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2016-03-26 | 🔗
The theme for this episode is "hiding in plain sight." Karen covers an Exorcist serial killer and Georgia talks about children who murder. Plus stories and favorites from listeners!

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this is exactly right karen yes georgia rhythm section is a female led female made action thriller starring blake lively and a fearless role as stephanie patrick than ordinary woman who must navigated dangerous new world when she assumed the identity of a spider s film is a greedy and suspense full story a female empowerment as stephanie survival hinges on her intense determination and ability to fight through her weakness issue directly by red murano and also starring jude law and sterling k brown the rhythm section isn't theorist january thirty first goodbye
murder werner though you should look up synonyms for murder ok for this part cast up further nick the titles let us not just in general so don't say that word as much bulgaria is being taken assassinations destinations what are we gonna name this episode do think this number nine yeah nine nine lives for anyone to discuss spitballs doesn't get better after that i love him everybody to my favorite murder
that's true to her stark that's carrie error said it like i wasn't sure i know that's search sure georgia george george arrayed order her ensures the horses when someone miss bells your name in a professional setting when they should absolutely by your name correctly yet right karen kilgour with a complicated last named yes that's happen many times also went out the also the worst is when people say your last name and the who for years and you realize that they always thought it was caress kill giraffe or killed whereas we like mount i wish you knew me more they now hard stock but the heard and stark or two very simple words and yet somehow next to each other people freak the fuck out people freak out although i do do that thing where when i see somebody in that i know for sure like a fire ran into dust re are i would in my mind i go
asked in and when i say it what if i'm wrong yes to the two except when i see someone they for sure no like dustin scream of their name in front of them because i'm so excited that i know that you know what i mean you want the correct it yeah because normally i'm like i don't know i know who you but i dont think i do and i'm the kind of her if i'm mess it up in the persons like don't worry about it i won't stop talking three or worrying about it re long ago we'll call me alley sometimes and i'm like it's ok it's it's ok it's but its not working please get one letter right tomorrow's better totally is alas i love it then or killing your name to owe me too i find it intimidates people both how can i like her core bad ass last name if you have a like you it is reminiscent of charles stark whether the retailers sure that we're not talking about on the supposition tat we
we know now take that up atop before we start our favorite murders before we start this bullshit beer someone know something the party yes are you i texted you the other ex ante or driving as you know is a new yorkers flying nice and i was like you gotta listen to this yet and i did all of em all in all there are only three right there's any one is there really yeah i'll listen to go to my driving so this is i didn't realize it was her to listen to but it's like it's the entire season of this podcast is about one topic yeah should i read the description because it's good on june 12th one thousand nine hundred and seventy two five year old adrien mcnaughton wandered away from his family at a lake in eastern ontario and disappear without a trace in season one of someone knows something host david ridge ii who grew up in the air goes back and search for answers and i had heard of this case and i never cared for those not even by bears clearly but i know it the more he goes into it like that's what i like it
is you make up a thank you hear facts from him and then you go outside i urge this year and then he laying down hard facts that he goes and looks at himself yeah so there's recordings of him walking in the woods testing the echo talking to people who have never anybody about right who were there was one guy who was there that when he wandered away and inclusive never spoken to him about aeroscope it's pretty it's a pretty great show i hope it stays that way so good an end i find sometimes i get a little bit impatient and this is axis of me but when the boys get a little wistful and poetic about their own thoughts feelings about thing armed dislike her but the opposite of success and i love it because it's always succeeds women fuck him getting being poetic about shet too but i mean like i just have that thing where
and i just want anyone be precious really but then i find it slightly more sickening if it's a man here because if i bought into our cultural stereotypes and norms right but when this guy does it i buy i feel like he's being since there i don't think it sells self now conscious herself serve he seems so sincere that its grand and its clear that he is written out everything he's saying it's more of a story he's telling and the writing is good and he tells a story and not a boring way like some of the other true crime podcast to the music is a little dramatic at times and the sound tracks the sounds a little dramatic but he's canadian sincerity motivated they don't fear that here in amerika has almost not allow right and i like it i like to indulge in gas canadian man everyone's loves pack has its our new the simpsons or we talk about at the beginning of every episode which of course means the people of our citizens need not just simpsons object is
just as it takes as it also the last episode i have to say the one about the jury was not so i loved you did you didn't like it i mean i loved knowing i didn't know any of the meter fucking palmer to be stuck in a hotel and you can't speak to anyone or from my mother and then they didn't treat them well now i know is it well it was it was good and that it was kind of but it was riveting in an almost like it the novella way particularly dramatic i'm it took us off the track that we were already on without the episodes it felt like we are moving forward in this one didn't really kill it does nothing for now but it the other thing i like it felt very differently but i also loved marcia clark in your new error should have really looks great in that hair and also she was so bad ass he s one there was no kin do any it like rim
the tears on the river on our eyes are putting her head in her hand she told she told what does not cochrane to go to the playground i think that that day care go to day care because this is the smokers let the animals like ok but that really happened which it probably didn't i'm so happy about it couldn't i mean by that point she so pissed so many things i do any evidence got completely now i mean i feel it today that wouldn't happen no one knew what it was yeah what i'm loving more than anything is david swimmers character like realizing his friend is a fact murder and him apologizing to his wife yet that that his demand margare his defending a man who murdered her best friend yeah what a farmer would a terrible i mean i wonder if he quit the trial
would he not died of cancer will you not at a cancer and what if oj gotten off probably not oh oh you mean during it sorry yes yes you yeah yeah yeah i mean you know that revenge bad knew exactly so maybe that should have been ass his like non statement statement that he is like i can support this anymore yanks upper that then basically choosing how a person's life is gonna go yeah but but defending him you're doing the same thing you're trying to at least charge it so heavy and there is a lot of decisions in life that one has to make and it's not until they make a dramatic reenactment tv show twenty years later about it that we realise the decisions you should have made yet mean please live your life like we're going to be reenact re thirty years and do you want someone of as high court sarah pulsing too
portray you outward and you you need a lot of your life likes like sarah pulse and could be yes your u a quiet nobility rate a single tier or do you want i'm fucking travolta being the most planned buoyant incredible character telecom since behind the candle our rather and maybe even better though but i dont mind it like you know i love it isn't bring me out of it i never think of john travolta i believe i added he i i don't know if i wish of yours like that after soon his somewhat like that and personal relations and i love it i'd like to sing that's a tune of prey for the very song nathan lane is we been nathan lee was ever baiser nathan nathan lame who knew you'd be unless i am so excited yeah he's he's on almost unrecognizable be not only because of his wig but because here i just believe it's that guy editor and annesley bailey such a noble character that it had to be by someone excellent yeah
elaine is a beloved actor perfect for there all right oh guys leader not watching it we ve ruined it if you're not watching it you ruined yoursel eve for yourself there's nothing more we can ruin in your little how's it going everything else or i have two things not murder him yet i'm fucking the facebook group is near and dear to my heart at this point you the face book group is making we regret leaving facebook if you want to sign up a fake occur fake name i will not out you but it is such a it as such pleasing place to go when i have insomnia and just talked like everyone is so fuckin cool i come in tonight and i post things and i breed everyone's post it just like really fun and the discussions we get into and the common people make everyone's nice there hasn't been anything racist or mean yet ok one person now which is
shocking for facebook i thought we were really big in the races community where we are they just keep it quiet there oh they behave propria i must faced with this is our ninth episode and there's already fifteen hundred people in the facebook grew yeah you guys think it turns out everyone needed a place to talk about murder and will it is fascinating truly as we actually somebody at work today started talking about teach homes air literally in my head i had to say like a teacher don't say anything karen let tell her so don't be a no no i i like headed yeah my lips together because although one just jump don't you want to be like a murder is mine you like i'm the one in art you don't wanna talk about murder i talk about murder i think though that's that's kind lesson just in general because i think i've done that about more than murder my entire life i meant no adopting not to be like that it's like if someone brings it up themselves let them
the story let them have it murder doesn't belong to you or whatever it is does ample i'm this i'm not telling you i'm telling myself i totally agree that wasn't me no that was similarly in any conversation oh not oh yeah what did you know that a little hard and then when you like oh well and you'd like bring up something that that compares to it you just don't like an asshole unless europe yours sincerely wanting to up another murder you instead of saying like while this is how much i know about it which i do all the time yes we get this point ask it also go in to the areas of etiquette general attitude well i do it in this pica sue of not wanting to speak i really like adjusted but it's for its fine with me i don't even i ok world not wanting to speak up for you also not wanting again i know that material i've talk about it it's me when you do that i think it's hilarious there was when you had the right that i kept trying
add to and kept telling myself to shut the fuck up in my head because there was so i'm not obnoxious but it's hard for me hard when you read a thing by yourself and your like there's a man in chicago during a world sphere that built a basically built a murder hotel just finding out now and i read it with what i as in other people read like books when they go college i read it with the same enthusiasm and kind of like absorption so there somebody'll search talking about it i want to know that i know like i want them now to know another cool i guess yonner yeah like that i i want to like scream and grab each other's shoulders i want that feeling with people i don't know neo due to and i want them to another i am on the level with them and we can have this conversation instead of like an also like i'm embarrassed
keep telling you're gonna keep telling me about it and then you're gonna find out that i have a true crime podcasting you that's why didn't you say anything that you knew about this for if they really the book the devil and the white city yes the onward doctors you read that have arrested without that said we i had to wait till she was done and then kind of like taken i was really using it is like an accurate idea and then someone goes i think they're making a movie i think there was a book and then i was like does this second the words out of them and linares like that's right it's called them and if i were the girl had brought it up i think weight so this whole time you ve been letting me mansplain something to you and you knew about it but also sometimes man splaining is just talking sometimes we sometimes people it's a talk to us knowing something and we can accept the idea and we don't have to note we don't have to tell them but i know i know everything here we can be not in the position of victim or somebody this being oppressed you can assume that person doesn't have the power to oppress you and you're just being
letting them letting them be i know it all that is in a thing to do and there never gonna get to know you because you didn't tell them that you know shit that's very true but i am also this is work situation either i have to let my personally personality out bit by bit because it's a lot you can't screamin someone's face yes i love murder as my mom used to say you're too much and she meant it very literally a moment and therefore we have to crime bike arab amal murder biogas we could yeah this podcast could literally oh for four hours yeah that's why we're friends is because the first time we actually hung up on our way to fight our lunch hour we didn't just talking and the whole time i kept thinking i the only one that wants to stay registered it but we it was clear that we are both it my all entirely eating lunch for five i'm a conversation flowed it wasn't one sided that's right i think i think
do you speaking at once we have our doubts we are where we are great anxiety israel we gave one sided and talking about the thing yes to want dear favorite murder your nurse you want me to go for jaso we tell me you picked this are you picked this you told me this week's theme in a way that i already knew that you knew what you were doing yes i read i would think i'll reverse engineered this week sahim because i had to do this story because one of our now i'm afraid i guess i'll say his first name and last initial because one of our listeners d does which i adore he dm dislike so as not to embarrass i think but he was like how could you have talked about the exercise and now he talked about this and dissent link and all the stuff and i wrote back in all caps holy shit how did i miss this so that's why
mine started to them when i talk to george i was like can this week's hiding in plain sight or murders that lake if they were right there full time ok kind of thing because this is one of the biggest stories and i swear i looked at over five website about my exercise to first movie set that is it was my thing last week if you hear it but brian b our listener incentive system because there was a guy in the exorcist and he was the guy the played the radiology rage radiologists something's wrong with my now worth radiologist assistance in the scene we tie about that i said was so creepy where she was in that crazy machine getting like their mri the guy that place is this in that scene turned to be a serial killer no yes a serial killer
color a legit six victim straight new york in the seventies serial killer that has reminded me of something when i gasped is that there is if the thread on facebook group that every time i say holy shit he had to take a shot but when i say no god like there's certain things and then when you say when you sing a work like a thing like yes detectives ya it's pretty areas is very light hearted it's not in the main way at least but now be self conscious about it ended in other words when people are so drunk file at their own couch erect so i when i rain be sent us this this very tasteful dm about huge thing i missed and i'm so becomes they someday ears about i won't
i won't entirely but talk about like wanted to be an expert and dropping the ball i mean the first five websites it came up they didn't mention that they didn't they nobody would but yeah maybe it is like specialised knowledge or something maybe i just have to go to better websites first or or you think i've been googling weird shit lay like the weird the weird i just like so and so murder i've been going like deep down have you dark where i wish i dont know how to go dark when because they don't want i'm sure doesn't know let's now i'm sure that's than us dark when looking to exaggerate like he's doing the thing when we talk about something you like i know about this know about this he's doing it that kind of a debate you actually lake murder stuff like this testing the night and you are really necessary
ok so you don't get stoked and excited you wouldn't be at a party with us and stick around our conversation you'd walk away probably remember to ask their beautiful thing that you still come here and recordings and gave us a bike us to be able to return but those headlong there's headphones he's just blasting radiohead the oars baby
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here's the research part and ends i hope it is just as but i'm not going to cause they basically did only part of my homework but essentially this is this is it in a nutshell i m excited the guy his name was pulse beats syn and he was in real life a thirty eight year old x ray tech and why you met centre where they shot that scene oh it's cool our cheerio graham is what she was getting in that scene which is like crazy machine it like it's like a looks again with an assent huge but like the thing that we have you and all those different rodya very upsetting and weird noises so i guess when they problem when they went to like sheep look go location scout he was there they should be cast him kiss already work there and who had at work the machine the ledger already right and what i love is the link that brain he sent us the picture that comes up with this article he looked so creepy he looks like a do any dude in the seventies like kind of forward his hair is going forward condescending blonde
goatee but his eyes are like his eyes are drew like their melting so like he erotica when a great casting job at the higher the sack turnus like no it's he's really this is what he looks like that's why they hired him from this quickly movie yeah an end ends i don't know i don't know if i mean it's a little wounds think that leg his secret life was the reason that seems so creepy actually two of this was before so he went these murders happens later seventy so i think he was he did that first her oh no sorry the murder started nineteen seventy three so that was so he was like ants camera having had murdered someone i think so i would urge you should i have i would have to look at them they came out and seventy three and was i'm i'm the one who did this no you're gonna jean lambert like you know you ve been pretty sure i know i'm talking about just own it yeah i think he murdered stood murdered before directly and he was due
it during and then end up getting caught after it was a period of time so essentially what happened is he so these peoples going missing or there like murder scene so the first one was a man named ronald carbo he lives s village and he was starve to death so far and then his apartment was set on fire his flat nine years old felicia but something a shot shit relic of subtle young and than forties later so they just think this standard murdering eric city in nineteen seventy three forties later a man named donald magnificent who is forty years old and a guy named john p w it's early age fifty three were both found in donalds apartment on varick street they both lived in the building but they were in donalds apartment and again the apartment had been set on fire and beardsley was
we on the social register in new york in philadelphia use like some fancy he had been a harvard grad so and they no idea there just looked another like another bad stabbing murder i think beards it was the one stabbed and mc nibbling magnet then was bludgeon today four days later for it his later did they connect the to immediately i would not have you not connect to stabbing and fires b well maybe they they might have like noted it but he is in the seventies new york city i there's several martyrs and they're not sharing precinct precincts right murderous right two weeks later the body of robin guerrero was found floating the hudson river and he had been missing for fun weeks so where's his he was still in a leather jacket he was really decompose but he added their jacket on and then
nine days after that to gay man were murdered at they i think they think they were remains and their dog their pet poodle yes and these stuff that was in the apartment at that murder is when they started putting together this is these are all p you have something to do with the leather community ok how's chemists say that that would make sense yes the leather jacket started an end in the first guy rubber pereira our sorry ronald carbo the picture that they have up of him he's really young and he's wearing a leather jackets on four i'm sure at the time it was like oh that's just fashion choice will but then person after person there probably finding different things and so by the end of the day i got one of the jackets they got the tag and they found it
longer store in the west village that was completely in ass an m store s name clothing and seeking supply let so that your letter gay gay boys yet killing and so that that they start relays oh this is great but once again just like the freeway murders and allay weights and gave me anything or as any different disenfranchised when its prostitutes heartily hops are like the cares and we're not gonna get pressure from city hall i mean i'm sure they could if it's someone in the community and everyone is because and killed isn't that communities the u at you talk to the rest of the people in the community and the like this guy's creepy and has gone home with all of these men right it's pretty them no it's not me i'm sure it's not that simple but it seems like simple but me but it's the thing of what people decide to value right people if the people in power dont value your life or you're what you do in the we'll leave they actually think your grossly add or joe
you morally then they won't try to help you or they won't feel any burning desire to find your killer well they say i mean what they say and i have totally so they say you re living a high risk lifestyle already are you living on high risk lifestyle well then you are you a prostitute are you a gigantic too are you are you living in out in a guy community where around a lot of strange men alot that's a high risk lifestyle and they have care less about you yeah because they think you quite lit living a high risk lifestyles means you kind of desire but it's you brought it on yours i'm not saying i'm not saying i think that the coroner ready but it's the next use i'm sure one cops see you know it's new york in the seventies shading probably twenty murders of data so you're trying to somehow prioritize these things or were you can't put your heart and soul into every single thing that
comes across your dad totally but so but i'm sure got very easy to start marginalize area deaths of these people are not put thing you know yeah things together so anyway they start body part start and washing up on the shore of the hudson river so there's lake their apparently there's a gay cruising spot by the hudson river peers that's where different body parts round in garbage bag start showing up and so they putting all this together they started calling the whole case the i got a bag healer wow and so oh you can tell by that obviously there's not there is not a lot of sense to any back then in any way but that's basely there two it about all this stuff that's going on so then drag performer they said dry performance article but let's call her drag queen i bet she was a queen
tony lee and she was strangled apartment in the west village and the village voice wrote a big article about it she was famous a lotta people nor and that's when they started to really put together they knew for a fact after hours after like the normal by she would go to leather bar and so that's when they you know we're like we think we really were onto something with this like leather theory here and and a man named as inverashiel who is thirty six and he was the film critic variety man he was found stuff in bludgeoned captain bludgeoned with a cast iron skill it in his apartment and so are there all of them are in their own apartments meaning that this person was allowed to come in yes that's right this gives me the most is like i know this person i i see him around my seen yet pick up stuff like its they're going to they're going to sex bars are going and leather bars there or just you know
the seventies this is like they're looking for mr good particularly where everybody was like it was post he be sure where people are like i'm sexually liberated is pre pre aids epidemic yeah where this kind of like yo everybody wants to have sex let's do this thing here is a lot trust and especially with they were right this thing i was reading about is like the leper community there's lots of intellect leather daddy's are were big muslim men now so they don't think anyone's gonna hurt that that air there you know in charge it's all its very overblown presentation ask your entity and less of a risk than a women going home with a man because a man can defend himself supposedly against another man yeah when exactly they're like that's part of the play which i'm sure the other thing the cops were like you know this is a little son got out of hand the everything right you're into anyway re lame blame blame so this are this this
journalists name arthur bell rode up this big article after this inverashiel that after the story came out that he stabbed because the whole the whole story about as vera was whitewashed they didn't talk about him being gay they were it was very like a a terrible murder but they made it sounded sound like a passing the murder and arthur bell was like there is sometimes a serious serial killer in our community and we have to start giving a shit and if nobody's gonna give a shit about somebody that spain like a girl like this is our chance or whatever so he wrote a big huge article four the village voice about you know pete that people needed to start the like real police work needed to start going into people are very afraid and then he got a phone call arthur bell this journalist he gets a phone call from a man who tells him i'm i killed edison barrel and
we were together i met him at a bar we went back to his apartment and while we were like after we had sex i hadn't epiphany and i realized says not a reciprocal relationship you love me he didn't want to be my boyfriend he didn't want to get married and i wasn't getting anything i wanted and that's why i killed him and he tells him a bunch of the specifics incurred there was cristo all over the scene of the which was a very common lubricant the people really that that had not been released to the present anywhere right and so arthur bell calls the cops and says i just got this phone call those crazy i figure she tell you and he starts telling them these data that no one else knows besides the cops and the cops no this is the real guy homely crap so he talked to the real killer which is the same so then arthur gets a call
from a guy named richard ryan who said he also knew who the killer was because he had met him and talk to him in the sky it basically told him thank you said he met him in a year something enviously they had been trying to get sober and had admitted to him that like he had killed addison barrel and so does the only one he admitted circling that's the only eat yes the so he this so arthur baltic set information goes to the cops gives them the name and that's when they go and find paul dates in and after they arrested bates and he was in writer and apparently he was bragging too everybody in there that he down only killed out somebody was killing quote like a bunch of gay guys just for fun cause he was born and so then just for fun cause he was born yeah he's an impasse
people go online do he it was called people left wrapping their parts in bags and double really does they think he's responsible for way more motors but he only he pledged guilty of the artisan barrel murder got twenty years and he got out in two thousand why me years from just a first step in bludgeoning more just because you got so that someone didn't love you too oh you mean the murder yeah nokia you above two thousand at the lovey ellie but you know this mummies pain aquatic or in a cabinet so where they get so an and what's the word i'm looking of its eye they gonna fight he just killed him any only gets twenty years that bothers me so my these crazy he clearly can't you know i know what's he gonna have another relationship i would hate to deal with that there are people like that out there is lots of them so
here's the interesting thing so william freakin hears about this finds out that an extra in his movie was a serial killer goes to rigorous and starts interviewing him then decides in and in the meantime somebody else i don't have the others name wrote a book called using which was about a serial killer in the seventies leather scene new york city and so freed can goes and talks to paul basin and then decides he's gonna drive the movie no and so there's a movie call cruising stirring up a china about a cop that's going under cover in the new york city leather seen soon find a serial killer disease did you watch it i have not seen i wanna be aware was easy to find if it's one of the good is it will it's kind of infamous because its incredibly its into credit
very homophobic very bad like it basically says it be all these people are deviance without morals and would kill you right away buddy and there's a lot about stuff in it and when the he gave me we found out that they were shooting this movie in new york city they all it basically galvanise the the gay rights movement and they would go down and like protest the shooting the what there are filming ass they would go down with whistles that they were they were holding like mirrors and made some online go into the scenes or whatever that's great but they ended up shooting in any way they gotta done and
when it came out everyone is like this is the worst you know like up until that point most gay men and fell more like oh you're the cookie butler right no real life or personal and they don't actually say your guy they just imply a you're just a joke right you're just a joke right now you're not just now you when you're not a joke you're a murderer who deserve an and murder victim who kind of deserves under a victim exactly and your everything about your life lacks all morals and you're just seriously how much more real that's whole story be if if the person the murderer it had nothing to do with the fact that he was gay he's just a fucking psychopathic murderer yes you know the but i mean yes just the whole thing is is super awful theirs it will become the cellular closet meant a documentary about you know the gay people in all who heard and
an old and the treatment of women and basically the way they ve been presented and seeing how he's going and they talk about cruising it's really good i think that's it i had something else like my cats are attacking until the next year that's amazing that's it so tell me his name again i want to go home bates and is his name i want to go back and see that scene where there's a fucking real i've serial killer i know it's really good is very very creepy now i should have worked i just didn't have time to watch cruising but i know it's in credit we depress there's no point in your watching and i also read like reviews of it and apparently it doesn't it's not very cohesive and it was initially rated acts so they headed pull out all these scenes deserves all the site you know intense leather yassin shit and they wouldn t mph whatever their called would not let william freakin so
italy when he had edit it it came out with shorter and almost nonsensical and people who are not wanting to go back in time which i totally fucking do but the seventies even seventys the eightys and ninetys were so racist and homophobic and blackened sexist would you really want to go back i mean that's a thing it's just this it's the more we talk lots of like this is just becomes this like human thing to me words just like we have people have to i mean that separate from mentally ill people he s like like have to murder but it's a thing of like we to look at each other's human being yeah it's crazy that you know i mean you always want to go oh those people get what they deserve a fucking crazy yeah if something happens you you don't deserve some one could say you and i could be in cattle pray that someone a lot of people out there would say that about for whatever reason because we're women because we live in los angeles because you know whatever
the reasons yeah so people can say that about you so why would he said about other people raided sis is lame it's i don't now at the end of all these stories eyes i m sorry brought it up fraud it is one of my favorite murder i'm sorry i'm sorry i brought it up not the others there's something fascinating to the idea that that there's just like a person in a horror movie that's also living is walking the walk i wonder if he in his i wonder how he in his twisted brain was like laughing at the irony of it do i knew i wonder is apparently very bad alcoholic too so he clearly didn't remember we still agonies out the area i think he's died since then
two thousand for his living in upstate knew what did he do out after just show and make rex did he make breakfast for himself everyday just you know what he went down to community center and he so crazy love to help with the spaghetti dinner three months is a crazy that you only have to go door to door and let your community now if you're a pitiful but not if you're a convicted murderers serial killer committed cereal growing mirza that he wasn't convicted raul vanessa yeah just rare just a killer so you don't have to let them know that unless he fumbled children right i want to know if someone like me next to me is no doubt do i know you know there's pros and cons there is present can be hard to sleep in every better as if just if centre if sentencing were a little more so harsh harsher for the people who will take you out is a harsh and the word fitting is the word on threat
that's right
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what's your mother to hey ok so hiding in plain sight when you so let me i was like ok i didn't really gotta know i do i was excited about it i was like primarily so you mean like serial killers who loveday jobs i didn't really understand that sets out its can when i'm ok yeah yeah i guess so what does that mean to me hiding in plain sight into me that men being and i m fascinated by this and how discussing it is in plain sight as being a child who kill someone cassettes plant in plain sight is being a child and this one is kind of so i have two similar but very different child murderers that i have always thought of cause they're so fucked up and the first one is the murderer is josh philips and he old mattie clifton
so do not us when i hear this one is a kind of well known one by just it's interesting because recently some new information came out about it i'm so basically in this kid josh phelps is where nineteen eighty four he's from jacksonville florida and in july mentioning i'm he was convicted of murdering and his eight year old neighbour mattie clifton he murdered her in november ninety eight he was fourteen year years old and she was nine years old and what happened was mattie disappeared and ever want the cool community started looking for her couldn't find her and i am the search ended a week after the disappearance when just helps mother went to clean up josh his room and thought his waterbed was leaking which bay don't get your kid waterbed b
it's not linking up you're not like a bachelor waving a way to give your kid second back problems and send them to jail at the same time because once more comfortable the water better the jail mattress i don't know the mothers while its lowest beauty at this together upon further examination she discovered that it was matisse body hidden side the hidden like underneath the bad and she and fuck and clear answer her around outside across straight there is a police like hey this key economic some parents i dont know if they would do that immediately or they would wait until he came home and and tar like what the fuck and then call the police she was like get the fuck you know oh that is amazing so josh was arrested at school that day and he was held in maximum security so here's what's up that's about it he wished as a fourteen year he was tried as an adult and convicted tuttle
then sentenced to life without the possibility of viability of parole adult killers who more people in a more fucked up way am sexually assault them are not tried are not convicted earth are not given such a harsh sentence rate in it so according to josh what happened was that matter came next door to play with him and this the fact that josh was wont have people over when his parents were at home he let her in any way is that you are playing of courting to him the tour play baseball outside mattie through the ball the gesture the ball and its struck mattie in there in the eye causing her to start believing and she search scream an josh freaks out ass his father is abusive had as a temper and if he finds out that matters there the fact that she screaming and got hurt at his house he's gonna be in a shit tunnel trouble including being abused so here
takes her to his realm i i'm officially like go into the details because i know people who are listening have children i don't wanna well you have children and you are listening to a murder podcast but you're gonna get sensitive yeah then i would go forward one and then thirties i thank you basically basically she died from starving and strangulation and clubbing with a baseball bat overkill took her pants off but didn't but she wasn't molest said much his odd also i was reading something unread at that said that she didn't have any he said he dragged her inside the house but there wasn't any dirt or sticks are anything on her on her body on her clothes which would indicate that happen so we don't really know for sure and that's a really that's i mean
he tries to get off easy by saying he hit her in the head but then he goes on to over and tells how he killed her so it's not like he was ass if he was lying about one of them why wouldn't he lie about both of them so here he's never going to be free she was nude from the waist down but it didn't see it it's over the murder appears to have been motivated by his fear of his abusive father it's just so do they know that's true or debbie another thing he could have been we don't know about either or even that may be the reason is because i am i watched a couple episodes of of a true crime shows where the parents can interviewed and maybe that was something that they made up even to say like oh no the father was abusive and he was scared of him like let's give him an out yo we don't have that was sure not with a thing i think you're right him as
the stabbing per year stabbing as such aid is furious and personal then he also choked her for fifteen minutes that is a law and its it's very hard to choke someone to death i think we all your into your crime you know that's it takes a lot longer and a lot more force then that's when you're an adult that's when you're in adults but his assets should also eight or nine so she's probably little more fragile i mean the thing that affects me have about this is that she's this little tomboy girl and she reminds me of me as a kid who wanted to hang out with the other boys and play with them and be the guy's a video there's a home video he made that the boy aid of this little girl mary and her sister playing with their new puppy like she trusted this kid now yes or she wanted to come over and buzz bugging him to play with her and as a fourteen a fourteen year old did he have like a history of anything
minister for no mental no mental stuff the dead edna car accident eventually okay so in two thousand and two twelve recently this the court ruled that automatic life without pearl sent his sentences for juveniles is unconstitutional ruling entitles philips were re sentencing hearing also he's super hot now whatever let's just beside the point eleven fitted out there let's let everyone now that let's just get this people on tender aware the app so and there's not a ton of conversation about this murder like unrighted earning like that so i just thought was interesting i do think its eye i agree that you shouldn't that life without role for a fourteen year old is insane even though i get it here i mean that he's having a little girl did athens strangling happily boy yes something very bad boy whether at some psychotic break whether it was something
he was terribly abuse will cause like there was an interesting conversation and rather than like the one little that i was able to find work this this purpose commenter was saying you know when i was a kid my dad is abusive and all you wanted to do was not get in trouble you didn't think about what would happen in the future if you got caught hiding whatever was it you are in trouble getting in trouble meant the whole family would be terrorize yeah so you do whatever you can do to not get in trouble that moment and a kind of made sense in a way that was like she's not dying from this way she's not that i need to kill her at this point and get it over with because i'm gonna get in trouble for having had someone over which is maybe he was a little maybe use developmental aid is delayed but fourteen year old fourteen and two or two i think that killing someone was an ok solution for sure also i feel lake headings hitting sounded ahead and being afraid and this is this just theory august
he would just hit on the head a bunch wartime right why i just mackerel ahead with this or that it is the other part just gets so violent up close crazy bloody i mean we are almost like wanting to see what happens at what happens in a lengthy and the pants dumping is at hand something is a very very its sexual no matter what yeah so either you didn't touch her at sexual yes and stuff sexual in that you know in the site sexual when here tunneling strangling till i mean yeah man i mean when you strangle someone you for the most part to look at them in the face few can can do that you got some major issues beyond you being scared you're gonna get belt whip from your dad and ass i mean people always say this i'll just say it anyway there's you can hear the course of people who were abuse
by terrible parents who are like i would never anybody radio it's not a plus be like i think that second trick element is absolutely has to be their yak as a here's the other thing to your right a mother who would immediately run across the street like obviously it's insane finding a dead body anderson's barrier but the imf is she knew yeah knew he did it look it wasn't no she didn't go let's let the cops tell us what happened right when you have to go get my son her first her first thought was for the girl the little girl and her an family who was waiting to find where she was and not for her kid or it or for the for the dad who you know cause if you find the body is someone in the house did you may not know it's your sign read her first thought was that i found this the girl yeah she's clearly direct i'm not modernized that's amazing yeah that's it
there's another one to you but maybe i don't want to get into it do it do it it's just eric smith this than read that like the little red had kid no are now ok so eric smith bore nineteen eighty he murdered for your old derek roby on august second ninety ninety three this is in county new york so the cap eric unlike i have been diagnosed by defence psycho first with intermittent explosive disorder mental disorder causing individuals to act out violently and unpredictably give us a loner he was tormented by bullies is you know he he was like a nerdy red hair he you do you look at him as a kid in or it especially there these videos i haven't court in his justice you can tell his trouble just by looking at home you can't have a he'd been bullied you can how he didn't like himself and he basically said he took
took his anger out on this little kid the sweet level derek roby whose ratings by the summer camp and eric was writing is back to summer camp and four year old derek walking alone to the same camp he said i each other he learned the nearby woods and then smith like overcome the shit out of him legs so this was on purpose like you know it's such a weird thing is i these two different thing for this kid said that he had to do it as he hid her in the head and his dad was gonna find out this kid just straight up woman to murder someone yeah i remember hearing this thing about in one of them one many fuckin true crime because i watched that he that that took a banana out of his lunch and smashed into little kids face and later that night the aunt or someone was babysitting him and got a banana out and the kid freaks out and i think that's how they figured out who it was the kid
for it down over the banana so so basically he smith or that you didn't bullied by older children and high school and that is by his also by his father and sister in he can so he took his rage at on roby but was worried that roby would tell so he killed him it's very are its soul to see when he did so this kid was eric was did you do it was fourteen as well i just remember that looking at pictures of him oh you know i was here when i was working on those two boys that kill their dad here he's here picture came up all the time and he looks so young he looks he's an
leisurely doesn't look thirteen he looks like he could be he looks at these nine eleven or twelve vietnam and he's got those ears stick bingo ears and if you look at him now to preserve some interviews with their some jailhouse interviews with him now he like he's just so apologetic to the family ate he says i wish i could take the kids place a he's a very very forceful about it but even now he looks below like i'm member the red haven't guy in the birds he lived who was one of the haunted lived in the house he looks like have now has just like he doesn't look which as such i shouldn't judgement by the way they look but you know what i mean that's why people get bullied if you look different yeah definitely it's also most he's been apologizing through in prison this other kit josh he has since gone unto tee
he got a degree impair in being paralegal and he has been working as a paralegal helping other inmates with their appeals so both of these people have like have god on too i too make amends for there were murdered they deserve to be imprisoned for ever and i'm not i'm not asking when they die i fucking don't now write a really bring woollen in makes you come way off the leg let em all free riders i like to feel that way discussed so comfortable unlike as yeah solution but it's the same reason that i don't i still can't give anyone a definite answer about the death penalty right just couldn't give anyone it an answer right because i don't fuck no there's so many different circumstances i know it's true it's it's so it's much more complex than one thing here it's and its case by case but i mean yards and its difficult because
i understand people saying that gets wrong to kill and revenge is wrong in like one wrong doesn't make it would not make a right i agree i agree with of it but then you hear a story about a dad murdering his childs molest during their like yeah good a hundred percent or like you hear about repeat molester yeah that kind of thing those preach that if more six hundred children yeah kill them immediately community immediately feel that where else like what good are you you clearly don't this is what you're going to do and what life you have ruin six hundred lie here if not more but then you hear what he was molested when who is a kid constantly and maybe if his monster had spend taken out right with a single bullets i mean it's so accomplices why we have this progress is because if we could talk about this for hours and hours which is what we're gonna do yeah i mean it's that's rough also that kid and i mean
i've never had explosive anger but i understand like getting an especially if you do drugs when i used to be on speed i took diet pills long time her which yes i lost thirty pounds in one but forty thousand one why yes i hadn't friends who were alike are you ok yeah in smoking right not breathing but you do have that thing where there's a though here it is feeling that so separate when you have like a rage explosion i like a like when you get under that tracking you can't get back off apparently have a panic attack exactly it's your brain is having reactions separate from you and to be a child trafficking by that i mean then i under i come help us understand taking it out on someone else because i was but as a kid but i was this a little idle and my brother and sister were you know fucked with me not abusive
as alderson zoo and i'm the youngest so i can't take it out on anyone else so it is hurt animals not just getting would not leave whereas whose her my cat now my god yeah you youth when my mom will be a bitch i would get so fucking pisses something of punching a wall because there's nothing else depends yes yes and this kid clearly wasn't taught self control if he was abused by his dad in a sister heat it was taught that that violence against someone smaller than you is ok yes that's exactly right that's almost like oh larger almost sick he i know you didn't do this in any way consciously its symbolic yeah i'm going hears what we do right now is that we do and what happens to me yeah it's gonna go this far the idea of a father anne sister bowling use of within a family it's disgusting to me like that
the terrible sad life that kid i completely share in i think about like the things we i was bullied but i said so many surely things ticket but like the nerdy kids when i was younger i am i think about them all the time and when their whole lives were like and that i contributed to their fucking there awful lives and it disgusts me i mean that that's thing too i feel like when your kids you do these things because you don't have you you don't have the a mature sandia of where you belong the world what other people's lives are like i remember being like honestly being like an fifth grade asking my teacher who is a friend of our family and she would eat dinner sometime and i sure one night like there's a girl my class i was like wise sarah's faces dirty engines like because she isn't have anybody to wash rare her an eye it lou my my eye was like i asked
every single other kid had the exact same life i totally yeah and i mean like for my my exist like i was the loudly making fun of other kids because i was happy that i wasn't the kid that that moment getting made fun of exactly ran because i wanted to show every one that i was part of the group to that i could make some of this person too because i was getting made fun of in its of a hundred percent not in fact about i do it to this day of lake the quickest way to bond with someone is to figure out who you are pay out for sure and that's just human nature that's that thing of lake yeah you deflect i'm not the bad one person the battle on here i mean that's it's how we do it and it takes a lot of strength and a lot of lake it's very difficult to have a lake with human interaction if you ve gotten dealt a shitty hand every time to still be like i'm gonna handle this great to be kind when you're too oh yeah i like you turn it on
for thirty one and its heart and after i wish i was thirty one girl new are caring thirty one everyone on this paragraph thirty we could have you sharks what was i gotta say let's not have kids i were terrible people that's the other thing is like that i remember things that though eskimos whom i said something that you to my niece who i adore and we get along great was just doing something kind of jerky in the nose just go do it or whatever is done then she's like all right and instead of like having a sensitive area she's learned because she also is the daughter of an old her she's not i'll be out of my sister's a single mother ear and so she's kind of learned a role with punches for a nine year old so much better where i was like me because i felt guilty the secondary i'm i'm out here and i was like if i'd like a favorite in that like bitched at
he likes feelings but use whatever dude and pockets and where she's like more of an adult because she's a single her mothers single mother and she's a cat and she does not settling so she acts your sister partly treats her more like an adult when the head i think that and she's very close their two cousins were like two and four years older than her rag he's kind of lake tahoe up a little bit but its that's it thing is when you know everybody picked on in some way you learn picking on people is a good way to up your own started and that there is no other when you're young like that you there are options unless you ve noticed some amazing progressive school that teaches you about stuff like that which it doesnt work lake now somebody's gonna get thrown in that garbage can and to make it not you is to make sure your money go home at night and your parents are abusive too like their thumbs
always gets sad when he sees kids because he remembers how you just feel like that this is going to go on forever you're never going to have control over your life you're never going to let you know be able to make decisions on your own it feels fucking infinit fischer will end like school paul takes all rails like oh this is my words these this bullies always gonna be in my life has put this girl's always gonna be prettier than me toto aids all that kind of stuff about aware you it's just the way eighteen brain works well it turns out where indeed we ended up being the coolest ones out there who the fuck here's how you be the course one the ever really long time you're so nautical fatty acid the early not because the least cost one usually becomes either a murderer or the coolest one sick one that's right it's you
choice it is a joy it is a choice is a path you going that's that's what this whole thing was background to as it is a choice and these two boys chose to kill someone in a moment but i now here's the sake i'm just gonna play devils advocates psychiatry it's like if you have explosive it is you do not have a choice here like that thing we're when i get nervous and my mouth starts talking dynamite oh no i'm not advice what am i saying and we have so many outlets now psychiatry the criterion psychology and intense therapy too help control it but what but would you comfortable if that person is out society now probably not laid out in my town yeah so just be it something thing we're like it you know as apparent you just peace apparently totally totally
well that's my favorite part or can i pick next week's famer topic i mean yeah message received georgia but with all your fault karen that i got so dark and deep so let's say you want to eat a hometown murder i take me ok it's like butterflies kit you utter fly murders o the butterfly murders of the philippines what we actually want do you want to read us let's see what do we do that so you want to read a favor hometown murder that we got email you can email i set my favorite murder gmail your hometown murder will read one every fuckin we even though we get so many it's incredible i love you guys and then maybe let's do it quick separate episode of other people's faith on the facebook page i said what's your hidden in plain sight murder oh yeah and i can read a few of those and maybe we can read one or two hometown murders so why haven't many episode that will come out maybe a couple days
after the regular one comes out great their calls i love it so when you re read me hometown my reply unethical this is also another now i'm getting obsessed with follow up getting obsessed with like thoroughness and research and but but i really do genuinely love it so this is a bit of follow up but there is much more to it in its from lily k votes will say yes i can in georgia can't believe how much use sound my friend julian i wore together and really get going i've been obsess what your crime for so long that i became a friends psychology you're a fucking bad ass lily why not do it you love there's nothing entire world i'd rather do and yes you can in turn for me sometime way to go i make my husband watch all the true crime shows and now when he gets sick he's gone some places like this deadly women of centuries past eleven anyhow
i just found your broadcast and your call for hometown crime than i are you did mine in your second episode bummer but i i did not listen there yet and pretend you didn't do it so i can tell you about a lever paul bernard it was mine end kay mentioned it effectively so much that i became a fur exchequer allow when i was in high school in toronto toronto the scarborough so the suburb of toronto rapes were going on it was verifying the bus company started letting women out at any point along the route at night not just it stops it wouldn't have to walk far from the sun to how our regular jim classes were cancelled and we a specialist in the teacher self defence should also there was a guy at my high school who looked more like the sketch of the scoreboard rapists and paul ever did he said he was thinking of changing his hair when the sketch came out but he was afraid that i would actually make him look more our energy plan is it wasn't him by the way okay so
just as the rapes started slowing down we heard about the two girls you heard about two girls go missing on the other side of toronto did you know leslie mojave was actually locked out of her house the night that shit paul bernardo whore while she was a rebellious teen and her mom pick that night to do some tough love on her when she broke curfew and locked her out of here i remarked or a kind of say my mom tough love is a like was a thing my mom fucking data and it was the worst in the evening the kids parents isn't it have live on your kids it doesn't work yeah that's right sorry glenn no that's ok it's only answer she locked her kid how other locked her out of the house how much of that woman hate herself now oh i can and i mean that if she's even still alive now that is the short talk about the worst thing in the world today a child dying and then you oh my god it's that's niner
sorry and then kristen french was also portrayed as the good oh and leslie as the more rebellious and and careless sister was basically a forgotten i know every single detail about this case but in case you don't want to hear it i'll get you some good anecdotes this was going on throughout my entire high school life the rapes the murders then my last year of high all they found out it was pollen karla so of course i to the trial i actually had this college boyfriend i wasn't that into it i made him go with me the poor guy he was really have set about being there but i loved it paul oh it's as paul was so incredibly in court i wonder what she meant when they took santos off he would just turn his wrists to have them removed he would turn isn't higher body it was as if he was trying to look every person in the gallery and it was creepy and then in college a girl in my dorm started dating a guy named sam who looked like
also whenever at a couple drinks in call him paul i also wrote all my sake papers in college on paul bernardo our car harleigh abner site class personality class i i to know what made them tech and then she heard lying but that its super leah what a terrifying second thing to go through high school and we took up their whole worlds i mean that we are crazy and then to find out that a woman is involved i dont know why like that's indifferent look because you would see couple and you'd think i'm safe it's the only tumblr up at year up to as it i think so but that's the reason i love that she gave all as you get details because that was the one where i was and i was a little fuzzy on my details and oil shale shit but really it shit you wouldn't know about the same thing about
watching the simpsons is that its information that you know you you watch the whole trial but you could not have known what it was like to be on the jury or whether it was like in marcia clarks office when her boss was pissed about the glove and that they it was their idea took to have him try the glove on yeah maybe just that like being well that she loved it so much she went to trial yeah that's me i can't tell you how like i've been asking people their hometown murders for years when i met get parties and drinking too much and calling people by the borders and aims at this like just feeding this feeding me on a level that i can't even i can really put away that voice nor has it says you're weird and anyway just simply not we're because we have an inbox full of hometown murderous too i hope we haven't gotten any like it's incredible anyway i didn't like i wouldn't like you said someone else has to be on their podcast and our gmail may i wouldn't see it because it's just buried under an that is
there is at least one person but i think there might be more than what we need is we need to give them a different email address yeah i love it i did so i wrote a thing on facebook real quick and i said i'm that like cocktail trivia is like information that i love so mine was that that everyone knows that i'll sera killers don't have three names has everyone thinks they do like john wayne gacy it's that john they used or middle name so that nor people named john gacy don't people don't they there the they don't look i'm up in the second yellow pages and say john gacy is that you announced iran o them at their how wayne gacy right so i asked people there are like cocktail trivia murder facts this person that can i read a couple please that dna was the dna evidence was first used to convict a killer in england in the eightys the killer is named column pitchfork and he had killed two girls
it is amazing that serial killers are apparently obsessive masturbate her since they can attain normal sexual relationships most women who kill when using a weapon will use a knife because it's more personal yeah many killer stars tubing keeping tom's let's see israeli creevy because peeping tom culturally have always been we did very lightly like this cook then the tree here don't you like that he wants to look at cute girl yeah it's like that you know animal house i've got my binoculars and i'm looking into this area of boats mercury you're you're on your path to murder totally one more eileen werner s last words were yes i would just like to say i'm sailing with the rock and i'll be back like independence day with jesus june sex like the movie big mothership and i'll be back i'll be back she was
didn't think so mean replied and that which is because that was also my wedding gown list yeah ok everyone sees it wouldn't with the rock did you mean the ressler i think so i know the movie the rock oh i think i didn't know about than we in ireland honey i girl sweetheart angel of you can so weren't my fave murder on twitter and you can email set my favorite murder at gmail please well go to our group on facebook my favorites private so you can just like talk all this shit you want but also things people are making did you the girl on twitter those making fake books no way now i'll tell you what okay someone's making someone on the facebook group made a murder bingo
i saw that their someone else made me this made this beautiful quoth i said i think last week it said i dont want i don't want any survivors and it's like in the a kind of beautiful flowers and sir i saw that i want them to keep doing that the end of course young an inspirational quote but its using i don't see any survive you man and of course the m de jure drinking game which is like everyone just keeps adding like when they say this when they do that when they see this directive as i say i mean that feeds right into my humongous deep ego need now totally start listening to us it's the girl on twitter name thin easy and she's doing these fate she keeps writing read my new book is don't burke the robert durst story is just stuff we set about people and she's making into love or maybe i think it's things we said he definitely killed like
eight people i was a teenage robert earth like robert durst when you is like in his early to it just they look like book cover a jam well done thin izzie oh i love this one was by our case part two o my country just an hour and minutes he was gay and the south is one quote and a microscopic owl feathers on the others so my only think of beautiful photo of an owl yeah that's incredible people are the bath sits very exciting this is this what we're doing here and just trying to make everyone know that their there are a lot of murders but there are a lot more funny people and here's the other thing remember when everybody started going back a crazy about i know i'm sorry shit about this on this podcast but six in the city in india whenever it was late these early two thousands and i was like has the world governance and who gets one talk about that stupid show what it s like i know miranda ray i'm in a jake is about and whatever just sitting there like i guess i'm just
little weird i wouldn't huddle outside open and italy alone you'll never connect with people on a normal because they like shit like secondly yes and just and so things like this it just my heart the address ten sizes every time i hear anything about it it's like we have people we got didn't know they're out there are the most fun as that we are the most popular ones out of the entire group people because where the host of the spy glass wit oh you mean of every year about salaries and going back to feeding aren't you got a nice that where the word the bought like where the kids i had to say yeah sober one quick conversation where you are like we should do podcasting like ok and then here's my love georgia hard start because then she actually done whereas i am i if it would take me for years actually really make a fire or be like no let's actually do i love to go a little little tiny georgian say someday or in a talk about murder and people are gonna listen to you she would have like he asked turkey also georgia stop cursing
try me holding a minor some places and thanks for listening we love east is actually here
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