is not even a kind of a personality trait of you're not really supposed to be that way in the military let's honey that you say that because i read something that said that if if you were in whatever rank he was in and you were going to psycho therapy that was grounds for dismissal oh shit so of on top of that he probably wasn't didn't also want to be like ghana one or more indirect emily so it couldn't even get out that he was in their wow so that's so fucked up also getting help for being in
like a conflict based business re where land could have ptsd for whatever reason you're not you cannot be in there or your travelling the fuckin world and your family's home and hinders it's rough at home or you have money issues i kick campi like that anymore or you got left at home between three and seven every goddamn daily like you are just some sort of and you have no idea or time your pants for him how many were sick a peanut butter sandwiches hearing so much toast you felt some toast god we ate a lotta tell me eight so much so much she's tested this day is one of my favorite things but of course my brother ready all the fucking cheese house so i repeat a butter does we would do
my sister got really into making case ideas but she wouldn't make me one that was you know anything she could pull away anything you'll get hold over capacity at that point was tortilla with a slice of american she's in the microwave ramona yes and then hunched clothes yeah she would get it can get fancy and put it in a pan oh she's she's bucking yeah sunken julia child she thought she was going for it and i was like clearly area i'm trying to butter some cracker like basely allergy provider crackers i'd love is attacking a buttered crackers and on drinking seven up and it just based that i hold what are you about i want hey i was like pardon me i'm planet i'm trying to get fat for junior high like on clear the areas i have so many feelings yeah right now to go back to the easier one family and i later hour i say on march nineteen nineteen seventy six a grand jury indicates bishop on five council first degree murder but does that to this day karen
it has never been found woe gap there's this thorough of ham from irish young that they also and he looks a little bit like lee harvey oswald meets jumbled she if you can picture idle it's weird like your colleague he's gonna but then he has his weird slick smug like tight close smile that looks creepy since you know he did and then they made up in one of those busts of him like what he would look like if he were older and super creepy as well and he i'm sure that he's here after like it is so it's cuba can have no is the bus that algeria you picked can you feel that up its in bradford bishop bust cover playboy magazine civil noah now you have theirs picture news pulls out
so that means three credible sightings of bishop one was in july nineteen seventy eight swedish woman who had worked with bishop before the murders said she spotted him stevens got it right am i right i mean no noise it is solely sex is it frankly angela no is the guy that always plays like
this is like a kid how layering there right yes that is millions out we like you have now he's missing like the bathrobe level edge yeah he's like if you haven't had a truck her brother yeah that's what that guy it's like pregnant july nineteen some eight switched from her work with him prior to the murders she said she spotted him twice in a public park in stockholm sweden when in a span of a weak and she stated that she was absolutely certain that it was bishop then in and this is interesting as it's all people who knew him you know so in july nineteen seventy nine he was reported to have been seen by a former u s state department colleague in a restaurant insurrectos italy colleague greeted him who had
who said and he said he was bearded he personally believed to be bishop i'd i any asked the man impulsively hey your brand bishop aren't you the man panic suddenly responding in a distinctly american accent saying oh god no and then he ran swiftly out o the restroom and fled but he's shaking and panicking when he this is all
kind of confirm that these could actually be sightings it wasn't just like rand esta like hokey bullshit on september nineteen if it was a little is kind of aim was an unsolved mysteries but it what you know our concept ember nineteenth i'm sure this is answer mr issue on september nineteen nineteen eighty four in basal switzerland a neighbor who had known bishop and establish bethesda reports that she had seen bishop from a few feet away well on vacation the neighbour described bishop as well groomed so people who knew him well enough to write like recognize him then i thought this was so exciting john doe who was struck by a car while walking down the highway nineteen eighty one who is a person who appeared to be homeless ended up getting exude after a local residents thought that the bust of bishop look like this do an i fucking last night it looks so much like him that udall are sure it's him and it's fucking not but i think they fucked up the dna tests because its
king him well yeah look up the dead body ok there's also of course been talkin bishop being a victim of the m k ultra mind control experienced by the cia that when awry causing them to kill his family which is like two ok isn't it time frame the sixty sandy's yeah does that they may i feel it dosed alot of people on asset back then i think so but it is simple so close to the eighties i feel like it was shut down by them but i mean look if people fear eyes than its cause it's wasn't and also as a secret i mean current government clearly still going on to this day
even as an m gale something's lives that's when it is slowly but it is like and his moustache is a fact and reporting dias no matter how much we make fun of it he won't shaven show up and he forgets sets the two huge microphones of every time blazed thereby statues the recording device because i'll pay you could you should hear the shit we say when we're not recorded in the shit we actually make amended asked that like we are russian operatives eyes strew well i do love em killed her is if you know somebody was asking if something gets out graham and without any of the other day like conversationally and i've it's always like we always say like germany or level by whatever but then just thinking about that like i would love the real deal report on em killed a list of things that have happened because of it yeah that's good on like the real you know there was like the one guy that they see the families like there's no way he would have committed suicide i keep jumped out of a window right i mean there's a million of them are always like those that would be good to fascinate it's also like it's it's easy remain like it's one of those things or it's like she was a runaway sect no it's much work on its much more simple than that young
yeah relax simple and it is but i think it's more likely that he was depressed he was also having financial trouble and that he was a fucking dick if he were still alive today he would be eighty years old i hope so he could still be alive sovereign of go find you have nurse creepy brother so i god that's interesting to be guilty of a crime and run to stockholm sweden and still run into some of the inner because like how annoying as a rate and because he was in the military he probably went to military irish places re like when he places he knew from having gone there before from for his job you sick he wouldn't though because because then people recognising their yeah but he also on you spend some time in africa have before the murders too so that seems like the most i think the most logical place to go because
if he wasn't black right now so he would stand out probably too much and i don't have a lot of white people their true true true now have her side and all that i just immediately this idea he won't go stand on the savanna karen how can i just go like he's not gonna walk into a national geographic special and then be like hope nobody fixity here near the zebras who are trying to drink water during a driver will this try wrong with my brain is dr let me come and join the fray but i mean i guess what i meant was theirs those places where life it's almost like you would have all the place europe the to list okay this guy ran where to go he'd went to allay he went to california people go always go west instead he went east and then he went to a place where lake stockholm sweden is just like nobody really you just bland
yeah there's a lot of places you get an you now is the time when lanky too you can you didn't need a passport or you know your name didn't even have to be on the ticket heap annie at a week start because they didn't a week had headstart because the dominant identified body is until then yeah he was all frank clear but creepy fuckin even just murder them leave their bodies he murdered them drug six hours away dug a fuckin shallow hall and put the gasoline that he had bought that day the bodies and let them his mom his highschool sweetheart and his three children debts almost the same as john learned so much liked unless except and not to say my guy is better than your guy but john list shot everybody in the back that nobody set nobody knew anything was happening beyond just took him out from behind i think he might have as well if you're here
back in irish girl like yours has a good i guess they both have the closures where it's like the money was in the ceiling the whole time now and journalists moment this what i'm saying it's the murderous so much more personal an awful unlike ito hammered railing type a shit you're not like trying to end a quick you're over killing your own children you're hurting them what the fuck but he waited till they were sleeping he didn't come home until they were asleep and the mom was his mom is on a war what the darn that he would she do every night just not a lot of details about what how it happened either which is like there's no like in this room this happen while his wife was cooking whatever the fuck also what was he like just lake if you were in the cafeteria at the same time which was do you think he was like
clearly one of those like a closed system i think he was all like d still riders run deep and he was just like shell and nothing was going on there was not a single thing that i saw that was like and you always see this everyone said he was such a great guy in everyone's like so i dont think he was he could have been tightly wound he i dont think people weren't like heat we were so surprised right no one's at the guys i gotta said that is family annihilate william bradford bishop wow bill betcha yeah that's like i've never heard of that i am truly awful and also once you kill them you're gonna run anyway why do you have to burn the bodies that had start but like that's it just one sure you don't have to do like you you ve killed your whole family on the planet can i ever found for a week but i mean
either way it's it's not like you killed one member of your family and everyone else who doesn't know what's happening or something like you ve taken out in entire family unit people going to catch on no matter what the state of their corpses it's so fucked up i mean is it too much is pretty amazing but they were able to actually if the bodies because if you hadn't left that shovel behind they would never gone they would have never talked to bethesda marilyn because they dynamite it as one of two hardware stores in bethesda and it was hundreds of miles away right you son six hours away or something so if he hadn't kind of fucked up and left a shovel behind they would never been traced to each other days reliably as i yeah maybe he was probably his
i don't think you're gonna get now burn bodies use yesterday we don't want to get caught if you burn body and it's just he did everything the worst way possible really that and he was never fucking found and which is so disappointing you got that military edge he he's like it born ask he's adjacent i'm tired yeah bad born there hey here one positive thing will happen let's get out of their whereabouts we so you try to end this with some something positive because we go on and on and on family annihilate are a thing that makes us happy eddying that we like here and now that we ve noticed lately that's fun here this issue should your had a terrifying like mine is that because three o clock to seven o clock is art but the fact
neighbours creepy they're just dense other like putting pudding shut up and shit i think also it's this was so light is really pretty figure there trying to be quiet so oh yeah so from three seven so it's hard for me so they have been doing this past week to try to like make it positive to release this girl there ivan laying out at the poor son and it's been fucking fan let's go making me so happy and so like like i feel it paradise that's really good i wonder if you had maybe a little vitamin d deficiency and you need a little sunlight little em what are they whether depression only i definitely and it's just this thing of like ok here's celebrating life in a different way than alcohol
circuitry yes much man still sound so much better but whenever a was deafening faster but so relaxing when you're outside i've been actually sitting outside at my house to pious it's just so relaxing and it's been mine ok i guess mine will be i walked my dogs in my neighbour the neighbourhood gonna near me which is nice last night and it was as if all the jasmine in the whole neighborhood bloomed at one time no it was crazy it's walking around a neighborhood and it smelled like the inside of a flora shop was one the weirdest things all time there's a moment and allay and it's such a quick moment or all the jasmine plumes and it only happens for like a very short time during the year and its
fabulous it's crazy and when you were like i i was coming home from something and from my from like the live to the front door i was the smell was so beautiful and stronger like i have to walk my dogs right now like i need to be out in a liar i love the variable that's a good one and also because i've been in my house doing nothing but like binge watching to see and claiming the walls and war and wiping down walls like a weird mental patient just kind of like staring oz message clean the name are them did it makes when your walls or clean i just highly recommended i think about it until someone else does it that you pay them to do as they like but also when you get one of his magic razors they really do work now i love it what's it to mr clean thing yeah i think it a target moran it's like a little bleach spun out it's a white sponge that when you touch it two things it just makes marks and nixon shitty looking things go away i bet it's made of asbestos
i hold it in my hand for like hours at a time when all all of this is leaching into my sins in our maybe you cleaned out a little below in the end they are gonna come before you can die of asbestos poisoning probably ray what if the magic eraser is the new green juice and that's the way to detoxify is just a magic erase both hands yeah every morning this picture that i think i can get me meet up to me our special gas there someone posted the gutter and durum wheat thanks for listening i think you guys are the best year whoops we appreciate you your support and numb having fun with us yeah we want you to stay sexy and don't get murdered me me me me saying what cookie
but can we really talked over how does he know elizondo cookie yeah yeah that's out then
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