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This week, Karen and Georgia discuss the murders of master forger Mark Hofmann and the case of the Central Park 5.

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this is exactly right sarah before the die right let's start hours furthermore anymore so happy if the two it's not that it's the six welcome to my favorite murderer i welcome
thanks for coming that's karin scheele gara what do we always started its super uncomfortable we ve gone over this a million times were staring at each other or even any sort of us wait i stared at each other to see who's gonna go first and then the faintest voices that we have to offer come out of our heads and then wastes asked to start over but we don't and we never plan anything i mean what going and a plan plan i mean we have an ending what more anyone who cares anyway the of all the things have you seen that picture the newest pictures and come back from the hovel telescope that show the galaxies the purple they did it basically it's like black background they purple were the galaxies and picture and orange was the gas the different things of gas make stars and like theirs
countless number of galaxies in this vote to give him an anxiety attack i'm just sing who cares what we ve always this podcast dealer stardust data are made as star i we real i can't even start to think about it and we that is it be the vastness of space gives your anxiety the vastness of space the reality of life what is it but what are we are or aliens clearly i mean everyone is i'm not i am actually irish which is worse than harder there is either that cast we love mysteries abound yet i go to sleep too that linking the last episode is lake are our human actually aliens and it's like us i got so into that episode that one i landed when i went to petaluma for
on thursday when i landed morn adrian came and picked me up i got into the car and was like so the thing is that there is a really good chance we're all alien that's events to him as i explained at very poorly consumers like i don't know a man i'm then turned to him and one night when this was an army and said do you think cats are alien now i am now that we're in one in the relationship he is that like what's it called he's the voice of reason ass their own making a witch there's a reason we can never think of the word trophy and i would like to say that i would like to take responsibility for it is i think every time it's happened it's been in my story where we are like it a serial killer takes trophies yeah they take a thing may keep it so they can look at it and remember the bad thing they did that's called a trophy its limit word memento which is what we use veterans aim word yeah but i guess
the most often use term and the ones that people's tweet to us in all caps was seventeen exclamation point trophy maybe here in the podcasting laughed which we finally moved into and everyone are you gonna ever tweet picture put picture on instruments i just like didn't feel like it was done yet but i should just pesticides so good you guys all of the awesome are centres and dolls you ve made us an pictures and everything georgia arranged in her loft obsessively ended it looks so courts superfine already on them social media but there's things i want to frame still and things i need to put up here and there but are posted for now and there's also a drawing over let's
took it in talk straight yes writing and i thought it was so funny when i hung it crooked yes at why sought immediately and it made me laugh it's driving me crazy like aid as a second as he d furnace and it's got a point there's a reason is outweigh reason i dont need to download the app them is a measure of leveller owed they have that that can have that to do you can have an app for any pay now man the great goes down we're gonna we're screwed ready on believe nothing will be straightened the no frames will be straight and that you won't know even if there are like lan lines if they get a hard line of zimbabwe could you do you know you even your own phone number anymore do you know my name islands and ice fifthly were memorized each other's sentiment given out right now ok please call us day or night do you know what i'd like i'm super prepare drain of her pair for earthquakes you know and so i got lake extra this is boring
some worrying nobody has where it is i take a huge sedate help thinking here in a cover for at least thirty seconds now preparing for earthquakes is necessary and a reality in california would you do by some flashlights commands judge it up a little have a flashlight may have of external batteries in my car and in my hand crank kind mountain another pillar phone like like that the charge on no oh right listen everyone be prepared get that's it's very importantly i haven't liquor and ivan
quick kitt in my front clause i haven't do but i'll think of is what if that's the part of the house it goes down dude i have women alive and unlike the clearly the loud is gonna call what is it doing i stick flashlights under everything in my whole how smart and i've actually when i bought my house i had to sign a piece of paper declaring that i understood that my house is on land that if there is a strong of earthquake it turned to liquid and sinks into the earth what i will look at my own sing coal which is as many people know one of my great passions of life is simple i have a question what kind of look at our liquid are we talking about because it's something fun like kool aid than yes i have the crews of coin spring under the file no it's because i'm near the quorum quote ellie river bearing the one that's feet from my door yes that goes right a kind of near my house i go north and then
it creates the water table is right again close to under my house so basically the ground shakes the eager the kind of self term whatever ground is under my house we'll just mix with the water become like sand quicksand bay and give i end goodbye and can make it so things to skippers scooters this is what you need to know the miles differs in places where there isn't and won't be earthquake us ever pay you never know though didn't there's a geologists lessons then earthquake doktor yes definitely believe going emails are completely incorrect about all of this information paperwork licit speaking of them not o expert such rape
i wrote a letter an email from a girl who said i did the mainline murders in fucking insane mainline murders last week yes and the girl who was his day those involved in the case in out ass well ok excited when you covered the mainline murders and last episode as my dad was very closely involved in the case he prosecuted karen reynard lever william bradford patches patches the profound for stealing from her estate so the one thing he got in the beginning he described it brown field as a master manipulator and a truly evil man despite being prosecuted for over thirty years and putting hundreds of murderous behind bars including billionaire murderer john du pont who we wait is that the cross fox catch or nine hell yes my dad says no cases ever affected him quite like this one he's afraid four daughters and he still tears up when he talks about the kids
the innocent children in the discovery of karen's art museum pan on the floor the car when by the way i accidently caught her carol at the very end of it and let's just you were off the page though you are just trying to talk of yes that's always a mistake it's the mistake that were were dedicated to make on asthma yes never apologize for like i just about patches and principal smith were co conspirators he thinks and now patches had agreed i'm real i'm just calling them this agree to split karen's life insurance money with principle in exchange for killing karen and her children to this day he still heartbroken over the police mishandling that evidence that lead d j smith conviction being thrown out thank you so much etc etc dominate day of k thanks against sex arrogant murder brianna p s and stevens had he actually can i read the ceiling on our universe siemens let my
i own embarrass here says i say and that will decide after we gotta at seven p m to seven single nope is stephen stinky steve in single always sorry stephen i want to take this one what can we say then you can this out obviously are in charge of this whole show everything lorries that so many so many listeners like this year inquiry mine he's a cat guy which lots of girls leg but dont mistake that for innocence org kind of don't make his kindness for gentleness ruined as the saying goes my weakness for kindness
like that i saw that one time on tumblr idea right stephen this is going to be a may dating profile or whether this casts the whole thing can fit on where are you are you gonna jerry let everyone now i haven't decided yet ok i think you should take it over to what's it called any fish the current dating sites too many for issues there is plenty of china tomb anything i don't like this i feel access to medicines through yes even religion that's really important to you i mean i m a sickness bring that act over to too many fish and then major change a pay is speaking of travelling can i just say one thing adequately is at the end of an email did she start calling the woman karen because karen was the daughter yeah
now i know only because those shit in my name and i know she's at the discovery of karen's art museum pan at the floor the car so the kids the kid a right on the owner and then later on the anger it she may have no you're right she did back in not just me ray macsharry so them i now i feel awful the mothers now this isn't right ok anyways well just so just so they know we didn't do shall we start but i was just run through i meant to say this the clerk the cleveland murdering knows how to meet up they centre
picture may centres video there's a bunch of them there a good looking group they were all in a bar enthusiastic and a lot of people are tweeting just saying what a great group it was how happy it made them to be a part of it other people writing saying hey i didn't know i wish i was there and they they ended up collecting five hundred dollars for the backlog me which is so cool so thank you guys so much and congratulations and way to go because that really makes a difference that's lovely that's nice decoying sorry doin clarifies sorry radagunda shit i actually no idea what it's like there would apparently it's lovely i i think i was lying act
great place and there is an island meet up to where they went inside despicable me together about like well let's get on to have to make a bunch of cocktails would like if i may now you just go out your movie that's so good i there is somebody sent i can't tell if he it was the personal sent it was wearing the sweater cause he kind of look like a model orphans just showing the picture of a sweater but you can get us whether that is dumb loin d you h at length basically smell spelled fanatically turmoil and made me laugh really hard well so i guess we're going to do now we're not we're on each other's radar my yeah we're gonna be there speaking in travelling stephen is coming with us to australia the train everyone i think we can announce that yet so don't look so oh ok there's a friend
a friend of events this girl named sarah and she's a leather worker and she sent us some handmade when are they can passport colors hovers in leather smell that it's like a nearly as as de giovanni land and heard her martine is the name of the company it's a minority i and ii low there with the rabbit head eggless as the symbol it's like i see that request thing not teen i've ever had at amsterdam gorgeous and cool i know thanks sarah sorrows collar you so much burglary matching anti our and it just walk through security just like the elderly o upgrade them i'm gonna hold my like like there's fbi agency gagging every living thing open
flip your thing open with one hand you have i know i'm taking over this thing oh can i say one more thing about marina yo on instagram there having i guess a thing called lettering challenge which i didn't know is a thing i tell these people are like written to calligraphy unlike ray and like lettering raises a thing and so there having my favorite murder lettering challenge i guess there's like hall it's a whole community they have challenges for like the month and so there is how shag letter m f em and i think i found my a girl who is gonna design my tattoo my life ever motor cathode ray so do you get one with me or should i surprise you that so fucking weird i i had a dream the other night that every one of my family was good lieutenant together and i were in the dream i was like really
mary he get him your midst seventy six like i did just look around at my camp we would like and you know we're getting a tattoo of some toes i don't know look it up but yes i'll get a tattoo with user owned together yes ok can i wanna get mine all across my one haunch my whole at the bank i'm in and get my leg with cisco underlined on our pets side nobody ribs i love it and i'm gonna get us sd gm and this chicken is clear if he really well who shot up when i get the tattoo i'm gonna have i'm having a design something mayo gale my neck syria now my i use
ok that used to call necktie two's job stoppers hand tat is i don't think that's journey more bs how many chefs do you see tat you are like podcast hers i mean people who are tat it up or like young folks i run my lad entire company i have a face tat to do get an anna make more money than you and your dad come i am boss too bad your dad midst you know my does driving left now and he said oh i keep one while these young girls are get my car marina like you is gonna kill them yes and be careful with how he brings out the ass if you see marty picking up on left marty marty think that's all it's off real any say languages even has as i was saying there's another warner there's a little fun thing for for us based on last week's story on your cue sorry karen if i know its july right now but i think it's never too early ok all right what is it
andy williams christmas special wholly claudine lartius first and this was the one that like was was it there this is the highest ranking television show before he had knocked out by some superbowl young my eyes is the classics this is when the savanna weekend and watching this that is making do we say that for christmas just now ok july chris a special event thank you
what do we find someone sent it to us or did i get i gotta see of filling a gift given your now invited to watch it with other now are you just qualified i'm the only one i didn't bring presents for everyone and is shared by these oh you didn't know she got q that you sent them do us on our own accord oh i thought you'd like oh no no no friend of events is does this thing so she sent us is so nice oh god i'm glad i clarified i want to take responsibility for her yeah ok i'm gonna know i wouldn't by us and we have everything we meet our way out of sync whole house they have cat broadcasts what more do we re at i am that's all women we are blast truly bilaterally truly to relocate me this week right here yes i know now you know students can pay attention zero this trial i definitely verse thea yes he's now we're all back we're all leg
were all on again what's a bummer though and i think that we have as often as that mine is a real dahmer the and i know i hate closing with real bummer yeah i am something part that's why we have yeah that's where we turn it hard hard left in deposit of land people like when murder broadcasts are a real dumber they don't know they do yeah that's the whole point
this package to sponsor by killer inside the mind of erin her nanda gifted young athlete from bristol connecticut errand hernandez played for a top to your college football programme before going on to become one of the youngest athletes ever drafted and the ethical but in twenty thirteen fresh often newly act five year forty million dollar contract with the new england patriots twenty three year old hernandez would become a household name for the most infamous murder case involving an american athlete since oj simpson hernandez trial for the brutal killing of his friend yielded a pandora's box of secrets from a tumultuous and often abuse of bringing to a growing fascination with gang life and other discoveries that painted a maelstrom of motivations behind its violent behaviour featuring exclusive courtroom footage hernandez his phone calls from prison and interviews with those who knew him the series examines the complicated factors behind the murderous fall and shocking death of former and fell superstar aaron hernandez such the new netflix limited serial killer inside the might of erin hernandez on january fifteenth goodbye
ok mine is it's hard sometimes as we ve turned about two for me to get my home are done it's there and especially when i work on something for a while and then if i have a friend who goes have ever heard of this one i will switch immediately and go do my friend i switch i switch in your halfway and its fingers reading about it no i switch all the time tat anna and so many of these stories because you know you guys are just as into true crime if not more than either of us so often times you feel like i'm only telling a third of this story i know there's so much should have read an entire book about this whatever as other people do so sometimes i'll bail just because i know a story has much more to it and i should invest more turn i gotta give it just do it s right exact someone else hardy ass but this one was so juicy and i loved it so much
my friend bridger is the one who told me about it paints a hilarious he's he's very famous on twitter and he's a great writer and he grew up in utah so he was like have you ever heard of this one and i had never heard a about it turns out there's a forensic files theirs lots of stuff there's an amazing book but any i ll just give you i'll give you what i know so well salt and pepper and salt lake city which is our cause called anything i'm not gonna call them because i usually do that then i end up giving any ass i told you so in salt lake city the morning of october fifteenth nineteen eighty five a man named steve kristensen who is a business man a husband and father of four and ship of the mormon church he arrives at his office on the sixth floor of the judge building in downtown salt lake city one time i did a story that horrible why
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