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On this week's MFM, Karen and Georgia tell stories from the road and then segue into the infamous Moors murders and the lesser known Gorilla Killer.

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This is exactly right. It's my neighbour murder episode. What is it sixty seven? Is, I think, some now. So it's up there push. Seventy baby only crap. I know what's gonna, weird we're still kind of a baby, but we're not we're like Those old babies set new year's. That you're, like should obviously breastfeeding, like tat baby, couldn't be up the slave and it shouldn't be wearing a suit. Now now isn't it babies diapers and I don't know how a baby's responsibly and suffering diversionary like right, you mean the ones that are also worrying polish hurts like Stand around with long hair, drink
bottles like they run the play like adults, young, oh yeah, hey! I met a girl today whom at TED Bundy his brother really here. She said that she grew up a car like in the town, my younger and she said that she was at a bar one time back home in her friend introduced through the sky, and she was like the whole time was like some of something about his face looks familiar then she said, but he also had this like in his eyes. This incredible look of sad this and when he left her friend was like that's had Bundy's brought little brother, wow now, that's crazy! Now can you imagine, did he have a little further maybe she was lying. I don't know I mean I now I really I'm the last person who would know for sure I did TED Bundy on this show. I would you now, but him doesn't sick with me, but I know you know their sister. That also was his mom. I wonder of his little brother. If he had one was his,
mom's sister I get the same said Emma Register. If it were, if they figured that stuff out in the Bundy family after TED, left right or yeah, if it was yeah, yeah still, rabbit help. I bet his last name wasn't Bundy. I think it was really so is like this smoke. Bonding eater make binding Peter biker, Gregg Burundi, the Monday bunch Monday wench losing that's the way you did when you said those three names, you didn't realize you're doing a Brady bunch reference until until that moment nurse to each other level. Graduated. Then you caught up to your cell than at the moment of comedy. Is that a that's the fun moment where you go? The comedies writing itself. That's that's phrase means it rates itself. It doesn't really whose knowledge, somewhere
reminds me of your awesome blossom moment. Stick it in. You all know we're talking about later on. If we decide to post it area, it system is a secret This is my favorite murder by the by any one is unsure yeah, my remember those Karen I'm Georgia. We just got back from three shows in Portland that are fucking awesome. Just one weekend and thank you for the doughnuts. Thank you for the laughter and screaming. Thank you for lots. Good stories and things to walk away from revolution. How was such a fun place to perform? in case we dont post it. Can you tell the count the story of the army? Crawl? Yes, so, let's see that was the second night. Think so now it was the first night second shop Ok s first night second show so censure we were, ends, and I had picked a girl to do.
Our hometown, murder customer not from the audience, and she was telling the story about how her cousin found a dead body, and it was immediately. My favorite sorry we ve had so far has it was all the things that I enjoy witches. Her cousin happening upon a dead body in a creek come to find out. That's the dead body of a rapist and kidnapper, perhaps murderer? Who was the. Lastly, we are happy about being Dad's, didn't help grossly yet no guilt about the body about the finding of the body or the discussion of the finding of the body, and as this girl's telling a story. She tells the whole story of the crime he did right before he went on the lamb and then somehow died in the creek. They don't know, and She I asked a specific question about: did your cousin tell you anything about what it felt like to find the body or touch the buyer whatever and she that you didn't know, and then they went a Georgian
that's something they went on to talking. I look overjoyed to shoulder and there is girl, our funds. Styles, sneaking the down the aisle nobly I'll on state. Shall I watched her come up the aisle sneaking like a cartoon, her shoulders up and her knees raised high you didn't you do TB sneaking and then she doesn't army role onto the stage. That's when I interrupted You have them at nine o clock before this happened. I suck here in space on my shoulder- and it was like- I got- shit- this. Looking at your face cause, you looked like horrified, we and I slowly turnaround in slow motion. There's a girl walking towards us yet stage- and I say that's not cool I have to get off this yet right now straight up to her. I was just like a net. Is I'm thinking just drunk Keno guy the beers, a revolution hall where three dollars people were definitely partying? It is a second show. Is a bit lady Maya
finally explains that she is the girl telling the story sister. I want to see the girls AMOS Nicole, but I don't remember night, there's no way, Finally, we realise she's, ok to be there, and the only reason she came up on stage was because she knew the answer to the question. I was asked Anne Sister fashion. She needed to correct her sister, yes and ministers, and there are correct and add right but and then gave us it additional information and then it turned out to be the greatest downtown to partner. Double sister storytelling. You have them the next night to another. Sister came up first, Yes, that was superweeds. And it was just like fine, it was sisters backing sisters weekend all weekend in Portland and grave it was so much fun. Everybody was so great tat, it really added yeah argue Portland,
so. I have a corrections. Karen. Yes, I have to apologise, Bobo is an absolutely ok word. Yes, aid is, and it doesn't mean anything derogatory register. What is called you now, and he said Europe is out of business now, everything's fine at were you thinking of bum people suggested that probably was putting them together. I just in my mind, still like walking by a homeless person and sang I think that Hobo just sounds so. Maybe it's just wait. Towns sounds in my head. You know I mean yes, it's its contextual interpretive, but the word itself is not from like me, I'd like to learn to do so hard and I'm sorry. Oh thank you for apologizing. That's very, very So you I found out and this is very separate, but it's this reminds me of it, because none
wanna, be an asshole now or talk about people, asshole style. I'm still. I think this progress is made me even more aware of like everything about the area. Yet we hear about it all the time it did. You know that the when you called the sprinkles at you, on top of a Sunday Jimmy's that that's racist. I would never use that word I never knew ere, I always call them that lie there this call them. I think, racist yeah. I think that a lot of things they just assume our racist and this found Bab like that Why does it sound bad? I because I think I've heard before What oh ok, what's the background called I might be, Like a like a nickname me, they are the crow, his their chocolate
Ah, once some unexplained, it's me, I say it out loud and someone turned round. It was like what are you doing and I was like would give me using a weird when people like you didn't know that number when people say a word that you're like. Are you like the r word for people who are? mentally challenge- hunched. Yes, that people that I know that living caliph, like LOS Angeles, have I've heard people say that work, Am I like how the fuck You do not know, but you don't use that word, but it's gotta feel bad. There was a we good? Pierre say video that was put out about using the are worried about really loved? It was back, it was when I was stone facebooks. It was like at least five years for six years ago, I'm from its brag
bring it up any time. Ok, I'm no longer I sailed. Don't I still call Starbucks Coffee small medium just so I think you and I are in the same, which are totally made quite a bit like a ship which always like fair. I'm on your plans is a bit like. I can't let you know, I can't let you, but even just even isn't, even as a discussion, nine, I'm not gonna. Let you do it. It's a guy called coffee Java Legged. No it's as if you were like airplane food is small, was that I heartily wasn't making a joke. I was just really angry about it, but yes, it anyways got anyhow Piazzi No, no just so you know we're talking about a p s. I know I know I was just going to say it's it's. That kind of thing of this is if it feels bad dont, do it and you know it feels bad when you because you're ever not using it in a anything but a derogatory way, and it was in a movie the other. Yesterday I was just so tired just laying their work, tv all day long there is this terrible movie came on and
one point in the movie in it was from the early two thousands this girl says it she's just like that so retarded and it was. It sounded so's that It will dont really do it anymore, at least at least not in movies, and then at LOS Angeles. I mean all those words I think you know. Well, that's the thing is certain peripheral country- it's not even known, but let me be just native well, there's something people fight because they're, like oh social justice, wherever they are just don't insult people. If you don't need to yeah, why domain and lying about something. You don't need it right there are so many words. It's about the export can any use of were yeah. I mean the world, I could say some words at our whole fine, that I love saying like Cunt, yeah. You can't say that I now I a t shirt that I bought when I looked like one
in my twenties early twenties that had it look like the coke logo, but it said contests dead and I were one day and was so self conscious and freaked out by every cause. I of course got one thousand dirty looks Well, remember that I never word again, I'm now blushing when I said that word lack that's how about I am at those, but over a jolly Old England. They say it. It's like saying: jerk Ray it's new deal, Jesse Twat now know you should not never say that I fuckin hate the word Swat. I don't think I've ever heard. Anyone actually say it's very seventies. Speaking of it We really tease speak Did you like that? that's headway, segouin of chemicals, quarter, but it is a great that were allowed to tease that were going across the seas, Yes, hello, London and in Ireland, Ireland, energy
and then you now that you said I like you, I was actually really good. How could you live there? no, that was Scotland whatever. Now we're going rave it'll, London, a cup we have a couple it shows in England. This is the teases very tedious. Is we don't know we're talking now apple shows in England. A show in Ireland. A couple shows in Australia: and New Zealand. I mean we get to go to New Zealand like we're coming just like. We don't have any listeners there, but we just really. What could we do? We want to see what it looks like yeah. Can anything so tat if you're, a new zealand- and you like this bar, will you get a cup your phrase to like it, so that we have at least fifty people at our shall be great. That's the dream! The dream is fifty and if you aid to bring farm animals or children. That's fine, but we just need to fill up whatever your local church Hollis. Please yeah, yeah, yeah you! So,
go in costs. International work were like pit bull you're becoming international like summertime. What you know the idea summer or fall cinema under anywhere. You'll hear more about it and it'll. Be this vague when you hear about so, don't expect to get tickets. Anything you got me corrections appeal has been so long since passed it because we ve been doing lifestyles. Yes, and it's my fault, I I the terrible mistake of I forget that this is a weekly part ass. We have to do so Georgia. This was hilarious. I went left too You, a great comedy, show with Joy Mccullough. His podcast Julian loves music at a casino it out an hour outside of Tulsa Weed.
The comedy show and his wife podcast. And while I was there, a Georgia text, me hey so tomorrow, do you want to get together and do to do and due to do and I'm in I'm going to be under the rest of the week and I just permanently gone, and it was like that realisation of like oh yeah. After this happens, every week, I need to catch up with what the reality of my life is then happen. Can't just leave now I can fuck up and am I cannot but excuse and get out of it. So I'm gonna fuck up bad yeah. You got you. Will you gotta freeway? a freebie gap rate as I'm about to go like what the and then you can. Like Tulsa now be like we'll, have a nice and change a hiccup moving on yeah, so area burnt down your house sense. Look! I'm sorry that I love arson. Tulsa! Do you prefer to do? I think we should start over because you want to go first. You want me to your first. Why went first, less time did you
oh yeah, the lecture I mean: don't we have to follow just how we're doing it as opposed to what ere I don't know. I think that's what we should do it for us and nobody cares Nobody cares, and I don't think we care that much. I dont hair, ok, great. Now. We know you're mad now and why do I like way live in used to matter that it will work. Early back to back it felt like so, this finnish. Listening to this book called the Devil Alla time by Donald Re Pollack, which is a really fucking great book. If an stories and other people in there all m intertwined some house. I love, and this one had a husband, wife, murder team well, which I know you touch tat. Neither of us kind of are not interested in it or like that's, not our first peck and it's so weird and creepy
doing one: ok, you're, going outside your comfort of cold cases and yeah, let lesser known cases that your passion Unsolved! Familiar side, I mean that's your genome. I jam, but now you're you're, taking a stretch and speaking of England again around keeps being having. This is the moors murderers, okay, so Nineteen sixty one eighteen year old type, Myra Hindley meets in Brady yeah was born in Glasgow and Islam on January. Second, eighteen thirty, eight to a single mother and Peggy, and when he's for months old. She fuckin advertises him for adoption. In a news agents, shop window- oh man, let her words in here that I normally wouldn't use and their English like news agent, like news agent and shop window and I'm sure it's advertisement not advertise
Peggy visits him at his foster family regularly until he becomes a teenager. Letting them know that that's his mom. What now? But I guess his foster families good yeah no, but he still has extreme temper tantrums and they end with him banging his head on the floor. Just gotta waste cool to see a toddler doing that I meant to say, despite being exceptionally bright, he did poorly and school socially awkward considered, quote sissy at sports, and he's cruelty to animals pretty quickly and range from stoning dogs, decapitated, rabbits and unwanted now by country that it's a cat, he later tells Myra his later girlfriend that he killed us first cat when he was ten years old. I get that was about.
I grant that lay our state chit chat for whom you yeah gets worse. Ok at thirteen, M M. Had its first was charged with house breaking housebreaking the latter teenager he did obsolete, he taught all has had to go to the perhaps do it did it ever DNA to redevelop vaccination with the writings of Nietzsche and with Nazi ISM red flag you fifty nine. He learns bookkeeping in prison and he gets a job as a start clerk. And his vices on audio recording equipment and he transfers Hitler speeches onto vinyl records all alike as a pastime, yeah Hung sounds fine, that's ear. He sounds like a real. A real hoot yeah go get her Ok and nineteen sixty one, a new secretary starts at his work name, Myra Hindley,. On their first date.
Pigs or to see a movie about the Nuremberg trials so that today it is it not We see a Nazi, as am I mean yes, Nazi, so guys like. Would you like to go to them is it me in your like sure, that's cool he's, like kind of Q, Mouselike Fifty's back here is older yeah yeah he's like the cool guy it at the office strong opinions rate is not like the boys at school who don't like Nazi as yet he's, got his arm up a narrow le just like what you're looking for and then you meet the movie theater and it's the falcon. Burg trial supervisor. After the you start dating. They ring each other books about nazi atrocities on their lunch break He Hamley she starts to alter appearance, to replicate the area, ideal, bleaching, her hair blonde and wearing red lips
and so in really grooming her to become subservience, and they start discussing in crimes together like robberies that would make them rich Ultimately, they decide that murder was more their style nice time in outlines up. Land where Myra would wear a disguise, did abducted child and take it to the moors where they would rape and and bury it there and an ancient three: they took their first victim. Sorry. So in that discussion, it's hard enough to meet I am glad that you really get along hey how many siblings you have. I just have one older sister, you wanna murder, children, only God. I've been dreaming of that. Since I was young migrant, how young Since I was a child out, that's the water, ask that's all I'm saying. Is you really? I guess the Nuremberg
This was really the test. Yeah of, like is she's gonna go with this year. If you cry when a bunch of nazis are being hung, hang probably both thing. You know that right, Now you ve found the wine. Also. I have seen Myra Hamleys mugshots yeah as a blonde with that lipstick on yeah. How do you feel about ass? She was. It is definitely a foul winter. Let's just say it that way. Not a, but it's not complementary, to her face. I mean I have bleached long heroines amended. A good. I knew it immediately and I wouldn't have done it for a guy, What did you just avoiding killed while children and children's health children than the moors in nineteen sixty three in July for the first victim? in tells
I heard a drive her van around the area, local area. While he follows behind his motorcycle and when he sees a victim that he wants, he want She's gonna flash his headlights out her signalling her too, job over an offer that Percinet ride, so they see young girl walking towards them and I'm in signals let us stop. She doesn't do until they pass her and Brady's like what the fuck and she's like. I know that girl- I don't wanna, take her so instead a pm and spot six year old, Pauline Reed on her way to dance and Pauline as a neighbour of Hamleys, who is a friend of her your sister Maureen, so She was ok with getting into the man with Henley who then so she would mean helping to search for an expensive glove. She had lost on saddle more subtle, worth more and attract of open. Oh eight
an unsound are worth more and then I was like you know why I didn't know what a more was site from photos needs to explain to people when it was its basically just an open, big, open, uncultivated feel like picture where in a british we'll! Go shooting Everybody is yes, the icon a key hilly, open grasslands situation. Firm! thousand miles miles and miles So she wanted her to come, find her glove with her an Pauline says, she's in no hurry and agrees when they at the more Brady arrive shortly afterwards on her motorcycle and Hindley, introduced him to read as her boyfriend and that he also to find the glove and then Hindley clams that Brady took read into the more willingly just hung out in the van after about thirty minutes Brady. Comes back alone and takes her backs spot where Red lay dying, her third even cut with
large and knife and the color of her coat, had been pushed into the wound. What's so horrific back plainly Stay with red. While he goes and gets a spade that he had hidden nearby in a previous visit to bury the body, so He Henley notices that pollens coat is undone and her clothes were in disarray, guessing that she had sexually assaulted. I mean she claims she wasn't there witnessing at that, can come on now right, and at a rabbit, Henley later clams that she assisted him with the sexual assault. You turned on that story and he says it's incorrect. Make it in their Indra. Sorry, I thought would be in character. I see now so basically she says I wasn't there and later on he's like oh, no, she was there and help me. I'm gonna
Ok, then, on than the early evening of number twenty third nineteen sixty three she approaches sorry, Myra Approach is a twelve year old boy named John Kill ride in Lancaster Lancashire and offers him. If Tom, on the pretext that his parents would be worried about him for being so late. Offers him also a bottle of sherry and he, as twelve years old, is like hell, yeah The term marrow like well, if you go, make a detour to collect it and that also we need help finding a glove in a more he's like ok and then when they get to the more Brady, The child em again Henley, says you wait in the car. Well, Brady. Sexual assaults kill bride and attempts to slit his throat with six and charade blade before fatally strangling him with a piece of string. So this guy's The Falcon animal animal monster psychopath. Ok,
Then, in the early evening of June, succeed banking, sixty four, so this all happens within a couple years. Years then, the early evening of June nineteen sixty four twelve year old Keith It is on his way to his grandma's house in Manchester when him Henley lures him into her? Many pick up which Brady was sitting in the back of asking if he'd help load boxes and then she said she drive him home afterwards. So she goes to the more again and again the letter boxes out on the morgue earlier than you. Now I have to move from the more I little twelve euro can. I need help carrying some heavy ding, Ding ultimate red flag. If she don't ask adults will not asking for help. That's right! Yes, don't walk around your goddamn town by yourself all the time I mean now that I've ever ever happens anymore. Now. Never.
Thirty minutes later, Brady comes back alone and when Hindley sparsely asked how he killed, then it he says, it sexually assaulted him and strangled him went down with a piece of string and they buried him out on the more some are twenty six nineteen sixty four Brady and sixty four Brady a Hindley visit in search of another victim, and they know it. Ten year Old, Leslie, an downy standing beside one of their rights when it becomes, Isn't that she's alone they approach her and deliberately drops something from their shopping, cart close by her and ask her for help carrying the packages car. What does the angel she's tannin she's like yes I'll help you she's at the current oh yes, I met a carnival alone and our help these two adults- and there like this- is so creepy is it's a man and a woman as in your mind, you're. Never gonna, like your hitchhiking and a couple stopped for a man and a woman. Yet you shall say yes, that's right! It's the old trick of having a woman there so creepy, it's the worst and also the little kids.
Yeah? So unfair? It's just like it. It goes against everything here, stinks would tell you huge trick. Do you think that women it's are horrifying for women to kill children than for men like it's, I feel it is it I feel, equally horrified at a rivalry that I hear of people that think it's ok to kill children lawyer it like that need the like: a compulsion to kill children there, some just and it can you liar something so wrong with you. I feel like what horrifies me more than the compulsion is. The like b is being ok with it. It's not. Even my legs he might not have had a compulsion to kill children, but she went along with it anyways. Yet, as that is even more depraved because it's not even this like addiction that you have. She was doing it for her fuckin boyfriend totally, which is
the letter I mean you ve known people are like now, I'm into swing dancing in your life, that's so land, but you never say anything right. This is lake, but she'll get over a just. Exactly just like will wait for this one, the window mule here tonight, Monti whatever, but now this is like it's very extreme. I bought of s buffer boy. Listen, I'm not gonna lie I mean I thought oh acute and I liked it, but I got it said that he would think our core yeah, and I hear I want you to a proudly. I can say that the first bad experience that I had with a guy that was like that was someone who secretly born again Christian and then after we together like unveiled that really he just wanted me to say the seven magic words that would enable me to go to Heaven when I died whatever magic words. I said Jesus Christ, my personal savior, you just Adam yeah man? I was already idea. You know what the catholic upbringing Whizzer like Red Flat, likened like Whizzer, look
back in your dating. Like obvious things will was very short, so we were friends first, everybody that I was right. We had like the small group of friends and all the girls were in love with him, and then it was like he picked me. I'm gonna like I'm so special exactly. And then, like a week later, he is like. I just need you to say these words and then come to light church with me, and then I don't really want to date, you, but major girls charge, you get a gold star, it was yeah seriously it's like did you get some kind of kick back for bringing media, but how did you collect and when I was like out this is this is like pathetically not anything about what happens. If you were like this familiar, you would have been a crash exactly so, but I feel like a learned early, the worst kind of most painful way of like oh, The ulterior motive thing like the second comes out words even power, even if its lake,
like star wars, I'm let good bye, fuckin tricked me. How dare you like all right? You had better go igniting, you gotta, like it all, has to command immediately or else you don't trust them. That's right. I just some anyway. Anyhow we'll talk about how I'm alone later, and I are all the trust issues in the world. Don't even an EU blah blah blah. But above all, by terrorism. I, is there shit, they needed help carrying them. Into her house into their house. So once inside the house, sweet little girl is undress, suspect, up, undressed, gagged and forced to pose for photo before being raped and held, and Brady again states that it was Henley who killed Leslie and Downy. Sorry in states that its actually, though Myra who killed.
Stand down above cautious as it wasn't that she was running a bath for her and come back came back and she was dead. Just like fuck you, you know, here's the thing However, the truth really is it doesn't matter because of their point, you could have been sitting at home waiting for him to come back from the Moors Europe Complicit, which means you might as well be standing next to him. In my yeah emmets I mean I agree. I now want to think the worst of you. Yet you are following this at all. Yeah, it's not like. It gets you off the hook, somehow right the next move. They may take her body to saddle worth more and is buried in a shallow, brave, ok, so towards the end, we're getting towards them on the evening of October six nineteen sixty five. They go to the Manchester Central Railway Station and and picks a guy at twelve seventeen year old Guy named Edward Evans, any
produces Myra as his sister. They drive back home, drinking a bottle of wine together and an sends Meyer to fetch her brother in law such her brother, a model when they get back to the House Myra too of her brother in law. That's it outside its really weird so, basically the brother in law who is Myra sisters. Husband is kind of a small time crook and the whole year in this kind of cultivating this friendship, unlike grooming, him too help him with his crimes. It said that Smith is David, Smith is in awe of an and basically they kill the sky in Evans and try to get David Psmith to go along with that, although he doesn't, he says, he'll come back the next day to help buried the body it's so sorry he doesn't want to be four. Therefore, the murder he's all good with the burial
Well, here's the thing, so he says he was in the kitchen and didn't know what happened. But what comes out of this either way is that when David Smith gets onto my wrist sister. He tells her what happens and they're both like let's go call the fucking cop, so good What can you imagine calling coupling your sister like that, but also she always like this beast sister, I'm sure right yeah it has yet. She must have been a sociopath Timmy just come the cereal killing children and she probably she probably suspect something is happening between them there, weird and secretive there every be Nazis nazi. His allotted nazi behaviour is never a good, never gets never, so they can police from a nearby found box
I'm not gonna change, someone's gonna, keep saying that, but they bring a screwdriver and a knife just in case Brady shows up alpha imaginative mailbox above ox hearing that scared that, like the vote, you bans just gonna, be like hey. Yes, Yes, I mean once you realize that that's what's happening thoroughly so, but they dont, even though that he's like they thought. Maybe he just killed this dude that they were trying to fuck like then I'm another he's a child killer, yeah Jesus Christ them I'm so the morning of the next morning, superintendent Bob Talbot of the Cheshire police arrive at the back. Door he's wearing a borrowed. Bakers, overalls to cover his uniform social opened, the door nice and he says, he's police officer comes in and that in is hang in the living room, he says investigating an act of violence involving guns and, let's see, looks around the house. There's room, that's locked, he goes into the room,
and when they come back, they say that they discovered a trust of body and that has been arrested on suspicion of murder and he is claiming it was self defense. They had got in a fight. We sorry that trust body. Is the seventeen year old, yeah air he's saying we're gonna fight and got out of hand it. So we had to the body in a real right and we were gonna bury it. She says, I venture to say they found a roomful of gloves. Human lives that they had found distinct stuck to the ceiling oh Myers not arrested with an but she's questioned, and she refuses to make any statement says it was an accident. Have any evidence that she's involves, as she goes home and then in charge, with an accessory under no than October. Eleventh my restarted with an accessory to the murder of the seventeen year old in and have an added words, and then request. A search of all Manchester is left luggage offices for any suitcases that belong to Brady and October fifteenth. They
The suit case that belongs to him and inside were nine pornographic photos taken young girl naked and was scarf tight around her mouth and a thirty minute taper, ring of her screaming and pleading for how God and an Downy Leslie and down his mom listens to the fucking tape. Can you fucking? That's John Walsh. Action rights, that's fucked up with what did he do? He looked lotos of body is no. He listened to an audio tabled a little kid getting murder to find out if it was Adam I'm right here. And when I was in so he just it yeah, that's the worst thing of all time. Just nauseous thinking about that's horrible, so she says it's definitely her ten year old daughter, then the police searching their house and find an old school book that has on kill, rides, name and add the twelve year old who I'm missing there. So fine a large collect
the photos of in the house which seem to be taken on saddle worth more, so they fucking go. And start searching them war, and on October CS policemen an arm bone sticking out of the peat that the body that was the body of Leslie and down like an armaments even under the it's, your just it It's a big, wide, open field of grey. Gray, low grass and brambles. I think we re and then you're just trying to walk it and then noticed an arm in arm m o another site on the opposite. They found the badly decompose body of John Kill bride and then the searches called November because of the weather, so Brady's charged with murder of Evan Edwards seventeen year got John Kill, bride and Leslie, and Downy and Myra hit me with the murder of Evan Edwards. Unless they I'm downy, they plead not guilty to the charges that I may
fixed deliberating for two hours. The jury finds Brady guilty of all three murders in handling guilty of the murders of her the two people they Brady sentenced to three life sentences and homely was given two on February, so ninety seven Myra made a formal confession to the police. Admitting her involvement in all five martyrs low on July for Ninety seven I've the body is discovered only a hundred yards from the place where less and Downy had been found. Keith Bennets body has still never been found and his team. Continues to search the more on November, fifteen thousand Intuit aged sixty Myra died from Brung Braun, keel pneumonia caused by heart disease and he's still mother, King Alai, woe really an almost positive were sorry, that's
crazy that you know people of an asking us to do these guys for a while Now- and I would have if I hadn't lesson of this book just because you know yeah, but I did it is so good. I mean they're yeah there, there's like one of the earliest. Team creeps feeling back on it. So let you know you have this small town and children, and people are going missing and you just and put it together, because that didn't happen back then I would like. You wouldn't be like a twelve year old sky, under a runaway. Yes that just was unthinkable and I think that, switch between boys and girls. It's also like kind of way to throw off police. Yes, many ages was like drawing your boy. You know it. General girl, like it was kind of all over the map in terms of probably how they work totally and also just the fact that she,
that one girl was her little sisters friend I now is so fucking evil. It's crazy! It wisely like yeah that the trust ASP and then also the other way of Myra you. So into your boyfriend. That you'd You are now like his right hand. Man which she argues like no. He had brainwash me and I was under his command and other shit. He groomed me to be his, which is like may we are, but only to an extent I mean that could be true, but I don't think that that's an excuse for what you did it, you know, here's the thing whether its true or not. You still did a total, that's the problem at any point. You could have run away and call the police you because did she safe from brainwashing? Did she claim he was abuse ever any? That sounds like they were like were stoked Nazis internationally of being abusive and I
but if she hadn't died, she would have been left out of prison. At some point because she was so old here because year because it well that's like the m. Paul Bernardo and and Carla she got out of prison she's out of prison. Now I bet she would have got now yeah that she would have so creepy, Socrates, all crazy cool. So the more murder they are. What last podcast on left calls heavy hitters there, like famous big famous ones. Mine is the opposite of that minors. I went to Georgia hard stock style, as you call me, the desired stock, no dark start, but my mouth did a weird thing at the ends, but just as until it's my new thing are economic, I'm slurring, but I have been sober for quite suffer the power. At least I should specify overnight drink right,
there's when people are like yours sobriety means a lot to me and then I'm like what I'd stop drinking and ninety seven I'm definitely math. Let us keep remind everybody ok. So when we were in Portland, I did the thing. Just talking about where three shows we had three murders. I only learned that we had a third show, or at least was reminded. We had a third show like the night. The day of the first air, Stephen texted me, and he was like, I said so, and do this moment to do this because ok, what's your third one, I was, and I just throw back no, no, no on Saturday, no Friday, ok, yeah, oh my Maybe it was Thursday. It was late for me because I was like. Are you kidding? I have to do a whole another one year. Now, that's like We need you and I'm not saying you must say we need to get our should gather, were traveling because heiress within a fucking day when we're travelling, that I am not scrambling
yes. What is it about ass? We just. I can keep an eye both just work better when were under pressure. That's use, most writers are like that and are and are scared of failing and dread work, so much that you put it off to the last minute will, because at an age I I say this for myself. Typing is not writing so when you write you for things like this, it is reading and kind of processing and figure out a way to tell a story rate. The problem is that if you do but last minute you're then you're just read your reading, something you can pace as appears to telling a good story and there's no personality exactly and so but I'm here I'm like fun. I'm sorry! No! No! When I edit my sit down and start working on the story that I like I'm so happy and I'm so stoked- and it's like my favorite part of the weak, yes getting to that spot is so fucking hard for me, it's the bridge, it's the bridge to doing it
the hardest! That's when I start doing a lot of laundry, I start wiping down surfaces. They had already clean. I am I don't do anything, their frozen. Ok, so here's the thing in my pants of going third murderer. I start working on this fuckin guy, but he killed so many people across the nation. Then he didn't feel like a Portland killer to me, and I was very him, but luckily, who still there for me because the second we back we get back we have to record again in his eyes like lime and go back. He supports you, that's right, Earl Nelson. The gorilla Keller, have you ever heard. All right does guerrillas damn. Is it worth known, an implicit, but it's the dumbest name. What a barber was he like me? Oh so insulting well I've read so this is one of those ones. I should say:
murder PDF is one of my favorite websites. It is an aggregate site where they, just they bring you all articles and anything written about the killer. You ve looked up. It's not like Wikipedia words like here is this paragraph by paragraph of what happened. It's like here's, an article from two thousand six, here's one from nineteen sixty seven! Yes, it's them! but you also, then, in reading all the articles about the one person realise how that this guy it was like he was the gorilla killer. Because of his features, he is called the gorilla killer because you walked on his hands. He was called the gorilla killer because it took so much strength to Kelly's women and he rarely used a weapon. He killed them with his hands, whatever is there, kind of situation, but still all that being said, murder pdf works like Wikipedia. So if you use it or like it, I recommend you give him five bucks. Because
I want it to exist, always because it's such a great site to fur research. For this it makes my life so much easier, Earl, Nelson, the gorilla killer not like that when you think of crimes of earlier tunnel special care which I do all the time you think the Limburg, baby, kidnapping and murder. You think Al Capone, Anne Elliot Nurse and the mafia crimes and prohibition whoops, you think of Leopold in Lobe by Meanwhile, all those things are happening. The first known, American Cereal Sex killer was on a rampage and nobody knows about it. A few people do the they area newspapers, cause. He started in the San Francisco Bay Area called him. The dark, strangler because of his alleged better yeah. I know right cause he could slip in and out of these houses.
Without being seen, sometimes in broad daylight, later on. He was called the gorilla killer because he murdered women with his bare hands, but it turns out he was just play old psychotic, Earl, Leonard Nelson, so early, Nelson's, mother and father both died of syphilis before he reached the age of two Yeah! That's a rough start! That's just your kick off! That's just downhill yeah! That's like the bottom of the hill and then you keep on going Then then you're down in the sewer area come at the bottom of my merits. Don't have noses so he's then to San Francisco to be raised by his maternal grandmother. Who is a devout Pentecostal so, he's, got a fun and damaging childhood from a Bible, thumping old lady grandmother. He was so but he said he was already a quiet, morbid kid with violent temper but then end
his expelled from school at age, seven for being in cordial age, seven here and yards about scenario Earl earlier and courage of all Earl, but he then at each ten, is hit by a street car by writing his bicycle he has a head injury he's in a coma for six days is us and when he wakes up his, behavior becomes even more erratic. He begins suffering from frequent headaches memory loss and eventually migraine oh Jesus, sit now his moody and in his moody, angry periods are broken up by pure it's a mania in which he takes to walking on his hands or lifting. Heavy chairs with his teeth.
Can you imagine we sounds like an eleven year old of things I can share with them, but you can t a little Evan Year Old, where you like oral, please, but that's all sit down, your dinner, each pinafores. Now, if you dont need to do that with the charity more wholesome back, when everything was made solid, would the Vulcan chair he's pick it up with his teeth. Disease, like I gotta, get this out. Ok, so Its quoted as saying this is my favorite quota, Maria PETE murderer. Pda about him as a young man? Nelson was a day dreamer and a compulsive masturbate, or if the pick one of those of you kill people, I think they go together nicely whistling handsome pocket. What is the nightmare equivalent of a daydream? O Connor masturbated. We both at the answer. Also eighty percent
of sit most serial killers are chronic masturbating as children. That's one of those! That's one of those Harold Schecter look out for this red flag as a team? He was a regular, the bars and brothels Barbary Coast, which was like the Red like district of turn of the century San Francisco, when he was eighteen, he broke into it, happened that he thought was abandoned and he was arrested and spent, two years and San Quentin. For far, can you imagine a teenager and San Quentin that it wasn't that call now so he and listen the navy. He gets kicked out for behaving oddly radically he actually was. He was because it was world were one. He enlisted in and got kicked out of the military for time only share many.
Kept signing up under a different name in they would take em cause dislike duty. They needed people and her like a year to crazy to go to the frontline yeah. We're we're getting our asses kicked over like over there and you still can't come in just be a bullet so he this the last time he was an. He was in the Navy and he got kicked out because he refused. Do anything but lion is caught and ran about the the great beast of revelation. So he's just a crazy Bible thumper and he ends up oh ice, He refused to do anything but lioness caught and rant about the great beast of revelation, a k, a dreams debating debating. That's what it is, that's what it is. So they commit him to nap estate hospital, which was a very famous mental insane asylum in northern California. It was there that it was discovered
He had both gonorrhea answer. My fucking yeah do you. I mean this. Is it Brain has no chance at this point getting hit by fuckin car you piling up were born with yeah. These things in your brain, His brain was just never not inflamed. I dont feel path for this guy yet how I probably find out yeah, you won't feel about later, but you can definite feel bad for ten year old girl, because he did not have a good use. There's a reason is picking up there's this teeth, so he managed to escape three times from nap estate spittle before the staff just stopped trying to find, which is the opposite of the trees. Three strikes law so he he goes back after the third time he escapes he goes back lives with his aunt again in San Francisco. His aunt gets My job as a janitor at Saint marries Hospital Saint Mary Hostile. Is where my aunt Mary works false
Oh my god he's your brother, the end okay, so there Saint Areas hospital. He meets and marries fifty eight year old, spinster, Mary Martin. He twenty four Mary and her she very shy and reclusive and he and obviously an old maid here comes Earl. Fifty eight Euro zone mentions an well, I mean fifty eight as a forty seven year old, I'm gonna say yeah, maybe she's single as but maybe not all. May I don't know will also. This is back and Europe must get married when you were fourteen rate and have six kids by the time. You are twenty right, so she was way out of the window, possibility kind of standing round. Saint marries hospital staring out the window, pulling her sweater across waiting for a twenty four year olds like a path to save her and then he shows atomic bombs, various Earl, so turns out she's very shine reclusive. He makes her life
living. How he is insanely jealous. He refuses to bathe. He is terrible manners and an insatiable sex drive date. Thirty, like dating life like the two of them. I think they. Whatever the equivalent of the trials of no. They went to see that every fuckin weekend right right also Earl, has terrible migraine, attacks that sometimes leave him unable to walk and one I'm during one of those attacks, he falls from Oliver Ladder at work and hit his head lacking come on double head trauma. They dont cancel each other out. Now he's really nice we thought that would be if they say he not got knocked back into place. New and he just started working for habitat for the put to sea like the chill as brow at the beach after that famine story went and then she went on to kill people. Oh, I just really quickly have to say
total sidebar, but talking about children at the beach so really. Mad, of course, is on my dv are recording, and so I finally brought myself to watch the episode of well said he said: did you watch I've diamonds? I love the Sharm caught up. Ok he's into episodes. Yes, him Lena Dunham character. Getting together. I'm sorry, I have to say I'm really mad why I'm really Can I first of all why she is that she wanted to make this Lena Dunham wonder if I can make out with some heavy ass limited happen whose use just like an unknown stop power. I contact in any less attracted to him because I dont like scrawny guys, I'm he's scrawny, It made me love him ten times more than already did, because I was like what it was like as if was not a tv show and I was like: why would you pick her? Why didn't you
me. I wasn't athletes or that each party, I didn't see you stopping. I wasn't there to make it happen and if I were there, I would have never been anywhere near you not to talk to you and wouldn't know how to really like balls to be like that. Guy is going to want to fuck me, I'm going to talk to him. That's right! So I love I mean fuck. I love that about her. I do too with never learn a question about him. Lying fucker, like I know This is happening at making it up, as is the guy. That's gonna fuck me now, which actually does happen often yeah, but think I agree with all of that, but I was just like his two scrawny fuck. You, now, I'm mad at you and her right. I should have never gone into that area driver, but it hurt me deeply and I was surprised to those like what I don't get it and they knew what the plot was. He was just stupid, stoner so great. I know by love that anyway, ok, listen! here's what I'm telling you he buck in full of a ladder because
Grain double down head trauma of before he leaves the hostile after two days does won't stay there anymore, head wrapped in vantages, so we just running around on street, like a lunatic with a head were like Fuckin Frankenstein, yes, and he goes back home now is more paranoid and violent with his wife. She come a fuck yeah she's like this was already weird. I already doubted it, but I did it anyway now you're now I can't talk to my own brother without you freaking out like she, he would literally got jealous if she talked to her brother and she sixty he's so one of the art as I read said, that she had a nervous breakdown because of him, but there's just one either. But she divorces and within six months of them being married, and although
I wrote, although I like it, he was way into older ladys. It gives me hope. Sometimes I have fun right. All these things are so dynamic. Sweet young thing like resume at that's right, but not in his twenties, doesn't picture, but his teeth. Now I thought you were Tunisia, definitely stoner. Yes, someone, shell with eyes that take up two thirds. And whom, anyhow in eighteen, twenty one he turns from burglary to sex crimes. He attempts to molest twelve year old, Mary Nelson, after seeing her playing in her basement and then deciding to proposes the gas man He sees a little girl playing in a basement now, Commodore, says he's the from the gas company. Her older brother, whose like it is early twenties. I think, lets him in he go straight down to the basement and immediately attacks her. She fights him off screaming the brother hears
runs downstairs goes to fight him. He he likes forms pass. The brother runs outside the brother follows him runs after they fight in the street. My arm and then Earl punches kid in the head and gets away. Has injury new had enjoyed two hours later. Earl is picked up. Writing a trolley car he's just like around here. Neighbor hissing outscore sums, sightseeing yeah, he's slick where's that super crooked stew, I've heard so much about that night in jail. He plugs out all of his eyebrows his fingernails- yes, so is already a creep, now he has no idea, he's recommitted back to nap estate hospital and stays there for four years so then he's released, and then I wrote, what do you think? and now he gets a job as an accountant lives, a productive life and molestation free light, be he dreams to
says way into an early Craig. You foresee the killings began I go see yet the killings began in nineteen six, so on February, twentieth Sixty year Clara Newman answers, the front door to a man, inquired about her rooms to let sign in her front window them and tells her his name is Virgil. Wilson he's carrying a the Bible, and he is very polite. Cleverly sum up to the roof. She's renting and there He turns from candy kindly Bible Lover to pure and oh and strangled her to death. He rapes her dead. By The leaves her dress bunched up around her waist and leaves on his way outcome: his nephew sees the man in the front hall he asked. What the man is doing there and the man says tell your I want to read the room I'll be back in an hour, so the nephew goes back to his books and they d discover the body until in the attic room until that night, my arm, two weeks later, he kills
Laura Beale in San Jose. In the exact same way, she has a landlady, that's renting out a room. He comes holding a bite, all who so easy, yes and being like I'm interested in your room, it this time the differences he uses a belt to strangle her to death and she's found in the rental room naked from the waist down south than three months pass and then Earls Cross Country killing spree starts. So he basically does the exact same thing. Over and over, like he'll kill it men, whose led whose letting a room and then he like either stays in the city and does it again or he jumps on a train and does it in a different city. So he does it everywhere. So on June, tenth, he Lillian, Saint Mary, who is sixty three years old in San Francisco on June, twenty. Fourth, He kills Anna Russell, whose fifty eight in Santa Barbara then he goes back up to Oakland any
Hill's Mary Nesbitt on August 16th on October 19th, one thousand nine hundred and twenty six. This is all one thousand nine hundred and twenty six. He kills Beatrice Withers in Portland she's. Only thirty five and her body was stuffed into a trunk. Then the next day he kills Virginia Grant who's. Fifty nine and Portland her body is stuck behind the furnace in her basement on October 21st, that's day after that, in Portland kills Mabel Fluke and- hidden in the attic and the cross base in the attic what you say Jesus, oh, oh sorry, other you're, asking a question on November fifteenth he kills admires, whose forty eight years old in Oregon city November, eighteenth, well, I mean Edmunds fifty six back down and San Francisco, then back up in Seattle on November twenty fourth, he kills floors, monks and then the next day,
oh sorry, a month later he kills Elizabeth Beard in council bluffs. Oh he's clearly have to train then he's in Kansas City, later in December, but somewhere between December twenty third and twenty eight, he kills Bonnie Pace in Kansas City just fucking, crazy out on twenty one December, twenty Eightth. He in Kansas City, he kills twenty eight year old, Germania harping and her eight month old baby. Her he's on a serious fuckin spree, then he goes quiet for months and then on April, twenty seventh of nineteen twenty seven in Philadelphia, which is where he was from originally where his parents, the civil attic, super couple Are there the whole healthier? He goes back there and tells me. Mcconnell she sixty years old. Then he gets
somehow to Buffalo and on May Thirtieth he kills Jenny Round off was thirty five, then in goods goes to Detroit and on June first nineteen twenty Heaven he kills many may and a larger in that same house. Mrs Antwerp. They don't know how old she is, but she sounds old to me. And two days later in Chicago he kills Mary C Est. Cs: Sima, sorry, whose twenty years old, so by this time he knows the cops are after having are keys. I mean he's just like a killing spray, and they now it's one, do doing all the yes and the people, because these are a lot of our boarding house is raised other eye witnesses in the border, as not just the lady who shows in the room sure so he crosses the border up into, the pig to get away from the cops and,
He rents of room there on June eighth wet my birthday even though I am sure would sue. I carry all birds, but how can you not? He actually was born. I complete we really because Earl was born on May twelve and I was born on the eleventh throws like day after them. Yeah it's him, He crosses the border into when a peg rents room and on June eighth he's angles. Fourteen year old, Lola Cowan who is selling paper flowers. Door to Door Jaime to help her poor, very impoverished family. He stuffs her body under the bed leaves that boarding house and the next day. He's wandering around the same neighborhood and when a peg- and he sees Emily Patterson, whose thirty five cleaning her house and he somehow gets himself inside her house. He strangled
Rick. He strangled her to death, rapes and mutilates her dead body and stuffs her under the bed and leaves, without being seen so she's reported missing by her husband and that night. When her husband goes to go to sleep, he knew else down next to the bed, pray for strength and to pray to find his and when he goes to stand up, his leg catches, the bedspread and looks down and sees his wife's wool sweater sticking out from underneath the bed, so he reaches underneath it and touches the dead body of his dead mutiny it wife. Ah, my god I didn't say dead so many times that would have been a really well told kind of build up. While that's this package is not who we really are dead dead dead, so by time. Mr Patterson calls the police and says that he has found his wife, the body,
hello, account has also been found and the same morning of MRS Patterson murder, Earl left, the house went down sold his clothes. At a second hand, store took the money that he got for those clothes and goes down barber to get a shave, and when he sat in the chair, the barber had noticed that Earl had blood in his hair. So when the story of these murders comes out, the barber goes to the police and tells the story gives the description, as does all of the people that live in the boarding house where low accounts body was found, cause there's all kinds of people that saw that guy who stayed in that room. So at this point between the barbarous description. The island eyewitness accounts from the other boarding house. Earl Nelson likeness is distributed across every province and border town in Canada and there's a fifteen hundred dollar reward posted for his capture?
an Earl is arrested hopping onto a train. So here's the thing he is a master escape artist. So once again he escapes from yes he's he pick. He can pick any luck they had taken his shoes, socks and belt when they put him into the jail cell. So he's escapes with none of those things and that night he finds a barn he hides in the barn and in this barn he finds an old man. Sweater and a pair of ice gates, so he pulls the blades of the ice gates, makes the ice gates and issue a Smith that fucking will love it. So does he is ready Then he goes when the next morning. He leaves the barn and discuss fuckin walk out and he ends a cigarette from a guy and chatting. Them for a while cause. He doesn't think you can get caught, as has now been murdering women for a fuckin year straight and he's standing around smoke.
And chatting in ice gate, shoes and the guys life. What up crazy and calls the car told her tat? He knew just What, if someone you knew just shut up and ice gauges to fired. Also world was like he the blades out so was you walking on was still there like that one remedy the bottom and they were not there's no way there were his size yet like what are the chances of finding like assize ten but can ice, his thick ice gate. She noticed a man, I just wanna picture frames comp and over he's just he's he's late countries are currently under gravel road and ice gate. She's, perfect Earl, you fucking Idiot array become an accountant. You'd die dumb ass. So so that this smoking I of course alerts the authorities Earls recaptured, he's taken back into custody, he's tried, he's
after a less than an hour of deliberation, convicted of Emily Patterson and low Look hellenes murders any sentence. To hang and when a peg on January, thirteenth, nineteen, twenty eight one report said he struggled for alike ten minutes before he died with that hanging. But then another said he died instantaneously and then made a very specific note of saying how how why people would die take too long to die of the rope was too short I even when they would do that a lot from they wanted to suffer because what you want to happen when you hang someone is further nectar break yeah. But if you it's too sure right and they follow their nepotism, break they just slowly fucking choked outta yeah sounds horrify. Yeah either way earth it's too long. It's
like the snap, doesn't happen right where I know either when I ain't always something happens, and this happens and of another their dogs. There is a choice you can make as the rope length decided here, you're not really use nets that your first day yeah and this guy by the time they catch him and know who he is and what his history is the dark strangler guerrilla killer? Is there like, I don't maybe make that seven feet long? You know they did that in Nuremberg when they killed a bunch of the Ex Nazis they made. There even lot. The long robes gave some of them. They purposely gave some fifteen minutes of choking the death yeah I mean I watch Nuremberg these and not on your yearned Vincent's first day and the first thing I knew it. I knew it's a logo early sister
dead of more murders. That didn't said the girl, a killer, dark strangler Emma because of those to kick cooling off He had so after his first two murders. There are three months before it that spree started and they think that he killed other women just not either not all or not. Landlines outline strangled dying to know what he looks like quit: personality was like his heave stoop. He must have been stupid because he has had a couple times. I mean I do they just said. He was Gary. His family members were scared of him and then that aunt, that he would go back and of which they were like they said he was like a big kid and he was a big violent kid. So he kind of couldn't be reasoned with so they just did whatever he wanted and hoped he would leave was what the aunt said. So they family history totally scared him so apparently just super violent and weird. As far end there is our
a really good story of the ants that time when he got of jail escaped from member state mental hospital. He showed at her window, one night was raining now and she said he turned she turned around and saw she said his eyes were black, it really weird hat on any was just staring through the window in the rain in it scared the living shit out of her. So she let him in, but she basically convinced him. You better leave cause they're gonna come here and look for you and she just got him to leave as soon as possible. Can you imagine like it scared her and then, even when she realized she knew it was. She was still scared out of your fucking mind, like cats, just you he added I like oh fuck, it yeah, yeah yeah. So he's could possibly, I think they said between twenty and twenty six confirmed victims, but
I think there could be many more because he was also all across the nation and up into Canada and Harold Sector, whose roots written some great, true crime, books numb. There's a book. He wrote called diesel that he, where he talks about Earl Earl Leonard Nelson, the gorilla killer? Amazing I've never fucking heard of that me either in that's huge, yet the viewers actual serial killer yeah I mean Erica right. Ok is just cause, I thought the same thing where there was that Guy Peter Curtain in Germany there is a couple other ones, but this guy was like the first when they think they know of Latin America. That's a lot of fuckin people. Yeah did not old Ladys just trying to rent a room. Well. Thank you.
Thank you. She received a thing. We like yell anything. I have it didn't you say We're watching a show! You really like you haven't. I can't remember what was it fiction? turn on. Fitbit is non fiction. It was like different kind of deaths, it's really cool, but I can't remember I'll find out for next week. Okay, what about you? You said you said something I'll think of some poke. I'll, say this one we're in Portland. I got to hang out with my friend Stacy, who you and who is the greatest. She runs a place called curious, comedy theatre in Portland. If you live there, they have, improve shows there they have stand up shows there are lots of cool stand. Ups perform their think wrong when she's gonna be there next simple. She books really are. People and we just had a really great time hanging out and it made my visit in Portland, it's nice to have
friends and that an Stacy and my friend Jason Lopez, who I have known since I was twenty we used to work at the gap rather easier zone in the Castro together he's one of my oldest friends and he was there both nightly. Actually, I love that like Ok! Well, I guess my is similar in that like this is the first time Vince came with me on a and tour, and it was just like I just meant something: You mean to have him there and have a support, and just like hang out with him in black man, I'm so I haven't blown away by him and I don't want him to come with us all the time and eight he has taken. It was so great a mouth. I just love having him around
idea tat. My husband is probably the shirt, but that you have a really awesome experience having a marriage, you know how much fucking travelling anxiety I have and how much I hate, leaving the house and ask where they get em. How worried I get an having him they're just kind of alleviated. Oliver accept missing the cats, but it'll alleviated all of that and it made at such a fun time. For me, instant, instead of like an anxious, every time you are free to kind of just have your fun and do do it yet? Instead of, I think I mean it's not like you seemed in. Different than any other tear, but but it is nice to know that, then you dont have all those worries, shoulders. He asked to have fun yeah, it's nice, I mean some codependent, but so why does it works? For me, most people are also that's not codependent. You just have a great husband now grateful for my therapist says not co, dependencies interdependency and if it works for you, it's mine, I live.
Kinda dependent. As you know, I want to slice of interdependence. Interdependence is good, yeah, it's it's lovely and he's I mean he's the best he really yeah he's. I feel similar to him that you do We note that I am now going to get along so well. It's called a going at a remedy, get ready! I'm here, you guys cracking up a yes, they dig it will also. He just knows his shit to he's has so much experience in performing his experience in March sales. Yes, yes, and everything else is smart Vince April he's the he's gotta podcast called we watch wrestling you get into the few about rustling or want yeah yay happy, that's a good one! Other people, the bigger, have young unlikely and- and thank you too, Anyone who came to those points as we had such a great time we get so many good presents thing
before coming to say hi after couldn't say that someone made catnip toys of fact, a bunch of serial killers, yes and their incredibly on put them on our ceramic. I'm not getting number the cats hazardous, so fucking cool, yet as a keeper can't get via their incredible. I think that It's not the same person, but I also got a couple of dog toys that were they were slip. Little me he slippers a knee on green many Sabrina hopping and Georgian Frank have already destroyed both they were very excited together. My lover, I am, I used the greatest yes, I do somebody you so much for listening and everything and you're the best answer. X and don't get murdered by
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